Okay, guys, how are you? Good afternoon to all my listeners and podcasters here. Excuse me. So today's topic is Illuminati with dr. Amy. So guys are let's wait for couple of listeners here once we get about them and then I will start discussing about what Illuminati is all about. So, let's see. What are we going to speak about? What is the Illuminati? Who are these Illuminati? And what is all about is this real or fake? So what do you believe about it? What do you think about it? Let's have this perspectives about this Illuminati. So Illuminati wasn't always just some crazy Jumeirah. It's used to be a very real group with ambitious goals. And even though doesn't exist anymore. The fact that many people still have paranoid beliefs about its rear wheels lot of about power of a culture and of course what we think about maybe the maybe the Information Society. So what we can say about this Illuminati when it comes to shadowy cabins that supposedly control the word that means Illuminati should be at the top of any conspiracy theories list and Illuminati Facebook page has like 3.4 million likes Madonna write songs about the group and YouTube channels calling pretty much everyone Illuminati notching almost 200,000 subscribers. Sort of the truth about the Illuminati. I consulted a variety of group or experts on the subject cones. Bihari. Hi Kunz be Harry. How are you? I heard you if you want to join you can join me. Let's discuss about Illuminati if you have on like if you want to know about it, so like this one more guy called as Mark a Fenster or a lawyer maybe a law professor at the University of Florida and author of conspiracy theories secrecy and Power in American culture sums up that the group long Sting appease it's absurd on its face that you'd got scared groups that they're more than like three hundred years old and it continues to see arguments about its relevance today. So this is what element is all about. I have always been a big fan of Illuminati like the facts the things which go around the Illuminati. I'm not a Believer but see the thing is that we are fans of few things which are not real right in the same way. I'm not a Believer, but I still If that Illuminati was one of the Fantastic things to ever happen, it was a real month in historical seen the term Illuminati refers to Bavarian Illuminati a secret society that appeared only for a decade from like I think 17-6 1776 to maybe like 1785. This organization was found by Adam be soft Adam. We shot a German law professor who believed strongly in Enlightenment ideas. And he's eliminated in so sort of to promote these ideas among Elites. He wanted to educate Illuminati members in reasons philanthropy and other secular values so that they could influence political decisions when they came to power. It was a it was like a pretty ambitious for six or nine guys, but they really wanted to take over the world. That's what quest had of said. He was a co-author of conspiracy theories. So what we can say about this Illuminati the what are the what are the goals of this Illuminati Illuminati is goals and reputation often exceeded their means in its early days. The group was just a handful of people and even at its largest it only consists of somewhere right between 650 to 2500 members the group grew to the size because by becoming a sort of sleeper cells within other groups Illuminati members joined free Manson lat Just to recruit members for their own competing secret society. So eliminating was a real one. It's a real deal. It was a real Society. So what did the eliminated believe in means that what are their first picked is? What if they were truly believe in? If you have ever seen the symbol of a triangle with the eye in the middle that that is what you can say called as Liqueur logo of the eliminating. They were two sides to this historical Illuminati the odd rituals and their ideals. The Illuminati did plenty of unusual things. They use symbols, like the owl adopted pseudonyms to avoid identifications and had complicated hierarchies like nowise mineral and eliminated module that you want. Rise in the beginning heart of says in his book Illuminati members didn't trust anyone over 30 because they were to set in their ways. Are there report some rituals are harder to confirm but we know that a members were very paranoid and you spy like protocol to keep one another's identity secret. So they were very very very very very concentrated about keeping their identity secret. But while they were following their bizarre rituals they also Noted a worldwide that reflected Enlightenment ideals like rational thought and a self-rule anti-clerical anti-oil the Illuminati by closer to revolutionary the world's since the saw to infiltrate an upset powerful institutions like this monarchy. It was a tough time for them. So there is this Theory called a did the Illuminati managed to control the world because many of them still believed that Illuminati is the secret power which is still controlling our entire human beings and entire universe here. So historians tend to think that Illuminati were only mildly successful at Best in becoming influential to of course, there are also those who believed that Illuminati successfully to cover the world and still they control it today if an all powerful groups does At the world we probably wouldn't know about it, isn't it? So it's also difficult to untangle the sixth of Illuminati from the free Mansions, like which the infiltrated and commingled into it. It just as a tough to tell what influence the Illuminati actually had as possible to influence people think they had so I was not sure that I really doubt that if you live in a tea is still at the power to control the entire thing which is happening in the world. So if Illuminati was a group of people of Enlightenment scientists and following some protocols and rituals, where did they go? Where did they disappear? Why did the real very real Illuminati disappear? I'm still there are a ton of people who believe that they are part of the Illuminati, but there are very specific theories about they are going to endure disappearing from their have the thing done so they were wiped out. So what not. I am saying this was said by what apps he's author of like I said secret conspiracies. So people have tried to revive them over the years, but it's a money-making scheme. We have Echo here Echo. Is it at you? Hello. Hello, how are you? How are you? I'm good. How are you? I'm doing great. Thanks for asking. It's been long since I heard from you. Yeah. Actually not understands. What is the meaning of Illuminati? Can you please explain see I eliminate in in a short brief. You can call them as like a group of scientists who believed in like self-rule and who wanted to like overcome the power of this royalties and everything to make the world at the rule of the people. Yeah, yeah. Hello. So what do you want to discuss? I'm just going on a brief it about Illuminati means it was real ones, but it's not. I'm not sure that I do. I still don't believe that Illuminati is there but I'm a big fan of the Illuminati. So thought I could go topic on Illuminati. Okay. So what are the things? He's a person? Illuminati is a group of people scientists mathematicians philosophers. Okay. Yeah, so but they were like literally vanished or you could say that they were like wiped out because their theories were of like plan changing mu diverting and revolutionary as the ideas. So at the propeller that mindset author of mindset they were believing and they will push me to believe that these are the people who do some black magic sand everything or they're trying to take over the world. And that is the reason they were wiped out. In fact that was not the truth. They were the group of mathematicians and scientists who were seeking. It okay. So this so they do negative things are positive things positive. Okay. If you see with the terms of the today's world, they were doing positive. They were not going with the royalties and they're not going to the things that were like a very Orthodox at those times or the ritual straightforward at those times. They will like not at all believable. So these were the scientists who were about to grow those wrongs. But as I said, you can make up a person who is sleeping, but you can't pick up a person Who's acting as if you sleeping. So it was a tough time for Illuminati to withstand. Okay do against the Orthodox. Yep, okay. So so what do you want to say about? What is the main? What is the main things that you want to say about this? See the thing is that many of there are still many of the Believers who think that the Illuminati is still real and they're still controlling the entire world from a secret society Illuminati. You can just term it as a secret society, but excuse me, but I don't think that Illuminati is still at active but we are not sure about any things which are happening around us, right so Illuminati if you can look around Can find a symbol of triangle with the eye in the middle? Okay, so that is the logo so you can see some sort of like logo and everything. So but they still believe and here is that Illuminati is still at the power and it is controlling the entire world and operations, but I'm not sure about those things but I'm a huge fan of eliminated from the beginning itself. So that is the reason we are just having a kind of chitchat about Illuminati here. Actually, I don't have any idea about Illuminati its secret society, which wanted to take over the world and let them understand the truth behind the world. Okay, so how they're controlling the planets? Is there is not mean by like some super powers of what they have this influence? I mean, it's like they have this people of two phases working towards Illuminati and working. It means like if I'm at the power of Illuminati, then I have this power and that the president of the country might also be a part of illuminati and he will be doing according to the group of the Illuminati rules. So that is how economically and ecologically in every aspect. The Illuminati is controlling the world's that is what the belief and theories are going on around right now. Okay, I think that I have to search in Google about the humanity. Yeah, you can have it is interesting fact. I mean like a they were real bad one time, but I'm not sure about this at present. I don't know what to give any specification that they're not present or their present because I'm not sure about that one. They might be a secret society who can say that no because it was once existed to who who will see that you are it is not existing now, so yes, I'm going to sit in that so they want to positive things to all the peoples. Yeah, they were a group of scientist mathematician. Philanthropist pillow psychologist and the so David like going against the rituals which were like not at all practical at that time, and they wanted to bring the change in the society. Yeah, I think is that it is very important because the person's believe this and the other person's believe this because of this lots of class going on. So I think that whoever the Illuminati is they are doing I think start we we are still fighting isn't it in India? We in news channels is still fighting. So on the basis of religion this and that so if there's a same like if you if this is the same thing, which is followed by all the peoples how it is very Beautiful like every person's have the same belief or perception or things so we can work together because their belief system is different and our legal system difference. That's why we are class to each other. Okay, I to tell me one thing whenever you see this lunar eclipse two solar eclipse and you believe that God is angry with you and you have to sacrifice Levin people. No, I'm totally not believe I don't have any knowledge. I don't have anyone else knowledge but a number of persons disagree with this because was let me tell you see these are the rituals which were followed at that type and Illuminati was one of the society which said that this is a natural phenomenon. It's not that God is getting angry with you. It is a natural phenomena of getting solar eclipse a lunar eclipse. See they would have been the things which were like against to the humanity. So David W, like you can see the kind of a group of good people. Yeah, but people think is it was afraid that it was offended but only because they were against the rituals here but in but in India mainly It is believed by mostly Muslim people's is indeed by Hindu people's don't believe this kind of things in a very big amount but most of the Muslim beliefs very different different kind of things, isn't it? How can you say that if you get a 0 equal for both Muslims and it is equal for both windows to because they're to do this sacrifice, right? Have you heard about the developer job? Here the river Pooja and you sacrifice goats you sacrifice cows and if you are doing some black magic, they used to sacrifice human kids also now say that that had that happen in Muslims to everywhere. Everyone has their own negative shades of these things happening. But yeah, but I'm talking specifically about India. I'm not talking about Hindu Muslim or this and that the culture is because there's a diversity of cultures there. There is a diversity of religions, which only This is the this is the only land switch have this much diversity. There is no another Nations like this like India, there's a there's a very intense diversity in India. So this is a very believe there's a very the lots of belief systems. Okay, so this kind of lots of belief systems, which is followed by all the peoples of India. So I think it must be abolished as soon as possible. It must be stopped. These are reason that is a reason we are talking about these things and See at present age and Technology. It is quite possible to make people understand because most of them are getting educated here, but at the time of when Illuminati was present, I was telling you the agents and like if you're starting with your here from the beginning itself, then if you could understand that I said, it was only for a decade 1776 to 1787 5 at that time. There was no technology and belief are so Orthodox that they wouldn't trust anyone apart from the religious people. Yeah. So it was a tough tough Illuminati to come up with that. Don't try to explaining the people that what is fact and what is God? Yeah, so that is what all I am discussing about here right now that what was eliminating the real face and what is eliminated we are thinking about right now, but having is still upon its races that if you live in a tea, is it of the power then why the things are still going to happen like this? No, I don't think there's an Illuminati still exists is because there are lots of things which is happening right now, if the illness of perspective it's your perspective or to nourish. Your soul was pretty that you're thinking that the Illuminati might not be real but there are some other theories if you go on like on a you said you don't know about living at the right, once you go research about Illuminati online, you will find that there are tons of theories which are stating possibility that Illuminati is a power. We can't deny that too because there are many professors that they very many scholars who still believed that Illuminati is it power Have their theories they have the Prospectors towards it and there are many verses that eliminate is fake from the beginning itself. So we can't judge onto someone's perspective that this is might be truth part of The Rock. Yeah, because a lots of things which is happening right now, but if you Luminosity is there so they can do lots and lots of things were they are not doing anything the progress needs time because of controlling an entire human race is not a simple thing. Right? Yeah. So the progress will be taking in time to time a if you can see that some of that era which is like 1785 now if you see now the technology has more impact over religious beliefs and religious practices. Yeah, or can see some drastic changes. Is in why can't we believe that this was done by Illuminati? In fact, this was their dream, right? Yeah. There is a fact though. It is a secret society. That means we might not be knowing about it. They might be controlling all the properties. They might be controlling all the economics. We might not know about it. There is a chance of happening these two right? Yeah, you are seeing right now I start to remember because they have started ages behind and because of maybe some problems they have gone underground and still they're operating from their sides because they're most of them are Educators educated. So they might be having their hands and roots in every place has no like that. They might have and it from time to time now. They might have the roots there in every sector of the world. Who knows that may be in the form of writing. Yeah, but still elephant. He was very suspicious about their own activities. So they were like very very very conservative about their identity. Even if the in that time of 17 1985, they were using code names for themselves when they were ahead have meetings. They were like, Not even looking at their own faces each other faces when they had this VTX. No, that's how kept that. I'll give you secret. So think about now present era how If you eliminate is still there, we won't be having any clue about them because they maintain secrecy at that level at that time then a then you think about the secrecy which they can mitigate this time. Yeah, Carrie Elliot the power of controlling the entire human race, then these over to the conspiracy. What are the theories are going around and even the internet also there that their control that to alter their pop-up. Yeah, so they can show the world what they To show because ultimately their success their power is to get over the control of the world and make it possibly happen in their own days, which they are really doing right now. If you think of it from that perspective that has to be the change, isn't it? Yeah, you are seeing red, but I just want to say one thing is that the Illuminati main part of the Illuminati main purpose is about to to stop all the belief system because all the things happening say because of belief system you believe these you believe that you believe whatever the you Don't believe is like a cycle that you have to follow like if you believe in heaven, then you also have to believe in hell. If you believe in both of the both of these things, then you also have to believe in God and they goes this kind of think so he the main purpose of Illuminati. I think that he want to stop the belief system. He want to enhance the belief system. So is it a good thinking at a basic level and we will be leaving at a basic level. They Illuminati wanted us to think beyond that think outside the box understand the real truth behind the things happening. See let's compare the generator. Okay, let's compare the generate 1785 if Illuminati was not about this forget about Illuminati there, whatever maybe the Royal life Royal think they would have been continued until today right here because there was no scientific approach. They will go there would be no significant growth. There will be no invention. And there would be no things happening. But slowly slowly you can see from that era to this era. There is a complete impact of science complete impact of like in the society complete change in the sir impact of the belief of the people when this change came from it was a slow and steady process. Yeah. So there is a chance of being eliminated doing this there is a chance maybe it's a Industrial Revolution. There's a chance maybe it's like invention Revolution. We might not know the thing but still we are discussing about it. So that we can have a brief about the Illuminati which was a society which was existed at a time. We are not sure if it is existing. Now I think is that this process is very important because issue If You observe the history like the like in this time if you say is that I do not believe in God nobody's gonna everybody's going to ignore you. Okay, but in that times in ancient times, if you believe in in front of all, the people that I do not believe in God, then you will put 2 here then then people's you, isn't it is obviously they will There's no other thing they would us. So I think is that it's a good way. Yeah, I am totally agree with you. They are just try to influence us through the form of writing through the form of internet and these kind of things should TV. I think that he is exist right now. I started to realize it. Yeah, you can go through a brief about it. There is Illuminati the eye in the pyramid eliminators the golden apple illuminatus the Levee and the military so many scriptures which gives us a detail about how the world came into existence and how can we It with them. Yeah, don't you think that don't you think that people people who believes in God they're also come from Illuminati because they just want to curl there might be a source because because they might be hiding their true identity and still showing off like if they're believing in God, who knows just so that they can have an understanding and Trust of the other people. They might be behaving in such a way being can't say that right. Maybe they are a secret society, or maybe they just want to in maybe this the idea of God the Illuminati one, too. Trade in the form of positive way, but now it's turned into negative. But yeah, I think I'm all the positive results because when we are tried to do something it might take you some other access to because every time we plan something it's not a hundred percent chances that it will go in a right way, isn't it now? I started to realize it is a very good topic to talk about Yeah now understand one thing that if I'm a CEO of a company, okay, and I'm a believer of a god secretly. I'm a part of the Illuminati that means I am at the power and I'm influencing as the people below me slowly steadily though. The people think that I am their own people if I say that I'm a secret society member if I say that I'm a non-believer of a body president. I'm an Illuminati. They will simply note and they will not let me happen to things but I'm influencing them subconsciously slowly. Yeah, so yeah. Yeah. Eddie and the permit process. Yeah. If You observe the time from the beginning of the Kings to now we can see that it is more of a public ruled an error rule of a king. Hello, isn't it? Yeah. Yeah, I can hear you. That is what I'm saying about. We should have a brief on this for sure. Everybody's know about this. So because this is an impact which we can see but if if you have to believe that Illuminati is affecting then why did the changes happen? Where did the invention slowly slowly came into our life? Why did this invention become an important part of our life, even though they were two inventions. We were living a happy life at that that era it would have been continued till now, isn't it? Yeah, there are lots of social change on the form of technology and these kind of things because of some kind of influence isn't it like in India in India in ancient times? You don't have any computers don't have any mobiles. So we are influenced by Chinese. We are influenced by America. So it is also one kind of that. We are its kind of influence. So there is one more belief about Illuminati. This is one more Theory. Have you ever heard about Atlantis? And no I don't have any idea. See Atlantis, it was believed that Atlantis was an ancient highly technologically enhanced Society. Okay, so they believe that this this Atlantis has been sent to the bottom of the ocean. Now, there are few things which are still being found about this Atlantis. So what people had theories that these people who are like smart people who came from Illuminati, they are the people from Atlantis. Okay, the genius ones who will act from the the higher thinking be ends and they were like so many theories have in ancient evils to that. They were mechanical boards, which were used to do the heavy lifting things it Atlantis and there are so many theories and so many proofs which are being extracted from the bottom of the ocean these days saying that a Atlantis was a real place. They had computers at that time when humans don't know how to use like they were literally like riding horse cards. They will come Just at that time of different kind of of different mathematics and everything but still was believed that Atlantis was way too high in consideration level when compared to that are of time. So Illuminati are the people who came from that land is also there is also a belief of this one. We can't think at this point to here. It is a very big point. So there are like so many practical Theory theories which impact the society because we have seeing a global change from that time to this time. Yeah. The Illuminati things only limited to the very indigenous peoples. They are not came to common people because they will may be affected in a very negative way that I think is that it is only limited to only scientist only great people's like the person to have lots of great minds. Yeah, because understand one thing at that time rituals and religious beliefs, were it - so if you try to tell something against rituals, you would be literally executed to that. Yeah, so you have to keep them Secret Yeah, I'm told ya I'm totally agree with you. Like now people's realize you started to realize there is no existence of God, but God helps us as a consolation calm our power to calm our mind to calm our body because in that time is this a lot so cruel kind of things like we leave you we leave our animal life killing each other without any reason. So God helps us the idea of God helps us to console or mind to peace of mind. He said okay. Let me tell you this one more famous conspiracy theory. It was authored by physicist. You might heard about him John Robinson in 1797 who accused the Illuminati of infiltrating three mansion and by August and Burrell when 79 1797. Okay. So this was the time that John Robinson said that Illuminati infiltrated Freemasons historians tend to see that it has a like it is a Frontline. Online of conspiracy theories but we can't say that. This is the reason that might have to place of the French Revolution. Okay. So if I want to find in the Google, so there's a some evidence so in so's that this is this all these things happens by Illuminati. There's a some kind of evidence and fine. Okay. So there are other theories also stating that Illuminati is a fake one because see if you are trying to prove something and they will be always a person who says that is not true just to hide it. Yeah, but there are some theories which did the Illuminati is a false one. So it depends upon our Maya. Hello. Hello. Hello. inaudible hello. Okay, guys, we got disconnected with Archie. Maybe some network issues. I hope you can come back again. We are we are having a wonderful discussion here about Illuminati. So will the Illuminati me for reading this article like a there was a so many theories online saying that will the Illuminati me for this will eliminate will me for that. But still I don't think so that the Illuminati is people are the group of people who people they will a group of scientists mathematicians philosophically beans, okay. We have here harikrishna. Let's have a word with Hari, Krishna. Hello, sir, how are you? Very good evening to you too. Came to my live session. I feel very grateful. Yeah, I saw that you're doing a live session. So I thought I can stop by for a couple of minutes. Yeah, and I have started a live session how to prepare for long hours. Yeah, I have some tips to my business and give me some yeah, you are talking in a good manner and I got the same points of view and feeling really good right now. Thank you. Thank you so much Krishna, like you people are giving me some good tips. I and I will Mobis to giving some tips to my business and definitely that is that that is what we should do to develop while we are learning we can teach to that is not wrong in it while you're learning you can even teach to that will help you to practice again and again that will polish your skills. Yeah. Thank you very much. Regression your voice breaking I used to go for any live session. I am still has some people are trying to call me and I am Daya I a surprise in my life. Actually this this time this is my third world cash. I have successfully computer my pad workers and wonderful. People are trying to copy me. Yeah so serves your topic, so I'm not on nothing. What is the topic illuminate Unity with Illuminati means it's a secret society of famous people of scientists mathematicians inventors. It was like a not this time. It was an old age when they started the revolution so they are my favorites are thought to give a discussion about that. Yes, so but I don't have any information about ourselves. So I am very sorry, right? Okay. Are you sure no problem? Because it's one of topic. I just thought to discuss with my list and that's it. Nothing else. Yeah. Okay, sir. I will come back with Yeah, sure. Sure. Thank you, sir. Have a nice day. Have a nice day. So I think sadiki. I just joined here. Couldn't you tell could you tell me what is the meaning of the elimination elimination means lighting the art of eliminating of a manuscript could call as like a illustration embellishment adornment glittering Brilliance. It is using different context, but when it comes to Illuminati It is completely different. So Illuminati is a name given to us several groups both real and fictitious historically the name usually refers to a Bavarian Illuminati and Enlightenment era secret society found on first met 1776 in Bavaria Today part of German. So anything else guys you if you would like to ask me about Illuminati, you can ask me it's a secret society, which was believed that they were about to take over the world and rule over it secretly. So let's see if you have any points on that one, then we can discuss on that one, too. Sitting on to this. I'm a huge fan of Illuminati from the beginning itself. If anyone wants to see Kevin if anyone wants to have a word about Illuminati, then you can just join me and you can have a word about Illuminati. So what are these secret societies? I'm like what can you say about these secret societies secret societies have flourished throughout history and founding fathers and Royals among the ranks members. Most of them are men and they have turned to Black Knights Templars free Manson's Bavarian Illuminati skull and bones and Bilderberg the Allure of secret societies part mystery what Legend conspiracy theories have surrounded them for centuries, which rumors of group I believe may not have been linked to everything from French Revolution to assassination of JFK and but but which is important to separate fact from fiction, here are the real stories behind history's most exclusive exclusive secret societies like The Reef, you know about the Knight Templars. That was one of the secret society too and I'm still trying to get a vote on that one. We had this Knight Templars then again the cost of Lauren. Then the free Mansions three matches was also a secret society a very famous one just like Illuminati. Then we had this the square and the compass that was also Square secret society the Eye of Providence my favorite one the Illuminati. The view of all I all seeing eyes as am a Masonic symbol has been sharpened debated long from the free Mansions Egyptians. There's a high of the horrors if you know about the horrors, so Guys, these are the things which are I wanted to discuss you about Illuminati. I'm pretty much sure that no one have of you like me only a few of you know about what you're looking at is really all about. So let me repeat a few things about the Illuminati because many of the listeners have might joined us late. So Unity was found by Professor Adam. We shot in Bavaria, which is to the part of the fans. I'm like on me first 1776. We show chopping at the power of conservative Catholic church and the Bavarian monarchy, so to cast aside organizations in a favor of a new form of elimination to region inspired by the spread of the Enlightenment across Europe. He also do of ideas expressed by the Jesuits. He was a former member of Jesuits. Okay, so the mysteries of this Seven sages of Memphis the koalas of prey Manson he recruited heavily from a latter group infiltrating man Sonic's largest into his quest to recruit some of the wealthiest and most influential magnet group. So if you can go through with the Illuminati mix, that's a wonderful story of History guys, the organisation flourished before being scammed by Carl Theodor of Bavaria who issued an addict making membership to the Illuminati punishable by death in 1787. But the death of Bavarian Illuminati did not call gossips about that clandestine activities and the conspiracy theories have linked the group to everything from French revolutions to assassination of JFK the Illuminati served as inspiration. Vision for Dan Brown's Angels and Demons, if you know that if you have saw see that movie or if you have read that book, that's a wonderful thing guys. That's a wonderful thing. There was one more group of secret society called as Skull and Bones. I'll be doing on the topic on skull and bones to and build a book some secret societies. Pseudo eliminating was stated as acting new world order. It was great. So guys that is it for today Illuminati with dr. Amy. I gave a brief about what Illuminati was what Illuminati is and what is eliminated capability of and what were they really and what with they ought to do and what were the goals and dreams so guys, this is what all about Illuminati. I'm a huge fan of unity. So that is the only reason I brought up the topic here. It's a it has nothing to do with the other content and provide Providence is things here, but still if anyone would like to Could we have a word with me you can join let's have a word on this one. If not, then I'll be ending this podcast and four minutes. Guys, if you love the podcast which are making every single day then do hit the heart icon, which you can see near your texting column that will motivate me to come up with some interesting Concepts. We have not here love singing drawing. Oh, wow. Hello. Hi. Hi Nat. How are you? I'm good. How are you? I'm doing great. Thanks for asking. Where are you from? I'm from Indonesia, Indonesia. Wow. Yeah. So how long have you been using this open? Chuck FM? You know around a month. Okay. I'm on 12. That's great. So what about Illuminati? Actually, I'm late. I'm late. I just I just came to your bright and I just listened to you. You said that you're a big fan of Illuminati. Yes. Well, well, actually I'm not let me be a great discussion between us. Really, but actually it's because I did not listen to you. I just came I just had my class actually but then high school and just let me let me give you a brief about what Illuminati was so it was a secret society. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, you know about Illuminati. Yeah, I know by Illuminati and it also like in some songs like yeah, they put a message like when you master the song, I'm very happy. Someone for triangle. That's right. That was a simple to make so there was like an a piece of the songs where like famous pop singers and rap singers for used to do this symbol and that created a conspiracy that are the part of illuminati to yeah, there are parts of in Luminosity some singers lots of lots of American singers actually. So what do you think do you not is still in existence in a secret society? Oh, yeah, of course it is. They even became not really a secret anymore. Like everyone knows like for example, Beyonce or Rihanna? No singers. Yeah, and other groups also outside the singers and stuff. So it's natural quick - yeah, it's not a secret anymore. So do you believe that Illuminati is secretly controlling the entire world? controlling what entire world and sire world. I don't know but they're widely spread. Yes and they're everywhere. Yes controlling everything the entire world. I don't think so. Yeah because it was said that Illuminati has its hands and Roots into the most powerful sectors most powerful people who are Illuminati, so that means they are creating the impact on the world. So there is this Believe that directly or indirectly Illuminati is at power now. Well, maybe you can say so and these are just theories. So I'm not a believer of Illuminati. I'm just a fan. That's it. Okay, okay. Okay, you're a fan like like how like means like I have been it's my hobby of doing some research on the past and history. So when I came across this Illuminati and some other secret societies, then I was more into killed by the Illuminati because they were the group of mysterious mathematicians philosophers. So Force, yeah, and the way they operated their meetings and holding their identity a secret that that was like more interesting to me. Yeah. Yeah, I got you. I got ya. Okay nicer here that I thought you were here like supporting. No. No, I'm not supporting any of the secret societies. Okay, that's good then so it's like operating was like kind of good so there was a good meeting conspiracy theory and it'll turn believer was also group then was Callum skullenbones full of secrets. I d if you had a yeah, yeah. Yeah, then the Eye of Providence which is a part of the Illuminati the square the square and Compass Freemason symbol, if we mention was also secret society, they used to do some rituals may be like they were Freemasons were also group of scientists who were like trying to find the secret of death. I mean like they do they want to live forever and lots of new. Yeah, there are lots of new groups or religion. in America, actually, yeah, it's That are parts of Illuminati. Hmm. So there was just one more one like the cross of lorian's Knights Templar symbol and Knights Templars were also was also a secret society button of those exist right now, but only Bilderberg and we're still not sure existed already like I don't know. I do a ton of research on these things every single day whenever I get that time, maybe history history channel National Geographic some books some articles some project reports. I see I see so what do you do? Not? What do I do? I'm working. I'm working as and we're working as and working as something actually until now in this platform in this app. I have not. Disclose myself. So yeah, it's a it's a legal job actually, so don't worry. Okay. Okay guys, you can listen here that is a part of the Illuminati. She is very secretive conspiracy about the Illuminati hundred percent against Illuminati so know yeah this I do. Love you. Why am I not disclosing myself until now because I'm here to learn to create podcast. So I don't think it has anything to do with my personal life or something like that. That's why I decided to know I don't worry. I'm just putting your legs. You're pulling my legs. Yeah, but my text is just where it is. Okay that you have written in a profile that you love singing. Hmm. Yeah, would you mind? No, I expected that answer. You don't really oh, yes because this is my this is not my my Cast not my broadcast. Yeah, you should come to one of my podcast. I have the musical show or the music Corner especially for music. Yeah, it's because actually I catch cold and then my throat is little bit dry it to sing before and then I sing and then now my throat becomes dry again. So, okay guys. As you can see we are speaking with that here. She loves singing drawing and she's a secret part of illuminati. No definitely not no way. No way like no not in a thousand years. No, okay. That's really good talking to you. It says really good talking to you and thanks for having me. Thanks for thanks for coming here and sharing your point of view about the Illuminati. I'm like only a few came here, but they were like they don't know about eliminating. So I had to put a word but you are the person who discussed about eliminating maybe a better but still it's helpful. Okay? Okay. Okay, it's nice talking to you. Yeah, and I stalked you. Thank you. And I thank you so much. Have a wonderful day by the hill to Illuminati from my side. No. No, stop saying that. All right, I guess okay guys, if you are listening know I guess illuminates your hundred percent. Okay. He's the one he's the one I love unity. So hear me. Thank you. Thank you so much. Have a nice day. Yeah. So guys we had a wonderful talk with that there. So I'll drop into her podcast some time to listen to our music. She said she loved singing so let's see into that one. So guys this is it for the Illuminati thing. We have four more minutes before we hit 50 minutes. If you have any color will be talking otherwise and 50 minutes. We'll be adding the podcast with dr. Amy and the topic is Illuminati with dr. Amy. Tick-Tock 97 on your listening if anyone wants to speak then you can speak with me guys. Just put up a request will be having a word. It could be like a regarding anything. It's like does it has to be your the Illuminati? Anyway guys, if you love the podcast do hit the heart icon, which you can see in your texting column that will motivate me to come up with some more and intriguing content for you every day. The time is ticking. The time is ticking. The clock is working. The clock is working. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes today is that this is all about what Illuminati is a secret society which wants to take over the world rule over the world and control all the aspects of the world according to its things. So I've been always a huge fan of this Illuminati. There are so many people to believe that Illuminati is still at the power still doing its things in a secret society ways, but I'm not sure about that, but I'm just a fan of this. Stranger things than one secret societies. So next time I'll be coming up with the topic of Atlantis may be some secret societies maybe about some secrets of desserts. Who knows maybe some paranormal activities will be coming up with different content to speak about discuss about so tomorrow is a Sunday. It will be like a great day, but I'm sure that tomorrow all the podcasts will be hopping in like anything so I would be really getting any time to have my podcast till casted with with some huge number of audience if anyone wants to have a word with me guys, you can join me the podcast which I'm going to and about in like 2 and 1/2 minutes more or less than that. After that. We'll be stopping or starting or one more new podcast on a different topic for sure. He touchy our hydrogen. How are you? So this is really great this thing to all of you coming here and my podcast I really feel great about it that people are listening to us learning from others and we are learning from you. So definitely if anyone wants to speak with me, they can put up a request and we can talk Rahul Singh bisht. We should hire rousing Bishop Hi, how are you? I hope you're doing great having looking you all. On the podcast doing wonderful things. We have we shall let's have a word with Fischer. I don't know about Illuminati, but I can sink though. Yes, we shall that's would be great. Hello. I wish y'all. How are you? I'm good, Timmy, right? Yeah, Amy. So there's a very small amount of time left left. I would like to talk to you because I have listened many of your podcast. It's really great. Like we shall if you want to talk know if you want to talk I can increase the conversation because I thought if no one is there to speak with me. Then I thought to end the conversation if someone wants to speak then they can continue for two hours or so. I have no problem with that one. Okay. Your voice is very low or can you hold the mic bit closer to you? Okay, is it fine now? Yeah, it's his crystal clear now, uh-huh. Social what is that? You want to talk about with me? It's nothing. It's super random. I landed here just because you were telling there's nothing much to talk about. I mean, you're told it's okay. If you put up a request without having the context of Illuminati, so I just put up a request. Yeah, you eliminate is my favorite thing. So I discussed about it now it's done. So I thought I can have a word with the listeners may be like anything you can sing a song for us. I can see that you have my piano and computer option their yoga beatboxing. I would love to have some music if you don't mind. Yeah sure. So I will sing a song My I mostly listen to English songs. So I will sing One Call Away by Charlie puth. Wow, that's great. Come on do try. Okay. I'm Only One Call Away. I'll be there to save the day not Superman gonna take then on me. I'm Only One Call Away. Call me baby if you need a friend. I'll be there to give you love come on come on, come on reaching out to so you go again, I forgot the lyrics. Hey, it's okay. It's okay. That was good. That was good. We shall be releasing Great America. You have the hold of the lyrics The Rhythm the music that's good. That's good. If you wanted to try it again, you can do it once again for sure, but it's like I have to refer the lyrics for that after Google it and it makes okay. So anyway, what do you do with y'all? Sorry guys, we got this connection with Vishal if anyone wants to talk with me right now, you can come online. Otherwise, I have to end the podcast because I'm done with speaking about Illuminati. So the topic is ended Illuminati with dr. Amy. I love you all. So guys have a wonderful day have a wonderful weekend. I love you. All. I can't love you enough. You know that I can't love you enough because I'm literally addicted to this open Talk FM. So guys this is the end of the topic have a wonderful day have a wonderfully we can have a lot of fun learn a lot. Let others also learn a lot from you. We have rousing Bishop. Yes, we have you before we can and we can have a bird without you. I think I'm disconnected. I don't know how maybe because of network issues. We shall I was about to ask you things to hide a whole Hi, how are you? I'm doing well. Whatever you I'm doing great. Thanks for asking. Yeah, same to you. Yeah, so I've been seeing you a lot lately a lot active these days and also my of the podcast that's really great of you man. Yeah, because I am a beginner and I want to learn matching this like you that. Well, that's great. And so Anything you want to discuss about anything? Yeah, I was. Yeah, yeah. Yeah, I want to discuss about I want to discuss. about physical is it good? Yeah, I'm physically. No, I didn't get you physically. What? About the exercises over like about the physical health. Physical health. Yeah, if you have any points and physical health you can share with us your our with our listeners here, too. Yeah, of course. I have so many points how you can build up a good personality by indefinitely. I need that. I need that because I'm more of a computer guy. I work I work out very less. So this health tips will be very beneficial to me. So please come on. Yeah frustrated to First Step for you that if you want to believe in yourself, and if you are very dedicated about good personality good physics, then you To wake up in the early morning and go for running like for it's in the like in the beginning. You can also manage it by jogging but okay, but there is a some main points. There is a some main rules which you follow a you need to follow it that that is regularity. Okay. Yeah, so you need just put your f First or whatever you want to do for an example you want to running and you want to go up feed a good physics. Then you need to go a regular and try and after running. You can also do some kind of exercises which really feel you relax. And it also reduce your stress or tension switch you have Hello listening. I'm listening. Yeah, so this is the peak efficiency, which is I know and I we are about it so you can apply it. Yes. Anything else you need to regulate and you need to have good punctuality be a be a punctual person. Rahula, I want to have the six packs on my apps here. What should I do for that? If you want to get a six pack in your stomach, then you need to go do exercises like you blanket exercise plank exercise which which is very effective and which is very relevant for you getting a good six pack and you need to hold your yeah, you know, you need to hold yourself. I your hand for 2 minutes everyday add you can also do exercise which you need to put and hold your legs on the on the like on the road. Okay, like which we how we can how we can call it where we are like hanging? Okay. Okay. I understand his job. Yeah. Yeah, you need to hold your hand legs. And then you need to push your push yourself for a piece of the beasts are like upward. Okay, you will need to do this for 10 times 10 to 15 times regular then after one month you get a good. Like you're some us some XR appear is starting to appear in your stomach. If you if you are doing it regularly, then after three four month you can get a good apps. So this is the process of 86. Wonderful. Wonderful. Thank you for the tips. I think I think I'll hit your head. If you don't do the exercise from Tomorrow onwards. Yeah, you you must it is it must for you for not easy? It is everyone like because if you are physically healthy, then you can also automatically you are also mentally healthy. Yeah. Yeah, so first need first you need to do exercise over like first take care of your health, please avoid outside and junk food or password which really gives you some kind of like harmful. Yeah. It was a it will be a harmful for your health or your body. So just just try to avoid and just try to decline neglected to fast food which a command which are you can see on the roads like like Biryani is like muumuus like show me. Oh my God, would you say that know if you are very excited and curious about eating and eating Biryani that you can also made it. And cook it on your home. Okay. So cooking at home is okay, but don't purchase and don't eat from the outside. Okay, I will thank you so much. Thank you so much for the tips are really keep those in mind and I'll just forward look forward towards building some six packs and having some healthy lifestyle. Thank you so much for well. Thank you so much for sharing you out tips here. It's really wonderful talking to you. Thank you. Thank you for joining me. So Tia, thank you. Yeah. Yes. So guys if you did like our And do hit the heart icon, which you can see in your text in column that will motivate me to come up with some more interesting content. Thank you so much for all. Thank you. Nice to have a nice day. Thank you. Yeah, so guys do hit the heart icon, which you will be seeing. Yes near to your texting column. Yeah. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. That means a lot to me. I love you all. Thank you so much, and I will be any this podcast here and I'll be back in a couple of minutes with a new podcast for sure and do join me there that will be regarding something about learning English. Have a wonderful day. Take care. Love you sayonara. signing off, dr. Ma