How are you doing? Yeah. So hi guys, good evening and welcome to today's topic impact of modern technology am here with Rahul and today. This is our first podcast together and I hope the topic will be interesting for you where you can learn something or you can say something which we can learn to sew the whole platform is all yours. Yeah. Thanks. Yeah. Thanks for joining. Dr. Mei. It was it is so nice to talk with you to have some interaction with you and to Lon. Some good kind of broadcasting in the open talk and we have a fantastic topic. That is the impact of modern technology the yes it is. So guys, I welcome you all to join us here for today's topic impact of modern technology. We will be discussing all the advantages disadvantages impacts results and expectations and Concepts to Yeah, and what are the new things which are included in the modern technology, like cloud computing iot and all these things we will discuss today now and we will discuss in the Daily Language so that you all can understand it in a very very good way. It's guys and if you have any doubts do drop us the comments when we are the call if there's no calls, then you can just call us and have a conversation with us. Yeah, please join anyone you can our category nice thank-you all Carrick. Thank you Eric. And we will discuss on in the modern Technologies like know in the current ERA. We are we are facing problem with the coronavirus. So how the modern Medical Technology can can eradicate this kind of coronavirus. There are some kinds of kinds of extraordinary experiments is going on all over the world and differently. We will come with a good result. Yes. Definitely. Definitely. That's a wonderful. ink and Yeah, ocean, very good just can't read Russian ones before we jump into the topic. Anyway, we need more listeners before you get to the topic. So now you can connect with Russian here. We can have a word with him. Yeah rose on. How are you Russian? Hello - hello. Yeah. Hi. How are you? I'm fine and very from Russian. I'm from one time one time. It's my third time. I'm talking to you. Yeah, because I have met so many options here one with roh a and or Osa ñ thereís so many roaches. Yeah. Yeah. What is the topic head fact of modern technology? Yep. What do you have to say about this topic? That's very typical modern technology impacts of what we have today about technology true. Of modern technology. So impact of modern technology can't be described in a good or bad way because it depends upon how we use technology. If I am using it for good then I'm making some good if I'm using it for bad. I'm making it bad if I'm using it to waste my time. I'm wasting my time. So depends upon the person who is utilize the technology. See I can use the technology to help hundreds of people's or I can use the technology to create a nuclear bomb in the both ways. I'm the one who's misusing the technology and am the one who is using it wisely, isn't it? Yeah. So don't you do what do what do you think about my first big deal? Yeah, dr. Me you are right that the it's depend upon the people like how they are using the technology like we have the modern internet sources. Okay, and if you use the internet sources in a better way like we we can we can use this sources in study or anything like this then we can improve ourselves. But if you are wasting your time in YouTube or any kind of Social media by setting this and this that so many kinds of stuff that it will harm our society as well as you also. So I want to say that if you are using this technology, you can use it you can use it in a positive way. Like you can do some good things by using this technology is like we can say n examples like if you use our knowledge, like if like I can say That is so guys. Let us take an example of what Rahul is trying to say here. And for example YouTube Rahul Dixit about UT by the social media platform and it depends upon us. If I am using YouTube to learn English if I am using YouTube to learn some communication skills if I'm using YouTube to understand about startups, then that is my benefit. If I'm using YouTube just for the music and entertainment purpose. Then YouTube will be a waste of time that will be wasting your time. So depends upon you that have you are using your conscious. To get the benefits out of the social media. if you don't watch the movie or music on YouTube then how any interview how many movies maker motivates most how how how they are made because making movies or making any film is also a very tough task Russian, but before it's not waste of time if you're watching a movie, okay, it's entertainment if you're continuously using it for like no means Then that's waste of time. Yeah, that's like if you are just using this for expressing your mind or if you are in your in your free time, then it's it's a yeah. Yeah, that's good wasting your time. If you're giving your time to the to the movies and to remove it. Please wait for a couple of minutes. I would definitely like to have a word with you. It's been long since I have spoken with you, so please wait for a couple of minutes. We'll have a word with Roshan then you will immediately like with you This Russian, please continue. Yeah, I'm - they're telling that look like everything is good at at the at their place. Like if you if you used anything in a limited way, like if you are studying also a starting is also a very like if you study a whole day then it's also a very addictive. It's also not a good communication study for the whole day or studying for a for more than a limit for more than your limits. So Do all the work all the works in the limit limit way like limits if you are watching movie just to go for a one to three hours. And if your studies are go for a four-hour five Alex, where are you comfortable? That's the institution. You're right. You're right. Thank you. That's a wonderful Point made by Roshan here guys. So make sure that you use a technology and media in a positive way which helps you to boost you towards and focusing your goals, but not distracting you from your goals. Thank you ocean. That's a wonderful. Bulldog having with you and archaic is waiting. So please allow me to have a call with him. Okay. So Rahul. Yeah, I would like to see this archaic is one of an excellent person here. I love him a lot. He is a person who takes a social issues also at his own time and is not expecting any he's like nonprofit guy. You can say that is there a good person a musician and what do you say that and you know, Do I like him a lot? Yeah, I can see his bio bio says that age is no bar for excellence. Yeah. I read you are a hundred percent, right? The A's does not defined anyone. Okay, if you are 50, if you are a hundred if you're already at 80 you can also get success at two and five years. You can also get success is doesn't matter. Hi Eric. How are you? Yeah, well and fabulous doctor, how are you and both of you? How are you? I'm fantastic. And Rahul, yeah speaking with some space. You just discuss about discuss with Erica bit. He is a phonology. Okay? Okay, so a week. I want to know about your background like a from where you have done your education's or anything else. You want to share with me and with the listeners you want to say is that I want to say something about the impact of modern. It is just that topic that you have chosen and it seems like we are also now right now. We are just dealing with the technology and that the kind of thing that is outside. Like there is negative impact also and then the possible impact as as for I was listening that putting both of these. Yeah. Music for particular time like you have pigs time tradition this music. Okay, but you are wasting your time in listening music all the time. You are investing your a good time. Like you have another study time and you are stuck. You have started your YouTube or anything you are watching the web series or anything. I think that is the waste of time time elect. I'm not asking that listening music is a waste of time. But you are regular user of that kind of Technology. Like if you are addicted was this technology like a web series movies or anything that you can well I would like to add a point. Sorry to disturb you I would like to add a point so listeners, please try to understand the point here very clearly issue of continuously listening to music all day. That is also not a wrong thing. If music your is your passion? Yes, it does. Yes. I want to say yes. If you're watching movies all day because movies movie making is your passion. Then that is also not a waste of time. You are using the time in a productive way with the social media. So if you're just wasting your time, just because you need to waste the time just because you have to pass the time then that is a negative impact. Yes, absolutely and and and Eric I want to also add the point like in the you have 24-hour. Okay, that's fine eight hours for sleep eight hours for sleep. That's okay. Okay. Remaining six hours 16 hours is there. Yes, if you are investing your and two hours for other works. Let's suppose that let's imagine that to our for other works the basic work, right? Yeah, you're a real basic was like before what I am for making breakfast dinner launch anything. Okay? Yeah, and you have done were 14 hours. Okay. Okay, if you are if your daily investing your 14 hours in music, sin. Movies or anything like that and you have doesn't any kind of claims relate to your music then it is bad for you. Okay, but yeah because you are you you are diverting from your am like like you have aim of like to be and they could of shelves. Okay, and you are investing time in this kind of web series or any kind of movies. Then we can see that this Technologies are harmful for one who is addicted to what's it like for example my My ambition is not to be a like I want for suppose that I am just taking an example. It is not exact that what I am trying to say. For example, I want to be a mechanical engineer and how I am listen. I am watching web series. So it is also helping me out in learning skills and way to how to communicate with others. I'm learning those things from that Series. So is the pin that you have that you can say about it that I am watching continuously and in order to inbuilt my Skills, but my ambition is different than that of that is Eric you are right. In fact, I clearly stated the point that if you are doing something online and it is helping to Aid your focus and passion then that's not based off time. It could be anything. As you said that's a wonderful example that if I want to become a mechanical engineer, then I should have communication skills to for communication skills and for entertainment together if I'm watching Netflix in that's a hundred percent good utilization of the time, but if I'm just you are watching it. Flicks just to pass my time and not in a using it in a productive way. And that's a waste of time. If you're using it for entertainment purpose just to refresh your mind then that is also productive work. Okay. Yeah, so that is it if you are using something whatever may be the reason but the outcome is a benefit to us. Then that's not a waste of time. Even if you're watching porn guys. Don't get me wrong. Even if you're watching watching boil. And that's what some are helping you then that is also productive time. But if you're watching the pain all the day long, then that is Miss you're wasting your time. Yes. Yeah, don't get me wrong because you all are human beings and I'm just driving the point. No, you are if you are sitting on the bed and you are investing all your all your time in the mobile phones laptops on then it also affect our eyes. Also, you have to do some kinds of physical works also, so I would I want to ask one thing like a do you believe in using technology do physical exercise? I like we can learn something we can also go to the teacher and learn something like music is not bad and learn. It is not bad. If I am learning with the help of YouTube, but what here from where I could focus like if I want to become a good musician, so I may go to YouTube is because both from both of the field. I am able to learn English you people from yeah. Okay answers for this. Like it depends upon you really okay. If you are a getting a good result from online studies or online things. Okay? Okay, then you it is good other other than this if you are not getting all the things like if you're not getting all the fundamental themes from the online like you have to walk with the physical stature like, you know, I cannot understand all the things through online. Then I will move to the physicals teachers or any guidance or any mentors. Okay. It depends On you you like with things if you are if you are getting hundred out of a hundred from online things, then you use online things. If you are not getting online, if you're not getting hundred efficiencies in online things. Can you move to the physical teachers? Dr. Amy? I want to ask you one thing. Like don't you think that we are dependent nowadays on YouTube like if because there is a some medium like normal it just Once again your voice was breaking, please. Okay. Okay, don't you believe that there is a sum. We are nowadays dependent on the here if you want to learn with not find an option to search for that. Good around us. Yeah dependent on YouTube for doing something. Isn't that a good thing? For example, I am dependent on YouTube right now at present to learn guitar because I don't have enough time to go to coaching classes and start the classes but in YouTube, I can follow five different teachers at the same time because everyone has a different method of teaching in the same way if you go to couple of years back, I was staying in and like a rented home and I have to start cooking. I don't know how to cook and YouTube was there to help me and I used to start I started to cook and now I'm a very good cook to see literally by just trying to get the aid from the YouTube. I learned something new and at present also I'm learning something new. The thing is that we are addicted to YouTube that is a complete different aspect if I'm using YouTube only for the purpose of passing the time then that is a misuse of I YouTube but if you're using to it, Not because if I have to make some doll, maybe some chicken something like that. I have to call my mom and have to ask her everything and I'm not sure that if I'm doing it, correct, but in YouTube, you can see each and everything in ingredients. You can see the video and you can even listen to the person who is cooking and you have like tons of options to make the chicken in a different way. So that means like a branch is to explore. Okay, what single option is to expand our one point like if I want to learn guitar, I will if I want We'll watch on YouTube. There will a lot of digits that will the suggestion will so that was one teacher will tell me the first step to learn the guitar is called another that yes, so that is why we do this. You can do right, isn't it? See we searched through The Columns of the u tube in such a way that we can find the best person who is teaching first? What I will do I will go to our YouTube channel and I'll try to see his videos and if if those videos are like at at my ease means like if his techniques are at my ease at my comfort then I learn from him and if he's not at the my he's maybe like he suffered higher level maybe his teaching methods are different. I can move to Second teacher immediately and I don't have to pay anyone for anything instantly. I can go to another teacher his techniques might it'd be easier for my kind of learning because I might be a slow learner. He might be teaching it bit slow explaining everything in detail and I might be lacking his teaching so I can follow that teacher if I go to a music school. I don't have any other option. Okay, but if I go to YouTube, I have like 10 different teachers and I can choose the teacher who is more comfortable with my understanding so I can learn from him in the same way. I can follow the other teachers for like hand exercise few teachers will teach you how to do Hand exercise to teachers will tell you that how to maintain your guitar to teachers will tell you that where to buy the best guitars. So this is like knowledge accumulation, but when I'm focused towards learning they when I have the right Mentor then I can do it online. Yes, right great point. We're so weird. So archaic. I also want to add some points on the behalf of our doctoral me like if you solve a questions like if you have a math problem in mathematics, okay? If we are we if we have learnt one method to solve how to get the results from that matter. Okay, if we are if we are in the part of gaining some knowledge, then we can also learn second method for the solutions. Okay? Okay in the same way if we have one method to to play a guitar, then we can also we can also learn second method to how to play guitar also Okay, so That's okay. Then we can we can have we can have so many methods to solve a problem. Either this way or that way the it depends upon you how you use that method like a way to save the times like if we have one more time. I want to say one thing like if I will watch all those things and all those video 10 videos, like it took two hours or three hours, but in case of my chair who is people already and I am going the going class and pretend to attend the class don't you think that is I just thought that that would be a good technique and it will be so what do you think that is don't you think that it will impact on my mind watching the videos and all four more frequently. So there is as I said, it's about learning patterns as we have five fingers of our hand of nose. Eyes because the figures are also no sighs then understanding of two persons is different. I might be finding Rahul as a good guitar teacher, but you might not be finding out who has a good guitar teacher because you are understanding it slow in the same way. If you go to music school if you unravel both go to music school and I am the music teacher there Rahul might be getting the things very quick and you might be getting it slow because there are other student also the teacher has to focus and he has to move forward in that case. You are losing the things which are learning but in YouTube I At my Pace at my time and I can rewind the things and even though if I have to consult the experts then I can do that from there because I have basic knowledge about it, isn't it? Yes. And what about dr. Amy about Facebook? Like I was one day. I was just having a look on Facebook and I have found that there is a ad that shows that open talk and I have downloaded that there at that moment. I was just wasting my time, but sir. Lee I have got this app, so what are the things that you can say that sometime if we waste our time then is it is so good or some bad like I was at that time. I was wasting my time, but suddenly I have gotten add an option that this app is reaching such things. So Eric, tell me one thing. What were you doing at that time on Facebook? What were you literally trying to do you just scrolling down? Yes. I was just scrolling down. Yeah. No, let me tell you one thing if you are sticking to some useless video or like a something which is Is not of any anything related to you, then you are wasting your time. You're literally scrolling the Facebook to find something interesting. That means you're using the time in a productive way and by doing so you found open talk. If you are not using Facebook scrolling at that moment, you might not be finding open toe and by not finding the Open document not be utilizing your time in a focused way. That means by scrolling you literally we're looking for something which is helpful for you and I can say that I understand say that you are looking for something helpful because when you saw opened up your mind click that I should It admins in your mind. It was predefined that you have to look for something which is helpful for you. That means at that time you were thinking productive way. Yes. So one thing I want to also add in this point like like ad which are coming since Facebook Instagram or anything else. They use different kind of mechanisms. Like if you if you have a surge day any kinds of things related to the open top Li how can I build up my communication skills from the from the search is the they are putting that kinds of add in your social media accounts. Okay. Okay. Yes. You got one. Yeah, so that is search engine optimization. Yes, what happens is that it is the Facebook keeps a track of the things which we are interested in and it tries to show the ad which are related to us in that case Eric you are looking for something which is helpful for you. That is the reason Facebook show you open toe. Okay, it clearly defines it really defines. You are using your time productively even on Facebook. Okay? Okay. Okay, like I want to point out now now like if I let us talk about the automobile like the use of Technology, like it also includes the automobile Ursula because it's the kind of technology that we are using but somehow I feel that if like I have a car also an avid. Cycle, but if I have to go some very little the place where not that much far I use my motorcycle and that's why my weight is gaining and I'm quite heavy now. So what are the what do you think that is it means it is saving my time, but but it is also damaging my body like I have a fatty body and all those things. So what the thing you can say about it. Is it a negative or a positive impact of in our book? My body, okay Rick. I am saying about it. Like if if you have some kinds of very urgent work, okay in office, okay, and you have to you have to move out within a short span of time. Then you can use the vehicles you what you have okay to and to take care of your health like about the fat bodies or anything else. You can do some kinds of exercises in the in your morning time. Okay. All right. But most of the people prefer to go with bike only Eric. Sorry to disturb you I would like to make a point here. The thing is that as I said as me and Rahul said in the beginning, it depends upon the user how he uses the technology. So what I'm saying here is that if I am conscious about my health, and if I'm thinking that I should take a step into the garden while walking in the evening. Okay, I need this just as this is it going guys, please? Hold on. So Eric you it depends upon you you like you if you want to save time while going to your office like you have urgent work like your boss is is very strict one, then you can use any kinds of vehicles and for his liking for Trooper maintaining your health so you can do some kind of exercises in the morning or in the evening any kind of things you so Eric, let's relate this noisy which were using. I'll tell you few times. Let's consider that Eric you are going to an office every day and you're working like 96 in the year for every day and you're coming back home tired and you're having your food and you're literally going to bed. Okay, so this daily routine and this is literally taking a toll on your health and your might be getting busy Mig might be getting fat maybe like health issues. But the thing is that what happens the moment you realize that this is not good for you immediately will try to find the solution. So what if you are using social media if you're using a YouTube to find like what should I do to have a healthy lifestyle then you will find the answers for answers for them at the Inn YouTube and if you follow those things to be healthy now, we are using the technology in a good way, even though after knowing that you are gaining weight, even though if you're knowing that you're losing your health by using this technology a lot that means it's you who is doing the mistake to use who use doing the damage to its depends upon your conscious that what you have to do to be healthy using the technology that is when the possibilities because if it is City and it is urgent for me to go to some place than I have. Use a vehicle but just because I'm lazy and I don't want to walk I'm taking a vehicle then that us whose make ourself lazy and unhealthy. Yes, right. So if we have appropriate time then we should prefer to go on foot or cycle by you recycle. Yeah, and we should have appropriate time because if it is a timed event if it's a plant even in that case what you have to do is that In that case, what you have to do is that you have to plan it early if I have a meeting at a 10 and I can start at 9:00 else. Why should I wait for 9:30 and I can start at 9:00. I can walk away. It will be before and it will regulate enough blood in my body it oxygenated that and it will give me a focus and a fresh mindset. But if to the meeting, okay, okay, so it's about our map just gave example, like I have just assumed that and you had to what I wanted to tell you. Okay, that's not bad. Yes. Okay, so that's something that how we are using the technology. It depends on us. Yes. Okay. That is that one is the conclusion for it to for all these things. Okay. Okay. Let's for example, I see lot of video which comes like and end of video that that is a media put on to defense if Somebody is doing bad and he has a lot of things good things. Don't don't it would be because it is creating a bad impact on our society like a person who is doing by have started something but off on my own business. I hoping the probability mistake in my some some of the try to defame me. What are the things that Should be considered as good or bad. Would you like to answer to this question? Yeah, I haven't heard properly your question Eric. Please get paid once a week. I think I understood your question is that if you are seeing something bad on social media and maybe the person is good and isn't isn't that harming us to believe that the pearls the good person is a bad person. Is that your question? No. No, no, actually I am saying that for example you are just you are a very good person and you are doing a good things. Okay, and good of ten put things you have done one bad thing and just you have commented down some person you have abused someone and if is focusing and taken a screenshot of that and he has tried. So don't you think that it will be a negative impact of the technology that by because by using that is just using all your Good deeds. And yeah, we're ahead. I have I have got I have got a question for ya. We are the human beings. Okay. We are not the machines or we are not the God. Okay. So once in their life so many people have done their mistakes and they have realized that is things are bad. Okay, we have we so from the worst things like from the bad things. We learn something good things that in future will not do the same thing. Then that it is good. Like no every everyone does mistakes in their life. So arrogant me tell you a simple example. I went to this some Japanese video. Okay. So the video was like a woman comes and she starts doing some bad things. It was short and it was uploaded in YouTube and everyone starts to give some negative feedback the negative comments on or it was like an educational video. So the real fact was that she was the landlord of the market and she was Get off everyone and she was punishing the person who was a person who was treating the customers. And what was she doing was a woman was like she was pretty sure that she's doing Namaste to that lady and the lady was taking the fruit baskets from her and this was also poor different way. In fact, the lady was saying thanks in a tree or in tears because the landlord biobot all the fruits see the thing is that once upon our nature if I'm seeing that Eric is doing something and if I'm understanding with only my eyes Then I'm taking a wrong decision. It depends on me as a human being that I should inquire about. The thing is Eric really a bad guy. Then I should look into the depth that what Eric has been doing all these days. Then I will have a conclusion that why did Eric booth at even if it is a good or a bad one, then I can have an understanding. It's the technology which shows us but it is a you who believes it if you don't inquire if you don't research about what is going to happen next year. That means you are failing to be a human being, isn't it? Hmm. That's what I think if you come across something bad, then you should research about it. If it is interesting to you without wasting your time. If it is interesting. These are the about it. What was the past? What was the present and what were the consequences for that situation to happen? So doctor what do you think this technology is have more goodies fact bad impact on the society like Lexie. With some examples like like like in the videos in some videos. There are some abusive words like having spoken and these are these are the four abused what used for the prank that type of it in the beginning in the beginning of video. Someone said that this is the prank. Okay, but some this technology this tec of fraud through this modern technology, we can edit some kind of things like we can remove the starting part and we can remove the In fact only we we put that abusing part and we launched this video or we launched this video in YouTube or any any social media sites. Okay, then what the people will think that this proposed? This holds is abused and abused to the public. Okay. Let me tell you one thing when we YouTube. We see so many thumbnails like Salman Khan trashed a news reporter Aishwarya slap that guy but when you go to the video there is nothing in that it's about Publicity they're doing that even if they're doing for some other intentions, then it is cybercrime. And for that we have assets and cyber cells are using technology the same technology, which we are using to do the wrong things cybercrime it using the same technology to find out this wrong things and do them, right. So don't you think the outer there is a more negative impact than that of positive impact of technology. It depends upon your conscious have you are taking it because still there are my friends who believe that negative technology is bad for us because olden days we used to communicate a lot. Now, we have WhatsApp, so we are not meeting see these are all the things which we are building around ourselves because we are comfortable with the technology. But the thing is that I can still meet friends. It's my decision that I'm not meeting them because I have an ease of That I can just simply text them. But if I take it into the me go and meet my friends have a hang out have a drink with them have a food with them. Then that means I am giving the time to my friends and I am giving the time to the relations which I already have. It was deciding to be lazy just by texting them me who is misusing technology instead of using it wisely instead. I can use the technology to call everyone to meet because everyone is in different places. I can place after a month. I can just plan it. Get together and everyone will come there in that case. I can I'm just trying to get this social act together. But if I'm using the same WhatsApp to just to say hi to everyone or like just to say hi to everyone just because the last day of the school and that is it I'm completely ruining the valuable moments memorable moments, which we can cherish to it. So now you tell knowledge doing something wrong or am doing wrong you are you are active good at your is like you are if you are using in a good way I can say but I feel some time that technology is giving more negative impact than that of positive impact like we have a see nowadays a fan and on the olden days what happened like CFC there is a CFC gas that is that is produced when a see she gets on and we also use Think Regional so this is causing like using of technology is also leading to the pollution also, like in the olden days we do not have like we are just using cycles and at that time the pollution level was low and by nowadays everybody has car and they are just preferring Eric. It happened because at olden times technology was not sought impactful if it olden times you Cars and bikes that the policy would have been the same one. It's not that who people who change their people were right at that time and there at this time also both are saying but the thing is that there was lesser technology at that time as to the conscious about technology usage was less but now we have technology at our fingertips. So we are using technology or not. So if the technology was present at that time to that situation would have been the same one. So now tell me it is the user who uses a technology to bring the impact if I am using the same technology. I'm the person who you see last year at an engineering project. I created I made a drone and that drone used to fertilize their crops. Okay, but the thing is that I came to know that I'm using a drone and that is scaring Birds, which is helping to eradicate the insects from the farm then again, my friend my friend come up with a brushless motor technology, which makes less noise and then again another friend suggested. I can program it. That means I am using the technology to help a farmer to what is that Use more food in a good way without with layer wasting less. So that means now I am using the technology in a niche which can be helpful. If I'm using the Drone to spy on someone then am the one who is the culprit if I'm using the Drone technology for someone's benefit of my benefit then I'm making the good use of Technology. Good good because don't stop doing it don't is not doing anything. It's me operating the technology, right? How do you shower you? So Eric any other question? No, that's it. That's it. That's a great point that I will keep in my mind this thing. Thank you Eric. I think the information which we discussed is of some help to you really mean it and thank you for being here. It's a wonderful day and I hope you have a wonderful day ahead. How did you get out? What is going on? Very good and very fantastic. Excellent to hear excellent to hear that. I would love to listen to you some other time and some other podcast. Yes, definitely. Definitely I will prepare Are those things? Yeah. Thank you very much. Thank you so much for being here. And thank you also for suggesting me. Good thing. It's a great discussion. Gravelly voice is breaking. Hello. Yes, get me he have some network problems. I can just listen to some dizzy voices, you know is Okay, Doctor. Thanks. Thanks a lot for suggesting man. It's a very good topic that we have discussed just right now. Okay, I can say okay. Thanks. Thanks a lot. Have a wonderful day Eric. Have a wonderful day. Thank you. Thank you. Love you, man. Hmm. So guys, let's continue with the topic of impact of modern technology. I am here with Rahul and the discussion is going awesome. Really awesome. Fantastic guys, if you like that topic which we are discussing here today impact of modern technology. They do hit the heart icon, which you can see near the texting column that will be helping us to motivate a lot to come up with some fantastic content for you in upcoming future. Do hit the heart icon near the testing column. Thank you and Rahul. Yeah, yeah. Yeah. So we have we have made a nice person. That is the wreck. Yes, you had so many good things with us and we have solved his problem with a with a valid points, which is maybe when fish when officials for him and for the listeners also wasn't listening to us. Yeah, because real I believe that change can be started from one person. We don't have to impact this change which you're trying to bring in all the people if one person is changing he will be changing the other So literally they are trying to do the best we can do if one person is benefited from this podcast. Then we are success. Yes your why not and we will try our best to impact the Positive Vibes throughout the broadcasting and we will we will try to motivate through a very Point store to the public also. Yes, real sure. So real what do you think about the applications of drone in our entire life Applications are don't don't technology or drawn together. Yeah. I have a CA in my first year. I have also designed like we have an idea about the Drone technology is related to that one of the applications of the Drone technology, like in the mining sector we have problems of fire like no a in the in the mining sector the fuels the fuels are automatically automatically gets fired. Okay. So our through the application software drawn, we can investigate and investigate throughout the mines area. Like we have the cameras or we can also put some kinds of water or water on that and through through that we can split the Waterway where we have over the fires. Okay, like you through the camera we can watch we can analyze all the Situation's about the mind and we have the solutions for it like yes out this continuum. listening Hello. Okay around your not Audible. Listeners, please. Let us know if you are Audible. What happened Rahul? Are you there? Okay, guys, I think there's a network issue with Rahul. So let's continue the topic by the time he's gets his network issues sorted out. So as we were discussing about the Drone technology to help put a wonderful Point here that it is helpful for us in mining, which is a risky place and even we can use a drone at a place. A disaster has struck so there are many drones with artificial intelligence AI which can interact on its own when just programmed properly. So apart from the Drone technology is also used in a defense in army. So I have seen a video by like an F-16 jet is releasing a bunch of drones to spy around and and a huge drones with machine guns to decrease the amount of deceasing of our many people in our me. So like applications of drones are Limitless, but the thing is that we should make sure that advant we should take the advantage out of the Drone and then we shouldn't be looking forward towards the negative impact which have been created by the negative uses of the grown by the negative people. Not by the tone drones G or any technology is not a negative thing until and unless we use it to create something negative. David are you there? Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, please continue. So about the don't we are talking, you know, yes, so I just know I have told about the don't applications one of the applications like we can use the this drawn in the mining area. Like we have the file is used in mining area through drone we can put some kinds of camera like anything else and on that we can put some kinds of water and there through that don't we can we can we can Distribute the water where we have fired in the mining area. Okay. Yeah in the same case like industria. I like forest fire a forest. Fire issues welfare issue was the big big big one of the big disaster for the animals were living in the forest and the through drawn we can we can distribute the water in the forest like we can we can we can exit or we can put some kinds of Or water on the fire it through which the fire maybe get off and we can save we can or we can also say the animal software. Yeah, in fact real what happened is like recently. I went through this like maybe like last year. I saw a drone technology where they're using drone are to fire seeds in in Forest because the in Forest have decreased a lot because a lot of the happen during for a select no more that time. So now what happens is that they come up with the technology by drones they're using The drones to shoot the seeds into the ground it is we did a random distance and now those receipts are growing into trees and they are literally trying to help Mother Nature sustained back with the rainforest then someone the thing which we are doing by using the technology which would take like people to do it with calculations. Don't can do it with programming in a couple of days. How big is that? Yeah see a drone. Also a this can also be used in the defense area. Like now we have seen one of the applications in the movie like in the removing we have was that drawn have captured all the things what are the goings? What are the planning is going in the terrorists area like through through that through that videos. We got some kinds of points from from that video and we we we found out that how can we can fight? That we can fight against that they're terrorists or any kind of any group of people. Israel are absolutely right in fact value, but often we were discussing about the Army technology me using the Drone technology and apart from that. I would like to ask you about the impact of Robotics in the industry and in our real life. What do you think? Yeah. See, first of all, I want to say about the robotics robotics use so different kinds of mechanisms, like robotics user programming is also we have robotics So require some kinds of good raw material like we have proper steals or proper raw materials that is that strength the body part of the Optics and why what about the inner part about the programming but this is the one of the base one of the important like one of the four sectors in robotic. Like if you don't know programming, then we cannot design a robot that will function according to our according to our order like, you know, if we program in a better way, then we can use the robotics in a good work. Yes. I will you absolutely right about that one. In fact, I have seen this project reports on Japan using robotics to Aid the old age people. I'm like that trying to create a companion from a robot and there is a hotel called as henna when entire operations are taken care by Robotics and there's one more thing. I mean like a child care robotics a teacher Robotics and a student who is unable to go to school. So some engineering students created a robot hookah, which can display the classes live to this kid. Here. It is. Hometown here is home place so that he can so that you shouldn't miss the education which he deserves just because of his disability. So that is the reason we use the technology in a niche where robots plays a very important role and there are so many robots which are being designed which mimics animals we can call them as animatronics. So these robots maybe emerge and They were very good to mingle with nature and understand the behavior of animals because when they are humans go for research, they are unable to get it because animals won't allow them to do that. But now I have seen that there are some cameras like chimpanzee cameras, which are used to which are placed with the luck in the groups and sooner or later the monkeys accept that robot and they can have a steady understanding about how is the Heuer like what you say that social behavior between monkeys and that was a wonderful result in this couple of days. So this is how we can put forward. The uses of technology and Robotics in our day-to-day life to modify ourselves to enhance our self and I also want to add some things like routing is the interdisciplinary interdisciplinary Brands like it includes all the things like a mechanical engineering skills, like electronic engineering is information engineering is his computer science engineering is kids all this is if you have a property skills by in the what I am answered in the list, then you can design it. Robot in a in a better way like and we have also designed to Sofia. You can know you can Google about it Sofia the Sofia does a good work like he is I think Sophia has designed in Saudi Arabia, I think so. Yeah. I know so Sofia is not a design in Saudi Arabia. But Saudi Arabia is the first country to accept Sophia as a legal citizen of Saudi. Okay? Okay. Okay. Sorry for it. I have some Little amount of knowledge about it round. First of all, you shouldn't be sorry about the information which you have but in fact you should be more motivated towards having more information. Never be sorry. You are you're doing a wonderful job here. You're literally trying to make understand to the listeners that what is the impact of modern technology? Because when you use this kind of X or apology worse, we are trying to put ourself in a niche wave, which we shouldn't do that. Okay for give someone the next time that's good for the next time I will take care of it. Yeah, what the are you? One of the first person to whoever I meet who I speak with in open open doc. I literally tell them not to be sorry for the minor mistake future doing while learning the learning that's a thing you're taking initiative. You shouldn't be sorry for that because we are human beings and we are made some errors it happens and for if you keep you safe for each and every error then how are we going to learn from our mistakes? Yeah. So that is it make it a habit of not saying sorry and learn from the things we sure like a misunderstood maybe something like that may be mistaken. Shalini saying Sophia is developed by from here. Yeah. Yeah. Thank you sergeant. So I have to ask you this our technology which I am using these days from the two years. What do you have to say about virtual reality and augmented reality about the mental reality like know? Yeah, virtual reality and augmented reality virtual and mental augmented. Okay. I haven't gone through it like okay. So let me put a board on about Virtual Technology and virtual reality and augmented reality and the kind of technology which we use that because I worked with a firm where I will use these Technologies for a long time even created some virtual reality Games augmented reality games. See virtual reality means it is a showing you something which is not at present there. If I'm using a virtual reality gear and I can look into the depth of the oceans. I can look into the space by standing at a similar like a normal place. This virtual reality is showing us something at a pace of like our human eyes not like just a camera but like how we see with our human eyes. We can literally see all the things like if they're in front of us when it comes to augmented reality. We are projecting a virtual object into real life. And you can see that using a virtual camera which is augmented camera and I use Unity as a software to develop these games these applications and I feel that these virtual reality and augmented reality will be a trendsetter in education because if I'm showing a solar system to my students they can literally see all the planets how the ellipse is happening. What about the search so like it's what about the lunar eclipse how it is happening. They can literally see it. And then understand it, but when it comes to augmented reality, they can go to the animals if I see if you have we have books here and we can see the pictures of tiger lion elephant. But if I just am putting a card in front of my mobile camera and it is showing a 3D model of elephant, they're doing so many things. Now the students are able to understand what an elephant is. They don't have to go to zoo park to do that. In fact, they should visit your box many times about this what I'm saying, they should have interaction with nature to but when it comes to the classroom They can literally interact with the technology like if it is like present in front of them there. So I think that in coming to each other we will be having a lot of virtual reality and augmented reality. Not only just in technology not only just in education but also in the defense they can use the augmented reality and virtual reality to train their real life like train the soldiers in a less hazardous environment. And it will be cost efficient to so what do you think about virtual reality augmented reality now? So, dr. Amy, I want to add something like I haven't also I am going to ask you that the games which are developed in the the current data like the public areas Above This there and so many games are there. So do you think that this Gams are are like a harmful to the children's and they are directed towards this game. Like they cannot study properly while using this games in their phone. Yeah, because see now what we are Thing is that here we are putting ourselves in a situation which is survival. Now, let me tell you I have done a small research on pop up G to what I came to know is that when we go into that war zone we feel our self as at we have to survive first of all and to survive I have to get the weapons. I have to get the Medicaid's I played Wubbzy. I accept it and I did play the public to happen. I have an understanding about it. So now what happens here is that our subconscious kicks in and it will tell you that you have to survive and that will lead your brain your subconscious brain. Rain to induce the chemicals which is flight or flight hormone, which is a generally and add in inrush will gives us a lot of energy and focus and our brain gets habituated to it and that makes us addicted to the games and that's why public is added to it is a survival based game where you have to be conscious and you have to make sure that you are alert every time and that alertness continues, even if you're sleeping because the impact of the chemicals which are generated in your brain won't go that easily and that is it what is thing to do? Next Level and that is showing some negative impacts. So we as adults we should be have make sure that students are the kids should understand that. What is the disadvantage of puppy and how we can limit it because it is a game and it depends upon the user once again at how he is using the technology. So it depends upon as if you are telling that you should play the game only for a one hour and then you should add make them understand that don't let the game get in your mind and you should using the same focus is education to in an understanding way if it's not too cold, They will not listen to me. Yeah, you are right. Yeah, but if you make them understand that what is going to happen in your mind and they will empathize with the situation too. So in that way we can even make that climb at the surroundings of the gaming also a safe Zone. Yeah, and these applications are when this application had launched they have done so many researchers like what we what we can do in this application so that the more and more customers will be there who are using this applications. They have they have done a brilliant research. On now before launching this app. No, I didn't understand one thing see the company which launched but gee I let me tell you one thing. The company was launched but G, it has only an intention of releasing a game which can be what do you say that it is the neurology game? Yeah, so that more people can interact and play the game and they can have a it's an idea of something but he doesn't know the result at that time. Yeah, and the creators have also so research about the what intersect about the psychology is like when we when we have when we will launch in future for be like they have studied the mindset of the people like you like know that if we have a survivors game, then we can get more and more open tourism like that. They have they have they have done a good job also like they might be they are they have running some good good. Earnings earnings is definitely a secondary option or I could say that because when it comes to gaming when it comes to gaming it completely depends upon the user and see when I have if I see now tell me one thing when weapons were created when these weapons were created they did they don't know the impact of what is going to happen with these weapons. But whence they come to understand that after atomic bomb the radiation they came to know about the rating. What is the impact of radiation to see if we don't These a few of the things which go off of our eyes. We don't know the result. We will think of one reason I'm thinking of only making a game but I have no idea that how it is going to impact the students because I don't know the live results, but once I came to know the live results are what I'm doing for that is more important. But the thing is that why should a company take a blame for creating a game if you are not able to control what we are doing? So that's right because there are tons of games which are releasing every every single day and I am a beta tester. I used to test games and such as the company's at what's going on in the game or what can be done. So in this way, I can say that again ever besides that I'm going to harm the user. Why would any gaming company would do that? Why would they harm someone the person who is using it died? And they now you can all see that the puppy have research that the I have the a good users. They also say say the a what a what kind of things they have said that they have set the restrictions like after one hour you can the Pop jewelry automatically get off from the applications. But if we have to look at the impact of the global level see they are running a servers than running a huge company and if they have to shut down the game servers for one hour they have to go through a huge impact of Economical situations to it's not an easy task for a company to do that. No, they have sets up some kinds of restrictions. Like after one hour. You will get some kinds of notifications from the bill occasion. After that. You will see in some kinds of notifications regarding that the you have used this application for one hour. Now you have to control regarding this application. Yeah for that you don't need company to do that. There are so many apps which are already present at least or which you can download and restrict the usage of the app. Okay yesterday, I did a podcast on Like the tools which are productive for you are startups in the same way. We have tools which restrict as for example. I am a person who plays the public for three to four hours. What I do is that I now realize that I have to stop using it a lot but I'm addicted to it. What I do is I install an app there are so many apps. Okay, so that app will see the timing how much I'm using that application which is pubget here and it will lock down the pub G4 next 24 hours. If I'm ignoring it. There are application will be locking it down for 48 hours. So in that way slowly will be able to decrease the usage of pubsey and I don't think that puppy has to take any initiative because just by sending a notification I will just ignore the notification. I'll continue playing the game, isn't it? Yeah, but we are using an app. We are using the technology to find a cure for our addiction then that is a right way. We should be doing, isn't it? Yeah. And there is the Toggle app, which defines that how I'm using my time how much I'm using my time for productivity how much I'm eating my time for entertainment. What am I doing? I get a weekly report about my time management now see according to that weekly report can manage my time much efficiently so that I can do works much productively. Yeah. Yeah CRC. The Technologies are like now if you if you use this technology in a proper proper directions, like in a good way, then you can gain something a good things for the Society of for the nation's also. Yes. Definitely. Okay Rahul, I'm sorry to say this but I think we have to what is the name of the app - Arjun am to a toggle. Toggle is for time management. In but what is the name of the app still don't remember because electrons of apps out there. You can just feel like a start googling about it and you can still use the YouTube here to find the apps, which will restrict as from addiction. You can just type some random words about the restriction and app and addiction you will find an N number of apps and N number of people explaining the usage of the app through so Rahul I have this one more broadcast to catch up with so I hope that you don't mind because okay fine, it's fine. Yeah, thank you so much for understanding guys. And I that was a wonderful conversation, which I had with Rahul here. And I think we have covered maximum all sort of Technology from social media from technology from automobile and the virtual reality Robotics and the Drone technology. So we have covered all the possible technology which we can do at this one session and I'm looking forward to have a wonderful session once again withdrawal for sure and we'll try to bring up some fantastic content and guys do hit the heart icon which you can see in your text. Column that will be motivating us to come up with some Innovative content. Yeah, thank you so much for joining with me. Dr. Amy. It was it was so nice to talk with you in and we have a good topic on like impact of water technology. Yeah, I would like to ask you one thing for sure that how do you feel having like a doing a podcast with me? Like do you want to suggest something to me? I think it was the one of the best experience till now I have used this application like you have a good communication you like you have a brilliant? Skills about the communications how to pronounce it any words or how to duel with the people's all the things you have a better quality of doing broadcasting in this application. So thank you. Thank you but appreciation, but I was asking like if you can give me some feedback that the if I'm lacking somewhere. Yeah, you are good. You are a hundred percent good. Thank you so much. It means a lot to me route. So guys, thank you so much for being part of our today's topic impact of modern technology with Rahul. And dr. Amy I had a wonderful time. Love you all. Take care. Good night. See you sayonara signing off. Dr. Amy. I've got that all of you.