Yeah, and what about you? I'm doing fantastic. Thanks for asking. Okay, so we have a very interesting topic today. Yes, it is. So Dave tell me a few things about yourself because we have just started so we have to beat Philistines for some time. Yeah, so I am a student who is pursuing electrical engineering? Okay, where I am pursuing from gwalior Galia? Okay, so they have doll. Let me tell you one more thing. I have one more podcast at 8 p.m. So we'll finish this one like by 750. This is fine. Okay. Okay fine. Yeah, so shall we get into the topic? Yeah. Yeah. So before that, let me tell me tell me one thing. How long have you been using open top? Okay, I'm using this from a water one or two months before how is it? Well, that's good. That's good. But I have not completed many talks in this app know is it don't worry. We'll have some time do some time management and you will be definitely doing a lot of content for sure. Yeah. Yeah. I have here a hard to so many toxins from your side. Also, you know, like, thank you. You are very popular and opened up is it thank you. That's really good to hear. Thank you. Yeah. So they shall we get into the topic? Yeah. Yeah, let's start it here. So what do you think about what is social media? Okay, social media as a platform which is used for interaction of pupil. Mmm. Like if you want to communicate with your friend who is a very far from you go then you can easily connect with him or her using the social media. Yeah. Is guys as they whoop that has said social media social itself says that Arabic High higher bitch. I wish I don't know why that was got cancer. Could you just send me the topic back once again it sa I was checking all the podcast which I have been lined up. I don't know if you got cancelled automatically, maybe because of some bug issues. And yeah, so they as you said social media has in its name itself. We are socializing and we're using them some some sort of media to do that media means it acts like an interpretation between two things. So that is what social media is all about. So more or less. I feel that social media is good at Sam context and bad at some context. Yeah. Yeah, definitely. So what do you think? Is it much good or is it much bad? Or sometimes return but like a bad thing let people use it for spreading rumors. Because it is a platform which is a globally accepted and everybody is connected with you most immersive gotta spread very easily. Add very less time. And yes, you're right. You're right Dave Gupta. But the thing is that Vicki. Hi. Dr. Amy. Hi Vicki, but the thing is Dave. What I would like to say is that if we compare the same social media with some olden days. I have you have to write a letter to some office work some personal works and the later would be reaching like maybe 15-20 days and to get back to reply to be like more 15 days 20 days depending upon the distance, but now social media has made that very simple interaction was a simplified but how I think the social media at our fingertips also created the distance between the closeness of the people. What do you say because I have a social media and just imagine that we both are friends, maybe some school-based and if we don't have this, so if you have this social media will be just interacting on social media, isn't it? We might be using some WhatsApp greeting to all listeners and hosts. Thank you talker getting to you too. So we'll be using this app - like if you want to talk to me will just get in contact with me like from book messenger and that is the reason we don't get to meet each other and we are creating a distance between our friendship, isn't it? Yeah. Yeah, so social media. So social media is something that feelings can't be soon using this app. Yes directly feelings can't be expressed using emojis. What at some extent it does the work but still expressing of real feelings to real people is completely different when you expressing it in online with some virtual emojis. Yeah, when you really meter someone after a long time, then your expression are somewhat different from that you are chatting. Yeah, actually the thing is that I too was addicted to social media a lot used to use WhatsApp Facebook Twitter all these things a lot to keep in contact with all the information together them. But lately I realized one of my sister said that you are using a lot of time for the social media. Then where are the real people you're contacting them. You're meeting them virtually. Why are not meeting them in person? So that's when I came to know that at then I made a list of all the contact numbers of the friends separately office work separately. I Do call them from time to time if possible? I do meet them in begins because I don't want this social media creating the distance between me and my close ones. Yep. Oh desert. That is a great idea that you can organize any different parties or games here. Is that this much better because for this I'm using the social media see again. I am trying to avoid social media. But again, I'm using the social media to get my friends closer to me. So it depends upon the usage of the person have you are using it. Now. I'm using the same social media to conduct all my friends for the get together according to their willing maybe some weekends. We can put a picnic or like just hit a pub have some like cool food, maybe some dance sometime. So these things will be much more helpful if you use social media in a good way. Yeah good way also and we can use it in bed. We also like some uses it for spreading rumors and some uses for their own purposes own business like Mark the Sepulcher. Yes. Yes, you're right is you all right. So the thing is that social media can be used in a positive way in a negative way, but it depends upon the users implementation. So so for what you are using the social media completely defines Whether it is good or bad. So for me social media is neutral. So it depends upon the user whether he is using it for good weather whether he's using it for his benefit or whether he's using it for loss. It depends completely upon their Gupta. It depends completely upon. Dr. Amy or whether I'm using it for my benefit whether I'm using it for my productive time apart from like just watching videos and them videos or like spreading some rumors, which we normally get every single day. What do you think they Okay. I also think the same like it can be depend on uses like it depends on my users. It depends on your use. It depends on professors every professionals. Yes. Yes. You're right. Yes your life. Like I am a student and I am using for my me use it for studying purposes. Like they are many lots of groups in which thou to I can ask it out and share my doubts with others. So In this way, I can use it this in this app. Yeah, David we have this one interesting curve cannot comment here like dog, but like all says it lacks human touch imagine seeing this Emoji in real life, but you're absolutely right. That's what I'm saying. Why did the hearts stop popping? Hi, John? Okay, so they've gotta as we are discussing and under under really believer to the great extent about what a talker has to say in his command. That's really true. Good conversation. Keep it up. Take care same to you are based. Thank you so much and you to take care. Be safe and do some awesome content looking forward towards your content. Have a great day. So they're Gupta. So let it put as a little bit like this now, I would tell you one thing and you tell your point of view. So what do you tell about online dating apps? This is a big concern. So what do you think is the positive way or is it negative? No, I had reason to think it in a positive way. I think that in a negative base. Like they can go for chat or later offline also, which is legal. I don't even want to say that this is illegal. This is also legal but in my point of view that is more legal than this. The most that will show your feelings and online apps are not showing their feelings. They are the it's not doing yeah. The thing is that we are not about feelings in the first place. You're looking at a profile of a person it could be a wrong profile to it could be of some wrong information to but getting in contact with person using some online dating apps. It could be risk for you too. It could be risky for your personal details. It could be risk for your personal life. So we are I don't think that whatever may be the safest content. We are using online dating apps. I still have this Niche negative feelings towards dating apps. They might be having their own advantages for sure, but I don't think that this is my first but you guys everyone has their own perspectives, but I'm against online dating apps when it comes to India. That's for sure. Okay, so I want to ask you a question like that. What do you think about the negative impact on society using the social media? Yeah, first of all health is affected. Do you know nowadays Health experts are saying like help dispel experts. They literally love to say that sitting is the new smoking. Okay. Yeah dating apps which enable for real meetups is something worth it. Not just random Loki stuff. That's what I said Docker. Everyone has their own perspective because I have never been to this dating apps. But whenever I came across some situations it was in a negative way, but still I think I have to look into the point which you have set here. So as I was saying they have Gupta so Health experts have to say this that sitting is a negative and in a new smoking. It's like a you know, right smoking kills in the same way. So yeah, the number of diseases to which sitting is linked and the number of people is apparently killed every year. Sitting is one of the worst thing we can do for the help. And what are we doing by sitting like that? We are just simply using the social media. So take these are Chainsmokers xiajin. Yes, you can say that that's a catchy one for sure. I think I can use it for title for my next podcast. Thank you Sheldon. Yeah. Yeah. Nice comment a I want. And they booked are continuing with the answer to your question. It's addictive it's addictive to the core and it triggers more sadness and less well-being. I'll explain you these things in a bit detail later, but we should continue with the thing. Thank you Susan. So I do believe that is addictive because because experts have in total agreement on whether internet addiction is the real thing let alone social media addiction, but maybe like some good evidence that may exist with the thing is that it depends completely upon the user and the knowledge of the user how to use the application in a good way. What do you say your depends on images? Yeah, as we were already discussing this thing. Yeah, because I would like to say this. I think I read it somewhere maybe in some book also a study review from Nottingham Trent University of Nottingham Trent University. Look back over earlier research on the psychological characteristics personality and on social media use the author concluded that it may be plausibly to speak specifically of Facebook addiction disorder they literally gave it a name Facebook addiction disorder. See it was like a disease. Yeah, yeah, because soon we will hear about this disease more and more in future because that's your complete your Mahalo. Your mind is like completely mentally preoccupied escapism more modifying experiences tolerance considering the addictive behaviors. I mean like is a ton of the things which will happen excessively if we are addicted to social media Isn't it? Yeah. Yeah began also compared it with the life of before about 15 years ago at that time youngsters of that is over ages. Like one point is what are these persons from? They are generally they generally doesn't Stitch with a mobile phones not do doesn't have mobile phones like is now bef and they generally believe in exercise and and these things also but nowadays people are totally different their lifestyle got changed and their lifestyle is oh hold depends on the smartphone only. Yes, I do. Yes. Sorry Dave, please continue sleep they sleep with her this Smartphone and they break up with the smartphone. So they have a smartphone. Yes till now in okay using the smart phones right now. Yeah, yeah. Yeah till now we are in the first we are discussing on something which is helpful. So we are making good use of social media and the impact of this one is good towards us. So you have in to say that you are against of using social media John. Is that question for me? So as I said, they've gotta I want to brief on to this point it triggers more sadness less well-being the more we use social media the less happy we seem to be I mean like I think last year maybe maybe like a couple of years a study found that Facebook was linked to both less moment-to-moment happiness and less life satisfaction. I know John, I'm not against what you say that I definitely am not against social media. I'm just against of the application of the usage. So they're Gupta we have shown here. Let's have a word with Shauna. I think. Yeah, I okamoto not against to this social media. I am just telling about the negative impact of this social media. I think I heard this name Sean, uh somewhere. Okay Shauna, maybe the there was some networking you got disconnected have a wonderful day so mmm what happened John? Jonathan let's have a word with Jonathan. He is a wonderful guy. He's just recently came into open talk and he started to have a blast. It's connecting guys. so you We are still connecting with you Jonathan in this aha big broadcast cameras odd. Be curly GA Ethan Avery. Yeah, you may send them request as I have already sent them and they have accepted my request so they will definitely accept your request also, so that is it guys as I was saying it triggers more sadness. And in fact another study found that social media used uses. It's linked to Greater feelings of social isolation. What is isolation means by means like we are separated from the group. Then we start get addicted to the social media because we feel it as a real world and the real world as a virtual world social isolation also creates a depression inside us and stress depression and it leads to some uncountable health issues. So we have to make sure that not surprisingly it turned out that more time people spend on these sides the more socially isolated they perceive themselves to be Yeah, and they get isolated from the society. They feel that they are alone. Yeah, definitely. I will definitely affect him mentally and physically. Amoeba homage into ballet hye-jin to I tried to connect with you Le can connect me over at the do send me requests. Once again, check your internet connection. I would love to have a word with you. Sauna suit buddy. I wanna okay. So Dave I have this one more thing to ask you? Okay. I feel that we compare Our Lives when you're in the social media, isn't it? Just imagine that some of our friends are in foreign countries dropping some social media with some good pictures and we start to compare our life with them. Isn't it don't we do that? Okay, without social media be can't compare whole life and we can have a positive mindset and not saying that we shouldn't be having social media, but still. Okay Emoji you me and Jahan in my first broadcast coming very soon. Okay. I'm looking forward to Artisan. So let me tell you on this one. I literally feel this as a fact because I too felt it Facebook makes people feel socially isolated as we have already discussed and that too in comparison Factor we fall into this trap of comparing ourselves to others because we scroll down through the fields and make judgments about how we measure up, isn't it? Yeah. So like whenever I go through the Facebook scrolling everybody's posting some good pictures some having a good time having together. So like they they Don't like these ones see if I'm on social media. I will only post the things which are good. Why would I post that that I'm not feeling well, some people might be doing but I'll try to show off back as far as much as possible. Right? Yeah. So that is the thing. We compare and comparison will always leads to depression why I'm saying is because we start to think that we are not good at that expect and that person is doing good. And this leads to sadness and sadness depression. So I think that comparison is also a problem. What do you think is compassion a problem or not? Yeah comparison is a problem like that some some of your friends might think that you are so happy and they will feel jealous about that. But in fact the person who has but the content there is also not happy. He's only showing the good side of his life. Yeah, he's showing good size over the over here is life. But Others May think about that that he is happy and he's always happy so good life here is and then he will feel jealous and what depression is life? Yeah. That is it that is it as we can say that it can lead to jealousy and a vicious cycle. It's no secret that comparison factors in social media leads to jealousy. It's as simple as that, you don't need rocket science to understand that most people will admit that seeing others. Tropical vacations like perfectly behaved kids in envying inducing like how to say that in proper way Studies have certainly shown already that social media uses triggering feelings of jealousy. It literally makes us feel jealousy. We have to have this conscious set of understanding of using the social media. Otherwise that will lead to depression for sure. Yes, sure. So it will lead to depression. Hi, and how are you? Ali almarri Bonsall Kahuna into the spelling is correct. You're really hilarious. So guys today I'm here with Dave Gupta and we have this wonderful topic of impact of social media on society and we are discussing some good points and bad points are positive some negative some productive and some uselessness and if you like the content do hit the heart icon, which you can see in your texting column that will be motivating us to come up with some good and fantastic topics. So guys hey. Yes. Yes, Dave. Okay, I want to just to say to audience that if you have a good point, sir, regarding social media or bad points regarding social media, then you can definitely share it. Yeah. Definitely. We would love to have the have to build up to here the points from you that what you feel about the impact of social media on society. I just want to say about the latest news like nothing on it, but I don't yeah, and why don't you join us? We tried to connect with gelatin, but it was not connecting. So Dave once on and joins here so you can have your questions to him regarding the topics which we are discussing. So, let's see what is his point of view. Increase social media use and depression anxiety sleep problems eating Corner concerns and suicide risk. All of them are true to the core. Thank you, Shauna you made a wonderful point there. We have run G here. Let's have a word with run G. today we gotta Okay. Hello. Now you do the same thing. Are you ask the questions to run G here? Let's see what she has to say about it. Yeah. Hi. Hi Angie. How are you? I renji yeah, I'm fine. That's good. Yeah, and we compared to okay. I have a welcome you in this open talk and think about social media. It's a pretty bad impact also and as well as the good impact because this work on taxes. One of the social media. I think it's a helps to meet so many people and it helps to improve our communication skill is it right? Yeah, you know, you shouldn't you shouldn't be asking anyone about your opinion whether it is right or wrong see if you are feeling that it is not good then that is your point of view. Okay? Okay. Thank you. Thank you for that giving you a suggestion to me. Yes and ask her. So Many Items what I'm thinking when we take a WhatsApp also there are so many bad unknown messages, you know, that's not actually true it's a forwarded by some people. So this also happens sometimes Okay. Yeah, this is my first car I speak with you. I don't know. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, that is a point regarding fake news. You can use got to spread it very smooth very easily after that. It's a I think social media makes people less in us because so many people are watching them phone and simply sitting and do nothing. Hello. I've been listening and listening you are listening to me. Okay, that's my boy. Yeah. Yeah, actually I was waiting because I want you to finish your point before we talk. Okay, okay. That's my point. You can say if I have any point. I will join it you yeah, definitely. So Ron G. I say that using social media we have this so-called unhealthy cycle. Why do I call it? Unhealthy cycle? Because we keep coming back to social media again. And again, even though that when we come to know that there is a mistake in happening the things going on, isn't it? Yeah, social media is an addiction, but still we do that again. And again, it's similar to smoking. It is similar to smoking we can't It immediately, isn't it? Yeah, that's I'd add that color. Yeah, but if we convert it in a positive way and if you try to get some positive output from social media, that will be helpful. What do you say before 10 years 5 years before we don't know this much knowledge about our world, you know, we don't have a knowledge about our state and so the social medias helps us to know so many things. about Unity If I see any crime has happened, we immediately know that crime when it happened and who will do that actually because of social media itself slot at the same time. Yeah. Sure. You're right positive impacts our source of learning and teaching improve self-confidence amazing platform to Showcase Talent Save times. Yes Shawn, are you all right. And in fact, we'll be having a topic on that one, too. I have already placed it there. Junaid please take my call. Yes, Junaid beer will be on to the calls and run G. Thank you so much for sharing your point of view and stay here. And if you have any doubt do connect back with us so that we can discuss on it. Okay. Thank you. And guys, if you do like the podcast which are doing here the impact of social media on society to hit the heart icon, which you can see near you are texting column hiya to so let's have a word with an and before we get connect with Junaid. Okay, let's connect with Anand. Yeah, Dave you do all the questionnaire to an earlier? Hello? Hello. Hello. Hello. Talk to me. Hello. Hello, and how are you guys? Yeah, we are fine. And what about you? I'm good, too. Okay. So let's start with about topic today. Also, what do you think about the border of the impact of social media on social media social media having very big impact on us like, you know today today's time. We are not living in the real world. We are just curious about what's happening on social media like we are opposed. Posting pictures and we are just here looking to likes and all that, you know, so it's like it's become an important part of life such as all of sudden. It came just like seven years ago. And now this is a become a part of life for us. So yeah. Social media having a big impact on us and it's having negative impacts more. It's become like addicts and like let me tell you something. I was recently working in news. And in that report like it was saying that in India, especially in India a single a single postseason is using 1111 GB data per month. Okay, and it's like, you know, like India is a country with the highest number of young people soap. And in that report it is that report also says that Indian peoples spending eight to ten hours on social media. Like they are just wasting their time in watching videos and watching scrolling the news feed and sorry holding the every or maybe Instagram feeds or maybe what YouTube so we are just wasting time day by day and we are we don't have any idea about it. So yeah. Yeah, sometimes we see the same post twice Thrice and many times twice Thrice ML and it's like I was listening before. Dr. Amy was saying that we are just become addicted is just like smoking we weren't too like if you ask any smoker. He try to you know avoid it but he can't is it just become like that. We know the you know the foot what can happen if we spend that much time on social media, but still we are doing that. So I'm totally agree with doctor in me also. Yeah. Yeah. I'm also activated. Yeah. And do you have any more questions little tree? Okay, so I want to ask a question from everybody set. I like that the from latest news narasimhudu decided to leave social media also by both. We think that by their decided to leave from social media like they heard about the impact or they realized that this is not good for or something else. It can be I'm not sure it can be a public stunt or maybe I'm not sure because I don't think that anybody is waste of time on social media. So maybe according to me. It's like a it's a public standpoint because you know, let me tell you something about Narendra Modi whenever he something and if it's coming in news back and back again, and again, it's is most of the time it's just a public stunt. Yeah, I think so. I think so. It is a because of his very popular on social media is having his the most followed Indian on social media and most of the time he he use social media for you know, the hip how to say all the things so it can be a public stand according to me there were that's what I feel and I don't have any idea about it yet that if he is he said okay Hanna in that case, I agree. Request you to call Noreen. Sorry. Hello. Hello. Hello. Yeah. Hello. Yeah, Jamie you have Christian. The inaudible yeah, you had Christian. Yeah, as I was saying, why don't you call Narendra Modi and ask? Why did he do? It shut down the social media of his suicide and I'm just saying My Views, how can I call him? I'm just getting it on it. Yeah. Yeah, so honored to have yeah, so we have tons of friends on online, but we have very few friends in real life. We still get connected with all those friends. But why are we not getting infected connection with them in real life? Is it like you are asking about our online friends? We are not getting connect with them in real. Yes. You are asking like no doesn't on line two. Yeah. It's like according to me. Like I already said it's become a part of life like we want to do everything online. Yes, we order food online. Line we tax online. We do video calls online. We do many things you can order petrol to online so you don't have to come so we can also say that social media and technology has made us lazy. Yeah, it made is lazy and that's no problem. Hmm, and you're lazy I will is here because yeah, me too. I was a bit lazy because I know Was this application to get more things done? And it saves a lot of time though. I become lazy for some time. I can say like do you feel like crazy sometimes let me tell you a little. Yeah, I also feel sometimes Le G let boys. This has made me decide in this way. Like Abby are sitting in just a bun place and using the using this app using a anything social media. And we may feel lazy order to build. It doesn't try to do any other work at that time. If somebody will say like that you have to go to market or you have to go to somewhere else then bhima filter tired at that time and they may feel that we have to enjoy social media at that time. And what do we do instead of going to Market? We order it from Big basket? Yeah. Yeah, if you are, if you are still lazy to cook then you order it from swiggy. We order it from java to yeah, so guys guys dad had this wonderful topic from talker and he gave us this scenario. So just think and answer your question properly. Okay. So the task is Imagine That from tomorrow, there is no social media. Okay, okay, every social media app application. The application is banished. Okay, so now how will be our life will it be beneficial or will it be negative? So you just imagine that there is no as social media application. How will you feel just think an answer? I think I already my wife went through it. Someone's ago there was internet shut down for two days. So I was unable to use any social media site for two days. So I already went through it the experience. Hmm for just two days and it was really had like I was like thinking I was counting seconds. Things like so Dave. What do you think? I'm not just asking the impact on you guys asking the impact on the entire Society. Yeah. I am just imaginating that thing like been there is no social media. Then at free time. We may feel very bold and Eve and that time working time be maybe all remain involved in that only like we are doing our work with up. Full potential because there is destruction named social media. So everything that can be done easily but at few, but it free time we may feel very bored. Yeah. So now I would like to put the point you both guys got the right answer which I was expecting now. Let me put it like this if the social media is completely Vanishing tomorrow itself. What is going to happen in the beginning? It is quite difficult for all of us to digest this that is no more. The media it will be shorter difficult, but understand one thing even without social media all the things we're getting done. I'm only talking about social media are not talking about the technology. Okay guys. So what happens is that we give our most of our time to our families we go out. We meet our friends we spend time with them a quality good time and that will be helping us to develop our health to and our mental condition and we focus more on our work and we get more productive and that will be helping me to get Like a button my future and they're like a number of benefits. Once we overcome the possibility of like there's no more social media. I think it's in a nice way. I think that it's beneficial. Yeah in this way. This is beneficial but in the same way, we might lose the contact with the people who are quite far away. Yeah, because if I am in Bangalore my friends and Bangalore, then I can go and meet them if they're in Hyderabad then I can go and meet them maybe a monthly once maybe like a once in three months. But what if my friends are completely far away from me maybe like Rajasthan maybe like a miracle maybe like California. So that is the that is where social media plays a crucial role because see because of the social media our son can speak with her with his parents in a video call. Because he can't come to India again. And again, yeah and the parents that that will be a decided disadvantage to yeah, maybe a negative impact of Select medium businesses. It seemed like everything happen sides. So yeah, they will be benefits and they will be 17 is too. Yeah, you have given them the best and also if you like my talk, then you can also give me marks what message they buchta. I never gave Max to anyone and I will not give any marks to you too, because there is like I feel that everyone is learning and everyone is developing. So in that case we shouldn't judge them with marking. We should in fact encourage them to do it in much better way and you're doing a wonderful job by coming up here sending the request and Doing a talk with me on something which is important for the society. If you keep doing this, you will get better by and better every single day, isn't it? Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Definitely. I will trying to never good for and never never never asked for this Mark never ask is for Market. Okay, because you are in a developing stage so develop in your own ways and that will be wonderful. Okay. Yeah, actually I just out of time we can only speak for a couple of minutes so we can't extend it. I have one more broadcast to go so on and thank you so much for having here for being here. I really loved your habit you thank you. Thank you so much. Yeah, let's have a word or two for a couple of minutes before we end the podcast. Hello. I asked you and sorry for keeping you waiting. The discussion was going on. Okay. Yeah, how are you? Yeah. I'm good. How are you? I'm doing fantastic. Thanks for asking. Yeah. So let's talk about you Title First. Yes. Sure. According to me according to me social media is very good. It will not influence people's. It depends upon the hands would who's holding it like a like in everything is very good. Everything is very good, but it depends upon the hand who's holding it at isn't it? Actual? That is what I said in the beginning of the podcast the entire day with the But I haven't listened that yeah in the beginning itself. I have said that if we use it in a productive way, it depends upon the person who is using it in a different way because everyone has their own perspective if they use it in a productive way. This is the best tool you are using a 2d wave just like to waste their time just like to pass the time when they're using it in a negative way. We can't we shouldn't be blaming social media for this. In fact, we should be having an Insight on how we are using the social media. Yeah. Yeah we have He done that but even though we were discussing on the topics, like what were the negative points? What were the positive points and how are our listeners getting the points? So that is the thing we have to do is discuss on that one in the beginning itself. We have clarified that it completely depends upon the user the sole user how he's using the social media. Yeah. Actually, I'm not talking only about social media. I'm just talking about internet mobile laptop in this kind of all the things I'm talking about. Everything is good, but it depends upon the hand who's holding it. I'm talking about not social media. I'm just talking. Everything they are right artoo will be are you do get Rupert everything in dogon are discussing about the technology. I just in the beginning also said you are keeping a technology aside because if you go into technology two hours is also not enough for us to discuss. So adverb for time being we have just took a small part of it and we tackle it as social media and we were discussing on that one. Yeah, you have said also one thing is that if there's no social media. Is this a good impacts on you? You can you can talk with your parents and your sister brother and your parents you can have a good times with your parents and you have said this yes I did but I actually I'm totally disagree with this like even if you even if there is a social media, even if there's no social media if you have the if you really have the time you can Also we spend it is this is like this you want to crack the I8 examination if the but if there's no facility, even if I give the facility it is it is really important. It is really sure that you will going to crack it. I know the human creams or emotional connection. Okay, and in the beginning itself, I have stated with the grooves of the university studies that these are termed as disease of addiction if you're addicted to something then how are you going to Crave for the emotional touch from your family? Isn't it? Yeah, if a person is addicted to alcohol, will he be able to give the time to his family? But will you look at the people who have made themselves free from the addiction of alcohol and a good with their family. Now if alcohol was still with the in his in his family, would he be giving the time to his family? Yeah, you are right somewhat but what I'm saying, is that even if this is a social media if you need to social media is completely right. We are discussing. About the addiction how it impacts the person who is using it if there's no addiction then we don't even have to worry about being social media present or absent, isn't it? Yeah, you are seeing right but I don't find its addiction. It's a it is like a brain was the persons who are get the persons who are some sort brainwashed that is why they are just using social networks social network and other things addiction is like you can't help it you just have to do it exactly that is what the present generation is doing. They are then able to help it. They are continuously on social media posting things on Instagram doing stuff on Facebook. That is what addicted at difficulty proven studies. Look I'm just saying I'm just saying this it is not like addiction is like a brain was if because they haven't realized they haven't realized that if they used this social network and this these things will they will do what are the things that will happen in future. They haven't realized Well, I had the same question with Dave Gupta. Also, I had the same question with on and also let me tell you one thing the after even coming to know that using the social media at a high level of time is still be like less brutal towards us. We still use that even after having a known thing. We still use that because it is part of our life right now and we have to use it at some extent and using that we just lose the flow. So he's an addict in it is not about like brainwash. It is an addiction and that is a reason because we tend to use it a lot because it gives us the isolation which we deserve and that was making us any kind of like an introvert not introvert and of like an introvert and that is reason we consider this an addiction not as a brainwash when was can be done immediately and that can be made sure that the person is back to normal again in a few days, but when it comes to addiction it has to be taken in a slow and gradual way. So this is definitely an addiction not brainwash. We are definitely It is an addiction that is not and rainbows. I agree with you Amy. I'm just trying to make you understand. What is the addiction if you cannot if you don't use for one week's will you will you die light will you there's a feeling of dinosaurs? Will you don't know we don't use for one reason put it like this if a person is addicted to alcohol and if we make him to not drink for one week, will he die? No, he will not die because it is not wrong because yeah it is because if you're talking about drug, he has to do it with he has to take that drug because it is very because it means because drugs and addiction are you it's about addiction and giving alcohol as an example for addiction. I'm not giving alcohol as an example for drug. I'm not giving alcohol as an example for death. I'm giving it an example for addiction. Yeah, both are different thing. Yeah dragon, and you have just said that drug is same as addiction but both are different thing. No, what I'm saying is that drug is an addiction you can say because if because drugs mix with your blood and you if you do not take if you do not take that drug, then you can't control yourself. You are just like every human being and wine wine and is not an addict. In is not a dictionary is a brainwash. So you're trying to say that smoking is not addiction is a brain wash. For some for some sort you can say because addiction like it is not mixed with but because when you are smoking when you are taking liquor, it is not mixed with your blood it is you can't you can spend with you can spend with our drug and these kind of things one week one month. It is not it is. Yeah, you can use this word Addiction you can use this word, but it is not just about using the word it is because it is addiction. It's not just because I can't say that I'm brainwashed to smoke a cigarette. I can't say that I'm Brainwashed to have some alcohol. It is an addiction because I have to in take it because it became a habit a habit which I cannot control that is called as addiction. It's not about taking into the blood. It's about the Habit which cannot control all by yourself can think or think that the drug is a subset of addiction same as that video games are a subset of addiction you can make at addicted with the anything like you may get addicted with drug. You may get at cred with the actual your video games. You might get addicted with social media. Something different I give a simple example and a clear definition that addiction means a habit which we cannot control. It's not about having a drug in our body. It's not about playing a game continuously. It could be Pub G2 or whatever you want to say. It could be smoking alcohol drinking water or eating food is an addiction because it is a habit we have to do it. It is an addiction and Which is an addiction habit, which you cannot control C. I can control to not to eat food while I'm fasting I can still control my Hunger. It's in my control. I can stay hungry hungry for three days. See I'm able to control it but it is a necessity and et cetera addiction a completely different. Anyway guys, I'm getting laid so and I have this discussion some other time but still but let me make this one point here addiction and brainwash a completely different. We are not brainwashed to smoke. We're not been was to have alcohol. They are those Are things are addictions and social media addiction as work as a different thing and social media and social media addiction both are different things. Yeah, if you are using the word Addiction for Liquors and smoking it is very good. It is very good. If you are using this word Addiction for these kind of things, but if you are using the word Addiction for social media, I don't find I don't find like I then aren't you you should research on this. If you don't find it like that, then you should do research on this and we will be having a podcast on that one. How does So yeah, it's quite good. Yeah, okay. I should thank you so much for being here. They've booked the thank you for giving your time and guys if you like the content to hit the heart icon, which you can see in your testing column. I love you all. Take care. Have a wonderful day signing off the plane. You don't need me for thank you. Dr. Amy for this talk and for this amazing talk and we will do some talk later. Sure. Sure. Sure. Definitely. Okay. Have a wonderful day. Okay. Thank you audience for listening us and for sharing your views. Yeah. Take care guys. Have a good night. Bye. Okay.