Hey Arminder, how are you doing? I'm doing great. Okay, thank you for joining today. And so I want to talk to you about the importance of training in cricket. What do you think about it? So so if the foundation of any sport starts with training and starting with the right set of technique, so to get you on a right footing in a sport, right? The technique training is very important to improve when then one is just training second. Details will come in which actually is our main gameplay. I that's great. Okay. So you're saying that training without tracking is incomplete, right? So let's talk more about the power of or the importance of tracking in training. So see like we measure everything in our life nowaday even people do step down how fast they are running. So if we are doing all of those things sports like Cricket is also physical so why we are not assessing this thing because ultimately, Lately, it's must go skeleton physics, which which makes a great player. And then also if we measure when we know where we stand that's when we can improve as well. So that's where benchmarking becomes very important. And that's where the data comes into picture. Okay, so how can somebody get started by like in terms of tracking? How can how what are ways of doing it? So specifically speaking about tracking about your swing which is the major thing in aggregate for a better standpoint. So that's been strands being with a very small sensor on your back. You start swinging your back shot by shot session by session. We start recording very important aspects about your swing like back lift angles your speed power just very important terms for you to Benchmark your parenting. Okay, so you just talked about it, but let's talk about in detail. So what are the parameters? You should be tracking so see in the in the in the swing for a battle standpoint. The first important thing is Pensee in terms of from where they are bringing their back and how they're swinging their back. So from where they are bringing it is like you are coming you are back from first sleep so I can slip in it's not good or wrong in terms of which place you are bringing the bat but it is how consistent you are. So we capture that then it is you are back lives and your downswings for you to really time a ball from where you are bringing your bad. So you are not generating enough speed in the bag and then then ultimately getting on the ball and hitting it so that is called back lift angles and then don't swing across we measure that as well and then speed is very important for in today's world hitting sixth season 4 it is all about how fast you can swing it hit the ball for really it to go of the fence. So speed is important factor. So we measured that as well and then other aspect is power like how much power you are generating in the shore. So so these are some of the very important in our timing So then there's another thing we measure so timing is a for us is based on the maximum kind of speed you are generating exactly at what speed you are able to hit the shower. Well, it doesn't matter how fast to swing But ultimately when actually it conducted the ball is the key. So we gave you the efficiency in terms of your speed germinated overall versus the impact impact. All right, that's great. So really great. Eight talking about the importance of tracking in training and looking forward to talk to you again every time in there. Thanks.