How much of the innovation is being done here? Like what's the Indianization you do with on offline in general on the product. Yeah. Oh. So massively the core rnd still happens out of China, but the product design product definition we're beginning to do in India a lot of customization happens both from hardware and software perspective. I will give you example a simple thing. It would be a very simple thing that a few years ago white color used to sell very well in China, but India used to hate right because they used to leave that white will get dirty. Hmm. But there were no glass packs unlike today. Yeah, the only plastic bags and plastic white gets dirty or in China. There's no need for two plus one sim slot or a dual SIM slot. But in India, this is a huge need for a dual SIM and not only dual SIM plus 1 SD card. Yeah, because people will go to a nearby shop give that SD card and ask them to load movies and videos. Yeah, so it's a bit need for Indian customers. So a lot of phones that we launched in China have hybrid sim slot. But in India 2 +1 dedicated sim slot how it may seem like a small change, but you have to re-engineer the entire phone for this small change here or Indian phone comes with a dual graphite sheet because in India the northern part of the country can be very hot. So to absorb that heat because it will come with dual graphite sheet all phones in India will come with p2i splash coding nowadays because again, it is humid rainy season. So phones can get conked off if it gets wet. So for accidental spills and some light rain we have p2i coating which makes the phone splash-proof not waterproof, but splash proof. Okay. So a lot of these customizations on the product side and then os is completely individualized thousands of features that on which are customized for Indian condition on the software side like a TV comes with a similar content, which is all Indian content aggregated built here in India. This is great. This is great progress. Thanks for sharing this whole journey and Xiaomi and I think it is getting started here in this.