Is anyone listening to me? If you can respond. I was wondering to do a talk today about passion. And I'm waiting for few people to join in before I start with one person. So I'll just wait for people to join in. Two people are joining. You have any questions regarding the passion people? I want more people to join you for a vegan actually, but till that time I can just answer you if you've got any questions in peace to ask. If you've got any questions, you can ask people. Are you listening to me, by the way? So today's topic is all about passion what passion means if I can tell in a simple language? Is that anything if you could, you know do it on your own like if you can learn something on your own and if you can learn it, so well that you can't eat some other person then that I think is what passion is. So passion is nothing but a thing which you can learn on your own and be so good at it that you go and Each someone else is what passion is apart from that I guess how to find a passion is something that I had given a talk in cep college. So I had told him I had given them like activity. I told them that you could jot down five or six things that you like the most 5:06 hobbies. And then what you have to do is you have to do one activity. No. The top most activity every day for three to four months what usually happens is by the end of three to four months many of the times you just get bored of that activity. Okay, even if you do it every day for just one are you get bored of that activity and if you get bored of some activity within just three to four months then how could you do that activity for the entire life? So at that time you would get to know that? Okay, that is not your passion. So you fashion will be that thing which you will be able to do tirelessly every single day. Okay for at least one hour for Ali really long time and that I think how we could discover our passions. So the best thing that I could ask that you go to ask you to do is add to just jot down your hobbies. Whatever that your hobbies are five to six and start doing the number one hobby of yours. For example, if you like the writing cooking Scuba, Having suppose not scuba diving's re-writing cooking. What else could be photography then modeling whatever it is. So you could just write down 5 to 6 of it and pick up the topmost hobby that you think that you like the most and start doing that thing for example cooking for every single day for at least one hour after some time. You will feel that no error. This is getting boring. I wouldn't be able to do this again. I mean for another day I wouldn't be able to to do maybe that happens after six months seven months. So you just get to know that if you aren't able to do a sort of activity every single day. Okay about at least for one hour then how would you be able to for your entire life? So that is how you will feel that? Okay. This is not something that my passion is and you can cut that off and you can move to the second hobby of yours that I think how you could do, you know discover your passion. Clear bra. No he wants to join. Okay, I'll just tag them. Hello particles. Yeah. Hi Hi. How are you? Have you talked before? Sure. Hmm. I said particular is am right is your name? So just type my name party. This is the 24th. Okay. Well, I'm sure you're from Pakistan you from India else I think. Well, that's cool. Okay, and what was your question about or what did you want to talk about? Now let's talk about your topic. Yeah, sure. Okay, so you have any knowledge about fashion and passion and what you type here passion and failure. Yeah, I just felt like we could talk about our passion as well as about Evan. I was confused whether to you know have an interactive session about passionate about failures such out kilocalories collaboration because they told me the opportunity. That at least go on for half an hour, so I thought okay. Okay will do finding our passion for some time for the first 15 minutes early and then we'll go to the failures. So it's not the amalgamation. It's just a separate topics. You can go for 15 minutes about passion and then for another 15 minutes for about PDFs. Okay, if you have seen in fashion and passion then no problem, then definitely you go then definitely you going right mean one day you will success. Definitely if you are fashion and passion are equal and that's my decision. And that's my opinion. I think know and also that Then your mission speaker. I think his name. What's the name of your famous motivational speaker is young boy the I couldn't get you I couldn't get you. Cindy I couldn't get you know, you know, you know about Sandeep it more of a motivational speaker of India. Very famous. This is yes, it's very good motivational speaker and I like him. So do you also take it? Is there any motivational speaker in Pakistan? And who is the most famous women? I would like to listen to him as well. Oh, yes, very famous lecture in Pakistan. Is she her if she and yes and one is the other sorry. I forgot his name motivational speaker. The little golden I'll just move a lot of shake and listen to me once if I feel low but I don't think you motivational speakers the work after a certain age button, like after certain age of the sudden exposure to the world devotee Vision speakers. Don't help until that time. You can you know get energy from them. But after certain point, I think you have to be your own motivational speaker know the motivational speaker will ever work now or even is not Sunday. Neither, I think. There is another you got Unworthy of it. He was a bit famous in India for what his name is. Yes a bit bad guy and businessman in self and he gives really good stories. She gives a really good shows are like storytelling ability and I like the stories are it is that Intel but he hardly motivates me when you have to be your own good after a certain point. I think what if it is feel comfortable. What is the time if you get the energy from Deviation rotation speeches in it would definitely be nice to them if they help you deflation is also very famous in Pakistan motivational speaker costume Alicia, you know about custom Alicia. Yeah, I don't know cause I'm very sure. I don't know what if I guess I've heard about him but costume restaurant. It's very famous in Pakistan and the it's very nice motivational speaker also, so one time, you know come then not thing is interesting coming year anybody life mean every time when I feel bad. Then no one things gu C interesting then what happened, you know, not a work motivation speaker and an out-of-work anything. That is what men do you're asking that know if no motivation speaker works and what to do. Yes at what you're up to? Yeah, you just have to be runes motivator LC the motivational speakers and all of that. I mean those are heard by. Dmh. Okay, the rest of us just wake up and go to work. So it's not like you have to be disciplined enough even though you don't even if you don't feel like waking up in the morning after we cook even though if you don't feel like making up your bed, you have to make up if you even if you don't feel like brushing your teeth and go to the shore you have to do that. So you have to Indulge yourself into the habit of that doing the things other than you know, it's seeking energy from motivational speaker chapter VII your own motivational speaker, and he disciplined and do the things whatever are the needful. I mean, you can give yourself a break, but you cannot just say sake you okay. I'm not motivated by 70 points for your I'm not motivated by are different. That's the reason I shouldn't go to work when your boss isn't I wouldn't be like you didn't even appear in turn up for work because you're feeling demotivated. So I wouldn't I saw it. I'd still give you the salary don't be like that. If you don't show up, you won't give your salad. So you have to show up even if you don't feel like there are many things points in life. There are many, you know stages in life and you feel like when you do not feel like doing things but they still have to do it. So it's not like if you don't feel motivated then what to do. You just have to turn up for work and even if you don't feel like eventually you will find you wanted in your life anything then if you're not give up. The you will success definitely if you not give up don't think like that the hose thought about me and what I do if I fail I mean other she makes a one a man doesn't know how to do a thing. Then why are you put on him? He he is a feel feel feel feel your he is a failure mean when a man doesn't know how to add the how to do a theme. Then he also had but when he tried to another way then success is definitely after some months after one year after two weeks here if you not you up then definite success is a choice. I'm sure everything will work getting a bit drowsy over here that I need to disconnect the call and get back again. I don't know not being able to hear it clearly a disconnect just D: beta 5 million, okay. Okay, okay. Can you hear me people responsible respond? If you can hear me? I mean, I'm not too sure if you people could hear me it is because I was facing some night issues over here. Yeah. So here I and this person show you was talking about, you know, passions and about motivation and how to seek motivation and he was sharing that if you you know, just don't give up then usually you don't The motivational speakers and that he is definitely right. I will the motivation that is just a need of a match or statistical just wake up and go to work even if you don't be like so there are many days in your life that you wouldn't want to wake up or you wouldn't want to go and take shower. You don't want to go to the office but you have to do it until and when you look back after maybe two years or three years you wouldn't be able to analyze key shows it is that you wanted to go to the office and you made a good pvt. And which one is it is that you did not want to go to the office. Still made a good Peabody so you wouldn't be able to analyze that you'll be able to remember that after two or three years. So all you have to do is no matter how you're feeling, you know, dress up show up to the work and kick that that is how I think the it is even today. I did not want to speak up. I was feeling a bit low on energy but still then I thought he fired scheduled to talk and if people are waiting to listen to me, then I should actually show and address Equity is to have any If anyone else of you wants to join a conversation, or if you have any, you know queries and you can ask away, I would be very much happy to answer that. 28 people are listening. Are you listening or are you sleeping speak up? Ler? Some more people have joined. Hello people. Hello 32 people I'm here and I want to speak about finding a passion. It's what passion is according to me is that anything that you could be able to teach yourself and be so good at it that you could teach someone else that is nothing but your passion. No. Can you hear me Donna mine? I just sent a request and I think he's like hello. Yeah. Hi. Hi. I would like to thank you for adding me. Hey, thanks, man. Yeah, I asked you if you have any queries in our school. Yes, of course actually not curious. I want to come here for discussion on this topic. Yes. Could you please suggest me how to follow our passions and all like that think You're following your passion is I think what you could do is you could you know every day scoop out some time for you for your hobbies. Okay, like what whatever you're doing. Maybe if you if you're studying something, but if you're doing a job or whatever you're doing do that properly and even after doing that you will be left with some amount of time to you know, experiment with your passions with do it, you know play with your hobbies. And at that time you should not distract yourself by the internet or somewhere else. Like no go somewhere else, but you have to put yourself back up. We're back again to your seat and you have to work on your hobbies. So whatever the education course or whatever the job that you're doing. I would suggest you to keep doing it with Focus. But when you get back home try to scoop out one or two hours for whatever you feel your passion is for whatever you feel your hobbies are and do that consistently for and consistently and every single day and get a mentor for yourself like if you are. Into writing and Publishing or if you are into storytelling or garage, and I could be a mentor like if you are into gaming then you could just search for you know, any good Gamers with a good following on Instagram and you know, because you can be your mentors and your passion learn from it went out and keep improving and scoop out everything from your lifestyle every single. Sorry every single day scoop out some um time from your lifestyle to you know, give it to your hobbies. And that is how I think you could follow your passions. Thank you for all these things. Actually what happened and we started working in one of the company missing private work. Okay. Hmm. So in that after coming to home or doing work for eight hours, so we became more tired. They will like it. So whenever we come home we want to just relax and other works also there now now I am Bachelor. So after coming home, I have to cook for myself. I want I have to wash my clothes. I have to clean already married with the life to be even tougher, you know at that time will for two people now you're cooking for one. So that'll be even it's not like an already successful people out there. They were also bachelor's at some point. They also had to cook for themselves, but then they form like, you know - vehicle to be their shine is legal to possess tiredness and they got back to work and that is how you have to be if you want to be successful. It's not like I do understand that after coming from home. You'll feel tired were gonna let me tell you I used to work in. Hey God. Hey God is just as bayous and topper and I had a job from morning 9:30 a.m. Two Nite 10:30 p.m. That long our eye on that long hours. I used to work for every day 13 hours. I used to work, but I should get back home at 10:30 p.m. No, 10:30 p.m. Sorry I should be back on my 11:00 11:15 p.m. Or two that I used to make Maggie for myself or something else for myself and at 11:45. I used to sit and start marketing my novel and used to go on till 3 a.m. In the night. So for three three and a half hours every single day even after doing a 13 our job. I used to you know work on. The things that were important for me the personal things so you have to wriggle away all your you know tiredness and you have to get back to work. If you are really focused if you are really into something and if you're determined and I think no amount of job no more work would be able to you know, deter you from your dreams. So you just have to find what is that worth we could do so, you know just join just join in. And whatever the amount of job whatever the amount of time with your new job after coming home try to take a nap, maybe take a nap of half an hour or one hour and after that wake up, maybe take a shower and then start working on your passions again. That is how it is as it is. No secret formula for this every successful person that I know that this they did their job. They did their education then they got back home and they worked on their own passions. And I know a man who did this for maybe around 4045 years and he's a very influential person karate and of course we interacted with him and he's worth millions. He did that for 40 to 45 years every day. He used to go to job and then come back home and we'll start. So you have to there is no secret. I would like to join the tournament natural join Sandara question. I'll accept it anyone could join the conversation. I'll be ending it in the next 10 minutes. So whatever the no questions that you have I suggest that you ask in the comment section and I would speak about it or you can join you no problem. Just send me the drawing request. Throw my audible to you guys. How do you listen to when I seen that 43 people of joint 243 people are listening but you nobody's asking questions and I feel sorry that I've been so I think boring that I'm not being able to take a retention not being able to get your attention. So what is the thing if you have any criticism for me, please do tell me so that I could improve you know, what my voice quality at about the content that I'm delivering if I have any criticism, please Third in the comment box and I would be able to you know work on it and give you a better content the next time I come over here. So if you have something to do is to let me know type it down type it down side. Nothing new people are coming and joining in the not having any idea what is going on. So actually our Center an interactive session on finding your passions and failure is going on and I've delivered talks about this and COV college and in a few more schools like Buddha and that's The reason I thought of doing it again over here, so it's not like I'm just doing it because of time pass but I really really wanted to talk to you guys because of this you can hear you. I don't know why people are not connecting you sunshine sunshine. Thank you so much. At least I'm relieved that you can hear me Sunshine. If you have for dinner - if you have any questions, you know, you could ask me and I would love to answer them. I joined just now. Okay, no problem. Many people have joined just now. I don't know. How do I start again? And again the same thing? I think the default about this app is that you know new people keep joining like the Instagram live and then you have to repeat dependent all over again, and I'm just tired of repeating the content data will speaking since 20 minutes and I've shared a lot already sharing it all over again would be boring for me. So if you have any questions, you can ask and you know, I would be able to go ahead with your questions. That I think would work. Dinesh do you have any question? So to speak when when y when people are not joining, I don't know if I'm thinking what I'll ask just ask of anything are you don't have to do you speak about failures in the beginning? Really? I did speak about failures in the beginning. I just shared a small failure story of me like that met up with a lot of failures in my life. well, I tried starting up in college and I filled and then I could see consumers joining ideas. Oh, yeah, you can listen to the podcast. I mean not the podcast over here. I have a podcast on I guess apple apple podcast and I have a podcast on Google podcast to so it's by Rohan rohan's podcast, I guess so you can just tap in the ruins podcast. I'll send you the link. I guess if you ping me, it's Rohan Shah. Shuja. I remember now. It's de Rohan sháá show. He's a very influential person. He's insulting author and a very famous person who writes books and you know who has a start-up and who interviews so influential people like Derek speakers and the speaker so you can just tap into the Rohan sháá show on the Apple podcast or on the Google podcast or even on the what is a tap a Spotify. So that is even available on Spotify so you can just tap on a tap on that and you know, Listen to my failures is to these stories of the failures have even delivered in IIT. Kharagpur. So when I had shared a few of my stories like the Indian Navy I had to got selected in the Indian Navy, but then because of something I failed over there then the failure in my love life is a failure in the startup then the failure at college. So there are a lot of failures which I thought Could you please be a bit louder Shore my is this okay? Can you hear me now properly? I think there is a connection problem where I don't know. It seems I seem to have some connection problem Kabir from Calcutta. Thank you. David hi. Hello - where are you from? I'm from run date. Now and it is an abode of Guru Gobind Singh ji, so, okay. I'm going down there in Maharashtra. It's a piece in Maharashtra take in Amritsar Punjab. Okay. So what are you talking about? You're talking about interacting session on finding your passion failures. Yes. So tell me something about that so I can make my own point. I've been talking about that since a long time and passion. I just wanted people to ask me questions if they have related to Passion dealing with the failures if they have any questions feeling with the failures, if you're going through if they are going to any failures, or if they think you know, something of this will lead to some failures and I'll put the work of it and they can ask me what that okay. Now whatever they are. One thing. I'll ask the question, you know suppose anyone who wanted to become a businessman and a person. Is unable to become a businessman. He's been pretty a many times like whenever he is start business and he gets filled again. I'm like his business not working out at all. He's not even making any profit. So what would do he would give up or he would continue with that? I'm like here. Jonathan if his business is failing again. And again, then you wouldn't be able to fill his stomach right? So what I would suggest is get a proper job, okay, and then business and dudn't then do the business side by side because you don't do indulge complete into the business. But since it is your passion which seems to be a passion, even if you're feeling you you're doing it again like a right so don't you know, like if you're into something if you really want to be a businessman your focus should be all to become a businessman if you are talking about working somewhere as a part-time. Your concentration will be broken bro. You cannot be focused or you cannot concentrate, you know one particular. Yeah, so how can you then you'll die right eventually. So it is better to at least stay alive and be a little more for little less focused but stay alive and what if you're not alive itself if you're not being able to fill up your stomach and that will add to a lot of stress. So what I think is that you should work part-time somewhere, you know enough to spill your stomach enough to fill your mr. Nordstrom work and be electricity like for even if you're making it 15 or 18 thousand thousand per month for working about five to six hours a day for a company that mean and the rest never again, you know saving you are still having 10 hours for yourself even after sleeping and all those activities so you can utilize this tennis for the business. So that is very why advice for the people who just for the people that are doing business and feeling better stable Papa's you even if it is part time and then go and Algae into the business activities after you come home from the job. Basically definitely you are trying to say man. Like you should not give up. If you are not getting succeeded. You should not get rid of that thought. I mean like you can walk somewhere for part time, but you should never you know, leave your dream or leave your ambition behind you can achieve your own ambition or dream later if you would be able to write yes. Yes. Yes. So side by side. Yeah, this is what my genuine advice to everyone who is listening over your like if you have something if you're doing something in it is failing repeatedly, then trust me that is your passion. Even if you're feeling into it. Okay? Yeah and just to fill up you need something to fill up your stomach or your passion or something that is feeling again, and again is not going to fill up your stomach. Even if it is filling your soul. So to fill up your stomach try to do a job or a part time job and then after coming home from the job. No jeans, whatever Hobbies at your house or whatever the business that you're doing what I'm trying to say and like you should never leave you ambition. I even if you are not getting succeeded if you are getting perlier, it's okay. You can do it later. But never give up never leave the dream to be behind. I'm love you should do that. You know, you will forget felt that's what you're trying to say. Yeah, that's what I thought. Absolutely you are. Right, you know because obviously we have to feed a family we are sponsible. Yeah run and everything, you know, it's all about money. If you're earning money then only you could feed your family. You could eat something else, right? So many metals are locked. You're right. So and what about like some people, you know, I'll tell you if you're talking about the money some people they are really financially broke and that's why even if you have any ambition if they have any dream, they could not even achieve their dream. They could not even achieve their Ambitions some people the They give up because they are not in a condition where they can be involved for any particular thing. Even if they are dreaming about something they cannot be involved in their dream because they are not financially strong. So so they cannot have any, you know, even if they are passionate about something but unfortunately, they are not able to you know, make the things true dream come true make, you know to achieve ambition because they are not financially strong that much. So what do you wanna say about those people who all are financially broke hoola or financially really weak, but even they are passionate to do something but it cannot do that. Okay now and say the same thing he get a job get a stable job. Okay, and because of our government they have made a rule that no one should be working for more than nine hours. Okay. So 9:00 ours is a maximum that you should be that you are allowed to work. So after nine hours, I mean you can just just subtract those Ines from the 24 hours and subtract seven hours of sleep from that. So you're still left with a lot of hours. Alright, so 9 plus 7 is over 16 so still if it's eight hours for yourself in the eight hours of yourself Follow Your Passion have so many on for yourself. It also has a fold and so we are human beings we have to take risk to we have to sleep. We have to go to work. I'm like the thinking about well, I guess when I started when I was young I was capped asleep rest of ours we can go about achieving great. - for - for work, it's a two more hours for traveling and for other things like having food and Etc. Now two more hours just a little teaser. No matter that what you're trying to say, like, even we are getting pill we should not leave or hope. I'm like we should not be hopeless. We should continue that if we're gonna achieve that that ambition or dream. Yeah, I think you know, you know, what the KFC like you Have been for KFC, right? Kentucky's fried fried chicken but yeah Woman of the Year honor of the KFC who was succeeded in the age of 85 he'll: of Sanders here. Yeah, so he got filled many time, but he did not lose the Hope like if we were in a place we would have you know, like given up. Okay I can do anymore. But I really appreciate the person he was succeeded at the age of 85. I'm like, you know, 85 almost like His life was over people, you know people even get retired gauge of T of 5060 but mama like he was really hard working guy. That's why he was succeeded so hard work pays for like pays every time, you know, even if you are a hard-working guy it pays back. Yeah, but it would have to have a stable something source of income is what I am trying to say from my experiences. Okay? Yeah money madam. Something that pays you and after that you should go and follow your passions. Don't follow your passion empty-handed lie, okay with that will create a lot of stress in your are in the right and we wouldn't be able to which wouldn't let you focus on your passion Money Money Matters a lot. We all know that you know this era we have to survive with the money if you're earning money we could survive otherwise, you won't be able to survive. You know, I've seen like, you know, India is a poor country. I'm the many They are under the poverty line and they cannot even survive because they do not have food to eat three times in a day. That's why they can father obviously Money Matters a lot. I strongly believe that money because a lot and we have to you know, we have to get the we could invest for our business we could achieve the dream. So what do you think creativity does not happen when you're poor creativity does not happen when you're under stress. Okay, and pull the for being poor leads to being under stress. So that is directly proportional the more poor you are the more, you know, the more under this stress your differential more than that you are in that will hamper your creativity. Yeah writing Komodo. Yeah, and once you locomotives proper that poverty distress will reduce and one such as will reduce. Your creativity will rise stress and creativity is indirectly proportional stress is always negative creativity come first. Comedy isn't each other. So, you know first you have to come out from the street, then you could be a creativity. I mean, you can create the creativity you could be creative. If you are under stress, you can even create anything. You can be creative if you're really into creativity. Yeah, what do you do protect? I'm a mentor at a what technologies they got is just like by juice and topper and are the million billion Melinda Gates Foundation are forgot the name of that. It's called the Khan Academy ratio. So it's just like those eLearning performance mooc. It's a mooc 3mm mentor students over there and apart from that. I write novels were recently published novel One Step short of the moon is doing really good and It has garnered more than I guess 25 million views and a lot of people has have read it and it's a bit famous in Maharashtra at least and I've been called at various colleges to give talks including ID Kippur, which is Indian give you like you give you given a speech about something like you have been called and which about something else. Yeah. I don't know. Did you call me to give speech but I don't usually go and give speeches or there. I just have these such kind of interactive sessions over there that I want our students to ask any questions if they have never know the answer. I'll just you know tell that I don't know the answer. So I try to be as honest as possible and just share my experiences not with an intention to teach him something but just to an intention that okay, I've gone through these things and I have survived so you so can you so I integers that Kion? Gone through this an accident. I get that like you really motivate people. I'm there are many student. They get motivated by you. That's really good to know about you pathetic. So you give motivation of the speech to students. Wow. So you said you have gone through this what you mean by you have gone through the like you there was a state your to. Alright see you struggle a lot you struggle or that for you you are succeeding. All right succeeded cannot say but still in a better better condition that I could that is all I could. Okay. I'm in a better condition of success is yet to happen, but it will happen someday soon when I'm in a better State here. So you're interested. So you're happy the way you are right now. I'm like it before that you struggle a lot and this is the reason of your bit better than before. So obviously that's your success report comparison to your privacy. Yeah. Yeah. So so what are you up to now what you want to do yourself? The right now well, I just want to Mentor students as good as I can and I'm liking this job. So I'm not thinking of anything else right now. But I mean, I'm just focusing on marketing my book and that is one of the reasons one of the primary reasons that I joined this platform to Market my book to the 302 I could let me ask you one thing don't you think like changes is really necessary. I mean changes are very much a nursery for a life. Like you cannot get it. You have to you know, that the changes you have to change yourself. If you are working, even if you know, if you think like your opportunity to really go to whatever you're working. It's really sort of below its really good for you. But still you need a change don't you think changes are necessary to think I don't think that one but I've also listen to the proverb which goes like this ski a rolling stone gathers no Moss. So if you want to gather Moss if you want to gather experience if you want to gather The money you have to stay somewhere for quite some time rather than just changing and changing and changing. So it's not much but it's still you're happy right now. You're not thinking about something. But before you do something you need to make a plan for that you need to make sure that I do have plans, but I don't want to make it public and that's the reason and I don't think that the wise thing to make your plans public. Okay, so I will don't denounce your plans until you work or not. Now it's not about Not let me know about your plan. So what about you? Are you a person? You know who I am and who makes a plan before you do something or you the person like who immediately, you know, get into changes like you do not think about that if you if you get AB or better opportunity and you just go through the you are the person who make this isn't who make a plan ambition then only you go through the yeah, but then I'm flexible enough to change them. If circumstances arise such circumstances arise and if I if I had to change the plan to make that thing work then I do change it on and with that thing work. So I usually have two plants from our own plan is the primary on how to I achieved equal number to plan is if that plan doesn't work then what is the second band to achieve the thing that I want so I usually have two branches and even if both of the plants field and I still try to be as flexible as possible and do not take it as a shock. I mean, I do not take that as a shock you. Two plans didn't work because life is what happens when you're busy making plans, right? So that's just life. You don't have to take a lot of stress. So came, I didn't plans didn't work. So you just have to you know, scribble out another plan. I can work on that just to inform your career you're talking about the story. You know, now now we are, you know aware about that. Like people are not happy in any way even if you are earning 50,000 60,000 our Dream should be bigger than you know, like suppose right now. I have a dream. Okay, I want I want to buy my own house. I want to buy a car. Even if I get a car if I get a house again, I'll be dreaming about something. So our Dream Will Never Be ended. So even you're talking about the street the people they cannot be, you know, like really happy always they would be having some kind of a stress about something maybe like if you are thinking if you are, you know, making a plan if you want to achieve that if you achieve that you will think that okay, I'll be stress out. I'll be like out of the Strays know that will never happen. We will be having a stress as long as we stay so it's um right now it's about job then again, it's about business than again. It's about something else. We will be into the stress always I'm like, you know, that's not the real fond of the life. We cannot be free of we cannot be happy every time we we will we will think about thing in my life is how you make it a life is how you make it it's not like if you're making a life stressful then know. Buddy can help you. What if you can make your life as calm as possible then nobody can you know deter you from making it calm life is what you make it it's not like there is a certain way of life that everybody talking about. That's why I know life is all about that. That's what I'm talking about. You know, if you think that like we will be stress, you know, like we won't be stressful and we won't have any stress so that strong we will be having a stress always as long as the we stay in the world every time we cannot be happy even if you achieve something like suppose If you're making a plan for something if you are trying to achieve something if you achieve that you will be happy for a while. I mean, you will be happy. Okay, I have got something which I ever wanted. But after some time you will be in into stress. Okay. Now I have to do this. How would I do this so we can be still, you know, we can be stressed out all the time. We would be stressed every every time for a while. You would be really happy. You would think that okay. I have done everything now. I don't have any problem, but you will be in to stress again folks. That's the The real fun doctor life, you know, we all know about that Emi, even I'm talking about myself. I'm talking about like my opinion what I think about that. Take a look at you. Are you asking something or are you just sharing your experience? Just I'm just talking about what I think you know what I think about being a stress or not being a stress. Okay. I'm just talking about. Okay. Let me ask you are talking about Mentor student Mentor students. So what do you think? You know, what is the reason behind a successful man? The reason behind being a successful year a reason behind to become a successful man. See I think if the person is consistent consistent on his efforts and if you has a clear goal, and I think that was a very successful lawyer. All you need is a clear goal and consistency so that I think is the most doing so, you know important ingredient to be successful. You have to keep on hammering you have to keep on hammering even if you don't feel like I have to go to the work here. You don't feel like I have to come back from the work. Even if you don't feel like you have to come back from the work and start on your start working on your dreams. So I think discipline consistency and a clear aim is what makes a person successful. I think there is no the train that could be just combination. You have to be extremely consistent. And what do you think? You know, some people are really hard working. They are really good when they are at work, but even though they are not successful here. I'm like they have every every kind of capability to become a successful man, but still they are not successful but you don't have clear goals. This is what I've observed from the people that are you know, really intelligent really hard working, but you don't have clear goals. If you don't have a clear goal you're going to wander and if you're going to want to you're not going to achieve success you have to have a clear goal. As I said, that is the first one to have a clear goal and second point is be consistent. Even if you're a still achieve. If you are consistent, you know and yeah, then another important thing is that you should know how to connect with the people how to talk with them. You know how to be Shameless. It's extremely important to be Shameless to be Shameless enough to ask people for help and to ask people for you know, any guidance. If you need to ask people for money to ask people for contacts, you have to be Shameless ask people for money doesn't mean like begging or in order as a Making Connections is very much important. Communications making tonight that is consistent on whatever you're trying even if you meet failures just be consistent and learn videos and adapter cannot like if you're feeling and do you're doing the thing again and again consistent you have to improve and you have to be do the things that I think that will eventually lead to success. So connecting to people are really important. You need to connect to the people. You need to share your knowledge. You need to get some experience from other people if they're experienced enough to Talk about something. Okay. Okay. So this is the I mean like that's why there are many people they are really successful because they always follow their goals. They make their goals that try to do things in a path and they always Implement everything on a time and they are very much discipline and they are very ambitious. That's why they are successful man right there. Yeah. That's right. That's right. Okay, then I think I should leave it's already 15 minutes and I decided to talk about 25 minutes today. So I have to go get to get to my work. Thank you everyone for listening to me and for listening to David and we could be it has been really good and I've really liked talking to your career. Thank you so so much today, hopefully on Tuesday when I will conduct another session on some other topic. Okay, that's it. - okay, I'll be talking about that thing's only then. All right. Thank you. You'll be really nice. If you could, you know, follow me so that every time I hold an interactive session you could come in and draw ask your questions. So, I mean if you want just follow or go to the podcast again, and if you feel it is worthy of your time, then just follow and like it. Thank you so much. Bye yeah my way. everyone Bye-bye everyone. I'm signing away signing off, and it was very nice talking to you guys and the next time I hope we'll be able to talk more about another topic. Thank you so much again.