Hi, I'm extremely sorry that before this I had created a talk. I had scheduled to talk but I didn't understand how to you know open that and that's the reason I skipped it. So if you have any questions, I would love to hear them and I would love to answer your question. So you have any questions regarding writing a novel and Publishing it to shoot it when I don't want to go don't know how to give a speech over here. Another have given many in my schools don't want to do the same here. So if I have n is any queries, please shoot Have you got any queries Terror? I have seen that two people are listening to this and I would love to have your queries. If you have it, please write it down. If you have any queries, you can please send it to me. I would love to address some and because it is an interactive session. I was thinking of, you know, addressing to your queries. So singing of answering them, whatever the queries that you have rather than going on a spree of speaking or giving a speech because I've already given enough my school. I'm tired of giving speeches now. anyone If no one is asking at least let me introduce myself. My name is Special K. I'm a novelist. Request to join call will be higher load. Love to join you. Hello. It's not connecting yet. I think the connection is poor. How are the rest of the people that have joined are the robots or something? Yeah, I've accepted your request Mukesh. I don't know why I have the denied it. I mean, this is the first time that I'm using this this app. I'm not very used to it. Could you please guide me on how to you know, add you again? Five people are listening guys. If you have any queries, you can shoot it to me when I do not want to give it a speech over here. So I would love to you know address your queries. I'm saying this for the I think tenth time. These are accepted you call Mukesh. I'm just getting that the phone is getting connected but it has not been connected yet. I don't know if there is a network problem or if there is an app it is a glitch in the app. If it still doesn't get connected, could you please write down your query Mukesh? I would love to you know talk about it. I would love to answer it. Just write it down. Maybe it's not getting connected. Hello. Hello. Can you hear me? So what did you have? What query I have. Yeah, I mean you requested to join so I thought we was driving some crazy because over here today. I really just came to address equalizer because this is my first time on the open dock and I didn't just want to start it with the speech. I want to know people before starting how they are what they want to know and how the content I should create. So that's that But free food that like I'm not like I'm not putting jeddak. Okay, but from the last seven days I'm singing to more focus on that reading. So I was thinking too that like if you're writing any novel before the Havoc of the rating scale if you have read already so many novel then only it doesn't matter man. Doesn't matter. It doesn't matter what I genuinely feel it that it doesn't matter to read. I mean, I'll give an example. Okay, without cool it in become a great cricketer by watching Sachin Tendulkar play on the TV event on the field and he played himself. Okay, it's the same when writing the novel as well. You can't sit at home and write read so many novels and feel that okay. I'll be able to write a great novel, you know, it happens by writing. So you have to you know, just to grab your ass sit on the sofa every single day. And even if you don't feel like reading after I take every single day and that is how you're going to improve you don't improve by reading novels are that's a huge misconception that people have it seemed like Maria was, you know, reading the autobiography of Sachin Tendulkar dollars watching Sachin Tendulkar play on the LED and then feeling like, okay, I'll be able to pay like Sachin no, no, no, you have to wake up early morning every at every day at 6 a.m. And you have to go on the field and you have to back. That's how you, you know get better at batting you. Don't get better by just watching such in a look up there. To write my roses tonight. You have to learn the rules so that you have that you have to read so many novels is wrong. Okay after it's completely understand. I completely feel that you must be knowing. What a novel is how long it usually is how it start How It Ends in there now it is just a story man. I mean and stories we are listening to his childhood your grandma or Grandpa. It gives stories. They keep saying a story right? So if you expand it, so that something would a novel it's nothing like Some mathematical symbol so we know how to differentiate integrate and get the solution so like that if you just knows how to tell a story I believe that you could write a great novel and you have to you have to write I mean you have to write so many things before getting the first one right? So it's not like I will go and heavy, you know, read a lot of novels and then go and read the best, you know where that doesn't I will have to sit on the place and you have to write every single All day even if you don't feel like writing. But yes, I do believe that you have to read one or two novels but not like you have to read a lot of it now and I don't feel that okay, because they saw that but I can jump to queen always bother putting on a PC, right? Okay suppose some balls are novels portray. Ho super JK Rowling look out the Edge of Tomorrow original style in a boom retire tomorrow mind subconscious Kubo JK Rowling hostile adapt cutlet and that is how it happens. Okay, let my I'm giving you this task you don't have a row. His novel for Loop to novelty Beast East. We just pulled okay Covey or circuit will keep advocating pousada by Page basis. He completed a certain power geekier than the first half or second time in his career average of the question. Yeah book. I want to start I even I haven't started the liver which will be very good vocabulary. Easy to read that kind of book any one step short to the Moon. When you are right ban on the message, like I don't just write down on the message. It's one step short to the Moon Heidi versus love. So great. Nobleman. It actually could not resist is what I suggest is just read the sample chapters of this novel and if you genuinely like this if you genuinely love the sample chapters, then go ahead and you know by the novel but first of all get assured, okay, read the sample surface and then go and write it so the study then go and eat. So that is the name of the novel One Step short of the Moon IE two verses of it's a good novel to start for - okay vocabulary is not very strong. But the scenes the genes that the person has created it and also, you know the dialogues and the Twist and the Tails and also a good story with a very beautiful message is what this novel will give you so it's actually the two-year journey of an ID J experiment that studies in Kota that you must be knowing other people who go to quote other go to Hyderabad. So you'll go to Chennai the story of those people the competitive exams parents. So you must be knowing that every year more than 1 million students appear for the J every year more than 1 million students at therefore the neat examination. But how many seats are there in the idea only 15,000. What about the rest nine like 85,000 people who give their best and yet failed to achieve their dream. Do nobody talks about them. Like the people who make it the 15,000 people there overnight success. They are the they are the example. They become the example. They are they become the piece of Pride for about the rate of what about the rest nine like 85,000. People that go through trauma that go through the Brokenness the that go through depression. Nobody talks about those people write. This novel is something that talks about those people. This novel is story of those rain like 85,000 people who didn't make it even after giving their best. So coffee relatable be here tomorrow, we or the kick student College Journey Opera. So I think you should definitely go through this novel go through the sample chapters at least and if you like it then obviously Go ahead and read it. No. No, it's 200 256. I think Tuesdays with Morrie by Mitch Albom. So what that the words are a bit heavy but still it is very easy to understand and it does it is again self-help novel Mitch Albom guy. Tuesdays with Morrie just write it down. So this is a short novel Chota a novel whatever if you want to read small novels, which I don't recommend but when 256 smaller only but this is again smaller. It is I guess 150 or 160 pages so you can read this trip. Like if you are getting the intestine is very easy to finish but if not, yeah, that's good. That is why I don't do not go through the sample chapters of one step short to the Moon if you like the sample chapters if you don't like somebody after Stitch I will go to the first time ever tried for that reading the simple captain of the four noble that you have eaten One Step Closer To The Shore to pneumonia and suji. Thank you man. Thank you. If you have any other queries you can ask people. Yeah. Is it kind of work did you do? I'm going to shoot it in Mentor and he got Technologies. He got is just like by juice and topper. Okay. So like you must be knowing he buy juice. It's an e-learning platform no.2 what the very cagey about John silicate. Well standing about jock would be learning the thing either any Services provided to me Raju company here for competitive exam a spider and score the provide because I qg E coaching whether he learning and I'm a mentor Mentor in the since my work is too. Those students to study more but I don't do that. I usually go to their homes with an intention to learn something from them. So I've always, you know, go with the intention to learn something and I do learn something like the students are so smart. You can go and Mentor the man with the have to go and you have to talk with them and have a non-judgmental ear. That is what they usually want someone to listen to them and I serve as that person who goes and who listens to them and doesn't judge. So they're happy with me usually and that is what I do. It's pretty hectic job actually, but I love what I do. So, yeah, I'm hey got I mean I'm on went out to take out Technologies and I'm also bought I'm screenwriter and novelist the why I'm writing a Marathi movie right now, and I'm a novelist. I've written a novel and later got very successful. I have been even called at IIT, kharagpur to give a talk last month. So it was doing good. Yeah. Okay, please like me. I'm the lucky one home for you. Thanks. Hi. Hello. Yes. Hello. How are you? I'm good. Tell me about yourself. What keeps you awake? So late? Yes. I was just listening to your broadcast and it was so impressive things that you have mentioned writing. So telling Adam. Not really like a given entire Journey about how my novel writing and Publishing event because in that could be a bit boring and I want to know from the people to what they actually want and so is out K kosher nonsensical thing how you can ask you a question. Sorry. I was okay. Alright, the thing is that you want to ask such kind of the things that what are the things you should publish in the novel section or let me know about the about the topic. So that I can discuss with you properly. Anyway, like I didn't get your question. Like if you have any question or then ask I think rather than discussion today to make question-answer ikaruga idiom wrecked and discussions kill you you can also questions are question on suspending me if I have any questions and then ask okay Litchfield. I should ask you the question which you are seeing snow will send publishing I mean the title, Germany. Oh our interactive session on writing a novel and we'll be seeing it ask on that early. Or yeah, you can ask on the academics you can ask on the Courier's you can ask on the startups. You can ask on the failures only one sided love and it's too dry. You can knock on door dogs. Why not history or experience which is effective for life. So Eric, Cantona will contain history and experience. So I think A history and experience should be told as a story. Okay, not as what you read in history books and when you tell history through story like a mystery party does like the Ashwin seunghee does then it becomes a noble. So it's just you just have to do the amalgamation of experience history and a story to create an oval. So it's just one and the same thing will just Universal set of follows. So that is that I hope I resolved to query by the way through the amalgamation mix cause of course history experience. How can we forget someone death? That's hard when I mean, you can't forget someone's death. You have to accept some certain facts about life. Now. You cannot come in with time. It happens. Okay, it's not like if anyone has a formula on how to forget someone's death with time. It happens. I always So have gone through that extreme pain of seeing someone that I truly loved died right in front of me and I couldn't do anything when I was in trauma for a long long time and they are just plain video. Currently. We mangiare arouse any other words if you're gonna get back, Yes, I was saying key. He cannot forget someone's death. All you have to do is focus on your work try to indulge into more people that you like and do some selfless tasks. Okay, when you do some selfless task you get that what the name of that oxytocin so you get two dogs it was in hits. So I suggest that you do some selfless acts, you know, and with time you'll forget but there is no formula to forget. It's extremely hard think late. Go the people every time is right. No, it's not right. Okay. Now don't let go people all the time. You have to forgive but you do not have to forget so remember and don't forgive. I mean, sorry forgive but don't forget. Okay, so don't let go of the people all the time. Sorry, someone was actually requesting for the quality coil. Okay, then also commenting I think okay, right. You are just replying them. Okay. Okay. Okay, brother. I'm about to sleep now. Okay, that's a great it having a talk with you. Thank you so much. Thanks for helpin day will definitely do the discussion to the disk. Does anyone have any other queries? 30 bid for all people are listening people. If you have any queries asked I would love to you know address them. We've got five more minutes and then I'm dozing off. If you have any queries ask quickly. Are people coming online over here and then chatting with their girlfriend on the other window? Why am I it is shanthi Come Away click which poocho many interactive session on Ki we have a dog named Arrow. So that I put genuine questions is to put your writing and Publishing. Kilala say Allah we could show to people show. Okay, so just some great novels fine fine fine Tuesdays with Morrie baller chai, which album car I genuinely genuinely loves that fear is Jeffrey Archer K Clifton Chronicles for the chair fear JK Rowling. Obviously Harry Potter novels bother chair fade or consummate our huh. Straight up gongura. Johanna Mara EG YouTube all abunda. Houska it bouquet. the rudest book ever over the chair Revolution 2020 people that shop with a fade or winter sinka. I do had a Love Story by challenge America emotionally, which I feel one step short to the moon be both groups are in you can then read the sample chapters of One-Stop shop to the Moon, you know, and if you like them and you can buy it, so that's it for my sake how to publish why everyone understand their self always, right? I didn't get your question, please elaborate how to publish your novel re ba-ba-ba-ba-ba-ba. Topic was what contains I guess Trea see how to publish his first number of thing. Whenever one thing that I want to tell you is that when you complete the novel you go back to editing it. Okay. So I did the novel as many times as you can like when I'm in a novel subscribe. I'll a publisher to publisher cousin Isabel a very novel approach paint Isha 35 to 37. I'm someone else go together first to provide her with an interpreter. So did you novel first second thing of project? Okay, you just go to the nearby bookstore. Okay and search for the Publishers that the novel contains what we usually what you will find is and this is very interesting to know. Okay, there are so many politicians in India 10,000 12,000 which Publishers have what's up, Joe registered Publishers. Okay Egyptian for a passkey bookstore. My jogger capacity bookstore my you'd only find ya Sheriff, you know pancetta. Achieve Publishers key books are PR a buggy Publishers cable Pompeii near a so number one thing what you can do is go to the nearby mall or go to the nearby bookstore a good book store and jot down the books that they have and the Publishers that have you know, published as books including yourself penguiny have a sheriff Harper Collins here Westland here to walk EK Joe, you know, sorry no hazare Publishers who are behind you want because we are seeing here tomorrow to my hobby for Target million hear. Ye Publish God's provision School approval page coordinator. Okay screen key books to highlight basketball shorts matter. I'll give you books about Kiki above research the bookstore in hearing. What you have to do is switch the book to those bookstores. Only Soso to those. Sorry Publishers only which I've got voted down from the bookstore. Okay. So once you make the list of those frobisher's the next thing that you can do is go to the website of that publisher and whatever the submission guidelines are. Jot down the submission guidelines or just copy paste it and follow the submission guidelines strictly mother only Bolin - the rookie pilot in chapters and campeggio to pin it in chapters. You have Kabuki own cooking show crack open a bookmark measure will be taking in you. Okay. I don't have anything chapters. We're gonna have to Pilot the Enterprise evasion second thing here. Okay agar regulator a quota. So when you actually write the column on the body of your email, Okay, so attachment with oh only joking of course of Mission Boulevard record, you can use your body Megan who bought me no time. No matter when he set up a gauge how we can eat your way. He decided that it would your body ray goes for body carefully. You can query with spelling mistakes with Colonel Bowie grammar mistakes come with Cara which is only Kauai body. May email cage within publisher could be a co-worker editor capacity as co-chair karate in attics other for advanced grammarly app download Carolina Advanced all okay normally advance. Allah or fear spelling or grammar check carnatic sails give a damn if you come to Madras our estimation Bayesian submit her naked body. My teens are many voluntary platter Gina. usually if you have Kansas discussion be in English. Yeah, so that it can be I'm sorry. I was going into the Hindi mode because I don't know I I come into that Hindi while a guy in the nights. I don't know why it is but I'll I'll talk in English. Yeah, so I was explaining to him about how to publish a novel actually. So the best tip that I would give it to you is go to the arrow ibookstore jot down the ends of the Publishers go to their websites shot down the submission guidelines. Follow their submission guidelines very very strictly and then whatever the body that is there in the email where you are submitting submission guidelines check that body of the email very carefully. No spelling mistakes. No grammar errors go to a proper editor and get that somebody edited after that to send it to the publisher and have patience. Sometimes the biggest permissions take more than two years to publish a novel sometimes care of most of the times it takes more than two years after. Have patience my novel to three and a half years to get published. I'm not kidding. I wrote that novel where available while I was in 12th standard and when I will work published when I was 21 years old, so sorry teen charged alligator publishing clay. So it takes time if the publisher is good, but still you can self publish your novel if you want if you don't have that much of a patient's I wish I didn't have that much of a patient's because if I had put you know, published novel some years ago. Would have been a huge hit right now even today it is a hit version but it would have sold a lot many copies NE three and a half years is a long long time and I got to know that Publishers who do not participate into marketing as much so you have to do all the marketing on your own anyway, so I think either go with the Publishers that you find in the bookstores or do self publish your novel and self-publishing is very easy. Now Amazon directly go to Amazon Kindle. Yeah, and the rest of the steps Amazon will tell you only Can you let us know what your book name the name of my novel is one step short to the Moon IID versus love. It is the preparation journey of idj and neat as parents. It's not at all academical. I'll tell you the brief brought it is like you must be knowing every year more than 1 million students have here for the Jee appeared for the need we are for the upsc. But how many seats are there in the IDS only 15,000 so Order S9 like 85,000 people who give their best and yet fall One Step short to their dream. And I mean the people who make it the 15,000 people who make it to iat's become an example in the city. They become a piece of Pride. But what about the rest? I like 85,000 that go through trauma that go through pressure that go through the feeding of Shame. What about those people and not my stories and always the story of those people that didn't make it to us. I'd even after giving their best. I was one of that guy and I was as much capital of guidance because I was 3 years later. I was invited to the ID card up or to give a talk to them. So obviously I was as capable of them. But because of some reasons I couldn't make it to idea. I mean, I'd fall in love with someone and she had left me in between our board exams. So yeah, the story is like that but yeah, it takes I mean it contains a lot in other things also a lot of twists. And I think you'll be able to relate to it a lot. So yeah, you can just check the sample chapters on my Instagram. My Instagram is potentially official you can quote on that Instagram you can tap on the link and you can see this Amber chapters. If you like the chapters, if you love the chapters to be honest, then go and out to prove. Otherwise, don't all the order the book. First of all go through a summer job does if you like it do order. Thank you soda. Girls over mama, I want to start read novel which one be suitable for initial phase for initial phase. You can read this chart one step short to the moon. It's it's good. I mean vocabulary is not that strong and the wall, you know Will has a good number of dialogues. The scene setting is very good. It has two twists. It is a bit thrilling and a lot humorous also so you can start with one step short of the Moon. Or I think I think you can also start with Tuesdays with Morrie. It's a novel by Mitch Albom. So you can start with Tuesdays with Morrie or you can start with one step short to the moon or I love this chicken burgers to a revolution 20 20. Ml not a fine of shaitan loaded with the Aleutian 2020 is actually a very good novel so you can restart from Revolution 2020 as well. But please do not start with any novel of those. I thought our city. Not going to grow those these people and then we'll just lose interest in Reading. I had my own share of worst experience with preparation of themes. I told you right I mean, there are so many people who go through this and the seats are so less thanks to modiji who is building who is investing 3,000 grows in making statues, but not investing that money in making colleges. So thanks to More DJ, you know is not building good colleges and we are all suffering and we are all you know growing in population and colleges. So I think the college has fruit also grow in as much acceleration of the population. Otherwise, we are continuing to suffer and will continue to suffer. Okay, I think it's been long. I mean, my throat is dry right now and I need some water. So we'll talk later some other day. I will be live on I think Sunday again. So Sunday evening. I will be live again and we'll talk on Sunday evening. I would love that. I would love if you join again. And if you have any queries, you can send it to me again on the Sunday so that we could discuss it more right now. Just read one step short to the Moon, you know, we Get connected on the Instagram. My Instagram is pathetic shell K official. We can stay connected on the Instagram and thank you so much for your time. Thank you. Bye bye. See you soon. Please answer your question a learner once again our word. So what was your question? Let me see. How did you get interested in novel writing when that actually will take a long time. How did I get interest in overriding was I was never interested in being right rare when the set of situations that happened with me the set of circumstances that I went to push me to writing. So I was a novelist by accident not by my will. Okay. So my Ma's our pain meds. I was in a lot of pain and I believe that the amount of pain is directly proportional to the quality of writing. So because I had a lot of pain because I was going through a lot of pain and I thought of converting it into art rather than you know, taking revenge on someone, so I just went and created some art and it is being read by a lot of people today, and I hope that you will read it to. Thank you. Bye. Bye. Good night.