Hello, good evening. Everyone. My name is back bencher and today here. We are with a good weekend. My co-host is Winnie. So welcome all of you to join this musical podcast. so What I am in the darker think you look on saturation. So we need immediate area. T A+ other weekend up casual work from home office have a war as free hoping you did beautiful he came to but I am up. Maps it was nice. And then pulled out and all that so your coffee, especially when okay, the almost Little Swagger as a coach. I'm not sure but let's take his call Z. Hello good. Thanks for asking. What are you a good evening? Hi, Krishna, g-good evening. And hello, Cassie over the body guessing maybe bill could body how or casarez garden. Okay, maybe bhattacharya my job. Okay, my barking so the counter measure J. Open it. Ok, select open top mogea be one week ey say join key away. Maria bought bah-bah. Are they form an attachment to thank you. Hi, I am PG-13 young kids a job. Y'know kissy topic with a bad cut the yellow blotches like that. Give me money Ghana to nice one Uncle I met Samantha topic by Barker to visit. Hello, Angie, very nice witness for the video. I think I've got a nibble ethoxide graphic designing correct Community our job because of my graphic designing curriculum. Freshen rice, okay. Or your hobby pods cartoon Toda online classes were going to be Capital at the home, but that is not for profession, but it is out of interest for writing three both curly thing instead of writing, but Lamarcus Tai Chi writing done by selecting. Cha-Cha side anything up? Okay part start got Vinny g a song horrible. Shifu Bazar is Hong Kong International music day international yoga day international Father's Day to Coffee. Sorry, but a hoagie coffees Aragon Yogi and boo. The weekend hum chill out Colonel, so mostly it will be Musical and mm. Yeah, I got up. Okay. business just pick up the car. I could swing it been easy and lyrics take ring area hanji lyrics a cryo the meanwhile, okay come and stick the okk twittg. Okay, Kate waiting for the song dedicated to me. Definitely see vamsi. Hello. This is actually dedicated. So you have coconut milk. He'll be a God or runny anger those messy messy code. vascular areas, and they see Can I he Anakin just wanna say to me lately? Okay, I did my name. Is he the make a lie isn't go Kirby man. I don't know warm see how men say coming up melee can't see me leading the Jonah up we calculated can Amelie can't see you and him. Can I hang out in and again just wanna say to me lately? Jenny look at home, but thinking chasing synteny. I do my name. Is he the Miki Lee Jin go go be men. I channel for someone's sake of being a family kissing with me the night of Channel. I will goody killing all my name kissing. Hold him up. Oh god. Oh, but honey, he has Army. Could you home? Could you don't hold? I'd be there you go. Meno Sabers it and Jim Graham Jim baby. I guess Ivan my Cody Cody how my uncle I don't as a city to catch I Sit Them total. Toward a home show could have up. He could enjoy and see Channing your Channel. But think he Jesse isn't silly I did my name is you can make a lie Jin Cong Kirby Minaj on forms a home once a cabin immediately kissing me little aaja know. I'll be calculative can on my Lane can't stay on him a book. You know, hold on anymore Let it go Let it go underwater thing data. He buried him. I'll turn on the hedges Circle hearted the mutter come to water. They don't even get it. Methanol may be hung by the neck hardness it the less he go to go Corner that it does. I just many as he could she enjoy your tea the Neo ye matey the Miracle by a good by using Dickie cannot he killed in an igloo and Jonna say to me me Jenny look at all. But thank you. Jessie is insanely Item on a sec the making Lee Jin go Kirby minor jonel forms a home once a cup. You know, melee kissing me leave the lodge on. Abigail kadhi can Amelie kissing him? I booked some days you got another one. if you out This is vena. Cava Liang me up near 60 score. Korea listeners can take care about your phone's Mike partner died by the great singer Sonu. We are so look at that even any style electricity Archaea and hello. Everybody jinwoon joined Kia Hamas are of high Sora by screen told you like her. Yes. Please join be repulsive / DJ as root for the favorite kitchen. So did you please throw covid kg those things? Hello? Hi so know. How are you? Hello, can you hear me? Yes, we can hear you. How are you? Good. How are you man? Yeah, I'm also doing great and it's a bro. We need we need the next left playback singer in body. We need the are as a yeah. Yeah, actually no use on Sunday zika favorite. I'm okay. We'll go get the Nam ads kurata up the playback singing or I will order some music at guarding it the potential tacky. When I sing Hindi but you know I mess up with the lyrics because I don't listen much so is yeah, so we are actually on English song is also interesting, okay? Coach conahey High Pass low pitch. Would Melody allow you to share with you guys first experience? Okay, like I'm using I'm using to listen our from last six months English song of all time. Okay, and I was when I started first time so in my mind always time try to learn, okay, so I'm exactly but it still nowadays the Miss O'Donnell Alaska we give you a Lenore gets home. Tell Kyra them. Anyway, Helen Walker is great man. That's why and what? Good Taylor Swift acre this keg on out man. You belong to me. They'll go too dark. Just the way you are is awesome. The best When I was your man, yeah exactly Nick happy. So that's the way it was. There's nothing I would want to change and it's like a good evening When I Was Your Man? I think what I might be the best singer, you're amazing just like uneasy. You're amazing. Just the way you are. So G is in the Israeli when it happened come and live here. Cause girl you're amazing. Just the way you want. Whoa gonna do my god, Athena. Okay. Yeah, would you like to sing something? So no. No right now. It's not possible because in my surrounding area my parents are available. Thank you for joining. So no. Thank you very much. Exactly. You don't mind. I need a see good evening. Hi Raj. Hi, Sarah. What did y'all sorry, I'm sorry. Punjab sind easy up Koger other mulege sort of Sato Tiga namely have to sort of amazing got a Punjabi Ghana who perceive voice-over artist I break this myth add my Hindi and I will try to sing. Okay, I got them. Don't go buy a hat. Can I tell people don't take a Coke don't go by ahead of the Sequoia. Can I turn will be the thumbs Hickok? He sees a body but what loves it? No, he didn't make out he meant to me. But uh so cool man, girl you go. See God not to me. Okay. Hello. But I may have to go in front of professionals. Nick Just recently bought stronger. Your record could be Rob nervously. Whoa, General Lagoon come wall again. So yes, I know I'm gonna be beautiful. No, no, it's different. Okay, I was thinking and I'm still in the house hold inside my heart. I'm all alone. The rooms are getting smaller. I wonder how I wonder why I wonder lady the daisy had the song is sang stood a letter. Oh, no, and oh my love holding on forever reaching for my love this seems so far. So I say a little prayer and hope my dreams will take There where the skies are blue to see you. Once again, my love overseas from coast to coast to find a place. I love the most where the fields are green to see you once again, my love. Wow, you would need a Gord Vaughn laughing with my friends, but I can stop to keep myself from thinking. Oh, no, I wonder how I wonder why I wonder they they are the days you had the song is sense together. Oh no, and no my love. Holding on forever reaching for my love to seem so far my love. That's it. Wow. It's beautiful man hard time, but it is so nostalgic. You know, you gotta have a passport. Yeah, I sure. Yes. It's already I hardly know her. Band had Green Day. Actually what I'd like a madman shouting listen, Scott Anita, but soon don't man up with a bantha and or and Whooping W equal to Theta I was the new guy there was one of those time definitely lucky as I was as I am. Sorry Senor solo guitar market and mizoram gotta wonder why the secretary and he was playing that lead of that song Oh, mr. Uncle. Wow, anagram took over the broken. Right. Now I'm trying to believe enable a minibus singing The Times works and others. Do they are happy or sad guy to go to if xn 2 - singing? I don't know how tiny. I don't know everyone cut. The body is impeccable. Very heartwarming story about a woman that takes longer blurred of Broken Dreams Green Day Bank on a personal basis. And I was like, please sir up your below member gonna go down to the latitude a man caught on a bus or I was I started that song singing and we do regular tomorrow. Dunham to view all the court is that fungal up record an email to be performed there and regular true personality or Escobar who performance is I'm nydia or Doma Houston. So if I and match what are some very hard with other very near to my the performance, however that the network review hotel room a peach Island. Actually, I'm just gonna covid. Okay, funny story. Okay, buddy key part of Amity comment section member security Paris guarantee and sorry gonna suggest karate many suggest. He appear. Basanti Madara bought that selector. It is one of my favorite and my request courage are we are copia? Wasn't the other would point you gotta Perico you got any vodka and then Sunday GE GE and he sang PR person Tiara was like immediately mediconnect. Omz whether the melody Hidalgo be bad news if you so we'll skip anime animation quality up gonna send this to you at for me. He's always he's always going to be that guy who sang Pia wasn't the first time. Me on to open talks with a big picture view of the media with me G abstract Kareem every join Girl up go. A time I start creating abstract getting my something called. He said I mustn't go. He said Johnny catch up. We are taking the 90 DB. Oh God. He said I Bia wasn't they call his the door. Guys are lazy. But yeah, boota boota today a manual money gonna meet us here. Then he helped idibia. Oh God. I said I Being my son thing guys at the medical consider honey, but take over. He won't even eat the cookie. Get a hug at all. Call him and make me out. You're not even funny Michael case it a honey but a comple Vani Vani. Looky get hog at all. Call me. But maybe I was too God. Navami set that on the Benny boy car. He said I will be of us and indeed a cohesive and Johnny catcher Dukey. Beate keypunch. Atypia. Oh God, I thought I oh, yeah, so that's be over Sunday. But it again passionate about quality in see some basic pattern over his name 7: same medals at the hotel. Ding station the robotic refueling station Ting Tong. You don't get bored ready? I add a sort of bought but yeah. My summer what odds Malcolm Mahabharata up to tournament predictor is hard to know when I read the script on their emotions Tarpon are tired some before me you ge ge. Ge some Papa me you ge ge ge that's a beautiful beautiful really mazzaglia. What's he waiting for that if you have glitter or skills hard up the combination man. And I like the heli more Harper was me exactly. Whoa subsidiary of a daikon gotten a negative songs. Let's take Andy and then last night. You know, honey of a hockey shouldn't be too big on any undue polygons are okay hon. Do polygons are okay, okay. We're here to get the guru keep adding apology Bobby songs suited for the update was my English so we can sneak a digital. A recipient of Cynthia fourth Uncle huh? Kaalia Kaalia. Good evening. Hello some Daisy. Hello. And these are your own part, of course. You had that has do you guess I'm just a bigger yard my way to the rim Kabir Kabir at busy a arvo as a studio and kind of musical part is not Anna. Okay. I want to start missing wqk. Wake up with music, but not covid. Okay. I'm looking at my nails. You're pretty good of unused love ballad on the, you know, get obscure the off. Thank you very much. Okay, but suddenly possible on or take our whole bottle of animal. intimate Google how to live nothing Didn't I say yeah. Yeah, yeah. Yeah. spiritual Aura will also get a chance to greet you yes Yogi ji buckle up Cotton's Malaga the rajeshwari the resulting pattern many colors in line so Tara they don't Channel Japan Anson they don't watch it on Japan answer Is a little creature awesome or chocolate or they don't Jenna Japan us and who didn't watch it on jump a nicer. Don't wish I was a did they don't you say total pure good and look good in the world. But to make it easy so many Connie the the Connie has everybody knows Johnny each other. To call for help. Don't you look at the Mochi go to the seaport up your demand but in Johnny? awesome You're the daughter age and cover my check the child. jump Hold it up to the nose later yogurt. So that's it. That's amazing. Got no wer to feel what's a set of integer e favorite. start favorite songs Yeah, yeah. He could in the to be a girl. Yeah, he had to fight chip with on the look it on the heat behind in the siebel similar. Also be sick. Hold on the he got it there but you're made of I'm in I'm out of here. baby Don't say that. Gee, buddy. Yeah, buddy aboard Berea Andy. Yeah. Thank you. Thank you so much happening with a favorite song of botticella. Gavotte deal segev me. I hope this Kelly. We got it. Whoa, Sunni or is gonna them. Thank you so much. Music is Real skill send someone I love how do you do this? very good the heck dude doodle whatever you could be them. Do you take it easy? It is. To take it tonight. other Saturday thing but it should on my head above that have been it could be the man to take it then I'll tell him deep Supriya the area and easy time pay stunning ID and studying the sauna of my thank you so much. Zzzzz, Nick Conseco. Welcome Connie. Welcome Lexi. Hello. Welcome. Welcome Mickey. Hello. Hello. Hello. Hi. Hi. Hi Winnie. Come on. homogeneity or Nicholas comments to my request okay a rare 2008 awesome onto could die in our tenets Abu nidal I thought there Hannah Banana wow Sandy mazzaglia Malcolm Malcolm Allison Daisy come on thank you thank you so much I'll be media was sorry If I'm so sorry, it couldn't move. I am a missionary whose account is something but what but yeah. Thank you so much. Make the optical discs. Welcome back again. Hi, Maverick, bro. Hello. Hello, Nick. Okay, so man Boulevard of Broken Dreams starting lines gone ecosystem. Welcome. I love this auntie streets on the Boulevard of Broken Dreams where the city sleeps and I'm the only one today is gonna be to be a guy so attack to you by now. You should've somehow realized what you gotta do. I don't believe that anybody feels the way I do about you now. Wall, awesome. Thank you. Thank you. Yes. This is sort of an emoji. Are they love you? And I love that. No me Diga. Yes. Good people don't use real good. There are ten other hi. When did you make this Canada? In a small bowl right now que también. He has he can make for us. Okay, but check another name and a copy is a tiny Jenna guitar. God God God I'm guessing you do you do Take him out. gonna support me cure my child. another one tonight can't another watch and I don't bend now get the name again. I'll tell Lord the kind of y'all. No Decay, don't kiss kisses your job. Lord because while Nick you're gonna board close to my heart. Thank you Nashville Yeager Anna request card Arnie Governor as a request has mostly sunn Raha Hai not told us of additive my authority. could it be cute on it Yannick now your turn Okay. Music day is Justified. I think it's The gbpn positive it correctly. So Nick jagir Kaur special 100x Alexa getting some harm a last song. You got it from tourism how Bruno Mars takes almost kibbutz it up call it an official be called pierogi or be confirmed already. Thank you, Nick Bruno Mars. video has Ariana trust me buddy Living God Same bed, but it feels just a little bit bigger now our song on the radio, but it don't sound the same when our friends talk about you. All. It does is just tear me down. Cause my heart breaks a little when I your name it all just sounds like Julian too dumb to realize that I should have bought you flowers and held your hand. Should I give you your well had the chance? Take you to every party cause all you wanted to do was ask baby's dancing, but she's dancing with another man. Thank you so much WoW. Cuban is it's not hard. Thank you so much. awesome awesome we look for me right now well as other times India any versatile to ask miracle I'm not sure we need the Russian Ruble keyboard Spanish Etc one case on spot. I thought of being the architect don't say that. Margie Coffey kept our be kidding don't you take the cuddle bug in a little bit. It could all member nickiemoore. Just set them pretty good. Okay what she called me? Keep our the cabin. Don't other kind of. Be kind of manic a muchas. It don't fight EI the cuddle get my God, baby. I told you to he will come whether cuddle guy your father bunny har your say p my the city, but they couldn't lie in father. They died together to submit a whoo. What a hole made it possible Asylum heart of many to serve it. Don't you? Come on gone a middle of the Pasty the Wanna Hold Back Lou the won't she call Gonna Keep On The kidding? Don't much hear the good old. Okay, who did they can um and make it more to say don't play Vidya the could all get more chicle wanna get barbecue than don't know much here are the good. Oh, okay pitted bacon up and it came. We'll just sit them for the DIA the cuddle, okay. So yeah, beautiful beautiful. But yeah the thing. going ready my face will melt this about it it is not going to be just who it is But yet he has not made for each other honey. I have and a chocolate almond. anything else Jenny podcast and oh Bucky listeners carnaby's Rudy and a debate apartment looking good who's local Club thank you so so much is anyone there on the call is it is other than integrating Karachi hi honey Nick gonna request km of Coastline Agana Changi okay so you have those are called Bill he's a keeper okay then thanks many thanks and as you can see bye-bye bye-bye so Chief huh too bad boy says okay hello ha so as Arias NDG they will grow up and call this song really keep the knee breeches and okay come see me later don't go cow-tipping keep the knee again a lie though but what they are all because we'll be able to show up a lot and I thought this is it it could request was denied a job um vodka reto Krishna the quantity thank you you can smell the gas and consequently has to natto make stronger whoa chanakya again University King in some money just cynically I got us a jump or a chanakya you legit it can be some money just said nikoli I cut off it's chump change it a bit you face because you eat I don't know inaudible the concert then made of I seen us you wanna go home okay pick a who are you you know who to couldn't see pot holes but they see how people are given they got these yeah jeevan easy but that's happening but come summer which I have e the upstart current Max is my latest data table called Ecclesia High shizuka Christian Network JZ to tattooed up very good to see you how good it was in the other and as Malia Ghana Lickin I think with nacho line up charitable line majority let's sign DJ and shizuka shizuka easy easy this is it TTT physically restaurant Dota 2 tie Allah Allah he knows the name how did not see come come go up on this optimal a little a lock it Matt Appalachia DG vehicle these nothing will happen if some guy gets it to me it all call could maybe go to fool out the hood piece of drawing I'll call me to make Only By the Sea could have been either hit the we lost three they don't know me always me me T go Neo hey video show her to me Megan a job the whole video of the dorming good at beating those who told me hit it is happening it is a bonomi analyze email would you love the Tai Chi but they did who delivers okey-dokey positive about the whole yarn the whole cure for could be the duty Zindagi be the head of The Chicago School Board Rihanna's I hope up just love chocolate and when I put an eye out thank you hi edges Hi how are you so I think about it nobody wow Otis has the same Hometown made it those those how did it go cgt that Arthur the market today oh nice but I will happen the castle I didn't miss I look at those they have gamble of my family relationship there's a very good podcast app and really good podcast I should come so I joined it and I even sent this okay yeah sure sure let me know like clear a clear so how's a Time body coming to Jeanine nicarico okay oh Johnny Johnny milk Evie hum na Mele tombs in Aegina que me looking half isolate it don't say my Johnny cure and Johnny his feel silly don't say cure suppleness well quarterly don't say no Johnny Q kiss it but throw up you put you put your eye your eye but I know but then the low-key they call you back here okay DJ some time to Janina to John and to Johnny no Johnny no Johnny no to jump to Germany thank you what's under wow so pleasant as it thanks very much I missed the lyrics I'll try to do it better next time thank you for the definitely IG or bother chilaka considered a thank-you opposite Sunday up Ghana soon I thank you thank you Vinny thank you thank you Jake for connect thing with us thank you today manner actually collect gonna call request a medical home a gypsum Co and then we can hi Misty nice welcome shake up the and everybody go up a little bit so I do not be able to go God did to my daughter up continue whereas its inner be magical it then made a but occasionally be cookie dough Chiklis I'll again we need it all the time at work I showed sorry okay chicken please hello Sam hello hello good evening just give us the money bro please wait for a while or Sam Sandy actually boss are a metallic colors with cathode Paulina mosquitoes okay buddy already oh thank you hello buddy good evening hi buddy the angel I'll be honey okay and here we don't need a bad boy hey buddy boy yeah and high backbencher actually I've been listening to and I request okay oh what was that you know that yeah yeah yeah I know yes you can okay okay let's see your picture but they did possible it's so in the see my carpool It Down For Joy Jump I'm awesome come again go change Bobby can you jump aside everything a happened missing on again this somebody just a little pit wall but the good in each other put them all but the good in each other long it'll mess up you enjoy I don't know somewhere doesn't down it will look at in a channel so yeah that's it that's it for you honey thank you thank you very much vodka vodka silly boy the telegram I was waiting up are you thank you actually I'll be you male only now are we okay bye thank you honey please comment section Maybe Cookie the checklist will keep a watch on it they only had two happy much thicker than I but I never made a but Acacia honey make looking put you go inside again this it but it so keep it turning oh get the me Paulie had to get the Nina as soon as the beach or a dog called Jordana gasps it's okay thank you guys thank you it gonna make Anna Sandy G table or my father has given up a gonna kiss at the end Gonna Do Ya do ya don't agree request the article the other hand though only and Enoch and Enoch and ending on a mess I'll meet a missing my heart but they're either how many to pass a more hard but they're looking for some hoping we could all permissive on be mmmm Whatcha Say mmmm pinky the patina on the me then oh gosh - Artie let the cob or she has to behave can Harding hey good Toto be sneaky little kisses too honey uni some got that okay you don't need your Kolb assorted okay I'll meet a person Mahal but the whole game Anthony culpa soda okay I'll meet a person Mahal but the whole okay mahi-mahi more deals Vana my he my more DIY Ivana yes I Didi are we up guys they podcast bought a gander Talent is singing the vocal kobata thanks to you okay was he upset your neck or more commonly or if naturalism or 40 people are listening to us really think they're gonna be happy I did thank you Nick what do you say Carol Hathaway t of energy hanji may start to grow Thomas dot crew actually become time relo on finally mastered crew thank you guys for joining us thank you thank you all doing well thank you guys participated and making this podcast so beautiful Apple Oak ' area ZZ really the upcoming boss your career thank you Sandy if they start to go to math apps that can get very upset dhoni he could find any she could live on a hill