Okay guys are very happy morning to one and all I'm very happy for few days else go to day today $200. So as you know that we all are like Having a self curfew for self in that case. So today we have the small topic. It's called on time and we all know about coronavirus. So I'm not going to go in depth with it. Just like a farmer's discussion about it, and I'm going to turn this podcast doing so So the most thing will be discussing about is like the states and the cities affected on the new cases. India has reported 60 covert 19 cases so far. And the number is increasing as a number of coronavirus cases continues to rise in the country. I'm here trying to give some in-depth and details about the Corona virus and the covered 19. So Rising clothing and in cases in India is the issue which I am talking about right time. The first case in India was a reported on January 30 in pressure Kerala and two other cases were reported on Feb 3rd. 60 people not just 60. The number is continuously studying rice. Hello. Dr. In the first three patients were reported in Kerala and they have been discharged. Have I interrupted you? No not no. Not at all. How are you? I'm fine LM during the how are you or Salam aleikum walekum as Salam. So your topic is all about Corona time right just small topic like 10 15 minutes, maybe because everyone have an brief understanding about Corona. I just got to give it a word about it. That's it. Yeah, that's that's the top. That's a good topic even we should be having several opinions on it. Yeah, so ask so what are you doing today today? Ha ha ha. Yeah. What no one is allowed to go out. It is a self Co-op you Hmm. So today today, actually, I don't have so much of planned for today. Basically. I'm just going to spend my day this day even just a casual day. But yeah, I have to do one thing at five o'clock today just to clap and to encourage are those people who are still working hard when we are not doing anything. So our doctors was, you know, Wonderful Wonderful. That's that's that's very nice sleep. I have I have listened our prime minister when he was when he was just addressing us. So I have to do this being of the citizen even dream of it sir. It's not the thing that being of the humanity like being of a human being of a citizen it brings our it becomes our responsibility to follow some of the things. Yes, definitely. All right. So so what are you doing? Actually, you know, dr. Amy. I have to listen to you so many times and the you know, the way you speak like I'm talking about the speed like fluency. So and say you are your fluency is good. And I really feel good when I talk with people number one if he has some good action number two, it is talking in a very fast way so is it they know one of them? Yeah. Thank you. Thank you. Mr. Buffet. That means a lot to me. Yeah, so what's your plan for today? Nothing today? I have no plans apart from like sitting on my bed listening to the podcast if otherwise then I have some other Ted Talk which I have in my playlist see how it's going to go today. Okay? Yeah and what to ask next actually, you know, I just have before coming to you. I was doing a podcast and On the over there. The topic is very interesting. So I thought let me see. What a who are the other people who are the other persons who are doing their podcast and I saw you and topic was all good. That is I just came here so mr. Perfect. Do me a favor and give some instructions to our listeners regarding coronavirus Highway Grandpa show. How are you guys? Okay, so the sum of the advices which will definitely be common. You must you may have heard it use sanitizer whenever I like and wash your hands frequently with soap or with hand wash and what you can do is maintain a gap at least or 1 meter from an infected person. In fact, it simply means if he is even having coughs colds the see aware of that person do quarantine. This is what I can say, whatever you want to do. Just keep yourself away from Gathering away from crowd. Just take care of yourself. That's so nice of you. Mr. Perfect. Thank you so much. Yeah, this is what I could suggest. Yep, that's good. And do you know about the origin of the coronavirus? I've been like I have been researching about this corner lot. I have been looking at the lot of videos. I can see that this was this virus was like not a new one. Corona is not a new virus has already been in animals from a long time. But because proper procedures no proper cleaning procedures the virus took its path from animals to humans now, it is a different level David 19. Yeah covered 19 actually. The things that I have heard they may be fake or they may be true. I don't know because I didn't research a lot on this concern but still what I have heard is the virus like the ice when the identification of the when research has been done on this particular virus 94 98 percent similarities are just like to those virus which can be found in, you know, which can be happened by bateau bias in by eating snake 98% are similar just Because of 2% dissimilarities just we have given this names and the origin is even as in my opinion like whatever I have heard they have the origin is just by eating, you know, snakes bats by the by the people who are living in China, they usually eats these kind of talks a lot. So they came from there. They just took their path from you took it apart from there only. The people who are living in China, they are the origin origin. Basically, they should have doing those kind of thing which can create a very massive problem earlier. It was looking it's not going to be very massive. But now we are seeing how disastrous way it has taken. Yeah, it was in the beginning. It was thought that it will be this epidemic will be under control but the way the actions took by China government was wonderful, but still they were not successful enough to stop the spread of the virus to the other countries and literally, you know that the situation at present how it is going on, but I like the I like the way the India is facing Corona. They are taking it one way though. They were knowledgeable with the Corona virus, but still they are so enthusiastic towards their so paused you towards it and I like that kind of nature. And the way the videos are popping 20 talking YouTube. I'm like, that's hilarious. Yeah, that's seriously and even you know, we have some kind of things that is that went wrong with some other country. So we are we are even having some kind of opportunity to apply those things on our particular country to get rid of these things. And especially if I talk about Italy Italy the sharing some kind of video was some kind of videos. What is data what what have they done that in their few days when coronavirus was just initiated in that country. So we are taking care of those things as well. Like today is also curfew. So if these situation will not be what do say will not be cured I can say so good government will do. You kind of thing in to you know further as well and II afraid like I'm afraid that the holidays don't exceed again. I just want to just stop it right now and for sure will be will be getting out of this problems nights. It's not that simple basic of activity moving from the perspective of Kerala Tamil Nadu Telangana, Maharashtra, Karnataka uttar Pradesh Delhi Rajasthan. Haryana, Jammu Kashmir Punjab. These are all the states which are affected are like thousand sixty six samples were test of covert 19 India itself. Do you know when this happened on March 9? And he started all from Kerala and the 3400 people. They like tested for the museum Test Facilities and 52 medical facilities where across the country to test the samples of the Comet 19. So it is not a small epidemic. So we have to be very cautious about it. If it is necessary to increase the number of holidays. It should be done because eradication of this deadly epidemic has to be taken place. Yeah. You're right, even it would be better to increase the Apollo days and what do you first let me ask you one question doctor anybody personally feel would it happen or not? Like exceeding like a good we be getting what to say? What do they getting some kind of more holidays after 31st March or not? Yes. Yes, because still the operation has been undertaken and you know, if you know that the lifespan of the virus if you are all safe inside of a home and if you're all taking the safety measures the lifespan of virus on metal is 72 hours and when Comes to son it is like 8 to 14 hours. So if we all stay at home, if you all self-quarantine ourself for likes of few number of days, that is you not giving the virus opportunity to spread from one person to another person but stopping day-to-day life is also not the simple one because we are all in 21st century. We have so many things to get done and most of the things happen with the connectivity they can get that has been taken care of by the government and that to under various circumstances situations. Everything is done under safe circumstances. If that is not taking place in proper way then again, the epidemic will be starting from the beginning. Yeah, you're right. Even we haven't got even the samples are being tested in Laboratories and even till now we haven't got the total number of people like I have heard this thing. I don't know if whether it is right or not, but the samples which are coming from different different states of India. They are being laboratory right now. The result is still like a result is Yet to Come. Yeah Fab and March where the months we were like more aware about them. This but do you know that the Kuwait 19 case was first reported on January 30 in Kerala? January 13. Okay. Yeah, then we 33 0 and C from that moment itself. It took a long time for us to have a initiative towards it and when I was in Bangalore, I was literally looking at the people who are like literally cleaning all the stairs again and again with sanitizers in metro station and that that was like a huge huge step taken by the government. They will literally give me again and again again and again because we have to swipe the Metro cards right now. And the lift is module and I will come to the circus. Everything is like metal and it comes right after this. Yeah, it takes every virus to stay alive on That Metal purpose surfaces. So initiative often been good in Bangla, but still but still I thought many places in Majestic in all the Metro stations in schools schools were given holidays for opposed to being standard all of the same time. I'm sorry about his journey. How are you? My sister and do it was they cancer so many safety measures the outbreak of Corona was notched or not was not able to be stopped in Bangalore. See the precautions are not just enough. We be as the citizens. We also have to be conscious about the precautions taken by the government be how to follow them through the to our mind and heart for sure because if you want to stay safe, then you have to follow this thing. These are for our safety. Because if a person is like bit careless and by some bad luck if he's affected by the corona again the chains I can be distracting. Yeah, exactly. This would happen if we would not be taking care of those things. We should be conscious about it. Yeah, that is it until unless we completely eradicate this epidemic. We have to be very conscious about it idea Barn like I'm fine. How are you? I'm doing fantastic Leah. Thanks for asking. Are you having some kind of water? Nope, it's okay. Okay, no problem. So for each other we should be having you know, so we should be taking it in a very serious way. I don't I don't know even some of the people they still think that's a rumor when we went through some of the YouTube video when we went through some of the social media we get to know what are the things which are which are happening. Be conscious about it. What all I can say is and don't take it a very in a very light way. It can happen to anyone. This is not cold. This is not some basic headache. This is not some people this is a serious disease which we have to be very conscious about and it can be transmitted from us to our children our family members and can be transmitted to the society to so we have to be very conscious and careful about you when it comes to a health and life. Yeah, I Becky. So I mean like when I when I was like a researching about this coronavirus, I was I was literally shocked to see how widespread it was your entire country. You know Carano coronaviruses Delhi. It was three cases increase until I was nine cases. It was like one German kashmiri fun to Agra ghaziabad eight cases Jaipur its massive 17 cases Bangalore for cases Pune two cases Goodra one. So by one Hyderabad one it it's National League Yeah, it is being threatened due to the transfer to you know, do you to the people people are coming from one place to another basically, this is happening with those people who just came from foreign. Yeah, just because of those people and those people they may not have done their proper screening or they may not have taken proper precautions, which we generally get on Airport as well. This is being happened is just because of those people as well and even Some of the our fault is also included in it. Okay. So this one more thing I would like to say that if guys guys if you if you are if you are at your home, then please don't use your air conditioner. Yeah. Yeah, you're trying to clip your temperature rise. Yeah, when the temperature rises it has main body to the benefit of killing the virus. So don't just just avoid comfort for few days. Don't use your AC don't use your coolers. Don't use cold or cool water to drink. So keep the lifestyle normal for a couple of days so that you are healthy. Your family is healthy. Make sure you take these measures these instructions on the government which are providing you and follow them strictly for some days. If you order them strictly for some days, we will be able to completely eradicate this epidemic. That's for sure. Right exactly. That's true. Andy has would you like to share about Corona actually, I think I have said so many things and I don't have so many things left to share. So it was very nice to share some of the mic students and thanks for giving me some kind of opportunity to share what I feel here. It's really good information, which are sharing with our listeners here. Mr. Perfect. Thank you so much. Thank you so much. Have a nice day. Have a wonderful day. Mr. Perfect. Okay, bye-bye. Okay, so we have a humza Sofia. Mahi very nice topic. Thank you mahi. Hi, lovey, lovey. Hello. Hello, how are you? I'm doing fantastic. Thanks for asking. How are you? Yeah, everything is going fantastic. Hyena. So what was the outcome? Yeah. I was just discussing about this mythical creatures in the type of mythical creatures. We come across our the novel's the fiction books the movies and some old Legends then was it there was no like outcome for that one. Yeah, I was expecting I was expecting someone would say that but yeah, I didn't come across anyone who was saying like that. So like literally had some hope that I have seen this demon I have seen this go. Whoa, this happened to me. No that didn't happen expecting the same stuff button. That is why I asked you but I think there was no one who said this. Yeah. That is why they are mythical creatures right? You are absolutely right and I would say that you have a magical voice and when I saw on this app, dr. Amiya just came then I joined your podcast and I was listening you Mr. Perfect was also my friend who was talking to you. It was a very productive discussion for the listeners. Oh, thank you. I'm so thank you so much. That means a lot. So what's the situation are you staying inside the room or you go outside for some time just for exercise or not. I did my exercise my yoga my book reading everything inside my room. Okay, that's good. Because as you mentioned that there is only one way the more we will take precautionary measures the more will be beneficial for us. Yes, it is. There's definitely a tease. So according to you know, dr. Amy. What was the origin of coronavirus what I mean to say, what is the reason of toner - where it was created or originated? Till now I have been like a working a lot on this coronavirus and its origin. So I've been I came across like many animated videos to explain extra videos which stated little that coronavirus is not a new one. Okay, so like we humans have this like a cold cough fever animals have their set of diseases. And the corona is very common to the animals and it's not affecting the animals a lot. But about what happens is that our Chinese when I booked our neighboring country Chinese, they have the habit of like eating all the animals possible which is alive. I don't know how the way they found to eat everything but still they find it out and once they started having these food. I'm like it completely different if the person who had this bat the snake which having the Corona virus the only mistake was which he did was like, He didn't cook it properly and the second thing while handling work by cleaning the meat of the particular animal. It could be like bad snake way in which the Quran was very calm very much like a common. So what happens is that when he was like leaving the meat he didn't even like properly clean his hands. He might have touched his face his eyes. That's how Corona took from the part from animals to humans and then shaking hand and everything. So you know that Has like when it comes like creaminess the countries at a very low level and the spreading of disease, which is like a contagious is very easy. Who are from Pakistan and India when they came back to their native countries due to them? This virus was created in a very fast pace. And and when when the outbreak took place China did I took some initiatives detail added took some precautions, they did everything to quarantine the virus but it was not enough because the epidemic already spread it a huge base and they literally build a hospital like no time, which the entire world can was not Being able to imagine the greedy the hospital like in 48 hours listening in the news. I think nobody took it serious, but when it resulted in a very dangerous way like there were many that's then every nation took it serious either the problem with the news media is that when they stated that it is an outbreak. We think that it is in a different country how the is going to be spread to our country. Yeah, exactly. So that is the reason we will care less about pricing image the virus spread through air. No Bree Agarwal. The virus doesn't spread through air only. The infected person is standing in front of you like lesser than 1 meters in distance and it is talking and if you speaking to you the virus has opportunity from spreading to him to you but no the Corona virus doesn't spread through air. Hi Jen. How are you? And dr. Amiya in Italy their situation is very bad and I was listening in the news. There is no more space in their graveyard. So they are just finding the place where to purita that bodies. Yeah, and the researchers are still trying to find the solution for this one. Exactly. So it's an alarming situation and I would say this is there is going on World War 3 and this time the war is not being parted by Wars even this time is by chronic disease. Yeah now Humanity versus going to exist exactly exactly because in my father in my life first time, I am seeing that everything has been locked down even the countries who were very developed and they were they were supposed to Open all the night and day even they are they are closed now. Yeah, and until you know one thing like I can literally see nothing. Across the streets. I'm like, that's that's what coronavirus has done to the country. If we were like cautious about it when the instruction for being passed by the government would have been completely different exactly before talking before connecting to this call. I was reading somewhere a very good phrase. That was our Earth has just sent as to all or two over two months. You just think what we have done. We are getting some masks and synthetic glove glove how much percent we should save our life. We are gravel in that case by wearing gloves and by wearing masks and using hand sanitizer. There is a hundred percent chance of you avoiding the virus because see the virus molecules are so heavy that they can't even travel more than one meter away. If a person is coughing or sneezing who has the virus in the same way. It settles down to the ground and that is the reason and Basic mask could be more than enough for you. So that it will be not allowing the virus to get into you a basic masking more than enough. Hi. Dr. Amy. How are you feeling, buddy? I'm doing fantastic. Thanks for asking. How are you? This is one more thing that I want to ask you. Dr. Emission people. Yeah saying that it is all due to Nature and after one century like 100 year after nature repeats itself and it makes the adjustment between the resources and the between you and the server size of population and now nature repeats its cycle and it will know in adjustment between the resource natural resources. The population size is it is it appropriate to see or not? Yeah, I believe that it's appropriate to say why am I saying this because if you if you look back into the history, we always find an epidemic which took place in a huge way and that drastically hit Humanity every single time and I believe that this time it is done by Corona. So I believe the cycle And everyone has their own point of perspective so we can't be stating that this is completely true. But when it comes to like if you asking me, what is my opinion on this one? Yes, I truly believe that nature has this opportunity and it is taking tall from time to time to maintain the balance between humanity and the things that are done to the nature. Yeah. Basically we have to understand this every time the cycle is initiated by humans. Every time is actually initiated definitely by humans have been you look back into centuries about the life cycle of the virus how they came into origin. You can just go on to YouTube. I'm going to tase your YouTube channel. I don't remember the name exactly. But they do this part. I liked videos on how the virus started to spread and how it came into existence to human world. Every time the initiative has taken the button has been clicked by the humanity itself. They literally brought this epidemic upon themself. That people are saying that when they will be summer season then coronavirus may be removed automatically. Yeah, these possible a even though even though this time under that one is in one thing because comes up due to increase in temperature. The virus will die. That is for sure. But what about the building's what about the huge malls where it is completely? AC hi Surya and high be casing See there again. If you have this virus, there is an opportunity that you will be spreading and again trying to commute this virus to others in that case. We have to be conscious. Yes, Mother Nature will be doing is term by increasing the heat in summer. It will eradicate as much as well as possible which is outside which is directly visible to sunlight. But what about the places which humans are built if they are not conscious about their own places there again, the epidemic will be taking place. Yeah, definitely till the last affected person. We can't imagine assume that we are now saved when the last person is not good. Is he actually saying what you want to say? Genta carve a curfew curfew right? So yeah, basically I'll just call you early gentle curfew. Yes. I support it. I support it because when it comes to agenda curfew yourself taking initiative to be safe so that your family safe and you are safe. And once you and everyone decides the same thing that means they are trying to make themselves and their family safe. So we are literally fighting against the corona just by putting this agentic orphan ourself. Yeah, there will be some problems to be pasted, but definitely if you work together Then that will be for the better good and better future. So I suppose under curfew. Exactly. I also do sport because this is all about the human lives and it is in benefit of ourselves nor father and there is no point of view. If you are looking at gentle curve in a political way. It is straight forward towards the protection and prevention of the disease production of yourself and prevention of the disease. Exactly exactly and it has nothing to do with politics and we should need to think in a very balanced way because this is all about what meant whatever it is you want to it is more to trying to do it is all in our benefit. Roshan is in wh says this virus will not be destroyed by hot climate. It was around 60 degrees Celsius to destroy the virus Russian, if you know about our India's climate and it will be so hot and that is that will be more than enough to stop the spread of the virus. And if you're conscious about it, that's more than enough say on the ground level. It has a lifespan of like more than 12 to 13 hours hours. That's it. Once the virus dies. Then there is opportunity to spread. And definitely whatever the hot climate we have we will not be going out of our homes so directly or indirectly it will be helping us to avoid this epidemic. So and thanks for sharing your big ocean. That's good. Especially internet everything what was in my mind and thank you so much. Dr. Amy, and it makes me very happy when I call to you even I join you in the end. This is my second time that I am going to connect you and I feel one thing that you when you connect someone you listen properly the other person you take proper time to the other person to discuss something. This is very good. Thank you. Because when I am talking to you and I am supposed to give my all the thoughts that I have so everybody needs a proper time because nobody has a good communication skill, even we are just learning. So right improving our English. So I would appreciate you that you give proper time to everyone who listened what they have. Yeah Hamza, because when it comes to communication, I truly believe that communication is nothing but sharing of information we can only in take the information once we listen properly. So listening is a very important integral part of communication itself. That's what I believe if I understand what are the other person is saying they don't have to be able to put my point. That will be the true form of communication sharing of information. So thank you so much. Dr. Amy, and I would love to join one another one another podcast and that's it. And thank you so much for joining with me here hands and thank you so much for sharing your point of views. There was there was really good having a word with you. Thank you so much. Okay, guys, so what are we discussing here? And yep. Guys, if you're loving the conversation and if you are against coronavirus and if you are supporting genetic are Feud and please do hit the heart button, let me know and share your love with me. And the doctor me, can you tell us about the origin of the virus? So anyway Kumar? So when it comes to the origin of the virus that what I have learned from online Internet Google have did some of my like Googling I won't even say that researching. So I was in a pretty much interested about to know about the origin of the virus when it comes to like a Corona is not a new wireless. It is a common virus in animals and most common in bats and snakes and Chinese have this habit of eating bats and snakes. So how it came to existence is that When you try to cook a bad at a snake and you don't wash your hands properly and if you're touching your eyes your face your mouth with those hands because you have not sent as them before cooking and even if you cook them, if you're not cooking them properly, that is the way that virus commutes from the meat of that animal to human beings. That's how it came into existence. Is that true that the virus dies on 26 degree about temperature am not sure about the temperature. But yeah, it is true. W2 has stated that virus will subsided as temperature rises. I'm not sure about the destruction of the virus. But yeah, it will subside as temperature rises. So wh of the world with the World Health Organization has said that India don't need to panic about the outbreak of poet 19. Coronavirus. Yeah, and the person I don't remember his name I exactly what dr. Rod Rico if I'm not wrong. So he's the Regional Emergency directors emergency directors. He said that there's no need to panic as the case tested positive in India where because of traveling abroad citizens caught by the virus on for Inland Port by the virus on foreign land. Okay, and we don't know that yet research. Still going on the same. It is the relative of new virus to Gathering the information it will take time. So that is what wh are stated that India shouldn't be like panicked about coronavirus in the community. So guys if you're loving the conversation and if you are supporting me on this corner time, and if you have a supporting Gender gap you then. Please do hit the hard button near your texting column. Share your love with me. and I think the ocean has stated that who said that 60 degrees is the temperature which is needed for the destruction of the virus. The we have some other comments here. I see a movie based on what you said about the original virus and movie name is contagious. 2015 Anil Kumar. Thank you so much for the information. I will make sure that I watched that movie today itself. Let's have a word with abroad. Hello, how are you? I'm fine. And how are you? I'm doing fantastic. Thanks for asking. Okay. Okay. I'm just I'm just new here. This is my second phone call, I guess and like I just came here and just listening your views and every views was really amazing and thank you nothing and I just like am I just want to say like me? Which was not good. So is that all right, let's let's let's have a break there itself. Never use the word. I see. This is my this is my habit of saying whenever a new Sleek a new listener comes to me and they say that never listen to me once very carefully never say that my English is not working never say that my English is bad day that I have initiated to start learning English say that I'm bigness in I'm a beginner in English say something like that. See I'm learning English, but please never use the negative words while you're learning something new. Thanks a lot. Okay, I'll do that. I'll do that and I'll take it in my mind. It's a humble request from Isaac. Please don't use negative words while you are stating something with your learning for the new time. It is a scale. It is a profession. It's a project whatever it is never say that I'm bad at it never see that I'm not good at it because you have just started who knows that what level you'd be reaching in a couple of days couple of months couple of years. Yeah initiating. You should use indirect. That's a great thing about. Okay? Okay, doc when I will I'll also But your situation and I'll hopefully I'll never use that. You know that face that that word fan. So so you from India, right? Yeah, I mean - and then sir. Yes, ma'am. Yes, I'm from all this. So yeah, the topic is you know, like it's Corner time and if I want if I really want to you know Share My Views about corner or my His views about Corner time. So but before that I want to ask you one question you were saying I might be wrong, but you are saying like India like India like country like India, we don't have you guys don't have to that much, you know fair about coronavirus. Did you say that? Yeah. I said that if you're conscious about how to take the precautions, okay? Okay. Okay. So then we are neighboring country. So is that the situation is also saying from Bangladesh? So I'm not sure about the Bangladesh, but I have come up with the specific information for India and from other countries too. And I don't feel that and I think there are precautions are being taken at the airport and some other transport your departments to in Bangladesh. I I've just been through some news and I also I also heard a news that foreigners who came from like wait, this is the family's tradition and they were held back by the airport authorities. We will know when they came that they have the health and medical report that they are free of Canova. Yes. Yes the other this is true. This is true. But the thing is like a but who you know, you are a doctor, you know about better than me. It happens all you know, continuously saying no. No. No, I don't take me wrong. Dr. Amy. Just my nickname. Okay. Okay. Okay. Okay so old so I was saying like who continuously saying like Bangladesh's is in highest highest in in Risk. Or coronavirus because of people are not ever in this country and are moving here and they are continuously still the people are not that much ever about it because of most of the people never are see these type of incidents in their lifetime. So and the whole thing is very scary, and that's just last night almost 40 buildings went Lockdown from bye. Government, but but wh one and there is there is other some research paper research team. They're saying Bangladesh government is saying we have 24f infected people. But but but others other countries in a research team saying we are we maybe have thousand thousand affected people right now. So I think I i-it's really it would be really great. If we are we are also safe like India for the temperature or the weather. Let me tell you I have been working on this court on time. So what I came to learn about even packages that do, you know a recent incident. I don't know if it is in news, but a couple was getting married. Yes, and they booked the hall all the arrangements and everything. Sorry. yeah. In Bangladesh in Bangladesh or India. I'm talking about - I just I just I just interrupted one thing a lot of people get married these days lot of people is an hour. Yeah Elin, even our all the Institute of educational institutions are shut down our teachers going to wear it our faculty is going to married. So about listen to this here situation listening to this incident. Okay, what happened was like a couple of going to get married and all that. It means we're done and that it was a marriage was like next day and all what you see that ceremonies were taking place on day one. So suddenly all of a sudden police came there and they stated that you can't marry and like you can't get married tomorrow and all of the reason Hello. Hello. Hello. Hello. Hello. Hello. Yes, yes you are right now. So you're saying the police arrived and then and then they literally stated that you can't get married tomorrow. You have to stop it then another and and its really happened. The thing is that the police was trying to avoid the huge Gathering of people. They are not here. Hold against a buddy who they are taking the precautions as much as possible but available for important exactly exactly. But the thing is like as I'm saying like the got the government and the volunteers organization doing lot of things in my love this trust me, they're doing lot of things but but the thing is like people who are not error because of the universe in the step of stuff before so this is the problem people Whatever they're moving here. And there the whole institution education students are in shutdown and the student went for a vacation in Cox's Bazar or another one. So so this is really sad for everyone in Bangladesh. Okay. So yeah, I brought when it comes to situation of the Bangalore. I truly believe that more awareness campaigns has to be started if it is possible then the you take an initiative. With the mask with the glove to the hand sanded, they should go to home to home and let people know about the things which are happening because media might not be able to pass the message to each and every one. Yeah, but awareness can be taken by the youth themselves. The college students can take initiative all by themselves just to make the information spread to all the people around their area. So such initiative can be taken place and by doing so there is a chance of avoiding the spread of the epidemic exactly. Exactly exactly. I do I do with you. So can you please tell We like how many people in infected in Bangalore so far so last time and it was like when I first came along with the report it was poor, but now it is more than 20. Dropping the state. Yes. I got it. I got it pretty like Bangles are very big stadium is again realizing if you are irritated. Dr. Amy. I'm so sorry. They are my dear sister. What happened? Why do I feel irritated about what you didn't do anything? I'm not irritated and you shouldn't be sorry for that. Did I say anything wrong if I did and I'm sorry for that. Isabel please country. Yes, I'm saying like I'm saying the number of infected people are not that that much I guess because of Bangles are very big state I guess right Bangalore is City. Kinetic is the state. Okay? Okay. Sorry. I don't know about I don't know about it. Yeah, no problem. No problem. No problem and see gone to Bangalore has took some great initiatives. And as I said previously whenever You're down to Metro and I used to having Buzz. I saw many people were like literally sanitizing all the metal Parts all the steps and they were literally flooring everything with sad eyes has so they took that huge measures to prevent epidemic but still epidemic broke out exactly exactly exactly. So so so this type of stuff done by a volunteer volunteers or done by government my government and volunteers. I saw this that is the reason I'm telling you. I saw this college students, they will literally Distributing free masks to one and they were telling about how to prevent the disease and they were Distributing the templates which was written with the instructions at how to avoid the disease. Same thing. Same thing happened in by happening in Bangladesh peer students, you know, even the government government companies governments owner doing really brilliant job. They're making, you know PPE for doctors personal protection equipment there there, you know, we We have a lack of lack of you know, PPE for doctors and that's why people doctors can't you know delivering their service to the patient because you're setting it on but let me tell you one thing. It can be done only when we are doing it hand in hand. Okay. Okay, where am I? Okay, because government is taking the situation in hand and it is trying to spread the awareness and it is time to take all the measures to quarantine the disease and in the same way as its citizens. It is our duty to follow those instructions and all of these precautions so that we stay safe and being stop the spreading of the epidemic that way so please Marie please place a call a please here. Okay abroad I have a call from Paris. Just give me some time. Let me have a word with her. Oh, buddy. Thank you. Thank you. Thanks. Thanks for your kind words. Thank you. Thank your brother. So let's have a word with party here. Hello. Hello. Hello, I'm my ordeal. Oh, hello. Yes. Dr. Amy. How are you? Hello. Hello. Yes. Am I audible? Yes, you are. You're audible. Yes. How are you? I'm absolutely fine. You did. I'm fantastic. Thanks for asking. So what are you doing today? So the day is full of work today and and I am doing my own work so much. So today I have prepared break. Well, then after that I'm doing my own birthday vote by cleaning and all so this you do that and yes, I wanted to ask one question to you. Yes. Yes, like people are telling that they are having mask. Okay. So three kinds of masks have been like I have seen that in love social media. So is it a doctor medically tested or any association has tested tested tested that or not and Society because I am getting so now it's like no because I'm talking to you. So that's always tell me why nervous I don't know why but I'm feeling something nervous because you are a celebrity and no no no. No my dear sister. I'm no celebrity. I'm just like you and I admire singing admire reassigning you both are like sisters to me and I'm very happy to hear that you really Wonderful job here. So please don't be nervous. Don't be scared of me. Yes. So I just wanted to ask that is that possible that the three masks which has been issued? Is that true? That is it tested or not that nobody you don't need any tested Mass. First of all, I any basic surgical mask you which you can buy from some medical stores is good to go because the molecules of this coronavirus are very big in size and compared to all the Bacteria, so this medical masks are more than enough to prevent it from getting inside your body just through your nostrils and to your mouth. But David thing kind of mask I have seen in a social media and you might be knowing that you also have gone through that. So that is d 1 d 2 .5 + 3 MN masks and I have heard about it. See all the mask works fine. But do you know what happens is that when games the to the epidemic some useless people try to make money out of these masks so they get some like stupid clothes and they try to create a mask which are of no use and that won't be reading and DPR by Look, I know class then that is of no use of us preventing the disease from getting on your body. Yes. I have an idea but it makes mask has to be bought to be face mask for the time being and this is the very serious matter and you know, my father told me today about that like one person was selling a mattress, which was free from coronavirus. He like he was telling that you would get to put on a free a mattress. So he was selling it. So he just police came and they can him out of that. So why people are doing like that because something serious is going in are not only in our country even in whole world it is going on. So why people are doing that that silly they find the opportunity in every single epidemic they read is an opportunity for Them to make money. Do you know in Bangalore a basic mask, which was shouldn't be like more than 10 Rupees. They are selling for like 60 rupees. And when I asked why are doing this then if the person was like if you want to buy buy otherwise get the out of here. See the reason is that they are trying to misuse the emergency here. Yes, but that is going to make money out of anything, but I feel and what do you think about? Jean tigana few because okay. I will I'll say my points after that you yeah. Sure. Please after you miss please. You have to tell your points first and let's have a discussion on that one. Okay, so in general if you I have seen so many videos so many authentic videos also. So in that people are telling that it is not possible to come up with this coronavirus in Day, so do you think that it should be extended as well? Like whenever you are suffering from a like coronavirus so you may not be able to understand in 14 days also. So how is it possible that how would you know that that you are suffering from that and if you are suffering from that you don't know and even if gender curfew is for a day then what is the use of it like Like in after 14 days or 30 days whenever you come to know then you don't know that to you have been career for so many people already. So this is how I wanted to ask that I think as I have studied about it, I think that it's not possible in a day. Yeah, but it is not possible in one day but let's go through the static semantics. How does Corona virus spreads it spreads from? Listen to person by sneezing by like if is speaking here and they've they're standing close to each other like less than in one meter. And if you are going to some public places and if someone is infected really good chance that you'll get infected by that and the Corona virus if it is not spread by the humans, they it has the lifespan of like 72 hours on metal and few other hours on ground. So the thing is that if a government is stating that you should do gender curfew for seven days the and the public will go crazy. It is just an initiation of the first day to see the by staying at home for like one entire day. You're literally avoiding as many as people who are like infant infection from the virus and maybe the places which are vacated and so the virus will also be dying to the major percentage but people should understand that this is an initiative of like gentle curfew is like everyone should have an awareness goes too far. Like why are we in the gentleman to avoid the prevention? It is not possible Monday. That's what you're that's definitely what Not possible that we'd be able to eradicate polio virus in one day. But even doing the even one I've seen so many things like people are getting that when when a pregnant woman gives birth to a baby then she has to she has been separated from like she has been isolated for 40 days. You might be knowing that so I have seen that to video. So in that it was telling that it is not necessary. It is just for the prevention of of that infection. Okay. So the thing is it might spread after 40 days also, so that is what I am telling you even if we are taking care of it. I don't know even I might be the career or you might be The Courier or somebody else is The Courier who knows that because I like I am taking living inside that long but I don't know that I am the career or Because I will come too low after 14 days. So this is somebody we should be having awareness about as which is government providing us with so this curve you. Yes, you are right that if you're even if you're the career, but if you're following it doesn't occur if you'd even if you're following all the precautions, you won't be able to know about the team or the career. But once you came to know that you are the carrier, then you will be having an opportunity to like a get yourself treated, but by applying the gentle coffee on yourself, you are literally avoiding the spread of virus from to other people. If you are sanitizing your hand if you're using your mask and that means you are literally saving your family members just forget about the society was in your family members from the spread of the disease, isn't it? True? That's true. Anyone not even the government. Dad doesn't know that. Which person is infected what case until and unless that tested positive but by taking the prevention's and you are doing so even if they're in fact, that's a very bad luck thing, but for sure but by preventing we are literally saving our family members and our beloved ones. So even if they're infected then we should take the precautions because we have our loved ones. You have a friends we have also started to take care of that's true. But how long would it take like you have to maintain 1.5 meter to minute meters difference different take Distance from other people. So how long would it take then? How long would it take? Let me tell you one thing. There is no time limit for that one because government has been working very hard to find an antidote for the Corona virus and soon they will definitely they will find an anti-virus for that one. And once it is done then it will occur nomura problem about coronavirus anymore because the patients who are infected with it, they can be treated and the prevention causes will be taking place for sure. So there will be like a decrease in the epidemic which has been widespread. So it is it is a tough time for Humanity and we have to be conscious about it and we have to be aware about it. Then that is it what we can do. Okay, Andrea is telling I think we're on a virus is overrated. What do you think? No, not at all. I don't think so. Yeah, Maria says coronavirus is not over over it that for sure because it is spread and it is a contagious disease. And the thing is that it can just get it from any person to any time and and you can see it very less. I'm literally took over entire world. So it is not over it not only our country the whole world and it's been I think for the first time it's happening. Like people are not going to their work and they are not doing anything. They're staying at home only. So this is a serious emergency right now. Yeah, this is because emotions are you are you are holding a curfew on yourself then understand the impact of the virus, which is Ben. Would you say that spread around? Around the country, so it is not overrated and we should have a conscious understanding and fear towards the virus. And second question. Is she standing that there there are many cases of recovery also, but media does not publish that. Yes, yes. Yes, that's true that there are so many people like I don't know which channel I was watching but I have seen that so many patients got relieved from that so they were showing that also they were not making a fear of in the minds of people like they will not be get cured at all and it was not nothing like that. So yes, / he's all right, but the thing that maybe I should publish these things a lot more than Just spreading the fear of the virus because I believe that media has only right to make some issues which are like bigger than what they are actually in the same way when there is a recovery case. You should also showed in a big way so that people should have an understanding. Yeah, there are recoveries and there are the times like people can overcome the epidemic you don't show that they only want to show that negative side of the impact so that they can have a stupid PRP for the charmer that is how all the media channels are working at the present moment and they should be working towards the positive of the society and they I'd be showing as a my sister. Rhea has said the recovery case wonderful and that is a shine and a hope for all Humanity that there is a there is a recovery been there is a chance of like we can avoid this epidemic. Okay, so I would I would just take take an incident like when I met my friend she told me that carrier coronavirus go to know why that's good thing over there. So sometimes what happens is fear. Very important why because fear is very important because even if they are not showing the cases as she said and I people like media is not talking about the recoveries, then then people are so careless then what will happen if they will show the recovery cases, so they will understand them that it's okay. I'll hold I were to curling yoga Kyoto's ever so So they will take it very lightly. No, this is not the water call as it be daring. I call it as a careless this nature. This is carelessness because definitely this is carelessness. There is an epidemic and you are a human being you are not a robot that will not be infected by the virus then if there are some precautions which are very simple sanitize your hands use a face mask. That's it. You are literally avoiding the disease that they can are ho jayega. They claim him a club see the white such a naughty you almost killed me. She told me The one with the oven. Earcon are they are bottom of the hangar sadly. There is a chance that we become. So many favorite devices which are they kidding what to do definitely bhujia can wait, but the coroner won't be waiting. It is not like a parigi gamma P effect concept known as a corner. Push it we have no idea about how the current is going to affect us is it's better to prevent and have some precautions. So let bhujia wait for sometime you can make music again after some time to put so letter B, let me go cautious about it. And even I request you to tell your friend that she should Kale is like that and let her have some conscious understanding of the wires and I don't know how you got it. She is very careless. That's why she was telling that so I appreciate for that. You got to know that how careless years she is. So careless. She is famous in our group for being careless. Famous for being careless. Yes, I am. Yeah, but you my dear sister. I've got a bad kid. Let me see. I gonna do it's a bad thing to happen. They should be careful about the things which is good for her. Jamar enable a kobato jamali achieve Otto, then we should be careful about those things. Actually. She was going to she was working in Hong Kong then after that she left from there and she got married. So she wanted to go on-site, I guess Zack Republic. So she told that all airports are pleased now my Visa got cancelled. Isn't that so yes, could you become a real political concept? You know, but she she taken me from my house and she told no no, you have to come and continue with our child my heart could sling with that totals have had it as he got to go guarantee that the Mets are using. So this is very dangerous thing yet. The she's not understanding. She's telling that to come serious or not. Come to Serious hero. Yeah, it is. It is important to be created the things which affect us. So ji-sub go. Howdy prom. Okay, so anybody is on request? No, not yet. Hello. We are no one is at request for now. Okay, so if anybody comes and let me know or if you want short share something by your your own then I can leave the call. No, it's okay. It's alright and I have nothing to say because all the open to hookers are like very much conscious about the disease and they are sharing some huge information. That's like the sure that that's very good. But the only things which I would like to repeat again and again is that maintain some cleanliness guys use some hand sanitizer. Excuse the Mars and the body. Do you know the little yeah, I like one thing is that I'm a person who use sanitizer from the beginning my friends used to say that when you are such an OCD now I say that okay now, so All said that they were absolutely fine. So don't worry about that one you some good hand sanitizers and make sure that you don't touch public places without of no use and try to avoid touching your hand touching your eyes your face your mouth with your hands and use sanitizer for sure and instead of shaking hands in Namaste. It is Indian culture say Adam that's also Indian culture. So make sure that you are stay safe and you are keeping others also safe and do follow the precautions with the government is telling to all that is for our own safety and don't neglect it. Don't be careless, please that's Request so guys, dr. Amy was already they could he was already knowing that before only and he invented that we have to use sanitizer everything in rented already know this coronavirus has come so late, but he is a researcher to know I had this habit from the beginning from two years. I use this hand sanitizer again and again and I literally carry tissue papers along in my in my bag for every day. So I will tell you when my one of my story apart from this corner, but as far as research has come in the point. So I will tell you that once when I was a young and like I was in sixth class might be fourth fifth class, I think yes. Yes. So what happened was I used to dance? Okay, and I loved like loud music and whenever Was involved then I used to play my favorite songs and I used to dance. Okay, so I just do dance steps in front of that mirror. Okay, so thank times when I I I do it alone like when nobody was there. Okay. So what happened was once my sister eldest sister seen me like, oh, what is that equals our State with I had Muslim as it going down skirt them in the saddest Hamilton a year or whenever they are with them. Except Summers me out there or expression so much math 80 how you're doing. So so she told like that. Okay after like when I means after 10 years this is invented already after 10 years. I was doing before and after 10 years in it invented like People are doing dance in front of that mirror and they have their own space. So she always used to say that shut up. I won't say my name right now. I'm so sorry for people that bull daddy team. So, okay, so guys. Goodbye buddy buddy, the actual inventor of tick-tock and so we should give the credit to Paris for that. No, no and I'm proud to say that yeah. Standing in front of mirror and doing the dance. It's it is like more what we are doing in the Tito Grayson recently. So my sister's your party is inventor of the table. Also congratulate her on that one. I really appreciate that and I'm not taunting you buddy. I'm literally saying this because yeah, people will come up with ideas. But in your view would we don't apply them but sooner or later they will come into existence. Yeah, so you got to know I don't eat don't need to explain much. So many did, you know, we were lucky to make a sympathetic ear. Alex able the Dakota to make a sympathetic judge going to look at me music classes here to subjugate it temporary mirror rotato way. It happened late. Yeah. I'm just happy I think thanks buddy for tick-tock. Tick-Tock leave it to tick tock with the are yeah, but you and me are the dawg write like father of computer Charles Babbage. Then mother of to talk is Pari really really DVD because see the way the way I used to use the sanitizer. Then my friends used to call me like the prevention of father of like Corona. They literally teased me on that one. Okay. So anyway, even my God used to taunt on yeah this rummy game, but he left again. I've been doing used to taunt me that I don't eat Pani Puri. Okay, and then there's the I get my chance because you have no idea where that person is putting his hands again and again, very scratching. What is it doing there little is probably very important start scolding me for that. Hmm. There are so many stories like that in if you're talk about bread and all that, you know the way the crumble the floor with their feet. Oh my God. That's for effect. Yeah, and if they are sweating and they just put their like that from the that head and just start doing so I think that there were bread bad taste in command at capacity. So we know with need is detective read you. Oh my God all sets for the link it 'no longer said, what did we We don't have time nowadays. So we have two of those options. So because yeah, I hope I hope at least somewhere now Health measures are taking they have been taken in place. So yeah for things to be done in a good way. I believe that things will be happening in a good year for sure sooner or later. And that is the reason yes. Okay, Doctor me. I have to go now. Thank you for it. What is it, sir? Thank you for joining here sharing your point of views and letting us know your experiences to that's a wonderful time and I thanks a lot for being here irritated because when we were commenting now, I literally like it when people are having fun coming. Section. In fact, I'm loving this conversation because most of the people come here just have this convert conventional form with people like very formal one and Ali. I'm a human being Hold it down guys. The topic is officially and if you want to have some chitchat some casual dark then do send me requests the v8b request my attacks. And when I'm on the topic, I get requests and the discussion topic and delete is most of the times I get this sir doctor in me sir. I am feeling scared because I'm talking with you right now. I'm like guys come on take a chill pill. I'm a human being I don't have two heads. I don't have ten hands. I don't have horns on my head. I'm just talking with you. So be free about that work. Resume when you have to start a conversation and then it takes time for a few minutes. But after that male questionnaire I have I'm a confident person and but I am also I'm a human being also so that's why sometimes it happens like when I get super punches like yes, I have to talk to him and what to talk he is a celebrity and You know know who says that I'm a celebrity. I'm no celebrity and I don't believe on leaderboard. I'm coming here to deliver my content and I go to each and everyone's podcasts at the adult. Say hi to everyone and if they have the time I do a conversation with them to I never believed that I'm a celebrity. I'm never hear from Professor for a team. That's for sure open talk about bodytalk. I used it for like training other people for English and open dot f m this is a wonderful platform and I'm addicted to it. So that is the reason I'm using it even if If I'm nowhere in leaderboard, I don't have any problem with it. I'm not a celebrity. Yes, but shall I say Amy only now you can follow me. We will call me. Dr. Amy Services up to you, but don't add the server or something like that when you can call me maybe okay. So this is a thing like that. If you say somebody to certain atom even in corporate corporate sector, you have people who are 50 years old 60 years old you you call them by your there by their name. So it doesn't mean that you are not respecting them. So it's okay. I think it's better to take name. So just talk to him is a very unique and he just called me it's fine because that's a nickname given to me my by my friends because they think that I have a diplomatic solution for every problem. So they limit the doctor of that one. So I mean, yeah when someone says that I'm a big person just putting the car in front of me. For them, I definitely like to tell that our PhD or that's true. That should be that attitude attitude. You should be there in you arrogance should not be there but attitude should be there. It's seems good like sounds good. Yeah, I do believe that attitude matters and I arrogant about the things but the lately in okay. Hello it me or is that a different world now? Okay, even more now and people are changing their names to go to Aunt around and someone said that there was another doctor you need was passing bad comments on this podcast. Yes, that's good that you should have that but you should not have that like I think I am also not a kind of person people say anything afterwards. We were thinking you like you were so arrogant, but you are not so it sounds good. Me personally getting it to hamari beti to Comet Lovejoy. Yeah, that is just the identity matters. Yeah true. So okay man call leave. He could never lie deeper Mohammed Abad extender we took and I know people enjoy listening to me. I love you a lot in open talk and you're doing a wonderful job buddy. Yes. Thank you. I like talking to you. Dr. Amy miramos a doctor a meaningful time, but I need you but yeah, it will take some time other to Jackie it will take some time. Podcast and you called me but we had very less conversations over Maravich midnight interaction later when interaction happens, then it's a different thing. So, yes, okay. It's been half an hour overtime is no problems. No problem when we are having some healthy conversations and good conversation even one or is also no big deal. Yes, so guys, are you enjoying yourself? conversation People are writing some cousins Lambda by H. Hello from Morocco. Okay - hello from India. yes, it's happening sometime and we have a deterministic. Doctors are so if anybody comes to your equation. You're doing wonderful turkey. Please keep doing that. Thank you so much. Thank you so much. Okay, wonderful day. Take care, and be safe YouTuber, bye-bye. So let's have a word with the my date. Hello. Hello. Hello Anna Mae. How are you? How are you? I'm doing fantastic. Thanks for asking. Very from the my I'm calling from Bengal Orissa who you're calling from Bangalore. I was a landlord like a couple of weeks ago. I was working there. But right now I'm like magic I'm working this side because I am people five days coming around belong to odisha and you don't worry, sir. Okay. Abdul before five days and coming here in one exam because exam is post ones and only exam is postponed because of coronavirus rights to 2023 into the start of my exam because assc you post a bond angle not going there odisha all train airplane fly this top. Oh, yeah, because of Corona the these all things are happening. I can understand the situation. So now what are you doing in? My no, I'm not any cosine only papers on the government job, sir. Wow, that's good to hear. And yeah. So anyway, how long have you been using open toe? Yeah. How long have you been using open top? Today is my first person. You're falling apart persons. Are you faster met you I am talk to your pastor. Thank you. Any my in that case. You will not be forgetting me till the time you use this app because how many months how many years and job not qualifying the viola and not talk to English properly. Yeah, and then he gives me my deserve wonderful platform and there are so many good people here. Who teach Very good English. So keep to give some valuable time in this open talk and you'll be having a wonderful conversation. For sure station. Then please do share your love hit the heart button which you can see interesting column that will be motivated me to come up with some defended every single day. I love you. Yes my mind because how many days until people probably English talk during this era how many days how many months remaining for the day is great about the months. Remember if learning? Remember about learning something new and that you definitely keeping you to learn English. If you think about the days you will be always thinking about the day not about the learning. But when you think about paying you will put your effort and focus towards learning. Okay. What is S 2 is that try to talk a lot use this application or not? Try to talk a lot whenever free time because practice is what will make you perfect they might have to learn from my mistakes and you should also know so don't be scared. Interpreter. Has anyone reached Excel has Yeah, so it's okay celebrity after theme at least talk to English name because my after 3 month is July and August remember? Why is that cbi's Central Bureau of Investigation? Well, that's good. But my mind that case you have to put a lot of time in practicing again and again again and again again and again forget about other things and put your most of the time with your focus and interest in learning and definitely three months is that no time for you can easily learn it. So you have a listen. Okay, sir. How can peel the today sarcoma virus Pauli Girl Fiona? Yeah, I'm not going to outside all people are inside home. Yes, I can understand and then you might if you're new here, then please hit the hot button the share love button, which you can see on your texting column near it message column and to do follow me on open to and we'll be having a lot of conversations in upcoming taste. and anything else would you like to ask me my Sir, anything else would you like to ask? No, no. Thank you so much to my there are other colors if you allow me I'll take those calls. Okay? Thank you so much for joining with me my sir. Have a wonderful day. And we have Corona here. Let's let's talk with Corona. It's Corona time. So guys we are talking with Corona. Let's ask Cortana, huh? What is all about? Yeah, I want to say okay. I see the laser in Corona High corner. Hello, I am how are you? about me Do you welcome me or not? Yeah, as a person I welcome you as the virus. I'll kick you out. I see the numbers of put dates in one website. They says he views USA start tasting. Yeah, no, you can't recall started testing and they're trying to sample the Corona virus. Then the they're trying to decode it so that they can find an anti-virus for that. Yeah. No. No, I don't say that USA numbers of bookcases increase the by I think 20,000 it is last two days is it did it is taste but I think in India we can see the proper testing started now. Yes in India. It's like only 56 centers. They're testing and the number of testing centers have been increased from time to time. Yeah, India's do taking the initiative but it is real as you said it is a bit less. It's fun listening to the water in the tank. You safe. I think hello. Yeah, I think India need the minimum 1/4 testing because of I think in Maharashtra, I am also living in Marsha. Hello, I'm listening. I'm listening. Yes, this is do you hear about the pony? This is up there. Yes. Yes. I just went to the new scrolling so not in depth. But yes one person in positive patient, they came into our village. Okay, and they stay here around 3 days. They have positive they run from the hospital. Okay, but police came here and took them whose colicchio Hospital military for the thermoelectric Village me testimony that is right. That is right. So the prevention Yeah, that is also right because he is the convent has to take the initiative of awareness and and the testing to so in that case that the number of testing centers has to be increased as you said: o that's true as I think we will explore what we say population is around it 15,000. So in that case, it should be having at least a 50 to 80 research centers and the testing centers and all. No, I think they have to say in the minimum 500 doctor to the one on two days. I will raise it fully lockdown. Hmm. We cannot work outside the home also. See a score on award steps can be taken to kick a kick out it. Horace and regularly what we can say that's why I am changing my name and I want to spread the awareness of for that. Yeah, that's a wonderful dog trying to what we can say. Guys, give a big hand for Corona the way he changes. Hello. Hello. Hello. Hello. Do you hear me? I want to lots of will indeed like Villages lots of people notice. Oh my God. What is it guys? What is it? Let's have a word with her sanella. If you're looking for Solace, you believe if you're looking for solid Christian music. I have seen how you repay me. I'm fine. What about you? I'm doing fantastic as usual. Thanks for asking. Yeah, and I hope you brought a few minutes ago. I joy and yeah, thank you in person ask you about English always, you know, people asked always the same questions because mostly people use open top and bodytalk just for English and you know, I feel that if we lack in confidence, so if we know English we can speak but we forget whole sentences when Whenever 10 is come to use this but I think that both are important thing and you said very well that talk a lot and don't count the don't count the days and months. You know, he asked you that how many days to I can learn in how many days you know here like me Center that we can train you in 15 days in one month. You can speak for / English so that you had you know about that type of language. Enters. Yes. Anyway. Yeah. So what do you say that if your schooling was not good if you are basic was is not good. So how much should we can improve overall because you know basic is also very important thing Houston allow. What do you think about my English? Yeah, yeah, you are tenacious. Okay, very well and that's why you see some maybe you you are so popular and you know what one person said that I downloaded yet and you are the first one which I am talking to you. So that's a maybe that's why that your brought you know on the top first brought when we open that open this app. So you believe that my English is somewhat bored, okay. One thing when I was doing my schooling, it was an English medium school and my teachers used to speak in. Hello. Okay, and my friends used to talk Telugu and even our Essence will explain of the okay. Now tell me that schooling in English was not a good start for me to learn English. It was initiative which after my schooling and then I put some time learning English IIT took some time for me to get a hold on to English that then start speaking again and again with mistakes and people often get me making fun of me for speaking English, but still Okay, but depends upon how much focus and Industry are putting into learning something new not just English language. It could be like anything. And how did you build your confidence? I didn't I didn't get your point. Like how do you build your confidence? That means talk like a just like a expert broadcast. Are you talk in very your organization in flow? You know, that's just like a host. Okay listeners. Are you all listening my show that type of you know, so how you maintain? How did you learn this thing? You have any? Yeah, I would like to share one incident in my life, which happened was when I was in 7th Standard. And there is some competition going on in library. Okay, a just couple of minutes. I'll let me have a word with her sanella. I'll definitely have a word with safe and you do too. So what happened at that was like a My teacher asked me to deliver a speech at that place in library competitions and all the schools from around our town they're coming there and they gave me a book of like 10 standard and it was like what unity in diversity? Okay, and you know, what did I do and that two days I didn't attend a single. Eagle class and I was naturally reading it again and again again and again again and again and when the time for speech came when I went there, I was so nervous. I was not able to speak. Okay before me I saw that some students from Telugu medium. They are like speaking it in a very easy way like if it is properly conversation, but when I started the petition and the Hand thing which I Was preparing for two days, I was only able to deliver 1/4 of that the intersection of European deliver diversity. Okay. Okay. I was so sure that oh my God. I'm doomed. I'm not going to win this competition. So after some time in the Region's came up, they say that Muhammad Imran lost moon is the first so short on that one. So but what happened to my teacher and ask that ma'am, I prepared it for two days, but I was only able to deliver one port of that one then brow. How did I been in the only thing was they say she said was that you put your time and effort into learning that do you forgot many things about It the effort and the time the focus you put into it. That is what made you win. So whatever it may be keep practicing and keep learning and eventually it will bring you the success knowingly or unknowingly. Mmm. That means the things we just in my mind and that is the thing which keeps me going. Okay, tell me honestly that whenever I talk with you, so what do you feel mostly which mistakes I do in graphical mistakes in you know, if you're listening if you're even listening to me from the beginning, I never point out anyone for any of their mistakes. They know what I am asking just honest opinion did so yeah, that's me. I never want any mistakes, but I've only since one thing at that practice or not. You're doing a wonderful job and you cannot practice or not. Tell everyone that is the way the same thing if I'd be telling you and that is the thing which I'm doing to I'm to practicing a lot and mrs. Ben. But if you point a particular musical particular time, then we will be diverting towards the mistake but not towards the conversation. So I don't want my focus of the conversation just because they have some mistakes in the grammatical may be like, oh cabinet, whatever these. I never wanted the mistake focus more efficient. I learned just threw a listening. I don't know about grammar. I never went a any formal school, you know? Yes, I lied just because I'm 27 so fun listening to doctor. Thank you Vic run Jesus name. Yeah, so I learned just because of through listening, but I was listening not for a learning. Shad was listening as the cause of a noose and grandparents, you know that I am interested in all these things. So that's why I learn but I don't know about Instagram when it comes to learning English. I literally used to watch all the English movies with subtitles. Okay, and I forget it. We I'm keep on repeating the dialog so long with the subtitles, even if I don't know the meaning of the words the sentences the seam the scenario I used to do that a lot because it is it helped me to flexible eyes my tongue. And to repeat those words and that's what I keep practicing and it will be helping you lot and there are a ton of methods easy materials to learn and practice English and it is very easy when it comes to like learning English is easy. If you are leaving really loving the English they're learning is very easy. If you're learning for the sake of something in trust me, it will be tough. Yeah when I was a kid, so my elder sister was joining an English Language Center, and they always said to That sit with me and learn practiced and so one day I joined her and you know, she taught me different tenses as right feel so poor and after this I'll never join the snow and I was not interested to learn English language not much, you know, but because we lose interest when we feel that we're not doing okay or good in it. It happens. It happens, but once we understand that, okay, this is just the initiation. I don't know about it. That is the reason I'm not good at it. Then you start working towards it and sooner or later. You will find yourself doing good in that work. Okay, when and long time ago when I didn't speak just like this, but when I I was listening to any new anything and I heard so I understand that what he or she saying how because on that time I had no idea about this. Which and I was not not much expert or not much, you know familiar, but I was understand that what they're telling us what they're seeing. So how how is this? So first of all see consciously or subconsciously we have this tendency of understanding and learning things and it happens when we are looking forward towards learning something new and when it comes to English, like when I had this focus of learning English, I used to read the Billboards all around the city where I was driving through the Metros. Okay, so constant practice consciously and subconsciously will be helping you to hinder the skills, which are inside you about the language. You should accept the English as a language not as a subject then it is easy. Okay, okay. Okay interesting. Yeah, when we take also this just like a any language so English is also a language so it's okay. Yeah, and you know what when we speak native speakers, so they said that they always say that your English is very good because we can't speak Hindi or we do but you speak our language very well. So that's a very encouraging thing, which I've not do those things. We find interesting and Control of it as also should be encouraging because yeah that will make us remind that we have to learn a lot and yeah has named there are two more people waiting for our call with me. Thank you so much for joining with me to hit the hot button share your name. Thank you so much for joining with me. So, let's see who's next on the qualities safe. Then we have jungle. And anyway, it's about to end the podcast too. The network is bit slow. I think so. Yeah. Okay, guys, it's about my time to end the podcast. And I thank you so much for joining with me. And let's have a word with Saif before we end the podcast. And then I'll be having a word with jungle. Hello. Well, sir, how are you, sir? Hi chef. How are you? I'm good. How are you, sir? I'm doing fantastic and I'm doing good, sir. And I of course had been firmly listening you your part because so far so first. Yeah, it's very nice to meet you. Finally. Thank you. Thank you so much safe and the jungle, please wait a couple of minutes. I let me have a word with safe and guys. I really would like to apologize to you because I have to give the time to all my listeners that they can clearly clarify all their issues. So please don't mind. I'm not the person who makes my listeners wait, so please cope with me and sorry for Can you advise? Too short. I didn't saw your request there. I'm really sorry for that. So safe. Yeah, please. Yes, sir. Yes, sir. Please ask me sir. Because there are apps AR Ambit of scattered to ask you first. Curry asked me some questions that I will give them. Yeah, definitely definitely safe. But before we get into any conversation, let me tell you one thing. Stop calling me sir. You can call me me. No, no, that's okay. That's okay, sir. I don't find any actually like like, you know drawn here actually know so yeah as opposed to taking with the teacher, of course. Or so and I have been learning lots of things from you. So first you were so sad sir. It's a safe. So tell me about yourself. I'm student. I'm studying like BBA at University. So in Bangladesh actually so Bangladesh like parent. Yeah, I'm from Bangladesh. Actually. I'm sorry grunting back. I'm from Cersei. I'm from Silhouettes are actually silat. Do you know it is very strong part to shop and we are very close to us. I'm actually too and I'm really seeing it. Yes, sir. Wow, that's interesting. Do you know about you the gong? Yeah, of course. I know but you don't need is our like Financial capital of Bangladesh. Yeah, hi John. Oh, yeah, because the person with whom I'm in love it. She's from Bangladesh. Yeah, that is that is the reason we never used to listening to your yeah. So whenever I get about Bangladesh I get excited that is a reason and how long have been using open talks f For a couple of bitzer last couple of days actually, I don't know. How are you and your breakfast? Okay. So Chef tell me one thing. How do you find this app useful at it like what extent? Okay, like closer like from like BBC and CNN those apps are in a very like native speaker. So they are there speak so fast Lionel sometimes yeah this big very good, but they are not actually like us but if whenever I have found when But I found it online then I have found lots of like accents very similar to me. So I feel like where are they? Where are they from? So finally and then I later I have come to know that yeah, they are come from India Bangladesh Pakistan sir from from this perspective. I found this at very helpful to me because I can understand them and I can actually feel yeah, they are like pretty similar to us. Of course. Let's have fun with them actually. Okay, and how do You think that this app is? Telephone father's to like a what do you think from your perspective? You have been using it from today's right? So what do you feel that how this app will be helpful in future too. Like every University students college students should be using this app in terms of you instead of like Facebook or some sort of like Tick-Tock or something about because they can't find anything on there actually, but if they come here, then there are so many things that they can help they can learn and they have learned and they had taught lots of things by lots of speakers and now they have been Spears there have been actual addressing the matter so easily and so like like it spontaneously so it is really helpful to others and a first from for South Asian students actually. Yeah, definitely say that's a wonderful Point put here by save guys. So make sure that you make the best out of this application and there are so many good people here who will be layer letting you their hand or to learn many things in English in some other aspects to so make sure that you make the best out of this application while you're having this one. And I'm really addicted to this application and I really admired the abuse that put forward by safe. Thank you so much, sir for your point of view and I hope you are yeah. I hope you have followed the proportions and awareness towards coronavirus with with respect sir. Thank you so much for talking to us everybody. Yeah. Thank you Steve. Thank you so much for having a board with me. I really like it and safe to follow you and open up and do hit the hot button and show your love it. Thank you so much and do kind with me some other time. Let's have a word some other times, too. I will sir the correct. I will sir. First a caretaker said be safe. Goodbye. Yeah. Bye. Let's have a word with jungle. Hello, how are you? Yeah, I'm fine, sir. How about you I'm doing fantastic. Junkie. Thank you so much for asking and John Deere. I'm a I would like to apologize you to keep you on wait, but as I said, I have to give the time to all the listeners. So please don't mind. No sir. I am getting your conversations. I am lucky to talk video right now. And first thing that's a by my friend request. I have installed this app before some days ago. So hopefully I'm getting so much. Thanks, and you are my second bomber that I am going through video conversation. So really said, I love your English. I love your English sir. I'm a big seek to learning of English. So I found so many things from your conversations and out of there. So many guys they will talk to you so firstly I understand myself lucky to talk to video. Oh, thank you. Thank you. Thank you, that means a lot to me and I really appreciate it and I can see that it has written. It has been written as a keep struggling. Yeah, that's it. That's something Interesting. I've been looking at it again. And again keep struggling. I'm like, that's that's what motivates us to keep going. That's wonderful. That's really wonderful exactly sir. And firstly sir. I am not jahangir. You can call me junge. Did Jung did not Jeong you sir? Okay jungle jungle jungle the persons who belong from Carpenter family. Generally we use graston and Jung did so sometimes I'll write J and GID sometime I lie, right Jael gir, so not jungle Jagged, please. I'm sorry for that one. Okay, John. Hey, it's okay. Is that it's okay. So I want to ask you something else sir. Yeah, please I have so many - I have so many idea in my mind, but I have get I have hesitated to throughout them during my school with my friends anything else so firstly additionally about to tell you that I am a teacher and from last year. I'm teaching in a CBC school. So I have so many ideas to share with my students but where I going through with them in publicly, I Get so many problem and get hesitate and I skip my all idea. So so tell tell me please how I'm get rid of that kind of situation please sir. Let me tell you one thing the very simple example that you should take an initiation towards your idea. Why am I saying this even before WhatsApp? There was Blackberry? Okay, okay. Okay, even before what they were and there was messaging apps and that doesn't mean that idea has to be put down just because it was previously initiated by someone maybe your idea of the same. Kaijin Ray might be bringing some different change the same might have it sold in the market because the way you can put the idea in a different way is only the thing which you can do. Yeah. I know because of that one if anyone is saying that dude that idea is already there doesn't mean that you should stop or quit your idea. Okay have hola like maybe have Uber to isn't it? Yeah, actually even though a now, we have some electric bikes rental services see ideas might be similar but the approach towards a market and initiation is completely different you might be bringing a change when compared to the same idea brought by some other companies exactly, sir. Which would always have a positive thought towards our ideas and our bodies the change that you are going to bring in the society by applying your ideas and you should take an initiation because when it comes to initiation, we don't know the final result until and unless unless we do that exactly sir. So you don't have to call me sir. You can call me Amy. Yeah, you don't have to call me sir. You can call the Emmy. Okay, sir? Okay, I will call a doctor Amy. No problems are ha ha. Yeah, it's okay. So I've been I also have a girl to look like for teacher for like a couple of years once I was in university then I was in school and recently. I was working in the 21st century development skill company there. I used to teach that you teachers regarding 21st century skills. Okay. Okay. I just going through your conversation more abstract or of guy who asked you about your first say experience and were of there is a space that you could not deliver them. So same thing happened with me. I'm a teacher some time. There is a topic we have to speak front of the students a that's why I got problem that I could not share anything else. So so this is the main thing set of but I prepare very well at home. Just been a time I speak in front of mirror, but and the exact time I sleep everything and I got hesitate this is the Think how can I get rid of so yes, let you down thank mirror practice is a wonderful practice. I am doing that from like three years now and I'm still doing it every single day. Oh great, sir. Yeah and it helps you a lot. You're not exactly. Yeah exactly. It helped me a lot sir. And when it comes to like forgetting things while delivering a let me tell you one thing you have to do this mind practice. You have to think in English. So it's not doing this one start doing this and I know you will know you are commuting then we are. Traveling when you having some free time start to think in English Okay, okay. Okay, and that will give you a brainer initiation of thinking English by a while you're speaking so you will not have to look for the words or the sentences because you are training your brain already to think in English. So it will be fall for you. Okay? Okay, so I want to add one thing L sir. Yes. Additionally. I am a student of in the medium and I never been any kind of good tutor of English and I learn ABCD when I was in 5th standard. Island book reading very diverse extended so till 12th, I will be regular student of my life. And after that there is some bad condition is my life. So I have to get my study and I will can come this almost six year after that. I complete my BSC as an oncologist went after that beard and I'm thinking about for MSC for correspondent. So I think that yeah I can I can and I can be a good speaker of English. So this is the main thing that in in my that academic I could not find a good teacher that could teach me good pronunciation. How to teach how to speak the words so I feel if I felt so many problem that talking to be the name one in my school and during my chapter during my jacket, let me take a moment to appreciate you the things which you said about you. They literally show the tagline which you have keep struggling and you're struggling and you're doing a wonderful job you're a person of inspiration and you're really doing multiple job and there with the way you're putting efforts towards learning English and appeal. That you will be having massive success in learning. That's for sure sir. Thanks a lot. And additionally I am a big fan of cricket game. And then I whenever I shall sir, please give a time, please. It's my lucky time that I'm talking to the great person. So please take time with me, please and have you aboard not any the conversation? Okay. Thanks a lot, sir. And when I was in 6th ended and there is a there is no a TV in my home also in my Society also, so in since childhood. We will we will listen the running commentary of the radio so that time the three or in Hindi three or in English. So when the English is come my friends which of the radios and they went here and there after coming in Hindi they will or and they try to understand but since my childhood I running I listened running commentary of the radio, so it helps me much but today I can understand everything to neglect abuse registry and English speaker of when they speak during presentation. So yeah. I think that the help me much but today by getting your conversation, so I'm really lucky that I am talking to you right now that I am able to talk to you and you are able to understand me jacket AC p-- you already had this park in your life from the childhood itself about learning English. That is the reason when your friends turn off the radio, you are the person who yeah turn on and listen to the English conversation and the jungle. Let me tell you one thing. There are only seven minutes left and after that it will be automatically disconnected. I don't know why but other podcast is get three hours of time and I get only two hours of time. It's an automatic voice. Okay good, sir said I have a poem about the Corona virus in Hindi. Can I explain this? Sure sure. Definitely you say it's for another time. So definitely have to it's not my words but I get through from my friend's Facebook post. So please listen it's okay. It's okay, honey. Jackie bodies say, okay, sir. Okay good a stroke. Is he might? You'd get algorithm guy and keep a new cake a mouse a Amira gareeb Hindu Muslim and Hindu style Pakistan Mandarin. Mysteriously has an idiom mole Hotel bizarre cooper cooper thermometer gun, missile tank sadek. Matobo Naga. Monthly Bond charge bond that must have been maybe - man. Thank you, sir. Jacket, that was awesome. That was really awesome. Yeah. Thank you so much, sir. So when I get a chance and next time to talk to with you, sir. Yeah whenever I'm like we can just come on have a word with me. Okay. Thanks a lot, sir, and thanks a lot to talk with me and I'm really appreciate your words and thanks a lot to give me time sir. And you can join get ya is appreciating your words to thanks a lot, sir. Thank you guys. Thank you so much for joining with me here. So this will be the end of the podcast and yep. Okay, sir. Thanks a lot. Thanks a lot. Have a good day. You have a good day too, which I get. Thank you. Thanks a lot. Yeah. So guys this is the end of the topic and I'm not using some hands-free so it's okay guys and I'll be getting back to you by today evening 8:00 p.m. I'll be having one more podcast. So do join me there and I love you all. Take care. See you. Have a wonderful day signing off sayonara. Dr. Amy.