Yes, talk to through your jabong journey. How did this happen post? So when I was doing my MBA, I was very clear that I want to do something which is more entrepreneurial something of my own or something, which is more exciting. So I decided so in when you are an MBA you go for the best jobs, right and the best option either investment banks or top consult forms like Mckinsey BCG in terms of payment now they've in terms of pay and respect that you come out right, of course, investment banks are much higher paid than consulting firms. So I decided to apply and only three companies apply to leave aside get shortlist and then people thought they were more than 300 companies coming to campus and people thought I was being stupid. I am only applying in three companies and I didn't even apply to any of the investment banks though even I had a very good CV and a very good profile but people thought I was making a mistake that what if I don't get shortlist by these three companies or don't get through the interview process of any of these three companies then what would I do and I was so clear that I didn't want to go to an investment bank job. Because I thought I will not learn the kind of skills that i wanted in life. If I go to consulting I could work in different domains different areas different geographies different companies and then overall exposure would be much better. So apply to McKinsey BCG by first orientation was BCG got through. My second job interview is Mckinsey got through decided to join Mckinsey, and I was there at for five years. I worked in India southeast Asia Africa and work across different domains, but in McKinsey they were two things which always I was very conscious about one that I was not there Mckinsey this a great place, but I knew that this is not the place for me from a long term perspective. I was there to learn for few years and then do something more exciting in life second. I want to do something in tech space and working in core tech space in a consulting environment is relatively little tougher. So 5 at Mckinsey I decided that the I want to do something else in life something in technology space. So that's when I left. A big just a hope and a dream that I've always something in tech. That was only and I could see companies great companies like Facebook Google many other companies around as changing the world and I thought I want to serve these kind of companies are want to do something in tech rather than doing something which is more traditional nature. That's what consulting companies typically tend to do. So the only in was tech, which year was this, this is 2011 end okay 2011 end. Okay, and I was trying to figure out what to do in tech. Mhm. And around, the same time jabong was started and one of my friends was a co-founder over there was incubated by rocket. Mhm. And then this guy reach out to me saying he want do something in tech. We want to start a tech company for selling fashion products online and I thought it was a stupid idea. That was when he reached out to me. He said hey I want to do as a co-founder. I saw my first reaction to him was this is this will never work out hmm who goes and buys clothes and shoes online the way to buy shoes and closes you go to a nearby shop you tried. them out in then you buy them and I said this is a horrible idea of we should not be doing this and we kept debating for some time just two of you and there was another third co-founder and then rock it guys one and one. Okay, and we kept debating and I'd said this is just doesn't make sense and but they were determined and finally they were able to convince me this may work because I used to think that only brought that people will buy online at things like media CDs at the program CDs and DVDs books. All these things make sense, maybe electronics, which you don't need to touch and feel but anything that is you've got to touch and feel does not make sense for online and they were able to convince me at least trying it out. So then we started Jabong and I was pleasantly surprised that a lot of people are willing to purchase and choose their clothes online. We had gone 2,000 orders a day. Then we are going to 10,000 orders a day and we would just exploding exponentially. And for me the biggest surprise, even a bigger surprise than people coming online and buying shoes and clothes online was the fact that more than 60 70 % of people were using their mobile phones. This is 12:30 when they were no smartphones like today smartphones were small smartphones with 2 inch 3 inch screen like Nokia and 72 Nokia n97. Those were called as smartphones here. You would not even call them as a feature phone, but those were called smartphones in that era and people were using those kinds of phones. open a desktop site on the small screen and then purchasing from there and we do not have a mobile shop mobile app or a mobile web site. And that was mind-boggling for me saying 65% -70% of people opening a desktop side of a small 2 inch screen and then making a purchase from there and that made me believe that India is a very different country when it comes to western world compared to western world or China where people went from not being online to a desktop to a laptop to a phone and smartphone. Most of the means like my dad my aunt. They have never used a desktop or laptop. The only way for them to access internet has been a smartphone. Yeah. And for me that was probably the pivoting point when I thought of something in smartphone is my career option, correct, but you talk more about jabong. It was a great journey. I was a co-founder for about two years and we at some point of time. We always one of the top two along with Myntra. Yeah neck to neck with them some months. We believe you would be bigger than them, but it was great fun. Yeah. I actually believe we proved ourselves wrong at least myself wrong that people can actually buy clothes in many of these categories both high volume categories on it if you'd call me then I will told him as my wife always on the phone.