What do you like to give three advices to Young Founders on how to deliver excellence in their business or it's a long list? I think every founder is different. So I think it's very difficult to say that this these three advices which is one size fit all and I probably have already mentioned this in the last 20 25 minutes of talking. I think number one, of course is identify the problem that you're trying to solve and focus on that don't Don't worry about competition don't be reactive toward competition is doing be reactive to what your customers are telling you to be customer Centric for sure. But we're very focused on on being knowing what is the problem they try to solve for and build the business around that don't become an entrepreneur. If you want to be rich, you know wealth creation should be an outcome of your effort not the objective of that effort itself. I think the Thing is you're not going to succeed immediately entrepreneurship is is a marathon Race consisting of multiple hundred meter dash has and sometimes you're going to run fast and strong and sometimes you're not going to run fast and strong and that's all right be prepared to having a couple of near-death experiences from the business point of view. I don't think I've come across a single company that's been able to grow. Grow in a linear fashion month on month quarter on quarter year on year. You're going to run out of cash. That's why it's important to have the right investors who believe in you and keep funding your dreams and Ambitions. So never ever give up. You'll probably get it right on the second or third cohort and of course at the end of the day enjoy the journey stressful. It's painful. It's you're going to make a lot of sacrifices. But if you're able to achieve that it's What did the end of the day and to summarize our discussion or conversation? What habits have helped you succeed what mindset has helped you succeed in your life of you know habits keep coming and going I think ultimately the few things that I've realized is you can't be good at everything. So it's important to surround yourself by people smarter than you and delegate and let them do things that they specialize in or at better are better at so I think that's a very important lesson in life. I don't believe in trying to get involved in every single decision making a process. Sometimes people feel that I'm a little too hands of but what I feel is if to work as a team, everybody has to play an important role same in in the way, you know startups operate if you have people trying to do everything you're going to fail in life. So that's an important quality. But also, I think I like to in my mind come in the morning and I have a few things that I need to tackle on an urgent basis and focus on getting those done throughout the Lots of the day even though it's difficult is always things happening, but you got to sort of channelize your energies and blank out all the noise that's there and focus on and prioritizing things which are important get them done as fast as you can those are pretty much important lessons in life things, which I live by amongst many others. Thank you Conan for this authentic and engaging discussions been my pleasure.