Will it going to tell you how you can learn English with passion and with confidence sweat? So if you want to learn English with passion and full of confidence in yourself, so you have to be clear with one vision. And that is that why you want to learn English and if you are clear with all the ideas and with all the aspects of your potions and the mindset you will be able to speak as you want to speak. Right? So in this podcast, we will be talking about the season the consequences and all the pics of English speaker and what all you want to know. What all you want to know in order to speak with confidence and learn with passion so would this mean when I say that a learning English with passion what this mean passion is means that you are attached or cake by some forces of external motivation. So internal motivation some kind of holds it could be internal or external but what exactly mean is you must have something to move on on something that is taking you to in forcing you to move on and that is what a passion is. And if you are learning English with the purpose that that's there's something that you want to learn and you want to get all the things done with a complete deadline you have so with these things and thoughts and vision you will be able to achieve the Target that you want you right? So if you are learning English with a passport without some kind of reason that if you want to learn a professional English just meant for the Asian purpose of what is the level of English that you want to learn you have to first of all justify that. If you want to justify your English, you have to be sure that what kind of English you want to learn. If you justify that sequence then then then you will be able to understand that how much you have to put yourself in work and how much you have to learn and how much you have to work in all the aspect area that you want that you were willing to overcome with or increase your performance with time, right? So These are related to passion and what I if I talk about conflicts how you can unconference an English values p is the misery Italy it is one basic thing that you can do in order to achieve a confidence level as high as you want. So this one basic thing in that is a practice practice with yourself. You can do a practice with in front of those people who does not inspire you to speak more because those people with downgrade the quality you of your speech downgrade the quality of vision thought and Visionary Vision that you are taking towards your life goals and success. You have to be said to lose mindset and to be involved with those people who inspire you to speak and if you are not surrounded with those people leave the gang leave the group leave the complete State and isolate yourself till that time. Then you achieve the target till do That time when you achieve the target after that have maintained a steady performance in your passion in your areas in which you are practicing if you talk about English confidence how you can build a confidence in English while you speak and anything that you must have include come a few commanding grammar. If you don't have a commanding comments a lot of brick problem. So you must have a complete control in vocabulary word power and its way of expression. Isn't that how you express yourself in front of the people? You must have a clear idea of expressing yourself in front of people because if you know how to start a conversation you shouldn't be very careful with how you can end a conversation. Right? So if you know how beautifully you can start you that much beautifully you can end to so what's the most important thing in a conversation is to start right emotional conversation land in between. Less than one minute. So you have two very clear with the thoughts and vision that you must have at least frame those kind of questions. That does not arise. Yes. No or some true/false question, right? So you must ask something. That's do Italy create a sentence in response. Like if you are staying with a person you can ask him or her if he if he or she is a stranger you can ask them. If you want to talk to them. You can ask. What's your name? And where you live not just Like whether you like Shakespeare this and that because that will end our too low, right? So you have to understand this type of concept and I will be talking a lot more in this type of concept and a scenario that going to learn in your life. So if you want to improve the all aspects and areas apply, whether it could be English if there could be a passion it could be modeling or it could be a business areas industrial areas any kind of startup. You want to learn so follow Wiki creator. We will be providing each and every documents that you want to require in your life. So if you want all that all those things, so I appreciate all that so as you teach has want to join us. So let's see what she speak. Hello. Thank you for calling out the tea. Yeah. Hi. Good morning. Hi, good morning. So, how are you? I'm good. And what about you awesome to you? So what's the question before you what you want? We should actually is also person. Just ask her. I mean without Jesus you just talk English without grammar error you continuously talk to any weirder confidently so I can't I'm letting is a Hindi and Bengali also, okay, but just think about this for like a my past background just only in the middle school. So whatever I could only Hindi medium so now it becomes second here. I'm taken to find the stuff first thing your Hostess goes from Franklin. So in this is a very me because why not learn English and if I don't know English, so I will not survive in my career. So that's why I just learn more Oh My English language. So like I also feel just a grammar issue. I also pulled I also make lots of Mystic in my craw meticulous mistake. So for like where I put as we are putting years where put good shrewd and could so this type of problem. I also face. I also stood up on subtle in my dukedom articles and nothing else and second problem. I learn lots of new words, but those words I never use in my conversation. So this drug problem so phase for my learn English and Today, I just travel to talk about really quickly calmly for like you so definitely I will go from an interview. Thank you for your question at the deal. Let me clear one thing and that is you have taken initiative and you have taken action in your life. Right? So you have started learning and this is what our most important pattern to initiate something because most of the people fail to initiate and to take action regarding what they don't know and how you want to proceed. And I'm very happy to know that you have a clear idea and vision and thought that why you want to learn something, right and you have the clear-eyed that is way more important in order to learn something because you have something Direction you have some path to follow, right? Yeah absolute right to know whether I can you simplify the facts and simplify your question that were you want to know. I actually know I already tell you I mean I have I want to just use a just How I Learned My English without grammar because obviously with the for like I also didn't mind my grammar tickle section and of course call I make lots of I mean Hindi translate and Hindi doing so let me tell you one thing that if you want to speak if you even don't know grammar exactly what it's all and then also you want to speak a fluent English then you have to do one thing you are used to know how to express a word Or sentence, right? So if you don't know this you can learn from YouTube videos that how people American people are framing this intense. You can facial mean a lot while you speak when you when you start arranging the sentence in beautiful order. You will not be carrying the programmers. Okay? Okay. Do you have to free a word in beautiful way? What do you mean you are? Hello. Yeah, I'm able from your voice. So I will speaking whenever you do Express something whenever you speak something. So you loved a lot you love the way you are speaking because when you do that you've done automatically will be arranging the order. What is the grammar grammar is the way to connect each words into each other so that they can frame a complete proper sentence right now. Yeah, it's all these things. You have to express your with all the word power with all the vocabulary. You have some it's not a big deal. Just you have to defy. You have to express the complete sentence in a beautiful manner in a in a proper way, so that it so it doesn't mean if it's okay. Okay now Scandal started last five months or more and more practice practice for like Reading Writing watching speaking. So this all all just way I just accept and just like doing continuously, but I just I also just feel - is not increase. It's a just little bit stop so Daft, I am also also feel dull. So that's why I just talk to you and I just asking you okay, so can I know that what purpose you want to learn English and which profession you are in? Actually, I'm a student becomes second ear and Ampersand airhostess goes from Franklin and I want to air hostess my future just to I 2 1 2 2 2 months. I will go for my arrows to the interview. So that's why I just want affluent thing is for like you. Okay, that's good. That's good as it is. So you have to be very clear with one thing and that is whether you want to learn an American accent or Buddhist or any kind of the way you want to speak right you have opposed to will justify because you have the basic knowledge. I can see to have the basic knowledge. So you absolutely above the basic right? So you have to acquire all those things that need to be patient. What yeah. Yeah right now actually I know basic language. That's why I'm talk to you. I just talked to any conversation any topic anything. So nowadays. I just want advanced level English the intermediate English. Then I will be able to just go for my cabin crew interview. So you have to first of all clarify that now what are the basic need and criteria that you Kevin crew or the Proficient you want to pursue that ask for you, right? Uh-huh. Yeah, don't you know that all the respect in the areas on the question level and the competition level. I simplify if I simplified it to English level that how much English they want you to know because you're joining as a cab cabin crew member or any kind of that conversation between the passenger and you right? Yeah, absolutely, right? With all the dreams you have to be very clear with mindset that whether they required American accent or they are fine with or this thing, but they require confidence absolutes right definitely see or watch the interviews. So that will give you a lot information about it. Yeah, definitely sure the things with all this purpose you want to follow like don't learn much because knowing much of it is not going to help you anyway. - right I know very well because I have a used confidence because I'm a cab driver. I'm drive my cab in all Kolkata. So I am everyday regular basic. I just pasted lots of Passenger for rude arrogant stubborn polite. They talk very rudely badly abused Lee impolitely so regular basic. I just faced lots of Passenger through my cap. I drive I drive my cabin all the street all Kolkata. So I whose confidence I've already courage. That's why I just want to Aerospace and whatever I say very confidently. I know I make lots of Mechanistic in my converter. I know very well but definitely that but I never think about this whatever I say, I just speak confidently, that's really good and you are doing a great job as a salute your work and the passion and the dedication you want you are falling in your life because there are lots of people in there. If and if you are some kind of motivation for all the guys who are not even doing anything and just thinking about the work to do. Time pass for like they just had money expelled for Mom dad's so obviously, right. Lovely, it's lovely talking to you at the I really am glad that you are here to speak with me. Okay? Thank you. So Kyle. Could you tell me I'm in which type of requirement I am because obviously I'm already tell you after two months. I will go for my cabin crew interview. So now it is what I want. I mean which typing is I want if you obviously are just 15 minutes before ten minutes I talk to you so you obviously just notice my English, so please tell me which time what is the differences in talking or speaking or learning is that there's a difference like if you're talking to me, there's a difference and Fire. The confidence you have to build that and how you can build that you get you have to practice a lot and how you can practice a lot you have to practice the word power and you have to speak in those area winner. Yeah, right you have interest because if you don't speak in those areas, which you don't have interest you will fall somewhere. Absolutely, right absolutely right to think very clearly that if you interview your city. Clear Point and within that why you want to join this and how do you think it was? And all you see yourself the next I use to complete your service all this question with unique words in skills. They're not there to judge you examples they are all that is needed to be a cabin crew member. So remember okay. Yeah. It may be a confidence. It may be your dedication. It may be your passion and Dave maybe must one thing. That you visit your movement. Why would I join us? Yeah, absolutely, right you are clear with all the things and you are eligible for cabin crew. Yeah, and if you are clear with all the thoughts and vision, but how you want to answer and how you are going to answer all this question in front of them whether you see but you have to be very clear with one thing that you The plane to others what a bloody word. Absolutely, right? Absolutely. They don't want to they don't want you just use new words and you just make new words and you just have to just answer those questions in most of the simple way even try a simpler even not imagine this kind of answered. I can free me happy in that case. You have two different you have to defend my answer always be whatever I am doing. Anybody don't anybody not do this type. It's not possible. Hmm any girls Look how pretty you are as I can see you are doing a great job, but the way you speak and the way you are going to stick interview both will depend Rusty depend if you have kissed interview earlier, you know what I'm speaking, right? Yeah. I absolutely have to be very clear with the thought that how you going to represent yourself in there and you have to dress according to that and you have to talk in that way. You can watch their lots a lots of video out there and YouTube where you can learn Learn that how the cabin crew members used to speak it is you had it earlier. So you will must hit when I when you get in Google in this cabin. Yeah, right you and you will be going to be one of them. If you really command over your thoughts and within that all the areas you can stir it. It's not a big deal, but if you tried will Yeah, absolutely, right? Absolutely, right? Okay, then thank you so much. Okay. This is a lot for talking to me. See you had a lovely visit and wow. That's really good. Thank you. Okay. Okay. Have a good day. So this was a story of a lady who wants to be a cabin crew member and if you don't know, what is this so you can just Google it and you get to know all the details that what are the flights and what are the things that are necessary for being a cavern floor the captain in a flight. So with all this thing, I would like to end this podcast series and I really congratulate who all the people who are listening this poem. Record cousin getting acquired with all the knowledge and skill set, whatever they know and whatever they need in their life. So with all that I would like to end this podcast and this do like my podcast is for really enjoyed it and comment so that it can really motivate me to speak more and secondly the most things you can follow me. Just click on my profile Wiki created and you can follow me there and if you want to talk to me, you can request a call just from a my profile and just with after that you follow me. You can request me a call so that we can talk personally. So with all That okay. Okay, let's it's a last call I going to receive it's about sad. Hello. Hello. Hello. Thank you for calling sad. I just are you there? Hello. Hello. Hello. Hello. Okay, your voice is not clear that what you want to ask. I just want to ask you. Can you tell me it's about learning English how to read by develop over language skill English. Can you help me? Can you repeat your question? I didn't able to hear it. I said that I just want to call you for one reason. Hello. You can tell me how to improve my English language. So you want to improve your English right? Yes. Can you tell me some ways from which I can get benefit? So, okay. You want a strategy and the ways that that you can improve your English, right? That's great. That's great. So, let me tell you sad if you want to learn English if you want to learn English, so you have to be very clear with the things that how you want to learn and what are the things that are the purpose that you are willing to learn like if you want to learn in the professional because they because there's a lot of ways you can learn English right? It's a language is not a big deal to learn it. But the reason is you are not grown up and you must do with do something with a purpose and if you do without a purpose you will you will not be able to learn anything. So you have to be very clear with the mindset that if you learn you if you want to learn English, you will be applying English in somewhere in your life are there it could be educational field or in a professional case if you want to apply for a job if you want to do something in your life you have to use and utilize this. Language in your life so that you can that could motivate you a lot in order to learn something. I just want to say that speaking English. Some people said that only speaking English is sad hold what they can I will like to check my audio system whether it's working properly or not because your voice is not clear whole. No, can you hear me? Hello? Hello. Hello. Hello. Yeah to continue said what do you what do you think some people saying that you agree with this because look watching movies. It could be a more shorter videos right? You should not watch. I'll do stuff which were not interested in if you if you are interested in scientific way if you are interested in technology, if you're interested in political, so whatever the areas were interested watch or learn according to that in your interest to Joan what I mean that if you are interested in political so watch the movies based on politics if you are interested in technology was the movie based on technology because if you was some different areas of your movies, so that It will does not able to concentrate on your focus your area of learning, right. So watching movie - let me answer your question that you watching movie will definitely going to help you. But if you were shorter videos with more quality content, it will be better because the movies of to our will not going going to sustain your attention for hold the two hours, right? So if you want to Learn you can watch 20 minute 10 minute series videos either podcast that will then definitely going to help you. Can you tell me how to start your journey in learning English how you can speak English with the fluency. Hmm. So sad the simple thing is to learn English is just surround yourself with English things what I mean the sound yourself. By English whatever you see does just start justifying all the things in English if you see a failure what okay. My problem is that I can understand all the listening but I could not speak English when you are talking with me. I can understand but I cannot speak you are talking. Okay, let me Inventing everything you want to learn English or anything that you want to learn in your life requires approximately 10,000 hours to learn. The research says on the service says if you want to acquire any kind of skill set acquire any kind of professional expertise in any kind of area whether it's painting growing business any kind of any platform Mastery, so you have to practice app approximately 1,000 Tsar. So if you are learning The English from one or two months. It will not going to help you a lot. You have to practice with a strategies so that you can in the less time you go Echo here you can acquire more. So what you have to do you have to you you should not just wash things or listen things. You have to practice it too because unless and until you practice the things will not going to work for you. And so whatever people also said that grammar is not good. Little in learning English. You can only speak to learn you are not need to learn the grief you speak pasture with confidence. I definitely say a grammar not mean a lot. But if you don't speak fluently and without a confidence grammar mean a lot, so if you know how to frame your sentence how beautifully you can from failure. Sentences then grammatical will not be going to play important roles. But yes grammar takes and grammars are most important factor in English. But when you communicate when you speak what is the most important thing is to make the person has to make the people in front of you to understood right if the person is understanding you so the conversation is complete and the grammar plane. No really, but if you know how to speak better and faster. Definitely you're going to win everyone's If you know how to speak thank you. Look yeah. Thanks Dad for asking but I just want to end this podcast with saying that you must have a vision and English language is very demanding is today's world and everyone should learn it. And because if you want either you want to job either want to do something you like. So this all the things is required English language proficiency, right? Yes, so if you can acquire this These things you will be really glad to know that there are a lot of people who are not doing anything. But if you are taking initiative, you are above all the lines and you you are out from all the crowds. So what you have to do you have to go after okay. Hi, I appreciate all the members and all the things people do who are commenting that's and sharing their valuable feedback with us said any other question that you want to know. I just What we're okay, so PSI to thank you for calling Seth. I really appreciate your support. You're giving me. Thank you. Say thank you, brother. Thank you. So Jennifer Lopez here. So let's see what she says. So guys you must be clear with the things that whether you are in a proper Network Joan or not. So maybe she is not in a proper Network June. Okay. So if anybody wants to talk to me, they can request me a call so that I can talk. That's hello. Yeah. Hi. Good evening. Sorry. Good morning. Good morning. Thank you for calling us do a so what do you want to know? I just don't I just listened to your conversation with just two minute. I don't get it very clear. So I just think I feel I talked with you first. Okay? Yeah. So what do you want to know about me? Okay, what do you do? First of all? Via the Vicky Que te on the founder and the CEO of Wiki greater. And in this platform, I would like to teach people that how they can start their business startup and I paid all the step that is really beneficial for the people in order to survive in the Indian market. Basically, I'm a business consultant that provide a business strategies for the people in order to develop their business. Oh, that's really cool. Yeah. Thanks. And what do you do? I'm a freelancer. I'm a freelance. Graphic designer, I deserve yeah. How long you are working as a freelancer to use two years? Oh my God, that's a big number. So how much you are able to earn from your work? I'm a very lazy person. I don't work in a complete one month. I just woke in a month. I just walk in a 10 days only some 10 10 to 11 days. I'll be like every logos are to you so if we take into lavender was not there by 2025. Ania 2:30, okay, if I will take a website also Ayan Mo this we depend of the Berkland current projects so you are able to generate approximately 15 to 30 K. I mean 250 literally thousand per month and it's also depend upon your work area and how much you're going to work. Yeah. I'll be I'm a very lazy person. I told you I don't like to lose. It's a big number. It's a big number because most of the People in India. I must tell you the most of the people in India are not even earning ten thousand per month. Yeah, I know that. Yeah and you with although your eat 10 to 12 days of work you are able to attend it 15 to 30 K. That's a week great and good number. Yeah. I'm on if I work hard I had. Otherwise I if I don't work, I don't hide anything. Yeah, that's it. Really? Yeah, I like to travel a lot. Ok. Traveling I don't do I know any company? That's why I chose the freelancing. Okay, and who's this video and who've given idea of Reliance my friends already woken up freelance. I have my seniors also then I that I've make a portfolio then I upload my photos right now freelancer.com and some of my good friends at my company. Also. I got a project for you. Now, that's great. That's good. So how many products you have till now till now of the Lord yet, but this month, I don't think I even one also a my house is not good. My heart is but good now, I'm little better mobilize. Also be totally change holiday returns their calf is suddenly I talk I had able to talk. Otherwise Sky card so far from freelancing with all the Expect areas that you work in or any kind of social influencer or you just work as a plain answer me now. I don't think know I'd say that I'm never gonna stop in one place. I work as a people for once in a teacher and I entered at her school which a millennium as be is blown and there is a school I want has a Hindi and math teacher then but I've been in the Army areas. So there is the Army's music auntie. I enter the data entry vocal. So I do for a dreamer. I mean, I just boring up or three months. I just quite a lot of experiences when traveling and acquiring all the knowledge and respect areas of you, but they will be where you live and right. So yeah, you have a lot of experiences with all this entire some amazing that's amazing because even though I'm not having all these kind of experiences, but I have some different experiences. My life because even though I have booked a lot in my in my life, but not I can suggest to work. I have explored my life in ways in various ways. It had to be a modeling or it could be a graphic designer. I I'm to a graphic designer. I design a lot you can just to visit my YouTube channel and you can see there's a lot of Graphics there a lot of things that I used to design. Well, that's really cool. And then I really identify with the new places and new culture and new people. I really just admit that new people has been I made that people. I'm a very talkative person or enter direct person. So I just feel what I feel in a new people new places. I'll get quite interesting and for my life, I just bought as be like a traveling only I like it. So what am I advise to all the listener who was listening me is that you have to be very clear with the one thing first group. I feel free and then you have to hand you then you will have to do whatever you want to do. First of all, first of all, you have to be you have to acquire a Financial Freedom. And yes is thing that you see is traveling and she loved travel because she is earning two and let's add a point a lot. If you're on you are very interested in expanding all the your expenditures of your own money right that whatever you want to spend that with me. Important if you are if your dad is great that you're spending your dad wasn't that's not feel very happy. But you are and you spend your money not that is good. I just feel very good and some people are with that is just so the rich kids are we like that dudes? Not a good but you hung yourself, you know that house owes money to earn what the work you're doing here is approximately more and more than seven point nine billion people. Lives in this planet Earth. If you want to get out from the crowd, you have to express yourself in front of people and it could be a freelancer. It could be a social influencer way. It can be out your work. So you have to take initiative and action so that you can prove and express yourself in front of people because people don't want to see things they want to see the result and if you can show them result they will really going to appreciate you. Yeah the strike Okay, so anything else you want to tell me what I tell to you? You can ask you. Continue. Yeah, you got it. Okay, so I was asking that as you said you are working as a freelancer for last two years. So can I ask Mountain the how what is the total amount that you earned as a freelancer? I don't have a passport calculated money and a two years because I promise. Yeah, I don't remember because Iran has bee balm devil has a very good I just woke up as a complete one, man. Look there's a reason that why I am asking this thing is that simply as because most of the people they are initiated with the amount of money you are running as because most of the people don't work with something with the passion. They start or initiate something with just looking at the numbers that how much they are going to earn with the duration of scientist friend, and I don't remember but Yeah, don't remember I check it out in my column. Yeah, I just woke up. Very good. My mind is very good. I work as a month also, sometimes like in a month. Also, I unlike that and sometimes I don't under your nose complete month also else. It depends what happened. It happened in businesses. Yeah, so the happen I'm surrounded with a profit and loss game and you able to balance all those things and that's really sweet good things. Yeah, if I don't get a project I'd go I just take out two shims. Also if my I'm a girl I just take out two shoes and a small case title 10 to 12 students. Sometimes it's like depend if my I don't get a pose I do this type of works. Yeah, I can teach the Rosa I don't so many volts and depend on my mood. Okay. So what are the future a the prospective what you want to do in your futures? I won't be a Solo Traveler in my future. So yeah, you just want to be a Solo Traveler. It's your passion would how you can do something so that we can learn from it. So I you want to be a freelancer for whole your life. No, I'm being change. I will be so low down below. Also if you are you have make a very good videos in our YouTube you can earn their But I assume you want to have a video blogger. So, you know you want to earn from it and like you want to travel and you want to shoot it. You want to Vlog it. Yeah, and one more thing. I am a freelancer. Also, I've worked there also when my traveling when I got a free time I've on also there because we two things I can earn. I know any please lady has it that you want or you are willing to travel I want to travel first. Whole megillah I was traveling on campuses has some novel and it's a chance to make a lemon girl is very beautiful. I'll have a good I know the knowledge of Mega Lea's be very beautiful. So don't know what and Indians that you used while you are traveling how you want how you travel as we depend as we depend I don't want me to go with a flight is we just take over the 1 Hour 2 hours? I won't be long journey. So I take a rather like like train bus. I don't be a more comfortable like a car flight. I won't be the enjoyment the passionate whenever travel in a dreams. I've made a new strain use I talked with that's the injures also. I know about the places. I've talked with our local peoples. Okay, dress lovely talking to you. So I would like to end this podcast right here if you don't mind. Yeah, so I hope I have answered all of your questions. Yeah. Okay sure, but by nice talking to you. Okay, so it's nice to come to you. Yeah, bye-bye, bye-bye. So guys we are going to end this podcast right here because it's too long I'm talking and I aren't seeing all the things required to solving all the files that you want to ask me. So with all this Thanks, goodbye. And if you want to talk to me, please because me a call just click on WE cater follow me there and you can request me a call so that we can post a link talk to and shut out all the things for the files that you want to to solve it for yourself, right? So be sure to follow be sure to subscribe and be sure to like and comment that will do any any share and appreciate my work for me and have a great day.