Hello. Hello. Hi Shishir from which college you are. From SRM ghaziabad. Okay. I am going to leave it this time, but I know that okay. So let's talk about key to Mary College May automatically is like a key differences and similarities are 215,000 girls are studying and what psychos with like B Tech and ba BSC become sorry Bachelors courses are sorry Masters courses and/or Ask you again to be here. Hibari College movie just to jom t-- K Sr. M. Gemara go forth Campus - I have got to hamari opinion campus move independently boss our ecosystems 5,000 or 6,000 so but yeah total take a sip is campus map. I'm not going to gamble either campus. We're not going to the main campus to give our guests a towards other. So how am IA 5000-6000 such a or hamari SRM happened to campus Management Kelly or you can genuine girly or stable hasari courses of the like BSC management BBA or medical buta. But he either knew that woman campus know that there will be like a variation behave to a vision a vision to evil and Engineering a branch and Eileen a automation Aviation. That's a hobby. Hello again. That's good. How do you feel in a all-girls College boat club sub codes for different to the wanna try explaining it different - such notable tourist atmospheres are different sites that they were happy like in our College. I'm some friendship is other involved at their sister would make you can say and we don't care about how we are looking because you know, when the opposite gender hota Hai to you try to dress smartly. Most likely I guess Simplicity made em up if you don't show off and all call it Skeeter Ami like bhajana. The remember John Olerud. We need permissions. We need proper applications from our parents and you know proper permissions. Are you Thea Presley a torus are conservative, but and the inside the campus it will you know, it is 900-acre Big so habakkuk e sub under the most vigorous you can visit anywhere. But from with other parties Captain clothes and console table miracle. You know how to prepare yourself. Do you like assigning key is my up nearly dress up whatever Seto but you you should know how to you know, open up to him or her so what's he's humble course, I could select a background check. So they feel hesitated in front of opposite gender. So yeah, this is A drawback. This is a problem with us. Not with me be from Delhi. You know that henna though, but slow kill you propose are there they feel they feel very, you know. Say what's the interaction environmental exposure never its class say to happy America with make you a hard time curvature to the interact with each other or Google Pataki hot. They are like us only but let me quote an approach which Cascade families gave a suggestion. Bit conservative and Skip Rozier bher. We don't give you know if we look wait a second. We don't think much about how we are looking. We relive our actual life and a Simplicity, sir. Yep, but somehow she's got enough either Hotel visible tiger you don't care for you looks give myself some to say well, I guess I'm David Cassidy control. Obviously WTH up opposite gender K person Hotel over 2 mu G or which is a perfect scenario that I'm late. Obviously. Hello. Hello. Hello which college are you from getting I'm getting a call. So can I just talk? Okay. Okay, okay, okay. Okay. Thank you. Bye.