So hello guys here with we are having so few cool Aslam. So let's discuss him. You want to speak English fluently, right? So with all the squares, let's solve one by one. So what do you want to say man? Hello. Are you there? Hello? Hello. Shuffle cool. Hello. I think it's not available. Okay might be a network issue. Hello. Hello. I think is not available. So no problem guys. So let's begin with our own topic. So As the question here, I he asked me let's pick a learn. Let's learn to speak English fluently, right? So he asked this question to me. You must know that even if you want to learn English faster as much as you can so you must learn from the person who already speaking faster, right? If the person who speaks low and his not fluent and if you are learning English with that person, you will not make it right. You will not make it if you are learning from that person who is already speak English fluently and faster as as much as you want it to be that person will be very good and very selective for you. Right? There are many people in this podcast ride. You can join them. You can follow them you can talk to them and that will those people will help you a lot. I really help you a lot this The platform will give you a lot of chances to talk to those person right free of cost. You must be aware that this kind of features charge you a lot this charge you a lot. But in this podcast feature and this open talk, it's does not charge you any even a single pipe, right? So these are the basic things and it is sufficient that you can get from this open doctorate. So if you want to have any kind of discussion any type of topics, please do check your network issue, right? He's been stable Network so that you don't face the problem like Chef Nicolas facing right now. So I don't know what is happening. He's unable to talk to me. So in that case, you have to be very sure that you are in a proper Network area, right you have to first of all you have to check your network. And then only you you should be able to request a call. Okay. So this was the issue that face because of the many other people about Flint English right. So let me give you a simple tips and tricks is not licensed. Okay. Someone is joining me. That is Karthik. So long T. Let's let's receiver for Hello. Hello. Yeah. Hello. Thank you for calling good morning. Thanks for accepting. My what's the problem you have man? What do you want to ask a question? So, how are you? I'm good. And what about you? I'm going to go thanks for asking. Yeah, so how's your day? That is a good girl. Okay, that's great. That's great. So what the weather thing on the what topic you want to ask with me, right? Okay, but all you want to ask to me. How's the weather there, bro? It's good. It's good really good. I just want to tell you one thing that do you have any question or just you want to talk to me? I just want to talk to because I want to improve my English speaking skills. Okay? Okay. I got it. I got it. So can you introduce yourself to me? Okay, you are you are from Gujarat and you're pressing m b right? Yeah, right, correct. That's great. So with semester, you are currently I'm a first-year bro. You are in first year. That's amazing that the great degree man. You must follow all the things that's required in MBA, right? Because I'm p is sunshine and it would be bright future in the upcoming days. But you must have the basic of it right? You should not just be giving the theoretical languages that you Must rely on practical things that will help you a lot in your future right here. I can write and do you follow? Dr. Vivek binda? Yeah. Yeah, that's that's sounds good. That sounds a bit. You must follow him and you can follow us. Also we cater in the YouTube channel where we create a business start-up ideas. Okay that will help you out. The customer service will provide the business strategies to the people who are in need right? And it is most valuable for the person who are in MBA those people who are enrolled in the MBA courses. This is the golden opportunity for them. Right? Right, right. This is what work what the work we MBA do what the work we MD do I'm asking from you. Sorry. Can you explain me the work that MBA do the am a person who graduated or what are the things you have you have in your mind while doing? Um be Rome. I will I want to start my own business. So you want to start your own business. That's great. That sounds good, man. So what kind of business you want to be started? Yeah, but I want to start you want to start a bottle you want to start a hotel a restaurant. I like traveling though. So okay, you can make traveling. Yeah, so like you want to do something like rotation group on the CEO of is such an amazing guy man. You have you heard his interviews. That is good. Europe I haven't heard yet bro, but I will you man if you love traveling if you love traveling and if you love the hotel, you feel love to open a hotel you must follow and rotational while his amazing person, right? I watched a case study in we have been tested or we have been blessed YouTube channel go. Okay. Okay. Okay. Listen, this is one thing that I want to clear with you, right? Case study that you watch with with anybody who who is speaking right like doctor we've been around anybody else even I right but the case study and the reality of its implementation both have the desire both are very different right - because it's require dedication patients and consistent is a which is not usually completed in the 110 minutes, right? Okay, right. Let's require long-term year in order to achieve all the things right so you You have to keep practicing this watching will not change your life. You have to apply those things like that. I really love the way you are talking in the desire. You have any future like it's really inspired me a lot. Right? Right, right. So what you want to do a I just imagine you have opened a restaurant or hotel that you want and then what you what the planning you have with the next thing you will do. I don't deserve right through you so you currently are not aside here. But what the basic plan you have right now currently are currently I am studying MBA first year. Okay. I'll be completing my MBA then then. I will get a 102 years experience low. Let me tell you you have stepped in the golden opportunity of your life that you are taken MBA as opposed to it and you are supposed semester. You have all the years in your hand right now as you do it in a quality way. Don't get it twisted like all the others you have. You might have wasted or maybe not in your past right this way 20 years. You have to make it possible for yourself, right if you have any kind of Of problem in the business ideas strategies or its implementation even if you don't have money, it's not a problem. Remember money is not problem money is just a step right? If you don't know how to implement and create money without a money. That's the problem. The problem is still set, right? Okay. Mine is not problem problems as skill set to acquire to make a money. So if you have any kind of problems in any kind of decision making problem any kind of things you can contact us. Okay, just When visited V Decatur just check out the channel if you love it subscribe other not don't subscribe just in the about section of educator. They will be a number. Okay. The Watson number is given just go there and talk to our counselor. Okay, that's will short out all the qualities you have in your mind. Okay. Okay. I will I will check with you later, bro. Yeah, definitely man. Basically, we as a creative we are mostly we are selecting those people who have business mindset either they belong to MBA course. not but if they have challenging mind if they have something that can bring us change the society nature and the environment so that those person we are going to select the right and we are going to offer the free of course and everything whatever the desired to us, right even if you are trying to get a marketing strategy, even if you designed to have the business plan or strategy startup and anything this all the courses and everything is free of cost, but others will charge it for right like to have to ignore any kind of If your big personality if you go with them, they will charge you a handy price. All right, I totally forgot currently. I don't know why I started like but I would just.com but I don't have enough money to okay. I already told you man. The problem is not money. The problem is skill set to acquire money, right? So you have to learn the skill set for the skill said can you define a skill set? Do you know anything about a skill set? No, no, I I don't know. Oh about because that's okay. Let me tell you. What is this skill set are those things? Okay skills are those things which help you to make money or which help you to enhance your performance right for the kind of skill set. There could be a English language. This could be a different different thing. Like you may be good in sports. You would in English you could in any kind of language or you are good in singing right, you know any kind of things to have in your life. These are the skillset right? You have to Apply all this thing in order to monetize do work in order to monetize your why monetizable because if you don't monetize you will not be able to create money out of it, right? It's lovely talking to you man. So you have to understand all this concept in order to create money or if you are interested in business. So I I'm exactly created when it was nice talking to you. I have learned so I have learned so much things from you bro. Okay, man, you can follow us here. Also. The open talk is also a great platform which give us Kate forward onto did you talk like right that you love?