Whole people vinegar and good evening. I was supposed to do a podcast at six o'clock, but somehow it got delayed and I'm here now. So yeah, the topic for today is advertising good Bad and the Ugly so we are going to talk about advertisements and Not just TV advertisements but there are no advertisements which come up on your social media and your TV and everywhere everywhere else. So how advertisement is affecting people and their lives and the digital media these days how they are planning their advertisement to conquer the masses and their minds and apart from that the good Effects and the bad effects about these marketing techniques and the advertisements should be considered. Kado, okay. Hi gaurav. Somehow, you know, I tend to see you a lot lately my podcast today. So I guess that's nice so welcome again to my podcast. Yeah, that's got of the Niger guys and he's a businessman and he was in my podcast in the morning. And while we were talking about Fitness and we already have a caller today and let's take calls and talk about the advertisements. So hello. Hi. Okay, let's let's just talk further about this topic. Hello. Are you there? Okay, seems like I've lost this person again, so yeah guys we are talking about to recapture elated. We are talking about advertisements and the good Bad and the Ugly when I say the Good Bad and the Ugly there are some advertisements which are really well planned and there are a few advertisements which are overly clichéd and unnecessary. And also there are advertisements which are kind of ugly and lot of In lot of cases advertisement affect minds of people and I think they are smartly planned to capture marshes and that is one reason how effective they are. So yeah, before we go ahead and talk about it. Let's just take a few calls and discuss further. Hello. Hello. Hello. Well connectivity errors and looks like another color is off. So yeah, it is while we talk about advertisements a lot of times. What happens is we tend to watch advertisements and effectively fall prey to those advertisements and under unnecessarily buy things just because we find find added, I mean the advertisement interesting a lot of times it has happened and Yeah, Sunil Kumar. Yes. I will connect you Shirley. Hello. Hello. Hello. Hello. Hello. Hi. Okay, Your Voice keeps breaking up. Somehow it sounds like hello. Hello. Please connect back. I have lost connection. Please connect back. Okay. Hello. Hello, how are you? I'm good. How are you? I am also good. Where are you from? I'm from Bangladesh where you from? I am from Bombay. Okay. You know what? This is. What is your fro? What is your profession? Gaddafi does analogous nice. Nice. What is your topic advertisement? Yes, he is advertisement goods made an ugly. Oh, well, you can say what is advertisement. Can you answer? What is it? What is meant? What what the police? In if you can reduce the background noise, I think that you are fastened did the designer in doing Bangalore? No. No, I figured my Hello, my my sound is not going the clear. Yeah, there is a lot of background noise. Hi and I are high money. Can you can you hear me? No, I can't hear you. What there is a lot of background noise noise. Okay. Okay. Thank you. So guys when you connect to meet these make sure that there is no much background noise and your voice is clear so that it doesn't affect the conversation. Okay and welcome Anaya Manish current. Hi, welcome again, and we are talking about advertisement and the good Bad and the Ugly advertisements and the effects. Yeah, right. There was the dog there. Yeah, and I are you alright, so that's what I was trying to. Stim like, you know just get into a clearer area, but then somehow he he was not getting it I guess so I if he's listening to me, I think somu Kumar are you if you are listening to me, please understand one thing get into a clearer area where there is less noise above, you know background noise and then we can talk. All right. So while we start taking calls we are discussing top. It's about advertisements guys when I see advertisements, I believe hi Winnie. Hi hi - hi. How are you? I can hear you but you have taught afternoon today and a little bit far. I'm really sorry for that Network issue. I think not getting your voice properly. Are you getting me? Yeah, I'm getting you getting me yes. Yeah - can you hear me? I think here not advertise. I think network is ugly. Absolutely. There's this ugly Network and because entire India is a is at home and using the network. So I guess there's too much traffic and that's how it's now. It's now it's coming properly as take five. Yeah, and I suppose I enjoy Fewer CSI, I think when it comes to advertisement, I think there is this blenders Pride advertisement, which I like very smartly designed men will be men and you know that that advertisement I actually like so Manish your mic is really close to your mouth and everyone can literally hear you breathe. So you need to keep that a little bit away. Okay now it's fine. Yeah, absolutely. So yeah, go ahead. What do you have to say about the ad? Desmond's and you know how they affect our lives and advice advertise advertisement is very important for any any or any of the company doesn't matter. It is a domestic level or it is international Vol. Yeah. It is a one of the here it is one of the Once yours, yeah, once yours is where we can we can give message for all customers and call People's whatever we want to say we can we can say in short shortly, right? Yeah. Absolutely. Yes and more information about that product and that particular item also. Yeah in very less time like, you know tend to be yeah, you can wrap it up. Think don't you think a few products are so hyped up with their advertisements and which is sometimes really cliched and unwanted and you know gives a very wrong idea about it. In just like let's let's take the fat furnace ads that we get on our TV. Okay, so just because someone gets where they wouldn't achieve how it's in their life. Would that be true? Yeah. That is true. I actually that is a I am not is also some products are not useful and not fruitful for for mango people's but still many brand ambassador is Begin, you know people huge I mean celebrities popular celebrity. Yeah and all that. Yeah. Yeah, you know it is not Yeah, I think government had taken. Hi Shia, government, I and why is it high respected Winnie? Shy they shouldn't be doing that. Okay. Yeah, Manish government has taken some steps to ban such ads, I guess and yes, yeah have made also guidelines guidelines. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, I think fair and lovely particularly is one particular product that has been running such ads since ages, I guess, you know That one okay, not not only pay levels and many products in available in Market in current time. It was like shoot in the mind like the literally latest one is like HD glow something and yeah, if you have watched it, I'm not really sure if you have but guys if you have watched the latest. Yeah. Yeah, I have seen not just fairness. It's HD glow. I mean, what is it? Okay. So yeah Manish. Hello. Yeah. Hello again. Yeah. Yeah. Hello. I lost him again. Right. Yeah and I are few of the advertisement fool people. Actually, it's like too crazy level. I think isn't it try the don't you have to say anything child? Yeah, I mean, yes, it's crazy that one and I think I like the best Larry I had also okay the best Larry I think there are two camels in there and you know, the mother camel gives this water to the baby camel in there. So yeah, so there are some ads which have really creatively planned and they serve the purpose of advertisement, but then there are some ads like It's are the stupidity. You know, it's the Hyatts of stupidity. I think she I really appreciate the creative minds behind that but it shouldn't be so hyped up that you know, just because you apply fair and lovely people I don't know treat you like God is or what or the clothes or bad? I think you know, if you want to achieve something in your life you do you use close-up. I think it's stupid. Okay. So yeah. Without waiting much will start taking a few calls again and hello. Hello. Shahid you're trolling me, right? Yeah. Oh my God. Look at him. Yeah, and I are you find it funny great. Hello. Hello. Oh my God the network. Hello. Yeah. Hello. Hi Shashi. How are you? I'm good. Yeah, I am from Jaipur as son oh fantastic am from Bangalore. Yeah. Yeah. Nice. Okay, and what do you do Shashi? Lee I am an engineer and working as an engineer in a private job Okay. Cricket so what do you have to say about today's topic Shashi? Yeah, definitely. Have you mentioned about the advertisement of good and bad definitely this things are happening. But I think that the trend of advertisement is something changing from last few year two currents. It's changing the creativity and the message they want to pass up so as according to me when you see some advertisement. Giving creative idea because what the message they want to give us to the customer into in customer and one how they ending the advertisement like using science and lot of creative means X also very good because when you see the attachment of Han they are gues story very creative story and swing something and at the last year they are giving the masses of fan. So that is yeah creative and also as and some advertising is also very stupid that they just want to make the customer food. They have not any proper connection between the reality and the thing they are sewing so typically these things happen. Yeah, well. Thank you for connecting Shashi. Thank you for the wonderful, you know ideas and stuff. Thank you again. So yeah guys like I was saying about urge. Okay. I think there are a lot of countries which make amazing ads, LOL. Hi and Vinny you're doing great job for our youth Manish. I thank you and that's a great compliment. And yeah. I can see you with other people who are going to drive this country some some to some destination. Right? So if we start getting into stupid stuff then eventually we are going to land somewhere stupid, isn't it? I think it's okay to be stupid at times. But at sometimes we have to get serious on to something and you know, just get up and do something. So yeah, like I was saying advertisement like there are a few advertisements which I have seen lately. Okay. One is an insurance company are you know for Japan and Korean agencies and it has been amazing if you guys since you guys a lockdown till 21 days I don't know what you guys are watching Series this that I don't know but then there are a few ads and you might find them on YouTube like best ads if you check out so I guess those are very good words action promises and numb doesn't go what they assure. Absolutely and I are I totally agree with you on this point and I think advertisement should be short and you know being catchy it. Is enough I don't think it should be like, you know through big. Bombs, and you know just like blow people's mind of like there's this comes up add. Okay taste the Thunder. Okay, fine, you know taste that under all all is well, you know, why would a person jump out of the Jungle and fall off such a steep waterfall just for a bottle of thumbs up I wouldn't do that. I don't think anyone would do that. Alright, so if there are people who are there to you just for the bottle of thumbs up. I would just hand over the bottle and knee, you know, bro, just drink it and yeah, so that's just an example. Okay, I don't have any personal grudge over and you're saying or something because of this ad or something just don't take it that way, but we are talking about ads so. Suggestions are appreciated. Yes Frank you can talk and I will just get you on call right away. So I hi. Hi, good evening, because you know, I was you know, and I always I'm following you but you know whenever I came across to talk to you. I really want to talk to you but you know, I was scared. I don't know what for because I would be able to come. Get busy or no. So thank you very much for accepting my call. Thank you for calling Frank and I don't think you have to be scared. I'm not a Monster. Yeah, you know many people are coming and going like, you know. Hello. I'm a Booker. So this one this is what happened. Okay. Thank you have to breathe. Okay, just whenever you talk just breathe and I are all right. So yeah Frank. So what do you have in your mind about advertisement? How do they affect you know good bad and ugly so good. What are you talk? See, have you seen tv ads these days right? Do you watch ads or you just yes. Yes. Yeah. Have you seen them have you observed do they relate to the matter that they are selling or they of beat most of the time? Okay, let me let me tell you let me tell you on this, you know, I this, you know, I tell you I'm sorry to say use this language. I advertisement because you know No, even if we now know if I want to hear news, I'm going in all the channel surfing like, you know taking the new I want to I want to know what is happening in a in our country and in all the news, you know advertisement is I advertisement so much advertisement in in the news channels where it has been is there in even if I want to watch movie or cereal or anything or everywhere. I wrote as many what is this? I don't think so. People are taking so much importance. For the advertisement a just listening to forget people, you know, it is the mindset if they want to buy anything new they receive the product and healed by they will notice the follow the follow their respect. Even I also in my life. I didn't Follow the arrow - yeah in my life. No, I have from childhood. I'm watching I'm now 30 years old and I'm still watching the road has not but you know, I never thought like it. I that. I wrote his friend, you know, I will buy that. Only no not like that when I see the product when I see okay, this is perfect for me. Okay, I pay the money and it back. I don't follow the advertisement. Okay Frank. Where are you from and belong to Mumbai and my native? Yeah, I belong to one break is over. Oh, no wonder you're a go and yeah, I'm okay. Yeah, you should come. Have you ever been there? Of course I go there every weekend. I used to go every weekend. I have my relatives. So do you like Of course, I think when people are the coolest I mean they keep talking and that's great. Okay, and you should actually, you know spread this kind of confidence to people around here actually who come on this podcast. A lot of people come here who want to talk and talk, but they cannot talk because they hesitate and then I think you should drink water. This is my second third because I am very scared to talk because you know, I don't want to distract anyone. You know won't work cause I went you know, I was abused from there from there onward, you know, I just give give you know, I said I will just follow the in I'll just listen and this is my second or third. Yeah, I think see the energy, you know is its built-in you can't help it. Okay, go winds have this energy and they just talk that way so that's okay. Okay, it's okay. You don't have to be worried about it. And I'm on Kumar says hi. I'm on psyche and says are you Canada CSI Kiran, I dunno Canada and Canada muttered thinny and kannadiga the knee so Ania Ania tanks when you're always there to be supportive. That's great. And I somehow see Shahid is not here where he can want so crank coming back. Actually, I have been working. Don't worry. I'm so lucky. I have been working in Saudi Muscat could do good. And I hope my life. I'm spending Gulf country now because of corner virus as I know. Actually I came on TV. I came only for the last month of February 12th. And then this Corona viruses spread, I could not go because I have I have written Visa, but my I called up there and they said you please don't come because because she sat down and I think so. I will losing my job because of Or no errors, but it is no issue. I can get a job. Well in India also was the Corona virus which can prove that. I will I will stop working in it. What industry are you working with? Yeah or telling modern management, whatever stability I guess relation. I work as a guest relations hospitality is one industry which needs lot of advertisement. Don't you think exactly? Yeah. Yeah advertisement even I also do but you know, like know face-to-face not this, you know, FS because like if guests come to me and and if you want if you need any any guidance, then that is my work too. Yeah has to have good at keeping, you know, which is important. I think usually people go off the when it comes to advertisement and I think they have to get to the lower. I think we need to Humble down when it comes to advertisement. It has to be cut to cut and and not just exaggerated. Isn't it? Yes. Let me tell you let me tell you something about advertisement like, you know, they're showing the advertisement they think what you know, if I take a vector like a like Shahrukh Khan or a Salman Khan and I do Arrow to spend what do you think the people will follow? or will accept like in any error has been like, you know, and they are taking the actors because they think what you know, if I take Act and the people will buy my product is what do you think what is open about these people people believe that like, you know, they want to buy I'm sorry, could you repeat that? No, I mean to say like, you know, I suppose no any product like and product they want to sponsor they want to cause a big star actor for the advertisement. You mean the brand ambassador the brand ambassador? Yeah. So yeah. So what do you think people are going to following that I either Salman Khan? He's he's telling me okay by this mobile-only and all the people stood by that formula Asylum condescending. I think when a person is popular he has a certain kind of fan following and he has an impact on people and popular people should endorse Brands very consciously and because if they say that this particular thing is effective people tend to believe it is effective. Okay. Okay. So I think like there are a lot of advertisements or branch that people are not like I was just now talking about thumbs up. Okay. Okay. Yes, totally irrelevant. There's no meaningful only. Yeah. He's their meeting will be in that our world is there should be some meaning you know, there is no Milli. It is Meaningful. Yeah. Yeah on the other hand. There are other Arts like, you know, there is this let's take the word of an ad but there's no meaning to it but it's funny. Isn't it funny? Yeah, so like those zoos which were there, you know some time back so during the time of the IPL and all would happen comes up. With this ad then I think there is the ads of idea. Okay latest ad of the idea. If you have seen the idea Telecom if you have seen the latest ad, you know, they were talking about advertisements and they were also talking about yes Google Google talk, right? Okay on the phone. So these people come up with words and you know important subjects which grab people's attention. I think that's important. But some advertisement is acceptable some some error has been you know, it is actresses some ideas. If you get some ideas from some advertisement. Yeah, absolutely. And a lot of other ads there are like is the spares add that kind of cute like, you know, but there are also adds like Dove I guess. Yeah, let's go. Do you work in the advertisement? Who me? Yeah. Hello. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, I'm talking about you know me. I don't work in okay, because you know, you have brought this topic. That's my head. And do you do you love you? Love you Heroes. No, it was his breaking up. Please come down in the next no, I mean to say do you love advertisement? Oh, it's not that Casey. I come up every day with a few different different. So I was just checking out some time back. I was watching a video on YouTube and the ads just poured that there are ads which are very unnecessary and are relevant and I think we should address that particular topic. So I just came up with that topic. We are talking about yeah, that's how it is. Yeah, even even if you if you watch the news, you know, you will find the advertisement in all that I don't watch TV as much because these days there is sent any relevant thing to watch I think even news these days is stupid because especially the Indian news channels are crazy like they elaborate things as and you know little about what I just said, but then we have no other option left, you know watching the news because what is happening in India? So that's how you follow the meal. We have to follow the news. We have no doubt that news these days are like, you know, like WhatsApp news you cannot believe the authenticity authenticity of the news Okay, whether this authentic or not whether they are true or not attending because the viral viral there some, you know, somebody from Tick-Tock they call they capture. And they add in the WhatsApp now Tick Tock also is all viral videos are coming Tip-Top. Absolutely. Yeah, so well Frank, it has been great talking to you and I have a few callers waiting. So I yes, let's yeah really? I'm very glad and this is my first time and I was very scared. People that I'm talking too much, you know, you didn't say some anything, you know, and appreciate you. That's really nice on your part. Thank you for calling. Thank you very much. Thank you. Bye bye start doing podcasts about go online. I think you should have a kid around India. There is a lot of misconception about bore. So you being the local I'd you should spread the right word. About go and the places to visit and the right places to visit and you know right things to do and go are so I guess you should do that the go ago. I know people are very nice the people who are coming from different state, you know, they dream the because they drink you know is very common it is there is no dream, but there is no textbook and it is very cheap and people drink as much consume a lot more, you know, the spices the countryside and you know, there is a lot there is Or to cover and I think people should explore not unless and until people unless and until someone tells them because online also, it's all about beaches and drinks and bars and go is one place, you know one like one Junction like, you know, where you can get everything all the facility like, you know, the internet 24 hours the lights on the street like a mountain. He is Lake everything. The main important thing that I would like to say go as been advertised very wrongly so I think if the localized who are on such platforms, they should show the true picture of course, but I is it rightly and make a good memory if you have so much knowledge you have been to go and then you bring this topic and if I'm there then I take this topic, okay. Moreover as or tourist or something, but you mean like people like you who are there, you know that she was sitting and you know the roots of it someone like that should talk about ghosts. I talk they might be things that I don't know as much because I have visited it's not like how you guys have seen it. There is a lot of difference and maybe yes, I will take this topic one day and yes, we can talk about it. Frank and Len. This place do you like which is your favorite place in going? Yeah, I think my family and have you ever come across to this side. I go by now. Then I'm gonna be 10. It is really crowded these days. I don't know going there and because the going Hutch has been lost over there. So I really don't go there I go to the other side where I actually feel I'm and go. I know you like the nature you like to live in the nature and Countryside is beautiful. I like that the countryside, you know, where the actual fishermen are. And the rewards rivers and the boats and stuff. Exactly exactly. They said, you know a very good place to see like, you know. Yeah, you get your many people of any people might be waiting for your calls, my friend. Have a good night. Thank you. Bye. Bye. Bye shot. It says Frank Lobo. Where are you from Gua? He is from guava and he was working in the Arab country UAE and now he's back I guess and so that's how it is. Hi guys. Stay home. And be safe. Yeah, absolutely everybody staying home. And that's why we are here at this are. All right. So showerhead I have nothing to gain fan following. Hmm. Okay, we'll talk about that. So let's take this call Ahmad Norman and talk about advertisement. I think a lot of advertisement about Hawaii is rightly done right now. And yeah so we can talk about it someday. Okay when I talk about tourist spots so high. Hi. Ya Mahmud. No, man, where you from - I'm from muradabad uttar Pradesh. Oh, you're from up3. So yeah, how are you? I'm good, and you I'm doing trade and we are talking about advertisement good Bad and the Ugly. So what do you have to say about? I think it's good because without any Mission we cannot promote anything in the field. Apart from that. What do you think about the ads that run on TV or social media? Are they really relevant to the product that they are selling or they just over cliched or stuff? Yeah, they are relevant, but they are exaggerated exaggerations idea actually just talk more about the product and actually they are their product is not. This but they are promoting more than actually they are absolutely and so what do you think it what kind of effect it creates on people do you think? Yeah, they just think that if they watch the TV ad and thereby until and think that they will fulfill their needs as much as soon they will fulfill their desire but it takes time actually what they watch and it's not like this. Oh, okay. So yeah. Thank you for connecting Mahmoud and it's been great talking. Thank you. Thank you. So you guys we are talking about advertisements and I think see advertisements directly create an Some people. Okay. So a lot of people tend to believe what they see in the advertisement which it which is not true people. The advertisement the apartment or the digital marketers have to be really conscious about these things that they don't want create Hong impact on minds of people. a lot of people have learnt into trouble because of their ads and and recently there was this ad You guys have noticed is that you know the herro herro herro it Edge, you know ventually they clear.