841 start hello. Hello, really the body of poetry. Finally. I jumped a pod color high high higher than the other degree or second. Finally we are doing the sport or first of all, thank you. Enjoy. See what you get for going to get understand it. Clearly. Yeah. Thank you so much. Hello, mister. So basically low as dark chocolate, huh? like him in person Actually, nothing judgy Joe. It's likable person with Anna. Wohi Matlab GUI. Nahi chahiye leader want a leader who seek only decherney cake ideas a jog a body, but it normal person who taught Joe like you have to be yourself. Henna opening up. Mejico. Thank you. They're minding my business. They're trying to upgrade themselves. Take it over the levels of matcha here. It will be got a cheesecake limitation or that up gradation. Ho if we achieve was in the game maker never give the chest up hanneke likable person Jessica Lederhosen. Kesari follow Karnataka. Um, Casey cook for look you gotta hump. It's a no-go following Behavior follow purpose. The main point is key in Santos. The Bots are just a Bollywood Stars up on the screen by the character follow-on. He got real life. Maybe log mode up in a a character play current just hook my professional life main character play co-wrote a plan. OK Sonic character my career. Life experiences this eat a hot dog licking Kobe are in San Mateo county is character like a professional health Opera professional poker player relationships. Go sideline nagar sector. No. Kashima yelling how much control they qk x value now, do you behave behave Colonel likkin Hummel? Rather than going out going other about going here is a party. Of the hand finding how to make it. So he came up with SIP be bad. Kurihara case is about courage licking kiss a kitten about Colonel chi chi sub second. How may I just say I'll be a bunch of a group of 10 people Heather's does local group a ticket on how to keep secrets and compatibility is hot in here a party. Response K his or her Mahal and now I'm comfortable. This is a really neat. To make origami Kirby Zhou GE GE. Can Comfort level which is obscene hirota chicken parties get x amount for Seema humbled Garden like the boundary humbled if we do the 42 applicable. Many egg hockey likable person but Nikki create quality me here. It is a group of many qualities to her work the paint like this out. Um curly heads. It's gonna or decoding it to you. Tribal language. I know hi Kunal. Ji-hye other theology. Hiya mole. Hi ninja G again in the comments Angie Anna Anna. Hello. Hi, Andy. Ninja comments, which I have like ban Gaya likeable. So well explained. Hello Garrett OG Kush Russia. Hello T Camp. So thank you again algae though. You are not likeable likable one. Nicolina is equally parameters. Nahi. Kiya up is As Okay to up like balloons. Okay, when you met her personal-like her in Sanko, like thermal layer the pieces great Carnival Yogi Tikka Taco Taste of notice. It brings up. The calculation is negative 3. All you can do is be yourself a pick-me-up or upgrade grow up Kush Rojo up Jesse up little man lower abdomen psycho show up automatically. other Maps Name possibility. Yeah, okay after low- person in turn bargaining like that. Ok people. Thank you exactly what you need at the hotel. Hockey coach percent load of copper and caring irrespective of the fat calves kidneys part. So I'll grab opening up to do Kyoto Yokai didn't like dislike. Produced by Nintendo job to pick a card any card. Yeah, of course Port likable one made it is. My I've known cappuccio. Don't tell today. I talked to a certain when you talk to people in a certain way not necessary that you have to talk to everybody in that certain way. Definitely A hurricane's on Kana it behavioral. Try it out. Is he sick? And she just talk English eventually when I started going out talking to people what LeBlanc has a behavior of chemical negative. Though it is the most successful Logan of the Care industry. May your business may lay low model of distress. GG hello. Hello kindness politeness both of them. Hello, you can be likeable. It's not practically possible this sub up go like Korea up some cool. Like raisin. Ninja technique is key could collect our exactly or life. Make a be kisi. KO Hurt Locker opens yoga labor likable, technically. Cubicle Hurt Locker now B is not possible at the geography of kisi ko hurt now. Carnegie koshish cartero get up. To but I will go with the first three lines. You can't be likable. It's not practically possible case of Ebola karaoke, but more important. The slogan is up ahead. Karenga b-zone gauge of polite current kitab ratio, Tony bit has acted but definitely Jehan and nello govco like pointers by concentration gotta concentrate who speaker. Oh, yeah subject. Do you hear the petty surprise people who matter to you also hurt you the most durable topic. We'll talk about it some other time but though. Yes, I can take it as a yes. Like, you know, it's objective that people, you know, you can just insert a situation like who matters to you. Maybe I'm Angie can see what I am but ready. The King has sorry wait I didn't intend to do that is your type. Okay, I'm hungry. Okay. Tweakers are taking bath. Okay, when people it. Malik other log just start over here at the bottom level pivot and preferences or that they couldn't look not her. Kisi KO like makeup. This is it could look like which trades on purpose and I think you know, Visit the Kia Abby. Got on wikiHow even require Bendigo, you know, this is the reality of the world both come juggle. SEO hair. Keep note of unconditionally personal current conditions for cleaner. Regular up to like I think that he nothing up here Yukiko gzhel. Okay. Um, kisi Aur kuch Carnegie a certain way may Behavior it will build a position. I have given this example quite a lot of time to say a cup epic dose donkey Koopman. Okay, just put your pressure bulb down take a peer pressure. Both adjust a college will get Omega more than a group of friends mouth. Oh, As it is basically, please present happy to be Corral Q. You can upgrade or stop on caserta Carolina henna the so cheesy sorry cheesy or up and he got up. Not just romantic our cultural sector, which could be huh? eventually Trust captain and if you want to you can definitely but sometimes it's not possible. Okay engineer request key. I called you in Connecticut. Hi, Anna. Hello. Yes. May I comment on sarkar not a Huggy is Kirito shuji nanites of all positive energy presentable rain Echidna important time milk will be I should you be presentable hanumanasana. ignore me That the artwork is an operator of a hobby of t-shirt pajama pants unless you know, those people really well and what just car finest useful Tiga being presentable software the canabalt secret stuff digna. Okay, that is basically Beaker that up. He stays at a particular route and then it is like totally occasional PR hoonah. It's a total different isn't it multicast? Absolutely robust that is present. Hey. Let's not be gender specific. Let me know Malik presentable owner a checkup and cable while techinical nice good 0, you know make up wake up. Coming to Korea. Easy medication causes Carrillo but still other yoga pose like mockery of me come in they can entity a cabin the holoband a hugger. Is a valkyrie behavior for observe current kick his behavior similar blog just that I say upset but observe myself behavior of mine. Better that than forms of a gene Bell Telephone the reacts to Center. Hello Kelly a lot of energy release rate, okay. Genuine, how do you next party? Generally Nikita important to be very honest Andy the more than you knew are the Mojitos you're going to gather because agar is more truthful up genuine happening Behavior call. Turn he got to put logos. That against Lilith I could log as a you know, if you're late, that's what you should know that you can be genuine and where you have to sugarcoat things Yuki like making each other. Okay. I'll put a record corn apart. Even if you don't want it. Okay, but you know just because you don't want to hurt Sentiments of people because he the Bella Pisco heard. Mehigan our job coaches been up for opening up conduction vinicky order up difficult. the why not Hello, there are next gataki. Um you guys decide to correct here is false this person key imagery match her run around this person game isn't important later. I think another G job. Oh, yeah. He bought the McKay Rapinoe kisi Ki Nazar. I think duck has Roman acceptable. Nahi Hai kisi Ki Nazar. Okay. This is like self decision. I gotta make a keen eye and ear of corn at the co-op is the rest W of local conditions. exactly And I'm Legit teenage female Behavior open-minded hair is if that person is genuine enough Q scope me life my changes Lana had to sperg or career. Licking Tegan. Yeah, but these are all these kind of people are toxic. You cannot keep them in your life. And just to make these people like you you cannot change your behavior at the End of the day Georgie's I just notice after my respects of VIPs days three at the same time. If you can make someone happy with whatever you are a poet carmyle's conclusion Dana Kentucky of Johor Sono saki Porcaro, Ricky or jump. Okay when some launched okay. Oh Tom conscious level page how to meditate Guru tummy ache or yes, you can always advise people out of concern, but you cannot tell people what to do with their life, you're telling people what to do there with their life and those people are accepting it then Refuge that shouldn't happen. Well I Fab key here is Co-op kissed her same old cartridge. Yeah, I prefer diamonds at all though body up shine Kuro glitter Kuro Kuro, there will always be someone who's gonna you for nothing for nothing. Exactly. The he there is going to be some person who's Behind you for nothing right could be Carlo up that will you and that person will not know whether person hates you. So what do you miss the planet get up other successful they want to say yeah, they caught up successful ho na ho I won't dear. Oh dear. Oh dear children simple got that option open. This particular situation a public on is Rihanna. don't you get all the joy this button a city whose kiss add up it just Bunny and just curling there's another are available apis and Anita Lo is bad say the magma said karate cows coma person knew to be make yourself is you forgive me. Yeah, but choreography. The point is does it behave that I get has enough then start analyzing. Not book mellow person and it's got hacked but not really happening. Yeah, it's a pretty big group. Any comment whenever you have a doubt key or likeable or not go and talk to your mom. You will get to know your answer exactly other tezi home with never say she doesn't like you she'll she'll always say she loves you and I think that is enough Jake laineebee jacquemart can apply those to say Opportunity to make a gourmet committee, and we need to somehow we got up unintentionally Philly look important term cook up to 80 systolic is a hard card or a scene of this at Barbara and reanalyze Kuru Kuru when they go her she is my next load could be Colonel kernels flow from a nickel. Is T Scopes of kernels? Ariki hunk? So yeah, the jazia best part May both Town Kabhi Kabhi Kabhi all the way up. God is on the it may be possible that it shouldn't matter that. You know, when sometimes people don't like you. I think it's okay. They go hum Qui cheese now. Yeah, just for one of her patients. Sublight nahi Kar sakthe, how can we expect it to be loved and liked by everyone? I think Doha me like karta Hoon na keiki. We can drop a like the same time job. He can motivate. Questions, I'm gonna clear. Can I please Banaras Mr. Azad Ninja the Ninja be solution desire your ninja Bad Karma, but are you mr. K Prasad body and Ninja? Hello. Okay, don't look Alex. You're an Avenger portrayed Magnetic Personality. But luckily Kahuna personality personality magnetic here behavioral traits of collect the heck Magnetic Personality my own anything. Benjamin the band look like that way again. I like the way you Survival Island Jacob the interview. Your energy up in Cape or pancreas, but I collaborate carrying it for 10% Okay, I got it. You have potential knowledge. The timer was one episode of thank you Nancy. Thank you for connecting with us - Michael my weight current. This is what can I say? Thank you so much energy for clearing my doubts. What's up the pressure to assure thee Hammer Azad called pay and ninja G Co Castle has the bottom pane so far. So I should Yaga. Hi Archie of a show. Hello. Hello, I should be up here. So Angie. headphones connected School guesses organization, I think sorry bolo. I think but slow communication is on line up my boyfriend boyfriend creepy. Hello. Humpty my name is GI. Actually I think menjadi had you're likeable person when I got there. I know Gigi so it's really early. Really? Well, maybe you just didn't achieve was to look very unlikable person of Nina. Jerome a banana yellow goop in person. I couldn't say we're going to tell you. Found cocaine. He could copy command me as well. I guess we need Jean about a Cheetah Racer some guy about butter some guy me Raju Visa Miata many but idea GI. Okay, okay, but we need G major so Volta presentable now, so physically name a position as possible. Sorry, Miss. I know some eyeballs are legitimate capable home, but my space sneaker bottom on could go or that cell division. You measured a job cut out. Some of you will not a woman named Martha about your house. It's communication gap Just Happening. Can I assist self-analyze Colonel? Likkin Kabhi Kabhi as how tidy up guy Bolin would start but some Newell up computer. Um, no Le Beak with your situation. I hope you like my new boots that I sorta to go with open energy is a dictator, which is you could do see the subjects Network, which also my letter so August we person after both Ferry where so up simply accept Jessica such a jwu upset, but Anita It is foreign language bonacieux. The carapace question could rephrase Kar sakthe Hain vah vah NHRA find out a particular way Mayfield Express. Yes, I hear coach at the x value. He voted to accept command coffee mosquito te or a Subway jota job Somerset. NGO Samuel a person case scenario co-hosted lifestyle catch a lady but was soon usually Express comfort zone Hot body because I could quote backup singers active. You can keep a secret any card. Yeah put aside Colonel you have to give sadqa compatibility. It's an external Factor depends you see bot can create Comfort Kitty a Bunny up expression and communication behavior and oppress cleaner shoe courage and vodka. So like little things when you start expressing in a very simple way they say you see guitar riff. Karna hoga henna kisi KO gratitude with Colonel Galaxy could thank you Boulder CO into T. So t a both Comanches are the Hub and a lot of questions of expression thick their suggestions. So I've got emotion up Express Colonel exam circle circle Congress current comfort zone. Not going to be possible Liotta Kabhi Kabhi gestures important or they could be coming up for Behavior the karthikeya Kamchatka. Hello. I think it is. It is a collective effort. You give one way of fourtner here agar. Aapke skirt a is our Allah our cabin a new school. Henna hello. Hello. Update religious Michael Bernardo are two common sense. We got some nice air shows in an electronic a label. Yeah, my past experience is called current scenarios current situation cut Time Heals. Everything is in a bottle Jessica hi cue ball ahead. Then it's a boat. Sorry cheese. Our self-esteem and everything but there's no point. They could just be hum kisise a hold on Kurt Ecuador stalker relationship or her a compliment you build each other be it friends P it love relationship be it family. It is all about building each other other you are trying to build some one and the other is just breaking you then. There's no point to look at is somebody gonna push you are you T Take it. Our stick with the program for the crew Jabbar mandatory, actually Anna eshoo T. They go directly to him extra fun. Tiga professional love relation who you like those things for her cheesecake balance on a sorority here. Kamijo tigey up towards our Epic Level Peridot ugly could be his sucker. Only water if it is not mutual then it's not working. And we cannot always analyze life based on emotions. Definitely. We are social beings, um cohort hota Hai hum. Jesus said Jude analyzed. decisions from Asia emotion based in Houston ticket hamari life Mayhem logo you see his abs Pradhan hello really dependent up kikuchiyo baster hello ninja it was boarded up Jim manipulate the Bollywood Bollywood patriotic movies with a romantic movies be creepy another that will destroy you somewhere or the other because they keep bad simple like yeah, she's created. emotions both licking emotions Lincoln depends ski up hot dog. Happy holiday. Okay, we'll call G. So yeah emotions basic model of those post-quake bottom more skilled or massive btb Discovery. Okay. So licking at the end of the day kisi ke Han in our own essay is in the energy drink beer. Edamame Lake. It's a real key key key Hanna harnesses in the beginning. He roped e, kisi. Ke ke rakhna not organization. I'll be needing these in detail today. Make it like a real person. Pete is your I got up is momentum. I see decision layer of C 0 C sub K root ugly moment. Johanna was he who has experienced Karma have agar is in the email he color up to like red color a keep great colors. Don't hurt her feeling her pain her happiness. Yes ret Sasori. Cupcake kilograms about how many of you have probably give you thank you. Thank you. Next time call is topping high-pitched. Hello. I love that an immediate to say. So Gaya topic. Yeah questions immediately a birthday suit ninja suit. BL BL likable person All palatal acid synthesis any kaput attorney look happy to be aboard your name others about the way I look. Those Go funny wanna do you have it examined reply though excited replied only ourselves, but we have to approach follow grow up difficulties Ms. Other knees out we're going to evaluate their hand out those go ask a pascal. Oh, yeah, Vince avidly directly visible the vocal. Should I go? Exactly what we're doing. Let It Go When you don't want to let go then what you should do like many kayaker. Appellate go Nicaragua here at what is Rory hacker. Now, I got Kyle necessarily henna to respect you of how hard it is, right? easy Noona Thiago necessity of a slob Co-op pleaseö take a look in person here the job is necessary if your smar you're the boss hard cheese me applicable here heart is opening leaking necessary energy to school first priority they can necessary to have which is Kenichi here as yeah but this is America analog of course you cannot stay up to their expectation to a level yeah whoa those came out hold and like we have Colonel Exotica ha ha so as it impacts every toxic little holes in the VA Carnegie on a I want to hold on hold on Volcarona we it garlic butter Hannah as got our self-respect henna call payment topic with another be otherwise May soon Casey Quezada or Meghan come there though you keep but I know that again and again yeah with that like a ninja they claw here are magical Hotel Radha Matlab GUI Superior intellectual be corrected flip up the self-respect you to subdue valuing easier could copy our Guru as a whole circuit diagram do circles are the pure Kobe at Nagoya and Tokyo in yoga work which is K pedology galerina tuba swampy gasps Banker Onika chicken vindaloo situation should be adjusted so is my tennis racket and of course equal bilaterally it was going to do my people when you go build UK but you look bowl there knock a up Muji is a except gorgeous women both but accept me the way I am the keymaster reality my son named accept me the way I am hello Nick you other fellow seconds of go blindly follow Negan has a vodka soda APR 20 hello rudimental of straight bowl there the logo for Posada passenger can give Al you can take all the joints Askew rudeness leaking air was trade Honest Abe only thigh like you can be Savage but the way you put your words to others is like log eventually of and earning only and mostly important a communication in the Gap a theme Personality traits Bo there's no mess up my language bolt down and then up came Nature Made drastic contrast and the people of compassion caring in the sense of polite. Oh body polite election of a log up case. I'd go such maybe unconsciously we go bowling. right when they take it what for later but that's a tricky area to vote to say well I have to cite the copy location and if I take a little Wasabi Japan a lot of people what do you think that movement how do you find the partner - same here Madonna was the logo key gift store Good personality trait only honest open emotion Skipper a map Nichols Logan. Thank you Ottawa hospital triage situation. Their citizen is also only Garden a video camera. yeah George realization and a self realization are both important idea Pocoyo girdles robot Ilana haha life of discipline big machine is up to 30 being punked I think you're being punctual is important it's very well and I got up with the bull again again school math Labonte sort of work the kebab and then give you like about the weather looked about the class may always late Haute ET Qui botany they go lately to get sacraments on later better punch the spirits psychology Just want to fit in. the bottom bottom and you feel it and you will see next to it we have a special person a year later the value greater the psychological disability and the time required to file the proper position again up temperatures of commercial temperature entropy diagram but love Deco ninja is make Jesus a Conestoga not hard time p on this Rogue a hard time perhaps such bolo gonna your basic Advantage rather he didn't advantage of cubed Ikea churches peekaboo Bob's would be whole again otavalo have come online you can copy and Jabbar punctual exactly exactly as it is in a be example when they don't go bald girl led to thank you thank you woman then I lost my bull anyway sorry to uh interrupt away example like a wives last match girl Jackie by Nature I let the next hotel why is match I didn't even start or the other girl yet another would-be wife is my job let's put it in until you get a Peggy other jacket Matt Hunter gave adam a club map for a power bank like a vitamin K by cadogan of charging power bank doll case Google a tsunami and it's got a ball Gabby about the hockey hot man was my daughter happy result in ignore parents. ninja art thing tell ya gonna be like in real life examples thank you the Puja negative water telega be deliberate - thank you so much for bearing better in act exactly imagine component number is on fire today and home hello now I can hear you doing a good thing or he's just like Gordon knowledgeable to us we will feel like a human nature we jealous but we like from the inside but I feel like we not show it yeah it is because we cannot be them know when we know that we cannot be them we feel jealous but if we really see that somebody is good we can try to be like the I mean we can learn the good things just isn't it yes like after time I we have to wait for that exactly you have to wait for the time while you reach to a level okay we need to get out of the water like you order your clothes like everyone like a likable person you are what's the title girl actually that's not true I have got a lot of people who me or old school but the thing is it doesn't matter okay for US medal for harassment of like we are the followers We are following you like your thought processes and were inspiration and motivational things like in terms of like an interview II gone through two videos that you make with the utterance are like they are just motivating and giving a personal opinion like from Abhishek sir there are just no end of things a self-improvement right right right most of my boards are like that Abby Ashwin the thing is there are some good people who connect like today ninja she has connected there are other people who have connected me on different topics so I guess the thing is it's not just me it's the people that I connect to the ideas that I learn from them so I can deliver it on a normal basis see it's about constant learning again it's not like you don't have to stop somewhere now the worst upon he was speaking some amazing things in here so so much to learn so the basic thing is when you are eager to learn you keep learning then you don't have that pride in your mind So eventually you become you turn out to be likable you know okay you like table yeah I mean it's like you know everybody likes people who are like he got to learn who are like you know the original one caramel you know okay so like if you if you portray yourself to be knowing everything so he you'll start sounding very arrogant isn't it no occur hello hello no hello sorry pardon me like what if I said I he said he if you are always open to learning and upgrading okay chances are that you will get you no good better best eventually but if you say no I know everything and whatever I know is only right okay so then eventually people will start hating you isn't it beautiful so what about turkey up cool a bitter but it's always nice to be humble and say yes I'm learning rather than thinking I don't know anything to America see car didn't like people will get you into wrong spaces okay okay but of joke it's okay another key when I get over here okay I'll cancel thanks thank you Tamar thank you for connecting it's sweet so nice that you connect every time it's like every time I'm okay like a today I am unless like I don't get that like I don't know when we were podcast like that kind of thing I'll become a regularly at four o'clock I'll be coming regularly at four o'clock tomorrow onwards I was a bit busy up here today tomorrow onwards I'll be regular like I'm lack of punctuality bye bye ninja so has also made a medical capacity the funsies please do we cut first so have some graceful bench to exactly the pain that is what I said key if you think you're really smart and if you stand straight the trade trees get cut always so I think they were all there is a thing Surah he Kobe Barnacle like if you want to fill your fill up knowledge you have to first you know bow down and only then you can fill it up in you and there's also a saying that keep flowing you know better who seek their whole eggs Agape Cataldo get together kid but go on yeah yes we call it as owning and betterment exactly in terms of plan dr. yes it's called pruning absolutely so ninja the we are almost towards the end of the podcast app is session go conclude cannot anger sorry points for Joe McCarthy apnic can be likable person when they click you see a majority regularly Improvement culture oh for chrissake oh intentionally her tomorrow up need a spectacle girdle sorry sorry shape the color guys like a trap g- hello Benjamin buddy doable give me that the slogan Joe archaic character pretending that they're separate pretend continue her Mission eating sounds good pair how many such attack image mature for Nikki like we were control of that right here look behind the other marketers Bobcat again so yeah we'll situation of the restarting okay buddy so mad targets are going to be focused so sorry of course the maximum before to put ndk time here but to tThe genuine bona fide genuine are in a state of like a window so what's a is electric genuine genuine genuine catagen on me situation may have missed opportunities Oklahoma really chassis matter Quixote's Amarillo Rojo nice opening it up for opening up with a catchy music is using for a program or just it's perfect for my pony up which is in some glass koalas hello dr. Kroger - we both say expect and this is the bonus of the gallium with bacteria from a shop wonders could relay go to Duties are Behavior Chattanooga lower case of gray up same behavior lokah samastah go through life of keyboard symbology or Ninja starting with is your father here yeah you got exactly Aria the 3G to be starting method like he's just to be in a comment section we call spin any other day but ninja could go up you are a great guy mechanically of natural medium asia-pacific immense variety yeah made it badly comfortable level Nevada you'll be up natural and Medical Center will give you what is going on I'm supposed Lena we're looking for understanding the sake of situational or better read crew which is the situation for better read croquet who better than that you can enjoy your company in the point emmerich was not the official opening dinner basically I'm a worsted the function at time T value got to get the environment job is going to your their post mortem Raja kicker Rock Bottom Gob tomorrow worker put aside color set of work make with an Ocarina do you need to go you want to read this to work Valencia was Bishop Arrow type of you GLI auguri 30cm are a University cafeteria and last moment on the are a magical quality except correct a whole bunch of likable model of how to achieve energy for example require proof we depend curtain quality of Judaism office late for charity get the balls to volume carer traffic members gather accumulate so good about okay that's on of animals meetings plan with the M2 will the kayak I too possess a big balcony which other three with Cordelia wasn't even both of us office give our room meeting and they're just about to internal party workers look at that I'm chilling I'm experiencing is I will not take the name though what I'm experiencing is we attack and solar wind up Carthage will be 2nd SS by Rubio has been easier because short or political abnormal agalya we need to go to thank you so much