Hello and good evening you guys. So today is today is Wednesday and I'm back with this podcast today. We will talk about be the change that you want to see before you start anything. I would like to say hello to everyone and Ria's has. Called me. Hey Diaz. Hello. Hello. Heidi goes. Hello. How are you? I'm good. How are you? Hello playlist. Talk to me. Can you hear me? Yes, I can hear you. Yeah, order form a restaurant. Maybe I am from India. Yes. I'm from India you from Bangladesh? Yeah. Yeah. Definitely. I'm from Bangladesh and a restaurant. I'm sorry. How do we strengthen or Dumbledore? No, I'm not a student. I'm a working professional. I'm a graphic designer, but you oh my God, there is good. If so, you can give me some sausage to me because I basically want to in. Comparative of or that's why I'll get a lot of benefit from you and you can give me some Solace to me. I think that to you all the time like Welcome to make it keeps breaking up and it's kind of difficult for me to understand I can hear you. Yeah. Yeah, please. Yeah, I basically I basically follow you maybe two or three months ago. Yeah. Okay, definitely here. Yeah, your boss is also Imagine. I think that because your ex internal is live broadcasting is also Different from other. Thank you very much. I really appreciate yeah. Yeah welcome, but I'm also newcomer. Okay, I want to include and also I want to get live broadcast in Zion. I did not give live broadcasting but to join as like as I'm also believe a place to you because you're going to give me a chance to me. The first time yeah, definitely. That's a great. I'm really happy that a joy to see you. Yeah, right. That's also something that everybody I see that most of the person is also Barry. As like s previous time they're also joining but I'm a very very newcomer and my English is also benefiting bad. I think that what and to improve that so I see that as a bad English then we are all Learners. I think you can learn you can always polish your communication and move ahead, right? So yeah, I just want to ask you something like weekdays topic that I'm talking about is Change the pussy. Okay. So if the there's this great reality mom Gandhi who said this, I'm not really sure how could I take this thing is in history? It's registered or not. But then this lying around on the internet Mahatma. Gandhi said that we that you want to see so what do you think? Okay. I think that you have to question is like a small town motto Gandhi the question the question. Is that you how can you change the society? Okay. Now everybody wants to change the society by changing something else, but how can you change the society by changing yourself? Okay, that's fine question. I think that because everybody should follow it. At and also yeah, definitely because some man's character is also different. I think that and also Mike my to communicate with anyone and also I have to change because of I think that young young young boys most of the young boys is also a dictator they at this time that's why I gave up. I should give up for this kind of activities that soy, there's also most most harmful for when I think that because some other time I basically gave plot of cricket tournament and also other kind of tournament because when I keep a window and want this type of people in covid involve this type of games after that their mind the term is also buried with chance, but there's also other platform. I think that because I think because of the most of the time I see that Yeah, young boys particularly like to on there. I can't I can't understand because I didn't practice English. That's why I but I know that because yeah, no problem. Okay. So basically what I would like to say is if there is anything that you want to change in the world, I think Jake for yogurt. Okay, you've been practicing practicing this language for a while now. Yeah at a different level. I'm also trying how to develop my English because I can't do the practice regular basis because I didn't give any kind of chance for practicing. That's why okay. So new things if you have been following a particular system if that's not working try to change it a little bit try to follow new things and practice it in a different. Way, okay. It's definitely gonna take some time. It's not going to be that you're going to be fluent in one day and you're not gonna start talking like a native speaker. No, you don't have to speak like one. Okay, keep practicing try and understand what you're trying to learn and try and polish it. Okay, then yes it will, you know in Italy happen that okay, you will love this, but we're like in a span of time it is going to take some time. You want to learn it? In one or two days, but yes, it's going to take time. So keep practicing and it was really nice talking to you. I have a few College thing in line, which I would like to answer. It's been a pleasure talking to you. Okay? Nice to meet you. Okay. Thanks. It doesn't life story to be. Okay. That's okay. That's okay guys that was realize Chaudhary and he was from Bangladesh and we are talking about be the change. want to see I was reading this coat on the internet and I wondered that did Mahatma Gandhi actually say something like that. And how do we really believe if he said it but what I really feel is this coat? Is just a reflection of the life that Mahatma Gandhi has lived. He has lived in such a way that his life has created a change the way of life that he lived the example that he set in the world has changed a lot and people have learned from it more than reading his codes online. I believe that when we look back the way he lived his life the way the kind of ideas he put up. The you know, the practices that he had so I guess that is what is more what understanding rather than just the code. We usually do something says, you know, like what do we do? We follow quotes blindly. We all want to be motivated. We all want to do great things. We want to change the world for great. But what is the word it is we it's all of us. As you know, every bit of us people will have to change it how unless you change yourself. There's gonna be no change. Okay, so we will go ahead with this. Yeah. I have five colors here. So yeah, let me just take this call and then we continue with the topic. Hello - aii, look. Hello everyone and Mahmud II moment. Yeah. Yeah. Exactly. Hello. Hello. How are you? I'm good. I'm fine. Thank you so much for asking. And I have a question for you. And I want to improve my communication user to can you suggest me how to improve my communication skills. Listen to people when they talk observe. Observe how they use their sentences how they are speaking when you read read out a lot. If you are thinking about reading and understanding topics read out aloud. Okay, when you read the paragraphs just concentrate on the kind of you know gestures when people when you see videos, okay, yeah. Yeah. Yeah exactly. Yeah think write it down similar points. Okay, if you are despite my personal use but already in that profession the way they use this language. Okay, and yeah, it's with a grandma if you're going getting into the grammar really rigidly. Then you will get confused and you will mess up your language the language the way it is written is way more difficult. Difference when it is fear. So rather suggest listen to people when they talk and try and participate in places where you can talk don't get embarrassed. Don't fear doing mistakes. Yeah, exactly. I just saying, right? Yeah, and you saw it, right? So that was all you wanted to ask. Where you from. Them from UV you are from you'll be okay. Yeah. Yeah, but yeah, basically I live in New Delhi and my hometown is up' and but I live in New Delhi. All right. All right there. Yeah, that was. Really nice talking to you and I just hope you learn this particular language, you know, there are a lot of people who are doing Forbes on this particular application specially for language. Okay during the day. I like their time just, you know, get into a few of them try to participate into the conversation. Try to get on the call and talk. Pick up a topic or try discussing a topic because you know, when you learn a language you cannot learn something perfectly like you cannot learn it in a way that you know, it is in the books you might have communications like, you know, there would be paragraphs of conversations, but that is not which is going to come in your real life real life scenarios are very different from the books. So get it which are in the real life which involve topics. That you know happen the current topics try discussing the current topics way. You can speak you know that you get more content to talk about so in such a way you might do more mistakes and you will know where you have to change so that way you'll learn exactly as thank you so much. Yeah, you're coming. So good. You're gonna write it does just not happening. Day, it takes practice and seriousness. So if you are serious about your language, you will learn it very well. Okay, if you are like you have that, you know hunger to learn that language. Okay, so you will do well with it. Yeah, right. So yeah great moment. That was great talking. I have a few people again in line, so I would like to take calls, but unless you would like to talk anything about Out this particular topic today. Hi, Mohit. Okay. Okay, okay. Hello. Hello. Hello, can you hear me? I can hear you. Hi Whitney. How are you? I'm good. How are you? I'll talk about okay. So your topic is so interesting. I see or topic that be the change you want to see right? Yes, that is again if according to my thinking or a my perception is means I want to First. Talking about you talking about the change in the world that you want. No. Hmm. Yes as so according to me. I want to some changes in world. Just like I want to see our country as a superpower just like you can say currently USA is a superpower. Yeah, and so I want to see my country. First of all as a superpower and II think that the the area Of course captured by a Pakistan and the China are disputed area. As you know now there are territory of a question for you. And these the TV won't back the second thing. I want to see the change in the in our country. Basically. I am not talking about the world. I am talking about my country that that the because because if first first we too have to change in our country after that we move for for the other. As for the whole world just like our family first. We have to improve our family. Now after that we move forward dude help the others and all the things and the second thing that I want to see the change that the there's the humanity means the in every people having us some Humanity means these are II as a today's as a nowadays scenario that the things are whirring, so verse as you see there's a lot of crimes and all the things as you see that what in a daily newspaper, you see a different different cases regarding a as you see regarding the crime rates and all going on right as you see Anna and I belong from a temper - area where the right now the crime rate is a decreases, but when we talk about out before five year ago, then there's a so much high of a crime rate. So so we have to see the change that the our Humanity our but I said it in the community like it should start from the basic, right? Yes. Yes, and and and the other thing is that we have to means every individual have to work in himself only that the there's the method through which we can Transform. Yes, we can say that vegan change from our today's today switch what we say that today's today's sensitive conditions to a better one. Yes as if we if we make a change in our self only because because as we know man that the small small drawers makes the as you see this court in a Hindi that 32 to a bulldozer Target event just like that, right? Yeah just like that. If you if we improve ourself only then only we get a change in this world or a truly. Yes this these things is very important to take a change in a the supposed to be and then it will change little changes that you have to start making in yourself. Then that will reflect people will look at you and they will learn yes, you know one person it will it is contagious, you know goodness is contagious good things are going to be people will look at whether they will learn from other many people learning any communities learning states countries and the world it will keep on redeploying. Yes you are and so exactly I mean her little little efforts put in in every area will create great changes. It will it impact right? Yes, it is. Yes. So that was a great Point Mohit and you are from you right? So you say new P right now or you are into a different city? Yes. I am. I'm a native of up' means and I live in a Delhi NCR area. It is a test to a deli. I live in a in a ghaziabad. It is a Delhi NCR area. So it is just a test to the desert. Ellie right. Okay. So what are you a student or are you a professional? I am a student. I complete my graduation in a BST Electronics owners last year and currently I'm preparing for a government job means I am preparing for for a depends Indian Armed Force. That's amazing. That's very nice. So so your you aspire to work with the Defense Forces? Yes. Yes. I am motivated or I Very what I said towards the Indian Armed Force because when I see the soldiers and they they protect us all of us means are they protect our country means a way where they were born there. They give their whole life for that country. Yeah. So I also Inspire from them and so that's why I also decided to join the Indian Armed Forces. So I am preparing for it. There's also a way to change right? Yes. It is also a way to change if you want to see a change in a country you have to show for your nation. Absolutely. Yeah, that's that's wonderful. So that has been great talking to you more head and thank you for connecting with us. And your ambition is a varied create one, and I just hope that you achieve it and you join. Thank you for this very stressful and thank you for connecting with me Moorhead. You have a great day here. It stays penguiny nothing. I'm very late. So yeah, that was more hip and more. He does from you. BMO hit wants to join the armed forces and Moorhead spoke about the change that we can bring in the world by changing ourselves be it a professional life be at the personal Life be it in the relations. I believe that little changes that we can create within ourselves reflect and multiply so which is very important. I actually go with a very simple code that changing our face changes nothing, you know changing our face changes nothing but facing our change can change everything people are so used to being in a Particular set of life or a set of comfort that they don't want to get out of it. Everybody wants the other one to create a change. Everybody wants change to come out of the external forces external, you know sources, but which is weird because the external sources also a human's okay, they are not some super powers that are just randomly roaming around the Earth, but then Each one of us is a human and each one of us can create a change by changing little habits. Okay, there are a lot of things that I want to discuss for today, but then let us start with the simple terms as change in our lives by changing our lifestyles. People are so much worried about the world changing and getting into destruction. People are following the same kind of Lifestyle. People get motivated or attracted to the wrong Trends. Yes, people are getting attracted to the wrong Trends. But what are these Trends who is creating them? It's the people isn't it? We need to understand that these Trends are created by these people a hand are followed by these people. So we cannot keep saying that, you know, there are trends that are being followed. Okay, so here is a comment I would I'd like to feed I am Akshay Vinnie the I think you have highest followers on open talk. No, I'm sure there are people who have a lot of followers on opendoc and who are actually doing great. So yeah, that is the reason they are get the followers. Okay. So apart from that there's another thing that I would like to talk about today is like People want to create an impact on the world each one wants to be different. But how do we differ from each other people have the same ideology is they try to put it portray it in different ways, which is kind of weird like, you know, people are all so confusing the same ideology with another But what is change actually what I believe is creating a change starts with in? Okay, creating little changes in the habits creates greater impacts people talk about learning a particular language people talk about learning a particular art people talk people talk. We do what we do is we talk but we never put that thing in action. But the moment the when everything starts getting into action, the change is visible to create a positive change. First of all, it is very much required to understand and accept the fact that there is a requirement of change and one when you actually start working on that particular change things great things happen. I didn't see anyone who had more followers than you. Okay, it's hard to say because I have not actually checked if somebody's having a followers. Hey gettin long time man should join come on on call. Let's talk and change starts from you exactly Nick change starts from us when we want to see that change because most of the time we are expecting change from the outer sources. We want people to change we want the 82 change we want the things to change. We want the government to change. We want the World to Change but you know the wants always take over, you know, the want to is greater than I have to the moment people start interchanging that you know, like I want to see the change but I have to be the change, you know, people want change the world. That's the issue. Basically Nick there's a A difference when people start looking at the world does world but I believe when you start looking at yourself as the world everything changes, if you want to change the world look at yourself as the world you are the world. Okay, the moment you start changing yourself the moment you start working on yourself. You are actually changing the world, you know, just imagine each one starts working on himself or herself and starts with a very minut change eventually. It starts reflecting in the world and you See the change the change will happen. The change will be visible. But if each one just stays there lays back and expect for someone else to create that change. The world start from you. Exactly exactly neck that is that is totally what I mean. That is totally what I want to talk about today and Zune says this open talk is amazing. Thank you June and che che che che your back. So yeah, you guys can join the calls because I'm not I have not taken any calls. You guys can join them. Another thing that I want to talk about is when change comes people talk about parenting now parenting is an important topic the changes required. A lot of people want to see change in their children. They want to see look at the children do great things haste to Shanghai. They want to see their children do great things. They want to see them study in a particular way and oh Nick you're working. No problem. You can join me later on. So coming back to the topic. Yeah, parents want to see change in their children, but what I believe is children grow up. And learn from a technique called watch and learn. Okay children, or I don't think not just children. I think even normal people up to a certain age and professors. You're gonna shop. Yeah profile. I'm gonna shock. So what happens is we are so happy to waited to listening and understanding and changing that we eventually forget that you know change can be just created. As people want to set examples for other people, but I think the most important thing right there is you don't have to be an example. You just have to be yourself. And if you're good at it, it is already an example Okay, so When he's amazing, right and Anand is amazing, too. Yeah, you guys are having fun man. Hey last bench boy. How are you? Hello. Hello. Hello. Can you hear me? Yes I can hear you. Yeah, yeah, it was interesting topic. So that's why it happened. Join with you. Thanks for setting me glad to see you. Welcome. Thanks for connecting to me last bunch of Candy Boy. How do I address you? You can call me Praveen? Yeah. Okay. I can call you Province. Oh, hi proven. Where you from from Tamil Nadu? Yeah, I know and sleep Madre from a Droid. Yeah, you are from madurai, right? That's I'm from Canada come from Bangalore. And today we are talking about be the change you want to see. Yeah, such a wonderful topic. So that's why I connected with you. That's fantastic. That sounds good. So yes, what what would you like to say about the topic today is how recently nothing up on my head. So yeah, let's see. We will talk about the topic. I'm sorry, and then the Pines related with that. So yeah, just be give you can give me Sometime yeah, sure. Why not? Yeah, you can talk. I will have some point through that sure you can have your points. So Shashi bhagat. Hi Josh ibague. What I would like to say is whatever changes you. Okay, whatever changes you would like to see in the world to affect the society has to begin with us. And how does that begin? It begins with a willingness to create that change people want to create a change in the world. What is the While the world is us. Okay, many of us, you know, not just many of us billions of us. So yeah, you know, we are the world and when we change ourselves it eventually changes everything little bit a bit by bit Everything Changes. Okay, every moment of our life is an example that is said okay people look at each other and that's how the society is created we effect. People differently behaviors affect people differently if I don't talk to you. Well, if I don't greet you well, if I don't talk to you politely eventually that is the kind of response. I am gonna get and that is how I'm gonna be treated. So if I want to be treated, well, I have to create a Vibe, you know, I have to create that process of goodness. Okay, so if I want the world to be good, I want the world to be polite to me. I To start that process. Okay. I have to start being polite first. Okay. So any change that I want to bring in the world unless guys you are talking about governance and politics. Yes that is going to be differently. Okay for that change to happen. There are different processes in our life. There is a way there is a way that is Bill there is there are committees there are you know systems but if you want to see change in the world the normal change people talk about climate change people say the climate change is happening. The world is good moving towards the end. How how is the world moving towards an and who did that to the world it is us. Okay and yet we talk about we look at the TV, you know, we see great campaigns happening we appreciated but what we do, what do we do actually in our real life how many of us do follow changes? I mean the how many offers Follow little habits to change that or to support the those campaigns. It's very simple to say that there is a need to change but how easy is it to start the change? How easy is it to be the change? Okay. So last Venture candy guy you have been here again. So yes. Yeah sure. You know, it was a great Explorer Nation about that. It's a nice intro. I like that. They'll change tati a change from you and ending it's so easy. But maintain that is really tough. That's really really tough too many that a lot of people give negative or positive confident about their you know, compliment is important role is acting under now life compliment. If you do that anything interestingly the people would come Um about that that designer bags of main important thing to decide should be continue that or not you doing one thing you're learning a new language of like English Spanish French different person. Yeah, you're good in a good ninja Spanish Italian. Yeah there are and you'll have the best experience and you'll have the best Healthcare that the best things in your future but In person. Hey, why are you striking why you're struggling with talking English in Italian and much more languages. You would get some underestimate feeling all data and I'm not bailing Spanish table, which the it doesn't mean that you can not speaking English or kind of languages. So condiment is important the second tip from when buffered he told don't care about any person. You know, your your wealth your Your talent about you, you're the student and you're the boss. You're the teacher in your life learn something from the person but don't copy that person on something whether he's a good person or bad or anything. But if you have anything good, you're all things are good, you know all things going in a good it's going to be a great thing in your future. So don't leave I don't care about us a negative compliment just go in We either change the stage. It's essential and vital change a person doing work and again and again daily are not continuously for years. I used persistently. He do all things. He does same work again and again, but there's no change. We have to make if you want anything new in your life. We have to change our life our weight, you know for If you want to great job, if you want to high paying job in multinational company, we have to know something they have to do so for that for example English professional mean Proficiency in English then knowledge, but if any person has only the computer knowledge without the English proficiency, he's not deserve for their he doesn't do anything there as so change the person spend the time and spend a little money gives if that person's life. That spend the money and much more thing to do that to reach that level after that. He became the proficiency level he can do anything the multinational company became a boss or maybe start a new company with that knowledge, you know, everything happen but changes in pardon. We have to begin the spark in our you know mind inside of our brain changes, but Exactly. So that's a very nice Point put up by you Praveen. And I really feel nice that you have connected to me on this particular topic and I think the first time we are talking and having said that like we have been speaking on an amazing point where we are talking about creating change. So I'm really glad that you connect it to me on this particular pod. And I just look forward that you keep connecting to me. Yeah. Sure. All right. So thank you for connecting. You. Have a great day. Yeah, thank you a nice day. Bye bye. That was probably not he was from madre. He's from Tamil Nadu and he has given out some amazing points about the change. Okay. What I believe is each one of us can create a different stamp, you know on this world an impact on This World by making our lives meaningful in a thousand ways in today's world, which is Rightly a very busy life where people are living into a world where it is running ahead. It's moving ahead with a great Pace. Okay where we need to understand that each moment matters each action matters each and everything that happened that is happening around us, you know is to is to be observed and understood right? So to create change around us. Us in a thousand ways what we do, you know start making little change in our lives The More You observe your life the more you understand where the change is required and how you can create that change and make a great impact on your life. Today is time where it is. So chaotic everybody is at home. Like there was a time where people were at home and what depressed and everybody was heartbroken while the pandemics said pandemic was happening people were greatly impacted by this Adnan atmosphere around but if we let that affect us to an extent that we all get depressed people will turn out to be a zombie but rather we could just utilize the time and move out in a different, you know change our mindset create that Thought of positivity and move ahead. We will talk about that more before that. Let's just stop to enjoy. Yeah, so thank you for having me over here. Hi Joyce. And where you from? I'm from Mumbai. You're from Mumbai, right? Okay. I saw that you were on call and then you missed out and then now you're back so welcome. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, that's why I want to speak about the man who who said this so to speak about gandhiji. So what a great personality he was so for his entire life he fought Tunnel to give freedom to India, but on the night when India got freedom he was he was in West Bengal trying to reconcile the gap between Hindus and Muslims. So I just imagine how is that possible you you Aspire something and then you give it and then you absolutely don't enjoy it. So that is the quality of a real change maker. So even neru neru G and Sardar vallabhbhai Patel used to take on Sent from him. So probably he believed in the first Prime Minister of India, but he did not eat any personal goals is only agenda was to to change change lives of people. That's why he kept on going even after even after buying India its freedom. So speaks volumes about this man, and I just wonder and he's a great example how you can create change. So I just want to pay this. To him since this alliance with this quick so about the topic. Yes about the topic. I think not everybody has the courage and the audacity to create change. So as individuals the least we can do is to support people to give moral support to people who have the ability or the courage to to lead a leader and I dictation or or bring about some kind of change. So that is the yeah. So that is the least everyone on a personal front can do so. Yeah that is started to see that's that's amazing. Yeah, so see when I need to talk about be the change you want to see it's on a very general top General basis. Okay, I'm not considering just something which could be politically, you know affected or in a different way on general terms. I believe that each one can create a change. Okay, like you said Gandhi Gandhi was a great personality. Okay, so he had a vision of freedom for India. But apart from that on on a personal front, he was a great personality and how did he go to that level? Okay. He definitely did something right so which which impacted the people which people you know, which motivated the people to be with him and you know, go ahead with him to do things that he said. Okay. So how does that happen unless There is some special quality are in to be aren't each human unique isn't each human unique. Everybody has qualities only when you see them, that's when it is triggered. Okay, so Gandhi knew he could do stuff, but it was not that he knew that he's just going to move the entire country in one day. Okay. He created that change through years. The he created himself in many ways. Okay before being the father of the nation, he was a human somewhere. He was a father of the nation out of his house. But when he was there at his home when he was sitting on his chair and think he was a human right he had an idea he wanted to do something but did he where did he collect that courage from? Where did it come from? Where did that kind of confidence come to him? Okay, unless he wouldn't would have seen it within him if he wouldn't have seen that there is this world inside him which can impact the entire world if he wouldn't have seen that none of us could have seen it would be like absolutely. Yeah he Right and that fire is there in each one of us and you and me in everybody. But if we as humans have become a bit lazy about such stuff you don't want to look into it. We don't want to change because we have created boundaries around us. Okay called the comfort zone. We don't want to get out of it. Okay, we want to sit there and think like why the world isn't changing the world needs to change why how who will change it dude you Do it, isn't it? So yeah. Yeah, but sometimes it is those are very wise words, but then do they reflect in real life because why do I do problems such as girl child abortion corruption? Why do such problems still exist there have been people who have tried to amendments to it, but still they exist that reflects that this does not work in the real world. Old again, politically I can say that you shouldn't do something and you might not do it. But as a human if you really have the heart not to be killing something you will not do it. So coming back to the point creating a change bringing an idea is totally personal when each like there was this guy who came here who connected to us. He said bun won't say sagarmatha. Okay, every little change matters every little thought matters it Well real world only if people want to make it work like again coming back to the example of Gandhi if Gandhi wanted things to change. He lived that life. He lived the life of some degree people that being nonviolent can do great things, but he didn't just teach people. He didn't just say that you guys have to be nonviolent. He was nonviolent. He took and people saw that so the change that I'm Talking about is that when you live a life that reflects onto people. Yeah. Yeah, that's true. Right there is going to be evil in the world. This is a world where both the things are going to be in Balance. There is going to be bad if there is no bad who is going to take the trouble to change it, isn't it? That things are going to be there but it shouldn't so happen that people get used to that. You know that the negativity around his Negative. Okay, let's let's just be who cares okay, or just sit there and say somebody has to change it but somebody is not who someone who's going to come out from outer space. It's going to be one of us. Okay, one of us. In fact, it's going to be every one of us. There's not just going to be one person who's going to go around the entire country and say Hey, you stop you're doing wrong. Okay. So each one has to start reflecting the truth. Each one has to start reflecting that way of life only then things will happen. Isn't it? Yeah, that's that's true. So, yeah, thank you for having me. That was my point. Right Joy. Thank you for connecting to me on this topic. It's been great talking. Yeah, me too. Yeah. I see that Samira has joined and she said she has joined again. Hey guys, welcome long time. Captain is here. Hey kitten long time. Hello. Hello. Hey get on. How are you? I'm good. How are you? I'm a dancing. Yeah, I was just wondering about it from a long time. Like, you know, people have been crying all over all the way like, you know, the covid happened and we are going to break down and this is going to happen and that is going to happen and it's been so depressing and each one is like oh boy, I'm gonna die. So I think it was kind of necessary to talk about it. So I said, yeah and that's why not. Let's just talk about it. Yeah, you are right people having the negative mindset and it is good to educate about what is negative mindset as such if you think you can't do anything supposedly, like right now covid is happening. You can't do anything. So it's not that you can't you can't do anything about that you can't do it, but you can do something else that you can answer for you or learn something which is which will be fruitful point for the Dome. So people get in toward negative point of view that I can. Anything I can blame so that's sort of mentality which child has so when he doesn't get a pan or anything, which is looking for he started to play starts to blame her parents. Like normally why don't you covid others have and they start crib like or is it the wine and all you agree with that? Right? Exactly I do. That's you have to be wondering about I can't do this but I can do that. That's a positive mindset. It is not like okay positive means this will happen. No, that's the wrong definition. It's like I can't do this. But unfortunately I can do this sort of things. I can take this. So right now covid is happening. You can learn something you can enhance so accent if you want to go to customer service or something, which you are looking drive like which will give you Suzie azzam. For your career like to do it in an inset right now is a good opportunity first three months for free totally. Yeah, I think all things are like coming and going okay every thought every feeling every day it is going to come it's going to go. Okay, but it's not going to be there. Okay, it's not going to be stagnant things. Yes change. Okay, and we need to start adapting to those changes. Okay, I think yes, this is all happening with a very Fast Pace, okay, very it's all happening in a particular speed that people are not able to accept but then eventually complaining about it being cranky about it is wondered make things worse. Okay, and it is going to affect everybody's mind set and create, you know an environment of sad sadness and you know, it's going to just sound like look the blue. What do I say the blue situation everywhere, which is really not good. Okay. So rather do something which Create a change and bring a good change in your life. You have a time you have been dreaming of having time for yourself for a long time do something about it. Okay do something which would be beneficial to you or to someone else and then it can you know. Bring some different result in the life, isn't it? Yes, actually if you find out Solution, that's a good way to secure about it's not happening to me. It can happen. Although start like he was just staggering yourself. So I feel that it could be and impossible like normally right. Now what is happening? I'll tell you by the physiological and psychological perspective. Like normally people have the habit of going to work and they are just stuck at home changes is something homeostasis, right? People are depth in like if you have to start by little and they adapt to changes but in unfortunately now we all have to be at two men this thing happen. So people were not able to attack the dead speak only thing they're frustrated about so I mean if you if you what you're talking about is something about call conceptualizing, right? So right have a concept you have put that in front great. So people are just they don't have the role like Like what to do in this world. So now like we're going by the flu and unfortunately the wind struck back so the ocean is now in chaos and there is no discipline. So they don't know. What should we do? They should have something in their life that life has a meaning. So if you find out the meaning for your life, then you will go into the cloak things will come and go the board will seal in the particular direction, but sometime it has to hold but know that you are fault now but you have to reach the destination so people don't have the core root and they are just wondering about so that's what happening right now yeah I believe see people when people see halts okay they just hold there and look at the other boards and like okay you know they are moving okay but you will only move if you take the trouble to start moving isn't it yeah it's that is what I want to talk about like see people have been behaving in certain on way I have seen I have seen a lot of peers of Mines they've been behaving so we are like it's like the end of the world is happening everybody so sad I think That shouldn't be the case. I think if you take charge of your life and if you start creating little changes in your life only then will treat you right and yeah, so it's this particular moment. Very good. Yeah, it is breaking moment. I mean whatever change you want to see or you want to create this is the moment. Okay, you stand up and take charge of your life and tore it right. You're right. So like normally you're not moving your head. You want your stalling right now, so don't feel bad because not going back side. Okay, and if you're going back said that's real trouble, then you can take attention like right now my financial stability is in struck now, but I'm not going back. So I'm trying to manage. I'm trying to mitigate the Expenses, which I'm having I'm leaving him surviving in small expenses. So if you're going on to make large expense that will be a trouble for you in future. But if you are trying to prove yourself putting something, you know that after logged in it will be of fruitful thing. You have calculated the risk and not then it's a good thing don't think that it will just have like, otherwise what you're doing. You're just wasting your time. Right, so it's better to utilize your time in certain things. Yeah. I mean, I mean you things up erupt you and that's what makes you certain things happen. That's why you are known as what you are. So unfortunately people don't know people don't know that things won't go handy and I am in previous podcast also have told you or everyone has a plan. Okay and all the punch which handle it that defines you. Okay, correct? Only if you have the courtesy to handle that punch. Everyone has a fan everyone wants to be rich. They have all the sorted plan lay down and right now like coronavirus came and if you can mitigate that thing in future, it will be good for you because you know that points will come again and you know how to survive right? So same same applies in the life real life. So they are going to be challenges that are going to be things not just a pandemic or an apocalypse that is going to happen. But you know in life also we change different we faced so many problems that changes us in a certain way. But you know, the kind of change we want to bring is totally in our hands like, you know, you might fall sake you might face people you might face situations. Okay, that is gonna happen. It's a part of life. But how you let that thing effective is totally dependent on your mind. Okay. So let every moment be an example of what you, you know do like when we come to talk about Being in certain situation and changing according to it. So it should you know, the thought process should be as such that it should reflect out in such a way that you know, whatever change that creates whatever ripple effect. It applies or whatever reflection. It creates on. The other people should not eventually hamper your growth know like sometimes we get into such situations and Given a certain way that the people around us could be, you know, it could make a negative impact on them. Okay. So the thought process should be in such a way that whatever comes out come out in a proper flow and it should eventually add up to the well-being. So things will change we will talk about like the you know, people are much into the blame game like okay, the situations are going wrong. The time is going wrong. Nothing is happening and cranky and stuff. Of but at the end of the day everything is totally dependent on your own way how you create that particular change around you isn't it? Yes, is it the issue is that you can't say anything is happening. I've seen people right now right now making some some moves as at home and they are earning good profit out of it. So you can't say I mean that's a mindset which are not looking out for your own. Utilizing a time you're not saying the what is going to be could and eventually success is something like 99% failure only one person when you achieve it is Success. You have to fail 99 times. You have to go to the trouble and that will happen and one more topic. I wanted to address support there was a time before me and I don't know it's the image that was an old so I can't say his name. So he was talking about something in regards to girls pay in Niche for you say abused and all so Today depends you sort of theory. It's been proven that there was a story of what you said to be precise. There was a parent and they had a child and it was the tile used to get abuse at school though. The parent used to count them like you should do this. You should do that and all this stuff but until like used to get bullied out and to do so, they went to a psychiatrist. Like what should we do? So is that chart? He learns from parent. So in order to child, you have to improve yourself. So people look up to you people look up to use over PA code in society. People will look after you. Don't say that people are not making what you say. This is illiterate and all try to belittle people copy. People will be motivated someone with your Mentor like you will be help you you will help somebody so you have to try to get out of it like somebody like now he gave an example of Mahatma Gandhi saw him right? So you will Plus you influence to get like him. Okay, so that's why I like you have sad when you have to move the car forward keep pushing. Yeah, he talked about also he talked about the negative aspects of a society where you know, women being burned or something like that. See what I want to say is like there are few basic things that don't come with education or literacy. This just comes to us as Humans, okay. Yes, you know when something bad happens. If you are human enough it will eventually affect you that is not taught in any book that you have to feel the pain when somebody's getting killed. Okay, it comes to us. Naturally. It's a human trait that you feel pain when you know, you see or think about something bad happening. But if there are people who don't feel that particular thing and they are getting into such a you know, An action or such a behavior or they're doing something of that sort. So it is totally a personal Behavior. It has affected them. It has you know that they grew up to be that way by the impact of society or the impact of something that some traumatically conditions or something. But what I spoke about is every now and then you life gives you a chance to look at what you are doing. Look back what I have done what I have become or what I could be if I could be better, you know, you can self analyze this rather than somebody else analyzing it. Okay, and it is never too late to come back and create that change come back and change yourself to be good. Yes people might not accept you immediately, but eventually they will your goodness will show wonders. So if you think Hugh, I have something that is not well or that is somewhere holding you from being a good person change it don't fear that change so that is what I was saying like you know he talked talked about like female infanticide and stuff right so if people are cool with killing their own baby so there's definitely something wrong in the brain isn't it okay you know the actual right uh it I'm going to another topic actually this topic is very interesting okay and you talk about it and I said like to clear this town there is something called as in is and nany tasted like tears take it is if people don't believe or ntsc people have the belief that there is a God so it all started with history where people So it all started with a hasty is like people we will be charged when they are tap. OK they will be a judgment day in the other. They will be done like okay, you will be charged but what you will do what you did in your life. So we had a gossip and exact argument. If God doesn't exist, then they know there is no morality. The other term is morality, like people know what is good and back that is like in needs of people like even if you don't have any religion you will know. somebody is bad right it's you will you will understand it even if you don't require any law anything that's all morality so you don't have any God so it's okay like normally there is no purpose for your life right so Rejoice at what he said yeah and and they're like they will be okay was and people will try to achieve the past because no one will hold anyone to chop you off like normally they want to get success in life and life is only once okay so they will try to to get the most out of it don't you agree with that exactly I do so in that so in that purpose like I feel and people another thing which you talked about is people don't have feeling that is a condition called as Psychopaths people like doing Mass mode you don't have the feeling that you don't feel they are doing bad there's a condition okay there you have to understand that as a condition in personal life that people don't feel about something they don't feel cry and something if something is lost they didn't have that feeling too I don't have sympathy and empathy about it okay that's in short brief right they don't have they don't care about it so I was going on and I was letting you know that people will be different from you okay and if you think what your what is in your head and the person agrees with you you're just new to this world people have all different opinion right that has to be accepted and moved ahead work just good test I have to understand that you have to do the best you can and this is one time opportunity which you are leaving him so don't care about this Corona virus or something you except you want to change something you can change it believe in yourself but if you just like if you don't want the issue is that the person like I was reading this actually I was into this YouTube thing though what Mark idea was talking about rock so it was like why is so successful is because he actually had a desire and he didn't crave power if he actually wanted that's why he worked on it and there was no like he didn't give any sort of like I think I can do this I can do that there was no sort of negative speech in his work he wanted he said okay I will do this in this way so he had that mentalities you also have to have that mentality if you want to success You have us do want to have a success in life, correct? But I will talk a lot today after some gold and your after long time. So I was just wondering that you're not there. But then I was I think you would not getting into this dog. I mean I was just getting bored at home. So I thought let's go and open to again. See what is happening and I went up close, you know. Odd hanging out on cast box a long time and even I was like take I had also taken a long break from you know doing ports. I was wondering okay, let me just take some time. So so how is it like is it up feeling the same or like have you been into Fort Cochin between in recent time as regular breaks more often? And because I rejoined office and then I started working again so it's kind of been chaotic you know lately so yeah so I'm gonna get back to doing regular pause very soon so I think today's topic I have rescheduled it quite a number of times so like you will be fumbling when you are starting at because even I am right now mumbling because I don't know why it's happening but it is too late when you will just stop certain things actually you need to brush up your things so you in every month you have to do something so that's why I came after three months and just started some to talk some somebody and I'm just like what should I speak about what should I speak about okay fine I caught this time because I take a break completely because I was on cast box okay yeah I understand that and then we used to be talking there but I didn't speak as much English as I speak here like I used to speak in the over there and we just used to have charts and fun so it Used to be very different. But again coming back to Montauk is all about he talks when it comes to me, you know that so okay. I should also say something so actually pursuing something in Bank industry. So I like to discuss up what that in my opening as soon as I finished off the material. Sorry material. I am between I'm just factoring so as soon as I finish I know that because I actually thank you so much. So it's good hand how many people in queue? Yeah, I have a few callers here waiting. So I will definitely take a few calls and get on. Thank you long time. Okay, the color is yeah after long time you have connected and I'm really happy to see you back. My pleasure. Thank you your bye. Bye. Bye. See you guys I want to get on and get on a husband a dear friend on open talk long time. He has just returned back to open Talk. He speaks about Fitness. He talks about different topics. He talks about cultures. So if you guys want to check him out go check his profile out and he brought the Gaya Hai and blue orb. Hi. hello hello rajput how are you doing I'm fine what about you I'm doing great thank you and most to talk to you after 2 months Gap yeah you gave me this book to you sometime back did you remember me I do remember you I think you are the only guy by the name Yogi that I spoke to on this particular application so I kind of remember talking about so thinking about those people who were podcasting since Since a few times and it has it has came a load card in this application and I was thinking that what will happen those people who were trying their best. And what was your feeling when it has grown stop this application. I was really feeling bad because I had started enjoying it because see I joined this app and within three weeks this app was a Actually supposed to be shut down and I was feeling heartbroken because the first week I was exploring this this app in the second week. I was like, okay, I trying to understand this app and you know, trying to understand the kind of audience and in the last week. I was actually connecting with the audience and the other creators would already created a nice interest in my mind and then I got to know that it was going to shut down which was really heartbreaking. So yeah, but then eventually but I'm really happy that this app shut down for a while because I discovered a lot of things I discovered a lot of people understood a lot of thoughts and ideas about different people different personalities and five I believe anything that happens happens for good good What is a rare Talent? What is the new Talent? Where are there in Tarrant your real talent that makes you very different from the other people that make you feel the rare Talent of you cannot see you cannot say that, you know, you can't cannot call it as a talent, but you can say I'm unconditional because I'm always up for exploration. I am ready to explore. So I think that is what makes me little different because it doesn't Yeah, whatever is happening. I'm just like I believe, you know, I live for the experience rather than the result of anything. Right? What do you think? What do you see the next battle with the Corona virus pandemic very soon or will it long last? It is definitely going to last for a long time, which is its corner, you know last for a long time and it is going to create great impact on the Konami the life of people the coming generation. I think it is going to change many things many changes are going to happen. So I think we just have to be ready for it. Mentally that they are going to be hard times there is going to be recession there is going to be times where the prices are going to hike we are going to miss out on things the education pattern might change until we this particular. Find a mic we have to be fully prepared for the change. Hi, Paula, vika high protector. Hiya the theology High ninja high grid run and hyping koj Vinny G. I'm new one here. I think that's why you're not expecting my hi. Oh, of course, not Paula vika. Hi and Yogi. I'm sorry to keep you waiting while I talk to the people in my comments, but Looks like they are not happy for me it because I'm not responding to it. So here you go. Welcome to my podcast again. So you have how you been doing all this while and no longer open about a I Was preparing for my exam then look down import then I started to join this application and you and the other guys also helped me to make my communication better. You were following the podcasts. Yes. It's okay. That sounds great. Okay, it does it actually help. I mean like I just want to know that does it really help listening to podcast. Does it create any positive impact that you do you'll really learn anything from it. Erica Towers here to speak fluently with someone and secondly I miss out on your ways I've been actually meeting a few people lately that you know come on my pod and say that I have been following and it has helped me but none of them has told me how it has helped them because if I get to know how it is helping I might actually be able to you know add up to it and do something more so that it really you know enhances there learning experience or something Yogi I miss out on your voice you have to be a little bit clearer or take the mic closer hello yes hello is it okay now yeah that's that's better I love saying that the best thing about your podcast is to create no new topics on daily basis and increase the information about the topic and sometime when I don't get a personality to join you I like to lick in your podcast after some time when it was recorded. Oh, okay. That sounds good. If it's really helping you, that's really nice. I think I really feel good about it that it's helping people to enhance their skills, and I will definitely keep trying to do better with it. I'm just hoping I keep doing better and you're doing good. Oh, thank you very much, man. Thank you very much. What do you think about today's topic? We are talking about be the change you want to see in the society. So do you want to talk about it? You know, I would like to talk about it, but I have no answer about this topic what we'll do next. All right. Well, you know about the future. Yeah, right that absolutely is true. Nobody does know about the future but definitely know about the present if the present is been changed. Definitely it's going to impact the future, isn't it? And do you think that like the last Month, it was imposed by lockdown and it created a good nature for us. Like the gun ganga river water has cleared for last hundred years and then wileman happier. I think nature finds out ways to revive. I think that is why nature the Earth has survived so many years so many million years no matter what changes. Is happen Okay, Nature has its own way of Reviving and you know either getting so yes, even if the humans are not going to air and make create problems the or definitely to come back alive, you know and bring about change. So yeah, I think that will actually that's great. And yesterday I was watching a news and in that note. there was a survey of hundred people or professional in which 70 people said that the lockdown should be imposed every should be imposed for at least one month in a year that could that could be good for nature and as well as human being see I don't know about imposing the lockdown but when we see that no human moment can create so much change so I think if you Men start moving consciously okay if you guys really want to use the ganga River as the holy River don't dump waste in it be conscious enough that dumping waste in it is not going to you know keep it anymore holy because it's eventually going to pollute it so people should start getting a little bit conscious rather than imposing lockdowns I guess you know even it's like you want to keep a particular place clean so you just gopal the boards and lock them up so that they don't dirty that pays it's as simple as that so the moment they come out they're going to eventually do the same thing rather why not just change the habits okay change the habits just look at the nature and this one's Lots is not going to come back and behave in that particular way you know yes but the nature little more thoughtfully that it will definitely keep it forever rather than locking yourself somewhere isn't it so basically if if those hundred bunch of hundred experts are saying that lock down all the human beings for a month in their homes just to keep the ganga clean is as to protesting because the numbers only going to remain clean for a month when the people are going to be locked up What about the other 11 months where people are going to be out? And again Dirty Dozen so rather if the people start thinking about being little more human and little more civilized and understanding their you know duties as to when they have a resource how to use it and how to conserve it at the same time. So that the coming Generations also have a chance to look at it, isn't it? So becoming more conscious about the world around us is important rather than locking ourselves somewhere. What do you say we are locking ourselves now because we have no choice but then later on definitely we will have a choice in our life. Okay, and that Joyce will be as how to look at things. So maybe we should be more conscious. It's not just about ganga River ganga, but I think everything else the Earth that we have been doing to our Earth forever. We have been dumping waste everywhere and doing stuff. I think if we get a little more conscious about things Everything Will Change be a little careful about things a little more you know start caring about things so it will create that change which has to actually happen right yeah you are you happy with the idea of locking down people because I have seen how terrible people turn out to be when they're locked up it is like just staying in the jail with all the Comfort it's like a foreign jail you can say introvert you in between your in your conversation was going very good for me now I am getting a call from my friend to play cricket with them okay yeah yeah yeah thank you for connecting to me Yogi that was nice talking to you thank you right thank you hey guys that was Yogi and hello everybody who has joined recently I see hurry her and Paula Wicca protect ya honey has joined and who else has joined us Sam hey Sam and authorities year how many high and himanshu Geo him and should be Hi how are you you guys can join me on call now ninja has connected High ninja hello we need your help yeah are they right I have a topic but the topic here Could Be the Change you want to see Joe but the loads are they have oh but love up cabin Apodaca it comment my partner chunky ninja G is simple Akihabara the problem is that sustainable development cannot be achieved on its own it has to be forced upon people individual preference has always come before National interest or Humanity as a whole exactly a mangie but I think Little more Consciousness people if start people if people start thinking in a way, I think it will happen, but you cannot count on a bunch of people to do great things for the world or the country. It has to be Collective and imposing. Yes. I understand about the imposing factor C imposed this particular thing has been imposed for the safety of people, but even then people were not very much Keen about it. So at the end of the day it is on a personal front that each one has to really understand how much he can contribute because she some people live with the thought like Mariah acrylic is so Tina Sakura hoga but I each one if each one starts thinking in the same way the result is visible so I guess you know it is important that every person like people treat themselves as important for silly things but they don't treat them self-important in such things if they start treating them self as important if they start treating their own behaviors as important in such cases I think there would be visible change that is what I feel I don't know how much that would be real in the real world but I do feel that if each per each one you know actually works towards these things in a way it will be different weaker than you should talk to people on board cost are the diseases that are facilities available in DC jail as well depends depends which karthikeya why did you cut the call and Hina as well nice to see you I'm happy you're here the reality never acts according to one's ideas exactly Hagen algae hello hello Hi how are you hello hello America hello hello easier you guys are on conference call yeah who else is there Town who is there yeah honey honey honey is also hey but boy we memorialize me audio Yeah Ninja Turtle I cannot hear you now G are you there yeah hello yes hi so I think so hello right please connect back to me up kiowas 1980 and I and II Aguilera and protect ya she stunning okay so I'm almost on the conclusion part like you know whatever the field of life whether it's parenting whether it's career with It's creating a change in the world. Everything depends on us that little change has to be created at the most unit level, which is our self. I think that will create repulsed eventually and hey Sam, how are you? I am fine. What about you? I'm doing good. And this is the first time that acting here so welcome. Mmm, yeah, this is our first time. So yeah first we can start with our car introduction. Introduction. Okay Sam. I'm Vinny. I'm a graphic designer and I am from Karnataka and I do pods here. I used to be very regular before but these days I'm not and eventually I'm just thinking about it. So what about you? Okay. I'm also new here. Basically. I am from Bihar and I am a student of btech right now. I am in my final year. So yeah, I have so lots of time to do the to hear the broadcast to do the broadcast. Yeah. Okay. So do you do podcasts here? Do you go live? Yes. I think I have done four to five broadcast on some topics. Okay. Yeah, okay. So, okay. So I think your communication skills is very good. Like I love to listen to you in future also. Thank you very much. Mhm. That sounds really good. Yeah, you do say that to me. Okay. So your topic is like be the change you want to see so what do you think that why do you come with this topic? my topics don't actually have a particular motive okay okay if I'm speaking to someone or I'm reading something if a topic strikes on my mind I think I should be talking about it that's how I come up with my topics I bring it out here and then I talk about it usually people don't talk about basic things which matter a lot people want to think about great things discuss great ideas but everything starts with the basic I believe and nobody speaks about the basic like people are expected to understand the basic on their own which is kind of impacts in our life and if we mess up there it is eventually going to mess up everywhere in the life so I believe that's important to talk about so that's how I bring these basic talks here and talk about out it for a while and I mean it gives me more ideas like people different people have different perceptions about the same topic right so it's actually nice to understand their perception so it will just kind of you know increase our thinking Horizon like so yeah right right okay okay so basically there are lots of changes when we grow ourselves with the time I think As we move as we grow older, they are lots of can say ideas there lots of views change. So it's normal like no one is forcing you to be to to change something, right? Right and it's a normal one means I think that changing only occur due to our observation due to our thinking and you can say some activity. Okay. So if you pay that situation if you fail if you have a face that activity that that whatever will be imposed to be the change. yourself so through that you can improve yourself or change in yourself right change is obviously it's going to be affected or triggered by an external Factor right which is very obvious okay but at times you know there are so many things that need to be changed but we don't actually give it a thought we kind of ignore it for a certain level and people believe that talking about change can change things but sometimes when you talk about things you have to also follow it in your real life and like I'll give you a very simple example like You're trying to tell a kid to do a certain thing like you if you tell the kid not to touch the fire. Okay, but the kid doesn't know the fire hurts. Okay, but if that kid is watching someone play with fire it eventually is going to learn to go and play will fire its you know, the kids going to go and try to touch the fire. Why because kids follow a rule of watch Angela so same watching see ya the watch and learn same goes in the society like you might go and tell a person to do something but that person is not going to do it. Why because we are so happy. It's weighted that we cannot just listen and follow, you know, somebody's commands but when somebody is behaving in a certain way, there's someone who's doing good things good things are happening people try to follow that person that person's Behavior, like people follow Bollywood Stars people follow great leaders who are at a certain level. well they're doing you know people follow people's Fitness regime people follow their diets people follow the way they are like somebody's doing charity people follow that so why because when you are at a certain level the behavior that you create the the picture that you create impacts the society right so why wait to reach a certain level and behave in a certain way to impact lives just be you know just be in a way where ever you are you know keep upgrading that behavior of yours keep changing things in your life so even if you're not gonna impact masses you might not impact across of lives but you might just impact one life and that is worth it isn't it so that you know even if one person getting impacted by you not completely but even a little change in someone's Behavior because of you some goodness that you carry which reflects on to someone if that someone is learning it and it you know that person is eventually going to carry it with himself or herself ahead okay which is what I'll create changes so it is not going to stop there if something good is happening if some certain Behavior some good thing is happening it will start trending eventually people will start learning it so I believe I believe in that okay I believe in such changes and that change will not come by telling someone hey dude you have to change this window if you change yourself if you behave in a certain way people will look and learn so I believe that that is how change actually occurs in a society that is the slowest way but it is most rigid because it is it will not it will not be temporary it will remain for a while it will remain and it will create a match oh I believe slow okay but it is going to stay for a while okay rather than temporarily you impose things on people and you ask them to do things they will do out of force they will do it for a while but eventually they will find out ways or loopholes to get out of it you know people will find out ways like just like in India they send you word people will find out ways to get out of it okay but rather when you give them a reason to follow things they should willingly do it yeah right absolutely reason is there every day and everything the reason is there so I think that somewhere changes also occur according to our needs and demands right totally yes yeah so as we I think that I have the needs to improve on my communication skills so I just leave all the social sites and the here and using this app so somewhere there all there is a changing in my thoughts that I have to use this app so as our needs means as there is there is something needs in my life according to the changes occurs right hmm totally yes yes so that is the thing yeah need and requirement is the mother of all change mostly okay but apart from that also there are certain things that that regardless of you know irrespective of whether there is a need or not maybe like there is a need for for a person to learn communication okay yes the person might learn communication but if the person launch a particular language and does not know how to communicate when I say does not know how to communicate as when a person talks badly it's not that uses bad language he he uses the correct language but he speaks badly to people then what's the point of learning that particular language so I think there are certain things which are not dependent on the need certain things are dependent a certain things are a choice like if I am I'm talking politely to you it's a choice it's not an ear that I have to talk politely to you so I believe when talking to you now if I have to talk to you I should know English language okay that is a need but if I have to talk to you I have to talk to you politely that is a choice so people have to understand needs and choices are different but the impact we'll definitely you know is interconnected and it is going to affect their own lawyers okay okay so yeah choices there but twice is also depend upon our observation you can say thinking thoughts right right what what I am thinking about some particular situation so and that thought so what do you think that where do you get that thought like General people see I believe you know whatever the situation whatever the condition or whatever the environment is you are the creator of what process when you talk or when you put up an idea you eventually create something right right so if you are talking for some person you you said about the effects and the situation okay whatever the situation if you put put yourself in such a way you put out an yourself in such a way that it can change the entire environment the situation and also the mentality of the other person okay right so yeah it it somewhere it depends upon the situation of the person that in which situation that person is living right right okay okay so yeah that's the thing we can also categorize the chains into two part maybe like natural change and man-made artificial change of course yes like that hey when I talk about change I'm talking on general terms okay it's not a particular change political change or you know there was someone who talked spoke about to go change in a particular country so that is also conditional your when I talk about change in general terms is most of the things that happen around us are the result of our actions mhm okay or our thoughts okay there are also some compulsion in the humans that they are forcefully change themselves for some situation you can say but in reality so the there is something different thing right so right how can decide that is it a real change or not okay now to be very precise that is very hard to say because like you said people can change according to the situation how to decide whether it's a real change or not that is very hard to say whether somebody has changed for real or trying to behave according to the situation so I think in both cases you cannot judge the fact of whether the person is really changing or not because times there are certain situations that you have to accept and flow through okay right right whether whether it's right or wrong just to cross that particular situation or not to create more chaos in that particular issue situation you have to flow through it and that temporary change can be accepted but you cannot expect that person to you know carry that change permanently forever that would hamper his life okay for instance when you're talking to someone if you are into a heated conversation you are talking like both of you are talking to each other blaming each other over certain things but for that moment you might just accept everything that the other person says like okay let's just believe whatever you say is true and then cut the crap out of it then and there but that doesn't mean that you you agree to that person it means that you are just agreeing to that person just to you know World worst situations after that certain moment of time you can again come back to what your thought processes and you can put it in a different way the way you put your words also can impact right so question that you asked about a change which is permanent or temporary how would you understand so sometimes it could be situation and sometimes it could be permanent if somebody carrying that change repetitively okay then you'll know that this change is permanent because it is to continuous motion it is happening again and again but if somebody behaves in a certain way to create you know a certain way at a particular moment and then goes back to being normal and then actually tourism embroidery understand right right right right so yeah I agree totally with your points all right I bought about from this all I only want to add one thing that mostly people change themselves when they fall in love with someone well yeah that could be one certain situation yeah Lynn's I generally seen that generally people change themselves then they when they fall in love with someone like like like okay that person is kind of extrovert okay but after this kind of situation occurred then they just making make themselves like introvert like they don't even contact you don't don't talk with you even just ignored you like nobody is there in her life except only single person so yeah you can say that there is a major change in that person right it's oh I'm alright well I yeah I quietly works I like you I I don't know I don't know what to say about it because I don't know when people fall in love they change from introvert to extrovert see it is a phase in life okay it's a phase in life and everybody's life if you are or not if you want to distance yourself for a particular moment for a certain time you know you want to revive back you want to think back you want to look into your own heart and find out what you're going through I think that is a way of coming back to life so I think it's not just with love I think it every situation in life you somehow whenever you think you're getting pulled back for some certain reason that you distance yourself and you think that how you can revive back okay that happened whether or not you fall in love or whether or not you are into a relationship or not okay so okay that was a way of coming Okay so I think it's time in your hand right yeah and it has been great discussing with you and I would like to thank you for connecting oh me yeah and it has been of a fruitful discussion thank you very much thank you thank you I will surely come in your next podcast right I yeah I would really welcome you back okay thank you thank you thank you Sam have a great day okay same to you guys bellavia is your pelvic I would like to talk to pelvic I think political is here for the first time hyper Lavaca and hi everybody hi Sean bubbly hyah whinnies - Pika hello hi hello okay she's gone yeah and I are actually we're asking me that question right what happened was people kept asking me the same question again and again and there were a few people who kept asking you you know whether I was dating or something so I actually said that because of that you know that who told you by the way I want to know who told you about the who told you now I'm sure yeah hey Sam Bowie High stop laughing actually Nana Nana Rocky Padma Logan open discussion really on that topic ninja keep calling please Ninja please call back really Nia I also want to come in your broadcast yes definitely Sam I will come I would love to come and join your podcast that would be fun yeah ni you can have all the love you want who you guys were discussing that on open pore you guys are crazy man thank you shambhavi thank you so guys I think it's time up and I would like to wrap this session up no matter what the miracle cut key to borrow hydrangea hello hello and he got Key New Jersey nahin kard key he crashed the leak openly have handy when he ran in Fort Lee on my bill hello and you are the Beloved Saga not connecting Michael palika I actually received your call but then you did not speak Hagee is there a girl I'm Gord but boy I'm really good when he even EG kisi Ki call Kourtney got EG shambhavi G please but I Am Co and in Jersey hanji Boolean in Jersey I look at it when in here I guess I am and begin I didn't name any inquiry Kirsten e and Desi life is awesome best of all - guess the cell bodies of Berea ignoramus could I go hello ninja G up kiowas category of kinetic check repair G everybody's laughing shambhavi is laughing Ali who's a Lee hyolee honey is laughing broadcaster and he bought the body are ha ha because laughing gee pallavi Cotija in Jakarta English please English yes and I are going this imagine here Tito English from about current Ninja geum yes ninja G so please tell me what you want to say and you can add a hanky I'm Batman ever some cracking okay let's meet outside and hide the render the very hyper La Vega so you can't have be the change you want to see the ear title badly topic up for Casey Miller would locate you like a booster apellido up I've been seeing this a lot that people keep blaming other things and other people people keep blaming the government people keep blaming the environment people keep blaming everything in the world but they don't want to look at themselves on their actions that has been triggering the current situations though man he can has 80 kilo apnea action speed Hyundai opening up for the Hyundai the total conscious who Jackie make his behavior just say so yeh Mera pehla Calcutta and structure may be a topic Leah responsibility get on podcast achieve it's about why they should want my own on a Mahatma Gandhi give a about karate oh Monica hockey oh no need to visit log no Jackie Mahatma Gandhi ji Ki Google page hi Maverick and Sundays she high and look Jackie no Mahatma gandhiji quotes forget about them look they think Imahara gandhiji father of the nation the yearbook my father of the nation Nagurski bar table in Java break carpet the bookcase in Sante I think Logan covo they can achieve a father of the nation cassavan Ena exhibition sake father of the nation but not looking at least father of your own life but no Hannah Japanese in the E Co is there a CO Taki Jo aapke space here so she could speak sake as a way of living um Joe Mongrel deserve curtain wall panel GGG ha but your hitha or gamma ray which colors with Caroline me too G calls and a point will be maybe a teacher as a tell Gina hi so any other TG up commencement hair up Albania the koi baat knee up comments map now Point darling such as a backbencher he what is it and I are until the broad how much time you're going to stay here until the broadens all that's so sweet hello Sundays we owe you hello good evening Venezia media was re re up kiva's dressing up mighty QWOP guessing maybe people with a good evening end in five minutes yes and easy method on ohina no ganas ganas only musical pods were not as I was I gonna look good porque became a cable and give energy gonna go see time is 4:30 to play hello hello Sunday's ryuichi time was cast box specialty open topic tiny opened up a Sahara other musical projects already gonna be singing But seriously picture with a serious button okay take care of really did thank you so much major procedure resign sorry making my by hello Jen Angie height and then Kumar Pulu study abroad I will be there okay how are you I'm good high be yourself I hi hello how are you I'm good how are you fine that sounds good thank you very much it feels good for me also to talk to you I am actually got your message that you had sent and I really feel glad that you feel good to talk to me hello yes you are where you from I'm from in your from the Lucknow okay that sounds good and may I ask your name please I'm Thinkin attacker so what's your name what's your name again no root node high note this is Vinny nice name yeah thank you yeah no so what do you do know I'm a student girl student and okay you're studying what are you studying and in class in Amman Jordan class 11 3/8 okay so nice to see you here so what your motives of being on this application like a motive is to increase magic Tab and also learn and also want to prevent the anguish and felicitations go okay okay so I hope this app serves you right what I hope this app serves you right I hope you're using this app for your betterment okay thank you yes can I just please please yes please we have just a minute okay fine I will talk to you later okay okay okay so thanks for connecting so guys that was no R and we have a few seconds left while I would like to read the comment of the theory or the theory says change comes with responsibility the bitter truth is we humans are also deny always deny responsibilities but life is all about chasing that dream world keep on changing that is life that is what life is all about take your responsibilities everything will be changed right other theology totally agree and Muhammad Mustafa we are short of time so I would not take this call because we just have 20 seconds and it would not be worth it so I would request you to join my pod next time and everybody thank you for connecting and being with me on this podcast let's meet on the next so thank you everybody have a good evening and Bob bye