This is Vinny and I'm back with my regular podcast. Today is Thursday. And I think let's find a fantastic topic to talk about today is the 5th of March and the climate has started moving from the coldest season to a warmer Dimension right now. And when we are at the early summer season in India, let's talk about the Heat. and how to beat the heat in your city and find out ways how we can be healthy during the season right apart from that area is I would also like to thank you for all the wonderful things you've spoken about and all the love that you have showered upon because now I do have a few number of followers and now my name has been featured in the most loved and that is all Alba. Those of you guys thanks for listening to me. So yeah while I was saying that summer is on the rise and how we could just beat the heat and make ways and find ways to be healthy during this time. So yes, before we go any further, this is the starting of the month of March and I would like to know what kind of climate of weather is currently in your city. And what kind of heat? Is going on and not just the climatic will heat but also what what is burning up right now in your city while I say what is burning up in your city that I do not literally mean what does burning but what's the current heat or Hot Topic in your city? If you would if you guys like to share it Vinny is always open and you guys can call me and connect to me on this podcast and discuss about it apart from all. Other things and apart from the topic today. I am really grateful for all the listeners that have been listening to my podcast. My previous podcasts have been amazingly successful and it all was it. It's all because of you guys. Well, but since I was talking about beating the Heat. Currently in my city a we actually fall into a cooler section of the country, but since the heat is rising we feeling it and yes, so let's find out ways to counter the Heat and stay healthy and active during the summer season while the summer season is on the rise. We tend to get lethargic. Get tend to start losing energy and also start losing interest in working and stuff like that starts happening. So to counter all these problems work can we actually start doing? Well? I personally make sure that I keep myself hydrated and health-wise most of the time when we are working and we are stressful and it gets difficult for us to take care. care of the Earth but doing this Summer's it's really important to take care of your health and it's not just that there is heat everywhere the atmosphere around you the wind that's blowing is quite hot and humid and that definitely affects each and every aspect of your day most of the times if you guys are running out towards attending an interview if you guys There must be there are some kind of people who are searching for new jobs. There are some people who are attending different places. So Heat and the current climate affects different people in different ways, right? So yes guys, so we have a caller today's first caller in here and let's just talk to him or her and let's just find out what are his views on? On heat in the city right now. Hello. Hello. Hi Orange. What's your name? I'm adding triple seven. Now, what is your real name? Daniel, Daniel? Hey, okay. Hi Daniel. This is Vinny and I'm Angela where you from. I'm from Andhra Pradesh, India. Yes. Hey, that's great. And so yeah, tell me something about you. I'm from on the police, but I'm studying Jaipur. Okay leadership and management course. That's fantastic. And then I like to be form your one child checking. Okay, hold it. Hold his arm in child children home. Okay, so that's why I'm doing this course and my goal is that one only seen Kelly and I had I just try to yeah. Yeah, right. That's that's really beautiful. Thank you. I just try to learn English. That's why I am using this app. But from last 10 days 15 days. I am not using today when I just I mean just connect with you if you have connected with me. So, how do you It would be helpful for the earth to you. Yeah, yeah, everything everything if we are using proper way, it will help to everything even a even - even - to been also in our home if we are using for the - being that is good. If you are using that wrong me that is wrong. It's an amazing amazing point to be noted guys. Whoever is listening to me right now, like my friend Daniel hearsay. As anything put to The Right Use is helpful. Even the Dustbin in your home put to The Right Use will be helpful. And that is something wonderful to say, right? Yeah. So Daniel, how are you? So you said you're from Android? Yes. Now you're staying in Rajasthan. Yeah rice than Jaipur. So yes, so what is the difference that you have felt in the weather conditions to you? I did it to myself very too much very too much difference here Mundra in and Rahim Rajasthan. It is very different. So I learned many things. Yeah, I learned many things from this weather because of non RA in Andhra that is very that is within normal limits, but if you give you different temperature, That is only 21 to 25 between that one on it. It's it's it's really that cold calling. No, no gun, T 1 to 25. It's not cool and that is in between like that. Not more than 25 moderate one because but when you want to if I was like, okay kind of heat, right? Yeah. That is normally that's not it is but Rajasthan. Really different and it's maybe it's like double of it. Maybe yeah in January January 1st of January 1st and 2nd we faced the two degrees sin Chi here. Oh, yeah, cool to decrease only two degrees talking about the cold temperature. Yeah. Yeah. So if it drops, it drops up to two degrees and when it rises, how much does it rise? I don't know. This is the first time I hear everybody told to me like it's very hard. It will be hot. Yeah, really be hot. Yes. Yes, right. So I just today we get the rain as like a snow Xena. You know that. Yeah hailstones. Yeah. Yeah amazing. Jaipur Hello. Hello. Yeah, is that was Daniel who is from Andhra Pradesh and is currently staying in Jaipur and is studying and aspires to help the people in her old age homes and often Edge to the other children. He wants to uplift the people and he's working towards his goal which is truly amazing apart from that. He has been speaking wonderful things about one thing that he said I would Then like to repeat it. He says that anything put to proper use is helpful. Even if the Dustbin is used. Well, it will be helpful in some cases. So he just gave us an important message in here that nothing is less or nothing in the world can be called as waist right? So I think I have lost a friend Daniel in here through the net. Twerk. Hello, Daniel. Hello. Yeah, so yes, Daniel, please. Go ahead. It could be raining little calls are so that's why we get sometimes okay again, and hello. What is the topic? That is Vida. Let's talk beat the heat so In the month of March, okay, very soon. We will be getting into the summer season of India in various parts of the country. Yes. I would know how people help themselves to these hot days which you know, the temperature is actually rising in all the parts of India these days yes is for so to beat this heat or two. Counter this kind of temperature what are people doing? And when we try to get opinions from everybody so that's going to really help so that's what this that's good. That is good. That is good idea that is good information to you. And can I do anything about today? I just hear a word that one knows coronavirus in touch. I cou that Jaipur actually we are here morning 17 / 17 persons on the morning, but me Evening it Riser up to 55 0 and told me some instructions. Can I tell that instruction to we have around 46 listeners and I'm sure the list. From different parts of India and different parts of other countries. Yeah. She please keep your body heat and don't shake and with anyone and Please fill with your stomach with any food because of if you are weak it will affect it to very simple. Then they're telling like that if stronger yeah, yes. Yeah. So yeah, there's too many messages are necessary Daniel. Yeah. Yeah. Hello. What else is necessary? Yeah, just just hello. They don't fully clothed. Yeah. Yeah, you get you getting my voice the full Nick was like that one. That's Okay, that's that's really nice of you and thank you very much for calling and getting connected to us really nice going you please to follow and like my podcast and I will definitely hello. Can I talk with the iron area to talk with Arjun you will have to connect to him because I think he has to either connect to one person can connect because this is a solo podcast. No. No, he's asking. Is asking right now by the way that this division it is needed or necessary. Not only destroy. Yeah, so you eat if you're talking he can listen to you he can hear you so you can talk. What is he asking Destiny is used as okay. It's not necessarily not useful. Okay. See I just added some glitter linked. That example she can I tell you one example, can I tell one example because of the topic are not a topic but he's talking about the if we are using anything. I am telling that so simply I am using Facebook. I'm using Instagram. Okay, I am using this app also, but I am not wasting my time. Okay? Okay. I'm not wasting my time and I am not wasting see I'm not confused the every person. Has a leaky simple time pass. So if anyone asked if you go and ask anyone Facebook is useful or not. Everyone maximum of people told to you. It is bad. It is bad why it is that if you using the proper way that is good. That is if you using your your mobile on the Night 2 o'clock, if I tell you are using night two o'clock mobile many people. To answer reply to you like that is bad but I am using the two o'clock by the searching the train when I'm in the room one o'clock on the reservation is maybe so you using that that proper way everything is good. Everything is good. Yeah. Absolutely. I totally agree with you on this point and maybe your message is reaching field at that particular moment of time. But Aryan I guess you have really got your answer right now. We're in Daniel was actually trying to say that things in the right to our good as right here thinking like that. Yeah help. What is your question? You can ask me then I can give you on sis. See my English is not good, but I can try to give on Sir really. Well, I think that is what are you advocating? What is asked why he is asking later understand what is needed or necessary? That's it. Really satisfy your mind right now with the the kind of answer that you're looking for. And hello. Are you been wonderful talking to you? Can I tell about this beat the heat with please? Go ahead. Just just keep just drink water see everything linked it with the water. Okay, don't don't need to Many things according to your work body you can take anything but cheap drink the water. It is enough to our body maximum every person that girl to pick Richmond. Also we can say it is sufficient water is body in that is good. That is good main thing is drink the water and if you not drink the water you drink all cool drinks, man. That is not good for your body. Must be drink at least five liters of water if it is hot and better to drink the term coconut water. And if you're not able then you drink lemon water if you not getting you can you can drink the term, but is that Tas with luck? Yeah, buttermilk also is great. Right absolutely is good then alcohol and I think that that is a funny pun, but then Yes, of course. Let's let's be a little bit serious about health issues right now. And yeah just don't take drinks and any cold rings outside that is not good for your body that give a few minutes relief, but that is not good for your health. Just just take what I am telling only water and cool. Just what is that lemon? And I think I think that is that is fine to your everyone, right? Absolutely. Yeah my Daniel it's so so wonderful talking to you and we have the yeah something really good, and I think listeners who are listening to thank you. Very nice to meet you. Yes, absolutely. Thank you very much. You have a great day at Ian's. Yes. Thank you again. And thank you so much. Thank you so much. Thank you can do any of you guys. While you are listening to this podcast, I would really urge you guys to hit that hot button right at the corner of your phone, which would help me to get a better rating or this particular app. And so I could come up with some good content and make sure that I keep you guys entertained or let's have good discussions and help each other through the time. Alright, so we have our next column in here Mister issue Berlin and guys. The hard should keep popping up. I think there are 68 people listening and each one one click is going to make a difference and if each one thinks that okay, my like is not going to make difference though. So if all 68 people think so hello. Hello. How are you? Hi, Miss Teresa. How are you? Doing? Good. How about you? So what are you doing nowadays? Well, I'm actually an IT employ and apart from that. I like to talk to people and that's how I'm on this app. And I keep talking to people through this that is really good to know about the people and know about the other culture with the help of Where you calling from? Oh, actually I'm from haryana, you know haryana actually basically from kurukshetra. Okay. Today's Al actually land of Mahabharata. Yes. Yes exactly. Have you visit now? I have not visited this place but I would love to visit is on my mind that I'd visit if you get a chance in your future you definitely visit that is like you I think you should like to explore the think of past Alger. Right? Right, right. I am much more interested in this property. My country, I believe the beauty that they have left for us and somehow it has not been maintained. But yes, I would also like to, you know, visi visit these places, and I have a few lists. So, what do I do here, except a few places through one belt of the same road or same direction, and I do visit places. I hope I feel hope you will. I hope you will desert I hope You will get your desire things that is really very nice of you and today that you have called as and today's topic is in. Let's talk about the heat. I mean, how can you beat the heat? So the summer is on its rise and how to take first of all the first of all Let Me Clear one thing. Yes. So, where are you from? I'm from Bangalore. Bangla I am from Bangalore Karnataka about I heard about in like there are a lot of matches played in Bengaluru, like chinnaswamy Stadium. Yes, of course in apart from that. It's an IT Hub of India, you know silicon silicon City. We can say their load of it sector over their eggs. Yes. Yes. Yes. Absolutely. I mean, it's a fast developing City and it is also the capital of actually like if I talk about the Bangalore and Karnataka that is a mandatory do all employees speaking English. No, not actually but yes the ones who are working with the amenities and yes, but apart from actually friend from yoga. He also doing work job in it sector his phone back. So here I he also told me that I do is actually actually nowadays and working to improve my communication skill actually my life. I want to explore each and every corner in the world. That's that's a wonderful dream. And that's I hope you achieve that dream of yours of visiting each and every you can corner of the world. It's a lot of thanks I will yes, which is an amazing thing to think about In a once-in-a-lifetime, it's really, you know, big things, right? Okay. Thank you for calling issue do have a good day. Thank you for calling please follow and hit the like hey, where are you going? Actually I want to talk to you. Oh, okay. He how please I'm so sorry about it. So yeah, go ahead. Okay. So first of all, let me make clear one thing. So do you have any particular suggestion how to improve our communication skill because my communication skill is not good as compared to others. Yeah to improve your communication. All you have to do is stock. Keep talking keep learning. Keep listening observing. Actually. Actually. I have a great Confidence from your anyone I speak. It'll send you on front of like lecture front spoke like this man. Don't love any man go and speak very well. That is no demand at that's not like that's not a problem confidence is in the problem. Yeah, but what is the problem then? Hello. Yeah, so apart from is there anything you will help me how to boost our like communication skills read read things read books read books where you have good punctuations where there is a lot of communication kind of scripts. You could read novels where you know, actually I'm now does preparing for mild racism. That's why I'm Because I have to improve my communication skill audio podcast you can so you are prepared. I love to watch British series that series will help me to improve my communication skills. I think that is good. What do you think about it? I totally agree with you if you are talking about series. I think there are a few ones which I have watched my and actually my I love to to watch Friends series Well friends, yes, but in French it is much of what I can say American kind of communication where they've got all the slangs and stuff but that is not actual communication. But yes, you can always learn a lot through that because true friends because they're like that is not our native language. We will still absolutely it's not a native language, but then we can learn a lot when we you know, check out series like those is another Serie series if you have heard about I'm not sure but I think there is mind your language series and Yeah, it's mind your language and it is a story. I'm sorry. Actually I listen first time that kind of series. Yes. Yes, it is. It is really old but then the good part is if you have the movie English Vinglish. Okay. Look I'll give you a very short story about this. This finding language series is about a professor. Okay? Okay, okay and And he has a bunch of students one is clapping. He's Indian. There's Pakistani Bangladeshi Spanish Italian and there's one more there is a student from France. So he has this bunch of students whom he's trying to teach English communication. So yes, it's fun to watch and at the same time actually actually I have a question for you. Actually communication skill means no doubt. You are perfect in your language. You are perfect in a grammar communication mix like means you are talking with the like another person to understand you're talking that that is the whole idea of communication. Yes. It is about delivering your message to the other person. It doesn't really matter how strictly you follow a particular but if you are What profession even language matters? Yes, definitely you need to work on it. But actually I will actually I will pursuing my LTS exam. I'll tell us exactly means actually International English language testing system. Exactly. I know it's IELTS you have to crack LTS before you go out of your country. Yes. So why don't you follow the British Consul page? If you're going for ideas, they have their own podcast. They have their own. Yes. Yes, that is good. But but I want to like know about the other culture. I want to make a new friend. That's why I'm using this app is that is very look about using this app. There isn't any problem. So I'm not here to tell you not to use this app. But since you asked me what exactly to follow to crack IELTS, so I think British Council definitely has some wonderful content in there. So this is fixable. Right. Yes, you should thank you for calling it is been sliced it open and I think so people waiting in line to talk. So you have to go no, I'm here. Usually I have my podcast continuing up to two hours. So yeah big sorry. This is not fair. This is not fair what I mean. I don't understand. Oh, actually I'm I am I meant to say I want to talk. You okay? I totally understand. You don't want to talk to me, but I have a few people with do not take my word. Well in your heart. I'm just like talk to you in a positive way. Yes. Yes. I absolutely understand you want to talk to me, you know, it's because of the communication you're practicing instead like that. Yes, but since we are discussing the one particular subject, I have a few callers waiting in line and that It is really offensive to people when they are calling you and they're waiting in line and I'm not responding. So if you if you have any like a spare time you want to talk to me, but you have not spared you hit a request to me and through which I will directly give you a call and we can talk of you will understand me what exactly through this application. Yes, you can talk. You can create a podcast by two people are. Actually talking to themselves since this is a solo podcast. There are a lot of people who get a chance to request a call just like you did, right? Okay, dear nice to talk to you. Have a nice day, right? Thank you issue. Thank you for calling you have a great day. I hope you will understand me. Oh, yeah. Sure. I understand. Please hit the like and do follow me for my updates, right? Okay. See you soon. See you soon, dear. Okay, okay, see I take care. Yushu, and he was calling from haryana kurukshetra and he is someone who likes to explore and he has a dream of exploring a different places. And yes, we have another caller in here so much shock chars it. Hi. Hello. Hello. Hello. Yes. Hello. Hi Mama, how are you? I'm fine, man. And how many how are you? I'm doing great. So you calling from I'm calling from nagaland and that's wonderful. This is different different places. But now the length this is my first yeah. Yeah. Absolutely, right? Yeah. So yes as it so tell me. What do you do and today's topic is let's talk beat the heat. So what what are you what is the meaning of bid it? See, it's the start of summer season in all over India, right so there would be increase in heat and temperature. Yeah, I know. What can you do as a personal care to beat this heat just apart from drinking lots of water. And what else can you take care and firstly firstly I am doing this I am a guardian. To go out any any other any any other it means out of out of my city and and avoid something like this traveling traveling right and doing something in a hit. You know heat for me. I'm sorry. I did I miss something. Yeah, I did butter. I firstly I want to when when the heat in when the summer season in the India avoid something now take a take a more more water and and goes D you use. Okay, I understand what you're saying that you're trying to say just try being hydrated wrinkled or yeah, yeah and drink a lot of water and and and we are we are we are a thick thick clothes. It means a cotton that like of just like a cot and yeah. Yeah, I know but but but what do you think about this now? Think about what? Yeah. Yeah what I what I'm sorry, I didn't get you you are trying to ask what I think about this particular Heat season. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Well, I think see the temperature has been rising. Yeah previous. If you just look back to previous for five years. Yeah, the temperature coefficient has been different. It has been increasing every year so through group has been higher and higher. So this is a problem is these are day by day our Glazier. In a bad way, but this this this is a main thing this heat in our country is a day-by-day increase. These are the main things but but but I and you and our country people are a proper in a day-by-day increase the increase of just like a tree and plant are many in our country and take it day by day. Yeah. What are you you I talk to you my in communication is a very bad and you are XX excellent for communication, but I am talking to bad way, but you are understand just like oh my my good thing. Yes, it's a very nice thing that you are calling us. First of all, okay, and for all the listeners that are listening that and you personally I would like to tell you having you know, a little less way of talking or maybe a little slower in talking isn't bad. Okay, it isn't bad. Yeah learning is the most important thing. Okay. Yeah and talking to the people. Who actually speak is gonna you only help you and even if you're doing this because you are not doing any mistakes. Okay, we are talking they are ya this is where you definitely get stuck, but that is okay. You know, yeah and you start speaking once you catch the flow it is going to be better and it is gonna help you. So I really appreciate the kind of confidence that you're putting. Yeah, you're right. But I want but but but I but I'm very I'm very happy for this. I am I am nowadays A for minimum effort for my any communication skills are required for me and I am dividing. My effort is are more and more than then. I'm then I'm Lord something now again urgent and new things. This is this is this is my a good way. Correct. Correct. It is a good way. Yeah, but the topic is this topic. Is this a beat the heat and this is this topic. I am think about this. Mwah. I'm also talking about this now, but but I want but I want to take something now you you are very aware for this for this when when when temperature is increased you are are you are very we are very just feel like killing me and and you it is a hurtful. I mean when the temperature increases it is it is irritating at but yeah, but you all the also Define you also Define this pros and cons of for the heat heat and and I and you also and you also can do this and can do this. How where are you go now and where are you? You not go and what you do and what not to do. Correct, correct? Absolutely, right? Yeah. So I'm thinking this now and and you put on some new point. I'm really think this I'm please put a new point now you yes. Okay. Well my whole point of look I have got request a lot of times that people want to improve their communication. It is really easy to start a podcast where I explain. Amber and statements and everything but yes a lot of podcasts that are doing that. Yeah. Yeah, but but now but now but now I am talking I'm talking this up. This topic is a beat the heat you also talk to absolutely see I want to have a group discussion. This is a kind of group discussion where each one gets to talk and you know, this this this my personal this may person is followers are hit the like button and really appreciate this now for you. Oh, that's so nice of you shall say thank you for requesting The Listener and help me through this and I really really appreciate your words and thank you again. Thank you. Thank you so much podcasts and you can But finding my mind, I want to I want to someone question. What are you thinking thinking about the summer vacation summer season, but can you do what? Can you how can you how can you avoid now everyone and how can you say feel this summer? Okay. So you want to ask me how what do I feel about the coming summer? Yeah. Yeah to be safe through the shama and what we can do to be a killer heat Okay, so So well personally, it's always nice to wear cool clothes in summer season so that you feel relaxed one secondly drink a lot of juices and water if you try avoiding regular diets or junks or cold Rings. It's really nice. Yeah, it's good to take buttermilk. Lie, like a previous caller said because buttermilk really has some good properties. you know and it will help us and it's also good that it's I think it's better to avoid lotions and stuff to be used on the skin and rather take small interval and you know splash some water on your face and you know, cool yourself through natural ways earlier rather than on your marks, very very Very strong things it means when you any green outer of a and and son is a son is a it's really bright outside and he skin skin tan and stuff like that cause you know, the sun burns and everything keeps happening. So yeah cover yourself put up some masks and you know, things like that. Hello. So, yeah guys that was mama Jazz's and he's from nagaland and he spoke he spoke some wonderful things about beating the Heat and the things and he thinks that he is God not as well, but he has been able to deliver what I'm thinking very good. Yeah, I appreciate you calling and I really you know, I applaud your courage and all the confidence that you have put in and it is really nice when people start actually getting out of their comfort zone and trying hard, right? So yeah, I really appreciate and I just hope thank you you start improving your language to these podcasts. Thank you so much. Thank you so much. I hope I have been of of help to you right in this particular podcast. If you have like this podcast, please hit the like and follow me up to sun protection is also very helpful. I also talked to this point area. Absolutely. Our sun protection is also helpful, but guys me personally. I am not very much on to the Cosmetic and chemical side of the things I the whole idea of starting this podcast is what can we do that? We could he beat the heat naturally use natural ways like the buttermilk thing came up. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. To keep yourself hydrated and you know come your body, you know use cold water splashes on your skin. That is really good. Yeah. Thank you. Yeah, ashes it. Thank you for calling it has been thank you so much. Thank you so much. Thank you. Take care. Cities and places in the Northeast and here we have another person who's calling as a culpa NE. So I'm taking this call. The next column is in here and guys while you are listening to this podcast do not forget to hit the like button and while you listen 169 people listening right now guys, hit the like button if you like this podcast. Hello. Hi. Hello. Hi. Yes. Kalpana. This is Vinny and I am from Bangalore. Where you from. I'm from there. I don't hear from there. I dunno fantastic. So today's topic is all about beat the heat, right? Yeah. Okay. So I think the summer is going on and yeah, it's a great topic because we should take care of ourself in summer Zachary. Yeah, so I think we should take the first light coat as much as possible in comparison of you know heavy food. Okay. Yeah so much and we should take you no liquid diet as I just bought three. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah you feel hydrated when correct. Yes and sugarcane juice can be a good thing last Point here because it's we noted with nutrients and stuff. Yeah, and you know, it's a good thing about sugar cane in. Keeps you cool. Yes and Summers. Yes, right and whenever you are going outside, you can cover yourself properly. Add. You don't feel the Sun burn like a car. Yeah and salad and fruit as much as possible. You can take yeah, we can start of watery fruits right like Koo Kumba. Yeah, you know, which contains Water content and it cools our body naturally. I mean, you know, the liquid diet should be there in your yeah, right really hard for a lot of people to go on a diet. So not all can do that. But then yes, all of us can take a lot of liquid hydrogen can be possible that you can take water more and more nimbu Pani. And dig yes. Yes lemon water is also helpful. But yeah, because I think it is easily available and it can take it here. Correct. Got it. Yes Culkin others, really nice. And what do you do? Kalpana? I'm a homemaker. If you are a homemaker, that's fantastic. And so since you're a homemaker, you have a tremendous knowledge about these things because you need to take care of all these all people about the you know, do you During up like that. You can see because you know experience always California. That's so wonderful talking to you man. I mean, it's really a sweet that you called a connected to me in here. Yeah first actually I'm listening here. And yeah, so nice of you because your accent is very good. Thank you. Thank you and one more thing. Yeah, you know, I Know about the feature that you featured there is a scar on your tea. Yeah. Yes, how can we do this? What is this? Actually I don't have any idea absence of I didn't hardly 15 days before. Yeah same here. I have been using it since seven days you can say and yeah, I think it is how your podcasts go, you know how people start listening to you and that really affects the featured thing. and I think if you start going solo mostly if you start doing solo course you start getting from Because it talks this schedule it with other person usually and that is how it goes because even I didn't know about this yesterday. There were a lot of people yesterday I think day before yesterday's podcast. There were a lot of people commenting saying how did you get the featured star? So there was some people in the comments who said you need to go solo to get the feature. So I yeah, I think that's how Get in there. So yeah, well apart from that. Kalpana is really pleasure talking to you. You have been wonderful, you know. Yeah same here with me nice talking to you in at more again ahead. Of course, I would I would love to talk to you again and again, okay. Thank you so much. Bye bye. Right California. Thank you. Have a great day. Same here. So guys that was kalpana beast and she was from Vera do Soon and I think there are don't we spoke about in a previous podcast. It is a wonderful place and it's a neutral con. So yeah, she is being a homemaker. She has the experience of making sure the people in our family beat the heat the right way and the truth lot of, you know juice diet. She said she mentioned it that it's important to take lighter liquid. rather than the whole diet that we take and yeah, I had some power some point even I think that it is true because during the Summers we tend to be a bit more lethargic than the regular times, you know, so yes taking liquid diets helps beat the heat. So yeah guys that is behind Sharma need outside the body much important that beating heat from inside the body. Also, of course we Han and that is the reason that we are talking about beating the Heat Talk about it how we can be more healthier in this kind of summer. So yeah, I have friend. Mohnish K that I have been trying to connect to. Hello. Hi. How are you? I'm fine. Good evening. Good evening. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. The sun blocker blocker applying some blocking window screen and it must use the heat. Yeah, right. Diane doesn't drink when I add I would say this dry and cool and and I are in. And okay then thank you. No, no don't blow hard hand. We have to use a conditioner. Okay? Yeah, it means and conditioner third point is to Look, let's let's let's just put this this way. Okay beat the Heat this summer means I'm to find ways how we can lessen the effects of increasing Heathen. Yes. Yes - to close the door and and Hello. Hello. Can you hear me? I keep losing you and I really feel there is some problem with the network, but guys I have just lost the connection with. Mohnish he was the person I was talking to but yeah, there is a comment in here a friend behind Sharma says beating the heat outside of the body much important beating from inside the body. Yes. Well, I totally agree. Yeah. Okay guys, we harness calling and let's talk to him. Hello guys. Meanwhile that you are listening to this podcast. It is my humble request that you hit the like buttons and give me your support and your love if you like this podcast so that I do more of these and come up with topics which would be interesting and indulging so yes guys hit the like and we Han what's the matter? You try to connect and somehow? It gets disconnected but apart from that guys what I personally think we should do to beat the heat is find natural ways to beat this heat again the same points. Keep yourself hydrated try to be cool from inside take foods that keep your body cooler rather than getting into cold rings and stuff. Offerings and other stuff so high we hon, is that you? Yeah. Hi. I'm Audrey will speak a little bit louder. Hello. Hi Kenny. Listen me. Yes, I can. Okay. Well I have waited for so long to talk in any pot card of yours in oh, yes. Thinking that I keep reading your comments every time and you always say that you want to connect to me, but then you haven't connected. Yeah, I never did that before so a little bit shy your bitch. I okay, right so we had to beat the heat. What what is your view on this topic? Okay, just take the point. You know before I go. Go to the beat the heater we had would you like to tell us something about yourself? Well, I'm a student of em come final apart from the I am a yoga teacher in New Delhi. That's fantastic. That's that's that's real. So that at one point in my mind so I can share with us I can say with you all, you know. Yeah, first the take that point the heat right right right heat most increased in the obviously in Rajasthan and not in other cities or other state you can say right. I mean it has, you know tentatively increase in All the states because whatever was there regular heat, you know, people have been feeling much more these days. Hmm But well if you heard about in Rajasthan turu, yes comparatively. Yes, Rajasthan is the highest I guess. Yeah. That's why I'm talking about. Okay. Yeah, and if you can take a Rajasthani person What can I say? I don't remember that were but you know, the many many things that we can stop the heat we can save from the heat like energy save, you know, correct many many natural things. Like if I am use in starting of the summer days the thing one first, uh-huh. This is the being a yoga teacher I do. Pronoun first Jackie. So okay that is most important for the females. Yes, because pumping up oxygen is important. I didn't tell you the name of person I am because you know, okay telling you right now - yeah that neighbors sit-lie piranha. Okay? Okay, that will help every human the most most important for the females. Because it and it encouraged the beauty of faces. Okay? Oh, okay. That is the most important point that I wanted to tear apart from this topic. I always stuck in the language or I stuck in the accent like in American accent or in Indian accent so little bit confused, you know how to talk or something like I think I think when you're talking to an Indian because I am an Indian. So I think I prefer talking in the Indian accent. But yes, if you cannot help talking another accent, that's a different question, but see for me. I'm trying I am I'm trying to talk him right because as story about before happen to me like I regret when I spoke those. Words in front of HR. I regret all of it because I thought oh my God, you have an Ikea World. They are like you go with Goliath American Indian accent pleasure that I say you like right Indian accent is very important for from those cuz American or American accent but we are Indian, you know, so we her accept that okay. At Last I talked about that in your topic and I'm awaiting for another topic you would like to make another broadcast. So the another podcast is also important like you did many so obviously this is good. Okay nice to talk that you take the time to join every podcast that I do and I have always noticed that you definitely make it a point that You put at least one comment down there to show your presence in there. And that's really sweet of you. Never missed me again. I will be there always right? Okay, let me right. Yeah, definitely. I cannot put I mean there is no way I can forget you because with every new podcast that I do it there is one comment at least from vahan Sharma and that's really difficult to ignore, you know, so Yeah, that's that's really sweet of you and that you call this today and like this topic has been imported. And since you are an yoga instructor, I think that makes a lot of difference. I mean, you know, so yeah again, thank you for calling and seen that there have been so many podcasts that I have done but you haven't called ever you have never joined in you have always you don't cuz because I told you I little bit sigh, you know, I never did that before any any podcast. I right. I joined you in the first place right any other really I really appreciate because you know that many people many people are there like talking I don't know what they are talking about. So you are the person talking straight not get it other oils. So your I think you are the soft-spoken person. Maybe I'm guessing you are the married person so you have the experience of any oh, oh, okay. Okay. Alright, so well, I mean the way you really analyze things is really wonderful, but I really appreciate that you have called and like you said you have not joined any other podcasts and this is the only podcast that you have spoken to so we had that really matters a lot. It means a lot right? Well good topics. You have great. Yes. Thank you. Thank you, very on. I will definitely keep bringing up good topics. If I really have good listeners who keep listening to me and hit the like button and give me their support. So that is much more important right now. And I think these topics are the topics you keep ignoring in day-to-day lives. Yeah. We stick kind of try to find You know, if you will make a podcast on Hollywood, so you will you do that. Of course I would like to do so if you still have any topics in your mind, just put that in the comments and I will definitely make sure that I if I can talk thousands of topics around, you know, but I said that if you like to do that, you know Hollywood movies how to You know important to sort of write in comparison of Bollywood so you can okay. Yeah sure. That's that's that's a nice topic and it is slightly it is a it's a nice topic and it's an interesting topic. So yeah, I will definitely do one podcast where I will compare Bollywood and Hollywood and we can have discussions about it. Yes, I'm being selfish now cause I like Hollywood, so that's a no. Okay, and basically, okay. Yes, and I took your time sauce, you know in apart from this topic so you can join under another person on this topic that you can talk about. So I'm getting by by from you. Okay? Okay. Again, thank you for calling it's been great talking to you. Thank you guys that was behind guys. I would like to tell you something about what we hot we harm is this person that has been joining my podcast as a silent listener and he keeps commenting on my podcast always, you know, and he speaks positive things and that's really nice. And this is the first time he actually made it a point to connect to me on the call and it really means a lot guys, you know, when there is response, you know when there is feedback these things actually Lee keep me motivated for bringing some good topics up in here and making some good content while you guys listen, right? So yes, there have been a lot of people who want to improve their communication and I think communication can be polished through discussions and picking up everyday topics. And that is what I try to do. I pick up the hottest topic during the current time that is going on and then we talked about it. Alright, so yes, we have another caller in here and let's talk to Salman and let's find out what he thinks about beating. Hello. Hello. Hi. Hi Salman, Hi, how are you? Good. How are you? Yeah, I'm also good. Okay. Where are you calling from? Yeah. I'm calling from Gujarat. You calling from good rod? Okay, so, how's goldratt came? Yeah. Yeah. I'm mother Mighty. I'm at all. It's great. Where are you from? I'm from Bangalore. Oh, that's great Phoebe for the Bangalore, right Bangalore and Bangalore to be call it as Bengaluru and Autumn saying that as their Bengaluru, right? Yes, it has been completely changed to be I'm going to do right now bangaluru. Yeah, so you can call it that way. Yeah. Yeah. Thank you for inviting me in your broadcast. I am so happy for talking about this topic, right? Yeah. Okay. So some of our know, what do you think today in these days? The temperature keeps increasing today topic for there is mention about there. Can you please explain? I mean brief we can say that you see these days. There is tremendous increase in the temperature in the climate Okay. Okay. So since the summer season is starting across India. Yeah. Oh what what do you do to beat the heat? I mean, what do you do to counter the effects of heat increase in summers? Okay, just just we can say there is a to be a converted for the entire and is like there to be more champagne just like the Hindi words is a motion to change this time, right? Correct. Like let me just put it this way more awesome, but I'll rehearse. Hey Gurl guiz by dragging. This is an individual. Therapy is garmi Kumar is okay for discussing this topic right now. Yeah, you like that. That's that's the topic for discussion. Oh, that's great. That's great to be changed for the environment that time to be increases Evan to be be in GE me right to the all the people are so using for the in criteria to different type of different stages and different people that you can set it to be just we can say the one thing for you. Yeah, we have as a learner for the weekend as we connect the for the first time. This is a broadcast in application. So don't worry. Don't worry. Just we can as a true as is a true as a bad just we have as a learner is my first Pole to be attend there. Begin not speak very rare that we can do that try to be you can measure every person is a listener to the understand what I am saying there we can convert this just we have as a pressure to be a participant in first time this application right now Salman, I definitely understand what you say. You said that you have participated for the first time in this conversation. And yeah. Yeah this language Stan but you are trying your best to make them understand what you're trying to say. Yeah. I just wish we can explain you in math ought to be understand just you can handle me to be our The Listener for not to be understand just to we can as a not correct Center you can mention that it's a true. Yes. Yes. I will. I will make sure that I will translate we can supply you can support me that we can I say that we have a present in my cell to be what you do think too as well. Winter to be changed the environment in plan of India right now. I will make sure the temperature around. That I just want 35 to be different temperature in pain of India to be protect the person to be different type people using there is a protect to be a in Asia like the two most people are it's not going well in morning to evening. So to be using as I see like there is more to going any time to anywhere for the entire marketing of preserve our just like working as a employee to is a banking sector. She was a Salesman. After that, she was either going for the alignment 30. He was not going to be anywhere. Anytime is the temperature very high. It's a difficult time. It's going you're correct time for going as a market scenario. Correct, correct. Correct. Ion temperature below then he was going well to be work hard. Okay, I understand what you are saying that the people who are working on the fields. Yeah. Until it is very difficult for people to manage the heat because they are working on evening and they're teasing heat which affects them. Yeah because they have to go out and that is their job. And yeah there is different in different states and different ml different situation in there to be people are showing their is the last highest temperature and pain of India is the Delhi Rajasthan the mostly high temperature in known the people ask people is there is not working properly there to be a somewhat. Correct. Correct guys. So yeah. Yes guy's a friend. Salman is trying to say here that in different states of India temperature ways. We're different. Yeah. It's Print in all it's a great idea. But yeah, it it varies according to the state and at in some states, it's low its and it's some states. It's hi-yah differently. It affects people differently. Huh people is equal. Their people is equal equal there, but instead will be deformed depend on to be a temperature just like to be a compelling for the other day early was Rajasthan. to Gujarat and Rajasthan that temperature I want to be different. Yeah, and that is how it will increase. Yes, Salman, your point is made and I understand. Yeah and thank you for calling and it's been great talking to you. Yeah. Yeah. Thank you so much for inviting me in your workout today. We have as a good be happy for talking about for this topic. It's a good it's good. You have a daily by daily you can as in every new broadcast for that. Discussion about that it's a great thing for the discussing about the different type of people to be a one topic there to be discussion discuss about the others people there. Okay. Thank you so much. Thank you. It has been wonderful. Yeah. Thank you. Have a nice. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Thank you so much. You can so guys that was Salman and he was from Gujarat and he really made some important points. He said that Different states have different temperatures and the increasing rate is different, which is important. He also threw some light on the fact that there are a lot of people who are working on the field area when I say field I do not mean the fields where crops are grown, but I mean the field work like marketing and the other construction sites and stuff like that. Okay, so these Things have to be taken into consideration and people who work in to excess temperature and places where there is lot of heat where you get exhausted. Your energy is drained out you guys need to really take care of yourself during the summer times like a friend kalpana appointed out that you need to start taking more of Diet to keep yourself lighter and also keep yourself hydrated the most important thing here. Is that keeping your body cool from the inside where when I say inside it means internally your food intake has to make a cool effect on your body thinks like cucumber and fruits filled with lots and lots of vitamin C. You like there's orange. There's lemon lemon water plays Miracles guys and weeping Indians. The Indian body is in such a such a body. I mean, like what I what should I say? Our body is made made in such a way or the entire climate or the weather conditions that we Indians are living in the effects of Vitamin C on a body make a lot of difference. All right, and since it's the summer season, there are seasonal Foods coming up. Make sure you eat a lot of good healthy fruits. Just dump the soft drinks right now dump the junk right now. Make sure whenever you crave a soft drink just pick up a water bottle drink or pick up a glass of fresh fruit juice and drink and keep yourself healthy. Healthy and working great in this condition. Now, why do I discuss this topic today? Because guys this is the first week of March and this is right where your summer season is starting and within a few weeks, it will be hitting the Peaks and that's the time when people like us who work during the day of there are people who work during the night will be Stood because the energy drains out as the heat increases and it's really important for us to keep that in check. Right? It's very important for us to keep our bodies and Minds in a balance because if your body is getting exhausted due to excess temperature or the effects of temperature your mind is not gonna coordinate, okay? So you keep feeling lethargic who lose interest things like these gifts happen to keep happening during the summer season and just to counter these particular symptoms. We need to be hydrated take a good diet and take care of yourself. So guys, we have another caller in here and that's deep and it's talk to him right now. Hello deep. Hi, hi. Oh, well, I feel yeah, I might hear you. Yes the pie. All right. Yes you from I am from Bangalore yo-yo from Bangalore. Yeah. I am living in Whitefield you your from Wild White Field and from Rogers Arena where yeah the so you what are you doing? I'm doing Giardia. What's up with you? Well, I do job here too. Okay, and yeah, so since today's podcast about beat the heat. Okay. What do you think about it? Yeah as for its Bangalore, I don't feel it's too much of it because from morning week a like 10 o'clock. We'll go to the office. So I'm getting two Aces. Yeah. Now my favorite and you got back to hustle. So so we we don't feel hit. Okay some times. We are feeling hits Here Comes sir, Sunday or Saturday going outside with my friends. Let's just imagine there is no AC deep and you are roaming around on the streets of Bangkok and now chattering. All right. I can't I can't I can't do that. Really? That is the main reason. Man talking about this topic is because we cannot do that and what okay, so what can we do to counter that so that we could work on the streets and not be disturbed by the heat? Okay. I have a question. Okay. How long are you in Bangalore me? Yeah. Well, it is hard to say because I am an on-and-off traveler to Bangalore and I did. Answer your question have that kind of answer? So sorry, so I just ask you. How long are you in Bangalore? I stay in Bangalore for around a month or two usually in the winters, but the moment I get into Bangalore during the Summers. I want to run away. Yeah, because I am last six or you can say I'm in Bangalore. Okay? Okay. Okay. So when I came first time to the Bangalore, I I think okay. Oh, wow. This is a link feeling cold very cold because we are in. Negative it is 45 degree. I tolerate that mods up for our temperature. What is your native? It is this place? Yeah, I am from up' so, you know kind of heat wave I just call it. What were they are so going to the Bangalore it feels like I haven't seen your life for me. Exactly. And if you come to my city, you'll feel that he or in Kashmir because when I came here before six years the pollution is not they're not that much of not that much which the area where I am leaving right now that the area that we for 6 here. Also, I am staying there only show input is there no pollution not kind of any disturbance anything is there in Bangalore but right you just feel is is gonna be the second Delhi exactly. It's going to be the second Delhi and it's surely going to be really polluted. Maybe soon anger traffic. I just get frustrated sometimes if you're not getting your right boss. Yeah right time. If I going to pick up your daily travels through the boss any kind of is just go through one day. You just head up in bus in Bangalore for once and it took me two and a half are to just cross a span of 1 kilometer and yeah it was If AB, you know and it was near the Majestic busting and I that was the day I was Fed Up of Bangalore and I actually said I wouldn't come back to Bangalore ever but then my job is that I need so my thought was this I just now it is if I go there so it to my home place, so I just regularly do like I don't go in. May I go it in December? Okay in January, okay, so that is my planning to go to the home and the the holidays over here because the in December that also many relatives. Okay, they are kind of this is original question. So I go there only in like meanwhile I didn't see active is actually that hot. I mean is it yeah, you pu can tell you P Delhi then anywhere and I'm like it's not having the I you go there and you can feel the heat waves. Okay, let's let's just talk about you right now. Like when you were in up' how did you guys manage the heat, you know, just to counter the heat what? Okay, okay or just some guy who was barely probably less victim. Okay, so I mean That guy who is purely from the village victim. Okay. I am living in a village. Okay. So the thing was my daily routine over the air when I was in college are already was in school. The daily routine is after coming to the college for o'clock. If it is a 50 degree. It did not a bother for us will go to play the cricket if you are with the friends, you don't doesn't matter. Cory the temperature if it is hundred degree also, you can sustain that most of them. So we go to eggs if you are with the best and ball nobody will see in front of you know, I go there and play I don't feel any any heat but right now I feel yeah because now you're used to the temperature you get into 45 degrees after saying a lot of time into 30 and 28 35. Greek island view or print these up. It is definitely going to and I can sustain Dallas why I will go to my Village it will take hardly ten days. After that. I will get adjusted. But if in your case little gal will go. Oh no, ma'am. I can sustain I will not able to exist over here. Wow deep. Let's let's just take this one. What do I say girl? And Boyd think aside, but as humans each one can adapt to a certain level of temperature right? I know II do understand that we can adapt to the temperature. But at the same time what's the harm in taking measures to cut the heat or cut the effect of heat which will cause adverse effect on a body, you know, the whole idea is using the ways and Healthy during that time because heat effect in locked ways that we do you throw a you want to know that what the major should we take by who each can eliminate this kind of heat waves or during the heat wave the impact of heat wave on our body. We can register kind of things right? Absolutely. Now you getting my point. Okay, so you just hear your thought I would be able to add some point if I have we already discussed that staying hydrated is important drinking water taking juices and taking diets, which are more of liquid eating vegetable at is that contains cooling effect such as cucumber and stuff like that drinking alcohol, sir. No, no, we're not if I will show you what in somewhat deep deep. And I have three hundred and fifteen people here and I would never want to talk them or I would never want to suggest people to drink alcohol. No talking about health right now and talking about alcohol to your friends. It's a good idea but not no. No, I just asked you the question it's hard because you are the owner of the this group. Okay, you hear whatever you tell that is, correct, whatever waiter that the code that is not how it works. Okay. I'm just trying to find out from different people. What's is a good thing? So even if you're drinking alcohol for that particular time, you might feel it is cool. But later on it is definitely going to affect your body not it is not going to pull your body in any way it is gonna have a heat effect. So, Rather I was suggesting people there is someone in the comments who says watermelon and lemonade. Yes, of course contains a lot of water and has a cooling effect. So we are trying to help people not to get into marketing. What do I say, you know strategy people come up with wonderful marketing strategies during the summer and offer people products life full of chemicals and stuff. Just To avoid those things being healthy, you know, there are a lot of things in your own house, which can keep you healthy during this time. So that is the whole idea. Okay? Yeah, it's if you are taking water million or India for the the water content the vegetable which have the highest high amount of water content you want you should give that right? Yes. You should prefer that. And because get hydrated is important because since you are from UB, I think you has had a history of good Cuisine and good help things. And you know, that is a lot of things that come from up' and I do have a lot of friends from you P. So that is the reason I asked you for the suggestion and alcohol is definitely not the answer. Okay. I just kidding you I do understand. I I definitely understand it, you know because I don't suggest you take the alkyl rather. It is a liquid but go through is content. It is like 42% is only the alcohol which is not liquid. It is a kind of Essiac which can burn you directed directly so it can burn you. So we are taking the alcohol means we are taking the SED indirectly, so don't take my seat. Yes person who has commented in here and that is an amazing amount alcohol. Accelerates the rate of hydration. Then you need much more water than earlier to. Yes. Like I already said you might take alcohol at a particular moment. Yeah. Yeah you go to hunt and I already said because 40 diversity or lady Aces. There is some carbohydrate. The any there is something like, you know contents are there but you don't find anywhere in the water content words remain like because it's a volume by volume. You can change it is not a wetter. So don't I get my listeners to dump the soft drinks and carbonated drinks and anything that does not. I mean is not as good as water if it is something better compared to water. Yes, definitely go and drink it like things like opener and I have a suggestion. Okay. This is the fruitful solution not like okay if I am drinking the water if I am taking the like you can sell them on water. Hmm. What are the water only one is lemon water and another is pure water but thinking I will solve That takes some other concentrated water like lemon water. Yeah some kind of juice because the thing is that when pure water get hired hydrated it is get easily get hydrated, but if were some concentrated water get hydrated it will take time. It goes through a process like like if you are hit a pure water and a salted water then you would water get hydrated easily. So because it's boiling point is very low, but in case of salted water is boiling point is high show. It will get a not that much easily to get hydrated. So take some kind of juice some kind of for at least you should add some salt or sugar to the water. It will be infertile needs I think lemonade is available in every household. There are lemons lot of lemons in the house. There is sugar this What I think levitated is most simple solution. Yeah, if lemon is not present you just add some sugar or salt it is absolutely and look my whole idea guys today. They are 333 people listening right now and deep. Thank you for wonderful suggestions and stay tuned while I just like to request a guys to like my podcast right now because that really X and the I got into this particular topic because that is the need of the are it's not just people like you and me. There are a lot of people who are working right now to work on the fields and right under the sun and there have been a lot of cases of people dying from you know, which is really weird. Right somebody standing at they have been cases where people and security Twerking huge companies standing right under the seat her son just died on the spot due to sunstroke. So guys to avoid such things or avoid the effect of the heat on your body. It's really really necessary for us to take care of our own health in Old simple ways, right? So deep. Thank you for calling me and getting connected to me in this podcast and it has been wonderful talking to you and thank you. Thank you for sharing your amazing views on beating the Heat and I'll talk to you again in my upcoming podcast. So stay tuned with me, right? Yes. Thank you for calling again. Okay, thank you. Thank you, right so guys that was deep and he was from uttar Pradesh and he is currently staying in Bangalore for from a span of six years and just like he said that whenever he wants to visit his hometown, he goes during the winter season because now that he has adapted to the climate of Bangalore the weather conditions in bangle love which are very cool a cooler than up' comparatively if you go to see because something about 45 degrees is really hard for people like us staying in the southern part of the country. And yes, there are also cities different cities across the southern part which are really really hot but hot in a sense the huge temperature hike around 40 and above 40 degrees celsius, but that's again a very rare kind of point where you know, the highest point may go up to 40 and 45 like Belt that I live in is actually from 26 to 32 degrees is a huge thing, you know people go crazy if it crosses that particular kind of temperature. So yes, the summer brings a lot of things. You know guys is someone is beautiful. It brings a wonderful season of fruits. There are different. What do I say? They are the different festivals summer summertime. And there is some amazing food items or particular fruits that you find only in summer, which is seasonal and at the same time somehow brings some pretty heat and it also brings a lot of humidity and the bring it the change is in the temperature kind of brings a lot of diseases in this and since the wave of coroner virus is going around in the city and in the country, so it's really necessary. Us to take care of our health in own little ways. So yes sir. Now that we have discussed this topic with a lot of friends of ours and we had some people who could who actually connected to us and suggested what we could do to save ourselves from this particular heat. So guys, I I personally think that at an individual level it is really important that we start taking precautions rather than later finding cures. All right. So while you move out of the house, make sure you are well hydrated you carry some liquid be it water or be it any other juice or any other fruit filled and loaded with vitamin C. I think eyes with Taman see is something Which is required by us all throughout the I mean, you know human body. Okay. So yes hydrating yourself taking care of yourself covering yourself with masks and stuff. Like there was another person who suggested and maintaining a cool quotient in your body when I say cool question. I do not mean the cool quotient of the personality that people talk on Instagram. No, I'm talking about maintaining your body to a cooler temperature. Okay, and balancing yourself with the outside temperature, which is really important and through every other thing guys. Just stay healthy. Stay good and make sure you help others also. So and if you could suggest any good ideas on how to beat the heat, you're always welcome. So guys we have another caller and here. This is the page Kumar Rai the page. Hello, man, Cassie Mighty Club Cassidy page. Happy birthday to you. He many export gassed kiaa tag' people shared medersa idea. I think seven o'clock Semana podcast art Kia and made it honey or ghost writing P Kuhlman about key in my city key men about kilo music Evo up in the city kibarim about courage and is barri gothic I grew up in your business your keyboard. Please okay. Hanji some real bad. Can you pour the tea cookie cookie Joey Butler hamari climate may feel hot. Gee gee Joe heat buttery edge of temperature butter jar, and it will to a certain extent to see much naked. Emporia understand Giardia be bungee cord a so egg then maybe Heat come. Nahi hoga qk X is sin x is Uptown to Gorky G sharp C. Is this challenge? Absolutely. More than one AC at home and the main idea is cooling the entire space. But then what it does is it throws out heat and which is eventually adding up to the global warming and this is an important topic to speak guys because global warming has done an a continuous effect. So yes to beat the heat. We actually also have to work towards lessening. Effect of global warming and how can we do that? Let's talk to the patient about it though the page re-up but I hung up and he's gonna jump Rudia or mess under attack in the community of Stillwater is how much matter where you go? You buy something belly Joe Panik machine is amazing. I didn't have nobody to behind me repair reduced behind a friend of ours is saying next time we Nee will do add subtitles. Oh my God, we hon, since you are doing an amazing job. Okay being a supportive friend in here. I think you can do the job for me while I'm speaking. You can be my translator and help my friends know what I'm saying. Male quick minute because rocket longer sorry. Sorry Gina Ya so we have behind I don't know what you think about me if I was speaking in English, so you thought I don't know a word of English. It's very concerning of you. Thank you. My thank you my friend. So this was I was going to say you weenie. I was just having fun first time for the first time when I came came to you know, I really enjoyed that one. That's why I want you to tell you this key. I was just joking with you for the first time. Okay, really? I do really I really did enjoy our conversation with you. That's better. Sztyc, but because you know what happens the page there are a lot of people who really genuinely can't speak English in here, you know, and the matter of concern is the mom out somebody the moment you cut out somebody because they are speaking Hindi the others will definitely get demotivated and I don't want that to happen to anybody now. That's why I came back. That's why I came back today to just I was waiting for you. I want you to tell you this yesterday. It means your podcast yesterday Sonny or really? Ellie definitely enjoyed that I actually have hundreds of you this thing and one more thing no deepest time. This is a very constructive prank that you have played on me guys. This is the parish and this is I just please I would like to keep you on hold for a moment. I'll just talk to me, please 80 listeners. Okay, this guy right here, the page has frankly so well, he was in my previous podcast where he said, Okay, Grazie, Bella coola hottie. I cannot be a word of idiot. I just under the eye just to Whatsapp chats and that's all I know. Well guys this guy really knows English and he speaks and he has played this prank on me and I have been ranked on my own podcast and I think that is that is really funny. Right? So guys who are listening you guys hit the like button right now and here's the page again in So deep a chef but I yeah. But seriously, yeah, that was I am not angry as such but I think your prank. Okay now see here after if somebody is going to speak to me in Hindi. I'm gonna wonder if he really knows English and he's trying to prank me right there. That was not my intention at all. That was over seriously. Like do you know what I'll tell you one thing? Ok to be very organized like You will get I don't know how many requests we get another day. I mean sure you must be I can see a star on your profile pic right now. So you must have been very famous right here. That's what the problem is. Let me tell you. What do you choose? Like do you want to be like the others or you want to be different? You want to be different? Of course? Yes. Yes. So this is what I did. I heard I thought here she's a very good speaker and honestly many guys is a who are very good in English. They also Want to talk to her and she is speaking very well with them. That's that that's for when but I thought why would she want to talk to me? Then? I come up with this idea. So who okay the page whatever your intention was is actually nice to know but the whole idea is my oh one intention of Me Okay one just one intention I have is I like to talk to people but after coming on this app, you know getting through this app and People of the people I just got to know that there are a lot of people who want to learn English and they want to learn it so bad that they join any podcast with says English. This is what I liked about you so much. Okay before you day before yesterday, seriously, you know, I I never get away from you that is when they cool. He don't know any kind of English. So just make fun of him. I never get away from you on that. At half an hour I talked with you. That's why I just really enjoy talking to video Guinea is really considerate of you that you have really observed. What I'm doing. Yeah II do get this a lot. There is another friend of mine currently. He is not on this podcast, but he makes a point that he joins all my podcast and he gives all his support to me. He says that I know you're doing a good job and keep it up and stuff like that. That's really boring dating, you know where and this is. What I wanted to tell you he like I really support your cause that's why I was looking to I was looking to tell you yesterday, but I don't know how I missed your broadcast. Seriously I missed it. I missed that but I wanted to tell you seriously like I do broadcast like two times a day in here. Ok. So I was I was looking forward to talk to you. You told me you have this past year minutes in your section, but I like to you keep my local supermarket and all so now I really do I do a podcast at twice. In a day whenever I'm free I'm feeling like do that. So that's what I wanted to tell you today that I thought you is going to be very angry angry or anything because look it it really doesn't make a difference whether you talk to me in Hindi or you talk to me in English. That's what I liked about you each one here is to talk. Okay, each one has something to share and there are a lot of people that I have seen who just cut you off because You don't speak English. I know that I have tried and not me. I personally because while in my podcast a few people suggested a few other names, so what while I tried to join their podcast those people some people are inconsiderate and they just shoo you away. Okay, so and I don't want to ask you this question. Okay, let's do this. One thing right? How can we sing was I on that Taiwan? I will speed you would be convincing, you know. If you were act, I think you would have really got into any role without any trouble right because he is if it was very hard for me because I was speaking in English. I was understanding everything and I was pretending I didn't have anything to do you could see I just explained to my listeners that you know for this friend of mine does not know English and he's trying is that so yeah that that was how convinced I was. All right, so Things like this happens and the yeah, that was that just added some humic ocean to my podcast today guys, and I have been brutally pranked by mr. The parish Kumar and note that brutal. It was just an innocent doesn't out. Right. So guys. Well, I'm actually on the word of the end of my podcast. It's one hour 51 minutes and 40 seconds. So that's great for me like every time I'm here you are just signing off. And I am the Lost collar you you are having the head. That is a good sign for me. Yes. That is a I'm looking at no, seriously. I was looking forward to talk to you again. That's why I just saw your broadcast and I just jumped in either what I just need to tell her I don't know why I did that with her, but I just need to explain that to you guys. This is the page Kumar and he played a fantastic prank on me. And this is the second time. He has joined my podcast and well, maybe it's how Grossed I am into my podcast that I do not want to hurt any other caller who is calling me. I really don't want to do it. Genuinely. It's not that because I'm doing this podcast and I want people to listen to me. No, I didn't lie do not want to hurt anybody's behalf of you. I would like to see something we Nee, I think she is the best one here right now. I'm not saying there are other many other peoples who are like who are good, but the key like eyes I just flat-out I was speaking in Hindi completely in the you know what I was not using a A single word of English remember when I spoke to her first time so that was kind of a thing with her that I really enjoy talking with that because she didn't felt like that. She's that she's leaving left in me out. I didn't felt that I like little bit never that she was engaged all through what I was speaking in Hindi as well like she was totally engaged but she tried to explain me why but I was not getting I was pretending that I was not getting from making her she explained that to me in Hindi as well so that she was really taking care of me in terms of like not knowing English. That's why I'm came. Here and that's why I wanted to talk to you in my defense. That is the best testimonial that I have had in here because I have people who know English quite some and they have already told that you have a is helping us out and we are learning and stuff like that and this testimonial is I think it adds up to what I am doing in now. It just says that we need does not discriminate people on the basis of what language they are speaking and That that is the thing with me guys. I cannot do that and that's not in me. Okay. The point is I love talking to people and I'm talking to you guys and I really appreciate the 416 people listening to me right now. You are so popular, but that's why you have a star. That's a good one star start having a studies a good thing. Well the base, you know what when so many people listen to me, you know, it it it just builds up a kind. Sense of responsibility on me so that you are making some content which these people are listening and it it becomes like a do to you know, that definitely you have to make something good that people won't listen to you and we'll good thing. Yeah. Well, these people are listening to me I request you guys to hit on the hot button and because that is going to add up to my give your heart to by pressing that hot button. He will take care of her. She will take a rest of that. Okay, guys guys, I all I can do is I can come back and talk to you guys and it's rock my heart out here. That is what I actually do and because these are the things that I think when I'm alone, okay e Cayuga climate but Legato what will happen if great. I will definitely like to join you whenever you're talking about global warming or any kind of issue that social issue that whenever you are up to I will definitely Listen to you and I will definitely try to give podcast every day. So it's either at first he killed people 5:30. So based on that and during this time. I'm usually live. So yes, so you can join me anytime follow me hit request and we can have a conversation and we could go live and talk about this, you know discuss about topics. That's a very good like it's a very good thing for me that coming from you you want to do it. Create thing with me. Thank you, but I don't even know her. Seriously. I don't even know how this is my second time in talking to I feel like she's the best right now. Like you can come up because most of the big creators they don't want to collab with any random person, but she just offered me and offered every one of you that are listening, right? He's the greatest seriously that she is doing very great for you. At least you can do just I am hitting the hard button right now and you just you can do that for her as well. That's I did that cute the parasite are so, you know, there are Hearts popping out on my screen and the touch that looks really Serene and thank you the page for saying such wonderful words about me and not really that great. But I believe all your words at least you are here like you're doing good thing. Here's where you are. Good good hair good for us. That's what matter that's what matter it doesn't matter what you do in your life. It doesn't matter. What what you do here that matters the most for the people they are listening to you right now. Exactly. Thank you the page. It really means a lot and it is really motivating guys. When you come back and talk to me it it gives me a boost, you know, it gives me another reason to come back the next day and talk to you guys. So yes these things matter a lot and I actually saw someone who was doing a podcast, which said why is he? Back in portent and unfortunately, I couldn't join that podcast because I was on my job, but with that one sentence, I believe feedback is really important when you guys come back and comment when you guys come back and join me or you hit the hard part, you know, I can see that whatever effort. I'm putting into this stuff is working right so wealthy patients really great same here. Thank you. Thank you for having me be near Rock. I will definitely try to connect you next time by some medley patients been really wonderful talking. So if we have a friend, Tennessee here who says we need could it would be great. If you come up with social knowledge oriented topic stano's, I would love to do that. And if you could suggest any it would be fantastic and we have a caller in here and and at the verge of finishing this particular podcast, but their main processing here we go. Hello, excuse me. Hello. Hello. What's the domain through saying I'm at 58 minutes. So you have two minutes to talk and the podcast will disconnect automatically. So kindly speak up. Okay, how are you? I'm good. How are you? Hello. I'm from Bangalore. Where you from? I'm from my native place in Lucknow, but presently I mean but in the you are from bartender, okay, so their binder you have joined this particular podcast. What do you want to talk about it? I think it is not but it actually has a temperature. A little of this time play I have made our podcast custom Hana Ka speak with our bare like it's one or 59 minutes or dogon. Take a spiral cutter. Okay, that's cool. You can ask me question how to interview the hotel. It makes me more and more teaching but love prepare for dinner. When you see this type of talking here is actually this is my first time too. I really apologize.