back with a podcast which I do every day and around this time and today let's talk about Bursting fear of English if you guys have been following my podcast closely you can see there is one podcast where I have discussed the fears of English and why English is scary to a lot of people now well while we talk about fears of English and the urge for effective communication, it's very important to understand that English. Is a language and needs to be treated like one. And like every other possible podcast that I have done and I have discussed what I mainly concentrate bond is communication. So just to get through the communication part I come up with topics where and we can have a good discussion where we can share ideas. While I think that's that's the only best way to learn a particular language, you might get through books. You might get through videos. You might do stuff you might listen to audios. You might do a lot of things. What? Any language could be effective only when you start practicing it and asking questions about it. And yeah, that's how it's starts to help you. So I see that I have a caller today and paru. I think it's an engineering student. And that's the first caller for the day while I take this call. I would really appreciate you guys if you start to hit the likes because that's really gonna Help a lot for me and what let's just take the skull first. Hey bottle. Hello. Hello. Well, I I see that the is some connection problem because it keeps showing connecting and then I cannot get a ways. So while I'm getting connected to Peru, let's just talk about my previous podcast guys where I have discussed the fears of English and I've come across a lot a lot of people who say that they do not. Get the courage to talk English just because they have a fear of embarrassment and I think that is a very genuine fear. A lot of people in India or Asia. You can say do not speak English as their first language and the kind of environments that we come from English is not a primary necessity, but let's not deny the That English is one Global language that connects the entire world. And if you really want to get connected to the world and grow faster than what you are and you want to make connections across or excel in your professional life. English has become an important a very important part of the professional growth these days and I have here are 8080 thank you. Thank you for your wonderful comment and couldn't you Muhammad is control? How are you? All right guys and hello. Hello find thank you. Can you hear me? I can hear you clearly. Oh, it's a wonderful lecture that you have been made earlier because many students are afraid of speaking skill, even if they Achieve many things through writing and attending examinations. They will get a higher rank. Yes. I will get a higher rank in their examination or something else. Even if it is in literature English is something else. But unfortunately when we are going to speak with them face-to-face, they're afraid and some of them are heckled and others are in instantly trying to live This is happening in India. Especially the people who are trying to learn English as second language. And if you have English language in your home, it is very quite easy to learn the language. Otherwise, it will be very difficult to because if you know, that is another thing that mother tongue is entirely different the structure of the language is entirely different. So so we cannot translate any The bring it to English very quickly through our mind the mindset to will become in a trouble and it will start this is happening. Absolutely and have them actually try to do that and they try to convert the language. They try to translate it in their brains and eventually fail drastically and then that alters their confidence a lot. Okay. Thank you. Also. Can I ask one question that you have any suggestion to? Clear out this fear and brightening of students who are learning English and how does it possible them to overcome such a tricky views and such things. I think first of all, it's very important to stop fearing and understanding that it's a language and like any other academic study or like any other language that you have been speaking or you learn to speak. English is also another language which you will eventually learn to speak if you stop fearing. Okay? Yes, that is a general statement that but I believe that this fear is a railroad out of our method of a study from our institution, especially during our educational time and educational institutions are following first reading then writing I believe that a child in our childhood, you know, we are being taught all our mother Crying by ourselves. So nobody had told us or nobody trying to teach us when we reached in a particular Edge. That is it will be a two year and nobody is trying to correct us just to be our list just listening listening to the parents or the siblings and then try to imitate them and We are setting ready all these gamma things are within one year, but when we go to school what is happening, you know, they are telling us to read and then try to teach us the language grammar. And in that time the particular fear coming if I talk it will become a grammar mistake what we will feel the other people who they will stigmatized. That is the fear comes and We issued her. However because we start teaching it like a subject more a rather daunting is like a language big. Yes that concentrating on the theoretical part a lot. And I think it's necessary not to do that. I believe that we give a more important to speaking and listening to the early stage of primary. Hey teaching of language English. The people will understand the structure of the language their own and in their mindset. It will be evolved after them. We can teach the grammar and other things done the rules and brief. I think many schools have a strict rule. Okay, I was strict rule that. English should be spoken during the school hours. That is also correct early. I can also find out as many institutions and educational participant but actually what is happening, you know in that institution, even the teacher and parents cannot speak clearly and coherently then how can it be possible to learn the students the correct English they come out I believe that This should get good English advance in the stage of English exposure to that stage of their learning. I think whether or not in the school's first of all while a teacher is hired they need to concentrate on what kind of language she speaks before they get her onto a you know communication class like, you know underhanded right specially languages apart. That I think other teachers can be tested for their knowledge of that particular subject. But then but the teacher knows that Wren and Martin completely by heart that doesn't you know say that she is a good English speaker, you know, first of all the teacher in the class needs to create an atmosphere of interest for the students. Yes particular language is It is not good at it and most of the times in India that has happened that a lot of teachers in different schools, you know, do not possess the kind of talent to teach or they do not have the quality of language. Look at look at just a minute. Look at our text message part is showing that you could do where from do you learn English? If this is a problem, there are trying to find out the mistake of speaking. This is the main problem that says if somebody's coming and ready to speak with the some others the people who are listening and the people who are maybe they are at once these speakers and there's stigmatizing and pointing out the Mystic. I think I think we need to take it. I know I know I don't get those later but that is the character. But yes, I am going to go to the the difficulty coming when we are making a face-to-face talk. Correct. Well happens with today's topic is the same that I just want to push the fears regarding You Know spoken English and stuff like that. Yeah. Yes. He is. I believe that we must bring a narrative that grammar is not an important part at the first time when we are trying to speak the language English and then the basic of grammars grammar. Yes, but yes go rigidly according to the grammar, you know, there are a lot of things and it gets yes if one can make a speech or statement we take off. And debate with a way to understand the other receiver. It is enough for the first stage. And then we are reaching an advanced re speaking skill stage we must take care of for this grammar and mistakes are coming and such and plea is that that's very important. So yes, could you it's really nice talking to you. Okay, see that you keep connecting to my podcast and it has been really great talking to you even the first and when you did it's really nice when people connect and you know talk about and so for all K encourage everyone to connect and speak whatever they speak we can accept we are not going to point out is what anything the tell all the months to come and to speak openly and the even if a mistake it's okay. We can reduce it later. Absolutely and we can exchange. Ideas and learn together and grow that are more important than anything else don't you think certainly thank you. Thank you very much. People calling have a great day. Have a great day you to thank you. So guys that was going to Muhammad and if you know he is from when I had Kayla if you guys have been following my podcast closely he spoke to me about the causes of global warming and why why we have been facing problems with the temperature and stuff like that. There was a podcast where I did which was let's talk in my city. So that was the podcast where couldn't you first called me and we connected through and that is how we spoke and now I know that could you because after speaking to certain time that He has shared some amazing ideas and some really good information. So yeah, that's how we get connected and sadly says I would like to join and Iran says, could you please speak to as again Aryan? Well, you do know when Jews ID right here, and if you really want him to talk you can you could just text him up and asked him to join the podcast again. If couldn't do you are listening. Yeah, that's a request that you join. Okay you here? So this is in the comments and I think Aaron really wants you to talk so sure so guys. Let's take another color and that's sad Ali hi. So guys are four reasons. Why? Yes. Hi. Hello. Yes. Hi. Where you from? I'm from Pakistan. Can you speak of listening? Are you listening? Well, one moment, please. Yes. Hello. Hello. Hello. Hello. Yes. So are you listening? I'm listening. I was actually a little bit busy. So Okay, no problem. So yeah, yeah. So, how do you overcome the fear to speak English frequently? Practice makes perfect. Secondly treat English like a language. Yeah 30 are there are a few steps. Where are you? Okay, we're on the grade. And first I will I will just give a few points very quickly. Yes, please. Yeah, there are very few problems actually to learn English people face few problems and they are just exaggerated. Okay, and first of all, it's a the cultural communication. The kind of English that falls on our Year's Day by Day or the kind of English that we hear a lot is not up to the mark, right so listening to podcasts or listen listening to audiobooks will be a great help if you guys are interested in reading reading, you know plays a huge part in understanding and for effective communication. Okay, so say it like you asked how can you overcome this problem? First of all choose a speaking situation? Okay, whenever you practice through the speaking situation, which is really common. What happens is we do we take a books and read read read and read and read a not understand when this kind of a scenario will actually come into an existence. So pick up. Reading ideas wherein you can follow them in there in your real life. So like today we are talking about real life scenarios. Let's just pick up any topic and when you start discussing you start coming across questions and answers which are very common in your regular life. So when you start using those kind of topics your communication automatically starts getting polished secondly, Observe observances really really really important you need to observe how the other person is speaking how where the person stresses on his words the articulation the war is the sound how it works. So when you start observing the other person and yes, that will also start helping you because once you observe, you know how things are working in the other person's communication when you start to apply those as in your communication Okay, and apart from that identify the vocabulary of the words, you know yesterday. It's absolutely necessary. Let's just take a random situation that you're walking on the road or let's just take the situation that spread of Corona Corona virus. People are talking about coronavirus. People are talking about symptoms. People are talking about precautions. So there are so many words that come up when you started. I think one particular topic. So in that particular scenario because of few words. Just I what I personally do is I pick up five words. Okay. So when you start picking up words now, you know, you have five words and you have to use it don't go and pick up huge words like as if you're gonna write a book today. No pick up random words, which you think you don't know. How to use okay just pick up those words learn their use and put them into practice. Okay. What I do is I pick up a few words every day. But if you cannot pick up few words every day take a week take five words. Take a week's time start using them practice in then, you know, start building some things around them within your scenarios in your real life situations. So when Pick up words, which affect your real life scenarios. So that is definitely going to help you build effective communication. All right, it's not just English, but any other language guys, if you really want to get into the roots of the language you need to first get that language in your own rules. First of all, you have to let it in your life. Okay. Let me smart like You are from Pakistan. So I think he will do is your mother tongue, right? Yes, exactly. Yeah, so nobody came with a pen and a book and taught you who do you know you have To kiss him. Once you started speaking. That was the language. He started speaking. Okay and speaking that particular language as like were at the time that you were a kid to two and a half years. That is the time when you actually started speaking, isn't it? That is the rhymes with normal people son. So what I mean to say you started speaking a particular language at a certain age it is that was because you were into a scenario where people used to talk and those Lord's continuously, you heard those words and you mispronounce them before learning to speak it in the right way. And just same way you need to First understand that you it's okay to mispronounce words. It's okay to make mistakes. Okay. It's absolutely important to learn from those mistakes. Okay. So yes points points here were first you need to choose your speaking scenario, which is connected to your everyday life second identify your vocabulary. Okay, identify the words that you want to speak and apart from that. I think it's really important to choose a partner to talk. They has to be someone that you can talk every day to me because if not, then choose yourself talk to yourself create a scenario scenario talk to yourself and record your voice and find your mistakes and work on it. That's the best way to work on a particular language problem. Okay, if you think if you make mistakes or you fumble or you you know cannot build a particular sentence and the other person I just laugh at you or get you embarrassed, you know, you have to first take that embarrassment out of your mind. Okay apart from that like I again want to stress on observe to learn anything in your life. It's really really really important to observe your might watch a hundreds of YouTube videos. You might listen to a hundreds of audio podcast. You might read hundreds of books, but if you Fan to observe the difference of failed to observe the sounds you might not learn anything. It's not necessary that you just finish up one book in a day or you finish up hundreds of podcasts in a day. Isn't if you concentrate just for five minutes, give it you're a hundred percent and whatever you learned in those five minutes practice it find out the authenticity of it whether it's right or wrong. So how much time it take to improve perfectly time is not the matter. Okay, that is how much concentration you put in that particular time. Even if you're spending five minutes daily. Okay, even if it's been 5 minutes, make sure that five minutes are completely productive. Be that you are spending hours reading books of Grandma as reading books of communication and yet you are not concentrating or yet. That stuff is not making a difference in your life. It shouldn't happen that. Yes. All right. So if you read books choose Comics if you like, you know Comics have communications not there are bubbles one person speaking to another there are topics which are everyday life topics. Okay, or I would suggest if you like reading books go for audiobooks or your books books where you know, first of all you need to concentrate. Understand what they're saying and secondly while the words on fiercely fall through your hearing you will learn the correct kind of pronunciation. Yeah, so I'm speaking to yourself. My friend. Aryan says speak to yourself. No matter group or alone. Speaking to yourself is important. You are your best teacher. All right say so. Do you have any questions right now? Hello. Okay guys looks like that we have lost side in here and aryan aryan says. Is Winnie practicing English for call center? No, Ariana, I don't work for a call center and I have never worked well for one. So if you really want to see how a person working in a call center can speak then you must see a few people using wonderful voice and accent and who have been boys and action trainers or have been trained for was an accident. Okay, so we have another caller in here. Okay, and He is his name is lucky and lucky. Let's talk today. Hello. Hello. Hello. Hi Hi. How are you? I'm good. How are you? I'm going to Okay, lucky and your Venue from and some rupee less know a lot of colors from you pee. What about you? If I'm from Bangalore, you're from bangle bangle or oh, you're from Bangalore Karnataka. So what do you do? Well, I'm a graphic designer. And since I like talking to people I'm on forecasts and yeah, that's how I'm here. Okay good right lucky. So what are you here to talk about? I just want to enhancing communication skills. I'm very weak in English, but I want to improve I want to be a fluent speaker for washroom. Why do in order to become a Buddhist teacher can you tell me? life scenarios and understanding Communication in those particular situations and practicing apart from that observing observing when you are listening to someone when you are following YouTube videos or your important to observe and understand how they are talking and the talking techniques and and most importantly do not blindly or imitate. Really important that you understand and speak. It's really important to take a pause and understand and calm yourself because a lot of people get nervous when they have to talk of whenever they stumble of make a mistake actually right now. I'm talking to you somehow. I'm comfortable whenever talk to anyone or anybody, you know in reality swords, then I ate so much as it is. Is because you're watching the person you were observing the other person's reactions more than you are talking. So it is really that you observe your own communication rather than observing the expressions or the kind of giving your learning. It's really important to observe how you are talking and where you're falling short, but while you are talking to someone Do not observe where your for insured because eventually you start becoming conscious. Am I doing a mistake should not be thought during the process of communicating to someone you either think before you speak whether this word is right or wrong. Should I talk or not if you have no Yes. Hello. Yes. Are you getting my voice? Yes, I am. Okay good. Yeah something no. No, I'll just I just want to yeah, I yeah fabulous fantastic you or service addition you give me I think and say fantastic. Okay, so yes. Lucky, right. So yeah lucky. It's people can tell you. how to talk how to talk and how you can use a particular language that particular language is again, it's your own way, you know, it's just a play of words you have to just play with the words, you know, it's not there is no this has to be done particularly dislikes not like that the Mattox that there is a rule and you follow and then you get Good results. No, okay. It's an art and learning an art is a matter of practice. And I think if you do that, you will excel tremendously. Okay. Yes. Are you are you working? Are you guys? Hello? I'm truly glad little man No. Hello. Can you feel me? I believe that problem sometimes your side or from my side. I don't know. Can you hear me? Hello? Hello. Can you hear me? Hello, can you hear me? Auro? Auro. Okay, guys, I'm back and I'm sorry to keep you guys waiting. And if you guys are listening, I think there was kundru there was online and he missed out. All right, so guys we were talking about the traditional ways of learning English and why it is really important for us to observe the way we talk and other things. Well, I have a few callers waiting. Line and I will quickly take these goals and let's just discuss what ideas are on their mind right now. Hello. Hello. Hello. Well, I definitely think there's some audio error right now. So guys like we were talking about the reasons and the ways out of many to improve English and understand Okay, so hello. Yeah, so like I was saying there are a lot of ways to understand English and most of the ways that are available currently people talk and take audio tutorials and view a lot of people to try to have it themselves and I guess we have connected to a caller right now. Hello. Hello. Hello. Okay, that call actually doesn't last. Long, so guys first thing the fears. Of English communication the most important fear right here is fear of embarrassment. Just boss that fear. You can do it yourself. First of all, the most important thing is the thing is guys you start listening to yourself. Just observe how you sound when you talk just observe how you speak and there is no harm in talking to yourself. Nobody is gonna treat you like crazy. It's really important to understand that While I was a loner while I was in school, I always fancied talking English like my teacher. My teacher was a wonderful English speaker and the way she spoke just mesmerised the entire class. It just sounded like she was reciting a poetry. So it's really important to first a fall have an inspiration. Get inspired guys. Look around to learn a thing or two to learn any Talent OR skill or a language or an art. It's really important to link it with something that you want to go back to it again and again, right. So the a lot of people who have a mentors and they have books and they Have a particular person who speaks really good English or teachers. Well, so that's how they connect themself to this particular language. And yes, it's always nice if you can do that, right? So for me as a child, my teacher was an inspiration though. I spoke English quite okay at that time while in my learning stages, but in my later stages, I always wanted to get better even better. So The Thirst should never die. You know the thing that you excitement to learn that particular language should never come down. Okay, it's really really important that we keep upgrading ourselves. If you really wish to achieve a certain level of quality in your English communication. It's really important for us to keep upgrading. Merely listening to audios watching videos and not practicing isn't going to help you at the same time getting too serious about learning English also is just gonna make you stressed out rather than learn the particular language. It's really important to find fun ways to learn or communicate right? So we have have another caller in here and I think we should take this call. Hello. Hello. Hi Hi. How are you? I heard this name before. Sorry, I can't hear you. People prefer it. Hello. Can you hear me sister profile? Yes, I can. Can you hear me? Yeah, I can hear you but there is a problem of Nate there. So yeah sometime I don't understand. Okay, so hey, look what I would like to know is what got you interested in this particular topic. Okay actually sister. I'm new in this application before one minute. I have installed this apps in my phone. So I don't know profoundly how to use this application. So can you tell me that how to how can I use this obligation to improve my speaking skills? Okay, you can use this application to Listen to different podcasts. There are a lot of people on this application that teach, you know, easy ways to understand English and to talk English. Hello. Hello. Hello. Yeah, it is a lot of background sound in the podcast and I'm afraid he's actually a Muslim prayer and I would really appreciate it. Come back next time. Well, not this time. Yeah, yeah. Sister come here. I still have time on the podcast. Okay? Okay. I'm sorry to say that I have to go right now. Okay. Okay after after completing a hello. Hello. Hello. Hello. Hi. Hi, how you doing? I'm doing great to way calling from I'm calling from Bangalore be calling from Bangalore which part of Bangor you calling from diagram. Hsla out. It just really out. Okay? Okay, that's great. So thanks a lot your mind right now. Nothing nothing just a come to make college student. So I heard about this are really is very good app. So I want to improve my communication. So that's right. So, how are you working on communication? And what is the problem that you face in your communication? Usually which really have the facing the complications for you know that if you're that. Class have there any politician skis with a service Keys? Yeah hard to be in front of the around hundred people two hundred people's also be speculative am nervous about them. Okay. What if I tell you you already speaking in front of 210 people right now? Yeah, there's way this amazing. Happy say to you to motivate to me. No, no, I'm not saying this to motivate you but this is a fact that there are two hundred and ten people listening to this podcast right now. Oh, there's great amazing. And then if you can speak here, you can speak anywhere. Oh, but I want to problem. That's what if you face to face. I conversations to each other and the light behind to know that like eye contact body like get So we have the problem facing. Okay, let me put it this way when it comes to eye contact and Body Language. It is a totally different subject from your English communication. Okay. First of all, we need to separate these two ideas has nothing to do with your body language your personality. Your presentation skill is a totally different work. Okay door communication is a totally different work. So what is your mother tongue for for just an example? What is your mother tongue? My mother's always Hindi Hindi. So when you do You observe your body language, I don't think you do. No, not too much. Yes, because then when you speak English, why do You observe your body language? It is just a reflection way of saying that just because I don't know English my body language changes know that these two things do not have a connection and if you start linking these two things you'll mess up in both the places. I got it. Yes. You got my point. Right right absolute I got the time. So thanks a lot. So hard to improve my communication. So, you know that so actually next year after my complete my birria. I looking for the abroad and study particle first Elia Air Canada. So how do we improve my English then? We I speak differently with the native speaker to speaker. So you I'm to improve your English so that you want to go abroad and you want to study you. Are you going abroad for further studies? Yeah for the safer Master MBA for the Masters the MS that is what you're saying on the MBA MBA and Market in Australia or Canada or some other place. Yeah, of course, Canada Australia is my choose. Okay. So the Canadian and the Australians use the same English that we use. Well, that's great. Now I'll tell you why because British ruled us for 200 years English, which was British, but somehow we had the Hindi influence on the English and then we started using it with a different accent and that was because of her. What what do you say it's because of the place that we stay in? Okay, the kind of different languages that we speak in so it's going to be very easy. You want to get into the shoes of grid paper? Okay, when I say get into the shoes of bread people is it's it's gonna be easy for you to learn the British English because the English that we use in India is much more influenced by the British English rather than the American English. Absolutely, right? So we follow the there you can't miss right Yogi English, right? So that is going to first of all be one plus point for you. And secondly, you can start following podcasts of if you want to talk Canada and I think the ESL as well as the British Council has wonderful podcast on available online. There are books available online, which you can do listening and start working on your pronunciation skills with gold pupils us. Okay, so better to buy joint for the ions class right that that is a later position where you first improve your English and then get into I LD SI whistle again, basically the same thing they're going to again teach you or polish your English, right? Yeah, that is absolutely and any which way if you have to study abroad you will have to join IELTS or TOEFL according to the country that you're choosing. Right, right? Yeah. So yes, it's absolutely good that you can join IELTS So differently, I will just choose the Giles class because right now my dear means up to work. So I'm focused about the my Examination for the final year when it becomes take my exam. Then I will decide to be joined for that class. So this is here for me. It is absolutely fair for you to join the IELTS class. But before you join the IELTS class of while in the process to join your ideas class, you need to start polishing your English or Stan you need to start. What do you say improving your communication? So while you're there? It will I mean, how long is your IELTS course gonna be which which exam I am going to attend in the fall or the spring time. So I actually I had courses afyon 15K and if you go join for the online classes around 10K, what I want to say is which when are you going to attend your exam so which is a my final exam and a final exam is to know when you join for IELTS class. You will have to clear. Sure, and I'll use examination a test. Yeah. Yeah, that's what I'm saying. That saying is that test want to be I mean, how long is it gonna take for you to attend that test? So if it's very close you start preparing faster and then you get into the class. OK you first concentrate on your exams and then you concentrate on that particular star. Yeah. Yeah. That's that's why I'm saying there might be a museum is up to where when Finish my examination then we have the time for the two moons this two-month high tides that type of the is exam afterwards, right? So first before you go ahead and enroll yourself for an IELTS class, it's always advise that you start sees any language. It has to be started. I mean, you should start practicing it at a basic level now in right right, right. So it will be polished and shy as a good when you are, you know, when you move further you should absolutely right because I have the native language is Hindi. We can't learn knowledge for the Thomas. That when they are talking to people face-to-face they fear lat now. Most of them don't know that they have started linking their body language and their communication skills and their confidence to English, which is actually wrong and just like you said, you know when I speak Hindi my body language is different and my confidence is higher and when I speak English suddenly everything effects, you know everything yeah effective. Confidential so first of all make it a point that you differentiate these two things and start concentrating on polishing your language and I definitely think it it will help you in some of your way. Okay, I'm due respect for you. So what was my communication right here is okay everything below? It is okay, but it has a what do you say what macular dialect I mean the sound. How do you how do I say so if I if there is a person from Tamil Nadu he when he speaks he has the tamilian effect in his language. Okay, and if you are from a particular so there is the accent which is the effect in it. Okay. Okay, so I want to hit this. You need to work on the English sounds a little bit. Okay getting quite well when it comes to delivering your message, it's going quite right. There are a few words here and there but apart. Okay, it's quite good. No, thanks a lot. I appreciate you. I want for that part of actually what's happened. I have from the north India meet each other for I sent for the not in there. So basically I will work for around watching lots of the English news CNN news we have in this We have three then you helpful. Right? One thing I would like to say is that whenever you speak English or any other language do not hurry. Okay. Okay, sometimes what happens is in a world of speaking through a particular, you know pays space missions through a particular speed. We want to have that kind of speed in a language. What we do is we tend to gulp subjects are the words. You know, we just eat up the words. Okay, then completely and it's really important to announce the words completely. Okay got it. So if you speak that be slowly not too much pass but whatever they speak the sound is Clarity and confidence, right? Absolutely when you start speaking slower. I mean when you're coming right when you talk when you start being you. eventually start sending confident Okay, so I want the object for your communication man, you use lots of the Season award linking words and if part of your so much contact connecting words, so I want to be improved this word because you as you speak in this very good for like eventually is certainly linking word. Suddenly. I'm so many words. So I want to improve this thing man. So that is a concept art practice what I can say so like II And said that when you start practicing, okay, you're okay. This is yet to come. Okay, you're Italian sausage is yet to come it's still there is lot of time for you to start your IELTS course, but that span of time that you have with you for that period. Okay, let you have it. You can start a braiding your vocabulary start learning new words you guys again, I repeat this thing. That's when I say learn. New words, please do not go to a dictionary and find words and start saying no then just to read a few things the everyday trip. Okay, whatever everyday scenarios and just observe when people will use words like just for an example. Active. Okay when you describe somebody you look good or you look nice. Oh, you look amazing. Right this the same thing you have to say, but you use three different words and all three different words. I mean all these words are used differently. Exactly. Yeah. So what I mean to say is upgrade your vocabulary English is Such language which has amazing or huge vocabulary. You can learn words and meaning and sound really good. Okay. Yeah, so my my whole point is really important. We're keeps upgrading and updating. Okay, we as humans, whatever we do. It's really important for us to keep updating. Okay, what defines good at this moment, but I still have a thirst to learn better English, you know and to be there. Yeah, okay. But anyhow you in this very awesome am because I was very polite way and what do the word you use is really amazing. So I want to also be learned for this word phrase and synonym, all these things see once You start learning a language. Once you start observing. I think a lot of people mess up with their English communication because they try to stick to rigid grammar. All right, you know, they try to follow the grammar really? It's strictly so strictly that they actually forget the communication and they are very much into falls into the grammar, which is not important for you to understand the grammar. I think the basic is important so past present and future your tensions your office you're describing words, which is again directives. Okay, the basic things in grammar is important you are now Pronounce all the things past and future tense present tense. Yes. I see a lot of glue past present continuous past future and this that that is that is not something where you should concentrate and most of the people start concentrating on that and start getting confused with the things. Yeah. Well actually what happened the same thing problem happened to me because I am from the partner for we are so almost 90% they speak of the Hindi. Okay. So there's no surrounding to be speak in the I'm also for the Bihar board like in the medium when I come to it Bangalore I can't Finger one. So this is my big problem to happens. Then I focus that I joined for some English classes. They pleased to meet for the English grammar like that like that. So I can't understand anything. So then afterwards I go to 132 to channel, so they said they could don't Focus about tumors numbers. You should give us about like the TV story least movie English tries movie hits movie and you so much practice then is possible. You speak very well. Alright, so my even I personally I'm not very much you strict about the grammar grammar is important. Yes grammar should be treated as a basic step to learn any language because there you learn the basics the how do you address different genders? He HT, you know these basic things or Past present future and connecting words these basic things have to be understood through grammar, but I don't think people should follow grammar. So strictly that they get into all the other things like simile metaphor and personifications and stuff like that. You are not going to be a poet here. You don't want to write those things. Yes, that is a part of learning English language only if you are going to get Into the literature Sprouts, okay, which is not actually important which is there. Okay it is there now just because there is science does not mean you finish entire science studies that is available in the world right think of learning entire science. No, you don't know. I still can't possible you just learn science up to a certain level where you think you can survive this world or you know Which is required that's right subject and there is a lot of information available. You don't learn Autumn, you know Atomic studies. Okay, just that way. Okay. This is also a lack of and there is a lot to learn in English and it might just take a lifetime to learn everything in English Okay, so if you really want to be Shashi tharoor do like that. Here is that people should be able to deliver their thoughts in English and that is more than enough. Okay. So yes, and there are a lot of people like you who want to study and go abroad and yes for then they can start working on their action Productions and their voice tone and there are a lot of Things are the phonetics and stuff. Okay. One thing I have wandered out man. So if you go to bil class, so we should be required like America and we are British accent. Yeah, if you talk for like Indian accent is also okay. It's absolutely fine. There is no country in the world who says that if you have a particular accent, they're not going to let you study there. No, that's not true. Actually. Okay, and your accent is not important. But then it's always nice try and lessen the kind of effect of you know, a particular local accent in our voices. So yeah reduce it, but that doesn't mean you have to become a British to go to Britain as how do you know that that's that's people's mind that if you speak English like an Indian but he's not right. Okay. That's absolutely a myth. Yeah, yeah same thing. What happened is listening this I have no problem because I almost 90 to 95% each other. Yes, but main problem I can speak that like, you know American. Yeah, these nobody can speak somebody else's native. See if you are from you you said you're from up' if you're learning if you're in Bangalore and if you start learning Canada, you cannot kannada in the tone that the Bangalore Ian's are speaking right now. Yeah, I understand because Actually, it's going to take a few years for you to stay and adapt to that particular language and the style of talking and only after that few years of listening to that particular language for a longer time. Maybe you will speak it just the way they are speaking. So it's not necessary that the language just paid the others are speaking to people for the fun of it. You know, that is all that is required. It has been great talking to you and like my friend here says every country has their and it doesn't matter which direction the main aim is to deliver your message thoughts and ideas. He said that's the most important thing a language is a medium of communication and that is the whole idea of it. Okay, like if you I have always said this in all my podcast and I will say it again that there are Western countries which have accents that you know, where is Africa African speak English differently. There are Spanish people who speak it differently. There are Russians Germans. Okay, Australian See if you hear the Australian speak. It's really hard to catch because of this so that I can discuss I think and someone it is has been really great talking to you. Thanks a lot. I appreciate to you what the weather deliver. Thanks a lot. Thank you for connecting to me. I feel like my podcast. I do hit a like and follow for more such podcast, and I have a few people waiting in line to get connected and I would let you go right now and thank you for calling again. Thanks a lot. Please take your time. Thank you. Thank you. Have a great day. So yeah guys that was fun ride and he's from up' and staying in Bangalore currently and aspires has wonderful dreams. He's of completing his education here. And he's gonna go ahead two countries. He is aiming to get an MBA from different countries, maybe the Austria or Australia or Canada or another country so I can speak Russian a little bit says behind your arm. Are we on? You gotta teach me? Okay. Well, I am learning. Like I said, when does this topic going around here? Let's burst fears of English and fears of other languages. I would like to say that while you are in India. How many of you have tried speaking some other language of a different state and understanding because I think that's really beautiful. We have so many languages in here so many and my latest craze is I want to learn the language. Words of Soraka and there are a lot of people that I know personally that speak something called Kimani and I really like the way they talk and I'm trying to learn and understand. So if you guys are here anyone from uttarakhand here and you know Me personally, if if you go to see Vinny is someone whose language crazy person, you know, I have obsessions of learning language. Okay, so I got a lot of people I have a lot of people and friends who keep telling me. Okay? Why don't you learn it the national languages and I think I should first conquer India and then go ahead. So yeah, that's how I think that is and let's take it. Now the color in here and his name is camel. So we have a lot of people waiting in line here and we have crossed one hour 10 minutes already. So we make calls quicker right now. So hey hello. Well re and it's just that I got to know about this language lately about Iraq and and there are a lot of other languages. Look there is Punjabi the is Telugu the wrist angle. So with these languages a few languages, I have already started understanding understanding so I Came to know about this command language recently because a friend of mine got married into that particular region and she started using a few words and that is how I started getting fascinated about it. And I really want to learn it. So there are all other languages to so are you know, it shouldn't be an issue that we need just like, you know, the rock are no is a great. Patriot you can say I love India and I wanna really really really explore each and every other culture in India. And I think that is the only dream I have ever had in my life. And if I ever wanna learn any other language, I will first learn all the Indian languages and only then I will proceed ahead. Okay. So this this is for Ariana and are in I hope you Really got the answer and hello. Hello. Hello. Yes. Hello. Hey. Hello this mystery to me. How are you doing today? I'm going to devote reckon. That's really nice. I mean exactly exactly and you know, what would happen to your podcast for last more than 30 minutes and I was like exactly so you know what you're talking about there then and all yeah. I have a friend who was recently married into that area. And I usually keep getting a lot of colors from up' the Hera Dune and mostly exert Tamil Nadu and these three places most of the times, you know, these three reasons and recently there was mr. Consumer mother and he is from Kerala. So money is giving what miles in the comments and Aryan says come. Well you are very lucky and camellias. It's not the matter of Lucky but it's just that I have a small body language these so yeah, so you must be available that language am I right? It's really, you know, the friend thing that happens, you know, you keep teasing your friends with a different language that you know, and she does not yet. Okay, so you really want to be a polyglot a kind of that we can say in that case. I would say you should go for Spanish if it is what the case. Contacts in English language, especially if I would say you need to go for Spanish and all because you know, what if you can speak Spanish so you can be a interpreter. You know, what? Well, that's not how much your enter how much I'm sorry. Go ahead. There are a huge amount of money, man. So am I so am I miss pretty and you know, what sorry to interrupt you, but what's wrong in that if I mean you are getting paid what you are interested in. Good, that's that's amazing. But not in my case. I really don't want to get paid for learning a language. I learned language as an interest, you know, because I want to learn it's not that I want to earn through. Yes. Maybe it's always nice when you can learn to whatever you like, but I already have a passion and I'm really happy with it. And yeah, but yes like you suggested me the language. Is it easy to learn Spanish? No, it's not that much easy. But see India or is requiring each and every you know, what India is required in every field and Spanish if I would say, yes little a it is you know, what you will need a lot of windy before that because English is something which we are doing since our childhood, but Spanish is like totally new for us man. My dear friends people speaking Spanish no area and if they were Yeah, today's podcast camel. It's all about English and why Indians face lot of problem to come to this fear of this in speaking English and English communication. There are a lot of people it's not just on this podcast, but personally, I know a lot of people Who fear talking English and answer today? And we are thanking first the mix about English and if you are listening closely to my podcast the previous caller that I spoke to told me that an English face to face when he is in front of someone and he's speaking English. He know was an anxious and but when he spoke to me on the podcast Is that you don't worry I have to speak in front of 200 people. I fear I get scared white people speaking to me on this podcast. There were already two hundred seven people listening to him. So what I said was that it's all in his mind because he was mixing his body language with his lack of knowledge in a particular language. Okay. Yeah, you can see what would you like to say about this? Okay, so see Miss Vinny. Okay. I'm not okay. So what's your name, by the way? My name is Vinny. Vinnie okay fine. Okay. So miss winning in my perspective. I would say if you really want to take your skills to the next level. See the first thing is that clarification Clarity is recording each and every field and the second thing which matters a lot that is confidence no matter whether the some sort of knowledge, which you are delivering it is wrong or right but the thing which matters a lot it is confidence. Your confidence should be at Peak You know what? You cannot see the more mistakes, you're going to make the more you're going to enhance your skills. At least you can Rectify those mistakes then only at the case you want to boost up the level of in knowledge regarding that freedom and right and with the passage of time you will be proficient in you and you will be having a profound knowledge regarding that context so that you can do farmers better in I mean future in Long Run. See exactly in my perspective if I would say confidence matters a lot. I do know that I'm you know, what still I'm lacking some at so many areas, but then to have any to improve my mentors exactly in the second thing, which I want that you to be accessed. That is like the second thing. Is that what I would what I was saying man, I'm totally blank right now these things happen a lot. It happens with me. White come on the podcast. I fumble a lot and I think it's okay. Wonderful do no. Actually, you know what I was about to say something, but now I'm totally blank. It's really nice talking to you caramel. Thank you for calling. Okay, if you want to disconnect me. You're going to dislike me. Are you serious? No, why? Why do you think that way? No, you are like nice to talk with you. So I thought like these are the ending Lines. No. I was saying that it was really nice talking to you. Thank you for coming. Okay, I think so. Am I see a nice to hear that apart from what do you do? Exactly? Okay. So as of now I'm doing to stop simultaneously I'm doing my job as well as my courses course regarding bartending you might be knowing about bartending and all that. You have to be behind the bars and you have to play with some sort of waters. You know what you have to say. We have to grab the attention of the public toward yourself. They'll be exactly exactly now, you know what you have to be with romantic lights and they will be kind of music also dancing were there and you have to play with some sort of bottles have to flip the bottles and serve the drink in such a manner which customers looking for I do love this profession. Because if I flip a bottle, it's always gonna land on my head and I'm gonna be needs the kind of precision to do any kind of an art and it's really nice and kummel. I have another calling call a waiting in line. So I hope you don't mind if I do bye-bye to you right now, but it is always yeah, that's fine. Why would I do that? I mean, why would I mind? Okay apart? From it before you know what you did we disconnect our goal do a thing. Do me a favor. Let me know. Why should I use? Where should I need to improve and how do I take my skills to the next level? You take what to Next Level your language exactly. I do want to know what your practice I mean if you are looking for support your language practice it upgrade your working. Okay? Now just let me know where I am liking. You will speak English white. Okay, whatever you have to deliver whatever message you have to deliver is going alright, okay, it's goes well, so I think it is good enough. Okay, and if you re looking to polish it learn new words learn idioms learn slangs, and since you are gonna be into a profession where it is much too busy thinking of me too, you know, With them to whatever your profession is. Absolutely, right? Yeah, exactly vocabulary according to the scenarios that are going to come up in your life of whatever kind of situation you're going to be whatever kind of seeing you are going to be in. So those are the things that you need to learn a lot. So if I would be a teacher if I would be someone who's a teacher I will have to learn the vocabulary which is much more used tools and education and stuff like that. If I were a businesswoman, I would have to my vocabulary causing of the me exactly according to that because that is the kind of people You want to meet and if you are building your vocabulary according to my profession and using it in your in your profession, it's only going to cause blunders. Okay? Yeah, and like we just want to remain it's going to stay constant for everybody. But the art of speaking the words used these change and Vary for different professions. You're absolutely right. All right. So audion here says come on your English is better than Willie and never give you time to speak more Aryan that's really mean to say, but yeah, I know he's kidding but though whatever so right formal, so that's that's Vinny for this podcast today and thank you for calling again. It's my pleasure talking to you. Okay. Now you can go ahead and disconnect my call Leo looking for someone else. I think so. There's so many common question for you. If you like this podcast do hit the hot button right in the right corner and do follow you. Okay, for sure. You know, what Vinny before you hang up the call? Let me tell you one thing. Okay, guys. Okay. Just let me know how many viewers are listening to us right now 365 listeners right now. Okay. So guys guys literally if you do like this podcast, so do a thing. NG do me a favor. The reason behind that why I'm saying this guy's she is doing is you know was she's doing his level best to assist you guys regarding this particular context how to boost up your skills. So guys, so she's looking for a kind of appreciation be looking for a kind of feedback. Please motivate her so that's a kind of upliftment you can say like that. So give give her a feedback a kind of feedback and how you're gonna do that. Please do comment down below. Okay, and do not forget to hit. Two black button and make sure just provide your valuable feedback so that she will be getting a kind of feedback. Okay, because she is doing her level best man, you know, what's he's paid attention at every callers who is getting connected over there. So please guys do not forget to hit the like button. Okay. Okay. Now you may proceed ahead. Thank you. For asking for likes on behalf of me and do get connected and if kids are you like my podcast again do connect to calls and let's talk again, and this is ready and take care. Okay. Bye. Bye. Bye guys that was camel and family was from other kind. So like I was saying I didn't ya. I didn't where you from by the way since you keep commenting and Go home. Next color. I didn't watch that right guys. There's another call we're here and we let's take the scope quickly because it's one are 27 minutes and you hardly have some time to get your calls connected today and for would even see 782 people listening and like every day is discussing the myths about learning English and busting the fear. So guys. Hey, The next caller. Hi. Hello Renee Hi, how are you? Good. How are you doing? I'm doing great. What's your name? Alpha? Where are you from? I'm from UK you from UK? Yeah, you can which you get as a not Ricardo United Kingdom nice program for media. You're from India. Okay Alpha. So how how do you get to connect today in this podcast? And what made you interested in my podcast today? Actually, I was listening to your podcast. Not now, not today. I actually have two days ago to tonight ago a man called the paste. I think the debate is one of my good friend and he saw this me too. Okay A friend is a prankster here. When your hero he's a funny guy. So today I also today I actually forget we are today. Actually, I was listening to you and at that time he said he's a he's you know, how to how to communicate. He's a good communicator. But the time yeah the way you talk is very amazing like so he's just need to join this podcast to so my first question, is that how to get This the Captain America think the star actually guys one thing I would like to tell them all you guys listening to me. Okay. I really don't know how I got that star. Okay, a lot of people keep asking and you won't believe okay. I just can't explain it to you each podcast each and every podcast. There are at least two Two three people asking how I get the star. Okay, and I absolutely have no idea how that comes. I'm really telling you that okay, so I really don't know how that happens and I somehow think it's how many people are listening to you or how many likes you hit and that is a featured sign I guess and that's how you get featured. Okay, so, mr. Coppola, actually, I'm also near from Alright now I do know Sutra. Yes. How do you actually pronounce on track under it? So dark on door? How is it? Can you throw in your caramel corn? Okay guys like all you guys all you guys listening to me. There are actually there must be a lot of guys who are listening to this podcast just for the sake of English, but guys, let me tell you I'm mad. Shoal four languages and I love languages and I have a Target when I want to learn maximum of Indian languages of all different states. So yes trying to do, you know currently I speak kannada Marathi Hindi English a little bit of Telugu and little bit of Punjabi. I understand. I don't speak if you talk in terms of fluency. Moratti, Canada English Hindi you're fluent in four friends before last year read right. Let's read write speak. Okay, so apart from that. I'm working hard on learning different languages. So yeah recently on my podcast. I have openly you know, what do I say expressed my liking towards the community language. So yeah. So you debased by title for the best. Sorry page High really high when job right? Yeah. I know where it is. Yeah, I think the question from Punjab because he pranked me really beautifully. He said at the time like, okay leave it. He's a good guy to be very honest, you know guys listening to me are all good guys because one thing that I have observed, I usually people give obscene comments and stuff and other podcast. I have seen a lot but people have been really sweet and really nice that they have maintained the kind of decency and stuff that needs to be made. And and you know, they have really supported me well, and that is one reason. I come back everyday regular topic and I talk to people in him. So I want to tell you one thing that you said 365 people are listening. So this is not true actually had that is named like 360 people just like come and go make cool thing, but then right now shows 393. I don't know. Actually that many lessons like the YouTube views, you know, yeah, these many views have crossed kind of stuff wait till YouTube actually what happened YouTube like showing like like 12:12, KO like 15 people is to live so it's been like they are why they are watching but in the in this actually it is not true Rick 391 people or 393 will is like they are in this they just come and gonna work. Your fourth life and that's how it's working. Yes. Who? Who is this? I mean that is someone who says can you add me but I cannot see anybody else. All right. So Alpha thank you for calling me the reason for calling and what was the main reason of connecting? It was just because the patient were asked you to do that so on. To improve just going to learn how to how to write. Thank you for calling Alpha. It was really nice talking to you and the page. Thank you. You are have been referring my podcast to your friends. And that's really nice. And I have another caller in here and his name is far and The I see a few Hearts popping up and that's really a treat to the eyes. That is if you're listening to my podcast if you like it hit the like button and that is really going to make a difference in how my profile is going to be wait. You know how the profile weight Edge is going to appear and how people are gonna respond to my podcasts. So on the basis of number of likes people see my podcasts in there. Yeah, and hi. Hello. Hi. Hi. Hi. Hi Vinny, it's your name be that's my name for That's My Name beanie, but you calling from okay. Basically I am from Delhi. Yeah from Dell and you yeah, I'm from Bangalore. Oh nice to meet you really nice to meet you father. So what's your today's topic? I really forget what have you written in this podcast to its talk busting fear of English communication and people fear have a fear, you know of I'm also one of them. I think you are one of them. Yeah like one but I am also feeling like that. I And I speak properly and my communication skills is not well, I think as compared to you and other peoples were speak very well and English. Yeah, the first rule of your communication is never compare your communication with someone else. It's always like oh if you can learn but never compare and if you think someone speaking nicely just observe and start implementing those things in your language. Age that's the oh, yeah. It's a very beautiful. I think beautiful information from your sides. I will work on it. Definitely but I think this is my first time I came here or put our scenario to your channel. Let's talk posting fewer English Communications. And this this is my first what can you say? Have you any suggestion for me? Well, I just have the same suggestion that I have for everybody. First of all Don't Fear The Language. Don't mix your language with other personality traits. Like there was a caller today who said that when I speak English my body language changes. No, he links his lack of confidence in that particular language to a particular Behavior type. So let's just look at English as a language. Let's let's just walk towards learning communication. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, you are correct, but I need to know that you're how to improve my English. What are the Mainstays is and what are the main steps or E to improve myself in English communication skills main steps is you listen. Urea you practice and you okay? Okay. So yeah, it's okay practice makes man perfectly honest. I don't think yeah, perfect. Yeah, but one questions in mind in my mind that is that way we We call we talk on call phone call. So is there a is that way it's very helpful other than physical talk? Well see Talking English anywhere or communicating it. Let me be more precise conversing with someone else is effective how you convert have seen many peoples are gay. I can't hesitate in the front of interviewer because you never know face like situations, you know, everybody got a phone calls and it's a habit formation mind and they can have it in that. Conditions never faced the in physical talking, you know, correct see what happens is when you are there present right in front of someone and you're talking to that person. So you stop observing the expressions of the other person. Okay. So you are talking you see the effect of what you're talking right in front of you and that starts affecting you or your communication. Okay, thank you freezing on the reaction of the other person. I once you start concentrating on your communication, whatever you're talking I think you will be more aware of what you are talking and you tend to make less mistakes and talk effectively. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Absolutely you are right. So, you know most of the times you know, I get it. Judy topics which is very not aware of that GD topic. So how can I initiate the topic and you know, I have no much idea. I have no much knowledge about that topics which has provided by the interviewer anywhere any students. So, how can I in any CL the topic? Which is do your research see everything is available on the net. It's open. The knowledge is Open start searching for know looking at present of involvement. We are GD has been started actually. No, okay. So so that what kind I do. I really don't know. What is this mean the topic So yes, absolutely. Like you're saying when you are into a GED and then there are topics and then you are not aware of those topics. You have not heard. Yeah, that's my question. See that has nothing to do with your English communication. Okay, because that is a totally different subject. That is a matter of how aware you are of the current pot current particular topics right people. Pick up talk topics randomly, like just today's discussion. I have picked this up randomly. Hmm. You cannot, you know most most, you know, if you aren't to discuss with every and anyone you need to be some knowledge on that topic. We'll discuss Danny built and speak at least absolutely read. you have to read read and just increase your knowledge. That is all I can say start reading. Okay? Yeah, definitely. So like what kind of GD is you're talking about. Are you talking about release in an interview them topic for you? Let example if you want to take admission in MBA college, you have to be faced GD and Pi so they provided a cheery topics at that time. You have to be asked. Get around 10 minutes and maybe 15 minutes on your knowledge. So so that I don't know much about the idea of this topic and on the meaning. What is this mean? So how could I start and I feeling like, you know, not Versailles like literally about particularly about MBA colleges and stuff these people these guys pick up topics based on current topics, which are going on or these people concentrate on. A lot on the newspapers or stuff like that because I was in a cat Mattie gcat coaching Center for some time while I started you will appear Phuket exam and I think no I have not appeared cat exam but I was a part of the training team for some time. So yes these guys, I mean the portion of the syllabus the study material what they choose or The kind of discussions that the pickup are from the current topics opening papers and which are globally going on. I mean the global news it's related to current affairs. I think current news WhatsApp world People trying to you know, get into couriers of and other colleges and stuff. So yeah, these guys just their name suggests. They are business colleges. So these guys look into the economic news and the other stuff and that is how they start discussing that okay, and you need to be mentally prepared when you are, you know going to jump into a discussion you should Know what they are talking about the like if you entered this podcast you have definitely read the title and you know that it is going to be somewhere related to these things. Okay. Mmm. Yes, definitely but that time you your man doesn't work that time. I think you may be a stock may be awful has attacking so that's why you can't us pick purple fronting interviewer in the front of a student. So that is a matter a lot. For your selection, I think that is why is she that is when you accept that whatever you want to speak is going to be wrong. You have already assumed that in your mind, but I know this is huge immense knowledge about that subject, but you can have kids so I don't yeah, it's may be possible. But do yeah, I have already said that I don't know much about this topic. It's totally new for me. Correct. It's may be possible. I feel like That now, okay. So yeah far it's like I have said that observing and being aware is important. So whatever group discussion you get into he aware of what they are talking or for some time understand what it is come yourself to speak. Whatever you think, you know, yeah. Yeah, it's better to not to I think if I don't own much idea This topic, we should keep quite and listen the other always cliche or if you really don't know about the topic. You can see here. Are you no I did not. Firstly I think you need to be listened some other candidates what they are on the topic what they are talking about actually, you know, but it's always like I already said it's always great to update yourself first find topics just research around and you know, what kind of topics are discussed so if you know, what kind of topics are discussed do a little bit of background study. Yeah, you know now this is matters A lot, you know preparation preparation. Yeah. So yeah, that is far guys and far it has been wonderful talking to you. It's been great. Thank you for calling and since I'm on the verge of ending this conversation. It's one hour. Okay, seven minutes. Hi. Are you okay? Nice to meet you. It's a nice conversation with you. This is your first time I talked with a girl's really. Is it okay if I thank you for calling again you today and I hope okay, you crack it and all your DVDs you're after and you start really concentrated and that you upgrade yourself on its yeah, I will work. Definitely. Thank you for giving such a beautiful information that will really work for me actually, so I hope it helps you in some. The other way and thank you for thank you for calling. It has been great. Thank you. Take care. Bye bye. Well guys that was far and he was talking about JD topics and I really want to uh know that there are different places where g d's actually are, you know happen and mostly for MBA colleges and Other places other interviews, I think almost all the other interviews also take up GD and what is this Aryan? Do you want to talk to a girl or learn to English far? hmm Guys, what what what is up with you guys? And what is the thing that is going on in the comments? And yes guys, we have another caller here. But before I take this call, let me tell you guys it's one or 48 minutes and we've got 10 minutes on this podcast and I would urge you guys to hit the like button if you have like this podcast and let me take the last caller for All the day and this has been a productive day guys. I will can't have another podcast right after this, but that won't be a solo podcast. I have a few requests and I'm going to connect very soon. Thank you guys for following me so much liking my podcast. So hello. Hello. Why me? How are you? Hi, I'm good lover, right? Yeah, exactly and flower Han. Yeah, I'm from Pakistan is today's last caller for Pakistan and that's the lover come for you. So below what? Yeah, I'm a student. I'm a student of international relations. So I just like I just saw your broadcast and I just went to your profile like dare you mention like send me your stories. So sometimes I also write some stories. So I'm there to ask question. Like what do you do with this that stories? Well the number I actually am also I have a hobby of writing. I do write a few cherries and stuff and I also write stories and sometimes I do not read them. Hmm read back to my shairi is and I narrate in two episodes. So if yes, if you would like to write stories to me and you like to shoot it in the mail, you can always do it and that will really be appreciated. And personally I like reading stories. Life story. So yeah, I what I do is I read them first. Okay, there's only for you. I just thought like you want to publish it we publish it but it's not going to be through books and stuff. It's going to be on Insta or it's going to be through a podcast. Like I usually pick up Podcast. I choose my topics based on my mind like, you know, whatever is running on her mind. I just put it. Okay. Yeah, actually I So like you also write in a your coat. Yes, I do write on your code. Okay, so actually I'm also like writing from last last six eight and eight months. Yeah when the your code has been the main. Idea of me coming on open-top Wars through your coat the walls one comment on your coach saying that if you would like you should start a speaking. You're sure he's on open table, but then somehow when I got to open talk I saw it was not just for you know publication of matter, but it was something more. I got a way to connect to people and was way more. What do I say? You know, it was really nice. You know, it gives us a chance to talk to people from different countries and they share their ideas and this so much of knowledge exchange. That is amazing. Yeah, right as soon as he's asking are you on your kochiya Suraj? I'm on your coats and I'm with the same ID. That is I am Vinny loves so you can follow me if you like. They're the guys so poetry in Hindi or in English. Right a little bit. Okay, that's great. All right guys, so here I have already got a prompt from the app saying that you are on a Verge to disconnect very soon and the lover that yeah, of course the fact that you are all your code gives me another, you know chance here see I have already we both are on the same app on your coat and also here. On this podcast, so I would definitely like to see a work and if you're writing storage definitely get connected. Yeah, of course like you are on with the same name they are. Oh no your coat the links in my bio if you see there is my install link and if you see that's the same name as been using for your homework. Okay, of course, of course, we'll check it. Okay, so thank you honey. Just give me a chance. Thank you. Thank you. It's been great talking to you and do connect and if you like this podcast to not forget to hit the like yeah, why not? So, thank you. Take care. Bye bye. It's been great talking to you. Thank you the lover. Guys, we've got five minutes and this podcast is an on its Voyage to end and looks like 483 people have heard this podcast and I'm not really sure how many of you guys are listening currently, but hit the like button. I mean it the hearts popping up and looking really good. And yes. Is it because it really trending on one right now? That's really an achievement and thank you guys. It's all because of you if you guys haven't listen if you guys hadn't joined this podcast, I don't think I would have reached to that. that that ranking right now. What are you guys talking about? What color are you going guys talking about? One more color. Oh, yes. Yes. There's another color in here and that's mr. Shiva. Hello. Guys, it's the last caller. It's one hour 55 minutes and five minutes to the end of this conversation and 489 people listening 11 more and I cross 500 through this podcast. So hello. Hello. All right, guys, I've missed the color in here. I think I he has just disconnected and it has always been a pleasure talking to you guys and I would like to express my hearty feelings in here. I would like to thank each and everyone for all the likes and follows and the support that you guys have given to my podcast. I always I to connect to you on higher levels and try to get good content and talk about some great ideas and share some good views in here and you guys always so supportive and that's really nice and I cannot thank you guys enough for all the amazing things you say and support me with Okay and like the topic of Of bursting fear of English. We have talked a lot today and people from different locations and people from different nationalities calling us and sharing their views on the myths and the fears of English and it's really been nice and Aryan. Thank you. You have been there in the podcast right from the start. I have seen and you're still there and that It's really nice of you. I can't thank you guys enough for supporting my podcasts. I mean, it really means a lot. Okay, and people take if the efforts to connect and there are a lot of people who are listening to my podcasts and at the same time trying to connect to me while I'm speaking with someone else and few times such things happen that I am. I'm already talking to a certain color and that call lasts. Or sometime quite some time and people are still waiting and guys that is really very very sweet on your butt. And you guys have been great great great audience. I mean the great listeners and you guys have been participating in my podcasts and that has been great, you know that has been amazing. So and tell about yourself Aryan says tell What yourself? Yes Ariana guys, we have hit 500 listeners for this podcast and that has been great. And I can't thank you guys enough so Aryan, this is Winnie and I'm from Bangalore. Bengaluru, namibian Guru if anybody is from down south listening to me the bottom bottom, but thanks none podcast care liquor and if you guys are from Maharashtra and listening to me and coop coop of her to me. I can't imagine podcasts Le any other this is for you guys. All these all the Hindi speakers all around India hot. But the Nevada had some Pico upload made a podcast and they and it's not fair that he bought but he became really and yeah, so guys this podcasts have really these podcasts are really so addictive to me. I mean, it has become a part of my life and I come back every day to spend one or two hours of my time. I'm on this podcast. So thank you guys. Thank you very much. And it is always been a pleasure and here we sign off today. So you guys have a great evening and keep listening to Vinny and keep supporting and do not forget to hit the like guys hit the like and let the hearts pop up. I didn't I think many in the me bad Curry Tito DC and Melinda May coffee time, but curly thing just a job Eco Hindi speaker phone Carta English summer junhee path ahead though. finite set