Good morning. Everyone. Vinnie is back. And it's the weekend, it's Sunday and a day to relax and also it's a special Sunday because it's the woman's day and it's been celebrated worldwide and I would actually like to congratulate everyone and also wish all my listeners happy women's day weather. You're a man or a woman because there are a lot of people who being men are carrying out duties of women also, so guys woman is an idea and it's not a certain gender. So yes and I Muhammad good morning and we hon. Hi, good morning, and I'm Adam great and since I have started today's podcast a little bit late than the regular time which I do at 10 o'clock in the morning. Yeah, so we already have a caller in here so high Mahmoud. Good morning. Hello. Hi, hi. Hi moment. Where you from? You are from Iraq. You're from Iraq. Oh, hi. What do you do more month? What what do you do if point? I'm sitting in English. I'm sorry. Hello. Hello. you guys like I was saying that today is women's day and people around across the world celebrate this day and Talk about women empowerment and there is a lot of talk about feminism and all that stuff. But what I would like to ask is is woman heard something to celebrate just a day. Or Not Just Women heard or any any other day that days that we celebrate be it Valentine's or be it a Teacher's Day or Father's Day Mother's Day these days. Why is it that there is just a particular day that all of a sudden all of us get conscious about this thing and make you know want to make the person feel special on that day and why not the practice is been followed forever. Right being a woman is a lifetime job, you know, and it's a 27k 24/7 kind of a job. Show and if you really want to appreciate someone if you really want to appreciate their efforts and just appreciate it. Randomly. I mean if somebody is doing something for you immediately appreciate don't wait for a day of the year to be you know, celebrated and here's the thing and says we need men's day as well xingyang. I just like to tell you that men are appreciated. On the go and I think the appreciation is not really visible most of the times but yes, and I don't think you are men need a day to be appreciated there as well doing really good jobs and real good things and they need to be appreciated every day. It's not just one day right and also there is international Men's Day celebrated and it is liberated on the 19th of November every year so there is a men's day already. So like I was saying that why our days celebrated are they really necessary? What do you guys have to say about these things? There is children's day or the assigns day. Yes. I do understand celebration of science days and environment day because those are the things we don't you know, think about every day. Okay, and we Han says that in India always men has Open his day. Well, we heard that that's actually very what do I say a rude thing to say because there are some men who go unappreciated a lot of times and like like women even at times men don't get appreciated. But that's a different topic. You know, whether appreciation for men or woman is same or not and we may talk about it in a different podcast but today Is topic is celebration of days and is it a necessity the these days should be celebrated and why do you feel that? It is necessary. So guys I'm really open to your suggestions and your ideas and we can talk about it. So part of Billy Hatcher nice topic is thank you very much and your ideas and your advisor? And suggestions are appreciated. I see a lot of Hearts popping up and guys. It's a pleasure to see that you know, it's really nice when people start appreciating the things that you do and not just women stay but all the other days so since today is the women's day. Let's let's talk about it first and how do you guys celebrate women's day and Krishna you can call me directly. I mean you can join the podcast and yeah, you can join and we can talk about it and just keep popping out guys and that's really cute. So yes today is woman's day and how are you guys celebrating the woman's day or how are you guys trying to make this day special for the people the women in your life be at your mother your friend your wife your your coworker or anyone that. No, so how are you being a part of it? And how are you expressing your gratitude towards a woman the on this day and yeah, Krishna, you can always connect to me and through the call and there isn't any issue as such. Okay. So yeah guys while I was talking about celebration of women's day international women's day. Okay, so I think this day day was celebrated You know to make a special effort to acknowledge all the women around the world. And yes, they're the main reason was to acknowledge their efforts, but guys, why don't we acknowledge efforts every day if the we are really busy or there are circumstances that we tend to ignore things and a lot of other, you know things happen. But you know everyday life we do get chances to appreciate people for the efforts. And today is Woman's Day Shiva says today is woman's day. Yes River today is women's day. It's an international women's day is celebrated across the world and it's the 8th of March. So yeah, it is the woman's day. And high Monmouth High and apart from that guys. We usually have this tendency that we treat people specially or in a certain way only on such days and we do take a little bit more effort to make them feel special but I think there are a lot of other occasions that keep coming in our life where we I can make it special for everyone and like Krishna says a Shiva says what you did for it high tuppen. Hello. Hello. Okay, guys, we have our first caller for the day and while I get connected to the panel would like to answer Shiva Shiva. I didn't I did not do anything special today. Hello? Hello Whitney. How are you? Hi the pain I'm great. How are you? Fine? I'm fine, right? So what do you do to happen? I'm a student. I'm in last year of mechanical engineering and along with it. I also prepare for you. You also prepare for normal. You are everywhere. I am not everywhere. Hi, Mom, will hi. Hello. Hello? Yeah, so tap on. Yes, you would saying something. I mean you are a student of engineering and preparing for UPS has well. Yeah UPS. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. So what got you interested in today's topic and since you have drama podcast, I think you first join my podcast. Yeah, it is indeed it is right. So yes celebration of days. So you are speaking about the women's day if we just really but all days that we celebrate but since today's women's day. Yes, maybe we focus a lot on particularly on the context of women's day. I have some critical judgment about it. So, okay, please go ahead like why we need some special day to incur is to empower women every day should be a women's day. Absolutely and if You think in a different way iron is this days itself? It shows you inequality because we are doing something for women's Why women's themselves cannot do anything why we should celebrate those days. Absolutely a great Point. Yeah, if like Jessica pass pass on it, he can throw score pasado get the women had a women Sheila Gallagher Yes. Okay. Well The Punchy I agree with you on this point. Absolutely like before you came on the call. I don't know if you're listening. I was just talking to everybody in general that these days are celebrated on a particular day in a year and we try to focus on a particular gender or a particular day or a particular situation and we celebrate but I think celebration of Womanhood or Liberation of manhood or whatever they celebration. It has to be on a regular basis, you know, if you really want to empower women support them in everyday life. If you really want to appreciate a man appreciate him whenever he does things. Yeah, isn't it? It shouldn't be that you have to wait for a day to come and you know at that time you wish a man or a woman a happy women's day and even what it's really ironical. People wish people on particular days like this and a lot of texts and they send all of a lot of photos and lovely messages and the next day and next day. Those people are forgotten for Life. Yeah, you know, they remembered the next year the same day. Okay. So yeah, I mean if you little things in life make difference, right? Yeah because we should not make women feel like they are you know, they need empowerment. RV because you know if it is yeah, if you are celebrating those days it's indirectly sends message there. Bomb and they need help. No, it's not true. Women do more need help. They are everywhere. Exactly baby as I never heard anybody here who is dr. A boy who is dr. Here on this particular platform. I did not know about any of the boy who is dr. So mobile is Doctor. So it's like better example if we see that way. I'm really not aware of it. But like coming back to the same topic of celebration of Womanhood or any particular day. There are a lot of situations in our life. There are a lot of moments and times in our life in our everyday life that we get a chance to appreciate women for their work. Okay. Now just woman let's just take it as a general. Real thing. Let's not focus on the topic of Womanhood because it's going to be a little bit of you know, what do I say? All the stress is good. If I talk about women, you know, yeah, there are a lot of people she when I talk about being a woman. Okay, I'm talking about particular characteristics of a woman. I'm not just talking about a female here. Okay. So and also guys don't take it wrong when I say that Womanhood is an idea, you know, there are a lot of men who all So are doing great jobs, which women cannot do I mean, you know, like there is there are a few people who are taking care of lot of children even better that woman. You know, that is the characteristic that I'm talking about. Yeah fact luteum talking about Womanhood. Yeah. Manhood is not a gender. Please don't take it that way. Okay, and like I was saying, you know these things that should be celebrated. Liberated, you know, yeah, actually, yeah just follow someone's positivity and if they have some positive treats then does it encourage them. Correct? The spirit of some good good things should be celebrated not a particular gender. Okay, and I'm not just saying that because I'm a woman and then you know, I want I want to sound great move. That is not the thing. Okay. Yeah the caliph life and we need to be Clear about this stuff. Okay. So Vinny what you do? I need to know some background of you. Okay, I'm a graphic designer. Okay. Okay, and yeah, and what I do is I have a hobby of writing and I like talking to people and that's how I landed up here on this application. Okay. Okay. And yeah. So yeah, go ahead now was just saying there's a lot of fun people are having in the comment sections. Yeah more if more money is here there would be fun. I'm sure okay. Yeah, it's really nice talking to you and I hope you have some good moment to this particular day because yeah, obviously it's women's day. do not support it, but you'll have this day very productive. Yeah, so it is Leah and really nice talking to have a good day. Thanks up when it was wonderful talking to you. Yeah. Yeah me too me too. Right you have a great day. Hey guys, that was stoppin and Poppin had some wonderful ideas in here and he did definitely say that they shouldn't be a day to celebrate a particular gender or because you indirectly make that particular person feel weak. As you know, that is why I just it just looks like there is a lot of pressure for upliftment of particular gender. And that is the reason there are days to celebrate but From that guy's I think days should be there but not to celebrate a particular gender, but it should be to celebrate the spirit of positivity that a particular gender or a particular person has done something good, right? So we have Mobile on call next and there are a few others also. So yes, let's let's take this call. Hello. Hello. All right guys by the time mobile connection. Let's talk about hello. Hello? Hello. Hi Winnie. Hi mobile. How are you? Yeah good work in you I'm doing great. Thank you. Okay, so happy women's day. Happy women's day to you. Also mobile. What what do you do by the way? My name is mobile and I'm from Pakistan and I've just done my graduation in medicine and surgery fantastic. Yes. So yeah pal introduce yourself. Yeah, I'm a and I'm from bangalow and I do a little bit of graphics and I do a little bit of writing and I do a little bit of talking. I'm sorry. I do a lot of talking a serious. You can see I do a lot of talking. I mean at least two hours, I spent a lot of time and even have listen you a lot of time but never talked to you before. Okay, do you really listen to my podcast? - yeah, I have listened. But other never just a second Have you listened my podcast ever? Actually, I have not. Yes. I have heard your podcast, but I have not and I will make sure I will try to listen to some. Yeah, I will actually my topics are not that professional like woman day or impartment. It's like more let's talk fun. So they know people are intelligent people may not get a track to that things. See it's not about attracting intelligent people. See you have your own ideas and you like to talk about them. And yes, I also have my own ideas and I talked about that. That so it's okay. I mean everybody has their own, you know type of so how long how long you have been on this? I'm sorry. I said how long have you been in this app? Oh, I have been on the sub for around eight to ten days. You can say I mean this gives my second Sunday on this app. So yes ten days at a stretch you can see on corn box like your style committed like insomnia yesterday and I just named my broadcast. Insomnia. insomnia Hello. Hello. Hello. Hello. Hello, mister. Thank you very much. And thank you for appreciating the T-Mobile your back. So yes. Yeah, you see yesterday. I just need hello. Are you listening to me? Hello. Hello. Hello. Hello. Hey, hello. Hey, hi mobile. Hello. Weird guys, I guess that is some Network issue and that's why I keep losing up on more mulch boys and it keeps live. So yeah while negative online and get back to the network. We just talked about guys. I ya kindly stop pressing hard butter because I think it's creating some disturbance. Just press once Okay. Okay. Yeah. Yeah say yeah. Yeah. Yeah, I'm talking like so what do you have to say about celebration of these like yeah, I believe that there is not specific day of celebration of women's respect it continuously. It continued till death, but still I think like in Busy routine we are not able able to like Express learn things by the way. Yeah, exactly. Like a mother day usually will don't celebrate like say that I love you my mother. Yeah, we do love definitely we do love we do respect but we don't say that but in specific Mother's Day if we are like special specifically just go To her and just tell tell her like how much you love her. Definitely it's going to be effective for your relationship. It doesn't matter that you are celebrating some special day. But yeah, I think the appreciation appreciation everybody deserve a position if mother if it's so same with women's day. Yeah, I do appreciate that women should be respected all night day every time but still I think in busy routine in we are not that much expressive. We are not able to express things but in specific day if there is a woman Day or Mother's Day Children day, we can just try to get time and just have some expression of words in front of her or like whatever the day and just give her a note that yeah, you are special because everybody needs this is not the condition. Tisha like we should keep it in our yeah, we respect movement. But yeah, it's not it's we have to utter words special specifically and if there is a day then just men should get off of her office and try to make her special no problem. I think it's good that they just expressed in front of her. Yeah. Yeah, you are amazing. Thank you for being in my life. And yeah, you can give to so The celebration of days are not that negative thing to do. Okay moment. That's really nice and thoughtful that you think there should be a day and where a person treats someone on that day, especially but yeah, what I feel is okay. It's really cliche are you know, it's like yeah some people some people make it. Yeah. People find a but I can hurt special like just give a tight hug and say that things like you are you have never ever said before just say to them like you are special. You are the one who just construct over home and just just be expression expressive. Yeah, I this idea. I mean of expression I defer a little bit on it because yeah, Yes, I think every day look, you know life's are really short moment. Yeah. Okay, and if you are really waiting to make someone feel special on a particular day. Yeah, that is then not right because if you really like someone if you really appreciate someone the time is now just say it right now especially that is the moment. Yeah. Yeah. Well said even I totally agree with you but I'm saying I'm not specifically saying that you just stop Deeds doing all the day all the night or even years you can do good deeds and just do so. Yeah, keep blowing keep blowing definitely. Keep going just say I love you to your loved ones daily, like daily even before night you just it's just a word nothing else and they just feel special. Yeah. I appreciate your point of view, but I'm saying like if there is a gimmick just like somebody is just surviving. They don't some girl like surviving as a housewife like she don't have like money that much to do daily shopping. So yeah and just try to make her day like little bit more special we can't do shop daily. So try to collect the money and give to give it to her and then said this just That have fun baby and just go to and have shop and celebrate your day. Yeah, this is your day that what I am saying that I get the whole idea about celebration and stuff. Yeah, and it shouldn't be it shouldn't be ever for social media purpose like you don't need to write you happy women's day happy my wife. Thank you so much. There is no need I think. Yeah you are you you just said well well appropriate that. Every day should be a woman day and we continue to respect each other and it's not all specifically about women. I think see a woman I think this is just create a like little bit high like they want equality, but they don't want equality like they want superpower like they want to be superseded. I I I I feel that all of us do have superpowers. Okay? It's But wanting and be it a woman or be it a man. It makes me friendly towards better. Yeah, according to me, please just respect individual not a gender Ali and the spirit of being good. Like I already said before in the podcast Spirit of goodness, you are doing something good that Spirit has to be appreciated and respected not a particular gender. You see celebrating Womanhood should not be about a particular gender. Like I said if there are I just like to give an example that there are single parents. Yeah, okay, there are parents and I'm talking about men. Okay, single parents and they raised their children without making them feel that they didn't have their mothers exactly it. Is that your what he may not be a woman. But yeah. Zach had built by his behavior by the Spirit by by the way. He has raised the child with all the love. And yeah, he is mad thing, you know, maybe he's doing even more than the woman. Yeah. So what I agree, yes, what I want to say here is woman's day is not about a gender guys. And because there are people saying exactly yeah men don't have any men do have Have a men's day. It's online. Yeah, but if you know, you don't know there is today. So as that is yes that we need that is the point. They are creating like they they want equality. But this at the same time they just want to be treated like fragile thing that like in a queue they want to be like we are like little bit fragile we are tied. So kindly ladies first that that that will be not the case, I think If you are hurt because we we want to be pampered and exactly at the same time. We want empowerment at the same time. You want to be pampered too. Kindly decide woman. If you want a quality, then be equal don't be like a kid or baby and we have temperature. It just like don't be like yeah. Are you getting the Vinny? Yes, I do get and I just actually saw the comment and job. Wait Qureshi has as that everyday is women's day. And otherwise all other day is mens rea Javed everyday is your day. Okay, every day is human day. I think every day is human day and every day should be Humanity should be celebrated every day whether you're a woman or a man. I think you should celebrate your goodness every day, and I think that one Google change everything, you know, all the mindsets of the people and people have exactly that. I think it's more or less of a celebration than a division. So I think I animal rights day is important Prashant because animals cannot speak and they cannot fight for their exactly actually actually Vinnie the day should be celebrated for one other reason that we can create awareness. - about the specific thing like if it's like a children day or canceled a then we should it should be a day then we can give info about specific thing and then we can create awareness to Common People or illiterate people. So it's I think it's a like if we celebrating women day, then we should like not just sit idle on just feet and they say that happy women's day to some literate people and like they already know what is human and what is respectable. What is respect? Yeah, we you can celebrate women. They like just go out and specific pattern specific to The Villages of illiterate people people like and just try to make them realize that woman is so important for in your life. So I think this is the celebration of the days so definitely I do agree that there should be a day so you can just make a time and try to aware people like, whoa. But not just toward aware to already aware people just go out. Yeah, just go out to the para free and Villages people like illiterate. They're the people who always protected treated their women like a shed or something like inferior thing. So try to make them educate and like to that woman days. So special woman is so special for you guys. So that's the purpose of day. I think well, I think women's day. First was started to appreciate and uplift women and their Spirit but then eventually it happened so that people started cliche saying it should to such a level that yeah, people are the things it's not day. It's not day that is the culprit people are like wannabes or just social freaks. Like they just want likes and they do long status and but they in maybe in in reality they don't Do anything about like what they just wrote? Yeah, Javed here says every day help people and God gives you a pot. Yeah. Well said Jabez Wilson, we do get chances every day to help people and we need to acknowledge those chances and try to help people a lot but apart from that upliftment of women in downtrodden areas and in Yes, actually people should realize Is that yeah at the same time equality is there but yeah biologically it structurally woman is weak and Noble metal bits. Don't be like backwash me. Like I'm like not supporting women or they are I'm saying just tweak it just a fact that biologically they are fragile that you can be strong when they say women are fragile. They mean By physical terms, but upon. Yeah, I'm saying exactly emotionally woman is the strongest creature of the word. But yeah, I'm saying physically correct apart from that. There are a lot of women, you know, like you might be educated and you might be from a society where you know your rights but there are a lot lot of exactly exactly not know about their rights and have been facing problems every day. Ya think women's day in a spirit was to uplift such Men and to help these women. Yeah, exactly exactly little cage of life and explore the you know, yeah find believe that being a woman is cursed. So yeah. No, I definitely definitely get a shade and people have been misused it exactly and and even woman even woman missed used it like they just want to be women. Yes. Generally people have been misusing it. Okay, it's not just women or men. Okay, it's just like a child throwing tantrum saying, you know, I you're not making me feel special. So yeah, it's just like yeah, it's a fact that you can't deny like a woman is like a little bit fragile physically, then men men like always say that if you let me like it when men always say they're like If you want equality, do these things do these thing and it right. We'll try to understand. Yeah try to understand thing. We are talking equal rights of freedom of speech and freedom of actions not like this. They just want fight with women and they are but their physicality is equality nor physicality is not equality mentality. Is you quality. Yeah, well, that was really amazing about mobile guys. That's the first time that moment has joined me for on my podcast and she's from Pakistan and she is into medical. So yes mobile. It has been a pleasure talking to you. I am here same here same here. We need thank you so much for accepting my request. Of course, look I do get calls and I love talking. So there's no such thing that I wouldn't accept any kind. We need this Dad. I'm just want to say that even in my broadcast if there is a list of men there is a woman I just pick it up. I don't know why but yeah, I'm little bit by Stephenson. So no, I'm not biased as such because I take calls on how they start the first come first serve basis and yes, but still because I loved to Koh, I love to like because women are I may be on this app does are not that Much in a mount I think yeah, so that's why I just want to listen out their point of view. So that's you know, I have not explored this app as much, you know, I have not explored the Oconee just if you have a time we will do together collab because I like show I really like you sure. Yeah. Why not? Kindly kindly throw me a text in the Inbox and Yeah, when I will thank you so much. Yeah. Yeah, definitely. Thank you for calling it a by thank you. Thank you. Yeah, definitely our kind if you guys are getting information or something even liking it kindly do press the heart button, please appreciate you kindly try to understand that things to be appreciated by take care Thanksgiving. Will that was great talking. So yeah guys that was mobile and mobile was from Pakistan and she She is a medical student and she has been speaking wonderful things about women empowerment and celebration of days. Like each one of us has a perspective of talking. Like I said celebration of days is cliched but I think normal said that there is a need of days to be celebrated and just like that guys. I'm open to your views here today on this podcast and let's talk to our next column. Mr. Burchard. Hello. Hello, good afternoon. This is Prashant. I'm doing great. How are you? Great do. Hello, actually, this is a delightful conversation. So am I clear? Yes, you are. Okay. So the topic at hand needs to be the topic that is everywhere today is I was quite the the topic is predominantly everywhere in its social media. What's app Instagram? I've been receiving a lot of Chief. Yes. I've been with your podcast for quite a while and it's what's interesting the perspectives that people have dropped on with this. So I think it really nice and I'm probably I used to listen to your podcast before as well. But today is quite different. It's not English. It has something to do with social costs and like that actually don't I'm not someone who does English podcast precisely I come up random. So and I like to discuss it with people and I think we've spoken earlier on a podcast also, right? You have joined this podcast before and apart from that. I think I got back to your podcast and have spoken. I do certainly days ago. Yeah. Yes. So II take current topics like my previous topic was about colors of life and it's about the celebration of days the Lancer today. About the celebration of days. Are you specifically looking at women's day that in general celebration of days alike women's day Mother's Day Father's Day and all these days that we are celebrating and how does it impact our lives and what it really means and what are we really doing? Whether I think I've got a couple of points. I could express with your permission. Of course, of course, that would be a pleasure Okay, so, Let me introduce myself formally to all the podcast listeners. I am Prashant and I have my own podcast. I was with Winnie for the last couple of days. She is awesome person when it comes to podcasting the skills are right up Notch and I used to follow her that her topic is seems interesting that it attracts a large audience. So basically a guy coming from Chennai I happen to see women's rights mens rea rights in a lot of things that are so hot on Twitter. So fiery red on WhatsApp and Instagram that it just stays for a day and today is women's day. I woke up my inbox my WhatsApp images were filled with gifs and pictures, but then I realized just going to stay for a day and that is what I think the cliche we are dealing with today. Yes. Yeah people talk and share for the sake of life. And for the sake of social media publicity, but how many of us are really taking the steps both men and women included. So I think I've typed in the comment section what I really feel that beautiful day. Let women who are celebrating women's day all over the world. Let them take a pledge to stand against false rape allegations against men and false Dowdy cases it statement and let me know. Yeah, let men stand against evil. Facing rape and domestic violence exactly. I think women empowerment should not be taken into the wrong spirit and misused for their own. What do you say profit? We need to understand that these things have been created for upliftment of the people who are not as you know, lucky to be being Born in a certain Society where they are respected a lot. There are a lot of people who faked everyday problems just because of their gender particular gender or a particular type of society and stuff and these days are a way of acknowledging that and trying to be trying to make a counter effect for all the problems that they have but then somehow our society has got it all cliched and and have started celebrating it in a wrong way, which I think should be addressed start early you are right on point here, but I'm sure just as you said many women understand that all this is just a matter of you know, it's just a matter of publicity stunt by Iraqi people trees that they don't actually mean to do anything, you know, all the actually there is a saying in English all hat and no cattle, which means you just Talk a lot and you don't put into action anything. So what we can do is that as someone from the opposite gender, you know, the Rays women's a I would like to point out that my city has decided to implement women drivers professional women drivers of municipality buses. So Chennai City will be filled with women drivers today. Of course, there are women drivers before but they are going to be employed at a larger scale from now. Now work balance is going to be 5050 men and women. So that is something it's quite beautiful and is running the news absolutely and women have come out of their cocoon and they're working like this is the right kind of equality that we are talking about. Like it shouldn't be that women start getting equality on only you know, the what do I say on the creamy areas there that is actually there is an interesting. Analogy would you just put because when it comes to certain soft things like taking a seat in the bus, let's go Vince. Yeah. So after all it is a matter of being a gentleman the mark of a gentleman is not in being involved alone, but also in showing it to the public to the to the society. So most people would think that we see a lot of advertisements, you know, so a gentleman is one who gets up in the seat and offers the seat to a lady but I think it also goes for an elderly gentleman. Another child, it's not only directed at women a woman women right doesn't make you a gentleman treating everyone else right makes you a gentleman make and I think I have discussed this point at the very start of my podcast saying that when we want to celebrate a particular gender, we are not celebrating a particular gender, but we are celebrating the spirit. Of being a woman or Spirit of manhood. So that is what is important. And if there comes a topic where we are talking about equality or being a gentleman or being a good I think it's all the qualities that we have rather than only specifically focusing on the gender. Like I like to give an example in here that just the way you said offering the sea to a Bowman okay, maybe Anna lonely elderly person as a man he gets up and he sees a woman standing and he gets the pain offers her a seat, but it is actually a mutual Duty you have to it has to be understood that it has to be analyzed that who requires this seat right now most importantly and if you are there you are a woman you are a young woman all healthy all good and you are sitting On that particular seat because you think you have a right to do so and there is an elderly person standing right in front of you. So I don't think that is a kind of equality or kind of respect that a woman is asking for all right here. I basically Focus mostly on human and not being a particular gender. So yes, like you said it very rightly that you know, it's equality about or gentleman being a gentleman. It's about irrespective of the gender or the age of a person may be elderly or a small child. Yeah treating everyone, right? Yeah - probably. Yeah, there are many codes. There are many pictures that signify what are all the you know, characteristics or features of a gentleman be polite be respectful. But at the same time I could give 10 to 20 points on how to be a lady first. So he is someone who is a gentle man. The female version of a gentleman is a lady so I have been giving certain information that women young college women kind of used that Law to their side and threatened the guys to get up that this seed is ours. That is that that creates an ugly situation in the first place that if an elderly woman or an elderly gentleman is is asking that they can be excused or if a child is asking that they can be excused as well. But as you pointed out healthy women able-bodied women don't necessarily need to force or threaten anyone Tuvok to vacate or off. For their seats, they character in the first place. So it all comes to the point of how much can I push the law and is a law blindly against me. I think that is what else I think have been made considering a certain set of people. Yeah and certain set of problems that they have been facing but people do who don't face these problems should not imply those laws. In wrong places to you know for their own profits because because of such people the people who are actually facing problem are facing criticism because of the slaw. Actually my podcast this morning, I mentioned the comment and I'm going to quote it here. This this characteristic is of a human nature that we would like to cover it as much as we can milk the system. We like to milk the system for our own selfish needs. That is why I say that's a saying if you give a a forest, okay, if you give a rain for us to a the will enjoy it. It will just jump from tree 1/3 to the next and it will live there but if Of the rain for us to a man. I mean a human he will the casino at the middle of it. He will destroy the whole Forest that is system. A government is something that is built by society that consists of men and women. So this notion that women are subjugated and therefore they need special treatment is fine, but not at the freedom not at the expense of innocent men that is that is to be noted. So that is why I let government Can't be impartial to both the gender. Like I again said that laws are made for a certain set of people facing. Yeah, so people shouldn't Miss use that but that's exactly the question talking about a day a particular day that has been dedicated to women or so. We need to really understand. How do you think this idea of celebrating? Raishin of Womanhood or idea of celebration of parents, you know of motherhood or fatherhood or all these other days that have been set to celebrate on that particular day how these data should be actually celebrated rather than T showing. Okay. I've had the I think I've got the right answer for this since you mentioned days that we celebrate for people, you know as with their social standing afar. Father mother brother sister a friend, of course likewise. I could point out Independence Day. We don't love our country just on one particular day in a calendar year, right? Absolutely. So so India is special to us. We love it. Any year any day any time at any given moment. We love our country. We don't have the surge of patriotism only on Republic Day or Independence Day just like that. You don't need to cherish or glorify. Section of a society we need men and women friends anybody. You don't have to glorify it on a special particular day and then go back to normal normal routine the very next day. If you do that, then there is no point in having a decade. It is actually meaningless. That is my very point of discussion today because just like the Independence Day. You said we go Olga and all crazy on the Independence Day. We are all with white clothes. And colorful try colors and everywhere but the next day the colorful color the try colors are dumped on the road and they are disrespected. Then what's the point of celebrating such a thing same applies to the woman's day today? You guys fill everybody's in boxes with happy women's day and stuff like that and the next day you're not treating your woman right? Maybe be at your mother your friend your colleague whoever may be so there is isn't Any, you know, what? Do I say meaning to this day? If you're going to go back and treat them bad the next day. That is absolutely correct. Because I hope I will our listeners understand they were the actual reason why we chose this perspective to this topic because everyone in the podcast I happen to see women's day women what they bring to the table how they influence our lives in a positive way, but you're not cast it gives a different direction A Different Twist to the actual reality that happens around us is very important to talk pressure because see it's Easy to talk about women how great they are how great things they are doing for a particular day. But in reality, there are so many things that we ignore on an everyday basis is just let's just take our parents. Just let's just take a moment. You know, she's like working on a 24/7 basis for us and we do not acknowledge that but on Mother's Day, we all go like, oh my God, she's my mother and I love you and stuff like that. But does that really have any way? Wait Edge there if you really love your mom or if you really love your wife or any woman in your life just take a moment every day, or you do not have to express his Express those things in words, you know, your actions actually show how much you love and how much you appreciate their presence in your life. I think based things like, you know, little acknowledgement like simple things if she has made good food for you just acknowledged and nice. Food today or just make sure you speak good things to her at least once a day. So she feels good and appreciated because the whole year women do things. I mean, there are a lot of women who do things and go unappreciated. Okay, and we women or men, you know, even there are a lot of people like I always say this to all my guy friends and all the men that I have in my life. So you guys it's not really important. Want to have a day to celebrate, you know, you guys are good all year long and that is why I appreciate you. So these things little bit few words, you know can make a difference a few little actions of kindness a little action of appreciation will make a great difference certainly rather than clear things is all about it. And actually I would like to make it. Yeah, you're right here. That is why one point I would like to make to our audience here. We have birthdays one. Say year, but we feel when fresh everyday similar to that. Yeah, obviously absolutely and in see all these days that are celebrated be it birthdays or International celebration of days my only thing today. Oh the my only message is it shouldn't be just one day that is celebrated guys celebrate kindness celebrate love celebrate affection every day, you know in in your own little way. Yes, you may not be able to tell your woman or the people in your life that you love them every day on everyday basis like a robot. You just keep can't keep saying that you love them, right but action show whether you love them or not, you're actually show whether you want them or not. So it's not just that not just people who are in your life, but apart from that people that we come across every day, then they might be your colleagues. They might be People working in your office on different. What do I say different departments or people in Hospitality? If you're going to a restaurant treat people good. Okay, there are women there exactly. That is why I like I would say a simple thank you to a security guard means a long long way than buying a man has a job. Todd likes giving something like a promotion a simple. Thank you. It's the the biggest and smallest courtesy you can ever do and these little things, you know, if somebody is making a mistake just normally yell at them and just try this nice because we are human at the end of the day and it respective of what gender they are just be good and that is all that matters at the end because when you go back home when you say something to someone be it a woman or a man at the end of the night only going to trouble you Yeah, other than anybody else because those words came out of your act. So that means you are the owner of those words when you criticize someone when we say that it means it is a reflection of who we are right? Absolutely. Yes. So I think that's really interesting. Yeah, it's because this is I know you are known well known in this respect. Remember to have you know, catchy topics and interesting debates. But this is this Takes the Cake this is awesome. So I just wish you the best. You know, I wish you a happy women's day on my behalf. But at the same time I would reach you yesterday. I will wish you tomorrow as well. Okay? Thank you for the audience sake. Sitting to the podcast give a thumbs up. Give a like button. This is the best podcast on live you understand plication. Thank you, bye-bye. Your friends are really having some fun in the comment sections certainly certainly because these guys they follow wherever I go and this couple of guys here, I think yes, certainly. It's fine because I happen to have a kind of a rapport with them. So I'm actually not having money thing like much things to do today. It's kind of a boring. You know, I'm not having much friends. They are all busy with their families. Anyway, so maybe the whole day I'll spend with this application talk as much as I can. That is that is a good one. Anyway for you. You've got a job to do you've got to create awareness as a woman, you know, let it be good let the audience At least understand and change one percent change would be awesome. Seriously. I think a lot of people a lot of women, you know speak about being empowered and stuff and actually feel sorry for creating a pun here. But before you are empowered you need to be listened to I hope people start listening to women first, and then they can give the power certainly I think most of the women start making interesting conversation. And impactful this I mean discussions and then I think people will listen to them no matter what even if they are stopped don't you think certainly I do agree with that, but for that women are actually in this application, I find women to be proactive. I don't find them to be see they're not that argumentative. They love a good discussion, but they don't like argument. So they put forth their their mindset. They are what they feel what they want to express in a more mature in a more. Rational manner so I really applaud that kind of women and I do meet them and actually you're a classical example of that. I should give my God. That's that's a very very big compliment. I could say, I'm not really that great guys. Let's just actually on comparison actually Willie on comparison. I have a found found your podcast to be quite exciting and this comes from a fellow podcaster. I have been doing podcast with other applications, but your podcast I am a huge fan because what you say quite interesting and And it has the audience it it kind of reaches the audience a podcast is not it is not something we speak. It's something that acts others to listen to what we speak absolutely profound and I totally agree on that part because while we speak, you know, you can just speak to random masses but if people are not listening and they don't want to listen, there's no point, isn't it? Yeah. Yes. Certainly. I think I'll leave for the day you enjoy the rest. Okay. Have a great afternoon. And it's always a pleasure talking anytime anytime. Thank you. Have a great day. So guys that both Prashant Chris and he also makes podcasts on this particular application and he is wonderful through his podcast when he's talking about English or he's talking about anything else. This is the second time. I have spoken to him and interacted with him. I can say to be more precise and it has Has always been a pleasure. So you guys can check him out his profile and listen to his podcast. And if you do like this podcast just give a hit in here. And yes, so yeah, there is another friend Ganesh Reddy. Hi Ganesh. How are you? guys, like we have discussed quite a lot about celebration of days and Prashant specifically specifically stressed on the things like Fake allegations on men. Yes. I have come across a lot of cases or that I have read about but I'm not really sure that I really have seen in real life what that women do at times take disadvantage of laws that are created to protect women. Okay, and yes, that is a real bad thing to do. All right, so it's it's like If you really have that magic wand in your hand, do you use it for good things because one or two women might misuse it and it is eventually gonna bring a bad name to earn Tire or it is just going to stereotype that all women are bad. So do not do that and we have a friend Ganesh trata calling here and high Ganesh. How you doing? Hello? Hello. Good afternoon. How are you doing? I'm good. How are you? I'm from Maharashtra from exactly. Yeah, it was actually I'm from a small village like my Village name is Greg Hahn and situated in bit District in Maharashtra. Okay. Okay. Yeah. So yeah, Ganesha. So what got you interested in this podcast? And what do you have to talk about it today? Yeah, I'm I want to talk about who is against the equality of gender equality. Like mostly the persons who are very related to the old-fashioned old-fashioned to people's Our Generation people who are against the equality of men and women. Yes. Yes, and what is your view on that? Yeah, you think so no people from different Generations mindset. Yeah from the generation that we come. Okay, we have seen women and men being treated almost the same and being given the opportunities which are almost same to grow to be professional section or in the educational section or any other section, you know. Yeah older generation where they come from older mind thoughts where they really wish that women were home Bakers and men were you know the earning people so, yeah, actually I'm not make a difference in their thinking because they have been that way even before you were in this world. Yes. I said is not the key. You know, what you can do is you can always build a good Good mindset to you're coming generation rather than changing the or older Generations mindset and it's not just let's not just judge Abby Hitman Pro stereo typical that the older Generations are you you know, what do I say old-school mindset? No, but there are a lot of people who come from a very different generation, but they have upgraded their self-worth time. Yeah, because times change Isn't it? Yeah, why did it change in the x or in the kind of civilization or development of your times? It is important that we move along with it. Yes, because the time the moment the time moves ahead and we remain there we are already lost. Yes, we are and also it's compared it to city and here is Very different environment in villages in the light. Yeah, we need gender inequality and also cost inequality. They all things are running around education. Yeah. It's not just academic education. It's not just yeah. This is not education guys. Let's really be clear. Education is the right information or the right knowledge about things. Yeah, well, you know things that you need to observe as yeah yourself these things have been lacking in a lot of rural parts of India and that is another what do I say that is another kind of program that is maintained because however if people stay ignorant or Away from the knowledge of their rights or what they can do they can be controlled you on the moment. You acknowledging the powers or acknowledging the kind of equality that you deserve you start. Yeah. What do you say growing and the growth is dangerous and it might affect a lot of people around. So yes, that is another thing that you know, the growth is curtailed to all these So here's that is a different whole different topic, but I think it is lack of Education. Okay? Yeah. Yeah by education. I don't mean school studies guys. It's awareness. Yeah, and as per my knowledge, there are more Omens are against the equality then means because I see around that my father-in-law don't like that we compared to to work. Yeah, but my mother don't like that woman go pray around and whatever they do. Yeah this difference that your father maybe just let's not take your father. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Is within that but yeah, you cannot change the set of mind, you know, but in in in exchange through that if you just see other people, maybe your younger sister or your children who will be going out and knowing ya what that thing in their mind from the start itself that being out you're being equal to guys is a good thing. Yeah. We just developed according to the that and that is how things have changed, you know, yeah. I'm doing and there are so many old-fashioned person or community that our community. Don't marry the girl second second time only ones they marry and if those that need to be addressed, absolutely Ganesh an important thing that you're talking. Actually consider a woman to be married second time if he has yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Of the story but involvement and these are the things that women can taste like there could be a man who can get married the second time and nobody would question and there would be a woman that would be questionable if she is going for a yeah. These are the important things to discuss nowadays. Yeah, and I really appreciate that you came up on this platform and address these kind of issues. Shoes and as the country right now in this scenario. Yeah to address these basic things and these are huge problems. Okay, they just sound basic. Yeah. Oh add up to our economy and to our development very differently. Yeah, and we we have already have changed some cultures in India, which are Mother would like circuit and that but there are also some more culture which we have to change in the future. Yeah. Yeah, totally agree with your concern and I was listening to my friend Ganesh trottier here. I think these issues that he's talking about are serious and look small but affect men and women differently and It's important to be dressed. So Ganesh. It has been a pleasure talking to you. And on this day the day that is celebrated for a cause upliftment of peer women that are left behind don't you have put some light on some very important things that women in that rural areas faces. So yes, I think discussion first of all creating an awareness. Miss and I think somehow reaction awareness is you know groans. Yeah make for the Post has a ripple effect and makes a change in the society and thank you Ganesh. Thank you for calling it has been a pleasure talking to you. Okay. Bye thank you is that was Ganesh karate and he was from Maharashtra and he was speaking about some unaddressed issues against about women and not just women. But again the there were other things that he spoke about being Orthodox and being having a mentality of which is of an older generation where we wouldn't much developed at that time, but these things guys do matter a lot and they contribute to the wellness or the breakdown. Wonderful country directly or indirectly under indirectly. So here I in somehow I keep fumbling a lot today, but guys, we have new colors in line and let's just talk to Nur Ali. He's on call right now. Hello Shahid Bert. Hi Shahid. How are you? And thanks for joining the podcast and we'll definitely do a podcast about women empowerment. Which you asked about. Hello. Hello. Hello, can you hear me? Okay, what are you I'm great. Where you calling from? You calling from Afghanistan, right? So how you doing nude? So it's okay. I'm great. Yeah, great. Yes today. We are celebrating the international women's day. And what do you have to say about celebrations of days? Yes so much the first I would like Say I'm honored to say that celebration of women's day for you and all the women around the globe. Thank you. It was nice and from morning up to yet for this event to walk. I heard a lot from your perspective and your talk. Uh-huh. So it's really amazing and good just climb. Owner to see for the circulation actually was the achievement during the heat of more women around the globe on social economic cultural and political achievement at the moment. But exactly how people have different perspective to it's not pure. Actually, we must take care always not only one thing is absolutely but I'm but I'm sure because we should take it. We have a lot of social Norm we have for the leaf disease in humans. So they have to there is Need for General awareness for women absolutely yet. And this is the day that I liked in just this woman a lot of achievement. But they know they didn't get their right. So it's actually it's a good achievement of the woman. They are highlighted in Justice because the because of the men violent absolutely sure Nur absolutely. There are a lot of social issues that need to be addressed in different parts of the world and luckily in India. We have gone a little bit more open-minded towards Bonanza and we are offering we have been given the chance to speak our heart out or choose our professions and walk out freely around but they are also the certain countries around the world where women still need to get what they deserve and I really appreciate that you have addressed this particular social issue on a live podcast and which is really really really important Yeah, that's because what we are seeing that this pet the trade is the exist in our country for the girls and women who go to hold but actually they accepted and then they will go to school and we should celebrate then that people who are who I like the Injustice because of the opposite. Means that the mean we have a lot of faith. Yes, absolutely and leave with you on this particular point. But yes Nur, all I can say is we as individuals need to do the little that we can for upliftment and helping people around so whether it's a woman or anyone if you can't do a little bit Towards this contribution each one contributing their bit will make a difference someday. So do you do you have any experience on restrictive social Norm that how can because we are actually facing with this kind of trade or ladies actually still there is lack of awareness among the community. They are they didn't allow. Ladies to go to school or to participating and social celebration. Do you have any experience? Well, we did see schooling and education is an important partner and if that particular part has been curtailed. Okay, so it's like the journey the journey before it starts. Okay, the journey to Freedom before it starts has been closed. So yes, that is it shouldn't just be relying people just shouldn't be relying on schools to create awareness. I think we as people have so much power right now in our hands. There are mobile realize we have mobiles in our hand we can connect to the world. Within a second. So I think we can use these things that are available. These are like the magic wands in our hands and use them for betterment, isn't it? Yeah. Accept the technology affect now. We we got the point that this can be a good way or tools that we can do the whole awareness through this who should move media. So it's really a strike condition that we are actually facing in any especially in our country. Yes, I do agree. See there is a time-honored, you know, every country has a time when they do face such issues, but there is change happening. It's not that it's not happening changes are happening in the smallest always around so yes, it will definitely take some time. But surely one day that cage will be broken and you know, what you guys deserve or what the women in your country deserve will surely get But up till then it is definitely going to take some time until someone agrees to do the dirty job of creating awareness or getting killed I can say because people who speak up for the right things are the one who are the people who are criticized most most of the time and they really have to face problems ahead. And that is why people don't actually come Go ahead and try to help other people, but definitely there's going to be someone or somewhere this little, you know, spark will happen and then eventually it is going to write the head. Yeah, it's really good that we have which we must experience. Always the the celebration because we know that the international interest internationally accepted that we have that Injustice is on going behind the ladies woman. So therefore the the international celebration a celebration of this is now adapt so I think it will. It will improve it will help the woman. They drew this celebration. There is they will reach to their right so it's very much Master kept it and we must do it's a hours before I think is really important always. There is organization which they are take this celebration if they are all around the globe the international position and also the government of when the country so I think it's really helpful that we take it every year in the woman International day and it's the owner and respect. Okay, the woman all right nor that was amazing talking to you and thanks for calling and if you really like this podcast, please do follow me for more such topics. And again, thank you for calling. Thank you so much. Right there is that was no really and he was from Afghanistan and he really addressed something important. He says that there is a lot of social issue of social injustice. It's two words women even to this day across their country and we should agree that yes not let's love just focus on India. Like I had been talking about cliche celebration of women's day, but guys now that people have been throwing light on facts a few facts that we may be I have been ignoring all this while so yes like Nur Ali said they have been. social issues across Afghanistan and not just that country but there are different countries where women are still rooted not so well and not given opportunities act and I think celebration of a day has to be used as an effective topic to address these issues and not just cliche saying that today is women's An old woman who are already free and already using all the social media and enjoying their life. We start pushing them and gifting each other and it's not it's not something to celebrate in a cliche to pay but I think each woman or each person that is celebrating women's day today should make it a point that this day. Should be celebrated effectively and in the right away and address the right issues and focus on women who really need this Day celebration rather than just making it just another celebration day. So you guys we have spoken about today the days of Celebration and celebration of women's day and other days of Celebration and have come up with the pros and cons and Sinbad's and all the effects of all these celebrations. So not just that guy's I have spoken to a few people from different places today. I spoke to mobile from Pakistan and there was a person from Marrakech rather was a person from Afghanistan. There was a person from Chennai and these are all fellow podcasters and fellow creators and also some other colors. So yes guys addressing of these issues is important and celebration of days again coming back to the title celebration of days is not just celebration and partying and it is for a reason celebrated internationally and this particular day. Let's make it productive by addressing the issues that women are facing across the world and towards the Movement of those women? Let's not let's just not make it about ourselves and fancy it as a party day. And I think that's how women stay would be celebrated. Rightly. So guys if you guys got any other suggestions and questions about this particular day just threw it down in the comment sections and it's one are 28 minutes and I already on the verge of closing down. On this podcast, but we do have another caller in here and let's talk to Suresh right here. Hello. Hello. Hello. Yeah. Hi besides to race here - are you from I'm from Mumbai from Mumbai? Okay. This is how you doing? Good. Good. I'm doing very good. So and what about you? I'm doing great. Okay, and where are you from by the way? Well, I'm currently okay Bangalore. Oh wow, great. So right so what do you do? Should I do Graphics actually and apart from that it takes some time where I can talk to people and share some reviews and cus some topics. Okay. So what are the what is the means today's what what is the topic you have chosen for today to discussion for this for today's celebration of days like days like women's day days like men's day. Is it really necessary? Are we doing it? Right are we celebrating it in the right way? Or how should we be celebrating it? No according to me if you ask me. There's no such a things are there. It's a I can say a mentality of a human being. Yes every day is a special day. Hello. Hello. Guys, I guess I have lost thresh through Network problem. But let's just wait and see if he can get back on the call and Ganesh in the comment says that only education can change this. Yes. Absolutely Ganesh the right kind of education the right kind of absurd awareness spread will help us to get and address these issues effectively. And celebration of women's day guys has to be celebrated on the right Spirit towards the upliftment of the women who are not actually fully able to address their right or you know, so yes what we can do about it. I think as creators on this amazing. Application in here we can address the right things and create awareness about because we have people from different backgrounds listening to us and creating podcasts in here and it's really important for us to talk about certain issues that are faced by people and I urge all the women on this particular application to make use of this platform. For the betterment of women who are really missing out on different things and storage is back on the line and let's talk to Suresh. Hello you have I don't know why my call got disconnected. Maybe it's the network issues duration. It usually happens in here for some time. Okay, I was to continuously talking. I thought he you must be listening and then I was not getting your response from your side either and then I check it and then a front that I was waiting that I could hear your voice. Suddenly your voice went blank and I could see you that you were connected, but I couldn't hear you. So I was waiting if you would disconnect and get back to us so that we would talk again on this issue. Okay? Okay, so - can we talk now? Of course we can please go ahead. Okay, so you are saying that celebration of the day so like you mentioned that woman's they There so I was I was saying that it's a human's mentality versus mentality. We should not celebrate any days. Actually we should give a respect to that particular, you know, awesome, right the gender like the I so and then we should know what what is there for our their fundamental rights to perform like we should give a rash act so So if we start doing that then we need not to celebrate this kind of day in our life. But yeah, yeah, but instead of that we we are just focusing on something else like, you know Stu - but I just spoke to mr. Nur Ali and he was from Afghanistan and he said that people of women in his country still do struggle with social issues and they still don't have the rights to go to school and Study and I think these days okay that are celebrated internationally somewhere create awareness for such people and who are still facing social issues and problems such women, right? We being in India or you being from Mumbai, I guess we live in a society where women really open through their educational choices or are still places in the country and around the world. World where women cannot choose a life for them or cannot live the life like they want right right. But but the thing is that the main thing is the main route means main point is that if everyone is educated then we need not to do all such a things like if women's education is important, but what if someone is on the right of the deflation study but are still not given a chance to go out and study because they might grow or go out of the hand of the particular person or the family, you know don't see education is something which will set you free eventually and at times people do to get educated because they would just set themselves free and move out and you know, Explore their life the way they want and I think this is a sense of control that people have maintained on the no women across the world. Okay. I'm not just pressing women in India here, but I'm talking about people across the world. Yeah, they can equally take apart, you know, they can walk around with a man and they can do all All the things what whatever man can do so they're having a ability and I've seen you know, you know till for this I've seen it's a little trepidatious Bihar was a prince far behind because of women's it woman's is educated then she can teach all their family member. She is very intelligent in terms of taking a decision, correct. So this is the main thing homemakers. In a lot of cultures and I think yeah, actually they are multitasking multitasking in a one time. They know how to do two things like they cut a vegetable and they, you know do other activity also in the morning and you see I've seen many housewife taking care of their parents also and side by side, they're preparing a food also and side by side also. Make make their children ready to go for the school. Yes, and it is along with that. They also work, right? Yeah, and then they were take a single day or as a holiday for all day. They're having a same and if holiday comes so that on that particular day, the woman has to be a housewife have soupy no more food compared to something special on that day because it's a holiday, isn't it? Yeah. Yeah. So these are the mentality it's become a common this thing in our culture. So instead of we should focus means if they are educated they can teach their children daughter. So on and they can understand whatever decision they are going to take. So what is right or wrong and and they can independently, they can leave if you know initially a nation time, you know something how was their age If husband get tired then along with that so now slowly and then this britisher games and then they try to stop to all this activity and then come a long way from different social issues time where they are much more important and they can take decisions and do things isn't it? Right? I have seen many. Women's are very more intelligent compared to a man's also and few of them have set a very good example like not about not in India in a different state. Also when I was studying so that time Rekha, was there Nance in my class and she was so plain so brilliant student, but she could not study further because of financial. Yeah family circumstances bad circumstances. But you know our teacher help them but it could not work because their parents don't want to you know, make them for the study and they and unfortunately she got married at the age of 19 year. And then this is how their life got change. She was very violent does affect our lives is an iteration. I mean, it's also the financial background other kind of society that we are living in. And for a woman with few, what do I say few opportunities a very less opportunities. It is very difficult to make maximum out of it. Right? That is why that is why 30.5% I don't know exact number but 35 percent reservation are given in a moment for any woman want to because initially we were not giving a chance means we not mengsk category was not give given a chance to women's so now they are ready to you know, give them chance and society and it's really important for us to move ahead and with that Suresh it has Pleasure talking to you and get your ideas and your thoughts when someone says this this word to it means that I have to disconnect my curve. Of course, you can keep talking and there is no restriction that definitely not ask anybody to leave the previous podcast. I'm not someone who unless there are people waiting in line. But right now you can talk. Okay, so I can talk until another next caller will come so because I'm here to just improve my communication and nothing else. I'm still and that is why whatever I am from vernacular medium Okay, you're from one medium, but you don't sound as such you communication is really good. Thank you. Thank you and that is very important. You know, that is very important that you have this kind of Urge to improve your communication and you accept the fact that you are from a vernacular medium and you don't have to find see any accent or something. But you are focusing on delivering your message right now and that is something more important any communication. Yeah. I previously I was using a that other talk open talk and there I was just keep on repeating the same same line about all these things. So I thought key I should talk about something which I don't know. And people can ask me any question randomly any question. So that that time I will feel confidence. I was not feeling confident that particular, you know app. So that is why I just now I came on this app and I was talking and then I'm still feeling they are there is a something in me, which I need to improve like whatever I'm saying. Any particular skill or any particular knowledge? Okay, the more the merrier, you know, if you keep learning you ve to keep getting better at what will be the net is most important thing at the time right now. No, yeah, but you know initially means I've never thought this English will become when I was a child, you know in my childhood. I have never thought that the English will be a very important. Or me so that when I was I was not so slowly slowly. I was not, you know, give full attention to full attention to fish. So after that after 10th, my all subjects become an English and then I was wondering, you know in 11 when I entered first six months. I was completely I thought yeah, I should leave my college because I'm not getting anything teacher and comes and if they'll give gives lecture in So that time and I was everything was going on that time on my above my head so I thought okay, I'll pay it and I will try to learn and then slowly slowly. It is important. First of all accepting the fact yeah and few days go over there that you know, I was completely different ski, it's not my cup of tea. I should leave this and then then I slowly, you know stuff you friend yo-yo kind of Honey kind of Things and then in a fun way. I was just slowly steadily learned a few things and two brains help me but so it happens slowly not, you know overnight it took a time and still am now learning stage. Okay guys, should I sell something that it happens slowly and it doesn't happen in one day and I absolutely agree with him on this point and if let's apart from today. Topic guys previous podcast that I have discussed in all different topics. We have had this discussion with maximum everybody. There has to be one caller who says that why is English so difficult and how am I going to prosper and how am I going to learn that and I keep saying this thing it's not gonna happen in one day. It's going to be slow but it's going to happen eventually if you keep practicing and today serratia after you have said that I think it has made a difference here again, because you You are a learner and you have known this fact that it is going to happen. But slowly and when you know, this fact you have already reached a certain level where you have achieved that kind of maturity in a particular subject. Last one month our hard work very hard. I'm using a try to you know, speak English at least six are in a day and nowadays. I am getting English guy dreams, you know in a Seems all so yes. So one of my friends said that it is an indication that you are very this thing you're working on keen on. Yeah, I always say if you want to speak English fluently start thinking in English, and if you are getting dreams of being then yes, you are on the right path and you're putting in the right effort to learn this particular language. Yeah, so that is how the things is moving and initially to I was not able to speak my name. Okay, so now yeah, and the last one month's means yeah approximate last one month. I am putting a lot of effort means you can say minimum three to four hours every day. I'm giving on this app not this app or this is a just now new app for me. There was other app like open Talk. Whether you can call the people, so what they are. I'm at level 10. So I use that app first day. I met I use that app for the six all I was talking to the people and it was very it gave me a good confidence like whether I'm speaking right or wrong. Nobody is going to laugh me even if that person is going to laugh at me. So he will not come to my place. He don't know me and he will not come to my place and laugh in front of my face. So That is that is that was the thing. I was very introverted. I was not able to speak. You know, I know something it is not that something I do not know English. I was very cautious about our pronunciation and diction. So that is why I'm not having means I do not have the confidence we speak in front of others. Now, I am getting them slowly suddenly, you know over a phone I can speak but if somebody is coming in for means face to face in a discussion kind of things. Is happening. So there I feel a personal business. Okay. Well, hello. Yeah. Yeah, I'm listening. Yeah, so - is so like I said, we do have another column waiting here and it has actually been great talking to you and you have said some wonderful views on how you are learning your communication and that has really helped. I'm sure it has helped a lot of colors and listeners were listening to It was right there and do get connected with me to follow and follow my podcast. If you like give it a thumbs up. Give it a hit on the heart the right hand side in your phone and you connect again. So it's really nice talking to you. Okay? Okay. Thank you. Thank you, right sir, - have a great day guys that was rage and he also threw some light on the topic and he also spoke about English communication effectively and learning and as we have I think probably the last color for today because we are running short of time and it's one hour 48 minutes. So yes, let's talk to others and hello. Hello. Hello. Hi. Hi, I'm it where you from. I'm from Himachal. Where are you from? Okay, so I have no I just really don't downloaded this app. So, I've no idea how this works. Okay, but I needed some counseling that a lot of people are like they're talking and you feel like that particular discussion. You can say that you have connected to me your views with that if you think you have. Some amazing things to talk or you like people you can click on the center of your application create a solo or create a collab with someone when talk to people just like I'm talking to you right now, right? Okay. So basically I wanted to talk about something. It's really very personal to me haven't talked to anyone about it. So I was looking for someone, you know randomly some people on internet. It so I can know their opinion about this. So basically, I just joined our company. Okay, I'm working as a quality control in charge often btech in civil engineering. And as of right now, I'm working in Rajasthan. Okay, so it's been like three months. I've been working here, but I this job to unicel be real with you and now I'm in this dilemmas, but I quit this job or go back to my preparation more the am really confused. If you're working for three months, I think you complete a probation period or yeah three months more and with that you actually have it. You can have it on your resume at that you have worked in a particular company because it just quit in three months or three months have already gone and then any which way you're not getting anything out of this job? Yeah. I know. I know this I realized is this is very important for me. I have really good for three months, but it's very hard for me. Like I I'm not Funerals that's what sucks. Yeah, you want to seek? What is it? Okay, it's not about being homesick. Okay, it's just how do I explain you the different? Because let me tell you that 392 people because right now hi. Oh shit. You should have told me this earlier. Okay, so see things like that. I mean actually I'm on a live call. So it's obvious that people are listening but Let me put it this way, okay. If you really didn't want that job, you wouldn't have gone there. Okay, and now that you're there and you have spend three months or three months is not a short period of time. Yeah, okay, but at the same time if it is killing you if that job is killing you just to not think about it just shut it and get back to what you want to do. Okay, okay, but it's not that easy. Yeah, it's not clear. It's very hectic job after work like 11:00 today and I'm not getting any time to study for my personal link exam, which I'm preparing. So this is the main reason why I want to quit as as soon as possible because I'm not getting time to prepare for the exam. I Was preparing you should sign. Job of are you can work while at UCLA whenever your gal? Okay. Okay. I'm sorry. I'm correcting you. Okay, because I'm very depressed. I don't know what to do right now. So I'll refer to your options. Okay, you decide it for me? So what should I take it? So first of all, I have this option. Okay, either I either I give working here and get a six-month experience. Later, or I put right now and go back to my studies and focus for my exam. Hello. Yeah, but there must be a pro and con to both of you. Hello. There must be pros and cons to both the decision. Hello. Yes. I mean there are pros and cons for both motions your topic compare those compare the positives of both options and the negative gives several gives you much positive list option. Okay. All right. Sophie treatment is a short period man and if you really think that time that time is killing you that time is not giving you a chance to study or grow you think you want to grow and that is more important than you could just ignore the fact that you're working. Even if you think this is important and you do have time to study after 3 months then you can wait at the door. Job. Okay. So basically, okay just jot down. Okay, thanks. I think it will help to make a decision. I just hope it helps you and because it's really needed a certain matter. Do I sound this depressing? No, you don't sound depressing but then this struggle is real. You know what you are to decide whether you want the job. You know where you are is a key. Okay. Thank you so much for listening to me and giving me some hope of course. It's a pleasure man. Just take care of yourself and just pick the right choice. All right, you have read a little bit with me and ask you when the living. Yes. Yes. Like how do I decide that? I'm making the right decision by career. I was reading and then out of nowhere. Like I tell you seem okay, so I live Earlier in November 2018 or 2019 I Was preparing. Well, I was pulled into preparation of what do you mean? I have 5 minutes 5 minutes. It's because I have been speaking on this podcast for one hour 55 minutes, and this podcast will last only for 120 minutes and after that you can just shoot me a message and then I will talk to you. Okay, okay. Okay. I don't know what you are directly and because you're in this dilemma and then you'll start feeling that has just cut me, you know, because of the know what is in so I do you have any of you on Instagram? Well, all my details are available in my bio. So if you really want to get connected do get connected definitely. Okay. I can do text idea me on Instagram. Okay. Hi. I was telling you about this in okay, so in 2019, I was well into full preparation mode. Okay out of nowhere. I get a call my resume a get shortlisted and I was called for personal interview and I don't know what happened. I just decided that I don't want to study anymore and I just want to go into private sector. Okay, and now after three months, I regret this decision. I'm like should I why should have? State with a decision. I should have thought about it at least give it give it give it a thought and now I regret it so much and as you can see, I'm in this dilemma quitting my job is taking so how do I make a decision? Like, how do I decide? This is the right time to do this. It all depends on two factors like that how sure you are that your study that you're planning for how close you are to crack? That particular exam or whatever you're studying for. And if you think you can crack it and you have to work just go ahead and do it or if you think you have time for it just spend these three months just push them out. And since you have already invested your time and energy level that is one thing. Okay. Sorry, what did you say? See? I said it all depends on how Sure, you are of cracking this particular exam that you are talking about. Okay, okay, and if you were prepared to a certain level and now you think that you haven't given as much time to it and you want that thing to happen, but you also at the same time not sure if you want to quit this job. See there is one simple thing. If the job is giving you a good future don't quit. Okay, okay, because starting is always difficult. Yeah, but that's what I'm thinking that after you know, and you have already spent three months. Okay, so, you know how takes work. So if three more Munch is going to be, you know, a red line where you can decide over it. Why not just invest that time but at the same time if you think the pros of attend is attending these this exams. We are on a higher scale of this particular job, then you can take a column that so like I said previously it is important to pick which has better prose. Pick the positives of these options just count the positives of these options. And whichever way is rather just go. Okay. Right, right. I think I should help you that much. I mean, I'm not a very good whatever you say. Let's just quit the job. What could go worse or let's just say you left the exam part. What could go work at the worst part which one will be real worse? Okay, so this compare it and you know do it in a fun way. Just don't I can't I can't quit now. That's the worst part you can put till 6:00. Do you have already across pretty much three months. We'll just go like that. Okay, so don't think about it and try to make it try to make time for your studies. If you are not being able to analyze why you're not being able to and yeah, it'll be easier. All right, so I think we are short of time about 59 minutes and 52 seconds and okay. Okay. I'll just let you go. Okay, bye-bye. Yeah, thanks so much. Thanks for calling right guys. That was the podcast.