Equipped podcast. Unfortunately, I couldn't get back on my regular time. And so I'm lying at the bazaar. So guys today's topic is let's talk colors of life. And since it's holy season, it's the season where there's color. The everywhere and there's colors on the mind. There's color of people this color everywhere. Well apart from that. I would like to thank you guys for all the wonderful support that you have given me I have crossed a 201 follower and each follower matters a lot. Thank you. Thank you. Thanks a ton for following me for liking my content and every little support that you guys are offering makes a huge difference in my podcast and Rita a hi and thank you. Thank you for saying that so guys like every day I talk to you people and I come up with different kind of topics. And the whole idea behind these topics is to get into a sense of discussion where we can talk it out. And while every everyone else is listening or there are some people participating through the comment section and SRI Ram says, I'm the first yes Shriram you have been the first today because I mean in my previous podcast when when you actually Game, we were talking about global warming and I think you joined us when we were with the beige coupon and you joined at the end and you were actually sending sad smiley is that the conversation was ending and I do realize it was you. I'm all right. Yeah, you just you just give me a shout out if I'm saying right because I think yes, you were the last guy in there and that's how it is right apart from that guys. We already have a caller in here today and let's just talk and find out what's in his mind and what thoughts he has about the colors of life. So hey. Hello. Hi. hi, this is Hello, I'm Cena and from Iran. Hello, can you hear me? Yes. Yeah, I of are you calling from? I'm Sinha and from Iran you from Iran guys. This is my first color from Iran. I've spoken to people from Pakistan and Bangladesh and yeah, so sinner, what do you do? I'm studying and my major is physical education. I'm sorry. I I tend to lose you. Could you please be a little bit louder when you talk? Yes, yes. Can you hear me now a little more please. What about now? Yeah, that's that's better. Yes. I'm studying physical education. You're studying physical education. All right. So Sinha today's topic is let's talk about colors of Life. What do you have to say about it? What do you mean exactly? For example, the first of for example is exactly the colors for your mean the colors in my world in India. This is going to be a week of colors. There's going to be a festival called. Holy which we are going to celebrate really soon. And just like the colors the actual colors. There are a lot of colors in my life the colors of emotion. There is a lot of other things. Hello, I think yes. Yes. I think some of the colors can have effects on emotional. For example, when you see the red color it's attractive for you or for example, when you see the green color you feel relaxed or blue is too. So yeah, these are some reasons for psychological reasons. For the colors and we have enough reasons for the colors without psychologic and just for the ideas or of people for example, someone like this color someone like that colors and these different ideas. So correcting. Yes. Yes, and I believe colors have different effects on our minds. Hello. What? Yeah, I believe colors have different effects on our minds on the minds of people. Yes. Yes exactly. So also colors have been used as a way to represent emotions in a lot of cultures and just like you said that there's red that's attractive and there's the they are the colors like the color white is always used as a symbol of peace and stuff, right? Yes, exactly. Right. So apart from that when we talk about colors of Life colors of life is actually an expression in the English language where you know, it means emotions in life, you know, like when we talk in English, sometimes we say the blues of life when we say the blues of life is the sad part of a life or it's you know, when we are low in a life of we are facing problems. in our life, so this expression the blues of your life. Okay is also a way of saying that a way of depicting troubles in life. So basically what I'm trying to say is expressing life through colors, you know people tend to use colors through a way of expression and in particularly in English language, there have been a lot of phrases and idioms which are used to express or you know, understand the way of life in a poetic way whenever used. Okay, so colors are used to express emotions. Right. So apart from that what from that since there is another reason to use this topic because colors has been a topic of discussion for a long long long time people. Talk about using colors and in their life how it matters and how it affects different people. So yeah, that's the whole discussion today. So she now what what else do you do? I mean, how did you get interested into this topic? I think for example if you wants to one of the way to know the others to find more information about somebody one of them is colors. For example, then you want to know another person at first when you watch a team or hair the clothes. Those one of the reasons of that personality for example of its what quality traits traits that Shone through the choice of colors. One yes. One of the personality reasons is the colors of clothes. For example, if for example, if a person wearing dark clothes that shows he is or she is depressed. Okay feel sad but if a person weird, yes white colors or like that that's He or she is in good mood. Good luck right with colors. We can got a lot of information. Yes. Yes, absolutely. Right. So well, it's about this. It has been a real nice talk and I really appreciate you connecting with us today, and I do have a few other callers waiting in line and you know, it's really nice. Talking to you. Thank you to that was good experience for me to speak with you and with this topic. Yes. Definitely. If you really if you like podcast a do if you do have the time do visit my profile check out my other podcast and if you like them do follow for more upcoming podcasts as such and definitely keep connecting again. And again, it really feels nice to connect with different people and it's really nice. Thank you. Thank you to really I really appreciate. Thank you for calling. Thank you too. Nice to meet you nice dog and get take care. Bye. Bye. different people from different countries in here and I really think that's an amazing experience because usually we do not get a chance to talk to people directly and try to find out the ideas about a particular topic and the on social media is really different people talk anything, but then through this platform, it's really really Nice that we can discuss such topics and it's really amazing. It's a nice feeling and Shiva what's so funny and what are all the smile he is into the comment sections and we do have another caller waiting in line. So let's let's talk to mr. Ramon and let's find out his idea of colors of Life. Hello. Hello. Hello. Hi. Happy Holi. Happy Holi to you calling from Rama. Yeah, I'm from Delhi and you yo, I'm from Bangalore stuff with you. Sorry to talk with you. What's your name? Really? Yeah, my name is Vinny South Vietnam. Thank you. So Raymond. What do you think about? the colors of life and how do colors affect our life Yeah, I can hear you. You can hear me. Yes. I can hear you. Absolutely. Okay, I'm sorry Sam and the colors of life. I think the holy is the most beautiful Festival in India everyone waiting for this Are Holy and enjoy together and throughout the color each other's fans are God and against our children. Everyone's waiting list. I'm and after college classes and after Jake and it's more in joyful Festival Impala and not even what the particular religions celebrating in India. I think every relationship. Anyway, it is wholly I think it's beautiful. Okay, I think it creates a feeling of Oneness among everybody. I mean in a current scenario where there are so many rides and stuff going on and there is Coronavirus in one side. There is so much of confusion the country there's political issues. There's everything and that this holy I mean people forget everything else and come together and celebrate this beautiful festival and have fun and find a feeling of Oneness and I think that's great, isn't it? Yeah, yeah, definitely and today is I am also celebrating. My name is AR Rahman a Muslim. I'm celebrating Holi in with my friends after my class and it's very joyful life. No and in no need for just like religions and cultures. I think it's exactly friendly everyone's just like friendly. Yes, and that's the beauty of it. Don't you think? Yeah beauty of India. It's beautiful India. I mean we can find The feeling of Oneness in the festival's of each other and that's that's yeah, isn't it now? But in this time is India and I think very disappointing. Yes it for everyone just like a political issue. No, I think it's political view and looking everyone just like in throughout the new channel lady any news and just like depressed. Everyone's a black not for young a stir every Edge is people are just like looking to it as each other. Like hindu-muslim. It is not good for man. I request everyone to Hindu Muslim and Sikh is I celebrate this holy and each other's be carefully and be safe and safe water and vanilla cause that's like colors. I think it's really nice that you know the Youth of India when we talk about religious Oneness and coming together to celebrate a festival or something. It just shows that it's not all on our minds. It's just agendas created to distract people. Yeah, because if you go that way even from a place where I come okay, I come from a particular place where they are. A lot of cultures around us. Yeah, I think when I was coming I eat and just like I'm John who and Muharram and my friend are also coming back home and hang out to each other's and eating something so babe to and a if the Breakthrough the Rosa and my friend also, I think it's in this time is only put not politically. So is it more just like this track to each Each other's and I request everyone celebrate every Festival not for Hindu not women's game. Every Festival. You said if there are just like joyful life and yeah, okay to thank you. Please be on the line. I will just say this again to my friends guys. This is AR Rahman and he's from Delhi and he says so that Holy Is a Festival of Colors and we come together in Oneness and he also highlighted the path that he says that I am a Muslim, but I do enjoy this and there isn't any such criteria that where people should only enjoy the Festival of their particular religion. And that is the most beautiful thing about India and that we celebrate the festivals together. We come together no matter what Kind of a situation we are into and the feeling of Oneness needs to remain forever and the love for each other the Brotherhood and all these wonderful virtues that we have had in our country for a long long time, which has bonded us together. These things need to remain no matter what happens. Yeah, you know being angry about a certain rule or Being upset with the government is okay, but that shouldn't come in between your Brotherhood your love for other cultures and togetherness you guys that is really important and that has to remain right remember. Yeah, I gave it to you what things I am also request to student and attend the class to not matter one teacher as reflecting everything's normal. To Hindu Muslim. Is it aside everyone is like learning something just like no matter teacher are a Muslim and Hindu and Sikh is I met her is what I learned throughout the teacher and I think it's just like looking like a in my culture just like a class know every yeah, it's my whole country are the one class and the CO2 glass learn something and enjoy together and and every say every Festival And at the request everyone's like to learn this holy and be careful and save water and because it's a water layer is going to be below next future in my life is not good for water and save water and enjoy together not us anyone and sadly There Are Holy to prayer families and invited. Also. I am also requested who is different you are. And you are invited your friend and he Muslims and try to Heather. Absolutely, you know festivals are meant for that reason that we should come together and forget everything. This is and past forget everything what happened in my past and in do today is to enjoy together and just like a gorilla single Amelia or participate career or enjoy akribos Tarragona guidance Gray. Everything you can do in here. Yeah guys. It's a very important thing that Ramon said that you know, just imagine that the country or the world is a classroom and people are different we come from different places and you learn different things, but the teachers are also from different cultures and we should treat our different cultures like different teachers who teach us different. When subjects, you know, and I think we need to keep the feeling of Oneness and the colors of life alive and you know bind which binds the Brotherhood and love in our country and brings the feeling of Oneness. It has been great talking to you ram on my pleasure happen with you and I hope and I think something a message and everyone's in this. At farm and I think yeah, it's a I think everyone's that's like something effort know and do a youngster every race like a friend Circle and Brotherhood in my India's every Indians are my brother and sister and not in this time is a political also doesn't like a lots of issue coming in my last two years. I'm not blaming any political parties just like who is support anyone I think different type of people living in my country. Country and different thoughts now I am my thoughts is also different you thought we are so different. I think not looking like a political view you looking like on view know what's you are looking in my country Works needs in my comes in. Yeah, that's really nice to find people with such views and and it's really nice when people connect and pour their heart out with all these wonderful things and its really wonderful, you know, and we have a few listeners right here who are listening and I really urge everyone that the things that Ramon said right now, you know, we just need to ignore everything else and you know, just remain yeah, you know, I got you know, I think so ignore everything's and what In my past and you look me my future no answer live together in future and politician our tumor as you today is just like a as kiss ecological que sigue home to Yang Hanna. I think he is ultimately local or algebraically future clear the jicama government Amory Society mizzu main logo character. Important for everyone. Okay look like a what's happening coming in my life and how to enjoy my life and absolutely up me life up cases sahiban acetate how you can change your life and how can you can upgrade yourself on how you can bind yourself with everyone and that. Yeah, you can grow together. That's that's the only important thing at the end of the day other than any other distractions, I believe. Yeah, just like when you are traveling on an airplane No, just like a are hosted airhostess are traveling just like you are just like a picky person that I said you merely both important and low pressure respectful to scone and Mitchell Guist are occurring on a up charges religion to follow up at the emergency Lick Em Up. No, it's yeah, so great talking to you. Please do keep. Acting again and again through podcast and it's you like my podcast follow me. And if you have the time listen to other podcast and if you like them again, give them a thumbs up. And again, we're talking to you and please do ya nice to talk with you. Yeah. Okay. I've talked with you. Happy Holi against everyone and enjoy and bye. Okay. Bye. So guys, that was a lie and like We are talking about the colors of life and by Colors of Life, which I just don't mean the colors that we spread in. Holy but then spreading colors in lives of people is really important, you know, each one of us gets this life a really short and we get few chances to do good things in my life and like we say in the English language expression. Emotions has been a part where excuse me colors have played a very important role. We have used colors for a way of expressing our feelings and emotions, right? So we have another caller in here and let's take this call and speak to mr. Saur Mishra and let's find out what he thinks about the color. Hey, hello. Hello. Hi. Hi good evening. I'm good. What about you? I'm from West Bengal. You're disgusting. Colors of life so you guys are talking about holy. Holy. I mean, you know life brings different colors and it shows us to put it so where's here? What colors refers to Things that life brings in your life at the blues and the brightest in your life and apart from that the color of nature which actually means the colors. Okay. So if you are traveling you see the nature there's green somewhere. There's also some so that is another color and color in our life. So yes, it's everything that so you want to join the movement with colors, right? Yeah, that's great. So yeah, so what do you think about colors of Life? What kind of thoughts do you get when I say the colors of Life. Do you remember any particular situation where you like to express about how you felt and like you wish poet? Okay, describe a particular scenario of situations through colors, you know, they use the colors for a particular situation with fear sad. It's called The Blues. Right, there's love in the air that it's being given different colors. Yeah, actually, I love black hole you like that and I can I can relate this always will because it uses this whenever I said feel sad I write poems with that black background. Yeah. So what do you like, you know, if you have it on your mind then would you like to share something sure. Why not? So it would really be great. So yeah, go ahead and recently I have written about the case of new have you know, yeah never knows personally painter ready? Okay, so that time I wrote a poem. Okay that that we can't change about our near to New York near the intention we can we can raise our Always yes. Oh you write it in the or you write in English. Yeah, actually it is in Hindi cause it say, but It's better to its it is it is a better way to what express yourself in Hindi and in our Hindi language. We can expect explicit more better. Okay? So can I start reading you can go ahead. So so my poem heading is near. Mmm Yeah, I start guys has an equal t samko feel clinical the Camco. Sorry her silikal tecum. Kofi Kuhn occultism. Go. Okay, some click on a perfect ice baths and johnno. For the girls, you know. Hello, looks like we have lost sort of and sort of it's really difficult for us that I cannot hear your voice actually. Hello. Hello. What does that was sort of actually, he's from West Bengal and we were talking about colors of life and he is also a poet and he writes some nice things and he was actually reciting a poem that he wrote but then we have lost him through the network issue. So guys. Yes for me colors of life is life brings different colors. You know in different situations and each situation adds one color to the page or the book of your life. And then at the end it turns it into a very colorful picture where you look back at your life. And when you look at the experiences that you have gone through and what those experiences have made you and yui, compare the situations of life to the culpers since it's the week of colors where the feeling of Oneness is in the so yes, let's talk about the colors that have been added to your life by different people or yourself by you and The colors of achievement the colors of beauty the colors of expressions and all that you have been in your life. So also guys you can tell me how you celebrate the Festival of Colours in your town or in your city. And how do these colors affect people and like I would also To say about this Festival of Holi. The color of Festival is one such Festival which has no particular religion that celebrates it. Holy has not remained a festival of only one religion anymore. There are several countries that are celebrating Holi and they're practicing this culture and it has really really made a big difference people celebrate Festival of Colours in different names in different countries, and that Also with just one whole idea is that they want to bring people close. They want to have a feeling of Oneness the feeling of binding, right? So, yes, we have another caller in here for this evening and let's just talk. Hello. Hello. Hi. How are you whining? I'm Vinnie, and I'm from Hello, how are you? Thanks fine in this moment. I am working. Okay, you're working. And where you calling from? No, it's okay. I can to speak with you there. Are you calling from again? No, no, it's okay. I can't compete with you. Let me just put it in the right way. May I know where you are calling from? Which country which plays? My country to my native country through Mania you calling from Romania. Yes, and how do I pronounce your name? My name is Rose van the colors of life since the color. The Festival of Color is around the corner and in India and within a few days, maybe a day or two. We will start playing with colors all over the country. So what do you think about it? Right guys real bad Network issue today, I keep losing on the colors again and again, so also guys a lot of times what happens is while Holi is here different states in India celebrate Holi in different ways. And while we discuss this topic, I think it is. It really has the potential. Where a lot of people can join in and give their views about this particular Festival because holy is not just celebrated all over India, but there are also festivals music festivals these days. Have actually developed a certain connectivity to Holy, you know and to be really precise. Holi is celebrated in different ways in every other city like for an example in my city a holy. There is the previous day of the whole year where the Holy Quran or you know people burn the holy cow what which is actually part of the culture and people make huge wrong goalies beautiful designs around And there is music there singing There's dancing and the spread of color and it burns for some time at the night and they make sure it keeps burning up to 45 days. And I mean it might not burn as bright as on the first day, but it keeps burning a little up till the fifth day and people play colors all over and there is dry. By play of colors and then there's water and there's different other stuff. So guys, you can call me and tell me about how you celebrate Holi in your city and how colors affect you hello. Hello. Hello. Hello. Hi. Hello. Hello. Hi. Good evening. Hi. Hello. Hi you are hi. I'm Rochelle single tooth. And what's your name? Anthony and I'm from Bangalore have any. How are you? I'm great. How are you doing? I'm fine and nothing enjoying the that rainy season. You're enjoying rainy season. Yeah. Rainy season where you calling from again? I'm calling from Bangladesh. He calling from Bangladesh and there's rainy season there. Yeah, it's I think it's some to today's Israeli rainy day not surrender season. Actually, my tongue is sleep. Could you please speak a little bit louder? Yeah, actually, I think it's a network issue. That's why my voice is breaking. Okay. Yeah. And what's today's topic? Let let's talk colors of a life. Yeah. Yes, it's about the colors of life. Hello. Well guys, I think it is the range that is really affecting the network. And that is one reason. I keep losing out on people while talking and not just the season of holy guys today's situation in India. I mean current scenario if you check has been a huge chaos. I mean, there's so many things going on around and I think holy is the much-needed break. From every other confusion that's running around. I think we really need this Festival right now because that Holy is one Festival but I feel I do not know about the others but right now I think holy is one Festival which is much needed to again bring the Brotherhood and the love and the Oneness around this country back because as the people I love India. I think we have been distracted from the main cause of life and main cause of living or main cause of gradation in our lives and we have been concentrating on most unnecessary things and I think fighting over social media as social platforms and fighting over other things rather than Thinking about you know, how we could grow and move forward in life and festivals. Bring that one chance where we grow together come together. There's so much of a cultural exchange and there's so much of Oneness and Beauty around and yes, holy right there is the much-needed chance right now guys before I go ahead any ahead. With this podcast, I really want to apologize that I will have to go out a dropped lie, because it's what do I say call of the moment and I really have an urgent work coming up and then I will have to sign off right now and guys listening. Thank you for listening and I will try to come back and we continue this podcast or if I couldn't do. That we can have this discussion tomorrow in weekend with Winnie since tomorrow Sunday and I will take to forecast tomorrow. So yes before I go. I really to cancel calls. But before I go here is a last caller for the day that I'm gonna answer. Hello. Hello. Hello. Hello. Hi, whoo-hoo-hoo - e hi you are young re we are actually I've created my account by re what I am Bria how high we are. How are you? I'm good. What about you? I'm doing great Andrea. Where you from? I'm from Lucknow your from Lucknow. Okay, and I'm from Bangalore and I'm silly. That's nice. What do you do real? Then beat a bad student finally fire. Mm. Okay. So what got you interested in this podcast? Suppose our colors are like I was yeah, I like to share something like that. It's like a person Behavior. Whatever we stay in this way. If we are we have to see different pictures online different colors of Nature and especially the respective percent of Scholars of person who change randomly and Effexor affect affect us in various ways. Do you have any like your for this that how to change your mood for all these things how to adapt a best quality nacelle. Yes. I mean first of all, it's more important that we start, you know concentrating and getting aware of ourselves a lot because we tend to spoil our mood or you don't spoil the colors of our life by expecting things from others and trying to follow Follow a particular Pure or follow a particular sound a people person character, but there is good or bad because basically I them they're good. But like they are some days they feel like it was a bad fortune. So that is very rewarding. You know, I think first of all, we should take a time in any excuse me. So it is really important for us to take In any relationship be it friendship be it love or be it any any relationship? All right. So you take things really slow for study understand. I take it very seriously and what I really created a person very serious question, but Alfred is they just make me feel idea. It wasn't lost or even just using them for me. It is something very odd really depressing situation for me. Yes. So it's a situation of Blues. So yes. What re if we can, you know, the most important thing is first because we tend to you know, be more attracted towards certain behaviors other people. Yeah, we start ignoring the self-worth of our serve here are exactly that isn't that is why we are like I never I never knew myself for them, but they are like they don't even care. Do you mean yeah the self what is more important? I mean, it's really important for you to understand yourself what and let's just put it this way that self-worth and being selfish is not the same. Yes. Okay. So that is a certain level up to which you need to, you know, balance your self-worth and it's remained very very important, but it's like very slowly we get it now sell for we know actually I know every various in that. ER self-respecting for themselves, but I do not apply on Mina that is the position. You should start applying it in simple way. See first of all create you need to understand that there are certain there are certain groups. Okay. Yes letting people know you you cannot let everyone know you yeah. Everybody does not deserve to know you. Okay, there has to be a certain level of The standing that I trust a person to certain level. Yes, you don't open it completely to them. You don't open up about your feelings your thoughts your behaviors. There are situations where we are really extra word and we open up to people easily and that yes, when people start taking this advantage of that thing. Yeah. It is not I wouldn't say that people generally. I mean knowing Only take disadvantage but there are at some situations and circumstances which work differently for both people and I think you start getting more practical about things and then that will really help you. Yeah, that's when I have started with me practical nowadays. It's still like yeah. Yeah, exactly. But you know what loneliness is a factor which is killing behind because somehow the habit of being that and just destroying it something is very verse and I think that this thing I have seen A lot of people realize that we tend to get lonely very fast. And you know, why? Why are we so dependent upon other people so much and because there's a whole different world within ourselves been there. Yeah, possibly there are so many things that we can do with ourselves knowing yourself is more important moving what you want and it's not in just terms of career, but But everything is my condition is like I know about me myself like I know everything I what is the like what we want to happen. I also know that thing but still somehow I got diverted somehow. I feel like law somewhere and why will not able to concentrate even I think what you do is take it really slow. I just Whenever you feel lonely, okay? Yeah, this is what are you? Okay, because no matter how good or how surrounded by people you might be. There are situations in our life that make us feel that we don't belong to you. Yeah. Yeah, I don't belong or I don't connect with this place or these people or just world or you know, that kind of situation comes at at times with everyone and during that time just close your eyes. Eyes breathe and think of the best times of your life go back to your childhood and think about the good things in your life count your blessings, you know, just keep counting our blessings at that will start building slide only know what I see. I'm a pressure of a job also because right now I'm a little my last year. I have to think of Tom also the somehow my mind is very much the clumsy what to do. What the what do you mean does it just come home very Play I'm going to start killing my wave of this understanding what I'm being anxious about your future of worrying about the job and the career is important, but not at the cost of your peace of mind. Yes. Yes because Being anxious is not the answer. Yes thinking about how your future is going to happen how your career is going to move ahead. And that that is a basic basic. Wary of everybody these days every other individual no matter how well that person has planned his whore or her career. But because future is unknown right you have seen it. The fear is natural as if the people compared with Greg the A little bit I would be able to like know the person is doing the other person is doing this perform dark hearing. I fell some low amount and a bag for that men weren't doing anything what that's the worst thing now see the phase. That is okay. Let me put this in that way. Okay, the face that you are currently you're into a phase where you are completing your studies and moving. In towards a professional life. And yes, there are a lot of things on your mind. There is a fear of losing the league of your friends maybe tomorrow. I don't know where they want to go and then there are relationships and there's Courier. There's parental pressure then apart from that that's social pressure. So between oh mess. Okay just be like the Lotus. I mean, you know it is Into such a dirt right now. Okay a Lotus. Yo you okay. It's best led to the so this drive is like whatever you give Rises and most importantly, you know, the water around it. Yeah that Lotus is at water but the water not what do I say drench the looters or here notice not get affected by the water, you know, yeah. The beauty of it rises so that is what you have to do with yourself. All you have to do is yes, the things are there. It's got to be there and when you accept the fact that this pressure is going to be there. Okay failures are gonna be there trouble is gonna be there. Okay, but if you worry about it that there are pressure and this is it making a difference in your career. Is it going to help your career much not no not no. No we focus focus. All your attention on doing something which will help your career. Your anxiousness is not going to help your career. Okay, this is your confusion towards your relations or the parental pressure or whatever pressure you're talking about. Okay after you know what if your friendship was because I feel so nervous or not enough. They are like fakeness all around and they're just like did they just talk about their formula? And when I say what my problems they are like Don interested, but I usually hear them I get the solution for best writers. We just you know me. Yeah, I mean there is always one in the group who is a listener and the advisor. Okay, and if you don't find anyone in your group, then that is you you know that is a fact to understand and it's also a privilege, you know, being the knowledgeable and Standing in there. But yes at the end of the day you all of us do need someone who advises us and who takes care of us. Yeah. Yeah. No, you've got your point. Exactly very natural. Yes, but that is also the fact that it is really difficult to find people around who are you know, genuinely interested in your troubles and problems and worries and who have influence Europe was in person. They know people around like For me, I don't feel so they know that people like this. No, I wouldn't say that is true. But there is always someone they are always people who care about us. But what happens is we tend to ignore the people who really care about us and we start concentrating on people who actually don't so just observe and be aware look around yourself and See we do have everything in our lives exactly is that we focus on the wrong things at the wrong times. And you know what? What is a major issue as bi content defy the process a good or bad and mostly I get a guitar because in my so from that I have like learned that I can't get into good people in my life. So I don't feel so them come whenever someone approaches I feel so they are good but afterwards what happened there like flirting is doll over which I don't like at all. They are good to you. Yeah, good to any other girls are good too many like threesome for sure. They don't even care about it. There is someone in the comments who saying we also need a way around to how we can build an approach. Is there a way that things can be handled? Yeah, like you were saying, you know, there are people but they are not for you. That is what you think. You're exactly. Yeah, it's a really hard thing to think about. See there are people okay, and they also might be people who really think about you and maybe you have not thought about it, or maybe you have not seen or looked at it that way. Okay. Okay, usually in college times we tend to be in groups and there is a certain way of talking to different people and different people talk was in different different ways. But we expect different things from different people. Yeah. Okay totally level when that expectation doesn't you know catches we feel heartbroken over things, but we forget that you are expecting from certain people. Okay, the love the care you are expecting from certain people but there are also certain people who are already giving you that you already care about you before really think about you. Okay, but we ignore it for different reasons, you know, there are different reasons and these things are going to be repetitive in your life dear as you want by expectation Rises is just like When I'm giving so much to them then my son's visual Solutions same thing now and I like when I'm doing my level best I expect others to do some fog effect for me. Obviously right? See the expectation part is very natural very natural that when we care of when we do we expect things in return, but at certain times it doesn't happen and we need to accept and be practical about Is it okay if this is not happening? Okay, we need to try to understand the situation. Okay, if it's not happening, that's all right. It might happen some other day some other person some other people. Okay, because your life is not going to stop. Is it going to stop your life? That is there it is. It's just going to end it there. No, it's not right. Life is full of opportunities. Actually, of course, of course opportunity is and there are billions of people around us. We are there are billions of people around us. You see people will love you people will you people will care for you no matter how you read them. There are certain people with certain behaviors and you cannot change it. Right but the fact that you're expecting maybe not expecting from the wrong people and that is why you're getting hurt now, okay. Yeah, the person who loves you you be the person who loves you you be the person who uplifts you and Hugh be the person who pushes you ahead in your life, and then he will not require and just then you realize one thing that all the people that have ignored you all the people that have cared less about you will be chasing you very soon. Okay, you have to stop expecting the kind of love that you want from people. You have to give it to yourself. Okay, you have to think about yourself. Well, because if you start thinking there's nobody who's going to care for me. There's nobody who loves me because you're telling them. Nobody love me. Nobody care for me. Do you understand but it depends upon the situation and asked by my approaches. I like that it has happened as the the thoughts came like that. Yes. So just let's see. Let's let's take it that you have a basket of fruits in your hands. Example and the first fruit that you eat was rotten. Yeah. Okay. What do you do? You don't throw it? You keep it in the same basket. He's so what is going to happen? Eventually all your healthy fruits are going to water the cannot and whatever you have is all going to go bad. Get it. You cannot hold onto the rotten fruit Ria. You have to throw it in the dust. You get that whatever fruits are left in your basket will not rot and each fruit. You know when you give no. Hello. That is the network has been a real turnoff for today and I keep losing people due to the network and I don't know. Hello. Hello. Hello. Hello. Hello guys. I'm sorry about the broadly that we are facing today. And this is real. I don't know. It's a real turnoff that I keep losing the network again and again, and I think we have talked enough about the colors of life and the worries and the things that can come up and there was a friendly And she was from Lucknow and she was talking about losing people and expectation and certain things. So there is one thing I would like to say expecting from people is a natural behavior. Okay, but do not make that a permanent behavior on your life. I think in today's world where people are chasing show off chasing chasing chasing. Just what do I say fake things, you know being a real person having a genuine heart and real good feelings and things like that is really difficult. What I want to say is be good. Yes, we good. There is no harm in being a genuine person, but don't let people treat you like trash for being good. Okay, and the one person treats you bad for being good and then you eventually start wondering just being being good is a bad thing. And then you change yourself, please don't do that. Okay, if someone treats you badly just let go. Okay. They didn't deserve that. Okay, and you don't deserve to change yourself just because of an external you know, what do I say failure some person treats you badly and then you change no go. Don't do that. You know, it's a virtue greatness. I mean being humble being good being thoughtful is a virtue in today's life and that's precious treasure it, you know, rise above all these situations you guys are great understand that and you deserve better. Love yourself uplift yourself be the brightest color in this world, you know, don't let Shady people put you down. No, please don't do that. All right, and again guys are running really running short of time and I really have to go and it was when it has been great talking to you guys and guys who called me and joined me today in my podcast. Thank you very much. And I'm going to end this conversation right here, and I will be doing to podcast too. Mauro one is weekend with Winnie and there is another surprise topic which we will be discussing and stay tuned follow me hit likes to this podcast likes will be really really appreciated the heart button right in the right corner of your cell phone just head on it and let the parts pop up. So I wish you guys a Happy Holi before I sign off for today and with a promise of Then back tomorrow early in the morning at around 10 o'clock, and let's meet tomorrow. All right guys, have a great evening. It has been a great day. Thank you for listening to me.