Good evening people. I believe you guys are having a great day. And so today we officially start talking about subjects. So let's get on to the topic and Okay, so let's talk about how dealing with difficult people I think everybody faces this kind of situation and they are life. Hey, I'm Lindsey. What a pleasant surprise. I think this is the best kind of surprised that could happen that you join me on open dark. That's amazing. So welcome. First of all open talk me up Chabad swagatam. I'm sure up nicer weather report soon. But yeah made up called Heads Up live happily. Hey comments Caray to pour the chaga. fine Yeah, and coming back to the topic that. We usually face a lot of difficult people in our lives in different situations and it's kind of difficult to deal at that particular moment where everything is so impulsive and things get out of the hand. So I think it's really necessary for us to understand why and as to how we can deal with such situations without creating. Or messing up the situation for getting bad to worse. So just trying to handle the situation with a very pleasant way. So let's just see how things can get better. So we already have a caller here and let us check what he has to say before we proceed with the topic. Hello. Hi. Hello. Hello. Hi. How are you? I am I said, I'm from Jaipur Rajasthan. Hello any yet? Yes. Yes. I said I can hear you. Yeah, yeah. First of all, I'm asking to you. How are you? I'm doing great. How are you? I'm also good. Okay yogurt. So yes, yes. Yeah. Yeah, that is the topic. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Your topic is very good and almost every topic is very good of control. Mostly you are I watch Daily you have heard my pods before yeah. Yeah, I watch Daily your topic. Good topic on the upper top viewer. Okay, and have you ever connected to a phone? God no, no. No, do you made me your phone? Thanks. No, mr. Perfect. He means that he is listening to my audio podcast they leave which are already recorded. Yeah for some time. We were off. Yes, that is true. But then he has been listening to me already recorded forms, so he's not talking about. Okay, so I think that I don't know your voice. Yeah, I'm asking I'm saying to you really you know, and I think you are helping people who want to learn English. Okay. Yeah. Well I try a little bit. I'm not very good at it. I'm not a professional when it comes to teaching but I try to be a little bit Yeah, I think that for us is very important to learn English when we listen both talking and I think that is very important the more you listen the more you understand the more questions arise and then you try to party. You can understand and learn new Concepts, which is very important. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, which is very important. And again, I would like to thank you are welcome. I just started under the no college and he was there for the first time and I think that is important to answer. Secondly. Yeah ever been in situations which are difficult to handle and Have you tried to escape from such situations? And do you have any idea about the yeah, I think we should all I think we should deletion that to everybody. I don't panic to listen everybody. I think we should be careful and understand people that is very important to everybody. Because we don't listen and that is very negative point. Right, right. I want to ask please tell me how can I handle this view this people when it's any type of people very irritating don't understand over talk. So please tell me what's your opinion making patients? I think there are a lot of things. It's not just one thing that is it is a series of things. Okay, so different people have different causes and different behaviors now you might end up Two different situations with different peoples. Okay, so you cannot apply the same rules to everybody but one basic rule remains with everybody that is patients have to be patient. Yeah what exactly that person is trying to put in because you might try to handle with words. Sometimes you might try to handle with silence, but that is not going to work everywhere. Okay, so every situation the timing also matters in what? Yes you are stuck, okay. So yeah, yeah. Yeah has to get flexible accordingly. Okay for which there are few other things which I cannot wrap up just in five minutes, which I will be telling and I will be talking about throughout the podcast. So please take by and we will keep discussing on such topics, but I think patients matter. Okay thing for us to thank you for coming. Okay. Thank you. Forget things okay. I have a few callers waiting up in line. So, yep all okay every nice to her. I would feel after Tokyo opened dog. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you, also. Have a good day. And we go. Hey. Hannah Ray, how are you? Hi, Anand. Hi, perfect. Hi additional you and high vihan long time man. Yeah, it's been a long time. How you doing? Yeah, I'm doing great and you I ask that you know on the other proper cost that you will wear. You asked me. Okay, like I thought okay here she has a forecast was gone. Yeah, actually I had scheduled this particular podcast. Okay, and then it starts just 10 minutes before. So while I was automatically started and then I had no option I had to just go live. So I have downloaded this application does name told me like, you know it love this it wouldn't so, how are you? I'm good. I'm doing great. This is like a like I used to be. What about you? How are things on your side and working out? Well, I have to say like everything is good. Everything's good. Okay, I'm no I'm used to this log down. So yeah, you'll finally finding what yeah. I know you told me that you spend a lot of time with yourself rather than anybody else. So that's that's that doesn't make much difference to you when it's locked down and stuff. Okay, and I still remember that. I asked that you are happy or you know happier. You're just pretending to be happy. Exactly. Yeah, you did ask me that and I still Number so it's been a good dinner that yeah, I like I'm feeling good that you know, we are talking again. Yeah, I feel good too. You know, it's really nice to see people whom we met on this particular application sometime back and then we are talking to them again. So it's really nice and specially you I don't think you talk as much to people or you don't connect as much on calls. I've never seen you that I do I do like last time I connected to the guy. Yeah, I do. And I talked to him like I was the only guy you talking to that person answering his questions. Oh, that's good there right you're there. You're there like half of my questions you answered. It was my podcast man. It was no no not about this. Like there was this other guy asking me some questions general questions. Actually. It was a big shake shake. No, she's not talking about your podcast at all. They were just there I wasn't already but you know replying answers in common. Okay. Yes, maybe. Yeah, so I do talk it's people I do talk with people. It's like you know whenever I mean I have to talk with someone I get scared that whoa. What should I say? How do I start conversation? Okay. So the ice-breaking is a difficult task for you. Like I'm mostly no silent guys. I don't talk much. That's that's the same with everybody. You know you like it's very same for everybody before we know the other person is really But the girls for to spark a conversation which is you know, which is natural because you don't know it's because of the unknown because once you know what the person is, it's very easy, like, you know, the other person is not going to judge you for anything. So you'll just start talking, isn't it? That's basic. I'm not that good with everyone and that's not true. It's okay. Yeah it is. Okay, I guess one now but you know like it one more thing is like we are talking on podcast like there are people listening us and there is no finding some mistakes and sometimes Nothing, like, you know to judge or like a comment on that so that that makes me scary, you know feel like okay. I have to be careful whatever I am talking of two things that and then to put it down. So it's really matter that much behind like, you know, people will comment and stuff. No. No, I don't care about you know, people will travel and everything but you know what, I think like, oh, I should not say this I should say this. It's like, you know, it's going in my mind only. Yeah. Okay. So yeah. At the same time while you're talking. This is all new. You know, like I never did this like when I have sorry using it earlier that time that's why I don't do much, you know, I don't do much this podcast, but whenever I do like I don't talk much. I just mostly listen. It's always nice to do it more often because they'll start getting better at it. True to real life. Also, you know, so when we talk here to keep a like most of the time we are talking to unknown people and and most of the time it's like first time only you meet new people and then you start talking to them and eventually you start building the Curiosity about like you want to know the other person and stuff. So these things happen and these somewhere help us in a real life like it people's that little bit Confidence at the back of your mind that okay, if I could talk on a life pod to someone I didn't know like I can talk to any person. Okay, so it starts giving you a little bit of push in your life. And what I believe is little things matter a lot when you start doing a little little think it builds up and then eventually it gives you you know, the kind of confidence you need so New Year observation is like on good level, you know, you you know how to talk people. What to say and how to you know, explain everything you're really good at it, you know, I think like you are the application who has a huge fan following they always you know, listen to you. They like say something good to you. Like I have heard like the sneem and other people on this application they will they will talk, you know good things about because you have that ability, you know, like you, you know how to how to talk with people how to tackle the situation how to answer that. You know, like if I if I ask you that, you know, like I don't know how to do it. You'll tell me the right exact thing that you should go this way. So we'll find your way. Yeah, well that comes with experience behind like, you know, when you like again coming back to the same thing what I said when you start somewhere you have to start somewhere. I was also a beginner somewhere right even I was scared. Hey Samira he met abhay on I'm sorry. We are for cutting you there answering that but there are people in the comments. So hello everybody. So coming back to Vivian see we have to start somewhere. Okay, grew to you know, we when we start from childhood we start with basic baby steps. Okay, we have to keep that pattern and a life forever. Okay, so there are so many things that are unknown, but if you don't dare to move towards it and try to understand you will never know that okay, and if you if you want to know something just know it through your experience. You will know it even better. You know, you will know it deeply so anything that you want to do just build little courage and start with a very simple stuff. So I started with very simple steps and eventually it I want better at it because I kept doing it. Okay, so I met people net difficult people to talk to the some people who are really open to talk to so both extremes are you know, kind of weird okay to handle but when you want doing or getting into such situations when Keep on pushing yourself in cook difficult situations or such, you know scenarios where you have to get out of your comfort zone. Okay, you have to yourself to do that. Nobody else is going to do because if not, somebody else is going to do its you are going to you know, you're wrong behavior is going to come out but if you do it to yourself like you put yourself into a situation where you find it difficult is your brain will start working in a scenario that it will start giving you a positive. Of things like how do I handle this? Okay, you start the work. So that is what I myself and then eventually I got to hear and podcasting is not my stuff. Okay. This is not my thing. I have never done this in this in my life. Okay. This is my first application and here I started and I started like a beginner like anybody else does if you listen to my very first podcast on this application, I have not hidden. It usually people hide it. I have not because You guys need to understand like, you know, you start raw and then you start getting polished and then you shine so I don't think there's someone who just came and started shining this if there is such a person that I would want to talk to that person because I need that kind of confidence in life. So that is how it is. Okay. So I really appreciate that people have good thoughts for me and everything, but I want them to really see. What I'm doing rather than what I am, you know, like they look at me like okay, she's doing girl but how she is doing so if these things they can start in collocating in themselves. I think it will be easy for them. Also, you know, so they should take Inspire get inspired from you. Huh inspired is a big word fired is a very big word to use we hon. I'm not such a personality. You don't like that, you know, like we don't like that. Conventional we want like to listen, you know something like praising thing. We like, you know, this is very big. I don't deserve it. But you do deserve. Okay, it's not like but you do deserve it. I cannot there are many podcasts like who really are a beginner like you were right once you take advice from you know, yeah it into Monday. They're not here. I think there was this guy his name is Shalom. Okay, here's to move forward because they used to be very few people in his pod. Because but I used to love to go and listen to his podcast. So at beginner level these people are doing good. Okay, sometimes, you know, we have to see and run like even I learn from him he is kind of a motivation to me. Okay, he's a very basic level. He has started he came up to me he started after me but I think motivation from him because he's very precise with his work that I can never be. Okay. I try to you know, I do try to be precise when it comes to my work. But then somehow I miss out on it. So I think you have to keep your eyes open to learning that will build you greatly. So it doesn't matter what you are learning. No knowledge is going to go faced never it's never going to happen. Even if it is not of no use for you right now. It might help you somewhere in your life. So I think if you look at it that way things get easier. So coming back to the topic today. We are let me get talkin about dealing with difficult people. Have you ever faced such a situation where you got and do, you know tell me first like what do you mean by difficult people? Difficult people innocent like, you know, sometimes people get into a rattle or like, you know a fight or they are just into a rotating more they create a scene. Maybe there is someone who's very rigid about their thoughts and you are working in a city in a particular situation where you have to face this person even if you don't want to so I don't know like my mind will not work in order, you know, and in that situation exactly that happens to all of us we on that's going to happen to everybody. Okay II would like to bring to your notice something behind. Okay, huh? There's a comment here. I'm Angie, okay. Mr. Amin has Observed very nice observation interesting DPS both Finney and we hunt facing the nature and turned their back to all of us. I can't explain that but we can say that might be a very nice coincidence. So I'm not really sure if we are are you into nature? First of all? Yes, I am. Yeah, I don't believe you know being lost in nature rather than talking to people and stuff. I do I do I do that, you know more often I do that. Like if I'm feeling like, you know, something's bothering me. I don't go to people I go to places where I feel most alive. This is not coincidental. We hunt things like me. So possibly somewhere it has a connection. It's like, you know, like something's bothering you. If you go to Marine Drive, if you sit there you will feel like you know, yeah, you got the answers of your questions, you know. Yeah, I mean looking at the seam and she is so beautiful. It just gives you a high, you know, it might take away all your stress immediately, like just emptying it down there. So yeah that happens. And I think we Hannah's gonna do you know like yeah that comment like really made my day, you know, like I really want to thank him. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I'm a G. So thank you from behind me. Oh, I think my don't know Konami. We say her or a Samantha G Mera naam. We say we say here Phil how to be safe here. You you have Daniel engineering from Pune, right? No, I'm done it from Belgium, but you are basically one pony know I can probably go like yeah, I used to stay in Boone me for some time. What am I doing for? My study? I was working there, you know when I started so I worked there for two years like I worked two years in Pune and one year and no longer bargain. I have a family mushroom. So I have LinkedIn Mirage Dry. You can say but I was born and brought up in Karnataka. So who named Belgium and Bengaluru sunnis have been my roots. So, you know, that is How It Ends so are you from Pune? Well, no, I'm from Mumbai. Wait. I've been studying here. You know, I've done my graduation. I'm doing my Master's here on here. So you're still doing a master's in economics stuff. Yeah, man, and okay, that's great till what do you mean? I still you know, I remember talking to you sometime back. So I was not really sure if you are in your final years or you're still you know, the start of your course. Oh, yeah. Yeah, it will like signal pin second year of my Master's. I'm Angie is an amazing guy. Okay, he has an observation level which is really high and but you can see clearly so he has been observing and you know, and he writes really well. So he does he does writers are actually very observant people. So coming back coming back again to the same topic. Yeah, I do. Like I don't know what to do. Like if if I'm in that situation. I don't want to do like I do easy things, you know, like, okay, I'll do that. So I will follow like which I never have to write. I don't have to follow which I follow it which is totally you know disturbing but I don't know then I realize, you know after the situation, okay, I should know I should have done this way. It's like I don't know what to do. Like if you have any Solution, please tell me so I will just follow it. I'll try to that is a natural instinct that people lose mine, but I think I believe when we are into difficult situation. There are two things that we need to understand one is patience and one is observed You observe the other person and be patient and breathe because what happens is the other person has lost his mind and you lose your mind and all together. There will be a you know scene of chaos. So you rather just stay there and hold yourself. Don't try to do something to the other person. Like, don't try to explain to the other person first try. Hold yourself back. Keep yourself into a calm situation and understand what he's trying to say, you know best is listening. We miss out on listening when we are into such situations, you know, that the natural impulses like the you start talking. Okay, so which is which gets things worse, so we better wait and listen just try and be patient and understand why the person is actually behaving in this way. Is there any logic behind? The kind of words is ujin or is he upset with something personally and that is why he is behaving this way with me so there could be reasoned so patients take some time and really would okay. I have something to tell you know, like So when to let you know in my graduation, I used to live a better life. So I had a roommate so he was sleeping on couch. Okay, so I pulled his blanket. Okay, so you got angry because he like he he had fight in college and all so he came in like he was lying there and I pulled his blanket in he was you know start abusing me. So I didn't say anything. I was brushing my teeth, so I didn't say anything. Okay, so he stopped talking to me for two three days. I didn't say anything at all. So after three days he came back and he said sorry we are I didn't have to do that. But I was angry and all that so that comes in a when you be patience. You don't do anything wrong actually. Yeah, but this this was your roommate stuff. Okay, so you knew that guy and the other thing is you had to stay with him. So you had no other option. You were like brushing YouTube that situation I would have reacted, you know differently right? I would have reacted differently. I would have started fighting saying the same things. So many stupid I mean bad situations can be avoided if we work on our server rather than we start talking to the other person and you shouldn't have said that thing man. So rather than saying that to someone, you know, many many things. Like I Can't Tell You Why like a personal thing, but you know, like when I was in 12th standard deck plus 2, so one guy came, he started threatening me like you should stay away from that girl. You should not be with her, you know. Like if I see you again, I'll slap you or I will kick your like he's like, you know, like I'll you and all these things happen to me was local guy. So I I got him scared. I should not do this. And also I told her, you know, like you should not be together like if you want. Just give us a break and all these things, so he used to come to my house okay here in Pune used to come to my house, and he used to like call me and like you don't do that again. If I see you again. I have some contacts and all you know, they'll call you. Yeah, dude. I was like in plus 2 in the right. I dunno like how it works right sounds very scary. So but I didn't say anything and all but after 3-4 months he called me. He's like, I'm really sorry. You know, I did I did that to you. I should not like you don't deserve it. And I feel very bad about it. I did it with you. I was like, okay fine like you were in that feeling that's why I did it but like all I'm all I'm asking right now. Don't call me again. Okay, like we were nothing like I don't want you to be my life involved, right? She was like, okay fine. Right. So I think you have such actions can be handled with Simplicity and patience and understanding patient listening most of the times what happens is people whose, you know to that particular situation and That's where it all gets difficult hero healthy patients now. I'm happy to see you too. It's really nice. You guys are the hand. Hagen alright answer something, you know, sometimes silence is the best answer. Yes. Definitely at sometimes eyelids is a best answer, you know, but sometimes what happens is, you know, the other person might just get irritated because you're silent. Also true having a situational again it is all about but you know Vinny like you should do that with known people like if you have a friend if you or someone, you know If you do that with them, like be silent say nothing, you know, he'll get heated. This is okay with that situation. I with that person, but if you are silent with the unknown person, they'll think you know, like okay man, he he is not responding. It's like he got scared and okay. Yeah, okay. Canal G is like who's difficult people here analogy. We have difficult people in our life and every situation it can be a family. It can be a friends. It can be colleagues. It can be unknown strangers where you don't know how to react so yes, okay, there's always two sides of Koinonia and there is always it is always going to be there see most of the situations in our life, you know like to surrender you Not really define whether it's right or wrong at the first instinct. Okay, so it is it needs to be analyzed but we when you are into a particular situation, you really don't analyze the scenario and understand it. Okay, you totally react on impulse and then later on what happens is when you are silent when you are come okay, you you go back to the situation and then you analyze. Okay. What was the person is saying and what did I react and all those things but then it doesn't matter it is just like After Effects and after study, but maybe you can just use the experience later on but I think when you are in that particular situation it is to it is it should be that you know, you should be more aware of the situation and then you should handle it. That's true and everyone has this story, you know in their life everyone has suffered from this thing and this thing is very common in our life. I think this is the most common thing behind like you cannot Define it that it might be You're very high level of problem or something. It can be the most simplest problem. But then the way you react to it might have larger effects like it might just finish the just can happen either just happen anywhere mannequins at your college your office anywhere it can happen anywhere like, you know, I think I will. Bulk story about it. That's really nice. Yeah. It's like either day. Like there was my first day of my class. You dislike in Bachelor. We used to join this business analyst data analyst classes. You know that way. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, so I so yeah. That was my first day. I like I was walking. Okay, and I was entering into the Institute and there was a security guy. He has to check. Really he has ID card. Yes, Jalen and everything. So I was standing there and he was taking my details and other guy came there. I came in that security guy asked like okay, like I told him chop type in a so he was like many members bar gather when a biker named to he came back again. I I said like I didn't have to like, so I said no no like it that ankle, you know, he was drinking tea outside with that guy with without letting you know, so, okay. We got he got angry, you know, you are like It is none of your business. Right like you came here. First study. You should study only right you should not interfere in others matter right excited. So I didn't have like I didn't mean to hurt you and also you're like no no and you started you know, okay school now, I kept silent and I went to the washroom. He came there was like sorry. Okay movie is any will not hear the ticking of Bowl their menu. So it's like, you know, if you say silent you can control situation exactly. The other person will automatically start retaliate. They are when he was nice to me for three four months. Okay, that's really nice. You're like I need like he used to come to me and like till other friends of mine like you. Okay. We are his real nice person. Don't hurt him. Okay, don't say anything wrong to me. Otherwise, I would come and I would scold you know, so you basically had a friend in there just because you are you know, like very very very very very very where I go, you know, I do that I think like that connects people, right? Yeah that connects people. Well people like we talked only once right last time we talked only ones exactly. I think we have I was I was here for a long time. But that was the only time we spoke. I feel like still stiff. Listen how we have that connection just because you know, if you talk something good to someone that person will always remember this person. Is this person that is how we connect to people that is All About Nothing Else Matters, man. It doesn't matter how early you know the kind of connect lat Well, there is this code, you know, I I heard somewhere that if you do the talking you will know the value of talking. Yeah, that is right. And I'd like the other day that you enough for today, I guess because you know, I'm taking so much time of yours. And so people are thinking like man. He told us in the star that you know, he's not good with talking and he's doing talking only really happy you connected we on it's really nice to see you always I'm telling you because when I keep talking snake, okay, she says if he had as someone who doesn't talk to me people much and when you come and you talk here, it really feels good. Trust me. I'm saying that honestly, it really feels good. Yeah, I know I'm to talk to her. You know, like I've been talking to her on emails only. Yeah. Yeah. She told me she told me. It's always nice talking to you. Yeah. Which is not really pleasant. We might kind of miss out on many things because Of such a behavior or something. We might lose relationships. We might lose. Many things not just relationships. But you know, you might lose your own calm. You might lose your health everything. So when it comes to difficult situations and difficult people it's only losing rather than gaining anything. So it is really important for us to deal with that with smartness and rather than controlling the other person moreover controlling ourselves and our own thoughts can help us a lot. Which is difficult at the start, but once you start working on it, you may understand that it's really easy. Okay, so we have our next caller here. And so let's talk to another and then we continue talking about the topic. Hello. Hello. Hi Willie. Hi, how are you? I'm good you I'm good. So You actually I was at Parise part and then this part automatically started. So I said like let's go mind thoughts. Like if you talk if I will talk about me. I really get scared whenever I face any difficulty that message is not difficult kind of people. I prefer better to stay away from all this situation. Yeah, and if it's with any person to whom I you know, I I usually smile to them and I don't even single thing and if if it's with any stranger or if it's with any unknown person then I better stay away. I just I just don't say anything. I just know from them. That's what I do. But yeah, but the I I don't react with rape at the moment, but after that I thought about that thing and I think sometimes goes with the case. Also, this is what happens with me whenever I visit people kind of situation. So I better try to stay away from all this stuff. So that's why I better don't try to socialize with people in real life. I just I just always For to stay it home and stay alone. Yeah, but avoiding is not the answer Anna energy. See you have see there are situations where you have to socialize with people because we live we live in a world where continuously we are talking to people. We are facing situations like the teddy has commented here. Okay where he says I feel person and situations are variable. Okay, it's our approach towards that which it Makes difficult or easy which is very true. Like there are situations. Okay, there are situations. They're difficult situation. Sometimes people are difficult to understand like no matter what you say to them. They don't listen they are stubborn. They are rigid or maybe that particular situation which they are in their behavior, you know makes it so but what Is changeable or what is effective is a severe like, you know our own thoughts our own mind how we manage it and how we try to get and handle the situation. It is totally dependent on us, isn't it? So like other Teddy said like, you know people and situations are variable like these situations keep changing. You cannot apply the same set of rules on every other person and every other situation. Okay, your approach has to change. The situation but there are few things that remain constant like your Maya has come for me for me what happens, you know, I feel any difficult situation or difficult people. I just get blank and I'm not sure what to do. I'm blank and evening. That's what happened when See going blank is natural like it happens to a lot of people even I go blank at times. Okay, I go blank and then I don't know what to say. But some towels somehow that works in my favor whenever I go blank. I just take wired. Okay and staying going to so, you know, it looks like I have just accepted the situation then the other person automatically comes down. I also I also do that. I just I don't think so. I had ever replied anyone in And you kind of argument ever if I faced with any unknown situation and sometimes you do have to reply on Angie you have to there are some situation where you have two hands because start but what happened with me when I am in an argument or when I am in a such kind of situation. I just don't know what to do. I just get scared. Yeah, when I go blank, I remember my parents house on this G. That's an amazing thing, but I don't know when I go blank. I don't understand anything. I don't think of anything so. You are on the third number when I'm gonna take you very soon like a few minutes a few minutes. Yonder so I just get blind don't know what to do. Yeah, but after that thing that things are really in like have a deep impact on me every time that whenever something happened I just think a lot about that thing whatever happened and then sometimes I even get depressed because of something this is what happens. I think you don't You should never let situation overpower your brain. You never do that because it's always nice to take experience and learn from that situation rather than just let that entire situation sit on your head and you know become a big weight on your green. Okay, don't let that ever happen Okay, so I'll get more water is my number and get Kumar you are next and then there is a week. So you guys are there just three people on all right, so coming back to on and see whenever a situation It arises. Okay. What happens is you know, you know, we stay calm most of the time left. Sometimes that doesn't help. Like I was just talking to vihan about it when you stay calm the other person might just get irritated at times like the people who you know, I'm not talking about the Unknown People. Okay, so a times so you cannot even judge the person for behaving in a certain way. Okay. So I think when you start reflecting yourself with very, you know with a very dignified manner like you try to talk Respectfully to the other person no matter how badly that person is talking that particular situation, it automatically changes their perspective. Okay, and try and understand like why this person is behaving such a way like them be some reason like we hung Give an example, you know that this person this roommate of his had a fight and he was home and he was sleeping and this guy just pulled his blanket. So he got a retreated that person was already irritated and you know some behavior of his triggered that kind of behavior in him, so Times such situations that I rise. Okay. So in such times understanding it dealing it with Asian only can help but don't let that affect you in such a way that you get depressed about it. So I was listening we on and it was a really great the we had we had a really great examples. Actually, this is what I love about open talk--i. You can just sit enough. Take son and you can listen discussion and then you can put some points in your mind. Then you can come and call and and you can come with your thoughts also. So yeah, it's I feel and I was listening the conversation you and we have in it was big and he had been really great examples how to deal with situations. Yeah, right. He is very good at that I have and I was like So algorithms. I also better prefer to you know going now place where no one is there to sit and when people are not around I also like that thing, you know, like he was talking about nature. I think nature can be the best answer in every situation for me. Also, I what happened with me when I when I am in a place where I can say myself silently and then I some positiveness coming come inside me. Exactly. Yeah. Okay, that's really great. Nice talking on Angie, and I have a few callers waiting in line. Yeah, I just feel so so, so I'll let you go and take the next call us. Thank you for connecting with us. Take Y and give us your valuable suggestions. Thank you. Thank you. Thanks for joining. Thank you. Thank you and have a great day. Ok guys. So that was Annan and some examples like you guys can talk about. Real life examples in situations where you are, you do face difficult situations and difficult people. Okay, it's really important to manage because we deal with a lot of people in our day-to-day lives and our life and a day depends mostly on how what kind of people we are meeting in a day because it directly impacts our thoughts. So like on and said he thought sometimes Analyzes, the situations and gets depressed. So dealing with such situations is important, but don't let these situations create such an impact on your mind that it hampers your health or your mind rather than just the particular time. Okay, if you know if certain behavior of a person just spoils that particular time or moment, it's okay, but it shouldn't spoil your peace of mind. Okay, it should not affect you too. Such an extent that it takes away your peace of mind. No don't give any situation or a person such a power that they start playing with your brain. Don't do that. Okay. So let's take a few other colors in here and a week. You are next in sometime. Okay, so let me just talk to him Keith and then I'll get back to you. Hi, Uncle - thank you. Hello. Yeah. Hello. Hi Uncle. How are you? Yes, you are. Yeah, I'm fine. Yes, so really actually I have a question and after then I want to go for your topic. Okay. You have a question. Yes, please. Yeah, actually I want to create my own podcast with my friend, but I don't know how to operate this apps. So please help me OK its really simple when you open the application, okay. You have few options that home the search this one plus sign where you when you click on that. Okay, you can create a request. Okay, there is First Option create a request. When you create request you search for your friend's name and you write the topic and you send the request. Okay, so that way you can schedule a call and you guys can start or you can just go solo like I do the even you click on go solo. You click path to choose your language choose your topic. Click and go live if you want to go at that particular moment, or if you want to wait and go on a different time. You can just schedule it. Just check out the options in that particular section. You will get all the idea about it. Is that is that clear? Thanks. Yeah. Yeah, so you can do that. Yeah, I know difficult situation, but I don't know. I figured people so what is the difference definition of difficult people is in the wrong people know it may not be wrong people. There are some people see people have different behaviors different people have different behaviors. Some have a different attitude. Sometimes have a different way of speaking like, you know, not everybody will speak to you politely. They might they might be some people who may not speak to you politely or there might be people who are really rude. They might be some people who ever have a bad attitude towards other people. They don't treat people well, or they might just bully you so you might find such people in life. Okay, you know and sometimes you have to deal with them. Like you have to when I stress on this word, you have to like you have no option you have to deal with such people. Okay, even if you don't want to okay against your will you have to just work with such people you might have difficult colleagues, which whom you don't like? Okay, so you might it's not it's not a personal thing that you don't. But some people's behaviors are such that it creates an unpleasant atmosphere around so such people. How do you deal with them? You just have to be patient with the people. You can ignore just try and ignore. Okay try to understand like you might have a manager who's really weird and you have no option. You have to meet them every day. You have to you know, talk to that person. You have to present your work to that person and that person is difficult to handle. Okay, but behind that face, there are so many others things that matter like maybe that person is not really happy in his real life or he has some stress. He he has some problem so you cannot analyze all that thing. You cannot go and study all those things. But what you can do is you can study yourself and what difference does it make when Apple when this person is right in front of you because some people impact Us in such a way that it it hampers our productivity. Okay. So what do you do in such situations? You don't let that person impact you to such a level. So you start working on yourself? Okay, so that is what I speak about when I talk about difficult people. Okay you face like it's very natural. Look even world is full of different people. We Face different kind of people anywhere in our life. So all we can do is start working on herself and react in that way to that person. But this is my personal opinion. Hello. Yes. Hello. We have this is my brother. Yeah, I'm a devil. Yes, you are. Yeah. Yeah, so I don't want to discuss any type of this type of difficult people. Okay, because I think if you want to discuss this type of difficult people, then you don't find any type of you can say right conclusion example, I think You will have to ignore and you'll have to deal with such a presence and how you can convince with your you can say actually actually I have no idea of a sedative difficult people but I don't want to discuss with an anything. Okay, this is all right. All right. All right. All right. Thank you. That was great talking. Thank you. I have a few reading so good. Yeah take my next college. Okay. Thank you. Good day. Yeah, okay, so that wasn't good guys. It says that you don't you cannot deal with such people. What you do is you ignore you deal with patients and handle the situation here we call you. Hello. arvind hello guys on my audible. Just put that. Hello. Hello. Hello, can you hear me? Okay, okay. Okay. Yes second with yeah. How are you saying, please? Yeah, I'm doing right. Well and you yeah, I'm doing good. I'm doing good. Okay. Are you the same? I had done a pot with or are you not? Yeah. Hello. I'm hearing my own voice on voice just called callback callback connect back to me. Okay, okay. Okay, so getting back to what we were talking guys. Okay. First thing is handling such situations is important first, listen, listen and understand what the person is saying because half the time we are so much into talking that we don't want to listen to the other person things get difficult with this. Okay. So no progress can actually happen if you're not listening. Okay. Secondly when you are in such a situation it is very very possible. It's possible. Suppose that you lose your come. Okay, and when both people lose the account there is no discussion that happens. Okay, the situation gets bad to worse rather. We stay calm in such situation and understand why the person is behaving in such a way. Okay and concentrate on do not concentrate on the words that the person is saying concentrate on the motive, like what he's trying to put up to you. Okay, let's not judge the other person, you know. It can be the people can be having difficult situations at that particular time. Okay, let's not judge. Let's understand. And move ahead. So that's mr. Perfect in here. Mr. Perfect Hi, how are you? He's Sean. Hi Whitney. How are you? I'm our table to you. Yes, you are. Okay, you know what when I just open this application all the time, like I think four or five times I just came in this life and like someone was talking and I thought in this time like this time. Also I have to wait for few minutes, but I got I think I'm fortunate because just after even in a minute I got connected. I think that's the first time it. With you isn't it because you usually waiting in line after 10 people exactly. Yeah, and you know, especially in your podcast if I talk about some other, you know, there might be some chances that I don't usually send the request. But yeah in the in your podcast, I think something went wrong seriously. Okay. Well, you know what? I'll tell you why that is happening. Okay application has recently started. Today we don't have much collars as such there are there are less listeners. There are less all it's going to take at least a 10 to 15 days time for the same crowd and the same kind of traffic to come back. So until then you must to will be corrected whenever you call. I really find this situation funny because he every time you said that to me, okay, whenever you call, you know, your first question is how many people are there waiting in line you put that I think this is the time you can you know these days at least at least yeah still of we can expect connected as possible. Exactly. At least I can I can expect for next I guess one week. I'd not used to feeling that that problem. Yep. You can absolutely there's no there's no worry about getting connected these days so you can get connected at a week after a week. Maybe once people start getting to know that opendoc has started, you know, the crowd will increase like this. For and then things will you know get a little bit difficult to get connected on? Yeah, but for now it's but you know, it's still I appreciate the braveness of some of the people who had started their podcasts life. But you know right now you are the only one who is doing life and I thought I don't have any other jobs like I don't have any other option even so why don't I go here and yeah, I just want to point a race that point before this. and I came in this podcast I heard how to like when you were explaining how to deal with people who is who is not reacting to you in a proper way be calm and try to understand that people I read this I literally you know got so amazed after laughter you know having that opinion that way of would explain it that explanation even I have mentioned that I really like that most yeah exactly I think you know what does it a relation what we do is like we all it comes to such situations okay we want to put a point ahead you know when the other person is talking like you want to question the person the other person wants to question so these this is the kind of situation like we don't think why as to why this particular situation has rised or why this particular argument is happening people are more into proving their own points so rather than that we start you know taking a little bit chill about the Staying calm and understanding. Okay, is it is this really necessary getting into a spat. So when people start doing things consciously, I think it will start happening on a better level rather than just people are doing things just unconsciously. They just doing it for the sake of doing it. Okay, there's ego problems and the Sun that but when you actually think of it, is it really necessary. Then you start yeah weird in such a way the you start being patient and you start being calm and then okay, let's play Let's see what so when you start developing that kind of an attitude. I think that's true and you know, the the point that has been made by that person. I don't know his roommate. He was talking about his, you know, you won't believe me. I can really relate to that thing as that thing happened to me as well like it usually happens with a seriously with my roommate only but what I did was something else and it was nothing but yeah I even started initiating my eyes even started contributing myself in that you know in that discussion it was not a decision actually we started arguing on some silly things you know so silly we that is basically related to jealousy and all and whenever whenever someone sees you know these kind of things that you have already filed off so you know you find a kind of attachment to that towards that particular thing and I was really listening carefully to those words whatever which was going yeah these situations are relatable in everybody's life zeeshan see it's very natural you know if you have had a hostile life or if you have had college life where you had to share rooms with a purse Like some things are basic they are the same with most of the people the people are different but situations that are almost same. Okay, but yeah the way people deal with it are different. So that's how we you get all interesting facts to understand like I have never had a chance to share a room or stay with roommates. So I am really unaware of the fact that you know, what kind of yeah, it's um, yeah, you know, but when we come to here, like when we come to hear these kind of thing, we somehow, you know, we somehow gets able to think what what other situation what would have been the situation at the time as you said you have these experiences I'd say like for you it might be a bit hard, but I think you may definitely relate it if you'll try to I guess as you're already I have I have I can relate to siblings like you when I when I talked about the situation okay what you're talking about like I have heard a lot of cousins coming down and then we have had situations like you cannot even say things to them because they are your relatives okay and he doesn't express your anger or you cannot even make them understand like they're doing something wrong but you cannot tell them that they are doing wrong they can is exactly this Taken to be rude like, you know in in our houses mostly in normal in my family. At least I did they go they go Baba is a big thing. Okay. So if you yeah, it's coming down from a different city to your home. You have to be the Best Host that's possible. But if the person is difficult take it up certain situation, but at times there is a melting point for every person. Okay, so you might just lose your mind at situation. Yes, but then what I do is I the person in my brain, you know, like seriously, this is really true. We try to tolerate things at you know, as as more as we can but still the things Keeps Us keeps us in our mind and they always try to irritate ourselves but we are we got some knowledge we have our brain so we know how to use it and especially when it comes to deal with Kind of situation where you have to lead up with your sibling you have to deal with your classmate and they are both they are those to whom you even can't ignore you have to spend time with them. Seriously. Yeah, and also that hasn't that happened to me when it comes to my cousins and everything now see now it's all okay, like, you know, we are all so much into our own lives, but there are situations when we are in the growing years and you know, we have to deal with people like people can be real. Really difficult at times. So Dee, that's true and I could be family members. They could be teachers they could be colleagues. Like when we are working into a certain organization that could be things were so much difficult like you both want to look at them. But you have an option you have to do with them. Yeah, you have to it's only you can work on your own mind as to how to handle this particular situation with a very positive approach rather than cry. Water it and getting depressed about it. Yeah, you know crying I personally feel crying is not the solution. I can take any option but not crying. Seriously if the raw situation the rows option I can take but not trying this is what I feel and you know what before like at the starting day is over here. I used to have the I used to have the answers. I used to expect on source of the question which are basically basically related to this concern like how to deal with Divya like dealing With difficult people or if you are facing some problem with a particular person, how can you deal with that person? What would be the ways to expel all the things out from your life that is really bothering you a lot. But by the times I got to know really people are even suggesting the same thing that somehow I have thought of so I'm not going to get something. It's like something really really amazing except some of the very basic things and ignorance. The most effective way I can say and be silent become I have. Yeah, I have come to know some of the things seriously and that's great. See, I always say okay. I always say this and I'm going to see it again. Not everybody deserves your attention or not. Everybody deserves your reaction. Okay, so you have to decide whether the person right there or this particular situation deserves your intervention. Like do you really have to do it? So if you don't just don't do it just stay away and you know maximum can be avoided okay, but then if there is such a situation but it cannot be avoided do your part but do it with a class just do it with respect like even if you have to you know participate in that particular argument you have to contribute in that particular argument just seeing your calm the way you talk watch your words what words you're using like you might you might just get a beauty hello Hello. Yeah, I don't know why but The Voice automatically got stop now its OK OK see the that is what I'm saying. Like when you are into an argument if the person other person might just get abusive or if that situation might just get out of your hands. You don't panic don't speak the language of the other person speak your language because just because someone is talking to you in such a way that it doesn't matter. It doesn't mean that you have to respond to that person and that Particular way you can respond to the person with what you are just say you ought to just be yourself when you're talking. Okay. What no words can you don't have to be abuser use the right words and maximum can be avoided with such things. Okay. So if you are talking, you know, the use of words that you're doing might just change the mind of the person. Okay, if you do exactly Polly that person might just wonder okay. Am I really overreacting to this person? That person might just get into guilt. Okay, so it can be reversed but yes, there are times when it cannot be reversed at all then. Okay, then what what do you do? Okay. Yeah and 90% of the time you can try to change it V UAV really can try to keep the things under under limited under something which will not create any problem. But you know, sometimes what happened I really want to know your point. Beyond this concern like a number of time what we do we are really mature enough to handle the things really and we know how to deal with things but sometime what happened we know that person is wrong and being of a human being of like we are just showing our generosity I can say that we are not saying anything to that person but in the in the you know expectation that someday at some time he or she will get to know. No that like they are wrong not be but sometimes what happens, you know, if you keep to like tolerating the things things get more wrong and they they never you know, they never look back to you. They never say that no, I'm the one who is the real culprit in it. And I should be I should be ashamed and all day keeps the harming you the eaves of the decorating your life and all so what to do with those kind of people as they already got a job. glad to see Shawn such people are toxic what do you do is see again if you're trying to make them understand and they don't want to understand like some people just build walls in their heads okay they don't want anything to in their brain such situations you cannot use your only your actions speak you know you you start limiting yourself because when you cannot change the thought process of the person but it is hampering your peace of mind then you wish Building a little bit of distance from that person because you cannot relate a person hand for you. Okay, that's true. Then it's okay because it's situational you just stay that person talk in person for that particular time and then you get back to your life. But if that person's behavior is so much into your life. It impacts everything that you do and it starts impacting you negatively. Okay, then you have Have to start building distance or easy. All you can do is try your hands on first like you just try and explain to the person. Okay, try and make that person understand with the right word. Okay use your right words. If you are emotionally connected to that person, maybe you you know talk in such a way that the person understands or if you can just explain it to that person. That is another story or right-wing. What do you expect from that person in your behaviors like if you expected Person that person could be in a particular way behave in a particular way is you start behaving in that way so that the person looks at you one understands. Okay, the yeah, that's true. But if RI, you know, of course responsibility should be to to come to you know, just to try to things in the limit and then after that we know how to deal and it was you know, the explanation that you have given on this concern particularly is really good. We should be you know, we must make a distance from that toxic people. They know how to how to deal with you. You know, they always try to make you feeling bad. They always try to pull your leg down and how you know a number of things happen, but there are certain ways that can be that can be used to overcome overcome of this problem. And you really have yeah. Yeah, you either don't let that thing affecting just get a laminated keep your thoughts. So strong that you don't we let those things effective one. But if you think that is affecting her so much then start building distance creating distance that yeah, that's right. Okay, so there has to be some work from your side rather than expect the other person to always change. I think sometimes we can change the situation and I believe yeah, I don't know about the others but I will leave on a personal level we can avoid situations or a word people by changing our serve like we Create few changes in our life, which can help us deal with such situations. So if you think that is keep distance simple. I think I have got down so soft my questions as well as I have talked to you so much. So are you having any call request? Yeah, I did have a few work now. They don't seem to be visible. You know, like there are some comments which are really really amazing social distancing and all how do they relate these things with the talk going on? This is really amazing, you know, so, you know, I'll say it Kunal particularly. Why don't Send your request man. I really can't talk in as you because you have got your own passion and not you talk very sweetly man. Sees what today is today. Yeah, I guess yeah at the morning time. I will you know, literally believe me. I was not expecting that the live will go in that way but somehow it went good as I tried something new, you know at the initial like at the beginning I started playing music. I just wanted to have the experience. How does it feel as I was like, I was thinking to listen some songs. I thought why don't I let other people also listen, this will automatically at the same time try to enhance or try to increase the number of listeners and I somehow did it for one hour and few minutes. That's great. Yeah. This was my first part and I think rarely I will come I will give on through other people I'll go in their podcast because now I know all the people aprox who are here some of the people who will be new who may be new I'll be having the conversation with them as well in my own podcast but it's really nice to talk with person to whom I already know in their in their own podcast like you yeah you can for a long time at Easter week we just had a break in the design time that you worked you were on a break I really can't forget those chats of Grove seriously and II unfortunately I would say unfortunately or fortunately I don't know what was that but I had to take a break and I guess I did it good on I think I just did good because to be very honest I don't know why I don't Feel that much of interest when I use cast box, although we have got certain more features, but you know the privacy or I feel more secure on this application and we have exactly and this is the thing. Somehow I think that even that helps people like we will come back to me and say I was listening to that pod, which is even not related to any topic previously. They were gossips. They were not talk I'd say they were gossips really and you all are really amazing in both of them talking productive things as well as gossiping some of the tank so I used to listen them all and most of the time are you most of the time I used to listen. and I you know right now if I talk about now I have uninstalled cast Fork but again being posed by one of my friend that please come on cast out because over here we have got an apolog we have got an option to connect a number of collar the same time but yeah it really seems to be so that happens a lot Jericho knowledge is real yeah go ahead going sorry sorry sorry sorry another thing is facing difficult people is like we have trollers on you remember yeah the comment section you know and it was really funny to deal with those people because they were a kind of spicy thing in our talk they were keep yeah so that is a very good thing I guess but now I think yeah just laugh it out and finish it off let's not exactly let it affect you in such a serious way that you become sad the other person becomes sad the entire environment becomes sad yeah that's true sometime you know things happens like we wanna we wanna ignore the thing but we even are forced like we even are bounded to answer that person but like think situation are like that we have to deal with those kind of circumstances where we need where we found being silent is much effective than speaking of words exactly yeah that is true totally I think of the times we silent helps a lot because for people like me because I'd expect yeah I love the this observed this thing although I used to listen you before this open-top logged on as well but Now I gotta know the things in a different way that it's really good to be a talkative person because in like when we have a profession and we are really good at that profession. So why should we be not letting us letting our you know Wings open in that particular thing? We should be giving a hundred person like you are doing for me. It is like it is totally situational when you want to be serious. Just be serious when you want to be funny, too. Is he funny? Okay for someone who asked you to be fun? Okay, so when you know, it's called living so great talking to you. I have a few callers waiting now. Yeah for sure. You may take those. On the call came here to see me after a long time. You wanna talk with you such a long time for such a long time long time right? So, thank you. Have a good day. Same here and have a great day to you as well. See you later. hi Jack Sparrow hi hi hello hi ma'am how are you I'm good how are you yeah I'm with you so I just join this call and I see some comments or so so many men on which topic are you talking about we are talking about dealing with difficult people and difficult situation is so difficult be practical situations all right so I think it's good scoot open where you calling from the first time you have connected to me yes it's first time I connected to you and I'm calling from Punjab Punjab nice talking yeah so that's that's the topic so what would you like to do you have any ideas or do you have any experiences where you had to deal with difficult people and how have you managed it or what is he the most difficult part that you feel when it comes to dealing with such people yeah I'm so that's why I've seen the a lot of people who gives you an activity okay once you are going to do something which is it in says to do right so the computer and they say okay this is something which is not good for you mean maybe someday if you like connectivity salts right and they will do something else which is like which is which is so you are not you are not able to compute ask okay so they give you some ideas which is badly for you that will note that we note good to your Google I have seen my friend also if I'm going to do something right so they even they give me a day ideas some they are good the good give goodbye yes and some they have is giving okay you are just waiting wasting your time you don't have to do these things it is not good for you and if I say about other things so you can ask me questions so I can I can I can I can give you a bad situation where can you yeah yeah so my question is how do you deal with difficult people in your life the people who pull you down how do you deal with such people in such situation how do you avoid being rude or not avoid getting into arguments with people yes so what I need to mark that that we are saying what I have ideas faced difficult people and how I avoid that so what I do so what I do whenever I face that people are like giving you an active thought and get pushing into a wrong side so I just try to I just give them my positive attitude first of all I gave them the positive reasons why I'm doing these things okay dancing like it is not good okay so I just calculate or you can say I just gave them how is it good for me it doesn't matter there is that is good for you or not it is good for me that's better for me okay I have this lot of people for examples I am I am teaching students all right so I'm teaching students nowadays well some people say it's not good for you you obviously time you just have to concentrate on your job so why are you doing this so I'm saying that it is good for them first of all it's still it's a lockdown right so it is good for them so it is good for them because they are not going to school today that they are just my neighbors are cousins no Outsider so it will it will help them to study better write it helped them to understand easily in further study right so somewhere I am also improving my skills somewhere I'm teaching them so somewhere I am also Improvement skills. So that that act of people have seen that that they will push you back. Yes, he is. I'm sorry. I didn't. you what you said see when you are clear about the motive you know what you're doing it is easier to deal with such situation yes yes yes absolutely right when you are unaware of the reason as to why unpleasant situation has rised rised or why that person is behaving in such a way then it gets different it now you're clear on your thoughts you know what things is what what is happening it is more easier to believe with it yes yes we substitute we write it in more detail it is more easier if you are like you are confident that you are doing good things okay then the you don't have to divert your mind so that is good for you yeah it's more like channelizing each analyze your into a better thing rather than riding on this negative aspect yes ma'am yes m 2 at length so keep it till you could you give me a sum he was like some motivation sings can you tell me about something like what do you want actually I just want to know if I'm going to do something right right and somebody told me that it's not good so what what's your opinion on that when you know you listening to people see taking advisors is one thing hmm agreeing to people as one of them otherwise take advice from yes you feel right okay because even you believe somebody's telling you something in here you just do it you are going to do it unwillingly because your heart knows what you want to do so it's always nice is right for you and what you can do If you want you're doing whatever you're doing is right just do it. People are eventually going to talk in any situation. If you are going to go to if you're tweeting bad because they are not in your situation you are in that place. You know, what according to what we are going to achieve or what you are not going to face. Yes. Yes, I understand. Yes, ma'am. We are absolutely line. So it means we just have to you know, Justin has helped you understand but finally do what you feel is right and yes ma'am responsibility because you know, but he that is your decision and you have taken that recipe. I heard that you are you chose to do that thing so you have to achieve it yes yes you are absolutely right slamming animal so I'm doing the same thing that you are taught about so that's good man yeah so ma'am it's it's good my makes it's nice to talk to you also thank you so much ma'am to conversation so we have been talking about dealing with difficult people difficult situations but I think guess is dealing with difficult people is more difficult than dealing with difficult situations absolutely but the SE people differ because people have different behaviors so you you cannot expect everyone to be sweet to you thank you entire team open Talk FM and you protect ya Rohit Rohit congratulations the application has started and you can start working on it so coming back to the topic like what prep the gear was saying okay okay we have another caller here let's talk hello hello okay the application is back but the network problem is still there okay when you connect to a person on a call you know the same thing happens again it shows connecting for a long time and it gets difficult to connect okay so coming back to the topic like situations will change people will change you know now people with certain Behavior cannot be change you cannot change the behavior of a person but then you can change your approach towards that person or your thoughts towards that particular situation which has been created by that difficult person so for an example I can give an example About the trolling that happens here. Okay, there might be people who come and talk unpleasant things in your comment section. They might want to say unpleasant things to you, but you can ignore to a certain level but after a certain level you have to take an action. Okay, so you can alter that situation by the way, you behave okay, by the way you respond to it. Okay coming back to another caller here. hello hello hello hello guys Emma Audible hello he asks any hi hello when a good deal good evening inaudible yes you are audible how are you hello hello yes how are you hello hi Honey hi hello your voice is not ugly can you hear me hello yes yes yes I can hear you can you go hello yes hasini I can hear you hello Renee guys am I audible just give me a yes or no in the section yeah hello you both are audible okay hasini can you hear me now maybe it's some Network problem from her side because I can hear her clearly she's not able to hear me hello hey girl can you hear me hello hi Husband Ian can you hear me okay somehow I think she has a network problem and that is why it is difficult for her to talk okay so let's conclude to today's session guys every person is different and is going to behave according to their understanding of you okay but what we can do is we can handle the situation by responding in the right way listen to what the person is saying be patient become okay understand what situation that person is into and accordingly talk and when you talk watch your words which is very important okay hello hello honey can you hear me now okay no matter how difficult a personal no matter how stubborn how is how what kind of an attitude that person carries it all depends on us on whether we want to deal with that person or not and if you really have any other option rather than talking to that person just make sure you stay calm and not let that person hamper your clever my audible Vinny we're not giving you your voice inaudible to me you're clearly audible Trello hello Anthony I'm not able to hear you but my question is how to talk with strangers in offline when we made some unknown persons I feel so nervous to talk with them so how to deal with them and even how to deal with ego questions is it good to talk with them or not so you can talk to people talking with people is not a problem the per if the person is egoistic that is that person's personal Behavior okay now let me introduce myself my name is Cassidy I am from Hyderabad and I came here to improve my communication skills as well as to discussion topics nice talking has any welcome first of all talking about how to spark a conversation with the person see it is very simple you you start with a simple hi hello and you know these are the basic words that you use now the thing is don't go with the mindset to talk to a person don't create a mindset in your you know don't create a perception that okay this person might be this way or that way just because the spontaneous when put when you talk to a person don't expect that person to be really good or bad with you don't create you know a perception in your mind don't expect it just just to be spontaneous and start talking okay because we usually do do this thing that we create a perception in our mind like you know we are afraid of the person is going to judge or you know think in a certain way about us that creates that creates complications in our mind okay so rather let's keep things really simple just if you want to talk to a person just talk understudy about psych welcome welcome welcome and pretty good sometimes you can handle difficult situation being politely I think most of the time we can handle it being politely but again as any am I audible to you ask me am I Audible hello okay somehow I feel the is some Network problem that she is not able to hear us but I would like to have a podcast with you study about psych please connect please give me a call let's talk about it how can you please connect back to me again if it's possible okay we are going to short of time and the network is running really bad phonology please connect and talk on the topic hello hello welcome okay so the topic is going dealing with difficult people yeah okay I have a question okay What what is difficult difficult something which we are not interested in? Let's say the sum of maths. Okay, if I'm interested then it becomes interesting. It's difficult when I'm not interested Faith then it hardly matters if I'm not interested in something see I go I opted Commerce because I am not interested in math because I found it difficult though same way. I feel like A people as well if I'm interested then they become interesting with their difficult so difficult. that doesn't look at it yeah the cannulate please enlighten me in this town this something okay whether I'm wrong or what should I may approach should be changed or with I go with the same approach might be people who you might not be interested in but you have to deal with them the question is why yeah why like they are situations like for an instance you have a colleague okay you don't find that that person possesses possesses certain Behavior okay which is which is not really Pleasant you might not like it okay but you have to be able to have to look at this person every day you have to talk to this person every day you have to work with this person every day but you have no interest in understanding why fussing is as such but he's my colleague I have certain interests like he can make my work easy he can make help me in my huh if he is my he or she is likely then he can he or she can solve any problems he can give me some suggestions to that was me too deep interest in that yeah now now let's clearance it's just a video torch hissing then please compare again so what I want to say is so whether or not that person is Pleasant on okay just they can trust and understand that first okay but now at last we need to find some interest kind of Interest then only we can solve that issue a that way okay but this is interesting for me now okay so many people humidity in your everyday if you because I spoke about my cousin sometime back okay you know that person okay so you don't like a certain person in your family maybe your relative or someone but you have to deal with that person for a certain period of time that person is staying at your home you have to be a good host that person is getting okay in such a situation what do you what what how do you deal with it you you think that person is my relative and I have to deal with this person and let's let's push it away like so that when that starch hampering your peace of mind how do you deal with that okay okay now you got I have to see what the different angle maybe it's not only about the interest it's all about it's something about responsibilities as well exactly okay so sometimes even if there is no interest and no responsibility but still you have to be able to work there is no connection like you are walking on the road there's someone being really irritative okay but you have no option then you just get into a clash with someone for no reason sometimes it is very situational it is just happens by chance that time you cannot think of it as a responsibility or an interest that time you just have to think for that person as a person or is it really necessary for me to respond to this portion of this particular moment yeah this is how I think you might think it's a kind of situation read exactly situational but some people are only difficult I cannot explain this but some people have difficult behaviors okay I'm sure you have come across people in your life who are like no matter what you do they are very rigid with their behaviors no matter how good you behave with them no matter how polite Leo talk to them no matter with what kind of patients who want to deal with them that person does not want to change like right there is this person has kind of rigidity but I have to be with this person you have no option and such times how do you manage okay I will for me I I always had my priorities because although my priorities if the person falls in their priorities I'll show you take step if not then I love to walk away I think basically you cannot put everybody in priorities at the SEC sometimes like you I emotionally connected to some people you can put them in your purse you have to deal with them every day you can put them into priorities but there are times where you don't know people they are unknown but you have to deal with them for that particular okay okay okay so how to deal with that can you please I don't know I see I usually apply for rules it's like be patient just listen Okay and understand these three three things and the fourth one is ignored like what is unpleasant just ignore him so that is how I deal okay this is the best way we should know when to step in when to step out if you know this then the problem will solve otherwise you will messed up with your thing just hit you in the brain for that I think they come to think of it in the next moment you might just wonder it was not necessary you know could take it on my mind like that person just said it does not mean that if that person was saying something doesn't mean that something's gonna happen or if a person has used me in such a way or you said something about me doesn't mean I am that way so that you realize only when you are come but if you are in that situation and that particular moment it is affecting you already that is actually the main thing that I was trying to find out good idea they have been suggestions in things how they have worked out but I like this angle of yours like just rotting interest the difficult thing will become like something beautiful challenge for you Roadies task kind of put yourself in that I'm in a task then you'll enjoy that that understanding see it's very simple you have to keep pushing yourself into difficult situations unless and until you push yourself into difficult situation you won't know what you are capable of so that can be possible but we should be careful because what happens is sometimes you believe in wives if you put yourself always into the negative and difficult people kind of wives they will Master with your life that's what I'm seeing trying to seek you need to figure it out key where I have to step in that what I mean where the priorities okay if I walk into a road if I for myself in a certain situation then I should first try to analyze it should I speak here should I not I'm wondering if you don't have the time to analyze I don't like the truck is truck is coming in front of me to hit me so I know that they're I can't do anything so such a situation when you have come - absolute zero whenever you're thinking know you can solve it but you just lined up into a situation where you don't get the time to think about it oh my God through apis Andre the wobbly G by Sir we are behind job also able row should just try to avoid that situation and listen until he/she is matters to you yeah I think yeah some situations you do have to do that surrender exactly once you will be silent to do several people will get the geography so cute koala so anyway you're very welcome back thank you good to see you coming with such a great topics that's nice I'm really happy to do this this is the thing that I have like doing them do you think cuddle analysis exactly is he I have missed his meeting please let me know no there's no collar okay I have missed opendoc like I have missed it because I stumbled very it was very what do I say unexpected for me to be here but now when I started being here it was different and then suddenly this application stopped and I started missing it but now I feel good so yeah it feels good I hope the old man he's back now I don't know everybody's like what's wrong with you well team multi-dimensional personality is always good you need to rest of life and that is something which people can learn from you I'm learning myself process to making someone learn then you can learn from that person as well old Winnie is back yes on Angie and became is some nice to see you man personally I'm finding very difficult to talk to you right now personally I don't know I don't know because you're used to talking to the other other dimension of me now and then it gets difficult for you to talk to be this way exactly that's the beauty of yours that you know you eventually get used to talking to both like see the Desi if I remember you know before when I was on open talk like when you used to come here to talk I'm used to be see we used to talk to me really you know used to talk very different to me that is the process how the difficulty level is achieved once you start doing someone exactly other periodic cost becomes the Box before they come welcome sir welcome back were you there I'm Angie political podcast pray with I have seen there is praising the singers he was there at the start for some time and then he went prevent please come on call like let's start with Vinny's podcast your golden words exactly I would love to have you on call no no I think you can see we just have 10 minutes left so you can just say this is not cast boxer yard line beryllium Beauty especially on the Viennese he's podcast after that is Gonna Change again that happened to me and starting job with Optima soon Toretto I was like okay now you get a chance now you get a chance but I was like UK muscular Muscular because there are you have a spark in you people want to talk to you that's good sign now you can like exactly deal with difficult people this is something which people can learn from you the rather than discussing on this please can you conclude this key how you deal with difficult people what is your thought process I don't want to listen to people I think that is the only way I deal with people. I have a curiosity to understand what the other one is saying. So I just want to know okay, so when they cannot express themselves, what I have understood is not able to put his thoughts into his work and to the right words and make the other person understand that when the person starts getting difficult. if I have to tell you something and I'm not understanding how I express it so I might use every possible way to make you understand and that is when you will start Finding Me difficulty then I gotta okay that is where the situation gets difficult but if you are listening carefully to me you will know she's trying to say something you will try to analyze and if you start helping me in that process like he okay then the person will start getting into a comfort zone and slowly slowly coming out of it and it's all in my face I think okay just be interested in the people like you said if you are interested everything is okay then you have to listen carefully if you want to deal with such kind of people you have to be a good listener be a good listener have some patients like you cannot expect the person to come and just in a minute and tell you everything about that person like a little bit comfortable talking to you and trying to make you understand because that person might come with a mindset whether you want to understand or not okay so that person of the confusion mind or her mind that how do I put this stuff and how the other person is going to think of me but when you start making that person comfortable like yeah man you can talk okay let's listen I'm standing when you give that person that components automatically the person will start opening up especially okay Duty feel like this if you start listening to everyone's problem one low for example keep mass of key problems from problems on wrong that is human nature once you start listening or surrounded by something that starts affecting your character as well this is human nature to how you deal were way past problems are those problems on roads okay though it is subconscious mind mechanical problems are janky and I might not attract those problems but I might put myself into a thought like if I were there how would I deal with it and then ideas out of it and possibly other metalife makeup he has a problem with oh I know how to deal with it because I have already learnt it even before getting into it okay oh I think it will help say hi to in Iowa vodka story mode even our EMT I guess you should say hi so this is a smart practical I guess this is smart way to deal with quick Osceola Mo G binoculars you to just say like a barbarous rack I'm just quoting it as an example I know you guys know each other again coming back to the same course problems I see it it serves an exam as an example May or situation maybe 400 been amazed how much do you think he has been like German 62 year which is absolutely helped me to deal with my life problems somebody get away I learned from it I think it has always helped me only k- telling you stuff and it results are not good exactly this is what I'm trying to say start over analyzing situations in such situations then I go blank then I'm like okay jota yogacara I get to that attitude Jehovah because whatever happens happens for the best one article exactly that means we need to find a balanced way key make a katana Thiago so much najera right give me a perfect now Curry deal with difficult people but of course the capability with my car no don't worry extreme is bad okay nothing showed a hamper your peace of mind when it starts hampering you and your mind to feel a bit difficult people module but the GOP over would difficult people category my Lego yourself like you know you can avoid it mostly a word exactly so now it's time to conclude I guess how much time left you three minutes three minutes left guys so to conclude okay dealing with difficult situations and dealing with difficult people is totally situation what you can do is take um understand the grief and try to understand and then react don't get impulsive don't let things like you to an extent that it hampers your peace of mind that is all so that is all the theology okay we need you thank you wasn't having me on call and I like hoping for that good good topics again well yeah I will be coming with such topics on a regular basis so stop laughing and try to speak okay and I suggesting you this is not me I'm acting like a phone call call Melba yes I'm acting like a postman yeah other theory is acting like a postman and Ayah then Selvig er er yes Turkish cathedra know do this is not you should talk to the language in every which have you should understand that I'm just telling and I are at look how many people are taking trouble to make you understand so yeah so there is that they are you trying to you know explain the situation he's being the postman okay and I there she smiles you see how that's how you know it's good that's what this is Henry Postman is complemented this is angling difficult situations okay so no code words don't be difficult person exactly I will definitely not be a difficult person so yeah 15 seconds left guys okay for the longest for the first time okay so yes you're welcome it's my pleasure always thank you so much have a great day bye so guys that was that was the session for today and it has been an awesome session and I was some discussion so guys let's meet tomorrow with some amazing topic if you guys got some suggestions about the topics please send it to me if you guys are connected with me on Instagram Instagram send it to me there if not if you're connected to me on telegram you can send it there so wishing you all a good day bye bye