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Hello and good evening guys. This is me, and I'm back with a podcast today since it is the day one of quarantine and I just thought that I could do a few more podcasts than the regular times. So it's a second forecast for the day and I'm just hoping you guys are at home and making the best out of it. Hi Catan. Hi, hello, guys, they have been a lot of things that we have spoken through these days. Hi, Sarah and since it's the lockdown time and people are spending time at home and forcefully you can say unwillingly. There are a lot of people who love this freedom of staying at home, but there are also people who hated Talk about it today and which is a very important thing to do. So there is something which I have always had on my mind, which I want to talk about and yeah cut on Kata, right? Am I pronouncing it, right? Yeah, okay. Yeah. Okay guys, like I was saying that this topic has been on my mind since a long time and I've been trying to think of how we could you know, talk about it and suicides and depression suicides is a huge thing and a lot of times people do not talk about it. And hi Sarah. Hi. Again, good evening to you. So guys commenting everybody hi and all the people were listening. Hi again. Today's topic is depression and suicides. So we'll talk about everything related to suicides reasons being factors that and force people to get into some take such extreme steps. Not just that but depression why people get going. I mean falling prey to depression I can say which is like a rage these days, you know, people are depressed for no reason at times and it's really bad, you know, so crucially hydration Ali and cotton says, I don't know English get on you will learn okay, you will learn very soon. So we have our first caller and then let's start talking about it. So guys again, I repeat today's topic is depression and suicides a friend of mine. Who I met here on this podcast Arpita if you guys know so she's from madhya Pradesh and she suggested me this topic and I hope she comes around. She's somewhere around and joins in the podcast. So after this is this one is for you actually since he was very concerned about this topic that people are committing suicides and stuff. And if you're listening to join me, and yes, let's take this first call and start the day of again. Hello. Hello. Hello. Hello, and when you connect to me, please make sure you are in good Network. So that the moment I receive or the moment. I join you guys in here you speak and there's no time to be wasted. All right, crucially says setbacks cheats unfulfilled expectation harassments rapes, social bullying bullying and many more reason. Yes crucially. There are a lot of reasons but there is one reason which I know a lot of people have been committing suicides is loneliness and people feel that they are left out of the crowd and maybe they don't gel up. Well with people isolate because there is one thing I want to say introverts are not depressed. Okay, so don't take this as that like, you know, you know someone who's isolated. But that person might be happy might be an introvert might be someone who likes to spend time with himself or herself. So they are not into depression. So we need to get these facts, right? All right. So yeah, we have a caller and let's take this call High rajveer. Hello. Hello. Hello. Hi. Hello. I'm Mukesh. How are you? Hello. Hello? Yeah. Hi, this is Vinny. So yeah. Your topic is depression suicide. Why out we out we out we out. Yes. In our country not not personal about the our country in the in every every person have facing some problem some physical disturbance some communicate communication disturbance and some career disturbances. So Hensel is to getting into depression, but some tools have having There they try they help to overcome to this tragedy tragedy. I have a you have friends. Then you go hang out with them. Take yourself. Don't do not take take time to to yourself and try to Engaged to do something. If you if you engage to do something then in your mind does not coming and it depression you do you involve on on these other activities? So your mind is getting converted to two other things and you getting influence for influence for the do do such thing. Okay, something productive. Absolutely. Yes. If they think their depression then then they need to go somewhere something something entertaining do something entertaining and talk with the with themself who you you love to love to talk and try to me. Yes, sir. Yeah. Yeah right talk to someone that is the main and thing here. Yeah, seriously are your problems? What is The reason of your your depression correct? And at nowadays I I feel most of the youngster facing depression just because of they know have jobs and And yeah, I have replied it in the comment section only I have replied on your comments. So please don't get disheartened Triad. Thank you. And I really hope you'll join me through this podcast because I think it's an important topic. So yeah, I'm okay. She has please go ahead most of the student they they do not have they didn't word qualify their their exams then. Getting onto Deputy pressure and go go to go go for the suicide and something something to inquiry. They Russian disaster during things disasters. Yeah. So instead of these they forget about this this thing can go for the something something easy thing. Yeah. Yeah to to achieve because if you do not able to achieve these things so move on one is the is the best best option you keep move on because the lots of thing a things are having in the having to achieve so instead of this to achieve Particular thing you go for the something else who is easiest for you? Something if you're getting achieve if you achieve then your confidence is getting a getting up and you are you are you are becoming matured mature. / so this is this is another think the in this way if you are going so far then your confidence get build-up and this is the another way to go. To fight the fight over for depression. Yes. Absolutely. That was something really wonderful very well explained and I think a people listening to us see I'm sure there are a lot of people listening. I'm not saying all of us are depressed, but then you might know someone or the other with some tendencies that you might find that they might be depressed or something so as friends or colleagues or people people who know them we can make an effort and you know, try to talk and find why such a thing is happening with them in their lives. So yeah, thank you Mukesh you for connecting with me on this podcast and it has been great talking. Okay. Have a great evening. Okay, you too. Thank you. So yeah, there's that was Mukesh and with some wonderful. Thoughts about this topic and next we have student and who wants to talk? So yeah, let's go ahead and talk about it and show her that there is nothing knowledgeable and not knowledgeable about you sides to but I do know that people die and which is bad and that's why you should talk about it. Okay. Try his if you're there. I hope you got that answer there. Hello. Hello. Hi. Hello, ma'am. Hi Priya, how You find man you. Excuse me, ma'am. Yeah, I said I'm fine. Okay. Where you from Priya? I'm from in German you where are you from? I'm from India. What's your name, ma'am? My name is Vinny. Nice name thank you pre are today. We are talking about depressions and suicides. So what do you have in your mind about it? I want to share something on depression and suicide that it's it's a big got topic or among students. They usually doushite or the and a gorgeous always undergoes in depression, but I don't know why but yeah, so I have do you know anyone or have you come across articles as such or you want to talk about it? Hello. Hello. All right, there is a network is a thing now and which is giving a lot of issues and I keep losing out on people Zara Max mood says I hope I'm pronouncing your name right says I'm new here. Okay, you are new let's connect and let's see what you are got to say. Hello. Hello. Hello. Hello. Hi. How are you? I'm good. How are you? I am fine. Where you from Zara? I'm from Somalia Somalia. I'm from India. Bangalore, what's your name? My name is Vinny Sarah. How are you? nice Okay, Zara today, we are talking about depression and societies and the way out. So do you have any thoughts about it now? This is and could you speak a bit louder if you don't mind? Okay guys, so I really guess there's a network problem today try it. Nothing's happening. I think I keep getting a lot of calls and I tried to take him up quickly and that's how it's working. So talker says greetings to you all high Taco. How you doing? Shrikant, she went off. Yeah, she went off her voice was kind of very low. So yeah ziyal. Yeah. Hi. Hello. Hello. Well those Wait Awhile we get connected to people I am I keep receiving the call, but then I did not hear the other side using hello. Hello. Hello. Hi. Hello. Gunshot I join your side. You can join anywhere man. You don't have to say that. All right, you can just call and you can connect to me anytime. Okay, so I have already told you. I mean your guys shh health is another Creator in here and he's amazing. All right, so he keeps doing this little thing that I don't embarrass me dude. Just connect let's talk. All right. So yeah guys like we were talking about Sides and we are trying to connect to a lot of people who are calling us, but then somehow the network is in working. But while they connect to us, let's just talk about the reasons for suicide. I think the most important reason for societies is people cannot express themselves, or maybe they don't find someone whom they can express to or also. There are a lot of people who don't know they are depressed, you know depression. It is kind of condition where you cannot make out see the person is not always sad and grumpy. Okay, even if a person is all Smiley and happy you you wouldn't know if he's depressed. Okay, so hello. Hello. Right. So apart from that the suicide relates. I think Guys across the world is drastically increasing and one reason for it, which is majorly depression people on good posts or in good Industries having good jobs commit suicides. I just I just want to say that people who are popular and have all the amenities of their life are still can you know committing suicides? Okay, so so we cannot say that depression or suicide is depending about a financial condition of a particular person, but then there are other factors to and which we'll talk about. Hello. Main causes the mental disturbance eyes that is not a psychiatric condition. There is chaos in lot of people's mind and I think we need to find someone where we can share that and open our minds and I think that is really important. Hello. Hello. Hello, hi, Krishna. Hi, how are you? I'm fine. How are you? I'm actually a person. Yes, can you hear me? No, I cannot please. Can you speak a bit too loudly? Okay, man. Can you hear me? Yes, that is better. Actually, ma'am. I'm new person. So I know how can you use this application? Okay, see what you have to do is when you come up to this application just like you have joined My Life podcast. You can join there are a few podcast on the home button. Okay, then on the if you want to go live like I am and I'm talking to people you need to click on the plus button and the center of your And then you get a few options where you can go solo that is what I do or if you want someone to talk with you on the podcast you can request people. Okay, and you can do okay. Okay. Yeah, and there is a search column wherein if you search you can see most loved featured and all types of different hashtagged podcast so you can choose through your interest and you can go through that. Okay, okay, okay. Right. I think that should help you. Okay. Thank you ma'am. Thanks for calling Krishna. Have a great day. Alright, hi Aniyah. Hi Anand. You're loving this conversation and I'm really grateful for that. And I think she hates: and let's just talk. Hello. Hello. Hello, happy birthday. I have to I have to join again because it is something okay. Wait a second, okay? Hello. Thanks, Vinnie. I love you too, Jenna guidera Ania. Hey there LED ra Bangalore. Oliguria name money a Libra quarantine section hignett either. Guys, there is a lot of network issue and while I receive calls while I connect to people it's sometimes tends to see that people cannot talk. So NIH and Aguilera. Okay. That's awesome. I think you should connect some time on call so we can share some ideas and Bangalore, not Libra. Mmm, so, I think you should be taking care and quarantine Aguilera. Hello. And I know Bangladesh litany quarantine Aguirre. Hello so high she took Wing happy birthday. First of all again. Thank you very much. Did you also happy birthday to me? Oh man. Thank you. Yeah. So yeah, so you today's topic is about depression and suicide. So yeah, you know, I would love to say about it that I was reading somewhere. I have read about it that in every minute in the world students. Do we know one student in every minute each and every minute one student do Society? Yeah, if we see in the whole world, correct? Yeah, so I think there is some kind of negative thinking which we have which we think at that time when we are having some kind of you. No, some kind of issues and that we take them in a negative way. Yes, for example, if I got field for God bit. I got filled in any class and after that what student thinks he thinks or she thinks that now I am not able to do anything. I can achieve my goal because because of the because parents give him that kind of comments because of which will get the they get to know about that. No now parents will not give me see these Kind of efforts by which we can read somewhere. That means at that time students get the negative opinion from their parents and they try to they start thinking about negate some kind of negative things and they want to go for laboring at that time. Absolutely. Yeah. Yeah and at that time when they think that yeah, you know it here is everything is negative here everything they get every each and everything in a negative way in a negative conception and that time but most of the girls Girls they can't bear this negative comments from their parents and they go for suicide because of the you know, depression and suicide first first, it comes depression and after that it becomes suicide because without depression no one can do suicide. So first they get depressed by their parents or by the environment or some girls where they in their society. They have these kind of I can see these kind of rules and because of the society they On join in any field you can because they think about that my Society doesn't support me and after that what they do, they go through depression in most of the girls or boys if their student and after they got failed, okay. Okay, we do with Vinny. I'm so sorry. I have a call. I will connect you after 2 minutes or 3 minutes. Definitely. Yes. Sorry, hey, come on. All right, come and connect. You can come back to me right guys. That was a shocker. And unfortunately, he had a call and he had to go back. Alright, so yeah while we talk about depression and suicide it's really nice. I see that a lot of people calling and having a lot of things to say about it, which is important. So yeah, let's let's just talk about it. Hello. Hello. Hi. How are you? I'm good. Hello, I'm inaudible to you. Hello. I don't know why I keep on losing. It sounds like electronic sound or something. Hello. A question answer says this happened somewhere. She committed suicide and suicidal letter. She wrote. Nobody is responsible for my death. My brain is my enemy. Yeah Echo. I think there are a lot of people who are fighting with themselves fighting the fighters within in the in their mind, you know, and I think that is the matter of concern because people don't talk these days, you know, it's really difficult. It has become very difficult for people to express themselves. So You know, it is very important that we need to be concerned about such things. She having fun trolling people on social media is all sin is another case but then what happens is there are a lot of people who take things into their mind and you know, they keep it there and it keeps hurting them and again and again and they don't speak about it to anybody and lakhs of people who speak I guess. It's another called, right? So yeah, we'll talk more about this. Let's let's take a few calls and then talk about it again Ania. Yes, Russia are good today, Canada. Carry a donee would Top Male Dara. How do Anaya recent buggy joining my destiny and I think none who elaborate karna one the I like talking to people and other care. Rebecca yeah, and I assess people who commit suicides have lot of guts I think in I are people who stay alive need more guts because it's kind of you take a decision and you yourself. But then once you go on there are a lot of other people who are there who are connected to you. So I think that's where the actual problem begins. Okay. So while we are on this topic guys, let's pick up some calls quickly and Talk so yeah, let's talk to Akshay. Hello. The didn't get your comment. Hello Archer Hi, how are you doing? I'm doing great. Where you calling from? So I'm from nasik. Yeah, okay Bangalore and the language were talking earlier, which it was Canada Oh Canada. Okay. Okay. Yeah, so your topic is about Nation and Society, right? Yes, absolutely. Yeah, so, you know, what do I think at some point when when a person feels that you know, it's it's none of any use to live, you know right now in this society that he you know, he takes this kind of decision. First of all, when a person is born with his idea is not to be useful to the society. He's not yeah, so, you know, I have seen an example. In front of me like one hour one of the purposes which I know are, you know died before 15-0 just because of why he felt that there is there is none of any importance in living in this Society just because he wasn't married until the age of 38 and he hasn't any job. You know, he he was doing, you know job somewhere. On daily wages means if we did not go there then he will not receive any kind of Saturday. So, you know in that depression that person committed suicide societies. Yeah. Yeah. So, you know, there are certain certain reasons for those societies. Like, you know, many farmers every year in our state commit suicide just become yeah. Isn't there one reason is because they're not getting the value for the yeah, you know, you know what followed are they just they just give their heart to you know, grow that crops. No and letter on what happens just because of extra rain or you know, sometimes when does not come and what happens they just you know, all their effort. Yeah Furs and Lost their temper, you know, yes, so, you know, I'm not saying this get that are you know, they are doing wrong, but at some point they feel you know, our we have needs to support them. And yeah right now I think they are trying to reduce their dates or yeah. And yes, oh and what do you think about it one is what examples do you have or what Reeves do you have do you have on this topic? For example is the biggest example in here? Yeah. Great that you're doing. Eventually get frustrated out of it get depressed about like what I see are living or such then again, which is really really is it's always do, you know you couldn't predict what's the, you know, perfect reason behind it. But you know, I know the a Firs behind this, you know, if it's means it is so Hard to you know, wait for a thing for year, you know, they just wait for rain and they just, you know nourish their crops and later on. There is the crops which they yes, it's all right. Yeah, I think it is. Yes is right, you know many times they have to face draughts. You know and it is so hard to leave the and there is the crops, you know in call ear they could you know, even my family members are farmers so I can understand some years, you know, even we have to address on 50,000 per year. You know, we get only 50,000 per year after just doing this lots of lots of efforts by Aloha, we gave lots of efforts we get only 50,000 around what happens, you know? Yeah, my ankle has two children and you know, he has to make them well educated but you know somehow here is to manage with you know, he has two edges, you know that she has two edges. So, you know, it's so hard even though he has great ambitions. He couldn't do anything. Yeah, she is difficult when you are a farmer and he does all what matters is the region the climate and everything. So yeah. Yeah and you He is is it's a great example and at some point they just lose their patience, you know of cases of farmers from yeah, it's so it's so devastating, you know, absolutely. More difficult that would be so yeah, so it's a perfect example and again, yeah. Okay, so yeah been great talking and yeah, that's it. Yeah, it was same to you. Alright guys that was actually a and he was from nasik and very valid point farmers and suicides and guys that is suicide due to depression and is also suicide due to conditions in life. And yeah, I guess That is one thing which is ignored a lot of people spend money on a lot of things that are charitable trust for lot of other things government is taking measures to help the farmers. But again, it's again the nature nature I think nature also has to support so yeah Lisa says hi. Hi Lisa. So Shri conscious. I'm just putting And I just grow from that kind of situation shrikant. Why are you quitting? I don't understand. Okay. Lisa says have you ever tried to commit suicide? Well, he's our no. I have never tried to commit suicide. And I just hope such a time never comes in life that I try to do something like that, and I just pray that. People don't get into such situations where they have to think about such an extreme step because life is beautiful. I think and that is very short-lived and stuff. So I think everybody gets one chance and to make great out of it. I don't want anybody in the world to commit suicide so Even if there is the worst case, I think there is a way out Ash I had don't be sorry man. Okay. There is a way out Lisa. So I guess all we can do is a simple way that you know today that I'm talking to people. I think that's how we can just help out people, you know, just find out know what is going on in their mind and you never know there might be people around you who might be suicidal. But you would never know until and unless you talk to them and who is just a hi or hello, or how are you can change their life, you know, so let's talk about this guy's I have a few colors and let's just take these calls and check what I got about suicides and depression. Hello. Hello. Hello. Hi Hi. How are you? I'm good. How are you? Yeah, I'm also doing great. Thank you. Thank you. So Sam Sam. Where you calling from? Yeah, I'm from India India. Okay. So today's topic is depression suicides and way out. So what do you have to say about it? Well, I have a appreciate that because you got a very, you know, interesting topics very important to whether people about this. Yeah. Okay. Yeah, you know, it can be hard to think about suicide much less talk about it. Right because you know a many people shy away from the subject fighting it, you know frightening. Possible to understand, you know, so I certainly can be hard to understand since it's not always clear why a person make this Choice. Okay, like okay. Let me elaborate. Okay, you know, but the in general Society often, you know isn't just an impulsive act, you know to people who consider it. It might seem like the, you know, most logical solution if I need it. Okay, yeah. So, you know the thing is why do people consider Society there's so many yeah, there's so many points, you know, we can have a few words regarding same. Okay. So if you have never thought about taking your own life, so you may find it difficult to understand why someone would consider dying this way, right? Well, a lot of people don't understand but there's but I think I do because even if you don't try to do it, I think being empathetic and understanding putting yourself into Maybe you might and ideal why I think wife has arrived. So yeah, okay. Yeah, of course we can, you know have few words regarding same. Okay. So, you know mental health concern can all increase someone's risk of having us, you know, social thoughts like a depression they can consider okay and psychosis we can say and yeah, of course substance. Use disorder or like, you know bipolar or disorder. I guess we can also consider it and put some psychological term. So if you see Sam, you know, my audience is very basic audience where they understand common words. So I would appreciate if you use common words for all these, you know, Society problems like if you're talking about Definitely the bipolar disease and stuff. Okay. Okay. Okay. Yes. Yes. I'll try to explain in layman's language. Okay. I'll try Okay. Okay, so it can be like a you know breakup or loss of significance others. Yes, right and US yeah, then the second thing is like loss of a child or close friends or someone is very special to him. Yeah. Okay, and yeah, there should be one more reason behind that and it can Be a financial distress we can say yes. Okay. Yeah and yeah, yeah. Okay. Now that's one is we can say, you know persistent feeling of fear or shame, okay. Okay. Yeah and a serious medical condition or you know a terminal illness It Is What It depicts the I'm sorry for that. I'm trying to you know explaining better way, you know, so that's a people understand. Okay, and we can also consider like trauma abuse or bullying the people of it the difference one. Okay and discrimination racism or other challenges? Okay. Let's do it. Being any you know immigrants or minority. Yes, please, please. Go ahead. Okay. So alright so apart from that we can also consider like, you know having a gender identity or orientation that isn't supported by family or friends communities where he or she used to live. I think it also you know, there's a reason behind that that's some list. better yeah, right. Yeah, I think on how we think one should come out of it. Sorry. What did you say? How do you think one can come out of this particular zone of being suicidal? Are you talking about gender identity or orientation? Just talking in general why whenever people are trying to commit suicide. How is it possible for someone to get out of it? Okay, okay. I think we need to understand firstly why he or she is thinking about that. Okay, they are more sign, right? Okay. Let me tell you right you know, it's not always possible to tell if someone's you know, considering a society, right. So according to experts the agree that a number of warning sign Cancer is a person, you know might have a suicide on their minds but not everyone should be signs. So it depends, you know, yeah your person to person. Okay, so it is yeah. Yeah, go ahead. Okay. Alright. Okay. So it is also important to keep in mind that simply thinking about suicide doesn't you know automatically leads to an attempt what's more these warning signs, you know, Ron's always mean that someone is you know, and then planting Society. Okay, so yeah, we can talk about some you know signs, you know, okay, so it can be like, oh, you know talking about debts or violence talking about dying or wanting to die or like accessing weapons or think, you know, that could be posed to size such as large amounts of certain over the you know, a counter or prescription medications or like rapid, you know change. In mood talking about feeling trapped, you know, how place like the wordless right? Okay. Yeah in the comments and I are not an IR laser says I think people are sad they are listening to sad music means they're going back to going board and some good music. Yes, Eliza, I think listening to music in the first place. It relieves a lot of stress and I think people listen to sad music. I think there is a choice of a particular genre, you know, it's not suicide. I guess but yes, there are a lot of people who are into depression and get into depressing music and stuff. But yeah, that can be talked about. All right. So yeah Sam it has I mean Sam you have really put some light on important issues about suicides and it is really nice and having gone through a societal articles lately and we have you guys thought about it or how is it Actually, you know, I have many friends. Yeah, so friends of mine, you know used to serve in the same industry, you know, they are, you know, sorry study in the same industry. You said the yeah, they're working as well and there is such a thing as well. Okay, so that's why I know a little bit about this and also, you know experience kinds of you know, Then I had in my path. So yeah, I know a little bit about that sounds good Sam. It's been great talking to you. Thank you for connecting and giving us wonderful ideas about this and oh, yeah, thank you. Yeah. Thank you. My coming podcasts and thank you. Have a great evening. Yeah, thank you so much. a lot of people discussing stuff in the comment section and I see that it's really cool and that Lisa yeah, I'll let me try is this good? Right guys see societies and real life that is depression is a different topic and suicides is a different topics people get 10 to be interpretation, but that doesn't mean they're going to commit suicide. Okay, but there are people who are sad and not depressed may be sad about a particular event happening in their life and might get into an Impulse impulsive decision. It's that they just want to end their life which would be quite quick. You know, people don't plan to sides for a long time. I mean what I have learned is okay, but let's see how things work a hello. Yes. Hello. Yes. Hello. Yeah, I'm fine. How about you? I'm great. Where you from? I'm from Bangladesh in Bangladesh. Okay. Nice job. Yeah. So first time on my podcast I'm I just installed this app today. So this is obviously the first thing okay, sounds good. So yeah. We're talking about depression and suicide. So what do you have to say about it? I mean, what are your thoughts? First of all we are living on society and the society is actually thinking or perception is very hard or very complex to understand that actually quoted by the all social largest and I think first of all we can say anything many components reason to committing suicide but after all it's it's actually differ too many person. And as I as I just watched on it that suicide so many many times happen on Elder. I mean who are 15 to 19 years old? So I think there is actually case this H is people they committing suicide rather than Other so we have to think at first. So this is actually the first of all I have to take talk about depression. So depressed depression. It's actually is it it's sort of thing that sometimes it's coming. You don't know reason like as your work Yuri stress makes to depression or you are not doing work that makes you depression. This is happening for many reasons. Mmm, so but in that case we see that our parents they also feel the depression as well. But we have we have we have seen many cases that they are not committing suicide rather than the year rather than the children those who are from 15 to 19 or 13 14 ages old they're committing suicide. So I think there is actually a problem happening in the society. T so what is actually happening if you look around them the actually our interaction so site our people Z direction is decreasing. So this is actually I think the reason for committing suicide and like as now we are intend to ourself to trolling on others. This is also this is also not good at all. And frustration as well. We are now in a competitive Society there you you you'll never get a person who are out of this competition. So this makes you depression as well. But look at our Elder generation those we barely seen that there's societal rate is now increasing rather than before so actually I think it's very hard to understand and it's differ from one person to other hand you say it that way out different causes different factors different environment is the point that you said that our Elder generation has seen less resides which is considerable I think because people more Yes, I mean people aware about life then and today's time in today's time and I would want to make something that is in my country in Bangladesh in 2019. When one suicide what was committed by student then we have seen a suddenly five suicide committed by student. So I think there is also mm media also liable for these that sometimes this is happening that we our get Courage by others as well. So this is not actually the reason because first of all we have to think that people actually do like to live on this Earth. Nobody actually don't want to himself or herself. So this is really hard that some someone's and I saw a comment there is someone who actually Lee thought that suicidal people they are actually melt Ellie in I think it's not good. This is not actually because everyone mental illness means he's actually he or she is mental illness. He actually he has no sense not I mean to say he has not that much of sense to committing suicide. Those are committing suicide. I think they're not mad. Until unless they are actually mentally constant. So those who are actually committing suicide they have another sales to committing suicide and actually they are doing it for what they actually deserve from their heart. There is I think lack they are getting the like that's why yeah, right, you know, it's really hello. Yes. Yes, absolutely. Yeah, I mean it is right that you have said very rightly said okay and what you think about how to weigh out from this suicide? I think the way out is talking. I think people don't talk these days, you know. People yeah people you don't talk out, you know see lot like the generation that yeah, that's that's really they're speaking from 450 things that are going into their mind if they speak it in front of their friends. Maybe they might make fun of them. So Shouldn't fear of being judged is one thing that people don't talk and just had to be decreased like, you know people like you and me or people like who are who are into a place where they can talk to people should make sure they you know, get that fear out of such people and help them way out, you know, so, okay. Thanks Maya and I are really sweet. Okay. So yeah. I mean, yeah, yes. Yeah, exactly, please go ahead talk. Okay, and what we are actually actually observing this is that actually our interaction is very now. It's just on mobile phone. We are interrupted on Facebook or Twitter or what's that else? And on our real life? We don't actually direct or we are actually now forgot how to interact with other. So these some time I actually felt many times on depression and now as well because it's happening like as when sometimes I'm unable to do my job or my Daily life. Sometimes I also feel the same thing and I think using the phone for a lot of time it also it's also making the depression as well because I actually observing it's my perception. I don't want to say that it's the general because I have no any research work on it. So that's why I don't want to say but I observed that using for or are talking without talking with people. Our I mean making friends with others. This is also very important issue right now have any and I have seen that those are committing suicide. They're actually isolated so much. They feel like that. They have no nobody who actually understand that. Yeah. This is also a point because when youth are the people that even your parents as well, they don't understand you and you feel you will feel like that nobody around you so you have no idea. Choice, you have no any other hopes to live. So this is also the point as well for a few comments, like criticism people cannot Bear. Yeah. Obviously, this is also in called. Yes. Absolutely that can be another cause there are a lot of causes and Nash man says he wants to experience depression after conversing nourishment. Depression is not fun or right. There are a lot of people who are struggling with it and you want to experience something like that. I'm surprised. Okay and criticism. Yes guys criticism is the main cause but people need to understand when yes constructive criticism when somebody's trying to help you when somebody's actually criticizing you so yeah the difference and I think as well that You have to understand other people as well. That is he actually wearing the criticism as well if he is short tempered. So I think rather huge not criticize in front of him or her because they are like so short-tempered or their adjective agitated or they are very angry angry or I saw some people they have less friends. So they are actually they are actually feeling that type of stresses because those who have so many friends. So you have to actually struggle this type of thing. You can't actually some of the people they actually don't understand the circumstances. They the way how to talk with other people or the manner. So while your circumstances around the people so you have to actually sometimes understand that how in Or risk manager you have to talk. This is also the problem but I think in a society those who are actually understand the situation. They're actually doing this like as sometimes I also wanted someone is criticizing me. I also feeling the same but after all I understand that yeah, he criticizes that is also good. But sometimes it's really hard to understand lead people to commit suicide. Okay? No, no, Oh, no, the criticism is leading somebody to commit suicide then it's no more criticism. It is some level of harassment or bullying you can say, you know, because yeah simple criticism shouldn't get people to go and their sense of self. Come on life is way above all that thing, you know, and people need to learn to Value their life and I guess All of us are just surviving and we think that chasing friends and stuff is the way to live, but guys look into yourself. Learn what you want in your life understand yourself. And that is the first thing if you really think you have something built up in your mind and you cannot share talk to people guys just find someone where you can get comfortable and talk about it and it is really important. Okay. Yeah for the wonderful things that you have discussed and okay, okay podcast and thank you so much. We need to get onto another podcast to this so we can you know talk about it more because it is it's a long topic. Right. So yeah guys that was 14 and a lot of Chaos in the comment section. What are you guys up to? What are you doing? Great Point made by Vinny or right Shahed. Thank you. Thank you for that and I look at this as I really don't know what you guys are doing in the comment section. No, seriously, I don't know, okay. Just imagine that nessman will attempt to side. So what's the final resign result reason behind it by Shahid? Take care. Thanks for connecting again. There is a I would like to share a short story. Okay, the I knew a person in my neighborhood who was depressed and was on medication for depression. But if you spoke to that person you wouldn't understand that person is depressed. She used to talk really nicely and but then She was she never showed that she was upset or depressed sad being sad is not being depressed because you know, these two things are extremely different and we need to understand that depression is a condition where you are sad from within for no reason, but that doesn't show outside and it is difficult to make out. who is in depression or to understand if the person is really in depression Okay, so Yeah, there's someone who says that I'm depressed as hell. Nice man says are you a psychiatrist? No nausea, and I'm not a psychiatrist and just a regular person and I think to understand people and to talk about certain things. You don't have to be a professional. Okay, explain this stages of depression. Well, that's one. I really don't know. Okay, but I do see that you are lat you to have An interest in understanding the pressure. I think you should go down and talk to someone who can explain that to you a professional maybe but today I guess we'll talk about these things in the basic manner because I think that is enough for us to understand why it is not a good thing to indulge in suicidal stuff. All right. Are you going to ignore just like that? I am a psychosis. So why are you depressed as hell? You can talk to me. We are in here and we are talking about it. So hello. Hello. Hello. Jesus says I have asked a lot of questions Lisa. The problem is the the comments of flooding and I'm not able to read one question at a time. Okay people who? What was that? In a says talk to Psycho. Look, I'm not a counselor guys. I am just talking here. All right, you need to understand that and that's one says are you a psychiatrist? No, I'm Not Lisa cells. People who attempt suicide a wimp but I think they are brave is it it's so Lisa. Yes. It really needs guts to attempt something like that see ending your life is not a small decision. All right, I think ending your problem can be way more easier than ending your life because you're ending the whole idea of life, you know, and which you get once. Okay, and I think No matter how big your problems are. suicide is not a reason Okay, so And I says you're sweet conversation. All right, guys, you need to cut that crap right there. So yeah like Lisa, I was saying no matter how big a problem is. Okay. So side is not the answer no matter what Okay, so Baba says that. Hello. Hello. Hello. Hello. Hello. Can you hear me? Yes, I can hear you. How are you? Yeah, I can hear you now. Okay, I'm good. How are you? I'm great. Thanks. So the topic is just let's talk about depression as a sort of way. So what's your point about depression? I'm sorry. I mean, what do you think what depression is? Well depression is a condition where a person is sad from within doesn't find anything interesting. No matter how life is interesting because I have known a person who was in depression who are very nice family had everything that was financial support. Everything was there but then still that person wasn't happy but it doesn't show on their face that they are unhappy exactly or because these are inert things. No one knows absolutely and was under medical attention and used to take medication for a particular time and eventually got suicidal. Okay the right mostly these depression these things it can't be treated from a medicines until Provide an atmosphere atmosphere or take that person out of that thing, which he or she is taking very very seriously. They're about it. So taking additional medications will make you a little bit provide you something for a temporary purpose, but it can't take you out for entirely in order to prevent someone from or let's say someone has depress you. You need to provide an atmosphere or something why he or she is depressed about the things that thing should be removed in his or her life. Then that person will be pure completely medication. I think will not help it will help just temporarily but not entirely. Okay. Yeah, absolutely. Yes medication will help temporary. I totally agree with this but then she got into a lot of things like meditation counseling and lot of family support. They took her out like see a lot of things were done. Okay, people tried their best people really tried hard and I think it's again the person's mind, you know. Yeah it it's a choice. It's not a choice. Maybe I don't I really can't explain that stuff. But you know because A lot of people face it and cannot explain it. Okay, and that is one reason, I guess. Okay, so important and people who are making fun of suicidal thoughts and depression in the comments section, especially nourishment. I think it's not funny. All right, not at all funny. Okay, if you will that funny, I think It is brutal. I think it's inhuman. Okay, and we are talking about it here taste it is because we are concerned about it. Okay, not one example one fresh example of this depression is in front of what which is the virus spread around the world absolutely check to those countries which are more in fact, which are more affected like Italy or most of the European countries people over there are depressed not because They feel that it will also in fact him or her as well. It creates the fear in their life. Absolutely. Nothing major issues. No one no one should take it a joke or a funny thing. This is the case in India that there was a person who was being treated for C OV ID 19, and he just jumped off the roof and committed suicide. So see that is You know even before knowing whether he was positive or he could be treated or not. He just accepted that he was going to die. Yes Verity. There is another story behind this as well that there were two prisons in a jail and the police said that he will be imprisoned in his entire life will not be released from the prison and then he said that the doctor is car. Here they made a medicines which is still no tested on humans. He said that it is a kind of poison things. Okay, the the medicines are kind of poison. We will give you this we will test this on you if it helps if you use if you use it, then you will release from the jail. The police said that to the jail person because he said before before he was said that he will be in the A jail for his entire life then they bring a medicine to test on a person. He said do you want to be in the jail for entire life over you do you want to take a medicine or poison medicine we will test on you if it works you will be re you will be released from the jail from now then the person said, okay. I will I will I will accept the poison I will take it. So what the doctors did they didn't give the poison? He said we will insert the poison through injection in your D. So what the doctors did they just want to take does this person is depressed because of the poison or not. Our Z-Tech is a psychological son on it. Then he will be died after using this poison. So the doctor didn't use that poison considered his body instead. They take a coil a little diluted water in injection and just insert his body in order to test that this this person is taking it more psychologically that he will think. Think that after inserting the poison his body he will die. He the dogs are didn't insert the poison medicine or some injection instead. They take a diluted what instead of inserting his body the passion or that to do jail person. He thought that the poison is certain his body. So he thought that he will gonna die after to Howard that person to go die. It is a real story. He thought that a Suddenly his body. So he will definitely die instead instant said that was created. He was already already fearing that and he just died. Hello. Hello. Nash one in the comment section. Okay, there is something I want to tell you. If you really have some knowledge about this particular thing, I urge you to go down and make a podcast. Okay, this isn't funny and people like you. People fear people like you and they don't talk about this condition because you're making fun out of it and that's not funny. You need to understand it. Okay. I really I really really really condemn this thing. You know, it's really bad. You need to understand that people who make fun out of things such as depression suicidal thoughts or somebody sadness. Is inhuman really in human and that's the worst way to get attention nourishment. I think you should do something good to get attention. You know, if you really want to do want to okay, it's really it's really sad. I think it's really sad. Okay people like this. It's it's terrible. Guys, when it comes to depression, I have seen a few people who are depressed and it is really heartbreaking. Okay, and you know, I just let go. All right, there's no point in talking or giving much importance to people who make fun of such important topics. Okay, you must have counseled many people nourishment definitely but I don't think this is the way okay to do things here. Okay, you are going to let literally put few people into depression with these ways. So yeah. Alright. So coming back. There is see depression is a difficult topic there was a guy who was at his age 16 and he went into depression for a simple reason that he lost marks. Okay in his exam and which really simple things for a thing for us, but the way it was put into his head that Marx was so important and after losing it he just lost few years of his educational career. Okay, he lost his years of educational career. He lost interest in life. He isolated himself and then Then it is. It is really after after certain time period that passed, you know, he got a bit suicidal and then got under medication and people try to save him and eventually he died. He died. So losing life. simple things which don't matter Okay, marks don't matter after certain time of life and people should understand that Jelly's. I really understand that and I have just ignored it and I just appreciate if you guys ignore it to Okay, so That was an experience in my life guys that I have seen that person because I have seen this guy though. He was very younger to me and you know, such things leave impact and when I think about depression and how people getting sad these days, it's really worried. It worries me sometimes so we are so that is the reason I'm talking about it and if somebody is making fun out of it guys know. Absolutely not. Okay. Yeah nourishment. I think I really don't know the reason between humans and you know, I don't know aliens. Okay, so knowing the difference between joke and gravity as I really don't care. So yeah, let that just be all right. So you guys apart from that I think suicide rate going high in the country are more and in current scenario where people are locked down in their houses quarantined they do get a lot of time to think about such things and you know, there are a lot of posts on social media where people keep posting stuff like okay, this is depressing and I feel lonely and stuff like that. So why are guys why I don't think there should be any reason. Staying with yourself I think pinky with yourself. Is great company and I think you have to make much out of it rather than getting bored or you know anxious about it. Okay, so Hello. Hello. Hello. Hello. Hello. Hello. Hello. Hello. Hello. Can you hear me? Hello. Hello. Hello. Hello. I cannot hear anything. Hello. Hello. Grant Hill