Hello, good afternoon, guys VD is your and this is my second day of quarantine. And so I just thought why not talk about something and here I am with today's podcast and let's talk about social media and how Fitness and body-shaming are you know currently on Rage on social media and we already have our first caller. So yeah, let's take this call and keep talking about it. Hello. Hello. Hello. Yeah. Hello. Hello. Hello. Hi. Hello. Yeah. Yeah, thank you guys. So whole area is facing some Network problem right now. Actually. Yeah, I think because a lot of people are working from home and maybe or not I'm not really sure but the area where I stay I guess certainly lots of same network password users have started and then I have started, you know facing a little bit of network issues. So If you got a you guys are connecting with me and if you can hear my voice, I guess you guys should put that into the commentary so that I know when I need to move into a network failure. So yeah hi, mr. Agarwal. Hello. Hello. Hello. Hi. Hi. Hi where you from? I'm from Hollywood. And UK and I'm from Bangor topic is about social media fitness and body shaming. Okay. What is this? Social media fitness? Okay. See a lot of people are Fitness freaks on social media. All right, and also there are a lot of people who body shame people can make fun of the certain way a certain way a person looks Or if they are fired or thin, you know, they made fun of this is body shaming. All right. So what are your thoughts on Fitness and social media? Well guys today there is a lot of network issue. I really don't know why it keeps happening. But then it's really hard to continue with the podcast when the network shows a lot of error and it kind of disrupts between the podcast and it you know, the conversation remains half and gets cut and it's not actually, you know, Really well off to take ahead. So apart from that guy's I think today today's time with the lockdown of 21 days. I think a lot of people are moving towards Fitness activities and stuff and without going out of the house. I think we are connected here to someone. Hello. Hello. Hi. Hello. How are you? Mr. VM is Vinny. I'm good. How are you? You also find mr. Weenie. Okay, where you come from? I'm calling from West Bengal. Which many I live in Siliguri you live in Siliguri. Okay. Nice. I am from Bangalore. Okay. Okay. What do you have to say about Fitness and body shaming? Okay, then regarding social media in it. social media fitness and body shaming Okay, then it's a tough topic. You have to give me okay, then I will try actually as well as I myself I could not I can't able to go any gym. Okay, then actually I each and every people should they are try to their health to very properly and good nice. Nice-looking. Okay until they're fit. So absolutely Miss Miss Vinny. Actually, it's my first call to you in my open top. So I spoil so I left off. What is it? What is that? It's alive. No don't know about regarding this application now to connect some people. Okay? Okay. Okay. Okay. You are Nick one this application. Okay. I'm very big on the now in this application and I'm the first you are the first I have to call you so much that you have joined. Okay. Okay. Okay. There are a lot of other podcast which you can scroll through and listen, you know, a lot of people doing some amazing podcasts with some very nice topics so you can join I think you can scroll down look in there. There are lists of podcast a lot of people doing very nice. What hit them Miss Winnie I can ask you then which you give me a topic social media feed his body then. Then can you explain me? What is? Krishna hi. Yeah see Rajesh worship Margie what the whole idea about it is social media. A lot of people are obsessed with Fitness and trying to get fit and lot of people want to get fit. Okay, so they post ways to get fit or you know, there are also ads that say that get fit in certain time and stuff. Well that is Very nice, but apart from that there are also cases where people body shame people like, you know, we make fun of people the way people look at a particular body type or something. So how these things affect and why these things shouldn't be done. I think today we are going to discuss about back. Okay? No, so these are the things and not just on social media in real life. Also. We tend to body shame people a lot like within our friends uncle maybe or anywhere Or else? Okay. So but when it's done personally within a group of friends that is a total different effect and when it is done openly on social media it affects a lot. Okay. So that is why we are talking about it today and since crawl at home for 21 days, right? You know, we've got a lot of time to think about Fitness and be people can you know about these things. So let's talk about this. Okay. Any which way as we arranged for energy? Thank you for joining me, and I think you should explore this application a lot. There are a lot of people who are doing a wonderful job in here. So whatever you pick in credits you get into that and understand and even if you want to talk to people you can go ahead and do it. Okay. Thank you. Give me information. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. You are welcome. Alright guys, that was mr. Rajesh Kumar Sharma and hi everybody. Hi, Krishna High virtue. Hi joginder, hype Rama Sharma. Hi issue again. So yeah guys, I'll be taking calls immediately quickly and Krishna. Thanks for joining man. Nice. Nice to see you here. And let's take the next caller and let's discuss about Fitness and body shaming. Other differences why these things are totally different from each other. Hello. Hello. Hi. Yeah. Hello. How are you? I'm great. How are you? Yeah, I'm also fine. Thank you. Okay. Where are you calling from? Yeah. Actually, I see the headline that social media fitness and body shaming. So actually this is literally very interesting topic to discuss. So then that's why Why I just joined sure. I'm glad you join us. Okay. Hello. Yes, I'm glad you joined. So let's discuss about it. But before I started to discuss, I just want to know that it's aiming what is the exact meaning of saving is it as saving or anything else screaming screaming screaming means body shaming means people make fun of people's bodies the right, you know people laugh at the fat people or thin people or particular looking deep. Okay same okay saving, okay. Okay. Okay. So first of all, I just I wanted to you know say or something about my fitness now, I'm 23 and I used to Jim we when I was 22 and when actually I am belonging from be hard but I live in Kolkata and for last two years so when I came Kolkata first time so at the time I joined a gym, okay. Then I just continued it six or seven months then then as I am prepared for IPs exam. So as study group pressure. I just leave it I left this him so so but still I'm very conscious about my health about my fitness and yeah, I do exercise every day whenever I get time a morning or evening. Okay, that's right. Posting pictures of yourself on social media that I am wet and making fun of others. No, nothing like that. I'm sure yeah. Yeah, okay. I'm sorry. So what and one more thing that I want to share with you that when I joined the gym that Jim Taylor you knows it suggests me to take many supplements and many things. I just want to say that all listeners are all my friends that are please don't take don't go for it. Go for any you know supplements or anything else. It is totally rubbish Tink. To me. I mean it is I experience about it that I just searched many many, you know, I don't want to mention the name of this company, but I just want to say that if anyone want to build their body, then they can go for the natural things like Natural Foods. But yeah, basically yeah. Yeah. Yeah, absolutely great. So have you ever felt the need to go to the gym just because someone said something to you about your physical or do you say appearance or something don't know you want to get bigger a certain way and yeah. Yeah, I'll just I just want to you know, see my Self better look great. Look look and that's why and okay, actually I want I don't want to go to the edge model also a so I thought that maybe in my you know body there is something is I have to put on my weight. Okay, so that's why I went there. I won't I went to gym. Okay, so that's nice. So you thought about - because you observed yourself and you want it to look a certain way and that is why you chose to be fetching Being Fit is good. Okay. Yeah, it's absolutely good and everybody should think about being perfect. But certain way or the other people showed that is the whole idea of today's discussion and thank you very much for joining us and I really hope that the career that you are looking ahead for to pursue. I think you should do well in it. Yeah, yeah sure, but I want to ask you one more thing that as you know, you are a female member female are so how the female is a they conscious about their Fitness. I think all females are really con, you know conscious about their Fitness. There are a lot of women who are getting into yoga and different types of Korea and stuff these days and trying all natural ways to be fit rather than gyming or you know, but also there are even other women who are who take the modern ways like different kind of Gym training. There is a Robux there is Zumba and a lot of stuff that is coming up and I think that's great, you know see in earlier times women used to stay fit because they used to do all the household work which used to be you know, Certain way that it used to affect their bodies. Okay, but these days in today's time when people like us who are working women and who are sitting in front of the computer for eight hours at a stretch. I guess we need something more and I think following the traditional ways of Fitness is great. And I personally think so, so I don't know about the others, but I have a few friends who might have seen Who are into you know different kind of Fitness sessions? I think Sports is another one, which is great. Yeah, so women are quite conscious about their weight, but you know, it is the lifestyle again. So just because it's so nice. So I just want to ask you one thing. So so what would you love to suggest and that, you know alleged agent Omen that how they are maintained their you know, white as like our mother. You know and sister they are getting their words to stay at home. They're fully or not. It doesn't matter but they may be they are eating relays, but still there become fat as it is is passed. So what do you love to suggest them? It is more than what you eat. It. It depends on how you eat. Okay, it's not about how much you eat. Okay, whether you're eating one chapati or Forge a path assist its What matters is how you distribute it during your time? Okay, and I think women who are on a higher age. Their metabolism rates is slower compared to the normal is you know, 32, whatever age people. So I think to increase that they need to take care of what kind of a diet they're eating and it is also how they manage their stress levels and stuff. So for Mi guess like our mothers and all if you're talking I think yoga meditation are the best things. I think that mostly keeps everything in balance for appropriate in level and a lot of people do walks and stuff. So, I think that's great. So do you want to suggest any I know drinks like, you know green tea or apple cider vinegar like this any guarantee that you want to sell it. I'm not someone who's the fitness. Guru or something? I cannot be suggesting certain things to people because everybody's body is different. Okay. Okay. Oh the make the behavior of everybody's body is different. So if I am consuming a certain drink the weight reaction my body does not mean it reacts the same on someone else's body. Okay? Okay, I think water level is one great thing drink water quantity. Okay, I don't say that drink water five ten liters of water. No drink water consciously drinking hot water is good. Okay you it's not necessary that it has to be drunk all the time hot water. I think in the morning 1 glass of hot water is always good. Okay, and that I have learned from my childhood. So I think that has worked. Well. Okay, and yeah, it is food consumption has to be done consciously a lot of What happens, you know pramod see with me? I'll tell you basically with me or my siblings. What we do is we take a plate and we certain front of the TV and eat. Okay, we are unconscious eaters because we are not concentrating on a food. Okay, you remember what in her childhood? A lot of times our teachers told us that you shouldn't be talking while eating the main idea behind that was we shouldn't be distracted from the particular work. We were doing okay why we concentrate on our code? You know, there are many processes that are going around the sense of smell the sense of taste and everything adds up to the digestion. Okay, and if that process is working absolutely great, I think will remain fit to a certain extent. Okay. And so these that there are a lot of things by the way, but these are basic simple things. I think if these simple things have been followed. Well, I think it goes all Yeah, yeah, whatever you tell at that is absolutely right, but what do you think that that all dreams are is it orginally work or not? That is I know that every person's body has their different point of yeah different, but is it originally work? I'm sorry. Can you put that a little more elaborate way that I understand? What do you mean by originally ideality like this is like I suggest my mom the or to drink green tea after watching some videos. Okay? Okay. Yeah. My mom is going to consume it not a regular basis, but she consume it and and see realize that sometimes that hard. What is gaining on some time is lossy. So say green tea and I'm not sure if it is true with that green tea is tea makes us lose weight. I think the whole idea of drinking green tea is it does not contain sugar, you know, the normal tea is that we drink has sugar in it and then there's milk in it and it certainly urged up to the acidity level in the body and I think checking that out only green tea is nothing but a bit of decoration and so we are not consuming any sugars. So somehow it is, you know cutting off on that edge. Okay, and I'm not really sure if it is anywhere through the drinking green tea makes you lose weight it it might just help you to stay active and keep your metabolism working. Okay, it doesn't make you feel drowsy and lethargic. I guess that is the only thing in it, but the way it has been put into TV ads that green tea might just make you feel light. It's not light in weight, but it is light in your what do you say? It doesn't make you feel lazy. That's that's the only idea of it. It doesn't reduce your weight because I have this experience lot of my friends after watching TV ads. I have got a lot of green tea at home and they keep drinking it but trust me that's not working. Okay, but if it has worked with anybody guys disconnect to me and let me know that it has work because Lot of other people are you know will staying in a dark? What do you say message that? You know how green tea makes people lose weight? No. Nothing can make you lose weight. Okay, unless you give your body the trouble to sweat. Okay, it will not let you lose weight. And if anything is making your weight lesser without doing any work, then absolutely it's temporary because that is not how human body is made. Okay, so I think Exercise is the best way to lose the weight and you know died also making rather than losing weight. I would suggest I would say that maintaining the right body, you know, because we eventually when we see somebody's plump we think they are unhealthy, but that's not true. Okay. Yeah, right. Hi. Hello. Hi. Hi Amar. And how are you? I'm great and emerge as one of difficult topic made by Vinny a summer the It is a difficult topic, and I guess a lot of people tend to mix two three other stuff together. So I think there is knecht who is on open talk and he's very much into fitness, I guess once he was talking about it. So yeah, if you guys are very much into fitness and stuff, you know, you guys can follow him and talk to him. So Pro Mod gray talking. Thank you for connecting me on this podcast and thank you for showing in Justin this subject. Yeah, and and yeah, thank you to also you for accepting me Michael Hall and the Omni. I'm obviously begin in here in the on this broadcast. And you are the second is you are the second one that you receive or accept my call and I live happy. Actually, I want to improve my English and communication skill more and even I wanna just you know one to connect with the whole people. Whole world we App application. Absolutely a nice idea. I think here you might find lot of people from different countries doing wonderful stuff and I think you can join people while they are doing podcast and absolutely that's going to help you to improve your communication. And yeah, all the best. That is what I can say. Yeah. Thank you and bye. Bye. Bye. Have a great day guys that was premiered a Sharma and He is from Calcutta. And we already have a few callers other Pratap Singh says when he's amazing. Thank you. So and high Cyprus on and guys if you have any idea about this particular topic or you know people who are facing problems with Fitness and stuff. You guys can connect to me and talk about it. And while we go ahead with the topic. We will pick up calls and talk to people so here. Hi Alum. Hi. Sure. I mean you should give me a call. Hello? Hello? Hi. Hi. Hi. How you doing? Yeah, God of these. I'm from Deborah. You're from Jabbar got a van from Bangalore. So yeah, got of today's topic is about social media fitness in body. What do you have to say about it? Actually, you know what? It's been like three years. I'm in a fitness. Hmm. I think you've got the right guy here. So yeah. So what was the topic like, you know investing your other beating on it like about the green tea? No, I'm not debating about anything. I think there was someone who said there was a previous caller who says that helps us lose weight and he said that his mother was consuming green tea and some time she felt she was losing weight and sometimes she felt she was getting good. So I think actually it is like that it is not like that green tea is just for it's an antioxidant and absolutely it's never going to lose weight until then you're not working, you know working any absolute card for this so for losing weight, you have to keep on tracking your diet. What is you're taking like your dealer indeed calorie? What is and long? Would you have to do your you know, what should I say about this? You know, which left? That was the most important thing if you want to lose weight or gain some muscle along with that so you have to add soda. Yeah. Hello. Yeah, can you hear me properly? Okay. Okay. Okay. You see I just felt that I kept losing on the voice. Oh, yeah. I was just trying to confirm confirm. Okay. Yeah, so So yeah, that's it. Like it's just antioxidant. It doesn't lose to help lose weight, especially. Yeah, so guys that is about the green tea and any myths about green tea has been busted right there by God of Tunisia. So God have since you are into fitness. So actually it's not my provocation by the way. I'm a businessman. So yeah. Witness should be everybody's prevention, you know, so I mean yeah, you know is like everyone everyone wants to be fit and take care of themselves. Yeah, it is. It is very necessary. Absolutely. So other people top its Social Media Partners or social media fitness. Sorry other than let me make this clear because we have very less characters to put the title. I don't usually use complete sentences. So what I mean to say here is Fitness and body shaming Okay on social media. Okay. So I just wanted to put a slash slash slash there, but I get what I was just in a hurry so I will edit that later. So gaurav. Yeah, so coming back to you. So what do you have to say about Fitness and body shaming people usually tend to mix up these two things. Okay. There is a very fine line between staying fit and body shaming someone else. Actually to be very first thing is clear me. What do you mean by Body shaming it's you know, it's normal. Okay body shaming is a concept where people make fun of people's bodies like the way someone appears may be a factor in or somehow, you know tall short depending upon their genes. You cannot just say that somebody's and you know imperfect. Okay. So a lot of times what happens is a lot of jokes are made on people. People who are plump or curvy or fat you can say but you know, so that is the kind of concept within this body shaming. Okay. So Being Fit is good. Okay, just because someone is fit the it did what I think like you can't judge people by the way, they look there's no yeah, but good what I believe yeah. So as I as I know many people who transformed yourself knowing away in a good no David. Okay. Now they are, you know, they are very good personality that right now they have so it can be changed your personality. It can be changed but it was something you know pinching about their the way they look it's not right. Yes, right, you know see in India, especially we have people making fun of people's bodies and appearances, but they are every time everywhere and it's even on the French. Girls it is on its on social media and it has an impact on the person. Yeah, right. So rather than making fun of somebody's body is or some kind of you know, you know a particular kind of looking person. How can people you know change their way of the stores like key. It's okay to be whatever they look like. Okay. So yeah, I think that is is what I think about this about those people who are just making fun of you. It is a simple thing that I can say. Okay, ya know where I live and I was looking like a really Slim Trim guy, you know, but now like it's going to actually go and I'm you know doing Jim. So now I have a kind of okay. Okay personality. So now people say yeah you are now, you know you how you use your body is or changing it. I love that Toby you are looking so many sources are validated. I have had a few friends like who who will lean as you can just like literally even I I think when I was in school a lot of my friends called me like I used to be slim, so there is so yeah eventually what happens is people change. Okay, but what the main idea here is I have seen a lot of people get depressed because of certain body shape and what I have noticed. Just and observed is it's because when while on social media, okay friends told them like, you know, how you're looking like this and looking with that. So I think in a way body shaming should be differentiated. First of all, people have to understand. That Fitness is a choice. Okay, if you want to be fat you are going to be fit. Okay, but just because someone else is not as conscious as you are about witness does not mean they are stupid. Maybe there are a lot of fun. Also Point. Absolutely. There are a lot of factors. Maybe they don't get the time or they don't have the proper guidance to look, you know, look at themselves that way and observe and make out a way to get fit or something. So we need to understand as people that it is not a crime to be fat or something. So obviously okay and people should shut shut these things that they should stop doing, you know body shaming stuff and if they really want to promote Fitness, I think they should promote it in the right way. Even if you would check tv ads on in Indian television, you know when they talk about Fitness and losing weight and stuff. Laughs, okay. It's really weird. You know, they come up with weird ideas and many things not so much in there saying, you know, you have that your abdominal area and you know, whether no fuel Burns, you know, you start losing your weight. No, these are that I believe it cannot be happening do we doesn't happen. Actually it's all about lifestyle and the kind of diet and take and I think the time that we are we are very, you know, we don't care about what Died with again. And at one point of time we are like, oh my God, what's happening? So yeah, it's depends person to person. Yeah. Absolutely. I mean in general what I have seen. Yeah in general. Most people don't care about that. Yeah quite quite conscious about their physique. I think a lot of teenagers are quite yeah. So yeah, so gaurav. Yeah. Thank you connecting with me. On this podcast and showing interest in this particular topic and so much. I've been great organ. Yeah. It's being like it's for me also alright so much. Thank you. Have a great day. Yeah. Have a great day too. Yep. Hey guys that was got of the nature and he says he's a businessman and he got into getting fit before to three years and now that he's well off with it. So guys. coming back to our topic see social media is one place where people post a lot of Fitness things and fitness ideas and stuff, but they may not work those ideas may not work for everybody the same way. Okay, if someone has posted a particular detoxification, you know detoxifying drink doesn't mean it is going to work for all hundred people around there. Okay. So before you try all the stuff or try to In shape on your own I think first understand your body type and why you are into a particular shape whether you're you have you are overweight or you are underweight. Why find that out see a lot of factors affected. Okay, sometimes it's the jeans sometimes there are some people no matter how much they eat. They won't put up with and there are some people who might just have a spoon and just put on a lot of people so I guess you have to start observing before, you know, just blindly following Fitness regimes and stuff. So we have our next caller. Mr. Manoj Kumar here. Let's talk to him and find out what he has to say. Hi, honey. How you doing? Hello. Hello. Hello. Hello. Hello. Yeah, how are you? I'm good. Where you from? I come from Somalia. Do you know somebody? Yeah II do know something right? It's where you come from. I come from India. I'm from Bangladesh and India there is lot of background noise and I Miss out on your voice. What background? Okay, thank you. What's your name? I'm sorry. What is your name? I'm sorry. I don't get you there is a lot of disturbance in the background just all key social. Okay. Okay is about Fitness and body shaming. I don't understand it because people Asia cannot speak English very well because you speak it has many grammatical error is okay. Okay. Thank you a great day. All right. Hi, Krishna. Yeah I checked. Your message and I did reply I think on that and you can tell me the time to schedule the topic and then we'll go ahead with it. Okay, and Allen says your name. Hello. How are you Hi, how are you? I'm great. How are you? I'm fantastic today actually today Festival in my area, but I don't have a chance to celebrate the festival because my mother is my grandmother is dead dead before five months back actually. So yeah, so you don't celebrate any Festival until your English. Yeah, where you from by the way again from Hyderabad from Hyderabad? I guess that's the tradition in all over the South right? Yeah, Lower South it is wonderful festival and know from this day only our new year will be start so hurry. So, how are you and today's topic? We are talking about Fitness and body shaming. Yeah, of course wonderful topic Fitness and body shaming it is silly question important for Holloman Biggs. Not only by not only girl not all the other person's absolutely without Fitness how you will become a how will do the works here. Actually, we if you are Fitness then only you can do all the work so you can study will you can you will be health health is most important to get will not be absolutely so if you want to become a if you want to become a very good successful person, so you must be first of all, you must be Fitness in your usual must be Fitness. Then only you can fulfill your goals. If the body is fit. I think the even the Mind stays fit somewhere. This is a yeah, and yeah, mine is also important but if your mind Fitness is very good. Also if your body is not a good so it is also very problematic. Yeah. Absolutely higher Peta. How are you long time? And yesterday I did a podcast about suicides and depression. So we had asked Me for it. So yeah, so I have done it. So actually I yeah, I had done same broadcast to ten days before on suicides why it was happening. And what is the problem with one person period of that's a wonderful session. Oh, that's great. So actually this is our pizza actually seized from fujian and you know, she had suggested that I should do something about suicides and stuff. That was for her actually, so yeah, so yeah, so apart from that hurry. What what about you have about Fitness. Have you come across cases of body shaming which you have seen on social media or in your friend Circle and I think that is very common. So sure body-shaming in the fitness is very normal common things for all the human beings and we will go to gym to Fitness or body make some. Yeah to Fitness you. Your brain you can go for meditation and yoga. Absolutely. Yeah to give witness. Yeah, the 21-day lockdown gives us all a lot of time to you know, work on our fitness of mind and body and you know utilize this time for some better things to do. Yeah, but to hear this 21 is this is not important. I undo with in this 21 days. You cannot be fit everybody according to my C. B1 days if any habit is continued. Okay, you ready? Okay, there's a theory which says the rule of 21. Yeah. 21-day challenge. Yeah, so whatever you do for 21 days eventually what happens is you get into that habit. So if you are practicing Fitness, you're practicing yoga or meditation or a particular kind of diet for that particular time. I guess you will eventually get into so what do I say a mold is which you can follow ahead and actually a truly is not works for all the purses but it will works according to me that will not work for all the purses if some purses will do 21 days also after they will not interested in that yoga and meditation it will happen. Just not 21 days if you do something deliberately. Consciously it gets into your habit. Okay, does your date Zero talking about deliberately consistently, but yeah, that is okay. But some people are just going to the gym or something in a place and they do something for time pass and they come for 21 days. It is now it will not work absolutely knish says but you need to do with full Dedication. That is what I said. Knish that if something is followed anything is followed by four. 21 days correctly consciously and you're doing it with full dedication. Absolutely, it will get into your habits and it will eventually turn up to be with you forever. Okay, so there are a lot of books return on this habit and I think when it comes to Fitness people should start it immediately because this is the time everybody has lot of time to plan their diet and look at their self and everything so they can eventually do it. Well, Yeah, that's what your suggest to maintain a group good grooming like body shaming and fitness. Well, so I think there is kanishka in our call line. So he is the best person to talk about it. He's doing Fitness and stuff. So I think we'll ask him. Okay, definitely you can take and when we will do a podcast you have a duel between I have a reply to your message and we can Eventually schedule it today someday evening or something and we can go ahead with it today. Actually. I have a podcast seven o'clock according to yoga or meditation overly, then we'll just plan it tomorrow. Okay, no problem. Thank you very much. Really. Have a nice day. Great day. Thanks for connecting. Okay. Bye. Yeah. Hello. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, that's what by so Adam says study abroad I think Allah there is someone who's doing IDs and stuff either there is 40 or someone. So there is a Creator who's already talking about that. I think you should go and check out there and study abroad. Yes. That's a huge topic to talk. Okay, so I will talk to you about it, you know after some time about it. Okay, so I will definitely do a podcast about RIT Alum, okay. Yeah - Ishq Hai thank you. Yeah good. You joined us. I was just wondering if you will be joining and since the topic is about Fitness and body shaming and all that. I think we better than talking to you. Thanks. So firstly I want to say listeners. Thank you for listening dashboard touch. Okay, and God is not all about like physique and to show something like body shaming is common right now at the close-up. Yeah. It's particular. I don't know why. Why they same about on their body, but if you are saving just because of society then you are totally polish. And if you are saving bio on self, then you are in a right path. Okay, if you are thinking that not eating good food and it is not good to eat. Lots of sweet and lots of oily food junk food, then you are in a good path. But still if you are thinking that who will what he is thinking what they are thinking then I think you are not so confident about anything. So I just want to say like if anybody who want to prepare who want to Set a goal that I want to put Physique in that days and the pulled in India. Obesity is common right now. Okay, they carry lots of fat and lots of tummy tummy common in India. So I just wanted to do to get a good physique. The important thing is to eat proper diet for a second one is to do workout and third one is to study data which things are important like you need to study about yourself like you need to study. What is BMR like basal metabolic rate? Great. What is your basal metabolic rate? You need to calculate it on Google like a Google app like French Polynesia. Then you will found that how much calorie you need in a single day. Like you need to know that what is your age? What is your weight? What is your height? Then? You will own that how much calories your requirement like, I need 550 calories. Okay, if I'm not on gaining and not only losing I just want to maintain my body weight. Then I just need only 550 or 1600 or 1700 calories, but still I am taking 220 calories because I am Looking on my regular. So that is the result. So first we need to calculate BM are then you need to click BMI BMI tell you that body mass. Index tell you that you are normal or you are obese or overweight or underweight? Yeah. So these two things you need to understand then you will know that what is reality reality in the sense. Then you will understand that how much work you need to do because all peoples have different physiques different body quickly. Absolutely. I've been stressing on that point since the start of of this podcast that people are different and their bodies are different one particular thing may not work with everybody. Yes. Exactly. You have put it really well that the BMI and BMO BMR VMR has to be taken into consideration before you start to follow something and I would love it. If condition if you could elaborate on this thing. Yeah, every people have time now and yeah, okay, you know and you can consider these things are definitely if you I will give you Lots of insights definitely, please. Listen, let's just wait and watch you will get something in that will help you very much. Okay, and even when this time in this lockdown time, okay. So first thing as you said that the behavior of the person and the way of living way of standard is totally different it vary from person to person like if You observe that question paper in school dissimilar, like if it is true you get similar question paper and if you do a cheating and you are doing cheating like you see a sort of another one and you Writing your answer, but then you will get good numbers because the question paper is similar. Okay, but in re it was like okay, if you are doing the other person who is doing then you think that I will get same result. No, no, it's not similar because he's walking like he's running 400 kilometer. Okay, he's running for one hours. And you think that I owe I will also run for same time. Then I will get same result. No because there are some other reasons which are responsible for it like this type his mental ability his meditation and he's putting his genetics these all Things are responsible for it. Okay. Now I want to say that what is calorie because if you are working workout is not in matter because I work almost three or four months in gym. Okay, after that I decided to in my home because what happened like in the in this lockdown time, there are lots of people who are symbolic jamala conditions. They just want to do work. They just want to lift a weight. Okay, they want like people who are competing on a stages and they want a good physique good biceps Okay, so It's it's a bad time for them. Okay, they are not they are not able to go gym, but they still like me. I'm not I'm not working for my physique. I just want to be a fit for whole night that perfect. So I think most of the people almost 90 if I for 96% of people majority of people just want to be a fit. They don't want any Daisy. Yes. I hope I'm working for Fitness. Okay, so I want to say you like calorie firstly understand what is calorie because ultimately everything is linked to energy, okay. If you are thinking that you want to lose your way so you need to understand that like if you reduce your calorie by 350 hundred if you reduce 350 ended gallery for next one week or next one month, then it means that you might be using one pound weight. It is a religion. Okay, for example, you need to understand that how much calorie are you taking? Exactly? So if you want to know then you need to know that like what is carbs love what is fat? What is protein? These are the only nutritious which will give you a maximum calorie. Okay, and apart from this there are other things like my two dogs trained and other things I will talk about it later like polished all good or all bad cholesterol fat and saturated apart from that. Yeah. One thing I want to ask you is it see these these things are four basic for people like us. Okay and like hurry hurry has put up question here. How much time does it take to build six pack abs he says so, how do you do? How do you squishin? Okay, so yeah, okay. I will tell you it depends on your body weight body weight and it depends on uh, he's not Jesus totally depends on your body weight on your daily routine. If you are asking me that how much workout you need to do. So it's impossible to say because I never see you that which kind of physique you have and which kind of potential you have to do work. Okay. It depends on you firstly I just want to request everybody like they just bought YouTube and other things other things and they think that I will follow keto diet. I will follow such things. I will do dieting I will do first then I will get good results. Remember body weight is different slow outer body is totally different from inner body. I am working I am working on my inner body. That's why I know that what is EPA DHA omega-3 omega-6 because I never heard my inner body. I always take good diet and good nutrition sweet almond will girls I know that inner body is very important immunity never come from biceps and Six Packs immunity always come from your inner body, which is which means that what you had it in from past 20 or 15 years. I have been explaining the same thing that if someone is curvy does not mean they are unfit or if there is someone who's very lean does not mean they don't have strength. Yes strength is totally different from what appears on the outer part of the physical body. Yes. So that has to be differentiated and understood before getting into any Fitness Fitness regime or a schedule. Just looking it up on social media. And just following by blindly. I guess people need to First study their own body and understand it. Yeah, so Harry asked brother. Can we do one about trust about Fitness? I have so much questions. Yeah, definitely you can ask on it. Yeah. Any I just want to clear some doubt lie about what is category. You just need to understand calorie like calorie. I will explain like cops, you know what is cars, you know, what is that? You know, what is protein working these three basic thing so in carbs you have I think 4.1 4.2 calorie if you are eating one arm parts, then you get Point to calories. Okay, that is enough. Okay. And then if you are eating protein, then you are getting the same calorie 4.2. Okay, and if you are fat, okay, then you are getting nine point one calorie. So just calculate like you are eating handed just calculate it and red gram of fact, it means 9191 calorie 90 100 calories. Okay, okay last night at ten calories you are getting from hundred gram of fat and you are eating ended gram of carbs. It means that you are getting 41 for and 210 calories and if you're eating hundred gram of protein, then you are getting phone ended 10 calories. Okay. So if you add all things then you found that we are getting 1630 calories if we are eating 300 gram of die. Okay, we get 6:30 1630 calories with of with it then we take 300 grams of diet. Okay, it's not so complicated. It just uses need to be calm and try to understand you are eating a food of weight. Dance and you are 630 Gallery. Okay. So when you when you when you find out your BMR basal metabolic rate, then you found that how much calorie you required in a day. Then you will understand. Okay and DMR is vary from person to person why because there are people who are working in their daily be on daily. Basis like me. I am working on daily basis. So according to my Bri need to take fifteen hundred fifty calories, but they still I know that on the person who is doing working who is doing work out on daily basis. So I think I add 300 or 350 calories more. I eat almost upon how much yeah, they are. There are people who don't want to do work. They are only doing physical mental work. They are people who are doing work for two or three days. There are people who are working outside the home so it varies from person. So if you understand what is calorie, what is the mechanism that ought to eat and how to eat and critique will help you for long time. Not for me, too. Yes, sir. So there is one question here how Defective is green tea. I think we have already discussed this previously, but still connect. I think drinking green tea does not affect the weight loss process. Listen, it's very it's it depends on you that how in which sense are you taking in? Which way are you taking us some time many dietitians people prefer green tea and its really it's a good remedy to eat to it because it has antioxidants. Don't poke which help you to reduce your pops in and distress level and ultimately when you eat green tea, then lots of toxin will do we remove and your metabolic reaction will be for example that has people they have lots of problems about constipation. Okay, their digestion is so big so and never did think about it that why what is the reason and there are lots of people who are they who carry the age of 20 25 26 Still they have bad metabolism. I don't know why they have That's kind of bad metabolism. It's and then died. I guess it's exactly chunky reason. I prefer that our mothers like our family members. They are not cooking good food. They are making fully they are making vegetable and lots of the oil consumption and I follow I follow I think I made my own diet by myself. But right now I'm focusing on my steady. So that is the reason why I depend on my family cooking food. Okay, so that is the reason I'm not using very well on my deck. But when when I focus on my diet on the city very well, then I always try to I said okay it is that it is this thing that people a lot of people keep missing out on their dinner and say that that will help in weight loss. So, how is that? Listen? It's it's it's not it's not true. But it seemed like Akshay Kumar always said always take you died when Samuel said when like Before Sunset, okay, they always sets but remember Akshay Kumar and just suggesting as in his life and your life like you are a you are a person absolute. It's totally they are seeing because they are seeing because they have lots of money based on their diet. They are able to take like almonds omega-3 capsule. You don't know that how much how much costly they this nutritions are. I am not able to buy omega-3 on regular basis, but I know that what is the importance of Omega-3 I use a lots of seeds like chia seeds flax seeds and lots of other seats. I always add in my diet because I don't have enough money to invest in such things. Okay, but if I'm adding You think is costliest of yeah, it's around. I think yeah, so costly but it is very important. There are tablets something because yeah, Omega is given to people who are you know need a lot of women are given also omega-3 pregnancy time and stuff and you know, so yeah exactly but yeah not giving it time of pregnancy. Here because flaxseed like I think that fish oil is allow but flax seeds. Yeah did that one that's allowed by the doctors, but the flaxseed will not allow because Flagship 2010 some a lot of heat and I guess yeah, it did the body. Yeah. That is the reason they never prefer. Even when you buy the flax oil then they always mention that the no it is not for pregnant too pregnant. You need to know at what is omega. You what it meant in like it went in ETA equals up and I'm just saying I will not explain you about its little bit complex like different types of Parts. You can say yeah, it's yeah, it's different type of fat like saturated fat. It is brain and heart both. It is good for brain and hurt both. So that's why omega-3 is very essential and even there are a lot of people who are eating peanuts. Okay, and right like olive oil or lots of other things they are getting I don't know unnecessary omega-6. So you need to balance both thing if you were eating A lot of I mean lots of amount of omega-6 then you need to balance. If you need to add omegas 3 also then it will balance and your body will perform very well. If you are eating unnecessary quicker 6 and there is no any omega-3 in your diet and it means that your buyers are your hair will begin white and your I will become so big to see far distance and these will raise our hand side effects on your body. Yeah, right. Yeah, and I always insist my listeners that always try to understand because I don't have money. So I'm not able to purchase protein powder. Okay, like Bay protein and other things so I always maintain my died under like 500 and 600 of money. I don't have enough money. So I always maintain it because I want to balance my died. There are lots of my friend who have money and they are able to go in gym and they're investing money engine as well as in home and they are taking protein shake and other supplements. Okay, but I think then When they don't have money then what will they do? Because it is right now I just another myth busted here by kanishka is that you don't have to purchase expensive proteins to build up your body to a certain level or look physically fit. Okay. So which the expenses can be easily curtailed up to 500 per month. You're talking a knish. How much is around? I think I think maximum item six is seven hundred. It's to 600 700. According to connects body so first learn and understand what your body is what it needs and what it does not and then actually make a plan accordingly and understand and do it ahead. So while kinetic is giving us more insights about this stage with us and I'll Stand and put your questions in to the comment section. If yeah, they are they had saying that lots of people are saying just need to read. Yeah. I don't know like yeah. Brother, can we do one work Monsieur fouquet. I don't know just please read substance in this Fitness calculation is very are complicated. You are talking about BMR and BMI. It's not so complicated. You just need to know what is your age? What is your weight? What is your height? That's it. That's enough and you will get your answer on Google python. Fernandez says, that's a like I thought can you please elaborate about what you're talking? It can be. What are you talking about the expenses highly page? Hi, since we are talking about Fitness. I think lots of guys would be interested in this topic because there are ya very few and women who are here who are you know, and I don't women need to focus on their own diet because they need to focus on hormones as well as their body type is totally different. So oh yeah, we have testosterone they have estrogen so they need to focus on yeah. Hundred per day. I think I thought that's great. You know, there are a lot of guys around here who want to be fit and nine thousand per month. Oh my God, bro. It's to I find that when I get a job, then definitely I will add such kind of nutrition which will help you definitely but right now I'm not able my pocket will not allow me sir questions because how do you ask lots of questions, but I am not able to read whether you can Heidi is full of questions, and he's a curious curious. Dias mind and that's a very good thing about and it is yeah, the I think that we all Indian need to focus on our diet because a diet food is the part of life and we will eat every day not for only two days and three days in this log down for 20 days. No, no, you want to change your habit. Then these 20 days is very important for you. I know that you don't have enough food. We don't have such things but you need to add like you need to understand. What is the nutritional fact of banana how much it's orange? What is simple carbs and what is complex bodies difference between rice and chapathi? You need to understand something. One thing about being an Indian is we do not actually analyze our food as much. Okay, I agree. Our food is Viber. I think we you know, I think I say we because all Indians are you know, most of them are very much into good food and they have their taste buds are absolutely active and they want wonderful food September. The Lord of spices and lot of oil and stuff. So yeah that is possible. But I think with that we also need to make sure that you know Fitness is considered. Yeah and septum said something like there are lots of YouTubers who are saying that the jira what I accept our Ginga and lemon honey, except these are the way to reduce body weight and to eat and to drink in morning Etc know they have their own study. Okay, and I am not That they are wrong, but II just want to say you need to study that what is jira. What is Kimber? What is lemon like lemon has vitamin C. Levin has the property of antitoxin. Okay. It's antitoxin. It will do it will remove all toxins from your body where urine and and their face Etc. OK so you just need to study and understand that what is lemon, for example, I never I never prefer YouTube because this whole lots of thing and sometimes what happened we don't have we don't have proper resources. To get such things like like beetroot and Etc other things. So if they are saying it doesn't mean that there is only one alternative. There is only one thing which we need to eat if we study very well, they're not very well if we study little bit then we are able to eat that for example in our home when we open office, then there are lots of thing to it, but we need to understand that which is good and healthy for us. Hmm. Okay, because there are lots of things we people will tell you like this ge T strawberry eats this for That food that is very good for health at it. But they are sometimes you are not able to eat on regular basis because it is not available in every time in your locality and sometimes you poke it will not allow and sometimes you are not able to go outside. So these are the reason you need to understand that how can I substitute my diet with other things? Okay. Yeah. I think it's very important that Fitness has to be pocket effective also because in India a lot of people are not as well to do with The pockets that they can invest much amount into gyms and the kind of diet that Jim's suggest actually so looking into a kitchen for the right diet and following it is very important. So yeah, I will just I will just give you an example for example right now in my room like there is a lot of fun. Okay, so we don't have enough not enough food in this sense. We don't have proper a green vegetable. I always try to prefer eat green veg and even when you see my diet, And I add one chapathi one or two chapathi of weight around 30 gram and 30 or 40 gram of chapathi. Okay, that's enough because I know that Japan contain complex carbohydrate and complex carbs needs so much time to digest I never add rice because ride is simple curves and when I eat then it will digest immediately and my calorie will rise immediately and I know that after my workout, I just need to study and do other works which are not so physical so I eat one party and a Add lots of vegetable and add pulse. Okay, that is enough and I always try to avoid oil. So these are the things which and sometimes what happened there is no vegetable. There is no chapathi. There is no other thing. So now it's so complicated for me that how to maintain my deck how to balance my diet. It's so typical because you see that in your home there is highly vegetable. Okay, which is like, oh it's not so healthy for us. Okay, there is more like like carrot and it's a lot of that. Yeah so much starts. Scoffs. Oh, it's so typical for me that now, how can I balance my diet because there is vegetable like like potato and other things which are not so good for health. Okay, so I have option chapati second thing I eliminate rice. So at that time what I do, I always add some seeds seeds means chia seeds flax seeds and like sunflower seeds other seats. I have I carry some seats. So that seeds complete my fiber and some vitamins and minerals that's itself that Okay, I add in my diet and I eliminate that potato vegetable. I eliminate I never touched that vegetable because I know that it is totally useless. It's a empty calories. I know it contains some potassium and magnesium like some kind of minerals, but I know I will get it from like I add NaCl like salt in my diet. I add some other things I eat banana so I know so that's I eliminate that tag because I know if I eat one one bowl of vegetable, then which means that I am adding lots of calories because I know one gram of fat 29 Points So I always try to avoid it and my family members always criticize me that why are you eating this code and etcetera because they know what is Fitness then I want no and I never want to follow my diet. That is the reason why I am so different. There are only minority of people who are doing such things. So I just want to say okay that's great. Kanishka and I think a lot of information being isn't and thank you for connecting with me. And yes pleasure talking. I think even in my previous Podcast you spoke wonderful things about that topic and when it comes to Fitness, I think you grade when you talk about it. So thank you. So connecting again. Kanishka. It's yeah. Yeah. Thank you all listeners time for listening. Please focus on your diet and stupid do exercise regularly. Thank you so much for listening. When I was 21 days, he's put us into a lockdown where you can actually start looking at yourself. If you are already fit great if you guys are planning to get fit. I think this is the time look into it and people who have been body shamed on social media now is the time you start taking those that criticism or that body-shaming as constructive criticism and start actually working out on yourself no matter what The reason behind your particular body type is find out a way out of it. And I think being healthy is great. Okay, Being Fit is great. It's not happening. Just find out the reasons. And yes guys. We keep talking about it while we attend calls in here and let's talk to kite on I just hope I'm pronouncing his name right here. So yeah, let's just take this call. Okay. Prajapati says very nice topic Thank you, very much Hello. Hey, hi Whitney. How are you? Hello. Hi Whitney. How are you? Hi, I'm great. How are you? I'm doing fine. So, thank you. Okay. I'm grateful to be here and thank you for joining me. Thank you so much about spending on proteins. Like there are a lot of people who spend on proteins additional protein shakes and so he welcomed that he was investing on proteins in the kitchen after ending up to 500 per month on that particular thing only depending upon his body type. So he was saying okay. It is important to take care about your body type and then think of protein other than just blindly go. All right, get understood. Yes saying that blindly going into it. It's cold, like don't go into a Palacios thing but issues but the issue of which I face which I deeper from you boss because they perform them because if you go for cost cutting like normally you say that 500 per month if you get x x is 1 I guess for 5 rupees and you get 4 eggs it will cost you approximately. Ox 200 220 rupees right and just multiply 30 it will just go above how much 600 right? Yeah. So that's a bit like misleading information. I mean I've been here for you to do Jemaine and all but I'll tell you like don't think just dreaming or is why static purpose? Yeah. It's actually it was initially for having a good health. Right but afterwards direct different sort of thing like body building. So I just to clear out each and every One that see you deeming is good but bodybuilding it's not good. Yeah, that's two different things. I think jemaine's if you're going with the idea of getting fit and maintaining in shape, I think that is good. And if you're just trying to get plump and get doing all your time to come out. Yeah beside it out or you're trying to get bulked up. That's not healthy. If you want to be healthy. Yes, they fit it's fine. Not a problem. You you must know about all the nutrition and all and you should not allow to have a budget for having all the nutrition. Okay, and if you want to go for getting shredded or going into bodybuilding the person who's a bodybuilder who doesn't be fit all the time, like he doesn't be shredded all the time. Yes, if it's only for two or three few weeks I can say that oh month also like few weeks it guessing two shows in that particular time, but he's going into a show. I yeah that myth has to be busted. I think I turned it. So I'm really grateful that you took. That point because a lot of people think that bodybuilders are bodybuilders forever and they are working that way and they are staying that way forever. But I think that's not true. That's not true. Okay people who are like normally personal trainer. They have they have to do that to have to be below at least 12% They have to be in 12% not below 8% which bodybuilder really cool to the show eight percent is what the really required to be into the show. Okay, and secondly like to have can be up to 12 percent. That's healthy range or man. You can Google it out. Like that's a healthy range. If you go below that that's not healthy enough at 12. You can get your abs and all visible but that time you can participate in bodybuilding because eight percent is a minimum criteria like that time. Will you can achieve a champion table depends on person to person And secondly, like if you are not interested in to like normally do you want just normal built? It's okay to go to exercise is good for that that meant it is good. Go to exercise take care of yourself initially for people like they also have a misconception like doing bodybuilding will have a like growth spending your life. But that doesn't matter like the doesn't happens and for having growth you have to have less food. I mean, that's the different topic. But yeah, I've been at this for a long one. I'm Yours like completely. I've studied a lot of things from this from dieting and all. Okay and yeah, since you are into fitness like you say, okay you have I was now I the issue what happened with me. I'll let you know that so I'm just so sorry to interfere in between. Yeah. So what I was saying is like while I was talking to kanishka we didn't talk much about women and their Fitness. So okay, you are here you have been in Fitness industry. I have seen Personally a lot of women getting just you know Russian to gyms to lose weight and not getting right results even okay sort of jamming and following diets and stuff. I think you know like we discussed previously everybody's body type is different just because you're under a pressure that you're you know, getting body shamed or something you just, you know, join the gym you rush to the gym and you're trying to really okay. Okay for such people. Like you know, so yeah you saying that people are going to gym and they are not getting the effective result as compared to the gym. Yes. All right, I'll give you like the inside what really happening in India people are not knowledge issue is with die. If you want to lose weight, if you want to look at static, you have to have a strict diet and normal plan. Okay normal client that you can do a homework or also if you want to just lose weight, okay. Is that people are not having the body information like how much body fat? They are having and how much what is the result like after one month? How what will be the resultant how much you should aim of they are not having that personal trainer doesn't give it to you because how will they learn if they teach it to you? They give it to you directly? Absolutely. That's what yeah, so apparently like that's just been misguided like normally to a person the person I will tell you do a lot of cardio that doesn't really work. Because a cup of tea under a hundred calories and for that you have to walk up rocks gonna okay, that's not good. Right? Absolutely. Not how much are you help with the Indian diet? I mean whatever people are eating and plus the junk food and plus all the street food and stuff because in India people are very much into food, I guess and integral. So once people are conscious about letting them I just have a you know certain. All right, if you don't really want to track your food and can give it your full strategies, which I am following. I'm not saying that I don't follow you can eat did you know one day or meal? Yeah, there is the story I've heard about it, but I'm not sure it's good way this for longevity. Like normally you can leave for more live. Like if you process less food than your body will have less stress to do the work from internal. So yeah, that's there you have to have less spoon and who person who can't do it so they can just try to have one day or meal don't go it for certain like there is also steps that go to fizzle or dietitian can give you what you seek. See a nutritionist can give you but there is the judges don't go for one day or male starting from tomorrow. There is way to go into a letter to a loss Posh to 13 hours Posh have to go it three months and afterwards you can start over India Mill, which I'm doing currently and by the way, like if you're going to do that also just check with dietitian because there are certain minerals like potassium and let's end the minerals that I which require day-to-day basis if you like or to it you lose hair. Okay, that guy's insane. Boom this yeah. Yeah, people are there who know lots about it just consult with them don't go and do it own self have a like normal. I don't give this thing's all for free. But yeah, but what actually happened in which what I told you that I was into Jim line, but what actually happened was they will they are too much misguidance over there. Yeah, and nobody tastes like I have psoriasis so my body Diamond is pressure on itself. I was having a healthy part before good average guy of body, like normally having six packs are not having that I was enjoying it, but they after I came to know that this if it codes for a longer run, I will deplete calcium. I'll be declarative it Plenty or the vitamins and and which my body will shut down for making it right. So I don't want to get into that thing like to have a normal body to have healthy like everything inside to my milk. It's okay not to have abs just to be afraid not to have over like bloated. Tummy. That's not good. Like distended is really not good. But normal term you like normal term is fine whichever in guys because if you can see a child is not born with apps. They are born with the me like chubby. Right? Right. So the society is forcing you to be absent friends. I guess it's all the trends. People I think people are very much fascinated or you know attracted to the real life the movies and stuff and people just get into physical fitness, but I think physical fitness should be to be healthy rather than to show it off and I think yes physical fitness the and yeah, so just one too. I forgot to address one of the issues are saying that see if you go for Jim if you pick up that you obviously will get to it. Like you will eventually get to wait because the muscles are improving you're putting our body. So what in eventually that the body require foods to complete the recovery process and it won't have whey protein or like or you say Martin tasty food people are tasty food. So they won't have eggs for every time they will try to satisfy their hunger with something else and that doesn't calorie intake liking the fat will go to fat intake it won't convert into protein into so it will convert people are just missing a carbohydrate will just cover the fuel absolutely protein. If you have to have a good like you have to maintain a muscle you have to have lots of protein. And fuel you have to give good fuel and afterwards you have to get good fats for your body to have them and that is very expensive by the way. It's not yeah, so I mean great person needs to do hard work for at least six months in gym, when you lose ample amount of body weight so that he can do a corporate least 30 minutes regular pace is the whole journey will start. Okay. So yeah it take time. I won't say that it won't take time. He's through that it takes time. But in case like if you just going to go 400 kg my and to divide like the proportion of protein requires an hour, it will be costly I'm the same said it will be costly don't have the mindset because people over like people think that just hard work is enough, but now it is really costly to have that or Dune body which you want. So what elements term would you suggest that people eat on a regular basis? Like, you know the for can you suggest a common diet that people can follow like, you know you surely it's like it's so like I'll go to normal like normal tight. I don't remember the name of the type because it's very easy. You have to add two of the thing like two things with it one is intermittent fasting. It's not a diet. It's that strategy you can use or have two meals a day. Okay. Secondly go for Whole Foods. Like I don't remember the name of the tide. It's a good name. Is that having something which is hold which is not form packet. I could have searched have that sort of put aside because that will have a lot so we cannot go for organic. If you can if you can have a budget. Absolutely I think about food diets and stuff people go for food diets and See, I it works. I won't say that detox is not just it's a myth. No, it's it works. Detox thing is real cat out. See I told you I that I faced in of psoriasis. My body's actually talk to you guy do detox every time and what rocket enter into the body, you know, why because we and all the grain is they they put pressure immense pressure on you would like normally you are trying to just in your gym. You're trying to just explode out your muscles, okay? And not caring about the intestine and all the bacteria out there. They are live. They require they have to get immunity should be there. It's something that they don't really care about that. So mostly main thing is I got in June of your body to be honest, like heart brain and gut gut is another brain, you know, if you if you have learned about it. Another so yes, you have to take care of these three things. Can you like ensure that you have a long span of life? Like other your muscles are there it's important because if if you want your 60s and your bone density goes away that that that's the only reason we are told to exercise not forgiving that a sculpted look that's not because if you can go to any body builder that they are not able to maintain the body yet like Arnold and nobody can maintain their body. You just took additional attacks ocean and all that stuff, but they are nobody can able to maintain the body if they could to the certain things for long run and apparently like yes, you have to do talks you ask me about detox idea you have to do talks is one someone come and it's good because there is a lot of proxy in your body do detox or got what is very important and I guess I can give you one of the thing like it can have vitamin C. It's proven if you have vitamin C you have a Detox, okay, I think maximum of weight problems are because of gut and healthy gut and liver because of the kind of diet that people take and also the stress levels affect it a lot. Correct me if I'm wrong. I have read it somewhere all right now, but I'll explain. Yeah. So yeah if you could elaborate about that Okay, so maximum of the thing just start with God because God has to type of bacteria. Like I don't I don't know. I do know his name. I want to know what the big guy sees and candida even you can search it will sort it out east and Canada and this would I mean I'm giving out lectures for free today. I don't know why okay fine, so I wouldn't want you to do it unwillingly, but if you want Planning to do a like YouTube show and all that stuff. But yeah, it's okay. I'm sorry buddy is your relation and out there is listening. That's Captain Fernandez, and he has been giving out wonderful details about Fitness. And if he has what is your YouTube channel you please put it in the guys to make sure but yeah, but yeah, but because I like to know why I have plans to start and I'm working on it. So yeah. On 10 this way just require some editing all like a person who can help me or with that because I am not able to do both the things like I can't live his life is very stressful because I supposed to me if you're talking about editing and stuff. I'm I am into it. So yeah, you can definitely get in touch about that so we can talk about it. Surely. I'm like, yeah. Okay fine. I'll let you know that yeah what it is. What do you ask such as poker in place starting with a question because it's the candida and the store that you're talking about gut bacteria. Yeah, so yes, they are Canada and he's which are the end and if you have leekie knows and all that's a blessing from them. Okay, so you have to get them away. So you have to detox yourself and depression and all just comes with if you have a bad like bad gut which has not good bacteria in it like like There are two types of italics note two types of attack. Don't remember the name. It's very hard to pronounce. I can just write it because I do take them and yeah, he's saying that take probiotic like you but yeah, there's probiotic thing you have to have probiotic. This people are allergic to milk the a lot of not all right into milk. So that's one more thing the other thing too. It's a very compromised like those in your good the term, right? So I was trying to convey that when you have sugar sugar in food, like normally anything cops, you know ketogenic diet, right? So when you have anything really I'll tell you I'll tell you what this is all about. Like normally when you have cops and everything. I cops the procedure is like cops turned into sugar then it goes on to energy, right it turns into entity people with big process. I'll tell you I mean I can elaborate. Everything in one day or two hours. So yeah to talk about is in it. So yes, I use topical give you an brief like normally what happens when you have sugar in detail a brief even if sugar there's an insulin Spike. Yeah the big insulin Spike and what actually happens it it crashed down because it's not food. It won't provide you long term of energy. So carbohydrates and oil give you long-term of energy like carbohydrates as for calories in it and it it's like many knish I guess his name was It all about complex carb and simple carbs complex goes for a longer run like it gives you energy for longer run time. Yes, absolutely. So that's good to have as compared to starch is food because it will give a shorter run but it's okay. Also perhaps sugar is the baddest thing because it gives us long Spike and it just goes away so body is time T to find energy resource, then you get hungry. So and so there's a reason you should avoid sugar and carb. That's why ketogenic diet works if you want to lose weight. Like and then a part like if you have that sort of diet for longer and we get into depression because you are spiking up lots of sugar. Have you heard? Yeah, have you heard that when you were depressed you can have a chocolate or depression we go of the Civil reason? Yes. Yes. This has I have heard about it a lot and it's been shown on in movies also a lot. So yeah, I think that's that's that's one reason because of the sugar intake Yeah, he's saying the dietary fibers something. Yeah, I do agree with that. It's also low complexing dietary fibers. We require it up rocks 25 to 30 grams a day, but the fiber is eaten by your good microbials. Like normally you would see two old crab probiotic. Okay. It was that it's right like to interrupt you here for a moment. Mr. K says sugar is not bad when it comes to get instant energy. Mr. Cavey Talking about the Layman here. We are talking about very common people like me and others who are listening here. So that is why we are talking about these things, but about the athletes I do agree. They might be considered considering kind of you know, nutritional charge is notation is yeah. He's a nutritionist to that's great here. We are talking about common people. So I just strongly request you to concentrate on that. So yeah cat and please continue. Yeah, he said that Sugar can give you instant energy but no sugar is a bad time to say glyco between can give you instant energy because you have glucose is a purest form to get energy fast. Yes. Yes. I do understand then it if technical terms there are a lot of people who don't get it but there might be a few who know what is glycogen glucose and you know, fructose sucrose. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. But there are a lot of people who don't get these terms and that is why we talk in layman's terms here most of the time and in my podcasts is always layman's terms and I request most thank you so much. Okay. Yeah. So go yeah, that's a different thing. But that Sugar I don't think so. It's good thing to add into your diet even nobody will recommend to add sugar into your diet. I'm yeah, it's glucose. You can elect normally fruits and all you can have it. That's a good way to handle your sugar glucose is sort of a sugar. Yeah. I mean so sorry, I mean just go as a sorry. The or what do I say permitted? Yeah energy. Yeah. I know what kind of sugar they say. It's sugar is so different like there is sucrose the escrow toes there is glucose. So sucrose is talking about sucrose. Okay, he's talking about no, so the easily I don't know where Kay is perplexed about sucrose glucose. I don't know what he's really talking about. But he's talking about sucrose fructose is which we get from fruits fruits, right and eventually It is broken down into energy time and then used the yes, so it is broken. It's not broken down actually what happens when you have lots of sugar. Yo, you have you heard that there are two terms that be Bala car body shaming really I was out of this topic for a long time. Just give me a moment. It's like you preyed on muscles. I'll give you the exercises like you played on muscles and if you catabolic and anabolic, yeah, I got it metabolic an anabolic and catabolic state is when you break down lots of muscle and I know Is where you proceed with lots of or you say you can build out of merge cells. So what does sugar do have you heard like you have to go when you don't need to work hard have something like and within half an hour what it really does is to stop that catabolic State and go into an anabolic State top break down the muscle. Now, you have to rebuild it. Okay, that's why you can have a protocol after have after you're having a workout. Okay? Okay. Okay. Okay. That is the reason I think I had heard someone say that but I didn't know why that it was so so thank you for clearing that day. It is kind of a podcast today. I think a lot of mean. Yeah I have in here II do know lots of called also like I was actually like normally I had completed my personal training but afterwards that it was easy as I'm so I had not a good knowledge about this is the nutrition is then I got a book on nutrition is that I went open cost I would learn by myself I bought Books through the books how this energy procedure goes ahead and all then I had like I came to know about that thing. But yeah, I mean, yeah, I think a lot of guys in India young teenagers are blindly getting into yes these kind of things these kind of podcast people who know about it. Like you can - can I think mr. MK also is a nutritionist. I think you guys can help out such people instead of you know them just blinding themselves into fitness and which is not actually fitness. It is blind Fitness, which is I'd like you just okay? Okay. All right, just by their very like normally I just want to stop about Fitness and I want to give you a good information about apart from a parting complete Fitness. I'm just going to give you a good information about this thing. So I had cases thing. I thought that witness would be good. But in the world your brain is the most important thing as compared to the whole body. I'll give you the truth. Yeah if you if you do. I do feel that your muscles will saturate but brain is the most important thing. You should try to have healthy upon like normally people think that yeah having good body and all will give you a lots of I don't know like guys mostly things that they will get girls and all they'll have good future the body shaming which are talking about is usually within voice a lot because yeah because they think that they have good body, they won't be criticized. So sorry because I am speaking fluently in English I can. Criticize your for English also. Yeah, I mean I think criticism is everywhere man. But then yes, you know, it is everywhere and you guys can get criticized in any field. You're having something good and if you miss out on something you might get criticized I think okay. Yeah, but what is the amount of protein per day for a normal person needs you can divide it by a pound by 2.2. But according to your body weight like get it into lbs system. And / I mean I'm giving out free. I don't know why he's checking me. I mean, yeah, if you require protein for per day is 2.2 4 lbs or x 2 according depending on your body weight. There are plenty other thing plenty other ways of getting protein like normally how much you can get the plant is our research turn, but normally it's approximately 1 Point 9. I'm talking about Kwanzaa 1.9 to 2.5 2.5 is the highest highest protein you can get When you all your deepest level of tight, okay. So yeah, that's that's great. I think people should start looking into the kind of diet. They're eating rather than just, you know, blindly exercising. Yeah, and I think themselves. Yeah, I mean if you want to improve your deck, normally I had the 200 kgs deadlift. I know about personal training like normal 200 cases a lot and I was approximately 65 and Staple time the body weight people don't know about gyming also. So I this selling that's a law like last last edited 200 kgs deadlift and I didn't capture it. I'm a total dummy when it comes to gyming so it will just bounce over my head if you okay I'll give you what is 200 kg is like how much glow you are? Okay, so around 60. So 60 into 3 is 1 80 kilo, right? Yeah. So 180 plus 20 equals I have lifted that much we elect a time your body I can add lifted that time. Yeah, it was past few years back. Not now. So I maybe I recently had one then my like trainer ask me like normal. Dana asked me to do it. So I was able to do aprox 130. I don't know like hook or crook. Like normally I did it. I don't know how I did it. But yeah 130 was the last thing I picked up easily and did it for three to four apps. So yeah, I mean you have to know a lots of things and that's the only reason % you have to have a good personal trainer not any local person. I know who can guide you for having he will guide you will get that. I have seen all over till you have a lots of side effect my friend. Yeah, it's absolutely true that bodybuilding you might get into the desired shape and desired. What do I say build but eventually it is going to have a side effect on the body some day or the other and I think surely that's true. You know taking care of your body consciously is very important rather than just building it up bulking it up just for the sake of shows. So yeah a professional and the people need to look at your body and you are one more thing. But otherwise, I think having a lean nice body, which is fit which you can carry. Well that is more than you don't have any diseases. That's a Fit Body. I'm losing power. No, no diabetes. No, nothing. You are having a Enjoying your life. Yeah, no required to be worried about this a Fit Body. Absolutely totally agree on that. Don't have to men like go into deep that I want apps. That's the only way I will be fit. No Fit Body is like an healthy body. Absolutely. Absolutely which is very important these days getting fit doesn't mean going to the gym. There are plenty of ways to get Phil. Yeah agreed Sports. Absolutely Sports. I think Guys these days people. Yeah, if you enjoy ignore Sports a lot. We are much into the computer world and stuff and I think Physical fitness is the best way if it is true Sports, I think it's enjoyable and as well as it's helping the body. And second thing I like just a normal question for you. Just a normal question for you. Would you be scared to be behind beside a bodybuilder or you will be scared with being with a psychologist that normally not psychology dancing philosopher? Clock Professor such a formidable like you you will get scared of them because they know plenty thing and they can just throw in your opinion when it completely and they can yes, you know, they can just what do I say direct you to wherever they want their Direction and I think that is a power in the hand. So I think Shirley It's true. So yeah, I mean if you think that body building is completely good like yeah, it's good to have a good body. Yes having strength is important physically. Yes agreed agreed condemning that you don't have to be physically strong guys physically being physically strong is great. But at the same time being mentally strong is important. Okay, let me be precise. Otherwise people who were watching will say that it's wrong. What information I am giving? So yeah, if you are going for bodybuilding, it's good because you want to have a good profession out of it. Yeah, I want to make a career out of it. Go for it, man. I'm not saying not to do it, but just not to miss their everyone over here the other things as well and I think for me I feel that the perspective which I have I feel that box, but I was there in bodybuilding. I didn't feel that people were giving with that sort of respect as compared to a philosopher. Like if you go for pure silver people will give you a lot of research because you know plenty things as compared to what is in your life. Rebuilding this deal with you and a person and philosopher deals with everything. Absolutely. Mr. Casey's body painting is an expensive sport. Remember it we totally agree on that. We are not contending that particular spot but bodybuilding is not a sport for everybody since I'm addressing the common crowd. I think we are talking about common terms at the max. Yes. So out of this crowd, I think one or two people Well might be offended. Yeah offended because they might be maximum into bodybuilding and stuff. You know, it's not be also but when we are talking into layman terms for everybody general fitness what we are talking about. No, actually, I feel that see I understand that two or three will be offended with us, but doesn't mean that we should stop saying through Ibis provide for a long time. I feel that you have to take have to take risk for through that so it's fine. So I feel that. Do you think that we are saying something wrong go ahead man. I just want to have a good talk with a if I'm wrong. I will love to be corrected, right? Yeah, you can go ahead and you can talk to me anytime being strong but that methods to be busted see having a bulky body is not being strong strength is different and the that is eighth importantly different. So yeah, that's that they can stand the 70s. Strongman competition and they'll bodybuilding competition if you go in first and you have to go for strong men of power lifting as compared to Portable absolutely great talking Catherine lot of myths busted and lot of information shared. Thank you so much. I'm sorry. I kept asking you so many questions, which you eventually don't give out for free. Yes. I'm really grateful that you did give it out here and on behalf of my listeners, I think I'll thank you for that emotional. Thank you so much. My great day. Bye. So guys that was Catan and today we have spoken to some awesome nutritional knowledgeable people in here. There was knecht there was a carrot on there's mr. Kay who's commenting in here and I think that has been a great podcast today and I think the topic should have been Fitness that is all because social media, we haven't discussed and body-shaming we have have not discussed as much but I think somewhere What are you building and stuff leads, you know starts somewhere from body-shaming a lot of people oku be that's you. Oh, my my my why did you change your name? First of all, and I should have guessed with all the else. So yeah. Alright, so, you know a lot of people face body shaming and which is bad and I think I will definitely change the title of this podcast if I can and we will do another Cast about body shaming and the effects of it on people and how it is driving the social media crazy and a lot of things with that. So yeah, so we are on a verge of ending our conversation. I think it's 1 hour 45 minutes and to conclude I think Fitness is important, but it doesn't mean that you don't do justice to your ADI you just go and work out. Like I don't know what there are a lot of people who do that eventually. It will leave a bad impact on your body, which it shouldn't so if you want to train yourself train for strength training for being fit and unless you are into a show business where yo, you should be a bulky don't don't you know, just trouble your body okay, because eventually it The machine that will you know give problems later on. So while God has given us this machine in our hands, let's just maintain it well and you know in today's time where there are a lot of diseases and stuff which is affecting people's body and their lifetime and lifespan and everything. I think it's very important that we Get conscious about our physic rather than blindly getting into fitness regimes which we don't understand. Okay in Shahid finds me really funny. Okay? Thank you Shahid, and I'm really surprised to find it out that I'm funny. I would like to take that as a compliment because I'm not funny. I'm the most boring person you'll ever know. So yeah, so apart from that guy is I think a lot of Things lot of information discussed a lot of information in the comment section. So if you guys have missed out on the podcast from the start if you haven't read it, so you guys can just scroll through the comments. They have put some important information and they're so shy either you're asking we are you funny. Oh, oh. Oh, okay. Well, you should find out she has it's hard to say, you know, I'm funny at times and I'm Bo during that time. So it's hard to say actually and mr. K Kumi. I think I like the previous name. Well, you know, you know because it highlights, you know, whenever I see that in the comments and so I know it Scooby. Oh, yeah. This turkey is very diplomatic. Don't you think? No, I don't know but it's your choice again. I like who be better rather than mr. K. And Lisa highly is a how you You think I'm very serious? Oh, man, you should get to know me get better Manish Karan. I want to talk any specific topic monies. You should suggest a specific topic then we can talk about it because right now I'm at the end of this conversation because there are just 12 minutes and I think that wouldn't be enough for you to talk. But if you can wrap it up in that time sure why not? Okay. So yeah guys, so like I Again would like to repeat that we've got 21 days, but everyone tells me that I am boring. One of them is in the show. Okay. Are you talking about Lisa? I don't know. She had you're talking about Lisa now shahir, you're not boring. Come on. I know you're not boring. So hello. Hello. Hey how we doing? I'm fine. Okay. Yeah, so you wanted to talk about India Network issue. I'm not getting your voice clearly the end of this podcast. I think you might not get my voice, but I will definitely have another podcast today. I would request you find that one because it would be better because I'm already concluding this one. Okay when you were coming probably a 6. Okay, I will wait for your conversation. Okay. Take care. Okay. Thank you so much and be safe only and stay home. Yeah, I'm staying home. That is why I this podcast sure sure we need we need to support each other and we need to fight together. Absolutely total calorie and motivate each other and because we are staying around inside the room. So some people are feel like torture because they aren't we are not used to the situation and in past. We haven't seen this situation this type of situation. So mentally we are not we are not prepared. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah actually About that today evening. Like why what is the condition of people currently in quarantine? Let's talk about it. You know how all right where you from. I'm from Bangalore Bangalore. Oh nice catch you in my next podcast. You're sure all right. So have a good day. Thank you. Bye who's discouraging and you always sleeping in your broadcast. You need to go on extra my Lisa. Don't be hard on him. Come on. I thank God you pronounce the word quarantine correctly. Very you thank God you are okay coo be you think I pronounce other words wrong, maybe because I fumble do you say that? You know, what could be I always think you know, whenever you're in my podcast some some way or the other you always on to roast me. Is that true? She stated facts DJ Sharon embody. Yes, DJ. Yeah. Thanks for joining. I'm not taking calls now because it's one of 52 minutes and we just have six to eight minutes. So now my God Koo Wee Man. Hi. We connect hello. Hello. Hey. Hey, how are you doing? I'm doing great. I mean, it's the second day of quarantine today. That's good. You're doing fantastic here. And why is why I thank God because many not many most of the Indians not said quarantine. Oh, yeah. A lot of people do that and you're the second person I heard saying, The probe to a quarantine. Hmm. I don't know the point when you know the person who was here, like whom you were talking. Hmm. I think what some he's in there. No, not that one about the before they're like, I don't know the terms may be that the brute sound tighten. It was kept on Fernandez. Tell people the same thing because if we don't know Google it, but if you say maybe I don't know the words right now. I will tell you later. Then you the impression like wrong impression to others DJ. Yeah, that's that's that's a real accent that is until he met by name. Always great when you talk Hindi, you know II different and I it makes me uncomfortable so different. I mean, it's really different. Okay? Yeah. It makes me I'm concerned. You're an English. Yeah. Well, I don't it shouldn't make you uncomfortable why I think products most of us comfortable when you talk about them when I speak in the it is playing know like that. Like I'm a decent guy here. I live in Delhi. So my words are different the words of truth and India alone. Coco so I might just think that you people are going to judge me on that basis. So I don't get that feeling when I speak English. It's okay. Maybe one can say yeah, but man is always always a pleasure when you join my podcast to be I must say, okay, but I didn't recognize. I really didn't recognize it was okay, but that Mystic a how diplomatic I changed my name because there was Couple of guys who were kind of you know, it was turning into a fight maybe two days ago and I thought let's not use my real name because it's my real name and nobody actually that's a true name. Yeah, that's who I and I thought it's good or it's white decision to change it. Yeah, I mean a lot of people judge me also, you know, it's okay your name suits here. I don't I don't want to just say that. Yeah it suits you because I don't want Any Other Name especially South Indian name. Yeah, maybe my pronunciation is not good. Like there are a lot of Oz and you're not know there's there's actually no issue with the names and Karnataka. They really have nice names. Okay. So I yeah, well currently there are plenty of surnames like that we're going to need is a surname of brahmins and it's across Maharashtra and Karnataka. Yeah. I know that history and Not into that part. Okay. So yeah, great. We need tell them that don't discourage me. They do always comment in my broadcast that I'm boring. No absolutely not guys shared is not boring is the most interesting person I've found in here and he has reached to a level in a very short time and which a boring person cannot do. Okay. So what why is he getting that feeling and it's yours isn't enough. Those guys just like stay strong hold your ground and do not think about what that does are talking about you man. He's just kidding. He's the most loved guy, you know, he's in the most loved most he's so sweet and he's funny because he loves to talk to girls only. That's it. No, I don't think so. Fact, you know one cannot blame anybody but that's the reality. Yeah, I think you know some guys get get mean under that is why girls are always now see see how how much he's blushing. I tell him see man is crazy. I know I like him, but I'm not saying against him but he's a real sweet guy tables his birthday yesterday. If you don't know I think you can learn about I don't know because I don't know. Him much maybe he tells its information only two goals. No, he had a podcast yesterday and all of us wished him. So that's how I knew so he didn't tell me that personally though. So yeah Ninja Theory very informative talk. Thank you girls are always sweet now. It's not that way but on the podcast she has a lot of girls are really sweet in here. So yeah, that's yeah, bro. I'll make you know, and you are I don't want to say anything, but I want to talk to you maybe once While we will connect and we will talk about you. Absolutely. That's that sounds great. I really want to hear the conversation between hoopoe and shahab. I mean, it's like 20 different people. He speaks English you like a like he speaks Hindi so well, I want to learn it because he is a good when he speaks and in there. Yeah. Yeah. I think - me being in Kashmir you speak good hindi. I think they are because they use over the words a lot and there. Pronunciation is so clear. It's Crystal. Yeah, absolutely and I don't want to chase anybody or follow anybody but I have to come here sometimes to to just to you know, hear some people and you're one of them. Oh my God could be that's so sweet. You know, it's always a pleasure. Like I always say see whenever I see you in my podcast. I always say that it's always a pleasure talking to you, right? So it's already very Because sometime back you said that you you just uninstall the app and yeah, I installed it regularly like I do it regularly. Yes. I said you come back. So I really appreciate you coming back to my podcast and talking to me. I will teach you how to sleep. With whom bro? No, not not in my podcast. No, don't sorry. Sorry for that. Sorry. Sorry. Sorry guys need to discuss that person. Yeah, he's like that. I'll just leave so because my I don't want my audience to take my podcast wrong, you know - oh disgusting skied the Sleep timings and sleep stuff. So no. All right. So yeah, so we are at 159 and eventually the call will get cut and Thank you Kobe for joining again. Thank you everyone. Thank you for watching. See you. Bye pleasure pleasure, man. Yeah, so guys well Fitness is important and we have quite covered a lot, but I take care.