What hey, hey, can we hi and how are you today? I'm good. What about you? How are you doing? I also doing great today. And I think it's the day 6 of quarantine and log down. So I guess I have nothing to do but talk about today's topic. Yeah, sure. There are more days to go. So let's not talk about how bored we are. Not just jump into the topic. Yeah, they'll break. Yeah, and we already have a caller in there. Would you like to take this call or sure go for it, right so Hey, hey, I actually show how are you? Hi Whitney. How are you doing? I'm doing great. I guess I'm the first today your first cast I guess. Yes, you're the first Parker and I have a guest mr. K. Okay, I think mr. Kay is your co-host. Not not your guest. Absolutely this podcast podcast belongs to you guys. Both of you guys, okay. The technically I am the first guest. Oh, you are the guest Welcome to our podcast and this is not the first time I'm talking to you. I mean, I hope you remember me. I've talked to you two or three times every other bank. Oh my god. Did you check my profile on white coat? No. I didn't. I think you told me that there is but I couldn't check. So yeah. Yeah you like time I guess. I'm at this point of time. Absolutely. So Health versus went well. Yeah. What I think I think you should remove that versus sign and you should put is like health is wealth what I think oh, okay. You just need to change that V and convert it into I I answer I think that's the right suggestion. Definitely do that. No, no, no, don't do that. I'm just giving you some you know. Pointing and some creative answers. I think Health versus wealth. It is the big problem with us the we always sacrifice one thing for other. You know, what if we want to keep healthy then we have to you know, put well decide that we don't get enough time to earn money and if you want to earn money, then you have to put your health aside and I think that both ways are wrong because we need money to survive and we need health to live happily and leave. Efficiently the both of us are important but I give more importance to health because when you are healthy, then you can become capable of earning. Well, what if you have wealth it's not guaranteed that you can be healthy. Absolutely. Yeah, yeah in the current scenario. This point has been proved really true. Like you know, it's true. It's true. I we actually what is happening that we have very low opportunities to earn money and we have to spend 10 hours 15 or 12 hours in office to earn a little amount of money. And in that duration you don't get time to sleep properly we Not get time to eat properly and we don't get enough money to be on F to have healthy food every day. Like if I think that I will I will have to Nigel poly every day and I'll have those nuts and then I have to think about my monthly budget. So I think we have to and and officially the working hours are 10 hours, but still we have to work more than 10 hours. Everybody knows that official hours are choked. We have to work more than those hours so we don't get enough time. I'm to get sleep to relax our mind to work on our body to go for jogging. I think we are very much compromising with our health, especially in country like India. Absolutely this I think yeah, that's very true that we don't give as much as important importance to our health as you know, in other countries people consider and we are like really, what do I say Reckless one? It comes to help in India like we need to what I think is that even if we try to stay healthy, you know, it's not it's not like it's impossible task. It is impossible. It is impossible task. But what happens you know, what if I don't eat junk food like I I talk I've worked in villages I've worked in rural area. So if you don't eat junk food even then the amount of You know, what? What what do I call it? Like, you know, if you mix something bad with the original one like if you are you buying something adultery because if you are buying a product and they allowed this is we call it in Hindi like we allowed credit aniconic Chisholm. I think if you buy something you are paying the whole money still you are not getting the right thing if you buy vegetables and we all see the amount. Of the amount of pesticide we use here in India that huge. So even if you are eating fruits, they are not healthy for you. Even if you are eating and buying something and paying money for that you are not getting the correct value of your money for in that sense. We are not getting healthier there as we should get absolutely. I guess that's true in all science and Kay. You there? Yeah. I'm here. I'm muting myself because sometimes it's my bad habit. If I'm not muted I'm going to talk. So we're gonna add to the lifestyle Pro having a healthy diet. It's comes to a habit. You have to develop a habit that you don't even don't allow yourself to create and how they stop go to the market. We see something attractive or tasty, but it's not tasty in Rio. Mmm, so we have to isolate up to just stay away from those kind of foods that we know that is also treated. But what we Indians do we think chat Pata Chala guy when the like this thing is absolutely not habits, you know, it's enough I see food and it's not good for the body, but we do it we eat spicy food. So we we think that that that tastes good. Yeah, I think that's right. And yeah, I totally agree with your point that staying healthy. It's your choice. It's a choice we make every day I've seen my mother is a great cook and I hope your mother is a great cook today. Yeah, but we instead what we do is get out and we eat a lot of bad food the totally it is. About your choice. It's always like you can choose to stay healthy and when it's come to wealth because our topic is helpful as well. Because nowadays in this scenario. There are Karana stores, you know, once I tease that out there selling good at higher prices today are giving more attention to wealth nowadays. They don't think about their health what how much they're exposing themselves while selling every item because there are multiple people coming over there to buy stuff but those Karana guy, Guys, those funds are raised or Lala's what they're doing. They're in the money game. They think it's the right opportunity to get profits hooting I think scan in current scenario people, you know in in verge of making money at this particular time because this is one scenario where everything is closed down. I think the adulteration which he spoke about a she spoke about, you know is also happening a lot. You know just for the sake of wealth some people want much money right now. So they are, you know, ignoring the kind of health of others and they are adult rating all the food what they having, you know, so I think yeah, that's that's how it is. Ashish you there Hello. Yes, so we can talk to another person if peace is not yeah. Yeah, it looks like we've lost him awesome thing. No, I'm here. I can listen you guys I can listen you. So do you have it? Yeah. I'm at the point to talk about a lot of points to talk about. But if I have to stick with health and wealth, I think what you guys said is absolutely true. You took some very important and sensitive issues like a Three like it's the choice and in the end. I know having all those problems in the society like adultery and no lack of good food or lack of quality food is still in the end. The bottom line is that it's our choice. We have to make a choice that we want to be healthy. We have to wake up early. It's our choice. We have to go and work out. It's our choice. We have to find correct food for us. We have to do research by our own and We have to if you want to stay healthy. So the it whenever we think about anything achieving a goal whether it's health or its wealth. It's our choice that how much effort we are ready to put in and that's very important. Correct. It was really nice talking to you and I hope your point and some of them were really appreciating. Thanks for joining us Frank. Okay, guys. Thanks for joining us. She's okay. I hope I will again get a chance to join your podcast somewhere big by stake by a podcast and it is nice, you know talking. Yeah, okay. Right, mr. K. I think that a lot of calls the colors in line and while that I'm having a collaboration with a famous person here. There are more people in the line and I guess you should chance like you should give a chance to everybody. Yeah. Absolutely. Yes, let's let's take the immediate next call and then take it ahead. Right? So yeah, we have around three colors in line. So yeah guys, I hope you will take all calls. Please take bye. Hello. Hello, then and Jay. How are you doing? Hello, I guess he still connecting. Okay? Yeah, there is connected. Hello. Hello. Hi. Are you able to hear me? Yeah, yes. Yeah. Yeah, I just talked 10 minutes back. I joined here. So I just requested to in add me. So thanks for accepting. Yeah. Yeah your most well had will from and yeah, very nice and discussion. Yeah. Yeah. I think if people most of discussing about health and wealth Health versus well, yes. Right. Yes. Absolutely. Yes. Yeah. Yeah many of you. Yeah, just tell ya what how what is the code to take it? What is the bad PR junk foods are really bad in all and junk food strike from outside if you're eating. So that's bad. Why because you know, people are how you are using the aisles and all ingredients from where they're getting. So how she fights That is using so how it will affect and that the where they're keeping and so we're just storing so they're in home. If you making those things if you're interested if you are such things and so we will make you will we will keep by Good original products and we will keep in good place. So if you're interested in food junk food, even if you eat them in it home in Scott. But outside better to drop that attitude. Absolutely Jay I think is the point that you're saying is completely valid a lot of times we go eat outside. We eat a lot of junk food, but we don't care whether it is hygiene hygiene equally prepared and stuff whether how what kind of ingredients are used and what kind of an effect that might have on our health just because we have the money to spend out and go and eat. He could happen that we play with our you know, help a very valid point at Yahoo. Such things can also be prepared at home. I think our mothers Indian mothers are great folks and they can prepare all the stuff that's available around and you know, that's that's really really great Point. Yeah, so when you are going out, so to meet people friends so that we can do in our homes. Most of if you see in other countries in four years, so now our many Indians are in staying in abroad so they don't get much opportunity to roam outside. So what they are doing they are mingling weekends and they are preparing on their cell phone their enjoy. So they're celebrating weekends in each one week in one house and other week another house. Such a better to follow our culture also like that here. That's what my opinion. Yeah, great idea. Like we we go out to eat different kinds of Cuisines and which you said that if there is a group of people and we you know spend time at weekends at each other's plays and there would be variety first of all and then yeah that would serve as nice as a social Gathering and also in, you know concerning the health, which is very Helpful, I guess yeah, these things are few. These few things are these kind of things are good at good. / not only current situation even our even after all so it is good to maintain the relationships and good for health and relation. Both are would be good. I think yeah when you're talking about physical health, I think we should realizing with right people and maintaining a mental health also is important mr. K you there? I'm here. I'm here. I'm all right. Yeah, that's that's what I join. Thanks. Thanks great ideas and its really nice. Okay, so it's always nice. I mean you such idea is actually when we share it. A lot of things come out of it and then it's very nice. So yeah, thank you. Yeah, I even say thank you to all to how you discussed earlier today about health and wealth. So I think most of I had as of now, but health is not well so wealth also need need wealth to manage life so wealth is not there. So we are swinging for the school whole future. So So we have to try even not much for not for much. So for English survive at least to get stable at least to keep our kids good position. So you have to try well in but how good how we be wealth in using our capacity our how much we have capability to adhere to do it. So absolutely. Yeah, that is good. That is also K realtor is a must and showed as unpleasant situation. So people to grow yourself and to grow our kids also. Yeah. Absolutely. Yeah, let's take another color while I will discuss one and one amazing part that he brought out that mental health is also necessary have something that we don't address but health is all about physical and mental. If you're not healthy mentally you will not feel physically but healthy, right, right. Yeah how they are physically pet. So in order to keep your mental health, you have to you know, think about the thoughts. Sometimes we have a lot of disturbance and we think we generally overthink and that's going to cause a real damage to our Mental Health Right, absolutely. Hello submit sahu. How are you doing? He's connected. Yeah, he's connecting now. So yeah, like you said, you know, the mental health is very important. I think a lot of times we tend to not think about it in that way, you know, people are more concerned on how healthy they are physically or they are concentrating on particular Fitness, but I think it has to go in a balance, you know? Yeah. Yeah. Hello. Hey. Hello, good morning. Mr. Blaney. Yes. Yes, I'm here. Hello? Yes. Thank you. So as you know very well today we get a great opportunity to speak on this great and glorious topic Health versus well, which is important. Am I right? Yeah. So today I Can see we know very well. We are facing a lot of problems in our country. Like one is the most important problem is Cortana virus. So at this movement, I think the health is important as comparison to well because he'll can make more money and the well cannot make the health. Am I right? Correct? Yeah, you are. Yeah. I'm really sorry, but your wife is not coming your brother. I'm sorry. Is it audible now? Thank you very much. So yeah, so we are discussing on this Chris topic. And as I said the health can make more money, but the well cannot make the good health. So today we just stay our homes just support to the government and I think you know very well the healthy most important part for an every people those who are loving in different different countries. So I think we just try to stay to stay at our home and be safe. if and be calm Yeah, absolutely. We have to support each other and by staying at home. It's not just about you know talking about Nation. It's also keeping our families safe like they're all so if we get outside, we won't we would get a factory maybe we get affected. So I ultimately your family will be in danger. So it's good to stay at home and stay healthy and keep your family healthy. Lutely, and we try to keep sanitize our hands and our society absolutely absolutely sanitizers are also like nowadays. It's a popular thing. We Indians, I'm sorry to say that but I don't wanna have ended by sanitizers people didn't know about it. Yeah, I mean a lot of people use it actually. Yeah. So nowadays that awareness is like we are aware. So well that even a person who has no idea what She does he is he's going to the medical shop and he's asking for sanitizer. It's really good. Yeah, the city sounds wonderful point. If you have something else to talk, like some other points you can discuss. Otherwise we will call like we will take another personal call. Yeah, absolutely brother, and I'm really thankful to have provided me this opportunity to speak and to share my opinions regarding to on this topic and I'm really thankful. And first of all, I can say just try to help for those those who have not a food those who are sleeping without having any food. So I think we just also focus on that people's. Yeah. Yeah, you know in the morning when I went to the market today for buying some stuff. So I so stray dogs. There was just sleeping on the phone, you know on the side of the road on the side of the road. So what I did I purchased topology and I gave them and they they just welcome to me. So thank you. So it's not just about humans. We should talk about who and what the meeting, you know, dogs are all get the stuff and people go out and they did the dogs or other animals. They eat whatever the left or you know, whatever. Are we guys don't eat they eat that. So nowadays. There are these animals are hungry. They don't get anything to eat and we should also look after them if we get a chance. Yeah, absolutely, correct, and I'm really agree with you. So why anybody would say on this topic on each point that you guys have discussed? Okay, when it comes to health and sanitize books and stuff and like me. They just said about the Stray Dog. I think animals such as you know. Yeah. Okay. If you are here, please stand up straight except we won't delay. Yeah. Thank you so much. Thank you so much. Keep connecting the day now you try. Hi. Hello. Hello. Hi, Vinnie how mr. Kay how are you guys? I think this is a very famous and very old topic health is wealth. Every everyone has known about that cause if health is gone. Everything is gone life loses interest in case in case of you are depleted a failed neither. You can enjoy food nor the world even a spending time. Joyfully becomes a big problem if your health One great healthy person healthy person healthy person life is more happy and peaceful life than any rich person having a DJ's body, correct? Yeah. Yeah. I think it's as good as saying even though you have the wealth around the world. If you don't have the right health, I think you know it's equal to nothing. I think they have fun Legends and I think there has been one legend that the world has known its Michael Jackson. I think he had and he could do anything. I mean he could use any kind of medication and try to survive and I think somewhere that It has even taken his life away. So I guess Health primarily is something we should look out for right? Yeah, and he and healthy node merely the absence of disease and infirmity but a state of complete physical state not only physical physical social and mental as well as well. Absolutely. Yeah. Yeah. Mr. Gaeta. Do you have anything to say about this? Well, we got ya because this topic is this common for all the person and everyone has the same opinion and same thinking because everyone everyone has non it is beneficial for all the person because health is wealth. So no one is no one is no one wants to say against about anything now the stop don't say that wealth is not Important but then know if they don't get healthy, like if they don't get iron ore they if they don't get wealthy, they won't survive. They cannot get food. This is another mentality that people don't talk about it. When you think when a person says something to the media, he talks about Roti. Couple Nomicon. Yeah. Yeah great when he says Roti, it means he's talking about how to how will he provide? Food shelter and clothes. Could we stop it? How is it how one worker, you know provides a things if you don't get wages or work, he won't be able to eat another meal. So it can also be said that that health is achieved by wealth because wealth is not important but I say health is more important. Yeah live happy, you know to make one happy both are important. If you're not healthy, you will be sad if you're not wealthy who will be sad. So yeah, it doesn't you cannot say that. You'd need just only one you need a sport of them. But in order to highlight the importance of one factor like which is help is more important. Yes. Yes. Yes Ralph is also important. If you don't have money you cannot get food. Nobody will give you that's true. If no matter how many times you say that you know greedy is different when we sit talk about wealth. It's all about we're at I think greedy people want to learn more who have this endless desire to have money to do have to accumulate a lot of money to amassed huge, you know this materialistic things. Yeah, but I want to ask a question from both of you. Everyone has no everyone has no tendency to buy anything everything nowadays. So for being for being a good health, everyone should hire a good nutrition. So all people people are not rich reach here. So how they will get that man, you know the common people who work so hard they don't face a lot of health issues. Is remember because there's sweat a lot the work a lot. They have a lot of physical thing to do and that's what makes their body. So strong wealthy people have a lot of gaps issues here, but nutrition nutrition also plays a vital role in their life because without any without good nutrition Health can cannot be achieved properly in India. I think we have I know we can say that maintaining or having a great meal or Bell balanced meal is Quite expensive but I think you can have rice and wheat and if you don't eat junk foods and you eat less oil. I think you will be on a good platform. I mean it will not make your health. Yes. I know but we're saying you should avoid those food who sell not beneficial for our her body. Yeah. Yeah, but if you have to maintain a low budget diet like I'm From a common like average like from middle class family. So I spent before like I spent after thinking a lot, you know, we used to think a lot to whether we should buy it or not. The other so it's so you have to choose you have to analyze the situation and the options you are having I cannot go for for example. I cannot have mushrooms every day. Maybe once in a while I can eat it, right? Yeah, but with there are a lot of alternative if you talk about bread, that's so common. We can have it. But if you think you will have one I want to have something so costly. This is another person misconception that we think whatever is expensive, it's good. That's one of the mentality maybe we will discuss it later. Some may be on other podcast. If something is shiny, it doesn't mean that it's good its same goes with the price tag. Absolutely. Yes, and what is your opinion mini? Hello. I think I totally agree with what mr. K has said in here because I think you know everything comes with a price to pay and like he says that it's not only about Ruthie copper and makan. Okay, it is the physical if there is a person who's working hard. He's shredding so much of a weenie. He's sweating. He's taking all the trouble to remain physically. Beaufort and stuff there is also there there. There are people again who are like, you know, who could be rich, but then they are again taking advantage of that thing I can say and you know, they're getting into junk food and not taking good care of health and at a certain level it goes up to show that you know that your money cannot buy your health. Okay? Yeah Health Remains the first priority for everybody no matter what but in terms. Alms in such in some cases, you know, we cannot deny the fact that wealth is also important but wealth in terms like which mr. Kay has already explained. I would like to highlight this point is accumulation. Okay what he said? Okay, there is something there's a very thin line between need and greed. Okay. So in sometimes there is a need for people to work, you know more than their capacity and you know, go against their health because they need there are some people who need to feed If I'm you and stuff, but also there are people who do have enough where they can you know, actually concentrate on your health and stuff, but then the greed level doesn't stop and you know health is ignored and people are running behind wealth. Okay, so it is totally conditional Canal I guess and it's just that way. And I want to just appreciate Krishna the guy who wrote a nice thing that second priority is Krishna said second priority is well-versed first. Now it is nowadays. We are all here in in room and we are not allowed to go outside. So what can I do in room to achieve a Better Health? You can do some yoga. That's another lifestyle and that is also a good way to ya. I know yoga can make everyone else better, but I'm not interested to do yoga. So apart from your heart. Can I do just shut up you can do push-ups. Do you count push-ups, you know, do you know about it? Yeah. I know. Yeah the thing I can say that you know nowadays what we're doing when we are in quarantine. We think that we I think personally on a personal level that I am eating more than I usually eat. We should avoid that because it's going to make us fat or we will gain more weight if we keep on eating like this. I think being at home is also causing a lot RG O Lord, I think when you don't have much to do, I think we keep eating and I will be totally fat. I think yeah, it's very important that we start to think about health, but if you can do it, yeah. Yeah can help. For maybe I prefer you to go for green tea tea, or you cannot go for that. Maybe you can have a black coffee or you can have you know, or eaten choose to get you know, it gives you a boost when you when you when you have you know, this juice is like especially oranges. They are cheap. You can buy it buy them easily and it's going to be healthy, too. Yes. Yes. Yes, but Market is also closed. So how will I buy this not close on certain things? You cannot wear like you can go to out. Maybe you can buy milk. Are you can buy certain things that are available to the best options which are available to you. Absolutely, I think some great great points. We have been discussing today. I guess. Yeah, you know after being locked down at home. I think a lot of people tend to think about it. Like see we go out and we work for the sake of wealth. Okay all the while we have ignored Our lives our health and stuff and I use this is the and nowadays what happened now - what happened with me? I am saying I just spent most of the times of on open. Look, oh, this is also not good good for me. And it also ha harmful for my wealth. Also Health also. Okay Kunal. I'm sorry to say that but we have to take another colors. There are a lot of people who are waiting too long and it was very nice talking to you. Yeah. Yeah. Thank you so much. So I'm going to add show pop. Yeah. Yeah, and then actually this such one. Yeah, he's waiting for so long. Yeah. Okay, that's not funny. Hello. And what about you we are good. And so what are you point that you wrote down to discuss the topic Health versus well. yeah, obviously, I think health is other real great wealth and How is what a person that needed the most in the world for great wealth and future. So yeah, not until this what a person needed most provide comfort and stable productivity and still not going to deny this one who have to agree that these two are essential on maintaining a great load balancing. I think correct. Yeah, and I want to appreciate to work. Thank you so much. Yeah, and he was telling us you don't know English, but I am telling you that you're doing pretty good. Absolutely.i. He's just practicing here and by conversation is also a track that we very just trying it is what we can do, you know in our hand we have to keep trying until get the like we don't we get where we want. It's better and you're doing pretty good job. I think we just need to be confident and you're good to go. Definitely. I agree. I agree on your point and how you guys doing. We're doing great. Oh, yeah, that's nice too. And yeah, that's all yes, but I really I think I really apologize for keep to keep you waiting. I think but what happens is, you know, eventually when there are colors. Okay. So yeah, thank you take a call and there are a lot of people waiting but you know, we cannot cut the person right in between okay while talking, okay? And I shouldn't nobody should get a fender guys all of you who are listening and who are also connecting. Please don't get offended if we are delaying particular call or something. But no. No that's that's the thing. I got. Yeah, I can do that. Yeah. Okay, right. Okay. I have some point to talk about. Yeah, nothing not. Okay. So it was really nice talking about you came up came to our podcast. And yeah, thank you. It's my pleasure is not pleasure today, and I'm so grateful. Yeah, sounds good. I think you should stick by when the discussion is going on. So, you know, you can share your ideas in the comments also that we are also improving. Yeah, okay. Okay. I will do I'll try my best. So let's talk on the call a shot on he's really patient. I mean I yes from a long time is waiting red man. I'm appreciating how much patience you have because it's something that I lack. Yeah, but I've been watching, you know, I've been watching like in the number of people calling and then he's been waiting for me. Hello. Hello. Hey. It's how I was going doing good and everything is going fine and fantastic. What about you? How are you doing today? Okay. I'm also doing great. Thank you so much. That sounds good. Okay. So so this is the discussion is on health versus well, so I would like to add some points like yeah, it is true that help is really is wealthiest health is everything but we should I think we should take both of them. Simultaneously, I mean we should keep a balance between both of them together because even if we have seen many examples like farmers are farmers have a great health, but we have seen in India that number of farmers that are committing suicide up more even though they are the help because I think health and wealth both should both go simultaneously. We should have a balance between those absolutely beyond that. Yes, even like two three years ago, even I was not focusing that much on my health. I was just working working working and doing the stuff that I was supposed to do and then I knowed a lot on my health and then I saw some serious consequences. So I started then, you know working upon my health and now I can say yes, I totally I'm healthy that's good news the most satisfying thing to say, isn't it? Mr. Yeah. Yes, I'm doing pretty great. And you know we can cite some great examples from I think we should learn from the experience of others if I would like to take the example of mr. Steve Jobs right before his before dying. He told us about like we should focus on our health. He died of pancreatic cancer. So what his last words at all his life. He was focused more on expanding his business and focusing on Apple, but later when he was on his deathbed, he said that if I read a great lot of books in my life on every topic, but the one thing that I forgot to read a book on was the book of help, so he he emphasized on the importance of help maintaining good health. He could have been you know, he would have been treated properly if he would have given importance to his health, but he was never I mean he was never worried about his cell. And then his face some serious ones. I mean a lot of ignorance towards his health while being in the words of earning right? I guess all of us somewhere, you know, a lot of people right? Because now the competition is really high and we can't just, you know, have a kind of for to just wait a single minute out of a career. We should we have to focus on All day long 24/7 even if even if you're not working most of the people like think work-related things all the time, which also gives them anxiety stress and which leads to the depletion of mental health also. So what I would suggest to people is to I mean when they are doing their work, they should be a hundred percent focus on their work, but when they are not doing the work when they are alone when they are at home or somewhere else, they should be enjoying the moment that is you know, that will at least help them cope with the stress and anxiety and help them improve their Mental Health You know, you know, I'm really sorry. I you know, how do you know being healthy is a lifestyle that is not something that you can just write right? About 10 hours, but when it come to help you have to work, you know, you have to get sleep. You have to get enough sleep. You have to get tradition. It's you like maintaining your body system full. Well that it can help you order. Right like being healthy is an ongoing process. Like it's not an outcome. It's an ongoing process is ongoing process and it's a long process and it's it's Anna said we should treat it like, you know, it's NASA. Right. Yeah. So so if you have a nice system, like if you have a belt well fit and fine system, you get more out of it can use it, right? We should you know, when you guys are talking about treating Health as an asset. I think that is first thing that we should be taught in the star. That's why I told you when you were telling people are going to come and do it and I'm just getting hints from these guys or guest. Good and that there are enlightening me as well because we'd rather than do things. I guess after each podcast using something with ourselves. I think right I guess that's right, like recently. I did a podcast on how to build self discipline and like I came up with some good points, but when I talk Some business I could really get some insights into the things that I've never thought about understanding. I guess you start grabbing it. Okay, you start imbibing those things in you and writing that is the best thing to do like even in anything any situation even in case of mental health when you start thinking of different people shred giving you the proper advices and thoughts it I think we can learn from these days. Right? So I would like you to ask a question. I mean when you start in this podcast were you prepared on this topic of you just started like without any profession you 14 feet feet. I trusted really because she is good at it and I see that you don't have to I would like to confess something. Okay, Casey morning you get today morning. I was just checking out through the podcast and Frank if you know Frank was doing his general knowledge upon case and I was listening to it and I was not sure on what topic we are going to talk about today. Okay, but while I was there at Frank's podcast he had a guest who asked him this question. What is Tell covid and that really clicked. Okay, that really hit me right there and I wanted to talk about it. So I guess that's how we came up with it and I was not prepared at all for it. And I'm not prepared, you know, but then when we talk and when you know Curiosities arise when people ask questions when ideas come up and that's how we start a discussion, I guess. Yeah, so and yeah, I'm sorry bro, but there are a lot of people who are in line waiting for their chance. Okay before we get going I would like classes and straightforward question. I'm new to this application and I want to mean boo my own podcast. So I mean exactly don't know. I mean when I was doing it it was asking for me to add a co-host. What should I do work that go solo. Okay we go. Okay, so okay, when okay, and when I go solo, okay, and when I go solo and we are doing the live talk. So will I get the recorded version of that too? Of course everything? Okay. Thank you so much welcome. Thanks for connecting with us. Okay. Have a great day. Bye-bye. Let's talk to Muhammad Abu honey. Okay, Zulu Zulu, that's not funny or red bro. This is my artistic Channel. My mom insisted me to watch news. I told Mama about Vinny's podcast is kind of arch. Tuck Channel. How can you say I get to know a lot about when he let let let your mom come over here and let us let her talk to us. I think your mama or again love to talk to both of us or winning. Absolutely. Yeah, absolutely. Come on, mr. Gates both of us. Okay. All right, Tia Guardian Tia goergen Thiago Rajan. I'm sorry if I'm pronouncing your name wrong. Please don't get offended. Please. Help me pronounce that right. Achilles advances, thank you so much guys, I can't thank you for connecting with us and we are always here if the you need any assistance or something we can have because if you are new, I think we need to help each other to grow that so what we can do. Right the mystical we don't have any colors right now. So I guess we discuss whatever we have discussed right now and we go through the comments a little bit high and I are high and why are you sad? What's up with you? Are you tired studying? Sonny says first time I heard Winnie sweet voice. Thank you sonny. Thank you so much. Hey Sonny, come on sander Sanders your request and will we love to talk to you? Of course, we would love to talk. And today we've got much time as such with one another all that we can to have really I thought it would be like one hour. Okay, it's just 52 minutes. So we've got one are eight seconds. So it's sixty eight seconds more. Oh my God, sweetie. Don't be upset. I guess in a way. I think you can take a little bit break or and Beyond open talk and then go get back to studying I guess. I know it's boring. I know it's boring. It's because of the lockdown we hide person here. Yeah. Expiry hi. Hi. Hello. Good morning. Good morning. I am from India with the Pradesh. Okay. Oh, my name is Daniel. Daanish. Your name is daanish. Okay banished. Hi. I'm Vinny. I'm from Bangalore and that's mr. Cooby. Mr. K and he's also from both the Pradesh. So ex parte odonis, do you have some points about was this route topic? Yeah, currently there is this pandemic around everywhere. So I want to tell something to the people who are joining us. Hello. Yes. Yeah, we are here listening. Yeah. I think it's the network issue. That's why we keep animals affected from Corona is increasing day by day. Absolutely. Yes. So I want to tell the audience about how to stay safe at home. Yeah guys and your wealth is not going to help you to do that. Yeah, the first and the foremost point is maintain social distancing at least one meter. Mostly the old people always stay at home. If there is any work out of the home he can free for young youth to take things from outside to home. Okay. And the second one is yard and sanitizers. true I'm sorry, but I'm not getting his wife. Yeah, even I don't get his voice somehow. Okay, so You know, let's talk about like what's the update on on current Wireless patients? So in the United States, there are yesterday it was hunted thousand people one lakh people were affected. And now it's number one lakh twenty one thousand people in a day 20,000 people were like at it. Mm. Yeah in the United States we're talking about and on the Even talk about India. So the number is nine hundred something its clothes. It's pretty close to Tarzan. Yeah, I think the 14 days locked down is first of all taken into consideration because the incubation period of that particular virus takes at least 14 days, you know to actually what do I say detect to be detected in a person's body, so I think after the lockdown we will actually get I mean around for April 14th or something. We will actually get the proper number of how many people are affected. You have to say that it's true that the ground reality is different because there are a lot of there are thousands of people who who didn't get tested, correct and and let me answer this thing. Hey Sulu, we didn't get your request. So how Room talked. He's a liar. That's why I'm saying. All right. So how do we day? Hello. Yeah. Yeah, I keep moving. I thought it's saying connecting Sookie. Yeah. I think oh why we are in a lockdown, I guess mr. K. You know the point is that It has clearly been visible that you know in times of Crisis and Times of such things. Okay UV are logged on and people having wealth cannot even use it. Okay. See all our lives. We are we think that you know, we should have a lot of wealth and we so we can utilize it and whenever we have a lot of time we will vacation out we do stuff and all that. Okay. Well now people have the time they have the money, but they cannot do anything. Yeah, it's kind of really ironic. Like you know it like it's like a myth that is busted. You can say yeah, absolutely. It's the light hits the wall hitting so hard on the face, right? So it's like, you know people all their life people have thought. Okay, so we will be learning and then we'll spend such you know, we'll have a ball and stuff. But today it's just shows that good. Covid days were right. I mean it was it was great. Now we are just going back. We re setting or you know, rewinding the wires you can say. Yeah. Yeah, you know just taking the reverse gear and Aniyah other person who wants to talk on it. You can join us right now. We have no collars waiting. Yep. Yes. And julu, I don't know why you always keep saying that your is gold digger. I think you should you should complain to your mom about it. Maybe she will go to her house and she will be like do something about it. Well, I told him yesterday if you know if his find some gold let her dig in and if you find some gold we will grab it from her. So yeah being fun. I meant but now this pandemic has made us realize that it's the small things in the world that matters. Absolutely a myth. I think this pandemic has made us realize that our health of family and everything. Every thing that we have ignored all the while is important. Okay, we have cash here gosh, hi hi to both of you had to God. Oh you good morning. Tim Joseph City Council fraud. We are both good because we thank you for connecting your please share your thoughts about this topic. Okay. What's the topic Health versus will ya? Wealth is health and health is will I don't have any idea about the health versus was The Bolognese. Sorry for you can say like that both are necessary for life. Okay, if health is not worth of wealth is also not good if all built is good, then health is not suggest you to go in a separately first discussed. What is health according to you? And what is wealth according to you it? We can come to the conclusion. Yeah. Okay, what is health and what? We'll start with me. Are you there? Yes, I'm here. But you know I tend to lose out on both of you. So yeah, please go keep talking as I just take my network and come back. What she's okay, but I keep losing you. Your network is not good. No problem. Okay, help the versus well, what is it then what is worth? Okay, I can share my opinion. Okay Justice and where where I do any mistake defense are you can just correct the same Disorder. So, okay. Health health health is of things that you can deserve to hold the environment to growth and hold environment to finish even say and you if we health health is the one type of you can say that is depending on the position of your body condition. Okay, and when the when the body is not good you can say you are not good like you are suffering from any illness and use Highway you might be faced some miso and if you help these if in that condition you are not good in that condition to health is automatically know admittedly not good. Okay. And in that in that in that moment, you have to you have to pay since you have to do so, then you can't be able to do any such type of work. You can't be liberated. You can be invited to such the things that you have to implement can't do it. This thing's okay, and I will Comfort wealth if with is. If wealth is not here though, you can't hear you say like that without air without are you also not leave it without wealth. You also not live in that. Okay, someone who think then then you can see things like that here. I have a I got some work. Okay and use you have too much love you might have if health is necessary for the life to which is also necessary. Okay this thing through Okay, I have whatever I do know about this Justin that's it. All all that you have said is absolutely a valid thing, isn't it? Mr. Kay? Yeah. Absolutely. I have I have one more request if you don't mind because yeah, but you keep saying you are a poet. Let me correct it if if I'm wrong you say you keep saying that you are a poet you write poetry is isn't it? Mmm, because it dry what but then. Oh my gosh. Yes. Yeah. I'm a port that's why I said I want just to you know, hear some kind of the your stuff or like some of your work not only pushed you past mr. K. You've told this topic of here. That's my personal topic. Okay, and in the dark I acted so we have this thing. We have been discussing it so far, and I thought to you know, just have a break to take a short break so that we can just Little fun with your okay, if you're not interested that okay. No. No, I told you that if I do any mistake again, Buddha says anything about this topic to that you have to say to me. Okay? Okay in that way you have to mistake at the poet. I do per tree. That's the personal things. I do lots of things. Okay. Okay. So you said it right? You know, we have to really grow the things health and wealth as well, but it's to the I think that might be faced network is your brother. Winnie are you there? Yeah. Yeah. I'm here. I'm here so you can go ahead and maybe he can not able to listen to me. Yeah. Yeah, right. I can hear you clearly. So you can discuss it. Okay. Yeah, just tell him what we have discussed so far. Yeah. Yeah because the I think we have discussed the same thing that held and wealth but you know one cannot be left out and the other but you know, what sometimes what happens is we tend to mix up health and in the need and the greed. Okay, I learned I learned one point when I started in class 6 7 winning in that in that one place. That is who Health is wealth. Okay and wealth is Health. It is necessary both. This is the health and wealth the play the important role for your life. Most important role. Swastika some bacteria. All right. Hello there. Can't look at you. Yeah, that's the I told that now hey. so we often because Hello. Yeah, I lost him. I don't know. What happened. Yeah, same here. I couldn't hear him. So it's been one hour and not think we have covered most of the top most of the like have and but I think we have left out. Just one thing that you know the topic about wealth accumulation see, you know, people tend to mix up the both the things like money needed needed for needs and money required for grilled. Okay want okay the needs and wants people mix up. Okay, I Head is higher in every aspect. Okay, regardless of what whether you have money or not. I think wealth is not wired. Okay. Well, there's not required but the basic you know money for the basic needs is important. Now what is wealth wealth is luxuries in it. Yeah, absolutely people when we talk about money, essentially what want one gets an IP. A about having a luxurious life, correct? Yeah. so how you know, well, that is something like let's talk about what is essential and what is not Exactly. Let's talk about that. Yeah, so how I can a rotary cutter McConnell. As I said earlier. That is something we need. That's the necessity of every human being but having having a lot of Pair of Shoes having a lot of clothes or having car and buy calls, I mean that that sort of didn't meant mindset is kind of of you know, Concluding thing. I mean that's make us selfish and that's that's is all about, you know, getting materialistic things like acquiring and I think yeah, I think wealth is Health destructing in a way. Have you ever thought of it that way? Yeah pollution what's happening people are buying a lot of stuff especially wykel the outer layer is basically air pollution problem. Now that but why is also you know people start getting greedy the mindset changes and people are turning in saying they are spoiling their mental health? Okay lot of money it gets some crazy. Yeah, absolutely on wealth maybe family gets divided by bison are that kind of race like that suit said like greedy and this kind of wealth accumulating mindset. Like so crazy it makes you do things that are not good. True true true and somewhere it is, you know inculcate certain behaviors in us. Okay. Well, I mean too much of wealth somewhere inculcate kind of behavior in people which tends to be responsible and it's not just hampering to one's Health once physical health once mental health, but its effects, you know, its effects are you know, really bad even on the society Yeah, okay. And when I say this, I'm not addressing every wealthy person in the world, but I'm talking about the bad effects of wealth. Okay at certain levels just say for an example. Okay. There is a person who inherits a lot of wealth. Okay, he has got it and he does not know how to use it. He just uses it lavishly and you know Spence's it's drastically and then eventually what happens too much of wealth gives too much of power to people okay, you know to which eventually what happens is people start taking advantage of but good health cannot give you a disadvantage. Okay, if you have a good health, okay, if you go to have a good mental health And a physical health you eat that cannot be misused. Will it be misused in any case have there been any such cases that some you know, the people have misused their health? Also Health can be best used to impress others. I think that is he yeah, I guess yeah that that can be one one important kind of misuse, right? Yeah because many things What's happening? We refer healthy people are fed people to two actors who see their bodies through true true. We think that they're they're healthy and I'm going to just correct you five just think that they're they're not healthy. They're they're having and shape that is needed for the job. True. True keeping yourself fit. It doesn't mean you have to have six packs toned. Total shredded body or maintaining low fat percentage. It's all about you know, how the mind and normal moderate body now that just you know, when we talk about healthy, there is a term BMI. Yes, right, right. So so on a scale from 18 to 25 your weight and height is calculated like this BMI, which is calculated on the basis of height and weight and it should fall in the range of 1825 that's the first parameter curve that shows how healthy you are. And also, yeah. Yeah, mister K ahead. Yeah, II know I keep losing on his Show color know I can hear you. Yeah. Okay. So and also I you know, sometimes I think about this thing a lot, which I have not said here I think Health in oh, you know. There's one thing like Health with health and worked. Okay Health can be used as a way to accumulate wealth. Absolutely. I think these days nutritionists the people who talk about health yoga instructors doctors. I guess these are the people who are into such a business, you know money money man money is like, oh my God, you just can't talk about it. It's here their identity different. They're not getting people aware. Author they're just getting money on it. Right and a few, you know sometime back. I did a podcast about Fitness, I guess witness in body-shaming. All right. So at that time a lot of want such points came up like, you know trainers Health trainers. Okay at Jim's okay, they are they are supposed to make you healthy of it. I don't know about healthy, but they are supposed to make you fit but if they start getting everybody fit than their shops will be closed and then they will be out of business, isn't it? No, no, you know when you talk about certain mentality, you know, we have to address the mentality not the profession because when you go out of the India, I mean, when go to foreign countries, you see trainers our trainers will treat you differently. They will ask you what is your goal and incorrect on that specific goal. They will tell you Ideas are different routines to follow but in India what we do they treat every person in the same way Ryan most of the time they don't even give attention to others. Now nowadays. I think the best you can do YouTube is a good platform to learn anything in the world like you just name it and you will find video on YouTube on YouTube. We are right. I think yes, and we started thinking, you know recently I started cooking and and I started cooking and I learn cooking online. And and in spite of having a great cook like my mom, but I thought to have you know to learn cooking on online. I mean, I watch videos on on YouTube and I II could a lot of stuff and that was decent, you know, they would not that much bad, but it was good. It was a good start and that's all about you know, like if you want to get fat you got a you want to get you know, just Lose some pillows maybe down a lot of routines that are available on YouTube at free of cost. Correct. Well, you don't have to spend as much money and get doing many times. I think that educating yourself is should be your prior call. I mean don't don't know what or somebody else to educate you. I just couldn't just educate yourself. Don't wait for somebody else to do it. I think in matters of Health, I think people start getting conscious only when they look at certain celebrities or certain people who are getting fit and you know, you know the ideas like flat to Fab. No, sorry. What is it flab to Flat something like that? You know the some catchy Alaska Fairbanks fat to fit and I guess people start thinking about their health only when Not certain in certain stages. Okay, when they look at such people, I think you know accumulation of wealth is always on our mind. I know you know, we are it's always there in our mind like okay, we gotta learn we got to do. I got it. He told come down all comes down to action taking action. You cannot get fed. If it don't work out if you don't follow it healthy diet. So if you are not putting actions on to something no matter how good plan you have. It won't work that same goes with help. Hello. Hello. Yes. Yes. Yes, I mean to say that without action every plant is a waste of time. Hmm. So if you're not putting action on something on any plans no matter how could a plan is? It's not going to work good and I think health is a lifestyle. Yes. Totally. It is a lifestyle and I think we should stop waiting for someone to tell that Health has to be taken care of and the right food should be eaten. The right practices should be practiced. I think it has to Here we have to Enlighten ourselves about it rather than you know, you no matter how many times you know, when he tells people ask me. Nobody told us. Nobody has guided as nobody has done that and that then that I decided one thing nobody tells you to like something it's your choice see something you like and nobody is telling you to like it. Nobody's telling you to watch certain things or television series. It's your interest Don't nobody live your life, right? Yeah, so it should we do if anything is happening. I mean in your life if there's something which is happening good or bad. It's only going to affect you if your health is gonna drop down or you just have to spend all your wealth. Nobody's going to come and spend their wealth on you. So why in the first place wait for somebody to tell you whether you're healthy? Important or not or what you should do and what you shouldn't I think it's a first and foremost a mindset that we have to create that. Okay. This is my life and I have to you know get up and you know grab the control of it and make sure it's gonna be great, you know be it health wise or physical health your mental health your or whatever your career. I think that is something that is like we don't talk. Yeah. Yeah, I meant lat and we don't talk as much about mental health. We don't talk about it because we are not aware as much about it. Hmm. So mental health is it's the that is most needed when you talk about you know, how it has a lot of things that you know, it is associated with every single hormone. You have anybody True true true that mental health is you know like it is starts with emotions. Correct. And I think in the diseases that we face in our life or the kind of health issues that we Face the blood pressure the sugar the cancer and all these stuff are somewhere related to our mental health the kind of stress we put on on or are you know mind which eventually trigger certain hormones in our you know body and then eventually end up having deadly diseases and all and Remember while we were talking the other day on the podcast, you know kite and I was talking to him. He said, you know your brain and your gut okay, these things are clearly interrelated, you know, and what goes in your gut affects your brain and what is in your brain affects your body. So yeah, that is how it works and we tend to Be what do I say? We are very what do I say? We don't have much information about our health as compared to what information we have. There is so much information available in the world, but then you know, the health is the last concern that we take when it comes to information. Yeah, and we think we we don't see how important it is. Hello. Yeah. Hello. Yeah, I'm here. Honda what else we we forgot to mention here. Hello. Hello. Yeah. Hi. Yes you talking about mental health? Yeah, I was saying that what else we have if we didn't mention I think about it. The only thing that we have not mentioned and I think that in itself is a huge topic to talk which is you know, we are programmed in such a way that you know, we depend on somebody else for a mental health. Yeah, it's always that way. Okay, we depend on other people for a mental health. We are very totally dependent on others, but I think that shouldn't be the case is totally in our hands and absolutely the people right see, you know from the start. We wait for someone else to tell us what to think. I think we should be taught how to think rather than what to think. That's wonderful part, you know many times I think about how we are conditioning. You know, we're getting condition here in India most of the time let X let's take example of a student, you know, the most insecure like this feeling of insecurity so comments in the students. Because because we evaluate their performance on just basis of two crates, correct at that that gives her like that impacts a lot the it it just have pushed their confidence. It hampers their mind my mindset and then they just tends to they just tend to think that they're not good enough. True. Yeah, absolutely poor and degrading Health like mental health. It is starts to having, you know, this negativity into your mind that when they start thinking that they're not good. They're not intelligent or they're not suitable for for a better Society since mmm. This thing is going to ruin their health ultimately it is going to do ruined your entire life Even if even if they gathered gathered it, you know the route I mean the root cause or the root thing will not be changed. You know, it's going to be there. Yeah, yeah, absolutely. So because that is going to create an impact forever. It's been shown that a period of just two weeks in quarantine can be linked with serious mental issues. Yes. Absolutely. And I are I think people who have been conditioned to moving out of their house and doing stuff and suddenly a break. Of that long time staying at home gets people in saying yes, it is happening. I'm sorry, mr. K. Have you have you read the comment of an Ayah in there? Yeah, I've read it and it's totally like I agree to it's up to some extent because when you have a lot of stuff to do and when you are so free that you have no idea what to do. It's really creating because you did something that you're not used to it sound. Correct? It's our peer it normal life. Yeah, I know. Hello. Yeah. Yeah, and it directly affects everything. I mean your eating habit your sleeping habit and you know, the things that you do while you're there and it it totally see there is a schedule okay for regular lifestyle and the sudden leader is this long break? Okay. And this this effect I think it affects the body differently and also the mind I think and all this together. Okay. It's like a like a jet lag. You know, when you move to another country, you know, that's that's the right word. Yeah. And yeah, and I think it's it's it's not common for everybody and it's a new thing and it's It's something that we have to you know, just just I think we have to be strong and just yeah, we have to be strong to tackle this thing because this is something that haven't been experienced. Yeah, and I asked yeah true. Okay, you know the kind of experience is totally new. It causes anger confusion depression and stress disorder a in our why don't you send us a request and then share your views on it. I don't think Nia has ever connected to me on call we are okay in the comments and I really hope someday she connects with us, you know on call and then we can discuss I think see talking about anger confusion depression. Yes. Okay, I guess you know a lot of times when someone moves out of a sudden schedule, okay, and you know the input it's like it's like, you know, what an animal from Jungle has been picked up and put into a zoo. It's like living another person's life. I can yes, truly, you know, it's kind of pretentious. So pretentious like, you know, you're just trying to want to say you're trying to get adjusted. Get to this particular see all all all arrives. I think a lot of people have been saying that you know, if I get a good internet connection, I can stay home forever and stuff. But I think yeah, this is with me or boots or even I had thought a lot of times are is to think like and I'll just stay home and do designing and I will do all my hobbies and stuff, but I think it's pretty easy. It isn't easy at all. And yeah, and and it's a personal experience. Look at me. I'm spending so much time on this app these days. Okay, don't come with no, I you know, it's crazy. Hey, buddy. How are you doing? Yeah, I am fine. Heisuke find a new car. Hello. Yeah, we are good. We are good. She was asking about your health and the ongoing topic is healthy versus wealth or the log down not know how to spell this lockdown we were talking about because it is also relating to health Yeah related to health as well as wealth. Yeah. Absolutely. Yeah, you said it correctly. So what's your views on it? Yeah, and we have successfully completed one hour 30 minutes. Mr. K ask the God because I wasn't able to you know, I was thinking that I couldn't take it for so, you know for this far, I mean, it's crazy though, but I'm feeling good because I'm with you and you serious. No, mr. Gilly. Oh good. I said hi. Hi are you from I am from Bangladesh and how are you? Just stuck at home isolated from everything that Mystic a my co-host. Yeah, mister K. Would you like to talk? Yeah. Sure. I think she is. I don't say generally but she is sweet just you know, just talk at home. And she said and I like that part why oh why you have to ask? Mr. Gale a might be able to talk on Don't understand get offended for Jenna. He was just asking me to talk to you that you're most welcome here. She doesn't need permission. You know, she's yeah. Yeah that right. Then the night I got the bill. Actually we are co-hosting it together Persona and I keep missing out on mr. K. Okay, it's because we are all facing bad network issues. So I keep you know addressing him in between so mr. K. Are you there? Are you there and stuff? So yeah so for Jonna, what are your views on this topic Health versus 12 Well, if we don't have it, we don't feel good. If we are not telling you what is the point of getting wealth, right? So for example, if I have millions of dollars in my pocket, but I have got if I have got affected by Corona. What is the point of that money? There is no point of that. Yeah, you're right. And and what what are the what are the other points you want to talk? Because I think you have a lot of things to talk about but you're feeling shy I guess not shy actually this kind of like in a conversation where three people are participating. I never did it. So I am just taking some time how to coordinate or how to proceed that. Look, so just just think we and you can be absolutely but Abu just think when he and I are the same person. You're just talking to one person. You are talking to one person. Absolutely. So yes here in Bangladesh. Also people are locked down at home. So people are not allowed to get out of the home. Also Army is deployed. In the street, so it is absolutely not allowed to go go out of the home. So I'm just trying to being productive. I'm one of the member of Toastmasters International where people join to improve their communication skills Saturday in the morning. I joined the meeting where seven to eight countries of people have joined their and everyone was trying to be productive in this. He has like everyone is so bored at home. So also I was thinking of okay, let's try open talk as well. So here I am. Well, we're glad to have you here because you are Bangladesh representative for me here true. I have found very few people from my country over here. Most of them are from your country especially know. Bangladesh was a part of India. I think you're not from different nations to me yet. All these are different. Yes. Absolutely our test our cultures and the way we think there are a lot of similarities. So I really love to interact with people from you guys and from the people and idea of people here. They're having partners from Bangladesh. Look in India. So yes, yes, like incoming it this nation. What do you mean by Partners? I mean, you know just like, you know boyfriend's confident that thing I mean, okay. Okay. Oh, that's hard. I thought I thought you people are the team member of opened up. I thought that Now we had this regular podcast is my God. No the sign but what does it mean on the profile of Winnie? There is a star sign. What does it mean? She is a star. That's what old man. Yes, I can see how how can we get that star as well? Well, that's hard to say because I really don't know how I got it. Okay, so I still don't know really but I have idea about it being humble being nice to everyone and then this app will respect you and this app will provide you with this amazing star. Oh my That's really sweet thing to save as big a bra. I believe there must be some reasons. Yes, people are people are marked as a star. So that is why I am asking like how you got it or what does it mean? Well, I too don't know about it. Actually I joined in the month of Then within a week or three to four days. I just had the star on my profile at that time. I didn't even have much followers. I had not done much podcast. I really don't know so I still This question to the unit team of open talk because I think we should know how one gets featured, you know, so yeah. I have heard that other team members of opened up like know the developer of the this app those people invite professional people who can add some values to this platform. So I have seen people who are from maybe they are professional they are doing awaiting their career. Maybe they can add some values or they can generate follower. There's something so I thought things went like this. I don't know. I'm not sure though. I'm not sure about that. I'm not sure either but I want to say for example what you think is something that I think the same sorry, I didn't I mean I was thinking the same story or same thing that I have part is it's true. Anyways, leave it maybe me and mr. K will give the same star very soon. Good fine. I will be I would I surely hope you guys get it as soon as possible. And I think you know, there should be something some information about how someone gets a star and I now I'm really because a lot of people ask me that maybe yeah. Hakuna with and I think sometimes I yeah and you are already I guess for Jean has already on a particular level I guess is you know, so Yes, I try to come here sometimes and I try to share my experiences and I also love to listen to other people and really love to learn something from the people from different part of the world. So maybe that is why people do follow me or something something great. That's good. Because I cannot follow anybody. Hi. Why are you going father? Anybody? You can follow me as well? Oh my God, that's like you want me to ask as not that you said that I can follow anyone. Why is that? Yeah, because I think that if I want to talk to you I can come on your podcast instead of calling you. Hello. So people follow only when they want to interact maybe on their net next podcast or something when maybe I don't I don't understand these app still now properly but I have heard that if one people follow others when they come online, maybe there might have some not appear. They get the notification. Yeah, they get the notification that the person is podcasting and you know, so They get all the updates about that person could be all the updates to my home. I want to follow huh? Yeah. Yeah, but I have to file, you know what that much but sin is on and podcasting a particular topic. So it's just up popped up on the screen. Anyways, what else you people want to talk about. Well, there is another person in line. If you don't mind we can take another color or if you have something to say. Yes. Sure. No, it's and at the same time for Rosanna. Great talking. Thanks for connecting. I mean, you know, yeah same here. I was feeling really bored and I really love talking with you guys. Maybe we will talk some other disease in different topic on some other podcast Maybe. Yeah, it was really nice talking to you and not true. True true. Yeah, I'm the first lady that I really want to talk again. Yeah. Oh my god, really great talking. Okay, I think I'm learning this kind of thing from you being nice. Yes, you know no, mr. you are nice in The Roots. It's just that you don't let that out a lot. So yeah. Hey Rocky, how are you doing? Bro? Hey, mr. K. Hi Whitney Hi, how are you? Both of you? Hello, we are all good, bro. Yeah. No, there's something fantastic. Thanks for asking on this topic, which is here. Hmm. Whoo-hoo-hoo ugly. I want to ask you something about Exercise. Okay, that means you know, I just I want to share with you about my no because I think six months ago. I started I know I have started to exercise to gain muscles. Okay, and literally I was doing you know, like four months consistently, but it's dude. work so and at the time at the time I got frustrated and after that I left 80. Hello Vinny Vinny. Yeah, I can hear you Vinnie. Yeah. Now I can hear you guys. Okay? Okay. Okay. Let me complete. Mr. Caylor. Let me complete first and then after that, you know when I got frustrated and after that I left it, you know. To do exercise and then nowadays. I am feeling I did totally wrong, but sometimes it's good and sometimes I feel bored because whatever I wanted to gain that it's couldn't so how should I do now nowadays actually. Well, you know gaining muscle is not something only the pendant like depends on exercise. It's also Also depends on the diet the nutrition you provide to your body. It's a familiar. It's been a year for me. I've been doing work out for and tahrir and and that's a part of my you know daily routine. So I don't lose some Killers, but I see some muscle and I can notice that my my body is turning into something else. Like it's it's just, you know, getting more muscular and it was quite like I got why In the link like white shoulders, but it will change gradually. You don't see results within or yeah, man or four or you may use a five months. You just need to be persistent and keep feeding your body as to who's gaining strength and day by day. Please you might be you know, doing 10 push-ups lifting maybe 10 or 20 kilos. Now, you can do certainly like more than that. Hmm, but according to you how much time it will it will be take to gain muscle means, you know. Like at least I know yeah now I'm no I'm satisfied to my body and you know like our weight but the time, you know, I totally totally, you know are disappointed whatever I did or back six seven months are up to in between but what's okay on YouTube, but it's a solution transformation for like two months AB Saga a year ago. That is not natural C natural process. Natural bodybuilding is way long, you know journey and it's really complicated. It's so tough to change your body. Naturally what you see on YouTube those guys are taking a lot of stuff. You don't know about that is also a myth that you know, this guy is getting really good shape within 2 weeks or within two months, but exactly but you won't get the same result because you doing it naturally. Whoo-hoo it takes your body to build muscle the longer between least a you will see a lot of people having powders and injecting things they get stuff to dig and muscle, you know more muscle and less time but that muscle would we will they will lose it in short period of time. It's soft background. Yeah. Yeah. It for long run. So according to you. It should be continued means I should be continued whatever I am doing. But I absolutely you know, it's been three years like it's been one year for my bodybuilding. But when you talk about speaking English, it's been I haven't mastered it completely. So they have idea. I'm improving their exactly. It's a lifelong journey. You have to keep pushing your so yes, it's absolutely nothing come. It's just in a day, you know, I think I think you know according to you like this is not one day's lesson similar to English speaking. Hmm. Yeah, right Halloweeny. yeah, she's losing some like connection sometimes but yeah, I think it may be. Yeah can you can talk about the topic if you have more points you can share them are ya and yeah, I have a one-point also according according to this topic. So yeah, I have I believe that if you if you have a wealth then definitely one does it will become at at you, you know health Right or wrong. You mean to say if you have health you will be held have like, you know know if you have built. Yeah, if you have wealth you will be healthy. That's what are you talking about? Yeah. Yeah, let's example like, for example, you're still have the rich guys. You have a lot of troubles in terms of diseases. They have high pressure. They have this diabetes. Why do you think which we will get it? What do you think so they're they're wealthy. But then but then but this is totally exception means it's a totally different Dynamic. Let me ask you another thing. If you have something that needs your physical ability to really do it. Yes. Yes your because you know, I have seen like, you know when I went to like a no means the countryside are And there are many people's I have seen like no they did not able to do whatever like, you know urban areas people to do easily. Like, you know, Urban like Urban people like, you know, and they join to means energy beam and something all and they easily find all the things like, you know, nutritions and proteins but instead of the you can say like, you know a condition areas people so it's a totally different because they have they don't have more much money's so that's why I'm sorry to say that but there are a lot of things that you are not aware of farmers work harder. They are healthier. They worked so hard that nobody in urban areas can do in gym. Remember Farms farmers are so work like their work so hard that one one cannot do in cities. Yeah, absolutely true in cities people who work hard. They go to the gym and they pay and then there they work hard and plus there has to be someone who has to assist them to work. So yeah. Okay. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you so much guys. I totally got it your point and Aniyah. What did you say? Yeah. Oh my God, alright and mystic89 minutes left for your for this podcast. Okay. Thank you so much. There are a lot of people in here on calls and thank you Rocky for connecting with us by mistake. I think you should go. Yeah, you should go. Thank you. So I think yeah mister K. I think there's mr. Perfect. And there's Kunal again. So yeah. No, mr. Perfect. You can connect I think we have some time. I like nine minutes, seven talk to mr. Bloom. Yes. Yes, please connect just just take the call. Mr. K. So after 5 minutes, we are going to conclude what we have discussed so far - yeah. Hello Whitney. How are you? Hi. Yes you bye. Okay, so I would say I have seen many times during podcast to you and Yeah, I was not able to come because I found I didn't find the topic relates to me. And today I thought yeah - why don't I come but you have before coming to a didn't I didn't given my concentration to the time. Otherwise, I wouldn't have given I wouldn't have commenting in the comment section ha ha ha. Yeah, exactly. So before talking I need your introduction. You know about winning. Yeah, I've seen how many times going podcast he's pretty famous famous. People don't need to give the introduction self. Exact limit the case. Yeah. Oh, I'm ready and I'm from Bangalore and that's mr. K. Mr. Kay, please introduce yourself. Yeah, my name is mr. Cooby and so-called mr. K and I'm from Delhi and I don't know what else to say. I love talking to people and we need supporting me having this podcast. This is a new hobby that I'm trying to learn from her. So let's jump right into the topic. Now. That's great. Even the the thing that are mentioned by you is all good. Even that is enough for me to as an introduction. Totally. He is great at what he talks about. Yeah. You got so I have to speak up on health versus wealth, right? Yeah, you know in my concern I feel they both are the things that really matters a lot to have but if we want to compare these boats, I think Health we should have health as compared to well if we have helped then we can earn money like if we directly want to live basically we want to And money our health should be good. Yeah in the second case actually I may not be satisfying the things but I swear I'm trying. Okay sure. So I'm saying that yeah, if we are ready at that time, it may happen that yeah, we will even not be satisfied with our health. We may be rich we may have so many things but I our health is not good. I don't I don't find this any kind of meaning of that that's valid. Enos so for that we need help. Basically this thing that I have mentioned at the first one that they are they both are interpreted. We should have the both of the things but yeah, if I would say k are 60% health and 40% Well, that's a better combination true. Yeah. That's what I feel ya if for you both of you guys think something else even let me know. No, actually, I think we have agreed upon this thing rather than debating upon that right. Mr. K. It's all about having a conversation and bringing every stuff on the table. So it's all about, you know, just gathering information. That's come to the conclusion here. Oh, that's the thing. Actually I just came here. So I didn't know what was that all about. I was thinking we have to differentiate we have to give some of the lights on this. We can just picture so, you know just a point of view you are right. I am right is nobody wrong here then yeah, that's true. Yeah, I mean, mr. Perfect. We are just doing a general discussion rather than debating on it. So yeah, all the you know ideas are welcomed here and we are agreeing on certain points and we are also trying to you know dig in more in this topic and I think we have you know, utilized to us very well digging into this topic today. So yeah, and I think That's a good idea. That's a good concept to have different people to view on this regard instead of Levy debating at all. Actually, maybe I have given my point of view in this day because before coming here, I unfortunate a went to a podcast where it's like automatically the debate has been started and I just oh, oh, okay. Out to deliver in which manner? Okay the correct. It's all about sharing ideas. No matter what kind of information or what kind of way you're dressed pressing yourself. Yeah, that's too but you know, it happens to him when we are just did something the emotion of that thing keeps with us for a certain time and it's not even on time. So that is the reason I just mentioned this thing absolutely, but we have a professional here so So when we talk about professional guys there they just separate your emotions from something that they're talking about. So it's a good idea to get like to just do you do not let your emotions of fact that the topic maybe you know, you should not go with the flow with your emotions or with that I see this this is an open platform where you can discuss mister. You never let your these decisions affect your emotions or you know, if you just take the Good Vibes out of it and you just leave the negative there and you move on. Okay, I'll you know, I'll Implement on this thing, even though I've been working on these things and Porsche. I'll be coming up with these kind of problem. I guess. Yeah, we are it's good. It's good. It's good. Yeah, so when you it's one hour 58 Eight minutes. I think we have less than two minutes and you're doing now. Yeah, so what else is left to conclude? Mr. K no, we just going to stay like State whatever we have covered so far. So it will be like briefing of what we have discussed so far. So winning. I want you to just conclude it with whatever we have discussed so far. Our yeah, that's a good idea. Go ahead that you're there. You don't want it. Hello. Yeah, and especially mr. K it. I'm sorry, but I am not able to hear your voice. I think she's have facing some trouble with your connection. So only meantime, like on the other side we can conclude here that health and wealth both are important aspect of life. I mean it both are necessary both are important, but we give priority to help more than well because if you're healthy you can accumulate wealth If you have wealth and you're not healthy that there is no use of wealth because you won't be able to enjoy a live or you can't do anything without help. Oh, I'm sorry. We need this. I'm thank you guys. Thank you for being with us. Yeah, it was really nice having you.