That was some connectivity issue so I couldn't continue with the call. And yeah, like I was saying let's talk heartbreaks but one had been amazingly successful with around 480 to people listening and for five people we spoke to who shared their Amazing Stories. Stories of heartbreaks stories of love stories of motivation we got some wonderful piece of advice has veteran how you could you know, get back and stand up and break. My favorite was most favorite was story of heartbreak of friendship and also there was Story about true love which was lost and found vehicles and that was wonderful. So guys, we have a caller here. His name is Karthik, and I think I'll talk to Karthik right now Mahesh. Thank you. This open top is amazing. Thank you very much. Hello. Yeah. Hi. Hi Karthik. How you yeah, I'm good. And how about you? Oh, well, I'm good. I'm good. So Karthik, so tell me about yourself. You're here to share a story or what how it is. Now. I don't have any idea what that the topic maybe let's talk Hearts break part 2. Yeah, because right right today, I mean around four o'clock. I started with a podcast actually. Idea was about talking about heartbreaks people face heartbreaks. We are just in the topic heartbreaks. Well nice question actually see people tend to hide heart breaks or not talk about it. And I believe it's very common these days in people and by heart breaks. I don't mean it should be anything related to love. Love or a relationship heartbreak could be anything maybe you miss out on your goal or you fall out of your dream and maybe a friend of yours. You lose a friend of yours or loved one or family member anything that breaks your heart. Okay, and these days people are very much precise about not talking about these things to people they keep it to themselves and you know, it keeps building up and then you know health issues mental pain and also it actually affects everybody is life or mostly people don't share these stories because they don't want people to know and I think I can being a stranger on this platform, you know, I can easily allow of people that freedom to talk their heart out, you know, it's very easy to talk your heart out to a stranger rather than a known person because if if you say things about your heartbreak people judge make fun and there are different other issues, or maybe you don't really think you can talk about those things to everybody. So just today we had a podcast and we fell short of time, you know, it was like it it just crossed two hours and photo five people shared wonderful stories and which were amazing, you know, they had different they were unique and they had amazing enzyme. And say and so I thought because people were waiting in line to call and then I couldn't talk to them. So I just thought I'd do a part 2 of the heartbreaks. Okay. Everyone is online can share. Yes definitely and to be helpful for the people who don't have a trust double people. You know, what like the people they are saying they're feeling only with the trustable paper. I mean trustee people. So the people who don't have a atmos testy people may be using this platform to X. I mean to exhume whole idea here is people usually don't talk to be very honest because people are scared of offending people or you know, not fitting in the pure blueprint you can say so people actually do stuff only that they can the that keeps them in the league. Okay, so, you know most of the time There is a need to talk out and some people write it out. Some people keep it to themselves. So I'm just trying yeah, we where you know people can share and because I like stories and what what would be better than real life stories, you know. Oh you like stories. Yeah, so people can tell me so that is why I am here and yeah we have Two more colors. Okay. So Karthik you can share any experience that you have not necessarily a heartbreak or maybe you would have hot break. No, actually, I'm not having that much or heartbreak like I'm at a crazy person so, you know Flo yes, yeah I said I'm taking three percent so that is I'm not having any that much kind of heartbreak I think still looks fantastic Karthik. So guys whoever is listening to us, this is Karthik and he says that he is a take it easy type of person and you know, no still no still no still. No. I'm not broken my heart. You know, I'm not God With A No failure, you know, they start to love then only I Get their local EXO if I just installing intestine, and that then we I got break up. Right? I mean for heartbreak or something. We are not talking about love failures. We know for example, for example, for example, I just mentioned that yeah when I see heart breaks your heart can break for anything. It's not necessarily for lovely. Oh, okay, the one losing a career or losing something anything can break your heart. So I'm here to listen to stories like that. Maybe yeah, if you're just asking me like that like it's maybe like 12 standard more. I mean, I just worried about my toasted Mark still. No. Yeah that maybe my heartbreak like I just wrote the exam well, but I don't know why they are just giving the low Markie when I just assumed Revolution for that even that they are just putting a low Mark so he know that's why it is undecidable. You know, it is still now. I can't digest those type of stuff. Yeah, I still think about your marks that were low in your truck. No, no, it's not, you know because it totally that I'm a take you see person. So I just worried about first I mean more than a two or three months after that, you know, I have different ways. So this is not I am so I just moved to another thing. So I just focus on another thing and I just got some good things from them. Yeah from that your take about any heartbreak or whatever field makes you feel bad. You just shift your Concentration from that particular thing to something better. That is how you yeah. Yeah, you know if I say that my heartbreak I had a heartbreak but it is just motivate me to do another thing. I'm not I'm just you know because of my heartbreak, I'm not leaving at that thing. I'm just doing the same thing again and again and right just work on that. I think yeah and does it matter I mean as much now, yeah. Yeah, it's not. Yeah now I can feel that. You know, what now? I'm studying mechanical engineering. You know, now I can feel that like Mark is not Pious, you know, if I haven't always or way technical knowledge or information information things, then we can survive anywhere. Yeah, so Marx is not nothing, you know at that time. I have I had a heartbreak. Yeah, right. So so for you your heart break was losing Mouse. Yeah, I've been getting less. Yeah. Yeah, Nico heartbreak Wii U was so and so but it is not necessarily means that it might be a heartbreak up till now it would have been in that particular time span. All right, so but that has affected you somehow and it has changed you hell. Yeah, it is effective in a positive way. So that's why you know, even in the heart we need to vote. I mean it is motivating me actually. Like I already said stories of heartbreak changes. Okay. Yeah for some people it gets depressing for some people. It's motivating for some people it is just a way to so yeah guys so for Karthik his heart break has been his 12th and in marks and for him at that time to cope with that pot has been pretty difficult and now he feels that's that's okay because he is studying his mechanical engineering and yeah, so he's going good with it, isn't it? Karthik yeah. Yeah, so you're good with it right now. Yeah, I'm good. Yeah, so Karthik has coped with his Heartbreak by making it a positive change in his life and it has helped him write Karthik. Yeah, definitely right last thing is also that I know what at my first seminar I don't know how to say in English. I just speak in Tamil other time. The people are yelling at me. They say that this guy is based on these guys won't speak. Yes, but you know are somehow I can't speak somewhat in English, I think but now because of them, I think first of all, I have to give some to appreciate that valuable, right? You know, they are just selling at not always they are just a little yelling at me. This guy won't speak any language, but I can speak now I can speak three long ways. So, you know, these guys are influencing me to do some new things. So guys I think criticism is another kind of yeah, you can say criticism has given Karthik some new way in his life. It has given him a new motivation Karthik has taken his criticism to another level and has learned three languages now at some time point of time during the seminar people yelled or mocked him for not knowing English and let me let me clear one thing guys. English is not the ultimate language or that doesn't Define how smart you are people know. Sorry. I have to go now. So and thank you for spending your valuable time with me. Okay by calling so guys, let's understand. It. Just speaking English is not going to get you all what you want in life. So we have another caller here. Yes thin yes yet and how are you? Hello, finally I connected to right. Hello. Hi. Hi it going yeah. Yeah. Yeah. So what's your story? What is my story? I have a so many stories, which is story I can serve with you know. But yet then if you have read the topic, it's about heartbreaks whatever breaks your heart and it has motivated you to move ahead in your life. You can share the story because we have 21 people listening to us. Yeah, like I have to say so many rebuild a played with my heart my feelings and one is story. I studied from government discuss - what not that it was up to the Mark I enter into University is like a private university. Was passing mechanical 2011 and somebody knows like in India. If you are going to pursue your Bachelor's in English. We have to write everything in English. So I enter someone because you know, I invested a huge amount of money. So I fell I have to you know do something. I have to give my hundred posts and yeah somewhat, you know, I completed my degree but what happened in the finally finally here one of the guy who was from jharkhand. Yeah and who studied from icse his English was like a fantastic and couple of GD and guy around he clear he was like a little bit egoistic person and I think he went for he went 1 by 4 is a marine interview. And after that when he came so we are talking is 5/6 friend. We were talking and he explained about like how Was is interview and he pretending like, you know, we are just nutty but he is totally different person. He said something in English and after that easily I get to make that was so much Neoga that time that the only know this one is small part. I felt like oh so yeah, you know the legal you have a friends and they are just imitating you they understand that what? It is, but they are pretending to become a smart person or something else and after that like I started, you know stocking to my brother who is working in a bank, but he didn't have that much time to talk with me. So after that I started talking to Amazon Customer Care Card Customer Care idea customer care, but somewhat I committed five to ten months. I have to talk each and every day 2014-15 So after that, I found so many different sides applications and I tried warbling free for dogs. So many International friends, I found from Latin America from from Asian continent from UK and couple of em is there is still very good friend. Yeah. I am connected with that and after that, you know as from warbling one of the guy from Bangladesh who who see her about the open talk that is now easily. Amy's of Buddy talk so I use a buddy talk a lot 20-20-20 thousands when it's that's what I talked with people and sixty three four countries as my profile over there. And yeah, and after that like, I don't know maybe it's developer who developed that application who found my number and who called? Yeah, we launched a new platform is like open talk. We are brought. Casting platform you can go and explore yourselves. Uh, yeah. Yeah, he is here that link. So I just install that application and I don't have that much time to spend like what I used to spend time on a bodytalk or and when they opened yeah, so that is the thing my life. I don't know how to ride I know how to speak because you know, I was very poor very poor even like a first day I decided I have to leave because you know, the is not like a cup of tea or am not going to so that thing changed my life and I never ever like, you know, think about American Institute. I have to join. Oh just one thing I did what if you're from northern part of India's you understand that our native language is Hindi how yeah Hindi we never went to University. We never went to school. We never know the joy and any kind of institution or is good. What we just learned from family and there is a thing I found if you want to learn and mr. Caterer, who is they come from India and just we are connected but he also means under if you really want to learn any languages. So just think deep into that language. I was going kind of when I said correct connected to Latin Americans or native speaker. So I started you know talking in English, but there was like a pretty hard for them to and exactly because it destroyed your life and I said I am very good. Yeah, I'm from India. This update will literally fell very difficult to understand and sometimes they said no man. What did you say? Could you repeat that? So I started working on a pronunciation. If you are near a speaker you you know, you are habitual to just listen those type of creamy accent the plan I found Sí pero very important will have name is Daniel summer. Costly jump, you know from Peru South America. I found the wobbling. So it's like bubbling is a side where you know, it was like five or six people they talk is like a GD we are just random things random topics, but it's very rare to find Indians over there. Just whenever when using this size so they didn't charge but now they are started charging. Okay, the CT do to this particular language English language being a native Indian speaker. It got friends who was supposed to actually pull you up and during your hard times, which is understanding a particular language exactly academic development period the same friends talk to you but guys one thing here to understand is you guys can mock you. Friends have fun with them but not with their you know, what can I say setbacks not with their setbacks? Okay. Yeah has some particular knowledge, which he is slow in or he has not he does not have the knowledge as much as you do just help him move, you know to a better place. Alrighty now since he attends story is fantastic yet another Has given us the story about his you know language problem. And then now he has gone to different platforms and learn this language now see guys this is really heartbreaking that although he had friends. He had to find people across different countries to teach him this language which is which is good. But yeah, not not after he had good friends around here, right so yet Your story is fantastic. It is really motivating to other people guys. Whoever is listening to me. If you guys think your English is band. First of all, don't think it is bad. All right. Yeah, it's definitely and yet then you have been a motivation man. Really and guys. Yeah. Yeah, then how is not a motivation? I have to say, you know, everyone is unique if you're going to see your face in the mirror. There is a unique person. No one is going to beat you sometimes we now we we just felt that we don't deserve for you know, what we exactly born here you born for some unique purpose, but we are just copying, you know, like okay. He is the person who did B Tech from IIT or nit, but I am from the private Universe, you know, I can't do that because after that I started working and you know, the so many comes in Work and now I'm in a deliver. Basically I from as multiple Asia and soon is the next year. I'm going to Germany because the German friend I found who basically he was from UK London, but living in Germany, so he guided me on a so many things like, you know, yeah, it's because when I was in 2012, I was very afraid like, oh, no is English. I don't know. How can I I go to America or how can I post you Onassis type of things like a couple of friends? They already started working or they please because you know, they work in India, but after that like a for Emma's couple of friends, they went to America and they found a job and one of the guy from the IT background who is working in IBM. So if I fell like a you know, it's okay. I'm also running good amount of salary, but someone you know, you have a desire you feel like okay? Yeah. It is better for your career for future apology and go to Canada or maybe a state or correct money to groom your personality. So yeah English is my my everything I have to say because so many International friend. I found they are my very close friend one of the guy in the store Aroma from Russia and who is a pilot and yeah, it's very very clear. I hope it's a is good friends improve my personality and Soon I'm going to Germany right there is so this is more of a success story more than a heartbreak story yet. And I had really bad time with a language. And then now he has learnt it and plus he's found wonderful friends who have helped him with a great career and I think each one of us should take a lesson of not hurting your friends because of Any setbacks just hold your friends hold their hands not in. We don't just go and hold their hands but hold their hands in a way to motivate them and be a good friend. All right? Yeah, then it was really great talking to you. Thanks for sharing your thank you so much. I think first time I'm connected to you and I also enjoy talking with you. Yeah, but I didn't know what is the story about is your story what I think's because you mentioned that topic so I expect something also happened in your life. That's fine. I don't know maybe if you want to hear talking to people who wanted to share their stories and I have been finding it and here we have another caller in line. So yeah, then I'm gonna let you go now. Okay. Yeah, you also gotta go because that's my dinner time on those old feeling angry right? Thank you. Good day. Good night. Hello. Hello. I think guys we have another friend in here. His name is Jacob. Hi. Hi. Hi William. Hey, yeah, Jacob. The topic is about heartbreaks. Do you have a cat? Yeah, of course like the day before yesterday. I got a breakup last night, you know, oh my God, so so definitely like whatever the think I'm suffering right now. Is that the law winners? The first thing is that I'm quite motivated. I'm on my track to set my I own setbacks, but the thing is right. Now what I'm struggling in today's day that as we know we all know that we are social bank, but we are that human beings who need Society to mix up right because since our childhood from the town when we come out from our mother's to now we all been encircled with that kind of an another composition that we call the environment, right? So sometimes what happens like right now my University student account pursuing my bachelor's in I'm completely with the creative writing. So right now like I was that following the trend right the to have a to smoke or something, but I don't smoke or anything like they used to any kind of entities can get a very specific but yes, I could say that I was having a girl film and for so it was for the first time when I just indulge myself and in that particular thing that we call the love, right the Divine Italy of the left and when I indulge I soft and whatever the think I was experiencing at that moment was for the first time right? So what I've observed after getting the breakup and what were the significant part because of which I get the and then The Break-Up in my life. It's just all about never ever bound any like yourself as well as the person you love with in the Restriction love is all about Beyond restrictions. Love is not a foundations. Well, we usually think think that why we love what we fall in love with some person the reason why because there is a parallel thought the collection of emotions and that connection of emotions is completely parallel because at the moment when you think as similar as that person want to definitely the parallel thought really connects to each other really right. So what we say in people usually that you're my soulmate you were anything like Soma the reason why because maybe the connection of your past Duration may be with that person right because as you know, if evaporation exists in this world in this nature, then definitely whole world is cyclic or cyclic, right? So everything has some reasons in your life, right? So now if I got a breakup, I have to convince myself in this situation that if some person want to go away from your life at them to go but it doesn't mean that they are the bad people. It just means that they were the part of your film. And they went the the cost the episode of their the role of death in. Yeah, it's all right. That's why I created myself and boosting myself, but you know what somehow like I'm a social bank, right somehow it will take some time to compensate myself. Somehow it will take some time to get out of that situation where I was completely that indulge meant that that you know, the attachment so life is not all about the attachment. Life is not all about, you know, caring of emotions love is all about a kind of and divine abstract noun, which you can't feel it, but you can't heal it but you know it is there it is there and then you just realize it you can't feel it. You can't heal it is there the existence of Love is within yourself because we love our mom at the moment when we just cast the of our mom right then after we just know the attachment with Our mom right? Right. So if it warms the real thing that you got some partner to listen you you got some someone to listen you it's really boost your inner creativity Innovation love is not about the foundation of your creativity. Don't all my listeners or you're like all listeners. I want to tell you love is not all about the foundation of restrictions as well as your creativity, right? The creativity will never get out. from inside of you because yes in somehow you have to believe that are If we man can give birth to a boy child, then she can do anything in the world. The world is the composition of two opposing things. Men women dark bright, right. We have to understand the composition. Our body is been consisted with the 23 secret. Yes. I'm sorry. I want to interrupt you here now, since you're telling me you had a breakup. So what are you? Yeah, of course. I'm just trying to you know, follow my routine engage myself with the things whatever the stuffs I was living at that moment my creativity. I was closing right and that's what it was not going. So well write my creativity my passion. I was not able to follow my passion the reason why because it was for the first time experiencing. I was experiencing the love for the first time. I was never knowing about the love always a kind of a boy who was having a homesickness getting out of my home in. Just starting in a different University apart from your home just was quite big thing for me. Okay, and it was just like getting out from your mother's lap, right completely. So just was I was feeling so so anxious at that moment that what could I do? So I keep saying her that please don't love me be like a friend but she keep attracting, you know, I got a lot of a proposal in my life, but I refused and to whom I refused they usually went from my life, but she was the girl quite special in my life. She is The okay, you don't love me just be with me as my best friend. Yeah, she kept saying me to keep saying then, you know as we are the social being we needed support in the moment, right the words got defeated by that internal feelings. And that what happens like I keep saying other don't love me just be like a casual friend just just be like a base friend. That's all but, you know, the law of attraction works over there if you trying to give like it. in my previous podcast where I spoke about heartbreaks, we were talking about maintaining a balance in a relationship, you know where one person just moves ahead in a relationship and he's already in a different place and there's one the other another person who is and is not Like you said are you know love is all about parallel being? Okay. It's really important for both of the members to you know, of course the parallel bank is all about the reason why because if there is a connection of the thoughts and which is completely parallel of to you're like, what is the question you're putting you should must have the answer of it and imperfect way and it should be according to you right and what I missed she was putting different question. I was replacing the different way it just all about it's not my fault it. Just was the fault of my first experience. Everything was going for the first time in my life. Right? So if anything I was doing by escaping from my parents by hiding from my parents, it was just from inside. There was an inner voice coming that whatever the think I'm doing. I'm not doing right because it just about a couple of your relationship it just all about but what about my 20-year relationship with my mom? What about my 20 20-year relationship with my father right myself? Likes right? What about that? I have to look over it. I really have to look. All right, I don't have to do any bad thing or go for the suicide or something. All right. You have to cope up with it. You have to take motivation out of it. Hello Jacob. Yeah, guys we have been losing Jacob here. He's telling us the story about us first love that how things change? Yes. Yes. Yes now I'm back. Yeah. Hey, yeah. Hi. Yeah. He's so it just all about, you know, like you from your inner core of your heart that a voice come that he has somehow if it is good then just try to be social like expose it out in front. Your parents but if it is not then according to the demand of the time then definitely to worthless right now. You have to give time you have to fix yourself. You have to just achieve your goal first and then you just have to go for the funders tape in your life. So life is all about the composition of Demands the time demand and then as you know that seven stages of life and seven stages the 6p are seven stages of life, right? So it exists it exists. Right it exists. All right now guys, we are listening to Jacob and Jacobs Story. So Jacob now now that you have broken, okay one person down below one person down below asking that relation with Mama and a girl is very different. Yeah, brother. I just want to tell you one thing. Our body is a composition of 23 sets of chromosomes from our father side and the 23 sets of chromosomes from our mother's side. And whatever the things you are just looking in your surrounding maybe the rape cases or anything. It is the reason because of the nourishment of your Society nourishment of your environment, right? Because what they're missing they're not able to realize the half part of their body, right? And that is the reason they are leading these kind of and crawl crime, right? So if you say that your relation with your mother is different and with the girl is different the reason why Because you can't set your peril Thoughts with with with your mother. It's not all about just the physicality. There is a connection of mentality. So one person asked me that do you support the psychological of or the physical love I said that without building your building the psychological connection or the chemistry. You can't go for the physical love. Do you agree we need Absolutely. Look, I believe every relation starts with an emotional connect. And if if that is missing then we are like just like robots definitely and it's been called as a crime if you just go just for in sake of physical love it becomes crime, right? It becomes crime and I have written something on the raped a girl a poem and it was the rage Rose if you just get get to my I could say if Just go and check my broadcast the previous broadcast. You'll be just getting on the Valentine Day special app just put that particular, you know, the rate Rose to the point. It was completely dedicated to the lover the Beloved or I could say the rapes current right? So it was completely are touching. So I yes, yeah, so I definitely get it and so Jacob so now how are you coping up with this heartbreak and how I want to do. You know what? I'm just completely like yesterday. I was just sleeping for 18 hours out of 24 hours because if I just you know, if if I'm a doing mode then what will be there. The result is just like my body will just think and I just want to get rid of that thinking because everything like the my my subconscious mind been connected or captivated with her emotions, right? Every memories were coming in my mind. Although shared memories right from top to the bottom. So everything was running in the mind. So it was like I have to rest my subconscious mind and it could only be possible. If you sleep for hours and hours to relax yourself to have a deep discussion with you. Otherwise, you may can choose any wrong direction. Also you may can do suicide. That's the real case. You know, it just a sudden moment it just all about our mindset, right it just all about our minds. Absolutely, the whole idea of talking heartbreaks right here is discussing mental health. So it's all about our mindset. I completely believe in my parents nourishment. The reason why because I don't know about your Society, but if you come to my Society the people keep saying that if You don't respect your girls. If you don't respect to your surrounding people, that means they might be it just didn't notation of the nourishment of one mother right once mud you got it how your mother nourished you keep respecting to the girl don't because I have seen a lot of abortion cases in the country like India in the country like Pakistan in the country like many countries. You can see right in today's world. No, they are competing us an important Point Gap right here by Jacob treat yo girl or treat women respectfully and exactly because nothing will get better unless and until you don't get better, right? Yes, unless and until nothing can get, you know, nothing will go according to you unless and until you go according to you. So you just have to you know move with the flow. Man of the time and my demand of the time is like the demand of the time right now is that I have to think I'm a human being I have to think about the memories, but I don't have to keep it over myself that much that like, I'm just a 20 years called. You know, I'm not 20 year called. I have a rest of the life right exactly what you hear I have to direct myself to make new That would be not the good option. I just have to keep all those memories in my Save list, right we our brain never forget anything it just started but with never memorize it and when we are not able to memorize it it'd been embedded in the next part of our brain. So you just have to save those memories the good memories and the bad memories the bad memories to have experienced that what you did wrong and a good mom memories to keep yourself, you know affirmative for having a good visualization for in sake of your future, right? So just all about about so what I need to do is like I just have to concentrate towards my studies to watch my health in these three years and then I just have to build up and come up with my whole personality and then I will be just striving in my life. And this is the reason why I'm just alive because I want to tell you what I have observed in these days that we human beings are not the exact copies of our self like you will not find any person like you we don't have a clone of each other right suppose. I am not similar like you and you are Similar like me right so we have a some differences. Yes. If I if you talk about my common noun my comment like that if you talk about the boys, if you talk about the girls, you don't you don't even find any person like you like you're like having the same signature having the same nature as having the same body takes you having the same face. No, so we don't have exact copies. Yes, we come through the same procedure. We come out from our mother's then we nurse nurture ourselves in the environment and Whether there are the group of people to our relatives our cousin's our neighborhood. Our parents nurture has then we just grow we become independent and we our thought become independent. We then able to generate the thoughts and give the answer according to the questions. Right? So we need to understand that we don't have the exact copies we come up with the same procedure but we our purpose is different right every person's purpose is different don't stick yourself with a limitation if you want to stick yourself a limit. Asian just go above the Common People limitation because this crowd is common. What you need to do is like you have to become from somebody to anybody right you have to become from somebody to anybody and and and you know what you don't wait for the time and that's what I realized. I don't wait for the time don't wait for one day that you will do start from day one right don't believe in one day start from day one. Definitely, you know. This is yeah today is my day one. I'm just giving Jacob. This has been really wonderful talking to you. There's another call of waiting. And since we are short of time your story is really inspiring and guys exactly if one day that he has had his breakup and he is so motivated and who thought he had exactly the words motivation. Exactly Eve's lesson winning. I want to tell you one more thing what I have experienced see why I'm speaking much. I'm a kind of person who is quite introverted. I usually don't expose myself that much but today it just all about my praise ship. I'm quite alone right now. I could not share with my parents. I could not share with my family members these kind of things right now. So just all about I got the opportunity to just come live and thank you for accepting my call. So I just got the opportunity through you it you are the medium to to Read the message to the God right because in every person there is the existence of God. I believe I firmly believe the reason why when our brain and heart combines the brain has the ability to think and the heart has the ability to go with that thinking beats according to that thinking right. So when it combines it forms soul. And what is soul soul is a part in your yourself, which is like embedded in between the bones and the muscles, right which Happy your physicality, which carry you but character physicality, right? And that's what I'm I was completely like. It's just my anger anxiety. It's straight, which I'm interrupting your talks, you know, just I'm trying to release myself that I have abundance of the world inside of me. I have a lot of vocabulary inside of me to expose it out. And yes here is the moment to expose it out. Thank you so much to add me. So I want to tell you one thing the very You know what? I want to tell you that in today's world the most important thing what we are missing is that we are not Haiti in towards those love which is completely not elusive, but the truth love that we that is from the parent, right? So what I like being in a relationship, but I just observed Within Myself the changes is that the most toughest thing in this world you found is to be yourself in the World he's just because at one side whole crowd is trying to pull your leg towards themselves and not let you to be yourself. So one guy whose name is Yves. He keep down below the the that that okay. Here we go. Girls are the most interesting creation of God, of course. And do you know what the girls are like a Venus and the boys like a Mars, you know, why Venus Venus is the hottest planet the reason why because I could discuss mainly thing about the girls because what I have observed and of course don't forget this world is all about the composition of to oppose the things I for we will just discuss heartbreaks and how to overcome over that. Yes, and for other discussions we can have another podcast but for right now people want to listen what is a heartbreak really motivational. Okay. So Jacob is no I'm not a kind of guy. Well, I think about like Stop. Okay, we on sermon. Thank you so much. Okay. Yeah, I got it. So, how do you overcome? So right now? I'm just in a regular practice. I started my today day one and I just started in that way. Like I'm just trying to follow my routine as well as I'm just trying to follow the real thing. That is what I have. I have to indulge myself completely within myself and don't make yourself feel alone right never ever. Ever make yourself in this in this driven mode where you are feeling so drowsy, you're not eating something. You're not the anything whatever comes to you. You don't feel it better. Right? So don't drive yourself much. Don't be much more tortured within yourself. Don't screw yourself. Right? And what you need to do is like you just have to start from the small choices that yes today. I just attempted this tomorrow. I'll be attempted a bit higher than S right so scheduling yourself and getting out from the procrastination because after break-up the people start doing procrastination, right? They usually delay the work, you know Pence the work. So what you need to do is like you just have to stop the procrastination by giving a bit of extra push to yourself to get out of that comfort zone. But because cam procrastination is all about providing a short time pleasure by giving you by giving you the chance to leave in the comfort zone, which is quite moment. - right which is for the short period of time so it will give you a bit pleaser. But yes later on it will become a long time pain. That means it will be having a lot of pressure on you. So always remember the pressure burst pipes and pressure can also make diamonds and here is my struggle right here is my struggle. There is my struggle Jacob guys, and he has really well handled his breakup of his heartbreak and I believe His experience has helped you a lot and Jacob. I really thank you for sharing wonderful things about yourself and the breakers and how we will have been coping with it and the immense knowledge that you have got that you have shared with us this you can definitely get in touch with me and we need okay, so I think you're from India or from which place I'm from India am from Bangalore at that's nice. That's Lately, it's a kind of fun. You know, I dream city of all Indians to move there and they're exactly thank you so much. Thank you so much. Thank you. I'm so sorry to take a lot of time here because many person might be waiting in a queue. So guys that was Jacob that was Jacob and Jacob has had a breakup just a day back and he has been coping with it quite well, I could say because he knows what he's doing. He knows what his breakup has done to him on how it has affected him and he knows it to a deeper level not just on a physical level. He knows it at his Just level or and his intellectual level. So he definitely has too much knowledge about how he has to handle it. So guys, that was Jacob and we've got two other people in here to talk to us. And that's Ellison from Somalia. And I really hope we get callers who are reading my title before calling me. Alright, so here we go, Allison. Hello. Hello. All right. Well, I think it's a bit of a connection difficulty. And since well, you're imagining this. Hello. No. Hello. Right guys, we just lost lost Alison here and I think this Gloria online hey, Gloria. Hello. Hello. Good afternoon. Evening here because I'm from India. Okay. Good evening. My name is Gloria, Gloria, Nigeria. You from Nigeria? Okay. I just saw you talking to Jacob. I was talking to Jacob. Do you know him? He's a very good friend of mine. But anytime I only talk to you want to connect to him. He's always picking my calls and drop. In it and telling his next book so I discovered I maybe he doesn't want to talk to me or something. So I just I just blocked him so we don't talk anymore. Okay, Gloria. So what's your heartbreak story? Hello. All right guys looks like a heartbreak. So we've just lost it Gloria and Glory of Rome was from Nigeria and like guys who are listening. How many of you have listened to Let's Talk heartbreaks part 1 just give me a cheer in the comments if you have heard it. Hello. Hello. Hello. Hello. Hi. Hello weenie. Yeah, I mean I mean listen to you. You've been listening to me. Okay, that's wonderful. Okay, so really interesting this topic to discuss. Yes, exactly because I think that's very important for us. So I started to listen to this discussion when you start to talk to to talk who with Jacob, you know, I would like it. He'll tell your heartbreak star. Did you did you oh my gosh, it's my first time talking to another people another person English. Sorry. All right. Okay, so I would like to know why watching is your break your heart story. Like I had a friend in school. Yeah, I'm actually from okay central government. For the central government nice standard and we that was the time when you know, you are actually understanding friendships. And I was really really close to this girl. Yeah. Yeah. Suddenly everything changes. She has to leave and that was the time where the actually we didn't have mobile phones and okay, we wouldn't so smart about writing letters because they didn't know how things work with stands and at that time you will not really we never thought we would ever have to go far. I got you. She was a friend with whom I had a future like we used to talk things. Like, you know, when I get married you would be the one who is choosing my spouse. That's the kind of talk needs to be the girl talkin. It's all good. Yeah, I got it. She writes letters to me and then I change my house location. We used to stay in a rented space for time for meditation. Oh my gosh, you change the house. Yes. I lost a good friend and I still don't know where he is. But lately one of my friend actually, you know asked me did you know this girl in school? That was a big surprise for me? I'm glad I didn't know that friend that he actually told me stuff that only she and me new because I had never discussed my friendship with anybody else like, you know, so there's this friend of mine nice. So so you are heartbreaking stories about your your friend and I got you. and the word yeah, I yeah, that was the story. So sorry. She is less. Sorry. Can you continue? I will never be able to meet her or maybe tell her what my life is now a life, you know, so no due to some medical disease. She actually passed away about I try because it is First time that I tried to talk in English to another person, you know, so, of course I will make some mistakes. Okay? Okay, so about friend me and my brother we have haven't met a guy from from the church. Eh, you know so our our friendship was really really nice. We was almost becoming becoming Brothers with three. So one time it is this guy have I have a thought they talked it for us. What do you think because my my mom was single mother and his other was Father as well. So one time it is he thought why my father don't want to start a date with your mother. We thought why not we of course, we will become e Brothers brothers. So it will be nice we to be nice. Okay, so we try we try to make E. I don't know how to say that. Oh my gosh, so we try to make some dating between the you know, we start when he go to my home. He starts to talk about his father for my mom. So my mom decided to keep some interesting about to his father and so okay one day they make a date. Okay, so they start to make it to my gosh to meeting each other. So they starts to in our relationship. Okay, so we started of course to we start to become a brothers because he passed have had passed the time on my more of my house then. Then they are hubs. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah great. So okay. Yeah. That's the most part is we we me and my brother we realized that our connection between me and my brother have you breaking Was breaking because the our friend, you know, yeah. So one thing that yeah, so one thing I would be yeah, yeah. So we thought that he would be nice it would be good. So when we wasn't this situation we realized that he wouldn't be nice for us. So we make it we make up We Major plan to do something to make these these. Guy our friend go out from us and they're saying yes, I understand you wanted to say yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. So me and my brother is hard to avoid him. Yeah. Yeah, so we start to avoid him so he realized that okay. We it was Our Our intention so we start to do that you start. Okay, then one day she he he talked for his father. I would like to return it to my mom's house. Oh, why why no, no, I guess I just wanted to wanted to return but why so he tell he told for for his father, so Okay, it's a he move it for his mom's house in the we lost the contact from think that we don't talk anymore. So this is story. I am not good to tell him that because we was really really big friends, you know, so sometimes I I feel so yeah because it was not good. So you feel guilty about it that you you just sent away an old friend. Yeah, and since since then we spent a lot of too much time in without talking talk to him, but it is he but less pleasure. Yeah. Let's see. Let's see year we turn it we keep contact again. Then before but we talk sometimes we speak sometimes to each other. That's nice. So the connection is lost but the Friendship still there. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. It uses. This is a so that it yes. Hello. Yeah, that's it. That's my my I have. Yeah, I have I have more but today I want to tell tell tell tell tell you that I have a cultured yield for tomorrow's if you would like to join you can share another story if you get you've got as much time to think about them. All right? Okay, guys. This was Eve's and he was telling us this story about a friend of are you know, he liked that friend and he wanted him to be his brother. So Yves and his brother both together plotted that his friends single mother and their single father. They wanted to you know, get them into touch so that they could just move their friend in their house, but eventually what happened was he was getting feeling getting a feeling that he was going away from his own brother and getting real goes to the other friend. So they re plotted a thing that you know, they wanted to keep him away and that way the friend of theirs was heartbroken and then he wanted to go back to his mother's place. So this way they lost a friend whom they found after some time but the connection was loved so guys, we do make mistakes a lot of times in our life. We lose people. To to ask to our open stupid thoughts are at most of the time to be very honest, right? So moral of the story you guys need to understand that, you know, these things are temporary right and you're feeling might be temporary you're feeling of displeasure or not being happy might, you know be temporary but friendships guys friendships. Emotions, these are forever and we cannot play with them and now after losing a friend for a long time not talking to that friend and coming back to him even after speaking to him that same thing hasn't roaming. All right, so we have had to break up story so far and we are online 164 people listening guys. I'm here. Let's talk heartbreaks. Part 2 where I'm here Winnie listening to your story. So you guys if anybody has a wonderful story or your heartbreak story and you feel you want to share it to someone I am listening. So you guys can just call me and my podcasts time now is one hour five minutes. So you exactly got 45 55 minutes. So within this time span if you guys really want to call just call and give me your story others whoever is listening, okay, here's how yeah, there is a question here in the comments Yves is asking how to avoid a heartbreak he's I think to avoid a heartbreak right you first book fall don't get over touch to people. attachment Leads to heartbreak one second has empathy feel before before you try to break someone's heart before you say something bad to someone else. Just think for a moment hold back think for a moment in your mind. If I were in this place, how would I feel? And just try to avoid things try to avoid hurting someone else and that's how you can avoid a heartbreak. If you're not breaking someone's heart. She will never have the guilt. You know, now since you have already broken his heart you still have to give it to you might have been friendly with him again, but it still hurts isn't it high as per as for I have yeah guys, we have another call in here. There's someone Knees and hello. Hello. Well guys he is hello connectivity issues in here so so far so good. So guys like I was saying, oh, yeah. Hi. Hello. Yeah. Hi. What's your story? Sorry, you are please introduce yourself Miss. Emily's man em and down student. Stewart from bison here from Pakistan. Okay, guys. Yeah. What is your story? We are discussing heart breaks today. Oh, not really. I don't know about did I mean I didn't experience it sort of for situation my life. I pretty much don't feel familiar with that. Right? I'm talking about breaks. Not as we are talking heart breaks in your own in any way. so Yeah, I mean absolutely few. If any where you have to believe that you know in a lifetime if a person has not broken or anything at all. It's really difficult. Yes. Absolutely. I mean, this is really kind of a touchy subject is discussing today. Yes, it really excels really down spirited and Pretty much sad so it really is a hard thing for any individual who lose anything in this life. So yeah, always been this tough tough gig, right? Yeah how I think I didn't knew that there was just topics. I'm just waiting around so it better off. I just I feel disconnected right so you can honor their yeah. Karachi Karachi, I'm from from Bangalore India and I'm winning. Okay, and I'm from India. Hi. Yeah, it's nice. I have been on open dog 4 to 5 days and I have two to three of them talks and I have fancy people just trying to talk because I believe Hmm, I believe people have a look like share very less people connect to you. So you are today's call you will know the topic. So here are the if you ever happen to catch my open door, so don't pray for that. I am not well here is said that just just like that. Hello. Yeah. Hello. I getting my voice are you getting my voice? Are you? haha, I think there is lot of No, I'm not. Yes. Yes. Yeah, yeah. Hello. Okay, I think this was really problem and I keep losing people so. The emerald okay. You don't have any story. Hey, that's not a problem. Well, don't tell that I have. Do Network I think before you give me a call, please. Make sure they because up losing it and Most people don't want to talk about it. You know, you don't want to talk about it to your parents. You don't want to talk about it to your friends really don't want to discuss about it because it hurts. It's a subject. I guess we have already connected to a mole higher mole. Hi Vinnie, right? Yeah. How are you? I'm doing great. Fantastic. Thank you. And how about you I'm doing great. So I like this topic this topic. Okay. Um, yeah have a story. Yeah, of course I went in and I experienced myself great if you'd like to share. Yeah. So I gotta tell you yeah, well I tell you brief introduction should I give my introduction or should I start? Definitely you just take your own way? Okay. I'm a mold from Maharashtra and I must be preparing for a competitive exam. Okay, that's all well. I was in a later. I was in a relationship. Five months back. The girl is I think oh, yeah two years bigger than me. Yeah. Okay. She's older than and the we are in a relationship. The relation is a relation with doing good. There's no problem with sometimes we use to fight also, but It's just a simple way. So now the we are now I'm 24 and she's you can see six. Okay? Yeah, so well, I'm a jobless person. I was still finding a job. So and you know usually girls marriage in US 26 27 now what 27:28 also it's a common right? All right. Can you hear me? Yes, I can definitely hear you. Please talk. Yeah, so now she got Angus with someone really heartbreaking. Yeah, and I'm not able to do anything because I am a I don't have financial support parents don't allow to do that because I'm a jobless person right now. So even I Carter's even I can't escape, you know any actions, you know. I mean, correct. I because I don't have any financial support so I can't take any actions. So I have to depend on my family and family won't allow to do this all these things. So I have out to just It Go her and she got Angus now, we will she will marry in this April. Okay. So yeah. How are you coping up with that heartbreak? How long have you been in a relationship? It's been a three years. It's a long time relationship. Yeah, it's three years, but now I can't do anything. Just I have to let go. I mean let her go now she got angry snow and yeah, how are you coping with it? Oh, well, I'm a student. So just always busy in a study. I was just I'm thinking like what she's got going to I mean she's going to marry with some good guy. So I'm happy with that. Nothing else, even though I know has some feelings are inside. I mean, I can't do anything. So I'm just living letting it flow. Yeah, and this is this feeling sometimes you can see like a short time. You can't, you know stuck with that because you spoil your life and she told me everything it's not in your hands. We have to do whatever our parents think right. Right. That's really Brave. Uh, yeah, right. She she also got really and I also consider Lianna. Yeah. I mean, sometimes we talk twice in a month I Cinemas but that's a dime. We are in a good like y'all are on good terms. You'll have ended it really. Well. Yeah. Yeah, I mean just yeah, I mean guys this is this is a less with look he is really young and they have the story where he is in love with elder girl who's two years Elder to him and being in an in an Indian Society, especially in Maharashtra. It is really difficult for a girl to wait after 2627 in the most common families in rare cases. Yes, they do wait for another time. Yeah, sorry. The network I think yeah exactly. That is some nettle problem. Okay, so I don't I told my story. Do you have anything like this if you want to share with me who me? Yeah, I was you know, I don't have a story to share and there's no heartbreak story as such there has been serving and I have a shared two to three. I'd break stories into today's podcast has already for me. Heartbreak is not only limited to love life heart breaks. It is for me heartbreak is for overall, you know for anything that breaks your heart in your life. Okay. So after well, how old are you? How old are you you never ask the age of a girl? Sorry is really touching you right but I'm definitely Elder than you. So no problem. So I can use that more than 24. All right, guys, this is really funny. I mean, it's nice talking to almost. Thank you for sharing your story. Yeah same here and thank you for your give me a chance to share my story. And this is nice talking with you. Yeah, you are right. Thank you. Have a good night. Yeah, thank you so much. And he said a real sweet story and he was in a relationship for three years with a girl who is two years older than him and somehow being in a typical Indian mushroom family. She has to get married. And she's engaged and yet they have handled this map at the like a pro. I mean these guys have ended things well on, you know, like real mature people, but which is really tough for many others and he's just 24 and she's 26. So both of them are on a very critical age where you know, No. Everything is so fast, you know people are achieving their careers people are getting mad and people having jobs and you know, you are stuck in such a mind space where you are, you know, you have a lot of pressure, you know, you have to achieve your career. You have to achieve your love life. You have to plan your future at such time having a heartbreak it's difficult. And then you handle it like a pro. That's a wonderful thing. So moral of the story is no matter what kind of heartbreak it is. The point at the point of time when you start thinking practically and you know, you need to handle it because it was really easy for him to break his heart and cry and do stuff and you know and for her also, but these guys have managed it really well they talk to each other twice once into three months and that's really nice because it's really difficult to forget people immediately at the end of the day. We are humans, right? So so guys It is 1 hour 20 minutes. And we Han says he has a story but he does not know how to express. We had. I have been seeing you commenting on my podcast long time and I'm really sure you have a story but the and that is no way to express a particular story your way is your unique way. And if you really think you can you can just join the call and express yourself. Story and if you think you cannot you still have time we will talk about heartbreaks again tomorrow. Okay. I have a podcast schedule to for tomorrow, which is weekends with Vinny and let us see if we can have some nice topics to discuss. So you guys can suggest me topics in the comments section, which you guys would be interested to talk about and I will plan accordingly. Ali and set questions and then we can have a podcast over it. Alright, we Han says some other time we have this is the time there is no other time right right guys. So here I am to 36 people listening to this podcast and the questions about heart breaks. Like I would say heart breaks are not particularly for love life heart breaks. Be with anything anything that is close to your heart. Anything that you miss anything yet that you don't want to miss in your life. So for me, I have had heart breaks several times in my career life not finding a good job, or maybe going away from your family for a good job, or you know, moving out of your friends League to achieve your career or moving out of your friends lie to get to your love life or many other stories. Alright. So today we have had two podcasts each of more than one hour. And the stories have been immensely interesting if you guys are listening to me now. If you would like to listen to my previous podcast, it is in my profile you guys can go and listen to it and that has been a wonderful wonderful experience for wonderful stories treasure durable. Wonderful, right? So Me some says hey your voice is breaking me some I'm I clear right now. Can you hear me? We hunt sure. What did you help your friend for a relationship? Yes. We Hannah have helped a lot of friends. And I have tried to make sure that they don't break their heart. You know, I think. Relationships are the most beautiful thing in our lives no matter which relation it is whether it's love or friendship. Whatever relationship I think. It takes time you and I think you have to take time to react in any relationship be it anger or be it any Expressions, you know, so yes. I have helped my friend. We on the I think that's your answer. Right. So guys if any questions, I have five minutes if anyone wants to connect or I will wrap up for tonight and then we will meet for tomorrow at weekends with many high knowledge. Nice name. so guys comment section. I'm just going through the comments section and I think you guys have given some wonderful comments in here. Do you try to get one for you? I mean price we on I don't understand your question if you could be really clear about it. High knowledge nice talking guys, thank you for liking my podcast and I have got featured and that is all because you guys are listening and responding to my podcast and that is really humbling. I have just joined this application for days back and the Response has been tremendous and me some is back in call. Hey, how are you? Yellow. Hello. Yes, laugh. Hello. Yes, is that all you? Yes, it is. Hi. Hello. Hi. Yes me some tell me tell me about this topic. And first of all tell me about this how to be live on this how to be like you are new to the app pot pie gasps about this. Yep. Okay, so when you open the soul, there is a plus symbol they're down there. Exactly at the center of any click on that you get a few options and then you can either schedule a talk with someone if you know or you rather goes solo. What I have is I always go solo. So because I don't want to schedule a call with anybody in particular I was so low because it gives others a chance to join my call and share the ideas and there are people who are listening and who feel like talking and they can get get in. The call them talk. So I usually do the solo. Well, I do care and Optics and which I will schedule along friends, but that is going to be in a later part. But right now for few days, I'm all these awesome bolo. So it's Ben's your new can go solo and start talking to people right? Okay, once you you can set your topics, right how okay. All right, so that and so what you do whether well, I'm a graphic designer. Graphic design or a while, it's nice. Yeah. So Bangalore. Oh, I mean I just called you before as well and there was some disturbance in terms of Wi-Fi or weak signals. I don't know. Okay, but now it's finding. Yes. It's almost 9:00 here. We have a comment here Harish. Hi Harish good topic. Thank you would like to know. Get tips on how to deal with it Harish first. You have to tell me if you have had a heartbreak and maybe then I will tell you how to deal with it because I'm not a pro or anything, but I can definitely get it on get it on himself. What kind of heartbreak you have had? All right. So yeah me is I'm coming back to you. Yes, tell me how can I What can we discuss mom anything it can be anything? Well, the topic is about heart breaks again hot breaks. I am I mean life This Life as we know their target is pretty much cliche saying that ups and downs part of life. Then it is pretty much cliche and I think whenever I'm in which is stages in your life, I mean if there was some hard breaks Good, whatever it is. I would make you a pretty much stronger as far as me because whenever you face is as kind of a difficult situation. It just this makes makes you I mean pretty much form. So I think it's pretty much nice thing in that way. If you're if you're seeing in now in that perspective in positivity because it's alive and out from one after another you will you want to face it. I mean Annalise break hearts in a home that I am and it's part of life is well, I mean, you will not get all the time happiness. So yeah this kind of this kind of things if will take place in your life. So yeah, I mean, you have to be a pretty much stronger as far as surviving life and say em break heartbreak must be a makes you stronger. Great what I have experienced. So yeah guys, so that's me isn't for you. And I think a mole is back online knees and thank you for calling again. And thank you. Thank you going in and out because of the network connectivity and I keep yeah, so right thank you for talking but but okay, it's fine way, but you seems pretty much said is everything will be fine. Yeah. And I start gift. Hey, I'm old. Hello. Hello. Yeah, hi. I'm Ali. Hi. Once again. What about your story? Yeah, and now I have my friend story is my classmate you have you have your friends story and I have a real less time left with me. Please tell me. Yeah. Hello. Yeah, I'll tell ya how much 14 seconds 15 seconds 15 minutes you can talk. Okay, this is I mean, this is not a lot of time there. Okay, so I'll share something. Okay. Hello my classmate and I'm at home. I can't take this word. Did I understand? Okay. Okay. Yeah. Yeah, yeah, right absolutely, right so they are in a relationship. Okay. I think they started from 3rd year last year 38 maybe graduation, okay. And yeah, and we went to a outside the city like a snack food and we are studying there. Okay, and they all started there. They both went together in luck put the girl was living a lot. I am in with a friend and he was leaving me with me. We are both leaving either my friend and me so I know about everything about history. So he spent a lot of money on her and what she you know, she put it she put a condition. If you get the job. If you get the job, I will marry Then I then I will marry. Oh conditional love. Yeah. Yeah I can so what happened to the relation was going good upward some sometime after her parents started lookin guy for her for her, but the boy, yeah, but this my friend I didn't get the job that time. And it was a just a he started drinking like this roaming here and there he behaved like a man cave. He he he his heartbreak took over him. Okay? All right next to her head. Yeah, and what happened? He used to go her home like I mean, he was really really bad then her She engaged with someone like a private, you know, okay, a private Professor sometimes, you know daily basis Professor, okay? Yeah, I got it. Yeah, she goes he get married then he didn't he also recover something and somehow he get the job. So as a clerk in a college, okay, he yeah, you know like management quota we have to spend some lakhs and you will get the job, right? Okay, so he got he got posted somewhere in a job through management quota ya then. Okay. Yeah, then he called me now. He was comparing with the her husband. Like he just delivers his professor and I get the job done. I learn also 30,000 per month. Okay. And so he said so yeah, so what yeah and He said he did a call to her. Okay, and he said just leave him and come to me my friend call her. He married after their he got the job. He called her back and he said that leave him mural and wouldn't come to me. Yeah, because he has this is obviously he has a better job. Yeah. Yeah. Okay. So he was because yeah, what is his intention? She I she just put it a condition if you have a job she will marry. Yeah, so he okay. Okay, okay. He called back her and ask her to come to me. Now. I have a job. Okay, great strange story and who says that his had a condition saying that if you have a job the yeah conditional so it's not good when he has a job. So if the girls were somewhere else I'm old. Don't you think that you know whenever you want to spend your life with someone you look ahead for security wouldn't that be? Yeah. Yeah, right right an important part integral part of your life because see if she is someone who is just going to stay at home stay home wife and she wants to depend on him. She's definitely gonna want him to be a responsible guy. So if she had just got married without thinking about a future, yeah and what if Friends so-called friend. It may not turn out. Well, then both of their life would have been in school problem. But now whether or not she has married him or not. He settled somewhere his heart broke, but he that yes, absolutely. Thank him reach that level in a drive. Okay. Let me see. Yeah, he wouldn't have been this kid is in his life okay with it. Find something different in that girl. Right, you like mad for money only she used to ask him to bring this bring this under she liked his better. I think one or two like in a register one or two year old. So she was a gold digger that you want to say that yeah. Yeah, absolutely. Right, but even though he was a mad for her this topic is really sensitive. I mean, I really don't want to be judgmental here, but guys if you are listening and girls You're listening love is not about money. All right, if you feeling yeah, you make Miracles are behaving like this this you just want to go boy for the money. You're the boy will pay her bill and roaming here and there are moving movie for going for a movie like this one. Just yeah, this is this is a funny story. But thank you for calling. Thank you for calling again. Okay. Yeah, nice. Nice you and nice talking to you. Thank you. So guys, we have a gold digger story here, but I'm not sure how real that is, but maybe there has been a heartbreak and this guy has tried to secure his future and I really cannot set up a option on him saying that after getting a job calling back from the woman he Dancing the you just leave your husband and come back to me because all you wanted was job. So everybody has their perspectives and have their situations. Maybe she was in a situation where she couldn't think of getting married to just a guy who had no future or maybe she could read too stressed. What future was supposed to bring for her, and now that she is settled maybe he still has a thing for her. that she broke his heart he Maybe he just thought that she wanted to marry him just for the money safe. And so yes people go with heartbreaks and if we are not on sale parallel location in a relationship it definitely hurts. So that is whenever you get into a relationship make sure you guys are on a same parallel term. Make sure one of you does not rush ahead in life in that relationship and one of you don't remember so take time. Any relationship is like a growing plant, you know, it takes time and if you nurture it, well, if you go ahead with it, it definitely will grow to be a very pure 'full relationship, right? So I cannot keep commenting on how someone has broken in somebody's heart or how someone's heart broke, but I can definitely tell you guys in today's day where life is super fast if you really have people who care for you keep them. Whether it's love with its friendship with her is a colleague or whether it's a teacher or your friend or a sister or a brother. Whoever it is he what people who care for you keep them. Do not lose them. You have a friend who is heartbroken be the support help him help her people. Do not break hearts on purpose humans. Don't do that. Right people. Don't keep breaking hearts for fun. Okay, so we are almost on the verge of ending this podcast and guys talking heartbreaks has been for today literally I've spoken to people who have had heart breaks or maybe have broken hearts and all I know is It is all situational. Second coping with heartbreaks Time Heals every thing you just need to give time to yourself. Okay be someone support be a good friend. Don't look down on others. There was the story about a guy who didn't know English and people look down on him and his friends looked down on him. So that's really bad. There was another story where two guys were friends and there was one guy out of him who wanted to get into a relationship and wanted to move super fast and life and had Ambitions and look down upon the other friends because they valued friendship and they took life really slow and looked down on them saying that you guys unambitious and stuff. So be it friendship be it love hard brakes are terrible and they are difficult. Two copper. So if you ever know someone who's dealing with a heartbreak talk to them people commit suicides go to extremes. Okay, people face mental health issues be be a helping hand be a shoulder for someone's tears. It's not going to cost you anything guys. It's not going to take away your life. But for the person who have helped you might be one integral. real part of their life No matter as what relation as what part you go, you are going to be the angel for their life. So guys, let's end this call here and I will catch you guys tomorrow and we can with Bing at 10 a.m. In the morning. So if you like my podcast, I just would like you guys to follow and like my podcast and if you guys would like to follow me on Instagram. My Instagram ID is in the title and my email also isn't the title if you guys would like to get in touch if you feel you cannot Speak out your story just write your story to me and I will share it with people and if you feel you want to listen to it, you can just join my podcast. Okay, goodnight everybody. This is the story of heartbreak several heartbreaks and love. All right guys. Good night. You have a very good night. This is Vinny and signing off ba. Bye. I'm actually reading to A Rudy's comments and guys. This has been wonderful. You know, it's really it motivates me for doing more podcasts. You guys can comment in the comment section as to what you would like to discuss next. Please do not comment obscene comments and Decency is really appreciated. You guys are appreciating this podcast. I'm really happy about it. Right. So see you guys follow share and like Popeye.