Hello guys. I was supposed to do an open talk today for heartbreaks, and I had asked a few people whether they would be interested and unfortunately I didn't get back on time right now. So I was supposed to talk about heartbreaks Mental Health. Handling depression and stuff like that. So you guys can join and talk to me about it and feels they really want to share their story. You guys can go ahead and share your story others who are listening can chat with me in the comments. And if they have any questions, I'm here to answer and apart from that. If you guys got any other topic for story, you can just share and recently I did an open talk and I spoke to Teja this guy's from Hyderabad and last time we were speaking about dreams and Ambitions which will be fulfilled and stuff like that. So he was Someone was interesting in boxing and somehow being an Indian Child how he had to focus more on the career more than something that he really liked. So yeah, there are other things also that people could we discuss things about politics and bride and most of the other things but today's topic is all about heartbreaks and dealing with heartbreaks. So, So I guess there is an invitation for call. So yeah, there are two to request right now. So I think that's mr. Pawan. I'll just go ahead and talk to them. Hello. Hello. Hello. Hello. Hi - Hi. How are you? I'm good. How are you? I'm fine. What about you? Yeah, I'm great. Where are you from Jaipur Rajasthan. Have you heard about Japan? Of course, I'm an Indian. So of course, I know where Jaipur Rajasthan is. Do you visited wonders place this place? No, I have not. It is definitely You on my list. I will be visiting very soon. Yeah, I have not visited so far but right so for now what I wanted to say is that today's topic was about heartbreaks and life stories. So are you here to share your story? Okay, sorry for that, but I'm just new on this application. I don't know about how to how to use this application, so I don't know about The topic it's like some particular Topic in that there's no particular topic as such. I wish actually I had a challenge today for talking about heartbreaks and mental health. Okay. Oh, I kind of missed it so because I got caught up with some of the work and now that I have called gone lifestyle. I was just wondering if people would be interested to continue that schedules. So since You have not there's nothing in particular as such right now right now. You can share your story we can talk to some time and then you can go ahead and give a chance to someone else to talk. Okay, actually, I just use this application ago seven months. But right now I just stay three or four months. I'm not using this application. It's a very good application for the competition. Who's your family? That's all? Yeah. How has this application help you? Has it helped you in any way? Yes. Yes. Yes. I just improve my communication skills and light now I'm just working in a news channel you're working in a news channel and post YouTube videos and all. Oh, yes, so that's that's something new which has helped you through this app. What this app has to do to get over your communication issues, right? Yes. Yes. Yes, so that that could be a testimonial. So guys whoever is looking for one from Rajasthan. We are talking to and he's from Jaipur and he says that he has benefited from the shop. Yeah, but but I just use this application as per my free time 20 to 30 minute. Really in seven month, but in three last three months I'd I didn't use this application because I just working in a news channel and have a don't I don't have any time but I just used the bodytalk as my free time 20 to 30 minute per day. So it's very good application for me to improve my communication skill. I just still listen everyday podcast, but I just use as if vocally and As a to speak first time okay apps such as apps offer, you know conversations. It's a it's not a heartbreaking. It's like heart touching. Oh, this is wonderful. See I started the sports cars to listen to stories about heartbreak. But this is wonderful that you know that some app has touched your lies and then it has helped you so well, so that's that's kind of really good. Okay, and who I think we have 22 people listening to this and people if you're listening, this is Pavan again, and he's from Jaipur and this is how he is telling us that how this app has helped him to improve his Station and whatever field that is working. He's working in media. He says he's working in news currently and he's good with YouTube channels and stuff like that. So the cells helped him for his communication. And I think this is something really good to hear because so far I have heard that social media and stuff through mobiles has only had bad effects on people but there's something having a good effect on you. It's amazing. Yes. Yes. It's really the yes. Yes. I working as a social media marketing experts last two year. Okay. It's like great experience in the social media. I have a lot of people say approximately 1 million you just oh, yes. I have my own account as a pink City India. I just represent on the all Japan photographies and Jeff Melcher still on my stuck on I do you want Share your Instagram account name so that there are people listening here. So if they would like to know something about Jeff or they would definitely go and found find your instapage and follow it. Yeah. Sure. It's the name of King City India - thanks that yeah a profile name is pink City and the score India have a 4000 followers. Okay. And yeah people who are listening Pawan has a wonderful page called pink City India where initials photos about Jaipur and all of us know how beautiful Rajasthan is though, very few of us get a chance to you know, actually view the beauty of it, but then power is helping is here. He has put his details in the comment section if you guys are listening just go through just hold through the And sections and that's where you'll find wonderful pictures of Jaipur and you guys can follow power and power one already has four thousand followers, but he would definitely appreciate more followers who will yes, it is what I have a lot of phases on like Facebook account. It's like stuff of Bollywood fashion photography is they have a lot of people's it's like this get in touch with me on my Insta, it's just a page. Just get in touch. So definitely, you know, I would like to share. Okay? Okay, you just follow me on this page. I will text you on River definitely definitely born definitely and thank you very much for sharing this wonderful story of yours and stay in touch. All right. Yes, you want to share with us? right now I don't have any the middle majorly thing right now, but I just really to explore the many things but it's like some technical things as a technology because I am just connecting with the technology and all so that you're doing the right use of technology for when I really really appreciate and I really congratulate that you have taken effort to learn things from The technology available usually people don't do that much. Okay, so but that's really wonderful. You are setting a positive example for people and that's that's really beautiful. Yes, right. So yeah, but one so we have more colors coming in. So I will let you go. And please connect please connect definitely. Okay. Yes. Yes. Thank you so much. Okay. Thank you for connecting. So guys that was Pavan and he's from Jaipur and he's a wonderful person. He has made awesome use of the technology that's available around us. Usually people just scroll through social media and just waste time I could say not most of the time but yeah, and he is wonderfully use this technology to improve his communication and there are still a lot of places in India that where we cannot. And activist Communications and since we are from a country where there are so many languages, it's really awesome that we are always on a looker out to learn a different language and he's absolutely doing a wonderful work. Alright, so for one has shared his details in the comment section. So people who are Wanderlust and love touring around and want to really go to Rajasthan Sao Paulo and has Placed his ID insta handle, so please follow him. We have two more callers waiting in the list. I'm just gonna talk to mr. Hussein right now. Hello. Hello. Hello. Hello. Hi. Hi. Hi, this is Ken from Calcutta. What do you do? Yeah, I do marketing stuff. What kind of marketing do you do? It's a direct selling marketing. Yes for a company. Okay. So your topic is heartbreaking story. Actually, my topic is heartbreaks and the effect. Okay and the story so you guys can share your story with me and I'm here to yeah. I can share my heart breaking story. But me I know what type of heartbreaking you may need to use. It means a dream. There isn't any particular Jenna. I mean, there's no particular thing, you know your heart could break for any people have aims people have loved people have things that they don't want to lose their are very different different things in life that we face. So at different times hard, So you could share a heartbreaking story and how you came over, you know that particular strain of it. Yeah. Thank you for this opportunity to share with you. And what do I say that I can live off my feet feel bad memories for for the people they I don't know them, but I want to share with them. Yeah, it's always nice to look for people who are listening may also learn from your experience in doesn't mean that they have to break their heart before to learn a lesson. So if they could, you know correlate to your story, that would be a help to them now also so you can share your story and how you overcame the pain so that will be heavy actually my story the little little simple little filmy type. Okay. I've seen College School Met a girl sees a Hindu and I'm a Muslim we feel in here in love and it continues till I reach my graduation but what but one day what's happened? I was in I was in in class and she came out that were that they was my birthday and she see She Goes. To buy a present for me on that day. She had an accident and died instantly and And it on the deck CNC die after four days. She was she was the best friend of mine. We are being approximately eight to nine years together. I proposed her in my HS that you can press to and after that we've been for years continuously loving each other, but when they have that accident happened and she passed away on the day they offer. Bunty he passed away. So it's very hard to me to celebrate my birthday very hot kiss at me. I understand. So guys this is real sad story to be very honest, but and text and I will approximately 1 we have been locked up in my room and I think to do tests just eat nothing, but I met my my teacher mrs. is Cena Okay me to overcome that thing and with him and working with him feeling little little happy, but right now our verse is coming coming on in 28 days. So it's been it's been very very tough to me these two days. Yeah, I understand. I totally understand how difficult it has gone to be but what I would like to say is your rooms and seal look we are born and we die. So there isn't any control actually over. Okay, and to be very honest if that was the day for her to go it would have been any which way she would have gone. So please don't keep that in mind that she you know, it's your birthday. And that dish is gone and wherever she has been gone. I mean wherever she must be definitely she might be in a good place. But she was there she didn't ever want you to you know, break your heart over things like that. And since you told me that, you know, quite some time has passed and I think it has it has to go on in a life has to go on so you have to start taking your life to a different level, you know. Yeah, I am trying to do so. So I'm trying to be busy in my life in my work, but waiter. I think you need more than just breaking your heart over thing like that. Just make her your power and do something in your life so that you know, there's there shouldn't be anyone saying that you know, there was a guy who was a saint and his love died and that's why he just lost interest in his life. So that should be the case. Okay. Yeah, too. In life no matter what happens, you know, you don't have to stop there and your life is a clock. It keeps moving. So you gotta move right? Thank you. So yeah more than consort Yue. I think you need to have the power. I mean, I'm definitely sure people are listening to us and they also think that it's really unfortunate thing that happened. You know, I have seen and heard stories of what Different heart breaks, but this one is different and because there are heart breaks where you know one person breaks the heart and there is some other reason like you said you guys were belong to two different religions and the most controversial religions of our India. So no matter what happens, you know falling in love is the most beautiful thing in this world. Okay, and staying in that love for a longer time is also beautiful, but no matter what happens. Happens fortunate or unfortunate it is always our it has to be that views that an example in your life. You know, there are people in the world that can make the love happen to a very far off place, but they don't do it. You know, but after losing the love the love of your life, you need you I mean the place that you are right now and like you said you have a sir who has you know, helped you get busy and stuff and all that. So, please like these are really important in our lives. You know, they are not just people they are kind of angels they come in some of the other way bring positivity and a life and take us out of the sad part. Okay? Yeah. Is it easy India's number one human trainer? Mr. Surya Cena. So he bring me up to the this this memory. He helped me to get over these memories, but I couldn't forget her. Like it's been five years sees she dies, but till now I miss her every day every single. I don't know how long it it it can continue but staying my memories. I think you can keep her in your memory for a long time and forever. But you don't let that gives you pain. You just use that thing for a betterment, you know, it is always nice that you just don't think that she is born. He's very you can just keep that she's there in some corner of your heart and he was giving you the power to move ahead in your life. Even if she was there just feel it is around when she's gonna take you. A place where you have always wanted to be. Okay. So yeah, I mean your story is really inspiring and then the way of coping with it is also awesome. So you keep up. So today me. I'm just New Year just yesterday install this application. I've been using open up for years and unfortunately, I couldn't use for six months. But yesterday I talked it. People and they suggest me dizzy was a nice app to over discuss some specialized topic or or anything else you do you can you can share your business idea your views take any other topic. I yesterday spoke with in person, but I couldn't able to create my own channel. How do I create my own channel could help. Yeah. Definitely I could help you with that. Because I'm also new to this app. Maybe it's just four or five days that I have just installed it and this is my second open talk. It just happened. Okay. That is a plus button at the center. When you open the the moment you click you get quite a lot of options in which which you could shed you'll a call with someone or you could go solo. I usually do the go solo one because that way I get opportunity to talk to people like you who would like to share their ideas and stuff. I go solo. I start talking people start listening then people request. To join the conversation just like you did and yeah, I found I found your topic is bit interesting. I am been scrolling for long time, but I found your sister talking very interesting so I couldn't risk it is to my experience here to you and your listeners. So it's you that that was something really good because I I don't really know. What I want to talk about but people want to learn languages people want to do stuff. Well, all that stuff is easily available on YouTube and stuff. What I think is people are very closed these days. They have built walls around them and they are it's very difficult for them to express themselves because people think that they will get judged. So I think this fear keeps us from Talking our heart out and that leads to a lot of Mental illnesses and stuff like depression and I think that's which is more common in the youth. So I just want to talk to people so that they share their experiences and poured their heart out and you know get lighter feeling and then go ahead and through these conversation. I think there are a lot of people who are listening who also feel and can relate to these things, you know, so it's really easy and with this I have clearly Given my contact details where and I have shared my email ID and my institutional so that people if they really don't want to talk out on a podcast and share their feelings or share their worries or tensions. You guys can just write to me send me your story and reach out. You know, that that is the main reason. I keep my titles as let's talk because that is all I want to do I want People to talk and because we have a lot of people in our lives but it is very difficult for us to openly talk to anybody. Yes, right if that we if we talked with this Strangers Like You Like You the open-minded stranger we could talk without ya or hot out and fill it up, but in front of me, that's that's that's the whole idea of this conversation. I want people to because see the moment, you know people and you want to talk to them. The first thing that holds you back is you don't want people to judge you over what you think and what not what your perception is, but I think everybody needs to hold put their perception right in front of themselves, you know, and we need to have that freedom. Okay, so no matter what happens. So whether you are heard over the you're happy whether you're sad there has to be someone there. I can check so this is the place just come share now. Like you asked me about this app. So through this topic also, you could get their information right unless and until you reach out you cannot get the you know info this application asking for co-host and I do not know anyone to add that so I can't able to host any food any any show because I want to iron tube. I want to promote my business over here. So you can see you can add people who you think are, you know, just search search in the search bar for your business related keywords. And if you find people doing similar businesses, so you can just add them talk to them text them and request them for open talk. So it's possible to do. That okay. That's how is good. It goes. Thank you for that information. Definitely. You are welcome and it was wonderful talking to you. All right. So thanks for sharing your story. It really takes courage to share your story on and you know open platform. Okay. Thank you, and I wish you all the best. Okay, thank you. So what's your used to study guide? May I know if you don't mind? Yeah, I'll just put it out in the comments section so that you can add me in there. Okay, definitely. Right, right. So that's that's all from me. And you can add me on IMDb Love add to gmail.com. So you guys can show you a story on the okay. So we have another caller to three other colors waiting in line. So I will let you go and I'll just put the details in the comment section. All right. Yeah see you it was really nice talking to you. Yes. Thank you. See you. so friends, like I was just talking to my son and he has shared his wonderful story love story where and he liked a girl who was his best friend from quite sometime and Somehow she met with an unfortunate death in an accident. And what was more unfortunate was that she died on his birthday? So yeah, that's really hard braking and I believe it has been really painful for him. But no matter what happened. There has to have been people in his life who have helped him out come to come out and talk about it. So I just hope everybody in this world who ever goes to heartbreaks has people we can come and talk to them and bring them out of this Agony and so far. I'm here. You guys can share your stories with me. Right now, okay. So next color is Prabhu and I think I'll take this call if you're listening problem. I'm going to take your call next. Hello. Hello. Hello. Hi Prabhu. How are you? I'm doing great. How are you? So, I was holding that this up and I saw that your topic is like little, uh, you know, definitely others so that's what I attached and like Esther come to you. Remember, what do you so but what time? May I know your name please? My name is Vinny. Oh, okay. Okay. Okay good. Today's topic was heartbreaks and your story. So but you can any story that you want to share with us. So let's introduce first. Mm me. Yeah, please definitely go ahead. So my full name is prevention, but my mom Hello, are you here selects in five years time? in Bangalore currently I'm working as well as doing the Affinity marketing and all that so Everyone, it's good experience got but I think is not inaudible sometime also required a more. I need my time to really I need to give them time. So the problem is not now already for year offering from that don't look like my parents. They are bursting or designed I'm staying here. So there's a guy today. No, I'm not that kind of rock. Yeah, so you miss your parents. That is what you want to say. That is you heartbreaking story. Hello. Hello. Well, I guess we have lost Prabhu right now and something happened actually. Hi losing you and right now I can you hear me? Yes. Yeah, so I don't know why actually something like, you know current up and down due to my Wi-Fi Egon that so I just turned my data. So it's actually made by I might have that region. Okay it is because the net fluctuate. All right, or who should tell me? What what what would you like to share with us? Like in my college time? Like I was not that much of like not giving anybody my heart so that time actually somebody fall in my love, but I didn't the time I was aggressive two more of my career and all that. So while while you know, I settle up and all that. That opportunity lost. What was with me you understood right? Yeah the time he reached a level. That's the actually no still. No, actually I'm missing her but I could not make out somebody who can mingle with me and you know. So it's not actually also see like, you know, I could not have could have I could have a give watch like one chance to her would have each other now like did you know I was missing a Railways but see after that, you know within two to three years she got married and she got kids and all that. We know that's the actually know very pathetic when I'm thinking about that and myself only I could some foolish top over there you feel bad that you didn't react and you wouldn't take that opportunity. And now you have lost it. Yeah, so well, like, you know, I have like good position and all that. So see also missing me and she has telling some time like what's up or not? What's up like Facebook some time thinking. How are you? How is going on? So no, I'm like that time. I am I could not replace. Message also you know, I'm feeling that much of because I was feeling that she was you know, she was my class of maleic Junior one class on Thursday near the sea near that time likewise graduation is your second year. I was finally here the time she was coming and I helping Alice asking the help and I was helping her also, but you know, I was ignoring because of I was Like I saw whatever the situation I need to do that I know if I fall in love after that, I could not do that all the things and my Guru they were also told to down in the industry. You will get better all that. So some time now link like that for you here. I am facing that problem only while I am are six other guys also, I don't get interest and I don't like, you know, okay fine that's like, you know different world. I am I don't like there's except of her. I don't know how Overdone but are still I am making we're making out how to handle Emeril. That's the normal is going down. So this heartbreak has not allowed you to get over her because think about it, you know, they didn't know such things. Like I did not one problem was there also but see every person has a problem it but yeah, it's good but that time I was delighted by So I could not do that if I do that and so, you know my custom custom custom. You know that right - me down like a system. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah after that I know that now but What are you do nothing that that's the actually story and one of the big stories like I'm missing my mom and oh, it's so I am here is always missing me also, that's the actually, you know, every time I used to go like a six month or one year once so 5 to 10. I don't go like I'm I will not go outside on I will stay at home only. So Mom will tell you uncle house and anteus, but I will not go and no I'm not get that much. So I'm excited to go. Okay, but go holy for days. So while I'm come no from home that I am feel like it's a very bad what I'd done that actually I why I chose here this I could have over there are my mom while I'm calling that you come here and stay with me. Also, she's not coming. Now that very pathetic to me. Now that something goes wrong we can help and something. last two week back of my leg ligament Hello trouble. We keep losing you for the network somehow. So I think we've lost per ballgame. So guys who are listening the story in a nutshell is that Prabhu was in college and he there was some Junior officers who liked him maybe loved him, but he didn't concentrate on her at that moment of time because he knew that there is cast differences that he also wanted to concentrate on his career at that moment. And now she's actually married and she's got care. And he feels guilty about and getting back to her. So yes, this is heartbreaking. But more heartbreaking is something which something like car system in our country is so so strong people stop themselves from allowing themselves to get into relationships because they don't know how things will turn out because ignoring someone's love people fear falling in love because of the caste system and being the youth you guys and guys people like the change that you know, what are you in this world for for money power nothing if you have and if you lose your love life becomes all Most meaningless, but now since he all he is already proved you are you back? Yeah. I'm here. I'm here. Yeah, I'm listening. You know guys listen Prabhu is bad for you settled right now. I am well settled here like a good package. No. No, I have a like a good house also, like everything settled actually within my 27th year. I am almost settled. I am good to go long whatever with my love, but you know now I'm feeling alone and I know no one is and I'm Not also concentrating others. Also were they giving vinyl so I don't interested on that. Also, I don't know what is some that kind of situation because till I am you're still into the guilt that you have not let yourself to you know, that actually liked you but what I would like to say is see now whatever has passed has passed now, you know that you couldn't concentrate because of few things which may be at that. Of time, but now already said that on Facebook, that's the time when you can just tell her look I couldn't get back to you because of these things and now I feel bad about it, but you can't help ya. I already I already message her but after that, you know, both are crying actually, you know, like That night you know that night actually I could not sleep also see could not sleep. She called morning once again, and after that her Lola husband also called me what happened. Both of you are a good friend, but she's crying you are crying. I don't understand what happened. Both of you like husband told her that don't make a call and all these like, you know after lot of happened after that Facebook ID closed by her husband after That I was feeling guilty like because of me only her Facebook ID and some of because of because so that you want back and then maybe I toted Travelin sometime back. I met her in Bangalore only this mall data summary mall, so her husband was there also, but somehow we met and sometime, you know, Feel that. I told all the things but after that the sea told actually okay once you get someone we will definitely forget to me. This is a way of saying you know, because now she's already mad at you can't help that time. Yeah, I would like to say something. Sorry try and look around. It is now it's not that I'm asking you to just put your get it out. It's like now since you have talked to your heart out you have told her that you know this. This was a problem and now there's no reason to hold on to and because you guys already has the life which is in a different way. Okay, and then if you keep thinking about it, he's going to thinking about it. And anyway, I don't know. What about LaSalle after 6 month. I'm not worried about that things. Now this topic was that said that's what I know. I got actually. Oh my God, it's actually, you know as feeling and my mom also suggested me and some time like don't go because no due to my parents only. Lee whatever I got that balance and now I have a good position on due to my parents and my teachers and my Guru they're so they're so you know, my uncle was telling you could have do that marriage that time wrote after that you could and you will be in the village only when you cannot get a new house also, you cannot go to the handsome salary and all that. You know number. I think he told us so what I was thinking. Yeah, if I do that I could not get a know. I could not clear my company secretary pepper one also. That kind of situation. Are you asleep I'd bake or thinking so what I had done I still correct I done. So I sometimes your story is to get something you want to lose something and then this is something which is not really work hard to get something. Yeah, but you know, sometimes you guys see our and like thinking harder like I am feeling sad that I'm guilty, but she only told don't feel that. Type of guilty and and all that is happening everybody lives. So it's happened to you and would like that. So yeah, I thought okay fine. It's happen to everybody and I'm not one single person to happen with me only this kind of already several stories also there so why I'm worried about thought I'll be happy now and I'm cool. No problems. Yeah, but I think whatever happens in our lives, right it changes Us in some of the other way. This experience has some of the wave polish to you to be a better person in your life. That would say like a you can you can say that scenario. Let's go doc, uh, you know until I could not make out my whatever I have. I now even my position I could not get that like a spider. One Direction somewhere this is really nice listening to your story and again when your heart breaks because you are away from your parent. Yeah. I also you know last two last week of my ligament like my I fall down from Jim and my knee got a little angel after that. What he was helping Lipa after for like four five year. I feel that you know, somebody should be like with me and otherwise I could not come in time. I will be very real life. You really need to have someone it's yeah, so I actually like it. I am single okay or no problem. I can do everything. No last for three years. I was thinking last second doing totally I got mood change actually laughter right now or thing and all that. I was at today's bed rest here. And after like I feel that actually this is the very critical position where you know, someone need more muscle so suggested me so you won't last two three years. I was in that much of into my care, you know, all that so I could check out this to okay. I need to do a part of that. This is also life my parents always that remembered I was ignoring. Okay, fine fine why you want to do that except I'm out of my depth like a whole room and I will do it my laptop and I will do something and I will studying abroad is now reading all those books. So, you know, so when my friends are telling that you are in Bangalore, you don't have or snow, but nobody has this so they're like surprise so I have no I don't like that but elastic elastic like I was feeling like, you know, something like this, that's what people want somebody. To have their life make sure way to teach us the lessons of life. Okay, so see the way gives us different lessons and helps us to understand. Okay. So all this while while you were there hello. Hello. Hello. We have lost Prabhu again. And so so far whoever has been listening to his story. So you guys can put your suggestions in the comments because he has gone through a phase and then he has come out of it and now he feels that he really needs someone and because all this while he was after the Heartbreak he was one he I think life am I am I here am I listen? I am I Rebel yes. Yes. Yes. Yeah. I don't know actually what is happening this network? So I need to switch off one or need to. Okay. Let's see. You can now that you have share your story. We are very thankful to you Prabhu. Yeah. Yeah, so just add like Kobe Kobe, I suggest you. No, not to marry. These commitment is no that's also one point that if you commitment also that's actually big headache over here and I have always scared some of the other day in your life. You have to get committed to something. Okay, but you have to get committed to something that to your work or something. People are committed to each other one day. If I move means later became a problem so like that we are humans. We really need someone to share cannot always rely on your parents because they will not gonna be coming soon. So it is very difficult to get to that kind of Yeah, sorry, whatever has to happen is definitely going to happen. All right, don't expect like you will get expertise the one of the cause of your pathetic singing Ray's be last couple of weeks. I just feel that okay Elliot. I was not feeling very happy or not, but a couple of weeks I was feeling because something like, you know, that's what okay, so I think you know when I talk more actually with you I supposed to should not talk more freely know all this NASA. Can you tell me how many listeners are there now? I think there are 148 people listening. Oh my God. And I did the same they always teach us to overcome telling you that commitments to yeah, but I know he's actually that's in a lifetime committed. You know, now there's one of my friend he married like after that in two years. Okay. I think Mom is calling I think so. Yeah, so yeah, like I was saying you were saying something. Yeah, I was saying like, you know. My somebody told right this one about that commitment and nowadays right sometime. I am coming back like, you know going forward to come back like one of my friend also he done that and after in two to three years so like he got break up at all that you know soccer. Is it different than you have? Playback. Yeah, because since you said corporate is hectic definitely see all jobs are hectic. Oh my God is somebody's committing. I am finally setting. Okay. Just thank you for your guidance that are listening to me. Okay, bye-bye. I don't want to form each other's solo, bye-bye. You should listen to thank you. So guys, that's the one more your tone is matching with somebody like, you know here coming dream girl Priya York. Tone is matching with her. I was feeling down so I don't know how far it will actually some time. I've been tired and as he was from East is part of sorry this part of India, so I feel so okay fine, bye-bye. And I think he has said quite a lot and people have really enjoyed his. Conversation in conversation and I've got someone requesting your call here and his username goes as devil. Okay? I hope he's not as his name suggests. And so you guys are listening and I hope you guys enjoying it nice comments, by the way. So here we go. Hello. Hello. Hello. Hello. Okay, we have lost. Mr. Devil here and guys that was the conversation for today. And since I don't have any more colors left, I think I wind up because I think we've got to hear a few stories and mr. Rocky says hi. Hi. Mr. Rocky and we have 162 people listening here and to all the listeners. Thank you for being online. Aspect of the story is if you guys really have a wonderful story to share just connect to me right now because I think I will be online for 15 to 20 more minutes if possible. And if anybody really has a story to share Please share and definitely. I think tomorrow we can schedule another. Another open Talk, we're in I think I'll come up with some other topic or if you guys have any other topics you guys can just put that into the comment section. You guys can give me idea so that we can talk about it. And if you guys are interested, I will definitely schedule an open top where you can join. and oh, so we have a question here Mister Rocky badass and these says that Oh, I have two callers waiting. Yeah, so mr. Rocky Balboa says, do you have a sorry don't you have a story? Okay, Rocky. I have quite a lot of stories. Okay, it's not just one there are many. Hello. Hi Hi. How are you? Hi. My name is Ally. As for Talan, I'm doing city under you good. Oh, yeah. I'm audio student. No, I'm not a student will give you all the best and how is going on Joe. It's all good. My story my family my life. We always told in us but many not broken but my broken for you so many people disappointed me my life. I dream. I'm a school friend and my family disappointed so my go-to job. I am believe. I have a a good lesson the any people just too far in meteor five minutes. I go closely for friendship, but sometimes so many people fake in the world and they disappointed me. This is sometimes I crying lot of time and crying every day some go my very happiness, but my hot tub broken very very quickly because I am completed graduation. I am searching for the good job, but I have gotten a lot of the interview so many company every day go to interview but not get a job. Okay. So my lot of the problem Martin but not know love anyone hurt anybody. So just this my problem and you are this is your Okay. Yes is um one minute. We are listening to us but a lie and a wonderful person and he has completed his graduation and before and he is not getting a good job. Where are you from us? But I am from Tanana Randy you You are from Tamil Nadu and I'm from Bangalore with this good places. Yes, definitely actually the good places for jobs in memory location. Okay, so guys listen if you are listening as good job in Bangalore, so you guys know any job or anything or anyone Well do this and it is today for weekend right growing today is a vegan. Yes, besides tomorrow. Sorry. Sorry. I am sorry tomorrow or we can so any go into social. Michael but you were wise not clear that you rise very slowly speak loudly after which field have you been graduated in I am from him come graduate for a Mac OS and are eating guys. He's an M. Calm graduate. So please don't put on for technical entries Prabhu. You hear that you can help. Would someone please he's from food th all right, you guys can help and the for us for us for we have listeners listening to you. Okay, I'm sure definite solution and finally solve for you guys are listening. His name is aspirin your ID. You know, it's they find something they'll help you out. Whatever we get. Thank you for your support me and you're from Bangalore which location? I'm not people so I have it next week first here for the new location. So with the area stay far 34 job good. For job. I'm not a localized so I cannot help you much with that. But then you can search job. Okay, don't want me and then I will definitely try to help you. Once again. Once again, I will say I noted please tell me please share your resume a okay? Okay, okay. It's my email ID in the comment section. Please check that and stick to your driving. That is someone a Prabhu Prabhu is saying that maritally Murat highly will be good for your location for your job search location Mariko. Thank you so much. I am from digital Polly I thinking. I will test the name most important name famous name rule. name a Majestic Majesty Majestic States and so nearby how many kilometers from Islam morganelli, right? Hello, I'm sorry. Can you can you can you can you repeat yourself? Okay. Okay. Why did you stop me? This is why I have put it in the comment section so you can okay. Not that I noted. Thank you very much. Please get in touch. Hello, what did I want to know? Did I send your resume ready to thank you so much. Actually, this is we have here whose I think already is also from Bangalore who's working in a wonderful post right now, and I hope He's learning and he's going to help you. So, okay. Hello. Hello. Hello. Hello, guys, we just hello. Yeah asper and thank you for shopping. Okay, guys guys guys guys. I just lost connection with us / And if you guys are listening poor guy, he has been heartbroken because he has no job and I think all of us have been heartbroken with this same reason some or the other point of alive while I started my career. I actually started as I actually I'm a I'm a I was a technical student and I actually started my job with a summer camp. Okay, a summer camp where there are a lot of kids and you want to manage them that was just because I didn't have an experience people always appreciated the communication skills, but they really need experience. And for that reason I started working with a summer camp. And it was arranged by time. If you know, there is a Management Institute in India, which has branches all over India. So one of such Branch I started working with and then eventually I worked with their GRE and IPS team and then slowly slowly slowly slowly. I got into technical system. So that is kind of a very simple part of my heart breaking story when it Strudel job and if you guys were listening to this conversation as pearly there's this guy from Tamil Nadu and he wants to move into Bangalore and search for a job. He's an M. Calm graduate. Help him out guys, if you can okay, I have asked him to get in touch with me and definitely I will try my best to help him and if he has sent a resume when definitely I will try to sew some because I am in touch with With a few HR people. I'll just forward his resume with but I cannot promise him a dog. That is a different story, but I can do what bit I can. All right, so guys so we have another caller with us and his name is analyzer. Oh my God, so I think we have another guy who's here to share the story and if you guys are listening stay tuned. Hello. Hello. Hello. Hi Winnie. Hi analyzer analyzer. What's your name? Yeah. My name is Matty bubbly. Your name is mehboob. Ali guys about my book early on calls with us. Okay my boob, how can I help you? So, what's your story? Actually? Sorry. I don't have the kind of story. Actually even I didn't fall in love. Well, my stories are not about falling in love. My stories are about heartbroken. Love heartbroken, but they could know the story where you have been heartbroken due to some situation in your life and then you're not able to get over it and you want to share it with us. Really? I don't have any such kind of let us introduce yourself to us. Yeah, man, I'm assuming graduation BCA. Finally I would like to and yeah, I love to talk with strangers and here experience and communicate with the people. That's fantastic. That's that's really nice about you. So what would you like to share with us today? Now, let's talk as in Practical life. So this so, do you have any particular Topic in your mind that see look we have Under them to people listening to us. So do you have a message or do you have something that is all yeah, I think definitely definitely see the most of it was there like means there are they thinking Justin unwanted things which are not completely 90% are not related to their life. Just there are thinking that thing this thing this thing has happened to me the sun are doing this you say we have to be practical life, right? Yeah. It happened. Okay lady, that's it. You just go one ya like that we have to be practical. So then we will feel everything free it so that's all guys. Yes something really motivational. And so he's telling us that you have to be practical in your life and just let things happen and just move with the flow and this is a very wonderful point that he has made I think this year and one thing no, no, no need to be impressed someone on the just Live Your Life by so I've ever seen yeah. Having heard I have to impress her and I have to make something just the mean the first thing this love is then actually it is the life. Okay, the 90% everyone are they taking just for attracting with the girl and just they're following the love that doesn't make any sense? Okay why you're wasting the same plea attracting with the girls and boys just means yeah, I don't say like, oh, it's your career. You make your career May build your career. I don't I want to say that don't waste your time. Okay, don't try to impress someone it was wasting your time. That's it. Just fine. Do what you want to do what you want to that's why simply it doesn't make right. We have a life right? No need to be follows. No. No, that's absolutely that's that's a very wonderful story thing that you have told us is we keep forgetting that we have a life and that we are something or and we can do something most of the times change. Chase things, you know and like a friend of us here is telling us that know that you don't need to chase things. And so yeah, you should that's that's his message to us and thank you very much for for your wonderful advice and that's lovely and if you guys I'm not advising anything. I'm just sharing the experience just an but what I can say. That's it. I don't like someone you can have a good experience in your life. Yeah, I can take that one, right? Yeah. Exactly. Exactly. That's nice. Right? Yeah, so you just taken for your what you want from him? Okay, you don't just tell ya I'm following in. I'm I'm taking Inspire like that. This R is a lot worse. Okay, just make yourself just analyze your things what you want in your life. Okay, the everything is might be the great person. Whatever it may be. He has a some mistakes in life. Okay know exactly how to make analyzer things that should L. Plus. That's why I like the word and I yeah character and that's why your name is analyzer. Yeah, that's right again and again and that's been so lazy summer. Experience analyze your life don't chase people chase things live your life to the fullest and that's a wonderful piece of experience shared Again by analyzer that his ID and if you guys liked it just follow it and if you like to talk to him you can talk to him. Right, so you got anything else to talk to us? Hmm not talking to you. Thank you for calling. Yeah. Thank you and thanks so much. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, so they use rehab analyzer here and we've got two more other colors. Oh my God, I really want to talk but I'm running short of time. But yeah, let's take another caller here. Mr. Gaurav. His name is gaurav. Hey Gordo. Hi. Hello. Yeah guys, so by the time water connects, so we have spoken to two to three other people in here and they have shared wonderful experiences. Each one has been different each had to say a different story. So we are connecting to mr. Goro Gotham Hagar of you there. Yes, I am. Hey, how you doing? I'm doing pretty good. I just woke up. So I'm gonna get Ready to go to work very soon. But yeah, I think it's just the title of your podcast that kind of caught my attention. So I landed myself here. Okay. God of what what do we have here? What story are you here? I don't know. I was just listening to analyzer just for last minute and he was saying he's not here to inspire anybody. He's not here to inspire, you know sort of wiser. All right wise but he was kind of inspiring don't you think? Yes exactly. He sounded really young and at this young lady has sorted his life. What do you say life, you know blueprint you can say that you can just you don't have to change anything. You just have to be practical and analyze things and just go ahead and your life. So yeah, so when he doesn't like to really Inspire anybody he's not there to inspire. But the fact of the matter is that he was inspiring now, that's a good thing and has unknowingly doesn't have he doesn't have that awareness that or let's just put it this way that he doesn't want to do it because you know, some people have a different perception about it, but the fact of the matter is he's doing it so if it's coming unintentionally, that's that's even good because sometimes people do something with the agenda agenda in their mind, you know, you do it with a purpose. So when you do something without you know, No any agenda without having thing without anything having up your sleeve. I think that the results can be even more fruitful than than any other situation exactly and I wish analyzable is listening to this because you know unintentionally he has set an inspiration. He said I didn't want to inspire people but inspiring someone and I am intentionally intentionally is something even And then, you know planning to inspire someone you know, and so Allah is we can do a similar act in simpler ways. I think we can touch people in different ways in their life and make a difference in their life. And that's that's more than anything that can happen. Yeah. I think it's your actions. That would actually it look if you really want to impress somebody all you have to do is just show it in your action and just show it in your action without expecting any result out of it. So when people see See you around you doing stuff that you want to do it for the community for your Society or for your friends family. They would just see it and people just pick up those thing and they sort of get impressed. So the art of impressing people is when you are yourself a true genuine authentic self of yourself. I think he said he just wanted to live the way he wanted to so, I think let's just put this in that he just gave us a message. As and that is more than anything absolutely require. And right now at this point of time where people are chasing people and people want to follow people just too because of the way of living or way of talking or way of doing things. I think this kind of mentality mindset and this positivity is awesome and that takes a person to places but I think somewhere somehow in our life we have you know, we get Affected by people since we are humans, you know, yes, there are very very few situations where you can just ignore stuff but most of the time people affect us in some or the other way. But now the point is what you could do to do that. Okay, you could let people affect you in positive way and try not to get affected in negative way. But no matter what, you know, there are some instances where things affect and it At the end of the day somehow has a positive effect. So according to my experiences. I'm not sure about the others because everybody has different perceptions, but negativity it should be is that when any bad thing is happening to you. Let's say in your life. Anything is that not going wrong think about what could be one of the positive things about it? I mean it's all about it's all about looking at the brighter side. So it's really important that you be a little Optimistic from time to time and unfortunately being us, you know, being the kind of beings that we are what happens is that we just completely take a toll on us and think everything is going completely Haywire. So it's really important that we I don't think it's always because I totally disagree with this thing that you know for every negative thing that is happening in your life. You just have to pause and remember the positive. Because we are wired that way, you know, we are humans. We have the capability to take the negativity and also the positivity and I think being here. Yeah, as long as it doesn't take take your life over take your control you experience things. It's not going to help you. But otherwise you are just going to be a robot who's going to keep saying positive positive positive and that's not going to help you exactly you have to take things no matter what the negative the positive what I Have Become. Has your way just take it learn from it and go ahead don't use this program your mind to be positive in, you know negative things because at that that's just a stupid because you if you are caught under a fire and you'll see you're just standing there and thinking no, I'm not caught Under Fire. Let's be positive. You know, that's not gonna help you you have to understand that you are into a fire and then you have to run, you know, there is always a reflex but that reflects cannot always beat imagining of things so like I said You know, whatever comes your way. Just live it the way you are. Just don't try and be don't try to pretend or don't try to set your mind to a certain pattern. Alright, so the main idea of my talk today, let's talk is about this you guys because at the end of the day, we are humans no matter how 24 hours you guys might just say that I'm really positive and I'm wonderful. Lanham beautiful and stuff like that, but at the end of the day when you are on your bed 5-10 minutes before you sleep, you know, who you really are. Okay, so don't portray us, you know a false picture of yourself in front of people just to take the day out. No, okay fight. Yeah. I think it's important to embrace the other side and to realize that hey it's okay to accept the vulnerabilities and to Accept that things are not always perfect. And when you start to sink into those thoughts then it really really starts to make a lot of difference. Anyway, I'm at the same time. I'm kind of reading your comments section and it looks to me that somebody's trying to get attention. There is this guy behind by the name? And he's somehow not really paying attention to what we keep discussing but he's so focused on somehow my accent. So this happens a lot behind I understand you're not the first guy. I was noticing my accent but Tiffany enough that you may not be noticing any other thing like grammar. There are other aspects and fact of the matter is that yes, I am a voice and accent trainer. I am a voice coach and if you know any grammar, then you would know what that means. So anyway, so I guess you wanted a little bit attention towards your comment and I hope that I we just kind of gave you let's move on to talk about the subject at hand that we have. I think yeah because I think guys Whoever is listening if you guys remember that I just spoke to mr. Prabhu engine whose name was Prabhu and Prabhu has connected with me on my email right now. And I think early also has connected. So I'm definitely make gonna make sure that Ali is then forwarded to Prabhu and then somehow these guys get connected and we helped Ali get a job. So through this open talk, I think one go. thing that will happen is early will be placed somewhere and somehow the story of his heartbreak will be Closed here, you know since we started this point. Yeah, the thing it's important how we make the most of this app because it's it has a lot to offer like seriously and if you could help somebody when they are in need, I think that's one of the good things behind don't be sorry. You have not offended me. There's nothing that offends me. You are just speaking from your place and without knowing a little too much about anybody, but that's okay. You're pretty good. That's fine. Sorry, you're all good. All right, that's going to be exact. Yeah, I'm sorry to interrupt you right now God of that's we have earlier Ali just got in touch with Prabhu and then definitely we are going to get touch with you two and then we'll just plan how things work out for you to talk. Right? So yes God of it is an amazing piece of advice and things that a lot of times things we speak things that we don't really intend to But immediate yeah a smart person is someone who immediately accepts his mistake and you know apologizes. It's not necessarily apologize realizing the mistake is most important and which he has done we hon. So if I think self-awareness important, I think self-awareness is really important. Look I get told a lot and there are so many people who get told a lot on their accent and that the fact the matter is that I am a professionally look I interview people. Okay, I interview people bases on their communication. I work for a hospitality industry. So it's a kind of a it's a part of my job and it's something that I do but like I said, that's exactly what makes you a human being if you're not going to be doing what this gentleman here behind did then I mean, then you're like perfect. So it's important that you show that side of yours. You depict the kind of picture that you are and question. His that's completely. Okay. And as far as I'm concerned that is up to me how I take that into my system whether I'm going to be really affected by what people say around me or that's up to me how I'm going to respond to that or if I'm just going to be, you know, a cool person cool like a cucumber so totally dependent and I think we should not be offended at all. That's one thing for sure. No matter what everybody has the right to express their opinion. Sometimes people may not know what they're speaking of but That's totally okay. Okay, that's that's a great end to this. And yeah, but I think I have another caller waiting. Yes Vinny. I'm sure I was actually the end of the podcast but I have I still have a few colors reading. Oh my God. So God of do you have any story or piece of advice to share? Let's just, you know route back to your topic here. Let's talk heartbreak. So see everybody has had I guess hopefully everybody had it because heart breaks are really really a part of everybody's life and you know, sometimes things may not, you know make a lot of sense but it's your heartbreak that really makes you a strong person at the end of the day and when you look back you get you would realize that you have A lot of things and it's really important that you learn from that mistake because the next time when you're going to be in a relationship, you're not going to be doing things the way you may have done, right? Yeah, and that's something I have learned from my relationship. Is that any relationship that you happen to be in it teaches you and it, you know transforms you into a completely different human being and it kind of sets you ready for your next adventure. Person while the other person is also coming with a completely different experience. Maybe that person would be needing just like the kind of person you become and I have experienced something very much like this and I believe we should always be open minded when when it comes to like this so hard brakes as hard as hard and saddening that whole experience. Maybe there's a greater than in a larger-than-life meaning lies behind it. And it comes and makes sense when the time is right exactly. Exactly that that is the same thing that I have been talking and the main idea of a starting but this podcast about heartbreaks is because people usually don't share their stories of heartbreaks. Yeah, I believe sharing stories about their heartbreak and how one has overcome, you know something for some reason that I can't help you other to work things like that these days are you to show so much pain into you know, Silly relationships. I don't think people are into long-term relationships these days people are mostly on trial and error method may be the one person on a trial and error method and the other has been into already gotten really deep into that relationship and that yes times really important for both the people to be in a proper balance, you know, and once Someone might just move ahead in a relationship and someone might just be there due to such things heartbreaks happen and it's a part of life. It's very important for us to understand that and to our experiences through different through different experiences. It's really important for us to share such experiences without being judgmental about it or be judgmental towards someone who sharing their expense. Experiences. Yeah, and since this platform, you know offers us a chance to talk over things like these I think it is really important for us to reach out and help people which is heartbreaks actually turn out into depression people die bad stuff happens, you know, it ruins people's lives. I'm not just talking love relationships, but there are other things also heartbreaks and career also take us to grill. Or low places at Toms true. So my whole idea about this podcast again is sharing talking about your heart breaking your heart out. Yeah, just pour pour it all out and just clear your mind. So that after this podcast when you're out you are clear on terms and you're happy and you know one thing I'd really like to point out. Is that as you mentioned and you're so right in pointing it out that you got touch you you have to share by the way and And when you find people who you actually can confide who you actually could open up to you got to keep those people around because let's face it. Not everybody is going to be a great listener not everybody's going to be that sounding board for you. And there's this person and Oprah Winfrey and you may have heard or not. I'm not sure but then there is this other person called brene Brown. She talks about vulnerabilities is that when you find it's okay to express were abilities and it's okay to share your heart, you know heartaches and it's okay, too. Lately, you know let the other person look through your heart that pain. Yeah, and I will and when you find somebody like that, you have to allow that person to sort of, you know settle that have that courage and you sort of build that bond between the two of you because when you keep things harboring into your heart, you know, it's going to explode at one point or the other, you know, and so it's really important that you Have and respect people if you find because fact of the matter is you will not always find people who are always going to listen to you and it's very difficult to find people who would understand you who would who would resonate with you who was connect with you who can be able to relate with you. So when you do you definitely want to hang onto them tightly and and and not let them go because we all need those kind of people and sometime empathy is a really important thing and not really anybody knows how to be more empathetic. Because we have a lot of distractions in today's life, you know people actions. I would like to say that in a country like India where we are so much into the so much male domination. We everyone thinks that men have to be strong or women have to be strong or at yeah that crazy patriarchy thing is always the thing that men cannot cry, but guys you guys are humans. Please understand that. All right, you guys need to know crying is does not make you a female and what is sure is that if you're crying, you're a female then? Yeah, it's such a close minded type of a thinking both both both the genders whether the male or the female have their plus and the minus ones. They are strong attend certain levels. They are weak at certain levels, but when it comes to emotions As we are the same and if you don't convey your emotions it is going to hurt you some or the other way. So I totally am into this that just let go Society should not teach you what you should feel. You should teach the society what they got a field or absolutely you guys if we as humans have the power to change anything through emotions with our emotions, and you guys need to remember that. All right. That's so Vinny. I think I would like other people to be able to join with you and thank you so very much for giving me a time of year and Let me be a part of it. I wish you have a great rest of the day. You take care. You have a great day card of right guys. We were listening to gaurav. And that is God of his a was an accent trainer and he's a wonderful person who gave us wonderful piece of advice and I should tell you guys that it is one hour and 31 minutes and still counting and I already had a prompt saying that a podcast can only last up to two hours. We just got 29 minutes or whatever whoever is calling right now is going to get a real real real last time. I'm going to talk about five minutes with it. If you guys are willing to share your heart break stories or a story which has changed your life only then can you guys keep calling? All right. This is probably Amin and I want to talk to you right now. So guys we are speaking to mr. Bradley. Mm Sharma. Hello. Hi Vinny. Hello. Yeah, can you hear me properly? Yes. Yes. I can hear you. Please talk. Okay. So yeah, you were talking about you and God over talking about the problems that people face after the after their breakups and then they heart breaks after the relationships, you know. Yeah, I'm talking about any heartbreak. No. No. Yeah, you pointed that out that the careers are also right. Yeah, but I would like to Just some different perspective to this. I have had. Yeah, I have had a heartbreak with a friend of mine. We were friends for okay, so I'll just tell you the story. Yeah, when I when I'm over I'll tell you. Okay? Okay. Okay, so we were you know, I got to I got two different city because my father used to work in crpf, so we got a lot of Transfers so we went to a city and there was there's a friend that came to me. There was a person in A in the class that came to me and he said that we will join in a coaching class and we will go down there to together. So I agreed to him and six or seven years down the line. I didn't even realize that he was my best friend. I yeah, I was like whenever he called I was like what? What I was doing I just left that work and went to him that my friend is calling and we had a lot in school that always used to happen that when I when when we are in school, we live with our parents and we don't want to live with her parents. They want to live with her friends. That is the most common thing. Yeah that happens when we were in school. So I used to think that maybe in sometimes someday I'll be able to live with my friends my best friends. I don't have to Worried about my mother telling me when to eat food when to sleep when to watch TV when to not and that that clear please I was to pray to God that that could happen when they so when I went to college. Yeah when I went to college I went to hostel for one year. I used to stay with the people of my course like I was doing BBA, so I used to stay with the person who were doing baby. My friend that the same friend he was in the same city. His college was around 2 p.m. From my college, but he was doing b.tech so we didn't get to yeah, so we didn't get new baby Avedon had to live together in a second here when we were mature enough that we are living in a new city and we were mature enough to shift to a place on our own understanding rent a place and gets shifted. We had that we had that much knowledge of the city we did that I went to him and said that we should live together. It will be so awesome that we were friends for eight years and we are not living together from day to night going to college and then of course coming back we can go out anytime we want we can share anything we can we'll have a ball we used to think that like that. Yeah, and but I noticed something that was changing in our friend relationship like he was more inclined into getting into a relationship. And yeah, and me personally I when I was in my first year now, I'm much open to relationships when I was in my first year. I used to think like that that we eventually have to spend our lives with a spouse. No, so yeah, we have to spend on 17 years. Yeah, 70 years of life with a female person like if I'm a maid and you have to send it with a boy. So why not spend this five years of college or 10 years of our study including the All in building much a good relationships like in friendship like the person that we enjoy enjoy this time and we'll see to it like what will happen in the next five to ten years. So I was I was not ready for any type of relationship. I had a relationship no 12 class and I had a heartbreak. So that is another point that is the point of today. Yeah, so, okay. So yeah, so I thought that I told him that why do you want to get into listen? We was like that I'm in a College and if I don't get in place in safe now, I would miss out a lot of things lot of fun. I was like, okay. Okay. You keep keep trying. I'll help you as much as I can of the experience that I had and he was like he was he had the mentality that if like, it may be a bit of a offending but it was like it's a large like a boys boys thing like he used to quote. He used to say and quote that Ledecky had to part a geeky. Yeah, so he used to always try and try he never got tired of trying he used to ask a girl who was according to him the most beautiful in the girl in the class. So he used to ask her to come out on a DJ night with him or go out on a limb like that. So she told him she had a boyfriend and something like that. Sure. He he skipped that girl. He got to the next most beautiful gal Ki 13 cars friend. Basically wanted yeah really bad really really really bad. He was desperate for a relationship. But Hugh on a other hand were of a point of view that you know, this time is not going to come back to us for friendship and fun. And you know, yeah good times. Yeah. Yeah, so what happened? Yeah, I'm coming back to that is I will have any running short on time. Yes. Definitely. We are running on the short on time because I am currently at one are 38 minutes and the podcasts time is only two hours. So, okay. So I'll just finish my story in five minutes. Okay, right. Yeah, definitely on the same topic very soon because I think this is one of them. In topics and I have some interesting people. So I'll just let problem finish your story. Yes. Yeah, so he was desperately trying for that the next girl and I'm like, he was my very good friend. So I was like that listen, bro. You try that whatever you want do that, but that should not affect our personal time that we are spending if I asked you to go out with me. You can't make that as the excuse that you are going out with that birth. That should not happen do whatever you want. So he was like no no. No, why would that happen? And he was he was not into that girl. Now know so he was all he was like that. You're my friend. Of course. You're my friend. I will go out with you, but I want that also, so I was like, okay was getting affected. That is what you want to say. No, no, no, not that part. So in Candia he started regularly texting that girl and also, Some emojis that were not comfort that they both were not comfortable with and the girl used to point out and he also I think once a while snapped out at him in front of his friends and I was like so affected by that. I was like, you can't lose your self-respect true. You should she cannot talk to you like that. And he was like she is not doing anything wrong. I am crossing the line so she is like so I am saying why are you crossing the line? You don't have any self-respect or for that or no? So he was Like he was like, please you stay away from my personal personal thing. I forgot I was like, okay, I was taken aback by that. Okay. I thought that okay. I will not interrupt you in that matter, but please don't bring that to bring that girl like a please don't do that at you should also hang out with me. Like we all three hang out with each other. I'll only hang out with you you do whatever you want. Okay So eventually he got into To put that girl it's like that if you if you want something desperately you'll get that eventually it's like that right so he got that relationship that that started affecting me the there was a time when he was very motivated in his his personal development. He used to wake up early in the morning used to go to the gym. He adapted all lifestyle and all Yeah to maintain himself and the relationship. Well, yeah maintain that so he was like he was maintained not not only relationship was like he was reading a lot of personal development and like he was he thought that if he developed himself very well Manor Hill able to on more and he'll be a successful person. So for that matter he used to do that. So okay if there were six persons living in the flat And I was a I was his roommate. So I was all happy for him. Like he has got a He's also living his life and his personal development and everything is English and learning programming languages and all that. I was all happy fun. But the thing is that when he wake up in the morning. He never talked to me. He stopped talking to me. He went to college his college used to go around 5:30 or 6:00 after college. He came he he talked with that girl on call and then he was my roommate. He was sleeping on the same bed. And there was the time that we didn't even talk. We just talk formally like these paths that thing. Please do that. Yeah, please Manish. Can you please move this aside? I like that not a single time. We had fun like for a week or so. When I told him that bro, what is happening? It was my dream since I was in my school that I want to live with you. I want to have fun and what are you doing? I'm all happy for you that you're developing yourself. But can you please at least give me 5 to 10 minutes or 15 minutes to me or even go out with me for a movie or so, so he said something that was that if my friendship wasn't any pointers it came directly. Six because of that statement he told me he told me that listen, bro. Hello. Hello. Yeah. Yeah, he said that bro. I know that I am developing myself and you guys have a problem with that that was not the case. We were not having problem with that. So so I'll continue she said that. You guys are not doing anything with their lives. You even don't even have a So I look down upon you I don't want to eat like you guys I want to be better than you. That is why I am desk willingly and knowingly ignoring you so that I have read somewhere that if you talk with a person if below you you will be like them. So you have to talk with the person above you so That was something that I was taken aback and it was never the same. The friendship was never the same with him. No matter what he told he also told sorry after that but I thought that if yeah, yeah that thing is it's shattered. Of course. I'm still in friendship with him as I'm still his good friend. We used to go out together now also, but that the law I've ever had for him was never the same so surely presume. This is the best this evening that I have have heard because I have had friendship breaks. I mean friendship heart breaks a lot of times but maybe not in this way, but there are have been friends which have I have gone afar for man. I do miss them and I wish they were with me but you know some things that some threads that break and not be tied back. Again, and if they are tired, you know the not always remains so yes this thing happens, but how do you cope with that? Have you made new friends or you have stopped believing in French? No, no that that was the that was the mistake that I was thinking that I was gonna do and a Todd and that at that time but I had friends in the EPA. So there was this friends that I had some friends that were never ever interested in spending money. So, you know You have that those friends that don't spend much money. Like they if they want to spend 20 rupees. They'll find a waitress to get that thing done in 10 Rupees then as okay. Yeah, even even when they don't have any money problem at their homes, they don't want to spend it's like that. They have the habit of not spend the money. Yeah, so But I was the person that I thought that if I spent some bugs and if I had some fun, it's okay. I had that not you what the lavish type no, no. No, not that also if I had to spend more money like 300 400 for a fun. Then I won't have one because it would like I was thinking about the money that I spent. So like I spend some money have fun get away with it. Okay like that so I had That friend who was not spending money and had another friend was spending a lot of money like when he got five to ten thousand in the for on the first days of his month. He spent all that money on the first 10 days and for the 20 days used to take borrow some money from all the people and used to eat Maggie only because that was a cheap option for him. Okay, it's really fun. Yeah. Yeah, so I'm telling you how I coped with that. I spent I took All the time that I was trying to be with my friend who I had the Heartbreak with and I poured all the time on both of those person those friends you yeah much time on them on the people whose yeah, those who want to spend time with me. I was not very fond of those person, but I saw that they are very fond of me. They they used to enjoy being with me and talking to me and have a laugh with me laugh at my jokes and all that. So I thought that why Yeah, why not? Why not give them a chance and see that where this relationship goes. So I gave all give them all my time. And eventually I am a very good friend of them now then I am off my other friend. So the moral of the story is don't change or because you liked him as a friend but maybe at that moment of time. He didn't realize the value of it. But now what friends you have they really Um, yeah, of course, I'm really because the way of coping it up so you made new friends and you try to help them get into the correct space and support friend, and that's that's a really good thing to do, you know, and so I have here 382 people listening to us presume and your story was really amazing and I would thank you, sir. Again, if you would like to share your stories guys. I will be scheduling. An open talk tomorrow because now I'm actually at the end of time because it's one of 48 minutes and I think that you would be an end of your out of your energy also because energy because I love talking to people I love listening to stories and okay, it's really positive, you know, when someone shares their story and it's really hard to share a story on an open platform. Yeah, so I have Another caller waiting here to koalas with thing in okay not able to give you guys much time because I'm just left with 12 minutes. And if you guys can wrap up your stories between that time I'm sure I will get to onto you and project scheduling a call tomorrow again, so if at what time yeah tomorrow when you when I really should do it tomorrow, maybe around 4 o'clock or something like that. Okay. Okay, okay. Definitely put up the schedule open and if you guys are following me, you can see it in the schedule. So I okay. Okay, so do you have 11 minutes left? So I won't take any of the time so the other people, so, thank you so much. Have a great day. Guys that was productive and he said the most phenomenal story of a heartbreak. I have seen a tremendous stories of heart breaks, but story of a heartbreak in Friendship is really rare and especially boys because boys are very much into hiding their emotions for friends because you know people Society takes it a real wrong way, but telling the story so interesting. And so nicely I really thank for them and thank you. Thank you everybody for listening and current bead. Yeah, I'll take I'll be taking your call right now, and we've got 10 minutes and if you guys are still willing to talk guys, I will be rescheduling or call tomorrow definitely without fail and you guys can like my podcasts so that I get a good rating on the site so that people People see me more often and come ahead and share their stories. All right. So yeah, so currently you're on call. So we've got another column is the current Beach sing and I hope you hello. Yes. Hi girl. These are animals so badly so so I was waiting very eagerly. Tell my story so I will try to wrap it up in very short minutes. Yes. We are having just a little time so but I'm very happy with them or Camellia. So I will let me up in Hindi English. Maydan habibu material in Taberna Gillian. That's to first of all many sub zeppeli JoJo. Love at first sight woman experienced. Chaos. Haven't classmate or menthol. Cool. Maihama 7th class method. Oh Emery Joe Sesshomaru house Kirby Smith family. Oh, wow, because I experienced. What is love at first sight to be Surf's Up. Mr. Easley Sharon agathon guys or girls are going to do queries on right now to Ho cobbb up Nicky. Sobotka. Say it number delay my Korean K-pop. Cocoloco, Heartbreak Hotel to Moscow. Manaman chaturanga or wait Katara booga-booga-booga. Most impossible. Okay be the Or of silicon Kenny by or tenth Mary as a nickel gives keyboard + 1 + 2 Kenny P or Q sneaking or key. Who's Kebab emails cathode about the second again? Attack is a good job. 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It comes about we make a goose bumps again. stories Letter she had an accident. You've already won you know it so we could be many turtles unique a Muslim very America CB The Ransom a link my own medical bills. Listening to me 426 logo be soon replica, honey. And I think it's a beautiful story. I don't use our honey and Sonia is so wonderful it is Honey, pick up security. We feel bad camera episode, but I love to hear the story is the best thing I could in my podcast with. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you so much. definitely Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Goodbye.