Good afternoon. All you lovely people out there. This is Vinny your host for the day. And yeah, I had actually taken a break. Before I could start a podcast today and I did have a chance of exploring everybody's podcast. Hi name Abbas. Hi. So I went around all my friends and supporters who have been always supporting me on my podcast. I went to that podcast and you know, so I don't wanna listen to them. So yeah, that's the reason I have I have postponed my Broadcast time today at 4 o'clock. Otherwise, I was supposed to come online at 11. I just thought I would take a break and you know, check out some other people. So it has been fun all day long. It has been fun. It has been lovely people doing great jobs and kind of having a lot of fun. So yeah, today's topic guys. We are talking about hobbies and I think this is something we talked about in our childhood and then later stages of a life. We kind of you know, don't think about it as much so I think since we have a lot of time, you know these days let's talk about our hobbies and why hobbies are kind of important and how they make a difference in our lives. So yeah, hi - hi name of us high and all the guys who have connected with us. They so first of all, why is it necessary? Hi, I'm will tie why is it necessary to you know, Inculcate habits such as Hobby in our life. Hi Rochelle. Hi. no Hobbies, a lot of times people mistake Hobbies with Passion and interest these two are different things. Okay a hobby can eventually become your passion. Okay, if you will start, you know, a hobby and you start involving yourself into a hobby which you get good at by practice and stuff. Eventually you can make it your passion and then it turns into your profession - Al hi, okay, so can I was already here connected. So let's talk now. Yara, Sofia Hi, how are you? I'm good. Let's talk Harvey's and benefits. Yeah, harbhajan benefits are benefits of which thing of hobbies, you know hobbies and their benefits because yeah, Hello, Canal. Yeah, I'm listening but I'm thinking what can I say about this audio II have a lot of hobbies like watching movies watching movie playing crickets writing some siding. Hello, that's not me hundred percent. That's not me. So that someone yeah. Hello. Who are you laughing? I'm asking the I think he's connected with us. I think that's of course. It is possible. You call the someone calls someone through your phone and just conference in it. And again open your eyes. I think there is some problem with the network. I think somebody is just getting into between the cause and stuff. Okay. So engineer kanishka hang who here hookah. Yeah, I'm Whitney who is laughing? I know it's really weird, you know, when two people are talking the someone laughing in the background and it is also scary. Yeah, Ron G. Yeah, it sounds like ghost. Yeah. Yeah. It's kind of funny. Okay. So rishabh, I'm very much to say but not in message rishabh. Yes. You can please connect with us, honey. Ji-hye. Hello everyone again all In the comments, so I'll quickly start taking calls because a lot of people are waiting in calls. Okay, so we can laugh later about it. So yeah, I'm not laughing Richard. That's not me. I don't love that way. Hello. Hello. Hello. I'm not able to hear you. Hello. Hi. Hello, how are you able to hear me? Hello. Hello. Hello, make sure you get into a good Network area before you start connecting with me because what happens is eventually if we connect and we are not able to talk that much time is wasted. And in that time we are not even discussing anything and it just goes away. All right connect says I don't have hobbies. Why kanishka I think having Hobbies is something amazing. I think all of us should have hobbies. Sort of hello. Hi Ranjit, Vinny DDI slowly and slowly Kirk a little English Improvement. That's fantastic. Okay, let's talk to Honey gee honey. She has a chart again Raymond is a photo a marble Basin with them. Hello. Okay. Hi Winnie. Hi, honey. Ji-hye. Yeah, we're doing I'm doing good. How are you? I'm doing great. And can we talk about your topic? I think that would be better. I'll be solved by not. I think we are here to talk about it. I think this is the first time we have connected. Yeah, actually, yeah, that's like like came here somebody I just met, you know how to improve our communication this is so that's why I came here. Okay, that sounds great. Thank you for connecting those. Yeah, let's talk about it. Yeah, I'm feeling nervous. They don't know. Why is it summer first time? That's why I'm talking. I don't think you have to be nervous. I Think You're great and we can talk about it. So if at any point you feel nervous you can just wait and breathe. Yeah. Yes, sir. Actually heart rate going up also had weed is Raising. Okay? Yeah. Like to do in your life. What do you have any hobbies? Yeah. Actually I'm reading a book saw lot of when we talk about your Rich Dad and for that I really wanted to do business. So that's why okay, that's that's very nice. So are you a student or you're working already? Yeah my store and you're a student so you of engineering and yeah. Yeah. Fantastic. What kind of engineering are you doing? What do ya say? CSE temperatures computer science. Oh, yeah, literally sounds great completed. Yeah. Yes. I have completed. Okay, I'm gonna second year of graduation. So that means we are saying we are buddies with in profession. Yeah. Yeah Shirley. Okay. So now I don't think you should be nervous talking to me, but Don't know why it's the since my childhood. It's a happening with me. It's going on exactly. Okay, great. I think your fear is very you know, what? Yeah. I'm from army school. Okay, so that's right. Yeah, there was an all-girls or that okay you were you were in boys education. Is it? Yeah. Look at that happens with everybody. I was also from a girls education, but I eventually started learning to talk to people normally so it happens you'll learn eventually. Okay. Are you rocking I think something yes, I'm working. I'm Graphics. Okay, your your graphic designer. Yeah. Okay, so I got into graphic. Yeah. So from there, I got into you know further and first weenie. Sorry to interrupt I am getting a noisome from you and I think is it. Yeah. Yeah. I don't know why I yeah, could you could you please connect again? Yes. Sure. Sure, bye-bye and see ya. Yeah, I think yes. Yeah. Take care. All right, guys, that was a honey and no one told me earlier about Hobbies. Oh can ask that's really sad. Okay. So yeah, let's talk to Russia Mishra. Hi, everybody was connected with us on this podcast. And I think all of you have a different kind of hobbies and have been following it and the people who have not been following Hobbies guys can tell me why? Okay, hired a shrub have any. How are you? I'm good. How are you? I'm good. What about you? I'm great. I'm great. So how what what are your thoughts about Hobbies? Okay, like I should say, I'm actually I'm an entrepreneur but my hobby is singing as you can see in my profile. Also, I'm just a singer and entrepreneurs both but I am die-hard fan of music. Awesome. I think music is great. Yeah so really, where are you from? I'm from Bangalore. And today we are discussing hobby. So have you developed a hobby which has helped you? How has your hobby helped you hobby? Actually, I will say both in English and Hindi. Are you comfortable? Absolutely? Means that asset. Ah, hello. Hello. Are you Ruben? Am I Audible? Hello, am I audible we need? Hello. Am I audible to you? Yes, you are audible Russia, please speak up. It is the Assad regime. Am I clear straight type of person from chatter only but after that just because of my sinking many Club. Oh Sir Francis Mary singing covid 7 a which time I'll ask a key many scoopers Yukon singing career code. That's great. But due to some reason I am personally going to right now. Actually, I have completed my engineering so it's goodbye for a business loan mother or above Amir. Alhabi Q3. Look Marco dinosaur, okay. Just do me a confidence level calculate mu 0 Theta although 0 to 10 to determine our guests are talking harm or we give us a Mail Packages extra communication is concerned like a coffee tin more improved. Truth is the truth benefit of having a hobby, right? Yeah, absolutely and just because of that. I've been getting very much a review in many more f is there in the Play Store and I have money I'm so sorry up. My mother present or submitted coffees are emitter followers and Huh to burst. Yeah. Hope you guys are hope we call me pursue Carnage. So that's why. Bill / - okay Matlab confidential both improved version is about so what so every person should have any hobby any hobby like Leo be anything. They have to pursue some cop now. Mmm up Kobe cavesson made a hobby made a hobby music coffee soon. Be home taking click in Mojave High command. I right, okay. To play it or share it type. Okay, so - okay. Please please add Ximena clicker here. Where say me Berea the initial premise, but like in Manila korea-us Alliance. Good as I could. Like I can write only that simple. So yeah, that is how it is. You can be the next you can be the next goza, right? Myself to him, but I love to read and I just scribble you can say figure. So yeah, so thank you for connecting with our readership. It's great. Thank you so much for inviting me. Thank you. Thank you so much. Thank okay. And since we have we will discuss less about Hobbies right now. We'll just take calls and understand what people want to say and then we get back to discussion yet again. So yeah. Hello. Hello. Hello. Hello. Hello. Hi. Hello. Hi, we can hear you. Please speak up. Are you able to hear me? Yes, totally very clear. Okay, so the today's topic is regarding Hobbies, right? Yes, truly. Okay. So as of now to in today's generation, nobody is having any meaningful hobbies. That is what I feel. That's hard to say they are a lot of people who have turned their Hobbies into their profession. Okay, but I think like in the olden days people used to you know have certain Hobbies where they used to take that time off for themselves and you know seclude themselves with their hobby that trend is vanish somewhere, but then yes people do have hobbies and because you know the most recent example of the if you see, you know, the recent collar I was speaking to right now. So he said he is an engineer by profession but then he did have a hobby of singing and which has he has developed it to certain level and people know who him because of his hobby or that Talent of singing. Okay more than what he is professionally into Okay, what is your hobby may know right I come and talk over here with people. I think that is what I consider and I do a little bit of gardening whenever you feel low. So yeah, there are a lot of other things but I think prominently these three things I do. Okay, he has of her as for me. I don't have a permanent or routine kind of thing where I consciously do it with interest. Okay. So what interests me is watching sports on TV? Okay, and apart from that this is not there's nothing that I have developed as an OB and I've made as a profession. So I you you are right that some people develop some kind of interest in their lives and make that interest as their profession truly. That is true. But as for me, I am not Come across any kind of such kind of activities, which may be I in my bringing there might be some kind of not come across any habits that has interested me. Okay. So what interests you Sports? Yeah, that is one thing that I developed when I was young. I watch not only Cricket I watch a lot of other sports. I watched it is football Athletics anything on TV that excites me the competition between two teams or two people that is what this lot of learning in that one. It's not only about winning all the time. It's also about losing absolutely it's also about losing and then somewhere I also gives us the you no sense of life, but there's no only winning all the years. So yeah, correct. Apart from that. Can you just mention some examples of people who have made their Robbie's as their professional you told me that singing is one thing I think person is in the comment section. Like he said, I like singing I think there are a lot of people like Pottery is one. Okay, a lot of people in my life that have taken a pottery as a And they're doing completion. Absolutely great. And there are a few people who do painting and now they paint and they sell their work online and you know have generated a lot of income out of it and they have just switched their profession back to completely painting. Okay. So there are a lot of things in life. There are like, you know painting pottery. These are the two things apart from that there is singing There's dance I guess. You know and tutoring I think a lot of people like to teach. Okay, but which is okay, but they are not trained as professional features, but eventually what happens is they just quit their jobs and they do teaching. Okay. RJ's cartridges lot of people like to talk to people you have socialized but there is no profession as such where you have to socialize but then with RJ I can people go like Talk to a lot of people share ideas and get paid for it. So, of course, there are a lot of other things. Okay, so depends, you know. On self-interest. Yeah, I agree with the whatever you're saying. What Ali. Can you just let me know on some more information about exactly it has been great talking and I have a few colors lined up. So without offending them any further and making them wait any further if you have anything else to share? Yeah, that's about it. Anyway, anyway, it was nice talking about hobbies and maybe you are a lot of ideas about hobbies and everything. So henceforth you need to be really little give me some idea about developing some habits. The future is like a friend to me. Hobby is like a friend. Okay, when you develop a hobby because when you're interested in a certain art of saw something, you know, it keeps you engrossed. It gives you the Feeling makes you feel good about yourself. It gives confidential is so many things. I think having a hobby is great. Okay, it's it may not be just mainstream Hobbies. I think there are a lot of people who just like to daydream as a hobby, you know, they just go out to beautiful places they sit and daydream and they write how we feel about it, which is right. Yeah, but it should it will it will definitely make a difference in your life. That is for sure. Okay. Thank you for connecting has thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Have a good day. Great guys. Yeah, we are talking about hobbies and a lot of people into the comment section. Hi everybody. Hi ranjith high levels. Did High prank sort of I think you can hear me. Our guys who have connected the calls and waiting in line. Please be in line. I'm taking each call and I will try to curtail it as much as possible. So yeah. Honey says how do I enjoy my hobby or a honey in the first place? You pick a hobby which is enjoyable. So with the thought of it itself you feel happy, I think hello. Hello heís actually, hi Whitney. How are you - I'm also groups. Thank you. Yes. Oh, you're welcome. Welcome to my podcast. I think this is the first time you're talking. Me. Yes, and actually I was also checking out your points and they were you're doing the amazing job putting putting highlight on a lot of important things that we miss out in our day-to-day life. So the talk show is going really really well. We are at thank you for you know, highlighting that point and I think yeah the main idea of being here is the same exact. You know, I should there are so many things. We don't talk about we are rushing in our lives like crazy and I think we miss out on the most Pull apart. So in a life and the most important where we have to give our thoughts so I think yeah, someone has to do the dirty job of getting it no, no. No, it's not a dirty job actually, so because you know in today's day to day, you know, what a difficult era we are all puzzled up in ourselves with ourselves. We will get us out those mini Pleasures that be that way. Actually described as Hobbies correct that that actually come out as uttermost satisfaction at the end of the day. Truly truly, I think Hobbies. I think a lot of people ignore and in in this generation. I think we have pushed our children or our youngest generation into the mobile World. Okay, where they are missing out on what they are. Okay. So I think the creativity the, you know, peaceful mindful is everything comes out from the interests and hobbies that we have in our lives, you know. Where it helps us to find ourselves some where it bends patient's in us, you know, it creates a social life. Like, you know, there was a collar mystery sure who called us and he said that people didn't know me but because of my hobby they started knowing, you know ahead create, you know, your identity, you know, it brings you down to people and you know, it connects you with them. I think that's that's that's a very beautiful thought in fact and do you see what a profession is not necessarily a passion for you and true. There are there are so many people who find their Passion by just starting with one step which they call as they are copies like you were mentioning a lot of things like writing poetry or writing articles journals. There's so many things that we can do even reading is a hobbit. There are so many people after getting inspired. They start reading and the Implement all those ideas to become a better person which is which is the ultimate goal of a person person. Yeah, that's the goal. I think rest. Everything is just a part of it. We are just carrying it together until a certain stage. But then what remains is the goodness right being a good person. That's true. Even for me it is like a refreshing session and it reads me out of a monotonous life to be very, you know precise. Okay, so actually I don't know much about you, but then I would like to ask you like, do you have a hobby that you have developed or did you have a hobby as a kid which will love to as much so as McGovern back of to it? Yeah, so since my childhood I have been in too many hobbies like at different phases of life. I have tried to incorporate one activity a part of studies. So skating was one thing that I Incorporated in my routine when I was a kid after that. Yeah after that dancing came into my life and without any formal training I actually Bring my own inputs that was a time when it was not a computer error. The internet was not a very prominent thing even in spite of all those limited elements that we have limited resources that they had. I developed myself as a classical dancer, even I represented my University at a certain point of time, you know, presenting yourself without having any formal training and eating silica getting a selection among out of so many hundreds of yes exactly without any form. So that actually adds more light to your days that that's what I experienced. Absolutely. I think a lot of people here who come and talk to me say that you know, ma'am. How do I boost my confidence or how do I communicate or how do I you know, get out the nervousness the anxious feeling? I think these are the little things that make us right like, you know, the hobby is when we try to turn like you said you without any fear. Lift winning you represented your University. I think that was a huge deal and I think that might have boosted your confidence up to a certain level that you might have. Thought if I can do this I can do anything in my life. That's that's true. But you know what people assume things at a very certain. I mean at a very natural phrase, like what exactly are you going to do with this thing? They they are few they assume things and that's how they become big. They develop an attitude of lethargy. Like what is that? What is the need of it is the need of a revolution. Why do you push yourself so hard but you know, it takes a certain period of time it took me 15 long years to reach out that that that state because without having formal training and presenting yourself among all those candidates who who are well trained. It takes a lot of you know, he'll he'll not of A lot of things out of you. You have to bring everything out of you. Just just to yeah, just to put yourself in that one place and present your updates truly truly. I think the whole idea of talking about Hobbies has created the actual impact that I want to share with everybody and I think that is beautiful. Thank you. See we have moved out of the old. School life. I think that life has always been beautiful. And in today's day in the present condition of a lockdown people are going insane. They don't know what to do that with their lives is that you know that to be true. So if if in case let's just take that they had a hobby. I think these people would have treated this lockdown as a bun, you know. Oh my God, 21 days, you know, I can spend my life doing the most beautiful thing. I love. Okay and Again, they are at the same stage what to do what to do and how exactly and that's it. Isn't it? That that could be a were staged in a human's life, you know, you don't know what to do with your life. So yeah, so I think we just want to call that. Yeah. Yeah. I was saying like a hobby is also something that can keep you in touch with yourself you you are there just to Identify who you are as a person truly. I'd also prevents a lot of bad habits as such, you know, it doesn't give you the time to think about something else. Yes. So engrossed into it. You don't think of developed, you know, getting into bad company or bad habits, you know about ruining your thoughts. I think it it just makes you grow to a different level. That's true. Right so sucky. I think this is the session has been great talking with you and surely we are doing a collab guys. This is sakshi and very soon. We will be collaborating on a particular topic which is a surprise and I wish sakshi all the best actually and I would want to see your work. I would definitely join your podcast and try to understand more about what you do and thank you for taking out the time and connecting. Me today. Thank you so much for connecting with me as well, and it was a great conversation at my industrial. Thanks actually always great talking to new people and knowing them. Thank you very much. All right, same here, bye-bye. So guys that was actually and suck. She is a great person. She and we will be connecting very soon as a collaboration and we will be talking something and a cases hobby is happiness. Absolutely. AK. I totally agree on this point with you because I think I came in here with a lot of thought and I was also scared when I first started talking here, but as I started talking I think it gave me a boost and now talking on this podcast is kind of my hobby. So yeah, we'll take more calls today and talk to all the people that we can write. So hey Sora. So you guys while we connect to sort of I think a hobby that is developed. Hi. Hello. I think it sounds like getting a cross Connection in the phone. Like, you know, whenever you connect somewhere the connection gets cost. So the same thing may be happening in the job because this is the second time I connected to someone and people hearing some different voices. Okay? Hello. Hi. Hi, I'm fine. And I hope that you yeah, you also a good. On okay. Okay. So first of all, I appreciate you without taking any formal training you could perform in dancing and you are selected so that okay. Okay. That's actually okay. Okay. Okay. It's yeah. Yeah, definitely. It's a good topic today for your postcard and Hobby, actually Hobby makes us energetic and some Hobbies convey us to our Dream to put the yeah to put into the practice. Yeah, good term. Okay. So my hobby the just talking English. So I love talking English. I want to improve my speaking skill. Yeah. Is a hobby a lot. I know what are you doing? Yeah. Yeah this interest of learning different languages and I had a friend who learns many I think she already mastered six languages reading I speak. Yeah. Yeah language as a hobby, you know. Yeah, a lot of brain power. Okay, and it creates a curiosity. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yeah, and we could we we can enrich our language skill if we practice a lot. Yeah. Skills like if you are learning a language, I think you take the effort to go and find correct meaning so you go you research. Okay, it makes you work. Okay. Yes. Yes. Yes particular hobby. You take trouble and then one best thing about a hobby is it doesn't mean yes. Yes. Yes. Definitely. Yeah. So what? Will you tell me about the benefits of English? My benefits of English is only that you can deliver your message in a particular language to yeah get in this particular language and I think it helps you connect globally since English or in your social life. I guess somehow you can connect to a lot of people and sometimes there are people who do not understand any other language. Each than the yeah. Yeah. Definitely we could speak with the abroad also. So definitely it's the very, you know, very we can say very important to establish the relation with the foreigners, too. Yeah, but if you are into a relationship, you know, the customer relationship or some other kind of job where service industry where you have to talk to a lot of people are because basically what about a language a personal interest, you know, sometimes you can okay. Yeah. Yeah. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Okay. Okay. Okay. Okay. Okay. Okay. Alright guys, so Hobbies. Yes, sort of you can join you are in line and a car says video audio moratti. Yes. Absolutely. Akash me but our team will get hey, so yeah. Hello. Hello. Hi. Hi. My name is Herman. Yes, sweet or and school life and college life. Okay. So yeah, please tell me what do you want to say about it? Hello Herman. My topic is my topic is school life and college life. Okay, so go ahead talk about it. Talk about Cola life Casio ta See the thing is, you know a podcast hamara Hai tk2 okay. Okay, okay. Interested just spoken Kay of Coachella Valley into Thursday music map car interested. Yes. Yes. Yes. Okay. Thank you. Thank you very much. Thank you very much. Thank you very much. Yeah, sounds like a moratti. It's obviously going to be there. Hello. Hello. Hi. Hi Flora. Just Justin. Hey, yeah, maybe it's obviously gonna be there. Okay. Hello. Okay. I can hear my own voice sort of I think there's some Network issue with you. So please connect back to me again. guys, there is some difficulty with the network when I talk to people somehow I hear my own voice and also there has been a little bit of you know disturbance while I talk to people So yeah, Vinnie mom. Could you? Yes, I'm a G. I had received your call and somehow I guess you cut the call so you can connect to us again, so guys while Hello. Hello. People somehow I hear my own voice and also there has been a little about it. We don't know when I'm talking to you. Hello, ma'am when I'm talking to you. Sort of see when you call me. I don't know somehow I can hear my own. Hi. I'm a G. How are you? Hello ma'am. Good evening. How are you? I'm great. How are you? I am also good ma'am. So today you are topic Hobbies. Yes. We are talking about Hobbies. What do you think about it? It's a very good ma'am and you are every topic is so amazing man, actually today you. I'll be Kobe but I won't say something. I listen you were many broadcast and you have great knowledge. Mmmm. I really appreciate you every topic. I listened many times yesterday. I listened your one topic today. I listened one topic. I am also waiting for today. You are abroad cards. So finally I talked to so ma'am that It's a point in a hobby actually, ma'am. You know, my English is not good now actually many time good correct sentence not come in my mind. So please don't mind actually now, I am beginner and I won't improve my English. So ma'am. Actually my hobbies is a playing Cricket. I am good player when in my school time Michael is time and good prayer and our team goes many tournament play many tournament and I am opener best men and I when were school, you know, I think there are many really like volleyball badminton and that time I am also good player in badminton my collection in a district level. A great Sportsman and sports you like yes, I really like sports like cricket and badminton. Yeah. So are you still playing cricket and Batman? Do you still play when you get time and not yet ma'am? Actually nowadays actually when I come in my office so that I'm I'm so tired. But when Sunday and I have some free time that I'm I definitely play. You play again? Okay, that's pretty nice. And I think it makes you feel good about you. I mean when you play a particular spot or you know, you pursue your particular hobby. I think it makes you feel good about yourself. Does it help you in some way? Yes. Yes, ma'am. Yes, ma'am when I play cricket and my body is so cool down and I'm so comfortable. You can say yeah, you feel nice you feel relaxed and stuff. Okay, that's That's great. I think you're doing great. Like, you know from the first time that I heard you till now. Yes, let me show you your communication is increasing and by that I think you know, so and they it's all name because of you and many other in this app because every day I listen your broadcast and many other people in in this app and mr. Side, but I talk when you inside sir broadcast one day so I talked a little so but you are my favorite in this this app. I only served to your podcast because your voice your pronunciation and you are speaking so nice, so I try to copy you I become like you. You and I really want member a good speaker. I really want you to be even better than me a myth and I just pray that please don't actually melhem. This is my will when I am childhood that time I Improve my English because the time I don't have much money, so that's why I can't join any Institute like coaching classes, but now there are many apps many YouTube channel where I improve my communication. So it's a very big platform this app nowadays. We have great opportunity because we have enough time and we apply Act is a lot of Truly truly. Yes. Yes. I'm at I think we can make use of it. I think a lot of people don't get the opportunity of learning in the institutions and other places and I think because of these apps you guys can you know upgrade? I think not just you even I try to get upgraded every day of it. So I think that is the only way that we learn right? So, yes, ma'am all of us we learn so yeah, you know learn practice and you know be better each day. Yes, ma'am. Amanda I listen you were broadcast now first like and I listen your sily also and if you said I am also listen my song ma'am. This is my humble request is please sing a song in our audience. So if you don't mind Your voice is so sweet man. Actually, I think many people want. Yes. Yeah, I think what you know with I'm not really good with singing and then you are always so nice. I think yeah the why is he is the wise is good but you know Surat al-kahf became a loan has many Aki voice it Nia cheer. So please when pulling only I don't know what you're saying. This is very chilly. Actually today today today you are a topic is Hobbies if your topic is not near like women empowered and a woman many topic. So I never talk to you you sing song but today you are topic Hobbies. So you have to bunt is her goal again. Tiga I think you bought the filter him up in the Name of Love really you can say all-rounder, you know. Writing the university, you know singing you're amazing man. I never seen a like to help even I'm a Loner and I think we should just explore. Okay, we are talking about Hobbies. I think we should just explore anything, you know, everything like whichever just adds up to Value to our life. I think yeah. Yes, ma'am. Yes, ma'am. You are really great. I think you have more color so I don't Take your much time. So now I am so happy I talk to you. I think eight eight and nine minutes. So, this is a very nice to me. Thank you so much. Thank you. I'm with for connecting and I hope you keep upgrading and you do very good for the yes. Yes. Now I am is in your, url this broadcast. Okay. Thank you. Thank you. Bye. Bye. By Irish of my truck says it's a great starter shove. I may not be as good as a singer. You know you like I'm not a great singer. So I have been learned quite different than you and learning English in right and proficient way Akash, sir. I think you should start creating podcasts here for English. If you really think you are so well worsted in it because it will help people like us who are upgrading I think, you know, even I would like to learn you know, and improve and I think that is that will What is all a chance? I think a lot of callers who come to my podcast our new Learners and it will give them a great chance to understand, you know, the right way of learning English. So if you can start your podcast and notify us, we will definitely all be there and try to you know, learn things from you. So that will be great. Okay, so yeah sort of. Hello. Hello. Yes, good evening, ma'am. Finally, I think I can hear you clearly now. Yes, ma'am. Make clear. I was standing on my speaker. So I think there was some issue coming. So I thought that this time I should you know talk without speaker. I mean no blend mode. Okay. So what do you think about hobbies and how Hobbies make a difference in our lives? Okay. Let me explain actually as far as my hobbies are concerned. One thing interested did that does one the gentleman also expand the same thing very keen to learn English. So whenever finding time so I usually explore the English content whether it is X book whether it is in form of PPT or something like that. Correct, correct, correct and second thing. NG because I'm working with the central government currently working idea actually so is so here. What I have learned is I have I have acquired a lot of knowledge regarding central government froze regulations. Although it is not connected with my field because I'm working in a technical domain. So it doesn't require administrative approach, right? So because the expert I'm just supposed to advise The Guiding. The matter of only my duty actually Sr is my role and so responsibilities are concerned. I'm here responsible for conducting undergraduate in PC classes laboratory classes, basically, okay, but apart from that what I think is that we must have a never be able to come with any government. We are government or even if you're not working with government we must have knowledge about The rules like regulation Norms of the you know, government working procedure. So for that interest I have acquired a lot of knowledge regarding and materials regulations for the central government in the conduct of the employees well and even apart from that administrative procedure, so that is kind of interest for me and earlier my other fellow those who are working the same as same field. They're saying here why you are keep on reading these, you know rules nor on these are Count of the these are for you know, this joint of the star dipped resistor. So I saved that no vnode knowing on this point of time this will you know will be beneficial for us. So now I'm realizing it like sometimes it's like some investigative work is coming my departments for my head of the department is discussing with the because I usually I have a you know sometime whenever he's discussing something I I keep on adding something relevant to that. Okay. So now in that would that I could yeah. Yes, ma'am, please. Yeah. Yes, ma'am. Yes, ma'am. So that is my interest first interest. I have I already told you adding acquiring knowledge about the English English how to improve it how to get fluency over it because I have a rule background ma'am. I must tell you I have studied in the government's core. I didn't find any peer group those who are speaking in English, right but apart that but I've realized over the period of time that English is the necessity of the time right correct it and because So I decided in it system, but when I came into it system, I realized that here that most fear is only in you knowing we are not knowing English. Then we are we can't contribute here. But if you're right because here you will the experts or role even if like the strength those were studying here. They have devoted their full-time for cracking the Jae examination. So they're already 99% Sprint's are knowing this in a perfect manner, correct. Correct, correct. So that has even helped you upgrade yours then. Yes ma'am, though. So that's what whenever I'm conducting classes. Every person is you know, every street is raising his or her care in English only so well, but there'd be I realized that I must focus on this skill set. This is also important if we are if we are not knowing it then we can't convey our ideas in a better manner in front of other people. Yes. Okay sort of. I think that is great, you know learning a particular language and Taking an interest and taking all the trouble to get through it and you know upgrading it's very nice. But I think yeah, that should keep on going. It's a process. Okay shouldn't stop somewhere. So, you know if you keep practicing and if you keep going ahead with the same dedication, I think one day it will, you know, you will be on to a certain level that you will be proud of yourself with that particular effort that you put in. When um, um seeking advice from you that how we can add some you know, I mean I although I can speak L. But the thing is there that we have to you know, learn new words Delhi, right? Because unless and until we are not adding some flavor into English. It is not going to be interesting language, right? Yeah. Yeah, right. So how to I mean how to acquire this kind of new fancy word, I mean It's not of keep reading keep listening to new people, you know, keep talking to new people. Listen to news. Listen to new words. Okay, whenever you listen to a new word just make sure that you understand its meaning and try to use it in your conversation more often learn punctuations learn idioms. Okay, try to upgrade it. Try to work on your action try to copy reaction, you know, so try to reduce the native accent. So everything will will be you helpful again. Okay. So yeah, so apart from that. I think a sort of I think it has been great talking. I have a few people waiting in line. Okay. I'm sure sister. I hope you don't mind. Okay, but stay connected with us. I hope it helps you. Okay welcoming and he showed some amazing interest about Hello. Hello. Hi. Hi Rahul. Hello, can you hear me? But your voice is very low like s coming. Hey, this is okay. Yeah now, okay, so sorry to keep you waiting. No holidays, everyone has lots of time. So everyone is waiting what what they want to do like, I like singing. So this is a podcast of this is a broadcast your to hobbies. And also I was quite interested. So I just waited in it worth. Okay, I think yeah it's worth it. I think a lot of people who are listening here would like to know about the interest and stuff. You're talking about the Hobbies. Like I have lots of hobbies. Like I like singing. I like cooking and nowadays in this quarantine phase. I'm upskilling my cooking skills and trying different recipes every day and trying to share with family and all and singing listening songs. I also like travelling but nowadays traveling is like possible. So just to thing I'm loving like cooking and singing is the most important obvious, which is Nice, I think that's nice. I think Hobbies. Okay. So since you are developing your hobby, okay, you're developing the skill. What what have you learnt out of it? Like how has it helped you? Yeah, it helped me a lot. Like whenever I I go to like YouTube or any Eastern appears to to watch videos of funny cooking recipes and all and I try to do the experiment with foods every time whether it's snot. The Taste which which the people expect but yeah, I'm learning and I'm trying my best to learn like last three days back. I I learned how to make a choppy till it. I haven't like I haven't make this a party like counterparty and all so I'm learning true true true. So I think somewhere it helps you be and engrossed in it and it kills your boredom. Sorry, it helps you be engrossed in that skill and it kills her boredom. I know it does not let you feel bored. No. No, I whenever I like cooking. I feel like I'm very enjoying and I'm like, it's kind of a passion for me like in in future. I also want to like pursue something related to cooking and also yeah. So yeah, that's nice Asura Hudson. See you. Are you have developed a hobby of music and you're developing the skill. So why would you not would you like to sing a few you know lines for us? Yeah. Yeah anytime I can sing like anytime it's not like so this is the I'm going to sing a song is the Bollywood song from a movie Bala featuring Irishman Corona and ones like actress. I don't remember the name. This is a song called part. Talk. Okay. That's a very beautiful song. Yeah, so I want to sing this song. Hey, yeah, it's like Puritan Jonathan Jonathan, it could be Here we are at the top. Yeah, I didn't miss I need to meet up top the to MIT. I hand out of me and army son Heber Higgins Puri. Chupa-chupa Donaghy. I think that's a fantastic. That is so beautiful. I think a very nice song first of all and you have a great voice I think and if you are developing this guy just hobby or yeah, thank you. I think you're gonna go Lat, you know you are going to reach and you thinking we wish you all the best and you for connecting with us. Thank you. Yeah, so that was Rahul and I think he has a beautiful voice like we have been speaking about Hobbies hobbies and how it has been helping us. So I think that was what do I say a simple presentation and that's a very beautiful thing. So coming back to the topic of hobbies guys. Hina Ray Hello, how are you doing? I'm good. How are you? I am also thank you. It's nice to listen to you again, you know, I am really happy that I chance to listen to you. Whenever I have a free time, you know, you are so generous you give everything chance to talk, you know and its really great idea. You're so simple not it's such a pleasure talking to you. Is I have always hoped that you connect to me someday on my podcast and I guess that's beautiful. I think it's a very beautiful feeling to talk to you dear. Thank you. Thank you so much. I guess you know, I'm usually listening to you, but I didn't have opportunity to talk to you because you know, I'm listening to you on my earphones and doing that please I'm multitasking, you know, so that's fine. Okay. So yeah, I'm sorry. So here one person said that I don't show up bringing my culture, you know, and I think that it's my business to whom how to talk. You know, because as I said, I really I hear is two ways to be educated clever person, you know, it's to talk to the educated people to listen to them or to read interesting books, you know, so that's why I'm done. I have chosen the first one so that's why Great pleasure. It's my pleasure to talk to you such kind of prove people to your fun to mr. Water and to a lot of people here because you know, I really respect them and I'm happy that I'm interacting with them. I'm exchanging Milo knowledge has so that's why I think that it's my idea and it's my thing to home how to talk. Okay? I'm sorry. It's not for you. Yeah, and yeah, everybody here has the chance to express his thankfulness as yeah. Yeah, am I right? Yeah, does everybody does? Yeah. Ik so what is your hobby Vinny? I have never interested on this. You know, it's really great topic. You have chosen today. I think I think we don't get as much time to build our Hobbies these days but then yes, you know, I do write a little bit, you know in Hindi I do little bit of writing and I do God. Getting gardening is something which I have always cherished. You know, it's beautiful. You know, it's like meditation for me. And of course coming, how can I let Dad hmm? Yeah, it's good. Hmm. I have a lot of poets. It means that poetry. Yeah or a you write stories are what poetry. That's amazing. Yeah, it's I would want to listen to you. But unfortunately, I don't speak or the language but I think that that's amazing because you're okay. That's great. So so this is here and waiting for his turn or you have nobody yeah, there are a few people but before I you know get to them I would like to introduce everybody guys. This is not a and she was she's my friend. I actually Metal at Charlotte's podcast and even our friendship clicked I think immediately at that point and we got so connected. I think whenever I find it's great talking to her. Yeah, it's great. Also. Yeah, so you have not developed any hobby or you don't have any or you don't have an interest of developing or hobby. How is it or you don't get the time to do it actually use it to I was interested interested on singing and I play one Musical. mint and yeah, just you know, my instrument is not here and it's it's not here so that why unfortunately I can but yeah, it's yeah, you know use it to I was in the center of you and so that's why it's like in the comely companies in the family and here I was singing every time whenever we have a party and that was Amazing feelings, but no, I'm not so much interested on it, you know, because nowadays my voice is not so I'm glad not so I sounded well, I mean, it sounds not so good as it was used it to when I like talking and another my hobby is playing basketball and volleyball. I was really interested on it and I was on the school team. Yeah. It's the most interesting things I meant. She's from Central Asia. I think another way. How do you how do you pronounce that? No, crazy Stan Stan. So I'm done. Oh my God, you are from the you're pronouncing is one of the best because you know here nobody in accepted fun and you pronounce this name of my country correctly, you know, I don't know. It's just the spelling of it. I think mostly people go by the spelling of it. I think that's that's how it is. Yeah, so, okay. We need ears. Thank you for giving me a chance to talk. That was really nice, and I'm staying with you. Just I will be more on my earphones and I will be listening to you. Okay, that really great. Thank you. Thank you so much. Bye bye. Mr. Akash, you stop you got to quit doing that. Okay, if you really don't like how my audience sounds or my people whom I talk sounds please you are welcome to leave the podcast at any moment. You see apple certain moment it is okay. You keep pulling my leg. You keep making fun of me. That's okay, but you cannot make fun of the people who call me. Okay, you don't do that ever never. My audience is important to me. You don't play with them. Hello. Hello. Hello. Hello. Hi ranjith. Yeah. Hi, honey. How are you? I'm good. How are you? Yeah, I'm good. Okay. Where you calling from? Yeah. I'm calling from Noida. It's a joint to Delhi. Okay, yeah. Okay, so we are talking about Hobbies today. Okay. Yeah, so would you like to say something about it? fireman Hello. Hi. Hi. Hi Willie. This your name. Yeah, that's my name last name. Yeah, I'm on where you from. I'm from Agra from Bangalore. Oh nice. So yeah, I'm on so you're a student I guess. Yes. I'm a student of biotechnology. And now I'm doing my master in biotechnology fabulous. So we are talking today about hobbies and how they benefit beneficial so Do you have any thoughts about Hobbies or do you have any hobbies that you have, you know been following or cultivated? yeah, I have like mostly people have hobbies as I do also have you know, I like singing and I used to think a lot, but you know, I'm from The sign the stream is here and I am as well as I want to become a scientist in future. So I do not focus on that really. So that's all I think education for people who are into Industries like science and you know other places where other works where they have to Beauty. Yes. Yes exactly the feel, you know, it brings. Like people think that this is unethical to sing these kinds of copies because seems an article III think sinking is beautiful. There's nothing unethical about no, actually when you comes in the lab with the sign the senior center Juventus and Undertaker. So don't don't you feel the urge to sing again? And again like, you know, since you know singing I think is something which is into a person completely. Okay, so easily if you try to you know, yeah, I used to sing a song from my childhood, you know, and this is my hobby and I love to sing. I feel better when I think but you know, I said the same what I said, I said that it's unethical because you know, I'm from science stream and you know, your stream should never you know, limit you from from you know, yeah, I understand hobby or something. I think that there should be a way where you can sing. You know, it's not that you are always in the lab sometimes. Yes, sometimes you can just you know. Sing something and feel good about it, isn't it? Yeah V sometimes I think sometimes I think with my friend sometimes I record songs on my mobile to but today okay. Oh God. Yeah. Go ahead. We would love it. If you would I'm trying I think it's okay. That's all. Okay, so you just think that way alright so nice, I think singing I think you should keep it going on, you know somewhere. Because singing Gives peace to learn I think you know, I feel when I think much you know, I when I see nothing much, I really leave everything. I really believe my academics my everything my homework my Malaya baby. Yeah, I go back to thing and this him. It's not just a hobby for you. It's like will love of your life. Yes. Yes. So you just feel like going back to it again. And again see this is the beauty of connections with hobbies and you know, the interests that we have in our lives. I think we stay connected to it and it makes us what we are and yes, and I still don't then tell me about you. So what? Your hobby I'm a graphic designer by profession. That's cool. Yeah, my hobby is anything that connects Arts? Okay, writing and listening gardening all this and this is my latest hobby that I have got into, you know coming to the podcasts and forecasting it. Oh, that's beautiful that has given me wonderful experience has given me a lot of knowledge. Yeah, that's cool. And last one is really cool and get as much time to talk to people and share ideas. I think this happened. Yes, I love the same. You know, I love to talk will spend this day with a stranger. I love and this application is really good really fantastic. I made a lot of friends really strange friend who I never expected to meet correct from the whole globe. And once only thing yeah, isn't it? So yeah, it has been great talking. I think thanks for connecting with us and they buy soap you have a people of all of that, you know was like, okay. It's nice when people from different backgrounds, you know, make an effort to get connected and talk to us and share their ideas. And that's beautiful. Okay? So AKA, please take by are you are the next caller? Let me just take ranjith and then we go ahead. Hi Kunal. Ji-hye, please. Come back and connect with us and we are still talking about Hobbies. So yeah. Hello. Hi ranjith. Yeah. Sorry it was disconnected last time in a few minutes ago. We will I disconnected with you but students some reasons it was disconnected. Okay? No worries. Yeah ranjith. We are talking about Hobbies today. Okay. Yeah Bo professionally I Sales and marketing guy so I miss found to interact with people. So whenever I get a chance to interact with more people like I never miss the opportunity like interacting with more and more people in exploring the places like blob as much as much as I can. Okay? Yeah. So what about you? What about me? Like I said, you know I try to learn new things and I'm just curious about some things. I'm writing. I'm also I got onto this app. I think that is that has helped me a lot to explore new things new people new ideas. I think yeah, that's great. Okay, so I am the one who converted my hobby to my professional men like and from my childhood. I am very much found that this whole my hobby like interacting with the people then I have mbas and like I get into the field of sales and marketing because if you know about the skills and marketing it is all about, you know, meet a new new people. Getting exploring ideas. It's all about that. Yeah, yes. Yes. Yes. I think a lot of people don't get a chance to do that right to convert your hobby into a profession. Yes. Yes - yes exactly it now. It's been around ten ten years. I mean the in the field of sales and marketing and I'm enjoying a lot because it doesn't feel like a job anymore because it's so it's your hobby. That's what you like. Exactly something you love to do is like you don't feel like it's a work right? Hmm But unfortunately also few from But unfortunately loves you last from 10 to 15 days due to this log down if I am content. Yes. Yes. It has given you another chance to develop another hobby, you know where you can interact with people I think open talk is one great such platforms where you know interaction happens. Call me up and suggested me to install. This happened explore the P of this app and you can chance the meet with people through so I think well, I think this app should you know work well with you and help you track with a lot of people and since that is what you like to do. I just hope that you're 21 days don't turn into a boredom great, and I have a few callers to take again. So So, yeah, thank you have a great day thank you thank you. Thank you. So guys that was ranjith and like we spoke about converting a hobby into a profession. I think when you love something, okay, when you want to do something, you know something that makes you happy and when you can convert this particular interest of yours into a money-making system. Oh my God, that's the best thing anybody can do. So here one lucky person. And mr. Ranjit Singh has converted copy of going, you know exploring new cultures or talking to people into objects into his Perfection and I think that's great. Hello. Hello. Hi Honey. Hi. How are you? I'm good. How are you? I'm also fine, but still because of Corona and inside the room from 10 days. And that's the same thing for all of us. Yes. Yeah. I don't know if that is all peoples. Yeah, it has house-arrested a lot of people, you know, and I think it has if we look at the positives of it. We have a lot of I am to develop ourselves or developer interest that you know, yes, yes keep us away from boredom or anything. I think so. What do you have to say about Hobbies? Do you have any hobby and how this is making you love it? My hobby is to make cooking and and one another obvious to finding the solution on any particular problem because I am working in a machine building a company and I like to make machine and technical things to make it and solving it technical problems. That is also my hobby, but from but In my hobby is to make a food and cooking. Best hobby for me because when I do cooking then I feel very free and happy it makes you feel good about yourself. Yes. Yes because it feels makes you feel happy. Yes. Yes when I come back to my home after work then be all dynasties remove. I cooking so your stresses boasted. It reduces your stress totally. Yes. Yes, that's fantastic. I think that's one benefit one in huge benefit of a hobby. Okay, you know, it just takes away your stress and it makes you feel relaxed and relieved out of stress and I think yes, you know changes your mood is eventually completely right? Yes. Yes. Nice AKA. Thank you for connecting with us and sharing your idea of your hobby yet. Now that you are at home for ten Twenty One days lockdown. I think you have been exploring new recipes or how is this is how you upgrade? Yes. I am. I'm grating it still recently. I make a pasta homemade pasta. Okay, so you're learning Italian. Yes, yes indeed not exactly. It's just not a just like a professional but I'm and and my friend is giving me an appreciation for that. He liked it. That's very nice. So you're not just cooking. But then you are even you know something you're friends with some amazing dishes. I think that's great. Isn't it? Yes and Some dishes. I don't watch on YouTube on all that things just recently I make it. This is a just like experiment and that is somewhat X is successful. Okay, so that's nice. So we ordered pair amending with your cooking and then you're learning new things. So that's beautiful, isn't it? So it might give you more confidence to try new experiments. It will boost you up. Yes. Yes. Oh, that's fantastic. I think cooking is one major hobby. I think in India a lot of guys are moving towards and I think that's very nice because cooking is one which we get self-dependent about, you know our hunger. So I think that's great. It's great talking. Thank you for connecting with us stick by I think there are few colors that I would like to take. So thank you, okay. My bad, bye-bye. So yeah guys, I was a k and a lot of Lines line up in here. So Rocky says send me some pasta bro. I'm hungry too. I would like to eat it or rocky. I wish he could see it online. You know, I would I would be the first person to ask so high. We need e says Canal hi Kunal G, please take by I think I have two three colors when I will take your call. Okay, so yeah. Hello. Hello. Hi Hi, how are you? Good, how are you? I'm also good Echo question answers. That's your name will be yeah. Yeah, well, normally I put the name Echo, but but my name is Aman and I also and I also put question and answer because I love to answer question. That's fantastic. Okay. So hi everyone, welcome to my podcast. I think this is first time we have connected. Yeah, I think so. That's really nice. So what do you have? What are your thoughts about hobbies and their benefits? Do you think Hobbies hobbies are necessary and some way they benefit us. Yeah, they are. Large amount of people's they have their own hobby. But according to me in my perception Hobbies very limited. I just want to say one thing is that I want people to involve whatever they are doing. Like I just wanted to give you example washing clothes cooking slicing of onion vegetable cooking food different type of things. Maybe it is not a hobby. It is just about involvement. Yeah. It's it's a household job, you know a necessary to complete a task. Okay, but yeah. Yeah, but I think that's a good thing. Yeah, hobby according to me Hobbies. Very limited. That is why I the persons who say is that I this is my hobby. This is my hobby. This is not a hobby. They're not in a different way. They are just trying to say that I do not want to experiments with my life because life is all about create a life is all about life is not about finding yourself life is all about creating yourself so you can never create yourself until you experiments with your life. Their large amount of his today and say after after completing towards and after completing see graduations, they don't know that what to do in life because they haven't experimented teams to be Echo. Hello. Yeah. Now you're clear. Yeah Have you listened? What I have just said I did listen to you, but you are echoing like, you know, oh, yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I just want to say two things is that first of all, whatever you are doing / Slicing vegetables washing clothes cooking whatever you're doing the they're like thousands of activities that you are doing on the daily basis. You just read this is a requirement of involvement Hobbies. Very limited. You just have to involve with everything experiments with everything. And what? Hello, yes. Yes. Yes. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, if you are talking about the profession then you are just referring to then you are just referring to Absolute involvement profession equal to Absolute involvement. And I do not appreciate hobby because it is very limited. You have to involve with everything like you you have to involve with these you have to involve with that only then you can Able to find out what am I? What I am capable of is partial involvement. I think hobby is a certain interest that keeps know like it. Maybe maybe it's you have a hobby like dancing cooking singing These are very you're just saying two or four or maybe 10 or 15, but there are thousands of activities which is or there that you can do but you're not but you're not experiments with 3. That is why You are saying is that I'm unable to do this and I'm unable to do this. You just have to involve it everything credit. Great put ahead Echo. I think that is something very important to say involvement. I think involvement is reported in what instantly yeah instead of talking about Hobbies instead of talking about Hobbies. I would like to talk about the involvement because there are thousands of activity is that it is or they're like driving there are thousands of activities. I know that you know about that the thousands Of activities without involvement you can never know that I can do this their large amount of people's this is that I do not know how to cook but they know how to cook but they are saying is that they don't know how to cook because they haven't experimented. It is just about experiment as I have already told like life is not about to finding yourself life is about creating yourself. So if you really want to create to solve then you have to experiment with the different dimension of life. If you're talking about the Hobbies then it is very limited. Maybe you have 15 Hobbies their there are only few people. People who have only 50 Hobbies, but they are like thousands of things. You just need to involve with you just say it doesn't need of involvement. You don't have to talk about Hobbies instead of talking about Hobbies. You just talk about the I'm not saying you I'm just I'm just trying to make understand all the listener so that they can understand what I'm saying. Truly truly truly. I totally agree on this I think involvement is important, isn't it? So, yeah, that's that's really nice. I think I really appreciate you connecting on this call. And while we are talking on his plate I think involvement is something great that we miss out on a lot of times I think yeah is also a pretty great Point made by you. Yes, Rocky. I think that's a great Point. Usually we do a lot of things but we miss involvement. I think that is why people Listed at certain times and started giving excuses. So I think that's great for thank you for sharing this amazing point with us. And yeah people connecting with us. Yeah, like when I'm talking about the involvement in a very different way, I'm just talking about the experiments with with you experiment yourself with different dimension of life. Because life is very life is Limitless life is boundless. There's no limitations is no boundary. So you have two experiments with your life with different dimension. Different kind of activity different kind of things only then you can realize that what you are capable of otherwise, you will never get realized that what you are capable capable of and what you're not capable of. Hello, truly, truly. Yes. Yeah. Do you want to ask me something? Yeah, I think that's all I think we have a few other colors in line. So with limited time we moved. Because I think we all do appreciate that. You know, the point of involvement was raised. Okay. Yeah, I can hear you. Yes. Yes. Yes good. Thank you for connecting. Yeah. Yeah Insha'Allah be helpers with mental health is absolutely see your what is happening is we are talking about hobbies and Echo is talking about involvement see having a hobby. With involvement is important like yeah Hobbies helpers with mental health. Yes. There are a lot of people who do painting and you know sketching and that doesn't happen without an involvement. Now, here it cool says that hobbies are limited. There are 15 or 20, but I think there are a lot of hobbies which are there which we can do. But what happens is, you know, these 10 or 15 hobbies are highlighted Okay, so Beep says hi Kunal Alison most of the broadcast today afternoon. I was eager to come there but couldn't even now I can't join the page is the page. You can join. I think there are two three colors and then you can join so we are tries to connect please connect and then we'll join. Okay. So this broadcast is breathtaking. Is it honey? I think that is something wonderful to say, thank you very much. Hello. Yeah. Hi Benny. How are you? I am Manish here has great money. How are you? Yeah, I am fine. You know you already collaborate with you already go and you collaborate my you Caillou already collaborated with raqi. Raqi is my good friend. We met with each other in bodytalk and you know and one day also I went in your so and that day I think one guy, he's from Jammu Kashmir and he was a motive. He was a motivational speaker. He gave some tips site. You might hobby. I like talk with a stranger. Okay, and beautiful. Thank you. So in my OB like a if I will go in anywhere before going about us. I was going in park I was going in anywhere. I'm not representing with based upon the region based upon State. I am just talking with anyone. Okay. So my point of view when I listened you your voice is amazing. And yes, I think today today you told you when you was in Costa gender you have started speaking English. Right. Yeah, we were piping aeronautical with each other and everybody not getting same chance. Like when I was in when I was in 4th standard that time I learned how to how to drive cycle. Okay, when I was in photos until that time, I learned how to drive cycle and I was I was just driving cycle in a manner or two meals different place have our driving because I learned and you know Fort when we was enforcer with. You are in process in there that time. Like I said, we are having more energy and we will do anything. So point of view will be speaking English when I was four year old. Okay, okay, okay. So you mean to say that when you are in fourth year old that time you learn? Okay. Yeah, I was learning. I was speaking my mother tongue moratti. I was trying to learn Hindi and I had to speak English as no option because that is when I you know, we got admission in school. And the first thing that happens in this pool is interview in English. So yeah to get an admission in that particular school. I had to speak English a little bit. So yeah by that time I had already started. The basic of English like hi. Hello. What is your name and stuff like that? So it's okay how the years passed. Okay, you know with all the practice and all the Talking, you know, it improves. Okay. So yeah, that is how it is. So beanie, I think I want to tell you like I'm now I'm coming in Hindi. Okay, because I want to explain all the thing. Okay, so the camera actually cow may be hard for you to marry Jeremy English to children in govt of India. You PMP Stan Marist last mathematical field Ellie Mae. Role in our life like as a hobby the matter. How weak a is about corn a stranger's about karna my body new semester in Jessica. But Captain Yamato Camilla strangers about Colombia humbly. So I think here it boosts your confidence and correct to learn a lot. So yeah. So how we khaki just a different hobby with Ocasio copernica video technical object can be a game can link a different Hobby. But addiction so when I was right now, I'm in Bangalore and you know very well I am working in senior software engineer and today due to canaras. I am doing work from home and today I don't have much work. That's why I came in your soul and I'll tell you beat him with a simple way, but I would love just the second offender trigger those grandkids hubcap problem. He would have English league title in English literature about research that what Aliquippa looking devil Bolta. Hey guys, I made a friend. They were Bolta to grammar mistake Buddah records. Hello, aha. Your voice is getting cart. Okay, that kind of candy am IA devil. Can you check? Hello? Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. No Benny. I'm just yapping. I'm just asking one basic question. It's really one of my good friend. His name is Louise and he also working in software industry and he asked me he having gone control like I mean, he's writing male. He is good in English, but when he cocking that time he doing some grammatical mistake and he not When he talking writing he's very nice. But when he talking that time, he doing grammatical mistake. So can you give some advice so that I will give some advice to my friend money see I think he should listen to a lot of people talking great listen to conversations. So he will start building sentences, right and you should also practice it, you know, the theoretical knowledge and the communicational knowledge is totally not the same. Okay. It is a little bit different Okay, so When you read it, it is different when you speak it is different. Okay, so when he's writing males he's writing professionally made it's totally so he's not want okay same kind of English when he's talking to people. Okay, things are very a little bit. Okay, there is little you know change in it. So I think you listening to a lot of conversations and taking part in conversations. I think that is where he will make more mistakes and learn from those mistakes. Okay, so, you know the time is running out. We are at one r45 and then I just have a few colors. So I let you go right here and thank you for connecting with me money HD and I wish them well, yeah, definitely. I will come in your so don't worry next time. I will also I will come and I will talk with you. Okay. Thanks for spending time with us. Bye. Okay, guys, that was I think as Hobbies can improve your social life and may create Bond. Yes Insha'Allah it will it does create bonds because a lot of people don't mingle very much but when they have a certain Hobby and they are good at it a lot of people, you know, get attracted to them one a talk with them, you know and understand them. So yeah that happens. Hi Kathryn. Hi. You came late buddy? Okay. Hi the parish. We need how you do today. I'm doing good. How are you? I can see that 400 Crossing $400 is it's like crazy today. I you know the whole day. I was just roaming around in everybody's podcasts and enjoying and then now the fourth four o'clock. I was just wondering what to talk about than I said, let's just talk about Hobbies. So what you didn't came in mind. Oh when you were doing podcast, I think that time I started mine. So yeah, mine and kind of clash and did like four four ish like three, correct. Correct. Correct, correct. So we'll be yeah, I think all these are you what are your hobbies everyone knows about mind. But what about yours? Yeah II spoke about my hobbies. I listen to music. I love gardening I think and I do writing like, you know, I told you I write sometimes I scribble and Yeah people you know talking to people is a great Hobby and that's what I'm doing now. So I think that is hit me. Yeah, it has helped me stay away from boredom, you know being bored 21 days. Also the negativity you can say that absolutely yes, so you love gardening. So I mean what kind of a gardener are you you are a vegetable Gardener or a flower Gardener? So I'm just a gardener. I do everything and that Molly you know, who Does everything okay would be love are they? Under some we're going to do a flower. I used to have a rose. You can say what was wrong Sport and my mother bought that for me and I was I used to like put the water every day and do something. So like what I do every day. I just go upstairs and saw that like stage that pot of when are you coming out man? Like it's been four days. Like I cannot see you right now so that it was exciting part. You can say that absolutely and it's not just flowers. For me, I think any any any plant that is planted, you know, the little new tender leaves coming out of it just excites me to me. Oh my oh my God. It's so beautiful. I think I just get happy before reason. No. No, you will shout mommy. No, no, no. No, not that way. Actually what I do is, you know, I click pics of that and whenever I write anything, you know, I write my coats on that and I make that as a background I just blur it and then I put on Facebook and Today so, you know, so it's nice. I think that something you know, it's like very nice you're waiting, you know that patients and you know the endurance like you wait and you know kaha a Seasons I got only a fool I got and all those things so but when people it's like like me nowadays, I'm I used to watch I told you do a lots of movies and TV shows but now I'm how to say that I'm putting my entire work like into the things that I can gain money. From in the future like investing your time the kind of investing my time. Like I'm investing my time into HTML CSS JavaScript. Although like I'm I told you making YouTube videos for those purposes and our started a new series about hardware and networking. So I think it's going to be helping me and help the others as well like yes. Yes. Yes. So there's someone here hits says Canada. Yeah, I do speak. Kannada, man. I do speak kannada and She's a cannula. She can speak kannada Marathi and maybe wondered what the language she told me. She can like little bit chat in those but Canada and moratti. She's very few indeed that like how I I used to I'm always here with her in your broadcast. I asked her a lot of questions. That's why I how are you? Okay. Yeah the face I think great. How what are your hobbies? I think you told me about your hobbies. Yeah, but still like I'm still like I started I started watching a started watching a new show. It's called The Project Blue Book. It's it's based on like nineteen forty eight. Forty eight ish. You can say that 1948 is for that. Do you know what happened in Roosevelt, New Mexico back in 1948 like Medical Roosevelt New Mexico, I don't know. I don't know. I'm not that good but it's like in the mainstream on new news media was covering. You can say a UFO crash in Roosevelt, New Mexico. Okay, so that show is entirely based on that note the consecration threes, but on the military and how the government is hiding UFOs from the people in 1948 and what kind of a precaution they are taking even they are killing the people who are making the Noise like whistleblowers, even they are killing grows in that show. So my my my yeah inter inter says Hobbies keeps us away from bad habits. Yes in sha that is true. And it is true to its every word. I mean every letter that has been used there. So yeah, they pitch please continue. I know it's fine that you have a like you have a you have created a very you can save big fan base listening because you can say that everyone Coming we need to just jumping jumping into her broadcast in the garden fans. I think those are the makers of me. I guess. Those are the makers of Vinny big those guys have made me a star here. I'm not a star. Okay, those guys have made me a star. So yeah birds are we high but there is a issue. Yeah, the big issue. No one knows your real name. Oh my God, don't get to that please. That's why real name when he is Miley real name guys. It's not she told me that is a Visa part of her name, but that's yeah real name. So yeah, that's that's the that's the part of my name which I love the most so that's why I use it. So yeah, so now you can go to Google and search what kind of a name does Vinny in like five these words in do like so you can you can come back here. And I might great all the guys are waiting in calls guys. I think we have very less time. So, you know connecting with you and not giving you as much time to speak. I think that would not be adjusted. So I just hope you guys connect to me in my next podcast and please take by or comment. I think we will respond to it. Weenies devil, look at this guy, man. Hey, that's right. I reconquer the like I'm doing right now value to this podcasting race and insha Allah insha. I think that is the most important thing you have given some wonderful points in there, which I actually wanted to cover and And the high on and hi, it's always you know, you don't like why does this happen to me B page? I think Love is Great. Oh Frank Frank. Here's Frank the page. Yeah. Yeah two minutes. I will have to take a few other calls, and I think if you have made your point, please take by in the comments and keep it's fine. It's fine. It's always nice to talk to you when you buy space, and it's always nice whenever you connect. Thank you again. Yeah, the patient's so guys. That was the ph and I love the fact that you guys connect to me and share your ideas. It's so great and time running out guys. You know, I sometimes wish, you know open Taco do anything. Thank you. Eventually eventually accepted my call. One or two minutes. Okay. Yes, please. Go ahead guys. Listen to me, please. One guy on mine on my name. He hacked my name and my photo and he sending bad comment in every Bodkin. So please do not collaborate him because he's fake ID and he is abusing me in all the root causes. Yeah it is this guy. I know I don't know this guy and his name is Frank Novo Corner virus. So please if he is if he Misusing in the broadcast. I am not the one. He's my favorite first. My hobby was to play cricket. And you know when I was younger, I used to play cricket on this street. And and when I am and I was very good in betting, you know, and when bad comes in my hand, I'll I don't see them then any Ball come on. Come on. We know I used to hit the ball and if I hit the ball, no, definitely I used to break the glasses of the houses and and after that they used to call the police on her. Run away I was you know, I was a stuntman, you know playing the I was a best friend, you know, I was I'm a very good business. And mostly I'm using this this broadcast more and more. To gain knowledge is the best art which everyone should learn and don't worry bro. People will understand. Yes, our the TG. I think that's really sad. If someone's using a person's photo and creating obscene comments, and I think that's really bad. I think we are a community here and we should support each other people come here for you know for different reasons. Okay, and just you know spoiling their names in the start of the race. You know joining this app. I think that's really sad and we should support our Co users and you know and help them to get out of such situations. And that is why Frank I think we can just report that, you know account out of how to let me see because I have it and I think that is really bad guys and it is always nice. Nice to support somebody doing something. This will send a comment, you know visual to write a comment but in a awareness like, you know, not like this, you know slang language is a no, okay, we can we can in the comment button in a bad way. I'm using like others like no unnecessary killing bad word and only dirt is not pretty not work out on this broadcast Frank. Yeah. So yeah. Thank you for connecting. I think there's just one minute left and I want to conclude. Thanks for taking so much. Thank you. His name is Frank Lobo in the bracket coronavirus this commented there so that people see it and they will understand. Okay, just comment it in the comments. You don't because of their name, you know, I'm not going to any broadcast, you know, because some people they are abusing me. They're saying you are the one who are abusing me Harry. Also Harry came on our broadcast know you have you have you seen are you saying you are the one I am your brother and you say used passing the comment. I said, I am not the one I'm not the one I will never do this, you know in my life. I never do this. Okay, Frank time uplifting and people who I couldn't connect. And you guys have been waiting?