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Good morning people. How are you guys today? I think today is the first day of the second week of the lockdown. And yeah, it's all of us are at home doing nothing and board. So yeah, let's talk about something important. OK, you know, oh, we already have a call. Okay. Hello. Hello. Good morning. Good morning, Conoco. How are you? I'm well, thank you. And how about you when I'm doing good? Yeah, where are you calling from? I'm from MP mother Pradesh. Madhya Pradesh, okay. Yeah, yeah, please go ahead talk. Yeah. Yeah, so you come across with that topic. So could you please tell me about that? Like what's your opinion about this C value education is very important. Okay, and it is very important at early stages of a life. You know when we are growing and because that's where it creates an impact and we carry that ahead in our lives and it makes a difference in our society. Okay. So yeah, a lot of times what happens is in schools people concentrate upon their academic upgrade in you know, the other curriculum, but which is good, which is good. Okay, but value education is really important and it is somehow been Nord a lot and in times of today where problems are being, you know happening, I mean a lot of problems being safe, okay many wrongdoings are happening and that could be one of the reasons of no proper value education exactly. So right now you want to tell that we should go further like education that is going to use full for us, right? And we should not go further like product education, right? No, I'm not saying not go. Okay. It's absolutely okay to give proper, you know academic education and skill development. Everything is all right. What I'm saying is value education should be concentrated on a higher level. I mean, where are the kids, you know join the school a rating from that level itself. These values should be inculcated. I mean this Should be spread the pain. Okay, that that I got your point like you want to tell it from childhood conferred and from Academy convert. We should focus on value education is absolutely totally totally. Yeah. So like what are the education like because value education? It's a common term like generally we use right so true. What are the factor and what are the things we could do basically? You should model science, you know values like compassion respect honesty you no respect for each other respect for totally everybody. I think at a later level lot of parents teach their child to respect women and stuff. I think we should teach our children to respect people respect everything like, you know, do the animals. I think you're taking care of your animals and being empathetic. Like being compassionate. I think these are all the values which make us human. Okay, and we somewhere in today's day. We are going away from these days these values. I think these values have had should be held, you know closely in the families and they should be inculcated in the kids in early stages. It should be taught to children. In fact does not just teaching will not help, you know, it should be preached like, you know, people should follow it themselves and then teach their All these things so that will somewhere create an impact in the society which will change the mindsets of people and a lot lot lot of problems. I think can be solved okay with such with such, you know value education and all agree with your point and as you tour so that we should too and it's like actually that we cannot provide that education in school from my point of because like if we read and we forget all the things so that we can do by our society. I'm alright because as you talk so that we adopt from our society like if I talk about manners and we should respect the people and we should not hurt anyone and overall like we should be a good human being you want to do right true. So that we can learn by our society so that we cannot I don't think so that we can learn in our schools and college and even if I talk about our education, so we we learn at think in our school like there was gross many books was there and in that book we learned a lot from anything, but don't you think that we are not following that thing see that is what I'm saying, you know, it's not necessary to teach but it is necessary to teach you know, what teachers do they come? Teach and they go you know what preachers do they follow these things in their life? And that is why we follow them. Okay now parents tell you Ki are you know, don't don't speak lies. OK if the tell you don't speak lies and if they are speaking lies in front of you and you know that they are speaking lies what how you know children. What do they do? They imitate their parents? They look at them and learn. Okay same applies to students. I think see if you're in a school. Okay. Let me just give you this example you are in a school and You are learning or everything. I mean, you are learning five six subjects math science English and everything. But you know, there is one teacher. Okay, particularly, you like that subject because how the teacher teaches you. Okay, you are maybe the way that teacher makes the class feel, you know, that interest that keeps. So even after years. Okay, even after year is that you have left the subject you have stopped hurting but there are few things that still remain Your mind so it is you know, what I'm trying to say is when a certain person's behaves in a certain way. We we start, you know, getting attracted towards that particular behavior of them. We start trying to you know, what do I say inculcate that behavior in us because we start feeling nice about it. So if value education is not just taught in books in school, but it is practiced they make you do it. Okay, they make you practice it. It okay, then I think somewhere it will start helping us see because there are schools in India. I think there are Convent schools. There are different schools. I think moral science is of strict subject in the school. You know, I fill up till an age level up till I think Swift or six to seven hundred I think before the students get into their teenage, you know up till then it is there and with every class the value education subject get a little bit Advanced with the age and according to their age what value should be inculcated in that particular student. It is been decided in that particular curriculum. It is not religious studies. Okay. I'm not talking about religious studies. Please don't get me wrong with that. No, no activities. Yeah, so that even I Concur and I agree with your point that we should do. But my question is that how how actually so because just listen my wife. So we generally do that thing. What But we don't do that what we listen. Hello. Yes, what about the things we are following that we somewhere we see actually somewhere we saw in our previous and priorities but whatever the things we listened that we are not following now designed even I we would not follow till our death. So what I see yeah, I get it. Okay. See that is why I said these things should be inculcated in us at earlier stages. Okay, just like how parents Put fear into a mind. You know that there is God and he's watching you. Okay, and they tell us if you do anything God is watching you up till a certain age you fear that thing? Okay. God is watching me. Then after certain is like how if God is watching let them watch. You know, that is the kind of behavior we get into it because all the kind of environment me we get into and everything everything matters. Okay, but what I want is this has to be strengthened at a early age. Okay these things okay the what do I say? The character of a person, you know a character of a person if he kept at a very early age eventually we make changes in our lives that is a different story. But the root the foundation, you know Remains the Same and if that is strong Okay, it will take us places. So I think in our India not many people they teach if I talk about parents so from childhood onwards all the parents they teach him at this they teach their children and even preach them and the problem is that as you know, I like attracts the negativity very soon and in are certain amount it in a little bit amount of time adopt negative. And if it comes to positivity that you are talking about morality so that we cannot adopt easily right? It's never too late to change. I think Canuck I think see a lot of people we start facing maximum problems in our lives when we see we are the makers and Breakers of our own self. Okay, but then if at start at the start, you have been given a proper Foundation, even if you get lost somewhere in your way, I think somehow you'll come back. Back, you know because those things keep hitting you in the back of your mind that you know, there's something called as conscious, you know, so these if such these values are there into your mind, I mean that is how you're programmed right negativities are going to be there. Okay, we live in a world where you know, both possibilities are equal isn't it that you might find positivity also you might find negativity negativity is a little bit fast you processing I think but anyway always I think if the foundation is strong if the person wants to be good, I think he just will be good. If I talk about our people like our society, so from starting onwards from like teenagers and even I can save from Alex from childhood onwards and from work on what our parents did till the told to us that a mirage a waiter, right? So, okay, so they teach all things like you should do this. You should do this and they teach like anything and after that if You do this Daniel would you should be treated like this that that so they're not they teach and preach I'm perfectly. Okay. It is not pampered. Actually, you can say that they do such kind of thing for better future of the children, right? But yeah, as we are human beings so we pamper also to our children but I think as baby grow and like as days gone. So all the things all the people forget. Okay? Okay. So if I talk about if I take a lot of money trust so don't like don't take me in another another way like I'm talking about like there is not many Foundation is their trust is there like sadhguru And like what can I say? No, see I'm not talking about people should move out and find gurus and then take value education. I'm talking about it should be inculcated in school so that you know, it goes It goes with the people. I mean it is there in them. It's completely put into their minds from the start. I don't think so that that can be interpreted in school because you know, like at the areas of it was six Any children go to school and at the age of five and six like he got to know lots many things from their parents. So parents are the only responsible person who can teach them like how to do this and how to behave with Society. So only the person is parents. Okay? Okay, let's let's see how this thing will be taken ahead. I have a few caller. Okay, I don't agree with this point that only parents can do it because you know, Depending totally only on the parents to be in calculating in it gets difficult. So what we'll do is we'll take a few other colors and let's see how this point will be discussed. All right. Yeah. Sure. All right. Thank you for connecting with the scanner you guys so Hello, Don't Panic. What about Harry Panic? Hello? Hi. Hi first of all almost good afternoon. Yes, good afternoon. Okay, first get to the get into the point. I'm getting another topic. Let us know each other to be better. Okay. So I'm from Odessa and I'm as actually I work as a teacher not in Odessa, but I have been staying in some men are out of station like we had actually but as for the situation I just came back before 15 days and I know I mean hope and I just simply nothing to do. So I'm killing my time with this application as it is very You know nice application which where we can explore our knowledge as well as you can note. The people's New People's actually. Yes. What about you? Well, my name is Vinny. I am a graphic designer and I'm from Bangalore. And yeah, I am just using this application just you know, as a interest by the way is to talk to me. Let me praise here and live with me appreciate here that while you are talking while you are suggesting while you are giving your view. It is really terrific outstanding, you know, those who are broadcaster though. I almost died. The people here at most three and four people this so that they know everything and they just simply suggest that they are the one who are know everything. But by the way, you are not doing like that way you are just simply your narrating and just suggesting and also giving your opinion in a different way, which is really feel great. I mean you are the one who you have the I were the one who already know the basic Jason scale, you know people also a try to so their attitude. Yes, you know do one thing you just do this do this you just a car. Yeah, like like it, you know, you're the boss so should not be like that. We are here to communicate each other. We are just trying to give our opinion rather than showing your attitude, right? So it is not better that we can always try you are through. Yeah a lot of times what happens is I cannot talk to everybody but I it happens that Sometimes people wait and they also quit Okay, so there are lot of people waiting in line. What happens is I cannot, you know cut the person right and we while he talking so what I do is I talk to that person and then I have to go to the next column. What is your comment the topic here as you were discussing earlier about I don't know the name, but as you discussing it is really nice topic that you are discussing about as far as I'm concerned about this value. You you know the do is such a thing which may not teach it is it is just a thing which you know, people should be follow that my whether it is the teacher, you know doing the thing or whether it is the students or whether it is a parents or with anybody. So the value is to be taught. It is to be sewn supposed. Skewer. Parents and you are watching a video. Okay through your YouTube or wherever you are and in front of you your kind you teach your students or your maybe your kid I reading do you think he met consented properly and stitching a reading? I'm sorry, please couldn't understand suppose you are you're the parents? Okay, you are watching the video whether it is movie or whether it is anything you are watching a movie and in front of you your kids are reading something. Okay in the same time you are observing also, so you are going to read this study is very important so somebody What are you going to learn and the time doing something else? Do you think he can concentrate properly that time? I don't think so. I think if I have to teach him that you have to concentrate I have to sit with him and make him you know be there with him. I have to show the concentration only then he will learn look and learn Terry's house, isn't it? So I mean to say is suppose you are giving a few hours teaching value of reading a book. Okay, you are giving a value of reading a book then of course in the time while he is reading or teaching or whatever that maybe you should also saw him. What you are reading a book suppose you are reading a book then of course, he may ask you. What are you doing, Mommy or what? Are you doing Papa? Hmm. And of course if you don't yes, I am tearing Amrit. I'm teaching or something like that. Then you can imitate you we just follow you. And in that in that sense he can observe. Yeah reading. I think it is very important so that my mother is reading here so that he can immediately Exxon and that things okay read those things. You should see the point and suppose you. Yeah, you are going to teach somebody a value like how to keep discipline suppose. So while you are here while your kid are you know, playing something and in the same time your you and your husband? Okay, I mean one mother and father they were talking to each other. Okay, and they the way they are talking it is too terrific. I mean, they are just commenting each other. They are the sewing Attitude they are just simply ignoring the fact is they are you know, not talking a very simple Manner and they simply are going each other. So do you think he would you know, he would not follow the things. What good is one of the time? Of course, it's go. He's want to learn all those things right? It's going to impact his mind, you know, the argument that I want to say that my my point is suppose. You want to teach a value like how to keep discipline and how to talk with the people then of course, you just go into your maybe parents or maybe your husband or maybe your you know, genial whoever who heals. I don't know but simply you just go through D when a very simple manner in front of Kate very polite way so that that enhance quickly he can enhance simply you can Elena observe the thing and he can go into that value so value in my point of view value may not teach rather than you can teach them. We just let them realize so it is so on I mean to say by Alou is shown not to be yes. This is my point. Yeah. Great Point as it grew to a point made. Okay, we are you know, this is a discussion. I think we are going to keep discussing about it and let's conclude it when you know, finally you have news about your point. Let me know as in this point. What do you want to get personal experience? I think we spend maximum of our lives in school rather than our house. Okay, and I think we learn I think basic values. Of course, you know, how home is the first cool? Okay. Learn everything in there. Okay, but I think these things I think in school it remains, you know it we take it with us. Okay, so I because we are interacting with a lot of people when we are in school in the home we interact with those four five people whom we are growing with. Okay. So sometimes there is leniency that sometimes we are pampered sometimes even if we are doing single mistake, sometimes it is ignored just saying that you know, it's accurate or something but in school, it's not that way it was school you are observed, you know in a group of people where everything is happening. Okay. So there I think socializing whatever values, you know required in a society. I think we pick those up at school. Okay. So I think that is what I'm saying keep, you know in school maximum learning happens and the ways is laughing about physics know the weight. I'm not talking about your school subject because something else so get that thing, right? Okay. So yeah it Guru great talking with you I think. I have a few other colors waiting and I really don't want to offend people, you know, because they are coming in the comments and say, you know, you want to feel intelligent that is why he is not taking my call and stuff. So no, mr. Brightside. I'm not intelligent as you are so don't worry. Okay. Yeah it go to thank you for connecting with us. And I think I will I will just take the other calls to Hello, thank you. Yeah, thank you. Thank you for connecting the thank you again. Your loveliness is the whole education system is messed up. Yes. Absolutely. It is messed up. I think we are still following a curriculum which is 30 years old and we are doing a lot of things. I think there has to be a change in it. But today we just talked about the value will render model building and stuff. Okay, so high the wait. Hello Winnie, how are you? I'm good. How are you? I'm good asking. First of all, good afternoon. It's not good morning to all. Yes, let me introduce myself. I'm a chef. We start our discussion. Okay, so a clam. I was also student and I think also student right now with my God is also pursuing is my six mister. If I'm talking about education system of India, like where we got education like knowledge. So I think first of all environment take place very important role in our education system. We're totally so if environment is good, then I think better education will get My environment when I was in my schooling and I want my school, so the environment is too bad because I of the student in government government school. Yes your knowledge about government schools. They are the teachers are not responsible their students. Yeah, I mean a lot of times we teachers just come there and just want to spend that much time and go back and they are not very considerate about the children and the no compassion and stuff. So yeah, I do do have a little bit of idea of some schools, which I have seen with I have visited. I'm not sure if although government schools are same but it would be wrong on my part to see that so yeah my fellows my mates classmates. I'd like that too much poor poor poor in English. They even they don't know the spelling of his parents. So, can you imagine how far's how bad that? Yes? Yes. Absolutely is I get it. After that, if I'm talking about our education system in India, I think government like pressure in school school and private, you know private school. They always follow orders. It should be like overall education system also. Could I create thank you for connecting the wave? I think yeah, a lot of focus has to be done on government schools. I think government schools is a huge topic to talk about I think you know. In private schools know they are consider you very much concerned about their reputation. So they try to get all things, you know in place as much as possible because then if they somehow lose their you know for them, it is a customer base thing, but for government school, they don't have a problem because they have been funded by the government. Any which way the school is motor run and even if the teachers teach or not, they're going to get their salary on the day when the reality is want to come so people are not like, you know very much. What do I say? They do not care about I should say or I don't know but I have seen a few people who go out of their way to make changes and you know out of the their way to bring a change. I think that's people are applauding bill and I think school is something you know, where You know, it builds a person. So I think school should you know, they should concentrate on such things and II it really is heartbreaking the way when we talk about government schools, but you know just talking about it is not going to create a change. So I think doesn't make much difference though. Thank you, lots of changing their schooling because of Getting promotions, they got to their changing another school. So I think it's like a balance. I'm psyched balance some of each other are good some of which are bad. Correct. Correct. Correct. Correct. Totally right thanks.thanks for connecting the wait. I just have a few other callers and then I would like to take And then I'll get back to you again. Please stay connected with us. And if you have anything then just you know, be there in the comments and discuss with us. All right? Yeah, okay. Thank you. Yeah, why all right guys in the comments. He has hi. Hello everybody and I love lame I think some fantastic Point put up there. Safran Bonk. Yes, totally. Yes. Yes. It is a weapon education is a weapon Rajkumar. You know, I'm sorry. I spelt it Raj Kumar is the typo error and bright side. I I think you were waiting and then you disconnected. I have got a few other colors before you so let me just take that and then I'll get back to you on it. So which all Singh rajput your next and rajkumari rwr after that? Hello. Hello. Hello. Hello. Hello Kenny. Can you hear me? Yes, I can Chloe. Hi. Hello. Can you hear me? Yes, I can hear you all clear case. I'm sorry exits are happening due to network issue. OK no worry, please speak. Yeah, yeah, actually I think importance of a value of Education. Actually, I want to make I would like to make a point. It's an okay. It's totally related with education. Okay. What we do we are doing that thing. We are in a student of a fifth class either take example take you take example. If I am I'm doing b.tech. Okay, there's you know when I when I go and I go to school in a fur know go to college in a first day. Just one teacher said please concentrate on your studies. They don't teach us how to concentrate how I know by how I know how I concentrate on a study. That's my point. Okay student student of the doctors PSD. They have even saying please concentrate please teach us how to concentrate here. I think yeah, I think We asked we are teaching the trips every subject in our education system that support first a mandatory subject Pisa concentration how people how students are concentrate on something please teach them how to concentrate I think okay, we make a meditation or other rituals in rituals of a concentration on their side lever. So for our Education First Lighting. Oh, okay. I think we are talking about also value education value system. I think teaching, you know building the correct. Points about this. Okay. That's okay. Okay. Right, right, right. Can you hear me? Hello. Hello. Hello. Hello, I think my voice is coming. Hello. Yeah, can you hear me? Hello. Can you hear me? Yes, I can hear you. But I cannot see you. What is happening. I think your call isn't showing hello. Hello. So finally you took my call. You got me waiting a lot. I think that it's okay. I think I think it's always Go to wait, you know when somebody else is talking. Well, I don't think throwing throwing Tantrums in the comment is not the answer that is not a penetrometer sarcasm if you understand that take it or leave it. Okay, why would I show drank them to random people on the internet? I'll just wanted to talk about this issue. What happened if you doing that funny thing, which is important for the society as I wanted to contribute on that. Seem like you are my true interest with on that so, okay. My question to you is are you listening? Yes, I'm listening. Hello. Yes, I'm listening. I have a network issue. Hello. Yeah. So what I was saying is you make a different kind of podcaster every day, which is good for entertainment, which is good for contributing ideas and knowledge and talk to the people. But my question do is to you is that what you are doing? Actually, I mean what people are doing actually, you know, your thoughts doesn't make don't make you a better person your accents do What about Dad? Well, I cannot for my actions on the podcast and yeah, I mean if there is a shoe, we are discussing. We know that that is issue how to work on that and going on in your opinion. How can you cope with that? Because it's very good. We're just criticizing about the society and the people and also for the government but it's very difficult to go and get the job done is get your hands dirty on that because of it is going yes, it's you you know what I totally You on this point? Okay. It's very easy to talk about it and you know, but what about the thought process of people, you know, what about the thought process of people which is already, you know into certain which is put already into a certain shape. I think when we talk about the if somebody has that, you know mindset and thought process of ready then it's very difficult to change that after such a time that way because you don't want to do it. Okay, see when we think it is difficult. To change it is because we don't want to do it. Okay, we don't want to talk about it. Okay, we you know people can talk about people can talk about far not podcast. Okay, but the bright side please listen. Okay. I'm listening all you touch things and it's very easy to be motivate and it's very easy to say that this cannot happen Okay, but it it does take some effort. Okay, but it will happen if you know, there are people willing to pay. I think I've anything is possible. But the thing is that approach matters, you can talk and you can gather anyone and any amount of volumes in your podcast talking about this heated conversations. Do you want me? I'm just Gathering people in here. I mean, I really don't understand you. Connected to me. Okay. I didn't receive call you went in the comments and said she will never pick up my call because she you know, she talks to only people where she wants to look intelligent. I'm not here to look intelligent. Hello. I have a life. I hope the life everywhere I am. Yeah, I do have a life where I am and I don't have to prove it to you that I am intelligent. I wrote to talk to people and I find it fascinating idea. Yeah, this is all to do saying and it you know this thing my question I said pull don't I work the question don't you cannot Dodge the bullet here and just asking you you know, anybody can make such kind of a big word anybody can say big words on on my account right of people to lick themselves until And we're good. What is the ground yet? If somebody wants to change the reality then what is it? How can it be done? Let's change yourself. I think you have to change yourself, you know in your real life. That is only how it can create a change. Okay. So this is the end of know, but yeah, that is all I think it has to be changed in your own system. Just change your mindset and work towards is actually a value education. You see a seat. Let's assume that you are a mother of child other children, of course. What kind of value do you want to give to your children? Okay, I'm talking about value education here. I don't I'm not here to discuss my personal ideas of having children and how I'm going to teach them and train them so you get his education according to you because you are making a podcast about this subject you should know about it. And what is your idea of I mean you asking questions to other and others are right to ask you. What is your opinion on that simple? Okay. Who are those are asking who are those are changing the right here? Okay. Anyway, listen, mr. Brightside for me. My idea of new education is school should not be only about academics. Okay value education's start from home. All right, we teach our children how to be good to speak the throw to respect each other, you know, in today's world. A lot of problems are based on such values which are missing we we think you know it is Acting and being compassionate and all these things have gone, you know old school. Okay, I think those things have to come back and these have to be inculcated in the kids right from the start, you know, it will build a good foundation to them. You know the kind of one for yes. We talked about the idea how to implement it. I mean, what are the good Edge value education? What is actually value education what you want to teach young children out there for preparing for the live go out? And in experience of life and going to shape the future of this country and this world. So what is actually a what is actually the values you get just one thing it is overall. There are so many other things it same name the few of them being truthful. It's being confident. It's like not, you know going heartbroken after a simple failure. It is no all these like something nobody can teach you, you know, you can never learn it from anybody. This is how your brain works on certain things confidence comes Initially, you cannot beat someone to be confident same as like being, you know, strong-hearted. You can see that our schools. Okay the teach you certain subjects. Okay, then they test you in the same way, you know in schools we live. Those are a different thing. I'm talking about. You just said like you should be happy you're talking about I'm actually getting it. Okay, if you don't fail how I want to Learn, okay. No, it's not. Your ideas are forming. It would well, good luck. That's your brain and what him to idea again? No, I'm just trying to make sense out of your words. One second. Yeah, mister K there is there is a lot of difference between literacy and value education. I get it, but mr. Bright is talking something like that. Yeah, you're saying something lady. Yeah. Yeah, Mr. Blair, please go ahead tell, you know, just complete your sentence. Let me just you know finish this call and go ahead to the next. Yeah, I knew that because that is what I commented. You cannot answer the questions you cannot you're not even intelligent enough to answer those things. You can just make a good podcasts and you cannot talk about the real issues. This is what I'm saying. And I made my point I clear it anybody who listen to that or listen to this podcast later. We'll know about it. I've asked you a simple question that you are asking anybody and you get in satisfactory on that Have a fun time. Goodbye. And this would be like for last time you'll be talking to me because I have time I have. Why dude to Educators on this topic? Mr. Bright Mystic here. Mr. Bright is just here to I don't know mess up things because if you see his comments, you know. What are you guys doing in the comments? Correct in IR that is what I'm talking but a lot of people don't get that, you know, they come come back towards different things and different ideas and different. What do I say? They come up with questions. Like if you have kids, what are you going to tease them and stuff like that? We need don't let the his words affect, you know laughs lame. I know I don't let it affect me because she from the started self. He You know the way he took things you know how it is. So yeah, okay it anyway doesn't affect me. He says that what do you think just talking on a podcast is going to make a difference? I don't think I have always said this that talking on a podcast, you know won't make a difference I think but somehow a little little change in a mindset will definitely make a difference and I'm very hopeful about that particular thing. He does not understand. It that way. I cannot change his mind set. All right, so I'm not here to change his mind set because you know, let's not talk about it though though talking about it's fun listening to phinny. Okay talking about it talking about it yesterday when me and Harry were talking about women empowerment. Okay. Hurry spoke about a lot of things or harassment and stuff that is happening. Okay, so we clearly discussed it had to be changed at an earlier level. Okay, I I'm surprised a lot of people think that we don't learn these things in school. How is that possible? I mean, you know being at a certain level in life is not something which is happening overnight. You cannot just let your brain work on this, you know, all our experiences all are learning, you know ads what we think or how we think it's really surprising man. How is it? Okay. Well her he's on College. Let's talk to hurry and then get back to it. Okay. Hi Whitney. How are you? Hi, how are you? Hi. Hello? Yeah. Hi. Hi. Hi, honey. Hello. Oh, he's a Pakistani. I thought you was from Delhi. Anyway ignorant. Hello. Hey mr. K. Hello, hi. Mr. Gay. Hey, how are you? I'm good. How are you? I'm good. So I don't want to talk about being a weather education that it said it right. It's you know, it's different in start from home and it's all about, you know, having moral values and it's all about developing a personality that you expect to be a good human being not about literally like, you know, but a leaky there is another you Like a good human being is different from this educated person who either for and mr. Brown man, if somebody's coming on on here on this platform and having a topic so it doesn't mean that she or he should know about it. At least if she's she doesn't know you should you should tell them that what wrong acid instead of that. You don't know that you come up here with no answers. So that's something negative about your bra. You have to just if you have to deal with people in your life, you stop just stop finding out faults. Okay. Yes you are. Yes. Yes. Yes, you are. Yeah, and you got curved I'm sorry to say that we need you never lost control. Like I didn't see you that you lost temper. But today you you were started. Yeah back to you acted differently. I don't know in the comments. Mr. Bright. He said, you know, she wouldn't want to take a call because she feels that you know, she wants to talk to people where she feels. Intelligent it is not about intelligence mistaken never bit. You know, if really I wanted to show my intelligence I would show it and my profession. I think I'd that is where it has to be shown. All right. I think we are here to discuss ideas and there's no point in showing intelligence here. Okay, and intelligence is something not to be shown Man Who Sold their religion? Yeah, so I mean he kept saying that thing and it is really it really hit me. I think why why if you really don't like something just go away just don't you know absolutely nobody is forcing you to be here. Yeah simple. So I think he had said that to disturb the whole Aura and the mood I think and he did this so I guess so because you know the last time he connected to me also, he was like weird questions and today what happened was I had five College in line. Okay, and you know, mr. K how I take calls, right? Yeah. I got it and you just preferred him because of the comments and yes, I just thought you know, why are you creating this idea in here? Veni just makes people, you know sound dumb know which not that way. Okay. There are a lot of people here who I really appreciate who call and you know, they share the ideas and stuff right to prove him what you are because people are already know that you're nice and humble person here. Oh man it. Oh, it's pretty you know, what? How do I say it? It's really pretty out there. You know when someone does this ate it didn't sound like a comet it sounded like a tantrum like when a kid saying like you're not listening to me. Okay. So yeah, so let's come back to the topic. I guess that should or more to you know that yeah. Yeah. Yeah, right, right. Well is system. It means teaching and learning of ideals, you know ideals are those whom everyone admires? Because of their character because of theory, you know, simple nature or the things they teach others because they hold that thing, you know, they just don't give advices to others. They just follow themselves that thing and that's why they suggest others to do so and mr. Mr. Brightside. You're not my brother. Absolutely and but you can be my brother, bro. I'm not so stub or And I don't anybody. And you start your podcast and I'll come on there. I'll join your post will have a little chitchat on there. Yeah. Nope. Thanks. Okay. I knew that you are a code word and you won't able to do so because you're afraid nobody will come on your podcast. I'm sorry. Okay, let's not let's not take this ahead and let's not give much importance to such a thing. I think. Cayetana, hi cat hi. See I think you know when I come here, I want to talk about positive things and spread positivity. Even if we are talking about negative things. I'm just trying to change the idea but then when someone like this, you know comes and tries to get attention with all this thing is it's really irritating to be very honest. Okay. So let's start with the example Suppose. There are two kids there are being brought up by by two different families one family is full of you know, mhm. Yes. Yeah one family is full of you know, there's temperament like they are so angry they fight with each other. So the kid will learn how to fight and on other side. There is another family who is so humble. They don't find but they try to you know, keep up with everyone and they They live so they live together. They see some faults. They tried to improve each other they help those. So the moral values of two kids are different one thing's pointing only pollution and another kid thinks love may be helping each other is something that one should inculcate inculcate. Yeah, right. So these are something that our moral values. This is about value system and it Start from the you know from the past from absolutely and it's institutions that holds you're talking about colleges and these things they focus now, I'm talking about schools precisely. Yeah, you know, it's College. I think we are we are at an age where we don't really give you know thought of to such things. Okay, because we are already experiencing life, you know life happens. We look at things with our own experience. As but I think in school in like you said those two students they come from different backgrounds and they have different environment, you know, and they act different but in school all these people coming from different backgrounds are put in one Center. Okay, you know and what happens is look and learn is happening. So that is what I'm saying why it has to be inculcated in school. I mean why it has to be introduced in school these things why awareness has to Be made about these things in school. Okay. Yes. We learn everything from home. No, there's no denying about it. It is schools. It is sort with stories. It is sort. Yes. It started in Mahabharata that that is you know in our culture it is like basically my experience. Okay. My experience is I belong to a Convent. Okay, so, you know No, we had kids coming from different backgrounds, but we had a class where we would talk about these things why these are important and what happens when we follow these things, you know, and that goes up to a certain level of age. It goes up to eight standard. Okay, and by eight standard you already have a mindset you have a strong strong foundation. So whenever you fall down you have problem whenever you are, you know low at your heart, you know, these things come back to your mind, you know when you learn and that Helps you to grow ahead it helps you to change. Okay, and if that doesn't change you I think there are school. There are teachers who give you the confidence to talk to them. You know, they counsel you at that time, you know, they give you the right ideas at that time and you know values education is also about being a good citizen. Absolutely. I know it's something else but it's like own Advance label, but when we talk about being a good situation It comes down to follow average room and it has a lot of aspects of it. But when you're having a strong moral values, you don't cheat you don't do you know this frauds that are happening nowadays in the society because of this to no moral values and I think moral values are he was telling that they cannot be taught. I think mr. Bridewell like that guy was telling they cannot be taught. So I think if you if you just try to do that values, you know, when you when you see something, you know, when you cheat or when you just you know, just steal some money and your parents guide you that it's not good. It's wrong then maybe it will click in your mind that what you did was wrong and you regret it and you want to eat again. Correct. And if you have having a lot of people in line, maybe I will leave the call and you can invite them and you can just all right, mistake you thanks for connecting. Yeah, and please do you think you are my Idol? Come on, you just not just the broadcast right now. I was I was just feeling bad about the fact that he kept saying, you know, she wants to look intelligent. Bro, I'm not I don't want to look intelligent. Even if you're saying I'm intelligent. No, I'm not pleased I even told him that I'm not as intelligent as you are. So yeah, you are pretty good. And and you just don't lose your calm and okay that makes you different. I guess when you are so humble to everybody. It doesn't mean that whether the person is good or wrong. But your act you just treating them equally that's what human you know, that's what a good host. Human when you are equally without your you know temperament without your just anything it could be, you know, you meet different people but you you just treat them equally true true true too. Yeah. All right, mr. K all I got great talkin. Yeah same here. Okay. See ya. You have a great day. Hi guys on hi. Hello. Yeah. Irony. What's up? What's up? Just talking about values. Oh my gosh complicated subject. Yeah, it's good you're talking about. Well, I heard I heard that you have to inculcate values when your child. Yes. That's really good. Anyways, like what do you think like values? What is what do you mean values are such what values are looking at product are good or bad values. I think overall development or for mindset. Okay / - if you have a positive mindset you have very much to the character. You have everything. Okay? Okay, you know if you don't want as moral science, I think that it'll teach you what the story is what value should be there being empathetic. So the models using moral of the story is you to be a good human. I think all that I'm talking about. Okay. So yeah, it's good wrong model actually teach you how to be good human being the moral ethics have to behave and I think so people also know those like innate nature of a person will always have that you should not you shall not steal. You shall not do anything. They all feel the same and they do that act and I don't know like they know that it's wrong so I it's like in Bible as well. It's written that it's hard to do in law. It's a sin like you're trying to take Ariel's Advantage, so yes, there are and you said the well that you have to inculcate this value when you are small if you grow up take you to the society if problems are arising this ignorant of what value system is. I he is earlier level. Yes, so yeah, I do I do feel that it should be inculcated at small and I do feel that now also you can inculcate it's good. It's not bad. It won't harm anybody else as a society, right? So what point I was making is that you can see depends on the value you're saying it all depends like if you are going to teach somebody or value it depends on who will take it or not, but if you know that it's good. Good for the society. We will inculcate within yourself. Like you have to understand what is good. And what is bad so that's a different concept. Like what is good? And what is bad a different like you have to deal with that and you and I have to understand what is good so I can I won't go there. I'll go to the store topical value education or with when you educate yourself about the values you have perhaps what my thinking is that you can't give you can For society to accept any values. Okay, they will do mockery. Yeah. Bad. Hello, correct. Yeah. So what I bill is in a way I have been to a book of Jordan Peterson. He says that you have to inculcate in yourself. I mean in tablet same this the concept is the same the way you behaved people who look up to you and they will learn here if you don't have proper nobody will as behave so I guess I am the speaker for this. But guys so you hi guys. see because Happening Here is okay people. We have a few differences here like a lot of callers who have called. Okay while I say that these values can be inculcated in kids. Okay? Okay make yes, of course it will happen at home. Okay, but when we go to school, I think it has to be carried out to a level where it is been taught, you know, the importance of it is stored. You know, like you said these things cannot be taught we have it is like take it or leave. Yes, but at a different state at an at a stage where you start thinking but you know kids go to school at what age three and all this stuff. Yes. I think that's at that age. They don't know. What is right and wrong unless you tell them what is right and wrong. Okay, and I'm just going to tell them how certain things can be done. Right? Yes, as long as they are good. So sorry. See I'll give you an example. Okay, I have a cousin, okay. And she has a kid so that cared, you know follows its teacher much much. Yeah, it follows whatever than he or she follows, you know, what is taught at home? Like, you know, she comes back home and she did, you know, my teacher said this is right. So even if a mother is saying this is not right for him that what you think is right, right. Okay, so certain impact the school the teacher leaves on the child. Okay, okay. Yes. Yes. So my my thought here is why this should be these things should be taught in school is because children are influenced more by the yes. Yes, you're so I think yeah somewhere that effect remains with us for a lifetime. I don't know about the others but I think what I have experienced in my life or what I have seen people I think you know someone Where it affects because there are they have been students from different School backgrounds. Okay, like government School connect said, you know, they don't care and they don't teach and stuff. Okay for such people even if at home they are teaching mode. This is right value. This is everything this is good, but when they are in the school their students from different background and what happens is eventually they see everything and their mindset change change. Yeah, I do agree with that is what I am saying. Yeah, it's true that even you go to a school. It's a long period of time from three years you get out. Well, I guess in 15 or 16. It's yeah, when you come out on the accuser certainly called plug and all that will be more better for you. You have a lot of time in school. So there is there that is the as you are. You will get a lot of time to learn and educate and to be following the ethics. There's a definition like if you are getting a good ethics of parasitic, so I want to do one thing with you. The abnormal I want to check out what it is. Okay. So do you think what polite if you are, right and other guy is wrong to be polite is good to a certain level. Yes. Okay, and if what happens if if you want to I mean, can you say can you say the truth is in the beginning if they pose and can you explain it in opened and you were like two old friend him and say the truth as well. If you were on my call, I think you might have heard it. Okay, there was yes. Yes. Yes. I tried being polite and then I couldn't then I don't stop being polite after that. So I think it it also depends on our temperament. Okay, sometimes all the character anomaly. All different actor. Yes and said sorry good. I'm sorry. Okay, sometimes you can let go things but there are some things when some people say I think it is not very, you know, Pleasant it could get unpleasant totally. Yes person has his word for yourself might limit the boundaries. Yeah. I mean there is a boiling point to the water. Were also so yeah, that's how it works. Yes. So yeah, you said right that school can inculcated values in it, but it all depends on what values are they teaching so yeah, I mean I was until I get to be polite and I'm a pacifist by Nature. I mean, I'm very polite if you can see it. Anyways, like I feel I feel right now I have changed my mindset be with the truth because what happened is the other guys also saying that would form Hazel and I am saying the truth from what I believe. Yeah, so I I have the evidence and I will give Dave don't they don't want to accept that's not all I believe what the truth is. If there is glorification in then you can solve it in calm manner. You have to cross question the claim right? Not the person so you are I feel I feel you right in on the debate. They are just going like out or and you what they already do is like this E news this thing that debate is and a good tattoo way and you have to produce a shout and yell to act say something. It's good like it is true. It's not you have to make it falsify. Like what what is truth and what is false this way? I don't disagree. You should not harm a person. You should just go for the claim, but that's not But yeah, so I'm so over there. You have not to be polite. You have to say that this is the truth. I feel like this is a good. Do you have any question in regards for that? It's time it's totally agreeable, but I don't know I feel that this is a strong team which I'm making if I fail that okay find I can accept it or not. I'll look after it. There's a good way to go all let's jump out of the car. But if you just want to influence someone forcefully, I guess that's a dynamical way. Yay, it's yep, you're using a dominance people would agree and will be awkward. It will be rude and it will be everything that you you can't do anything about it. Absolutely. Absolutely. I totally agree. I mean what happens is a lot of times we are trained in such a way that if you have to be polite and stuff and sometimes, you know, some people just take that thing away from you, but I think we shouldn't what do I say? Let that happen and you know not it shouldn't be that voice, you know, the voice should not raise but the topic should be raised I guess. Yes. Yes the wife should not release. Yeah through it was my point. Your concept is clear. Yeah, totally. Yeah. So yeah, that's the only way to communicate. People don't know how to communicate as well. So mostly people think that speaking in English in polite way is good. But the hard communication brings more out of you, right correct how to deal with the person and right now I fear it seems that you're enjoying the way you're communicating because you're learning a right? Of course. No, that's good. And it is you who is there in this DP? Like is it Leo? Is it the sky? I have a mirror. Is it a sky or okay, it's Alec. It's a griever right when you need in your DP. That's a beach see the beach. Yeah, it's alright, it's reflecting. So yeah, I mean why I will hide why are you hiding your face me? Yeah, we know it's not about the face man. It's not really all about face. I think that was my DP when I joined in here. So I think I have just let that be okay. Anyways, it's good like you what you're going hard with value education. I understood your parents about anything else is this concept? I'll tell you yesterday Indian River discussing women empowerment. Okay, so he's already know this happens that happens. It starts at home. You know, if the parents don't teach us what to do if the parents don't teach us, I think I think there are a lot of parents who are working both. The parents are working. Sometimes they don't get kinds of their children all these things. We get to see how they behave. Okay, then where are these children? What about these things at the school oddest YouTube? Okay, if you get is going to go to YouTube and see oh my God, what is value education? He has to want to learn and study a lot of thing, which is nuisance and this for them. So while see schools if schools can introduce things like horse riding and swimming and all this stuff why they cannot introduce a class where you know, children are taught to meditate and look into your into their minds and build a strong value for their life. I think, you know, a lot of times teenagers get into you know, what do I say? Hmm get depressed and themselves and why why does this happen you think? Better not because I am not able to you you are you are adorable. You are audible. I had been between it's just that's like I get updated. Nobody's listening me. Yeah. Yeah, we are listening see, you know, why do you think students at teenagers, you know go get depressed or die why you know, because their model, you know that those values that you know, what do I say? The power is not in collocated. How how will that be happening? You think it's not lack of concentration on the kids? It's not that okay. Basically those few what do I say it? There is a jigsaw puzzle, you know a person is like a digital button and those little you know pieces are missing. Okay, it is a break. Okay. All right. Now those can be put by anyone it can be Goodbye parents. It can be put by friends. It can be put by the teachers what when it is put by the teachers it stays for a long time. That is what I think because what you know, it's kind of experience that I have seen a lot of people so I think that is where I got that from. All right, what are you open to understanding? Why as to why people think it is only to be happened. I mean, it should only happen at home and why not in school. So I'm now this is I'm curious about It now. All right. Okay. So I mean you have seen that it's okay Licious idea not at home and to be at school as well. So yeah, it's good to be over there as well at home as well. And you said continuous process? Yes. Yes. Yes. You got to know. I mean you're coming to my concept now. Yeah, it's a continuous business. Yes, a continuous process. It's not stop anywhere for any reason I guess so, yes. So what you are saying is true, then you can stay in that people in school or not in calc. With this value, they go into depression. They don't have the complete idea of what life is all about how to behave in society and like they go it would wrong way the tie to connect Pace but as aluminum, which is unsolvable, right? So it's depend depend paste. Okay, so they try to go there is one mind which the thing which you don't know we say we know it. Okay. So clear like it's or is a untreated. I know it's pretty nice. Rice, and we and we just try to connect pieces on our own and there's some pieces which is missing. So you take some time. Yeah, the chain will break. It's not a strong changes. You think that it's no Gap there is a gap. So you got point where I was saying that it's okay fine. If you go ahead and study at school you go ahead and study at home if your parents are good enough and click it there. I do. Anyway, that's good parenting I won't say that a people. Me when I my parents were like my mom is a housewife and my dad was out. He was all those in abroad so he wasn't I wasn't able to communicate like I don't know what the society wants for me. I had to learn everything for myself. So it was very hard for me as well. So I invested in my value. So yeah, I understand that people are there who can get a good value from school and home? I was bullied at school. I I am totally agree when I was bullied and everyone used to what do you say just I can't explain it. Was devastating the school. I was okay till 5th standard was bad, but after it came out to be good because I control and I came to know that people will irritate you as I had to inculcate and my mom is totally into it. So she doesn't know she never went to school so I had goodbye my phone. So it's a continuous Mulan correct, correct Gathering all that stuff together and putting it up and you know making a strong person out of it. Yes it is. It does take some exam effort. You have to manage it. You have to learn after keep learning that Holy thing is how you communicate how you do because communication is the key like before I'll not never used to communicate to the girl. Like people right now have clear to talk with the girl. I had the same feeling afterwards. You have to move on like a you can't stop you can't hold over there. Correct not to move on. Yeah, I think somewhere somehow every piece every little bit that we experience from our life. I think somewhere it builds our somewhere. It takes us to a certain point and you know, that is how we stand out. Yes. It's any yeah, you have to understand and I think you know when you have that thing in you when you are good when you have those value in you it is always nice. You spread it out you give Two people okay, or you just be good let people look at you and learn I think that comes in later stages like coming back to my topic and then values like when I say importance of value education. Okay. So when I say is when I call it education what is education people tend to mistake education as study matter or an academic topic, but it is not an academic topic. Guys, if we are talking today, if I am talking to chitin or am discussing with you guys, if I am learning something I am getting educated. Okay. This thing is going to remain with me. You know, I'm going to inculcate these things these ideas into me and it is gonna help me someday that is true meaning of Education. It's not like going when monk mugging up things. Okay. So yeah. Yeah, the only thing which separates us from other, you know other animal is education and it's the continuous process of learning animal inaudible to learn that part as compared to a human human can perception can learn anything at any age of life for animal control that could happen 38 lat. That and so yes, so be a Human Being Human. I think that is more than more important in here. So I think what makes us human is the values and how we learn it and how we inculcate those things into us. And yes, it makes us what we are. You said that it's okay like normally to inculcate and to know the knowledge what you having and in certain point of time we will know everything right. So it's alright to be open to the suicide. Tell the truth that you know certain things and go to say even if you don't know. No, yeah, it's fine because you know, when you do that thing Society will have lots of question. They'll come to your concept. They'll try to cost questionnaire concept as well and to learn a lot about your own concept as well. The first question you have to be polite because you believe in that any you want to be open to learning something new as well. Correct. Well, okay, right right together and I think it has been a very fruitful conversation today. I think picnic is sleeping picnic. Don't sleep man. Don't yeah, I mean discussing it like, you know today it's been common my broadcast new questions there. This this track is you marketing is but her experiment no Frank we are coming there. You know, I have a podcast at 200. Rock with Rocky. Okay, and we are talking about why men fear talking to women. I think I thought you should come there if you got some time and usually I usually don't but now I gotta hook onto this app. I don't ya but let's see. Yeah and mr. K. I think even you should come there because last time when you spoke to Rocky you told him, you know about the fear and stuff. I think so guys come and we'll talk about it there. But right now let's let's take a few other calls and thanks Catherine. Thanks for correcting man. I'll give a last quote. Okay? Yeah. Sure. I said that it all depends on you. People will learn value from you. So remember you are the only one who can fill the world with Sunshine. Yeah, that's that's true. That's very nice something. You know guys. You are the guys you are the light. All right, but I get done by. Thank you for connecting man. They're Frank says I cannot podcast Without You Frank. That's a lie. All right, so hi. Hi Frank. Frank hi guys. Hi. Hi everybody. Hi Ranjit Ranjit. What is happening? When Heidi Heidi someone is calling you Gibby. Yeah. Yeah. So thank you for coming in and I would like to talk about value of Education. Okay. Yes like you said. Yeah, even when I was I was a child when I was a childhood that time I didn't almost concentrate on on studies. Like I was very naughty and mischievous boy in the school. No, I noticed do or take anything like know as to take lightly and and then you know, and I was not good in studies. Actually. First of all, I let you and let me tell you I was trouble like, you know. I want to enjoy like now also I'm doing the same thing. Even if I work for prior to this that habit will never go that is and yeah and and you know that intention like, you know, I noticed to take an initiative like in studies and then as to get less per promoted I tell you the fact I had some in some standard, you know, I start I passed in promoted tune. I came to know like, you know, it is very important that you kitchen then I started studying and started giving more important the value of education and and and it becoming more important it started becoming because then we came to know that education is important in our life for our job and for ever everything without education Half-Life. We will leave like example who have not one not educated like, you know and easily sit person is living a half life. Education is most important and we have to give value for the edge again. No Frank just with education. Okay, what what about the value education? Like when we was like, you know being good being honest and everything. Frank magical yeah, I'm listening to you being polite being strong being compassionate mean confident being throat. Yes. Yes, even yeah, right even I also what I do I do in the broadcast, you know, I'm just, you know, nothing doing them better and you know, I want to do something like, you know differently in a different way like either the other they are talking about coronavirus and all that. That is what you know, To teach even I also learning in that I also getting knowledge and sharing my knowledge to others. Also. I'm pretty much like writing thinking and writing know all they are doing is only so that I have no other work instead of doing this. So even if I prepared some questions alone now if I'm going my broadcast and again, I'm going to see something different. Maybe I have no idea. Let's see. No, baby. After 30 minutes or 40 ft. Yeah. Yeah, because you know, I have prepared some questions like, you know, it is very good. It is good that also related to education because we are we are going back to school. Late than never. I think you are given a value at least you know, that is important. Yeah, I have prepared know many questions and I hope all the listeners please if you want to if you want bread was please come in my head my body then, you know go to correct them know they they disconnecting me. You know, I seen last night girls, you know, and the way there's no product. I don't know what In broadcast, they are doing all the time they are lucky and there is no topic and we have to talk about them your beautiful house and all the one one guy is going all students early going and talking about. Oh you are so beautiful. Oh, yeah. What is this? This is what we are going to learn English. We have we have come here to learn English newcomers. Never mind. If you like the book as you use some orange, okay, nevermind. Alright, so yeah. Alright Frank. I think I'll take a few other. There are few people getting and I don't know what I do know little little at work everywhere. Now. I want to I have meeting other workers with anyone. Okay, then. All right guys, that was Frank and and I assess I like got swine II think you should talk. And is that who bear I think with that name tiger. Mom ooo. Oh my God. What a name. Vikram Singh Vikram Singh is on call guys. Let's talk to Vikram Singh. Hello. Hello. Can you hear me? Yes now I can hear you. Okay? Thanks Mom. It's my first day. I today I join this to improve my communication skills. Okay, as now my speak speaking communication is not good. So I've named prove that in. I can improve my communication skills. So sorry if I irritated you no, no absolutely not Vikram always go ahead and love. And then as you are discussed, we were discussing about the education system. Yeah, so mmmm. We have Ramon on on the stubble topic only or we can communicate other also, it would be nice. If you talk about the topic see we are not just talking about education. We are talking about value education like, you know things that we learn honesty being truthful being polite, okay? Each other all these things we are talking about so you can talk about those things. Yeah men, like I'm going to say it fact that when I rejoined my college mmmm. I spent three hours three years and only learning about board education only I read books and I was top in my class, but I didn't get actual meaning. Okay, ma'am. I belong to come. Peter sighs bronze and I'm doing b.tech in Jaipur member. So I realized that in three years I didn't get anything. I just yeah, I just read books and learn them mock-up them and then I scored better, but after three after three, I realized that it's nothing it's not helpful for me then after I I join a company and Then I work on live project so that I can gain something and in future I can do something because only on the basis of our tube on the basis of my degree. I can't do anything. So am I then I remember when I joined my first company for internship, I didn't get anything. They don't pay they didn't pay me, but I work hard and I learned many things from there mmmm. I am now I am a software developer. Welcome him and the in veneer. I learned many Technologies and I learned I learned how to be positive to how to be positive. And what's the positive attitude overall? I learn about positive attitude. Mmmm. Now I am try to learn English communication before or two day before yesterday. I was for that. It's that 21 days very boring. I didn't I don't want to do anything but now but now I think it's a good opportunity for me and I I took a 21-day challenge to learn communication and improve my communication. That is fantastic. I think that is the best thing to do. You are utilizing your time very well. Yes, ma'am and How it today as today. I started to work on that particular things and my office work is done on my office work take only three of four hours and after that I'm very free get lost. So yeah, I have a lot of time so I will now yes ma'am. So I don't I don't know more about this app. So today I join and it's my first call and I request Stood in and it's very nice. It's accepted and I'm talking to you. It's very nice to meet you ma'am. Nice to meet you. And you already communicate I mean you already speak whatever you are trying to say. I think your message is very very clearly delivered. I think you just want to work on enhancing your communication. I guess that will happen eventually and 21 days is much. So yes, if you practice everything will be good. Okay. Thanks, ma'am. Thank you Vikram. Thank you for connecting. Good day. Thank you. I guess I was Vikram and zodiac. Hi Vikram on and you know, yeah, he's kind of so now, you know, it was so sweet. You don't have to date only the selected now and hello. Hi Winnie. Hi. Yeah when we know what listen to you for a while, and I know that if you can hear me. Yes, I can hear you please. See ya. Like I was listening to you for a while, so I came you're pretty willingly. So like I will make many career mistake because I mean just a beginner so So, okay. Let me talk some topic like importance of valuing education. So before that, let me ask you one thing. Like how did you appear English like this bike are you from any kind of see be a CEO something that's going to be? Okay. What a lot. Other than that. Did you take any other kind of steps like we did you use to watch frequently many English movies or series and all we used to do. It's a building a diaper viewers have spoken in this language and studied and I used to read books and I think that is how it has helped me and even at work. We communicate an English soldier Okay. So what what I think it is always good zodiac if you are trying to learn from different sources, like if you are watching movies, you're listening to music or I think I want to be Dear, I think read loudly. Yo, how you speak? How you read? All these incremental laws? Okay, and then Winnie I arrived from actually this place you belong. Oh, come on. What about your school? Like in Kerala? We don't use English language when we are going through school and colleges in the I belong to so you guys miss keep in touch like a when you whenever you Eagle communicate with each other you used to use this language itself, isn't it? Like when you're in school? In school, I think that that helps. Okay, so we started eventually we started thinking in English language rather than our mother tongue. So I think those my mother tongue as much as I use English. Okay, then are you working there in Vancouver? It's unit itself. No, I'm okay and which energy place And then I wish to be like this person who belongs to re-film blocked ID from or something like that. Okay, and where are you right now? Is that what I was doing electricity three months before I was working the so we where are you? People, you know be there, you know, they are with me through my podcast, you know while I discuss something and I really appreciate that so I don't want them to feel it. You know, I'm going off peak. Yeah, if you can just talk about it if you would like to talk about it or about in my sense like when I'm talking about my graduation since it's always about of Education I will tell for me is just like a tool to gain a with better job nothing more than that. Like there are many guys like who who would like to go for school like be like a scoreless and I like to you like to go with him take an HDR note. So I'm not a person who I am for really like to gauge this kind of knowledge Sora want to perceive me as a chorus and all I really want to job. So for me the course like graduating in everything is just like a tool for that. So I don't think I can see much more on that actually and what do you think thing about this equation? What do you feel about? But like is pretty messed up in India today and I think we are all just in the books and we are mugging up stuff and all that. I think that is a totally different thing. But what we are talking today is about, you know, values or model building in. Oh, yeah, so that is what we are talking about. Like, you know why it is important to build moral values and And stuff and you know how all this value education in school, like a lot of people say that these values are built-in at home level. Yes, but I partially disagree is say that these things are you know, these things are a continuous process. Okay learning certain things like values. Okay building a character. I think it's a continuous process. Figured you know, I heard yes, but the point is what like a lot of people in this thing. You know, it only depends on parents to build a child's career or a child's life. Like there are a lot of parents who are both working. Okay in such time. How is a child supposed to learn all these things and create a hard foundation for himself appear on a strong Foundation to you know move ahead in life. Okay. So a lot of times the children are ignored and they are not taught all these things at home. But then where is the child supposed to learn all these things I think school is where you know, these things can be learned and because it affects our later life a lot. What do you think like that? You're not? Yeah, like we're thinking about right now. The reason situation that we are having in our character versus curriculum like I think yeah, I'm talking about my state. Going through my degree sister Kayla see here. We just encourage students to learn what they had Linda scheduled like in the subjects only nothing more than that and moreover like a yes. You said to improve our moral values. They had just came up with hip textbook called more steady something like that, which comes first thing. I don't think that's and for that also they put exam which we won't miss our see depends on that. If we if you don't correct in more studies, we won't get a better environment for the so that's how those Irish. Yeah. We're good. Cover but I think in this instance instead of his kind of academic like a I think the student the peaches to encourage students to be part of NCC and such kind of things are they like Scout and guide isn't it? So being a part of that? We I think we can practically involving many kind of services like being in NSS of NCC. Whiskey in something like that. I don't know actually, so being a part of that. I think that's the rear platform from where we can mingle with many people mingle with the society from where we can learn something new. So and a great points. I'm sorry zodiac grid points. Thank you for connecting and you know, thank you for discussing your ideas with us. Have a great day. Thank you. What guys out today's topic importance of value education? A lot of different ideas met a lot of different discussions done and a lot of things that I learned I think. Hello Vikram Singh Highway grimacing. Hello. Yeah, I'm with yes you are practicing. I think that is great listen and try talking rather than just, you know, try connecting calls in different port side. Hi Lulu, after long time. She my podcast is on a words of being you know over and now here. I think there's some Network issue guys. Hello. Hi Shaheed. Hi. Hello. Hello. Hi. So no GG. Yeah, I think I have connected you. So no GG. Hello, man. Hello? Yes. Hello him. Good afternoon. Good afternoon. Hello. How are you? I'm good, ma'am. I'm good, and I'm very happy. To see you, but that because usually I hear you're a professional, you know, quite motivated. You know, I must say that you are a real motivator. Oh my god do something huge to say. I'm not okay. Yeah. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you, you know about the topic guys can people connect with me on the opendoc and that's very motivating to me. Yes, so So remember no one called was coming so I disconnected it. Hello. Hello. Hello. I think there's some Network to guys please. Let me connect back to Burrell. Yes. Can you hear me now? Jack I can hear my own voice back guys. I think there is some Network problem and we need Madam High picnic picnic - picnic you back again. You were gone. Why is picnic sleeping picnic why are you sleeping all the time? Zulu high-rise window you're late man. I'm on the verge of ending my podcast. Okay. So yeah, Shahid. Hi again, Meggie. Mr. Amit. Yeah, I think you should keep connecting them with, you know, please connect to podcasts and talk as much you can okay. Picnic has no children Frank you back again, man. No, this is not Frank. Who is this? Someone has changed its his name to Frank. Is that is that is that Harry? I guess that's Harry. The I don't pass obscene comments on my comment section. Okay. Yeah, so guys so, you know lot of discussion lot of things learned a lot of things agreed-upon lot of things disagreed upon. So today's podcast I think has been crazy. It has been crazy man. Crazy crazy. Okay. So yeah there there that is Frank and who's this friend? Who is this? Have a new clone and here see somebody has, you know copied your name. Okay, Frank you started your podcast. Yeah, I'll just be there after my at the end of my podcast I think icon is already there. Yeah. Yeah. I have another podcast at two o clock so with Rocky picnic is in Greenland and I are having fun today. Right so you're not studying today. Oh my oh my God, where has changed his name back? Oh, is it I just got it. Okay. Nevermind Lobo. Oh, never mind Frank. I'll just block. I'll just block him there. I then he'll never be able to comment again on my podcast. Yeah, yeah, whoever is doing that. Yeah. Okay. Got it. Got it. Got it. I'll I'll just block that. Yeah, I'll just block that account what Shay I should. Frank what you say? I should block that account here. Cool. Let me just block it. All right, guys, I think time is up and I think great discussion great discussion great points discussed lot of things learned. There are a few points that I will have to go back and check again. Why as to why such things are so so yeah, I think I'll come back at 2 o'clock. We'll we'll just have another session and We need the English scale. Ye Kya Kar. Sakta Hai Ranjit Ranjit English Calliope Acres of hindemith. I cannot hold this Rebirth of Hindi message. Not only Hindi my bath. Carnegie You know you because if you keep texting in Hindi, then there's no point, right you're listening to all English podcasts. You should try to comment in English, okay? Either we'll High. Give some tips and tricks for me picnic. I don't know if you need any tricks because you very well. You have been texting in here. Okay. So anyway guys I think today is day is you are right. Mom says home. Yeah. Umm. Yeah. So yeah, I'm wrapping up this session and here in GDs my dear brother dear little brother. Yeah. Yes, so You know, I just don't sneeze rest all is ok. Ok. Yeah, I so let's wrap it up for today. And I think it has been a nice. Oh because there he is. I don't know somehow. He always connects to me at the end of the podcast. Or this emergy also. Oh my God, it is like a jackpot now emergy and because at the same time damn, Yeah, I mean, I'd see it as just you know, 10 minutes. Then he removed five six minutes left. Yeah, I heard about yeah, you heard the Heartbreak podcast, right? Yeah. I know. It was a nice topic. A lot of people came and told me there had big story. That was fun. Hello. Hello, I mean when I say it was fun, it's not fun that they had broke, but it was fun that a lot of people spoke about. Hello. Hi, I'm Angie. Good afternoon. Good afternoon. How are you? I'm good. I'm fine and you I'm good, too. okay, another good topic both of us and everybody knows the importance of Education actually because and as you can see is the most powerful weapon which we can use to solve or life problem, which we can use to change the word. I think. Yeah, I think like that and education. If we invest in education, then we will never ever suffer loss. Cruel Cruel Cruel, I think it it it we take it with a life, you know forever. Do you know I'll feel my name not inevitable that they can actually a minority name may not come near me they come and ask about key Joe actually government is cooler than a one-page eradicated me compared in Maharashtra my last time I need a guy keyaki you education system and education level a okay even have a government school maybe. UPN we are not India teacher attend our hmm, actually to government is: 'no we is your parents join the most of the parents. They don't they don't want to send their children in the elementary school actually School some private my vision as a team because of that also is tanky private school May achieve, but I Oogie government menu. They're cheaper. Itís a man a man down on sub teacher education Youth and government may be sub teacher education over there. Unity Gotta bring the number of the education new cameras Archie knowledge nougat LED over to what muscular layer to away over there. I got educated and you do Co Mao Morgan even Ibaka MPV or how can we survive curling it putting this from him Brittany America heavy and education and educated person Asia and educates educated person. They get a respect each and every where correct. Okay, Winnie, of course Coca-Cola WG method Because what it is. quotas the creators and Joe trainers a yeah, absolutely. Right? Well cool. Say happen but discussion going to see you. Thank you. Maybe could see Clayton you go Bucky Robotnik or register a movie secret knowledge flow chart. You let him know that she is about our graduate because he's very intelligent person. I'm literally telling both shavonda who use ask meager Ki ask me. Yeah, so I'm not any more calls after this. So that is why because we just do it when you say I meet negative thing or that Miami or every topic is so nice. You are a really great ma'am. That's why we are fine of Vinny. I think I might negatively is one person who I also you know, respect your a lot of with a mercy because he you know has he does not have an environment where he could learn this English, but then his efforts our applauded if we should salute it. I think when somebody's taking efforts and learning and he make sure he goes in the podcast and listens and practice and he's trying really really hard. So I think it's not that I you guys should be friends of me. I am fans of you guys because I'm learning all these things from you, you know, the hard work and the staff and everything so Yoda sanjana sanjana, that's a g. Yeah, you missed it again. And I really wish someday you will join my podcast at an early stage and we can you know, share a few ideas and be rock rock is at map topic and a way I never lock. A podcast with you know it I started getting scared when I talk to women. So I think wanna eat a year actually same thing happened with me also. Yeah, I enjoyed lift when we discuss. I think even I'm not someone who's a guru, but I would like to tell you one thing. There is so many people a thing like that. If we are we are talk with any girl. They think like that they are come on even the little kids. You came after that. Tally looked at our portfolio helping a hammock Joel Walker other value could have a genderqueer. I think our cohorts are topical area. If a person doesn't matter right exactly our mm-hmm. Say yeah, Marie. I think I'm is a codec distresses of a chick is a signature here and my board cushion keep very calm cool and everybody is talking good about it. And so okay. When is you have to work less time with our product without birthday girl is you lose your payments. Are you gonna or Phil mentioned appear on gz? Thank you. Thank you. All right guys, I think hoagie. Add to cart time, but the time is up, and then we've got some 25 seconds, you know, so I think let's let's go back home and log down and be good. Let's be good. Okay, and come back at 2:00 o'clock guys. I have another podcast with Rocky and then we can talk about the fears of talking to women and you know, let me also get some information as to why men are so scared to talk to women. So by Zulu by thank you for connecting. Thank you for connecting all guys. So I'm a G. Please keep the good work keep practicing I think somewhere it's going to help you and it's going to make a difference. Bye. Bye guys. Bye. Bye. Take care. All of you. I think it's a good.