This is winning and I'm back with my podcast. Today's topic is let's talk in my so guys. First of all, I would like to thank each one of you who has been listening to my podcasts and giving her a thumbs-up and all the hearts flowing. Thank you for everything and I never had an idea of getting onto podcasts and talking to people and you know at the same time so many people but after joining open talk, I have actually started Peak speaking to people and people have started taking interest in my podcast and that has been a real great thing for me right now and with the increasing numbers of followers and the increasing number of likes and also increasing number of listens, I can only Say thank you and you guys showing interest in my podcast means a lot to me and apart from that a lot of people giving wonderful suggestion about topics or different topics and I have noted down a few of them right now. So yeah, I will. Choose a few topics for today's conversation and we will definitely discuss things based on these suggestions. And if you guys have any topics in your mind, you can always put it in the comment section. Well, so today is Wednesday and let's start with some witty conversations. And yeah, I already have a few colors. In line, so yes, let us just talk to mr. Shiva. I'm calling from hello. In the comments section. Yes, we can. Hello. Hello Hi, how are you doing? Yeah, I'm doing very well. And what about you and then raced away calling from? Yeah, I'm calling from dehradun. Yes. Tell us something about yourself. Yeah, I've just done my graduation in booted. I'm looking for a job in nearby cities like daily or Chandigarh. Related to my field and in my family there are four members and I have my elder brother who is working. Well, and and this is so about me. What about you? I am really and I'm from Bangalore. Okay, I have I have a different profession and Actually, I'm an IT professional graphics and apart from that. That is what my interests are into Arts. I like writing. Okay from people who are original writers and poems and stuff like that. And I like talking to people, you know, being outgoing and understanding cultures. And you know sharing knowledge. So that is what I like actually since I have started speaking through these podcasts. I have spoken to a lot of people and I know people from different parts of India different parts of Asia, and it correlates nice. Okay. Another thing is this podcast is all about let's talk in my city. So if you could if you would like to speak something about your city and what's good and what's bad and you can talk about your city. Okay, first of all, I just know about you that you are a very interactive person about from your work you as you said, so I really appreciate the kind of behavior and So you are having and I've got my city there are no no, it's the very good place actually or cold place. Hilly terrain. Yeah, it's very famous for Education. Like it's the education of for know for the north India. I can say because of the good weather and as well as some of the brilliant schools and colleges are here like the do presence Google's ranked as the were India's number one school is where in the city Yeah apart from it. There are there are many colleges are like many big universities like Fri and you know, I have authorized a kind of thing which is famous in Bollywood as well. Like many of the movies like student of the year. One two, and amaba'ti that if you have seen that movie more, but they that all these movies. Yeah. It's been suited in Fri and duel Now, can you tell me? Yeah, basically it seem like I mean, it's beautiful too. It has good infrastructure and locations at the same time. So it's it's very good like Hill station as well like rustication Missouri are very good to which that now in your holidays and like this there are done is basically a tourist spot, right? Yeah. Yeah. It's a tourist spot, but it's also big city like it's the capital of African and It's the center of Attraction as well as for education and good for music and dance as well. So yeah about owner tell about music as well because because I love music I'm interested in playing guitar and no songs as well. So would you like to sing a song for us? Not really, but I can try can play something like I am holding a guitar if you want. Okay, so I'll be or unlikely thing. Have you heard their song? First of all like to play a song like a lead portion of a song? Okay. So have you heard that song to me? Oh from ask you to movie. That's one of my favorites. OK I will be off. Like okay making a ladle, please. Go ahead. Okay. It goes like this. My podcast I would really appreciate thank you. Okay. Thank you so much so much to follow my podcast. Okay, definitely. Definitely it's nice at the same time. Yeah. Okay. See you then. Yeah, so guys that was shivering and she will move us from the her Dune and like we are talking about cities. I have a friend waiting in call and right now let's just take this call and then we get back to talking. Thing about your cities again. Well Did I miss you right there? Hi, so guys like me were talking about city, right? So each one city has something wonderful to talk about. Okay, and we grew up we grow up in different cities and sometimes we move to different locations and we have experiences. Hello Hi, how are you doing? I'm fine. I'm fine. Actually, I was listening to your podcast and I was Little busy with my construction work. Actually, we are constructing a hospital here in my town. That's nice. Hello. Oh, yeah current. Yes. You can Yes. Actually I said we are constructing a hospital here in my town. Okay, that's fantastic. What hospital is that it's it's like multi-specialty. Okay, a multi Speciality Hospital. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. All right. And which which place is it? This is It's My Hometown is makuu. Michael sorry that's in Punjab Punjab Punjab. So yeah got an I mean in my previous podcast I couldn't actually see you anywhere or I couldn't talk to you so seems like you've been really busy and that is that is why because we are constructing all this and love so could there really are we have cope? So you are short one dates. So you have to finish this chart on dates. Yeah, that's pretty cool. And you're trying to speed up the work processes and they should meet to meet you know, the target time. Yes. Yes. Yeah, that's great. So current what is on your mind today on my mind. So today? Like if you have read my topic today's topic is in my city so you can it's all about us it easy. Okay? Okay. Okay. So my city actually is very, you know, very convenient City. You can say in terms of like my hometown is in, you know middle of all the major cities. Okay, so it's kind of a kind of a thing which is close to all other. cities Hello. Yes, sorry. So I was saying that my city is very convenient in terms of like my hometown is in center of major cities of Punjab. Okay, that's great. Yes, so we can access on the same kilometers to Amritsar. Oh, yes. So all these cities are you know from the sternum? I'm not a hundred euros 60 70 kilometers. Okay within a span of 60. Yes. Yes. Have you seen that movie Veer? Zaara? Veeraiah? Yes I have so there is a scene where he have to put his you know, his father's ashes I think yeah, correct. That is that place is Harry K 3 K Patton hurry caperton, okay. Click on Google but lazy and none of these are exiting out of it. All right, Eric movie. I think you skin your namaskar Joe, but Lisa's house key, but keep it again. Alia Bhatt earlier with the cake movie. I see your truck pay sorry movie on its way, right? as much because we think how many cities of US every year and how much kibarim is other Watney Corte, but we don't get much chance about Optical intensity then just like your city which connects some important tourist places around us is an educational Hub and It is also developed developing and plus the climate. The weather condition is so good that you people who come to study here. Usually get the want to set it here also have a lot of army hubs around us. So people who come here on postings and you know other things so what they do it at their retirement plans, you know, they plan their retirement. You're like, you know, they want to come stay in this city. So these kind of things are there. Yeah, but look at the same time the city for the youngster and the people who want to retire, okay? Out of necessity given birth grow up you click on Valley and definitely it's an iot Hub. So so people who come down to my city usually like ballerinas are my partner who is other key are on this place is awesome. You know, you just want to stay all you want to do is just hold a Up of tea in your hand. Yeah, you got a cup of tea in your hand. You play nice Retro Music Mohammed Rafi and Kishore Kumar. You just want to sit and relax, you know just like that. So please if necessary ganam without sub Co document Todd Campbell curved Alleluia actually Pollution is growing and Q what I am wearing that's just a part of a change. You know, I'm just gonna be Punjabi onigiri onigiri see it my city you'll find a mini India. It's not the same that ironic a funny in a humorous way, but Joe be a venue for a sagacity and I will put it up. Absalom capira had one that I finally showing in most loved these days the local team that has been an achievement achievement for me. Matt liberec have taken under I have seen myself on a dashboard where people have been since months and hums October because you gave at the way they came. I feel more happy because job equally ignorant happy whenever a person comes down to a new app what he he or she does is scroll to the most loved or featured or not happening or a trending topic will consume. Somebody sees my name in there. They are definitely going to come down to my podcasts and listen to it. If after complete podcast, but even a part of it will cool. we need to have people agini like in hum hum sub-sahara Africa even take a pelvic over many people or orbital gonna go love doing the podcast comb-like is Rule current to maybe answer the call cut karuna to those are ponds Lakes may be answered or definitely is something which really matters a lot because I abducted my source and here A B, but while I have seen like into two or three days the like the likes have increased first of all, and secondly the corner was that he's done that has been affecting my profile a lot and a lot of people actually turn up through the podcast and they listen to it and they really appreciate and that's that's really nice. Welcome. Let's go thank infirmity vote and or Sati Sati. Okay, ask a podcast make week is eternity, but amazing ut- G Bilko. There's nothing like that, you know everybody like what I do is I whenever I write the title I make sure I write Hindi and English. Will Co see what is helium are first time I've poured gas to me. Okay many joining CD a caricature of and they can Hindi be here to my little with yoga. I make it a point that I write Hindi and English because there are a lot of people like yesterday's podcast. Just if you hear I want one person I spoke to and I think he was from Punjab to and one person to talk and he kept telling me that yes. I try improving my English, but, you know, it's very less that I really speak and support cast or I call people people talk to me and what they do is if I don't speak English, they just hang up on me. Well conceived it as a bad thing to do I think and if or if me We need to go um legume and oh man on PCP podcast Joseph Henry on Gabbana me subscriber a mini bowling ball. Sorry. I sent you already Palace your troubles. Vodka vodka room to you. Mary problem have three option call Carter. You wanna make love to a level one Outta motivate. Okay podcast me gustas Tu Voz each a little bit of brake is their key, you know, you don't want to try it. again, then Aur aapke podcast me, huh Mac it NE listeners OT her Banda has been in karratha or her bundle up Co request vinegar Rota light can escape your listeners for 65,000 65 say 466 your 460 480 and though I am your giant bus Bucky sub scenario take the metal latest Joe is colorless happily wallop. Or cast it really went really far. It was like five hundred and six people were listening job up travel Coretta was one of Nicole Care Act is do this one little thing is like a motivation, you know people listen we'll go and wanna wanna be there with you. That is the main point. They are beluga massive. May you have a surprise in a girl from your muscles nagamaki, please. OC is go light Carnegie causes Quran Joe Jesus. Alma mater. Karti Hai ya pehle Korea who here just happens on you. Have a sorry in Shawnee, but Nikki. Consider a data memory as a do handbook I get there Logan giannone particle will be Muslim. Okay. You don't have to my Uncle Marty. We are going to be equal to 1 Mets. Any other gives give you a happy family. Diarrhea do the limit Muslim reading and get me. There's a technique a problem. I can see Co other 11 her co-commander Johnny's in Iraq the mood you could go to our original problem Medical Center in San Marco surf Insanity see clinically or a barmaid. Yo a conqueror qayamat or Omega? Yeah, so that's really nice talking to you. Again Karen. It's almost pleasure to thank you everybody for mooji surf moodini, Sabi Sabi collar score model of java biopsy bad Christian cozy feel otologist. Nice talking to you always and thank you for all your kind words and all the support it. It is really motivating and trying to do something good and will I will Curtain, absolutely. So thank you Whitney. Thank you so much or keep in touch and that's that's something which I look forward to will cool Bill cool when you're cool. It doesn't let us let us all move together, you know Bill cosima - okay, it's always a pleasure talking to you. It's really give any same here while the telega thank you. Could we buy a sari podcast while I made a prawn the Korean, baby? Yeah, that is a so that was going to be saying and he is a friend because it's a very short story that I started doing podcasts and so weak okay a week or a week and a half you can say but then my first podcast was just random talk where I spoke to people randomly and we discussed simple ideas and simple things and people came up with so many suggestions. And stuff like that. We actually be shared a few stories life experiences. And that's how I got in touch with people in here. So current beer is one of such persons who got into my podcasts and he spoke to me for the first time and since then he has been following my podcast and that is so nice because every time I do a podcast he gives me a call he makes sure that he gets in touch and he you know does his Own little contribution to my podcast by talking and discussing the topic and that's really it really feels good guys. And since today's topic is let's talk in my city. We are talking about our own cities. So guys, if you are listening and you feel you have something to say about your city and you would like to speak through this podcast about the goodness of your city. You are all welcome. Give me yours. Suggestions and do join my podcast do give a call and this is mr. Kumar. Hello. Hello. Can you hear me? Yes, definitely. I can hear you from Kerala your phone. I'm very well. What about you? I believe that to you got a good subject today to talk about the city, but unfortunately I can participate in that. Okay, that's very nice because my topic is just the word is city. But all I want to say is my location where you from and what your location has so that people who are listening to us know. About your native of places whether the beauty of we're together the cuisine of it so you can definitely share about your Countryside to actually I'm living in a place where it is natural beauty is very high and you maybe heard the place is fine are near to you and you to your bankroll city. It is near to Karnataka State also, it is the Border. Okay. I'm not really sure about it. But if you would like To tell us about it. Actually we have many waterfalls bones many tourist places very important historical places. Also many tourist are visiting a place and is very beautiful to see and this may be heard that is why not District. In fact, I have a friend on Instagram who is from Bernard and he is actually an artist he makes paintings and he's really talented and he always shares Photoshop place. It's really beautiful. What about the climate conditions there in Bangalore at present? Is it cold or hot? It's always been that way and we are just starting towards the summer and you know, we are just moving a little bit away from the winter. So we are into a certain place where we have a little bit of cold feeling and also the summer is getting up actually nowadays. I can say clearly that the climate has totally been changed in every place in every new country. Right and you absolutely absolutely right about the climate. Speak is yeah. There is a lot of change. What do you think of is it because of exploitation of Natural Resources without any interest on it? Level of be very honest who knew it is not just one thing that affects the climate it has been since years that we have been doing things to our mother nature that we shouldn't be able but you are telling this all things are equivalent accumulated all together to change the climate also or it's the kind of civilization. The kind of advancement that we are going it's not just one thing. You know, it's a huge topic to talk about to be very honest. See first of all that water sources are being polluted and why is it polluted it is due to all the waste that is been there is no proper Waste Management. We are using synthetic products. We are using things in our day to day life because which do not degrade. Okay and do affect the Richer badly have adverse effects on the nature and apart from that. It's not just one little thing one thing keeps adding to another and at the end of the day it is creating an imbalance in nature. And of course there is climate change because while I grew while I was in school, the climate was really cool and you know, the breeze used to read these days the breeze when the Breeze Blows Its Mostly humor than its the skin. Okay, and even through a little bit of sunlight we go crazy. I mean it's like, you know, it's all burning up. So it it definitely affects like, you know, so you believe that if we to goes continuously the same way the next generation will support more rather than to us. Yeah, definitely more than something like saying that they will Will suffer more I think they will come up with things that will not let them suffer. You know, the we humans are very much to finding ways of avoiding such rather than avoiding certain situation. I may say finding a cure to a particular situation or finding an antidote to a particular situation. But so do you think that the government has to take more? Substitute to implement strict rules on environmental Louis. I think look, you know, there's something really basic. Okay to be very honest like these things start from home, even if the government starts you can just see how we react. Okay, just take something like the helmets. Okay, people government asked people to wear helmets. Much to save their own heads, but people don't do it. And whenever we see traffic police, we just miss out. So just like that keeping us government implements rules. People are going to find out ways to skip out of it. But I think this basic thing has to start from each one's home, you know, it has to start in the basic you have parents teach their children things that should be managed in. Plus they follow it themselves. It has to start in each and every household so that okay, is it possible to bother the nuclear family which we are following me nowadays rather rather than earlier using we are we were in a family of big family, but now it is a nuclear family and each one is calm beating each other to get to more resources more money more resources in such a situation. I cannot help it, you know live with the is doing expenses with growing, you know, the world running faster and catching up other higher speeds and you know developing to make ends meet people have to work and most of the times it's like they do not have options, you know, but I think things that it is unwanted High competition leads to destruction of nature. Well, it has already started. It's a prop SSE, okay, it has already started and there is no end to it. Unless that crosses ends. Okay. So counter that particular process they have to be they have to be measures taken in which is on a very high scale right now. It's not just one thing that you can concentrate on. There are five different things in five different cases. There is there is there is lack of Education there is mind programming so there are Many things that are going on right now that took even if you concentrate a counter for it for one particular thing, there are four other thing that will eventually destroy the world. So yes, we cannot avoid that is going to occur. But yes, we can follow our own very simple steps. To not get affected by these things what I happening. It's really difficult not to get affected totally but definitely work through it to minimalize the effect that is what I can shrink. So you are claiming that it is from our home itself as to open the efforts that you if you if there has to be something which is going to you want the government. To start by the time it reaches your hope a lot of times if as the citizens or forget about citizens, if as an individual you are considerate about your life. You have to start taking a step ahead and people looking at you when people look at you, they will eventually learn it's obvious that they're going to suffer. So it's everyone's take on their life. We have to be be more observant of ourselves and more aware of what is happening through our lives only then catch up, you know to for the next step I can actually I believe that future is in next Generations and and they will keep in mind when they know what they are trying to complete each other to get more resources about The natural so look, you know, it has been a continuous process again. Our parents got a world which was different they give it to us while they give it to us it was different and now while we are living into it it's different and when we give it to our children, it's also going to be different and it's not because we wanted to be that way. Okay, there are certain factors that you cannot stop from happening and Even if one person wants it to it is going to take a lot of time to reverse that particular process. So in words of reversing that particular process we tend to start ignoring the need of the earth read this is on a very high skill right now to discuss this topic and it's it's kind of a waste of time to be very honest because we are just going to discuss it. And is it going to be Painted in any which way because see if I just want to put it this way. If I put a change in this world, I will start it first at my home. I will start at and myself then if it is that effective people in my family will start following it and if it is more effective people around us will start following it and it will have a chain reaction eventually just like the trends these days there is the trend of coloring your hair. If you just move out of your house towards one kilometer, if you walk you can see people coloring their hair. So I'm not against cutting hair but I'm talking about how fast friends are catching up, you know, the string of your hair there is, you know, cutting of your jeans mid-waist and mid knees and stuff like that. So things are moving faster people copy each other faster. So if we start Hardness rather than unconnected or things don't the things that don't matter if we stop copying each other for you know, unnecessary things it will be really good. But actually I agree all of the views that you perverted but I have one fear that when the next Generation comes the climate of this nature is Increasing especially the hot climate is coming. So there will be more easy sand something like that will be installed between CFCs and then they re came coolers and they are came. Seasonal people using is that there are people who cannot live without this is got into and change that and the since the climate is changing you. Can you think of some computer, you know your for this particular thing? don't know there is a nothing counter, but I can say that if as you told from our home itself, we get bothered about the nature and that is why we started cutting reason then it's obvious that when you try to change the balance for particular setup it is Also, the balance is should be there with bothering has to be retained. So how can you retain the population has already grown? You cannot put the tree's back you cannot reverse things. You cannot deep the rivers which are already polluted because the sedimentation at those things which have gotten into the river are there and it's going to do that effect is going to stay there for millions of years. But what can you cook after that you can Start your own little ways curtail your use of plastic and with the score for credible stuff instead of the emitted the swadeshi type of the Indian type of things if you can okay, you cannot stop this particular process, but at least you can minimalize its effect. That is all we can do at this particular time. And by the time the next generation gets into this. Whoa, maybe they could look at my people have been talking about climate change send hundreds of years and they have ignored it. And now that they are Calamity is happening people. I believe that is to point the beginning is when we are approaching and systematically, especially the developing countries are praying to eradicate their power. But at the same time when I over there trying to eradicate it will becomes an Assad has things for natural sometimes and the developed countries who are using more CFCs and such other missionaries and Technologies are recreating more. This is become a vicious circle in internationally. I believe that if all the countries are coming in to an amicable solution I about all All of these things it can be solved a little bit. But as you told from our homes itself begins first step and it will spread around. Yes. Exactly. I think because even if government start taking steps, there are going to be counterparts counterfeit stored because there are three is funded by the government already to run the economy of a particular country and through which if you really start art restrict restricting the growth of the country just to save your nature. It is also going to have an adverse effect on the upcoming generation of your country. All right, so it's not just that it one text effects here and what I can say is development and change II suggested that the country who are developed the most can reduce their emissions. Rather than the country which are trying to develop that is developed there developed countries. You can have more options that they are quite acknowledged by scientific effort situated use it that is a very political topic to speak about see not say that a country should curtail their emissions or something because each country has their own plans for their for future development, but actually I No, I'm not a making controversial statement. But I'm just telling that if he come by in America, they have a good living conditions and already they reached their development and they have more chance and resources to reduce the emissions and they should have to be responsible for such things because they have already tapped with the resources with the mature person and become developed. But if we consider the other Poor and developing. They should have to reach in the same day as the developed countries until that time. They cannot concentrate on to reduce all these things by spending more resources of that country. I would say that while she is developing you concentrate on your develop new much more than any particular hazardous change that has happened but While we are developing and maybe after some time when we reach into a position where we can really say that we are developed. We start thinking about the things that are actually more important like climate and stuff like that. Now the country's like you said which are already developed and it's got a left counter feed all these things, but they are developed for a certain reason and if they start curtailing the things that they are doing to be Lappin in that particular position. So they are going to lose that thing nowadays. This is again. It's or plead to a different discussion, which is power, you know, the countries which are developed. They have the power to do things which are helpful for the world, but they wouldn't concentrate it that particularly I would not speak anything as such right now. So let's just stick to the climate. It change thing. And yes, the climate change is a huge problem and what we can do as you told I also believe that is the first set of stuff to begin from our home and to bother every people around surround us about the difficulties that we will face ourselves and then as the generation so that they can also understand the things. Even if it cannot be reversed you are absolutely right when you say that you're talking about giving a better way to the Next Generation or they will they shouldn't be having facing all the such problems. But what I mean to say is the bow has already been struck the arrow has already left. The process has already started things are happening and they're going to eventually happen. Okay now if you want to see the arrow from reaching that particular Not Target of Destruction. All you can do is change the wind but can you really can use them? We cannot erase all the things that happened. What you can do is to reverse the wind. What you can do is you put a counter feet there you build stuff that slows the waste that the arrow slows down is all you can do but the destruction is inevitable. It is one of destroying the destruction is eventually going to happen no matter how but through the coming Generations. Yes with every new generation coming the quality of the climate that we are going to give them is going to move no matter what you do. Okay. Anyhow, thank you very much for your thoughtful discussion of the climate changes and the natural calling. Been great talking to you. And this has been a real sensitive topic the world has been discussing it. But the people are not able to find the actual thing what you know encounter this. Okay. Anyhow, it is a wonderful thing that we already finished the 21 minutes on talking these climate changes. It is a wonderful day and keep in touch with me when you have a chance sure to follow my podcast to do follow me and do like this podcast that It would be a great thing to do right now. So it's really nice talking to you. Okay? Thank you. Thank you. Have a great day. Hey Susan, how are you doing? Hello, so guys. Yeah, we were actually discussing my city and somehow we landed up to a Countryside and the concern of a Countryside person can be seen in the way. He is really what about the second climate and stuff. Hello. Hello. Guys, I'm taking calls in here and also discussing the things like I would like to get back to what I was talking to. Mr. Consumer who mother he is from Hawaiian art, which is the countryside of Kerala and like all of us know Kerala is one beautiful place and his worry is absolutely right, you know, we are changing. We are facing a climate change problem and Which is inevitable it cannot be changed and to counter that people have been using a lot of Technologies and lot of stuff but it keeps going faster towards a doom, you know, all of us are speeding up towards description destructions. I must say but to counter that what can we do people talk people do rallies people do discussions each one talks about plan. Planting more trees and conserving and stuff like that. But how many of us are really working towards it? Not many because I believe I believe rather than addressing must people and asking them to do stuff. We should start doing little things on our level conserve. Yes, you can do that. If you you can minimalize the effect of the CFCs. Yes, you can right so there are a lot of things that add to it and a lot of things that we can do as a counter for it. Right now, let's take this call and talk to mr. Lucky has been calling and been in line for some time. Hello. Hello. Hello, hi, mr. Lucky. How you doing? I'm good. What about you? I'm didn't great where you from. I'm from up' Lucknow. Do you know you yes your phone with the Pradesh is Lucknow in Lucknow is a famous city, and that's that's really nice. So what do you do Lucky? Hello? Yeah. Lucky. What do you do? If you do I'm a dinner as well as a student, but I am Good, kick it again and better student. Okay. Okay, that's that's that's really nice. What about you are used to their new job or older? No, I'm a working professional. I'm a graphic does not a designer, but I also do podcasts and I like to talk people. Oh, Solo. Hello. Yeah, I'm hearing your voice. Yeah lucky. Could you tell me something about your city? Oh about my City My City. So my theory is very beautiful because there are fabulous a fantastic moment, which was built by Mughal Emperor. So there are two famous internet two monomers, which is very famous like a totem ambala as well as but I am among people across What you came here to watch him and they Mesmerize used. So yeah, we have so many things I think is really famous for the kind of food, you know food streets and food the cuisine. Yeah, you know, do you know cover-up tunde come off and I'm a pure vegetarian. So but I really don't know much about my family, but when they go up, Yeah, there's so many good dishes, which are very famous. I really heard about it because the non Vegetarian Cuisine is much more famous because it has been a place where the you know it is what do I say? How do I say this? It is a fact. It's much more by the Mughal emperors. yeah, the Mughal style and the food and everything is hello. Hello. Yeah. Hi. Yeah, I seem to be losing you again. And again, if you could just please get into some good Network every area coverage. Okay right now yeah, that's better. Okay. So you are graphical designer. I mean to say are you engineer? Yes, I am an IT professional but then I chose to do graphics. Looking good. Okay. Well lucky. We do have a few other colors in line and I am afraid I have to let you go right now, but please follow my profile and follow my podcast and keep getting in touch for my future podcast and it was really nice talking to you. You have a great day. Okay. Thank you. Okay. Yeah guys so that was lucky and he was from Lucknow and let not the city of the best. Cuisines I have heard about and they have been a lot of TV shows and other shows on about The Monuments the infra and the dresses and Cuisines and whatnot. I can keep count aglet now has been really famous city of India. And yes, so guys today we are talking about in my city. Let's talk to Vinnie about your city tour. Talk to me about the goodness of your city. What do you think is best in your city? Or maybe what you think should be changed in your city. You guys can discuss your ideas with me so that there are so many other people listening to us. And if they find it if they find your views same as there's maybe you guys can connect and you know do something good for your own City. So right now let's take a call here there is Must be the minhas. Hello. Hello. Hi. Hello. Hello hazel wrote. How you doing? Yeah, I'm fine house you Vinnie. I'm good. How are you? Where you calling from? A very long time? I'm sorry. Sorry. I said like I was in a very I was in a cue from a very long time. Yes. I understand. I really you see that because the while I was talking to mr. Kuhmo, and I think he was trying to call. I'll be at that moment. It was like a topic which was really, you know, yeah by the If you from Agra, oh my God, again. The city is too much Ottomans and to history. It's two lines too much of love, I guess. So also tell me one thing all people from Agra as romantic as Shah. Jahan was all good. Just like yeah. I said like just a misconception by the way. Obviously people just stereo type things like romantic, but then so what what the best part about your city and what is one verse part of your city that you would like to discuss on this open source web 239 people are listening. So I'd like my city is quite underrated right? Because like you talk about my city only when you know, the famous people around the word comes in. Yeah, okay. And the thing is like it's one of the like to say that it is the dirtiest City. I will find every you should like like in one way or been calling the city as like the wonders of the world, right? And another way you'll be seeing there is no traffic assignments over there. You should be well maintained over the city that one of our failure like we got a girl. As one of the smartest City like in the list there were a hundred cities are growing was there to be as the smartest City but none of them but none of the things had happened to like it's really annoying sometime. Yeah. Yeah, right. Absolutely. I agree with this point of yours where and you say that Taj Mahal the Wonder the wonder of the world, you know in such a city, okay? That is the Wonder people come to visit this place and everybody talks about that smell so much and I think it has to be enhanced in the way that people look up to Agra, right? Yeah. It is rich in culture its rich in tourist spots its rich in its cuisine. I think it has to be developed and given more concentration to has to be developed more attention to like I think everybody can do that. It in their own little way like Agra has a different. Skip right. If you mean going around the Taj part, there was so much blush. They were so much Greenery and you can feel you're being the smart city. But if you've been throwing around the different part of City, you felt like that you felt like where I am like it's just oppose it. So, you know, you should be really fun over the city. They should be over the city. So it's really bad. I must hope like some good things will happen in future city Suraj and I think as the citizens of that particular City you guys can take up to social media and talk about it. And that is really important because the youth has the power to do things, you know, people can make a simple. Meme of viral over that can get viral over a night then definitely look at the power of social media it can do anything. So why not people why don't people use it for something good, you know something good like things like this should be discussed over social media and steps should be taken, you know to counter the effects of these. Little ignorant I can say or feel is like social networking is not been as taken as positive by the youth nowadays, you know getting into the memes and you know, what can I say like what is much people make fun a lot better than you know, take it into a positive side. Like there is Count you can count on think your fingers a good thing, but there's countless. Things which are been going around the social networking site which are really really wrong like hey Ox which spread as much as fast as speed and you know, so, you know, there's a lot of Rights going around the deli due to these kind of hoax and like yeah, exactly. So, you know, we were going to have to step up and you know shut down the internet that was the worst part they do and it's all due to you know, that social network issues. With an intention that people start connecting. Yeah, but what I have observed social media has disconnected as humans a lot. Yeah. It's major part is to divide than not to associate the things. Political issue so I think social media should not entertain these subjects. I think through social media. We should think about uplifting each other doing good things for each other because otherwise there are a lot of people to do bad to each other, you know, but yeah, you know, you can easily make a group and the social network and you know, you can spread a lot of over there and people do get I'd buy that it's really wrong. right your views and ideas are really wonderful Suraj it has been so good talking to you and you have thrown light over something really important. It's like I'm having some like I have to be up to counter you spawn points, like like you've been talking to guntur kind of person and you both are having views on the climate. Change so do you really feel develop and developing is a part of you know point to spread the climate change issue to be very honest when we started civilizing go back to when we started civilizing when we started getting into civilizations, which were mechanized. Okay got into civilization, which were met Agonized our work became less the climate change had started. If you take a fruit, okay, alright if you keep it in the fridge. Four times. Okay. It looks like it is alive. It is healthy. Really? All right, and do you even saying it's really appreciable rate? You've been saying all good, but if you know that we are living on that part where technology need to be grow and Technology need to be grow and the grown s can't be resist by the climate change. Look, but while we are concentrating on the development part these things the things that are getting I mean the pollution and stuff the cons of development are affecting our nature. Yes. It is one effect. We if we want one thing we will have to counterfeit the other one and that is a natural process. But like if you go to see maximum of it is due to increasing population and increasing the technology you can say we have been using a lot of electronic stuff these days and which has been affecting our environment and which it's a fact we cannot deny it and we cannot also deny the fact that we want this technology and we are used to it now, right and we always want the advancement of it. So yeah, they're my friends Suraj has been disconnected in here because of some Network issue. And since we have been discussing climate change and the city like Suraj spoke about City Agra. Okay. He spoke about the good part and the bad part of it. He spoke about the wonder of the world. That is Taj Mahal and he says that the area around Taj. The is totally different from what Agra actually looks like so the other part of Agra so let's not just take it as such because there are also other cities in India where only the tourist parts are concentrated upon and beautified and taken care of while the other parts of the city are dumped and with garbage and stuff like that. There is no proper Waste Management. And people face other issues. That's that's a different part of story again, but guys for each one city for your own City. What do you think? Can you can add up as a citizen? What can you do as an individual stay in in that particular City to counter all these problems right for each one as an individual contributing towards development. Or the goodness or the beautification of your city? What can you do? we talked about a lot of other things like development we talk about Clean Cities we talk about looking for a good world or promising a better world for the next Generations to come but why why do you want a world for the Next Generation to come? Why don't we think that we need to have a good world first? And when you have a good world right now, it's obvious that when you give it to the other generation you are going to make it better. These are the few things that we really need to understand the it's really easy to blame the government that government is not taking a step or government is not doing anything. But if at all there is garbage right in front of my house, so I'm responsible for throwing it there. Oh, maybe my neighbors are so it has to be an individual thought to make a change and I listened until we imbibe these thoughts in our minds and unless and until we make these changes unless and until we take a step towards. This things are not going to change guys. So guys we have another caller. Mr. Yogesh Sharma and let's just talk to him right now about hello. Yeah Manish in the comments. Thank you. And guys while I see that the 278 people listening to this podcast, I would request you guys to hit the like button at the right hand side corner of your phone screen because your likes are going to make sure that my podcast is put up into such a position where people can listen to it. Even after it's over so likes will really be a She dated hit the heart button guys. I mean it just hit the right button the like button and if he the heart sing out, it looks nice. So yeah. Hello. Hello. Hi. Okay, we are connected to Manish and the Suraj yes. I really think that your network issue and that's the reason you got disconnected. But buddy, it was really nice talking to you and thanks for showing me light upon an important subject and I really wish that. Stretch you want to see in your city happen as soon as possible the particular City. Let us take some. Hello. Today, I always say this in my podcast whenever I start missing Global through the composition due to network is really heartbreaking. And hello you think is back online? Hi. Hi. I'm so sorry for that like my okay, so we were discussing about like climate change and you're giving some you know views. Do you speak a bit louder? I think okay. I still like you're giving your views about climate change. So guys I think climate change is all our fault as human very we have actually not just taken advantage of the nature but we have done more than that, you know, okay exploited it you can say we have exploited it'll read and look. I mean these days it's really weird, you know, each one wants their own. They killed Louis Riel like You know do neutralize the thing I guess right you feel being you know, scratching out the nature. The thing is you need to back it to exactly that is really important because the context of the fact is important. Yeah one girl is being coming up and you know telling and you know, criticizing the political issues of climate change that is greater than Burr and like she was saying just by coming, you know, but you know, that is really Add baking that all of the media is going through her but never seen you know, the back behind her. Correct. Correct? Correct. Nobody backs a big T. That is the kind of political pressure in the world right now. You know, you cannot Amazon forest fire Australian fire and I know protocol parties are being, you know, criticizing each other. Yes, of course. Let's let's just even look at the kind of range that India is getting these days, you know at some places. It's just that's it rains earlier and at some places it's just drying Draught. Okay, and who has one of the finest training bases, but now it is not look at Orissa. I mean, it's always a look at Chennai is flooding now and forget about these places places in Western guards like Karnataka not Karnataka last year. If you go to see these are the island places these places do not get flooded exactly was I getting flooded then you can understand the kind of climate change. We are facing isn't it? Exactly like these are the two parallel. Drax I would say like the technology and the climate change and you know, if you want one you cannot let the other go right that that is what I am in talking about. So, you know instead of saying different different things like we should help each other to me, you know, just resist all these things that we know we need to hold that thing, you know, we can't change the thing and get back. Yes. I'm rehydrate see it's really not necessary to reverse the things like they started. It's not often a reversible process unless and until there is another Super know why it's not possible. Thanks. Then we will have a next door. Then that is something out of the blue because it is on the table and we had none of us was gonna live to see that and it yeah. But we need to understand that once a particular thing is exploited. Yeah particular General resource is exploited. You just cannot gain it back. You can't what can we do as the youth because as you know, we have been really ignorant towards the important topics of a society I think and that's not our mistake, but we have been programmed in such a way. Yeah. We are being programmed in such a way that we You know, we always talk about the small thing rather than being thinking about the big things. I guess like these are all are very very big thing. And that need to be an intellectual, you know brain to talk about no and it see look we are intellectual by nature to be very honest or the your brain is intellectual by nature, but we are being programmed and distracted from the main topics. We have been given food for the brain. In which is junk. Okay. We are allowed to concentrate on actual topics and that is what is been going on and it's not just something that's come up in a day. It's it has been a long process, you know somebody in power or somewhere some thing some power controls everything. Okay, and if people start noticing if you go to see there have been a lot of activists nature active. Wrist. Yeah. Yeah, they just die people don't concentrate on them and media never covers such people and this the bad things. I should also say that there have been a lot of people who are working towards good things, you know, there are people who have been planting a tree of their life getting after so many years why I have Not being appreciated earlier. Why do we do we really deserve these kind of people who are just living their just leaving their own life and they are doing something for the society, you know, each one of us is running for our own goals and we want to achieve this and that and stuff like that but through that run we keep forgetting the important things that we are killing the world. Yeah. They say we are lesson. Numbers of like we have less kind of people like that. Yeah, you know, I do appreciate the work. Definitely. We need to appreciate and we take up to the social media for you through the social media. We talk about the most unnecessary things at times. I just yes. People have the magic wand in their hands and they're asking for stupid things out of it. It's like Aladdin Gojira hair licking him. Genie said that we have and that needs to be changed and this needs to be addressed. Yeah, when people are lonely, you know thinking and you know, they want to live their own life only they are not been aware about the generation that Need to become definitely live a pecan genus run. Nobody stopping you from leave living your own life. But at the same time don't the world, you know, just because you want to live your life. You cannot the future. Yeah that needs to be on you know on a basic level. We have to start understanding these things. We are talking about the X we are talking about people are burning things of P. We are fighting over boundaries we are Fighting over stuff people are dying out of Coronado virus, but we are not bothered him. Look Facebook by means when Aaron, you know, it's what I've been talking about in the end of the misconcept of having positive side of social networking. We have been program in that way. We have people keep on, you know appreciating things on bad. Kind of meme you have like you had made that's really fantastic and that kind of stuff. see even They do that you do it out of pure pressure in which he is group Mariana to I have to appreciate things like these we are social people we cannot deny the fact that humko group was group Medicare and out that we do those things, you know, so yeah I and these are the things and you on these things, but I think while you throw so such good light on these topics. We should also discuss things that how we can come up with. Some counter methods to you know, yeah. Do you notice these climate changes, right? Absolutely. Okay. So what are you use like what we can do like as a youth the first the foremost thing is to plant right that we need to plant like. Yeah. It's a process. Yeah, but if you don't have that kind of mentality to cheer, you know, change the things and you come out from his own. Like you can't like you you plant once but you'll not do it again. Right? We have been talking about planting trees from the time. We were kids the government introduced one of Maha Shiva. Yeah when a monster. Oh, yeah. Yeah. Yeah, okay, but the next day who is taking care of that plant. Yeah, even look at that plant whether that plant has Got water or not people to speak. You don't have the execution of ideas. Right? We do have the idea, you know, we can work over that but you know to execute that that we really don't have that much of management as Indians. We have the brains to bring back the nature. We do have the brains. We do have the entering here around the world do have the brain to reverse this particular phenomena right now, but we are not aware of we have that. That's not my job kind of an attitude. Yeah. Yeah, exactly exactly exactly kind of attitude. So each one if each person thinks that that's not my husband who is gonna do it. Maybe we came from that part where people keep on spitting on the birth rate. Yeah. So we take some beauty right? So think yeah and you know, As people as you would be come out and they are please don't spit. Yes. Yes, and you know, I those kind of people who you know always say that that is my right to do thing and we are independent and that kind of stuff like if you being independent that you you're not doing that kind of thing right don't idea of Independence if some yeah saying we have the right to ya like that it's really annoying. Stupid as it could be. Yeah, and I'm sorry to use this kind of language. I don't know, you know, we have to you know, this outcome over anger by these things only. You don't have anything that's see we need to understand one thing. Okay, there is going to be bad things in the society, but it's not just going to come out for somewhere out of the air. It's not just going to fall from the sky. Kyboot each a super-secure guy. All right. It is vital as it is in our Behavior. We do things. Okay, we do things and we get influenced by the wrong people or wrong things at the wrong times you can say but it's never too late for a reverse. It's never too late for a realization. Yeah, it's never too late for a realization than to reverse. I guess exactly and when you start realizing thing, it's not just enough to realize it and stop. Yeah, you need to work also really important to hold on to that realization. Yeah there and start finding ways how you start how you can do, you know like it's like I'm really really appreciating your work and you know, I admire all your words for your being saying but you know, do you really feel that? We are the one who are running like a in our life we pick you up. Working toward our career we keep on doing stuff. Do you really feel that? We do have that short of time to think about that idea and you know the concept and to execute that like that's really good. Like we do appreciate that thing, but I'm talking about the majority of the population around our Earth. They have been having a scarcity of jobs scarcity of their, you know, like the basic needs like we do have that population around and 35% which are living under, you know, Ya Body line that kind of stuff. So like it's really easy to say about these things but really hard to execute and to hold on really hard to execute and hold on, but the good part is the Masters which about the poverty line right now have access to the internet and are your people who are talking? Unfortunately, whenever I filed is like they are the one who are really busy if you compare the are busy but a sense of realization. - they are but that sense of realization always happens in their life, right? They do felt like like I can take my example if I'm being running around the road and I feel dirt around my road like aside like like that need to be changed. Right? But after that I don't have that realization that I should start to change right? I should come into the ground reality. I'm not that much hundred percent true or ideal kind of person, but I should feel like that. I need to change. Think what that much of realization come in my life. Yeah, then. Like I said one little spark is enough to you know, burn an entire world. So what you can do is whenever you feel whenever you get this realization, make sure it's not that it's just going to come up in one day like that. Yeah. It's what I've been talking about your mind will click towards that kind of a frustration like what's happening in this world and I high and that would be like, you know extreme. I guess you know where nothing can happen people go through this extreme point A lot of times and they also Edwards it but a Time. Is the particular consequences of their reaction stops and like, you know, like you were talking about Crater Berg and we do have like you like if you have a state Banaras and that kind of like places where congas flow I guess so we do have that culture of you know, no was sipping thing and ganga putting bad on ganga. So they they are being appreciated from you know errors. So like if I am been standing there And I'm being you know, resisting all these things. I would be like a culprit is it is like it's leaked the that that kind of mentality we have like people are taking it as a regional way. About the beliefs. I would like to say see there was a time and India where they were coins of brass and there were people who are healthy or the ashes used to you know, or the body used to be a food to the fishes and stuff like that. So these rituals actually started but eventually the river bodies have been polluted through other wastes and stuff like that. Yeah. We cannot keep the faith with the things we have. Making compost with the have a nice measures taken to clean the Ganges. No, no, no. No, that's only being written. Like that's a theoretical part. I guess like in practicality. I haven't seen that kind of thing. Like if you've been going to haridwar, sorry in practicality, there has been no change no change. No no change like that. That's not the thing which like you are going and changing in one. They like it's a process it need to maintain right that mentality is not being a part of that theory. They Jordan been talking about they need to clean Ganges ones with that. That is a process like we do have to come and you know, keep appreciating the ideas of the government then only they can proceed further like if you're been doing People also should take it. Yeah, we're friends right now and they should think like, you know, if River Ganges I'm just taking an example guys just don't know people are like apart from gungan just like people are you know getting their bread by that thing? Yeah, of course, they are getting they are earning the bread through that but you know, what happens is apart from those things. Like each one has to be made aware of the fact. You know that Faith does not mean you pollute that particular server body, you know, they they they I think they deserve worst part of our religion that we do not want to take a change. I think that that is an important part here to you know concentrate on the is look it's really it would be wrong on my part to say that we really don't want change. They are people who are working towards. change and there are people who want the change but cannot deny the fact that you know, there are certain points where they cannot you know, what know the thing is like, you know how much intellectual how much educated we are like we are, you know associated with a lot of things like we really don't need to, you know, change the climate that kind of stuff but at the end of the day if we are following a rituals will go to ganga's and you know, We'll take a bath here there, you know, and we you know have our you know, that kind of thing. So, you know at once you were really good you're following things as an intellectual do but at other part you're doing the stuff which other peoples are keep on doing so, you know that multi kind of personality is really bad really bad right now is but There are a few things that we cannot change as it should which means it has to be taken up by each individual. You know, it is a responsibility. It is an individual responsibility towards the nature. I can say. Yeah what you do no matter how rich you get no matter how famous you are eventually going to die and Get into the same nature. Yeah. I am a very staunch believer that we come from the nature and we are going to go back to the nature and its really construed. That is the only God that I believe because it's Roth can you the anger of the nature you have seen in different ways how the Nature has reacted like calamities and stuff and when it's love when Nature gives you love it is amazing. That is at I guess so amazing. Like I like my I'll still is You know in a drug counselor, like I'm surrounded by the beautiful nature of idly. So you it's really cool out there and you know, you feel the very in the chill here and you do feel like sorry. Yeah, absolutely. I was just listening to you. Yeah, so like it's really cool and it's really Breezy, you know when you were wake up and euros and you do feel the things birds are chirping and that kind of stuff. So that's really cool out there. So you do feel that, you know Nature has been appreciating you while you woke up so so and when yeah, yeah, I think that is the main important thing that we have to understand because When Nature is giving you the kind of love that you really don't deserve because you are treating you in a sense. Yeah. Yeah what exploiting nature internet's just like we are you know the bad people right here. So, you know, I like yeah student what I'm saying, like you do feel the change when I when I went my hometown, I do feel the changes like When I when I'm in the hospital, I felt like it's really cool. Like the population density is really low and you yeah that kind of stuff you can roam around here and there you feel the chills and that kind of stuff but when you you know went back to you Hometown you feel like this really messed-up situation that kind of feeling only comes when you're being, you know, get out from that shown. I've seen both the sides of the nature you can say. Yeah, it is exploited and where the nature is actually. Yeah, they're beautiful. So yeah soon as it has it this topic has been discussed since ages and people are not really able to work on it. But I think at the end of the day like there is a saying in English charity begins at home. steady begin site home-like Every aspect in my life. Yes big insect. Maybe I do appreciate your words. if you talking about politics it begins at home against I don't like Everything begins at home, you know, that is the first basic unit like that sword your broadcast is all about I guess like let's talk about our city. Let's talk about let's talk about your home. Yeah. My podcasts are always with random topics. Like I did one with let's talk about heartbreak stray or so my God stories. So you'll be an encounter with a lot of heartbreak zen-like tipples. They have that shift was not concentrating on heartbreaks and relationships. Yang Ming like going on. Yeah being hard proof that you know, when you go to Agra, you know, when you see Taj Mahal, it looks beautiful, but the other part of algebra is pathetic. So it that is again another story of a heartbreak like, you know, yes. Yes. Yes. I got disappointed by things, you know, yeah. I felt like that should be changed. Yeah, okay things happen and that is how I come up with my topics and that's how I get in touch with people like you and it's really amazing talking to you, right? Yeah same here. Red to Red so it has been a fantastic talk with you and I really appreciate you calling and do get in touch again. Do you can do that and like that definitely, so thank you for calling you. Have a great day. Same to you Ma'am. Okay. Yeah. Thanks for calling again. Okay, good luck guys. That was to reach from Africa and and he spoke about The pros and cons and the goods and bad's about the city and also the climate and how it has changed through times and how we can counter it and how social media can be used and why it is not being used for the good things. So, yes, it has been a of an hour today and it has been wonderful and I have moneyis connecting back to me today. So let's talk to Manish High Manish. How you doing? Hi. Hello Hi man, how you been? Hello. Hi. Hey, how are you? Doing? Good. How are you? Can you tell me? Like you were talking about the city. Okay. What city you're from Manish? I am from trichy. I'm learning. Yeah, that's nice. What would you like to tell me about your city? Oh, yeah. Trinity is one of the most important in ancient history. Okay. Can you hear me? Yes. Yes. I can hear you in this has two important dance. Okay. Hello. Hello. Can you hear me? Yes, I can hear you. Please speak in the ancient days when they're working them. Don't smile and I got sand was the first one to build your rock Fort Temple naigus. Yeah, it's Richie was a capital of Monterey and I can say is a kingdom of okay? Yeah. Hello. Yes, Manisha and I can hear you. Please talk. Yes. His name is a milestone. Wind by Carnegie Island colony, which is still used. Oh, okay. Yeah anyone famous. the name is Carrie and kalinin. Mm-hmm. Hello. Yeah verse 13. That cleanest city in India Company the rank in the city and Nexon about my city and so famous. That's really wonderful Manish. Yeah, it's really nice and I'm sure people listening to this podcast right wonderful places. Which yeah, can you um from Mangalore native? No, I'm not a native of Bangalore. I'm a native of Western guards and all I can say about my city is we fall into the Western red belt of India and where there is wonderful guards extremes, where a lot of waterfalls and Forest Preserve area in C and apart from that they have been ancient caves and stuff which you can see ya the climate is phenomenal. It's really like It's really nice. So in this need to nail near from me, huh question. Yeah. Yeah. So this line belt I fall into and that is a very nice place for climate. So you can well I was there maglev payment. He was watching. Yeah. Yes. Well, anyway, I'm sorry. I don't even think I do not want to share those details right now and look what we have a friend waiting in line. The call so I will let you know. Hey hi. Hello. Oh, well guys time is actually up. I have reached 100 47 minutes and within a few minutes the calls will get disconnected and we have a friend calling us right now. And hello. Yeah. Hi. Could you please speak louder please? Yeah, I can hear my voice now. Yeah, I can hear you're worried you are. Yeah, I'm from Karnataka bad amoeba. one of the important old by chalukyas Okay, guys, we have lost a friend who was waiting in call a for a long time and he was definitely talking about by the Army. But Army is one called the feminine it is in just hello. Hi. Hi Mom. How are you? Good evening, ma'am. I'm fine man evening. I'm calling from mother participle. Okay, that's really nice moment. What do you do? I am doing engineering. Engineering in what? My trade is a AAA. Yeah, I'm talking. I'm Ser to my city Bhopal about many things in in my city, but first of all, I would like to thank you for you connect me and okay. Thank you Martin. The city is always a you also know about this. This is the cleanest cleanest capital of India in in a rank of 1. Yeah. Yeah. This is a really beautiful city in in my state. But but but the city is a very very clean everything and anywhere in a in a in a in a in a any any in any cologne EV you you will go Oh and and and see in anything but but but in city is not is not anything parts of parts of in our road and and any construction area, but but last bust but last month, when when when Bhopal Municipal Corporation members was was here percent in my home and and at that and that feedback feedback for me. How can I Each time which time which time here here clean the road and many things are in doubt that the then I will give give you give feedback and and is a positive feedback. Okay, but then what yeah. Yeah, Danna Then butter but but I am go to anywhere in my city is a is a very cleanest and very wonderful world of like and and you see anywhere and just to you not, you know to Buffet just feel like a boring in my city. It is a very interesting interesting interesting things in my city. Okay, it is a if it's placed a people small people small. It's the does not like a mall in this mall is the in this mall is a dummy of Taj Mahal White House and Sam and and other many things you will see we have a friend here. Mr. Mohammed Reza talking about Bhopal City. He says gopal is the cleanest city in India and yeah places to visit he two people have people there was committee. There was a member of the committee who spoke to him and if he back about when two people to clean everything around Bhopal. Yeah, how come it has been so clean and guys, we all should actually learn from this example and in our own little way help our city so that it's to be clean, but then cleanliness is First most basic right of each one of us and so much. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, you called as and you gave us the details of your city in it is really been a pleasure talking to you and I need to let you go right now because it's one of 52 minutes and my podcast will any time it will get cut but I will but I will request for you you come here. You can come in my city and and and you enjoy in my city in many things. Sure sure that has that is really nice of you to say so and I would definitely love to come to your city once and it is yeah the you also you also know about the jail. It's a it's a it's a talk about Hindi energy lock-in agree. Okay, the city of lakes. Yeah. Yeah the city of Right. And and when and when you go out of city in many like our trees and many many many things in in in in city in out of City, I plan to visit the cities of India as a part of your tour then definitely choose Bhopal. Since our friend here who yeah daily brushings you guide to your right to visit to Bhopal. I really appreciated you for thank you. Thank you, Mom. Thank you for calling it has been wonderful talking to you. Yeah. Yeah. Thank you so much more time is over. Please be connected. Yes. I do have a few other callers. So I will call because I don't want to feel bad that his called and get connected. Yeah, thank you again for yeah, but I can't thank you. Thank you so much. Thank you guys who are listening to this podcast right now. Please take the effort to hit the heart button right there and help me get a good. Hello. Yeah, a guy is a whoever is right now listening. Please hit the like button and that will be really appreciative. That is a hot button right in the corner of your phone at the bottom. So if you hit that, it would really be appreciated. Hello. Hi you from I'm from Bangladesh Dhaka Bangladesh Bangladesh and you are. Hello, I see your name you are from Bangladesh. What is your name is? My name is Israel that nice talking. I'm from Bangalore India. Wow nice, too. So what would you like to talk about today? Okay, actually today I'm feeling so sad. That's why I came here that I can discuss with the with you are. I can ask me what are you feeling sad about? Yeah, I'm feeling sad because I have because I you know after after I broke it had saw everyone can feel set so today. Yeah, that's really very sad. And I'm I'm very I'm feeling actually I'm feeling so sad so, I don't know how to how to say our and and I'm new and I'm new. New this app now. So just I came and I join you roam now so so yeah, that's that's really nice of you to join this particular podcast right now and it's rather. It's really nice talking to you and I well I will definitely try and you know, make sure that you don't feel sad anymore when you quit out of this podcast hard brakes are really painful. I do not but there is always a way to move out of it and things happen things to definitely happen. But if you hold on to it, it it just hurts more. Right. So yeah, if I really feel lucky that you've called here and you feel that you could really share your heart out. Yeah more than happy to be of help to you. Yeah, thank you so much sister and happiness actually happiness. We need to iron from from everything but most of the things when heart broke that actually is is so tough to control own self alone. If I share it with someone then he or she can convince me as a good way or so just I'm kidding and and that's why I came here actually because I I don't feel that. Can I can share with someone that who is in grail? I don't want to share this. Yeah. Okay. So yes, you are always welcome to share your thoughts and I'm here to listen and definitely if I do have any idea that I can help you out with I will try to do so so bad. Yeah, so I think I want to say one thing that I why I bought broken my why he reject me. I want to say that that cause only that don't know that you can you can lease it and it is so silly reason. Yeah, I so sceneries and like, you know every every woman or every lady every girl and boy have some some classmates some putting Trend right so actually home I love so actually he don't want that some Rand Paul me some as if he can where but if called me then he think that he he she is trying to boy something. He always think like this. Yeah, so just tell us today. I was going to my coaching Center and after he called that that boy called me a five six times and I wasn't cooking Center three hours, so I didn't take his call but after come back home evening time he He told me that I will say something to you at night. Okay? I said okay, so he called me 10 p.m. And he told me that you stay you away and I will stay my way and I will not talk with you anymore. Just these. Oh my God, what happened without without say without any reason? He just reject me. I've become and yeah, and actually I am feeling so sad for the it only that I was that much full full that I loved him a lot. Sister, you can't imagine how much I love him. Aye-aye how much I liked it with True Heart. I understand. I really understand that but it's not I would like to also tell you that my time is up and this podcast will close soon, but definitely