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hello guys, this is your host Vinny and it has been quite some time that I have done my podcast and well today I'm back and the main reason is I was traveling and couldn't make time to get onto a podcast and talk to guys. So here I am today and Let's talk today about the most. Important topic which is the Corona outbreak and how it's affecting India and not just a serious type but apart from that how what are the effects of this particular outbreak and it's not just an outbreak anymore. It is an epidemic. You know, it's a worldwide destruction that is going on you can So yeah, hi prakash. Yeah, surely we can talk about it. And definitely I think you can connect so we can talk about it. So apart from that guys have been on a break for some time and not done much podcasts and like always I try to come up with topics and connect to you guys and where we can talk and discuss on these topics. So yeah, there are a few plans which I am concentrating upon and then that is one reason that I have missed out a lot on this podcast and and I do have a few requests for collaborations and where we can you know discuss and you guys can join so I tried to make it a point that I don't Let alone my solo podcast or I don't ignore my solo podcasts and I will make sure that I do at least one solar podcast no matter whatever time it takes but yeah, I will try so yeah prakash you says you say that you want to join. Yes. You can call me so you can join the discussion apart from that guy's the corona has had I mean she ovd Has heard any new fear responses across the world and I think India being India, we have, you know have given what the full reactions to this particular Corona outbreak. So we have the first caller for the day. That's orange and let's let's talk to him and then discuss about this particular epidemic. Hello. Hi meaning Hi, how are you? I'm good. I'm good. Okay, I remember talking to you sometime back. Yeah. Yeah. I'm also a monster. Okay. So yeah to connect one more time with you. Yeah. Okay, today's topic is India the Corona virus and economic effects. Yes, okay. So what what are your thoughts about this particular day I can economically it is affected always, you know, not not for the economical everywhere, but then we can most of the thing economically it is very lost. Right absolutely again and even and even actually few days back, I just redid the who are the cans. The train tickets. Okay, the train tickets the budget the get the central government by the cancel the train tickets, they're getting the trying things that Mo not only crows 9 euros and grow no. No, they are getting the ninth. Oh 9,000. Okay. The government is getting 9,000 across 9,000 crores, which is the cancellation amount. Not now not now before the coroner has but David is the the government tell who are the cancel that train tickets. Also, they are paying the full amount. Yes. Yeah, then that that is you can you can calculate 9,000 crows. Okay before that's whatever extra whatever now is like complete amount. Yeah, that is that is before that income of the moment. But but now it is they are Paid to anyone in there that pay the full amount to the people's. Okay. So they are you finding the entire Mountain? Yes, so it's kind of it is risen to the government. Yes, okay here in the comments Angeles reindeer and I think yes Angelo. He's quite a way to talk about these things. And if you really don't like what he's talking, I think you should go and sleep. So yeah orange so back again with you like it's not just that was just an example I suppose but then apart from that also if you look around ourselves, correct as me, I don't know. I don't know. I'm not know that much of what is that sad guitar but economically but everything everything is affected and economically because of the nowadays shops and malls Okay, everything is closer. So close down and everybody is affected by that. Okay. Absolutely. Yes. I totally agree upon this. So how much are you guys taking precautions about coronavirus in your city and around you my side. I do simple are everyone know about that. I hand wash and the mask and We are particularly. We are doing every day our claws computed in the sun sun. Okay, because of some have the capacity to the bacteria. So my college and teaches everyone do that Klaus everything with catchy Balsam Fir dad's everything now, they're putting often our outside in the sun. Oh, that's it and just clean and they're put there just go and stand. Often our in the Sun and you mean standing under the sunlight helps? Yes. Yes. Yes because of that is good. Good. That is good for the yeah the bacteria. So right class everything now every day. We are putting off and over the bed sheets. That is good for everyone and every time also not for this time every time. All right. Yeah, I think yeah that is the current condition in India, and that's how Around so yeah orange. Thanks for calling again and even greater like one. Thanks. Nice to meet you. Can I tell you to Sanju visit? Yeah, brother, please. I'm not feel about your viewer comments. But please give the respect to the other people's because of many people's nam. I know what what is your condition but many people both had themselves. Okay, so please understand the others also and talk very politely. This is very good for you all. Thank you. That's really nice way to put it orange. Have a great day. Thank you so much. Nice to meet you. Okay. Yeah. It's a pleasure talking. Thank you. Thank you guys. That was orange and orange has joined me in a few other. Fast and that is how I remember him and any says it's a whole moment effect. Not long time economy effect. Yes a any I do agree upon it. It's not just on the economy, but then otherwise also it's really affecting all things like it's not just the transport industry, but everything right from the food industry to the market and the school's the education. Everything is getting affected. And plus there are also a few things which are coming into the light. So we will keep talking about it after this call. Hello. Hello. Hi. Hello. All right guy is a looks like somebody's playing a prank around but let's keep coming back to the topic of Corona. I think what I have noticed around us is that the basic businesses, you know, the smaller businesses are being hit a lot through this because of this particular phenomena that is happening. I mean this epidemic that is spreading across the world and It's not just affecting a certain set of people but then it is also affecting all kinds of backgrounds and it's not just like something which can be looked upon as a virus which is you know affecting for lack of hygiene or something. No, it's something above that and and its reach is has been quite fast, you know it. Has been reaching people, you know spreading really on a rapid rate and which is which has not left any industry alone. The school's guys the schools have been affected a lot students mostly who have their examinations and other things so not just down. There are a lot of people who are who travel across the water for certain. Certain business resigned I think that mean mainly the business interests tree has been affected though. There are a lot of ways to curtail these things and especially where I am in Bangalore people have been given the options of work from home. Like we serve Bangalore has always been flexible when it comes to working from home IT industry is guys it wouldn't make a as much difference at as it. Sounds but then yes, there is an effect. So not just that but the food industry guy is the food industry. I have seen it has been hit really bad because yesterday I was at a restaurant and I looked around and spoke to people and there was this person who said that you are the first customer from the you know from morning and that's where I started thinking about these things, you know, because it's really difficult for small business owners who invest so much and they are trying their best and I think that is the only source of income that they have and because of such a thing it has affected each and every business and each and every earning you can say and I feel really bad for the people who used to be your side vendors and I I think you know as a precaution or as a way to avoid such emetic epidemic spread people are trying their level best and I think people should curtail their travels if it is not necessary, you know, I believe that there are so many people who are traveling across India across the globe for a lot of other things and It really affects. Like there are a few people who came in India from countries from different countries where they were for businesses or for travel for whatever but then looks like there are a few people who have you know been infected and that just is as good as an invitation for to the corona guys, you know, when you come back to your place and you know, even though you're quarantined it it Second syringe. So yeah before we discuss more about it, you know, let's just go through the comments and coronal may be possible good Market in future because India is not affected any abroad country level so possibility raised recovery more. Yeah. Yeah any there are before there are possibilities that you know, India is not affected currently, but then if you look at the rate at which we are bringing people in our country From different countries and we are making sure that our people don't die in different countries and you know try to or try that they are not getting infected in the countries that they are you are trying to Bringing bringing citizens back. We are trying hard but at the same time we need to understand that this is a certain disease or an outbreak virus outbreak that is rapid, you know, it's serious like It can spread in a day and which is affecting to a very high level. So yeah, we need to understand these things and workers are affected. Yes orange. Absolutely they are and before we discuss any more further guys, let's just take a few calls and then continue. Hello. Hello. Hello. Hi. Hi. How do you have any I'm good? How are you? Not bad. Thank you. Thanks for asking me so you have what you call him. I'm calling from I am calling you from my home. I'm sorry. I didn't mean that I meant which part of the world talking from. So I'm not talking I'm speaking. I am speaking from Mumbai. Okay, you're speaking from Mumbai or radar cassia, please. Go ahead. Yes first I would like to know about you because this is the first time we are speaking, okay. Well, I'm Vinnie and I'm from Bangalore. I'm a graphic designer and I take some time out of my schedule and I come back here and talk to people that is my hobby. So yeah, that's that's all about me. Yeah Fair Dinkum not a problem. So you put up the topic about India. And yes the really good topic to mix up. So first talk about little bit about coronavirus how petrifying and Hoddan does is it for normal citizenship and what the major steps we should take of it? Okay, go ahead. I ask you like what are the precautions we should take it to like be protected from these people are she does a simple precautions that should be taken that state keep distance from people stay away for at least, you know, keep one meter distance from anybody you think that is infected or Anybody sneezing let normal even if they have common cold you just stay away and keep yourself. Keep yourself hygiene. I mean in maintain hygiene, you know, keep sanitizer and cover yourself with a mask over your face mask and these are the simple steps that can be taken I guess and at the most, you know, stay away from people who are quarantine. That's that's all what I can say. Okay could hang up, but I hardly Any sanitizer this is dead because ever like every stuff is possible that it's out of stock. I mean a lot of places where people have suddenly started demanding for so much sanitizers that I don't think people used sanitizers to this high level in a normal condition. And now that Corona is an outbreak and it's not just remained an outbreak now, it's an epidemic right? It's all across the world. So we are shortage is as expected. any Yeah, it is not only expected. It is another verse of like, you know, it's high. Okay. Yeah, it looks like it is going to lead to a huge disruption and maybe if you know, it's not the right steps are not taken. So yeah, it is going to lead to a very bad condition incoming times as an Indian house. Should we worry about this corner her this which is if we can see around the world. Still in India Adam that impacted by this, you know expect petrifying coronavirus eventually. It's going to eventually it's gonna show it to you know effects because she people across India. I think I don't think have been traveling to countries that have been infected but there are a few people who were you know, what back from Wuhan and Italy and different countries and I think there are two cases in funi itself, and these people were from Dubai. I guess they were there. You need to visit the by and while they were back they were inspected or may be quarantined expected as you know are still yet to be yet to be confirmed. That's what I am like, you know, I understand like it is simply important. Like the colonel is did it have in India has been important. It's not transmitted. But yeah, you know, it's really difficult. It for me to understand what you're talking if you could be a little louder, that would be great. I'm loud enough, but not sure why I like sometime probably you're not sure why you can like, you know, listen me carefully. I'm is it better now a little louder, please? Hi, I'm Lauren up if I simply become little bit more louder than you know, many will come and say what happened to you. Okay? I'm sorry. I couldn't I couldn't help you much more than this one. Is it okay then we can proceed otherwise, but I have le have to bail out. Are you able to manage what I'm saying? No. Okay. Okay. I'm sorry. I can't I can't help you up. Okay, so thank you. It was nice talking to you then. Hello. Hello. Hello. Hello. Yeah, I'm out of all to you. Oh, yeah, I can hear you because your network like your phone network seems to me is little bit weak a Miami right whatsoever. Something is actually under it is quite strong and it's okay. I yeah, probably not so so now I think is seems like you are listening me like I'm a I am audible to you. So all right. Oh gosh, it was actually really nice talking. You on this and I have a few callers waiting and your voice isn't actually very clear to me. So I gotta let me let you go and thank you for calling not a problem various like it was nice talking to you as well. And you have chosen is such a wonderful topic to discuss with but I have a lovely day. Have a lovely day guys. That was Akash and he was from Mumbai I guess and he did have some points to talk about Corona virus outbreak and I have a few colors in line. I mean a lot of colors and line right now, but any says that economic may be powerful but here people trying to See jobs, or dry their own business a scale of the big loss and escapable people try to think change start on business. So beneficial for them and our country, absolutely any but there are a few other things that we need to discuss before we start understanding this particular concept before that. Let us take a few calls and then get back to talking. Hi. Hello. Hi. Hi Vinnie. How are you? I'm good. How are you? I'm too good. Thank you for that. Okay. So as you described in your profile like you are very eager to talk about that India Corona and economic effects. So what do you think about it? I think it's affecting the economy greatly, you know, because the stocks and the businesses across the world, you know, there is a lot of loss that has seen and all the industries. It's not just one the food transport and all over all even the education industry. It's all breaking down and I think there are huge losses everywhere. What would be the steps steps? It's really hard to say because see you can work from home. You might be able to study from home. But there are a lot of things that you can do from home. So just like schools the examinations and if the transports are not working then the businesses a few businesses the import/export, you know, mainly affected. I think the import-export is may be affected which I what I have learned is so apart from that a little bit I mean small businesses and all the little shops and vendors. Across the street. I think those are the people who are facing the maximum loss because these guys depend on that particular work for their life and it's really heartbreaking around either but this also brought a great opportunity to invest in stock market stock market. Don't talk about it. I mean, yes huge huge opportunity. Let's talk about the point in investing on stock market when you don't know if you're going to stay alive tomorrow because cuz I mean, it's an epidemic come on. You cannot deny the fact that it's dangerous. It's terribly danger. And the worst part is. Okay. The worst part is you you did not, you know say that you are you cannot be affected by directly or indirectly. We are somehow somehow. Yeah, so that is the main question. Okay it just imagine you are at home working from home and you think you're not going to be affected and you invest all your money in stock market, you know, I mean, it's just a just a possibility guys. I'm not trying to scare you guys negative but then there is a possibility so because such outbreaks have been seen across the world like the plague the Spanish flu and stuff are the stuff. So these are pretty like scary, you know and affecting the economy. Yeah, I you know, I just want to apologize. I didn't even ask you for your name. I'm so sorry about it. But you calling from what's your name? This is amazing. You are amazing heilmann and of are you from is a gig? I'm from Bangalore and I'm Vinny. Wow. Yeah, you do industry like the name suggests am from Bangalore and I have company ID comes in. Sorry. Yeah, kind of I kind of like to talk to people and that's how I landed here and I'm speaking to a lot of people in here. So yeah. Okay, so I think stock market like most of my friends who had says if you have knowledge, then you can conquer the stock market. It's Walt if undefined wealthy a sewerage. I think it's a world of undefined wealth, but you need to have the proper magic born, you know to work out with stock market without having a good knowledge. You can't just earn money from the stock market sits. Kind of knowledge when it comes to stock market. So if you're talking about stock market going to be like nothing, I don't know anything about the kind of soft thing just call sale. So it is nothing else. So this is kind of simple thing anyone can do it, but for doing this kind of things everyone should have good kind of knowledge, but the knowledge is required. Yeah. So inner today scene and the scene of nowadays like the stock market get crashed and there are lots of air tanks a huge chance to invest or opportunity to invest in the share my content will definitely give you a huge return in your future. So I think it I think it is very kind of good thing. So people who were just sitting in their home who do not have who does not have a canoe kind of any work. So they Can do it and even coronavirus gave the people a good opportunity to spend the time with their families and learn something new. Yeah. That's that. That's one one good thing that Corona has got suddenly across people. Yeah, and I have seen the cases are in Rajasthan Caesars factories get boom. And because what what Happen like they are the command was very low that time because before the Corona virus, but now they're got a huge demand of scissors and these kind of things like people say it's like we are getting unemployed and we do not have work to do nowadays. But I think after coronavirus like many of people's are getting jobs and getting a kind of opportunity to do their work like this. Was before the coroner. Yeah from home basically and before the corona was there were huge huge huge amount of Chinese products were there and that's why we yes, we're losing our adjust identity in the world, but now just we are doing so well. And even our the Namaste is culture is also in in prevalent. Yes, there is yeah I did. This is the most appreciated point of this conversation. I guess one because Namaste, you know, there were a few people who are you used to make I mean a few countries who is to make fun of the way the salary which is the celebration of India the greeting but I think world leaders are following it and I think be proud of the fact that we are Namaste is but you know anyone even Didn't I I have read a last day of he was the actress of a American America. Okay. So what were what was he saying? Like the con list of America has condemned the India like India is a country of something from the like nectar from Isaiah that time see just replied him like there is a where they promote non-veg. So sorry, they do not promote promote non-veg has and the promoter. Italian wedge so that's why there is no and there was no kind of any epidemic or pandemic in the India. It's something that we can learn from the Indian culture. So we should follow the Indian culture. So this is this is the thing now that a world is getting from the India because of the caronia would coronavirus it it I think a good thing for the India. Other things like internally we might be fake hissing few losses. But if you go to sea on a world scale, I think it is helping us somewhere or the other basically, we basically and yeah, everyone has both negative and positive impacts everything has Okay. Thank you Gautam. Thank you. I it seems like I have lost someone and I cannot his voice so I'm not really sure if you a man. Are you there? Yeah. Yeah, I'm here. Yeah. Hi. Yeah, so it is kind of beneficial things for the India. Yes. There are a few beneficial things which I think are happening very for India India's getting He was lost. But not India the word out to other world. Just getting you her loss across the whole world is getting lost even America, which is just such a superpower. Also getting less bad about Italy. I think it Li has seen a lot when it comes to the corner. It's okay after think I think it really has been affected a lot and it was the responsibility of the government but here in India it is because of the people who are not so educated and they are just running away from the hospital because of the kind of rumor just you will not be able to just survive yourself. Yeah, and today I just footballs and news from the hospital and he died now, yeah and stuff. So I Yeah, I think say it's easy for us for people like you and me to talk about it that okay. Nothing is going to happen. But for the people who do not have the right information like there is WhatsApp there is social media and that you could just spread any kind of hoax and people get these messages on their phone and they read it and they believe it to be true. Okay. So yeah somewhere I think we have to start using our social media also responsibilities during such are a dark are For people, you know, and even if you see it or social media, ma even mass communication because because of them just many other peoples are very aware like and because of than the cases of coronavirus are two on a little with a little amount in India, we can say yes, I mean what ways if you go to see both ways he is as apart from just spreading awareness through it. There are also few people who have Have knowledge of store for me. I don't know much about Corona. Okay. All I know is you have to stay at a distance of 1 meter from people. It's just a style like this coronavirus spreaded a lot like Pune we can say Pune in Maharashtra. So yeah Bangalore and there are some cities UPS where the Corona virus cases began in detecting detected a lot. So They are people's can stay away from each other. But if we talk about the some states like is how can where I am now residing so fun Behind These are the state which is not affected yet. So, you know we can just yeah we can just go ahead like, you know, and that it shouldn't affect that's all you can do. Yeah, so it is and one big thing that I want to say like the mask the demand of mask has been increased a lot in India and it's a very good opportunity to those very poor person who is who makes such kind of misplaced and stuff. Yeah. Yeah. These are the things like so it was a very good opportunity of person who was her who see this scenario in a very positive way so they definitely can get benefits. From it and if a person sees things in a negative way, so they will definitely give God the negative result absolutely is absolutely awesome who are well educated like you have suggested you to invest in the stock market where you definitely will get the some money and basically it is a very good opportunity and a person who is not so educated who do not have a kind of such knowledge about it. And so they can go for the making of mask like a Poor People's I'm talking about so we have them, correct. Okay. That was great talking. I'm and thank you for connecting with me and discussing this important topic and your inputs have been free. Thank you a lot. Thank you. Amazing. Have a nice day. So yeah guys that was a man and he was from Jonathan and Susan says before the pandemic we always have in our mind that Western people have great way of greeting each other like it. Always see Suraj I mean this has been programmed in our mind from the start. Okay, while we join school. We are taught to shake hands and it's not before we join school also parents teach us English waste from the start. They won't want us to call them mom and dad rather than my papa or you know, I Baba and whatever whichever State you belong from so that effect has been there and I think this pandemic has Has actually made a more aware that you know, why our ancestors used the Namaste thing and maybe in some of the other way we have started learning to appreciate our greeting ways and I think better late than never, you know, so, yeah, I think we just appreciate that and apart from that Suraj has another comment and he wants me to read that some fake news Predators infected. Oh my God. Fake news the poison injection. So people scare. All right guys. Yeah. There are a lot of effects see there are a few good effect on some bad effects that are happening. Like I'm Angeles pointed out that since China has been affected really bad and it gives India another opportunity to make up into the markets where the exports and stuff. I think India is first of all a huge importer of a lot of things from China we import a lot of stuff. I think this gives us an opportunity to our business people to you know, hit it and hi, I'm all hi. Hello. So yeah, we better start taking quick calls and I really feel bad for making you guys wait in line. So so yeah, let's just move to taking calls. Hello. Hello. Hi. Hello. How are you doing? I'm doing great recalling from YouTube. Yes led to be introducing myself to you. I would like to share about coronavirus. Okay? Sure. What are not virus? My country has been has been many people war is a lesbian. The our economy we have had the problem now in our economy and it has been affected absolutely affecting many people. He made people more effective a mic but only six people by only six people I but this virus been people who are affected. Because I think that you should you should to be at home. Of course. Absolutely Opperman our government our government asked us to be at. So it's time to share with our family because many I think that is a time to share with Ariel children wives with them. We stay with them spending time with families is very important Brazilian people like me to share any time with the family because it stay at home is the my My piece of advice I give that million people and not only my country to my country to around work. Would you like to give a piece of advice today at the home? This virus is very danger so has yeah. This is a big big great disease. It is spreading around the world it began and In China, it is now in Asia coordinate China Europe South America Africa except so that Adventure I think that I I pray I pray to God to bless this world as religious as a Christian. I pray to God to protect families because many people they are Suffering because exists kind of the disease that has been spreading around the world. Go ahead. Absolutely. Absolutely. Thank you for the things that you said and I correct me if I'm wrong. I heard you're from Brazil. Yes, exactly. I'm a firm Brazil. You're from Brazil. So how is the condition across your country about this particular virus outbreak or you know, how is it affecting you guys? I told you that some people or affected by these viral. Okay, but only six people died only six people. Okay, so let's go double I mean it's if proper precautions to be taken. Yeah, everything is a control but that is at the end in to treat these virals know Betsy. It's a great problem because if you affected. So it's dangerous because it's no bad decision. Yeah, that is a be quarantined cure. Yeah, to cure this disease this kind of this kind of viral. It's a great problem. Huh? So Maya alright to idevice to give a crystal make the best way to stay far from this virus, you know, he's my point. Okay. Thank you Sal so thank you for connecting. I mean it has been great talking and thank you for all your kind words. Yes, thank you very much. We've God bless you. God bless you. Great that you be safe. He's broadcasting or life. I be going to follow you. Okay? Thank you very much. Thank you. Yeah. Sure. Thank you very much. Alright guys that was celso and he is from Brazil and he has said that you know this current scenario where Corona outbreak is huge and I think This gives us a chance to spend time with our family stay with your family. Be safe. Do not go out. If it is not necessary, even though in India, the outbreak has not been seen as much as the other countries across the Asian subcontinent other country other continents, but guys, you know it is it is a virus. All right. So I think all we can do is try to protect ourselves from it and make sure you be with your family. All right. So yeah, let's just take a few other colors and talk about it and you know, a lot of people waiting in line guys. I really apologize. I have to make you wait and yeah, let's let's talk about it. So any says that ratio lower than another whitish but it's dangerous for fast-spreading is absolutely any it is really spreading rapidly under which is dangerous here. So highly page. How are you I am great. And what about you Vinny? Oh, well, I'm great. So, how's the pandemic in you City My City? I don't think that is any confirmed case as now or there are a few people who might be quarantined for, you know, checking and stuff but there is no confirmed cases are certain but it's no certain notes not so much not so much out of hundred. If you are getting hundred cases of Corona India out of 80 to 85 or negative. Absolutely. Yes II have checked the ratio ratio moderate. And yeah, the problem is the problem with those things. Like people are spreading so much rumors. So a people are not getting good knowledge good confirmations about symptoms and everything. So it's kind of a media's issue as well. Media is not spreading good words about Corona like it not mean good words. I mean good knowledge about Corona. So it absolutely an issue right now with our country you can see From Australia, like well from two days ago. Australia has banned like if you if you if you have travel to Australia like two days ago, you have to be in an isolation room for 14 days. It's a mandatory if you're going to Australia, okay, and people are cooperating with the government. But if in here people are not cooperating because people are lying to each other they are spreading rumors. So it's kind of a you can say it's kind of a issue alike. Eh, The Cathay about the bad information. It's more dangerous than the actual coronavirus. You can say, that's what I said half information is always dangerous. A lot of people with less information are spreading things that they actually don't have full idea about. Like I said, I'm not really well versed with the things that need to be taken care for precautions of this particular virus. But all I know is you need to maintain a certain distance and stay sanitized. That is what you can do, right? He was an adviser with any time any day you can do that when an economy is suffering because due to these outbreaks malls are closed hitters have been closed markets are getting closer every day now in Punjab now from tomorrow morning, but for Reese will be completely stopped all around the Punjab or going to other states as well. See what I have. Yeah, I mean What I've noticed is people see because of the close down. Okay close down people have started taking this as an opportunity to travel. I don't know how people can be so I don't know what I can say. Opportunity, you know people are trying to make it as an opportunity to travel and stuff. But guys this holidays and stuff that has been given the close down that has been made, you know important and the compulsory by the government it is to make sure you guys stay safe. Right? So if you guys have started planning, you know picnics to places tourist places. I think he you're just trying to Doom yourself that that Is all what you're doing these all precautions are for you guys like I want you to do they want you to be safe and sound and like if you want to go somewhere, that's fine. But still don't go to a public place. Where are where there are lots of people are there so go to a private place like if you have your own farm house or something go to that place. If you want to go on a vacation don't interact with people. You don't know. Yeah, I mean even a places of worship have been closed down the through party biology has been closed down and I'm not really sure about the other temples but I think I should know Martha also has been closed down because a few of my family members were planning for version of Martha and at that has been closed down. So guys if you guys are trapped planning for tours and stuff just cancel it and we don't think don't give it a second thought, you know life comes from its Health comfort. Right. So if you want to live your destiny, I'm sorry asking me a question and he's asking me a question to peers Kumar. Are you some of the yes, yes. I was in that debate and of insight e yes, do you remember me correctly any thank you. And after that like economy like your main topic is how economy is affecting right now by the Corona virus. First of all, China is the biggest exporter of cheap electronic Goods all around all around the world. I think those guys Guys can export anything. It's not just the electronic Goods but apart from that. There are other things also, isn't it? Yes, they can export anything but biggest they are the biggest sellers of electronics in the Glen Tronics. Okay? Okay. Okay, who your iPhone to your Samsung Galaxy cell phones to you. Show me your Vivo Europe. Oh, everything is the spare parts are coming from China China. Absolutely. Yeah, everything everything is export. Everything is importing from China. They are getting assembled here. So don't think he's an Indian media a assembled here, but the parts they they have not been made in India. So right now we are seeing shortage of cell phones because there are getting stock because it's selling hot right now cell phone is the biggest commodity right now in any country because if you don't have a cell phone you cannot access the news very easily. So everybody is buying everything everybody's going for a good cell phone nowadays. So after that, I am seeing the effects I will I will guarantee you this Feeny if this closed down we go more will go for more than three months. You will see rights on the streets of every person tree looks like it's it. You will definitely see rights after three months if this closed down still be going on because people will get out of money eventually at some point of the life looks like yes, absolutely. Everyone needs did basically basically Food necessary. He is and everything. This is the thing is a d so if you don't have the money what you're going to do, you're going to loot a store. You're going to loot a bank or you are going to be looting someone for that products. So it's a real scenario your current scenario not less than a yeah. Hello do a very big issue? Yeah, can you hear me? Yes. Yes. I can hear you. That's great us so current situation is okay. It's controllable to a point. But when you are talking about globally or holds holds India closing down for three months or four months because people will not go to their work. They will not get the salaries people will not be able to pay back their loans there. Emi is it's going to be affecting its going to put our country in a black 10 years back with this coronavirus only I think but somehow the farm See industry is booming. I think there has started being a demand for different kind of vaccination and stuff and a lot of other things that are there but very honest very honest. Okay sanitizer will keep you healthy to a point and masks will only effect if the person who has Corona is varying that okay. It's a truth like still I am not going to a barber. Do you know why I'm not going to work because when when they're cutting my hair when When they're grooming my beard they have to be very close to me. Their mouth is really close to me. So I don't want them to be close to me for that matter. That's why I have been know to I have never liked from past one month. I have never been to a barber shop. Okay, you beautiful see because because the problem is like you are saying you have to keep a certain distance like when Barbara is like nor Barbers and beauticians, especially when they're working on your face when they're when they're doing your eyebrows or upper lips or whatever so they have to be very close to you. So you don't want that right now. So stop like to keep yourself safe. Don't go there. It's a first thing to do. I'm sorry to interrupt you. Yeah. Morning, I'm sorry. I will get back to you very soon. Just stay in touch and thank you for joining. Yeah, yeah the pace so this is the main issue and second issue is like someone was here. I was hearing that person key. We never get like a pandemic started from India and it's not the reason because we are not eating non-veg. It's a reason because in India to be very honest like we do every week. One like 30% people do eat non-veg. But the people they are eating is like they're eating a fish is they're eating you can say hens and chickens are not eating what's people in China is that is is what I think it's like have you ever heard about there was a disease named mad cow. I don't know. I'm not sure it was a disease in England and America people who were eating beef, you know beef people who were eating relief one one call got sick and that cow made other cow sick so that they were eating like bad meat all over the bad beef all over the country. So that was a pandemic for the American and England countries because most of all around the world people don't eat cows, but they do this is their main food to go. So that's why we were in the pandemic but in India, we eat chickens and like to be very honest. We don't know what kind of a disease bat have or a snake have but we do know what kind of diseases are chicken can have a cow can have so we can eat it with that. Yes. Yes that that is the one that this is the main reason India is not giving any Global pandemics to the other to the other world. This is one reason. We are eating the things we already know. About we know about the biological structure of a cow. We know about a biological structure of a chicken and hen and whatever fish so we all know key what kind of eye diseases they could have so we can make like we can cure them in advance, but we don't have any idea what's bad. We don't have any idea of snakes cockroach, especially so these kind of a things you don't want to put in your stomach. I think yeah that is one thing and apart from that if we are talking about economy now the parish I think since India is not hit badly with this pandemic. I think we are fruitful or I mean people across the globe. I mean the countries across the globe might look at India as a fruitful investment because we are always good at working from home and I think people will start eventually Outsourcing their work. Work to India like it has been always there and we could see more investments in India without in the worry of you know, Global crisis. What do you do what we talked about when I'm sorry you working on? Yeah. Yeah, but you can do your work from home. It's the fact absolutely some yes. Some people are working. They cannot do the work from home. It's that it's some some jobs are like this all over the world. So eventually he gave them they will lose their jobs if no jobs no money no money meaning no daily uses things. So this is event. We are eventually going to a dark place. This is what we have to be considering right now. I think I think see every every particular thing has a pro and con, you know after the what causes of I mean what effects of development has left left us with I think this is another thing that that we are saying, you know, it's another effect of working towards. No, I tell you one thing. This is a main you can go back to history and you can see how a recession starts then and government is overlooking a overlooking smaller things that that every every time recession is come down to worldwide because of government over lose smaller things in their system and we are making fun of Corona people are making songs on that and everything, but people are not Getting the big picture after that after lose it again if you will not yeah. Yes. Yeah, you betcha losing missing something. I said, I think he has I was just agreeing with what he was saying. So the be main problem is if you will not able to give back the money to bank bank will not be able to give back money as a salary to their employees So eventually it's affecting everything. It's not limited to a job person or a business man. Everything will affect eventually because transportation is will be stopped and a few months and you will not What if you're thinking you can buy from Amazon if if Transporters for transport HD is been stored by people aren't willing to work as a Amazon career boys then how will you get your product? That's true. That is what I'm saying. Everything is going to have a chain effect eventually true. So it will definitely affect everyone if you think you have money right now, you will not be affected. Yes, you will not be affected in the short run but in the long run you will be affected more than the other people because when people saw you like you have the money they will go after you for sure to get that money from you. I mean, it sounds like a crisis. Yes. It's a great. It's like people are and we are making fun of it. This is what I am using with me. I will I think it is like we are very much amused with stuff like that. People are making songs in different languages and dancing over DJs. And yeah, I do agree about it. And I think this is not something something to make fun of what I think as Indians. We have the talent, you know that we do. Laughs on most serious issues in our country. So yeah. Yeah, but the problem is we are not seeing through the Future No one is right. Now. This is the issue that Tokyo will let me tell you Escobar if global global crisis. We are who is Kaiba two loci in your Homeland he saw each other government taking her Minnesota to why are you being a government? If you cannot think about future of you of your countrymen? What kind of a government are you? Walker had any social media make report as I ge ge ge ge to because I have reserved Hmm. This is the main issue not to job recession Hua recession hoga to Sarah gasps. Sarah. Joey start over again is Yoga. It's a truth. It does it's it will be it will lead to certain fall Downs. It will lead to some for certain rise ups. But ER the current issue is the current issue. Is that g? Yes. I'm very short other rights. We took Coronas look come wearing. He writes me logs are the merengue Bachata Merengue. You know what? I was just looking at the history. I mean every hundred years the world has seen some kind of Disease outbreak and people have died of plague plague. There was plagued the Spanish Flu. They were different kind of, you know diseases which out broke and washed out countries, you know, millions of people millions of infant. Let me tell you you will find this amusing. I have done a broadcast like two weeks ago on on the on the topics that people don't Don't believe in like aliens everything. So in in some certain way a nature is resetting itself because nature cannot endnote support this many people on the Earth. So it's richer way more than the people nature is not able to support the things that people are doing to Nature, you know, and it's kind of a system. It's kind of a nature is yeah, absolutely. The thing, you know. People are not getting voice like everything is just wasting right now. So it's kind of a good thing and a bad thing to be see if like we talked about plastic. So if if we can see from that prospective this pandemic is good for the human race because maybe if this is a very big outbreak, let's see how half the pub half the population of her face has vanished then we have only half the people leaving so absolutely It's kind of a like nature is curing its own Problem by Vanishing Us by killing us. So government would not help ya de precios. Go ahead. These These are the main issues like economy is the it's not a first priority for everywhere. You should note pay attention to economy. You should pay attention to your safety first. If you are not same like let's suppose a person is a billionaire and he cannot be cured from Corona what money will do good to him at this point not in the future and this point I think some way or the other we are just moving towards the end of ourselves and that is One through that we need to accept but then at the not panic, you know, so yeah apparently will create you can see a mass destruction of the world, which is already happening. It's just going to add atoms older skin very smaller scale right now very smaller scale. But if people getting let's let me assure you this thing if this hits right now economic crisis bank will go bankrupt instantly. Which we have already seen in the recent days. So yes bank with the yes Bank. Absolutely. That's okay. That was One Bank. Let's suppose RBI declares Reserve Bank of India declared ski, they cannot support right now. They don't have sufficient Banks to clear out. Your remaining deposit is deposits in the bank then what will you do? That is on the laser states that we can think about because it is definitely going to affect the country rather than on a global scale. But you know, the people are gold is not mobile. It's going to be a global because our B. We have a little to no government Banks, but we do have HDFC HSBC HT F CN sorry HSBC has and headquarter in Singapore. Yes, I know about that. So Singapore if Singapore is getting affected by the corona like on the highest level. So, how can we think about HSBC will work good in India? Absolutely. So you need to be very careful where you're putting your money your hard earning. So be safe out there. Just think before you go just think it or accept it because why would I give you any other logo appease her up as of It Rock - maybe a recession Global recession. We convert ho jayega. This is all sort of see the basic point is even if people are withdrawing their money, I think right now what is most important is safety. You know yoga person calling you. But secondly there are you encouraging it behind go sort of puts it is it is like everything is closed down and you know, one thing that see people have made Investments thinking that how tomorrow it is going to help but the current scenario is as such that I think health safety is what matters right now. Ihr let me let me let me ask you a simple question we need so let us assume. You are leaving you to family right now. Okay, and you are all are healthy, but you ran out of money after few months. What will you do? How will you survive after no food without know yeah that absolutely of course at such time. We will need money, but definitely it's not just gonna be that key. Everything is going to go still and we are not going to think about it. So sounds it sounds much like an English movie scenario where there is an apocalypse and everything is closed down which is you know, one way. Or the other looks the future, you know, eventually it looks like the future but still it's not out of hand. You know, what I believe is the current situation is not out of hands. I don't know about across the world, but I think in India still it can be taken under control and if it's true I told it to us. This is a simple question in in North Korea that Kim Jong you what is the name of the on like the dictator over there? He has declared if someone in his country has coronavirus he will shoot that layperson shoot-at-sight orders. So is that good or bad for you? Thinking about that saving others by killing some see if you go to see? It's brutal. But in one way if you were to see if you have just killed that person it is not want to spread. So so this means you are so you are supporting that mentality right supporting that good. Mission is available for Honor. Vaccination while I'm talking is a precautionary measure and it's not that quotient Yar to an infected person. How can you how can you prevent something that you don't know about it? I really don't know because there are I read an article and you know, there was an article where one person was I have seen someone sent it to me this clip on WhatsApp. Some reporter was taking an interview from a doctor of Dubai and he was believing that he told three Corona patient. So I thought that was a hoax like if there is no medicine, how can you how can you like, how can you cure them to be? Very honest? It's difficult, you know current at the current stage we're talking about Corona is really difficult where see if you have a if we have knowledge about what this thing is, then it is easy to find cures and stuff. See all we know is it effects like cold and flu and cold and flu cannot be taken as Corona at the same time, you know people will see Someone if you want to see in normal ways. Okay, if somebody contracts, you know, what do you say cold and flu or if they do is they go for a turmeric milk and stuff or go for some random antibiotics and stuff how far should a person weight is not yet declared. Like you know how far you have to go way to go and check yourself for Corona is not declared. So how much time it takes to spread within the body is not declared. So basically we we have lack of knowledge of Corona and talking about it in terms or second. Yes. It was and main problem is having half knowledge. See the virus outbreak is less dangerous, but but half knowledge know it. Because a lot of people who claim to have knowledge about it. There are a lot of people who keeps spreading stuff like, you know, I know about it and I have heard about it and stuff like that but somewhere this has started creating a few fever. I mean fear among people, you know, I'd even just like there was a person who said that spoke to me a few few minutes ago about a person who just jumped off the building saying that he couldn't be saved because of coroner and stuff. So I think you'll be it's driving people crazy. I mean the fear is driving people crazy and it is really important for government to taste steps where they can create proper awareness, but I think government is doing the job that they have just put quality ones on people's mobile and which is actually more irritating that it could be. They should start taking names and working out. Leaving people out and working in mobs like, you know, I think I will turn and helping people understand because she people like you and me access social media and stuff and understand but there are a lot of people a lot of population of India does not actually understand what goes around the social media about whether it's an awareness or Scare thing or they do you don't know people want proper guidance and that is missing in India right now. Okay cheese and dangerous back in 2003 now like in terms of Corona eyes, but the problem with three times is hard sir. Spreading rate was very low and coronal spreading rate is very high. So this is the two different things right now. So as was more dangerous, but Corona is spreading more fastly than source so the but that is the like I said key information the Missing off information is scary scary lack of information is always dangerous. Yeah, absolutely. I mean no because it's lack of information is making us fearful and panic in people are panicking because of that and taking extreme steps. People are trying home remedies which are weird people will not work. I have seen messages for beach to not drink Beach on any circumstance that Is a chemical that is a poison for your body do know drink bleach bleach is folded and of course it will you in node. Eventually, it will definitely you if you take that and leads, how can someone drink bleach who who is reading this stuff? I don't know I have seen method is only like drink who the is going to tell you the big breach week. They all are chemical which are harmful to your body. So it's kind of a craft worker of hi Jammers gazelle. Merry way. So I think I think people should get responsible kijang Kappa. Random Cavallo Korean blow. It shouldn't be that people who were so mad crazy about their lives that they eventually end up killing themselves without Corona and just rather following unwanted things, you know, so proper kind of guidance is important and I think working on it is really important and he says so you work with Jagged edges at the but Sonia Khanna It's Carnival Laconia. Absolutely any that is the current situation and yeah, I think filing says that you know lot of time for discussion. All right. Yeah the page so I think we have been discussing this point we did and I did you did you also have a session about Corona through? Oh no. No. No, I meant because I don't know how to Corona works properly. So I don't want to spread rumors or Something like that, so I will not do that until I know he what what's going on with the country or what square at least what's going on in India about the corona? Absolutely. I just wanted to know what's going on in people's mind and how things are affecting because I know about Bangla what's happening, but I have seen on use across India, but I don't want to believe so so knowing things from the locals is important and that is why I think I came up with this topic so I could speak to people the husband job with the coroner right now. Don't know we have seen finish it off for a big news in my city. I have also heard in Civil Hospital. We have two cases, but I confirm that there are no confirmed cases in my city. So people are spreading rumors for no reason. So so a class T is mechanic mechanic Auto don't believe on hearsay or their say, okay just put and check that the fact like go to government body and check that fact tcq sunnis to know about the bar vishwas much go. This is the first thing if you want to stay fit and stay healthy TK. So this is this is the only advice I can give you cash donation about war which was fought grow a graphic at Ikea OCH a local hospital in the case. I took please do call your hospital. Don't go there do call the hospital and confirm that because that government body will not lie to you and people other if there are some cases people you don't have to go and check that out yourself and contract the particular disease and come back home. So you guys can stay home and under Yes, it's required. Please don't move out. That is all I can say. That it's very nice to talk to you. Any I take another 30 minutes of years by whenever I'm coming and take either 50 or 30 minutes of your time. Every time ready patients. Always nice talking to you - its thank you for connecting. It's always great talking same here. If anything I think the last yeah, I was saying the last collab that we were trying I think we kept on missing out because of the network or so. I think that we can think about later. Yeah. All right. So yeah, thank you. Thank you. Thank you very much. Have a great day. Akash says Veneno everything while such misleading information. No Akash. We are not trying to mislead anybody. We are trying to find out see we are just trying to find out more. None of us here is well versed with what is happening across the world when it comes to Corona. Okay, and I'm just saying this on behalf of everyone. And saying that none of us because no one I I don't think anyone there is who really knows what is going on about the Corona and all of us are trying out ways going through Google finding out through the social media and stuff and I think each one of us is trying to take as much as precautions in our life to be safe. And I think that is all we can do and that is what we should be doing rather than believing fake news trying. Fake things trying to run away in a word of running away from Corona people. Don't just get yourself into worse Troubles by trying stuff which you don't know are effective or not. So yeah, like we are talking on the subject. We keep talking about it while let's just take a few calls while which are online hello and as if you are liking this podcast do The hot button which will make a difference for me. Definitely. And since you guys are connected with me on call here, I think hello. Hello. Hello. I'm on you there. Hello. Hello. Hi. Hello. Hi. Hello. Hey, hi. How are you abroad where you from? I'm from Bangladesh and I am I allowed to know why are you from? Yes, you are definitely allowed to know I'm from India and I'm talking from Bangalore from Bangalore. Okay, I'm from taka and I'm new here. I'm new here. I just you know send you a request and this is my first phone call and my English is super super crap. So sorry for that. All right, you don't have to be sorry for your English. I think we all hear speak quite English, you know, so sometimes Be really good and sometimes we don't so that's okay pretty nice knowing that you're from darker and from our neighbor country. And how is the situation right now in Low Country when it comes to Corona? I think we are talking about Coronado. Yeah. Yeah. Yes. Yes. The situation is pretty much normal here because of people are not aware about it. The government is government looked off lot of you know steps like you like terrifying to the fine-tune your stick to people so that they can't they can't they can gather anywhere maximum 10 to 15 people. But you know, like in our Authority if in doubt in her car in there a lot of you know, like places these days, you know set for hand-washing. Okay, and people people going to that place and you know Gathering that gathering in that place, you know what I can Like the who says like don't avoid gather. Okay, Albert people its maximum 10 people but people Gathering their around almost minimum hundred main thing is not you know, the question the government's main, you know reasons it's not, you know doing very well. So he's also the host of situation is not very good because of people and not Very much our about it. People are not getting actual information what actually happened in the world. So people are like like like they things like this like normal they do a lot of hard work. So these type of Corona bacteria or virus copied 19 never do anything. So they they they are right now in that Fascination. So this is all about all about situation and but yes, some people very minimum people are very much on Source about it and they're trying to you know, stay at home trying to wash their hands for 20 seconds trying to avert Gathering but most of the people most at least 80% people or 70% people still, you know, go to the concerts going to the you know seminar going to the you know the whole Volcan face educational institutions are closer right now. Okay. Absolutely. I know my country do it's the same things all but student students who are were from University like polish like school. They're going to the for a tour. They going to consist of a sahaja yogi wherever and lot of places. Okay, the government can't can't you know, like can't stop stop. Right there right now the can Define the trying to stop but people are not just people like acting like this is a vacation. Yeah, absolutely. Yeah because it's all closed down. So yeah people take it as a vacation and they're trying to move out and roll sad, you know, this is really frustrating see it is the lack of knowledge abroad. It's like awareness isn't you know available and that is one reason like there are a lot of ignorant people and that is why it's happening and I think it has to be on a personal level that we start taking care of ourselves. And only then we will be able to you know avoid such dire situation could be hurting like bangladeshis are most dense one of the most densely populated country circulated. Yes. That's the problem like we millions of people living only in Dhaka. Okay. It's a Small place. I don't know, you know about it or not, but some very small planes and but lot of people leave here there they has to go in there were the separate ECS the consider Educational Institute is are off but if Government, you know shut down the, you know, all types of you know office or you know in the face then then might be it. Will it be maybe there might be a duel, you know, very good for us. Us because of if it's somehow it's outbreak, then it would be a disaster for for Bangladesh at least because of who we are we are a very small country and a very poor country and the thing. Yes, I have only one left for one lap for into it for Coronavirus are copied 19. Okay. Well you guys have 62 I guess so, yes. Emergent like rupali one lap, like like a lot of people saying if you are, you know if you are. If you're feeling sick or just only for Unilever normal fever, no hospital wants to take them. Okay? Okay, we assess our situation right now. Hello. Hello. Hello. Hello, and you hear me? I love me. I can't hear you. So this is 12 emergency call Center for Kovac 19. But all the all the all the you know section or you know station for institutional busy peoples are trying to reach them for two three days, but no one no one actually get them in for. Come and if you go to ICD are which is considered for you know, Covey canteen test. They shut down their doors because of the don't allow to come in the in the hospital. So this is what actually happen in Dhaka or all over the Bangladesh. That's that's really sad to move abroad. But I think these things have to be taken care of by the government and I think it's just not it possible for few governments to invest so much at certain time. But so I think urging the citizens and making them aware of the day of such things is important. I think that can be done. Okay, if we cannot reach out and help each person at the same time, but at least they should do some kind of, you know possible measure to help people, right? Yeah. So yeah, it really sad, but I think Each one needs to take care on their personal front and try to avoid situations like these and not going to public places and that that could I think help. Yes, I do agree with you, but the sad part is, you know, no one is still no one is error because of only one people died yesterday for copied 19 this so people still taking it very very lately. Yes, not a big thing or something. You have that, you know, like do you know today's 19 right? 17? Yes, Robin 17 May sorry much was our was a father of Nations buddy should most common like when I when I see the in a fireworks from my balcony II feel like II remembered up, you know Titanics sinking when the Titanic is sinking, you know, the So, you know steps the word and sometimes happy same things happening here. Like Titanic's captain has has has had that you know that arrogance like static never gonna be you know, I think we all have that arrogance in Bangladesh coronavirus Never Gonna, you know, he does so but we have to have a you know, 700 kids. It's for you know, it's Medical. It's and I have I have some you know, medical students friend and they saying me like, you know a verb we don't have any kind of protection. Like if we few doctors don't have any kind of protection because of the government still not, you know delivering any kind of security kit in a medical certificate. So peace is the actual actual situation in right in Bangladesh. We have any lumps of To but we have only 700 get for test. Okay, that's something big right now and rather. I think this this is a global crisis and each country has their problems and like you have given out some important points about your country right now. I think ignorance is Gonna Get Us killed all of us guilt, which is Three something to think about and apart from that a broader. I really think it has been great on your part to connect me on this topic and talk about it, and thank you for connecting and thank you find some wonderful light on this topic, and I have a few other callers waiting. So I understand exactly thank you. Thank you. Thank you for the you know talking to thank you guys. Post in the comments see there are a few things, you know while I'm talking when I'm engaging in a particular conversation. I can read comments of single line. If you guys think that writing huge paragraphs in the comments if it is going to take some time and our cash when he has no knowledge about but seeking stop begging to hit the like button if there was an option of it dislike, I you would have got the most dislikes. I don't think Akash that what you're trying to say here. Okay. I like I have already said that I'm not well-versed about Corona right now and I have taken this topic because I want to find out what is going across. Currently, so if you have understood what we are talking about, I think only then you should talk about such things and it makes no difference that there are a few people who keep commenting things like weird things things which are offensive guys. You will need to understand there is a way to ask for attention Okay, if you are trying to seek attention know this is not going to get grabbed you any attention. So if you really want to talk something important just connect to me on call and we can discuss about it. Okay, you know I cash this is really sad that your you are commenting stuff like butter go to hospital and her coronavirus people double-check it man. What what are you talking about? Okay, so people before commenting I think for hinge style you have written some great comments in here. And I really appreciate those and if you would have connected on call I think the all the listeners could have had a chance to understand these facts but apart from that. Thank you. Thank you for all your comments for him style and Akash that's really sad. This is not a way to grab some attention. If you really want to grab some attention do something good. I think okay and apart from that other guys. Hi. Hello people who would like to join? Yes, I will make So I could answer more calls because I'm running short of time and let me just check if I can take a few more calls. So yeah. Hello. Any says I like your DB debate VD and it's my business time. Thank you. Any lot of your comments have been a contribution in here. And I think it has been great. So we are. Hello. Sal me India's case of Corner in India. Yes, there are a few confirmed cases and I'm not really sure if I think there are a few people who are quarantined so I'm not sure if they are confirmed or not. This is for you sell me Elias. Hello. Hello. Hi, hi. yes you from I am from Egypt. You're from Egypt her face moment. I'm from India. I am from Bangalore. So we are talking about Karina added sitcom. Economic effects. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. So what do you have to say about it? Yeah, you wanted to ask how can we keep our world or belief systems our service from this disease? Well, I don't think there is anything in particular in here it they have given a few precautions to be taken stay away from people at as much as you can people infected just try not to be get close to them for any chance. Okay apart from that keep your hands sanitized cover your face or mouth. I mean most people who are infected should be the ones who are covering but apart from that as a part of precaution. Yes, everybody can do that, you know so that they don't Tracked it to the around them, you know if people are sneezing and coughing on them. So yeah, there is a chance of you know, getting into the contract of the particular disease. Yeah, so it's always good to be precautious on a personal level. Yeah, yeah, is it the better able to isolate myself from other people? Yeah, I mean it's not necessarily isolate yourself unless and until you are infected, but it's always nice to keep at Bay if you can. Sookie what like you're not going to keep at Bay just stay away from people as much as possible. If do not hang on hang out with people in public places if it is unnecessary, you know, just like the normal days if you are hanging out or you're going out to places where there is lot of public crowd and you will you don't know it's not necessary don't do it if it unless and until it is something which you can't do without going like, you know, you have to go to a certain place and There's no other option. So you'll have to go that you can but mostly stay away. Yeah, yeah. Yeah, it is preferable to keep away from Beaver. Yeah, it's yes, it's benefit that you keep away from me in India. At least we have have seen close Downs in schools and huge balls and everything people have have been advised to stay home and to avoid public places as much as possible to avoid public transports and stuff. Yeah, yeah our government here have suspended the school's the hose and the other institutions. Yes. Yes, distributions have been closed down currently like there. There were a lot of organizations vegetables had their exam but they have been postponed or canceled due to this particular, you know problem and not just that but even the public transportation and public places being closed down to response have been closed down. So yeah, I think that is the only way we are trying to curtail lot of people gathering in places. So it is difficult for us to And who is infected and who is not unless and until they are medically tester. Okay. Yeah, so, you know, you cannot see visible symptoms of coronavirus see it looks like a person might have cough and congestion but cough and congestion is not coronavirus. Okay? Yeah. Yeah. Can I have my perfume? Yes. Yes. Yes. How long is this is will last is there any it's your heart. It's hard to say. I mean it's not been seen visibility's thing. I think if it has affected people on a senior level like senior citizens of people with less immunity die faster and I think or maybe children basically people with less immunity you can say You know because no one future. The future it is difficult to say we are still trying to find out all of us. I mean everybody yeah. Yeah. Yeah. So each one is trying to understand me. He is very less knowledge information is available. So yeah one is trying level best to find out and you know, try to be say yes on a show. Yeah. Things out for this information. Thanks a lot. Thank you - thank you. Thanks. It was great talking. Thanks a lot. Thanks a lot. All right, guys, I'll see it's very important for us on a personal front to be taking care of yourself. Just make sure don't get into places where you don't have to be. Okay, it is if it is unnecessary, don't do it it talking to people if it is unnecessary. Don't do it. The current scenario is dangerous. It is always good be aware of what is going on around and don't believe hoaxes and things about coronavirus. I'm panicking which is not right. You know, it shouldn't be that people die out of panic rather than Corona so we have another caller and let's just quickly take this call. Hello. Hello. Hello. Hello. Hi Whitney. How are you? Hi, I'm good. How are you? I'm great. Yeah, okay you call from Ron. I'm from New Delhi. Okay, and I'm from Bangalore. Oh, that's great, please. Yeah, great. Today's topic on the Corona virus. Right? Right. So how is the situation over there in Bangalore in Bangalore? It's like most of them are working from home. Most of the things are closed down the malls of closed down and public places like completely locked down and stuff schools colleges, you know, so it's So tough situation same here the malls and the cinema halls everything are closed here and we are avoiding the situation like where most of the people gather together same things are going in the early as well. And so why do i tension? So yeah, but most of the people are saying that this coronavirus will not last long in summer. Well, that is just a thought like, you know, since it's symptoms are linked with cold, you know, like pneumonia and stuff which occur in a colder season of Colder areas, but then if you go to see that way places like a module, there are the new rock and have not seen any of the coroner case being cold places. So you cannot think of it as it will not survive into you know, what places because of the Rajasthan has confirmed cases of Corona, so What can be hotter than Rajasthan India? I think in the summer the cases will reduce not will it will not finish properly but it maybe reduce like see this is an idea of people people are thinking that maybe as in summers people don't get cold and things like pneumonia vanish. So yeah, maybe but this is not pneumonia. We need to understand the symptoms are like pneumonia. Yeah. You're right and you Us has said that they have invented the vaccine and the artistic on the humanist. I'm not really sure about it. I read it somewhere. Like I said, you know she media is not trustable these days because I read it on an article. I read it online and where it said that there's a hundred and three years old Chinese woman who was saved. She's the first person saved from Corona, but I'm not really sure how three people have cured and they are saved and they diagnosis very well three people are see Yeah, these these people could be young people who have contracted Corona or maybe had the fear of being contracted like, you know, if they were traveling from by air or somewhere. So if they have been in the zone where people have sneezed and coughed so that such people who are quarantined were given precautionary treatment so that their results do not turn out to be positive. Okay such people It is said that it will affect to the child and the older age person or people. Yes. Yes, and that is he that is pattern. Yes. Hello system like yes, we human have the power of ability to fight with the virus in the old. Yes. They had don't have much power to fight the virus. So that is why absolute record very easy. Right. Yeah, right. I mean in the immunity goes down a little bit low. So here Lord. Lots of like people are sailing the vaccines and people are selling medicine in in Black that it is the cure all the stuff are going to see clearly we need to understand one thing. There is no vaccine available. There is no medicine that is available people might try to make money out of this current. Situation that are do you know, this is a cure for Corona and this no guys, there is no cure for available. The only cure that is available is precautionary measures and take your record. Stay away leaders are saying the urine of a cow can save the Corona virus. Yeah. I heard the I heard about this thing. Like a lot of people have been talking about, you know, gotra can't or a Corona guys. This is not Proved. Okay. See it is like, you know it is it is a situation Imran in a country where if told that if you give poison to someone and say this is your focal real core. Another person will just blindly drink it. You know, that is the current situation are you in this country right now? Because people are ready to believe that anybody can give you cure of Corona because it is spreading so rapidly and people have fear in their mind, you know, so yeah. And in Valley the detention centers are make building like the vacant buildings are making for them the coronavirus people. Yeah near I there was a building that was provided that has to be provided for the poor people, but now they change into a Corona warranty for infinia. So so that people can directly those who will come. From the abroad they will not go to the house directly directly. Yes that is shelters and after 15 or 20 days, they will be released after all the tests. Yes. So yeah, I have seen even a lot of people like there have been stamps or the voters ink stamps being put on the people that quarantine for such a long time. And you know where if such a stamp is seen on anybody's hand. They need to immediately take that person back to the you know detention place so that you know, the virus doesn't spread and all see your government is taking steps to people are taking steps. One moment. So here In the comments. Someone says mortality rate for C over c o VI D 19 is just one to two percent. Yes, absolutely pankaj. You're right. But is there that is important? So 1 to 2% in a country of you know, 1.25 billion people you can see how many I wanted to just check one to two percent. It's convertible. Yeah immediately. Okay. So even one to two percent is a huge huge number for us. So I think that is how we have to look at it and take precautionary measures. I think eyes Corona is all about being taking precautionary measures. So if you can avoid unnecessary talking unnecessary visiting places where they could be infected people. I think you can just avoid getting infected. In the in the meadow chemistry chemistry, there is no Energizer. There is no mask for the people people are certain products and the brand suddenly the demand for sanitizes signed integers and The Masks have like boomed up, you know, all this while only medical practitioners used face masks and very few people were so concerned about using hand sanitizers and Now that it has become a compulsion. I think it's going to Boomer when people are going to want more hand sanitizers because it's not even available online these days and it's gonna get into a little bit of trouble with our category of the Mask as well one the protect from the protests from the pollution and other Mass protests from the viruses other Mass. So there is a people think of using because there are Clothes mask people will see it all looks fashionable. I think to be very honest. There are surgical masks. I think the right thing to choose from because you know people might tell you there are three layers and four layers of Soleus don't help guys surgical masks come with certain chemical thinking a surgical mask. If we are using that it will after two or three use like four to five days it will automatically Do not be useful effective. Yeah. Yeah. That's absolutely right. See any mask is not going to be any which way useful in run for a lifetime. If you go to see that. Yeah, okay, you will have to change the mass because after certain level of use anything is going to get down. So yeah, but the China I think China has done a very well they are not in the China new cases are not registering. And they have because they started it. Okay, they started they were the reason you know, they're killing the word so they have to do something. Okay. They were they because they know what it is because it started started there. They know what it is and there is no reason of Corona virus is spreading they are they are saying something they were making the nuclear bomb like this assignment and once even ignore Hoaxes right here for us. What important is that right now people are suffering and that is the main important thing because if they were even preparing for a nuclear war it has started killing their people first. Okay, what's the point? You know, if you are preparing for in Clear Water, you will save your country first. So that is a totally different topic. But right now since I'm running short of time at 1 for 1 hour 48 minutes right now, so any moment within five ten minutes to call it will just get froze. So three calculating the exact things that we are talking. I think what conclusion we have gathered precaution is better than cure prevention is better than cure prevention prevention question II don't know whatever you guys can watch. Both of which don't get contracted don't contract any wires. That's all right. Don't even touch unnecessarily for everywhere because absolutely four to five hours and survive even two to three days as well in boxes on the Plastics. It can survive one day. I heard them that is the worst part is a lot of viruses don't survive out of bed. But this latest can survive outside. So yeah first start is what makes her dangerous, right? All right. All right. I'm Brian. Thank you for connecting and it has been great talking. And since I'm running out of time, I will sign off and replace the fireplace. Thank you. Thank you for being there. Yeah, have a great time. Okay. Bye. So yeah, there is a pocket says any only older people and people with low minority are vulnerable use handkerchief. Yes pankaj that is important guys who are listening right. Now. This is a very important thing that such an outbreak such a problem persist currently in our country. Not just in our country across the globe and it is a real dark tank where we have to be. Together in this we all are together in this nobody is going to die alone or nobody is going to stay alive alone. Okay, so we need to understand one thing that taking precautionary measures doing things that will prevent this particular disease from spreading. We have to understand that doing unnecessary talks going I mean going to unnecessary places unnecessary public places it Not necessary guys, if you have been given an opportunity to stay home by your employer by your school or by whoever you're working. We'll just take this as an opportunity. Stay home with your family. Just take care of them. Take care of yourself. That is only what matters right now, even if you're the richest person in the world, you cannot avoid Contracting this particular disease, even if you're poor Forest person in this country. You cannot avoid Contracting this Euler disease, so what is important is prevention take precautionary measures stay high genic stay away from people as much as possible guys when I say stay away from people stay away physically, but stay connected with people that is what is important. All right be in this world. We have to be connected with each other and we all in this together and we all need to fight it together. So yes last call I need to tell you this that I just am left with 5 minutes and I really don't want to take this call and you know, just say hi and immediately say bye to you. So is that so is this is and after a long time. I have come back with a solo podcast today and I think Corona is an important topic we need to discuss and just whoever is aware of the actual fact spread the knowledge. If you don't know what it is. Just stay calm. Don't talk. About it to anybody and keep yourself safe be healthy and take care of yourself. That is all I can say I'm signing off for the evening and possibly will have a podcast where we can talk about it. I am doing my research and if I can find any stuff that I feel that I can share with you guys. I will definitely do so you guys have a great evening take care of yourself. And again prevention is better than cure. Stay safe don't boo things which are not required. Right now so great evening guys. Have a good night. Take care of yourself. Yeah, this is Vinny and I'm signing of for today.