Animus messages and here we go. You guys today's topics are messages that you want to pass. Under you are they and experiences again. So you guys can call and give out messages. Like let's have a simple fish tank. I have something and we're in you guys can share your stories and messages. So today is Sunday. It's the weekend and the to put it all in a nutshell that we have so many. Things that we want to tell people but we do not tell at a certain time we wait for time to pass and then it's it just remains unsaid so here we go this platform today. Tell us what do you want to tell someone and we will make sure that it reaches them. We have a caller called the puck and the book. Hi. Hello. Hello. Hello, and I keep missing out on your voice. So high how deep. How are you? Hello. certain technical error and we have two other colors in lines. Hello. Hello. Again, hello? Hello. Hi Hi. How are you? I'm good. This is myself myself million. Hi Marilyn. How are you? I'm good. I'm actually yeah, I'm Vinny and I am from Bangalore right now. And today's tip is let's talk it out messages. So if you have any message to share too. Why you said it to this death? Yeah, definitely. I am actually related to the health department. I am doing my MBA so I want to share some thoughts about our mitochondria. I mean, yeah, I mean you can buy all the creams pills medicines in the world. But if your mitochondria mitochondria is basically the PowerHouse of the cell is not fun. It is not functioning the right way you will still Age rapidly and your skin look dull you will put lot of weight here lost feel tired and prone to the conditions like Alzheimer's Parkinson's and cardiovascular disease and chronic Piketty. I mean lot of diseases like diabetes Huntington. These are all tzz, which you may find if you okay? Yeah. These are the diseases. So first I will tell like what is the reason for mitochondria? Chicken, okay. So the point number one is the egg excess exposure to the sunlight at a wrong time. Like I have seen people like who spend time in the sunlight but like you have to be clear when you have to take the sunlight and when you don't have to take it, like I have seen people were sitting in the like taking the sun bar in like middle of the day like at 12 that is not good for our body and state. Yeah and And is tobacco come consumption and smoking that is really bad for our health? And yeah, and third is motor skills dysfunction like autism learning activities you mean? Yeah. Definitely. I mean you and diabetes is also I mean you could probably happen. If you don't take care of yourself then diabetes could happen if you mitochondria do not work, you know in a proper way so pratik. Sorry million. What what can we do the At the mitochondria functions. Well, we have a lot of youngsters who are right in a certain stage where they are completely stressed out and they don't have time for themselves and you must be a student yourself. So how make sure that your mitochondria remains Health. Okay, so I will tell you the points. So the first point is like you have to eat fruits vegetables nuts seeds and legumes and Whole grain, like these are the things ourselves required. I mean do not deprive yourself like and mitochondria of these essential. I'm in essential nutrients because you want to go on a fad diet. So it's these days people don't eat healthy. And yeah, that is one reason and that is why melon has been telling us to eat a lot of fruits and nuts and seeds and whole Range, which is quite felon, but sure it's good that you keep telling us about it. So yeah, please what else and second thing is omega-3. Fatty is it it's a fatty acid. It's found in flexi leash or crayfish. Yeah. I mean like if you are vegetarian, then you can go with like legit. Yeah, and if you are, non vegetarian then you you may eat like fish. And that is important for our cells omega-3 fatty acid is really important because and I'd ever supplements also for a mega. Yes. Yes omega-3 fatty acid when it comes to eating Foods is really difficult. So, how do you think they should consume it? Like these things are like if I talk about their after break down they are little bit hotter. So you do not consume those thing on a daily basis. Okay. That's why you have to keep these things in an alternate way. Like like you have you eat these things on Monday and then Friday like you have to get it out. You have to balance because flaxseed it's actually generate too much of heat in the body and consuming them directly without any guidance can also have adverse effects on you, especially women and these things have to be taken into consideration and only then they can ahead but like Melanie was saying, you know, the mitochondria whatever in the body, you know, it's the power house obviously, so but if It is affected. So it's like the basic unit of your body is affected and it's very natural that if the basic unit of your body, if you're rude, you know from where you start everything starts in the world that is affected. It's really obvious that your help starts dropping and stuff like that. But through this what message do you want to give people? Like they have to like consume more deed. They dietary fibers and they have to like at least they have to do some exercise like high intensity interval training or strengthening and what everybody who cannot do that. Like let's talk on a mass basis like most of us are working and have no time for exercise. We are either on our phones at night. We don't have time to eat just take I'll give you my example and someone picks up early and then I have a lot of things to do by 8. I am off to work and up til 3 o'clock. I mentored terrible stressful kind of an environment in after three. I come back I eat so sometimes get time to eat in between so it's a very, you know, yes restful schedule and I'm sure a lot of other people around who are working in to corporates have the same kind of scared you sleep. Jewel and food schedule and stuff like that. So what what can be done to overcome all this? I mean because she is you know in a world today that if you start thinking about each different cell of your body and think about you and I think about your eyes and you start thinking about health into pieces then thing you can do is you can just close yourself inside a room and do nothing and just eat well and to exercise and stuff. To keep going with this kind of life and still being healthy. What can they do? I mean first thing is that which is very simple is that you can control on your diet. If you are not exercising at all, then you can control on your diet like you can eat fruits vegetables and I mean eggs, and these are all like you're not doing any exercise, but you are providing the right now. Nutrition to your body and second thing is that there are a lot of people who cannot afford a gym or they don't have time for a gym then. They do a regular or like basic exercises, like push-ups or like skipping. These are the basic things and you can and like people say that I don't have a space. I cannot go on a run or a jogging or there is a lot of pollution. So the best thing is that just by one jumping rope and then then it's easy because Have to you know, do a high intensity workout. Then you're all the blood in your body is going to be circulated very well and like people think that right now if I am very well, I'm not doing a thing like I'm good because I'm not feeling anything but when the time's comes like after like 40 late 40s and 50 then they realize that oh, I mean now I cannot do anything. So you have to at least give yourself. With about 10 to 15 minutes of like high intensity training whatever makes your like heart beat fast is a high interval training. So you just have to give your body that you know that that is required and proper sleep of 6r. Is like six to seven hours mandatory. I'm not telling that ate six hours. I mean, it depends from person to person but six hours To seven hours compulsory. Okay, that's great. That's a very nice thing that you have shared with us melon, you know taking health care of the health is very important topic and melon has share some wonderful details that you have to do. So. Thanks Melanie for calling and its really nice talking to you. Thank you why thank you very much. Yeah. There is some melon was telling us about taking care of your health and the like he started with the smallest unit of your body. That was the mitochondria and each one of know of one knows what a mitochondria is. If you don't know go check the science book of a fifth standard baby because that's where we start learning what mitochondria is but apart from that he has thrown light on a very sensitive issue. It's about Fitness. Like we were supposed to talk about messages and animus messages. But since the stopping topic has popped out I would just tell you guys see it's very simple to say maintain a diet. Please go to the gym and do stuff. But at times you really cannot do especially there. I think people can relate to this some can and some kid Noah some won't but, you know having a very stressful schedule at times. You tend to miss out on these things miss out on eating miss out on you know exercising. So what I do is I don't know what the others you guys can tell me what you do in the comments. But what I do is I start going, you know, Patti household shows like, you know instead of just cleaning it letting someone else clean your room. Just you take the charge and clean your room and if you guys cannot eat do not have as Much time to go to the gym and just swap your own room. Just pull out a bucket take a cloth and swap your own room. So that is the best exercise. What do you think people did in the olden days? Did they go to the gym? No, they didn't they did. They were self-dependent. They did their own work and that is how they kept their physical body intact and healthy. All right, and I have and here. Mr. Orville has commented. Saying that neat doesn't need to be planned you need to do purposely set up or we'll what is neat. Actually, I'm really not as such into fitness. So I have no idea what you're talking about, but Right. Okay. So yeah. Mr. Odom is explaining something about neat and if your job is something where you are active always so neat is high. Okay, guys, this topic has suddenly jumped into fitness. I really don't know how but if you guys are listening to this and if you really want to continue with this, I'm not really someone who's really perfect with Fitness talks Okay, so Before I give any advice on Fitness, I don't think I can do that. But coming back to the topics that we were talking is when it comes to weeny weeny just talks about things that people don't talk about. Okay people talk about Fitness people talk about languages people talk about other things. I'm here today to speak about a message. All right, if you guys have attended colleges schools, you know, the our games wherein you can share anonymous messages to someone no matter what that message is whether you like you or whatever. Okay. So here you guys can share your message. Give me a call we can talk about it. And so that others listen and then your message has been received to the person who you want to give you a message. All right, so guys like I was talking to a million About health wise also he was suggesting eating fruits and exercising and all these are the basic things that we know in our life all of us know that we have to exercise all of us know we have to sleep at a certain time. Okay, or will has a question what exactly a message in carrier will this message can carry any anything you just you know? There are so many things that you want to tell people. Yes, everyone is listening to us. So it's like open broadcast. It's like a fish pond, you know, have you ever played fish pond in your school or college where you dedicate a message to someone or you dedicate a song to someone so you can do any of that you can just come sing a song which depicts a certain, you know stage in your life or anything. Hello, we havenít talking to us here and we need where you from. Hello. Hello. Hello. Hi. Hi minute. How are you? Are you from I am from India where you come from, India? Good morning, or what message? Do you have to share? Just I want to improve my common skill I want to do. Hello. Actually, I am a student or a student. Yes. Hello. Yeah, I am a student and I have done better opinion and tell you what I'm looking for. Which part of the are you looking for a job and currently I am in I am list program and our civilian and here I am looking for job Delhi NCR and well guys, this is beneath and he's really hard but going to be looking for a job in a deadly and seen anywhere around he is currently in Graham. Are you in music or you're looking for a job in there? Yeah. We need is currently in Gorham. And if anyone is listening to his message, he's completed his bachelor's of engineering from which field tell me when I have done better opinion in electronics and communication, but after after I move in network field, so exactly network profile. Yeah networking profile Network. Right ottoman you are asking which domain he wants to work into networking. So yes, we need to you can just post your email ID in the comment section and guys if you ever is listening to this when searching for a job and if you guys know anyone who can attend sir, please get in touch and helping each other and let's make this open Talk Successful by helping someone find a job, right? So we need is there any message that you are supplying over here? We need hello. Are you are you do you have a message to share? Do you have any unanswered unspoken message that you want to share? Okay, somehow there is a network error and we need is not supposed to hear us die so somehow this podcast is going different ways at different times and we started with health and now we are here the some one named we need and he's from gurugram and he's looking for a job somewhere around Delhi NCR and gurugram and so he has completed his electronic and Action and also he has a wonderful networking profile. So if you guys can help him out in any way he may want to put his email address in the comment section so mutually, you guys can connect to each other and help each other, right? So we have the next caller in here or will and let's talk to him. Hello. Hello. How you doing? Have you been good? Yeah. I'm Bangla podcast for the day and I keep meeting people from Bangalore and up' and Bihar these three places that I keep meeting people from but guys, I would like to talk to people around India and you guys, okay, so it will tell me what is the law? What is Your topic today? Okay. So I thought of talking about people have beard like I just thought about that while I was listening to you, but this vineeth has come up with unemployment and things like that. So I don't know for which one I will go with the since you said about message. I'll go with people of weird like so what I am telling is, you know expectations or something. So we are human beings and we are emotional. How can he say? Okay. This is a very emotional Falls in his being very rude to us. So I that's what people think when I say, you know, you are an emotional food because we as in human beings animals first and we are human emotional fools. What we do is, you know, we end up getting hurt for small reasons. Like I'm not talking about specific kind of people were very strong, you know can carry out themselves no matter what happens to them. So I'm not talking about about that. I'm talking to the most of the people who especially the Indian Scylla we can hurt a lot of these things like expectations is something is what I'm trying to explain you right now. So no matter who the person is if you feel the person is somewhat okay with you in the first initial stages of your whatever the relationship you are maintaining with that person you start getting expectations and try to meet the expectations unknowingly what you end up being with so that is something I I like to talk about right now. So see the first impressions, right so often people do say that first impressions matters a lot. But first impressions comes with expectations also that no one likes you talks about suppose an interviewer and I'm the guy who come for the interview and you have some high expectations for me, right? And how do I make that void for like, you know full I with the first impatiens like that first 10-15 seconds how I talk to you or how I end up explaining whatever you ask me is how you feed your expectations. Like, you know, okay that my expectations are full from this guy I can take him. Okay, what I'm telling here is expectations, and this thing is correlated, but no one likes to you know, talk about this thing. So that's one thing. So this is going to hurt a lot of people unknowingly and second. Thank you. Don't thank you know biting the things on yourself. Like actually that is what my podcasts are always about. Don't fill yourself up with things. Just let it huh. So yeah. Okay that that's great. I don't know about you personally. I just came to this podcast now, that's a really nice thing. So what I was trying to tell here is you know, like people People often think that you know, they don't want to be my friends because you know, people are complicated. They either believe people are either they blame themselves that you know, okay. I'm looking like this. That's the reason that girl or that boy doesn't want to talk to me or that bunch of people doesn't want to get along with me. So this is the finding of yourself without even going and interacting with them until like, you know, just try yourself right? If you don't end up do it's like you want to say that stop assuming things and just move ahead and at Try for yourself in is very bad. Actually how in terms of this. I'm only talking in terms of you know, the group of people are the person whom you have a condition. Yeah. Yeah, right. Yeah. Sorry. Yeah, or well, yeah. Yeah. So yeah, people know I don't really like I don't want to exaggerate so much here. I'll just try to tell my points and I'll just go because I want many people wants to talk to you right now and say their own wants and everything. So yeah, the one what I just said is that, you know, people think that you know, they're only reason they're not talking to us is because they're complicated on the other hand the person in some thinking they don't want to be friends with me because that weird it we are to think that they are weird. are complicated That's assumption, right? That's a bad thing that you shouldn't be doing. It's a message. Like I don't know whether it is it a message or not? What I'm just telling here is you know, you can never understand a person unless they speak to you don't assume things. So don't just try to get onto them get into their shoes and think what they're thinking about you but you go there and you know approach the person like how you said Anonymous. Yeah be anonymous go there leave a text or say something just go there and like, you know here No me Bell, but I don't want to like, you know, give out my information but anything you know, there is a lot of ways to get approach people exactly. So please do that don't self-assumed and you know, don't be the seek kind of a guy like always seeking for something try to be more like I'm a bird or I don't want to say extrovert be an ambivert like show the introvert and send like Thank you for sharing your views regarding self assumptions and moving out and talking to people. It's been really nice talking to you and I'm sure people were listening to us have you know what you're talking about? Okay, please keep in touch and of more topics as such my podcast right? Shut up. Yeah. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you very much. So coming back to what will spoke he spoke something very important as well as very simple because he said that we keep piling up things within us and we start assuming things at times though guys. It can be in any town. So right it can be in terms. Of your career can be terms of your friendship. It can be in terms of your love life that you don't open up to someone just because you think that they might think you are, you know in particular something. So without confusing you more I would just like to say they do not assume take a chance in their life. Okay, if you have to say something to somebody just say it but make sure you say it in a way that It doesn't offend them. Right and just because you feel they might get offended and you don't say things to them and then you keep it to yourself and it after some time. It keeps hurting you. So let's not get into that kind of a you know stage. Okay and create a doom for ourselves many a times people get into things like depression and start locking themselves up because Do not express what they feel. Okay, so just because and people do that because they have a fear of being judged fear of being discriminated fear of being non acceptable in the group. So basically expressing is very important no matter what a feeling it is, but there is a time for any kind of expression. Okay? No matter what it is. So let us take a scenario that you are in a school. Okay, let's take that we are in the school and then you have your teacher who's explaining things to you and you don't understand what's happening. And listen until you ask her. You just stop her at that moment. And please II don't understand what was happening. She wouldn't know that you don't know word and at the end of the class if she'll ask you if you guys have any doubts and if she you know, by any chance has to be Those on you and ask you. Okay, tell me what did I complete today? And you have no idea what she did. So, you know you will be in a position where she might feel that oh, you are not concentrating. So this is just an example. I'm not talking we got to go to school. But this kind of scenario happens in a life quality. Many times, you know, if you get stuck in life at any particular time and you have the people around you home, you can ask for help. You can talk to just go approach and talk. All right, people will anyway judge you whether whether or not you talk of whether or not you achieve. Something world is any which we are going to talk? Okay good or bad, but just because they're going to talk. You shouldn't hold yourself back for anything. Okay, so let me share a simple story about a friend of mine while I was studying in college. So we had a Girl, and I wouldn't want to take her name but she was a very simple girl coming from a very humble family. And her only goal was to complete College as soon as possible and start working and support her family. And then she had this idea that she would she was just a kind of typical Indian girl where you can say if you guys watch the way they show girls like, you know, the sun scary type of a girl and she was totally into her studies. She used to come down to college on time. And then as soon as the class was over she used to go back home. So she wouldn't even stop five minutes to talk to any of her friends. Okay. So at the end of the day what happens is there was this guy in our class who liked her like crazy and he always wanted to tell her that he you know had feelings for her and but he didn't because he thought that she saw some scary and she's going to just reject him and maybe because of that even a slightest chance of him trying to understand her would be missed out on But unfortunately, what happened was as soon as she completed college, she got married and then she went out to go out of India and with her husband and she started working. But since we all got in touch in WhatsApp groups there was once that this guy accidentally texted, you know, let's Have messages so it was just like what we are doing today that we were sharing messages unsaid stories. And then he actually put a message in the group that I liked this girl. She he actually didn't mention her name to be very honest. He just gave her description and everybody knew it was her and everybody went like, oh my God, you are crazy. She liked you too and you you wouldn't take the courage to tell her and she Didn't take the courage to tell him he thought that she is so scary and she wouldn't want to get in to love affairs and things like that and she might not just accept me. so what I realized was things go unsaid a lot of times and sewerage and while here is giving a message or a comment that why do people forced to an introvert person to be an extrovert isn't good to be an introvert. Well storage it is wonderful to be an introvert. All right. It is really nice to be an introvert. But at the end of the day we are social beings. And yeah, let's just hold this topic here for a second and then we'll just talk to a mole a mole is back and let's talk to him. Hello. Thank you. Yeah. Poisoned. Yeah, sometimes voice breaking. I'll call you later. Yeah. All right. All right a friend a mole is traveling and you actually wanted to say something and because of the disturbance I actually requested him not to call you disturbance, but let's get back true. The question of mr. Suraj symbol Suraj I think look we are social beings. Okay being an introvert isn't bad but being an introvert shouldn't harm your health. That is what I want to talk. See being an introvert is okay. You have your own space you like spending time with not self you like keeping things to yourself. Yes, but What is bad is building things within yourself? And which eventually make you feel heavier, which make you feel sad and depressed I'm talking about that. I'm not talking about being an introvert know being an introvert is a fantastic thing because in robots are people who are happy within themselves, but what does an introvert do when he's sad? Sooner this question especially for you, since you were talking about being an introvert and let's not force an introvert to get to become an extrovert. Yeah. So my question is guys if you're listening my question is if you are an introvert, what do you do when you are sad? Right because when an extrovert is sad, he might just cry him. I just talked to people. Okay, he might just go and you know pour his heart out to his best friend or someone. All right at that moment. It makes sense. He'll light and even his friend whoever is listening to him has a sense of responsibility. Okay and her mother for my friend, but what about an introvert? There would be few disadvantages being an extrovert as well as sewerage and let me make myself really clear. I do know that both the personalities have their own pros and cons but why I choose to speak on a topic we're keeping things to yourself is painful because I have recently started reading a lot of Youth being stressed and not talking to people and not pouring their heart out. So that is definitely not being an introvert these two things are really different being an extrovert also is different. So that is not actually where I'm trying to make a point, but I think both have their personality traits and both have their advantages. Ages and disadvantages, right? The han-shan Meyer says is that in yoga sutras of patanjali says being introverted as clearance of path that you want to become. Well if we hand this is on a very conscious level that we are talking right it is it is definitely a way of clearance towards a path of being yourself, but that that is again a different story. right My question is not knowing yourself or not talking to yourself or not meditating over yourself. My question is in our day-to-day lives. Let me repeat my question and let me repeat my topic in our day-to-day life. So many words are left unsaid. Unsaid because of situations circumstances because of time or because of the kind of feelings lot a lot of other aspects because of fear and because of fear of losing people, so my question here is the unsaid words the unspoken things. the unspoken things that you have within you, you have had a point in your life where you wanted to speak to someone regarding something or you wanted to tell someone how you feel, but you haven't said it and you have said you haven't said it because of the current situation what you were in but now that the time has passed and you feel that you have still contained those messages within you, but you cannot Not say it to anybody because you feel they will start judging you right? So this podcast today I give you a chance to talk that out. So you feel lighter about you feel you the message has already been passed and whenever you pass this message, I just hope some way or the other that message will reach the person that he intends. two Tell this right. yoga is so yeah guys, so I have made my topic really clear and I have a friend here who says Karthik are hello Winnie. Could you tell me how can I improve my English? Karthik definitely that is one way to improve your English is try speaking it no matter how broken no matter how bad you feel about it laugh at your mistakes and correct them yourself. Don't feel shy or embarrassed when you do mistakes when you talk I still do mistakes when I speak. I still lose out on words. I still lose out on sentences. So that isn't embarrassing at all. And the day you start a start. I mean the day you stop feeling embarrassed for your language mistakes. You will actually start learning the language very well. So that is for you. Karthikeya. I hope that has helped you and back to Suraj Surah - Surat cells introverts are more focused as they compared to extra words. They often like to spend time with themselves. Oh, well my friend Suraj again again again again. I'm not comparing introverts and extroverts right here. My focus is on Mental Health to be on a very clear term. Suraj I don't put myself into any category of being an introvert or extrovert because I think a person has stages in his life where he is extrovert at a particular time with particular people in a particular environment and he starts behaving introvert in when he's put in a different situation and my personality traits are you know different in different? Scenarios. Okay, so I don't put myself into any particular category Suraj this answer is for you. I'm not an introvert. I'm not an extrovert. I'm not an and the word right and run with a high Runway Jay. I'm I'm from Bangalore. Yeah. Well, yes behind. I think that's really well said Suraj if you really want to know you should talk because no it's not about being a nice person. Look I'm here because I want to talk to you guys. All right want to share ideas and I want to know what you guys think and that is a total different story of being an extrovert or introvert. well, let me just put it in this way if I need someone new, you know in a place. Maybe I wouldn't talk as much as I'm talking to you guys right now because here each one is anonymous and each one has their own thinking and this is like more like a discussion to me. But when you when you meet people you really don't know how real they are, right whether or not they really want to talk to you or whether or not what they think about you or whether they might just be judging you. So it's really difficult for me to get into such situation and talk to people but I hear that's a different story. Right? So Surah is this is again regarding the same question that you asked about being an introvert extrovert and b word Okay. Yeah, I so we have a hundred three people listening to us and you guys this has been a really informative talk and this is the first time that I have talked so long I think on a solo because whenever I do podcasts there are people that I keep talking to and yeah, we are almost on a verge of completing an are it's 46 minutes. You guys if you guys got any questions put it down in the comments or just connect to me on a call and then let's talk it out. I think all my podcasts are named. Let's talk because people are hard to talk these days. It's really difficult for me to get people to talk because you know, I believe that being humans, you know the art of talking. Or the power to talk and give out messages is only with us and if we cannot do that if we don't want to do it and if we are just trying to be trying to build walls against around us and know trying to be closed inside the fort built around us. Well, maybe it's good. Maybe it's bad but I think talking out is something I A lot right so we have friend calling us and he stumbles panels you are from DC world or are you? Hello. Hello. Okay, so we have missed him. We have missed the call. I somehow guys. I have been facing a lot of connectivity problem today. I don't know if it is because of the traffic today because I guess it's the weekend and a lot of people must be having open podcasts Suraj says you have a quality of being an RJ you Would have been oh well soon as if I is given an opportunity, I would always be open to but somehow I didn't get the chance since I think because the kind of person I am I like to talk people. I think that's the best profession I would have joined but you know life has plans for us and C is somehow life has arranged something for me too, you know. Reach out to people through open talk so that you guys can listen to me and we could discuss things. Alright guys, this is Vinny again, and I'm talking to you guys and we have a hundred and fifteen people listening to us and I'm wondering what you guys are listening to because you guys don't comment you don't call what what has happening. Okay. So if you guys are listening to this podcast guys, we have discussed help. Have discussed mental health and we have discussed stories. So we have also discussed language. So what I have seen here on open Talk, For a lot of time I have not been here for lot of time. It's just fifth or sixth day of me on open talk. So I have for podcasts and this is my fifth. So what I have noticed is people are much on to learning English. And people usually want to learn English and and which is a nice thing, you know, because learning English from the books is really different than learning English while you talk. So yeah, the more you discuss the more he talked. That's how inclusion improves and I'm not sure if karthikeya is listening to me. still but Karthik if you are listening, I think one thing that you need to know is to learn English. You have to start thinking in English because what happens is we think in our local language, we think in our mind in our local language or our mother tongue and then when we speak out we put it into English and that's where we mess up things. And I think you should start speaking in English with yourself start thinking in English. And that's how you will start building your sentences and which will help you. And we have another comment here Suraj again. I am willing to learn English. I want to be fluent that I'm not sure which first of all don't accept the thing that you are not fluent. Okay, there is no scale that measures your fluency in a particular language. If you start believing in the first place that you are not fluent in English, you will never be right. So what do you got to do is first of all stop thinking that you are not fluent in English Okay and fluency, how how how do you guys measure a fluency in a language and really curious to know? How can you say that a particular person is fluent in a particular language? Runners is speaking alone with myself gets boring after a while. So run. I have given you an open opportunity where you can talk to me. Why don't you talk to me then? We Han says a wise person once said if you want to learn talk to yourself every second that you're thinking. Oh my God, this is fantastic. I have lost my stone. It doesn't mean people start to ignore me Tanis. I wish you were real and I think I want to know the person behind the name of Thanos rather than knowing Thanos. So if we really want to connect to me on the call. I want to talk to the person who you are not Spanish, okay. What we'll say is why we should be taught how to think instead of what to think Urban. Nobody should teach you how to think or what to think thinking is an embedded thing into each human being and we start thinking according to our environment and according to the things that we go through and the circumstances that we face but thinking in terms you cannot I am Oakley against programming your brain into thinking certain things. I don't know about the others people talk about coaching yourself and programming yourself. No, you are not a robot. You are a human being and you start thinking according to the circumstances that you are put into and we've got surrender pal on the call. Hello. Hello. Hello. Hi. How are you? Okay, great. So, oh today's topic it. Let's talk it out message. Hindi English. Someone must lie. You can say that here. Actually, I have nothing to pass but I'm here to just communicate. So as you are saying that Anonymous so yeah, like I have a fear of something like whenever try to do something. So I first thing comes in my mind that is like I'm going to reject in that and it's this kind of feeling like no ladies rejecting you mind before doing anything. So yeah, this is a problem of self assumption. Yeah, maybe yeah, you can see that. Yeah. Shouldn't that to come I mean to come out of this problem overcome this particular situation. I'm not really sure if this is really an expert advice, but I want you to believe that no matter what happens whether you yeah, so I don't believe in myself. That's why I haven't this kind of problem. And yeah, I think can be a related to my confidence and all that. So if you don't feel confident, it means that so you're not going to do anything in your life properly between them without yeah. Yeah. Yeah, you still have that one percent of Self Doubt in your heart and some corner of your heart that okay whether or not I can crack this thing up or whether or not this is going to happen. Okay? Yeah, what I do personally in such situations is and I I don't think much about it. What I think is whether it happens or not. It shouldn't matter, you know at the end of the day whatever happens is going to be a part of your journey. Okay, like I'm just getting scared. Interview I'm using you have your interviewer right in front of you? Okay before before you go and sit in front of him just close your eyes and talk to yourself. Say the person whom I'm going to talk to is my friend. Do you have a problem you here? It is not a problem is that I want to clear one interview. Okay, and I have given in to you like in in that organization where I want to select so I rejected by them three times already. And so that's why now. I have this kind of fears if I go next time the action time. I also going to be reject. So this is and that is like Because I don't have a comment. I don't have a good communication skills and that is all about communication skill because the job is all about to be a good teacher in English like English teacher recall it facilitator facilitator. Okay? Yeah. Yeah see that is one basic rule to anything any achievement in your life. Okay, if you're getting rejected on a particular thing. Again, and again see ya. The reason you are saying is communication, right? So I yeah, I'm get trained for communication joint classes. Listen to people talking just try and seek help professional help if you really really want to get into that particular organization, but on the other hand, I think you should start, you know opting for other organizations to wear in you get into A place where they can train you because of you know, there are so many organization who hire people and they train them according to their requirement. All right, get into such places. Yeah, I work for certain time. If if money is not the only constraint you're looking for at least know the money. It's about the learning and I'm having like I don't I want to be a good speaker in English. So that's why I want to work on my communication skills and where I'm living the people are not here speaking English very well. They speak Hindi. So it is very difficult for me to learn English because it's all about the ambience you have and if you don't get someone to speak so that's why I'm using this platform because I'm getting people here who can speak. Yeah problem is the communication thing. Want to get into the into a certain organization you don't keep getting within it because of the communication. Yeah. Mainly the problem is the Environmental guys. I would like to point out one thing that I every time I come on a podcast. I see a lot of people having communication problems and this is has become a real huge problem and India that there has been a lot of talent and they get rejected. Yeah, I will definitely start working on communication podcasts not really soon, but I will and to use it in there. I think you should start referring, you know books and audios wherein you can listen and try to develop your skills. And since we are. Working on this part but it takes time because I know that yeah because whenever I speak I make so many mistakes. I know that but it can be only to improve my speaking Yeah, so I'll just read a paper and talk to the people and listening podcast. So I think it can help me somewhere. It is definitely going to help you in some of the other way and basic idea what I would Like to give you is you start thinking in an English because when I say start thinking in English when you are thinking by yourself, or when your you are spending some alone time, right? Okay. Usually our thoughts are processed in our mother tongue most of the time, right? Yeah, it happens. And then when we talk to someone first we think in our mother tongue and then we put it out in English and that's where the maximum problem arise. Is so first things first start thinking in English start learning words. Let's just put it in this way pick up five words every day. Okay pick up five words every day which are used in our everyday communication. Okay, and make sure you use those words why you talk so call people on the podcasts and when you talk use those five words, make sure You use those words in different ways. Okay in different sentences build sentences around them whether it's right or wrong. Okay, this is so one. Yeah, we have one problem is still there like whenever I get whenever I go for an interview, so what happens I clear writing part and face-to-face into you, but I stuck in part like pronunciation part like they want Is from the environment that you have been you are from which part of the country you said again? Actually, I'm from New Delhi, but basically I belong from you P which is strong so you can start. Taking accent lessons or listen to accent so that you try to click annunciations. Okay, start working, you know, you know what happened we can imitate like we can imitate we can copy action for a limited time and after that we start coming on or natural tone, which we have, you know, exactly true bigger Z. That is the natural dialect that is going to remain because you've been People people in that dialect forever. Okay, and uh, yeah keep talking people in that dialect, but you might find this funny that I'm I'm giving you such an advice, but why don't you start speaking your mother tongue? Okay, you start speaking your mother tongue into an English accent. I mean it's going to sound funny but see ya one way is the right way and that is okay. I am a local story. Okay, Karnataka. I mean I'm on the board is so I had to study Canada as a part of the curriculum right? Bye. Okay, Canada. Okay, I Occasionally Canada I did understand for it. And when I joined College, I worked, you know, I was told for not gonna you know, people used to call me queen of because I used to only speak in English because that is what okay, so but just to come out of it, you know, I will okay this language within a span of Now I tell you how I did. Okay, whenever my friends or my peers fun of me and I used to go and repeat those words while I was at home and I try to find the meaning of it and somehow I started chatting to my French in Canada reading those messages. I started reading them in the tone that they talked. It was basically trying to imitate how they talk. Okay, it starts getting in my business and within a span of time that will create an ambassador the way you talk. Okay. Okay. All right. Yeah, it is easier than learning a local language English spoken. Globally. You just put a term of English on Google you'll find it but if you put a term. Monarchy or Canada or whatever local language, you might not find it because that is just spoken into a particular area, right? Yeah. What I think language is all about your MBA CO2 atmosphere where you are living and the if you are getting people who can speak and you can communicate to them, so that is very helpful for you. If you are willing to learn any language, I think you should not limit you. Yourself saying that the environment effects first of all put that thing out of your mind that only just because the environment that you are does not have a particular language. You cannot speak to it because you have immense opportunities around you have friends who can talk English you have apps around you just take this open talk. There are several hundred people talking English and teaching English. So yes, yeah. I think you can just think it about it that way. As you think that you try to think in English, but it is very difficult because whenever try to think in English, but it comes first in Hindi my mind. When you start thinking in English, you have all the words in your mind already. Okay, so give me anything. Can you give me any kind of example to think in English? Someone hits you hard on your face. Okay. Just think if someone hits you hard on your face immediately over to abuse that person in India Rey Tucker and yeah, let's take your sitting alone and you're thinking okay things like that and whether or not selected in interviews and stuff. Things in English, I'll guard my English make is cobalt atomic Easter her some older. Okay, you know just take it behind a are at some point of view May reject. Okay, but instead of that start thinking chaos, why did I not get selected in the interview now start questioning yourself in English double jota eggs, you know, you will get Okay. Thank you for giving me advices and I have to leave because I'm getting cold. Yeah, it was really nice talking to you. Okay, thank you. Yeah, you have a good day. alright guys, I was talking to surrender and he is really sad about being in an environment where he's not able to catch the you know speed for talking in English for communicating in English and he keeps getting rejected for in different interviews where he wants to work as an English facilitator, and I'm really proud of Is thought that he has taken a he has chosen a field where he feels he is weaker certain time that he wants to say. Hi. How are you? Hello. Hello Whitney. Yes. Hi. Hi. We are you from? I am from we are proud Punjab what I'm living in Mumbai. We have another person from Punjab today and his name is just how can I help you? And what are you going to talk about today? Actually, I know little bit in English what while speaking I am agitated while speaking. so How can I improve my English Okay, so guys you can improve your English by talking talking people keep talking to people keep making mistakes keep correcting your mistakes and that's okay. Okay. Okay. So yeah, what do you do? I'm actually a graphic designer and I do podcasts. Okay. So about anything. If you really can't think of something. Okay, we have a caller who's waiting. And if you could just think about what you want to talk and get back to us would be really appreciated because I'm running out of time and it's 1 or 12 minutes and any moment to call the get cut at 120 minute. So Jake this was really nice talking to you. Please come back when you want to really talk about something and it is but it and I really apologize. If you go this way, we have Hermione on call right? So have a good day. Okay. Thank you. Hey Hermione, how are you doing? Hello. Hello. Hello. Hey had my knee. How are you doing? Hi, I'm fine. What about you are you from? I'm from Gujarat your from good rug guys. We've got Hermione oncology is from Gujarat. And I need this is Vinny and I am from Bangalore. So okay, I'm Mighty what got you interested in my But that's right now, okay. So, you know, I just download this app and I was just wondering thinking how this works. Yeah, that's fantastic. Okay. Alrighty. I have been on this app for five to six days and I do podcast really random topics. I just choose any random topic and I go on podcast so you can also do podcast if you have any particular topics, you know does Plus sign in the center of the app when you click on it it so you get all these on how to make a podcast if you want to go solo you want to talk with the person you want to do discussion or you want to schedule you can accordingly and then you can go live and people listen to you. And while you are talking people can connect to you and discuss topics like you are discussing to me right now. Yeah, actually this is amazing concept actually, don't you think so, yeah. Because again, yeah share our thoughts. Yeah, exactly. So, yes, please tell me yeah, so what do you do? Well, I'm a graphic designer by profession and I'm currently staying in Bangla, but I don't belong to Bangalore. I belong to the western parts of India and I'm a person who likes to talk to people and somehow I scrolled through this application. Asian somehow like while I was writing it was someone who liked my writing and they have commented on my writing app saying please join this podcast and you can share what you write. You can just share it through your voice. So I thought that was interesting and the time I got here and I started to tell me what were you writing, but thank like I do right. Send me their stories and then I write it with different names and share it to people and people like it. So, okay and on big pit platform, there is one platform that is your code if you can see and you can download it and you can see my insta ID. If you go through my inside you can see my right angle and that's where I do and I do blogs and Give it out for publishing. So yes, okay something which I much interested in because I like to reach out to people and that is how it works. Yeah, right Hermione you from Gujarat? What do you do? I'm a student and I'm doing graduation. I mean last year of my graduation. Yeah, so guys, we've got hurt my knee here and she's from God rather than she is in the last year. Of our graduation and what field are you graduating in? It's a physics BSC physics. Alright guys, so we have a science Marty in here. Okay, so I was talking messages. Go to Hermione and Harry. All right. So yeah. I would like to share with us. Hello. Guys looks like we have lost Hermione the Gujarati Hermione here and it's due to the network and co-pays you guys you can connect with our mind issues on here. So by name Hermione and well, I have another caller waiting and I think he has missed it up. So it's 1 or 15 minutes. And we are so rich. I know Hermione was the name in Harry Potter because I have been a potterhead sometime back and it has been wonderful and here my friend current beer is calling after a long time. So yeah, let's talk to him. Hey. Hello. Oh, definitely. We do have a network problem today because I'll keep on messing up people even after connecting. Hello Winnie. Hi Hi, how are you? Good, welcome back. I mean, thank you. So yeah, maybe So yeah, but I know Hermione was in Harry Potter. I'm sure she took this name because Who is made for each other sewerage? Was it the good-looking Gujarati girl? And what is it? These guys are crazy man. I like you. All right. So these people are having fun in the comment section and definitely this is yes. So yeah, what's up? I was just waiting that when I could join you we started this podcast with message, but somehow it turned out to be something else and I'm going to change the title very soon. I'm going to name it random talks random dog. Yeah, I ask people to share messages. But everybody almost everybody had some things to say if you were upset because of the Finland's you upset because health and see how we can be good introverts or extroverts. I think so, he's not up for it off, but he is commenting it was an extra lives and we need current beer. Oh my God. All right, buddy, please. We are almost at the end. List your hair music is a much better committed your latest followed that we Hermione's appellate record Go - Wanna Go - wanna bow same heavily problem bow, which is discuss career. They will be okay Jame environment or up noscope Bilko the cheap vodka. Excuse me to go up you bought the trilogy to openness Point Kinesiology herb and a game and mira mira que tu language as English is a globally score. I love hummus caciques. I think is a be to our people say agar. People are busy signals. Are those coded SS you wanna but I go buddy your keyboard or though English iabc token second per day and forth. Otto the English country Volta here and apart from other states K languages jab hum Comcast South Korea English language objectives exactly what Nikki earning capacity but the here but the DNA of a subject is English. My Volo is a Cuyahoga maybe sunroom or or BMR is your listeners and Of course on real Wasabi coach coach Coach Wright getting back to English guys. I would like to say that any language that you want to learn don't just keep the attitude saying that why should I learn a particular language? That's not going to help me any help you somewhere or the other in your life. Not just English might just help you to communicate to people into businesses and some other things but then language other languages are just going to polish your language skills through the country that we are staying and we are the people who have the capacity. We have the talent to learn different languages. So don't hold yourself back so back just thinking that you belong to a vernacular or a No state or opposite but it is not so we need I would like to share my experience when I started using these apps like before this before coming on before switching to this app. I was using one other that is called English talk. I think so when I started using this that app at first day, I remember that when I connected on My first call it was like he said what is your name? Where are you from and after two or three, you know lines I got stuck totally stuck. I stopped. I I I wasn't, you know able to talk even a single word after that. So after that, you know, I was using that app frequently like you can say that I was using that app at least two hours a day. Okay to laugh at that time. My English was improving day by day day by day day by day and stocking was very less at that time as compared to earlier as well as as compared to his death. So then I had to you know, leave these apps somehow somehow left using these apps after that again problem got started again. I am looking again. I am soon. Now from few days, I was thinking to start again using these apps so then I came back is apps or sorry especially on this app. So now how open dog and interrupt you at this moment guys. My time is really short. See it's one are 26 minutes and even if I get disconnected from this podcast right now, I will Mediately start another one so that we think this topic because I don't want it to remain unsaid half right now. Okay, and all you guys were listening all you guys who are waiting for the call. Definitely. I if I miss out on this podcast immediately the new podcast will start you guys can start listening there and connect to me there and I just hope current you will be me with that podcast also, yes. Sure. No. So current will join me in that podcast to and we will continue discussing this point and you guys who have questions regarding the languages we can still talk on that podcast. Okay. Yeah current you can continue what you were talking now. Okay, so I was saying that how I improved in past I improved a lot like you were you were telling that guy, you know layer. While you were talking with someone and he said that I am not from that kind of environment and you told you were telling him that talking will only improve you so you are hundred percent right? This is the only thing we can do like if I want to be a good player of any kind of game any kind of support sorry sport like if I love wrestling so if I want to become a good wrestler, so I I have to wrestle for that I have to do practice for that end of practice I should do so then only I can become a good wrestler. So if I want to become a good speaker or good, you know, I'm available not America on a chair to definitely I would talk. Yeah at the same time. I would like to point out one thing current. The thing is like you said if you want to be a wrestler you have to practice it and at the same time you have to be ready to All down and get hurt. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes same applies with any language whenever you want to speak any language. See you. Do not start losing interest. Yes. Yes. Equals 0 and you get embarrassed that mistake so you don't want to remember that mistake. Definitely. Yes avoid avoid think about it. Hmm. Can we received LT with Egypt Q Skelton American psychiatrist, right Aikman of CO2 TC in Asia continue economy Raymond make a school like a Chota share because also need Say it will go say yeah, it is. Yeah, which means the henna doesn't give the color hmm without getting grinded over the stone, you know, welcome has to get branded. It's just like to have a stronger pot. It has to be burnt. Well, they're edible. You know, the mother has to be. Yeah, basically what you hear The key guys whenever you do mistakes, you know don't you just get embarrassed about it? Because anything that you feel embarrassed about your brain starts to restrict hmm, and you should not forget your mistakes because that's where you learn moment you go on laugh it out just make fun of yourself and move overhead before anybody makes fun of yourself. Just you make fun of yourself so stiff. Heavy equipment. Yeah mistake point out and he got by God and when you learn things in a fun way, you learn it faster. Mmm-hmm. Whatever. I have learned in my life be like a child, you know when you learn things be like a child Peak eeriest when you seek Nur? Yeah, it's not just what you see. Back away when you start taking interest in things no matter how people treat you. Oh no matter how things turn out. No Vinnie the problem with my English is that I don't fear of talking in English or I don't feel you know, low on my confidence the problem is that That of from my childhood. This is happening with me that I'm not sure with grammar actually so many times I got beaten up just for my grammar in my class. So I tried so many times to cope with my grammar thing, but I never did that. So yeah. Somehow I malama Kearney by Skokie again. Okay. I never I couldn't cope up with it. I couldn't cope up with that. But now ye be Morocco as a Pata Chala like I get to know that this is the only thing which can improve my English like if I only if I am just going to focusing on my grammar only then I can't do too much or I can't go too far in speaking thing. Like I wonder One Thing your current in school. I have hardly touched. My grammar books. Mmm-hmm. I have hardly touched my grammar books because when you start touching your grammar books, you start concentrating much on the grammar and less on the communication protocol. Absolutely gu start thinking here - he word. Hula. Yeah sentence - yeah. Ebola and he because what communication we are doing is the informal communication you happy. Okay, grammar point out. Mihika Reagan doesn't it? Doesn't matter unless a post-quake meeting Noble real Miracle TK. Okay. So yeah this point I have to point out because many other times people start referring grammar books. So so be able to score so strictly the eventually forget. Because all this time building sentences according to Grandma and to be very honest, I don't concentrate much on that you have to function on only this much grammar key past present future and Achieve and genders correctly Bona chain. Hmm. He go he ball not a she could she be Past present future future continuous and stuff like that because please don't get into that that will get you confused though. Yeah. I tried I tried in getting those kind of things and you know, it messes don't feel cool. And you know, I was member hilde those of consumer Authority. Complicated it is see again. I would like to tell one thing. It is your point of view. Hmm. Okay, it is your point of view. So up here from English is just a language start treating English like just a language like a monster. About the other maluma party signal or English. Yeah, because in fact just emulations more easily available think so jelly Academy on each a year learning to eat say yeah. I think you should start is more obvious obvious. And like I said start thinking in English a happy occasion, if I if I start thinking in English that overcome my Lima most problems big problems. Like if you're sired gear box, you start thinking. Oh my God, what is happening with me and restart, you know think you are Alberta helping out and I think a lot of people because many days. English into their hearts popping out guys it is so so, you know, it is so comforting to see that, you know, when people like your podcast it is really really sweet because podcast space other likes me. T but Matt is really getting to likes on a chair because when you start getting likes your cast start showing on the top line, so that Joe logo. Okay, he bought it suddenly though severe listeners ample, but hope Lisa be like Roman IV the people who I'll come back later and by the time of 1 over and it is only a recording people don't listen to it. Hmm a lot of likes on it people wonder kick you in the lights and they go back and listen to it conversation what we have had even if they are not a part of it if they listen to it and I want to really help them somewhere else or the that is is I have checked today all the podcast middle listens. It's not in likes come here. It is not flowing in a particular place because I'm not someone who wants to get like but I want it to be featured in such a place where people can listen to this podcast. Even it it is over so that say here things that I have highlighted here helps them say about the or map quick. He's born a jungle. Aniki ask a podcast as a good job to go. They weren't any weather could give many keep the portals. So name my coaches conspiracy like Carnegie, but somehow it couldn't show it will be. Comment and I think I will start doing podcasts for English. Very soon. Qk I think it is the need of the our looks are a key for because I don't do podcasts for a particular course or language because I'm not a guru in it would say here. Lobbed a guru newly confirmed as a boss ARA sa Sai achievement for me. If I could if my podcast could help you guys achieve something that is my achievement personalized you met I could say so yeah, I will definitely start with English podcasts really soon and you guys can give me ideas in the Comments like you know what I should start with like basic say up or other because they're yeah see Gonna her as someone who wants to learn the language, right? So Surah GS and enjoying your jokes. They are wonderful. It's going to be really really nice Seema Ronnie increase your volume do it real. From that low. I was making out here everybody gave us a on ke kanaka by the film politically because usually my headphones lava caves could show today through the I just dangling like that and so serious, I'd miss out with Olga but Sam says I object A graphic designer by profession. My profession is the most boring profession. I'm from the IT background. Okay, but you are saying that your profession is boring, but I don't agree with you because Everything we are watching now on on like on online. Yeah, this is just because of graphic designing and all these things know. Yeah, but it takes over your life. That is the one thing that I yeah, it's a very interesting profession that way, you know, if we try to connect people but if I would say that profession of you know doing are they like that? Things it will suit you more than a graphic designer. So if you are saying that graphic graphic designers are there like they are like boring kind of person than then you are definitely not that kind of person you are G like yeah, I'm not saying because this will be really wrong on my part to shaky it professionals are boring. No, they are not boring but their job is such that K. There are be betting or bisutti. But as I can get it their job, you know keeps them in such a place at such time when the other world is enjoying. I know they they are free when the world is sleeping. Hmm. Like we are hearing the Taj Mahal, but the people who made God man they is but the time that we get to enjoy is when the world is sleeping and that is why we build social platforms, but we don't get Social and I'm sure most of the it guys or the engineers agree with the stuff that develop phony but but it is my happy about engineers. It will give anybody again equally important even Mexico. Thank you. Chi Kapil. Sharma - oh my boss is a joke, right. They are Engineers now, they are actor but Uncle Joe study Theta reopen an engineering Munich Appetit. Well, the thing is most of the engineers if you go to see are not into engineering professions, we are to various professions qrg when I fear Rocco is singer one of the drug without milk or milk. Very few see there are hundreds of people moving into engineering. I will definitely do a podcast about career also because I want to talk about it and a lot of people are getting into engineering blindly. Mmm, you know getting into it blindly whereas they are really talented in other fields and they're getting into and just because their parents are forcing them to and after a certain time, you know when they are into engineering or any particular Profession they start hitting that profession because they don't want to do it and they have to do it to different things things that you want to do. You will do with your hundred percent and things that you have to do you are it unwillingly already, you know, of course is so so in that case what happens is after a certain point you start losing interest and you fail drastically and even if you accept on in that particular thing, then you don't know what to do with your life of For that money German engineering malleable numbers a crack early up covering you. Okay, then you start hunting for jobs where you can link with your interest. Like if you are a single then you will try to sound engineer. If you are an art you are interested in art, you will try to do things like me that I am doing graphic designer if you linking your interest To engineering and that's how beautiful things are happening around. So Joe take a Leo type of thing happening of observing supports to the jalaja. Mahaprabhu Stanky of chemicals on your podcast Korean such a weenie. Is there a key personnel? And like someone saying you are extrovert introvert. No, I'm not extrovert. I'm not introvert a Winnie is what I can say is I'm very choosy about things. I'm choosy about the friends. I choose. I'm very because mood here intellectuals fourth person that I like people who I can relate to on a conscious level loss related compound then I get friendly with them and if I can't relate to them then I don't get friendly with them. It does not I offer you can never let her job is unrest of Eco my younger boy band. Okay, jump out P conscious allowing corporations vote job Canada to Busan and Jeju volcanic eruption That continuously entertained raccoon is up Co and I can talk to them for hours when he questioned the APA kiasu Regina on helicopter, Joe on Instagram. Are you Carlo? Are we kidnapping? Yeah of corvini shabaab kidnap Kroger to your couch a sea bottom. Sounds like a villain. Cyprien I say I will I will take your call immediately after this podcast. I'm starting a new podcast and I will talk to you there and I'm really sorry because I'm not talking in English and I think you don't understand Hindi. Is that so sigh are you listening to me? I hope he's listening to me. Shy of psycho. Hindi summer geniality. And that is one we ha ha Uncle. Oh, yeah, so guys tunnels. It is funny for certain time. And after some time it is not funny. Okay. So first of all, he knew you can understand side. Okay, then then that's fantastic kind of no, this is not funny. So my email could method of attack again. Teak says so much by because some is when you show your real trades to people people judging you over things people understand you differently. Hmm you according to their understanding bilkul welcome you get into what they really are what their thoughts are not to disclose its always be nice to be open. And two people not everybody deserves to know who you are. Well cool. We'll go save our milk. Also you oughtta Wilkins Wilkins a hundred percent. So on that note I will end this podcast guys and I will immediately start another one. And yeah, so just give me the title for that podcast. We'll be up in any colors Hannah Casey's Parabola with a chemistry career duper very lucky up for be subject. But let's let's put it up as miscellaneous stocks cables, huh because of you and because usually log made a podcast for easily a Tamara title wreck. Real quick real SE agriculture people get interested in the title. And that's how they get. What does it manically a they get a mortgage a little here girlie a heartbreaking story to heartbreaking like them say Okay, Julia and sing one song. Great person you are thank you. And I think this is for both of us. Yeah, you don't got an even I listen to a lot of country songs or to be ready to have had a job and you know, they used to sing here. The one of my friend's mother used to sing. Very nice songs. Okay, which one at least she used to do and she used to things. Cuervo bullying about volume of Punjabi folk lore, ha ha ha, I grew up with friends from all over India. And that is how I became this very, you know interested in people's so on that note. Let's end this podcast right here and 311 people listening guys son Rahul like be No, Sandra, he gonna do I'm not crying. So you guys who always though line a Matanuska volume you get with a miracle and unfavorable gangster Nana baldomir Boudoir has no support diverse their special method on a journey my God. Hello. It is shown Kabuto. Everybody the wicked Jessica's body the Crazy, I must say you have a lovely voice. Really. Thank you, though guys. Thank you. Thanks a lot for listening and I'll be back in sometime and the or egg but more volume we need to do three podcast. I give a man who's Penny increase in Cojo and Carlo Mac. Mini is a bath. You guys and Joe be interested hoga apnea. Come give I remember research are chronically and agar hum. Kissy level pick connect card stock that oh, you are welcome. We'll go to install open hair. You guys can kind of quality. Asuna corn beer and guinea both of you, please but is Suraj Pandey and these are Patty the so Well, cool Hello, Bella. Nikki battery status that persona. Nvidia both Catholic here finals dinner with that's number they there.