Hello Bieber. Good afternoon. Hi. Hello, how are you? Today? We are talking about Cargill which I diverse because it's 26 July and it's an important day which marked important history in India and it is something which needs to be talked about which we don't talk about much in. There are a lot of people. In our country who still don't know why we celebrate this particular day or celebrate innocence why it is important. Okay, so we're going to talk about it today, and yellow is here lakshmana's your hi everybody. And before I talk any further about this, I would just like to know whether I'm clearly audible to you guys as my voice clear enough and that you guys can hear and respond to it. So if yes, give me Me yes in the comment section, which will help me to understand if I'm clearly Audible. Okay. Hello, guys. I am I audible to you in the comment section, please yes, or no the comment section. How are you? Yes. Okay. Fantastic. Okay. So first of all today is the 26th of July and I'm sure many of you know why it is called a Cargill which are the west and there are a lot of people who don't know which is really sad because it's a very important day that you know is to be marked and because on this day. In the year 1999. Okay, the kargil war or you know, the kargil war was successful like we recaptured India recaptured certain Mountain Heights that were actually seized by the Pakistani troops and for a reason and that was the last time actually when India did have a proper conflict with any other. country or any neighboring country for a matter of fact Okay, so krishna's SRI Hari krishna's trees. Are you the same girl? Who was is like me? I'm not sure but yes, so we are talking about this particular War today and India has actually had a lot of conflicts with its neighbors, but none of them were initiated by India Hindi Mayo ninja Hindi met. Okay. I will make sure Kim Abby's which my Hindi Bolt Don't because it's easier for people to understand because my audience is like, you know, androgynous even say, okay. So yeah. Hey venky. Hi. So first of all before I start up with the topic, I would like to say a big hi. Hello to everybody who's listening somehow. I see that 12 people have visited this pod. I'm not sure. How many are here right now were continue doing But all the guys who are here, that's Yellow. Lakshmana Ninja ROM venky, Krishna SRI everybody. Hello. Yay. Topic Hindi Matata Meto care up camera see Katie Gallagher Hindi meybod corniest APA. Khabar umbilical Hindi my body. It's about being proud about your country and some things that Happened in the history and it's not just a very simple thing to talk about. It's a huge huge huge thing Cargill. I remember Public School method a and Cargill cavour Vergara coffee chal Raha Tha country McAfee chaotic, sir situation taluk. I was really young then. I really really small so much coach niassa, but TV pick coffee updates we get out with a and but a hotel in sorry cheese on Kita boots. But as We Grew Older as we started understanding the life of a people and the life of soldiers and what difference it makes as it is secure for cut the hair the residents of misrata and a large amount of apis situation gave adam Associated coffee serious luck. Take care. I belong to the south care to homicidal update. TT licking John Logue border areas May read their own coffee coffee Music La Casa Monica apart from that. When a country May War Room wartime Shelton here to Puri country methyl butyl, Halo Tota. So yes so much now but what Sharia and unsub cheese on top are karna and park archaic level Pea in a pod body bottom. Can I borrow 30 40 cheesy, but we forget that whatever we have right now is not just cotton. I mean it hasn't just come out of nowhere, but it is a result of lot of sacrifices lot of pain lot of hurdles and which we need to understand and appreciate Okay, so Well ninja key request taking a topic in the me. But yes, definitely Beach business as he points and he's a happy man English use currently. Take care. So again, A Guernsey like a secret compartment Vitani Atomic which cheesy work about him but on a junkie. Okay, kargil war was a huge water actually in the history like Pakistan ke saath. Mostly we don't talk much about it, but it actually impacted India different ways. You post a path of Eternity is vulgaris. I know is that I say, okay, son or India relations affect John Logue across the border shredded. Countries they unpack a Pious or holy war neighboring countries a hotel. Excuse our thesis at Ibiza key Cargill my Cargill work. It means significant see a touchscreen a fellow worker India Pakistan after becoming nuclear powers like India, May a Pakistani nuclear pulse, okay. Body panel board and mean but he key we prompt Pakistan Karachi Agatha as a history major because we have not been there. We cannot totally point on it. But there was the situation intrusion was there and also check our make coffee loss casualties. We Tebow no tariff don't know countries you for the soldiers. type of soldiers a lot of soldiers martyred, okay and basically the idea Is was watch are not good mean badly. Wars are not good. We shouldn't be proud of getting into things that has been going against the control and the or Pakistan McAfee is Sarah for levels increase their coffee cheese. And this was a war which went on for a while. Just give RMA coffee record here. And I guess this was the for which was covered like is K is 4K updates Kumari make a few media coverage water at that particular time. So kargil war is of more significance because he official success kind of a thing was there like so Peaks Intruder Kia get there was successfully purposely get here. The line of control was crossed for a while and then eventually soldiers what really bravely. Okay. So there is Cherry here. Hi Cherry and hi everybody again. game but it's like coffee casualties will be casualties Monica Phoenix on the water and still still time, you know, the situation in the country was very difficult Okay, so the main things you are is why is it thank you. Why is it's of so important? It's because The flanges for pul. Yes, ok, happy can deal with it because che che che che it's a very important day and that is why we are talking about the pillow. So the importance of the state is unknown why because it's not spoken about and I think it has to be spoken about in schools and colleges more often because it is required that The youth the people know the kind of situation the kind of pain the kind of hurdles that our country went at the time of the war and How brave you are food has fought and at the same time how many soldiers that we have lost who martyred like we cannot say lost but were martyred and bravely. Okay, so which is very important. Okay when he is amazing. Thank you very much. so Like we celebrate the front days in India. Like we celebrate the Independence Day. We celebrate the Republic Day. It's not just that they have there are other Wars also that we were victorious and but then Cargill was the latest in last and a lot of things Are prominent in this particular World? Okay. So the whole idea about talking about this topic today is that it's a reminder. It's her reminder as Indians that we should feel proud and it has to be reminded again and again that not just once not just twice a soldiers of India have four to tremendously. I mean they have fought bravely for the welfare of the country no matter what. No matter what situation arose. They left their families down here at homes. They were fighting the so much Bloodshed so much pain. Everything was witnessed with eyes at that particular moment today. We cannot witness it or maybe cannot feel the emotion right now, but I believe that if you really want to know your country get back to your history, see what your soldiers did see what What people who died for your country dirt see what sacrifices happened and then every moment, I believe it will create a sense of patriotism within you and the sense of being proud about your country comes from here because there are so many elements in our country that will make you feel low about your country every now and then but I guess, you know, there are great things that happen in our country and it's very important to talk about it and be proud of it. Okay, so we have a caller. Let's just talk to the scholar and then get back to talking about kargil Vijay diwas and how much people know about it. And what is the prominence of it? So sure. Hello. Hello. Hi. Goban. Yeah, how are you - I'm good. Yeah, I'm one so good. Thank you for asking me so you got chopping his car garage with the driver side. First of all, I would like to hear and I exactly I don't know that I yeah, I heard that name Cargill you would like this. But I didn't remember and they would like to share with me my over and then eventually in 1999. Okay, there was this intrusion from Pakistani troops in India, and they try to you know take into certain areas of India. Okay, which was successful. Lee taken back by the Indian troops Indian soldiers for really bravely sacrificed everything and at a certain period of time that place was seized about okay, it was taken back and successfully the they surrender their troops are remembered. Okay, so it was like a win-win. Okay India captured. So this I think Mountains which you know they traded so I think there was a fun movie. I think you which are making on this incident right? There are some of the movie which are make on a real incident inspired what they didn't make movies, but the main thing is We forget the great things that you might just want but I heard only. Okay. Hello. Yeah. Yes. I'm letting voice. Yes. So is today called visit their site? Yes. It's today like you know today like they it was declared. Like we got back our pigs and then it will be clear that open. There will be no more war like now after that but in peace and everything was signed and then it was like in the all the Diplomatic we were happening on the peoples and everything. So it all happened to be I know I don't know the about this kind of thing is there two days so it's good for who are loving their country. So then yeah absolutely see that is the main reason that I have come up to talk about it because we might talk about communication. We might talk about the bad elements happening in the society. You might talk about covid. Everybody wants to talk about everything but I think these are the facts. You need to talk mode, which is the you would like you. Are you are what your 17 right you are go with you are the same go with red go in the way or no. You are a different one among Govinda. I know. God will well, he's my friend. I'm a Govinda. Okay, so I'm sorry about that but coming back to the topic. It's like it's really sad that you today really don't relate to their history. They don't know what for was have been fought how Victorious we have been. Or what efforts were taken by our country, you know to be true this level what we are today. These things have to be known like it's very easy for us to post it on the Facebook and Twitter and everybody's like hey, hey happy which are they worth? No. Nobody knows what is which I do was how would you know, what a car as I can request you feel guilty right for because the really not yeah. Is I would like to ask means what do you think means it you chose? This topic means the what do you mean is before choosing this topic? What do you think means which type of this type of things coming on mind would like to share? Yeah. I was actually going through my Instagram. Okay, very basic. I would like to tell you I was going through my Instagram and I see people posting like okay be Cargill vegetable. I'm proud of my country. Okay, that's really nice your power. Proud of your country, but we really know what a car will visit the was is like I thought someone like what else? Kargil Vijay do I don't know it's kind it's someday that is celebrating. So that's really sad when someone says that to you, it's someday that is celebrated. You are putting a tricolor on your profile and then you're saying hey everybody during the 26th July happy cartel, which I did was and the martyrs, you know, proud of the martyrs and everything and everything, but you don't know where why this Revise their life what happens with them? Like what was the situation? You don't know why we are celebrating the what's the point? So if you don't know things about your country, how are you going to you know, feel proud about it, like, you know in India people feel proud of their country only on the national festivals, like, you know, some national is like the independent day or the lake Taylor you are you sir. Only have a patriotic feeling you are singing singing one of them are from everywhere coloring your face into tricolor and doing stuff. But what about the other is and how would you feel proud about your country? How would you feel patriotic if you don't know your own history? You have no idea what you're considered. You know, what all efforts it though effort Army talk to give you the safety that you are enjoying today. So how would you know that unless you get back, you know. They have to be some right what lights you up that you take an effort to move back into the tree and find out this is what my country is. This is my spot is dead for me and those are not fighting as individuals there. They are fighting is a country in there. They are taking the trouble even today even today. There are interventions there. There is shelling there is like people are shooting each other. You know On The Border's okay. It is continuous things like that. And sometimes the China in words sometimes Pakistan does like the neighboring countries that it's always there but situation gets worse when it's a war scenario tape. They have no food everything becomes difficult another Supply. The people are getting hurt. They're bleeding. They're dying. They're martyring like Shaheed like we say very easily like we Shaheed ho Gaya but the person who is dying or the Border. Do you know what it's like so we don't talk about these things. I media talks about things like ooooh Cargill diverse lineup. Um Raj, I engage a hockey video like it but that is not what you want. Right? Just you know that is made, you know monuments are made, you know people build up a certain places to commemorate a victory and everything so that you remember that day, but that doesn't mean you remember only When people tell you so the whole idea is knowing the history about your country knowing why your country is fighting a war and I must say I must tell you India is the only country that does not wage a war on only country first. Okay, we have never done in even in the him and I can see you soon. Why do you know any reason why they are attacking first or not? We see why would you want to attack someone for no reason but Somebody is intruding in your area like see but if very simple okay, you have a house you have a security you have everything if somebody is entering your house without your willingness and they are saying okay. This is my house. What are you going to do? You are you going to let them do that? Okay, take it slow. No, you're not going to do it. You want to protect it right? There are certain boundaries. Okay around your house Museum let people to stay there. Okay, but the movie is there may be some reason. I don't know. Like, you know after partition it was that okay, you both are different countries and people have to understand we both are different countries, but no enables, you know, sometimes we get a little bit 3D they want part of a country flown to be into them. So they don't like the kind of things we are doing rather than later. But you know in our neighbor if we do was sweeping like if there's a little bit just go in the near their door so they will ask why you didn't like this. It in like you can see a dust cut sir. I don't know anything is what we call the right garbage. Yeah garbage. So the neighbor are shouting towards why you are front of me why the you know my dopant of the door why you did this? right So basically we are remembering this day and if you don't know what it means, please go back try and learn the history of your country and understand. What is the Executive Vice has made to give you this present India? People are crying over things little things of this is not happening in India. That is not happening. This is not good. That is not good. But do you really know how far we have come how much efforts were taken? How many lifes were how much loss happened? How many we don't know? Okay. We simply say, oh we love our country know. Okay, we feel patriotic only on Independence Day with wrong. Yes. Yes, you're right. Thank you so much. You took my God's he's talking to you. I have a few corn. I want to get back to and talk about how much it gave us. Okay. Thank you. Bye. Bye. Hello. Hello. Hello. Hello. Hello. Hello. Hi Whitney. How are you? Hi, I'm good. How are you? Yeah, I'm too good. Hello. Yeah, first time I'm talking to you and I know he was too much active in here on podcast. Okay? Yeah, and I just so many times listen here conversation with on and I think if I correct Yeah on your interview and some conversation. Listen. I think he was a computer engineer something like right, right. Okay. So what's your today topic? He was kind of topic you are the skills. So it's written in the topic if you actually take a little interest to read okay? Okay. I'm sorry, there is no point of view about it. It's just that I want to remind people that why it is important and lot of people don't know why it is important. So that is one reason I'm talking about it. Okay, could you tell and for everyone who's listening why it is important and I have the beaded myself quite some time. So I would like to know from you. Do you know what? Car deal with a devices and why it's Olivia. Yeah. I know I had it but I don't know too much as I in the Trap 19 around something is Battle India and Pakistan. And that day so many Soldier gave up on life that day and for our country. Explain better to know too much so I can't explain if I know then I will more extreme good. Without information I can't yeah, but I think you have to take information about it, right? Yeah, I saw it, but I don't know them. Yeah, I should but now if I know that at least you if you tell me then I will get and after that I will remember. Successful in this world was a huge war movies have been made about it. Okay, there was a spot bravely and you know captured back the piece that were captured by Pakistan lot of light scheduled to happen. A lot of things happened. There was full of the country is to see by okay, but we because there were some soldiers who lost their life they lose their life, but they thought we would be yeah and something which is really sad. I see in today's in our country today that we can talk about everything and but he cannot talk about what we did what our soldiers did for those are real heroes our country and but I think they are the enormous. People not aware just a fight behind. But we just know the film actor and Sportsmen more. Yeah, but I don't think it's not just the film actor and everything that you now just let's take a live example when I asked you. What is Carson's is a device for you to do some like there was something some what happened in nineteen some your and people died. So this is just like it's a very simple trailer that in our India and breath particular country. Okay, you talked about so many things but our youth is Not even aware of which your what happened. I think that this was the last official War which happened I think after 1999. There was no water happened between India and Pakistan. Which has to be remembered if it has to be just you know that but none of us do know people see it on Facebook today starting with it is oh there is gargle with abuse. But what is it, you know? Call all the shells and also I saw in my workshop because you're just talking about the Cargill so into something sermons special day is the people just stopped load the stage status on the what's up. What do you think about that for just a person just want to just so for one day remember through the mother disc father days. These uploaded statuses and still don't know why the status are being uploaded. Yeah, I'm not talking about only car you if you know you had it father. Mother's Day I think these these are just a way to make someone feel special because you know every day in your day-to-day life you sometimes you don't get time to tell them how much you love them on this day is like you cry to you know, pressurize yourself to just show them like, okay. You know, but that is a different story, right? Yeah, but they're talking about a country that is more on a personal level C that is like, you know different opinions. It's a very general opinion. Absolutely. Hello. Thank you for connecting with us. Thank you, and thank you for your time and your knowledge. He said your knowledge. Thanks. Thank you. right Hello. Hello. Hello. Hi Rob. You're not Audible and Cherry. Yes. Hello. Yes, please. I'm gonna head up high. Yes, you can. Hello computer very interesting topic then the Cargill bitter divorce which by the way we have forgotten completely how we have you know, let's talk about not like Independence and how we got independence in all those things further I would like there was a bar which is very important because India is a country who never attacked any other countries like until unless we get attacked him. Tell it back. So there's something very special day for us commute time Kyle we do forget about what is Kyle because like what significance it holds really what I'm wanting Alibi you come up with this topic today. I'm sorry, could you repeat that? I'm wondering why did you come up with this topic today? Like I want to know about your versus Blanco your perception like you already ruined you come up with this topic today. That's the main reason right? I was just trying to check out how many people do know about this guy and why it's important. So let's just talk about it. I thought people talk to me about it. They will call me and say like, oh this, you know, I know I have studied or like like I said, like I was really young I used to watch on TV things are happening in a country. Okay, my name is something happening. Okay, but then now like after so many years now, we realize. Oh something really prominent happened then because we go back to history and we understand. Oh, this was the thing that was happening. But that the at the same time that is what I was trying to check out like the you to go. Coloring their faces and to tricolor on Independence Day and Republic Day are going one they marked from Jay and hamara part Mahon and everything, but do you guys really know how Mahon you're bad at this that does it's very simple for me to say. Oh then they hand you are just saying Jai Hindi. Do you really feel that in your heart that this country? You know, I have you know her Has to always be there like it is you know, how do I say like, the order of your country has to be that it has to go ahead it has the skies. Do you really feel that in your heart? Yes. Okay, very good. But how do you feel it when you don't know anything about it if we are just staying in this country because we were born here. Okay, and people talk about it re otic and that just comes for 24 hours on 26, January and $15. And what's the point? Like if you are born in Alaska, there are elements where you what you cannot be proud of it. And what country is perfect. Right? But then if you don't know what great achievements your country has done, how are you going to do feel proud of it? Yeah, but if that is the main reason okay, I was really expecting people to be happy about it and calling me and telling you, you know, I don't this okay. I understood this. I learned this. Somewhere I read about it somewhere but nobody knows like people come and tell me. Oh this day are something happened on this day. Like yeah, like celebrating. Somebody's birthday like the previous caller said like what idea do you have about Father's Day celebration dude, Father's Day the total different things. This is about your condiments not right. Cecil like like when we getting like to let stuff on Instagram like how we got our independence and those struggle. This is there but India is the first country in the world last thousands of years being attacked like you to study the turkey is the turkeys can be so they establish business and they really sell they started to study to establish their business and they kind of business. Established Business Center here again. The main reason they got no you do Ross is that we are very busy fighting no in fighting. We don't know what is happening outside. We have good in fighting like we do fight within our state's we have still even after Independence will go to outside especially if you are from a misgiving has ever not to blame anybody just in case an example that if you are from other part of suppose, you're coming from south to North to South people will consider three different way. And that unified is the reason for why we lost. And how know when English people came they got one the company. I forgot the company name so East India company established and the main reason was that just to establish a business center. Yeah, so they can export those raw materials from India to England. So initially they all this started because they found one thing but there is one hiccup know we do needles is that we don't fight within us then the main diesel India got to India lost its independence. And that is the main reason we are also suffering because the in deeper the independence very God, it could have been more a Lego we could have said it more blot the people of India so they have anyone each and everyone should have involved that So what we would have understood now with this the 70s, we don't know all the kargil war as they are. There is a variable model people don't know what is happening. Those people who have given their life know their sacrifice. The family is not a lot of like a lot of contributions they have made to do difference that we have forgotten. So I think the even come with a very interesting topic Kirby Vision versus just to recall How we have got two things. It's not easy to get to things. red Yeah today and last lasts longer a class at the Forgotten Valley and I would we're surrounded by never said there is a thread from every side. So we are the country. Uh, yeah. And like I would love to talk about the Israel is a continuous. All the citizens are involving milder winter activities, like all are going under compulsory minimal training, right? Yeah. So even and not other there's this culture that you know, once you completely or 12th standard like three years you have to serve in the forces. Presidents greeting today because we have a lot of problems within our country like we have a lot of creators variety of people are living in this country. We are eating of competing and no eating food in India food from Indian same time. We're not clapping for others other countries. Drink living with in Northern India. So this is a very good topic which no and gender is Patriot patriotism or the among people but it is very mellow don't see in India. No, I think the patriotism is somewhere sleeping behind your head. Like it only Rises when you multiplex theater when the Jenna's gonna place like you all this happening. even forget Jana Gana Mana the national anthem the because that is what hurts like see people remember their rights when it comes to their country, but they don't remember that. You know, any relation is mutual your relation with your country is mutual the more love you give to your country. The more will come back like you don't want to do anything for your country forget. You don't want to even remember what your country is all about. So like very easily we say, oh I am proud to be an Indian where I'm proud from like what what do you even know about your car? But if you ready to how will the world know about the country there was related and don't know is I don't think everything will start looking irrelevant to you. Then after that like fighting for silly things will become irrelevant. If you will see what you country somewhere greater than all that silly things start. You start talking about right? That's right. So it's very easy for us to say. Oh, I love my country. I'm an Indian. Okay, how my body hair open the Bible very good with Ava came here to make out but I have everything everybody's updated about it because The knee is G ski, yeah, it's kind of sad. It's really sad, right people are making fun of each other out without them and not me. Oh, yeah. Well, like people do really know. There are people dying on the border who died. A number of people minimum 500 soldiers martyr 500 that's a number one to think about it. I have seen people telling that we don't want wire and as in the Indian, I do believe in humanism up. I met people who said we don't want Bloodshed. We don't want our soldiers to Bloodshed in the Border. We want peace the the scoot I would I would say that there is a valid point that we want to say. Thank somebody's attacking those who we should attack by otherwise, there is no no point, you know being being All that somebody's attacking somebody's encroaching your land. You can't take back that something that sign up covered. Yeah, if you are sitting somewhere and a snake wants to buy together as a set like that. Okay, because I'm a humanitarian. There's a strong you have to do that defense, right? Yeah, that's true. So this And then during like a polar really and so like I've seen a lot of social media below that robot could sign is product the same time. We really enjoy during those local cottage industry in all are we really buying local things that also know as a point to ponder like how we are being just been were buying things will just look looking at the things which are cheaper which are just imported from China or any other countries same time I do. Giving me any source of income or giving importance to our products because we always understood on the loom underestimate. Our products will comes to cottage industry. They have seen my state. We don't buy those products which are shareable which are available. We just buy a cheap products which are just imported or something fancy. So this also point I want to make a comment here lot of people lots of people are not even aware of the name of the states in Northeast right deep. It's really heartbreaking that people don't have the names of the states like the 29 States like not even the entire State country names. Okay. So there are so many things that people don't know about their country and which is really hard braking and then we start talking about what our country did for us and this And that things like that. Okay. So it it takes well, he's not being connected or people are not my coming from that place to other place which I think is any of this Gap is getting B's like more more people are traveling from Northeast to other parts of India. So like there is a gap days of communication because there is no no dad. Direct Road, and all things which the way to get communicated between states and I am hopeful clean the coming years. The things will get changed because we're getting more closer because of this Transportation all all sort of revolution in communication. Right, right. Okay. Um, that was really great talking to you. There are a PE people Peyton in love. I just wanted to say last time you message me that you will do a collab on that day. But by then I started known by then. I started my I really didn't have the time to possibly yes. We will do a collab. I still have your request funding and here I will do. Ooh, my shoulder boards every day at four o'clock. Like I'm before and probably I will collab with you somewhere around six o'clock or eight o'clock. Maybe on Wednesday if you're free, so yes. So let us say I may be all next Sunday or something. I'll I'll I'll message you on that group for this time. Yes, you can you can you can just send it to me on open talk and then I will just tell me yes. Like nice looking well, so the skull page partner. Hello kalpesh. Hi. Good evening, Miss. Hello. Hello good evening. Good evening. How are you? Still fine and hope so Corona is vanished in 2020 so we can survive Beyond 2020. Well, that's kind of hard to say hard to say but always being an optimistic is a good in our life. I lightly disagree with that because just being optimistic doesn't help because you have to always calculate your fats that that's a pan-dimensional just came in with one is within a certain time. Yeah. Yeah. Okay, it is not going to help but that's really nice. I like the attitude that you're positive about it that just hoping that it's just hope so. Right, you better going into negatives always makes you depressed and neither should goes into the side, which obviously was you. Well, I'm not up for that debate right now, but it's okay. Yeah, maybe okay. So my I am my name is kalpesh and I'm from India. Okay. Hi. Kalpana - nice to meet you Vinny, and I'm from Karnataka. Okay, so you are also going to India. Hello. Of course, I'm from India. That's why I'm talking about how to deal with it. Yo you have I'm sorry first. You tell me about like the chemist. Would you please talk a little closer to your mic because you seem to be Vanishing. Okay, man again, so I don't understand your entire questions like perfume anything. So if you don't mind, please okay. Okay, so I'm you I just saying like I'm just like win sometimes the please come faster and sometimes it goes. Oh you're particle so nice. Not I am not a poet idea. Although I always not been a passionate to write poetry but it comes on in a simultaneously. Okay. So Cargill Vijay, the the word itself is like two different minis. The Cargill is the place where situation here and the Ducks it is a it comes in the Jammu Kashmir the northern part of India, which is also known as the Of India about one that this was a time when there was a lot of like engagement between the Pakistan and India and the government were the terms the rule by the there was no democracy in the Pakistan. It was ruled by the general Musharraf. He was the commander in chief at the time about them. They India has always been a democratic country the the at the time the government was MDA the Prime Minister was what He said it will be reversed by. Okay, like they have captured the like the top most point of the India the mountain which is near to contingent that all the ranges. So it is a prime location to capture the places like because they are the key. I will surround their target. We always seem from the movie. So I do too less infrastructure development of the area when you go from the Northern Area and even though Northeast Asia, there is a less connected. It with the loc nnse. So it reaches the information from Cargill to New Delhi reaches in the time. So it was like, yeah every every day there was a communication gap and India was emerging as a superpower apart from that Dave has never developed infrastructure. They surveillance technique in the end of C&S in the northern sector and Northeast sector. So it was hard to capture the Vital Information at the what we say pinpoint with the pinpoint accuracy. Even Indian intelligence agency were arrayed a blue and and IBO working with the joint collaboration at the time when we came to know the window and exploration at that time. There was various Chiefs are meteors. They were came in when South block of pmo which is the place where prime minister office is situated. Not block is the department office the entire house look beloved from the Prime Minister all the key aspects of prime minister come there from the comedian who the War Room to presentation to every the physical security and all the things come in South block. The Decay they came to know about the basics. So they send a record decoy team to find the places the bunker where they are situated. So because I like that they thought like to Pakistani at the time were thought like to capture the play set during the winter. The winter is very hard. So they have to literally moved to so they thought like to capture and slowly to get the part of the Cargill. So it goes like when you have a Cargill as a top with having a cannon And a machine gun, so you can literally cut the edge of the Jammu and Kashmir ladakh. So it was just sitting on an opinion fresh meat. So after that like they came to know they had just started the deployment. They were various deployment of the graph at the time. They were like 16 rashtriya rifles a greedy really 18 Grand ideas the sick regiment the body and achievement and many more regiment were deployed and there was various tasks. Expect to grab the their Peak so they was in famous the param vir chakra the which is a highest gallantry award which was given by with remember. He's a well-known like Freedom Fighter. He's Immortal and he knew that Kim has captured the highest peak of 5140. I think I don't know that the number but this was a Hardison the toughest job to capture because it was the it was surrounded by three natural side in one was the Steep and For the plane cover. So even the top can easily shoot everyone people. So after that the many people lost their lives, although the at the time like various infantry was there and the ammunition were you even the Air Force has played as a significant role by modifying their Mi 15 Choppers as a airlift Choppers to and rocket launcher. They has just in a four to five days. They just changed the things by using it. Helicopter into an attack chopper in a five days, right and apart from the Indian artillery was also doing gold. They have 51 105 or 25 caliber for grown from hospice Zealand and multiple Barrel rocket launches from Hashem. So they will be hitting hard apart from that. The overseas government has also provided various good effort. Just like when you talk about the India's best friend as Oliver time, it is Israel. So is there an Against is agency like mosa. There's also given the LIE locations apart from the satellites were giving the pinpoint accuracy and they also given the laser-guided bomb which was used by the aircraft which is known and without 2000 which was taken from the France. And so they after the long battle with occurred. So this was the time when we conquered the kargil war, but we have also lost a various men and because like the day when we have sacrificed a lot of men's are in the people in that place, but we finally got the Victory and after that India has changes changes the strategy of developing in society Northeast and building and acquiring high technology Jackson Visa cookies. Absolutely. Okay, that's really great to hear that, you know so much about it. I was feeling heartbroken that people don't even know what Cargill very interesting and somehow you have explained the war course. You have explained the kind of Outlaw Blues. Also explain like effects like you sound so much like Wikipedia right now, but I'm really proud of that feels really good. So Some gratitude. That's really nice. That's really nice. I feel really good about it. So like we have been talking about kargil Vijay diwas and you know, all this things that we don't remember people talk about being patriotic people talk about being remembering great things that happen in India. Okay, so people keep posting photos of which are diverse everywhere on the walls in all their social media accounts, but they have have no slight idea what actually happened. It really feels good that there are also people who know it completely, you know, right from the start to the end and that's really great. So I'm really glad that you connect it to me on this and I'm really happy. Okay. Yeah. Thank you. Like I always like being in the student as a like completed my high second team. Although I always wanted to learn to about Indian culture history like they was in when you I don't know about like probably I don't know about the general name. It was the time when the British came to India. So India was very quiz. India is very famous for their culture and Heritage and it will take like 20 minutes if I say start about everything, but I will just tell about a shock and nice thing about like Israel so is when the Israel was founded Founded know the cost of the the car what we say the parliament has given Amendment First Amendment a thanks to India. They across the globe. We all were persuaded and persecution via happen. But the only India's were the people where we have lived the peace and Harmony. So the First Amendment or the first draft is came from thanks to engage in Israel Parliament. So these people don't know like we when it comes to sovereignty and integrity of India, we are always harmonies. Even what we about to do talk about like Middle East the first the Christians came to entire population become Christians and the Muslims came the entire things happen, but in India, like we have gold by thousand years, but we are majority in Indians as a Hindu as a majority of people. It doesn't matter. I'll go to caste Creed and color but it's Harmony and peace. We live in this country talk about every country must be the India living 130 corrode people, but still we are living the harmony, but they are few cases, but we are used to They are five fingers are not same. So in 130 corrupt people all people are safe, right? Yeah, like how many colors and I still like the talking to you. Although I only know your name Vinny you are from Karnataka. I guess you might have India's Silicon Valley, right? Okay. So many people you don't like Silicon Valley like Bangalore it is like quite a nice. Bangalore, even I like that Lakshmi Temple like Bangalore is also known as the city of lakes with are a lot of links I guess right it does I have visited it is called so called a city of urban said chords a lot of gardens. Yeah. I have visited to only once and I was really admired him because like still there people is very even the people are their legs on the road, but still dreaming the about this guy's so I like the Ability of the angles people the people live in Bangor runs in their blood. Yeah nice to meeting you so many people are still there. Thank you page. That's really nice talking to you, and it was really amazing The Amazing insights you cave and its really hope the Hindi liner Romeo, bye-bye, right? Okay, bye-bye. So guys we have spoken a lot about this and it feels really great. And I'm always I feel all I really do feel proud of the fact that we are born in India and we have the best one of the best on these and oh, well, we have one of the best country. I think our country's the best and it's not just on the Patriotic celebration days. Like, you know Independence Day or Republic Day feel patriotic about your country, you know, this is Our country love it from the heart like know what your ingredients just take an effort Take 5 to 10 minutes out of your 24 hours and just tried to look back what your country is. Okay. There are people who listen to me who are born way after to thousands and might have no idea. What a chaotic situation was before the kargil war. Like what were the main issues and the reasons for these you guys Please take some time. Like Google has everything just go back to Google and read it out. Okay this if you don't take interest in reading and finding about the country, then who else will and if you don't know your country, how will you ever represent yourself as your country? Like see we come on these applications? Okay. We talked to several people coming from different countries. So here on this application when you say I'm from India you You are not just from India. You are India for the people who know you okay? So when you are India and you have no idea about the country it gets so embarrassing isn't it? So we have emit calling us after a long time and I would like to talk to him. So Hello myth. Hello. Hello. Hello, ma'am. Good evening. Hello. Hello? Hello Graham, good evening. Okay, you're not audible. I'm a G. If you can please call back. We have some Network issue happening. So before we get any further, I would like to read a poetry. Okay that what is written for Cargill device. Okay, we have Hello. Aluminum good evening. Good evening. Good evening. How are you after long time? Yes, how are you ma'am? And I am good and I hope you are all so good after long time sound really good after a long time. Yes. Yes. Yeah. I am good man, and lot of time I try to connect you, but unfortunately I can't talk to you but finally today I talk to you so ma'am. How is you and your family? Everything is okay? Everything is okay. I'm a G. Everything is really nice. And I had actually taken a break from this application for a long time because I was busy with some other things in my life. And then I have actually started from yesterday. I have been life and I've started coming back live and started talking to people again like I used to and at the same time like, you know my time right I do from food at six. So that's life and I talk to people so yeah I have Started it again. So I see that you so yeah you are you are on this application or even you have taken a break. How is it? No, no, actually ma'am. A lot of time. I make my own broadcast, but lot of time I listened like you and other people who are good in English, but less of time I make my own got cast as well. But as you know, yes Yes actually ma'am now he did as you know now I am improving my English and a lot of time I listen you are. Outkast and in this application, there are a lot of people who are really great in this particular language. Okay, so them and actually in Facebook our garage one our Facebook group also, okay. So a lot of time we live we go live there, okay. Yes, so, yes, ma'am. And remember I think in Bangor now now these days I think Corner cases are increasing so in your family in Everything is okay. So far it is all OK ammaji, and we are trying to avoid moving out of the house and necessarily like, you know, whatever is required. We are bringing it at once and you know stalking it up and then try not to move outside again and again, so Okay, so, you know people are taking much care about things. So yes. Yes. Yes ma'am. Absolutely end to our topic is Cargill divorced. Kargil Vijay diwas. Yes. Every day you made a lot of new topic like Adobe update topic with the available on every topic means we learn something from your topic every topic. So it's a really good ma'am and a lot of time I listened you. Yes, would you like to talk something about that? There was actually a to take divorce. It was Eddie was pay Cargill costume Point low sea que Pacho Pakistani coffee Willard K. Exactly induced a nice and neat video. Nicki giannone of knee. Is that I am too. Medical knowledge knowledge tool in particular is the HK citizens. Important. Yes, ma'am. Absolutely. Yes. Yes, just the mediator or suppose. Thanks. Thank you so much. Thank you so much, ma'am. Okay, okay. Okay, then. Thank you. Thank you for by share strategy for your please connect with us. It will be really nice. If you have to say a few words if you can connect care how Chelsea be porridge Color cast car for he hook in a pike on Cara. Yesterday hello. Hello. Hi. Hi Hi. How are you? I'm good. How are you? I'm focus on domestic fabulous. Thanks for asking. And hey, I'm here just to run but I don't have any idea about that topic, you know, even don't give any placement to me even don't get anybody's friend to me, you know. See look like a teacher to you maybe because lots of cop people who call your mom and even I don't know him, okay? But I'm not. Okay, but your voice is looking. Yeah, I come here to talk to people not to punish them. So yeah, so where you from current by the way, which country are you from? Actually? I'm from India, but right now stay in Canada Wells. Okay first order purpose. I'm sorry, first study purpose first a team of us right now. I'm doing MBA, you know. And always I'm a writer. I'm a writer good writer. I'll try to write some history. Hello, what do you mind talking a bit too loud? Because you're not order me. See ya. What do you mind speaking a bit louder? Would you yeah speaking of it louder right now it is okay for you. Hello. No, not for you. Hello. Hello current you need to speak up. Please reconnect if you can okay. Okay, so guys that was Curran and that's really sad to know that he Well nothing. Okay guys. I have a poetry that I would like to read out for you guys. Okay, it's in Hindi and protect your hypothetical board time by the putting a botticella GE. And so there's a poetry I would like to read. Okay, and it's in Hindi? I'm not really sure how many of you guys will follow this, but I'm reading it out. All right. She said she tried calling current year college not getting connected shirisha G tried calling. Please call back and protect you. Saying something and just as this opendoc is amazing a current. I'm not able to pick your call. Please cancel it and call back and yeah shelters you were calling why he did you just cut the call. Are you trying to call back please? If your back or back? Hello. Guys, I'm not able to take calls. Okay, if you guys are trying to call call back again. Tara hakuro And she'll win easy poem G Bilko my poem / donkey. I was just checking if somebody was supposed to call and he told me Papa Jack hippo important Kiki for my poem Piniella ghetto. Picked up call I got open. Nowadays, she is busy. And I know she's busy and that is why she has even disconnected from Telegram and different places. So really we all miss her. Oh Cherry, what's up? What is it? Hello. Hello. Can you hear me? Hello? Yes. Can you hear me? No, I cannot hear you and most importantly I cannot understand you. Why because if you speak a little clearer, I will. Is there a problem with my network? I'm talking some strange. Oh boy. Your voice is really low and your accent is not understandable. It seems like that you're eating something. Okay. Yeah. So what's going on come here. Would you mind speaking a little bit louder please? I'm speaking loud. Is it? Okay now? Is it? Okay? No, it's not. I guess I should lip. Pretty good. That's really sweet idea. That's really sweet. Long time. Nice to see you again long long time. Okay guys, somehow this application has become really weird because there there's this network problem that keeps the rising and people try to connect to me on call and I cannot hear them talking. Hello. Hello. I'm doing good. How are you? Okay more lucky. I am so that I don't get that Network problem. Yeah, I see that I still have some Network problem with it because you while you're talking to Voice keeps breaking. You know, my voice is quite low, isn't it? No, it's quite clear than the previous one. Okay. So how you doing? Whiny is it right? Boys is not actually audible, so please try connecting back. Could not actually gonna guess a bobcat. I need an elite but numberless your way to rhetorical, Cuyahoga. Bella ciao. She's a GPS weapons conquering connect and he who arrived, please please please. And Insha'Allah Angel people you actually tend to take my name drawing. That's that's okay that's trillion irrelevant. So they keep calling me as whiny wine and weird. We ha no, I'm actually trying to but I am still not prepared with it. I will sing tomorrow. Definitely and that's a hello deep. I irony. How are you doing? I'm good. Yeah, even I'm good. It's been a long time. You know, you didn't come here like very frequent and few bike exactly. So I started yesterday only like after a long time. I was a bit busy with certain thing. Okay, so you're alive yesterday. I actually from this account. I haven't followed you because before I had a different number I registered different number on open talk. So yeah, I'll do it because I really like this topic that you come up with. I mean, I was hoping at least like 3:00 for broadcast on this topic, but it might have happened. I didn't notice any anyone but you did it. Yeah, I'm really glad that you chose this topic. Okay. Yeah, I was actually hoping to talk about it and I was hoping to see a lot of people come and talk to me about like, you know talk good things about it, but then somehow it was really sad people didn't know what it is. Actually like there was some yeah, why do we need your voice is low right now, I mean Yeah, it's okay. It was kind of right now. Yeah, I know it's fine. Right so it's pretty heartbreaking and I'll kind of so. Exactly. So we need you can just read read out your Premier. You can decide your poem while I stay on guard because you have been tying it since a long time so you can do it right now if you want what it's not my poem. It's somebody else's poem. But I just found it online and I felt like oh, that's so it's really beautiful. So sorry. Yeah, okay. I will I will. Poem is written by hurry home power. Okay, and it is written about Cargill get ahead. Okay? Okay. I'll go on mute. Okay. Yes, please. Make a wish of cappuccino began on my own Beto. Kiosk Kahani little this Marty come come. Why should I buy a legacy? Kurbani? Khabar I could buy now. We became a team for whatever kidneys Nuri submit the bees buzzing and Tommy Bahama's even have to t2d Doula. Mahavir to t2d Doula Mahabharata. Kangin Hatha Yoga, KOA molcajetes activist on teachers, but Oka Joe Pele Pele to bars. Lamb Pearl Jam and Gili. Meno zero he took our cake. Hoga 2K 2K Tony me the beta keerthi. I Hoagie soon a youngin may say adieu Terraria hoga Macadam on my hope with what Paris Dunya kibosh Sur Les appear Joe up in a particular party Kobe candidate may be heard a we cater know me. She didn't beta. Joe's cynic male candidate Chitra, hero commanded Jahan jabarut. So guys, this is the Poetry. Yeah. This plan is so eye-catching. I mean, it's all about the soldiers that have been marketed and in the world like it's so simple. It's so simple to understand unlike other poems other few. Worms, and I it's so Bland on point. Okay. Sorry, I'm outside don't mind the noise around me. So I had goosebumps. Do we understand very emotional kind of person and I I'm my eyes are really wet right now. So I don't know this is my weakness or not. But really this poem has something in it, right? It's very, you know, because it has marked Every person like right from The Newlywed woman had dried sister the other from the nature around and everybody have been mentioned and it is really hard for me. And I think we have to be emotional about this thing because this is our country it an emotion beats me. Yeah. Yeah. exactly So yeah, it's it was really great poem that you chose and yeah, I would just like to see a that obviously we want the kargil war. That's the reason by which because of it. India is now, you know, it has a very great diplomatic position in international politics because of it if India would have lost the lost the Cargill was it I Guess the respect of India would have yeah, and yeah exactly and Cargill is a pig right the the war which was fought on that it is a peak. So if we would have lost that Teague then it would have been also very yeah, but you say it would it would it would have become a weakness for India. So I really respect the soldiers over there or who Ooh, Mighty odd and even who fought who own who killed enemy. So also by after this war India won are trustworthy friend Israel, but I like it didn't one. Actually we were friends but our relation got even stronger now we are we are creating like weapons together which is which is Very you know, it's not common. Yeah, it's not a small thing. So but yeah, those things happen Cargill did its benefit it. It causes loss to but what we can do now is important as its youths or as a as a citizen of this country like like what what right now we are doing is more important I guess so like there are some people here. I don't want to discourage them or I'm not disrespecting them, but it's sad that they don't know about this kargil war or bjd was to be exact car Gilmore everybody knows but we JD was should also be celebrated or not celebrated, but it should be remembered that. Yeah, so, I'm sorry that voices around me disturb me alone. So. Nothing. The voice is the noise around me that's bothered me a lot. So that's a start. Okay, okay. Okay. So yeah, there was really nice. I'm really happy that you connected. I think it's after a long time that you connected and you connected on this topic. It's been feeling. Well. I've never talked to you as far as I remember. I really come I come really Less on calls. I just like to know you were there once you would be enough. Yeah, so and yeah also I this I have this thing not even nine ma'am. And I in some podcast I don't remember in cash box or open talk. I just gave a feedback or maybe it was quite harsh. I should have written it a bit diplomatically. I would say that I give a feedback on your singing which was which I thought it was harsh II apologize in your in the comments, but I wanted to sing and then you were there and after that you again apologize. Nick pot itself. So yeah, so yeah. Yeah. Thanks. You don't have to be guilty about it. Okay, so so I did my job. So if anyone is asking don't think there's someone called current And has been trying to talk for a while. So thank you for connecting with me and thank you again for you know listening to me and following my boards and that's been great. Okay, it's nice to see you. So yeah. Hello. Hello. Hello. Hello. Hello. Hi. How are you? Thank you so much for accepting. Actually, I'm basically I'm from India right now. I'm from day of Rock Is this is part of Indiana? Sorry, as it is part of India is part of India. Okay, I'm from East Asia India. Okay? Okay. All right. All right. All right, but I don't I think Canada? Okay. Okay. Okay. Okay. Say something say something about you. I think maybe you were right. No, actually I'm a graphic designer and I do podcast I write few things on Instagram for a while cause when you are speaking when you are speaking that was that's I I also written a lot of for something. Oh my home when I say get free time. Okay, that's pretty nice. Yeah, that's 450 for me even right? Okay, so you're new on this application, you said? Literally feel so bored in my home because even I have a lot of friends I can in my India, but when I came to Canada is how I was doing I'm doing a MBA and I really lived literally feel so bored at here. Hello and that's why no one can give any children. No one can get any company. I thought that maybe I will join something this type of thing and I'd say you and I literally feel so happy. Okay, that's really nice. Hey say something I want to explore. So if you get time to check out different people talking on different topics. Okay, and there are a lot of people who are showcase their talents. You can check that out and apart from what I saw when I saw that I thought I saw a bird caws as well as only I will go for the another Butler's they're the people who are abusing to them and I literally so full so hard for me that moment and That is so hard for me to endure literally that things. Okay, and this is something about who you are. I'm sorry. I say the may know who you are. Yeah, that is all about why hey, sorry. No, no, you said that did that I didn't listen that word. I'll try it. maca powder Hello. Yes, you actually have to speak up. Otherwise, I will have to go to my next caller. Okay, so it would be really nice if you speak a little bit louder sorry piece on back and we have few callers that are there who would like to join? Okay, so please connect box. Okay. Thank you. You have a good day. So how your sister how are you? Hello. Okay, sweetie has disconnected. Please try calling back s3z because we are facing a little bit of network Village today. I would not just little bit a lot of network glitch people are trying to call and connect and particular way and we are waiting then. Okay. Alright guys, so that is all from my side about Carl Weathers. I just hope you guys take an effort to get back through the pages of history and try to understand what your country has done for you what your soldiers have done for you and What things that you have missed knowing about your country because it's very important and it's very easy for us to say that we are Indian. Okay, just to say for the sake of saying what to be an Indian is a great thing. It's a great honor and remind yourself that every day. That's very important. Okay. So with these words, I think I would just conclude today's. Session and if anybody wants to call please call or if you're not able to then we'll just wrap it up today because Network again. So thank you Jerry. Thank you for being there from the start. That's really nice of you moving there and everybody thank you. I thank you all of you guys for connecting with me and staying with me throughout the body, which is very important. It wouldn't have been. What it is without you guys and I also like to thank a few people who came up here and shared some amazing views. Like there was this person kamlesh he gave some amazing insights about the cartel for and what happened throughout the course of the world and even after that so quite a lot of things that we got to know and I see hearts are popping up. Thank you guys. That means a lot. Thank you very much. I will be back tomorrow with my podcast at the same time around 4 o'clock and until then stay tuned and if you guys are following you will get the notification keep falling over. He's kalpesh solid color peach. Okay, so you guys can follow me all you who are already following you get the notification and yeah cool patients here. Okay. Thank you. Thank you for being there. That was really nice. So other teji a grab drawing carcetti here to please join today. And if you're busy then it's okay. Thank you. Vinny G for this podcast. Thank you. Ninja G4 being there in this podcast because that means a lot to me too. So, yep, so that's all for me. And tomorrow we will be talking about a different thing. If you guys have any suggestions what I should talk about this hit me a message or create a request and send it across and there are a few requests of people who want to talk about language some people who wanted to talk about being resilient. There are some people who wanted to talk about how what life means so you guys need to understand that when we start talking about these topics. We need to First figure out what we are going to talk about. But because these topics that you come up with you friend request to me are in a very broad sense, like you cannot randomly talk everything. So you need to pick something which you can talk about elaborate lie and cover it up completely so that we whatever questions we have from the audience. However call with us and get connected with us. Can be answered easily because if you keep it in a very broad sense, you will not be able to cover even one aspect of it easily. Okay, so let's not do that and with that keep keep supporting keep listening and keep being proud of your country and okay. So today we end it like Jabara. So again, very proud to be an Indian. Bye guys. Okay kalpesh. I will check that out. right, so