Hello, good afternoon. And this is finis guys and I'm back with my podcasts at the very same time that I always do. Well today's topic is something different and I'm sure you guys are back from wonderful celebrations of Holy Cross everywhere and high Muhammad. Hi and guys I have I've received a lot of requests for open talks and I'm actually reviewing them and the guys who have already sent me requests for open part talks. Yes, we will do one. I'll take one request each day after my solo podcast. So if you guys are sending me requests over on my account for open talks for collaborations. Yes guys. I'm open to collaborations we can talk. And we will talk about CEs things. Let's not make it real serious. Let's talk about things that are concerning. Okay, and you guys can send me requests and along with that you guys can send me your topics and we will schedule one open Talk, which is a collab each day. Okay, so I will take my solo podcast and then we'll get back to your car. A podcast every day. Okay guys, so I have received a few requests and I'm actually reviewing them. Please don't get disheartened. Don't feel that I'm not not responding to you guys. I have been a bit busy these days and have not been able to make up enough time to get back. So yeah, and before I just go ahead let me just take this coal and I don't like to make people wait. So here this is Mohammed High Muhammad. Hello. Okay, guys while Muhammad gets connected. Hello. It's always nice to see you. You're always there at the start of my podcast. So it's really nice. Hello. Hi Mom Hi, how are you? Hello. Hello guys. Can you hear me? Which am I audible? Which can you hear me clearly? Okay, seems like Mohammed is out-of-network. So we're going to take the next caller immediately and I would just request Muhammad. If you can call me back once you're in a better Network, okay, and hello. Hello. Thank you very much. Thank you that that is a very nice compliment. Thank you very much. But I was actually trying to ask if my voice was Audible and because I thought the other person couldn't hear me. Hey, I'm audible. Yes, you are. Hey J. How you yeah. I'm doing good. Thank you. How are you? I'm doing great too. Okay Mimi. So this is calling from jail. Yeah. I'm calling from Delhi. You calling from Delhi? All right, Uncle Grandpa Bangalore. Okay, and yeah so high what got you interested in my podcast? Like this is my second day like yesterday. I have installed this app and someone recommended me here. You should install this app. This app is good and okay so you can go there and you can talk to people and so I'm improving my English communication. So that's the reason I'm here and I saw your Ford car so I sent you a request. So, okay, so that's that's all about. You so yeah Jay, I do I always do podcasts and I just pick up random topics which are actually concerning for the society and I try to talk to people and most of the listeners who join my podcast are all who are learning English or who want to improve their English or just want to work on their accent or anything anything related to English most of the times. And yes, there are also people who are good with English and take some time to join my podcast and I really appreciate that and you know, I'm not someone who does the English Guru type of a work, you know, I don't do abs for nouns and English classes, but I just do English discussions. So people can talk to me and you know, it's a practice. God create this is how it works and a high pradeep. Just give me a moment. Hi pradeep, and I wish and thank you. Thank you. That's a real big compliment to say and yeah, I know which you want to improve your English Communications, which are already good. Thank you. So yeah day, so what do you do? Hey, I'm doing MBA. The MBA in finance. So alright and be in finance. All right, let's go. It's really nice. And what is your exact problem with the communication like when it's come to right? So I am able to write anything, you know, but when it's come to speak on all concerned topic or no, but you will topic so I'm getting you know disturbance like I'm not able to speak more and more I'm not able to insert. Hurt or build a good good good good sentence. So this is a region like building good sentences is all the work of grammar. But then if you go by the grammar strictly you will mess up your language. So rather talking to people will help you to pick up better kind of sentence building. And so if you can listen to more and more English communication, so in a fun way because just listening to audios and following the Script is really boring. And I think the language is something which you pick up very soon if you start liking it or you know, so yeah. All right, so this way and so people usually follow my podcast for this reason because I can actually talk to them and while I'm not talking to them what happens is while I'm communicating to someone in particular so the others are listening and I just hope that each one takes it's something some lesson from here no matter how little it may be and applies them moreover in their life. So yeah, that's how it is. So I think you should do a little bit of reading or just go start reading a few novels and stuff, but don't go for a very high written English, you know, where in you cannot catch up with the kind of speed you start with normal stories? Stuff and then you know keep improving and going higher and then if you can so it's always nice if you polish it slowly rather than just pushing yourself through it. You're just going to mess up things done. Mmm. Exactly, right? So yeah, that's that's actually the gist of it Jay and I actually have another caller waiting in line. So I will you come so Jason. Thank you for calling pleasure pleasure to talk to you. Thank you so much. Okay, great. So yeah, there is a was J and J is from Delhi and he's doing his NBA and he is actually a nice speaker mean. He does speak English, but he says that he faces problems where he has to build sentences and stuff. Okay sentences building building of sentences and Other things like capillary these things add up a lot when you do your communication, but then again I keep saying this again and again repetitively I know it's boring but then we need to understand that any language cannot be spoken as it is in a book. Okay, if you guys are just going through the red and Martin and want to do it the way with you know, quick grammar and the exact it's only going to make you confused right now. So it's always nice you talk to people no matter how broken it is. Just just take that effort and do it. Alright. So yeah guys again today's topic is about recycle reuse and save to survive. So I will definitely go into deep deeper in this topic. But after this collar, right? Hello. Hello. Hello. Hi. Hello. What are you ma'am? Hi, this is Vinny and you I'm heard everything from Punjab. You're producing from Punjabi has hybri Thief. I'm fine if you find one. As goes yes, your voice is something broken. I can't catch up your voice properly. Okay, my voice keeps breaking and okay now now you are older now. I'm audible. I guess you're traveling or you're walking on the road because there is a lot of yes. Now I'm going to my home because I have I left my Institute this conversation for yes. I'm just a conversation for like talking to you in English because it will improve my English skills. That will be written form. Because I have to give the English test in next month. So I have to just so I have to increase my vocabulary because my English skill how to for measure sentence. And one thing is that I learned from other broadcast data if we think about it tree like we have to have do not Keep in mind that it free we have to keep my wintry. Don't we in Punjabi meaning like a group or so in this way. We can improve our English like do you understand what I am saying? I understand but I missed the tree part. I mean your voice broke, okay. And I think one to ask for me for me. I think you should start as you can I think only one month is going to be I think there's another thing I would like to say guys. There is a person on this. So you guys really want to increase the kind of vocabulary in it? Because I have sorry us their voices talking some time. So I can't hear or I can turn right so hello. Hello. Guys, did I miss miss miss this person? Hello? All right, guys, I think it's the network guys. Like I was saying that there is someone there isn't a person there is an account in here Shalom. This person does podcasts on English vocabulary. He brings in big words of English which are more like sophisticated kind of words and then he gives the meaning of it and he also explains how to use it and I think You guys like if you guys already can't speak English and want to increase your vocabulary, like people who are into learning ideas and TOEFL and you guys are going to give your examinations and you guys don't know where you can actually increase your content walkability or where you can you know, polish your language. I think you can you guys can you know once in a while go and visit it or while he's live or even though if he's not live his podcast do have some good content. You guys should check that out. And yes, we let's just take another caller and I think today we have not spoken about the real topic and we'll been speaking a lot about English communication and stuff again. So yeah, let's talk. Hello. Hi. All right, so guys while I get connected to this collar. I'm just going through the comments and Rajesh, but that I can call. Yes. You can definitely call. There are five more people waiting in the call. So I really want to talk but you don't talk to me. Don't pick up your call. People are always playing your tunes. I just I really don't get what you're trying to say there. But I do definitely pick up calls when people call me and I don't like to keep them waiting. It's not my thing and I may make others wait. If only I'm talking to a certain person at that particular moment, right? So it's always a first come first serve basis. So after I take this called the next caller. Will be answered. So I already have like one two, three four guys waiting in the line. So hello. Hello guys want to call you guys please. Make sure you're in a good Network because what happens is that particular time that I assigned to talk to you somebody else also is waiting in line. Alright, so when we talk when you connect, please make sure you're into a good Network. So that doesn't waste much time and we can talk and discussed more things and we can use whatever 120 Minutes we have efficiently. Because half the time we are wasting time with oh my God. Hello, and I cannot hear you or you cannot hear me that I really don't want to waste time with that. Right? I really appreciate you guys calling. I really want to talk to you guys. But when you are in a good Network make sure that I am wonderful to you and you are audible to me. All right, so we have R Theta here and I'm taking this call. Hello. Hello. Hello. Hello, can you help me? Hello. Hello. Hi. Hi, how are you? Good? How are you? I think a little more. Okay. Okay now it's clear. Yes. It's quite clear now. Okay, okay. Okay, so I put the where you from? I'm from mplab reproduce your from madhya Pradesh. All right at the the so what do you do? You are a freelancer. What do you free lunch with? Hello. Yes, you are a freelancer. You said yeah. Yeah, like I used to write about the awareness and you know, the updated informations like yeah, like and cortex also awareness like most of the area's I cover so you do writing right? You're a Blog writer and content writer. Yeah. I am that's fantastic man. And so I'm sure you definitely you have read my Pick today. Yeah, let's talk recycle, too. Really? It's really messy. Career as the more there's more most amount of it or not inexhaustible resources in an inviolate and most of the people are using it in these are not replenishable right you guys. Yeah. So if you are using it, so they will end one day like using of coal petroleum, right? So they're using it so they will end one day and you know, the future Generations will also, you know, they will also feel the price is about right. Lutely, so it's really necessary to adopt the different kind of cars like Recycling and use the thing using the things to save the resource. Without which are you know, very little in the environment right? Do you mind me asking if you're using a headphone or you're just talking hands-free? Yeah, I'm using headphones somehow. I still can't hear you a little bit and there's a friend here Rajesh. But third he says that you can put your phone nearby your lips because your voice is really low. Okay? Okay, make sure can you hear me now? Well little bit. Okay. Hello. Yeah, I mean is it always this way? I mean, I really think The wise there's some problem. So if you can disconnect and reconnect your headset and just try yeah, that's right here. Hello. Hello. Right guys while I put the disconnects. Hello we connect. Yes. Yeah. Can you hear me now? That's clear enough. I think that should do. Okay, okay. Right. So yeah Arpita. Yeah, so I was talking about the resources which are which are very Less in the environment and people are using it very people are using it day by day and making them exhausted which is which is very difficult for new the future Generations would be difficult to survive without any resources. So for using it before using it, so we should think that what our future just how the future Generations will serve. Bye with we will use the resources, you know, continuously continuously, right? Yes. Absolutely. I totally agree upon this with you. Yeah and like resources like like rich and poor people are they're so rich what door he's rich people who that they have the more accumulation of resources and using it in discriminatory, which is very, you know other people Always the south over their trade. Yeah, so this is the thing so we should adopt the another part which is the recycling and reusing the resources research using the resources, which is really good part. Absolutely. And I think we using things is way more economic and also it is it, you know, it helps us to save the environment in some more the other way, don't you think about it? Yeah. Yeah. Sure. Because recycling needs some effort and need some energy, right but there are using reusing doesn't requires that that kind of energy that much kind of effort. Right and it's easy all it's easy also. Yes. Yeah. I totally agree with I mean, let's just take examples of the water or right. We know the water can be reused in different ways. Isn't it? Like if you have used Water to wash vessels or something because sometimes most of the time cleaning of the vessels is done under the running tab or it is done dishwashing machines or most of the time people do it under the running type. Isn't it? Yeah. Yeah. This is the thing. Yeah, I think water is one scarce resource that we are left with and I think we should really be concerned about it. Yeah, I am. Right. So that's an extra degree. Yes. Absolutely. It's just an example. They have been they are a lot or lot of other things that add up to it. And when I'm talking about recycle and reuse, there are a lot of things it's not just water or any natural resource, but then paper is another simple example. Yeah. Yeah right these days. There's a lot of people wastage that happens actually in school itself. Because children are given so many activities and they're doing project works and unnecessary is the happening. Right and people are people's are also made from meat from trees and lot of the trees are being cut to you know, make the paper and using the paper to make aeroplanes, right this really waste is yeah. I think there is another thing that in schools, you know, there are certain rules that only one side of the paper can be used and use it. Three sides of the paper to save them Ray. I think these things are most unnecessary things that we are following is in it. Yeah, it's really unnecessary thing, right? Okay, I agree with you. Absolutely. So I always want to talk about bringing things in our lives and I think changes I have to start with ourselves and yeah and to start and if will not you know start from now on are so it would be Really crisis will come right? Yes. Absolutely until some time we spend with these ideas and start working on them. I think we can make a difference around in the world. Yeah and didn't unless we will not take steps to preserve this such kind of things so that it would be of no use this conversation would be of no use if it doesn't take step to preserve this as kind of resources, right? Absolutely. Absolutely I towed Totally agree with this thing unless and until we start implementing the words that we are speaking. This all will be such a sheer waste of time. Yeah, right. So Arpita, we're in the issue of Rome and from the Jen you're from Odessa and you're from the city of mahakal a big big big devotee of Lord Shiva and I think that's really great. Yeah, it's crazy man. I it's just like we love just flows through my heart. You know when I just think of it so you I just can't hold on to it. Yeah. So have you visited here? No, I have not and I think the things that you love don't let you come close very soon. They let you take all the trouble to reach and I think that is what is happening. With me. Yeah. I think I have been planning a lot lot of times about it, but I'm not able to do it very as earliest it lll come here. So it would be really great. Like it's no surroundings are really nice its spiritual and it just sudents are my grave. That's really beautiful. I really really really crave to be there as soon as possible. Yeah. It's like of people and this year only I have are like two times I have have gone there, correct. Yeah, you've gone there. Oh, that's very nice. So here there's that's what does my friend wish here in the comments who says you are from ujjain. I'm from ratlam. So you guys can have a nice chat and they're all right. Okay, it's been great talking to you and being someone who writes and creates such content. I think you Your small literary way can create awareness through your literate writings or articles and you can which should you know bring in change around because simple simple things of kindness or simple behavior of kindness creates a chain effect and it grows up to a huge huge huge change in the you know, yeah, so I think the work should be kept going on like it shouldn't be shortstop, right? Yeah. Definitely really more to enhance my work to spreading awareness is more than most and most kind of people very important it is it is it is an important task to do because it's really easy to teach someone or it's really easy to give a speech but creating awareness is something you know, which is important right? It's really good the good things but until it unless it's a lie. But you know keep in our like make a narcissist so it would be of no use right. So after seeing this topic, I was really glad that wow. I have bought a new topic to write. So I think right about this topic you do get in touch with me. My email is there in my bio and I really look forward that you get in touch because I am also very much concerned about these things and I we go we can connect and collaborate always see eye and I have got so much of you new ideas about how to write it how to shape each and every kind of sentence and yeah, so it was really nice talking to you. Thank you or pizza. It's really nice talkin to you. Thank you for calling do follow and stay in touch. Just get in touch with me whether on Insta or on Gmail. I'm I look forward to it. Yeah, sure. Sure. Sure. All right. You have a great day. Thank you again for coming. Howling, welcome welcome, by the way by that sweet little girl who's talking about awareness. And Guys these things these little things are really important, you know in our everyday life we do things. All right, just one paper won't make a difference. You know, I might just waste one paper. I'ma just waste electricity for five minutes guys five minutes. We are one point, you know how much we are around 2 billion one-and-a-half billion. Two people in India. And if each one of these things are just five minutes of electricity or just one paper of wastage and it is going to be huge isn't it? So don't ever underestimate that very simple change will make no difference. No guys. Each little act each little saving each little Behavior makes a huge difference on a bigger, Mass. Then like they say, you know. Okay, Uncle like they say each little thing adds up to a big because so Guys these little behaviors need to be monitored and it will be it will just happen when we start doing it ourselves. Alright, so we are no more in school and there is no one who is going to keep telling us do this thing or do that thing we have as an individual have to start. Understanding that it is our responsibility to take up this little effort and do a little bit to make a change in the society. So guys here is kanishka in the call and let's talk to him. Hello. Hello. Hello. Hello. Hi. Hi. Hi Whitney. How are you? I'm doing great. How you and I appreciate you and I say to thanks to you that to bring this kind of topic topic and it's really great of you to say that I'm just doing my little bit. No, I really am because what people are doing they are talking on other nonsense and other things okay, but I think these are the topic on which we need. Talk because if we bring a little bit change in our society, then definitely it will help us because yeah exactly because if you use unnecessary things like if you are buying unnecessary cloth if you are using bike instead of walking, okay, so you are creating a pollution in your surrounding polishing Solutions, which became a catastrophe later. For example, what is happening in across the world. Corona virus is spreading and why is it spreading because we are using unnecessary. Anything we buy clothes and later after few years. It became a garbage it became a trash for us and we throw it. Okay, and then it convert into the stage. Okay, so please understand and I think that it's difficult in beginning to adopt such kind of habits. For example, if really you want to go on any Market, okay, which is far from your home like 500 meter or 400 meter. So don't use motorcycle and any vehicle try to walk. Yeah. Because it has the Merit of this thing is you receive your fuel. Okay, and you save your money and you also save environment and you reduce the emission of greenhouse gases. So ultimately your contribution is Big contribution and try to spread this at awareness as much as you can then I think it will help you. So like you said that you can walk 500 meters if the shop is closed or you can you know, You're going to say food fuel. You're going to environment. Absolutely one thing that you missed here was I would like to point out point that out is is that people pay a lot to lose weight. And I think these little things are going to help you stay fit. Yes. Exactly. Exactly. And I also add something in cooking. Yeah exactly. If you as you said that too late to laws, which yeah and what Happening in India and Indian food people are using unnecessary while they thing in our Auntie's what they're thinking. They think that if we not add 2 or 3 spoon of oil in and vegetable then it's tasteless vegetable. But in my perspective, I think I study almost three or four countries diet. Okay, like Japan and USA Etc good types. So they for they use little amount of oil. Okay, and this follow it on regular basis and now they adopt this kind of behavior in and I also adopt I don't need a necessary while I never add ghee and Etc things in my diet because whenever we use unnecessary things it means it costs something bad in later. Okay, try to use little amount of anything's it is beneficial for you because you are not dependent on any other things you are self-dependent. You don't need excess amount of anything. So it's a good habit. Just try to do my friend. Ganesh is has given us a little has thrown a little bit. I ate on minimalism which is very important. So when he says what is necessary is enough, you know, or where you can start curtailing on things that are unnecessary. So yes guys, you know a connection there is one thing which I believe and I follow in my life. Yes types of things okay or two types of behaviors or there are just two conditions one, which you Have two and one which you want to yes, unless and until you have to do something when you when I say you have two which means if you don't do it, you cannot survive. Yes. Yes, unless you have to do something don't do it when it yes when it comes to purchases when it comes to things that we do. Yeah, so there are look like you said about Shopping. Okay shopping now. There is S 2 conditions. For example, you have to purchase clothes because you don't have them at all. Yes. Okay have one pair which you are wearing. So that is one condition where you have two or maybe yes a couple of clothes and you're still not wearing them, but you still want to buy so you're yes, then you're lucky you're wasting your space you wasting everything and yes, eventually all that close that you have purchased. Gist you don't use all of them. Yes Point some don't fit you or at some point. You don't feel like wearing them anymore. Yes, it is just dumped and dumped and dumped and Creator, you know, which creates a huge dump at the end, but it's not used not just clothes, but even other things like for yes until you're hungry. Don't eat. Yes. How much what how am I mean? Whatever food satisfies you Go that is all you know, just with that even other things right exact examples. And yes, the theory of reuse is very important. Exactly. Exactly. And even I appreciate your I learned a lot of things because you summarized in a lucid way. Okay, and I think now people are able to understand that what I want to say because I said in a mechanical in a technical way, but you express it in a simple manner. So yeah guys It's it is very important to understand because people are thinking that it's just a broadcast. It's just a topic. Okay after listening it they enter in their own life. No, no. No, it's a turning point. It's a inflection point of your life. Now you are able to understand that. What is the importance of reuse because when you not by unnecessary clothes like unnecessary food anything. Okay, you are saving that money. Just try to find out your satisfaction in Saving of money. You don't know what is the power of compound interest and other things just to To understand and try to help others. Okay, for example, if really you want to buy clothes then by four other people other people means like over people who are not able to buy such kind of clothes and food Etc. Do it. Definitely you will get huge pleasure and huge satisfaction. So do it as well as on your own level. So these are the things absolutely and I think things like reuse when I say reuse there are books one, which I would like to stress guys, I think Most of the people who are here who are listening to me our maximum from engineering and finance background and these two professions have a lot lot and lot of books and each one purchases specially medical guys. I think medical people. Yeah purchase books in a huge huge of you know number. I mean so many books and at the end what happens is those books are eventually dumped or put into a four A store for burning and stuff like that. So I guess it is very necessary for us to reuse like you guys can take used books or you guys can give out those books to needy people and make sure that they go for a better use, you know, see what happens is when you start destroying things eventually the demand increases. Okay, so the manufacturer increases and with that comes the raw material which is scarce already. Our country. Yes, exactly. If you have to break this chain, you have to start somewhere with some different point because if you say there is pollution and we shouldn't drive cars and you can't stop pollution that way so when five people are buying five cars and going on the road, first of all, there's so much traffic secondly this pollution and only one person is driving a huge car, you know, a big sedan car or something and and I think instead of time is also there is I think start giving importance to public transport or unless and until you start taking initiative of these your things, you know, being economic things won't change, you know, and that yeah, yes want to keep adding up to unwanted things. Yeah exactly. I want to add something like someone saw said that a material attraction. Yes, bro. There is a material attraction and I just want to link that point which is Said if like if you are using electricity unnecessary unnecessary means not that you are watching any cereals and now you are decided to don't watch. Okay. Now, it doesn't mean what happening in my home in. My neighbor's home in my surrounding people just on TV and they think that after this my cereal will come so they are serial timing is eight o'clock and they start watching TV at seven o'clock. So they are wasting their time one hours on TV and electricity and everything. So just imagine when you use unnecessary electricity, for example, you are living in Metropolitan City. So it is very at yeah. Yeah, you are getting 24 into seven electricity 24 hours. Okay, so it is very easy to watch and to do anything but just imagine what is happening in Northeast. Just imagine what is happening in North is in orisha in villages in villages. They are not getting that amount of electricity so their students their child's facing lot of He says they don't have proper electricity. So that's why they are not doing property studies. That is the reason the literacy level. There are lots of factors which are responsible for it. So I just want to point out. This is also affect. Okay, and when you use unnecessary electricity, so in India, there is a limited supply of electricity like I think 357 gigawatt. Okay, we have limited supply of electricity and when we demand unnecessary electricity in metropolitan cities like districts, Of all states and other places we are unnecessary demanding electricity. So there is a limited supply and demand is extremely high. So just imagine you are demanding unnecessary. So what will happen demand is high and Supply is constant. So the price of electricity will rise and price of electricity will rise for everyone not for you for everyone who were people also face debt crisis. So just imagine there are a lot of food, you know that what is poverty in India. There are a lot of people who are below poverty line. So they faced and even same It happened in water the color using unnecessary clutter. They have a water. I don't know. What is motor. Okay, they have motor connection and they use unnecessary water. They just stuck the water from Echo fires and the use it. They think that it is free. Of course. Just imagine when government of India impose heavy taxes on water and later. It will happen. I then who will be there that kind of pain the poor class will be a because they also part of society and ultimately we are doing such wrong things and who is who has who is taking the the pain of this such things there are so poor. So please understand and point try to connect that links. Then you are able to understand please friends because we are the part of this. Yeah. Kanishka, I would also like to point out one thing like you have been saying about electricity and wastage of electricity. Let's just point out the simple simple things that happen in a household people which I have seen. Okay, not in my house itself that we usually plug in the charger to the socket. Then we do not switch on or switch off the button. The button is on most of the times and we just come and connect our phones. And when the charging is done, we just leave it out. I mean these things I have seen in almost every household that I have been and even the TV thing that you said lot of times what happens is we put on the TV and the TV is just going on and the fan is on the TV and we take a mobile phone. We move out of the house or we are in the Gallery or somewhere like that. So these little things guys. This might sounds really little. Okay. It means you lied psychological but no guys. I mean, you know this little thing or those five minutes really matter don't you really matter? That's why I said just find out the compound interest compound interest when you add these things because your life is so long. Okay, you live around 70 80 years. So just add all days. On in ascending order then you will find that what kind of disaster you had done in your past. So be aware and spread such things. Okay, and I just want to say that recently I think a person said that electric vehicle about electric vehicle. I want to set to my listeners electric vehicle is important for India not for India all over because we are using unnecessary fossil fuel. Okay? Yeah, and everybody know that when we burn fossil fuel, then it emit greenhouse gas Greenhouse. This is okay like CO2 and Etc lot of harmful gases. Please remember if their dad electricity that electricity which you get in your electric vehicle it come from thermal coal. Okay, thermal power thermal power. It means that burning of coal. Okay, India India produce almost 72 percent energy from thermal power. Okay. So I and thermal power when you burned a cold then it also emits lots of Grease ghg gases which are harmful for our environment. So I just want to say you be Be sincere and be ensured that your electric vehicle never used at electricity thermal coal thermal energy always try to use renewable energy like solar panels energy. Okay, like wind energy water energy. These are renewable energy. They never emit any kind of greenhouse gas. But thermal energy when you use for example government say we replace fossil fuel from electric electric chair stations. Okay, but just imagine those electric station getting energy from thermal power. So what it means you replace fossil fuel by thermal Powers. It is totally cool. All things are equal for self. You will also emit greenhouse gases and thermal power also emit greenhouse gases. So what we get, we ultimately emitting huge amount of greenhouse gases. So don't do this a lot of knowledge and guys who are listening to me right now kanishka is given pointed out some wonderful wonderful things and important things that we need to understand. We really Or a lot of things in our lives. We just think that okay. That's not my job. But guys absolutely your job your and my job because we are the ones who are going to face all these problems if we start ignoring these things and because these things have already been ignored since a long time and people talk about changing things, but I really don't see as much because I think taking the pain You know taking the trouble is the part where people start moving behind moving back and you know, so I think yes not huge things. I don't I'm not here to ask you guys to do very big things just do change little things in your habits take little steps. And I think that will be more than enough or maybe somehow will lessen the effects of all these problems. What do you Think about it. Yeah, exactly. I want to say to our listeners. Please remember in beginning when you do such things. Okay, such things likes good habits. Okay, when you are moving in a good path then in beginning, there is so much pain. Okay you beer so much pain, but just remember that pain will become strength later. Okay, and that pain will become a proud moment for you. For example, now you decide from today, I never use unnecessary water. For example, what happened what I did in my past. When I take a bath, okay, and then sometime my parents on motor. Okay, and that would have my tab is on the okay. I don't know that how is it but it aunt and my bucket is full. But when I enter in my bathroom, then I see. Oh my God, it's already filled what I would want now I did so I decided that on next morning. I will use this water. I know I don't use another water. I don't need to throw that water. I used it this water because it's my mistake. Why should I open that tab? It's my mistake. So I need to pee. I need to be a data that punishment It's My Punishment to use same water or next day. So this is thing. So just adopt it and later. You will find that you got some good habits and that habits are become your habit. Okay, you are using on regular basis. So in beginning there is so much pain. You think that why should I do? Why should I care about the world? Why should I do don't become a Gandhi of the world just became a Gandhi of your own home and just try to change your own surrounding and later. You will find that you have huge positive thoughts. And you are a part away from negative thoughts and everybody likes you great. Can I ask that has been an awesome talk and we have really put some light on wonderful things and the most important things and I think our listeners here really feel good about it. So so that's really nice talking to you stay connected and I yeah more topics like these and these guys when people call you back, you know, they To connect to you and they share their thoughts this way and it gives me immense pleasure like, you know, it feels really nice that okay. So actually appreciate good topics and appreciate an initiative. Yeah, exactly. And I just want to say never never shown a seed of hitters in your heart. Okay, because it's totally useless and unnecessary and I think it's a nonsense. Okay, don't do it. Like JLS and hit and enemy and the some other abusive words. These are not a part of your life. Don't do it. Okay. Just try to adopt a be a being a good humans. Okay, and I think that you guys who came here to improve their conversation skills and communication skills. They are also learning some great insights that how to use how to how to adopt reuse and recycle things always see that what is the recycling process of this politician and Etc lot of other things I have to say. Thank you so much. We need to contact me or to join me. Okay? Thank you so much. And thank you all listeners who are giving their precious time on this podcast. Thank you so much. Thank you. Bye. Thank you for getting in touch. Thank you again. Okay. Bye. Alright guys, that was Ganesh can if you like this conversation and this podcast hit the hard button at the right hand side corner of your phone and give me your appreciation through that and that is really really really We appreciated so guys while I was saying I actually missed a few people there in this conversation and I'm not sure if they're really here. So there is one person in the comments things. The discussion is great. But we need to understand the basic concept of Attraction. Yes, so sha Tsui month. I think we do need to understand the basic concept of materials attraction, but that is again a very huge topic which cannot be covered in to one particular. Podcast and like I said, we can talk about recycle reuse and save so guys while I say this in everyday lives in our everyday lives what little things that we must take upon and it is it is no harm to accept our own mistakes, you know it, you know, you don't do it knowingly at times, you know, sometimes it happens I but the point is being aware creating awareness about it and understanding where we going wrong. And you know changing those little things in our life that can make differences. So I think here a friend says I want to talk with you because you are a long time online and I'm watching and listening Rajesh. Thank you very much. Thank you for listening. It's really nice that you guys there's one thing I really appreciate about you all that. I have always observed that my listeners join this podcast and stay. with me on until the end of it guys that is a huge thing for me that is really really appreciate able because a lot of times what happens is people get into podcast and they just listen for a while and they leave so they don't actually participate into it no comment nor like but guys when you know with my podcasts whoever my listeners are guys, you are all wonderful people and I really really We appreciate and like you guys and you guys are giving me such support with such topics because I know these topics sound really boring. You know what you know, it sounds like being in a school. Oh my God why but these topics are important and your import you guys your inputs are really important to me. So yes while you're with me through the conversation through this podcast keep hitting the like so I know know that you guys are listening to me and keep commenting and keep joining me through the calls. It really feels good here. Arpita says Arpita is giving wonderful claps and some signs are the thank you and you're such a sweet little girl and thank you again for joining me, you know, and yes, these topics are important and I really appreciate each one's effort into it. I did the Pratap Singh says cause you're serious about your topic. Yes other people and really serious about my topic because I think look we can talk to anybody we can have fun anytime and we'll real friendships are not only about having fun. Don't you think? I mean we might have friends okay with whom we hang out and I don't think we really discuss these topics there. and that's because we get really little time and we want to spend time with them and have some fun and some laugh some good laughs and other stuff but these things need to be addressed and most of the time we try to avoid these conversations because we think we might just move out of the league and you know, people wouldn't want to have a conversation with us because they might just wonder oh my God, she's always you know much Fortunately things guys. This is not social thing. It's not social work at all. It is your future. It is our future and someday or the another we are we guys gonna start moving around with masks on our faces and trust me that is not really far. That's actually happening. The corona would break. I mean there was a flu there was the so many different kind of diseases coming up and this is Is nothing in guys this is all our Deeds. I mean, this is how we have exploited our environment. I mean we have used our resources like crazy. I mean it's because it's an abundance we have been using it thinking that it's never going to end but it is gonna end, you know, and the fact is that it is going to end because of our greed, you know, guys when I talk about recycling recycling little things you guys think you're Odds are good. They don't fit you just make sure you donate it to some orphanage or someplace. All right, if they are in a good condition if they are not in a good condition give it to places where they recycle these clothes into blankets or threads, you know, so even if you don't need a blanket, even if you're purchasing very high quality blankets from huge the you know, multinational Brands and stuff. That's okay, but when you put your Your clothes into recycle place. If you don't need those blanket just take them and offer it into the orphanage, you know, do things that give you peace do things that are efficient right? Just because you have a lot of money does not mean you just accumulate things. For example You have a lot of money, but you don't have hunger you are not hungry. That doesn't mean you just keep buying stuff and keep eating stuff because you have money. Okay, that's just an example. I'm not addressing any particular person or any particular class of people here. So this is just an example. Alright, so anything out of limits is harmful people. It is really harmful and we have another caller in here and let's just talk to him right now. Hello. Yes, I think you can definitely join me through the call and we do have a caller your hello. Hello? Hi. Hey, how are you? I'm doing good. How are you? Yeah, I must drink we thank you. All right you some some value from well, yeah, basically I'm from India. New Delhi, how about you? Oh my God, you are so lucky lucky because Ben Roy is a very beautiful city. I've been to their units wise of tries. It's been so long. So I found you know, if it's very beautiful city atmosphere and I hippie thing, you know, so I love that City people from not actually find it really beautiful, but I found that okay. Yeah, it could be Different you know as in the world, right? So yes some like we were discussing about recycle and reuse and save to survive. So what do you have your thoughts about recycle and reuse? Yeah, of course, you know suppose I have so many things and I don't use that much so I of course I can distribute and you know serve and you know as a reverent to those people who are surrounding, you know me and You know who doesn't have you know, it could be anything, right? It could be clothed could be you know, anything if you know someone looking for house, so, of course I can help with them. Yes, it's not. We're talking about recycle and reuse. So possibly yes, if you can reuse your own clothes great, but if you really don't want to you might be them. There are some people who really don't want to lose such people can you know go out and donate stuff and give it to people who can't use it rather than dumping it into unnecessary things and just you know, blazing it off. Yes, of course, you know that I'm talking about some suppose some people, you know, I have so many things in the day also, Like to you know, go shopping every day every month, you know, you know continuously and they don't want to use you know, a previous one the last one. Okay. So at that time most people, you know, they just you know, when it's just you know through it the bin and they are not looking forward to you know, give any other person. I don't know why so yeah that is that is happening so that I'm talking about so of course so we should do, you know distribute stuff. Let's be are not using right, you know who people and of course we can go to the you know, what is that orphanage? And what is that? I'm not remembering it some kind of you know, yeah into places where they can be reused. Yeah, yeah, of course, right. So yeah, that's nice. So what do you do by the way Sam? Yeah, I'm professional. You know, I used to work in a you know, this is real marketing field, but another is not working for few days. I'm just thinking about my own setup. So I'm just working on it. Okay, that was some for you and some thank you for connecting with those and you know using music about recycle. Using it has been great lobbying Congress to connected with me if you like my podcast and do not forget to comply. Yeah, sure. Sure. Hi guys, so that was some and next we have cool be in line Kuby. I think you calling and then you just disconnected. What's the matter? So life a high, thank you. Thank you. Yes, it is an interesting talk guys because it is a real-life topic and it's not something out of the blue. So yeah, we have a next caller here. Mr. Rajeev rajveer Singh and let's talk and since it's already one hour. I'm going to take quick calls guys. So hey. Hello. Hello. Hello. Hello. Hi. Hi graduate. Can you speak English? No, you cannot. All right Rajiv metis Co-op guessing. What is that? Okay. reading recycle recycle recycle KS a constructive environment Marie come in here. Okay, then I'll take it. There's a geek plastic casing or DSL be a party where he recorded a German family McCoy function Hotel. So reusable plates will get a use opium. So I think whoa option latest better. Hecky Humpty quality glass wall plates just really played some order Korea Malaysia of new functions for you're actually attacking Bishop. You know, right? Hello. Haiku be hello. Hey, what's up, long time? Yeah, I just understood all this app. I thought it's like little distracting for me. Is it really I thought so so under stalled it and then today I saw you online. So I thought to install it again. Okay. Alright, so that's really nice. Yeah. You were speaking Hindi and what is the word for podcast and then they messing up in Hindi and I'm You having fun? What what what is podcast called by the way? I don't know honey. I think that's that's for radio. Isn't it? Yeah. Yeah. It's for radio broadcasting from maybe I'll catch one is I'd were its kind of synonymous. Look, I do speak Hindi. Okay, of course. I do speak Hindi a little bit when I when I talk to my friends. So yeah, no I speak in the in my daily life except whenever I'm online. I speak I prefer speaking English will be I think you you do come from an area where they speak Hindi because I come from an area where they speak kannada all moratti. Okay, so these two languages I speak and he is not much used as in here. Yeah. Karnataka is too tough. I have a friend from like she's been here in Delhi, but she her parents are from Bangalore up maybe from cannot assign. Yeah, so it's really tough that the tongue movement and the words are like they pronounced words differently and it's weird. Yes. Absolutely. It's really different and if any guys listening to me from Karnataka, just give me a shout out. So we nice. So let's talk about talking to you chose today recycle to use as safe. Recycle it means to reuse or it means. Try to avoid unnecessary use it all, you know brings us to the same place. It means just save and please when I talk about saving, you know, I'm not talking about saving money. All right, I'm talking about saving our planet. All right, so whenever I use the word save so it's not saving money or say finance and I think there is no harm in saving money right Kobe. There is no harm in saving money, but you have to take care of your plants. And the to the a lot of things that people are doing yeah, the drink is because of cost effective, but they're not realizing that it may cost like a lot after few few decades. Yes. Yes, we may just have to move around with oxygen cylinders on our backs. And with the most absolutely if everything goes like like the way they this is going like week nowadays humans are consuming a lot of resources. Absolutely. Yeah, you don't realize it. We don't even know how much we should utilize it. For example, if you talk about the water like people in NCR delhi-ncr the this this reason has a like plenty of water so people waste water a lot. But if you move to the Dodge stump, there is less water people know the importance of water so they use it better. But if you compare to these people around Delhi they wish a lot And they will face a great problem later for sure. Right? I do agree or book on this topic, you know, it's actually with all the Metro cities metropolitan cities because the scarcity is not understood, you know, it's not understood because it's there it's there for 24 hours and you do not have to complain and stuff. But the people in the rural areas when they where they are watching. Things degrade, you know, when they look at the water bodies dry. They know what's happening. We we I would like to address it as we guys because we are the people who are doing it. So yeah, we should understand and we should be more responsible about these things when I have are which Metropolitan City we are and no matter guys. It's not about class and mass I would like to clear it very much because a lot of people Little this day, you know, they they think these things are classy. No guys, that's not classy at all. Yeah, maybe maybe for a short period of time it looks classy it looked like but it's not stupid. Yes being aware about the things that you know, guys we are just shooting the stuff off don't you think? Yeah, there is if you heard of it like there's a there's a like a collection of plastic bottles in the ocean. And yes, it's for over tuned Pastor ocean patch. I don't know but it is bigger than the California. It is a bigger than the New York. Like it's so big like you can just notice it from the satellite. There is a big like there is a like a lot of air that is covering by Plastics in the ocean and water bodies like fish there. Dying because they have like it's so polluted that they can't even survive around that area. Yes. I do. I do agree with this because I read it somewhere that yes, these things are happening. I mean there is a patch where all this kind of plastic because it it it eventually seals down or it washes up to assure or a particular area, you know all together and you know, it accumulates in a one particular. Area guys and from there it starts, you know degrading or polluting that particular water surface or particular water body and eventually, isn't it? Yeah, but but and another thing that I want to highlight is that sometimes we think that one cannot do like much like they think they're one cannot contribute to a lot but if we start contributing like one y one but even if when like one family starts using less things like less plastic material. Yes, it will have a great impact. Absolutely. I totally agree on this and that is the main idea of talking about it today because things can change. If every little Outhouse hole starts bringing a change. It's all about been telling T. It all comes down to mentality that we have. We Indians especially we think about we only think about that like our pocket. Yes, I do agree to some extent it does matter. Yeah, it matters a lot because we are like we guys are like most of the most of the families are like middle income families, so they are just They just just they want to do a lot of things but they want to cut on the other expenditure to so they want to get more things. They want a lot, but they want to spend less money on it. They want to grab everything they see in the market, but they want it cheap. They if they looking for alcohol they will they will buy the cheapest one. Or maybe the affordable price they are pocket allow and if you talk about the passing material that is used in India, it's cheaper. It's cheaper than the traditional one when when you know, you see those Earthen pots like yes, of course. Yeah, that is the best way to like, it's so eco-friendly, but we don't use it because it's packed. Don't you know it's tactic to use it is like costlier like it's little expensive to and it's also fragile. It's all the fraudulent you you even don't find anything fancy or you don't find it cool using a straw using classic back today needs and want. Oh I call it wants unnecessary one. It's it's not needed. It's these are not the necessary things that we seek, right? Like I again said the start of the podcast that we need to sort out our have tools and one tools, you know, there are a lot of things which you have to do and then you don't have an option out of it. Then when you do those thing, that's okay. But when you start wanting to do things which are unnecessary you want to spend your time and money or stuff stuff which are you which you are eventually gonna dump and because easily there are a lot of Of things in our life that are reusable and recyclable, which we ignore a lot. You know, and first one is water. You know, what Ur is one thing which is can be reused and recycled and you know, we used in many ways. That is what I can say. Okay and apart from that things like I think one thing that we do not agree upon like we Indians do not agree. One is minimalism. We don't even have a concept of that. We don't even we don't even know about it. I think minimal is something that needs to be put into practice, you know lot in lot of the households. I think it should start if we have not practiced it all this while because we are people who are running behind running across we are chasing abundance, you know example of like minimalist. Yes, if you have if you're from a rich family, maybe you can afford many cars. So each family member went to have individual car. So right In a family of four people there are three or four cars in the home. Just so just think how much burden they're putting on the environment. Yes, and most of the time they the cars are not even used or if they are used, you know, one person driving one car on the road and that's why the traffic jam is there like there are a lot of problems associated associated with it traffic pollution noise pollution plus maybe in life. Be some Road accidents also these own. Yeah, it eventually also affects the economy of the country somehow. It looks like the business is booming. But then apart from that I think government puts a lot lot lot of investment into the government transports and staff. So, yes, they are developing these things and eventually what happens is each one wants their private vehicle and adds up to the environmental pollution and stuff and there's no Concept of minimalism whatsoever. No. Yeah, you're right. There is no concept of minimalism in India, but it's really hard. Yeah, what what could be the steps take and I would like as the youth around India or the younger generation which you know is the heart of India right now are the people the backbone or you can see the spine of India who's going to take this? Your head forget about taking the country haired guys taking our lives ahead on this planet, you know, because wonder why did safe place or safe space for the future? Generations should be cool, but we don't believe in that thing. We think we have one life and we will live the way we want to live that is a nice thing to say that we have a long we will live on I live but it's not only your planet on me. Yes. Yeah, I totally agree. See it's one life and I think we should make a difference in a good way, isn't it? Yeah, one life. It doesn't mean you have to buy a hundred pair of shoes on the dresses or maybe cars in your home. Yeah a good life in peace. Yeah have having a like Pete like a good quality of life is all about peace. Yes. Absolutely. I think we should look at it like this way like The quality of life is important rather than the quality quantity, you know, right? So it's more important that how much happiness does your life bring with the minimalistic things in your life. You know how much difference can you make in this Society with minimal of your effort? And I used today that we are talking about all these things while my friend Kobe joins us with us. So just go be some wonderful points discussed. Yeah. I don't know but I don't find this application good for me to say I see that I mean, you know Kobe is someone who was always searching for fun around and I'm also a bit Sometimes I think about what I get out of this. Well, you do get a lot of things out of it. Don't you? I just know there was a time that I used to talk to a lot of people and I stopped it for my own reason. I was not improving. So I thought to take a break and then suddenly when friend of mine suggested this app, and I install it and I came here. Talk to people it was fun though. Yeah, right. So yeah, so guys. Yeah, that's cool be cool be you know, I have always seen that you are commenting funny stuff on my podcast most of the time but today because of the people you are the series of guy man. You are the so yeah, of course, of course, I'm a guy but I put a smile on my face. Oh, I really appreciate that cookie. That's really important. Don't you think it's important that life need to be faced with a smile and that is one part that you have and you know how to use it. Yeah, because you know, like these kind of platforms and probed me a lot like they helped me a lot even last time when I when I was I got the call from my mm the by preparing for cat and like preparing for MBA. So I had really fun with the interviews, but unfortunately I couldn't get in. I am the and then I start every single thing I was doing. Okay. Yeah, that's where my depression came and like I stopped everything. I was like yelling at myself because sometimes you don't see instant result. That's the same goes for recycling thing and saving environment. You don't see it. You don't results. Wait, you have to be patience. Like you just said guys recycle and reuse and everything. They said these terms are applicable in every aspect of your life. Even in your own personality development. What do you think? Yeah, absolutely. It can have a great impact on your life or on others life as well. All right, so that has been a great constructive conversation. Well, tell me about how to how to start podcasting here. Well, you need to go click on that plus sign in the center of your phone app. And then you need to go to go solo and then you can start podcasting the record. Oh, it's kind of personal question. But if nobody comes at my Phuket add more my Forest podcast should I do it again or not or what? What will he do if I help you automatic? Come to your podcast because while once you alive, it shows on the home button of the app live podcast are there in a line and whenever a person logs and can just scroll through those lives. So don't worry, you know, there are gonna be people if I think people listen to anything, but if you are taking an effort to make a change people wanna listen to you and I think because I can say that from my own experience because people are listening to Me isn't it? You have the tell if somebody is taking an effort to talk to you about some important topics won't you listen, so it just applies to everybody else and that is how the audience is quicker. Harold l two people want to join the college so I should just hang up. All right, cool. We it's always great talking to you and thank you for being there as a support for this particular topic and which is very important. Yeah. I I joined it because I want to listen it later. I have we put guess I joined I just hear myself again. It's really nice. So well, yes, that guy's 339 people will make a lot of difference. The heart is right there on your phone at the right hand side bottom corner. And if you just click on it Hearts will pop out on my screen and that'll make a huge difference like this podcast guys and stay tuned while I take the calls in here. So yes. they will take your gold soon. Right there. Hello. Hello. Yeah, there is a while. I connect to wish for. Hi Shalom. How are you? Hi. Wish would you I'm good. How are you? I'm also good. So what do you what do you do? Well, I'm a graphic designer and I do podcast on this app. Well, great. See you on the graphic designer. I am also doing computer courses regarding this. I've been doing this job a like that. Okay, so, can you help me regarding this means how to create a website mobile app. Do you know that? Well, I'm not I'm not on the technical side. I'm on the designing side. Like I said and this podcast right here is on a different topic right now, which widgets so what I would suggest you to do is search for technical topics around here. There are a lot of technical topics in this particular podcast. Yeah. Yeah right help you out with your query, but that That is not actually what I do. No, I get you. Okay, what's new? How a little knowledge about it? I would definitely help you out, right? Thank you. Thank you for your system. But you are your topic is there for all to visit to the recycle to use the uses steam to survive this what? See in our daily life. We do a lot of things we purchase a lot of things. Okay. There are also a lot of things that we don't use and we just purchased them for fun because we like it and also there are so many things that we use and just dump them in the Dustbin. We're can be reused. All right. So let's let's just take a simple simple example of a paper. We are using a paper to write in school. And we are using it differently right in schools. There are very strict rules about using only one side of the paper. Yeah, besides blank which eventually adds up first of all to the expenses of buying another book. And also we are consuming a lot of paper and not using it properly we are right now, I believe there is one responsibility Over All Did you people's shoulders here that it is the individual responsibility that they use their things or resources efficiently and economically at the same time when I say efficiently means minimum usage for maximum, right? Okay, and what just efficiently but economically also put less money. Into buying stuff and make sure you use it efficiently to for a longer time. Okay. So yes, so that is how it affect isn't it? You are right, but most of the public don't care all this, you know. Yeah, I think I'm we are not here to point out whether someone cares or not, but we are here to make people care to get to those nerves and make them feel what why they should care see it's very simple with with it. A lot of people's pain that okay. One thing or one little mistake is not going to cause a ripple or it's not going to cause a big effect but Oh, I think it is important for people to make others aware that one little step or one little waste of paper or one little saving, you know towards saving this nature so great. Well, I think avernus is all that we can create and the invitees habits in our real life rather than saying that okay. Nobody cares if nobody cares. Okay, let's not let it be we should when I personally start caring yes is if you if it goes by individual till we are Mars will be a masterpiece of what can we say? Absolutely. Watch me will start thinking oh why she is doing and eventually will create an effect on them. Like they will they also will start getting interested and they might say, oh, yes, let us try once and if you try it once if you try being efficiently try being minimalistic, if you try be aware about the destruction that as an individual we are causing to this planet. I think we will start getting more serious about these little the things that we do which are eventual carrying up to the chaos of our world which have to write very clear that the nuclei and see what yeah good. Really CMV Duty. You must start everything by step by step slowly bit by bit. Okay, I agree on that and that we that is really good idea in very very good. Who are you? Hello. Yes. I really appreciate you appreciating my podcast and thank you. Thank you. Thanks about. Yes, right. Thank you for connecting stay connected. And if you like my podcast just hit the like button and guys. Yes now that it is one or 30 minutes that be Hello. Hello guys, I'm sorry about that long pause and mute because I actually was on a call and I really apologize for leaving you guys in here like this in the world. No one is listening. So yeah be yourself. Yes. Thank you. I feel it is important to discuss and that is why I took up this topic and you guys we have been a caller who's waiting here in line for a long time and me take this call and I think this topic is a huge topic which cannot be summed up in one particular podcast. So I will definitely think of coming up with the same related topic so that we can discuss other aspects with this as well. So yeah, let me just take this call and let's talk about it. Hello. Hello. Hello. Right guys, let a while. I'll call it gets connected to us when I talk about recycle reuse is most important thing to be reused and recycled today is the plastic items that we are using. First of all cutting on the usage of plastic items is important but apart from that we can replace plastic items with a lot of Things like clothes are all closed. There are denims ordinance should be recycled into stuff. There are tremendous amazing videos available on YouTube are about how you can reuse your old clothes or how you could reuse all your old items such as boxes of papers and stuff. We should take and take a little step to make sure that you know, we do not create these things and make a vest out of it. We should make sure that we are as people who are moving into a future a different future that we are looking forward to you know, we are thinking about making a Wonderful World a head full of with full of wonderful technology amazing things that we want to see but at the same time these things are adding up to the environment Surplus there is A lot of things that are in abundance, but at the same time there are a few resources which are scarce and our own words of Extinction. I mean on a verge of it's completely going to vanish someday and and we being humans the main reason for the development and also the destruction of this world need to start thinking guys. We need to start thinking, isn't it? Basic things like in our everyday life we should make sure that you know guys when they're like, this is mostly for the people who are connected with the kitchen. There are chefs. There are people who are working with the kitchen. There are restaurant managers. There are women who are working with the kitchen guys, we can make sure that you know, the waste from the kitchen is used in our Gardens rather than being thrown into tunnel. or you know the gutters or places like that which eventually blocks up and clogs everything and also, Has a bad effect ahead, you know, then then they starts leakage on the roads and then again adds up to the spreading of viruses one. Second reuse is the usage of water most of the time a lot of people talk about saving water. They talk about not playing Holi guys. I'm not really saying that just one day you are going to save water. I think it's a process, okay. make sure you use water how much the same amount that you require just like for example for to take a bath I think using water through a bucket is rather important than just going through showers. I mean through showers guys. We use a lot lot lot of water secondly Vehicles when you wash your vehicles if you're washing them by yourself, make sure you use a bucket and a mug and a clothes. Nowadays, we are getting the kind of clothes which soaked water and I think that can do much much work rather than you know, wasting five six buckets of water on the particular vehicle, you know small vehicle. Make sure you use less of water. Sometimes I think you guys should start dry wiping your vehicles every day so that eventually you don't have to pour a lot of water on it and I think service is service centers also use this technology. Whether you use less water with a lot of pressure and which also helps, you know to clean the vehicle in a better way and not just that guys your Gardens. I think your Gardens are the best places where you can save what I have seen a lot of people just throw the pipes of water which is constantly flowing and the water is wasted guys your plants don't need as much water as it looks like What is required is the soil to be moist? You don't have to pour it or flooded so you can use sprinklers or use a drip irrigation thing. If you guys think you have a lot of you guys consume a lot of gold rings and soft Rings use those bottles. Just fill them up dig a hole small hole in it and keep it upside down in your pots in your water pots. Your porch will be self watering and your These two portraits are already put for use in there. If you don't want to recycle these bottles or you don't want to recycle such stuff just give it to people who make a use of it. I think there have been people who have come up with startups where they re using items and building wonderful stuff and exporting it to different countries and eventually earning a lot of money and I think there was one show on The History Channel, I think it's oh my God, my India something. I'm not really sure if I really know the name of it, but I actually saw a couple where they grabbed all the scrap and make wonderful items out of it. And now they have started selling it exporting it and making money out of it. So guys reusing recycling is not always about saving money. It also can be a way of earning money. So it is all your mentality. It's all your effort. How you put in and how you change things. Right? So we have our next caller sumanth Shah and guys, I would like to tell you that I'm on a time of one are 44 minutes. I just have to feel when it's more that I can talk to and I will make sure I try to take maximum number of calls and finish quickly. Hello. Hello is my voice audible. Yes, it is. I'm Samantha and I am from Ranchi. I'm fine. What about you? I'm doing great. First of all, I want to appreciate your effort means see you are encouraging your listeners is in such a nice manner as well as they are improving their English by listening you thank you again and I will listen to these conversations means more than half an hour and there were several methods which I will use in my future so that I could mean so recycle things or reuse things. And I really appreciate I think that is the best feedback that I've got like through the podcast itself. I have people saying that I will use these ways instrument really nice just because we always means what do you say we need to improve in our life means what we are ten years back and what we are now means there should be a difference difference. Yes. Absolutely. And first of all means regarding the topic like recycle and reuse means I have commented earlier that it's all the psychological thing. What do we have learnt in our childhood? Like what our society taught us at that time? We were not that much educated or something like that these things that we are we keep on wasting things. It's just a simple thing. We don't need to do such a hard thinking or we not we don't need to know down the points that we will recycle this or this. Just need to analyze our life in the most simplest way. Like like if we are means buying plastic bottles, then we need to reuse it and for reusing plastic bottles, there is a particular grade of plastic line. Like when you will turn the bottle upside down there is a triangle in which grade is written in plastic. One, two, three, four up two seven, one two, seven gradients the and if they are buying First grade plastic or second grade plastic, then we can use it to for almost three to four years and it's just like I am going to jump every day. I used to go to gym. Then. I used to buy my proteins proteins also come in a plastic bag i'j, and they all are great one plastic. So the and we can easily use it for three to four years. It's as simple as that. Then we need to analyze means a few other basic things like every day. You may be used to means what is a waste water water is the means the most what you say. Yes. So first of all, we need to analyze that how we are wasting water means L. Like you said that you know you talked about Guardians we have means flooding Gardens with Waters and all those things and there are few simple steps. Like we can adopt rainwater harvesting method and which will means replenish our groundwater. Yeah, and and every day means in few cities, there is a means in my house. I am using when we are we all used to means we we have a boring in our house. So there is plenty of water means absolutely because there is no water scarcity. So you use it abundantly like you want. Yes. Yes, then we can do think smartly mean. Yes, correct. That's the that's the that's the right word to use. I think it's Like smart usage of water rather than who are you? Yes, yes and means every day most means I can say that the most amount of water is wasted means overflowing of the water tanks which we use in our house. Yes. We need to we need to analyze that so we don't do it too. If we don't need any extra effort that always we need to look into our water tan tobacco whether it is overflowing or not we can Simply by a 200 or 300 alarm water tank alarm is there which means many of them are using it in cities but in villages and all the means side areas, they're not using it means. Yes. And we can that's why we can do it in simple and smart effort. We don't need the whole idea of creating awareness and I'm sorry to be cutting you right now, but it is 1 hour 50 minutes. And anytime this podcast will go off but you can keep talking. It's just that too. I'm telling you because you shouldn't think that I just cut you off through the podcast. All right. So yes, you can keep talking again. Yes, it's nice. Listening to you and talking to you. Okay. Well, I think I should give the sign of note guys. This is Samantha is someone has commented on my podcast to be Irish to let you listening to my podcast for the first time. Yes. Yes. Yes. It looks like I'm new to this app new to this app. Okay. I really appreciate you taking the time and effort to listening to my podcast. And you said that you are with me in this podcast more than half an hour and that is a huge. Thing and because usually people don't do that people just hold through the podcast and I really appreciate all my listeners. I think 450 who are listening and guys, it's always a pleasure talking to you guys and you know coming back to this place at the same time and willing to talk to you guys about these topics and creating awareness about this is all a result of the love. Love and the support that you have guys have showered on me. And I think that is one thing which can keep me going again and again in here. So yes and you guys your feedbacks are very important to me. You guys can always give me feedbacks the link you guys can check my bio. I think there's my email in there and my installs the and it really feels good when you guys connect and someone that I'm really happy that you connected though you connected. To me at a time where my podcast is on the verge of ending but it's already and I think I look forward to it that you come back again in my podcasts. And while I discuss all yes. I will are there you and there are a lot of other people who always support the things and its really nice. Thanks. Thanks, right. So yes someone for again. Then I will look forward to see you in my coming up podcasts and stuff, and now that I just have six minutes left. So I will just address everybody on this particular topic and say goodbye to everybody. Yes is Right someone so thank you for calling and you have a great day. Thanks. Thank you again. So guys that was so month and we have had some amazing colors today and who have really shown interest. you know in this particular topic and like I said, yes, this topic is interesting and I can just go on and on and on on this topic because it is not a simple topic guys. It's a huge it it just looks like a small light, you know, but then it's a huge star at the back. There are so many things which are added up to it. And so many things that this particular topic effects and this particular topic when I talk about recycle reuse and save to survive Guys these things matter a lot and can huge differences and I really request you guys that in your daily life routine there. There are so many so many times. There are many are times that we blunder like we do things that we think are okay to do but they are not okay, but there is no one who's going to impose a rule on that particular thing at that particular moment, maybe but eventually incoming times. I think the government will start imposing rules over the universe. Surge of electricity or the use of water because that will only be the last resort to them to you know, curtailed on unnecessary useage of our resources or unnecessary wastage. Maybe wastage could be the right word, I guess or exploiting our resources. Alright guys. So while we discuss these important topics, I think this helps you to take away with you some important things to do and some important things that you should know you shouldn't do and I myself follow a lot of things in my daily routine like the charger thing that I discussed you people usually connect the charger to the socket and they just keep it going on and the light or the TV when you're not watching Just put on the TV in that particular room and people have started maximizing their usage of things because one household is having tea three to four TVs in the same house, which is running different programs and different times guys. Don't get into things which are unnecessary. If you think you've got a lot of money to donate it if you really think you've got extra money just donated but if you think this is a way of showing clouds Class or this is the way you're enjoying life as I don't think enjoying is that this is the definition of enjoying. Okay. Well, I will come up with related topics within this week and we'll discuss things related to recycle reuse save and survive. So maybe tomorrow we can start with recycle day after we can take reuse. So we these four topics in themselves in and in each word. There is a huge World hidden. Okay. So thank you guys for listening. And being with me through this podcast and if you have like this podcast and the discussion in here hit the like button take that effort and make sure you show me your appreciation through your likes on this podcast and do comment guys. Your comments are always appreciated appreciated and apart from that if you guys want to write to me personally through the inbox throw mirror. Worst of open box which I haven't getting it plenty and I do not want to sound who but guys one request at a time and I will make sure I start doing collabs with you guys for all the people who have sent requests to me. You guys know who you are and yes, I will start from today because I have I have taken one topic today and I will start with the collab today again. So soon after I finish my podcast I will take some break and then maybe at eight o'clock. I will have a collab with the request which I have got and while I sign off for today I again request you guys to be responsible human beings. Okay be responsible for your own actions don't do things because people don't do things because someone's watching or you're trying to impress someone or you're trying to show how good you are know that really doesn't matter what matters at the end of is who you really are and how you are contributing to this world with your presence because guy is this life is really short and I do believe that people come true the world in different forms again and again, but this life what you have come as human make a difference guys make a difference in your own life make a difference in lives of others and with your simple little changes in your real life in everyday routines is these things can add up to the well-being of your environment to the betterment of your Society then I think that is the best thing anyone can do People are not going to remember your name or how much money you earned of what kind of lavish life you lived, but people are definitely gonna remember you if you contributed to the world betterment, right? So on this note guys, I will sign off for the day, which is one of 59 minutes and I just have one minute to thank you guys for being such a wonderful audience and such a wonderful. People and there is a guy that is a person calling me right now. I am sort of sort of I'm on the verge of ending my conversation and it is one are 59 minutes and 20 seconds and any moment my podcast will close. So I will take your call some other day. Definitely which will be tomorrow. So stay to you will then get connected to me tomorrow. Alright guys, so I'm signing off for the day. You have a great day. Be sure. Safe stay away from unnecessary viruses. I mean stay away from Corona take your take care of yourself be sanitized use your masks and apart from that. Stay healthy and safe. All right. Good night guys. You have a great day.