Pokey poo, good morning. Everyone is here and it is today that we're going to talk about return of 90s most watched shows. And before we go to that I think it's a wonderful day and being a 90s kid myself. I guess it's the best. Thing, you know, it's like Nostalgia and things coming back, you know, first of all in my professional life. I have always been praying to God God. Can you give me one day of the 90s that I could live and I guess God has really, you know thought about it and given us a chance of yeah, you can live like the 90s like we are at home. We can eat all day play all day. Watch TV all day, and now we can watch TVs with the old shows so it's kind of funny and at the same time it's kind of nostalgic really nostalgic, and I'm not sure how reassured 3. Yeah. Thank you Ria's. Thank you about it. So yeah, we already have a first caller and if you are there online deer caller, we are talking about the The 90 shows re-airing so you know, that's the topic right? So, yeah, hi. Hi. Hello. Hello. Hi Hi. How are you? I'm good. How are you? I'm fine. Where you from? I'm from Saudi Arabia from Saudi Arabia. Yeah, but I'm actually from India and I'm talking about the return of 90s most watched shows. Okay, if you would like to talk about it, or you know, first introduce yourself such tell something about yourself. Actually, I'm here from learn improve my English my English support. That's why training your Group return of 90 most-watched showing means what means of Return of 90 most-watched P. Now in the lockdown now in India, you know a lot of shows which were being played in 90 aired in the 90s are are like that. Am I Rama and and Bianca she shocked Mine and all these stuff which used to be all these shows which were they are at that time our re-aired now, you know these 21 days so that people don't get bored and stuff. You know, it's kind of nostalgic for people like us who grew up watching these shows because at that time I think in India, especially in certain areas of the area, which I grew I don't think there were many channels that were aired at that time. I think only the user should was there. And you know, we used to be schooling and these shows were aired on the TV and it used to be really exciting and you should come back home early to watch shaktimaan and stuff. So for me, it's quite nostalgic. So I just want to know how you know people are reacting to it and how my audience is reacting to it. So that's why you know, I have taken this topic. Okay. So yeah. Hi. Hi Chez Vous. Hi. Thanks for joining. My life for hotbot. Welcome up Co and Meenakshi a mole higher mole. Hi, good morning. And yeah guys, so what you guys are thinking about the 90s shows that have you know, come back and I think my most favorite has been Shakti one and I will never lose a chance to watch it again. And I think it's it used to be fun. Hi Kumar ji Hye, so So yeah and Beyond cash bakshi, I think the own cash bakshi a movie was remade about Bianca. She bakshi. Okay. So realize says, I'm listening attentively Ria's. I would love if you would join us and, you know share your ideas right now. Meenakshi is calling I'll take a call and then if you guys want to connect to me on the call indefinitely. Hello. Good morning. Good morning. How are you doing? Yeah, I'm good. Yeah, you are remembering the old memories actually National TV shaktiman is there so yeah, my son is telling the stories of Czech team on how we are pretended like a shake team on and how much we love that Shaq team and every time Yeah, I think that was the best thing even I practiced it a lot. But hello. I hope my voice is clear. Yes, your voice is clear mean actually so, you know, I failed several times. Okay, I remember the part about the monell that yes, you can if you're doing something wrong or something. He is the one used to say to Taro you know this. Not right. This is not good. And you know, he thought is a lot of things is okay. Okay. Okay. Okay. You remember the name of shaktiman the he is a reporter ganga Durga time. I'm asking the forelimb. 26. Yeah, I think money or Power Rangers also was one thing but it came when we were quiet in a teenagers and stuff. I guess I was in 6th 7th 8th for something on Power Rangers game, you know, so the five six colored guys used to come and everything. So yeah, but Meenakshi, what's your best memory about the 90 shows about whether it is ramayana or initiative? And I know our clock is there. So I love to watch a professional civil. Yeah. Yes still I like only Krishna Sarah rather than Mahabharata and ramayana. I love Krishna a lot. Yeah. So sometimes I'm searching what the actor doing right now plays right now, I think the Young Yeah, yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I know that my at the person ha ha I think that's amazing. I think it's beautiful. I think thinking about those shows again. I think you know a lot of people were like whining. Oh my God 21 days long down what to do. I think this is the best thing that has just come up, you know that like, you know, it just brings all the positive memories of childhood and all the way and also the Deep save mohabbat on Star Plus at 6 p.m. Yes, sleep I guess Mahabharat also is that I need it went like Maja the new Sparta. Mama dada is also good actually also very beautifully. They background music is very beautiful. Okay, you remember Chandra Canta Canta was there? Oh my God. I how can I say and then I'll play Le is also there but most favorite was shaktimaan and I think dr. Maha, you know. Mahim wish you still which case yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes, if you remember these shows. Yeah, I know. I know. Yeah, what office office is good. Oh my God that show I think a lot of people watched that yet. I think there are a few episodes available on YouTube and stuff, you know, so I yes. Yeah, it's crazy there. She was yeah in the car it was which the prince is there. But a cheetah also what the name of that cereal the cartoon. Remember, no, I don't know. Which cartoon show you like? My money says you guys still watching cartoon money. Yes, I do watch. Okay, so I can I don't have a other option. I have to watch actually time DuckTales. Yeah, DuckTales was there because that tells there is a one ankle and three of his I think that yeah. Yeah. Yeah right Uncle Buck is this What do you think about these Shores being aired again? So like I think you have kids now your kids are watching the shows you watched and had fun. How do you feel about it? I think it's not as really good really good. Actually. No, I feel really good with watch them. Actually. I'm more a dictator than my kids so much fun that will then your kids do I guess like you're watching someone with them and you know, what is going to happen next time you love it kids go like oh, you know everything Listen tell me don't tell what happened next I want to watch it. What was your favorite part in shaktiman? I think I liked the episode where all the rouha actions came down. You know, there was this alien valet episode in it where people with long? Yeah ponytails and stuff come down to the Earth and they want to clone down. I don't know what it is. But so that's how it is that it Actually, is there any other cause yes, I do have a few callers Meenakshi take the calls race. Let's talk to a sheet. And then we go ahead to other collars and hi Ru hi. Thanks for connecting and - hi welcome Meenakshi from Tamil Nadu monoamine oxidase from Maharashtra money. She's from Maharashtra and I'm connecting are shy you there like hello. Hey, hey, hey, hi Armand. I think Armand we have connectivity issues am waiting for the call to connect. All right, so, please take by I will take your call next and we talk okay. Hello. Okay, it seems like I've lost both colors. So I'll be shaking Kumar. Very nice topic. Thank you SM nurul Islam guys. You guys can you know mention your favorite shows of the 90s and if you still want to watch them, I think there was a video that was out yesterday and I watched Mukesh Hannah himself, you know had made the video and he's kept telling like the ramayana and Mahabharata corner and you know map kukuczka buried in Ottawa shaktiman also is going to be aired I think that was awesome. Like I was like so happy. So yeah. Hello. Hello. I have any how are you? Hello? Hello. Can you hear me weenie? I'm good. I'm good. So I mean what what do you think about today's topic? How do you come come up with such amazing topics? You know, this is good fun. And I think what I think it is the biggest opportunity. The for our kids to live our childhood our that's true. You have to leave the type int is, you know, because of the everything is stopped. So environment also is kind of 90s where we didn't have much of Lambic and the life was very slow like that and the cases are now experiencing the 90s and that's amazing and those shows are still relevant we have taken Leap in terms of Technology. We have taken a leap in terms of i t is still those can those shows are relevant what it shows that the script the dialogues the acting that is more important than the technology when it comes to Art. It's not a big surprise for me that Ramen and Mahabharata is being telecast because I have watched them on YouTube so many times I have learned and remember the dialogues the way it is. And I literally have you know chanted those dialogue so many times at home. So I remember everything now kids are watching them. So it's yeah. I think she's going to increase times, you know, a lot of people don't know what ramayana is like I came across and there was a guy who kept asking people questions arose incontinence contact people like related anybody to anybody like it used to be it's like Mahabharata is into damayan and it is completely confused. So yeah also to understand is epic. Learned his as ethics in cooler. And then true that's true. And I think it's kids think that an omen or Krishna is a cartoon character. They don't know that they are our you know, God's the characters and they are just like a Spider-Man and Iron Man there is Hanuman and Krishna. So now they have to understand that. These are people who we worship who are God and on those are the texts which are written for us to follow and to learn about life how How can we you know get our answers through those texts those ramayana and Mahabharata for it's enough if we make kids sit and understand Mahabharata. It won't be interested as interesting that if they watch it and the way you know these things and happen like, you know, it will remain in their brains forever. Yeah, for sure for sure and the best thing we can say that those Shows of 90s have kept everything original they did not you know fantasized. They did not put their you know input in the dialogues. They just used the minor as a reference and they tried to be as original as they can be and that is guilty of it that because the dialogues they are not, you know written by someone. They are exactly taken by those books and trance, you know, they have done the translation and they have used them original. In an original form and the Hindi especially the Hindi is the ancient kind of Indie that has been you know, the should you know, the pure form of India? I guess like, you know, it's a learning even we can learn new Hindi word from you know, those cereals I guess. You know, you know what happens is a lot of times we mess up Hindi so much, you know while talking Beauty means out of ramayana, you know, people are using those terms in means and I think that's the best way people are going to remember such stuff, you know, those dialogues and stuff. I guess you read somewhere, you know through technology. I think all these epics are going to remain in people's minds today. Yeah. Yeah, you know one of my good friend Yesterday telling me that you know, I don't watch it on do the chill. I watch it on digital platform. And when I was watching ramayana, there were 60 million people live. Okay, you can imagine on a platform digital platform, which is not used by so many people is still six million. People are watching our mind. And after that there are only 6 K or 5K viewers so you can imagine how popular is mine are getting now. Nowadays, so and you can imagine that how many people are watching on, you know do the Russian soul. I almost almost 15 to 20 million people are watching the ramayana which was made 30 years back. So there is something in that show. We cannot deny that relevance of that show coming up and there are you know, there are 10 Groups of NewsChannel hundreds of topic I mean different topic channels and stuff, but I think what do darshan has, you know, I think during the session is kind of first emotion, you know, it has like everything in it and people going back to losers in these days, you know to be epic. Actually. That's great. I think what like it's like I just havin a little analogy for do this like it's like eating at restaurants every day and then coming back. To your home so you can use this analogy and one thing I also say if you want to know how a good duel isn't was like if you watch news channel for two hours or three hours and if you watched earlier version used for 10 minutes and all your knowledge would be same about the world because they show the did not you know your exit great new do this for, you know, just what do I say that? Yeah, so it is thing and the made the Masterpiece of do there's a like Beyond cage back. See I have seen a lot of a lot of spy kind of serious but my favorite still is beyond cash book. She it's not be table man. You cannot make that kind of show again. Yeah, I think the actor and stuff the kind of acting the kind of suspends. Is that that that's totally amazing. I think there are shows they have been a lot of shows after that. Anybody shows have remained they have not had that kind of quality that has not been created. Even though the graphics the music all the I mean industry has, you know, come to a different level these days, but I've seen those things those things remove not do you know why they do show that is still relevant and still we like them. Do you know the reason behind it? Yeah, there's the correcting. I think the Purity and back then even not in the know. So the TV was not a big thing by back then, you know in terms of money. They were not paid a lot of money their time and the channels were not you know that you can think bodies are there for trp they were met. Good pure shoe and they will make something that can touch you to your heart. So that is the reason why because there were no Finance included when it comes to the actors and the creative people. Yeah. Yeah, they were more of artists than yeah. Yeah. That's my hungry kind of hungry for fame or something. I think that that is relevant in today's day also people. Work just for an hour or recognized for their art money meeting people are you know recognized for that? What do I say commercial stuff? Hmm because we have commercialized everything so much that people don't you know, they don't even you know, the sense of Purity has lost that is lost and that's the reason we are not making those shows again and it's good to watch when I can say what I can see. It's very good to Ward's favorite part of the return of these 99 souls and stuff. So what is your favorite favorite for honestly speaking. I have seen them so many times on YouTube that I remember all of them. But what I think my favorite part is that I kind of have, you know, I got the confidence and sense of you know, you know happiness that whatever I liked in past years and whatever I used to think that yes. Still they are relevant has been proved now that the news shows are still relevant. Those shows are still can be liked by people even now even the modern generation can watch that show and it's been proved now so that the the feel of contentment for me that yeah. I was true. I was right. It shows your 30 binder the family together. Like we were bound together with our little Gunplay and we used to watch it all together isn't it? And the sense of what do I say a family? I think that togetherness and you know, everybody used to discuss the show in the family, but these days that that doesn't happen. You know, there are new shows every week. I think a lot of people especially the women discuss a couple zeros, which I think are I'm sorry with all due respect to her work. I really think they are stupid but Apart from that I think such shows the shows, you know used to create a sense of what do I say responsibility and stuff. I think like a chef a runner. It takes a few man. Okay, so he should be all the superhero and everything. But at the same time he was ganga there like he was the stupid man and stuff. So he showed us like, you know, even a simple common human being could be about these kind of things. They put in our mind at that time. That has made us somewhere, you know, the 90s kids have been different somehow. What do you think about that? Ideally? I think it's right and mr. K in the comment section as a return. My favorite show was a leaf Layla and I value that I have a very very good story related to live. Layla. It's a very funny story. So only flaw I used to come at 10:00 at night. Okay, and we used to sleep at night one. My father was very easy easy. Where is it? Even today's is strict and we He Keeps Us in discipline. So we were we were not allowed to watch TV after 9:00 or 9:30 and if laser used to telecast at 10, so one day me and my brother decided you are we have to do something to watch a live Layla. So we started you know, you know, Jessica telepathic powers of Anna will give you a massage at 9:15 so that We could start TV and watch the show. We did it and we would humble sake with a still we were very tired, but we were doing it to you know, and then we were very epic up to First Take Neverland as much any money and suddenly when it was about to you. Notan. My father said now, I'm okay. Well guys now go sleep. It's very late. And when your room and sleep, it's very late. So we both brothers were so angry our components. III manage career, that was a good job. So you can imagine the kind of passion passion and hunger for those shows we had and we I could not watch a leaflet when it comes but when it came on at 10:00 and I had to watch it when it was Z telecasted in the day and that's my story with the leaf level. I think very late. The recession started airing those shows during the day, you know, yeah and like, you know one show was aired at a time and that was it that was the time for that particular show like the bioscope you fishy right at you knifehead be a movie one movie to be Friday Saturday. I think Thursday Friday Saturday 3 days we used to you know, yeah, it used to be that way like half of the movie the movie was divided into three days actually. Please everything was not available on your you know, will you have to wait for a certain time? You know, you have to wait till a certain time to watch it and it increased you know the the and I think the interest also interest also it was increased. Yeah that definitely Yeah, that's great. I think it's it's it's such fun discussing the idea of the shows of 19. I guess I guess, you know emotional connect that we have working. It shows is isn't that just so beautiful like the I think that emotional connect the reason behind emotional like the characters of those shoes were from you know Among Us they were from you know, they were like today if you watch a show they are all having six packs. You know very good-looking there. They're like role they're like models and they're like, you know something that you have to achieve only want to become all the time. But in those shows people the characters were like they were like normal people They were common people they were having a common nonsense problems also, very common in those shows like a common man faces, you know just does the dev tools which were made for, you know, common problems like water. Or like you know for if you mentioned two-dimensional material she wants a romantic was all about your daily problems and the daily things we have and they make created the fun out of it. They created the comedy out of it. So there was an automatic connect to that show because it was related to our life everyday life. So that was the reason they were successful actually. Yes, I guess that is that is the best thing about it, you know. Start relating to you know, such shows and stuff, you know, they remained with us, you know, while we grew you know, so like even total memory hum punch, which came later on definitely but these shows also remained with us and if you go to see if you speak about Krishna, you know, I don't know what yeah, Krishna if you have watched, I think I vaulted dominance August Krishna. I've watched a lot of episodes. Yeah, Flop Show. I think the best comedy show we had what flop show my idea the creativity of the first but T the delivery of just T and the Simplicity of that show. I mean, I still think I still read that show. Who amongst the top three best comedy shows of all our country or maybe if I watch friends or if I was, you know some series from you know, for an option for sure have an age over them that what they were the major. Yeah, I guess. Yeah, I think 90s. I think we did have some rich amount of shows, you know that we could relate to and half. When I think these things have remained I think a lot of shows that I have watched lately. I don't think I can relate or remember such. Okay, but if I just think about the 90 shows like, you know, when it's being aired and it's running I can literally speak out the dialogues with it. And you know, it's so much fun. It's really fun. Yeah, there was fun and it's also fun to have you having all those topics, you know, you just have some interesting topic and Cheapest, you know interested in your podcast as you know, I'm um a regular listener to your podcast and I knew so many people will be in line to talk to you. I think I'm taking too much time of yours. You're being you've been so gracious and kind to me that you're giving me 70 80 minutes of your popular show. That's a good Okay, I think it's pleasure. I mean whenever you connect it's very nice. I love it when people take the time to connect to me, and it's really nice when people, you know choose to wait, you know while somebody else is talking and that's really nice isn't it? And I also thank all the listeners of yours, and they've been so patient and kind and they writing comments continuously. I take the leave and thanks very much for having me. Bye. Thank you. It was great talking. Okay guys. Hit the hot buttons today and I guess this topic really deserves because it's really close to my heart. And because I love talking about the 90 shows, Mr. Cases Power Rangers. Yeah, I think Power Rangers Beyblade and all the shows hot them and they you know, all these shows I have loved like crazy Shivam says cartoons are good. For children since they can connect easily with them. Yes, truly don't you think it kills children's play time money. I think if your children are what if children start watching the proper amount, you know, if you give them a proper amount of time like, you know you watch for this much. Are you okay? See anything excess is not good. Okay. So yeah, you know, I think these days cartoons are like weird, you know, like the kids are you know doing weird stuff? I think those in our time were like Mowgli and stuff. So if used to be awesome, so Anand Anand they another your bag surely get connected with me. And since we don't have any callers and another is a busy guy man. So now I'm just kidding guys. So yeah, I know all of you are busy people here and have connected to me in here. So ya lo loo Sabha comedy show Oh my God, how can we forget, you know? Okay, so Yeah money says that's the point anything have limit. Yes money deep says shy Branagh is connecting with us and I used to take one hour to eat food while I was the case is Castle. Oh my God, the acacia scars. They just color. I think we can still watch the cases Castle. I guess High show ever. Hi Whitney. How are you? I'm good. How are you? I'm also good. Thank you Vinnie. Sorry. I'm not giving my dog in the comments below. So first of all, I want to give a comet, you know. Yeah. Sure. Yes. You said something? Yeah, my daughter luck. Nobody move, I just lost my mind. Yeah, I love the dialogue of your show. You know, it works everywhere man, you know it actually yesterday at Kabir spoiled. No, you said like nobody move. I just lost my mind the music he worked at also and I guess you are it works very well move. I love the 90s shows. 94 I have no idea about that. What did they are? Didn't you know you are from Pakistan, right? Yes. Okay. So when they added in Pakistan, I'm not sure if they were or not but there are a few shows that were aired in India. Okay. Yes. Yes time like they were shaktimaan. There was ramayana Mahabharata. They were offered this and there are a lot of Comedy for a little bit. I had about a shaktimaan but I'm not too sure about the nineties. Yeah, but now again and you know, they have started airing these shows. Okay, and the plus point is we can watch it with the family again, like it used to be in 90s like we used to you know, all everybody used to come complete their task, you know before time, you know, that shows go to come and we are all sitting in the room and waiting, you know for the previous show to finish so that the next show starts. And it's Mexican family. I think all the neighbors also like gin carpet even yotaka TCP or sometimes people didn't want to watch it alone in the whole days to come and gather. They used to be one house, you know where yes the news together and everybody is to sit together and watch the show and we still laugh and fun. I think that was a life. I guess that was like really really happen like there I had also mean Yes, I remember mean in 90 90. No, no sure about 90. I'm sure about 2004 or 2005 ma. We have not a TV in our house so that I could know and your words host and that their job we watch television and the many me lovely show Pakistan special but No, looks like he's on FX initial mean Pakistani see a graph to see is and this thing so that cause yes, I remember all this. Okay, so I think if you if you like to you can check a few shows that are there, you know, if you get them on YouTube and stuff, I think there is yeah there is this office office this film cash back creating boom cash book. She there was a movie recently, you know. You know this person is a detective and he keeps finding the you know, all the prove and stuff. Okay. So that time I do Used To Be A Serial where they used to be episodes and you know people used to wait when one episode is over we used to wait for the other like, you know, you like that kind of patience and that excitement. I think it used to be fun like these days, you know, there are series, okay. on Netflix and yes, so what people do is they go to the Severe weather you know what they have torrents and stuff. OK you can get the entire series series, you know before in the 90s, we didn't have the technology to find the stuff anywhere, you know, and in the resurrection there used to be a time where you know, there used to be news. So or they used to be a particular thing and ads ads were very less at that time and the of the show it used to be for that particular time. About a half an hour to cashew head - minute ads can get like 10 section add will be there. Okay. So yes, it's so veiny hold. Are you me y-yes life long memories of your childhood memory. So all these things are also remember when you said I mean ten minute break and then turn against Affeldt. Come on. So that's a so long and mean old memory. So I will take that as a compliment that you know, I have a very strong memory. I don't forget things very easily. Okay, which I can which especially okay. So then you're in and your school first day in your school, I do remember the first day I didn't cry. I didn't cry. Okay, so that was the weirdest thing. Would happen so I went and I I was at the door and then I saw there was a teacher who was in a short skirt and she was a you know, I remember her name her name was Jasmine. Okay. She had a bodyguard she had a short skirt and you know the proper go on a tire and she looked at me this way and she said two things come by become and that time I didn't know English. I knew very little English like what is your name? What is your father's name where you stay? Yes the same thing lie. Yes. Yeah, and that was the basic things. We gotta get need to know before entering that school. I think we need you're a brilliant student. I think you heard, you know, then we go to first ever in schools and all this care about Rama serious about ads about tv ads about as I get my first day in school. So that curve is, you know, it's not just me. I think a lot of people, you know can Remember things that they like that they enjoyed which is close to the heart. We remember extreme things like something if it makes us feel great or something which makes us feel miserable these two things we can relate to and we keep these things in our mind. Okay, so I think that is common for all human beings in here. But hey when we when we were child, so whenever you fight with you if I could with your younger as Elder brother as I said, so, you know your parents leave your side your elder brother side as elder sister site. I'm not Notch out about your secret, but I can say but see I was the Elder one. I didn't have siblings. So I had cousins. Okay, so so I had cousin some like my arms kids. There was this girl my aunt's daughter we Have two months difference between each other like, you know, I was born in September and she was born in July. So it was like, you know just have that much difference in we are both born in the same year. So we grew up together and she used to come down and we used to fight them. Okay. Now my I am silent fighter. I don't go like slapping someone, you know, if I don't want if I don't want to fight with you, I don't talk to you. I don't look at you. That is my way of fighting. Okay? She used to go into this is simple. Yeah, it's a very simple waking up early. So she used to go and tell on me like, you know, she used to tell her mother, you know, you know, she's not talking to me. She you know, she is going this way. She's behaving this way. That's was a so I in front of my aunt very sweetly, you know, sweetie come here. Let's play and I'm not talking to you. So yeah, that that that is how I am but apart from that coming back to the topic. Okay coming back to the top. You know what I am talking about your childhood is because I'm not sure about your topic so that Karzai to talk about any random topics of yes. Yes. Yeah. Okay. Yes. You know in the late 90s like see I remember one ad of dairy milk, you know any music this is it was this entire world is made up of dairy milk in of kitna Mazzara Dunya dairy milk tea buns are there was the song so if anybody remember that song, please give me a cheer. Okay? So yeah, you know, so I just yes I used to remember. I think I wanted of Nokia. Tokyo bay and no, I'm not sure about is lost. Okay 10. Sorry. No, I not true. Yes, I remember but stem those are my men. So I think no I'm not sure about. I mean some yes. Okay. Yeah, I'm gonna die. I think it's hard for me to be talking about your topic for this or that curse. New television serial, so that cars. Yeah, I think we had different seeds that brought. Yes at that time. So I think it's different but but still I think the memory is on the Kinect is same isn't it? So do you do you don't do connect with all those shows of 90s and if you had a chance to watch them again if they were aired again, would you feel the same about it or it's like TK, how is it like No, no, I'm not interested in ads in a drama seal. So that not have any kind of interesting these things then you know, you realize that mean not to have any interesting so that cause I'm not sure about all these things. Okay? Okay. Okay. All right. Thank you for connecting with us today. Yes, I'm really glad we never never talk with you. So I feel comfortable because you to cooperate with anyone. So that casket I think I also feel great when people connect to me and talk. You know, it's awesome. You know, it's really nice. They want to give that time of this to my podcast, you know, they want to come here and comment and talk to me. Let's so nice. It's it feels great. You know, it feels great. Yeah, it's got yeah, thank you. Sure every for thank you. Thank you. Yes. Yes. Thank you. If you have the time, please stay connected in the comments and if you will enjoy the topic and stuff. Okay. So yeah, absolutely Matthias. Have a good day. Yeah. Thank you. Yeah, she will I think you know if you guys any everyone is listening about if you guys remember the dermal card, okay, so, you know, I used to sing that song Always ice to keep singing that add it used to run on my mind most of that time special you so that was awesome. And I think there were many other shows that you know, I remember Zulu. Oh my card Zulu there Yeah, you know, why don't you connect to us today? I think you should okay. Yeah, because you're always complaining now. You looky is like artistic and she's always discussing serious topics. So I said kuna Arch fun topic discussed. Kyodai. Okay. So yeah guys, so I'm really happy you guys are connecting to me on this topic. I think this topic is very close to my heart because it brings back the memories of childhood, which I love and I will always cherish for a lifetime. And I'm sure a lot of people do and Sunil saregama Kerr says malgudi days. How can I forget that show it was like that Anna Anna Anna Anna Anna Anna I think so that is the best that best, you know song and the show and I used to like it and you know, the guy holding the snake snake charmer guy, you know, he used to go like Naga Naga he's to go talking to it. And yeah, I remember my love. Ruby days and AEP the long road I Dream of Jeannie. I Dream of Jeannie hi Rocky G you're here finally. Soon as I would love listening to you and talking to you but I have fear of talking to you Zulu. Come on. You can't say a word. Okay a similar to you. Hi. Hi Sunil. Hi Hi, how are you? I'm doing good at home. Oh fantastic. We all are at home. Yeah, and they're doing good making them more productive. That's awesome. So what do you do - I'm a graphic designer. Actually, you know, where are you? I'm from Bangalore and up a graphic designer and a part-time writer you can say and yeah now I'm also kind of energy so that I keep doing podcasts in here talking to people. Okay, great. Yeah, he's 90s hit. Yeah, because the log down know these share. There are a lot of shows that are being aired again and all peoples and you one of the government has started. That's why my name yeah exactly exactly in bringing back the nostalgy or you know, it's like awesome. And 90s hit turbine. We used to see that cereals with together at Family. Yeah. Exactly. Yes Audriana together and now it is sisters and brothers are not with us. Yeah, I think in childhood, we all used to be together and stuff and like as we grow I guess. Yeah. I'm serious like Jen Wakanda and Margarita is all are those. Um, so yeah, what was your favorite show and what is your best memory of such shows, you know, you know, which you've used used to watch as together childhood lie. I Used to Know look my Ramen was okay the time they're there was no TV at my home. I have to go for others neighbor's home and to watch that cereals. Yeah, I remember a lot of times that you know, we also used to gather at a neighbor's place, you know to watch certain shows. It used to be fun. Yeah. That's what that was. Really memorable for me. Okay. Well, I didn't I mean I mean a memory where you like to share like, you know at the 90s shows which which gave you some kind of memory or something. For today was one of the my favorite cereal. Okay that my nights starts at a name in warning. And we're in that that is a there are the roles that General kanta and that villain who has after every his dialogue two to three title XVI. He has to use that yaku such a cool. Oh my God that fellow he was the scariest one his eyebrows. I can't forget him. It was high tide of still haven't sometimes I'm just you remember you go back to used to go back and do this Dallas came in front of yeah, that's awesome. I think that's that's fine. I think such. Yeah, and the molecule is is best cereal. Yeah, I'm all good it is. Oh, that's awesome and Angie, please be connected with us in the line. And you know, we'll talk next is going to be So yeah, Sony video. That's it. Okay. Thank you. Nice to talk. Thank you for connecting. Thanks again. Alright guys, that was sooo meals sorry conquer and let's talk to Ian and then find out what his his, you know, awesome memory of his childhood. So yeah guys, we have hit 500 listeners I think before and are and this is a milestone for me. I guess first time I think in the history. Hello. Hi, hi, welcome to my podcast today. Yeah. Yeah, I like I was waiting but I had to take bath another thing. So yeah, I just said hi and going but I just come and see that still going. So yeah, no, let's talk. What what are your memory? And what what thoughts do you have on the 90s most watched shows that are being aired again? And the shows which are not aired but were awesome. So, okay. Basically, I'm 19. So I'm not a 90 kid. I'll not thousand kid was all the Souls which is like nothing and yeah it is there was a Somali days. Yeah all other so they have was every single Susan though. Those were just a fantastic today's source. Is so as can't compete with those days. So yeah, you know there was scared. So yeah, yeah, you know, there wasn't not those not like drama and I mean, yeah, it was like how yeah. Yeah. Yeah. It was they will Simplicity and yeah, it was feel like you're normal. Yeah, you know, I think if I think there was like yeah, I was that how was it was like it was my sister's favorite. So so you will high also used to watch other and that was like cool, you know, one thing about the show was previously like 90s. You know, there was not a gender bias in it. Like you know, you girls get what we boys watch. There was nothing like that. Okay. Yeah almond you know anybody who used to work in specially days anybody has watched school days. I don't know. I think there was school days also. Yeah, you should measure I was already thinking Jonathan. Oh, no. Yeah. That was amazing. My favorite like you have watched all 90 shoot. So what is your favorite for me? It was like housing was my favorite team on. Yeah. It's like in started updating instant these days, you know, yeah, so this is it's like giving some goose bumps like when I hearing the music again, it's it was like a goose bumps because I that's so like 10 years ago. And I think when the show started there was there was someone you know, the bheeshma bheeshma. Yeah, you know, there was a guy who was to come there that chakra that is to come - yeah. But that's also created so much controversy. Do you know it? I'm not sure people children were dying, you know shaktiman will come and catch me and yeah, yeah. Yeah, there was a big controversy regarding it even stop the so for many days. Yes. Yes. Yes, they did stuff. That's always like yeah, so that's so as you know, the first controversy of due to the First controversy and also most popular superhero in India till now even even we have some superheroes in movies also now like Chris and others but still affecting one is more. Yeah. Yeah most loved super-ego. So it's kind of like yeah, you know, like you can say that that's amazing watching these shows again. You have any particular episode in shaktiman which we like like, you know, oh it is it was fun. Jesse something like I told you like it's already ten year. So it's kind of hard to remember like now. Yeah, what kind of Liquid Swords there was like what kind of story about if I will watch again? I will be remember everything again and while watching them I think some memories also going to come like what I was doing there. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, but it's 10 years. So it's a little hard to you know, get you know, yeah, it's changed the timing of shh. The monarchy and the my school used to you know, leave at like the school timing was up to 12 o'clock and they started airing it at 12 o'clock on Saturdays. Yeah, so hi. Dr. Amy. Hi, so I don't me. So you started leaving school 5/10 minutes early and what check the one like I should run. My school was 15 minutes away from my home. Yeah, and I used to sit and you know as to watch I used to like be fulfilled all completely baseless. Okay, and I didn't want to feel my uniform did not even remove my shoes. I should just come and sit in front of the TV to check the manager bus 61 given Dobby when I checked me one give are gonna so, you know, like I'm a 2010 so I don't have the know about the timings in 90s, but when I was watching these Source like it was a Like from 130 in afternoon, so my school time already over so lipstick like I have gone or like I have to don't go to school to watch my favorite. So there was nothing like that. Yeah, but I also bunk school for but for something else for watching cricket matches when you get matches were played in New Zealand and Australia because their timing is like five to six hours I had dinner so It just like I so many times I like make excuses. Like I have a pain in my stomach and all that stuff. Usually I did I did. So yeah, sometimes when you remember all those memories like for when you were in school and doing all those stuff to watch something your favorite it just when you sit in a lawn wrong, sometimes you just laugh about it. Yeah. Yeah, I guess yes, and I think In today. Yes in the bad see, dr. Amin is talking about Sinbad. Yes. I do. Remember a leaf playlist in bad. Yeah. Okay Mowgli Mowgli. Yes Mowgli is another one Mastermind who he got them remembers how shaktimaan started mess somewhere who you remember? You know? Yeah. I know. Yeah, I know. I know. I know that that was the toes in trucks introduction. Yes. Yeah. Yeah, so it's like Memories coming back. Yeah, and while you while you're watching these shows are you can just old days and you know Simplicity when you hosted a so, it's just like so much drama and express. It doesn't look realistic at all. Absolutely. Yeah. Yeah stop, you know, like someone said, I mean, I think a sheet said that you know week if you Member these shows because we could relate to it, you know. Yeah, like we had the life which you know was shown on this that is why we can relate to it to such a level and I think I can I don't know it's with me or a lot of people do remember a lot of episodes. I can just you know, it's fresh in my memory like even if I sit towards like an elder entire story. Yeah Still Still You Wanna was that still is still you gonna was that? Definitely and there is no you know, what about these days when you once with something after that, you don't want to watch it again exactly it gets bored. Oh, yeah, that's also one. Well, you know positive point or you can say, so in fact the more I think there was Muhammad him wish one second. There was one scientist if you remember yeah, I remember that guy who looked like a foreigner with that French beer. And stuff so Raja Rancho was an awesome show doctoring me. Oh my God. This is one of the most memorable portraits. I'm going to say because PC so many good things coming back in it. So yeah. So yeah, it's like overwhelming man, it's me. It's amazing. It's umm, yeah, it's awesome. You know, I remember when it comes to shove. Octoman I remember that stuff. Mostly I remember that stuff key at the end of the show like shaktimaan used to give gear and like, you know Ki tell ya, you know, yeah. Yeah and doctor said this like thundera camera that was like one of my favorite I like the introduction of Ganga the Ram or random ganga where my other with the other omega-3 and is in the so then the you speak Hindi everyone is like speak English and he is speaking so that you know pure Hindi I was one one more strong selling point about that. Mr. Kaiser shaktimaan is all about the F sound of flying, you know, how you used to fly, you know, it's in his to start spending. Like a top earlier you used to be so yeah. So what your favorite was sucked even right? Yeah, I think a lot of shows were there but then shaktimaan Remains the best I guess always and it's gonna be yeah, so because it was based it's also had controversy. It's also had like so much love you can say that it's it was based soap and also based superhero till now. In their God. Yeah, you should measure our remembers the doctors dialogue adding power. Oh my God, this is fun man. It's really it's it's a it's amazing. It's amazing. I think I used to like when you know guns other is to suddenly turn into shaktimaan. Like, you know, he used to be like, yeah. Yeah. I love the way he you know, like, you know a guy to suddenly the superhero and it is to be oh my God. Yeah, we can relate to it as a dead. We are all superheroes. We're all in common lives. Yeah, so it was a late evolved because the sea superheroes normal life is this just like us and he not that normal has suddenly become a superhero. Yeah, you can do anything. So that words Korea connect us bit with that. So totally yeah, that's fine. So great talking. Thanks for connecting and being or mm scared. You still you relate so much to the 90s. I think that's awesome isn't there because till now I didn't find any two thousand Souls as compared to 90, so 90s. Yeah. Yeah, Mike uses. Yeah, should I guess I think it's totally different. It has something yeah, you know, so name Shakti Man's father. Oh my God. I don't know Shakti Man's father name anybody knows if the F anybody knows guys just put that into the comments. I think see this is father, isn't it? We are now we are having 90s quiz. That's good. That's good. Yeah, and and so great talking and and thanks for connecting be the comments and I have a few callers. Yeah. Sure. Thank you. Thanks for connecting me, bye-bye. I am the only I did. Okay. Yeah, see if anyone remembers Shahrukh Khan's I think I saw a Turkish. Oh, yeah the military man. So I was thinking it is Army. I forgot the name but yeah bheeshma pitamaha. That is why at the start they showed no bheeshma International presents shaktimaan. So yeah, I guess so so with the other Oh with the other. Hi, honey. Hello. Hello. So yeah, guys, I think a lot a lot of memories. Dr. Amy. Would you like to connect to us on call and you know discuss a few memories, I think dr. Mei you a 90s kid. I think a lot of people are 90s kids here are the theology if you would like mr. K Russia, I think anyone I think a lot lot of shows like Major Ranjit Singh Is Shakti Man's father? Oh my God, who exactly is his father? emu Jonah Okay. So yeah, 4G I think 4G was Shahrukh Khan's show where Shahrukh, Khan was there I think you know, so yeah the they did show the training and stuff in that. I think I used to watch Vikram weight a lot and how many people have watched it. Just give me a cheer and who remember it. So yeah. Anybody remembers what is this? Who where this character was in like dr. J Cole? I think. Dr. Jekyll is in shaktimaan. I don't know. Mira Coco any Pooch the rocky G please join. Grain Bill Kula Guru public we memory Shere Khan Ajay apne 90s khashoggi a grab 90s kid Health o qg Pharos Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. Hi Priya Grewal. Hi Priya. Send us a shaktiman. I think guys lot of people love shaktiman chandrakanth of was amazing. Yeah, I think someone spoke about your coup. I think he was a prominent. In shaktimaan. Sorry Chandra kanta. So yeah. Hello. Hello. Hello. Hello. Hi. Hi. Good morning. Good morning sand this is the first time you're connected to me. Yeah, yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I have been listening to your podcast for a long time, but I couldn't join because they were always full the slots. Not fully. Okay, man. I was active on talk shows K Sub C like Orbach or be popular shows tonight is Melody 90 sky, but I would do quality than aerobic enforcement a milta. He went and he made absolutely no female Tire. I think the connection like an activity up here but sugar cartoons movie Dayglo. Are we Chhota Bheem Aur kuch kuch toh Kya could be near the literally Cartoon Network have local time a very superficial. official Population was noted here. Like literally just like have look TV set nickel tonight the TV / better over time. Mommy. Look what you lot. There was a lot of learning into TV shows by. Yeah that time that time it was like a like a ball of dough 90 S logo feather where we Loco Pataki 90 schedule from other character like I'm have fortunate to be transmitted. Hello. Hello. Hello. Yeah. No, I think that we am just happy that 90s K shows what they say are or a UK. Hello, you know. Hello now it's a lockdown and all of us are at home to second thing here. I've got Network my coach problem. Oh - I had occurred Network, which problem would a child. Hello. Hello, here you go boys mature a crack whore. Okay now, can you hear me? Yeah, I can hear you know, like we were pretty much have no other option to do. Bocce body, you know it used to Hello, Anthony Kiedis. Wanted to use to make a 90 second concert shows wasn't a I think shaktimaan chandrakanth, Krishna ramakrishna. Wo wo wo that I chose because they don't produce covid or bee population of series or the table booked up. That's how I remember what all this stuff. Favorite, I think you know yukita be huh? Family Medical cha cha cha Called Surah be serving mom. I haven't heard of her. Renuka. Shahani. I think if renuka shahane, you know and Echo, yeah, I know but I haven't seemed a vice every TV with addicted Anita like Joe they cut away solid deck the CDs were basically English for the I used to take all the letters from their viewers. I think Kelly we was let us look there's a nowadays we've got Twitter and stuff. I think they're used to write Siddhartha Casey got them remembers, you know, they used to get all these letters and days to jumbled up SS occur gives me Sake literally car give a party so viewers you wait and watch you nearly a turkey humbling a camera. Now mention hoga Ki fan following was different I think. Emotionally connected to a channel ha ha whoa stem they was it should have been me or video to programs with a Joe viewers catchy theme and like literally operation. Hello. Hello. Hello cartoon mechanic cartoon. I think Mowgli the and this is a cartoon are used to be blue and stuff. So yeah, licking cartoon more popular egg, which cartoon Touhou game like War 20 Sky up with I can Gentlemen, what's up, guys? Hey, what does inch and I woke up in a ball will be 1996 iSeries. I can hum logos Co mm medic part in the mid- here because it is very old series like walking up Deco get what I want. Children. Khajuraho tokamaks. It started from 1930s. Oh Sky. Yeah. Yeah. It's very old but are be daughter Monica Joe series with a piranha wall are not a new ones who put on Ebola 99. Jota are okay and it's not funny, but you're talking about cartoons. I think there was a lot to wait for you know, Aladdin was one. And God used them, huh? Got some to my reading at the time dancing music of a leaf Laila Laila. Huh? Robots me goosebumps. Yes. GGG Sanji concerned we humble ready. It's got a music of a leaf Leila Alice la la musique of a leaf Lala big cities with oh alif Laila introductory. It used to be like Arabic music and huh? Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, what's up, bro? Pros and programs to both has have cartoon smoke crack addict. Well, he was nice you like it, you know, I'll add the entire duck tails off and what come cartoon dictating my but otherwise, I used to work Gotham Kumar says three months remedy boogie-woogie Gotham cheek boogie-woogie used to come on opener Sony Channel, I guess during the session Pena Saturday night Carthage, you know space I think in here, but do the Shambhala like Kunal says I have not remembered. Amber the shows of 90s but I've remembered a lot songs of 90s and shaktimaan a show of 1980s Kunal shaktimaan was a show of 19. Now if you guys any one of you guys if you remember shaktimaan car title track, okay, I would love to listen if you guys can connect it connect to me on call and sing that you know, it's awesome. And I love shaktimaan and the title track. So how it starts. Please connect to me and let's talk about it. I think it's going to be fun. Oh Sandusky. I think you have a bad Network. Send us GE GE Okay, so Hello. As network, but Arabic hello. Hello. Sriman shrimati. Yes shreemant shreemant. Even I watched a lot Gotham G with the Pratap Singh. Hi. Hi. Hi Kunal G. How are you? Hello. How are you? What are you what do you remember in 90s? Are you a 90s kid first of all. Yeah, I think okay if you think so. So, what is your favorite memory of the 90s? Nineties, I dot g of 90s. Any you don't have any money? Hello. Yes, I can hear you can algae. Hello. Yeah. Hello. Yeah, I can I can I can hear you? Please speak. Hello. Hello, how can I help you? Please speak. Yeah, I was asking you sucked even register of nineties. I think yeah. Okay. Oh my God. See here Gautam Gautam has already put the title track in. This has written everything I had. Yeah, he's written it like completely. Yeah, Gotham Kumar, I think yeah, I to remember the track very well, you know crystal clear the Maguey. I cannot forget. It it now lower caste. I will show him out of here. So I think it is like into a nerves now, but I have remembered a lot of songs of 90s because I'm interested too. Yeah. Hello. Yeah. Yeah, so you remember a song? Of 90s chronology. Yeah, a lot of songs of Kumar Sanu. I think my son Elijah singer of 90s who boy he was awesome. Yeah. So I think there were some shows the happiness. They used to have this songs and stuff. I think chitra her a car and Julietta. Yeah, actually, I think there was a so the time yeah guys. I think you guys should clap for Gotham Kumar. I think God of whom are remembers the entire song of Shakti one. We are most active. Oh my God. Yeah, of course. Nevermind. I think it's yeah, have you remembered any songs of 90s? What sorry I think 90 is also 90 s k0 lot of songs like dilwale movie say there was full or Cartier and specially be number one. And also why are these songs were awesome, isn't it? Hello. Yeah. Hello Yahoo! Like these songs were awesome, right then sing. Any song of 90s. Don't do that to me. Chris has got a 90 strong. Hello. Yes, you can of course. Wonderful. missing one Okay, I think I think you have already listened to this song. Yeah, this song is from the movie Garbage 1/4. I think. Yeah that movie. Yeah are using it at home and symbolically. Yeah. Yeah, of course. I did you get that. I'm just I'm just so much into 90s now, you know, yeah, so I'm going to sing that song. Okay, please get a look at the hood gave it up and said I would like at the she said that he's cooking. I must say that a lot good-looking and Jamison. Awesome. Awesome. I'm the very nice. I'm really happy that you know, you sang a song Benjamin Sharps a chi chi one song munechika vena. Cava guy karaoke, but you sang it off. Yeah. I like I like most on the nightly show. I think that's also just from 90s here. Yeah, one of the real and pure voices of open-top. Truly are they? Oh my God, it's your pleasure only. It also is your high on high. We all are awesome. mm, and I'm with we are discussing the but they were broadcasting of Return of 90s most watched shows, but I just I was talking songs in it doesn't matter. See you brought the memories of 90s, you know, that is awesome. I guess what to saying yesterday on MCG broadcast just say just write the lyrics of that song. I am here to I am thinking I will sing that song. Which one? He has requested me to sing a song but that time I I I disconnected unfortunately that time so I'm requesting this time Lydia blue eyes. Oh my God, I need you. What are you saying? Yeah, seriously, I think you have an awesome voice Canal. Do we need? Yeehaw? How did you think about the topic? It should be more better returns infinite return of 90s most watched. So, how how did you click the union mind? Okay. Basically I got a text from my friend yesterday Kiger pay hoto 90 ski show the globe, you know, so then I went and I put a status on my WhatsApp Ki Zindagi were big ones among taranaki but sponge in a kayak or mocha dado the bhagwan amok. Be a hair shows video Hagar para who enjoy Carro so I guess yeah from there. I got each a low 90s Whoppers layout then let's talk about the 90s and it's awesome. So I guess that's the best. You know, it's bringing back all the you know, beautiful memories and the fun times that we actually an industry has written something in the comment section. There are hormones named Willa got the hog a Romulan simula got the whole gay. I'm a harmonious. Yeah, I was supposed to get onto your coat I think ninja yeah, I know is not willing to join any broadcast. I haven't seen him to join any broadcast. Yeah, I expect him to join my call someday. And then Georgie you're gonna have some days. I think this time he should connect you. None of this I'm singing a song for ninja and in Jersey. Okay. Yeah, of course by Haruki Uber jungle k-pot. They cook or Nappa Nisha is our ninja her 30 of naked. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah already this song has sung by the new a lot of time. So ninja gee Freddy Freddy IKR Moorhead Hotel. Okay, that's all I know just connect other person. Yes. Yes. I have a few callers Kunal G and thank you for the song. It's awesome. And you really have an awesome Voice to my job easier be a podcast mianga mockery questacon gig on a carrier. investigator sing a song so that's also thank you. Yeah, we'll come in Eadie. Okay. So Sonny says your voice is good. Why don't you try? Oh my God. I did Teddy actually Kahana. I watch a lot of cartoons. So that's how I know. The song is you know, so I think Doraemon oh Twilight, you know, So honey, hi, honey, connecting these connecting and honey says you don't sing a song for me honey. I will sing a song for you. Definitely, you know, but junga they'll do re me hi, honey. Okay. So shaktimaan says yeah. Hello, honey. Are you there? Yeah. Oh did I lose you guys? No, no. No, actually I'm deaf. Hello have any hello? Hello? Hello. Hello. Aussie Aussie open which means ninja media was Aria comments Colonel you are.