Look ladies, good afternoon. Good evening. And this is Winnie and I'm back with my podcast and today's topic is about social media. And since we are into a time where social media plays an important role in our lives, I think it's a bit important to discuss social media. And before I go any further, I would like to ask if I'm audible high value high. Am I audible to you guys? Are you guys able to listen to me? Or you guys clear when I talk? well So you guys like was talking about social media, which is an important topic and in today's time social media plays such an important role in lives of people. I think a lot of things are underrated which need some attention. and of be as people who use a lot of social media, we need to start worrying about how social media is affecting guys and what difference it's making analyze and hi. Hi everybody. Hello, and I think we have a first column for the day. Let's just talk. Hello. Hello Winnie. Hi Ade. How are you? What about you? I'm doing great. So today, I'm from Pakistan and you I'm from India. I am from Bangalore. My neighbor country great here. We are neighbors. All right, so yeah dick. What do you do? I'm a student right now asserting computer science. All right. And what about you already completed my study and I'm working as a graphic designer and I use some time of my schedule to do podcasts. Okay. Sounds great. Right. So yeah, today's topic is about social media. Social media are not social. Okay. Well, I'm sorry too much on social media that I have pages on YouTube Facebook and Instagram also so you can say I'm an addict so that's why I joined the call. Okay, and what do you have to say about the topic for today? See, I just want to say about this topic that social media not social to absolutely right and I have a lot watched a lot of seminars on YouTube about this topic because I am was really interested about social media three years left and it doesn't um, I made some YouTube Pages cause it dead and there was a trend of creating pages and creating content on YouTube. So I should so I thought that I should also be a part. Out of it, and I created a YouTube channel after that. I get it 3K Subs on it and make sure to follow our audience on it, but I was not happy doing that. So I left it. Why were you not happy after having so many followers and that you had so many pages which were working good and reaching so many masses. See the real reason was that actually I don't want follows this that was the reason I was just doing that for my passion and I'm happy that to it don't take too much time to realize that I was not happy doing that. I'm in creating content by myself putting irdo editing them and after that putting it on social media for my followers to watch it to learn. And after that getting some nice comments from them, it'd make me happy that making motivated but the after a few hours I realized that what I'm doing. I'm just wasting my time doing some making some videos Tech videos Tech information videos gaming videos. So I thought I was wasting my time. I should have left it so I'll leave it after that. Yeah, after that I use Facebook and created a 10,000 audience on it. And literally I will has also not interested in Dutch after that. I also created one more page 35 thousand followers on it and still these are these pages but I don't use it cause I found that I don't even try it. Today's topic is so catchy and why it's important that we are talking about social media social media according to me. We live our life living someone else's life according to me. I mean just take an example of Ferb dream. We by RP V by RP we put a lot of effort in making our pretend to One two hundred and after that we are so happy that we have succeeded and we have done something really great and we have done a big impact in the world. But the truth is we haven't done anything cause we just by RP which we have done it to unread and after that we have towel out friends that they go by many unread or po game theory of the thing and things like that happens and happens again and again and social media editing cupcake and uploading a picture just for some likes on Instagram and on Facebook now life. Is just a virtual world. Okay, that was a great movie about social media. So the thing is that we use too much and I have a tip to you can say not to be a to of social media. I have a trick that I use sometimes to not add and delete your social media. Looks open Chrome and log in there. If you do that, then your subconscious mind will not tell you that go to Instagram cause it takes too much time. It takes one or it don't take one minute. It takes definitely 30 seconds because of the loading sometimes so your subconscious mind will tell you not to go there. Cause our subconscious mind will just tell us for Joy for app needs to go on Instagram. But when we delete those application like Instagram Facebook, so smart will be so much because it needs a little bit of work to become opening dirt. And so it all depends on the subconscious mind. There are two months conscious and subconscious. So we do our yeah Story haunted But then how these social medias are affecting people and you know, the name is really ironic that it's called social media. And my whole idea about is it is about social media is see, it was created with a sense of bringing people together. Yes, it was created with a sense that around the world there are millions. Ian's and millions of people and social media platforms were one thing one reason for creating social media were platforms was that people from around different cultures in different worlds connect to each other, you know and really justifying the real cause of social media. I think we have as people become father far away from each other through social media rather than Close them. Yes, there are pros of the of social media, but there are also cons of it and I think those need to be addressed because that's kind of important see it's become a habit for us. It becomes literally it will become a habit for it. And that's why I started to leave it right. So yeah. Alright, so I have a few other colors waiting in line at the again. It has been great talking to you and And guys listening. This is a deacon. He's from Pakistan and he's a computer science student and he has shared Hugh amazing views about social media. And so yeah, that's how it is right there. Thank you for connecting appreciation. Thanks so much again. So you guys like I was talking about social media and why is it important to address these? Things is a social media. First of all. Is a platform where people can connect and do amazing things. All right, you guys people from different worlds? People who share the same interests people who have same motive or have seen creative ideas or have seen kind of dreams, you know can come together and build beautiful things around make beautiful things happen. Phenomenon has come true. So yes, what what what do we do with social media? We use social media to troll people we create fake news and Content creation is true. Social medias has become. More of a business or a hunger for fame or hunger for money whatever you can say, but it is actually exploiting the real cause or reason for that particular Discovery. I think we users of social media need to start thinking why these things are happening why such an effect is Place, right. So yeah guys that is another: let's take this collar and talk about it here. Hello. Hello. Hi. Hi. What's your name? This is Vinny and I'm from Bangalore. Where you from. I'm from MP your friend be nice dog. Yeah, what do you do? I'm doing job. You're doing the job. Okay, great. See look today's topic of discussion is social media. What do you think about social media? Social media is the amazing thing social media is an amazing thing because so many important missions allow this app. Okay. Yeah, so you mean that social media Allows us. There's a lot of information through apps. Yes. Yes. okay, that's that that sounds like a pro but How can you verify that all the information that you access from social media is authentic and true. Do we know that do we actually try to authenticate what information we get is true or not? Yeah, some of some of some of some of people's use this use this many apps and fake news. I think that and some some people's are using using WhatsApp and getting the WhatsApp is a is a permanent news and not fake news, I think. Okay, and how does it do I mean, how can you say that WhatsApp? We are ever need to see on WhatsApp is true. Yeah. Well, I mean have you ever thought that there are so many fake news has circulated on WhatsApp. And let's take it for example now Kata. Yai - okay. Coroner virus is spreading and there are so many fake hoax news has spread on WhatsApp, which is creating a panic in people. So 80% of is not true. But, you know, we could use social media to create the proper kind of awareness for people or trying to help them with this but then what do we do? We are making me Seems old of coronavirus or making memes out of some important issues that are happening around and misusing the kind of Freedom. That's been given in our hands. Is this social media? What do you think about that you say rightly and I'm getting I am agree with you many people so many people saw this this information. So here here fall all over all over India. And there is a there is a there is a big problem of all word because this is a this is a big problems and not for Chi not Fortune countries. I think that and we should we should we should learn learn these steps were given by by by meant I think the / - yes, he'll ministers and you you All suggested many tips you can you can focus and you can you can aware aware this this is this coronavirus. I think that must be a many people's use the health health health Minister tape, sir. And I think that this these informations fake on all Indian 18 people 80% people so allowing this virus, is very fearful every thinking every plant mind has thinking coronavirus is a He's a fearful thing. Okay. So you say that for no virus is something to fear. Yes. It is something to fear because if you don't maintain hygiene is going to spread but then there are also few people on the social media who are misusing the proponents of this corner, right? But government helps is not properly affected these big problem. It's not note for any any Hospital Available these problems solution tips. Okay. Okay, right absolutely is so a friend current here says that the solution for Koruna or the cure for Corona is not easily available in the hospital's. Yes. It is not yet found that there could be a cure to this but then the symptoms are actually of pneumonia and cold which you can avoid. Okay, but you get a word if you create awareness, but social media people using social media to spread fear about coronavirus is a very wrong thing. Hello, right, right, right. Yes, I'm ready. Yes gotten so thank you for sharing sharing your views regarding Corona and social media and thank you for calling you have a great day, Karen. Okay, thank you. Thank you. So guys we have another caller waiting in line guys. This was Karen and even from madhya Pradesh and Karen has put strong sunlight on an important topic that he has there is awareness. Regarding Court of their government has take their own steps that they can do and I think they call that you connected a has a caller tune where there is a short presentation on Corona that you know, if you have any symptoms, you can call the helpline number and stuff like that. Yes, but that is a different story again, but coming back to the story that we were talking about how how social media affects our life and how social we really are right now and through these social media platforms. Are we making the right use of it? We misusing the kind of magic that has been bestowed in our hands in like in the name of social media. All right, so I have a lot of colors in like so guys don't be upset if I'm not taking your calls. A lot of take each called one by one. Hello. Hello. Hello. Hello. Hello. Good evening. Hi. Good evening. This is Vinny. Good evening Willie. I'm Emily from earlier from India and the other Pradesh. That's great. That's great. And therefore this. Yeah. Yes. Yes. I'll lie. So what do you have to talk about? Today's topic of us social media. Is it really social? Yes have just joined. You guys have seen that social media and its impact. Of course, we are victims of social media recently, you know me. It has been invented for the good cause but Reed has been misused recent absolutely. No because of that, you know so much of violence is violence is also going on in this country. Absolutely. Yes. I totally agree with you on this and we have to very careful about those, you know videos and they're kind of in Mission we get through social media. We have to verify first of all, this should not everything. Yes forward it every now and then, you know, create the panic in the minds of the people. Correct. Correct. I mean social is like a par don't you think it's like a magic wand you can do anything with it. Absolutely. We should thank so. So the technology actually know technology has the right to use in the the wrong use I think if it is used right way, it will benefit the humanity in the people. Yes, it would create wonders I guess but if it is, you know used negatively we can destroy yourself. Absolutely, which we are already doing. I think absolutely this so much things going on on social media absolutely wrong and we are three creating other panic and we're creating conflict between ourselves and our you know, Society Brotherhood. Everybody is facing problem with the social media. Totally. I totally agree about this because yes, and the main weapon right now is not a missile or a bomb or anything. It's the social media. I think that's the Main weapon right now, isn't it? Sorry to interrupt, you know it is so it's a very unfortunate that even the political leaders are using it and they are creating you know big problems. I shouldn't yeah, I think I think the whole idea was to reach out in first place, but then eventually it has been started using a against you know, it has the social media platforms have been started to be used as platforms to talk. Against each other spread hatred and stuff like that. Yeah. Yeah, of course, you know but recently because of the lack of knowledge that people have got maybe slowly people are realizing that there are some fake moves available on social media. They are distinguishing between those order what are fakes and what a real news. I think it will take some time to the the people to understand the usage of social. As well absolutely as far as Corona is concerned, you know, I think they are doing a good job as social media has done a very good job in this respect. Maybe there are some paragraphs here and there there are some fake videos. Maybe they put their perspective according this religion or something like the stuff is going but whereas, you know hearing the message this message across, you know, creating sensitivity and awareness in the public. They have think social media has played a major role. Disregard. Yes it does. Because every nook and corner of this country has a body awareness about also coronavirus. Yes. It's because of the social media and its reach absolutely I get it because a lot of people don't read news or listen to news but social media is like in each and every household at least one person. Let's let's just let's just take the minimum at least one person in one household is using social media in some or the other way like Facebook Instagram and Apart from that there are even other social platforms, which are being used. Yeah, right. So I think reaching out has become easier with social media. But then again it had it comes with two sides of the coin, right so it brings good and bad together. Yeah, you know the bad friend. Yes, it does travel fast and it affects faster. You know, it affects faster creates ripples faster it is it is like faster than the regular things, right? Yeah. All right, so guys that was a lie, and he is from Andhra Pradesh and thank you. I leave for connecting with us on this topic, which is really important to be addressed and just really great talking to you. Yeah. Thank you very much. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to thank you. Have a nice day. Thank you Ali. Thank you. Have a nice day. So guys that was a lie and like we discussed social media, you know has its pros and cons well. There they have been a lot of different social media platforms. If I figure is remember, it actually started with BPM. I guess I am not really sure about this but there was BBM, then there was or coat then there's Facebook then there's insta and that it just keeps growing there's Twitter and stuff. So there are a lot of platforms. But how well are we using these platforms? Are we really connecting to people we might just Have thousands and thousands of followers. We might have thousands and thousands of friends in each platform. But how many people do we talk to on a daily basis of a really social and as social medias are a social media platforms making us antisocial because today people do not want to hang out with people do not want to spend time. Do more want to go out. Why what is the reason behind this? Is it the reason that social media is full of shows, you know people look at other people's life and keep wondering whether I am the sad one. So what is the real reason behind this guy's so let's discuss this topic and there are two other callers waiting in line. Let's just take the next caller. Hello. Hello. Hello. Hi. Hi Winnie. Hi harsh Harish. This is Vinny and I'm from Bangalore. Yeah, how are you? I'm good, where you from? I'm from India idea Rihanna state of India. Okay, you have some from Jana and what do you do? Yeah. I'm a science teacher. I have been working in. Haryana Ariana education department since 2011. Oh That's that's fantastic. It's really nice that you connected to us. Yes hurry is so what would you like to talk about? Today's topic? Yeah. Yeah. I am listening. I am listening here this topic and our this topic. I have my own view. I want to say that if I have given a title to social media in language of a teacher being a teacher and to explain like a teacher. I think that social media Yeah, I think social media evil I'm saying was listen my words carefully I am saying social media is a necessary evil. I don't really I mean to say is we'll also also, yes. Absolutely. Yes. I agree with you on Google Now and nowadays week. It is necessary because we cannot go without social media each and every part of each and every part of our life is connected with media. If you have to connect with friends with circle with each other with parents, we are using social media. We have to receive any things from the market. We have we are using social media everything. We have to buy we have to purchase anything. I all the works are being on the social media, but so many things but it has negative aspects also. Yes, it does. Absolutely. Yes. It does have yeah, it has negative aspects also, for example yesterday. I was giving Duty in the board exams nowadays Rihanna board exam are being conducted and with as the as the papers as as soon as the paper started within five minutes Timber goat paper go to leave what's on what somewhere and you know it spread very fast. And a video head made so many arrangements so many strong arrangements to to prevent the cheating because the government government wants to make exam cheating free so many efforts are made by government. But within five minutes paper got the league. Yes. That is the power. I mean, that's how speed it is. Yeah, that is the negative power of the social media and I'm sorry to see it. I'm sorry to say our teaching department. So many teachers are involved in this because how can a paper comes how can you prefer comma paper can come out there? There will be a privilege later who who make enough dough paper and send it out. They are following their relation. For example, you can see by Beta jabu their son their their nephew son their uncles and we see but it is not It is no good for society. Yes, it's not good for society. Absolutely. It is very understandable. So this is how things can happen. I mean, yeah, social media can do Miracles and at the same time click create blunders, which is worrisome. And you know when it comes to education, I think there is some huge role of social media these days when it comes to being connected with the education system also, Isn't it? Yeah recently. You have heard that. Mr. Dilip Kumar have had died in Social by social media. Dilip Kumar has died three times. He has absolutely. Yeah. Okay, how can a person can't be right because so many disadvantaged also of social but I'm not saying that social media is completely negative voltage so many negative aspects of Social media social media. Absolutely. Mr. Harish it it has been great talking to you and it is really important to address these points that are in some way or the other social media is also messing up with our education and I totally agree that it is a concerning thing to think about. So, yeah. Yeah apart from that. It has also been playing some good roles, which we will talk about through this podcast and you guys can share Your views with me and you can comment. Yeah, I want to see a share my last view then after you can share other. Yes. I am. I also want to share with you that social media has a positive aspects that the same example is that I am talking to you and I am trying to improve my English by the help of this podcast. That is a very very healthy benefit. I mean to say, okay, Learning. What are you? Yeah, it depends upon you what type of npt wants to take you want to take if you want to take positive or negative. Everything is the depend upon your selection. For example, absolutely. Yeah, I want to for example you are you are listening music at one time. If a song is coming on Red FM K. You didn't agree here is Cody nahi prega and in the say at the same time another FM channel Radio Mirchi example. Or speakers speaking Arabic. Okay. Okay Auto auto Gore said no go say hello. I meant to say something with Sheila Sheila Zara selection. If you will make the good selection, you will get the fruitful result if you'll make the wrong selection then. Absolutely Harish message conveyed. I mean it's put in really well with an example that he has it is a matter of choice truly and however, we use it. It's totally our choice, right? Yeah. Yeah, you have any Right. So, how are you? Sure? Yeah, it's been great talking to you and being the teacher you have very fearlessly spoken about the cons of the education system and which is really a lesson to learn guys. It's really important that you know, it's very difficult to accept, you know, there could be seven weeks in the bucket of your profession. So yes Harish it is indeed. Brave thing to do and thank you for connecting to us and it's been great talking to you. Thanks for joining. Thank you very much. Keep connecting connecting to us for the again. Have a great day. Why not? Goodbye. So guys that was her reaction. He was from haryana and he was a DJ. I mean he is a teacher and he does speak about some good and bad things that happen through social media. I think guys it's not just social media, but any anything I mean internet in specific I could say Is a huge power and today I think we'll just discuss social media. Now these days social media has not just remained a platform to connect to people because there is business in there their studies in there and everything else just jumbled up in this particular social media and I just like the way that he highlighted another point that social media can be a huge learning tool. And the reason that I can connect to you guys connect to a hundred or 200 300 people at the same time and passed this little message of mine with an absolute positive way. I think that's that's that's one huge power or the you know, beauty of social media. But yes, let us not just look at it as a good thing or bad thing. Like he like Harish clearly said social media is a choice if you want to use it for your Of thoughts you can use it that way and if you do want to use it for your positive thoughts it can be used that way but then both have extreme results. I think we are the people at the end who choose it again. So we have a few other colors waiting and let's just take the next call. Hello. Hi. Hello. Right guys while I get connected to our next caller. I think let's start discussing about the most basic idea of social media, and I think I would like to share a little experience. A personal experience about social media and let's just check if we have connected already on the call First hello. Hi. Hello. Hello. Hello. Hey, could you speak a bit louder? I mean you're a but not really inaudible. Okay, um now is it Audible? If you could keep your mic a little bit closer. Okay, I'm trying is it audible right now? Yeah, that's good. Yeah, right. So, how are you doing? I'm doing great. You are. I am from Bangladesh and my name is for the Han hyper done. It's nice talking to you. What do you do brother? Okay. So what got you interested in our today's topic? Well, I had have a few words to say about social media like to say that today's topic is really very interesting because I guess No, it's okay. If you would have read his theory, it would be very easy to make you understand. It's like to share my idea on what I meant to say. Okay, it's called the hegemony intellectual and the stage. So, okay. So basically what it's like like I can control someone with consent I mean To do three certain it is called like control to concentrate like when I can't have your concert. There's some means I can control them, right? Yes. Yes. Yes. Absolutely. Like the social media. Well, you know, I like like if you if we talk about like the positive and negative aspects of social media. I mean, if you to be a 10-year, I mean we can pass 10 Only talking talking about it. Some people will give you the pros about it and some will give cons. You know, this is really bullshit. I mean, it's hurting. Okay. I saw making like I'm going to say like what hegemony the words like and freedom of press like social media is basically a we are today's generation. Like we can we can do it. We can pass a single day without social media So it's really absolutely so religion means like for example, I want to give you a little example. Okay, have you heard of the garden a recent story like a dorf boy like was slays then who was who was abused like a 10 years old boy. Basically, he was a door. Okay. Did your heart maybe he was an Australian? No, I have not. I have not it was like a boy. I mean like if you put if you check the video, you used to see like a boy who was placed and some people like more talked about him. Like he's a dorf and he can he's only 4 feet 2 inches or something else like that. So, um, so then he he and his mom like they actually the put a video like like why his son was being bullied and it was like it Was a bad thing in this modern generation. So I mean that's it immediately. Got burst with the whole world. Like people even even the Hugh Jackman. Well, he was the actually you know, they reject men. Yes. Why the hell'd some people would do some like that, but you know, but later some people came up with the shocking news like the boy was an intention seeker and you was not a ten years old boy rather. He was 22 years young men, you know, so basically what it so what do you want to do what he wanted to do? He actually wanted to see the attention and you wanted to have some money like to go to connected with media. Like I mean, it's as simple as that so I mean As long as you can figure out like what's going with people's mind and was crossing like with your mind and what are they up to and what they really want to do you can judge like so yes, absolutely. To actually Japanese Japanese actors and people made the movie. Did you delete them moving? Hmm? No, okay. This movie will show you like how how the American Army and how enduring the water to like how they the Japanese Army like in this movie if you saw this movie and I'm repeating the name of the movie. It is called letter from museum is the Japanese version is a Japanese movie. G so in this movie, you will find like some American armies like American Marines. They actually they are controlling the Japanese the country Japan and they're destroying Japanese local areas and they're killing people. So there's how they made their opinion on that movie now. I want to I'm going to talk about an interesting part this movie has another personal like American people created and that would be is called Flex of our There's I mean on the movie on the movie American people have have to say something like why the war was happened like a why they had to be driving the War. I mean, what is the reason behind it? So I have seen the both movies and I was like confused. I mean what the is going on seriously, like if you if you if you see the movie, so if the put the movie then you can you can judge like, I mean what really Happen and what are their perception of what the Japanese people wanted to say and whatever the American people first wrong with them. So they're so media works. Like like they have their own card from Nvidia. Like they're they're represented America as a criminal and like State as well as the America is diagnosed the supreme authority of the board. I mean as they always have demanded and so they represented in basically there. The hegemony and for religion and social media works and lastly I want to say like social media is just a platform, you know, like it's in this postmodern area like all of these people are like they will they will love to move. You know, if you keep if you create a good content, it will literally get violent. But if you create a are that only give you a instant Asia are you can laugh loud, so That content will will go fight us spread faster. Yes, exactly. Right, so that that's that's that's a lot of information about social media plan and has been so wonderful talking and I'm sure that people listening to us right now. Would we definitely going on Google when searching for the theory that you just explained and that's really nice of you to connect to us through for this topic and you again it's been plush talking. Yeah. It was really nice to meet you and I had a great conversation with you and I I had just said that like like today you came up with the topic social media and also social. Yeah. I mean I give you a thumbs up great work. All right. Thank you so much. You have a great day for Don it's nice talking through some light on the theory and he also gave some. Names of movies which were Japanese and he spoke about World War 2 that is let us take know that social media has been used for a lot of things. You know, they are good things. They are bad things just like he said that there was a video which went viral and lot of people spoke about where a dwarf person was being bullied and you know people Out in support of that person and eventually found out later that it was all a story. It was a lie. That person was not a 10-year guy. He was a 20 year old man, and he did all what he did was for fame and attention now that's one point here to note guys that people are using social media as a tool for fame and attention. And rather than actually using it for social Connect Now, what is social connect? Actually have we ever thought about it or have we ever thought about how social media could enhance our lives like like proton already said that content like memes and Fun Stuff spreads on the social media even faster than the content. That is serious. Let's not make it boring that there is serious stuff, but guys, there are few things that need to be spread like awareness. Like I have seen a lot of groups on social media for awareness about stray animals and Adoption of stray animals. Yes. One thing is that there have also been a lot lot of other groups where they create awareness about good thing. And I think social media is one such platform where you can play this magic or you can connect to the masses easily. And I think we have got it all wrong that we have. We have made social media what it is for all the wrong reasons. Well, we definitely discuss about this topic again, but let's just take this next caller. Hello. Hello. Hello. Okay, guys, why do we get connected to this call? Let's just talk about how social media is affecting the economy of this country. I think a lot of Bollywood movies or Bollywood actors are reaching out to social media to promote their movies and to promote their ideas. And I think social media has started playing an important role in also the political development and Grading of a country. I mean it's not just the politics but apart from that they have been a lot lot lot of the issues that social media is playing a huge role in there have been a lot of fake accounts guys fake accounts is also a topic where we can discuss why people create fake accounts. If anyone listening to me right now has an answer for this do get connected to me and let's just discuss. Hello. whoa Hello. Hello. Hi, I will need a girl. G I'll behave The social media, okay, or social media, see how I realize makea a certified with a Jabra a Hamachi discuss. Garrett is social media. Music Richard. Chubby Miss Gibb Robbie don't know. This evening most of those Cosi connect connect. We are here in full Panic Ilya to come out of water. Yeah, but has social media is left on my install Cara kinda put yourself School careers are occurring. So what how do you use social media? Social media may be friends Gary with each other because I connect to your old friend. Kelly culture connect carpet social media. a gold at them but look at Lima Club piranha or a social media cocky though stabbin i-i'm social media pick up social media pillow SLE my social within those thicker later this contrasts with the bamboo curly thing is spooning with the eye. experience here Magic share my party and my connect corner getting connected to the friends who I had lost in the way of life. Okay, because we couldn't connect the middle of Peleliu. Thathe Key phone one knew that the Americas. So how many Clues record this is cool. Mayhem can heat transfer. Okay chalega couch. TK o up one on one against resignation carpet looking after few years jab hum it door majorly Facebook. So we started thinking key up near those to sell connect card file to how many of my ID Bernardi up now by udhaya take a look. Mira article key social media social required a social call. First of all meaning Cafe Key hum. It was reset connected right there. Teagan Okay, a social media help. Miracle say this about Cuttin hair. You see guys Winnie is not here to discuss all the good things. Okay weenies going to get into your nerves and she is going to make sure that she gets you uncomfortable over these things and I think we need to start thinking about these things to G rajveer and I see that our pathologist connected. Me on call and just hung up. I don't know why. Hello G1, we celebrate too many photos of Polly. Parrot will see the coffee time as a hotel social media. Actually the phone job apneic retail market caps pre-installed on Facebook. You cannot G pre-installed attend to eh Cubs game with the actually a social media apps here or just current Washburn I get it is Dunya for connect Karne Ki Lee Campbell connect carpi here. Um connect Jorge Gutierrez. Okay, so I think yeah rajveer. So upca is pick.we hemlock. Couch up Escobar Ebola. my method propylene proper benefit a new tonight. I thought upon right products of coffee had saved his life. Give per week of equal parts yet. They gave us one decimal ninja techie music a techie. You can get a free copy me you like me, but you call that as I could fall asleep, right? What a transmitter. Thank you for connecting a telegraph sobotka. Absolutely gu thank you for connecting. Have a great day. So guys that's it rajveer and he's from Jalandhar and we spoke about the connections of social media and here we have a typical again. So let's talk to the girl. Girl from the land of mahakal Jane. So hello. Hello Hi, how are you? I'm great. How are you? I was so good. It's so nice to see you back connecting to me. It's really really nice. I feel immensely happy when you know people want to talk to me go back and come back and connect to me and it's just really nice. Yeah to go somewhere. Then my mother called and then say that okay, let it be so I connected you again. Okay, Peter. What do you think about today's topic? Yeah, social media, you know nowadays like it's good social media is good. But they're little putting some impact on us. There isn't bad impact we can say more right? Absolutely. Yes. Yeah because you know, this is a means to connect one person to another person right but at the same time if I think so that they are, you know, the Toria think our relationships like you know, how Pure relationship should be there between one person to another that pure relationship is your degrading day by day. Yes, that is an apart from that. I think the whole idea of social media was to create a connect between people but I think somewhere we have been drifting away from a social life because of social media. What do you have to say about? Yeah, this is really true this really true Raikou. No previously the people used to you know, they were very they were very much curious. They were very much, you know excited to meet the another person. I've been there was there was one excitement there and it used to be different guys have actually lost Arpita here and I think she was a bit busy. But let's just hope she connects back and be complete the topic. But yes, like she said that people, you know used to Value people to connect people before and these days it has been Really difficult. It's really difficult. And I think the whole idea of social media has gone way too long way different and I think it's gone vague. Hello. Hello. Hello. Hello. Hello. Hi. Hi Donna. Hello. Hello. I'm a devotee. Hi. Hi Whitney. I waited my voice. Oh, this is somewhat High summer. Yes. Hi Winnie. Hi. Yes, I understand. You're okay this topic. It's a very interesting topic because now it is whenever I'm going for the interview they're asking same thing. They are doing something tell me something about social media. Okay, there's nothing what happened point in your interviews. I finish I because here I am new to their sorry i - not too much good like you so that fact and not make it brief entirely. Whatever I said. Okay, let's let's just put it this way. It doesn't matter how efficiently you put your words. But what matters is what message you're delivering here. So I'm here to listen to that. Yes, he is. So that thing is they're so as of now you tore. You are talking to someone else about the social media. So nowadays people are not connecting in the LT. They are not connected with each other. The whole idea was if there is social media so they can connect to anyone if suppose you are in India, if you want to connect to any other person. Those are apart from India. He might he or she might be our friend or family member so you can connect but there is something okay problem also now it is there. Are some group okay some people's those are misusing this social media. Okay, so so I would have to tell you okay somewhere it is not safe also. Okay trying to step in. Okay towards this thing even when I was working in one of the company, so there was one of my colleague he was telling to me all this thing. Okay here, okay people if they're in shows in Facebook Okay in Facebook. Dad they are doing they are chatting as a person of SMS person messes. They're connecting as a person to anyone. So here okay. I have guts I can have - I call this thing so I can okay edit all this data. So I often. Oh my God, it means it's not good. Okay, if someone said doing if Samosa do hard work, okay towards social media so we should respect because it's a plus one because with the help of social media only I am I'm talking to you right now. I don't know personally but somewhere you are helping because somewhere you are helping to the social media to the those all listener here so they can get some idea tomorrow if they are going for the interview anywhere so they can take your ID also, correct? Absolutely. That's the whole idea of it. Yes. Yes, and and second thing okay with the help of social media also if suppose earlier there there used to be a teacher if you want to learn English so you to join It's also but nowadays what a pain with their book social media because opened FM it's a part of social media. So with them up internet so we can connect to you. Okay without paying any charges. Okay, you can okay so I can learn something from you. Yes knowledge is available. Freely. You can say you can just put it that way that knowledge is available freely, but then it depends on how people are using it, right? Yes. Yes. I have some English video. Yes, I'm from an English medium or do you produce any of your talks in English to in front of the audience? Do you feel proud of yourself? No, no, I don't feel proud of its English for me is a medium through which I'm you know, spreading a message or talking to people. It's just like any other language to me. So if even if I was talking to you in Hindi, I wouldn't just feel proud that I'm talking in. The my whole idea was is she exchanging ideas? It's not about you know, a particular language if I know a particular language, it looks like it makes me look you know, or sound great. No. No, that's that's not the idea of it and second thing. So I did my graduation from Mumbai University in 2014. After that I had taken any major in CS which is known as company secretary. So when I working CSO at that time, I was not so open. Okay because I was without cell phone my mother. She always you should tell me you can take cell phone everyone. Hi. In cell phone you have without cell phone. So I watched give talent to her know if I'm going to buy cell phones. There are social media application like Facebook. It also called famous at the time five years ago five to six years ago. It was very famous. So I was trying to keep away away version to run away from social media application, but nowadays somewhere I'm feeling so I have downloaded as a Facebook, but I'm not quite familiar. I'm not okay using much more Facebook. Okay? Okay if it's me. Third of process is my thinking if earlier if earlier I had purchased the cell phone now. Okay. So if I was using cell social media play so I could have been I would have been somewhere else because since I am using this cell phone part two years and I'm using social media. Okay more than three to four months somewhere. I think you feel you've stayed back and the world has moved ahead through. Yes. Yes. Yeah. I feel myself. Okay, I did. A mistake I was not using cell phone. Okay, because what happens in middle-class families, don't do don't take cell phone. Okay, you don't watch all these things social media. So otherwise you will you are going to lose your dream, but I think no it's incorrect. Okay. Okay. So it does again how you use it? Right? It's not was that if you have if you are on social media, it shouldn't be taken that if you're on on social media. You cannot achieve your dreams. So it should be that whenever you're on social media you make proper use of it and you make use of the social media to achieve your dreams, you know, you can put it that way. Yes, and second thing. It's a part of the development social media. It's a part of the development if you are not going to use right well media, so you might be somewhere I think you. I'd be okay means your liking. Okay, because what is everyone write using social media? If you want to escalate any concern to the top level like p.m. So there is a medium social media you can escalate because I was watching one of the news okay two years ago in newspaper Hindi newspaper, one of the lady she was traveling during night time from entrance was in train at the Times L1 through our survey limiters risk Prabhu he was there. Has some papers those who are sitting inside the compartment and they started molesting hair. So see even see try to call in jail time, but she did not get the help thence. The escalator they can see escalated her concern through social media. Twitter says credit to the railway Minister Suresh Prabhu So within a second, okay, so you can say within a minute. She got this one when it when it is to the next station a so already there were pull man, so they were waiting. To cash the cover page and so Missy and they got Miss policeman when it rain is to the relation, they entered inside the train and they catch except one person hold caught hold of the so that's why I am thinking the media. It's a you give strength you can build a few can raise your voice. Voice through social media absolutely as that's a that's a great point to think about. Yes, please go ahead. No, please say yes, so it's my dream. I will I would like to talk to you like you the way you're talking because I am feeling nervous. I'm going very fast. Okay, I would like to control towards my rate of speech. Okay, you can come down and you don't have to feel nervous. I'm not someone who's going to shoot you in your head if you don't speak. Well, so see it's again a part of talking so it's okay. Right? So relax I think talking is it art of topping is odd. Okay, if you're talking you can make impression to anyone suppose if we are going for the interview before talking very verse. So it's my point of view for King and group presentation so you can get the chance for the job. Also. Absolutely if you are if you start From Bling NE if you short fumbling so you can lose your Job. Okay. So yes, thank you so much. It's like put it on some wonderful points about the social media and specially the raising your voice on social media point is actually thank you. Come on. Yeah. Thank you. Have a great day. And thank you for connecting and hope to see you again. Thank you and next time so I would like to come again in the in your blood shall we say more is okay with strong Communications? I will try. Towards my communication. Thank you. Definitely. Look forward to that. Yes. Thank you. Right some are you have a great day, so guys that was summer and he's from Mumbai I guess so and yeah, you know social media again a lot of things coming up about social media, and I really appreciate guys you keep calling and telling or sharing your experiences regarding social media, and we have a friendly page here. Let's let's check take this call and And drop since the time is running up and let's just take calls faster. So hello. Hi Whitney. How are you today? Hi the page. I'm good. How are you? I'm good, too. So your topic is very interesting today. Let's talk social media note note note. So social. That's a good point. So like yes, your choice will show you was going to say something please who me? No. I was just saying, isn't it that social media? Is not so sure he's dazed True Value to what people are not getting the point. You are making us you are making a statement and they are not getting what you are trying to say. Actually, I'm just listening to your broadcast for two great people have not getting what but you are trying to say actually we are not getting the point. Yeah. I mean it needs to be given a thought before you understand this particular sentence. It's really deep you can say it has a lot of pluses and has into it unless you take the effort to understand it was a social media addicted back like one year ago. But from this last one knee like I have stopped you and I still do have Facebook installed in my cell phone. I don't I will not but I do check that out. Like I go once in the morning once in the evening to see the notification who is if someone tagged in a picture or someone just texted me. Go to Twitter. So I stopped using Twitter for no reason like Twitter is there like you can get into fight with people for no reason on Twitter. So absolutely it so I don't want that in my life. But yeah II was I got addicted to bodytalk. So I thought like you use that application also. Hmm. No, I have not. This is my first voice application you haven't so I was like into six months. So I ever got addicted now I am not using that anymore like it's been a month. I have been just Whatever they're like so I have some friends over there to just texting back and forth, but I don't talk to anyone over there because I don't want to catch addicted and with this application my God. I got so addicted to very honest but now like I go to sleep deprivation. So I'm pulling out myself. No, I will not do broadcast in the late nights. So that's that's the that's the issue. People are not getting it from these applications. Like they're getting slower dictate. They are not even realizing it that they are addicted actually. See addiction is one point but apart from that. They aren't the drifting away from real people. True true. They are drifting away from real people. I tell you what happened the day before yesterday on my podcast or someone came in and I was doing it became Sheree him Sheree on that time if she is a very good friend of mine. She's from she's from she's from near West Bengal. Agartala name is him SRI. Okay that that person is all So that person was also from Bengal and he mispronounced their name 3 times 3 3 times. So I told her to drag you don't have to do that. Her name is not that your opponent like this is her name. So he doesn't rattle. He just got like a weird thing in his mind and he was speculating like he was so confident about me and her being relationship that he was not like he was giving a judgment that you two are in a relationship. I know and he like he has done some broadcast with my sister. Okay, so he wasn't me that vibe to me. I know you like you are this you are 30 years old and this is what you this is what you do so that he was being overconfident. Okay, so he went away and some other caller came up and he laughed he laughed at on him. Like he that person new friends laughed on him because like he was talking like that and then his team come up like and they just started using her and me in the comment section. Then he came back on. Something which is really weird on social media. I mean people get into fights for no reason. I mean being social is awake thing these days and getting into fights and getting anti social media. I don't care about the virtualization anymore like still why would I give a about any of the people who are abusing me? Like, I don't even know them Eric. Why would I give a about Absolutely, but for a few people, I mean for a lot of people it gets very difficult. Don't you think? I mean, there are a lot of people who are body shamed on social media and their couriers get into trouble because of these things. I'm like these people like you said, you told just now what experience you share, you know, people can just speculate things about you pass judgmental comments on you talk things about you. I mean, it's a free free to talk space, you know, and Not things man. They talk anything. Do you write would even believe the topics I have seen on this application like crazy below. I cannot even tell you like here. Seriously people do any absolutely people get they will say anything to get to people to talk to them here. Seriously, absolutely as I do agree and I have see what I do is whenever I get a little bit free time I night I just come and I just scroll through the life that I listen. You know, I don't usually comments on podcast unless I know the person or I have spoken to the person a few times. So I do listening to two three podcasts in here. There's this guy Shalom who does good vocabulary stuff. So yes, I listen to him and whenever I can I just participate in it and then you are there they you and this few friends of yours when I come and comment if I end there I do comment, and yes, there are few people where I find some information. Talk I just scroll through it. And then when I find it unnecessary, I just come out of it. So I think guys social media is one place where participation has to be thought a lot before it actually happens. Don't you think you need to give a thought what you are do give give out to the public? Absolutely. You need to put a thought inside like this is what I'm like to be very honest now, I'm realizing that That nowadays. So I was like compromising on my sleep and everything. Like my productivity was like totally of the chart like derailed my like I was not working properly. So now it's not like I am that like I have stopped going to broadcasts like to be very honest. I haven't done like any broadcast since morning. I will not do that today because I need rest. So okay. I have seen that social media like I was going through a back like it was when I was addicted my friends. And most of them are married now, so I was going through their feeds like they are they are on vacations with their wives live with their family. So that kind of things do you will make you depressed on at one point of your life. It definitely does it definitely does Cs and I think people need to learn where the line has to be drawn where your life gets personal I think a lot of people do stuff that you know do stuff openly on social media and which is not actually necessary. Don't you think I mean, there are a lot of things I want to say, you know expressing love to your loved one. Just go and do it in real just on top and do it. I don't have to do it on social media and show hundred people if you love somebody or you have the kind of feelings for them. That's okay if you have and I think that person needs to know that you have the love for that person and that is all you would anyone else like to totally agree. Like I have a friend. Okay, and he yeah, he's posting that every week like I am into this movie. I'm going to this movie and it's fine. It's fine. It's kind of fine. It's your gig you go watch the movies like to be very honest from past September. It's been six months. Now. I have posted three times only on Facebook three times in six months. Okay. So yeah, I mean is it's a kind of see it it only depends if you like to be very clear. You know, how where do we share all these things? Like, you know, you dropped all these things to a few bunch of people, you know, you know, I watch this movie and I think you should watch it too so that these are the things that you talk. But when you giving out your personal life to the Masters, okay to just giving out your life for no reason and nobody cares. I mean nobody cares what you Boing what do you eat? You know, we do all this as social media, but I don't think 500 people would be interested in what breakfast you heard. It's going to make no difference to them. Neither. Is it going to provide them some energy? So that is if I sound roudier, I'm absolutely rude no lunch with this time having breakfast with that. Why do I? So I think it's funny sometimes I do laugh a lot on those posts. I do still I do so like we love her like a day before yesterday want that person to be very honest Will I Laugh don't open Talk FM openly. I was not like suppressing my feelings about that pile of my my mouth off to really have any honest on that person. Oh so he was like being so You can see over confident on that time. Yeah, I mean again apart from that there. There are a lot of things like there are some people who want to share how sad they are on social media guys. You don't have to do that. All right. It's not a lot of view. I mean, it's not really gonna help you find some person who really would be interested to take that, you know time and talk to you and share it there. Are you know social media is to make fun of you? I think a lot of stars these days. I mean to I scrolled through my FB and I could see only Neha dhupia on my field and I still don't know. What is the deal with it? But there are a lot of means going on about Neha dhupia. So I'm still not into it and I like to make a joke. Are you totally her? Dhupia? Yes, another I'm not following her what I'm saying is while I just scroll through my FB. I saw a lot of means regarding Neha dhupia and I still don't know what the deal is about. I mean, like don't your dreams to like I don't even know why people are creating means when someone else is like name. Why do you do that? I don't know and because it it really see somehow if it is starch. Okay, it is giving them publicity and it is helping them that is okay for them. But there are a lot of people with disabilities. There are a lot of people with rejections in their life. And I think their pictures are being used on social media in a very bad light and I think you should quit doing that and I think somewhere or the other we are responsible for such things because we are the people who are clicking likes and hearts on stuff like that. Act okay, we are enjoying. I know it is funny. I know what is humorous but I think guys it's a shaming, you know you it's like steel if using some picture and making a joke out of it. So it's just like bringing that person making that person stand right in front of you and laugh at that person guys, that is really hot laughing on the expense of others. Absolutely and you the person who must be be reading such things about himself or herself guys think about the condition of their mind at that moment, you know or making fun about somebody's disabilities. I mean, there are a lot of people who cannot speak. Well this, you know, it's I do have a disability but not that major I do but I I was like boom like I was made fun in my school for that little thing. Yeah, so people were like laughed at so I didn't mind on the time because We've got to go on is from the starting. I know what people think of others so I don't give I don't mind if they were you making fun of me cause I didn't care I didn't care on that time also, like like on social media at that. There are means about a few people, you know a few videos. Like if you see there was this guy thus we guy and if you have seen it if you guys are following social media closely and if you have seen the video of So no buyer so I think so. No by is very clear to make you know, the guy who smiled so, you know a lot and he's the swiggy delivery guy is it's pretty awesome at I think it's piggy right? It's so Matt. Oh, okay. It's the zomato guy. He doesn't matter delivery guy and he's really happy about his life. I don't know how and we should actually learn from him. And yes, I see that is another story shipped. He's famous all over. India these days that me means about him have been used in a good way but there are also some people like if you remember some time back there was this young guy who used to snot the what do you say the fairy born stuff and there was this guy who was video went viral and there was he was really young and he says Made in burkas router. Down from a solution Latham and this this there was a video. I don't know if you remember it, but that was a huge weight on it. That guy was really young. Okay, he was from Agra and he used to pick garbage. You know, there were there was a little little little boys, you know used to pick recyclable items from the this thing while trash garbage plastic bag. Yeah, I guess and they pick these things they collect it and they sell it and they get money out of it. So Let's just say that I use maximum money to it's not and you know get intoxicated and he was a very young guy and people share this video on social media. It went viral and everybody was talking about solution and you know made means out of it, but there was not one person who could make sure that he could reach out to these people like that are billionaires in India guys people spend lakhs. And crores of money on buying cars and stuff, you know people like this. These are the future of India guys and these are picking garbage and slotting stuff. These guys don't get money to eat food. You know, this is how we are using social media and that is what hurts me a lot. I mean it it it it tickles my brain like why what are we doing after really humans? Anymore not like that. It's it's not like Diet key. We don't care we do care. But the problem is we most of the people like me and you we do have our own problems. We have our own deals to like take care of so we we do care about some people, but we cannot do anything because we are stuck in our own problems office nowadays. See that's that's one thing which is that's another thing at the page. Like all of us have our problems. I totally agree. But now the deal is when we look at something that is been circulated on social media. Wait, I lied. Okay, so yes angry. I do you do. So what you do when you get angry. What's your go-to thing to do when you are getting angry? I think see there are a lot of times that I have come across such posts. Okay, I have gone and reported them. And at the same time they have been people whose videos I have seen what talking about reaching out to such people. Okay. So, yeah, we can appreciate that and support them in every way that we can when people Share videos like I want to reach to that person and help out share such videos. So there is a way out of it. But we what do we do is we just laugh on the me when we share it and we are okay. Okay, we go back to our lives. Okay, so we very proudly called this media platform a social media, but I'll be using it to really be station. It's not social anymore. It isn't social anymore because we have turned from Humans to robots I guess I'd somehow isn't it? Because we all care about our jobs. We do all care about our own problems and our own people. We don't give a to others anymore nowadays. I mean the social media what what is the difference between social media and Google so if you want to laugh if you search for fun jokes on Google you'll get jokes and you can laugh on that and when you're on social media, what are you doing? You're doing the same thing. Where is the connect? Guys, where is the connect? Let us is the I have seen people saying like to come to me and say like I II met this girl on social media. I am in love with our dude. You don't even know her in reality. I mean, how can you how can you feel that emotion without knowing her like correct people fall in love with City these days and Alexa. Come on now. People go crazy. Tick-Tock is kind of like most like toxicated platform nowadays toxication talk to because I have seen videos like people are crying for no reason like they're making like making videos that go on what to say on you can say doubt and everything betrayal. So why to if you want to create content go make content the people will get Good Vibes appreciate. We do what but now Gene could take a logo Coronas. I don't do that to Adam via VIA making all people. I mean unnecessary. We are giving unnecessary attention to people we are making people famous for all the wrong reasons. Let's just agree. They didn't check Pooja. I think there was this girl who used to sing song. So I mean she got such so so much Limelight through you know, she had an interview in NDTV as well. Absolutely. I mean, there are so many people like they're like the if you see the movie Super 30, I mean there's this person who's doing a wonderful job does any social media really talk about such people they don't I'll be making such people famous. Are we acknowledging these kind of initiatives? There are so many people doing some wonderful jobs. Okay, they're reaching out. There are so many people young and you The minds who are inventing things they don't get less attention Authority is a good movie. But I have seen a reduction as well or action of ours also good movies. So it's so it that movies those two movies gave like a social message to the people, but we are not into those things. We are into large are very producing a Kya Kya. They Facebook. Let's go to Facebook and check out. Where is he? And with whom he so Kind of our morals are our priorities have been changed nowadays and it and in some way. It is affecting our lives guys and people are unhappy why are people unhappy? The main reason is not easy or paints? It is someone else's happiness trust feel that is the old and I tell you who's giving you the reason that's the social media was giving you this reason. All right. So if you can see if you cannot see someone else happy, you're not sad because you have pains. Sad because you can't see someone else happy and that is building a bad attitude in each of us these days. It's like you you have a bad Foundation nowadays. You cannot see others happy. So, how can you be happy? Oh, yeah, and we got help that you know, and it is getting into the skin of humans easily kids using social media to express love and who are these kids 13 12 11 year olds. These people are talking about love on social media. Hey guys. Love you stopping I have seen like it's 1415 Bill to tree America by is so mermaid of Maria Tuesday. The government will do it real seriously. No, really. I mean social media is somewhere or the other creating a bad impact on the generation to come come true true. Very next Generation. Yeah. I've been using Facebook like since the early days 2007. So like I've seen Evolution from like Vol II timeline and he's kind of the guy of diverse in the transit Transformations from those things. I have seen people like like I used to talk to a stranger. Yeah, that's great. It was a great play but nowadays like why would I want to interfere in someone else's life for? No reason why I mean I don't care for their to very honest. They don't care for us. We don't care for them. If you really want to get in touch with someone go to their houses just need Them greet them have some lunch at their home have a key. So make those connections note virtual connections anymore. I think virtual connections some way or the other help, but I think guys we are much we have started looking at connections as temporary connections due to the social media. I think it is C actually, yes, there was a time like in our school. Days just to talk to some person or just to get into a friendship with some person. It used to take days and Munch these days you could take the text. You send the request next moment. You're talking next moment. You have a number next moment. You're chatting on watched our WhatsApp and next moment you blocked. So this is fast so fast. So I think I think guys really fast to lose love as well. Not just love but any any other connection, you know, it's like Then the it helped lost it is lost. I really obscene friendship ruined over a single like Miss type A type O type error like I have time for that that that happened to me as well. Like I was texting someone and I will not say the word I misplaced you with I in that sentence. Okay, that person blocked me for 22 days for 22 days. That person blocked me on social media. I meant things are getting quick through social media and they are getting quicker to be broken and to be destroyed. So I think yes, it is an issue where you have to start thinking guys use social media smartly guys, this and adds these days man ads are like crazy on social media. There's so much of Mind programming. So I think I have seen that ad close of ones that At the guy and girl in the Metro and it and here comes a tunnel and potentially the kids in that tunnel, but none like but how much how can close up can give you that thing? I mean seriously our model of how to even express those feelings. No, and I think I'd these days create impact on people a lot like and you are being programmed in a way that you need that product, but you don't need that productivity actually. Yes. And I think on Facebook after each post each different pose. If you're following some posts, there is one add after every post these days. I promise yes and Before they used to be no ads in the messenger also and these days it's there and messenger also. That I have I mean noticed. I don't know about others if you guys have checked it, but if you are using social media frequently, I really urge you guys to go and check these things because this is one kind of mind programming guys. Okay. This is they are they are showing you things that they want to attract you into you don't want me to change. Yes. Hello. Yeah. Hello. You do. Yes, you were saying something. Yeah, we're saying like they are showing you the things then you don't need but but they met they will make you buy them like they make you feel will make you that I will make you feel that you need that. You cannot live without this product and you will go and buy that. Eventually, yes, eventually there's these people are creating and now these Bots is another issue. Hmm. What's in Facebook or Instagram? I think guys Bots is one weapon. You can say, you know, it can learn you into feeling like they're suggesting you things that you don't even know you you needed. I mean, seriously, they know again, what's what's are a reflection of You are searches guys like to tell you one thing that whatever you search through your Google or other browsers is somewhere stored in your phone memory and it used by all other applications because you give the permissions to your application accident. Okay, and in the background there is a program that keeps running which accesses all these data's and accordingly the the ads pop up on your screen of your social media pages and stuff. And this is nothing and programming Guys. These approach was guys shoes on I was browsing for shoes on Google and I went on Facebook two days ago and I was seeing a lot of suggestion from Nike and Reebok so I know that I am in the so this is how Got it. Absolutely. So these things come up a lot of times and so social media has not just remained a platform for connection these days it is a media to program. The people's mind. It is a media. It is a media where you can spread fake news easily. It has become a very sorry. Like I said, what's up University avoid? What's up universe? City it has also become a media platform where they can create political agenda and they can put it into your mind without you even understanding it. It's called The Norfolk. What is it called? Do you think deep fake? It's called Deep fake. I'm sorry. I didn't know that term, but thank you for telling me. Okay, so like the page said I'll give you an idea. Like they will create something that was not there before out of thin air. It's called okay? Okay, so it's called defect deep fake deep deep fake. Alright guys, so these are some important things and we using social media is not wrong. Okay use it. Enjoy it, but use it consciously conscious conscious conscious lie. No I have seen people creating their blind Trust on virtually in Virtual life and they are like thinking that virtual trust will convert into the real life that is not going to happening to be very honest. There are so many so many fake accounts guys, and it is very easy for people to get out your information. Russian secret information out of you, you know people make fake. Yeah in real just by just talking to you. They can understand each and everything about you, you know fake account of girls these days is so common people put photos of girls and they just lower you into some trap. I have a you know, I have a confession. Yes, I done that. I could hit it account in the name of girl back in like 12 so I don't okay. So what that I I wanted to pull a prank on my friend I did after that. I close that account. I just wanted to wear just have some fun with them. I did that. Thank you Miz. Okay pranking is okay, but there are some people of the dark web if you know what it is. There is Darkness actually, I do know that. Yes get information out of you regarding Security in your country and things like these is simple guys the simple talk can give them a lot of information about your country. And one more thing with discipline. Yeah, people are asking me why why I haven't uploaded my own deep here. So I just I just don't I just tell them key. Everyone can take a snapshot or like screenshot of your picture and create a fake account with your DP. So Right way to risk that. I mean right to risk that not just photos guys. I think a lot of information like, you know, social media not and when I say social media, I'm not talking about this a particularly guys. I'm talking about the promote apps like Facebook Twitter WhatsApp, you name it and everything is there I think Facebook Twitter WhatsApp and install I think these places, you know, where people are fighting over stuff and all these things which is worldwide connected right now is is is like a threat against a because it is like a Whirlpool Whirlpool would be the right thing to say or not. I don't know you can say oval Puli. It's called The Wonder in Hindi so you can see Whirlpool Whirlpool is from you know, it's well you just enter and you keep going inside and inside or In deep and you will never come out from that whirlpool and he wouldn't know where you're going. You might find it. You know, you might want to get in but you won't know where you're going. Right? I think that is very important that we start using our social media platforms consciously and smartly moreover because yeah, I mean, like people try to be really smart on the social media which they are not. Okay. I smart people can easily understand Okay. Yeah, you like a fool out of you like through all those people. I have met a guy he tried to call me and just like II was just I was I was just following him like I wanted to see where he want to meet to take like a wave. What was his agenda? I followed him like everything you I will do that. I will do the so I've done that for that person. So at the end he tried to count me and I said I texted him like something else, but I will tell. In a good way. I tell him that dude check that what what you what you was doing from the beginning. I knew and I have reported you now and you will be I hope you will get blocked from this side and you will note make fool of others. So this is what I rise in a good manner. I told that person told you that first correct, like all that we have discussed about social media one more thing. There is that there are people who are selling business. Selling business ideas on social media and they say that you get connected to me and pay me so much money and people simple people get lured into it. A lot of people, you know, they can just like go give money and invest things and then they burn their hands know that is how for this kind of a thing. I'm thinking about doing a broadcast on Cyber crimes as well. So maybe soon I will do that and like I will like to meet my will like I I want to keep I want people to know about those things. He how how you are getting lowered into a corn. What is the corn and what is the cyber cyber crime? So all those things people they do know they read in newspapers, but they don't give a about those things because they are thinking really happened to them here at the main idea is carelessness guys or maybe overconfidence. I can say k or bodies are the best best point that that kind of an attitude is wrong, you know. So true anybody get caught two guys, you know, anybody can everybody can be kind and and anyone can like stop gone you getting pwned. Yeah, just be aware of what you're doing. That is all you need. Is it so like if a lot of people come here to learn English and stuff and like guys if it see her but I have seen a lot of people on Facebook do stuff. You know, you just taste Spread WhatsApp chat and they say, you know join chat and then deposit so much money into my account and I will take classes for so much time and stuff. So these kind of hoax is and then there are multi pull marketing techniques which people share on social media like jobs jobs jobs double your money and so guys kind of things, you know, we have to be really aware of where you're investing your time. Time money and your effort? Okay, and not just that you're even investing your data. Like there are a lot of people who create forms, they create forms and they lure you into it like up go. You're gonna pop to some degree are your personal info to get your personal email address everything don't I will tell you this thing don't like anyone if you are you if you are if you're friends with any virtual person, you don't know them personally. Share your personal info with anyone like where you honestly I haven't given my cell number, but I do like if someone wanted to connect to me, I give them a telegram. Id'd safer than giving you giving out your cell number. So it's kind of a just absolutely aware be aware of those things be aware of those things. That is one more thing, which I was saying because there is there is a huge market for the leads these days people use details of people very they really miss use it for a lot of things names girls girls specially your name's your photos have been used very badly in Bardstown. I have seen a friend of mine hard. Like I have seen her account on different name like her picture was her own different. Won't I called her and said do you like do you create another she said no, then I show I share that link and she reported back for thank to the thanks to the Facebook. They have taken doubt taken down that fake account. So it's you need to report her eyes if someone is happening with you that you need to read. You can report only if you are aware of it and if you're not aware of things, if you don't know what's happening, you cannot and things will guys I have seen people get in trouble for not their mistake guys. And that is all thanks to social media. No, I will tell you I cannot like I can share a part of the story but not the full story. I had a friend she she fell in love with a guy Okay, so The Exchange depicts, so after a few like two or three months he demanded the money out of her so kind of all so you need to be aware of I am saying this to every girl like I am talking to nowadays or from past a year. He never share your pics like not even you normal picks never share with those anyone you don't know personally to be very honest. You don't trust anyone. Yes, I think the social media is a game of gamble. You can say it is very difficult to understand how what your next thing will turn up to be, you know through so if you guys are using social media for the fun outfit you're going there you're looking at things scrolling and having fun the jobs the chords and the good things that are happening in other people's lives. Okay, so that is all social media is supposed to be okay. if you guys are using it to share your details someone somewhere sitting in the dark web is filling with a trap, you know, where the Trap that okay this listen to her every day and make sure you are not missing out on these kind of a topics because she is giving you awareness and you do need to like you too many people were like nowaday now they're listening to us and we'll be thinking like email us at NEOS it can happen to anyone don't become a long time people. It can happen to you any day. Any night. I'm like truly just listen to her every day come up to our broadcast listen to her and just just follow her like seriously and she is giving a she's doing very good job for the social environment just do follow her and just you can say like appreciate her by just pressing that hard button do that for her. At least at least you can do this for her. I really thank you page for these kind words and I think the fish we have to gear up. I think you know as people who can do things to see we have the knowledge and why not spread it. Okay. There are a lot of other places where people spread unnecessary knowledge, but then guys here I think we can see just the small initiative can create huge report. Yes, and it is follow make a difference, you know, so I think we all can do a little bit bit of share that, you know, we think could make a difference. So with a little effort a lot of important things can be hidden, you know chains and jeans are right or wrong like wrong to right skin. That yes, absolutely and it is important that awareness is the key of living in like today's world. If you are not aware, you will be get like scrubbed like like a squashed like a cockroach. If you don't have a lot of situations the page when you want to know something and you don't know where to find it true. Okay, you might just go and Google and when you Google Google can give you result. Such results. I don't trust Google seriously. I don't trust me or not. Yeah, you really cannot because he guys Google is the result of the people who are sitting at those results who? Yes, we have Eddie Doors results like like Google is not a god. It's a platform made by people for the people. So if you're getting on a Google be careful to whom like what information to trust so anyone can can Is a false information or any topic on the Google so don't worry just be careful must be aware. Whatever information you find guys. Make sure it's authentic just verify it from two three other reference sources are like there was a caller who told us that there was a news of some some person dying and it has happened Thrice, you know, it's and one person cannot die Thrice. So yeah such things unless that person is a cat because Cats have nine lives so that yeah, but that guy. Okay, so that that to take it in a fun way. Yes, but humans like there was I have read this news personally like Dwayne Johnson, you know, he was shooting for something The Rock and there was a news that he fell he enjoyed and he died on the spot and I was like, so heartbroken. I just went on Google and I searched and I said Dwayne Johnson dead, and it said no. So any any such things okay, this is just an example. That is Dwayne Johnson. So Google knows who drew Dwayne Johnson is but if someone tells you some of it some of your loan person is dead. Don't just go in search of a story back in 2005 a huge fan of wrestling still. I don't watch it pretty often lie, but I do I was a huge fan. So my favorite wrestler died Kris Munroe. I don't know if you know him or not. He was a pretty big deal that Back those days 2005 and he died. Mysteriously like after that there was no news of him on any social media or everything because he killed himself his wife and his two kids and people. Yeah, but like he was going crazy because like he had that 20 years wrestling career. So in his wrestling career, he was kicked in his head so many times he was headless inventing things that they were not there. So like like back in The 13 I get to know the full story after like 8 years 8 fully girls. Like I was I was not getting anything from anywhere after eight years. I get to know the full story. My heart was broken because that person I admired that person on those days seriously. Yeah. So like I said, so yeah. true Yeah, like I was saying that your social media can get a lot of information to you lot of things to you can get good and bad both. Yeah good and bad like to see I have found a lot of good friends on social media guys, and they are genuine. So genuine I have also yeah, I think it's us who can verify these things. I think we should take time in anything. You know take time to understand the concept take time to understand any virtual friend. If you're making of finding understand why that person has requested to be your friend. There has to be some reason people won't yeah absolutely people won't just come to you and want to be your friends for random reasons. That's all that happened. You know, if that was the key. Yeah, if that was the case people around you in your name. But Hood would be more of friends to you'd rather than you finding people online who want to be friends wannabe. You're right. I like to ask this to you. Like are you free on Sunday? Will you be free on Sunday? Would you like to go for a podcast? Yes obviously have not asking you for a date. I must leave for like I was saying if you are talking about a podcast. Yes, it's going to be after three o'clock. Yes. So like we can go online at 8 p.m. On Sunday if you okay sure why not but I'm usually I don't go on Late Night. What do you have Sunday? Yes, maybe. Yes, we could it's fine. If you want to go to four to six we can get that timing as well. Okay, let me check because it's Sunday. I think I'll go for a solo podcast in the morning and then I can go for a collab in the evening time with you. So yeah, sure Sunday, we can talk about it. I mean Just shoot me a message with the topic what you are looking for. True true. I will definitely send you a topic and the text and we can go back and forth on those terms and whenever you're free, it's fine. Yep. All right, that would be great. We can talk about it. Yeah, because like we have done one group one when podcast like two or three days ago. So yeah, I think the global Water to you because no very honest. I don't highs on him. So I don't find those people like to be very honest like I do have friends, but I don't find people to stay on the topic for very long, but you did that on that day that that's was pretty interesting for me. Yeah, and I think it has crossed. Yes. It has crossed a lot of likes. I think it's called crossed a 1 Point 1 K 1 Point 2 or 3 Ki something like that. Yeah in in the in terms of lessons here. I yeah listen to us. This is what I wanted from someone like if if we have choose a topic like we have chose a topic. We have to stick on that topic. We don't we don't have to go around that topic. So this is what you did and I was really happy to do that with you because I have I haven't found a single person who can stay on the topic for straight up to ours like seriously. Yeah, I think a lot of people want to talk about that topic, but we don't give them enough trans because we keep beating around the bush and I think we Until we stay on the topic someone who calls us cannot you know true if I want to initiate a topic if I can't stay on the topic and what's the point this isn't it? So yeah the fish. Yes, I will text you for sure and I have seen now. I have taken 50 minutes of yours. Only the longest call I think with you today. Yes here and I don't know how much time you have left what I should take a leave now, too so you can get to other Colors, thank you V. Yeah, I don't have much time left just 155 already and okay. Okay, you have only five minutes of that five minutes so I can say the Sea of message to my listeners and guys it like guys the hot button here. They go Unicode broadcast. We deliver at least you can do this for her do that. He's like she's doing great for you guys. She's not doing for herself. She is doing this for you. So you can get a you can be aware of those people that were trying to con you were just making fool of you. So just be aware and just stay safe from weenies site. All right, the bass that that that is a wonderful message to give to our listeners and thank you for spending 50 minutes what this college has done a collab for me. I drink no. No, it's fine. It's fine. It's just you are the first person to you who can stay on a topic. That's why I like to join you. Like I've I was listening to your podcast yesterday about pets. Unfortunately. I was not able to connect it was traveling. I was traveling. They're the pets podcast. Actually what happened was it got disconnected in between and I was facing a technical problem. That was a huge topic. I really wanted to talk about it a lot because there was the stray dogs Theory and stuff like that. I will definitely do another podcast regarding that to I will definitely like to join because I I I I I don't have dog or cat, but I do love to have a python in my home one day, right? That's nice. So So, yeah, they so it's 157 and bad boy says I would like to join bad boy. You need to be a good boy when it comes to punctuality and come tomorrow at a better time when I'm calling. So thank you the pace. Thank you for connecting with me and it's been a pleasure to talk. I always give you like last minute with the listeners. Thank you weenie. Have a good day. Thank you. Thank you be pleased so guys that was the page a friend and we have actually A collab about global warming and if you guys would like to listen to that just go down to a files and check that out. And if you like this podcast hit the hot button guys hit the heart button let the heart pop out and because see those had buttons will make this podcast be in the list of the popular's where people like you and me who are concerned about these topics would Get a chance to look at it and listen to it and get ideas about it. Like there was a caller who said that social media has been an important GD topic for interviews. And I think Guys these things should be taken forward. Alright, so if you guys take even a little tot out of this podcast home and work on it guys. It is a huge achievement to me and you guys listening to me and Sticking with me on this podcast is on this particular podcast is a great great thing. I have always thank you guys and I will again thank you. Hi Rocky. Hi Rohit. I will come back tomorrow at four o'clock with my podcast with a new topic and all right guys. I wish you all a great evening and thank you Rohit. You can text me the top. Back and we can talk right so I sign off for the day guys and let's keep talking tomorrow. So this is ready and thank you for being with me and thank you for following and thank you for all the likes great guys Rohit. You can send me a text. My time is over and the clock is ticking. Yes, we can definitely talk about development and necessary things, right? So, thank you. Thank you guys. Thank you all for staying here.