Hey guys, I'm back with my solo podcast. And while I was with our show in her, you know, collaborating together somehow there was a lot of network issue and we couldn't speak and a lot of network static voices started coming and then it you know, just got a little bit of disturbance and stuff. So while I just thought I would create a solo podcast and then if you guys can come and join here and we could discuss the art of appreciation. I guess just hit me within a few seconds and then I was wondering what to talk about. So, you know, let's talk about appreciation and show Abra. Oh sure G. Yeah. Hi, welcome to the podcast and let's talk about it and so appreciation. I guess it's an important thing. Maybe nezzer like day thunk. Oh no, mr. K no. No, I don't think so. So I think you should join my sticky. We are talking about appreciation and I think you know, it would be great to talk about it. So what do you think about appreciation? I would surely like to know your views about it. So yeah, so that is a now that you have already connected I think eight. Eight people are listening and then it's lovely and I just hope very soon. You know, there are people in here who would like to connect and mr. K don't be a spoilsport. Please connect and you know, we can talk about it. So yeah appreciation. What do you guys think about appreciation? And why is it important? Basically, what I think is okay according to me, I think appreciation is very important in every aspect of life a so yeah, mister K has connected and I think we will talk with who we and high more Glee High. Mr. K Hi, how are you doing? I'm doing good. How are you? I'm good. I tried not to come here because somebody has to they told me that I only joined the output cast and I really like that is a truth. No, I that's why I just joined us another podcast yesterday and I'll talk to people maybe it was to I don't know. I didn't notice that. And that person observed me. So well only stated that enough felt so bad for myself. I think you should be joining more podcasts more often. I think you know, so you'll explore to I think I it depends totally I guess so, yeah, let's talk about the topic now otherwise its kind to be really crazy for me and to be honest, you know, I don't want to join it because of that person said something about That makes me nervous. You know, it's like you shouldn't be doing something because someone said, you know, you know, you know, what if it's true maybe right. I didn't know that well things that I've seen you a lot of lot of other podcasts I've seeking to glorify seeing you talking to sharra that I think Maybe I just need to explore more. Yeah, you do as much active on the application these days but that can be this is not the application. I like you know, we need to be honest. This is not something meant for me. Yeah, this is like, you know, I came here. I listen to people that I want to listen and then just go back. And I'm using it so so much nowadays. You won't believe me. But most of the time I spent here rather than talking on some of their website. It's because of the long down and stuff. Yeah, maybe maybe it's making me crazy though. No talking is as much as tiring, you know here you can just listen to people talking and you can just be in the comments and so let's talk about the appreciation, right? Yeah. Well, it's a fundamental human need that can import professional and private life. We want to be appreciated by what we are what we do and what we achieve a right. I'm sorry about the background noise. Oh, it's okay. You can hear my bother talking to him. So you can appreciate like you can even share your viewers and I will talk later. Okay. So yeah, I mean CK I think appreciation is important that each and everyone's life and it's not just important to get appreciated but it is also important that we appreciate the little things in our life, you know, it automatically boosts up. Up are you know thoughts and it will help us, you know to get better and better and better in life. I think we as people don't appreciate things as much we have a lot of things in our life and we don't appreciate those things and I think somewhere these little what do I say things that we miss out Miss out and know we don't appreciate or we don't observe. And will be don't pay attention to these things as much absolutely, you know, we all want to be noticed and belliard truly appreciation is the core of all held relationship. Most of most of most of us feel like we don't get enough application. That's not the power. Yeah, and many people leave their job is because of lack of appreciation. I guess he moralizing them and they a lot of people We're doing really great but nobody's appreciating them. And that's why they feel discouraged. Truly and I think the Prime Minister, you know of India went a step ahead in appreciating the doctors and people working for you know, covid-19. I think the whole country stood at the gallery flag 22. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, but that is a secondary, but I think his motive was very clear for appreciation, isn't it? Yeah, the purpose was to appreciate those who are exposed and throwing to two other people. Yeah. Truly, so I think appreciation is very important. I think a lot of people are working really hard in day-to-day lives and even as okay, we do a beautiful things at times and that in some, you know at times nobody notices that and somewhere that is the moralizing. You know, it's like it gets you low and sometimes we really feel okay. They have had to be someone who gave us the pump in life, you know. Yeah, you're doing a great job, isn't it? Well, this pump is necessary. It makes other people happy. It makes yourself happy it boost morals and motivate others. There are plenty of things that are especially in a relationship or any relationship if you're in a family your mom is working so hard but nobody is appreciating her because you would think it's normal, but you can look but if you live her life for one day, you will notice how it difficult it is to manage all the activities. Truly true and she's been doing it for maybe you're not born since then. You're not here. Yes. Yes. That's true. I think she never gets bored of it. And even without getting the kind of appreciation she deserves. She continuously does it. Hello. Hello. Arthur says we need do you think about internal motivation the self-determination theory? Yes. Yes. Absolutely. Yes Arthur I think about it a lot and I think someday I will talk about it after I learn a little bit about it. Okay. So Canal says I yes, you know, like I was talking about, you know, many people especially women in India into the idea. They do a lot of stuff and they don't Ask for appreciation like they don't ask for anything. I guess. Yes do it for love. They just do it for your heart because it makes them happy truly. And appreciation like it's not an art if you put your heart out if you just say what you you really mean sometimes, you know, there is an auto part of appreciating is called buttering when you don't mean it, but you say it to me buddy. Yeah, right and that's the part that most of the people can sense it that you are not really appreciating some appreciating its ruling. Yes. Let's show only for me to talk about it because there are maybe a hundred people listening or less than that my God, okay. All right. Well, I'm sure and I think appreciation is something that we should do on a daily basis. I mean regularly, it's not something that if we if something happens is I'm talking about those who often get demoralized do to Rewards. Nobody gets demoralized because they're Gathering reports, but they get demoralized when they don't get don't ya. You know, I think you know apj Abdul Kalam or multi. There's a lot a lot of things that they should get in only state but they didn't get the it's all about working hard. So the point like to the point where everybody sees like everybody sees how how passionate and how hard-working guy you are you haven't released a point everybody see it and everybody believes in you and they will appreciate to them true true and I'm already like if you just read him. I'll just go through his life. You will see a lot of Things that you don't like about him and a lot of guys who is still criticize him, but you have to see the brighter side that there are people who follow his ideology who admire him and there are a lot of people Beyond you know, this territory. They are a lot of foreigners who really appreciate the work more detail. Yes. Yes a lot of people do and you know good is good. Yeah. Good is always I think nobody is always good. I think you know, there are times when we are good. There are times when we are bad, but when we are good, I think when you know, those things are appreciated, I think people try to be good even in the worst times, you know, it it pumps pumps them up. Let's call, you know, valmiki. No. Yeah. Yeah, who was there doc? Ooh. Yes. Yeah, so nobody now we're gonna get to know like nobody will appreciate the work is used to do but after that turn of his life. I think we know him we know. Yeah, we connect to that part of the story that yeah. He got like he changed himself and he started working like as an artisan. Maybe he contributed the society. Truly and everybody has a struggle to point a struggle phase that nobody can appreciate you but you only you can appreciate yourself like oh man. Be patient your time will come for sure, correct. And it happens in the career as well. We know in India in society. We think there are a lot of professional areas that we think are not good. Yeah, and and that's where we people need appreciation with but we don't care for example, if you want to be a dancer xaml, this is a look at him look at him. This is live. He was racism. He was black. Nobody was willing to give him a chance, but now he's Doctor, he's a lot of shows and he's pretty pretty good what he's doing? So you have to be patient. You have to work hard don't get discouraged. If the people don't appreciate you at that moment. They will after wrecked after you achieve something, you know, truly true. I think when the person starts achieving I think a lot of people look up to them and stuff, but then you know those little appreciations. Give them a boost. I think he didn't back down remote didn't back down where any of the criticism and stuff. He lived for the appreciation that and support that he was getting from his loved ones and somewhere that has helped him to achieve and now the people who look down on him. Also, you know, I respect him and appreciate you know that the life he has created now. And another example, you know when you are for example, you're writing an exam and you know, you have to score at least 33% to clear the exam and even if you got like if you get a let's say thirty two marks people will call you a loser or failure loser. Yes. Yes when you when you get 34 people still will not appreciate. Oh, man, you just reach hard, you know did they say you just thought but when you get 60 65 70 and then people notice it. Oh man, he's doing pretty well. They will appreciate you for sure. So you have to you know, get above the foot needs to be appreciated. Absolutely, but I'm talking about the reality people starting it starts noticing you when your goal or one of your success is bigger. You know, you know like them will be shoes. Are he struggled so well so much but now he's popular because of his world because of his dedication to everybody even in the streets. You can ask his name and they will people you know it yeah. Yeah truly. Yes who does not know him now? Yeah. I think it doesn't know him and who doesn't know, you know this new guy, you know did the he's pretty famous now was against it Dickie. Look at him how he only has turned into a legend. Now. He's acting is like bear imaginable. Like you can't even imagine EP he's acting or he's himself. He cannot tell And if there are more people in line, you can just say could be it's okay because I was yakoobi. Yeah, I'll take a few calls and now and thank you for connecting with me and it's always great when you share your ID. Yes. Thanks again. Yeah. righto - Rosanna Hi. Hello. Hello - Jenna. Hi Whitney. How are you? I'm good. How are you? Yes, I'm fine. So I love listening to the conversation you were having with. Mr. Cain. I really appreciate such kind of conversation through which the audience could get some value from that conversation rather than just a random gossiping or titles. We were talking about the art of appreciation for Rosanna. And I think a lot of times we don't give as much importance to appreciation. So I think we are just talking about it today. I'm especially the country of South Asian country. Like people have a tendency to pull others leg. We we are not ready to appreciate others work. I don't know how it came in our natural but yes, it happens. Sometimes even in our professional life. It happens, but Nene's we like it is us that we have to appreciate our self first so that we can feel good about Our self and courage and we can move forward. Okay. Well, that is totally my my focus today that you know, we should appreciate ourselves first before, you know, we expect appreciation from anywhere else because if we don't appreciate ourselves, we look down low about ourselves than how would anybody else look at us that way absolutely but you know what, sometimes we start looking for acceptance and appreciation from our surroundings, but we sometimes forget that Comes from our self from within right? Yeah. Yeah, yes. That is the main reason isn't it be want appreciation coming from outside for us see appreciation is like a process, you know, you started first. Okay, you start appreciate you appreciating little things in your life. You start appreciating people around you you start appreciating events around You So eventually you create that effect around you and it starts reflecting very soon. Okay, so people will start reflecting your behavior, you know, it will create a chain know so it will eventually happen. It'll take some time but eventually people will start appreciating you your work because you know while you start appreciate things little things it starts giving you a sense of happiness and a happy person is appreciated anywhere, okay. But sometimes and happens that people try to make you feel better don't want to give you that appreciation that you deserve then what's your point of view in in this situation? Like how can we keep our our self motivated to our work and to our goal? I think for zhanna whether or not someone appreciates you when you know, you're doing a great job. When you know, you're doing a good thing you stay motivated you appreciate yourself and very soon. People will start appreciating you. Okay, there might be people who try to pull you down, you know say things to you and that happens everywhere. And then what's the fun of doing something? If you don't have often in Trend where people don't, you know, try to create troubles in your way, you know a straight path is of no use I think if it's just boring and you know the actual actual Time of you know, testing comes only when you know, you don't have anyone to appreciate it. Okay? Yes, absolutely. See it all starts from you. You start appreciating yourself first, you know, you look at yourself. Look at yourself you have but you are a great person. I think there are a lot of people in the world that wouldn't be or wouldn't go through conditions and stress or you know events that you have faced, you know, not all can face all the things in life. Okay people face different seasons. I cannot put myself into your shoes and live your life, you know, you have lived your life and he has lived it that way if I were you I think I would have lived in some other way. So your challenges your problems your you know, what do I say struggles? You have lived them and nobody else can live it that way. So you motivate yourself that way, you know you the situations that you have crossed the things that you have seen the things that you have learned. And I think everything adds up to it. Absolutely. Okay. So yeah, great talking for zhanna keep connecting with us again. And I have more Pollard's and I would be like no, you know, so yeah connect again with us and stay in touch. Yeah. We need to talk to you later. Great Persona. Thank you, bye-bye. Zulu. What are you saying is being serious every time I'd see. This is gonna cry while elaborating her feelings. How you feel for you? Willie. God bless or oh my God, Zulu just stop it already. And yeah, I have a few callers in here. And then let's let's just talk to them and you know, let's just talk about the art of appreciation and why is it is important in our lives? So hello. Hello. Hi. Hi Whitney. Good afternoon. How are you doing? I'm doing good. How are you? Something like do some short do some sort of my trician to fetch out these types of stuff. Very essential topic. How do you get this topic streaming? I don't I don't know. I don't meditate on such things or try to find such topic. It just occurs to me, you know, like, you know, She's still alive. You have a you have a very beautiful mind. Literally I must say because the thoughts are that which you choose is mind-blowing. Yeah, I think C return C. What happens is yesterday when I was in the interview now so much appreciation so much of love than I just thought like, you know, this doesn't happen all the time people. I think we should talk about it and it's not that just expecting. From the outside it hmm. That's true. Okay, I would like that. It's your time. But having a conversation about the relevant topics, let's come to the topic so that people can enjoy this conversation appreciation in the mrs. Roenick at the right. So the I believe absolute apologies to you at a given a we talk about appreciation. It it comes from asshole. We have to apply it if you have to appreciate our self more and more so that We can we can have a wonderful life the first thing and of course appreciation is Art. I believe. I don't know what people think but I believe it's a how it is. I'm going to give you a demonstration Suppose. There is one guy who is actually very nervous was very nervous in a of a I mean, we have a Pierce and in which there is one guy who's very nervous. It's not able to have a conversation with the people but I am a person who is literally trying to observe that okay, he's wearing Alice and if I will appreciative, okay, dude, come on show yourself. Everything is fine. Yeah, of course it will literally he will be he will be go to writers Donald that's cold comfort zone. So then that time of course he will be like, okay now I'm fine. That's what and it happens. Actually, it literally happens that you suppose. I am a person under and I'm from a different state and I come to a metropolitan City or something. Thing and I have some peers. Okay, they will be Advanced. Right and I will have some sort of back minded and all I'm not demoralizing one, but that's a fact so that time if there is one short of p and who will try to fetch out at okay, he's a guy who's actually feeling nervous and all that time. I have to work on him. I have to I should have to see it and appreciation is something through which I mean literally a people can climb the sky even It's a lot it literally motivates a lot to the people and it is it is one of the file to it. I mean that's actually include with soft skill suppose because some simply Navi near as you have said in the interview, the interview had happened in people had given lots of appreciation to you. So anyhow, you get motivated by yourself you accept expectation of course of your regarding this work as when got into the high level, right? You have to work more and more because people expect more and more with you right regarding this system. So that's what we offer developing yourself more and more. So yep application is Art, I believe. So even return more like a demoralizing to someone is also our I believe yeah. Yeah. They covid comment section below. We are very wobbly ho which I had coach me here when our attention to a year and they literally want to like, okay just focus on me focus on me, like suppose you having a conversation with someone and some mean boy come or girl someone anyway, yeah, they started pick something ticket worth of the comment courage of the couple's potential not just walked up and I just felt the tension we have topics that I were to move on the channel. You can see okay this Corolla A lot of times with me. So now I start ignoring. He corrected his in circuits with polemic is Ichabod cast metal Monica are still shopping. Diaz Machoke tornado you can't ignore a car or possible Miata? Can you make an EVO good personality Co-op schedule flow covid clinically distract connect ecosystem. So you can you can raise the question to them. That's what I need. Yeah. Yeah, I that that can help. I can try that sometime. You can try it but there are some people who were literally like out of the box then of course work telling me neither. We have a sacred War Tonk scatter. So One was created and that that spring of positivity right woven with Russell Comfort field curtain, which I have covid view such as the uni cello part of whatever to Mahal to create for an apostle Peter who post office in keep being a host. It's a big role right? Put the hunted So if I don't believe but in ASL like the high command, he will pass through Navy of sermon on shaky. So give me a call from my side perception and they believed truthful rather gdd. Thank you very much. Thank you for being with us on this topic. Thank you so much. Thank you. Yeah. Have a good day. Good day. Good day. So yeah, there's that was operator and guys know in I they have no that's not that's not what he's saying. He's saying about a few people in higher if you know yesterday or day before yesterday, there were two three guys who were messing up into you know, everything so, you know, all these problems were being created there. There are people who try to you know, disturb your attention. So you guys are not doing that. No, you mean don't take it that way man. You guys are not doing that way. Okay, he's talking about people who come Try to you know completely lose your attention from that and everything. Okay, so Dave and I are no no, he's not talking about you. Right? We'll just take Canal G and we'll talk to Canal D. And then with that we discuss all the appreciation and stuff East. Please be online. I will I will take you next we'll talk about it. Okay? Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, totally know that he's not talking about you know, what's wrong with you man? Hi. Hi I mean is I'm so sorry. I've got a lightweight car now powder and thank you for having patience connect. The G the world is the topic the heart of appreciation. Yes. What can I say about the topic if if you deserve and you are kind? Hello. Yes. Yes Kunal tea. Yes, please speak. Yeah, I'm saying if you desire by you have a contact person person and your behavior is so good. Then people will always appreciate you. Okay, that's great. But Kunal gee I think we have to appreciate ourselves before anything else. What do you think about that? Yeah first but what can I what can I do? What can we do see what happens? You know, we don't appreciate little things in our life, you know, there are so many good things in our life. We don't appreciate we ignore them. Okay most of the times so, you know, I think when we start appreciating little things in our life, okay shorty shorty Khushi. In the geeky jab hum appreciate Colonel exotic. It gives us a boost, you know, it gives us a boost it gives us the confidence it gives us happiness. And when you have early depends upon the person person what they think about the other one, what is he thinking? Yeah, that is why I'm saying like, you know before like one person will think about the other person only after meeting or seeing or the way they behave and observing. Okay, but as human I think as Human, we can appreciate ourselves. You know, we can pull us up. I think if we can do that, okay, that will make huge differences. Yeah, you're right, but just for example kamalji. Okay, you you are good at certain art. Okay, maybe you're in the drawing singing whatever. If you don't appreciate your art, you know for the first time if you are singing, let's see, if you're thinking you sing a song and then you start feeling know I you know, I am the worst singer. So you'll never be able to sing again. We have to believe in we have to believe in ourselves that we can do it. Yeah, we have potential power. Kelly were also yeah, correct. So first when you start appreciating little things or you feel you know, okay, at least I have a voice that I can sing No, the a lot of people who don't have the kind of voice okay, or they you know, you might just have a few friends who are ready to listen to you. So you appreciate that. Okay, I have at least this audience who will listen to me and who will criticize me or where I'm mistaking and all yeah. This was not focus on that thing. Yeah, cut it appreciation the little things that in your life come in here. Your life when you start appreciating those things, you know, it creates huge difference and that difference will be visible in you when people talk to you when people look at you. So automatically they want to get connected they want to learn things from you. So, you know these things affect a lot. Okay. Yeah, so Yeah, how can I criticize you Dave? Yes. Yes. I think you have all the right to D. Someone is a special for me. I did the Pratap Singh ji, he is a nice. Oh, he's a very nice person. Yeah, Italy is and these days he comes out to my point. Yes, he always appreciate every person I think he is a nice person because he is so good. That's why he appreciate everyone. Yeah, I think see when you start appreciating yourself immediately. You want to appreciate other people? Yeah. Okay. So that goodness comes out of you automatically and with the describes act. Yeah. I was just asking you you had to you had told me yesterday. I will seek song when I will be free. Oh my God. Yeah, and it was night you are saying Whether out 12 o'clock, so how can I sing that song? Oh God. Oh God. Oh God. If you do not want to sing a song then let it go but Okay, okay. Okay. I'll sing a song I'll sing a song today. Okay. I think I have always loved songs which describe life as beautiful and so I will sing this song which is the old song. I don't know if a lot of people know about it, but and the who is the star singer of that song. It's a very old song. It's Mohammed Rafi. Gee, I guess I'm not sure but it's a very Rachel feels good. That looks like imagine the key Cassatt when you've heard that another day of missing biggie kassadin apart the cello girl method critical the way Meredith I shall ago but a body you could just numb another July girls my Zindagi Cassatt the knee pasta too large a of so, that is all I don't know. Much so that is why you have a great voice of singing. I think sorry you have it. You have a great voice for singing analogy. Yeah, I am saying you can sing. Also your voice is so good. Yes, I'm home network metal goes goes off so you can see also because your voice is so good. I know I think you know whenever I sing the network goes off. So the network is telling Shannon. I don't think so. Yeah. You sound like female Mohammed Rafi. Yeah, even I am thinking the same. No, not really. So that's why I think I see it for a singer. No Surat Al qassam. Jamuna bajoran Mysore is somewhere and my Palace. I don't sing I sing very well. Yeah. Hello. Yeah. Hello. Hello. Yeah, Kunal G. Yeah. Hello. Am I audible? Hello? Yes. Yes. You are audible what I'm saying? You are also a big fan of doing sorry and also likes Tyrese. Yeah, I love Chinese and the somebody somebody asks. I have seen you in a lot of side dishes there you have you have to have instapage. Oh my God, that's really nice. That is if you get a chance to see my lords of luck. Please share them. You know it is it I would love if you guys share it, you know as Ivy was something like that. I have taken a screenshot of deaths a day. Oh, you liked it. Kunal G. You like to lose it? Hello. Yeah, yeah. One side he was good for me. So I just take a screenshot of that. Sorry. That's so nice. I think you know II would love and appreciate it if you guys shared it because you know, it's very nice. I don't want the credit for it. But if my work if somebody can relate to my work, I think that is the best thing, you know, it has its purpose. So you'll also focus on the things we see if each be like most so this is also important Zulu says I already shared in WhatsApp Facebook everywhere. Really Zulu Your Design? Okay there will ya. Hello. Yeah. Yeah. haha Gucci How was the McCarthy era through coaches, genetically Bacha Khan algae and I really appreciate that apnea would not I'm Nicola and you went through my stuff. It's very nice. Okay, it's really nice guys. It really feels good. You know when you take that extra effort, you know, so. Very nice. I'm most excited to just join you Shasha. Chronology Bill Cole, please join and I have a few: yeah, but I will take and please up with Saudi Arabia comments were get away. So we have thank you very much. Yeah, great. Right guys, that was Canal G and we were talking about appreciation and a lot of appreciation today. So yeah, there are yeah, so there are A few colors. Yes ranjith. You can join. Please be in line in IR by please come back soon if you go. Hello. Hello. Hello. Hello. Hello, can you hear me? Yes, I can hear you. Hi. Hi. Nice to meet you. Nice to meet you to East. May I know your name East is my name? He says your name. Oh, okay. So where you from East? I'm from India. That's my name. I know it's weird. That's my actual name though. That's your actually wow. Nice. So it must be poor or something. Say that again. It's food hub. Florida what is that? Oh, I'm sorry. Sorry it because it's East I thought it's in Hindi something, you know in Hindi it is put up. So yeah speaking evil. I'm sorry. Okay. No worries us so East we are talking about appreciation today. Right? And I was wondering so there was one sentence that you've told like with multiple callers over the time and that was about how you would you know, how could you appreciate others if you don't appreciate yourself? Truly and I I have I'm not sure if that a right way to put it or like I don't know. I feel like so constantly for example in my case. I constantly myself, but then I can appreciate other things. For example, like I don't like my life or I don't like my personality or whatever. I do enjoy chocolate or I do enjoy the sky or I do enjoy. Like these tiny little things that we've been talking about, so I'm not quite sure if I can appreciate another human being such but I can appreciate other things if I don't appreciate myself. Okay. Hello. Hello. Hello. I can't hear you. Hello. Hello. Hello. Hello. Hello. Hello, can you hear me? Can I have any good afternoon? Hello. Yeah. Hi. How are you? I'm good. How are you? Yeah, I'm doing great. Thank you. Okay. Thank that sounds good. Actually, you know, I was trying to connect you in another broadcast also, but I didn't have too much time at that time. So I was not able to laugh at that time. But yeah, it is my good luck in this time I get connected with you. Okay, thank you because usually there are a lot of colors. I'm sorry if you have to wait, but then I just tried to connect to everybody and so yeah now that you're connected. I think you can talk about it. Yes. It's so fun. I think when I did broadcast with your van, so he will that you are such a like a beautiful broadcaster and because of so, I thought that it is better to talk. Off with you and at that time I decided to talk with you. So I tried to three times you too, and thank you. Thank you. Thanks for calling. I think I have not met everyone lot. But then he talking about me in such a beautiful way is a very great thing and thanks again. And so yeah, knish Priya, please talk. Yeah, so first of all, I would pay thanks because such it is such a wonderful topic and in my point of view first of all self-appreciation matters a lot and it must actually because Hindi miserable then I can hum a Gurkha see so on the basis of that I can say sir. Emphasis on matter and other than that like there are lots of any kind of the another kind of appreciation also like you can say like if our child is doing great. So we give some kind of prices our to them. So that is also one kind of appreciation and yeah, yes. Yes. Yes. Absolutely. Absolutely. And as you're told so self-appreciation that there's matter a lot and as I told you other than that because if we are in our childhood or we are in teenager, so we are not that much mature. And right now we are at the use of like 2025, right? So it is our responsibility if any person They don't have like that maturity so that they can appreciate themselves. So it is our responsibility that we should appreciate them like childhood and if they are in childhood or teenager, so that totally I mean you're totally we should appreciate other people exactly. So that's the point that I had and that I told you, okay. That's that's really nice continue before connecting with us. And yes, this is a very valid point that it's a responsibility because you know, a lot of times people don't get the required appreciation okay or the motivation and people like us I think appreciation is totally free. It's not costing anything isn't it? So I think appreciating people if it can make a difference in their lives and we can do that as we did. Yes, exactly even not only in I think I'll feel I think that requires in every field because that boot boot strap or energy. So that's require. Okay. Yeah, absolutely. Yes finished re very valid point put to light and thank you for connecting. It's great talking and um since with a real fear say I would really appreciate that. Yes bilkul, and it was really nice talking with you. Thank you very much. Thank you. Have a great day. Thank you. Alright guys, that was can GI and he highlighted the point that there are a lot of People there are kids the elders. There are people of our age who don't have the required amount of appreciation to you know, go ahead in their life they lack of appreciation and it doesn't take or it doesn't cost you anything, you know, and if you appreciate someone I think it will make a huge difference in their life. So I guess yes that is very important. And so yeah, let's just take all us quickly and lot of people Ting and I know guys you are waiting but I really really really thank you guys for waiting. So I will take quick also. Hello. Hello. If I drop calls by any chance guys, it's because of the network or right, please don't get offended. Please connect back to me. I would be more than happy. Hello. Hello. Meaning. How are you? Fine? I'm great. Thank you. How are you? I'm good. Okay, so about me honestly speaking. I don't remember it seriously. No, I thank you again. Because I don't know. You know, he told me that it Fonzie suggested me as I said. Oh, wow, that's really great. So no, thank you. I would say more I will say something more about you that I have been listening about you from the people, you know, they have been talking a lot about you. They are really is a good girl. Is she speaks a time in a good thing nicely. I mean, she's a good speaker. So his so they Have all been been praising you. I don't want what I should talk to her. I tried a lot. I think I tried twice or Thrice, but unfortunately, I couldn't yeah, I guess maybe sometimes because of connection problem or sometimes. I don't have much time. I can't create a lot this time. I have been waiting. You know that I have been waiting. You're lucky. I like you. I'm here to talk to you. So I really appreciate. So this could be another way to appreciate a person like if people are talking about you that you are a good person. You are a person who deserve to be a loved or like deserve to be talked about right? Then you must be a good person because the people in I mean large people are talking about you in a positive way. You must be a good person. Sure. Yeah. So it just boosts out for you know, if and I think it just you know gives us more so much more to do. Yeah and all as you just mentioned that all you need to do just speak a word right just until a word good. Well, that's good. I mean amazing keep doing keep it up. You just need to motivate just need to encourage and you can encourage the people in different ways it will cause nothing serious. You just need to speak a word easily. You just need to sometimes you just need to look at the person in a nice way. All right is giving him like a positive gesture that he has this good. It's nice. I mean you can sometimes just need to give him a thumbs up, right? That's good. Truly. Yes, so that's another way of appreciating and seriously, sweetie appreciatively of nowadays nowadays the Era, we are living right now. Seriously people don't appreciate be mostly unfortunately is the bitter reality of our society so ground reality that people mostly try to pull try to pull your legs right had always try to discourage you right the always try to mislead you nor want no one wants to see you to reach on on your on a level that you deserve to be each there. Seriously? Yeah, so it would be a very very good thing. If you are appreciating people a different manners just giving them a good good gesture through your facial expressions Through Your Eyes even through your thumbs through speaking a simple word. So yeah, we should appreciate this kind of thing. Seriously honestly speaking and I mean we can talk about this topic a lot. There is could be a very vast topic to talk about Tomas topic truly. Yeah, I think in every field of our light life appreciation matters. Okay. So be it a kid or a younger one or you know grown up. I think each one of us need appreciation in some of the other way. Maybe it's you know, sometimes there are physical gestures like Shake hand a good look at thumbs up from a loved one. You know, like there was someone there was a mr. Kay who was talking about, you know, a mother's work a lot. Do so many things without expecting even a little bit from us and they a lot of times they go unappreciated unappreciated. I think little gestures of love and you know, just trying to bring a smile on their face also is a way of appreciation and it just boosts up the other person and the environment. I think it changes the mood of the environment totally. So I guess it's like, you know, it's like a cloud or of happiness that bursts out and you know, it's just red and give it a little bit of appreciation. It makes it huge differences. I think that is why it's important to talk about it a little people don't do it because they think it's like buttering or something, you know, when someone appreciates some people think Jerome has come at Morrow. So this is the kind of behavior sometimes people get and also yeah, you know in our personal lives like I keep saying this again, Again that if we do not motivate ourselves or do not appreciate ourselves. I think we will not be able to appreciate someone else because if we don't observe the little things in our life that will happen is that we have yellow. Beanie. You're not you're not already. Yeah. Can you hear me now? Ya know I can hear you. I can hear you. So like I was saying, you know, if we if we cannot appreciate the little things in our lives a little happiness is in our lives. You know, we may not be able to appreciate anybody. I think it starts from us. Okay, so we understand things we look at things we appreciated and then it just grows ahead. Hmm. I think that's how hello my baby. It creates a ripple effect. That is what I want to say. The skin seriously not even as you mentioned this sometimes is what and some yeah sometimes yeah, sometimes you just need to have a gentle patch on your shoulders on your back. All right, honestly speaking whenever I Look to back towards my childhood. My father was there. I mean she always backed me, you know whenever she had I mean he had a gentle Pat on my shoulders. I felt like oh I'm the powerful person of the world right? I can do it. So he was doing nothing. He was just motivating Me by giving me a gentle Pat on my shoulders, right? He was the same sun. Look you can't do it. Okay. Don't worry whether you fail or success doesn't matter just just do and go for it. Right at least you will be learning something after that after failure. You will be learning something how to success how to be successful through how to see truly truly Hello if I knew that. It could be a joke or story but it would be a very good thing to know about that. There was a person a young boy standing outside the outside his office and his father was standing just beside him. No and he was having his arm and on his sons shoulder. So the father was asking that guy who is the powerful man of the world. So that's one was answering his father that I am the powerful person of the word the Yeah, he stopped his father after listening that answer he's shocked and he went away and sat on a chair. Sadly, you know, he was thinking how my son can say that that he's the power of Person of the world while when while I had been motivating him. I have been giving him everything like my I have been sacrificing everything for him. How can he say that then after that the second saw that my father is sad and he's sitting over there on the bench or chair. He go Hebrews there right neighbor to his father and asked after that that old man. He asks again. He's my son son. Let me know again who is the powerful person this time of the world. Then that guy answers his father. Now you are the powerful person. He said just before a while. You told me that you are the I wanted person and now you are saying that I'm the powerful person the sun answers look for that at that time. You would having your arm on my shoulder. That's why I was the powerful person because I had you you were with me. You were backing me. Right? So I was the powerful person or that time but now you are the powers for person because you are not with me you are alone, right? So now you are the powerful person. So these kind of motivations sometimes completely changes your Your life seriously currently the look out of your life the view of the life used complete. Sometimes you completely start thinking about life in a different way just because of because of a simple gesture or simple word or simple motivation appreciation. It completely changes your life. Seriously just need to have seriously. Yeah. Yeah, that's the beauty of it. Isn't it? I think it can make I think I'm speaking a lot. It makes wonders I think happened. Okay, you know, it makes one person changes in people's life. And you know what I whenever I address my audience. Okay, whenever I dress my people who are listening to me, I always think of it this way that you know, whatever I speak about a little bit of that, you know topic remains in their heart and whenever they are out we'll know somewhere it will impact their life and somewhere it is create a change and if today's podcast create season, a little bit of change in their lives Hello. Hello, Vinny. You are not Audible. Hello. Oh my God. Yeah. Hello. Yeah, yeah. Yeah. Yeah, so I was saying that you know, like every day I expect my people listeners, you know, take a little bit of my podcast and their heart when they are out of here. So today's podcast I think somewhere if it creates even a little bit of change in their life if they start appreciating their and appreciating people around them it will clear. Great ripples, you know it'll create great change. I think that is the purpose which I think will be served, you know of me being here and talking to them for two hours. I think it is. That is the kind of happiness. And I think that will be the real appreciation. Hello weenie. Hello. When you're not audible again. Hello. mini or not Audible Hello. Hello. Oh my God again. We have lost you you're not audible. Why is happening again? And again with you? Yeah, it's the network issue that keeps happening. Okay. Now you are ready, but now you won't even event offline anything you audible now. Hello. Yes, can you hear me? Hello. Hello Guinea is now your audible Vinny. Can you hear me Vinnie? Hello. Oh my God. When you're not Audible. I don't know why it's happening again and again. Is it from my side listeners? I'm inaudible Vinny. I don't know what's going on. Should I leave the call or is from you Vinnie? Oh my God. Let me know please through text. No weenies not Audible. You know your side is okay - okay. Thank you Sadia it fun you are but she is not stay there draw. Did they have per table seeing? Thank you, Aditya. Okay, I'm here. But I don't know what to do. Seriously. She is the host of the podcast. Nikita how should I get that? Yellow star in my profile, I think. I don't know. By having most for more followers and more likes I think through that. Mmm, I'm also new in this podcast. It's been only one month using this application. Abby said earlier me around us are oh, man. Okay Russian from Lahore. Vinny Vinny Vinny. Yes. I'm here. I'm here. Oh my God. Yeah you're audible now. Yeah, I'm here but somehow I cannot see the comments or anything. I think I keep losing out. I keep losing out. Yeah, I think it's a connection problem is connection problem over here. It is totally or connection problem. Now, I think you guys can hear me now clearly. Hello again, you are. Oh, yeah. Now you are on your own we can hear you. Really? Okay. Okay, so great talking your fun. I think it's really nice. Connecting with you. I think this is the first time we have had a you know, a proper conversation. Yeah, not only proper is first conversation. We are having very good now. Yeah, I mean II was there when you and I had a podcast and I was there in the car. Yeah. Someone was asking me do you know I heard about but I don't know. I'm sorry. Seriously. I'm sorry. Comments in there a lot of people were asking. Who are you deserve you deserve and I'll be losing nothing by saying that yeah. She is a good girl. She's a good person. I mean obviously automatically in I'll be getting respect as well. Right if I'm not respecting other people. How can I at least get respect? No, not at all. I mean life is not a Bed of Roses. We know that we have to be polite humble and appreciative. Respectful of others so through that way. We can have all these kinds back towards us, right. Can you hear me? Yes, yes. Okay. Thank you if I'm already but I don't know what's going on over there. I mean it's it's really annoying if you are on and off. Yes. Yes. It is on a lot. It's very annoying. I think yeah. The connection is really bad. So thank you for connecting your fun. Thank you again, and thank you. Yes, please. Thank you for giving me a chance to talk to you. Yeah, I really look forward to talking to you again in my upcoming spot. Of course. I would like to I would like to see this guy. We like to talk to you. Game, thank you so much. Great day. Have a nice day. Hi, Dave, Dave. What's up? What's up with the expression guys? I'm sorry you guys have been waiting in line for a long time and it's because of the network that I keep missing out. So yeah, I'm going to take calls and we just have a few minutes AKA. Hi Whitney. Yeah. Hello. I'm fine. Yes, yes. Yes. I want to discuss about three point related to appreciation that point seeds appreciation you self-motivation it give it increased our positivity and it give the way of work. Yes, yes when anyone appreciate you then? We feel very positive and it it increases our positivity and we feel that energetic. That's right. And then we anyone give appreciation about her work then motivation is also increases we are self-motivated. Yes, another thing. It's if you the way to work and when we share positivity with that, yes, yes. Yes and it give the way to work. Hello. Yes. Yes. Yes means when we are doing any work and you not means a lot of open work career because Summer generic yeah. Really true, I think yes. Yes and some of which people put a long pole take here. You are not doing well and all that things at telling him. They are telling and who say of Nico now worker now or up the positivity go Baba any good but I reckon I can you give any composite convert canal. Take it as a criticism, but appreciate or yes. Yes. That's fine. I want to discuss it and tell me the your opinion about that and you any suggestion for that how to increase our self motivation and appreciation getting appreciation for other. That is totally valid point AK and thank you for sharing that with us and staying connected with us online for sharing those ideas of yours. I think. Yeah, it is very necessary for everyone in their life that you know appreciation is required. Like you said appreciation creates positivity. Yes, it has to you know, and when we appreciate things and O people appreciate as it eventually boosts a positivity around which you know eventually will speak. To do things head to foot? Yes, what's required and if we are doing something and so the times in you know, what happens is we are consumed most of the times. So what happens is someone appreciates us. We know okay, we are doing the right things and that is why we are getting appreciated so good that you know, the computer go on it is very it shows right way and is very nice. All right. Yes. So, yeah, so thank you for connecting with us JK and my only suggestion is just appreciate things around you the good things around you goodness of yourself good people around and eventually things will start happening good things happen around it. Yes. Yes. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you for connecting and its really nice talking. Yes. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Hello. Hello. Hi. How are you? I'm good. How are you? I'm doing good. Today. We are discussing about the application now. Yes. Yeah, okay. Sorry take a few minutes for discussing this appreciation thing right in according to me appreciation is a source of motivation and in my in my personal life. There are 30 people who reports to me and Hello RNG, I think you lost the connection or you cut the call. What was it? Please connect to us back again? Hello. Hello. Hello. Hello. Yes, can you believe it? So I just wanted to ask you one thing. Yes. Hello. Yeah, please throw some light your knowledge on the difference between appreciation and flattery difference between appreciation that we appreciate someone's task. Someone's when someone do if someone tries we appreciate it and sometimes people do. Flattery flattery, you know? Yes, I do understand. So please throw some light on that see it's very easy to differentiate. Yeah. Okay when you are doing something good, you know, you're doing it. Okay, so when someone appreciates you someone Praises you for that particular thing? You know that it is an appreciation, but when you're not doing it at that level and you know, somebody's just praising you and you can understand if the person will be there is a motive of just false Praise of flattery. Okay, so I think it is very easy to understand. And first of all, like I have been saying this from the start of the podcast that when you start doing something when you start appreciating what you Doing you know, after what level that appreciation is, you know up to what level effort you have put so you really know what how much it has taken 204 you women war effort. It has taken, you know to be there. So when someone starts appreciating or praising you, okay, it's very easy to understand if there is that is appreciation or it is sarcasm of flattery. Yeah. Yeah, but you know flattery is again, most of the times it is, you know conditional. Yeah, yeah. Yes. Hello. Hello. Yes. Yes, I can hear you. Yeah, flatty is mostly conditional see, you know, you know flattery when people start flattering you you know, it is conditional that when people won't get some work out of you, you know, they they might have some bubbles. Yeah flatter you and stuff but up appreciation is unconditional. I think even if the person is not going to get anything out of it that person appreciates your job. Yeah, so we can say that appreciation is the is give some positive positive science and flattery gives it has some hidden hidden selfishness hidden selfishness. You can say, like I said, it is conditional if you know if yeah, if you put it in Hindi, it's like Matlab Matlab case officer, you know say yes, I yeah, so that is how it is. Yes. So yeah. Yes, yes. So yeah, we wake do you have any experience where you feel like, you know appreciation has helped you in Life or not? Yes. A lot of times there are occasions of appreciation. Many times I appreciate it and many times at certain occasions. I have appreciated at this you see brand current appreciate the children and I am appreciated by my parents. How many nights when I do something some good things or when my Deeds feel temper out. They appreciate me. Right when I get numbers when I when I do something good to them to the house to the family then they appreciate and it's common to all I think it's common to all when even the children do for that their parents will be happy and appreciate that. Yes. Good, keep it up when as an employee. I do good things. I do something different or better than that's or Eiffel. I fulfill my task. Better in the batter ways. Then my boss. The principal appreciates that I have taken. I appreciate I appreciate the my students when they could do better things when they tried to do something. I appreciate the efforts in the matter of spots in the matter of learning. Right, so that's great. These are the rare occasions when I appreciate and you know appreciation appreciation is the thing which is many times this expected. You know, when some particular is when the beginning from the beginner from the beginner. Whenever someone is trying is in the beginning stage of whatever learning. in the life right in the in the marriage and the settling in the new families in the new job training, whatever they require appreciation then whenever they do something they expect that their Superior Authority or the elders the seniors would appreciate and people get people get appreciation. Sometimes they get disappointment. They are not appreciated properly or some people are not appreciated. Yeah. Do they should be they should be and we can also observe these things in our society. All right. Yeah, but I will say one thing that if we think this topic from the spiritual point of view, this is what we talked in a general sense and social contacts and in the general life, but if you if you if you see if you think from spiritual point of view then this, you know nice calm this come Curve will ya Right. So selfless work person. A man should try to practice such a selfish bugs in his in his or her life keeping in mind that whether he or she would be appreciated or not. He has to do he has to throughout his life. And that is that is one of the ultimate ways to get rid of All the Karma's and all these Maya or we can say you are progressing towards your spiritual spirituality is what I think I just like all of your topic. So I just I just like the title topic topic. I think a lot of people miss out on you know that thing, you know, there are a lot of things in life that we miss out on and appreciation is one of which I have observed. So I thought let's talk. Why not Mike we can talk about it and how people react to it. I just wanted to see anything a lot of people reacted in a very positive way towards appreciation, you know. It is all appreciation itself it is is it it gives the positive science? So yeah, thanks for connecting Victory. I think you know, this is the first time that we connected and we have hard position and I really feel good about it. So, thank you. Keep connecting it. Have a good day. Same to you same to you bye-bye. Yeah, there is a little things in life that we appreciated make huge differences and as we have been speaking. Lied about different matters and different things. I think High time we start thinking about self worth and self appreciation and create an and effect or creating an impact around us. My main motive about talking about this topic is we do appreciate other people, you know, selflessly we do it. Sometimes we do it intentionally sometimes we do. It intentionally, sometimes we just flat our people but what we forget is little words of appreciation Little Words of motivation help a lot of people and it doesn't cost a penny guys. Trust me. It doesn't cost you anything, you know these things like appreciation can lighten up the mood, you know of a very serious situation, for example, if you are at work and you know, Your work is very, you know, a very serious environment and stuff. So you just get there you appreciate your colleagues, you know, you appreciate someone's dressing sense or you appreciate someone someone's way of talking. I think it eventually I mean it immediately builds a wrap or between you guys and you know, it lightens things up. It gets things faster it breaks the eyes if you appreciate a little kid. You know of his efforts, you know, he very boo better things. He will start doing things better. He will learn things better. You know, if you appreciate your parents you appreciate your family your friends, which we don't do more often, which is important to do, you know, don't wait for days like their birthdays. Don't wait for days like women's Day or Father's Day or Mother's Day to appreciate someone's efforts Stewart. Just do it spontaneously just to it candidly, you know, I think that makes us happy you see One is working hard to learn an art appreciate that person. Stay that you doing a great job, you know just say it. I mean that one sentence can give that person a boost, you know, yeah, I'm a G right absolutely, you know because see what happens is a lot of times people don't appreciate don't notice things when we start noticing things around us. We start noticing little things around us it it builds us. Up, it builds our is up personally. Okay before bending someone else? Okay, so little good words of appreciation are like magic that magic can create beautiful differences in people's life. It creates an impact on people's life. And if you can do that, then you are an awesome person. Truly orator G. You know it is it is an important thing observation. Many a times we don't observe things around us many a times. You don't observe people around us. You don't know observe the efforts of people and somewhere, you know, we are losing the sense of life and that you know, and I believe with such little changes you can fill life in every moment and just make it beautiful. Hi Honey. Hi, welcome to my podcast. So guys like we have been speaking about appreciation and speaking about beautiful things aspects of appreciation and how it helps us. Hi Abby Shake. Hi. So mr. Ito if you are with us, I think you should you if you would like you can connect with us and we can talk about it. So since we don't have any callers waiting in line right now so you can connect with us if you wish. Honey, sis, thank you when your broadcast is Ravishing honey, somehow you bearing bring over some words out and you know, it's really nice. You're giving lots of knowledge free of cost other people top Singh ji. I was just wondering I couldn't speak to you today. Hello. Yes, you are. I'm good. How are you? It has been great. I think this is the first podcast for the day. Actually. I started a podcast in the morning with our shoe. But because of the network issue a lot of network issues. We are facing okay for officiating some people. Yeah, of course, you can please do it. Okay. So let's first I want to start with you if you were doing like a very amazing amazing you're coming with very amazing stuffs. And first of all, thanks for doing broadcast because during lockdown time people are getting too much board and if they get like content which were coming with its really helpful. Well, I really do think the same thing. So that is why I have coming up. So thank you for appreciating that fact. And secondly, I would just like to appreciate a guy named as an injustice or topical interviewer. The one line which he mentioned over here Kim. Luk. Oh, yeah. People are K it Kirk. Yes. Yes that is really sweet of him or tea, sir. I would like to appreciate a like I have lot of people to appreciate but I just go with few people. Just go ahead. I mean the way you marry it's the story and the reason behind I'm appreciating is not the story because they are. Right there in lot of storytellers, but the way he narrates the things is like if what if I want to find some special talent in him is his and he's new Hindi KO Z ID now like 90s get on with them when they go to school. I personally get to know many new words from him. He imagines Abuelita. He's a miracle Barber and total own. Sorry. Luka appreciate could no longer there so whenever I get time, The primary timer be bunker broadcast major mistake or company entertain girls in the team Who Tommy grew up near smile on up here gz do people are doing the lot of lot of great stuff here. Yeah, but equals to G EQ personal Miracle story live when you will you in venues appreciate someone took out back in let's say key every people have two faces. Okay XO pretend got their egos Raju original author to appreciate when you like start talking to him or her ticket was very conservative area, which is equal to Z. Let's say vo previous HSE gbagbo the topic. We appreciate curtain. We can divert people mind towards positivity. They'll appreciate going to appreciate that means I'm having something. Yes for cheesy focused got the I am like the live example of this German a plan b or college Wrangler. Hello, I'm will Tippin. Okay, the Germany to oh Stimpy I was like into two classes who bunker now not attending the class many covid of Heber presentation water. So I was just giving presentation on a marketing to middle middle class. They appreciate girl like you my God the way you speak to get such a presentation. They do I was like uh-oh you Talent here in the that means keep this is something which I'm having with any movement fuckiní power but eventually The I ended up being scoring full marks in presentation throughout the year throughout my MBA great go. This is safe. We need to people who someone who appreciates you pick a pitch low voltage e Jesse other model, for example, we gonna go any other broadcast where it took us look come and go. Uh-huh. Negara, I agree sir. Everyone is not Lata mangeshkar. Everyone is not Mohammed Rafi, but at least we can appreciate the talent the goods which is he or she is having 2 RK play movies only ganas are equally me buddy cheeser. He is having like what we boundaries for cross Caruso for Acme parasomnia kitchen looks under whose kid, they'll measure Java Caribou. That is something which so appreciation. I guess it is another of do nachos to I believe every soul has something special just gonna appreciate curse. There are however able to see school find get closer with OTS other opposed to find that appreciates that will grow with you bundle Bundy positively cinematographer. So like a very very very good art. Yeah, and you see bottom a coach Kennedy who are the theology Every Soul has something beautiful and we should appreciate Mission find that and appreciate a lot of times people. Don't know what they have. This is a story about it. But I think we started looking at things with their the you know, Ki Nazar. Okay is absolutely clean as it was down there and we find it beautiful and then we learn okay we have this thing in us, so kissy. Appreciation covid every even if randomly cui appreciate curvature here, you know, that's that's nice people start observing themselves. Then I think makes sense of observance create curvature. Hello, women are not objects in a pool which is about the answer to covid 2jo human race, and now Baba Ki racist a difference is unique heck Yuki hummina, so horribly covid Development human Kirk that because of appreciation but yes, you may feel Kathy are gonna eat negativity or green logo and the ego cassock two of you have become I don't getting exact word look appreciate it. They think he may go to gonna make up Cal in idea why I couldn't agree more than enough. Amelia Cuba ego clashes clashes. Yeah host of time. But I think we should appreciate people irrespective of the fact that whether we like the person or not. And sometimes occur it covid hairdo Laguna Beach. Um, Lanka Talent would deny Colonel exotic. We don't appreciate it. And with that things change, okay, but you know with the thought of appreciation just a hobby in anabolic ego clashes ego clashes from inside America other we start appreciating people. I think the world will be a happier place. Right, right exactly where Monopoly cover or open totaling. I'm not taking most limited which color goes up. You will go to 0 so there's no one's in line so you can talk. Okay, so no matter what doe your to EK. I'm sure you know him free. Yeah, I've heard about her life, but I have heard about her. Okay, so now uncle broadcaster or like map for me Raju first open topped with Kody proposed a mouse in Sacramento broadcast, P. Bodytalk City Directory account gymnast instructor of to Image of girl not wanted there are like amazing tools for this. I believe this is all so amazing about one centimeter experience our to Maple over personally make them happy Logan Ebola Key to which poem vulpes vulpes vulpes. So I was lucky Makin a atomic Oneonta, but when I started key many poem volleyball pay the way they appreciated me ferment Rose just thermopolium scenario again, I believe we have to make poem Cole given by 1 upon ensure idea. Okay, Michael so nice. Because because they hardly know me but they are appreciating. Yes and see the fact that people who don't know you can appreciate you so much to them. Just imagine the people. We already know these guys are like, you know, they know in turnout so far as you know, then if such people start appreciating just imagine the level of you know growth a person can have Person or in the career or in their lives? I think what difference that can get run the world is going to be fabulous if that just happens all ready to break basic Jesus because like I was single penny will not cost you a single penny. You can motivate someone you can appreciate someone and you can make some one day like a physical ailment of it. Well, I appreciate it. Maybe a person big smile the way well it was co-author leonato, but he will eventually smile and they smiled always matters at the end of the day or two. Excuse my little to the that is like a very good team. Yeah, and people will remember you for life. You know, they will see people will not remember us for the gifts what we give physical but people will remember us for the way we made them feel agar apni keyring kisi KO sa time to appreciate here. Maybe he a person was a at a very low feeling at a certain point and somebody just comes and says, you know, you don't you know, that's a very good thing about you and just goes away. So automatically there is a direction diversion book person starts thinking about the good thing. And eventually he smiles and everything changes. The art of appreciation with the body easier test we practice is erroneous man. You don't need to like work hard for two or three hours. You don't need any kind of practice for this this artist something which comes naturally objects of the block to the something which is in your hand, but I'll put the recipe ego Voyage will be Carlos + ID card note that because see what I feel K when I'm not good in anything. Like let's say Kendrick, we both are gonna go method seek single line label bottom of your course, whatever you can. Caroline is not really need appreciation of his because they're showing something utility company comfort zone. So Barney player Barney will ensure that makes things Beautiful Life Beautiful People beautiful Aura beautiful Positive Vibes facilities arp arp psychos out there. This is what I believe. Yeah. I don't believe the same thing and that is why I came up with this topic because if people don't appreciate things as much, isn't it? This is a peep. Pecan with them to appreciate me Gotham with a physical my criticized never know each other because what I believe visual look comment section, we are able to communicate their needs because they are having their own story because everyone is having their own story when people first station, I like let's say this is a platform Java pillow Rocky. Let's say cuter my IP to manic which is Miss Korea T2 minus 130. Come online jot down my body talk with other weapon talked about how they have to share Miracle looks MJ where C similarly Coastal area of the frustration and garlic let them speak that the embossed or own age and the number of people who can hardly matters. Utopia I'll make you see people struggle she could story of a frustration Nichols a plea to let him speak or her speak Joe moravsky bowling because the separation yeah, who's that? It's a serious serious like to see a war what I like didn't you jump of impermeable broadcast period of many comment rather they suddenly after a day. I Got a notification when he replied on that comment that is really a thing which you deserve appreciation for this because The scroll garodnick immense scope options for apply that means we're paying attention. This is a very positive sign for a broadcaster you okay? Sorry listeners core value. There are equally treated curve. So that is something which really needs it. Each and everyone at the same time. Okay. So like I'm talking to you are then at the same time. I have to take care of the comments and you know, give attention to that and sometimes it will miss out and we are humans. Okay, I think just to cover that thing up I go back and I try to read out and you know understand key how why You know, I thought it was time to our men and he Kia so it's okay. But other than a barbecue be if I didn't take an effort to go and read them then that is wrong on my part because Co Upon a Time of coderre hurry up nadinekarl gimpy workers. They shook up the numbers for job. Even if you're wasting the time. That's okay. But that person, you know chooses to give you those moments of his life. He listening to you and he takes that effort to text you like, you know, you are going to create job I think it's not the one talking homosexuality Vicki. Thank you. For example carbon double bond that that makes you special and then a lot of good people like Joel of bolting. Let's say Kiku slow broadcast. My soccer coach bodyguard always we have we have option to switch the broadcast right? If I don't like the content, it's not necessary chemo for coming to my weekly broadcast by Giotto, especially in the nighttime so of Corfu geological Timothy, but also kids a choice. I have also choice Kim wants taker we are met I want such a large room. That's not necessary Kima warpage our Kabuki Arturo Escobar think you were real because it hardly makes sense because they are enjoying their life. They're also free. They are also having freedom of speech for both sexes there. They are not inviting you they're not inviting me. This is my choice. Give me gonna have a Jonah. Hey come up in a sauna. It's a very simple like I'm not using Google account because in a complicated further complicates our death and the beauty is nothing complicated menu Theon. Two veneer burning for the charity of sounding like a kid when I sing songs, but to be genuine about your praise. You don't expect anything in return of being nice. They totally totally totally They lie. Every everyone everyone is nice. Every individual soul is nice what we need to find that nice thing in particular soul to give me a kissy gotta be equal to the server when he had so young man who like we bear so organic particular cheese Pitbull rat that doesn't mean to scare. Sorry cheesy. Crab only. Let's see on camera views cover that also doesn't mean you go 24 into seven were abused corruptly real life, maybe adjustable mirror. Who's can there be which positive G's Yogi what we need as a good people as a good human. We need all those other humming was Kigali then I say, Look what of that then it's your responsibility Gap has closed. So no was KinderCare cheese in here. Let's go Barnacle or otherwise is footnote example, do you have two options? And there are specific argument my pierogi to foreshadow or gallium niggling if it's beachy so this is the way things work. It's very nice when people come in our board see over there. It's very careful that it's very enriching, you know. What the channel then we need a whole module learning within a continuous process of the mayor of Bogota know to just say my particularly normally in a stronger push logo Tina Joe, especially in the nighttime. Whoo, buddy gbgt:focus a broadcaster there. But what I learned from them is the art of ignoring go for acne paulito chioma Cassandra, perception Menara yard nichijou make a comment curve. So this is something which I can learn from them as well. So there are nacho no up horsey situation, of course, except Because there could be hundreds of confident a bundle now confident a bundle bundle is good for acne. But this is very good thing because the schedule under ever car. Okay. I'll play Kebab it hardly matters to them. That is very good thing. It may go to cheese question Karim a worker a backe up and this is the way life Works stick to basic stick to basics of protocol. Rockers rockers row eleutherococcus cartero, this is life is all about this is human race is all about the complicated ago the first settlers of your first day on the job. See Bill go to be: Ionia make poems notice. It's not easy. Okay? Yeah, I remember what motivated you covid covid or a turkey and apple have to be able curator the upscale are. Wow, because you don't have a good body motivate, correct? Yeah, I don't really watch pqm. I hope careful gentle get all very much paper the very nice. I'm eager to listen to it can do religion quality. But yes again, I am saying Kim a Hindu priest curve doesn't mean to Mexico degrade Kuru. Everyone has the right to pray certain things. Okay. So, what did we find? Yeah, sure. So why not? I think it's an open platform. We can speak Hindi Hindi G1 Hindu May departure measure and Kharkov across all just say no rent ndk. Jell-O gelatin to case of hin hin do g 1 which Commando may be the mirror of Jak Sie to cry logo KO lumira hookers. It's see many by ottoman is see many biology will mirror to Busker TV. He Curtis approached a spiritual matters Ahmad key party who met you so much girl who saved my too simplistic and evil sticker curse, October Ladonna by Hindu Tillman Hindu G1 regret Hindu made up a teacher for stop. Beautiful bihari vajpayee G the Prime Minister that I have always adored. I think I have been motivated by and his writings lately. I thank you personally for you know reciting this this is the appreciation which everyone's need. Even I am Job curvy body on Facebook who be Navarro of Did that motivates people who give me some a circle hook terminal trouble and Ebola that is another one but still I tried that because of orator G and the good people around me who makes me believe your bowls arguable sector balls are the something which is new for me. Thank you. Welcome welcome Vinnie. Thank you so much for the telegraph summation over K comma with Goodwill topics. Okay. Bye. Have a great day. Thanks for connecting again. Okay. Thank you. Bye. Hello. Hello. Hello. Hi Whitney. How are you? I'm good. How are you? I'm doing good, man. So I think something went wrong when I connected you first. Yes. Yes, there were some Network issued showed invalid next invalid me. It happens. It happens. Thanks for having me on your show man. I am really happy that Thanks, Ashley. Thanks for getting always. It's nice. Yeah, we have talked before for 2-3 times I guess. Yes, I do. Remember you. Okay. So today you are coming with the very interesting topic the art of appreciation. So what is your view on them on this topic is the first and foremost. Step of motivation and life. I guess you know, right I think appreciation absolute lot in our life. It changes everything a little bit of people's thoughts, you know their relationship. Yeah. So if you call it art, so don't you think there should be some limitations to appreciation for also, like if it is an art there must be some rules where we should not over appreciate someone if he's doing, you know, if he's not going in the correct direction. So what what's your take on that? Like I said, it's an art so you but I think appreciation positives are on a higher end apparent than its cons. Okay. So Co depreciation is totally different. It gets into flattery. It's different. It sounds like fake fake praise. Okay. Hmm when you praise someone without any expectation, it is totally unconditional, you know. Someone is doing a good job. You just say good things to them. You did not just say good things. You are little gestures a shakehand a thumbs up, you know how to clap the one I think these are all little things and it's thing. You know, who's yeah, I can understand and I agree with you that a simple appreciation can change someone's life. If we give him motivation appreciation, then he would take some steps that it wouldn't have taken without those appreciation and he can lead towards a successful life with that appreciation. And if the and if the appreciation comes from people who are still what right now doing great in their life if they appreciate someone then it becomes even better like for example if someone is trying to Podcast on this application not having more than 50 listeners and someone like you is having more than 500 listeners on every show if you appreciate that guy or girl then he will be motivated and definitely will do better in future. Yeah, yeah. You know, yeah definitely and and God it is first appraisal and April and appreciations and I sound familiar. So I think this is the right day and date to have this topic. How does know if someone asked me what is the best day to to have a topic with appreciation? I would say April because it is April and appreciation. Quite you know rhyming with each other. Yeah, she sure knows I'm on just five seconds away from you know finishing to school. So if it just cuts it roughly don't worry. Okay. So so you've been you being on this show for the last two hours