Good morning people. Hello. How are you guys? This is Vinny and I have gone live after some time quite some time and had been busy. And since it's the day one of quarantine and I have a lot of free time today. So I just thought I should get back to you guys and talk to you and discuss things and we already have our first caller in here. So let's let's talk and let's start the day off. Hello. Hello. Hello. Hi Hi. How are you? I'm good. How are you? Yeah, I'm also trying why are you calling from Gia? Yeah, I'm from madhya Pradesh and you? I'm from Bangalore. Okay, that's great. Okay. So are you at home you quarantined again? I mean like like everybody else. Yeah, actually in my district there is a lockdown going on. So I'm calling this. Okay, and how how are you spending your time? And how is it affecting as it affecting actually, you know spending time is so much. You know, I always look forward. I always look forward for Our free time so it's an advantage for me because you know how I am I spy in spending my time reading books opened on open talks. They talk videos. That's how I am spending my time. That's great. I mean she lock down. I mean the log down the quarantine is I think a plus point for all of us. We are leftovers because you not only the people's look for the for look for the word we say free time. So it's a great opportunity to do absolutely and I think this lockdown has some somehow given as a lot of time with the family see - all the bad effects like, you know, people cannot go get Grocery and stuff. That is all other other things are there. But then I think staying home is something. Everybody wants in this time and I think staying safe is which is important and when you have everybody around you or even if you don't have everybody around you who have a lot of time that you can utilize. So I guess that's that's really nice, isn't it? I think that if you have a mobile in this time that you can't feel that you are boring. Absolutely, uh many activities from there. Right, absolutely. Hello means, how are you spending your time at your home? For me it is fun time because I indulge whenever I get free time, I indulgent writing or reading and then I do some gardening gardening is a craze for me. I think if we cannot go far of out of our homes, you know, the main thing that we can do is spend time consciously, I think listening music and how how much can someone listen to music I think apart from that sometime. With family is really great. I think I spend time with them talking to them and stuff. Okay, and most of my family members are indulging or you know going up to meditations and I think I think that's really nice. You know, it really comes down the nerves right now, which is needed, you know, everybody's panicking and lot of fear and stuff. So yeah, people are trying to get healthy staying home. Yeah. Yeah, definitely. So yeah, that's how I am. Ending my days and I would like to know how all others are spending their time because see it's really important for us not to go out at such a time and people do not follow now see is it's very simple. Okay, if you don't follow you die. Okay, you don't die alone. You take our four others with you. So yeah, it's a collective decision. You know, it's like modern-day City practice. You can say, yeah, actually it is Absolutely. Absolutely. There's a friend of mine who was commenting like but due to this virus. There are more chances in future for unemployment as well as inflation. Yeah, definitely some other key. I think John had to run here. She is also right she is absent you can fight inflation. You can fight unemployment. We have seen the crisis in India already, but then this situation is kind of Apocalypse apocalyptic it I'm sorry apocalyptic. Okay. So it's it's it looks like you know today's situation looks like some English movie scenario where everything is closing down people are dying and you don't know what to do. Okay, and I think staying safe is the priority right now and see you can work from home. There are a lot of jobs that can be done from home. And I think we can take this break which is rightly. For us right now. Anna Mae Davis says hi. And so Gia. What do you do by the way? Yeah. I'm a student. I am pursuing be a and you you're pursuing word be a Bachelor of Arts. Yeah. Oh see what happens is, you know, I keep on missing out on your voice so somehow when you layer of Arts Bachelor of art, is it audible now? Yes. Yes. Absolutely. It's Audible. So yeah, that's nice. Even my actually a few of my friends pursued Bachelor of Arts and I think ours is a nice field. I wanted it works. In fact, you know every subject every subject are nice, you know, this is a people thinking that this are wrong. These are all mostly the people, you know compare Matt's always match always higher than the Arts always I see around me it is it is the perspective I think. Yeah, I think Art is a nice field where no lot of there is lot of scope to it. And mostly the people consider that art is Art is very effortless subject. But no, it's not there. It's a hard word subject. Absolutely not I totally disagree disagree on that that Arch is an easy subject. No, it's not and a lot of yeah, I do. See it's the stereotyping. Okay. It's not that it is actually that way but then You know, it has its pros and it has its console like every other subject. Yeah. Okay. That's what I'm saying are these things are divided into certain different differences because For for a reason actually, so yeah. Okay. So is it it has been great talking gr. So do you do open toxin here or you just listen to people and join in calls and how I also I also do podcasts. I like this. That's why. Hey that's been great talking and I think you should connect with me and someone says your art students are really spelling courses. No. No, that's not that that's not the case. No. Yeah, it's not. Yeah. Hello. Hello. Yeah, we are do you agree with that here is a comment in here that's art students are really spelling conscious conscious. What should I say for this? I mean, I mean, yeah guys see if there is someone who knows something and I they are they try to make sure that it it is I mean, it should be done in that particular right way. So yeah, I think it's okay. That's that's that's not something that could be pointed out. But I have not seen many of our students. In fact in my family. I have two three other Arts people and they are not spelling conscious at all them and they are kind of a lot of fun people so I don't know. I I'm I cannot agree with this rule book. I it is. I have had a different experience with that. So anyway Gia it has been great talking to you. I mean, thank you for connecting and nice to talk you nice to talk yard get in touch and we can you know collab and talk about stuff. Right, right. Yeah. So, thank you. Have a great day. Yeah, you too. Bye. They are good at makeup things easily No harsh. That's not the case. Hello. Hello. Hello. Hello. Hope hi. Hey Wendy. How are you doing? Yeah, I drove over you from I'm from Bangladesh. You're from Bangladesh. You're from Bangladesh. I I really apologize. I think there is some problem with my headset or something because I tend to have a problem listening to people because even previous caller I couldn't hear could you just try to lock? Talk a little bit louder, please. Yeah, I'm trying my best to talk the loudest I can but I think I cannot hear your voice properly. Can you please put the mic a bit closer to your mouth? Is this good? Yeah, that was good for a moment. Okay. Okay. So, how are you doing? I'm doing good. I'm from India. I am from Bangalore Bangalore. Okay, so that's great. Yeah, so, how is he? I'm sorry. What's your native language? Is it Tamil or Telugu? No, it's not thermal. It's not Telugu ITS, Canada. Grenada See, I'm from Karnataka. The state language here is Canada and the state language for Tamil Nadu is Tamil and the state language for under Pradesh is Telugu. So, oh well cyclins. Take care. Oh, no, no absolutely not a people usually tend to mistake South Indians like C4 then South Indian is South India. Okay, so it is difficult for a lot of people to differentiate between You know this out with Indians, I think that's the beauty of it. So we are just south Indians. Well, I think you are just India. Yeah, absolutely via a VR, but then within within our country, you know see there there are different languages, but the south is totally different. You know, it is the language is totally different. So like other apart. Otherwise if you are OT other languages are closely related to Hindi Choose which is interrelated even moratti is like kind of Hindi and then konkani and then other languages are somewhat like in the but the kannada Tamil Telugu and Tulu and all these languages are totally different totally different exactly. Yeah, so, can you speak? I'm sorry. Can you speak in the yes, definitely? I do speak in the okay. So tell me, how are you doing? And what are you talking about you today? We are just talking about things to do while we have quarantined. I mean in India right now, we are facing a lockdown. We lot of other states all the states maximum States in earlier lockdown and update 31st, I guess and maybe extended ahead just as a measure, you know to cut down the chain of coronavirus and I That is that is how it is in my country also, like it will be an action from Tomorrow. Uh-huh. Love down on till 4th, April. Okay, we'll leave me the story on the road in order to make sure that everything stays locked down. So it's we're all having a hard time. Yeah, we do have a hard time but somehow if you look at the positive side, we are getting lot of time to spend with family and do some things like people. Who used to complain that they don't have time at all for themselves? I think that is this is the time. Hi, you know, you just have to make gold out of it. That is what I can say. Just stay home do whatever you like. Whatever you have missed out all this time that I don't get time and I cannot do this. I cannot hear your voice. I'm sorry. Yeah, I say Subsist he Dream Hair could go develop garnica. Bill bill bill Cole. Yay. Subscriber your time a key logger up, which Carnage are healthy coffee time to work on yourself, you know on your personal development. Sure. This is the right time just do it and you know, make maximum use of it rather than You know getting bored like I've seen a lot of people posting on social media key on the board ogre Paladin McGee quarantine, OK and you know what I think making math to make but Heather Winnie, I'm sorry Marik, but catalogs, okay. Joseline post they create our be Facebook. We're getting bored by staying at home. Believe me maximum maximum of those people's they actually regularly they used to stay at home. Okay? Yeah Master boats. Are they kind of like mere friendless mess about I look at Joe Louis got your postcard a key my car payment calculator we have arrived or I was getting bored as but in reality even on regular time. They don't come out that much. They are not so much outgoing person. Okay, I doubt they're I don't know maybe it has become a trend to complain about these things and that's why they're called. Yeah, absolutely. It's it's all social media, you know, you you tend to compare your lives and there is so much safer to make proper use of that time is a wise thing. You should learn different things. You should read books. You should watch a lot of movies you absolutely users out there Joe like what you always wanted to do Netflix and chill. This is the right time to do that. I think a lot of people do stuff like, you know sitting on a binge watching TV shows and stuff and I've seen a lot of people complaining about like in other times they used to complain about that. They can vote because they don't have enough time. So now yeah more than half of all the time you have always have to wear it there. It was me. It was me who used to complain that I cannot learn guitar. Because I don't have time. So what I did was I bought a new set of strings yesterday night. I changed my strings and now from today morning. I was learning guitar. So that's how I'm actually making use of the time and I'm reading a lot of books. I'm watching new movies Series has whatever that's the best best thing to do is in it, you know, when you get the time to do things for yourself to papr yourself and do whatever you like. I think you should make maximum use out. Love it. Yeah, that's right. Great going. I just want to sleep. So this is the right time go and sleep. Absolutely be the panda you want to be be the panther you want to be right? That was a nice line. Absolutely because yeah even seal even I'm I'm someone who likes to sleep for longer hours. Okay. There was the time that if I want I could sleep up to our slide literally 1618 are 20 or 24 hours. If so, just stay that way. Okay. So all you know, it's just like some people like that time, you know the lone time the sleep time. Yeah, I'm someone like that. So I definitely am going to make use of it here during the quarantine time though actually see when the Of people, you know, they don't let you do that. But yeah, that's right. Yeah, but yes, but there are even other things like the books thing that you said, you know reading books. I have a lot of books which I have read part part of it like two three other books that I have read part by part and you know, so I will definitely try to complete those during this time exactly. I would like to suggest you one book know the name of Dale Carnegie. No, yeah, he has if you can just put that in the comments. Okay, I will put that I will put some names on the comment. You can find those books and I am pretty sure that you're gonna like it you can you first of all you can try that book. Which name is The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho. That's a great book. Like that's all. Read that because that's just like great one. That's a great book. Yeah, I think II read one book the gardener and I think that is also a nice book. It's a story of queso gardna and with lot of motivational stuff and it's a nice book. Okay, great. I will definitely look into that so go then you can face. The Alchemist and what else you can read this book also? Yeah me I think me being me I would like to spend much time doing some gardening work because I think that's that's one thing which I have cherished always and I have felt bad that I don't get enough time to do that. Oh, yeah now is the right time you have all the the time you need actually the so a lot of friends of mine, you know do this because you know, they have a lot of time and then when I think of it, I really feel like I'm you know that left out thing for a gardening. But yeah now yes, there's a lot of time soup and for the comment that I just said I said that our students are really conscious about their spellings. Yeah. Yeah, I don't think I have a few ones. I have a few siblings who are students and they don't care a about the spelling. So, ah, really? Yeah, really? I mean II keep telling them. No, no that that's not that's not right. You know, that's that's that's the wrong spelling and then like a who cares words so much man. So many up limit of magic Arts students take a bowl of water spelling correct. They seldom do mistakes in those. The spelling's yeah. I mean there are a lot of people who are in love with the language see if you know someone who is very obsessive about languages and stuff then yeah, they do that. Okay, because I'm not an art student and I'm an idea. This is the first time I'm talking to you so I don't really know. I'm sorry. I say this is the first time talking to you. So. Would you like to introduce yourself? Okay. Look I'm Vinny and I do a little bit of graphic designing so since I am in it and but at heart I'm much inclined towards art. I like writing. I like doing a little bit of sketching. I like music and I get some time. So what I do is I like knowing aren't you can say I am the Curious kind so I like to talk to People so I after I joined this podcast app and then I have started doing a few podcast. I used to do it regularly and just for five days I have missed out. So yeah, I'm going to come back regularly from today again. So so that's that's all you need to know about me, I think okay. So let's ride. All right. Yeah trouble thank you. I mean, it's it was great talking pretty much kind of a person. I'm doing a bachelor's in mechanical engineering. I believe in Bangladesh right now. And I was also a regular person in this broadcast, but I have been missing it out for the last week, but maybe from today I will be coming back. So you are most I would be great. You're most welcome to my broadcast. Yeah, thank you. And thank you for connecting. No, it was a pleasure of mine. Just all right, and I absolutely I mean being quarantined. I think this is the great thing that we can do, you know people talking to each other in solidarity. Yeah, I can say something here audiences. We thought that someone grabbed you what are you saying are you know, I don't get you Graham who? Be continued to be continued guys. Look it's nice that your comments are short and sweet, but I need to understand them. So if you guys can please she has to understand at least please be yeah, I mean, it shouldn't be that I start wondering what it is. So, what did you do again apart from your Yeah apart from us on your studies. Hmm. Well, I am a part-time teacher and sometimes I like to write poems. Correct me if I'm wrong. Do all Bangladeshi speak such good hindi. in the II really don't know but Yeah maximum I think or something but see all the bangladeshis that have spoken to have only spoken to me in English in here. So you're the first one that has been speaking Hindi and quite well, like an Indian, you know, he'll be. Okay. What do you mean by such good hindi music. That's an electric mirror indeed. Not sir. You see Bob's are the mistakes that I made him the man many mistakes and all is ok, but then see the accent. I mean when you speak in the right it is Vary your kind of native English speakers as a hotel. There's a pleasure. Well, that's a nice compliment. Thanks a lot. Yeah, Jesus I can explain that's really nice. That's a ha ha. Obviously it was explained going to do Jesus sake India or Bangladesh where neighboring countries we share borders and job culture so that they're available. Okay. Jesus called log. Bada, Indian Bollywood movies like the hair series is the ticket that's like an hour in Hindi is almost a similar language. Okay, these two are very lucky in the May. How are you? What do they say? Guess it right? Hello? Hello. How many yeah, I keep losing you that's a term I get a turkey I got my Hindi Mala Sinha sanghavi. How are you? What would I say Tom Cassell, right? Yeah, though Bengali Midwest hold the key to the cabinet. So you see similarities? Yeah, then Jessica hum, tum look in the image of cathartic. Like I was saying some time back see if you comparatively see other languages in India. They are quite influenced with ending. Yeah, exactly, but then languages it's totally is Miss. Thanks kid. Hello. Hello, how are ya? So, yeah, Joe language is Hindi Urdu Bengali, basically yesterday language. Thanks critics. Say he derived over here and say hi. So that's why the root is similar of this languages. That's why we can almost learn the other language. Easy, then we can understand each other very properly. Okay. Language signature kobashi signature. Myranda, Eric kakete interest. Was it already jar patch languages at I properly like a drink. Bengali properly Hindi English who do and a bit of Chinese Mandarin OK Mandarin language between not properly. It's very hard. Believe me. I think the easiest language to learn if you see is a Korean. I think it's English. No apart from English. If you go to see if you're talking about any Chinese Japanese or Korean if you start comparing these three, oh, yeah, exactly because most of those Korean is comparatively easy. Yeah, because Japanese also is kind of tough. You know, I I tried a little bit but then I said, oh I can't watch this. Sorry Tajima much that I really don't know anything. Ohayo gozaimasu. Beata, no, that's what I'm saying. But while I started researching over it key. What should I learn? I thought Korean is very easy or compared to that. Yeah, exactly, isn't it? Yeah, because the vocabulary also is limited I guess in Korean. Yeah vocabulary is very short like very limited and limited something thousand words something so I was just researching a little bit on it. Yeah. Yeah, you're right. I think to do stuff like that when I'm free you so that is why I was thinking, you know taking this topic today and finding out more mothers like how things work because he have taken a long day. There's another great point you can learn a new language while you are at home. Yeah, I mean a lot of people here on open talk or to learn English in the first place. And since you guys have a lot of time at home now now is the right time talk to people just give them away. Exactly absolutely use whatever you have and learn a language because language is their skills their kind of a way to communicate with other people and the better your communication skills are the better you're going to get that your life. Let's communication skill is a key. Not just communication skills. I think language CL learning any language, you know increases the capacity of the brain exactly. You're right. I have somewhere. I don't know where exactly but then I read it that as a fact that learning any particular language any new language increases the brain capacity the grasping capacity the memory capacity and overall. Yes everything. So I think learning we need to keep learning different languages and To get Improvement in it. So which will help us higher. Sure, for sure, very soon robots. It's always it's a it has been nice talking to you about. This is the first time I think we spoke and it has been great. Yeah, it has been worse. Oh Winnie, I'll be sure to follow you and don't forget to follow me back for my partner upcoming broadcasts. Of course. Yes. I'm happy to have you over there. Thank you. And I wish you all the very best for your upcoming days and I wish that I hope you stay safe and for all the listeners out there. Please stay at home stay safe. Don't unless it's an absolute necessity. If you have to go out and take precautions wear a glove if you can that would be much more helpful. So stay home. Stay safe and stay alive, please. All right. Thank you for will have a great day many times a lot. Have a great day. Goodbye. Goodbye. Hi guys, that was the bull and he was from Bangladesh. And yeah, he spoke about spending some time in the corps for 19 by his idea is that he was missing out on learning or practicing guitar and I think he's gonna go back to it while in quarantine and I so Hello. Yeah. Hello. Hello. Yeah, really? Yeah child can learn six languages. Hello. I'm just getting a call. Please. Be there. Okay. I'm sorry. I was on call and the summer. Are you there? Yes. Yes. Oh, I need your help. Okay. What is the meaning of quarantine? I was searching after listening your voice current in. I was give such in Google. So it was coming in Hindi only in India, but I was not getting exactly meaning as you said obsess when I went when in Google. So upset you see which is a song. I could also be something like that. I forgot right now. What is meaning of obsess? So yeah, you can so what is the meaning of quarantine can help me in Hindi? not in Hindi Being in yes. Yes. Yes. Yes continues in English. Hey, it's a period of time when a person or someone, you know has been taken away from other people like other everything else separation. Are you can see separation? Okay? Okay. Okay. Thanks. You told me in India also, so I can understand. What is the meaning of the quarantine? Thank you that. That it was all concerned. If you are not getting the proper word know I think search make a refine your search summer know I try three to four times in Google, but I was not getting in brief. So you told me just now as I understand it. Okay. Thank you. Welcome to Summer. Alright guys, so that was summer and the main idea is you guys one thing. I really like about this open toe cap is, you know people respond and the other thing is whether or not you connect on call or whether or not you comment but then your presence matters. Okay now like summer called and he asked a few meanings. Okay, he try to find out the meaning of quarantine and see there is so much. Learning. Okay, and if You observe there is learning if you don't there's no learning so Aaron says we need is a nice teacher asked her what you wish no idea. That's not the case. Okay. Yeah, but I'm always there to help you if I can if I cannot I will tell you other ways to find out so yeah, so guys here. I think this is the best time to you know do stuff and since you have the time okay, a lot of most of the times what we do is we complain that there is we are short of time and we cannot enjoy. I cannot stay home and stuff like that. But a lot of people are embracing their Hobbies back and in such a dark eye now that you know Corona the COV b19 has hit almost the entire world and its really saddening. But then apart from that, you know, we can't just go sad and depressed about it. It has had some good. Good effects, you know after effects what you can say, like people are locked down now they are home and you know, a lot of people are not going out. So we are giving some time to the Earth to heal I guess and which is much more required. There are reports that pollution level in the air of some cities has come down comparatively and it has dropped down drastically and I think Is whatever happens, you know, this is I think Nature's Way to get balance, you know in the world. So I guess yeah, so most importantly the prime minister of India like urged everyone to stay home and stuff like that guy's one thing. I want to say see your health is your responsibility. Nobody should tell you that. Oh, please don't do this, okay. Okay, you know in place like India now there are police standing on the road. We are doing curfew. I mean they are asking people to go home guys. Those are also human beings, you know, they also can get infected. Okay, everyone all of us most of us are staying home. They're getting this little I love so who says say something about production and farming conditions while quarantined I think love in the agricultural parts of India. I think there is very less kind of chances of getting infected because those people don't get out in two places maximum. Okay most of the time but yeah, but if there is someone who's affected, yes, definitely it will make a difference, but guys why we talk about it. Let's take a call and go ahead. Hello. Hello. Hello. Hello. Hello. When you call me make sure that your voice is not on mute. Secondly make sure you are in proper Network because there are other people waiting and when I choose to talk to you when I yeah OVA, I cannot hear you. Okay. I cannot hear you. I the phone was on update 26 seconds and still I couldn't hear anything. So we are so please come back. Get back to me. Please. Connect the back make sure your connection is all right. And then we can talk. Hello. Hello. Hi. Hi Whitney. How are you? I'm good. How are you? I'm good. I'm great. Yeah, where are you calling from? I'm calling from India and I live in a state of Rajasthan. Hmm. Yeah. Are you from Bangladesh? No, I'm from India. Okay. I mean I was I was reading some comments and some people were talking about Bangladesh. So I thought the host of this podcast is from Bangladesh Okay, you're from India. That's great. Yeah. And yeah, your topic is also good things to do while current time. So what are you doing being contained? Well, I'm talking to people. I think that's the best thing to do, which is also I will be I just talking to computers and I guess I'm just taking this time out to you know, yeah. Yeah. Yeah, and that's always been a boon from the technology on social media that you can't You can even watch each other but you don't get you are not getting infected by each other. So there is this there is a connection both at the same time. You are not physically there, but you can talk and you can share your ideas and that's the reason why I should media is booming in this century is the in this jacket. Hello. Yeah, I'm listening. Yeah, Oh, I thought I lost the connection and he was complaining about the connection few minutes back. So I thought that maybe my connection is poor that why you're not able to listen to me. No, no, no absolutely not I can hear you. So what do you do? Actually what I do actually, I work in a bank I work for a bank and as you know the better still open, okay. What we have decided that we want go on full staff every day. So we will go on Alternate days. Like if I'm staying home today than I have to go tomorrow. And that is how the jig and dealing with the situation. So today I will quarantine them at home and trying to explore my mobile time to explore myself and I thought I should be on this podcast of yours to learn something and to share my Other views. Okay. That sounds good. Yeah. So yeah, so have you decided to spend the time and how do you feel about it? Do you feel good that you get this time or you're like, okay, I think work is better you know thing is this is not your choice to stay home. First of all, so we feel good when we do things by our choices. It's not about work. It's not about vacation. If not, if you want to go and work and somebody's sending you the location that you want. It's about what you want at those that movement. Yeah, so but right now if you ask I'm happy with it because being a banker we don't get done in an instant. Yeah, and then you're given this opportunity to stay home be together. It's it is a good thing for me at least but what I think if your work Asian or if your the holiday is not plan to go to do that. Sometimes you it gets tricky and you realize what should we do together and you know, after 10 days or 15 days, we won't even get the time to maybe we have to work in more than what we used to do in the past. How can we utilize this time and then televised going on? I'm just not finding new ways to utilize this time. Yeah, how can I spend time at home with my we know I'm not not a not a pro with giving suggestions of spending time at home. But I think yeah do things that you like. I mean if you know, you're from a sector of banking. Then I guess you don't get as much time with yourself. I didn't spend time with yourself. But eating it read if you like reading listen to music just chill out at home, you know, take that time freshen up and that's that's that's something you can do, I guess and since you are all your quarantine holidays in installment, you know, so I think Me I'm into graphics and I'm from Bangalore you are into crafting. So you design you are a great animation. No, I don't do animation. It's all stated. You know, I do stating designing. That's okay. There's no movement and animations. Nothing. It was static design is used in what in print media. Yes used in print media is used in applications and other stuff for social media. Via webs what difference you see technology is different from the 10 years back when there is no 10 years back. I was starting so I don't know much about it, but I think you are from discrete so you can compare. You see everything is a new technology that you've lost and which is a more easily than it used to be. I think you know to let's let's take something as simple as creating one image or you know of a particular size, you know, there was a time that there is to be pictures which we would go very weak in quality and you couldn't work on them as much but these days I think you can take any Sure, you can work on its quality. You can play with it like anything you can do anything with it, you know, you can make a vector out of it. You can animate it switches are you know these days you can animate him. I think what's fascinating? Yeah. Yeah. Now you have too much options to do. I mean if you were badly if you are working on a software there are hundreds of tools, which can actually give us completely change the Outlook. Take one of the amazing. Yeah, I mean people, you know people what kind of brains they are one with a lot of people, you know, which simple technology to so much stuff. It's crazy. No, but I want to ask you that when it comes to I will use the term animation and Graphics both simultaneously when it comes to animation Graphics or any kind of picture who draw. I mean, if you have a lot of options in terms of software, where does the creativity lies now now because it's all about how it appears but some of the most important thing is how it conveys the message actually. Can do a lot of you know filters on image. You can apply a lot of effects, but the message has to be clear with that and the only way you can do it by using your own creativity don't think the a lot of section of this kind of hindrance in the way of first of all II keep on losing your voice second. Your question isn't clear to me because of losing the voice acting my question on this time. It is going to be very concise. I will my question to one line. I just want to say don't you think excessive use of technology sometimes hinders the path of creativity? No, absolutely not see it again. Depends on the user. Okay. So if you are a Creator, you're creating your own art, okay and see if you don't see when it is in your in a raw format. Okay, it has its own Beauty and if you use certain technology to enhance it, I think that's great. See it's as good as saying see simple thing in simple terms you give a white paper? Paper and Pen to a child. Okay. It might just draw a circle on it and find it beautiful. You give him a color pen clear or colored circles on it. He'll find it beautiful. So you the way more you start enhancing the technology. A person starts it is again on the Creator. Okay, you know the total it totally depends on the Creator whether he wants to just completely, you know, get or become a slave to technology and just keep using technology and not concentrate on the actual raw material hands. Yeah, so I think it is a very what to say you cannot well you can have a lot of Hope. The boat is it hard and fast system saying that this is right or wrong since you are a creative person. So I ask you a question related to your field, which is a very simple question. So what if you have to draw if I say you have to draw happiness on paper? What would you do on that paper? If you have to draw happiness, what would be your sketch? John that Me for me happiness is nature. So I'll draw nature on it. But I guess nobody smile on it. A lot of people think that's happiness. Okay. I'll see people change. A lot of things to depict happen is okay. This is again of philosophically topic that we are talking correct currently. It is really deep, you know, if you want to smile if you're a happy person, you'll you'll look in the world and smile. Okay. If you want to smile, okay, if you are a happy person you will even look into the world and smile. Okay, what if you are a person who's into pain the most happiest thing also will not make you happy get it. Yeah it is again it is conditional man. It's totally conditional. Okay, you draw a flower some people will Get it and smile. You draw a kid. It's some people will look at it in smile and some paper will not so yeah, it's again. I think I keep losing your voice. I don't know man. Maybe I'm having a poor connection. I'm trying my level best to stay connected and to be as clear as I can, but I don't think you Like you were talking from another room. So yeah. Maybe my your phone is not working. I think I should remove my ear canal go on the speaker mode that can help you. Maybe what about now? Am I clear now? It's totally here. It's totally clear then it's okay man, then it's okay. So yeah, so you said you said that the happiness and what you look in the picture that's more important what it's not about what you draw in the picture you For say that yeah. Yeah. Okay. I take your point. Is this saying okay beauty lies in the eyes of the viewer? So Observer? Yeah, if okay if there is beauty see when I say beauty lies in the eyes, I don't need it that literally you have to you have to have beautiful eyes to look Beauty around but if you have the sight of beauty Everything Is Beautiful for you. Okay, huh? Yeah, maybe. See if you have to be happy. I'll give you a blank paper. You'll be happy even with that. Okay? Hmm. Yeah, that's that's great. There's the right Point. There's the right point. Yeah, I'll be I'll be happy if you give me a blank paper for sure. Definitely I will do that. And how's your podcast going? I mean I've seen you so many times you are a very frequent podcast on this app. And so are you exposing yourself? Are you finding it? Very interesting and very good for you. You have not thought about it that way, you know, I just come here for the sake of coming and talking to people and discussing and it makes me happy, you know, those whatever the time whatever is time. I spend here. I think it's great. So, yeah, I learned a lot, you know, I speak to people from different countries different locations in India and each one has something to give. Yeah. I think that's what we all were. Forget we always think that learning can come from a very successful and very highly intellectual person. And that's the wrong perception. We all have actually I've talked to so many people who are just common person like me and like others but they very good learning with them. They what they tell you is completely unique. You won't find in a book. You won't find in a famous person's saying it's completely unique and very helpful for you. So like It's why we said experience is the biggest asset. If you talk to most people if you talk to more people you gain their experience. It is called inheritance. Like if you learn from others and you adopt it, that's very good for you to random random things. You know, if you Have seen if your English is the biggest thing it is in the trance all day, but the second thing which is in trend is always like there are so many spiritual gurus on this app. They want to tell you what is happiness. What is life how to deal with the you know, anxiety depression don't you think anxiety depression and these terms are getting a lot of importance and getting a lot of space nowadays. I think depression has become a big problem nowadays. Yeah, I think depression is a Bay from ourselves and and see you know what I think you know, yeah. Now you have to say I'm you should you should be on like I was saying people are injecting depression into the nerves. Hmm. Yeah, for example, for example C. We are Such influenced by the social media so much peer pressure so much into the trench that we forget that you know, we you know, the the term as Niche that is forgotten unless and until you guys start exploring your within I think you're going to lose out if your people are doing stuff just to be in the league and stuff. I think that is what a one of the other day make people depressed which is natural. Yeah, you know I think I mean whether we know the reason or not, but depression is the big thing right now everyone in some way or the other whether he knows or not is depressed. Okay, and that's what I think is the reason in the boom of social media when we are depressed. We want to talk. I mean I have I talk about myself I if I have nothing to do and I'm feeling bored. What would I do? I wish someone and try to Talk what happens most of the time the friends are not free when you are. I mean I call my friend free right now. He says no, I'm not free. I'm doing something. I will call you later. What happens you are alone at that time what you want to do? So I see John to Social Network F. I just want to talk to people I think depression is selling now. I mean the pregnant the busy biggest reason why we are we try to talk to strangers. We try to find people who can spend some time with us. They can talk to us. And that's how we deal with this inside the in depression my first podcast when I came on this app, I spoke to people and I my first topic was let's talk pour your heart out. Let's talk about heart breaks because people don't have people to talk to them. Oh no. Yeah. That's what I'm saying social media, but then we don't really want to open up towards people these days and I think we have Close the doors and that is why we are getting frustrated and it's like a been inside. You know, it's getting dark. Yeah, that is a that is the I mean that has become the reality. You have a long friend list. You have long contacts place in your phone. And when you are in need, none of them is free. I am not blowing on them. I have been less concerned about Hearts as you know, I think they really care about what others are feeling because all of us are going numb day by day and maybe there are people who are not but yeah, mostly everybody is everybody is like just let's just let's just pass through life. That is the situation here. It's like sleepwalking. It's like sleepover. We're not actually aware of the things. You're just walking. You. Don't know what you you don't know how to do it. And you're just sleepwalking. People are posting a lot. What's what is happening? You know, even if I'm not doing great in my life, but I post a filtered picture on my social media that I'm doing great. And so what it creates like other things that what we are doing with our lives doing great in his life and that are into depression and it's human tendency. I don't think they have jealous. I don't think the parents of Putin and others and I don't think absolutely guys it's not necessarily the point. I wanted to made that depression and anxiety and feeling alone. I think that's the reason why we are coming in rushing towards the social media and trying to find friends over there. And so we want to speak out our hearts. I think if given a chance to speak for an hour or for half an hour it it, you know removes the burden from your mind and it makes you relaxed and feel better. I think that's how it goes. No, we need someone to put us into that zone that we can be comfortable about talking or heart out and you know, mmm that trigger, you know is required that I think I have seen is I think a lot there are a lot of people you know who are into that things we harm. Nobody wants to listen to me. I don't know what the other person will think if I speak. Out and stuff like that. Yeah, so I have always said and even if look into my bio, it's clearly written. If you have stories guys send it to me you have something connect to me. So I'm always open to that because I think humans after all the rest everything yeah on a pass and even you're going to pass but I think while we are here making a difference matters Okay, did you said one thing that you find a lot of interesting and very intelligent people on this app or and you talk to them? So like we all and we also agreed on one point that every person is unique and they have some of their own talents in their own ways. Why do you why don't you think our why do you think that most of the people are not able to live their lives on their own potential why we always It's live below. We live a life which is not deserved by us. What I want to say why people are not able to achieve their goals in their life when they have talent and when they have the ideas why 90% of the people are not able to leave their team dream life messed up things where until you see there is something called as dream. There is something called as aim. And there's some people have mixed three things together and make one. Okay, and in words of getting to that they keep missing out on the actual happiness is of Life, maybe a pushed for particular professional stream by their parents on for so maybe it is because of their situation Financial conditions because we are in a country. There are a lot of people get into particular profession or something due to financial conditions. A lot of people then apart from that. There are some people who get into it through social pressure, you know in your family are Someone's Child, you know did really well for you? This is the parental pressure. So there are a lot of factors. I mean there are a lot of things which you know, push it into that level of life. We are just trying to match up to the world which is right now the because he there was a time, you know people did what they could they were the there was a life which was totally based on skills. Okay. His life is not based on stage. Okay. Okay, great idea that you earn you fill your tummy and you would. This is the even if you are the CEO in the olden times an artist was appreciate a notice appreciated. He was respected people loved them today. If you are I don't know where you will do, you know? Yeah. What yeah. Yeah, that's the thing that the only measure of success the only measure of respect. The only major of people how much they love you. It has become a money if you are good and if you don't earn money, you're not a good artist, even if you are a bad artist, but you somehow Market yourself and you become a big money. Then you become a big artist. So we are losing respect for the skills. We are only reflecting those people who have money whether they come from any field if they have money if they have a good lifestyle then we respect them. That then they become Role Models. So yeah, I'm out of your house. You are into a fantasy world and when you go back to your house when you are on your bed, and when you're sleeping and at the night goes five ten minutes before sleep. Okay, that is really you and I think all of us come out of Houses without masks on our faces in the corona to avoid of stuff but we are all living with masks, you know, so yeah, actually this is very sad, and I don't I don't want to blame anyone on this because I am also part of those group of people who are not prints. Yeah, I think actually, you know, we all want to have money be happy life big money big car. Cars big houses we all need but the people who have all those things actually they did not concentrate on money if you concentrate on money and not your skill, not your crap. You're not going to get it money is always the byproduct of your passion if you're good at drawing and if you concentrate on drawing somehow money will come if I'm a singer I am I I concentrate on My Singing I enjoy singing rather than earning money money will come A by-product ultimately, what is what we are doing? We are looking towards money and not working on our craft and that's why we always lack that that skill and we don't make money we go into depression and we blame others we blame God we have to change that in our mind. Actually. What is the reason is that as a child when we grow we are not given enough of exposures. We are not given the Environment to fail, you know, if you fail in so many fields then you can take where did you go? Where did you did better? Where should what should you choose? And by the time you are in 10th or 12th? You can choose one field but we are not given the exponents. We are not given the environment. Where can we are we can fail freely and can pick, you know, you cannot find your pressure until you try so many things and I think mobile has become. Tool if you use it a lot because there are apps for everything. You think you are a good singer. Try some singing apps you are getting response there. Okay, you should try them. If you think you are a good vlogger go and blog are you getting response? So now you can do you can get the exposure from mobile. If you think you are good to go and write your own course and see world world likes it or not. So now you can test yourself through mobile. So it has become a device that can give you exposure. And by doing that you can find your talent you can find your passions. And once you find your passion, nobody has to tell you you want to make your own path. It's not about telling them all the time. Yeah, and I think this is the best time because you have all the time in the world right now. So guys go go. Yeah. Now you cannot now if you are an actor now now you cannot say that I was a good actor, but I didn't get the opportunity to vote. There is a lot of opportunity for you go. And make your own videos on Tick-Tock and YouTube and let's see how word is reacting to him. So now don't give excuse that you are not given the opportunity technology has given you the opportunity now, it's up to you how to utilize this and if you can't do it then man you have to take try something else don't be demotivated, but try something else. We are currently in digest. I just think people make maximum use out of it for their and so many people would be, you know, waiting for you to join their call. And so I think now you should go and give them opportunity to you know, share your intelligence with them, but I will follow your podcast and To be a regular listener to you. So whenever you see that globe and my name try to connect me to thank you very much for having me on your coat. Is what matters because luck there might be luck. I don't really believe in the concept of luck. So I really don't know much about it, so I cannot comment much on that. So yeah. Right guys, so being quarantined, I guess a lot of people a lot of friends of mine who are boys and they are learning they are learning the art of cooking. So I there was one friend of mine who says that if there is an epochal lips and if the world is really going to end and how are we going to Ryu and stuff like that. So people are preparing their minds in different ways. And I don't think that is where we are heading to but guys since we have this time of quarantine, I guess let us use it for something good. Okay. So yeah next column Manish Kumar. Hello. Hello. Hi, how are you? Yeah, my Niche where you calling from, actually I'm from here. You're from India from Jammu and Kashmir. I'm sorry. Are you listening? I'm out of will to you. Yes, you are audible. So continue. Yeah, you were saying something. Wait a second. It's a little bit problem in network. Okay. Okay. Okay. Continue. All right. So many where you calling from, you said I am from India from Jammu and Kashmir and Jammu and Kashmir and Jammu and Kashmir. Okay. All right. I'm from Bangalore. So how was the today? Today is day. Yeah, okay. See this is my first day of quarantine. I'm actually I was working and today's the first day that I'm at home. And that is why I thought I will go live because I've not come live for a lot of days a few days, maybe four or five days. So I just thought that today while I'm free during the day, I will take a few podcasts and I'll talk to people and since is the day one of corn. And I was just trying to find out that she was spending the day at it's a good idea. Yeah, so today's rainy day. What about your state? Oh, it's raining. Yeah, I J from night. It's a very rainy from here. Are there any cases cause which are confirmed of COV ID 19. Actually, there are a four or five cases, but they all are negatives negative. Okay. Yeah one cases are positive in ladakh region. I think that that's an army or person he is a person in the dark it's positive. Yeah, right, even I heard about it and a lot of people say that the C OV ID virus doesn't stay as much in warmer areas, but then I guys I think that place you like Kashmir Himachal dehradun and other places which have snowfall. I don't think there are any cases that are confirmed for C OV ID. I think it's all because of the nature. Yeah provides all the power. I think guys nature is power. So that is the one thing. Yeah, since we are getting quarantined staying at home. I think we should do something that you know creates balance in the nature do gardening do stuff which helps, you know? Yeah, somebody's what do you do? I said just completed my graduation last year. No empathy for the exams. Okay. Yeah, what are you doing? Well, I'm I'm a graphic designer. So I do work in it. I do. Yeah, whatever time I get scared I try to spend on this app and talk to people and find out more stuff and it's a very good idea to explore the people and communicate to anyone. So tell me what ending continue wanting what I want you to ask is is Kashmir also log down. Yeah, it's cashmere is also love down. Yeah completely. Okay, so I think you would stop totally current. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah execute every flight AS cancer, so there is no no actually I section 144 impose in all area. So all the area been closed nowadays. Yeah. Okay, so I think in Karnataka also, I mean in few districts section 144 has been imposed because I fall into Karnataka region. So yeah. Yeah, the Wonder is really important that we start following this stuff raise and stay home. Enjoy your tea. That is the greatest thing you can do right now to help your country and help yourself. So yeah, are you yeah, are you ever coming? It's me your moon. Catch me. I really want to come. Okay, I really want to come to which one Kashmir someday actually place to for exploring so many things. Yeah, absolutely. I really want to come and work see Kashmir. I think it's a dream for every Indian. Yeah. Yeah in Kashmir Kashmir once in a lifetime and I think it's the same thing with me. Even I have this dream that I will sometime schmear and you know the places in the beauty of it. And any which way is also the entire India culture Heaven, you know anyways, so yeah, it's like reaching the eventual. Yeah, you guys are already staying in has been so yeah. Yeah, that's how it is. It's a good. Yeah. I mean, yeah, isn't it isn't it a heaven? Come on, tell me so Yeah. Right. They talking Manish. Thank you for connecting and I just hope that you stay safe stay at home. Thank you. Thank you. Yeah, God bless your take care your by and by alright guys, that was Manish and we have a few other colors and let's talk to all and find out how things are going on during the quarantine time and let me know guys what stuff we can do. Doing this quarantine 1/2. We learn that it helps us again. Follow Hobbies read books. I had a friend who spoke to us in the morning from Bangladesh and he suggested a few books, which I will definitely read and before we go ahead and let's just take calls. Hello. Hello. Hello. Hello. Hi. Hi good where you calling from rajveer? She hello. You can head high. Yes, I can hear you. Okay? Yeah me again, too. Jean ji Ki Fateh I wasn't listening. This is Rajiv and rajveer and graduate says guys give break to the ladies the ladies and I think you guys take charge and for a change create a change, isn't it? Absolutely body body idea get very hard about the ladies this hologram country. It just break the idea of a special feel Girardi actually our job special, which is very commendable. It's very nice. MW2 the okay. Thank you rajveer. Thank you for connecting. I think that's the best thing to do guys. Like well, I'm A working woman. So for me, this is already a break that I'm a I'm at home, but rather sweet says the women who are at home and homemakers and they never get a break actually, which is true. So these guys his family he has brought siblings they are. Other making it a point that they give them a break and make them feel special. I think that's really beautiful. Wait going Rajiv. Very nice. Thank you, ma'am number three. Drop signature CK and I think men are looking for English security Donaghy. No licking medaka fish here with the accumulation of discussion square root of K log joining array or Porsche Carrera vodka, I think honky-tonk began to lay low. Will no matter of kidney be broken English bowl a witch McCoy Sharon here. So embarrassed. Maybe she secretly I think up or push cart are an English major your gullet we or a poetic at Nia see here Signum equation me. Thank you for connecting. It has been great talking. Thank you. Have a good day. So guys, that was a rajveer. Sing and he spoke to us about what to do what change in the quarantine days so these guys have taken up this case of giving a break to the women and the home makers and their house and I think that's really really beautiful. So why are we can always do stuff like, you know, a lot of people do things for the women in their house on special occasions, and I think this is not less than okay. where you guys are at home and spending time with your ladies and make them feel special. I think I chose opportunity today is the opportunity to prove what you can do for your family while you have the time most of the time all of us are busy working and pick this opportunity and make great things out of it. So hurry, Krishna is definitely can join and you are the next caller Inland. So yeah. Hello. How are you? I am great. How are you? I'm fantastic and thank you very much for giving me this chance your podcast. Okay, so if you don't mind can you know about yourself? This is a fascinating. Maybe I think Yeah, that that happens with a lot of people in here. They are their first times on my podcast most of the time so I'm Vinny and I'm from unlock and I am into it and I get some time. So while that in that time, I'll come down here and I do a podcast I talk to people so vegetable stock is you're taking Ritalin a mainly It's that I don't get into fix topics. You know, I just come up with random topics. Let's today's topic is today things to do while you are quarantine, you know, so government has given a leaves you can say that holidays. Stay home. Don't get out and get infected shoes while you are at home. What do you do? What can you do how to utilize this time? So actually it is really boring but somewhat we can do some work salsa from home. Okay, really boring. Actually, we are don't have any chance to go outside to something very worried. I never seen this type of situation my life for one day. It has been like a gift because people are really busy in their lives and this that they've got their spending with their family and this is who they are already getting time is important. Now you depends on you how to utilize it if you're a person wants to go out and then this this is not a gift for you. But then if you stay home and you can do something, I think that's nice. That's nice. Yeah, that's okay. Yeah. Roger is saying something like very much terrible and I will tell you one thing to graduate if you dodge which is they who decide whether when I come to this application before 20 days back. I don't know how to form a single sentence. I don't not able to speak in English. But now I think you are observing you seen my many podcasts and I have taken with Mal other person's so I think I got some information out. I know how to speak in English. So you must have Hi brother, I'd actually what's happened in me when he wasn't into any port cause she was not at least trying to speak English. That is the main problem was. Yeah, I see so many times you were just speaking Hindi on so the matter of confidential notion. That is what I said. Even if you're speaking local language. It's not a big deal. Every person will speak inning here. No one is perfect in English. Okay. I think you are also not perfect and any person is not for because if we do nothing. Yeah, and I knew it it's not necessary see yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. So here are all the persons having the knowledge about how to speak to people is absolutely I totally read this point of yours learning the learning but They're already learned something. There is the reason why they are speaking in English, but we are now beginners. So don't fear about the things I think Raj with he was just fear about the English. I came into my podcast also so many times but he was not right to speak a single word. I have taken 20 to 25 workers 30 forecast in now and he was confused one of my good friend, but now I don't know why he was not even he was not able to speak and he was not trying at least it is the reason why he was Just to be your house so much fear about the English. I don't have a confidence. Absolutely because it's let's say it's hard. It has become kind of part of Personality these days. It's not interested remainder language these days, you know people tend to differentiate people on the terms of language. Now that person is speaking English. You must be really hard, you know, so that is the kind of perception that has built up show So a lot of people fear to talk because they don't know to speak English, but I think that's very wrong guys. Not just English any language if you want to learn go ahead and learn to speak. It will be mustard right once at least try then only you can get the result it is I will ask I will tell you one example, you don't give the examination how you are expecting. The rank is impossible. At least you try then it will Sewage rubric or bad one that is unnecessary. That is secretary point because you have I'll be supplementary exams also there if you failed in the commission real examination Bill supplemental, so they like that here. Also, if you fail there are so many people are there to correct you so okay. You can just try once I know after that it is I think it worked for you definitely but just don't fear about at least one month. You should try if you are not getting you to just leave the language I think underpasses you will get something. All right, so guys that's Hari Krishna and his suggestion on learning English and mostly for his rajveer. And I think rajveer will soon start picking up English. I think you know he let just get into the zone and then start. Oh, yeah. Actually I have faced with the same situation same problems. That's the reason why I'm raising this point. Otherwise, I don't have because when I entered this application, I don't know how to speak a single word, but I Take in live but no one is coming. I'm just speaking to was you know, I in the live I was speaking because I am me and I don't know how to speak. So who will come and disciplined the walls, you know only was I have speak with one of ours for one hour but no one is connecting to you. What can I connect connect like that? I have to say that one thing. I want to love. I want to give some product information so that it will be realistic. For me, I look like in his living room Angus from that point now till now I have taken so many different different of topics, very interesting and Ryan's enhance to my English in that way. I'm usually go for debating session because debates will give you a perfect enhancement English because when you are debating more the mind will be thinking very fastly because a personal question. You must give the answer. Is called liquid. So when you entering into debate session, it will be more helpful to learn English very easily in a very short amount of stuff. We're in kills in dinner according to me this useful, but I don't know about you are part of you guys because every person person having something different perceptions. We cannot spoil their forces according to meet debates are very better to learn English in it very fast with because we need you see if you are in the debate more what happens the person is giving countering on you. So you must give the apis console. They otherwise there is no debate. I'm right. So we'll think very fastly that wasn't speaking your mind is thinking you're just listening and thinking these two will work at a one point. So after yeah, yeah, so if you don't mind we need to actually take a coat cause with you after some time if you get free. Sure. Why not? Hit me a message and we can talk about it. Definitely. I think I want to talk about a session like how to destroy the fear of language. I mean how to be it. Yeah. I know so when you will get free time tomorrow see I think you should quote a message to me and let's just schedule it. Okay, we need. Thank you. I never expected you are agree to my like my photo. Don't Tell start out slow but they are not accepting because I don't know why I don't have to other person because when I'm speaking with you, I feel so much comfortable. That's why I am asking you but no one is ready. I will I will definitely schedule a podcast with you and I think that's okay. See I don't know what others that that is totally their thing. But I like talking and I think I will yeah because if I don't I will clearly You say I cannot do it? Okay, there are a lot of the podcast and they have suggested the times and if I couldn't take it from that time here because of my regular come up to a point where we can schedule and we can talk is okay. Okay, really wonderful meeting with you image with I never expected this type of conversation with You what are really kind of what thank you very much video and I will try to send a request about that thing. So definitely definitely because you do it. Yeah, you can make you should now after this session. So if there is be interested so they will subscribe to you. Yes, absolutely. Thank you very much India and have a great day. I will tell you one thing. Yeah kind of nature. Thank you. That is a great thing to say but I just try to be this way and thank you. Yeah, thank you because you are a lady. I am the you're not thinking about anything bad for the year. So many people are thinking something we ask for to any person they feel something like oh my God this person you're trying to do something, right? Yeah. What happened? I'm just asking you to make it work - yeah, but they are thinking something different but that's the reason why I don't want to ask any person but when I film We could thank you. Yeah, anybody else you really want to visit me or message? Will you go ahead and very much. Okay. Bye. Thanks and have a great time. Have a great time. Alright guys, that was hurry and hurry. Just put a few light on how to improve your English. I think while being quarantined you guys have a lot of time. Which you can utilize if you guys are learning a particular language and I think there is someone who's waiting for call. Let's just take this call. I think this is the last call for the day because I am at one hour 41 minutes right now. So I just have 10 to 15 minutes. And yeah, let's just take this call. Hello. Hello. Hello. Hi. Good afternoon. Hi, sorry. Hello. Hello. Are you hearing me? Yes, I am. How are you honey? How are you? From Delhi and you from Bangalore. I mean your voice is, you know, not audible. That is why I am asking you where you calling from. So if he can get into a proper Network and talk, oh I think little bit not talking shoe, but I won't discuss something with you and I am coming here for learning English as well. Uh-huh. So, what are you doing? So I think you are a good initial. So that's why I am coming video. I don't know what that but. Yeah, I do podcast and I talk to people here. So yes or no. So, what are you doing in current? Days because this is a very difficult situation for each and every person I listen to music. I'm doing a little bit of gardening. I think today's the first day so I don't realize it as much how long are you using the self this app? It's going to be 15 to 20 days. Maybe that's a nice but it's my it's my second day. Okay, but I need a few kind of people like has you who can talk there. I can learn something new each and every day a lot of people doing podcast continuously. I think if you yeah a lot of people who talk about all I know got some are talking like I said dirty, I don't like the topics, okay. Yeah, she is. I am not a regular podcast Creator here below. I just calm down once in a day because I know it's a free for each and every person time next one or Big Mo. Otherwise each and every person busy in some day of work. I am a microbiology. Let's fan so I don't have time for each and every day. I am content with myself. Because I done a surgery so I am going to bats as Tazewell. Okay? So, how are you spending your quarantine time then listening to music watching movie? And on my Facebook I have a Facebook llama. All right, I would like to chat with you people. I am many front from Maya many friends from foreign, Japan China, Italy. Philippines they are not quarantined right now. Now they are quarantine most of the coroner's. Okay. One second. Yeah hurry. I just got your notification that you have sent a request to make a schedule and I will get back to you immediately after I finish with this podcast and yeshwant. Hi. Yes sort of. Yeah, if you don't mind, can we talk again? this broadcast I think I'm gonna get door schedule. So if you can possibly join that you should okay. So what's your profession? I'm into Graphics. That's a nice and what educational background Again, I'm from it. Oh, that's nice. All right sort of so yeah, because I'm running out of time now. It's like 146 and I just have five to 10 minutes. So I would like to sign off and sign off with all my listeners. So yeah, okay. Alright, so I kind of get let you go right now and then if you are online, you can join my other podcast. There are a few podcasts, which you okay? How much was she was is if I request you and Since I leave a message, yeah, definitely. Please leave a message. Okay, if you don't mind this type of things then I will try. Your name is Benny. Yeah. Yeah, that's what I'm that's my name. Yeah. I've been nice to talk to you. Thank you. Have a great day. Yeah, you too. Alright guys, I think we are running out of time and today well why I say I'm running out of time. It's the podcast time. I do have a lot of time today, and I may be I will connect to you guys again today. So with different topics, and if you guys have ideas of how to spend your days in the quarantine, and you guys can hit me a message shoot a message on open Talk. Connect to me on my insta or on telegram Channel and follow in there and guys who are trying to learn English if you guys are using telegram or if you guys are using what do I say Instagram just connect to me on my channels and I will definitely get back to you guys and I will start posting. I have created new channels in there. So I will start posting the content. Shortly, which I have not started as of now, but I will do so you guys can follow me on those platforms. And if you guys have any questions get connected to me on my mail and so being quarantined is great guys. Okay, stay home. Use your time. Smartly. Don't get out of your house is unnecessarily if you are safe right now, you might live to see the world changing. Okay, so don't get out. the see you spend this time with your family. I mean, this is the opportunity that you're getting make great use of it and see there are a lot of people out there who are risking their life for us like this the policeman there is the doctors. There are the truck men who are driving across the highways across the country with medical supplies, and there are a lot of other people who are working. Out yet. Okay. So appreciate their efforts don't get out of the house unnecessarily. All right and stay safe. Those people are fighting for you know, those people are trying to keep you guys safe because any one of us getting into trouble will cause trouble to more people. So rather why add to the trouble let's add to the well-being of the country and the learner. I think this is the wrong time to call. But yeah, I Yes, I will take this call. Hi. Elmer says I'm waiting since long time when I will get chance to talk to you. Um, are you need to connect the call? All right, I can proctoru any the common right you have to call to get and I'm going to do more podcast today. Okay, so you can join me in my other podcast to hello. Hi. Hello. Alright guys. My maximum time of podcast is on the verge of end and armor. I will definitely connect to you. You don't have to be sad about good, and I'm sorry to all the guys that I couldn't connect the calls we can see when I get it onto a call and I'm talking to one person. It is really bad that I cut off the person and get to other call. So if I have not connected to you guys don't please don't feel disheartened. Please come back. My podcast and please do connect. I will definitely make it a point that I talked to you guys and since today not just today during the quarantine days. I will make it a point that I come back and make podcasts and talk to you guys. So yeah, you guys can suggest me topics in the comments sections and also in the inbox. Okay. So yeah, you guys can connect me there and definitely Italy we talk about it. So suggestions are always welcome and you guys stay safe. That's what is important right now, you know, it has been a great day and let's keep it great. And if you guys cannot help someone out of COV ID at least only someone who's going to be spreading it. Okay, so just stay home. A Mercedes, please. Do one podcast with me because you are kind-hearted. I'm a run. I'm doing podcast. You have to hit me. You have to send me a request on what topic you want to talk. Okay. So if you suggest me the topic we can go ahead and talk about. Okay. So yeah guys I'm going to do a few podcast today one of which will be about suicides and which a very close friend of mine has. Suggested and I think which is very important to talk about. So, yeah, please stay tuned to my channel hit like if you have like the podcast follow and if you guys like to get in touch check the places where you can get in touch all my links are available in the bayou. So have a great day. Mahi very wrong time to call right now, but then let's talk. I do have a 5 minutes Hello. Hello. Hi Hi. How are you? I'm good. My where you calling from? Hello. Sorry why you calling it from? I'm from India. What about you from India? My see I'm running out of time. My podcast is going to be over within 5 minutes. Like I can speak with the two minutes. No problem. Okay, so yes, I just turn it are working idiom. No, I'm not. Student I'm working. I'm a techie so you are your sweet voice. Hello. Hello. Hello. Hey, come on. So where are you from Bangalore? Well, I must have been good which area Rogers in our I'm staying in Malaysia from? Okay. Good. Yeah. Are you quarantined? And how are you spending your time now? I am in my Village. I am standing in Bender. Know what I mean to say is Bangalore is shut down. Yes. So all who are quarantined. How are you spending your time? So nowadays is my already colleges all day. That's why I'm staying in my Village. Okay. Okay, great. Yeah, so the topic was about staying at home. Yes. Yes. Yes. Of course. Could you give me any solution for me? Just stay home. Okay. Second one get out unnecessarily but will doing so what will you do in my room? What will you do in your home? Just toasting do something productive read a book or listen to music if you are like and which is your favorite book. Alright guys, so they spent well in quarantine and not getting out of your house is a good day. Okay. So everyone say Stacey e if take all your precautionary measures and make sure you don't get out of your house unnecessarily stay healthy and God bless you guys. I will be back with another podcast today and I We'll schedule it and if you guys like to join up you guys are always welcome. Have a great day. Stay safe again, right guys. So yeah, this is Vinny and I'm signing off. Listen when he broadcast and hit button hard. Thank you are in thank you for urging the people to hit the heart button. That's really kind of you. So yeah guys like are in says hit the hot button, which is really important. So yeah. Have a great day guys, and I sign up for the day. Bye.