Good evening people. This is really and I'm back with the podcast for today and I have not made a solar podcasts for a long time, maybe two to three days. And so I think I have got back today. So today's topic is actually about traditional practices. Maybe it Indian or we it any Asian practices. depending upon the kind of country that we belong to okay. So since the modernization, I think there are a lot of things that have changed in a country like India and it has had different effects depending upon the time and people and the areas. So yeah, that could be simple practices like the schooling or the habitat. You know the kind of Living and a lot of other things. Hi Rajesh were hi. Hello. So yeah, like I was saying I'm talking about the traditional practices in India when I say traditional it's not religious, but all regular other practices that we follow in our day-to-day lives which have changed through time and which have had different effects. So we are So actually in India, I mean it used to be like people used to follow farming a lot. So we already have a column for the day. I think I'll just take the call to continue talking about it. Hello. Hello. Hello. Hi. Can you hear me? Yes, I can. So, where are you from I said, where are you from? I'm from Assam. Well, this is an Italian singer anything. Hi Nathan. How are you doing? Mike? What about you? I'm sorry. What do you do? Oh, yeah, it means my occupation. Sorry, what are you studying? Hi-yah? I'm in 12th standard right now. Yeah, we are talking about traditional practices in India. Okay. Okay. So you must have seen there are a lot of practices around even in your city or town. You know that there are a certain steps for certain things some people. We'll follow certain rules to do it that way which is the Primitive I and today we are going to discuss the actual reasons behind it. So sometimes we like, you know, there are a lot of things. Okay, for example, there is a safeguard, you know, you shouldn't cut hair or cut meals at night. Hmm. Okay. So let's just watch the science behind it. It basic things like those we are going to discuss today. And if you know any of such things then you can discuss it. Understood. Yeah. Okay. So like there are so many practices, like people don't cut hair and nails at night. They made it sound like it was superstitious but in the olden days, there were no lives just because they shouldn't cut. Their fingers or you know, should they shouldn't get hurt or something like that. So just practice was followed that at night you shouldn't cut. Okay. So apart from that there are lot of other things like you have to sit on the ground and eat the food. Yeah. Okay. So nowadays, we don't follow it actually, but I think there is science behind it. Okay. So yeah, these a lot of such things are there. So if you have any idea about such you can discuss with Us okay. Well ma'am according to me. I don't think that there is any logic behind this activity, you know because it cut cutting nails at night. It may harm you that I don't think that there's any reason behind or any logic behind because it is because it is depends upon your mentality. Okay, and people from we're leaving in means in earlier means they who thinking is from belong from Near time they are used to think this this type of means thinking dirty. I'm not saying that we are talking about superstitions, but there are all apart from the that there are a lot of things like You know that is just an example that I have given you. Yeah, and that was the reason why people said that male should not be cut at man's heart apart from that. There are a lot of things. Like I said I even said while you eat food you have to sit on the ground. I need food. So a lot of logic behind it at in the olden days, but it was put in such a way so that people start following it. So these days we don't follow such This isn't there are a lot of things lot of such practices that we don't follow these days, but I think that should come back in fashion. Yeah, okay. There are a few things that should come back in fashion and should be followed like it is it is you're basically wanted to say that while eating people should not sit on ground is not it no no sitting on ground is actually good. Yes. It is absolutely scientific it has Been pushed in different ways. So yeah, it is actually good for the health. Okay, I agree into a professional life. And I know that you know, I just rush with my food. Okay. I just you know, I just take my decision and II have short time. So within that span of time I have to finish what I have and I eat it unconsciously, which is I'm either. I'm talking to my friends or unchecking the phone, okay. No, but that somehow hampers the food activity the food digestive later on where I'll explain it completely but then these are a few things which I could count on the fingers like eating food on the string and waking up early in the morning. Yeah, such practices. Okay. We are just talking about such practices. She's dancing is today's Traditional malpractices more not talking about malpractices traditional practices which are which should be practice actually, which should be good lose again. Yeah, right. So that's that's that's the gist of it. Yeah. Have you come across any such factors would you feel is a logical and You think should not be practiced? Well, I already as I already said that I don't think that there isn't any any type of logic behind this particular activity that you should not sit on ground or no need to cut your nails at night because because I don't think so. Okay, that's good to know. Yeah. All right. So yeah, so social and right. Yes. It was great talking to you and thank you for connecting to us. Okay. Thank you, ma'am. Have a nice day. You too, man. Alright guys. So yeah, first of all, let me tell you this topic. It's not about malpractices. It is about all traditional practices that we have in India see look there was a time in India where in people used to cook into a particular metal vessels. Okay, and which was considered healthy then and now in India, I think maximum in India aluminum is widely used and there is Teflon again, which is harmful. Said that it is not but then yes, it is harmful and it is having side effects now aluminium, which is widely used in the urban areas and in the village areas to prepare food. It was introduced by the British errs. Okay for a reason okay going back to the time when India was fighting for Independence a lot of Freedom Fighters or a lot of people who are writing or a lot of activists who were revolting against the British were put into the prison now the he's Guys these people had the strongest will powers. Okay, these people could just stay hungry for long long time and The Craze and in the patriotism was to a level but it was not just the patriotism their bodies were like that. You know, they were healthy their minds were healthy now British has found something that could break that okay, they started preparing food in aluminum and serving food. In aluminium because it has something called fluoride content which weakens your brain and then it affects the body. Okay, so we will talk about it more but let's just take this call. Hello. Hello. Some connectivity error. So guys like I was saying, you know the food that was served to the Indian people who were in the prison who were fighting against the British were served food in such metals that could weaken their immune system and also their willpower which was affected directly their brain and eventually When the modernization started actually, they started all these things in here. And then later on we have continued using these stuff because they are more easily available. Or maybe it's you know, it was the demand of the time also. but I think we you know, we need we need to research a bit on it because traditionally Indians used copper vessels in brass vessels and different kind of metals which Somehow directly or indirectly, okay added few nutrients or enhanced. Okay the amount of elements which will be important for the body and that is how it used to affect the body and it used to be people then back. Then you were stronger healthier and had a better immune system. It's not just the vessels that they use but apart from that. A lot of methods that were used on a lot of practices that we use which were traditional and slow. So while we can continue talking on this, let's just take a few calls and mr. Brightside. No, I'm not reading the book included before I hello. Hi. Hello Hi, how are you? I'm also I'm calling from Punjab. Calling from Punjab. And what do you do? I'm doing a study. Well, I am now doing all scores. Do you know about oil? Yes, I do. Okay, so I'm doing and after completing my alarm like after getting a desired band then I further study in for the country. Okay? Which country are you planning for Canada, Canada? Your topic is let's start. Traditional and practices means tradition or important or know, we can talk about the pros and cons like a good practice means reason is good or bad additional practices. There are a lot of things. Okay means just like I was discussing of sometime back. I was talking about the materials that we use Yes, okay. Thank you. Thank you. But even he was from Punjab and let's talk to mr. Brightside. Hello. Hello. Hi. Hello. Hi. Hi. Yeah, I can hear you honey. Yeah, hi. I'm mr. Brightside you from I'm from India right now, right? I mean which part of India the film part of India? All right. So yeah, please go ahead. I'll see that you're really interested in talking about this. Yeah, well Talk about from the truly anything that would you please elaborate more about this like user traditional practices. What do you mean by that? Yeah, I'm here to elaborate elaborate about a butt. The okay. So the way you are like reading saying that thing it made me feel like you were reading something out of it. No, I'm not the way the thing is what I want is like what is actually the topic. What do you mean by the traditional practices? And then I Make my opinion on that. There are a lot of practices in India traditional when I say okay, there are good practices and bad practices for I was just giving an example about the cooking techniques that have changed with time. Yeah, because because things are getting more organized, you know. Yeah cooking food in brass even in the like clay pots. And those are like very delicious food all the genes in them, but we cannot do that in my art model live in metropolitan cities. Even I live in kind of suburban area. Sammy ruler right now here even people don't want to do that. You know, yeah and things are getting modernizing and industrialized. I although I am from this part of India and try to live You that I have studied in both in the United Kingdom also, so everybody has a route somewhere from the ruler bad, but that I sense to belong to but right now they have to they cannot do that thing anymore. So it's not about leaving your Traditions or something. It's about It's not sufficient at that modern era. I think okay. Let's just let me just make this really clear and what talking about traditions of India. Okay Traditions come with cultures. No, I'm not. Well actually, let's talk traditional Indian practices English Hindi. So there's a lot of I got from your point. Yeah. I know when I say traditional, I don't know. The cultural practices like of a particular way of preparing your food or something. I'm saying about the practices which we find primitive in India. Okay. Yeah. So you're talking about on the India or although all over the world how people do that. I know India a bit. So I think talking about India is better because I don't know the cultures. I mean the traditional practices of other people. Well you see some it depends on The people actually I think we in India what our scene which is different from all the western or other Eastern cultures as like we are too good here too. Good to forget our or Traditions forget about everything we are too good to adopting some new techniques and new ideas from from the others and we don't give much credit to our own Asian cultures. You see Japanese people. They still could the food they used to cook like house. He hasn't exactly that is big. This would be very great. If you don't interrupt me in the middle of something. I'm making trying to make a point or social. So this is what I'm saying why Japanese people that it's example, even if you go, he's like the Maori they refused to adopt new cultures now Reese from New Zealand and Australia and somehow an American Virgin Island. They still want to live in the forest, but they're modernized educated but in India, we just adopt, you know different cultures and this is not I'm not saying it's wrong. You'll have to be modernized if you want to compete with the world, but the thing is you don't just wipe out what you are and adapt something something new because you're not good. You think that you're going to get respected by doing that but you're not. I mean no country no people. If you don't if you're not proud of your history and your tradition, then you're not going to get respect from other people my point the first point was that second what we can do in the modern era, but we don't have much think to you regarding that. We cannot go back to like centuries ago and cook food on the call and avoid and like clay pot or something. At least we can tear that thing. You know what I'm saying? Right? Yeah. I think I'm making point. I think I think people going to send. Okay, go for it. You were saying something I cut you off in the middle. I'm sorry. You were saying something then I cut you off in the middle. Please complete your statement. I already forgot about it. You can go on so that is what I'm saying. Like you have to keep your tradition also, but you don't wipe it out. You have to be proud of your print editions like when somebody ask you like why don't you cook food in your clay pot or something then we just are modern. It's because we have adapted for and Western culture that that's not true is it but I don't think so. I totally agree. So I have seen that I have met all people from all around the world. I have studied in the University. Then I got a job in a bank and I have worked with the people around the world and I've seen the Japanese people. I've seen all the people the Japanese people as too much concerned about that tradition. They are not going to do they're not going to compromise on anything, you know, they sit on the floor and eat and they still do that in the hotels and invest in countries. They sit on the floor. Any not on the table and how many of Indians have the guts to do that sit on the ground and they will they'll be like why the they will not do that. But I've seen the Japanese people have very much respect and I think that a lot of people invest and all of the world have a lot of respect for the Japanese for that tradition that I appreciate in C and their work ethic that they are like the best work at the guy I've ever seen in my life. I will. Okay, so that sounds great. Right? I think Point made. Yeah Traditions talking about reductions. It's not just that there are so many other things people tend to forget their own good things what they have got from their country and blindly just get into the shoes of some other country and you know want to be people are full of wannabe. I mean, yeah, I agree with that people are want to be especially I've seen in this country. I'm talking like too much. You know- and condemning themes that but this is what I've observed like people in India want to be like best and worst in people. I like Indian culture so good. It has a very great heritage you guys have order and for all the time. I've been trying to meet people like this dou P dou gold silver the Saudis. I don't most elegant dress I've ever seen the ghost laughs me and Britain and I said like no girls are seemed version that right now. In India. So yeah, this is something like that right? Absolutely. I totally agree with you. And yeah, I think that's what we are talking about man. May I ask you something? Why do you have star next to your name? Oh my God, not again. See everyone asks me that question and I still okay so you can feel the answer. I don't know how I got it. I mean I really don't so it just appeared from somewhere and everybody says I'll give you that. Well, I've been I've been using this application since last night and like I have I have the hosted a postcard many podcasts also and the one question I've been answering all the time is like sir. What do you do? Where do you live? And what do you do every single person? I got the mic to have on the same question, and I know how I know. His thoughts were going question to everybody. You see here. Yeah, I mean, I think that's the first etiquette that we introduced ourselves and what we do and I do ask that same question to everybody not just me. I think most of them do that. So I don't know that should be annoying if you know because you don't know everybody here, right? So you will never know anybody. It's virtual world, you know talk about the things. Let's say this is made-up name. I think your name is also made it. I'm mr. Brightside. I'm here. Okay. Okay, that's kind of funny. But okay. So the thing is when Revenge you are talking and on a podcast like this you just have tell what I think and what the idea of this I got like I understood right side. You have a topic I have this opinion and this is it do you agree with it or do you disagree with it? If you disagree with that? I don't have anything to say about it. I think if people will have their own perceptions and their own ideas about certain things. So your that's your eyes. I'm I don't know. Yeah, that was my idea. And I think this is how it's supposed to be because I'm not going to tell you like I'm not going to tell anyone all of the people I come across in this application where I live it's how I got to the United Kingdom people are asking like I have more tools motivated motivational speaker. Like no dude. I'm just a regular guy. I'm just here to talk to people and share the ideas or what. Thanks a lot of people coming from different spaces in here. R so it's okay. I think that's okay. Like people are curious right? So if you don't want to answer something to say no I do I refuse to answer that just like I know I do and then I said I'm from Central India and I refused to tell so yeah, that's okay, you know that is how it has to be handled. But then you cannot tell people what they should be asking or not, you know, but it is like things like let's talk about something else. Maybe I know where you from. It's not going to make any difference of opinion. It I really don't know what to say about that. But I think whenever I talk to someone I think I should know who the person I'm talking is. No one from where because your people call from different countries, you know, there are people calling from Bangladesh also Pakistan also, so yeah make a difference to me. I made a glow in the morning and see if she's from middle and see the - go does young girl. I think she's working very good profession. She's very funny. ET C added me a like we are going to help spark ghast. You also see is amazing and I'm seeing a lot of people from a lot of places. It's all overwhelming. I think I don't go stand up and ask your life. Are you from girl? Yeah. I she did ask me if I come back to the UK so like to meet me. So let's see. Well guys, it's popping up and I really thank you guys for that and mr. Brightside. It was really Talking to you. I have a few colors waiting in line. So I gotta let you go now. So yeah. Yeah. It was it was nice. It was it was fun talking to you and have fun. Goodbye. YouTube I agree with the fact that he says that the Japanese are staunch with their traditions and they do follow a few Traditions. I mean most of the predictions yet. I'm still in this time and we cannot deny the fact that the Japanese are quite at once and keep up with the technology and guys, there's one thing that we need to understand that modernization is not You know running away from your Traditions. Okay, we need to understand one thing every country has something to offer and India being one of the greatest and richest, okay. when it comes to technology when it comes to culture when it comes to Cuisine, I think a lot of things in India a plottable and have been a plausible for years and even after being ruled by a country like British, I mean the British people, you know, we still made it to this extent and just imagine if we still have the traditional ways of Education system and apart from that we learned from different countries what level of achievement we would have achieved today also, like people do not appreciate the languages guys. We I think we had a highest in the world for the number of languages that are currently there in a particular country, you know the kind of variety the kind of pressing. I mean the colorful we are so colorful. Okay. So yeah guys, let's not make other colors wait and let's take these calls and here we have the opportunity caparica. Let's let's talk. Yeah, we are really were style and we should be proud of that. Hello. Hello. Hi, this is Eric. Hi vasya, would you mind if I tell you that you are not Audible and could you please take your Michael little bit closer so that I could hear you is it? Okay now? No not okay now no, I mean, I don't know if it's just with me or guys. Can you hear me? Now is it okay? I think you need to check that again. Hello. Hello now, okay. What kind of? So let's talk about the topic on how social network will improve after the time. Okay. So the main topic we are talking about. Yeah, but you say that both voice is audible, but somehow I cannot hear above your speak. That is that is the main problem. So if he's saying something I might miss out on things and not be able to you know, keep up with the conversation. So yeah, so you can take another call. Hello. White guys, I think we've missed bhavya and I just hope but we are you try to connect with us again because I would really want to know what you want to say about it. So, yeah, hi. Hi. Hello. Hey. Hello. Hi, okay. So hi Heidi, where you from? I'm from that book. You're from Jaipur and what do you do? I'm a photographer and traveler. That's great. I'm Vinny and I am from Bangalore. Okay, everything. What are you doing me? I do a little bit of graphics and whatever time little time I get to spend I come and do a podcast in here and try to talk to people great. Yeah, so Control biggest traditional Indian practices. Yes. What? Do you know what you're talking about on this. I mean what I'm talking about overall practices in India the cooking and the practices that have been followed since years and you can modernization somewhere. We are showing the wave these things saying it's primitive like learning of Sanskrit as one part of it and a lot of other things like, you know the architecture in a India you know while we were not as modern then, you know in olden times there is such a powerful architecture and the kind of practices like the Rangoli or the cooking or the traditional, you know things dressing sense or whatever could be like today in today's time. We have come to a place or They have come to a point where we are questioning every other practice in India, you know, it's like, you know 11 jappo. So it's basically a city ever been to Jaipur. No, but I think what you're welcome, right? Yeah. So basically it see in Rajasthan. If I don't code my CD, it's basically a combination of new and old okay if you if you can do The older side you will see all buildings or like an actor so you come toward the new side. So you'll see a new whole new side of City months till people live another way that I mean I ver mean I have your shoes as well, but I have their duties as well. So do these modi's do people wear so I still believe that I still there starts on my ears. I love that Rajasthani way of living till now people who are in royal families still live. It's like yeah, the traditional lifestyle yet. Lee I feel that people mean in other cities if you see other cities and people are more like what do you want to maybe show for want to I mean maybe want to change the West Yeah, maybe you can see that. Yeah. Yeah, but I think people should follow I think people should follow our culture but I don't mind just getting I don't mind going to Club. I don't mind going to temperature. Yeah, it would be like that and I think it would be like that only you should be like embracing both both sides of like, yeah, true true and not primitive. As I said, I think those were more scientific sites and more scientific way. Is like you said you were more duty is duty is Right, which is considered to be good comparatively compared to leather. Yeah, because it's quite quite Cooling and stuff. You know that there are different. What do I say? It has its own features. You can say. Yeah, it is all old features than own feelings like yeah the advantages. I think it's a right comforter and everything. Because if you're someone who's walking so yeah, Comfort is all what matters right photos all over matter and people and I think we should promote are things like I was traveling. I was in Bali and a Solo Traveler has wealth was in Bali right? I was getting those duties there because I wanted to like I was very I had shoes as well, but I was wearing to Zod and Evan was seeing my duties and like, okay what is parent worries riding? So I feel we should Mode and we should mean I think we should show of those things that we have. Absolutely. Yeah, you don't just start to their culture or shift to their culture and we should promote our culture and show what we have join with join me with Jay. What is that? Totally one second above your price perik actually we can take one color at a time. So it's not possible to join to college at the time. It's only possible when we are doing a do it, which I'm not I'm actually on a solo podcast so I cannot add another call if there is one called which is going so that this cannot get like a discussion which you are asking for. So that's how it is. Yeah. Yeah, you could write about it. I can if you want to talk about something and talk about talk with me. You can write it down and I'll maybe I'll reply I can reply. Yes. Yeah. Yeah, so So you have a culture thing that you said Jay it is are absolutely right. You know, it is always we have to promote our culture and it is always a you can learn other cultures. Okay, it's not that you shouldn't but totally don't you know completely lose your own culture. That is what yes, this is what I said. I mean, I don't I'm not saying don't I mean don't go to clubs, but I'm saying dude, it's Deuce temples as well. Those don't measure. Architecture as well. So this is what I'm saying, like if you and just love my city and its remoteness of the always. So if you see my Instagram on your from Jaipur, okay, so basically my yes to my Instagram handle is a pooka Banjaara. So basically so basically the comment section So basically, I always removed my City because I feel that you know, when I was when I shifted to Delhi I was I was doing mass communication in Delhi. I went to Delhi and it's only 250 kilometer from the upper animals are even worse like your English good your Hindi is true. I mean this kid that's like 250 kilometer from here. Yeah. It's kind of stay here. Yeah, you're in this fight. Right mind is fine languages, right? I mean I studied in a convent school. So what is wrong with it League two people have no idea about Rajasthan. And when once I was talking to a customer care of some website, so in the middle of conversation, she asked me like you're from Rajasthan is everywhere sand dunes and was everything. No, we have lake. So that is sad. Yeah, I mean people have no idea. Yeah. I mean people talk about wandering around the world looking at places. And how much do we know about our country and we know about the pieces and what they actually are nothing zero you asked if you are somebody like where you want to travel or where you want to go if I give you a 1 million dollar they will say only in Actual places they have no idea about India. So basically I do traveling. I mean, I do follow traveling. So I think I'm old school or exceptional in this case. I want to travel India like crazy, you know all the places which are hidden and you know all the culture which is like what its underground culture. You know, that people don't know about it much and media also doesn't cover such places. So yeah. Yeah, I mean we don't show our things. This is what I'm doing like I do I was doing really I mean I'm doing the largest one in Rajasthan trip and I was showing my niceties and as far as doing other cities as well. So this is how I started I was I started showing my city first and then I started traveling in virtue. I started showing other cities. So basically, you know what you are saying like you want to see India first and old school. I think this was old school. I think this is You want to experience your culture your group when I say old school. I mean, I'm old school when it comes to tourism is modernized. Everybody is like I want to go to this place. I want to go to International places. I want to go to people want to visit temples and other countries don't want to go there and visit the temple, please look at your country either of wonderful temples like, you know, so that is the main idea and I make a point that whenever I talk on a podcast and I meet people in here, so I definitely tell them I want to visit your city and they're like, yeah. You're welcome. You know, I just so if you visit Bali you will see more temples. I mean in Bali so people worship God more than India. I mean people respect God more than India. So we're seeing that I was seeing that people in India are not respecting God more than Bali people. So but we don't see such things like India, you're avoiding it. We save you don't believe in God and we don't do that just razzing me should believe in eating or do what the quality is necessary is ended. Yeah true for me it is I mean and I think I mean I'm not saying I really feel stupid for people who say Don't drink don't eat non-veg all those things. I think people should believe that you should be first. You should be a great human. Yeah, then I mean avoid drinking a white meaning excessive. Everything is bad, but bad. Absolutely, but you should be more like I mean being a human is a or you know outgoing and understandingly. Yeah, I think in India, we have always preached the same thing. I don't think we have as an Indian Screech like you don't do this or don't do that. We are always open to you know, new things and that is the beauty of it. I mean, I know we are open to everything but nowadays mean There are like she would be a losing losing losing it because see too many. Gurus are there too many too many political influence our they're going on they make you mind such way that you just start believing what they are saying if you if I talk about like if I drag on my family they were like they were eating everything and everything was doing great and they started believing in some Guru Ji. We've had no drinks. No knowledge then they suddenly drawn into a vegetarians. I mean, they were non-vegetarians. Now, they always experience hunting has been in the blood of Indians. Yeah. I mean you would royal families. I think yeah. I'm doing it some part of so if you're there are also princess who have been kings and queens. Who have been vegetarian that's just different story. But I think we have had a balance of both. Yeah, it's okay to follow what culture you're looking for. If you want to be a non-vegetarian, that's okay. If you don't want to be it's okay, right? So J is it it has been a pleasure talking to you. It's been so great. And you know one thing which guys if you are listening Jay has put his insta handle. The comment section, so if you would like to explore that for and also follow J you guys can hit. Thank you for joining me. Thank you for watching and say thank you. Yeah, and I'll also make it make it a point that I follow you because I have not seen Juniper and I will definitely want to see it right, so thank you for calling. Thank you for being with us. Thank you Day YouTube Yeah, that was Jay and he is from Jaipur and like he said that you know, it was just being modernized. We are some we're losing ourselves. We are losing our traditions and traditional practices, you know while we are talking about professional practices and the science behind it. Like Jay said that he still uses duties or more Jody's as it is called. So if you guys know what it is. Good, if you don't just Google it you can see it. All right, so yeah, using leather and other shoes see these are a mixed mix of culture. So if I am saying that using GPS is good doesn't mean I'm saying you shouldn't use leather now, it's your personal choice. But then while we are talking about professional practices the old practices in India, which have been followed like wearing khadi I think comedy is the best kind of fabric Okay, so With a kind of it is it is good in all climates, you know these days we use different kind of fabrics which are mostly harmful for us or you know, the irritation or skin and different kind of problems arise not just fab Prix guys the kind of what do I say Food Kitchen where that we are using, you know, we are using a lot of plastics or other type of material. Which is not good. So while there is a practice of using such. Metals different kind of metals still which has been followed in different parts of India. And if you guys have ever had a chance to taste the food in such vessels, you know, like the clay vessels or the iron vessels. I think the taste differs not just the taste but also the nutrient content. Okay. I also believe that the traditional practice of You know water like in the olden times yard there were people who is to directly go and take a dip in the river. That was a different story. But these days people, you know, just stand under the shop which, you know wastes a lot of water. But before they used to be a time where people used to heat the water in Copper vessels now heating the water in Copper vessels added. A certain amount of nutrients or some effect to the water which was good, which was soothing on the body and used to help in a better way. Okay, people used to throw coins in the water. I think this practice A lot of people are still following but I would like to tell that in the olden times the coins were made out of copper. I'm throwing copper in the river. Made the water alkaline and it helped, you know in Immunology immunizing people but these days coins are made out of steel and aluminum aluminum. It's only going to have bad effects. So don't throw the coins in the rivers. Okay. So these are a few things that were followed before. All right, not just that like eating food. While you sit down on the ground with folded legs guys that has been proved. Okay, it is absolutely scientific and it helps in the proper digestion of the food and it also avoids a lot of other problems. So not just talking about basic practices, but also the practice of waking up early in the morning the olden times lot of people followed the practice of waking up. Early and not just an Indian culture or Indian tradition, but their overall globally this is an accepted fact. There is also a saying in English early to bed early to rise makes a man healthy wealthy and wise now just sleeping early and waking up early wouldn't make you healthy wealthy wise right, but it was put in such a way why because a man a person who raises I mean wakes up early, you know the early races Rays of the sun hit you one. Secondly once you wake up early you see the morning and it is really motivational guys, you know from a personal experience waking up early is the best thing to do so apart from these if you guys know other Traditions, which you think should come back in fashion. and should not be ignored you guys can talk to me on this topic now up like I was saying like Jay said that ends are poor there is a part of where it's there is old architecture. There is new architecture and people are a combination of the culture and also modernization and any country. I guess guys. It has to move ahead carrying its Traditions not leaving it back. Modernization is great. If you want to be like a particular person or if you want to follow a fashion of a particular country great, that is great for a change, but that doesn't mean we believe back all what we got all the knowledge all the power. You just leave it and then you chasing a different culture. Okay, so first of all. I would also like to point out one thing that maximum problems in India today are new to such programming there have been agenda spread across India that are cultures or whatever in India, whatever traditions we have had are superstitious or unwanted or primitive know guys that isn't true. Great scientists across the world have been inspired by Indian Scholars, which we need to be proud of. We thought the world use of a lot of things which we should be proud of. Okay, so not just those things guys apart from that a lot of other things India when we are talking about traditional practices in India, and we do not talk about yoga. That would be Injustice. All right, so people from across the world travel to India to learn yoga guys, and I'm not just making this up if you just Google yoga, you'll find 80% people from outside India who are following this practice. Which we as the citizens or the Youth of India. Laughs When ramdev Baba on the TV does yoga. Okay apart jokes apart guys. What? In today's world, there are deadly diseases which are coming up. The outbreak of the coronavirus guys, how how can such a virus? Have an effect on people. India has traveled like for from such a State okay from one particular condition to today's condition where we are counted in one of the greatest country. And don't think that we have just come this way by following America or following some other country. No guys. Our culture is the best is one of the best. Okay, when I say culture or traditional practice guys, I don't mean religion do not link it in the wrong way. Okay, so traditional practices also counts with a lot of other behaviors, right etiquettes guys Indian etiquettes people applaud Indian etiquettes even today. People from India in the olden times. We have had great people. We do have great people today also, but I want to talk about people who were there and who have left a mark that cannot be erased people like Swami Vivekananda. people like so Abdul Kalam and there are a lot of other people which I can just keep counting. But these were the most humble people in the world. If you see these were the most humble people in the world with the best of etiquettes. They respected people they were humble. There was no arrogance. People talk about Bollywood Stars people talk about world cultures. How much do we know about our culture guys? How much do we know about our Traditions our practice today? The company of Colgate says you should use salt to brush your teeth guys. We have been using salt from the time of atoms. In India people used to use charcoal and salt as you know way to brush their teeth. They used the stem of neem trees. Which now people now now the country at the modernized people preach that we have mean in our toothpaste and we have sold in a group is where is this coming from guys? This is your own country's knowledge. And that is coming back to you. Now after you guys are just you know broken your teeth with all that unwanted chemicals, but that that's a different story. All right, this is just what do I say an example? Okay people tell you that. You should use a particular thing like charcoal today guys. Charcoal is like a rage, you know, charcoal products are a rage these days people use charcoal face mask people use face wash and everything. Okay coming to utility utility products. Like there are a lot of utility products available in the market which are using lemon and salt and different kind of Extract. Okay. So now what I have to say about this is while the Indians used these things directly previously the world laughed at them saying that oh my God, these people are using such things. But today worldwide people are using extracts of the ingredients which Indians used way in way olden days. Okay, which I think says Hanuman Chalisa distance from Earth to the sun. Yes. We're racing there have been a lot of other things not just the Hanuman Chalisa and I think there have been different cultures in India which which show all these drinks, you know, they talk about the nine planets and stuff. So, yeah, we were way more advanced in the previous times, you know, and in today's time, I think we We are chasing modernization. I think modernization is good. You know, what I believe is modernization is gold walking with modernization going ahead with modernization is great guys, but at the same time carry your tradition with you do not leave it back because you will be lost in the world of globalization. People across the world can identify themselves? If you go to a world Summit an American will identify as an American and he will talk about the American a Japanese. We'll talk about being Japanese. But if you are an Indian and what are you going to talk about when you are just chasing globalization and totally ignoring Traditions while we are talking about this topic. We will continue talking about it. Let's just take a few calls and and we'll get back to it. Hello. Hello. Hi. Hello. Hello. Hello, can you hear me? No, I cannot. Is it okay now? I'm sorry, you are not audible. Is it? Okay now? Can you wait for just a few second, please? Yes, please. Yes. Is it okay now? Is it okay now? I think we should connect again. Okay. Okay, then. Are you going to leave the call? And please connect again? Let's connect. Yes, please. Yes. Hello. Hello. Hello. Yeah. Hi. Can you hear me again? Where you from? Are you film? Where are you from? Hello. Hello. Guess where you from? Yeah. Yeah. I'm from Bangladesh. Yeah, I'm doing service. I'm leaving in Dhaka. Okay, uh-huh. Hello. Yeah, whatever to you is tell me something. Well, I do a little bit of Graphics work and I do a few podcast here. Okay. So yeah, what do you have to talk about today's topic? Yeah now is very dangerous situation with affected in the world by Corona. Okay. Now all that other countries are infected by Corona, but now Indian and Bangladeshi situation is very well. An India has diet or even three people yesterday. Vodka our our countries now, he says safely know people has died in our country. Only three people affected. Those are those are came from outside of country. So when I see what do you want to talk about means today's topic is about the traditional practices in a country. So what do you have to say about it? It's already the traditional practices in a country. Hello guys. It looks like we are really facing some Network problem. I tend to lose people on the call and eventually, you know, it gets disconnected without even talking. So yeah, Kunal says if he's unavailable here so going to want to stay here already canals that she Choice. Hello. Hey, can you hear me? Yes, definitely I can hey, how are you? I'm good. Where are you from? Good night. America America, I knew I want to ask you a question. Okay, what is the difference between pick and choose? What? the difference between pick and choose the difference between pick and choose. Yes. Why do you ask that? What? Hello. Hello. Hello. Hello. Hi Hi. How are you? I am fine. Where you calling from The Mirage? You're calling from Mumbai, right? Yes, very good. Okay. So yeah, what do you have to say about today's topic? Yeah, what are you doing now? I'm discussing a topic about Traditions. Okay. Okay. What are Bangalore reward Wrangler? Yes. Yes now is Bangalore? Okay. I'm just calling from Hey Abby. Hello. Hello. Okay, guys guys, let me you know, just check what is wrong with the application somehow. I tend to keep losing people while they're on the call and which is really unfortunate. I don't want people to think that I am cutting them off guys. Please understand and again, I repeat we are discussing an important topic about the traditional practices in India and in different countries, let's just put it that way because I keep getting calls from different. And let's not just make it about India. But while we are in India, it's nice if you can talk about it. So yeah, we have a few colors again, and I think let's just take hello. Hello Hi, how are you? Good welcome. I'm from Bangladesh are you from? I'm the restaurant. Okay, great. Do you know me do you? Do I know what? Do you know me because I know you very well you do. Yeah, that sounds really good. I don't know you bad. Because before when a one hour ago, we are we are we are doing the conversation with the another angle another Bangladesh person. So you think I was yeah. No, I think you got me wrong. I was not conversing with a Bangladeshi person and I have been on this podcast from four o'clock. I bought a mistake. Yeah, it's possible that there could be a misunderstanding. So what is our topic today's topic is about let's talk traditional practices in India. Okay. Let me just go through the comment section. Once Rocky says hi. I wanted to say something. Yes, Rocky. You can say why don't you just connect and then we talked and which I think says he loves the tradition of Bhutan. And you're the only person I have respect for this application Rocky. That is a great thing to say and thank you very much. So yeah, they're mesh. So what do you do that image? Hello. Alright guys, I feel like I have again lost another caller in here. So hello. Right guys. So while we were talking about traditions and that mesh was here and he happened to mistake me for some other person. So that's okay. But hello. Yeah. Can you hear me now? Alright. Sorry. I still can't hear you. But then you can talk. I think I just hope the listeners can hear you. Yep, what's the wrong? Exclude? They are way you can hear me. I'm sorry again. Was the wrong actually there. I mean where you can't hear me? What's wrong? I really don't know why I can't hear you because it's really paint in there. Actually, I'm new here. I was hearing conversation-- some other people and I want you to hear me first because I'm giving you my attention. Yeah. I'm so happy that the other listeners also hearing me the same time, but I want you to hear me because I think you are. I mean you create that you created the broadcasting called right? I'm sorry. What? I mean I want you to hear me first. I'm trying I'm trying hard. Really. So tell me, how are you? I'm great, but I still can't hear you. Oh my God, what's going on? It's like second time there. I'm trying to talk to you here. I mean, I'm trying to connect with you. But why what's here in my side? Everything is okay. Okay my network. It's a strong signal but the problem. Is there any problem in your sight? I really don't have an idea because I I spoke to a few people now and their voice was quite clear and I was able to converse. Then but I can hear you but it's really really faint. You know, I have to try and you know, try really hard to understand. Oh my God, I feel sorry. I feel sorry for the problem. I mean I'm really sorry because you are trying your hard to understand my words. Where you from again. Can you hear me now? No, I'm just trying to hear you. But then where you from? Oh, I'm from Bangladesh you are from Bangladesh. Did you say why what's wrong? I am really really sorry, and I really cannot hear you, and I'm really trying hard. So I really request you to try. Once again, please please come back guys. Can you hear him? The listeners could anybody just comment if you can hear the other person in here I can hear you're very clear. You know, your your voice is so clear to me. Oh, so should we try again? I mean should you try again? Yeah, someone is saying that yeah, they are hearing us. Everybody can hear you but not me. That's really bad. Oh my God. Someone is sick. Not me. Not him. That means the only guy you are the girl saw him. It means me. Yes. No, yes. No guys. You guys are confused me now. Should I try again? If you are like no way you can you speak a little bit louder? Oh, can you hear me now? Yeah a little bit. Wow, that's great. I'm feeling happy that you are hearing finally. Okay, I lost you again. Sorry. Hello. Yeah, can you hear me now? I'm trying I'm trying your best and I'm trying my best to get more closer, but I don't know. What's that actual problem actually? Can you hear me now? Well, that's really sad. I still I just can hear as a something saint but I am not able to hear you properly. You're hearing me just like a robot. It's really really low. See the someone has commanded his voice is really low. Hello. Hello. Hello. Just like hello. Okay. I said yeah, we can you hear me. Yeah, I'm good. I'm good. I'm good. Yeah, so what's your name ma'am? I'm going whinnying whinnying am from Bangalore. luck. That's nice place. So yeah, like I was so interested to talk to you. It was my wish to talk to you and have time with some have you spoken before? No, not really because I told you I'm new here in this app and it's quite interesting. I was listening to your conversation with other people. Okay. It was so nice like you guys were talking some informative conversation. It's it was so nice to know nice to so like I asked for a call and I found a option to request. And I did and it's connected. But unfortunately, I'm not you are not able to hear me and that makes me feel sad. All right, that that makes me sad too because I'm not able to hear what you say. So I think you are hearing me update because you are answering my words like what I'm saying? Yes, I'm hearing you but it's really faint like I can catch a few words and I'm trying to make some sentences out of it. So yeah, maybe hey, you know, you are so kind because you are not hearing me properly. But still we have passed more than almost like 7 mins. Oh my gosh, so you are really so kind. I mean you had so many problems to hear my voice and You did your best you. Okay. Could you put it would you please tell me your name? I mean if you can tell it a little bit louder, so yeah, my name is Ahmad. Your name is? Okay. All right. I to do this, but I cannot hear you and I'm really trying hard to hear you. But if you really wish to come back to this podcast and try to connect again, so it would be great if that's possible. And I think I'll try to disconnect the call and then you can come back and try to connect if you don't mind. Okay, let's try again. right Hey guys, I really feel sad about it. But then I had I had to let go so we have another caller in here and let's just talk about him. So yeah, I think there is some network is hello. I'm inaudible to okay, so I was just going to your panel sessions. I feel that it's very interesting actually. So yeah, people are taking like a mostly people who are discussing on education's or other product like chronovisor, but discussing on traditions of countries is very important nowadays. We are forgetting everything. So you just started the root actually where everything is dependent. So yeah, I love that commercial. So I missed I to interrupt you. I would first would like to know where you calling from and who you are and what you do. Okay, so I've mentioned my name is j and I'm from Delhi, okay. And I just coming from my office. So I just open your app this app and then start this listening your conversation. So that will be very interesting. So I am input so just want to highlight that part I guess like input for you not so I Come From The Village area. So we're maximum people are following their Traditions. Very very, Way actually so what's happening when I'm going from Delhi to my Village area. I'm saying that people thought is still on that root and they are very fit here. We are just not like a falling-out additions in Delhi, like if I'm in a capital city, so people are not following that Traditions. They are just following tradition just because it's some some people highlight that things so that is the reason I believe we have to just understand out route. And like I mentioned on my comment sections where there are so many things already written. Okay, and we I'm engineer by profession. So I know that something like a and I'm very traditional actually as well. Okay? So I just seen that so many things already returns and if I talk about the hidden Hindu Traditions may be a Muslim traditions of also have something written the same way. So I have read some in Hindu tradition. So I know that that like the Hanuman Chalisa I read there we're already retains in 1000 how we can calculate the distance from our two sons and which comes after 1400 years later. Yeah. Yeah, that is already written back. I've been need to solve that puzzle. So if everything is already written because of people saw it coming on like a mall the Shadows they are not Del educated they came from anywhere and they started giving a speech and everything if they are educated they will have every we cannot say that all of them but a few of them. Yeah few of them not if I say not one out of a hundred definitely 60% people or not. Well educated 40% 40% or the always gurus are educated but somehow they also are not able to translate that tradition to our root of the people, correct. So that's this is my input. Correct me if I am doing I'm saying anything wrong. No, absolutely, right? Towards people can make them understand and some cannot save some look like they are spiritual creatures, but they are not that is what right? Right? Right, right. I mentioned about the vote on our survey where our world did server like volt operation did survey that Hound which country has the maximum number of high happiest. Persons who turn was the number one country and they are very poor. They are very poor. So just because they are very rooted to take editions. They are very rooted to the great addition. They are happy with that that what they have, correct. So is this also like a when we are following our traditions we will have some kind of satisfaction in our mind. Okay, and the tree which is connected with the roots transform. That is right an important message. I think is me running mostly towards West a lot and we are trying to just deny our little our tradition. Yeah, that that that's the point I have you can connect another person. So maybe you can take another input. Maybe I will be also be aware with that thing. Some important things and about how our traditions effectors and he spoke about the country Bhutan and he says that being not I wouldn't say it's a poor country because it might be rich in Traditions or their practices or they do have their own plus and stuff. But if they are not real they are not The nice as countries other Asian countries and yeah, maybe but they are happy country which he says according to a survey it has been found out. So yeah, we let's let's quickly take calls and I think we are running short of time. So yeah. Hello. Hello. Hello. Hello Hi, how are you calling from? Hello. Hi. Hello. Hello. Are you calling from? Yeah, hi. Hi. Good afternoon. Good evening. Hello. Hello. Hello. I think our color is not actually active currently and we seem to be have lost him and Hans is please follow me. Hello. Right. I am not able to take this call somehow High Rocky your back. Were you here before by any chance? Yeah. Hello. Hello. Hi Rahul. Hi. Hi. Hello. Hello. Can you hear me now? It's still faint. But yeah, I can hear you a bit. Oh my God. Can you tell me what's the problem? I'm really disappointed. It's hard to say, but I still I can hear you this time. Really? Yeah, not as good but yeah little faint II do understand your words now. So, what's your name? Actually, my name is Vinny. What does it mean? It I don't know what it means. But that's that's that's the name. Yeah, that's nice. So, I don't know like I just got by lost my interest in the you know, like I'm really disappointed. I was I was in a mood to talk to you. I mean not only talk to you. I mean in the like a broadcasting call or something. I know the people maybe like more than 300 people are hearing right now listening or call or something. Yes. So I found that you are really responsible person. You are a very nice girl and you are talking with the people with passion and with respect. Okay, great responsibility. So I was like adjoining this application like new. I'm new here. I don't know how to use it for public or something. Just like I was hearing your conversation and I'm like, okay, I hear that you are new to this application and you do not know how to use it. So yeah, I know that you are getting tired, right you are getting with the beep or maybe you are hearing again. And again the same worse, right? Well, it's okay. It's okay. Alright that there's no issue as such but if you are new to this app, you can use it. You know, if you click on the home button, you can see all the people who are live and you can join their podcast like you have joined mine. You can request a call and join the conversation. You have joined right now. And if you click back if you click on your profile, you can see the likes and follows that you have got and you can edit your profile. If you click on the center of the application where there is a plus sign. There are few options. You can see your inbox. You can see that you can request for a call to someone and also you can go solo which I usually do. I click on the go solo. Button, and I start talking. Okay, and eventually when people listen they want to join and they even connect and they comment. Yeah, thank you so much. Thank you so much for you. Yeah, and I hope to see you again in my podcast and if you find them interesting, all right, you can visit my profile and yeah, someone says that your network connection is really low. Yeah, I don't know what the problem is. Is somehow I keep getting disconnected from the college these days and I really don't know what it is. I think the network so that's just a joke. So I meant man. Oh look is always good. You know, I always do my podcast on the mobile internet. So that's that's okay. I don't know. Okay, let's not talk about it. All right. Hello. Yes. It's laughing. No, I use the Act II use Airtel and which is good, you know gives good Network in our area. So yeah, I do know that see guys I don't want to stop trying to Market something or you know, you know I use this or you should use Already have of people commenting in the comment section and go coroner. So there may be strong signal for air till or something. Like I mean, yeah, I lost you again. I still can't hear you. Can you hear me Miami little louder, please? Should I sing? I don't know you gonna complain to your actual box office or something. Okay. Now you sound like your whispering eye. I still can't hear you. So have you face the problem make before without me? Yeah, there has been a few times that I do get this kind of a problem and but usually it gets solved on the next time when they connect, but I don't know with you what the problem is happening. So the trust me I'm not infected by coronavirus trust me, and I don't know what's happening. No, no, I didn't I didn't say that. No. No, I'm just joking, dear. All right. All right. That's okay. And that's good to hear. Actually, I really hope nobody gets infected by the coronavirus. You know, I feel just let people be healthy and strong people are saying that your network is infected by Corona. Is it? Yeah, maybe yeah. Alright. So yeah. Yeah, alright, so I just hope that the next time that we connect, you know, I can hear you talk. Yeah, okay. Yeah, I mean II really don't know what to say guys. This is really annoying. You know, I really feel bad when something like this happens, you know, if you guys are connecting to me and you know, it's always a pleasure talking to you guys. And if something like this happens, trust me, I feel really sad about it, but I really appreciate the I really appreciate it. I hope that you yeah, right everything will be okay and They will fix their network service in a better way, and I really bright. Thank you. Thank you for calling and do connect, you know further. So yeah, if you if you like my podcast follow me and you know, you can request a sorry. You can request to join my podcast in for the podcast. All right, so, thank you. Thank you for calling. You so much Queenie. Bye have a good time guys. It's really, you know, it's really saddening that I don't like to hang up on people actually, but I trust me I can you not hear him at all. So let's let's let's take this call and I just hope that hello. Yeah. Hello. Hi. Hello, Vinnie. Hi Rocky. Where you from? I'm from West Bengal from West Bengal. Okay, and what do you do? By profession I am working. I was there in Bangalore. Okay and Mark Lee okay as equality. Yeah, right, maybe more routinely what you're talking about. But yeah, okay. Okay. Yeah, so Rocky you have connected to us today and the topic is talking about traditional practices. So what do you have to about it traditional practices means means there are a lot of practices in a country those practiced traditionally, like for example the way of cooking the way of dressing the week the way the use of a particular transport or you know, the particular what do I say worshiping techniques anything traditional practices in a country and how the f What should I do for what should we do for it? Well, we are talking about some practices see there are a lot of practices which are condemned. Okay. So yeah, it could depend on the people what they they want to do. Yeah, there are lots of things or doing right? So it's all what do you think there is a certain tradition or practice which you condemn that you don't like or do you think there is a certain? Traditional practice which is there and which is scientific and people should know that the scientific. Yeah. Okay. Hello. Yeah. Hello. Sorry. I'm not getting your point what exactly you want to say? See we are discussing the traditional traditional practices in India. Yeah. Yeah. So like for example, there was a practice of throwing coins in the river. Yeah. Okay, but that was when the Conch for me. Brush brush. Okay. Okay, how is wines are made out of aluminum or steel? Yeah, definitely. Yeah. Yeah. So I think that Tradition now it's not valid. Okay, you mean to say that I'd escaped the by the aid of the our tradition. Yeah, go to happen. Yeah, but apart from that people in Olden India used to heat water in. Copper vessels and then they used to bathe themselves out of it these days people just bathe under the running water inertia, which is and at the same time wasting a lot of water. Yeah, the previous practice of using a bucket and a mouth what bidding which is to use way less water and efficient. Okay. Yeah looking about such practices there are packed. Is with Pros also their practices with console. So so yes that you would like to highlight you can discuss. Yeah, definitely. There are lots of things that could be skip day by day what we can say like this the best we are talking about our celebration our event day by day the people right now, they don't celebrate like that. We are just we had celebrated in our past time. Nowadays people don't say bit like - so it requires Change Is Now by any reason why it wouldn't be different type of reasons. It's depend on people how they say. Okay. Yeah, I'm with you on that. Yeah, what do I see? I still haven't come any idea what this topic. So anyway, thank you for connecting the rocky. Yeah. All right guys, that was Rocky and he was from West Bengal and he says that people do not celebrate. Festivals, I guess I assumed he was talking about festivals and I think yes, there was a time where people used to wait for West festivals and they used to celebrate it and they used to be cultural Gatherings and stuff. But these days cultural Gatherings are kind of waste of time people only talking about So hello. Hello. Can you hear me? Yes, so I actually trophy is really good. And yeah, I have been recent it about 40 minutes ago. Yeah, so so definitely good if we talk about the practices and traditions, so it has also include the Customs which are used. That is Nelly. Okay. Yeah kind of yeah, I add you know, there are so many no practices. We are implemented or where you know used in the past. I was like, yeah. Yeah. So in this time actually currently some practices also is a being on these going on. For example suppose, you know, yeah, the back is one of the practice which was you know. Famous in the past. It was a very dangerous, you know practice or Customs after a date of husband the wife the wife had to take a jump in the know in the fire of his husband. What we will called The Practice are you You are talking about City practice the practice is that okay, that is may not be considered a tradition you can say because it is a cultural thing. It was of one place, but I'm to highlight it here all the Primitive ways which people say in today's world. They say primitive ways of cooking or, you know, a following a Kind of Lifestyle. I'm talking about that Sati practices and home. Yeah. Yeah. I thought that I thought that it is regarding to the practices. It means the discuss. Olden days. Hold it. I get it Customs. Yeah. Okay. So as you mentioned recently that the copper we did in the past the Copper Pot was used for the barking and An end nowadays the Copper Pot has taken a place of package and mug, right? Yeah. So these are so many things which are outdated and now our living style has totally changed. We are using the new new made new. Marty fights objects like yeah, we doing that. We are trying to get closer to the West are we eating because that is classy or that is the right way, but I think the traditional practices had some science behind it and which helped us to be to maintain a healthy lifestyle then yeah, definitely. Yeah because If you go to see the outbreak of coronavirus and other stuff that there was a practice in India, it's always been there of cremation. Okay, people made it completely but then latest practices there are the electrical cremations and other stuff which is eventually releasing unwanted. What do I say? Thank you Ed and eventually affecting and things like these come back. Okay? Yes, definitely. Yeah. Yeah, the traditional living style really great. And now we are using a modern we are living in modern a so obviously the some some objects will be outdated and we will have to use New so as a as as per the example I want to do here that we used to we used to use our when I are gonna organized no farming. Right, right. Yeah. Yeah, we used to use some new manner to manner. I think use for the farming but now we are using fertilizer. Yeah, yeah. Yeah, so it's obviously very harmful to our body and it can be a cause of cancer also, but but we haven't any remedy against it because because we can't use the organic as like manner or manner. What is I don't know the exact word for the woman because it is also because of the environment right now because it is not you know as wrong and it's not giving the desired result people who want quick results and you know quality is look down and quantity is what people want people want faster foods and higher yield and ER so that is one reason people have been taking. Yeah, if you wouldn't even if we talk about the seed or Mission or seed creation, so definitely the CDC did you see that? So the the new Acknowledge the I didn't knew he te the seed are for me which are really getting it too much a large amount of crop right? But but that they are not so healthy like, you know, jawar or wheat, there are so many very verities are invented. But in the past we may might have seen Holy One variety was there and he that variety it was it was really the powerful for the body Isn't it did you get my point? I get your point and thank you for connecting with us on this call and I have just ten minutes to wrap this up and thank you for throwing some light on an important point which is the farming and yes guys the traditional ways of farming I think were leading quality crops and these days the GMO and every other thing. He has come up and which is somewhere affecting our health. Thank you for calling sir. And you have a great day. Thank you. Again. Thank you. Thank you. See you guys that was mr. Gajendra and lucky. What is what is up? All right. Yeah, I'm hosting the program like always and I have a few other calls colors in line and guys, I would want you to know that it is one are 46 minutes. It's I just have 15 minutes maybe 14 minutes, but which the podcast will be concluded and so colors in line are a lot though. Hello. Hello. Hello. Hi. Hello. Hello. All right games are 47 minutes and hello. Hello. Hello. Hi. Hi. Are you getting my voice getting your voice? But I do have very less time. So, uh, hung up speak of like. Can you tell me your topic? It's about traditional practices in India. Whoo-hoo, but I don't know anything. Okay, so thank you for connecting lucky and thank you for all your wonderful comments, since we are running out of time. I will quickly take also if you really have to say something. Go ahead. Hmm. I don't have anything nice to talk with you we can thank you for calling. Take care. Have a good day. So yeah guys that was lucky and two more colors and very less time though. Hello. Hello. Hi Hi. How are you back again? Yeah, I was running to my room. I did that and then I thought that I need to discuss no. Okay. So I was just listening organization say about the coin that we are sinking in a river, right? Yeah. So I believe we have some misinformation like misinformation kind of things when the tradition is you started. Okay converting that Listen according to their like Comfort. Okay. Okay, so then they are like in my family if I say, I'm from North. Okay, not so what's happening when we have to we have to practice certain Traditions. So when we are not able to fulfill that decent conditions, we find out the our comfort zones. Okay be mixed that Comfort without the reasons and the people who are around the people who are seeing. That a reason the things okay. This is the Traditions now. Okay. So, you know actual Traditions is like changing as for the people of seeing. Okay. This person is doing these things. Maybe this is the tradition that we need to follow and actual traditions of people of auditing because of that like a mission from a you have seen the some video available on YouTube or Facebook where misinformation how how misinformation can communicate it to everyone. So nowadays is social media that people can verify the Earlier, there was no social media nothing right? So when he just some traditions like are our grandfathers and my mom they have everything in their mind site. So if that they forget something they they want they've all got something to add in Traditions. They put according to their comfort. Okay, and people think okay. This is our grandmother. The reason they are following that the reason we need to continue that tradition and they modify that a result according to their confirm. And so that's the reason I believe that few Traditions are just missing protections. Yeah, definitely like if I say about the question system, I'm not a hundred percent sure, but I read somewhere that okay, people are thinking some coin in like and not like silver coin. So when doing the king era people are thinking of gold coin because they are demanding or like a dare ask you something. Dirty, but that they are what I say in English. I don't know which dishes they are asking for some basis to will get fulfilled and in return are providing something so like a on Temple or something where they given the coins that will be used by another person. So they are thinking okay. We had to think that kind to the river so that nobody can see it. Okay. Nobody can take you so that the reason I believe they People are migrated from silver or gold coin to Silver can now they are sending a sinking everywhere. Okay, this is a tradition. We have to follow. Okay. Thank you with a again for collecting and sharing your knowledge with us. And now that we are on a verge of concluding the call guys. Thank you for listening and thank you for connecting. It has been great time and trouble Traditions three cells tradition along with Superstition. Things are nonsense know. SRI Productions are a different story and superstitions are a different story. Do not mix them and lack of knowledge in both may lead you to you know these things. But actually if you research on it, you will really know what why these Traditions are made and I think guys I will sign off with just one message that you know from the land where you come, you know, people have survived up till now. With these traditions for a reason they aren't mad to follow it and reach up to this level. So if you think before commenting when I say commenting not on this app before commenting on a particular religious tradition or something try to take the time and first understand that particular concept and if you can if you have understood then you definitely have the right to speak and give your opinion about it. But if you really don't know what Particular tradition is or why it is being followed. If you don't want to follow it, absolutely. Okay, don't do it. But then if you if you see someone following it before condemning that particular practice, I think you should try and find out what y as to why this practice has been followed, you know, you might definitely get to know certain facts about it whether you would like or whether you would not like it, but it's always nice to take that time and understand. I think before, you know getting wrong ideas about it. So this has been a healthy conversation guys, and I really appreciate you guys joining me in this podcast and thanks for all your valuable comments and valuable information and I will sign off saying that we come from a land which is rich in culture rich in all other tradition and knowledge. There is no harm in. Acquiring knowledge guys acquire knowledge find out about your roots. Okay find out about your roots because without the roots you are just on the user on the favors of the air I can say, you know, wherever they are takes you you're going to go. So when I say are just don't chase random information, which you get online blindly. Okay, find out about your roots and make them strong. Okay, that's how you're going to stand tall and you you are going to be identified no matter how much you deny that you're from this culture or this. If you move out of this culture immediately people are going to recognize that as your recognition Okay. So before you condemn any of your Traditions just go back and try and learn it understand it and then you can decide whether you have to it or like it. Okay, and in today's world, it is really very necessary to be connected to Our Roots because it's really easy to follow. Okay. So yeah with that. That I would like to conclude today's podcast and thank you for listening guys. You guys have been great support and I just hope you liked it. And if you guys are listening to hit the like button and command con. I think we do have a very less or no time at all right now because I'm the clock is ticking 1.35. So there's actually no point. I I might just take your call and then you know, so I'm sorry, it has been really late, you know, it is difficult to conclude any conversation with in this short period of time, so I apologize for not connecting to you right now, but I definitely hope you will come back to my podcast later again and do connect with me. So guys, thank you for connecting. Thank you for listening. Hit the heart button and let me see the hearts popping out and If this conversation has sounded healthy and if it does connect you somewhere with me. I would be very happy guys. If you like my podcast connect to me follow me and hit like Sledge the let the hearts pop up. All right, so you guys have a great evening. You have a good day and I will definitely come back tomorrow at the same time in here with some other topic, which I think It is important to talk about and if you guys want me to talk about a certain topic just shoot a male or send me your topics in the inbox requests and I will definitely talk about it. And you know, I do have a few requests which I will talk about eventually one by one. So yeah, thank you for being the great crowd here. And thank you have a great evening. And so I sign up for the evening today. So guys. Bye-bye. What I do if I was I think you have two minutes to talk. Alright, so yeah, let's talk. I think those two minutes are gonna go in the connecting. Alright guys, so yeah, we sign up for the day and you guys have a great day. Thank you.