Hello again guys actually facing a little bit of network Calypso apologize for you know. Closing a dropped Lee and I think we'll talk now about confidence and I don't know somehow. I think that the network isn't helping me today. I think it's kind of weird Okay, so let's talk about confidence. I keep You know keeping I keep getting a cut off from the call. I don't know what keeps happening. I think my previous called just went waste so I hope you guys are listening. So like I said again, let's talk about confidence today. I think which is very important several times. We keep speak about confidence and a fear of talking and All the problems that guy's face, you know due to lack of confidence, I think. Confidence is an integral part of today's life, you know today is life. Not just in the professional manner for the professional life, but in every aspect so yeah guys, let's pick a few calls while we start discussing about it and stay tuned. Hello. Hello. Hi. Hi Ivan. Hello. Hello. Yeah, I decided we should go see ya. Am I audible? Yes, you are now actually I was misled by some time back. So now you're clearly audible. Okay? Yeah. Yeah. I was very much very much interested at that. You you are talking today one confidence. So I will I just wanted to share My Views also on this particular subject. Wow, I would love to hear that. Yeah, it is as you told that he has confidence is something which we always require at any either. We are a professional or any place. So what I totally agree with you on that point that yes, wherever we need to start a conversation, like I also had to gain some confidence to send to one request here to get added on this podcast. So this A bit of confidence is required. But yes, it's just like us confidence what I feel that it acts as a salt to our food though without having a the about the basic confidence. We won't be able to explain our self or to express ourselves. So it is the it is the ingredient with which we sure we can express ourselves in a better manner like you You do many podcasts say for example. I'm just taking a hypothetical example. Don't take it personally. Yes. I am telling that say for example that you are doing this much of podcast and say if I am doing some some podcast, but someone some people will listen some people will not listen sometimes I am having 1000 listener. Sometimes I am not having a single person also, so but what we need we need the confidence to be consistent and to continue on our Our own goal and our own path. So if we are not confident on ourselves, then no one will have a confidence on us. Also. So confident is the basic thing which evolves in and involves into consistency and into your performance. Also, what I feel that confidence is all about in case to start the conversation. Also, we need a basic confidence that yes, we need to speak of any to express ourselves. All we need to say hi to the another person as I was just hearing some of the you may set and Ted Talks also, so the speaker is very into like this. Yes, if we are sitting in a seminar or something like that, we need the basic confidence to say hi to the another person sitting beside us or something. As needed I guess and you know a lot of times what happens is people miss that ingredient okay with you said, you know confidence is like a salt and I guess that that is totally agreeable. Okay, and it is I think a lot of people agree with I think maximum of them start a conversation. I think it needs a lot of confidence and if you don't have that there. Then I think a lot of things will be lacking. Okay, so it is very important. I think it's the most basic step towards any anything, you know considering it. It has to be it's a virtue kind of a thing you can do it. Absolutely. So any other any of your life case examples you can share that on confidence where you were something that yes. Oh mother a gem was a minute for us all confidence my ho Tito bought the cheese which are either in any case who has a case for life. Is that little ingredient or little power? You know, I'd sometimes he misses that triangles. So it's not that I am always this confident when I talk to people. Okay, it takes me lot of courage and a lot of you know confidence. I mean, I have to gather a lot of confidence to talk to people one-on-one. When I'm in real life, I think my personality is as such that people generally judge me to be very cold or you know, I have an attitude problem or something like that. You know for sure. I appear that way to people which I'm not. Okay. So basically that's a judgment. So it takes me a lot of effort to you know, break that thing and get out of the zone and talk to people and make them like, you know, so I said yeah, I'll have one such case like I was in my college and you know, we had to you know, whenever we are in engineering I guess, you know, there is a presentation that you have to be absolutely and we get segregated into groups. Okay, and I was put into a group of people who are like very how do I say mellow kind of personality? Like they don't talk to people a lot and I talk to people but then I don't open up very early, so I didn't know how to start that conversation or how to break that ice. Yes. Absolutely. I was just about to tell that he has one is the ice is broken. Your turn effortless Kista Rao's involved and how the amount of confidence that you know, she is at least you can say hello and look I am so and so and you know, we are in this book, so can we discuss stuff together? So I think that putting putting for that particular sentence also gather so much. I mean it needs so much confidence. How many as I left? I agree with a now it is not such a difficult task, but when you're there in that scenario it is like oh my God, how do I do it? Yes. Absolutely. It also happens to me. Once that probably eight years ago. When I started whether it was my first you may see speech also something that I was presenting something and it was the very first presentation which I was giving I the eight years ago. I was not a public speaker or something like that the same case was their mother. We were presenting something. But into a training of community Psychiatry, so on the last day we knew we had to present a project. So accordingly my my group was then I was just leading the group and I was just presenting the the project project was all some everyone liked it and the on the basis of project. I was a winner but when I started to present that thing though mother whose simic has an argument I also there was one man one of one or two mentors also, so I just followed them as they were speaking as that they were communicating. So on in the morning itself. I just called him that sir. I am confident enough that he has I will be speaking all these things. I have made the complete script ready and everything is sorted but it's a problem that when I start to speak that from the subconscious mind, there are He's not getting filtered and coming out of my mouth. That is the thing that yes, I am getting many input from inside that yes, you need to speak this unit to speak this unit to speak these but from when I am speaking only one what is coming out so it results into stammering. So when the mic is in the hand mother were it's totally when I was totally blank on that day. And again, but yes, I tried the best but obviously wall that all the things when we didn't had the Winner's trophy. But yes, it's it was something that initiated the it initiated this as a spirit that yes, I can speak if I try. This is a matter of practice only that yes, if we try to get to know new people and yes, it's my passion. Also that DS every day. I tied to Mid towards in new people so A I got to learn something new from them that yes, he has a method there is something something or other which is there in the person's like I If I ever am I am speaking to you for the first time. I don't know even I am just following you that we are say you were speaking on many interesting topics on the podcast. So like on that day then after it started with a confidence that yes, we can speak we can speak but again the Change was there in I was in my first public speech mother but it was around 1,000 students. And the person who was the person who was supposed to present. He was a mentor and he was about team leader also, so he was supposed to give the training on his subject matter, which is not my subject matter. So but due to some of the contingency is he I regret to reach on time on the day of event and the the hall was a house full of and 1,200 students. So we had to do something or else or we are completely gone. So on that day, I it was my first public address, which was not my subject. But still I managed to cover those 45 minutes and in front of 1,200 students. And from that day, I was I am confident about public speaking. Yes. Give me Mike I can speak anything from for an hour or so. You know, it is not about killing your fears. It's about having your fears, but then to Ho how to beat them. And yes, it's the confidence that I can break through these fears and you know come out on the other side and I will be good that I do it. Okay. So I think that one thing comes after you face such a situation at least once because once you are there you face that fear. No you are all scared, but you You will face it and then you know, oh, yes, I can do it, isn't it? Absolutely that thought in your mind, you know that I can do it. First has to come. Okay, Doki Doki guy can do this in which it is it as difficult as it sounds so the moment you get that little thought in your mind. I think that that little spark is enough to brighten your entire future like, you know, it keeps burning and burning brighter brighter each day with practice and the kind of effort you're putting in and how You know create an impact with it. Yes, but just just as I just mentioned confidence as a salt for the reason being that in case salt is a bit more if other good numbers are ahead those could taste for a spoiled her rotten. So it is the main ingredients. Okay. That's why I refer to confidence as a salt only because a little bit of more. Confident leads to overconfidence and it leads into our organs and attitude and mother just have but that Oakley is what people think that yes. We are much a rogue and can see by the carrying a reply properly Meek Mill. Aha May adjust appear to tourism confidently matter of confidence in math or is otherwise a Tow Mater of it can spoil everything truly. I totally agree on this. Very nice example of you know, comparing confidence to step aside. I guess I think what is the most important ingredient and I think there is no dish that just goes without soil. I mean the regular one. Okay, but absolutely the suite of course you don't use salted but the point is where it is. It is the most important thing. Is it yes, I think it adds up to the tastes of your life like it adds up to the presentation of you. I think that is that is a very nice thing to say, I think and very well put you know, do take you have put all these points very well in one little time and I think that that is what we you know lack a lot of times, you know, we missed out on that part that confidence is like so important. You know the amount of confidence the measure that we put in it was an absolute confidence. And in that you you might just use that confidence for all wrong things, isn't it is like what do I say about girls? Yes it there leads into men knee. The start of the are associated with many of the E cells and everything. So like observe many of the engineering students particularly and I'm not blaming anyone or claiming anyone particularly, but just I it's raw observation which I officer letter. Yes at the time. They are growing they're starting up. They are having a confidence that yes, they can do well and they are having some idea to innovate or something. Yes. Yes, they can do wonders. Yes. Absolutely. They no doubt they can do wonders here having the skill set. They are having X and everything but when if anyone is doing a confidence in them that yes, these guys can do we are endorsing them and you can count upon this you guys and you can go ahead with the work gradually what we have observed that after one or two assignments or one or two endorsements and each and everything. They're confident. Goes into something or like overconfidence or when they called get the first series a funding or first round of funding from anywhere from the Sanskrit funding. So yes, the confidence goes into returns him with them. It's a lie, just a mechanism for easy math receivers at the end of your overconfidence May convert your data so completely unhappy fishing and use ginger adrak. Yes, when the oh, these are though. These are the student that two month. We had endured some time off. Something like that freak out when I get home. I could have could coincide with Maggie. It's only gotten a ticket. It's okay. Hi, how are you? That's it. So likewise cahow, mother confidence Bartok thin line card difference a confidence and overconfidence name. I can only put me down as a user you have to move there to stop being confident in. Oh absolutely not be overconfident, which you say if I draw the lines of I think anything in limit is awesome. Okay, anything out of limits turns it turns the toxic. Okay. So yes confidence can also be toxic to couriers to friendships tribulations. It's I think anywhere it can just you know Works big total other way around what it it works normally. Yes in today's date. We need only one thing which is unlimited. Can you guess what is it? What is it gets internet? A lot of people now that have been getting it unlimited. I guess I don't think they are very they get bored with life. So I think an excess of anything is bad absolutely and anything excess of anything. She even if you're given unlimited internet for days, how long are you going to use it? We we a month or a year what after that you will get fed up with life, you know, you don't Want anything so yeah, excess of anything is writing not required. I think I that is my idea. But maybe if you think that Internet unlimited internet is something which can be better. So I guess there are people okay, but yes, it depends on that how you are using it? Yeah. We are using it is the prime necessity. I'll give making money than yours. Everyone is happy with that. My Gordy I think even the people who are making money out of it get fed up at times like how how long am I going to throw water on my face and I see internet? Okay. I don't want to miss out the topic but then internet is somewhere, you know, where you'll find people who love you and people will you. Okay. So even having unlimited internet can mess up your brain. Okay, you're going to look at stuff. What other people were thinking about it and the pure Peace of Mind eventually, so I guess let's keep it to the Limit. Yeah, I think that's all right. Yeah, we should schedule all about internet podcast open talks tomorrow at the same time. Okay, then we need thanks for having me. I need to leave now. So have a great day. I had I had a very much self great conversation with you. And yes, it has boosted my confidence again that yes, I need to work on things that we say. Thanks. Yeah. Okay then good. Bye. Yeah. Okay, guys, I was going to shake and we shake spoke about confidence. I think confidence and he has related it to a very basic but important thing that is soiled you know confidence is as having salt in your food and this is important, you know, it becomes tastless if there is no salt so I think yeah, you know. Eric says the internet has received much negative news coverage in recent years. I think Eric it is it's going to be there. You know, sometimes it's going to have positive. Sometimes it's gonna have negative. It's just that how a maximum people make use of it. If maximum people are making use of it for a negative reason, of course, that's that's going to be the outcome without any reason. Okay. So yeah next caller is money online and we are talking about confidence. So let's hello Hello. Hi, honey. Yeah, buddy. Good morning. Good morning. How are you? I'm doing good. And the topic is nice about confidence? Yeah. Okay. So what are you will use about confidence money your confidence? I think we cannot give a perfect definition to confidence because it's depends on people's it can wear it when some people yeah, so but we can say some common words about confidence. This guy confidence only comes from yourself in estimation estimation about yourself. It gives us confidence. Okay. Hello money. Did I lose you? Hello? Hello? Hello? Hi. Hi. Hi Manny. Yes, I think hello. Yeah. Yeah, sorry for the interruption. So get back I think. But most of the people confusing confidence and were confidence. Am I right now? Literally? Yeah. Yeah. We spoke about that. Yeah people you tend to forget that confidence is limited and it has to be used in the proper limiting know sometimes yeah, I think we cannot differentiate is very easily because it is very complicated thing. We cannot say Even a even ourselves. We cannot say whether I have is confidence or overconfidence. We cannot say this very complicated thing. Yeah, I think you should start analyzing it. When you when you start losing on to some things, you know, then you know that it is overconfidence in venues as you are into confidence to you. Feel it. You feel it. It's good. Okay, I think when we losing on something means that that's maybe more confident. I don't but sometimes car. Yeah, you are right and we can take the test measure but do you have any simple points to differentiate both confidence and confidence with its Simplicity please see confidence is when you know a certain thing. Okay, like I'm talking to you now and I'm talking on confidence. Okay. So if I know what I'm talking about, I know what confidence is. I know how it matters and how what happens if you know, there is no confidence in me and How I messed up things and stuff. So I have certain knowledge about it. And then I'm talking to you. So that will give me confidence. Okay, but I might have just half the knowledge of it and I am with my bra, you know confidence is this I know everything and stuff that is overconfidence. Okay confidence is when you know something but you are open to learning you understand. Okay, that is continent overconfidence is only I know everything. Got it, so which is eventually turning into aganst. Yeah. Yeah, that's right. So that is the basic example that I can give. That's good. I just hope you understood now. Yeah, okay money great talking. Thanks for connecting to me, and I have a few colors and if you don't mind, please take by be there in the session and we will talk more if you wish. Okay? Yeah, thank you. Thank you. Very talking man. Yeah, see you. Thank you. All right guys, that was money. And since we are talking about confidence, I think confidence is not just a term guys. It's complete huge package, you know, there are so many things that come up with it. And so we have a next caller when Krishna so let's talk to our women and find out his views about confidence. So hey Arwen. Yeah. Hi. Hi Winnie. Hi listeners. How are you guys doing? Good morning. Good morning again. A great optic by the way, understanding conference. I just had to join this call because as far as the topics that I love discussing just had to be here. Yeah, all of us talk about confidential. Okay all of us talk about it. Yeah. Yeah don't have the confidence to do stuff or I don't have you know, sometimes we mix confident with knowledge like we might not have knowledge about something and then we say like, you know, I don't have the confidence to talk about it. Yeah, you know we This very much required. I mean it is a need of we are that we start distinguishing these terms that we start using and you know, actually understanding them and in calculating them in our lives. So yes, definitely I got it. What are will tell me something about yourself. I think this is the first time we are talking and okay. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to do my own PR. Like I appreciate that. Actually I have my own channel. I have a show it's called. How are we doing on open talk? So we come on life Sakura XXX some days. We do it by weekly depending on let's have something to say. So yeah, if anybody is interested in go check out my profile and then you find the stuff from that. Yeah, and thank you so much for that. And yeah, we like basically what I've been doing is I've been playing leadership ever since opposite college, so I know how much confidence like how much confidence man. Because if you actually I didn't I think we all know people who actually possess the knowledge and the skills that it takes to do something but then you see them shy away from opportunities because you're not confident in themselves and I think day in and day out. We see a lot of people who face this issue. I think we can relate right? Yeah a lot of yeah, so yeah, there may be somebody who is really intelligent. But if you tell them to actually think that they actually have the knowledge to do they shy away from it because they do not confide in Themselves so they don't have the confidence come forward. Yeah. Yeah, exactly and the thing that everybody should understand his confidence is the driving Factor because if you actually want to achieve something it begins with confidence. It begins it putting your right foot forward total, you know? Yeah, so you have to know what you're capable of and have to believe in yourself and believe in your capabilities. But yeah, there are limits to that like you have to know you have to know when something is beyond your capability because that is when overconfidence Geeks in there. Yeah, it's like, you know somebody who's overconfident may say yeah, I can run this country. I can be the Prime Minister but been given but when he's given that Authority will be I do not know how to do this. Perhaps I was worried estimating myself that happens sometimes. Yes. It happens. It definitely happens. A lot of times. We think we can do great things and we talked about great people doing great stuff wrongly, but I think you know when we are put into that particular situation and that That kind of pressure and whatever the environment is. I think we may not be able to hold that thing because we lack certain qualities or something. So yeah exactly. It's easy to speak about being very confident and doing stuff but when it comes to, you know being put into a particular scenario working on I think that's where the real test is. Yeah, exactly. It's also like we should have the confidence to bring yourself forward. And I think what the better message that I would like to give as if you have friends or if you know somebody who's really capable of doing something but they do not have the confidence try to give a little bit of confidence. But even them yeah, let them achieve their potential and you know, that is how that is how great things are done. Actually if you look at the mirror, it is not just a really knowledgeable are good at what they do. It's just that they find the right people for the job in the keep everybody motivated. And you know, that's that's how they have this rebuilt. Totally. I think the lack of Doing things is important, you know what to do. Yeah, exactly. Yeah, you don't have to do everything yourself. But whenever you find somebody who can do it you believe in them and let you know let them have a shot even though they don't believe in themselves. We have to do that. I think it's all about giving that great push to Someone Like You know, go ahead do it. Yeah, so I guess it all counts in and to make things work to make things work greatly. It takes confidence. And yeah it did. Important, isn't it Rachel? That's that's how we do it guys. That's our Urban and urban Krishna. So you guys if you liked please visit his profile he's doing some amazing podcasts and that he has his own channel. Yeah. Was it surely? Yeah. Actually, you're me a cola episode on Sunday 7:30 p.m. So we are I think all of your subscribers will already be hooked into the head. So yeah, please make up for that come to that Shole as well. Will be loads of fun. We are going to be talking about us because if you think about it, there are a lot of wonderful and that really makes a change in our life, right? So there are a lot of movies that are molded me as a man as well. And and I think everybody can relate to this there are movies and books, but currently we're only going to do movies. So the movies that have made an impact on us to a heart and you But the movies that have actually expired change amongst a lot of people we are going to discuss those kind of movies and we're also going to be taking in comments and interacting. So please do come there is going to be a wonderful episode. Yeah, so I can't be done which actually you guys can think about what movies have made a change a difference in your life and you know, you guys can be prepared so that whenever when me and I will have this collab on Sunday 7:30 p.m. I guess you guys will tune in there and you know make it awesome. That is all I can say. Yeah. Thank you so much for me for doing this with you. I think I didn't get the chance to tell you this personally, but here you go. Sorry. I mean I did actually thank you for this. But yeah, thank you for collaborating with me is be fun working. Don't forget that. Arvind and we are collaborating really soon and I think confidence man confidence is something which has got is all here specially me you guys I think I have you know, there has been a great change in all my podcasts. If you have been following it closely from the first two now what I am so I think somewhere, you know confidence has changed us in different ways. It has showed us how we can change. JH, you know and whatever level be a challenge. Good morning everyone. Good morning. Hi. Hi Benny, like first thing before you even start anything your voice is so beautiful the way you present the way you like behave with other country. It's really fantastic. So it's really great. Now today is like today. Our topic is understanding confidence. I think for me. It's Totally different thing being a normal human what I personally in this and confidence is one thing but if somehow we know what we need to achieve in our life or what is the world limit goal and of the day is somehow we can achieve so now the confidence is one part and achievement is a second part it will combine together. So it's like a programming basically. So how you program yourself the moment you start that programming and let me explain in a different way. Like for me I think let's assume that if I have to do any business there is a basic fundamental of doing any kind of business or any kind of Fatima first. We need to have idea that need to convert into presentation and then primary feasibility study for the best buddy, and I got the Pfeiffer. So the moment you know, what you're doing to if automatically you will receive everything whatever you needed to achieve that particular thing that is That's a human tendency basically so you can Define and different phrase that we called it confidence or something like that from my side. I think this is what I can say about confidence and definitely I do preparation is confidence. Yeah, definitely. Is that is that so yeah. Yeah. So go ahead. Please complete. I don't I'm sorry to interrupt you. But yeah. So any one thing I just want to know like let's say because I'm very new in this application application. I just want to understand that let's say let's assume that for me one of my objective is to improve my communication skills and having you know, this is two three objectives, but for you as a training, I personally feel that very qualified girl. Very confident your what is your objective to be here and doing all the And this conference has just take a holiday this yeah, I think it's just extinct knowledge. I guess Shahrukh. There is no particular object. I just stumbled upon this application by this take you can say curious enough to try and find out what possibilities it's very nicely and I have been lucky enough to meet some great ideas. And the knowledge and in the long run it has it has changed me and it has added up to my knowledge and a lot of things, you know, it has just given me some good things. That's all I can say and I believe I'll continue to do this for a long time because it gives me happiness. I think I feel good. That is the only being happy is that yes what I personally feel that like the way you present yourself the way you can speak. Now the way you can understand even to other people also. Okay. I like it is not a suggestion, but we'll end of the day whatever you are practicing you can make it in a way where you can get profit from that. So let's say assume that now you have this application. You can even work on YouTube channels also where you can select a particular subjects and then you will have a viewers and then there is a lots of People I know personally somehow they managed to improve their communication then presentable skills and other thing and end of the day now they are earning a huge amount through YouTube channel and some other resources. So it is not only the YouTube channel. I'm just giving an example on so like what I personally see that your you enhance your personality you enhance your communication is called there's so many things you enhanced through this application or whatever way sure so now you can utilize and A manner there, you can earn money. You can earn Fame. Let's say for example when he is here and I think 2,000 people 5,000 people. Let's say they know her and they like her whenever she she's going to start anything any subject people are jumping and they try to join you. Now. This thing can definitely give you a confidence where you can start your own YouTube channel and through that YouTube channel, you can attach the so many different small. Dennis like id24 send some of the biggest I know the way how they're choosing the right candidate for their Channel specifically so this can be a great platform. This is what I can say. Basically, I think you understand what I'm trying to explain this. That's a great suggestion, but I haven't ever thought of it in that way, but then I think great suggestions suggestions are always welcome. And so maybe in future someday, I will work on that. But yeah now I think I'm not as perfect. Act to you know have a channel where I can put for these ideas and stuff. I think I say this is this is what this is what I was trying to say in the beginning and now I proved it also, so if you know what you have to achieve end of the day, you will achieve an in-between you will get the confidence. Now, you are saying that not having a confidence to start that General Howe it's a it's a very funny kind of thing because I can see I can see what I can see that you are perfect. Post you are having capability of do this. So I believe ciale. Let me let me tell you one thing. Let's say use you work here and you you made a situation where lots of people enjoying of your conversation people are coming. They're talking with you. It's really great end of the day what you are achieving. That is the most important part it let's say today you are not wasting your time. Even whatever time you spend on this application. You never ever waste your even single me. It so what you have to do basically utilize that minutes whatever you achieve whatever you earn whatever you can gain the knowledge and everything, you you use in a way where you will have a profit. You have a social profit. You have a social name like you you'll have Fame basically and then same time you'll have money also to fulfill your desires. Let's say you want to go to America London danmark to York Germany here and there you want to purchase the one of the biggest brands what they were. You want to pamper yourself or you want to do something for your mother father for your family for your Society? So how you can do until as you're not having a power you are not having a money or you are not having the right resources basically, so what I can say that just now you said that you are not having a confidence. How come what I can see that you have a great confidence what people can see over here in this channel. So I believe that I'm not saying too much because you are the host. I should not supposed to say that might be it. No, absolutely. You got all the right to say I connect to people because I want to listen to them. So that's yeah. Yeah, so it's really great only this I want to say and end of the day or end of the talk what I can say that you are really great person good personality and I hope always on this channel on this application and an even in future. Also if you have any other YouTube channel or any other place where you're broadcasting yourself You will have video or something like that. Hopefully I'll see you in future of growing more and more basically. Thank you very much. Thank you for the great suggestion. You know, thank you very much. Okay, yeah. Hi. Hi guys - connecting. Hi Frank. I'll protect ya. Hi Kayla, Jihadi Shahid and hi Shiva me again, honey, and everybody who's there down there? Okay. I'm so sorry. I couldn't reply to you guys because I kept taking continuous calls and we are talking about confidence with about which we have talked a lot and I really appreciate people connecting to me on this topic. And you're not sharing their wonderful ideas and experiences and suggestions and Shadow. Thank you for that. Awesome suggestion. I will definitely think about it not just about the prophets because I have these listeners in here and I really cherish, you know, the kind of support and love and everything that has been shot on me by them. So possibly I will take it as a future plan. I will work. On it, but it's going to take some time. It's not just going to happen. You know, suddenly So yeah, thank you again for the suggestion Frank. I'm not leaving this podcast for anything. Okay. He didn't ask me to leave the podcast. He gave me a suggestion that I can again add up another plot platform, you know, so crying. Don't worry. I'm not going anywhere. So yeah, we have $1 which we will take quickly very quickly and high Krishna - he's against oh, yeah. So College who are in line, I mean who are waiting, please I request you guys to be there. I'll take your call next. Hello. How are you? Hi, I'm good. How are you? I'm going down. Fantastic. What about you? I'm doing good going great. So humza, we are talking about confidence today understanding confidence. So what have your views on it? So I don't have any confidence and I don't know why because From the childhood I introverted kind of person and I don't know and now I can understand the importance of having confidence. And can you tell me how someone who was introverted in their childhood and now he wants to get confidence. So how and where he can get confidence? And in the words being introverted is just like a shy because like I was very shy and if I will speak to a another person, I will not speak. I will just shy and I will just remain silent. Okay, so I'm the first thing is that being shy is okay. Okay. Secondly, it's like, you know talking to people if you really want to talk to people you should try talking to them. Okay it Difficult for a lot of people. I have been introvert all my life and then I have changed, you know in the course of time. I started making enough work to talk to people people actually make the efforts to talk to us. And then we shy away. You know, that is the kind of personality trait we have but then the thing is somewhere we have to start opening up. Okay. Now I'll give you the best example this application. Okay in this application there have been a lot of people who are introverted but a great. Wait, they're doing awesome here. If you check out on and the one in the guy who takes the in interviews, okay, the interview, he's the current over of our open talk. Okay, so he is an integral word in his real life. He doesn't talk to ya but the problem occurs when you have face-to-face conversation because all this app, I'm not seeing you. You're not seeing me and we are talking. Yeah, but comes to public speaking if there are 10 people who are sitting in front of me and if someone asked me to speak, I will just start shivering and my I am not be able to speak in a good way. So India problem. Well that happens why a hums I'll tell you why that happens. It's because we start concentrating on the things like fear and everything. Okay, which is the secondary thing which we should not be concentrating on that start concentrating on your idea of I want to talk to people concentrate on the thought which is see people, you know, why we fear talking to people because we have this fear of judgment. We have a fear of embarrassment like if I say something All exactly same thing not like what I'm saying. Maybe if they don't agree to what I am saying, you know, it shouldn't be that I just get thrown out of the league, you know, so this desire of being you know, impressive makes us mess up things a lot. But I think you have two more concentrate more on being expressive rather than impressive express. Your thoughts. People will like you for what you are. Okay, you might mess up once you might mess up twice, but that's okay. We are humans, right? Right, we learn from mistakes and we need to keep doing it. But I also believe that money gives you the confidence and good level of Education core knowledge gives you the confidence and partially yes, you know certain status certain things give but I think there are a lot of people who are very rich may be very rich may have best of their degrees, but they still cannot gather the courage to talk to people so I think it's not about A particular asset or material that gives you the confidence should draw it is you who gives gives you no confidence for you to talk. You have to gather I think your thoughts make you what you want people will love you for that not for the money or stuff and if we if there are people who are loving you for the money and stuff that was a point of talking to such people, you know, eventually they're going to be temporary. They're gonna move up. Okay, exactly. I think you have to first of all start appreciating yourself because you're a good person. Person, okay, if you are good people will eventually love you you work on your knowledge of things. Okay, when so when you talk about it, you know people want to know more about it. Okay, so I think those are the things that you have to think about not just money and education. I think there are a lot of people in the world who are not educated as much but they have achieved great. Hi guys. So here I mean about academics it's not about education which is in croutons is learning, okay? Hamza so, but I think that having confidence is a by born ability. And if you don't have any confidence, then it is very difficult to get confidence and it will take time because I believe that this is by born ability the person who has confidence they are confident from their childhood. This thought is partially true. I see there are a few people who are born with the ability ability, you know, they are outgoing from the start like the extrovert people you can say, but then nobody's born with the confidence. You know. Nobody is born with that. Okay, it is all the environment how all such things affect us, you know, the kind of environment we grew the kind of people we grew with and how motivated we are about certain things. I think these are the things That matter rather than I don't think it is an inborn cable capability, you know confidence. Okay, it builds up over time it builds up with experience it builds up with the fact how you want to you know change things. Okay, first of all builds up with the idea of change. I think you have to first put that idea into your mind that CD. You know that yes. I want to change. I want to talk to people first make yourself believe that you want to talk to people. I think you should Start practicing okay the art of speaking and stuff slowly slowly changes man. It takes time. It doesn't happen overnight, you know, these things don't happen overnight. And if somebody does that, you know, you can boost your confidence in a day and in our I think that person is a liar. Okay exactly Keith magician two things are possible. So see we are you doing sums up you think we are all humans and I think we need to learn the art okay of being confident and If you are following this podcast from the start, there was a be Shea who said confidence is like salt. Okay, it is like salt it adds to to the taste of your life. Okay, but that doesn't mean without salt. You cannot eat food. Okay, you can't eat for but with confidence at gets tastier. Okay, so exactl equities. So first of all, just put that thought out of your mind that money and things like academics and stuff give you the The confidential note your knowledge. We are all learning right, you know little little things. So I think you should start working on it. Okay. Definitely. I will consider all your suggestions in the is the variable conditions and hopes up. We'll work on it and followed. Thank you so much, and they have a nice day. Thanks for connecting Hamza. Have a great day. Okay. Bye. Bye. Bye. So guys that was um, And somehow a lot of times what happens is we feel that confidence is something to do with personality, you know money or the background of a person or many other things but it is not related to these think it's related to how you have experienced things how you have known them how you want to do it? Okay. So you guys can hear me? Hello. Are you guys are you guys able to hear me? Am I audible by any chance? He says that the session is notice is it? Hello. Yeah. Hi Bean. Good morning. How are you? Yeah, I'm also fine and I was listening. I'm listening you're so you're so is amazing. I really appreciate you two gave some in you gave more information. You are having more knowledge about life and you gave all the idea. So Benny I think in my point of view and now I am coming in your topic list of understanding confidence, okay? Hence confident it will not come in one day like a if you will do same work again and again again and again because I am a good medic him II know how how to become good in mathematics and like is I got I got more marks in mathematics have a top and Mathematics. I were having full confidence. Why because I practiced a lot. I have spent more time and in in in means in inner peace, just whenever I am I was getting any free time I was Focusing in my mathematics. I was not focusing in any subject. Okay, so just like students confidence when it will come when you will take nect when you will one when you will focus in your business and you if you will do same work again, and again don't care about Society. If you will care about yourself, then you will charge yourself. You will get more men. You become confident and confidence it. Is it is it it's playing for Colonel in our lives if you are confidence if you have more confidence in anything like if you are driving if you drive car, so if you practice Lots then you will get some cordovan confidence. If you are in software field. If you are having more confidence, you will enjoy your life same thing. It will apply in every we're truly so gonna need confidence play important role in our life, correct. Totally. I think we tend to you know, mistake confidence with other personality traits a lot of time. And we think but no it will not help us like hums. I was saying I'm an introvert so I don't have confidence. That doesn't mean she being introvert doesn't mean that we cannot have confidence. Okay introvert means you are thinking about yourself only right? You are not thinking about other self other person him. Right? No intro it is these people there are introverts who don't express as much to people or you know, they don't try to get out of their comfort comfort zone and Talk to people and stuff. You know, they have their own Zone where they okay, great. They're not as outgoing as the the other people are so I'm so says that I'm an introvert so I don't have the confidence. So that is ending introvert is a personality trait confidence is an attitude. Okay. It's a plus point. It's a positive thing in us. Okay, so it's an idea so which huh? But idea when idea will come if you will do the same work again. And again, if you do any fuel take more interest, if you are not taking this somebody forcing you a you know, you want to improve your English then you are you are not doing your work. Just somebody puts you that's why you came in this app. This is forcefully nothing way. It will work in our life. So if you if you don't naturally if you will take and you really want to improve your English you should have spent more time. You should talk with different people and in my in my car in my point of view. I met OT guy. I like talk with a stranger. So this habit I'm I made for improving my English. That's all. Okay, that's great money is G. I think you know this habit is going to take you places. I think if you keep practicing so well and if you boost up yourself like this, I think you would be any mean the thing is is sometimes when I'm just you know, one different different every there. So I am spending more time individual app one is bodytalk bodytalk. I spend six or eight. I learned a lot of things. Okay, and one day I made with one guy. He's from Himachal Pradesh. His name is Spanky and we exchanged our number right now. We are talking with each other, but he know very will grammar and when he talking to me, he's going means he not talking the way I am talking because I'm going very fast. Okay. Well Mike in my belief system. It is totally different. I am native of behalf. I completed migration from right now. I'm in Bangalore and the guy yeah. Yeah, so we exchange our number morning time. We also talked and he is having more confusion. He still he learned all grammar, but he telling what he's can you feel how I will become fluent in English ideal know there is no any sort of curve. We should practice we should practice that's all so so we can you give some advice so that same advice I want to give to my friends and key. I think you guys need to slow down, you know, you don't speed up with anything. Don't rush with anything understand, okay. Practice and you know, there is a process for everything. I think nothing happens overnight, you know, so, okay. Thanks time good things takes time. Take time. Is it? Okay. Okay Benny. Sorry to interrupt you. We need salt interview. I want to read your comments and Priya Google money said he's so funny. Thanks. Thank you very much Hearts introverted. Not mean a person doesn't have confidence. Okay. Yeah, we were talking about that only, you know, we had a caller will said I'm a person is introverted. Am I right or not? I don't know introvert is similar to sigh person. Yes, it is totally similar to shy person and the person who is introverted person who is a shy person same person like a same person will not reveal. They will not disclose their personal life and they are having their having they are they are separate and they are thinking about means they are not talking about are there any other person am I right? And no shy people actually don't move out much, you know, they don't talk to people a lot. They're like they have this kind of fear. If I talk to people I don't know what they'll think about me and stuff. So I think being shy I think some people have that in their root behavior. And if we cannot change it we can change it only if we want to like, you know, you don't want to be shy you try and make an effort to talk to people and that's how you learn and the more you talk the more you learn. I think that is what many you know, I told Matthew I am I spending more time. Bodytalk, I spend more time in opendoc FM as spend more time in hellotalk in hellotalk. I made with one girl. Her name is ISA Isa and he administered line. So one day when I talk with her she told money is what type of benefit you are getting when you are going in different different. So so I told you are SI girl because you are not going, you know every day if you will eat same food same food again and again again and again, if you will eat you become 58 in your life. You should taste it. You should taste different different food. And I know where he will see Heaven goodness. She's having good knowledge in English, but she is also from my state CC native of behavior. But if I feel what I feel I told her I don't have any fear because this is like as if you are going in different different so and this show is just damaging and I know very well you are good in English during this is as amazing and when I listen you I feel like you are a native speaker in English, so If you will create your digital channel, if you will create your YouTube channel, I will send two different friend and then all will follow you. This is I will give you a hundred percent guarantee sure money is G. I think I will definitely take that suggestion and thank you for connecting with us. It's been great talking and okay. So Bennie Bennie add the line just to give some suggestion. You should give some space on this season. I should remember and same size and I need to pass to my friend Frankie that guy. Actually, he having you already finish all grammars and he having good a good knowledge in grammar. But when he talking he's having means he's having some doubt how he become fluent in to be good and communication. You have to start talking to people who speak well and start observing the way they talk learning new techniques like how they put their words for could put their thoughts for like, Like you have been on the open Talk isn't it? And you have been talking a listening to different podcast and the way different people speak. I think every person has a way of talking and we need to learn a little little things and keep adding it to her. You know, how do I say to our yeah keep adding these things to our Communications, you know and practicing them. So rather than just reading books and mugging it up. I think read books read. Loudly read novels listen to English podcast. Listen to English music try to catch words, you know, so that way you will keep updating, you know upgrade yourself each day and it will eventually show results. Okay, like again, I would repeat it is not happen in a day. Okay, if he thinks he can mug up an entire grammar book in a day and speak. Well, you know, very good English the next day that cannot happen. I think it is a long process learning any language. Just with English with all the languages isn't it? So you mean to say that it is a continuous process and when I met with my friend, so I need to give some suggestion like it is a you should practice mode and you should observe other people how native speaker or what other people are talking to you. Yeah, the art of observing. I think you have to observe things. You know, when you start observing things you start grasping them faster. It gets recorded in the mind faster. That is how we learn just mug. Going up things. You want to forget you'll forget one thing you'll forget the entire thing. Okay. Yeah, Billy, you know same thing also, it will apply in mathematics. If you mug up if you remember any formula, we will forward. So before I start to before you start my practicing in math, you should you should practice solve example solve example, if you will practice if you will go in exercise, then you will feel comfortable. So this is all about because I am having good knowledge in mathematics. Yeah, it's just awesome that you can you can connect mathematics to anything man. That's so that's that's it just shows your love for mathematics and stuff. I think money should G. It is gray talking to you. Thank you for connecting. Okay. Thank you. We need I really feel I really feel very glad with you because you are such you are native speaker of English. Definitely in future. I will come I am listening you your so every time you will create I will come in your show. Okay, bye-bye. Take care. Right guys, that wasn't an easy and while we are talking about confidence. How can we ignore the fact that the confidence that he has and the way he tries to speak and put forth his ideas. I guess language. No any particular language and that is gonna make you lose your confidence. Just think about the people who cannot speak at all that doesn't mean they lose confidence. I have known people who cannot speak they you know, they don't have voices they you know work with actions, but they have achieved Great Heights. Okay language is just a medium of communication, but that should not control you or hold you back from achieving Things. Okay. So you're coming back and talking about confidence. We have our next caller Harry and Harry. Oh my God. Thank you for you know waiting so patiently patiently on call I really hi Harry. Hi Hi, how are you doing today? I'm doing good. How are you? I'm doing so fine. Thank you. I hope I've gotten a Charo and everything is also find numbers Korea. So can do you? I would like to speak in Hindi maybe like that, huh? Okay. So let's just come here to Papa topic understanding confidence. Right? So like a man - think about things when family owns half lakh bahts another keyword introvert and because of that if I was like you phones like, you know, kibo a comprehensive essentially to Humber nothing but it's not something like that. So should we talk about something like how we can get a confidence how we can build a confidence in ourselves? Should we talk? What's up? Like that sure why not? I think we can definitely talk about that. Yes. Okay. So first thing is what I really think is there are many thing is first of all killed the negative thoughts. Okay, and have a positive thought in yourself. That's very important key up co-pirate Ottomans. Like you have just hand you don't have only thing pointing. Also you have to do positive things Angie you all of the sounded quality of second High a that's very Mohammed occur, they are a couple mindset Hotel German territory will be achieved in each ear. You can have negative things without calling it The be up you will go in a forward hundred. So do you have money gee? I'm sorry. I'm sorry. Hello Angie, so I gotta pick negative thoughts looking up at negative towards looking a and up an app Co-op and I'm cooking a you are the only one who knows everything or up a bit. Order up comic again. I think so confidence because things are not overconfidence. We get the right aha. So most of the fools like that we say like we know is everything. Okay when maybe throw does have a full y like most of like overconfidence with that. So that is also bad confidence is good. But overconfidence also bad at the same time, you know, so it's and how it's come. It's also the kind of negative thoughts. So we should always liked it. The second thing is when we like a when we go for something like I went up. Talking to you. Okay, if I work on my skill, well, okay by the practicing you can work on your confidence. Like if I may speaking to you. Okay, if I mean if I'm speaking English and I were practicing in English Okay, so mr. Potocki me catching this bowl around the musical be collected your confidence I ge ge ge ge huh? And second thing of the second baby. Bajoran is a million just like Kawasaki. Um, so you can groom yourself. Upgrade boost Malaga conferences, ha confidence Akash Utopias, operate motivate curtain EcoBoost cult appeal. I've met Alex oriakhi and it's an third thing. I would like to tell you is accepting failures why I am telling you Tessa as a failure. It's very good. You are here how me no matter may make you seem happy, but we currently support gospel ask me. I'm always we can always try to think positive. Hammam is a polity when he could scarce. Okay, but as we human beings are social animals, okay, and how many If things could be denying he constructed somehow, but I'm so so that is very important when you're talking about huh exercise exercise is very important exercise because once you are doing the exercise, you will be how many of exercise correctly. The coffee that has a healthy recipe mentally physically and also socially healthy, right? So it's very important to doing exercise being grateful. Yeah always keep smiling always meeting whenever you meet somebody, please always keep smiling. Please always it's very beautiful like other pieces. My lemon is a smile case of Milton cosmic energy with you always been a confidence no matter no matter of upcoming with the alligator academy or small small small Habits Like a small habits and time management is very important as we are in a human beings other we are not having a discipline life like a good bad time management. You are bad. So for dad by the practicing hmm for cons do the things that make you scared. That's very important. We always say do the Things that you love do the things that you love do the things that you love but somehow you're in I still in a comfortable Zone. I always say do the things at least to the one thing that you that you ran on never want to do, but other two men who hit which is a canister 1300. Hello. Hmm. Ha ha ha a big up knees up. Huh? And you can do this you can do this, you know, you can do that at least few other upper part A we had of expletive life Hank, you know like a sportsman. So that's very good set a small goal and achieve it. You don't have to go for a big big big big goals like a high a curling Melody dear uh-huh. 2014 Honda small goals I can relate to you know, then a little steps take you to equal greater height. I think whenever you say yeah. Good job can see his conviction thing, which is a broad important criteria. So always think energetic to our core energy looking up on me speak slowly. It's very important. It's very very important that prepared get prepared and prepared is like if you are going to for the interview for me when I when I mean the interviews Bucky condujo confused girl though, they are like here cabin that to Mabel don't you - it's gonna be my happy happy failure on my man. Seriously. I can you know in the in the like other music Are All That Matters to him is the last me a boost on hey Traveller kahui. Ariki. Oh, hey. Hey. I'm looking today seriously will get the Nucky last me please ask me a question. Do you have any questions for me? I always say and II think you came back choking - Leah, seriously interview man who became a preacher eligibility hedge on how bout you just whisper attic Colonel take English Gothic taiping - taiping click click click the always be prepared always be prepared the upcoming become friends with the girls at the upcoming conference new niggers, like they ha and and calf is a be kind and generous like it's very important. Jabya kiss him again. Huh wlky's Emily Maher is like always like on huh? Maybe it is bothering important her up and act positive and behold the get to know yourself always give a time so you can know yourself and the more things is like I'm a book more lasagna. So does the methods of time always accompanies throat? Hello? Hello, can you hear me? Okay, it's the second thing is all the peoples like you see the introvert who introverts in he had first of all introverted Kappa so many kids over there was a giant past career. You know op cook is because we are going to manage many they kind of course, but there was so many users with you whenever somebody comes to you who have called like thank you. Come here Boland. Please say something by the time I got well, that's what and extraord is not and second thing is that thankee could be week is Rico open apps and you can look down North Korea Casey go be other even no matter who you made. I'm Isa what the heck? Yes. You are - I mean I have to be the Grateful always be the Grateful be the generous. So the apple banana after midnight why I am telling is confidence knowing he wasn't even like this. I'm not thinking about anything just I'm thinking about what I need to convey simple Abdullah Abdullah has also then I just think about you what you are what you want to say if you are. messages right the speak the speak Hello. Yes. Hello. Yeah and hunging hundred. Yeah, actually a equals points Tina don't like that guy is such a big cookie many many coffee. They had confidence in something about cultural series. It was Showtime verchota looking at the number of bombs about the Delta and a lot of those kids confidence of the beholder and Is the energy I think, you know, I really I can't relate to each and every word that he spoke here. I think I'm bored by a source. They Kia kaha Ruma cows, whatever. I think we have to keep thinking. How am I about to make ourselves a hum hum. I hum me guess I looked and I think if you feel good about yourself, if you can manage it and everything like in the many regime an active the here you have a subset of the menus in applications for the K look dollars of order there like a third tourists are welcome. Through many many something about enjoy eating habits don't manipulate up any light upon a germanium. It could be particles Kuro manager module is joint here and I have got a good growth because we're told us about that says welcome Campbell were taller Stephenson says they are seriously without them under Maori party has to be home at the state of Tolerance cubism can sort of criticize our gear is why we're going to go ahead and open the essay and a seriously I love I love those because I think those can be the board policy motivator was exam K the book we could scare Henry AKO of course straightforwardly a component, Roberto. The record which both on a stick is that Walter? Right seriously, but I've been hello Tim is at work in the next time I'll be but that will I not get more like it was up there with ebola but not totally I think of criticism. Do something don't tell anybody anything just so so so what you can do so always want you know up knee up kick a cupcake respect for now. Wake up. Now. If you could give me is when I just you just can't think where waste our time with anybody. It's like be them respect me the like other be there are man hand boy had to be the man with a woman a company LLC woman. I buy the thank you. I'm a music Major route and yeah, yeah. It's awesome talking to people who are you know, highly motivated and computer awesome. It's always great. So reconnect. Thank you so much. Thank you. I think our listeners are enjoying and appreciating your views alone. Thank you so much. Thank you so much. Thank you. Thank you, honey, because was lucky up and they actually might could be called Omegle again upkeep and neighborhoods are assuming an active listener. Who cares? I mean I've requested like the up collect Ana application whether upgrade please request a gap covid Clock Tower Cal because commented recently have to convince me that they're looking you call something authentic you please don't pull request caregiver please covid is pleased by my can of Wahoo. Best person looking it won't upset with gotta think about the minute The Men Who come into my face cut them, but who calls Fanning out there, please don't go. Okay. So again, thanks for connecting and the magic of medicine Barbara. Thank you so much. Thank you so much and you and the and some awesome things that He spoke. I think he's so positive and guys. I have always said, you know being positive just breathe man. Just breathe the positivity just create that sense around you and that will give you confidence and other people to talk to you. You don't even if you don't have the confidence to go out of your comfort zone and talk to other people that smile that you have on your face, you know, the feels that you create gets people want to talk to you, you know, it makes people want to talk to you. So I think that we we will accept a and we really thank Harry for connecting to us and we have a next caller cardolan here. So hey guys ill and hi mr. K. Got them Kumar ji Hye. I love my India Frank. Hi and lovely guys it's awesome. When you guys connect connect to me and we were in the comments and support me. So thank you everybody Lindsay. Thank you. Hello. Hi. Kajal. Hi Winnie. Hello Hi, how are you? Good, how are you? Yeah, I'm too good after talking to you. It's awesome. And it's really nice, you know yesterday when you could join Canal Burtka UK then I I think I heard you for the first time that time and I get so motivated from you that all day. I was speaking in English, you know? Yeah, so I just wanted I let's let's start now less beef. Let's keep a first step then only we can finish the race. Totally totally. I think that is that is needed and you know, when you accept the fact that you have to start now, I think you have already started them. You know. Yeah starting is more important. Yeah, I almost introvert. I also I have also less confident but I am trying to improve myself because of you people. I listen to people like you people in YouTube and I get motivated as a speak. You know, what's a big? Big problem of mine that when actually I am just completed my duel means that one is left in as you know in seriously. We have ASL taking a test. We have to speak in front of all the class. Okay, then I just get nervous if in class then I have to speak in front of when I get nervous and I was so demotivated that I'll describe it. Speak a single word but in class but in class 11, I got a to best friend who helped me to move on and I you know, I ASL we have to say novel summary. I would be sincere than you know, I just completed the whole Space without getting stuck and I was so I was so full of confident. Yeah. I am trying I win the when all the tip of it. We're clapping for me. It's a belt thing in the world. You know, I was driving the yeah. Hello. Yeah. Hello. I was so happy that no. I just want I just want I have to move on if I want this clapping in my future for that. I have to practice now. Absolutely, and that's the move everybody is somebody asking us. What is the most valuable valuable thing in your life? I just want that clapping sound of people they're coming in my ear. That's awesome. I think that's a beautiful thing. You know, the motivation that is get when people clap for you when you talk and it's when you don't think that you can do it and when you try to do it and people appreciate you for that. I think that's beautiful, isn't it? You know whenever I have a problem before that, I always think that's what other thing a lot about me. But um, well, yeah, that's the thing that that has that what other people think and because of that we stop doing something. So it's a very big problem of people see, you know, we are not and seeing the king who are who are who calls anything who have no confidence because of people only they can't face the people they just yes afraid. And there's a main region that we Face failure. As I have faith really I just always want all the people like me that if you think other people now tan see you will earn for yourself for your family. You will not answer them people. Yeah, so you are not only for that indeed. They are not going to feed you. They are not going to give you home. They will never the society is just you know a crater that stop you from doing something. Are you having to face it? Totally kajal, I think don't fear Society, you know, you know, don't fear anybody. Don't fear people. I think it doesn't matter after a few seconds. What a person is thinking about you because what you are thinking about yourself matters a lot. Yeah, at least we have at least we have now to speed are many people who can't who have don't they don't their voice against they cannot express themselves they can but they as you know special But they are so special that they are achieving more than us. Yes. I know and the people who we have everything. We are just complaining. I don't have these. I don't have brain. I don't have this way to speak. I am get nervous and they do Society. I'm just saying that yeah sometime I get them motivated, but I never think about this type of thing because that thinks because it's the same God uses everything correct. We are together and we are and just the other special people. Or who are who are not physically fit but they are mentally very strong. Correct. So yeah, yeah. Yeah. So yeah. I just I just love talking to you. You know your voice is very nice and I just you know, I get motivated from your space. That's a great thing to say causal. It. It feels awesome. It's just the same feeling when you hear your claps, you know, it's exactly the same feeling where what I Feel when you guys say that to me, you know, when I connect to you guys when I talk to you guys, it feels it makes me think awesome. So guys one great Point put up by kajal in here. And I think which has to be appreciated that she is at that even though we are physically fit we lack confidence. We are complaining that I cannot speak or I don't know this. I don't know that I think she said one great thing here count your blessings guys. You are physically fit you can talk. You can listen you can see there are some people people who you know lack certain physical abilities, but they are great Achievers. They are achieving look at them. Learn Taylor. Did they have any? Yeah, there are many footballer who have playing from one leg only, but they are winning and the footballer who have to like their company. I am not I can't play anything. I demotivated. It's not the right thing. Now, we have everything. I always I always feel bad whenever I see my people in knew that their society their Nanos of their society. I just know I will never do this thing and I will try to stop depth that type of people who are doing Society. I just try to make them way that know if it's very beautiful life truly cars. Well, I think you are an example and people should learn from that, you know at such a you know, a learning stage you have such awesome understanding of this thing and I think, you know a lot of people lack that even at later stages of their Our life even after achieving Great Heights. They don't have this kind of thought. Okay, so, you know, we got all my friends, you know, yeah family friends and you type of people I get motivated, you know, kunar was doing a broadcast on best friend. So I just saying that yeah, I have a best friend that motivate me and I'm at the point that I if I can do something I have a confident and for me speaking on this broadcast is also a big thing because I don't know people they are mainly just never Me they can make the mistake. They can take our pot and doing you talk here. And I think this is guys this is the you know, most basic example of confidence. I think you take that one step ahead and you know, you want to face it and I think that's great casual. You know, it's awesome talking to you. Yeah, and I am too glad that you'll take my call and you let me express my viewpoint. Oh my God. Glue that you know, I love love it when people Express themselves in here. So talking kajal. Thank you and me took again and again to me, you know, so it will I it really is a smile on my face me too and now my smile on my face too. Okay. Awesome, you know yet message here. I think when we have everything physically we are physically fit but why do we lack the confidence? You know because we you know are not self aware of what we can do and I think self awareness self acceptance the positivity the will to do something all that put together gets you the confidence the Boost that you require. So yeah, let's take this next. Color Prints and Angie, please take by will be talking to you next so high currents. Hello. How are you? I'm good friends. Are you I'm doing great. Thanks for asking. Thank you. Okay. So today the topic is let's talk understanding confidence, right? Yes. Yes. Okay. So I'm a kind of this conference. You can say that kind of a guy that I am. Okay, I get like I feel very shy like if I see someone like who is very better than me. So I lose my confident on the same time. I don't know why this happens with me. Okay. That is yeah. Yeah. Go ahead you go you're telling something that is kind of getting intimidated. Okay. So, you know, if you see someone more knowledgeable you think you are less knowledgeable you see it is not about the comparison. It brings it's not about the comparison. Yes II agree with the same but I feel I don't know why so this is that I want to remove from me that I should be comfortable with anybody else. I do. It doesn't matter. That guy's very good in something I'd oh, I don't have that scale like that, right? Okay. So if you are with us from the time Harry was speaking. I think Harry's box amazing thoughts. Okay. He yeah. Yeah. He said that Be positive, you know be full full full e+ when you greet people greet them with a smile. So automatically they want to talk to you, you know, and if you had Grave Point I think is that cannot match anybody anything in the world, even if the most knowledgeable person is standing right in front of him. If you have a positive approach you have a positive personality. I think that in itself creates the attraction in the minds of people and they want to be with you don't want to talk Talk with you. Okay, so don't get any so I thought of that someone may be more knowledgeable. Maybe they are more knowledgeable because they have a practice. They have taken the trouble to you know, gather that knowledge. So it's not that all of us are going to be knowledgeable one fine day, you know suddenly so each one will have our phases of being knowledgeable if that person is great at such the certain thing. You might be great at someone something else. Okay, so that does not mean you should be Confident talking in front of them, you know, if that person is speaking about a certain topic and then if you don't have knowledge about its acceptance is the key you can accept that, you know, bro. I don't have much knowledge about this particular topic, but you know what I will take the effort to go find out I think put it that way, you know, that is the right confident. Okay. It's not that confidence is not saying I know everything confidence is when you can accept you don't know certain things, but You will take an effort to learn that you know, so I think that if you can inculcate in yourself that behavior if you can put in yourself that even if I don't know that thing it's okay not to know because we are not all Scholars here, you know to know everything we are humans. We are learning, isn't it? Yeah. Yeah, right. Yeah. So yes, I improve myself very well, I guess because in the past I was when I was in 2016. I just joined. Office so that time I was like, I was just taking a call in call centers. So as a customer service executive I was working there. So I wasn't able to speak a single word of English. I was like that that time but but I have learnt from the same office. I have learned so many things that whatever that I'm speaking today that I am able to speak with you. This is just because of that office of the atmosphere of that office I can say okay. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, please go ahead. Yeah. So every time like when I whenever I See that there are some podcast is happening like of yours and dr. Enemies and there are so many good speakers like you so I feel that I go I should go and I sent a request to them. But sometimes II thought like if I am in a queue and I'm just next to the collar so I think that it's okay. I like to leave this. I have to leave this. I'm not able to talk to this on this particular topic because because I don't have any thing specific to specific to talk. About in this so I feel very hesitate and I just put it on the same time. So I did this is the problem which I'm facing but I'm interested in this interesting in learning. I want to learn something. I think you're you're you know hunger for learning itself Prince. I think you have to first of all except certain particular to what things you don't know you don't know but you want to learn them. Okay, and just because of you don't know certain things does not mean you you don't talk to people about it. talking about confidence tomorrow. I might talk about something else. You can just call me and ask me like you know, what is the thing and how do I get into it? So if I would know I will suggest to you things about it, but if I don't know I will learn from some other caller who's calling me and sharing their experience. Okay. This is all about knowledge exchange. And when you look at it that way you will start, you know getting The Knack of it. Okay. So will you will you please give me some some kind of solution? How did I should go? Hello? Hello, can you hear me? Hello. Hello. Are you there? I'm sorry Prince. I lost you, please. Can you repeat that again? Yes. Yes. I just asking that can you just give me some sedation which which can improve my skills and with this confidence also like on the same time, which I need to do every day. Yeah, keep doing it observe yourself observe people. Okay, learn upgrade learn new things and you know face face your face. I think whatever scares you okay when I say Facial feel please. Don't go and jump from Heights and stuff but fears in your behavior, like whatever you think, you know, you makes you uncomfortable into in a conversation if you think the other person is knowledgeable, and that makes you Explore your and increase your learning Horizon, you know, so that way you will start doing better. And yeah. Yeah the thanks for this also and one more thing that whenever I talk to some people like who are more like same like me or who are less than me. So, I don't know why this is the problem. Which only I have this problem or some others are also having this same problem. Like I feel I feel very confident. I don't know why so bad Up to the roof because I'll tell you why price, you know Street there. Are you have already accepted that you know, I have knowledge, you know cam which is other junk. Are you here? My bad Cara home which is which is a natural trait when you know something okay, it comes to you naturally you can talk about it. And when you see when you accept the other person like, you know at the same level, okay, so you think that the other person also is at the same level but we won't have the fear. Okay, but let's just take this example met when You talk to your friends. You're like very cool. But when you talk to your elders at home, you're not that way, you know, you talk differently. So you fear their knowledge and experience their you respect them, you know, that is things that keeps you away. But in communication when somebody speaking a language in a better way, then you start feeling that I don't want to mess up in front of them. You have the fear like, you know, if I say something wrong, they might start laughing or I may get embarrassed or such thing, please. So I think yes that is just you're overthinking like you are thinking about the result before even getting into the process. Okay. So first thing put in your mind, whatever the result maybe you know, it it it can be taken care of later on but I think you should start getting into the process of talking and sharing your idea first. So whatever impact will be it is a little simpler. If you are wrong at a certain thing, then you just politely ask the other person. Okay. How is this then? You know try being you laugh and cry accepting your mistakes, you know, all these things come together and that will change you. Okay, surely Allah will apply these rules and think positive. I will not think anything like negative and definitely I'll try to take some let's try to get in some topics in some podcasts. Definitely. I'll go for it. You're saying thanks for this. Yes, and I think the eagerness to learn I think the Before learning I want to learn things the acceptance that yes, I lack some knowledge, but I do have knowledge. You might have knowledge in certain field, which would be very great. But in certain cases not going to be so you have to always be open to learning so that will help you greatly. For sure all other play all these rooms in my daily life. Thanks. Thanks for the solution for the suggestion that you gave and it was seriously it was the first call of my like I I try to talk to you. You're very good kind of a person in everything. I'm not saying that only in communication skills, you're just giving motivational speeches also and you're motivating the people also here so I liked it each and everything. So definitely, I'll try to go into work us also and which may be Bola Jagger. Definitely LL say some words and come back if I mess up all laugh at it. Okay, so great talking Prince. Thank you K of memory cells connect key. I think I have seen a lot of times that you've been there in comments and all but you have not connected, but I think it's great that you've connected. Thank you. Have a great day. Yeah. Thanks you. You too. Hey guys, everybody in the comments and I'm Angie. Thank you for waiting patiently being there. It's awesome. That's thank you and stunning High stunning and hi everybody in the comments and I'm just trying not to ignore anybody. I'm trying to answer all the comments. But if I tend to miss any I'm sorry, I will definitely reply to it again Kunal G. Thank you. Thank you very much. Kajal, honey, stunning everybody and hi Alan. Hello. Hello. Hey. Hi Hi, how are you doing? I'm good. I'm good. Oh, I'm getting cold. Can I call you back sit? Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Call me back. Yeah, sorry for now. Yeah. Sure. Okay that was on Angie and he was on call and that's why he's gone. And yeah, look who's here. I think it Rocky G. Okay. So yeah, that is it's been awesome. I think it's been an awesome session about confidence and I think hello - easy. How are you? I'm good. How are you? I'm doing great. Thanks for asking. Okay, so Rocky what do you think about today's topic? Mmm. I have a lot of things about your topic today actually because it's a similar something similar feeling to me actually understanding confidence confidence. You know, we need a I want to share with you a twisted story about me. It'll be that much actually when I came in this open up and talk application and that totally less confidence. Actually, you can say and when I go to hear one friends and day by day, I made here a lot of friend XLE and then I get something more confidence and then after that. Nowadays, I'm able to speak here actually, because that you know, I was not able to speak even one single line with any person. But nowadays. I have a lot of confidence that I pecan and I can you know, make conversation actually, so I think according to me confidence. Confidence is that when the people at least you have to go and at least go out at least one step and then after that, I think the confidence will come. Otherwise if you will think only oh my God, I have no confidence. I have no confidence this type of then I think it will not come you will have to go at least once Step 2 ahead and then I think the confidence will come this is my opinion and because I have seen many people's here. Not here around me where I living. Actually, I think I have two three friends actually and they have very less confidence. We never go to a talk with PLS at least with girls actually and they have they don't have that much courage to talk with them. So I think the less confidence is that only II think I always say them. Yeah, yeah, please go at least go and talk and then after that I believe the confidence will come. What do you think? mean easy Hello. Hello, are you there? Oh my God, where is he? What are you doing? I love and there no. No, we need Gino. You are not audible to me. I think guys. mmm Hello. Yeah. How are you? I'm good, too. So I've been listening. Yeah, thank you so much. So I got to know so I was song So retro, okay. So that I could it could come with me. You could come over there the Commodore. It could turn the key at the lake it yeah, it's a ghost. it was ankle Yeah. Yeah, sorry. Yeah, I mean listening to podcast, but I'm not commenting. So I thought let's it's only 20 minutes left. So let's have a song at the end to boost more confident. We sing. Okay. Oh, yeah. to me Good evening. Don't forget. Yeah, so that was I'm in a mood of red two songs so that I'm singing Old Songs. Thank you so much. Yeah, so yeah. Okay, so you can take another call okay, if you want, okay. Yeah. Yeah. I'm hearing you. Okay. Thank you so much. No, I don't have. Okay, maybe I will do tomorrow. Yeah. Yeah, its IPO. Okay. So Canales sub Naja. so sorry that I'm taking your time, but so glad you're here the stuck not the Joker TiVo, but single job separator I'm so sorry. I forgot the lyrics think how yeah, yeah. Yeah. Thank you. I think something buy ticket. Okay, Batman is back. Batman is back. Hi lady was a hello. Are you getting a voice? Yeah, I'm doing great. What about you? How's it going? Yeah. I'm doing great. Yeah, it seems like that. Yeah wasn't anxiety inside the comment box. He yeah. Yeah, yeah. Yeah, I'm really fan of Batman and you also Batman girl. Yeah, I will. A causal is saying the art of hummus a last moment met Arthur he okay. Vinny are actually irrelevant. I will don't know how to say actually you can see my voice, you know, you can hear my voice. It's a really horrible. No one. I can play for you. I then there's my lap Ian. Before I'll sing with you. Yeah. Yeah you whatever you want operating system and data analyst whatever you want. Okay, we get our we can sing a song for I think Kali Linux. That would be better. Of course. Kali Linux Kali Linux, I think Ubuntu is really bad for us. I think. Again, okay. confidence again Kirlia format bulb ha Literally literally been a literally Isabella. You have octi changed ready? Okay. Congratulation, and I would appreciate you also. Yeah, I causal has changed my name Honea great. I think it seems like a you know, this is my bestie. Okay, Sochi. Okay when you bother the we