Hey guys, I'm back. I think there is some technical issue and the podcast actually got stuck in between and I was trying to speak and the person who was on the call actually missed out a lot. So yes coming back to talking about why weekends are important and how it impacts Our Lives guys. I'm sure there were a few people listening to it and the park. cast actually went Snap in between and so yeah guys are so coming back to the topic each person or each student works. The whole week, you know people go to colleges people go to work. Hey, they just you can connect back because I think there was some issue and that's how it got disconnected. So yeah sure. Why not? You can just just just just get connected, right? So yeah, like I was saying that guy's people. go to colleges students specially and then there are people who are working and apart from that not just professionals guys and business people and a lot of other things matter, you know, because in the IT world weekend means a Saturday Sunday, but there are businesses where they have the day where they take a week off and you know so each Business which is interrelated has a day where they have their we cops and it has driven them back. So we will discuss through this podcast and I think I have connected back to Pages. Hello. Yeah, hi, honey. I don't know what happened. I'm very sorry. I know it's okay. I my podcast just snapped off. You know it. Just okay. Okay. Okay. Yeah, so this is the microphone a little bit closer. Hello. Okay, I'll try to speak a little bit louder from now. Yeah. Yeah that that should help. Okay, huh. So so what field I even like basically like what's your work about? Yeah, I do Graphics. I do designing a little bit and I do I don't know coding. I'm always on the backhand side. So yeah, I'm from the it really hectic during the week or like how does your work look like it is see it's something which I It's about designing and what if there is something that you like I think whether or not there is pressure. You will try to make things work. Okay, but apart from that I talked about working in an IT company and how things used to be while I was a fresher and I think that's where the problem actually begins. You start hating your job. Okay? First of all, you take an hour or two to reach office and in place like bastard, it's crazy. You know, it's crazy. But still yeah, you know, I mean half of your energy is gone, it's goes away and then by the time you reach your office, you're already in a mood that oh my god, when am I going back home? So and then by the time yeah working and then you want to take a break. And sometimes it's the time just stops. You don't get your break time. So yeah, I have had those times where I felt like, oh my God could the week be shorter and could gorgeous do something that he could curtail this week. So yeah those times to come alive and yes, I was there. So how many years have you been working? Like did how did you cope up? You know with the I you said because it becomes very tiring. So like how many years have I think with ITI think it's three to four years. Okay. Okay apart from that. I have been in teaching area. So that is a different story. I mean through it itself because eye T is my forte. So yeah, but I think in these years The starting years were actually really difficult to take ahead. And yeah weekend's weekends or something, which I look forward even today and as a kid also, I used to look forward to the weekend. I don't know. I have some kind of love for the Sunday and Saturday. I don't know it is there yeah, even while I was a kid when I used to go to school. I used to wait for Sunday's I don't know for what reason but he is to wait for the weekend. Maybe it was the shows that came up on TV. Yeah, and you know the fun that we had so yeah, and as an adult, I think we can is really important it. It just gives you that little bit of boost, you know, when another really require after all the kind of work and all the stress and in a pressure of meeting the targets and stuff and it's not just to work. Okay, but apart from that, you know, we Weird sometimes you know, sometimes I don't know. It's just a thought process. I guess that is the people are into during the week because they are into a what do I say into programmed life that the weekends are boring, you know could be not really sure. Yeah, I don't know like I on weekends with usually in Bangalore like you hang out in Laguna go for a stand-up show or like a movie or something. But I feel that I feel okay weekends are necessary. But I feel that it really takes out the total output question coefficient from the person that that takes a weekend off because you know you tend to become a lot easier that time. And you know, it is an arguable point that you know, if you're if you're into something that you don't like then obviously you will find excuses to get out of that work. So, you know weekend has always get away that way if you're doing something that you really like a passionate about so I feel every day should be you know, a really good experience with the thing that you're doing because you really like their thing so we can shouldn't matter that much at that point of time. But again, we are so to recuperate with the You know the traffic and the you know the tension in the office, yeah, like some extras, you know staying in the bed watching Netflix and all I feel you. Okay, that is that is that is considerable considerably good for weekends. Yeah, a lot of people that I know use weekend as a chance to get out of the city life and they just go out to the countryside and have a ball over there with their friends. They just gather some friends. They go out. And cook Cleo and you know have a different experience, you know, so yeah, I think it's always a chance to rejuvenate. I really feel we can are the best possible things that help you rejuvenate. Or change so I even to travel. Yeah, it's a chance to change. That is what I look at a weekend as For sure, I enjoy traveling was like you staged a lot of loving that is another a lot of traveling. So yeah. Good day. Just what I what do you do by the way? Hello. Yeah, can you just repeat? What what what do you do by the way? What do you do by what do I adjust so I am right now in the fourth year of my college here. We are in the fourth year. Yeah. I'm doing computer science. Btech in PSU. Okay. Yeah. All right, that's nice. So what do you think do you think colleges have weekend off so colleges shouldn't have weekend dogs colleges. They had their has to be weakened a dog because like we are literally Grill so much in the Got it. Right now. It's very very hectic for us because we have so much assignments and you know projects Etc and absolutely and plastic going to the classes again and again repeatedly, you know, because in the classes you have to stay attentive. I am one of those people who you know State and even class try to learn as much as possible. So glasses are so hectic every day six hours of classes and then you know, you have projects and assignments and all so infinitely but like the three years were like really bad. For me the same it was very hectic. You said that things that you like, you know, you can just do them do away with them. I don't I don't like CSS like the degree that I'm saying. I don't like it. So that's the reason yeah with professionals. Also. There is the same thing kind of an attitude. Look I am from an IT field and I have done CS so I know what CS is all about and what you are talking right now. Yeah, I have been there. I've been in your shoes for some time and the yeah point. Is see when you get into Sears or get into a particular subject that you your liking is towards a certain thing. All right, but with that comes a lot of other things which you don't want to learn but you have to learn and spend time on that like when I got in to see us I was much. Yeah. Yeah, I was I was I was crazy about the graphics part and I wanted to learn the programming of how things get animated and you know, huh all everything connected to that. But then with that before I could reach there before I could go there I had to learn all other things which would be related to it or may not be but as a basic I had to learn it and it used to be hectic the case is you first have to Go to the college and then have to attend extra classes and then there's the Practical and then there's projects and there are so many other things and I used to wait for we can even then like like today. Yeah, I think for me we can is an important part. I'll I'll want to clarify my point when I said okay, you know when you like someone you don't need weekends, the thing that I said was key. I still stand by the statement reason being that colleges and ocean system as a whole in India is really screwed up. It is things that you don't see anywhere in the world talking about CSS. Also, we are taught things till the third year which we do not use like a doll in companies and I think companies because every IT company has a configuration of their own so their teacher and what they photo to this one so it really is relevant what the teacher okay, and they put emphasis is on things saying, you know, if you don't learn this so by tomorrow future car I would rather have my job me wedding and all when that's not true at all. So if education system is a more much more realistic in the wakey. There's the structure is much more realistic. I feel the tension we really go away from the students shoulder right now. We are working our off towards things which really don't matter and because of which we, you know, give out on things which actually do matter. So for example, if companies as big companies mncs they take coding as their first interview, Like and we don't the college's don't teach coding as a whole network competitive coding as a whole which is asked in the company. Okay, they'll be teaching a lot of excess of which we don't really market. So if we are human beings focus on things which do matter then the output actually will be better because I don't know if you've heard of 80/20 rule it standing that only 20% of the things will give you 80% of the results. So instead of focusing 100% if you just 20% of things of any skill for that matter you will get the 80% That's how we know the world works. That's how stuff works. So if you are able to do that, I feel that will really take out the, you know, the stress part of the person being continued stress and that might you know, make things easier in general like life easier in vendor. Well, absolutely a very relevant point that you have said but I think right now the kind of system that we are working and studying into is really into a real bad mess. So yeah, I saw a few of these valid points May someday be put into action and let's just hope that we are not as stressed out and waiting for the weekend as we do currently so you being a is closed for Corona or like Still working a lot of the company lot of places are closed and currently it's like they have vacated a few companies totally just because there was some cases it's not cases actually, but there were some people who are sick and then people just logged on the thing just as a precautionary measure and I think it's for seven days at a treasure. I guess. I'm not really sure about it. But yeah, yeah. So yeah, there are other places in the state which is not really they are not really serious about it. But here in Bangalore a few parts of Bangalore. Yes, it's going on really see is what is plants because like you can't go outside right now. I'm gonna go out. I'm gonna go out and take a stroll and currently I'm not in Bangalore right now. But ok. I'm actually where I do be in Bangalore. So yeah my weekend. And as I would just escape and go out someplace at the countryside and so where are you ready? I'm sorry. Where are you originally from like which part of India Western guards, and I'm from the borders of Maharashtra. So we are. Okay. Right. Hello. Yeah, I can hear you. Yeah, I somehow keep on. Losing your voice. All right, I can hear you. I can just like they don't listen to you. So like I just you know. Yeah, okay. So yeah, that was me and that state the cities. Where you from again. I am actually from Utrecht and about India. Okay? Yeah, but I'm studying here in Bangalore area. All right, guys, there's another uttarakhand, you know caller today and like if you guys have been following my podcast you'll know why I'm saying this. So yeah, really nice talking and same way same with pleasure was all mine. Sorry. I'm saying same I had a really good time talking to you. They just that's really sweet. And yeah this discussion. I'm really sure this discussion needs to be you know, it's as rich in knowledge. This discussion has been I want people to listen to it, right. So yeah guys that was stages Pages. Thank you for connecting and giving your time for this discussion and showing some Wonderful in person this and I'm definitely look forward to going to look forward to keeping in touch and it's always you are always welcome to my other podcast if you would like to join and share your views on it, right? So it's been great off me. Yeah. Yeah sure. Sure, right. So yeah. Yeah, have a good day to you. Hi guys, I was they just and they just was from Ultra kind and we have another caller who is a waiting in line. And like I said guys the love and won't for the weekend is kind of crazy. I would people make huge memes out of it and there is some kind of do you guys think that it is really cliche door? It's been made to sound so that we can. Oh my God, we can so how do these weekends affect people? and like me I use weekend to escape the city life guys. And how do you guys use your weekends? And what plans do you have for your weekends? And now that coroner outbreak is such a rage and people fear moving out of their homes or going out to restaurants or hanging out with friends at such a time or during such a moment. What do you guys plan on doing? So yeah, let's take this. School and find out. Hello. Hello. Hi Hi. How are you? I'm good you from I'm from Mumbai Maharashtra if you're from Mumbai and you are. My name is a key. Okay. What is your name? My name is Arjun cake Adam. This is Winnie and I'm from Bangalore weenie. Is your real name or just opened up name? Okay our from I'm from Bangalore Bangalore then weenie. Actually, I would like to tell you that before that I'm working in it it industry. Okay. Actually, I'm looking. the HR In the 40s, I done my MBA in HR and I started with my career IT industry and maybe you know, there is Saturday Sunday. There is two days holiday, but before one year, I change my job. I join a manufacturing industry and there is no holiday. No holiday at all the holiday, you know holiday at all. You have 360 means we have holiday, but workload is too much. That's why we are not able to get a holiday. Okay, so you yes. Yes. Yes. We are all kind of looking over time. And the main thing is that we were before that when I Joy when I'm working with IC technology, there is a very good environment. Every weekend we are going somewhere for tracking and wondering anywhere. Yeah, I think I do have that thing where they take out their take their employees out once in a while for a stroll or something, right? Yes. Yes. Yes, but nowadays. I am very so frustrated. I am getting good salary hike in manufacturing now. I am satisfied with my salary, but my personal life I we can life is totally bow then. I started to searching a new job because of today. I have a holiday, but still I'm just coming my office at three o'clock. Oh, okay. Wait. I mean you have a holiday and then why you're back in your office. Actually, I'm the problem. Is that the every every month some Auditors are came, then we must represent training report training data time of his attendance in the month of the first to 10. We are working on salary process other month. We after that we are started to King income places pfas, I then training and development and main thing is that the I don't have a reliever. Okay. That's why you don't have a reliever. You cannot take that weekend off. And do you miss that weekend things we can why I'm frustrated about it. Oh, it's okay that you can just reduce about it. Totally frustrated. Yeah. And I do understand what do you exactly feel right now? So yeah not having a weekend. So yeah, please go ahead and tell us what is exactly on the line just because of that. I'm frustrated and when I came at home mom and dad there are either asking something then I give you them some negative answer as you get irritated, right? I will That's absolutely natural. It's like you're right. Now that anything that touches you. It's natural, you know absolutely natural that it will see anything needs a revive, you know, any machine that is working needs a break. It needs that time to get back to life. So you're a human. Oh, absolutely you be that time for yourself. So how do you cope up with this stuff? No, I'm decided to left to job. Okay, so you're so frustrated right now that you want to just get rid of the job. Yes. Now, I'm so stuck to searching a job in Mumbai. If I get in one then I will put a resignation letter same day. Yeah, that sounds like a plan guys if you're listening to us, this is AK and he's working in Mumbai right now, and he's really frustrated with his job and since he does not get lot of I mean, he's not getting his weekends because of less human resource or no reliever. So if you guys thank you guys can get in touch with AK and help him out to find a job where he has his weekends. So I think that would be a great thing to anyone in any one is from HR department or anyone is living in Mumbai. Please suggest me if anywhere have a currency for HR. I am ready to anywhere. All right, guys, if you think you guys can help AKA right now to find a job and solve his weekend the shoes today. I think you guys should do that little help here and get in touch and make this podcast the time that is put into it worthwhile. So just get into the comments and get in touch with each other and shoot a meal to each other and help. All right Aki just Hope that you know as soon as possible you get a job that you get a weekend and that's escaped is really important and I do relate to you on this. All right, so and thanks for calling and sharing all your wonderful views with us. Thank you. Thank you. Thank so great a gay. You have a great day guys. That was AK and he was from Mumbai and I repeat he is in search of a job. So if you guys are working with HR get in touch with a Okay, and try to help him and let's talk so high Eartha. How are you? So yeah guys like we were discussing weekends see all work and no play makes Jack a crazy boy. All right. So this is just a saying in an English and like well while we were in school guys, we had the curriculum decided or planned in such a way that it helped us to grow and there are jobs that we do are also programmed or planned in such a way. That it increases your productivity, but somehow some companies. I don't know what kind of blueprint they are using a lot of times what happens is in a verge of increasing the productivity of the employee these people end up getting them frustrated, right? So it's all up to us guys. And I think it's important to not just Chase changing. Your dream is a nice thing. You know, you're working towards your dream you To achieve it or you know people work for different reasons but a break is important guys. I'm not really sure if you guys have seen the ads of KitKat, but I find them really cute because all they say is whatever you need a break have a Kit Kat and I think life gives us chances of taking Drake's which we ignore quite sometimes but weekends. Does that let us break is important? So yeah, I put my friend from a Jane here says she's great and at the time I felt very well hope that your grade so we are discussing weekends and guys like I said. Every other work or every little thing that we do needs a break because it gives you the little time to think okay or little time to revive or rejuvenate or how do I say like in simple terms in the Layman's language? It gives you time to you know, pump up a little bit right? So when you go back to your work when you get back to your work you are charged and you really want to do good. You want to give you percent and you want to perform well, so it's not just about that pecans are also a little reason or a little chance where you get time to meet your loved ones your friends your dear ones and in today's time where time runs really fast while we are working hard and we tend to miss out on the wonderful things of our life and I think weekends give us that Little chance where we take time and try to go out with a friend's have a little bit chit chat or you know get together with a family or friend or just take that time and lay in your bed relaxed and think about yourself guys. Whatever you might be doing in that particular time. It is utterly very important that you use it. Revive yourself to do good to yourself. And that is not just I'm not just saying this because it should be that we know guys. It's really important that they must be break for everything. They has to be one because that gives us a chance to plan how the next thing ahead will look like. So yeah guys, so I'm back and I have a few colors and waiting in line. So I will quickly start taking gold. Is now hello. Hello. Well guys, if you are liking this podcast, I think you should hello. Hello. Hello. Hello. Hi. Hello. Hello. Yes. Yeah. Hi. Hi. Hello. I'm calling from Surah Missoula. Right so you are. Hello. Hello. Hello. Yes, please introduce yourself. I see that my friend has a hard time getting through the call and getting the voice. So I just hope she or he reconnects back to us with a better Network and I will definitely look forward to talking to them and we have Yogi rajput back online. Hello. Hello. Hello. You can you hear me? I can hear you. Tell me firstly how are you? I'm good. How are you? I'm also good and I collect a lot of courage to talk with you. Okay? What? Where are you from? I am from haryana. And now I am preparing for Miles exam. So I spoke to me. Previous podcast. I'm in the same podcast, which I actually got disconnected. Isn't it the topic about weekends? Yeah. Right, we had discussed about weekend. Absolutely. Yes. Okay, and I have an one question that what is the real meaning of relaxation on weekend? Anything that makes you feel alive the next day anything, like people have different meanings of relaxation some just want to be at home. Let's read a book or listen to music that could be a part of relaxation someone. I just go out and get to that station. Move out in the Nature's wild and travel that will Black Sea do it peacefully and not think about work that could be relaxation. So yeah, people have different stories about relaxation. What's yours? I think relaxation is that which give us a peace of mind and relaxation of our body? Absolutely. So, how do you relax on your? Hagen yeah, yeah, I remember my talk. Okay in summer. I like to swim in the swimming pool and apart from this I would like to go into massage Centre sometime. Okay, which to by which I can feel something? relax And the only the best way for me relaxation is meditation, ideally do meditation for 5 to 10 minutes in the morning and which gave me a lot of P load of Peace of Mind. This is a way to relax and a lot of people do it, but on the weekends people just don't want Be sober. I don't know why but yeah meditation is kind of interesting this. Right. Well, that's really great talking to you. Again Raj Berg Yogi rajput. Yes. I remember we were talking in the previous podcast where you said you like to go out to the son who now on Sundays and play Wicked nice thing. You know, I think Sports is one way to rejuvenate from all the stress also. Yes course. It's a nice thing to do. So ya Yogi, it's been great talking to you. And I think you know, I just look forward that you connect again to my podcast in future. So with while I'm speaking on a topic, so yeah, and I hope that this app actually helps you a lot to prepare for your eyes. Yes and good luck. Thank you very much. Great day. Thank right guys. That was you when he was from haryana and we are back on the podcast and talking about weekends and like Yogi said, yeah meditation is another part of relaxation guys for me weekend is relaxation and people have different terms for relaxation. Like I said, people do different things for relaxations and yoga Says that meditation which is actually true meditation is a now awesome thing to do. So while we talk while we stay connected about weekends. Let's just take these calls and talk to our friends. Hello. Hello. Well, our friend from Surat is back on the call and somehow it's difficult connecting again. So guys people do a lot of stuff on weekends and I have a few friends who are working through the week and on weekends. They go for hobby classes, like, you know a particular hobby when you you want to have a change in your life. There are weekend classes were in it. Go on you play music or you do art or in different other things different data kind of hobbies that could be developed. So yeah guys we can give us one little chance to escape Escape. Escape the world of stress and trouble and move towards something that you love. Okay weekends may not just be Sundays because people have weak and people have different terms for the their weekends. I mean, there are a few people who take off on Tuesdays and that is their weekend people like me wait for Saturday and Sunday, so that is their weekends. So yeah, how Do you escape from stress and trouble off all the week on your weekend? Like there are a few people who would like to go out and party hard on the weekends. And I think if I look at the school going children or college going people their idea about weekend the story. Three different, you know and people working in it profession that idea of weekend is totally different and like the same thing people working in different professions have different ideas of their weekends. So yeah, like guys, let's get connected and talk about your weekend plans and how you spend your weekend. So hello. Hello. Hello. Hi. Yeah. Hi winning. Hi. Yeah, you are I'm sort of sort of Sir Mark from sorry. Yeah from India or Tibet this year from uttar Pradesh you guys. Yeah. What do you do sir? Actually, I'm a student from VTech. You're a student from VTech. Oh great. So yeah, what is your idea about weekend? Yeah, it's we can if you we can end their importance actually the week and it just depend on you if you have a work then. Can manage the thing with that also if you don't have a work then just enjoy. Okay. Okay. I think that's a very nice thing to say. If you don't have ABS just enjoy. Yeah, and just enjoy yourself what you think actually don't depend on the others actually according to me if you don't if you don't create any problem to other than just make whatever you want. Yes, and just just make it memorable actually part day in weekends. You just everyday make it memorable actually day by day actually in before day you do this thing and another day you just to a better than that actually. Yeah, because very when you plan weekends with your friend, they usually cancel it. Yeah. All right. Yeah. Yeah. Absolutely. I have actually experienced that so I know. Yeah, but the weekend is not pre-planned actually if you just actually am just talking with you and I'm just randomly plan my day just after 20 minutes after just I want to go there and my mind come dad. I want to go there just I have to do actually this is actually a adventurous thing. So you let you want to say that let's just be spontaneous on weekend. Yeah, that's that. That's yeah because the pre yeah. I think you know the things we for Planet never actually it is 60% is not happening actually the plan which is just make on the spot is just have a chance to happen more than that. Yeah, and it is also a good actually T randomly make decisions and it'll just make you more in. Joyful then pre-planned actually in pre-planned. There is so many difficulty arises before to go there. Because they just make a fight before they go they just make a stencil and they just argue with each other that we have to go there and we have to go there just make trouble with by their self. Okay? Yeah. So so your idea of weekend is just enjoying it spontaneously. This makes one some shifting just just sitting just make it. Make plan on the spot and just make a weekend whatever. It is actually where you want to go just may enjoy where you are now. Yes. Absolutely. I think that's a valid point that you have to say. You can plan the weekend but I think doing something on the weekend spontaneously in boost up and gives you a different experience. Which yeah, really Make It Rain. Yeah. Yeah. I think I think that that is an important point to know that Guys, saurabh says be. Yeah one thing is great and weekends while the important it's really important to be spontaneous do some Adventure on your weekend. Yeah. So really you are. Yeah, please go ahead. Yeah. Actually I'm from where you are from outside India or from India from Bangalore what you do? Actually you are job or the student. Well job, I do graphic designing a little bit and okay. So what actually so you yeah. So what is the reason behind to join this eventually more to purpose to make this happen to forecast? I actually use one app where I arrived. Okay. Okay. I write I write random thoughts. Okay, and on that app, there was someone who was reading my thoughts and they comment. Dated glad I think you should join this app and share your thoughts there. Yeah, you're right out of curiosity. I just wanted to check. What is this app and somehow I got hair and one day they spoke to people and that was a we can two guys. There was a weekend I think so I came on life and I spoke to a few people and I my topic was Random it was like spoke to me, you know, you can just pour your heart out or you can tell me your stories of your heart breaks and stuff. Yeah actually spoke to me and the things that they hadn't spoken to any of their friends. So that was really a good thing. I think then I personally think you know talking to people can make huge changes in our lives. Yeah. Yeah, you're right. Actually it is very benefits to W to develop your communication skills. Also this platform is very nice for this. All those people. All right. Yeah, and I'm also someone who's always interested in stories and a lot of people share their stories with me. And that's for something fantastic that I have found in here. So usually I do one part gaster day every day maybe at 4 o'clock or five o'clock or six o'clock. This is the time span where I'm always life. So how much time here we go. You get this show you see each podcast has a maximum time of one. Minutes, which is two hours and every day I spend two hours your I just come here. I have a topic and just like I have connected to you I speak here and only on the weekends what I do is I spend some extra time. Okay? Okay. So let's go I do two to three podcast. So I have that time where I connect to people and share actually. I am joining this up yesterday actually. Yeah, I know. I am using bodytalk actually from that. I will get that app. Actually. That's why yeah. Okay. Yeah, so I want I also want to do such a thing which you are doing actually to podcast the things so I just want to know how I get this definitely you should do that. And I think sharing ideas is one important thing see we can share ideas anywhere but sharing ideas somewhere when you can converse with people and put them and our You will and debate and you know, whatever word you want to use and it should stand back. It's a reason is just a tired. Yeah, right. So sort of it's great talking to you. Thank you for connecting and thank you for sharing your wonderful ideas. And I'm definitely sure that you will make some awesome podcast and I will let you visit your page and as right. You have a great day so dumb. It's great talking. Thank you. Thank you guys. It was not rub and he says that he is new here and he had some views which were really to be taken note of guys all of us spend weekends all of us have weekends and we you know use that given time differently and like sort of says we should be spontaneous and do spontaneous things on weekends. And I think that is Thing really nice to do because the whole week we are doing things and we are following a schedule like either we are going to go to college either you gonna go to work what we have a time to eat our food. We have a time to hang out with people or we have a time to talk to people see that is so planned and so, you know organized or scheduled I can say but weekend is the escape just be a nomad. Just do things spontaneously and that's that's that's really something to try I guess and I'm definitely gonna try that saurabh and you know going to do things spontaneously on weekends. I think that will create a ripple of change in life and our path our says here to keep our body in good health is our duty. Otherwise, we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear. Yes Arpita. That is absolute really true. There are a lot of people Working overtime during the week and I think weekend is one time where they can take rest. And which they are doing and if the mind and body is to be kept in good health. It has to be concentrated upon and to concentrate on your mind the health and body you have to have the time because is every day all we concentrate is on a watch and Mobile's. I think these two things get a lot of tension. So yeah attention towards the body and mind is important and when you get Time out of all the schedule we tend to take it as a chance to make this needful and I think he has a pizza that is really important and someone shot says that people like to connect with strangers more than anyone who knows them happens to me also. So once that is actually I tell you why, okay, so when you connect to people that already know you or you share an idea with them you have a fear of being judged And connecting to strangers and sharing ideas is more easy because there is no fear of judgment. There is no fear of losing anything. All right, you can only have what you only you can have is a lot of change of experience or change of knowledge and I think yeah as long as it's a healthy conversation, it's going to help everyone. And yes, so that is why we are talking about weekends and stuff. There are also people who do not get Ekans. Like there was this friend of us AKA who was from Mumbai and was talking that he works throughout the week and don't does not get a weekend and it's not that because he does not want a weekend. It's because he does not have a reliever at his work guys. One thing we need to understand. You work in replaced you within seconds, you know, if you fall sick if you have you know, what do I say you break out like, you know, you don't have the strength to go back to your work within a span of time. You can be replaced. But then guys you. Can you replace anybody else in your life in case of you? if you lose yourself, you're not going to get back that you know, there are a bunch of people who love you or who want you in their life be at your family your friends and every other person not just that see you have this life to make something out of it and in the, you know journey of this life or in the Journey of this career Life School Life College life all Different phases in our life, what we tend to do is we forget that this life is our and we need to live. We are all just surviving guys, you know surviving a life of programmed thing and I think during the weekends we get that little break out of that cage. We come out of that cage and try to you know break that in little chain that has been formed or a loop that we have been. following forever that particular Matrix And it is really important that during these days the weekends or such times that we start concentrating on our lives start planning our lives, you know, people take resolutions on New Year's and I think people should start taking resolutions on the weekends because every week is a simple test you finish one week you analyze what you have done through that. At V what good you have done to yourself? Have you pamper yourself? Or have you made a friend who will be there for you or how have you done something? Which will give you a good health? You know ask yourself this weekend. While you listen to Vinnie while you listen to this podcast, I think you guys should take this effort to ask yourself. What are you going to do this weekend while you have this chance live this moment. Have fun right people around India right now how crazy we panicked and I'm sure a lot of us are genuinely Panet. Because of the corona outbreak, but that shouldn't stop you from planning your weekend making making a small little plan to escape this Loop of life where if you're a student you're doing this rounds your you wake up in the morning you attend your college you attend your class you attend your project and then you come back home and through this Loop you are lost. So if you have that weekend, you have that little space guys utilize it it relies it for something good utilize it for doing good to yourself. Pick up a hobby pick up a hobby pick up a book to read make sure you go back to the book if you cannot read a book every day. Pick up your weekends, you know that particular we can make sure you start reading a book read a few pages that day take that weak go back and read it make a change in your life guys, unless and until you create that change in your life. You cannot make changes in others and these are the little things guys your weekends your weeks during the weeks. How much do we concentrate on us yet? So these are a lot of things that we can do during the weekend and traveling is one of the thing guys a lot of people travel during the weekends and know if you cannot travel far off places, make sure you travel to places around your city think that's a little stroll, you know explore just enjoy that a little bit space and freedom that you have And with these words, I think I will sign off for today because I have two other podcast scheduled for today guys. There is one which is scheduled really soon the 6:30, and it's about examinations. And if you guys think you can talk about examination and you want to talk about it. Come and join me on my podcast at 6:30 and there's another podcast today itself, which is about positive and negative energies and positive and negative thinking which would be at eight o'clock, which is schedule. So, yeah, you guys can join in there. And before I leave for the day. Let me just take this last call and then we sign off for the day. Hello. Hello. Hello. Hi. I am from Beaumont from my modest. Sorry, I'm from Bangalore Bangalore. I that's nice. Yeah, I am a student has become a second year you I'm not a student. I am a working professional and I'm doing Rutledge and I'm yeah, what is gravity or graphic? That's nice. I'm graphic photo graphic designer and interior designer. Yeah, I am home in just been photography video editing all thing. I'm practicing English language. Okay. So what do you think we can use? What do you do at your weekends? And how do you plan your weekends and how we can help us I am planning for sir is a businessman, but I am from Nepali but leaving Bombay Madras. Okay, you are from Nepal. I am from vertigo. Okay, that sounds good. Yeah, like okay. Okay. So from Monday to Friday, everybody's really busy and doing stuff if you are a working professional you're working. Hope you enjoy our wonderful quality. Okay, so it's okay on Saturday the holidays, you know leaves. Yeah. Okay. How does it make a difference in your life that break having a break? That is Saturday or Sunday? How does it affect your life? Yeah. But I am passing job. Okay, and the study there's a Grace. I am also pretty adding this language, but I Tell me more. Yeah, okay, so guys, this is Dandridge and he's working with interiors and he's working with photographs and he's also working part-time and also studying. You said that Armitage. Yeah, you study and diploma graphic designer. Okay. Yeah. I'm Treasurer develop me one year. Okay. Yeah. It's a good Pastime VDOT things as soon Planning video, that's cartoon. Okay, so that whereas I think you're doing a lot of things right? Sorry. We're doing a lot lot of things at the same time. You're studying. You're also learning and you're also working. learning learning no learning just Okay. Yeah, it was pretty cool. Thank you for connecting. Thank you. I am very meet you I am thank you so much. Okay. Welcome connected connect. Okay, then. We look forward to talking to you more in my further podcast and since I'm signing off early today, so I will let you go right now. Okay? Okay. Okay. What? Paperwork to thank you. Okay. Thank you for calling right? Yeah, thank you. And he says that he's actually from Nepal and he isn't home by studying his be calm. He studying Graphics. He's also doing a devious and at the same time working part time with video editing and I think that's a lot to do and well before I go I have another caller. So yeah. Hi. Hello. Hello. All right guys before I sign off I would like to urge you guys if you like the podcast just hit the like button hit the hard bottle and like the video. Hello. Sorry like the podcast. Hello. Hello. Alright guys, so that's up for the day and I see a few Hearts popping up and that's really appreciated. Thank you guys for joining me in this podcast and taking time to discuss with me the importance of podcasts and oh my mind while I am getting up to sign off. I have a 2 more colors and I guys that's that's the last call's I'm going to answer for the day and Hello. Hello. Hi. Hi hi. Hi Gopi, where you from? I'm working in Singapore, but by natives India. Okay. Yeah, go p-- What do you do? Yeah, I'm doing here. I'm a project coordinator belongs to air conditioning field. Uh-huh. Yeah. So what what what what are your thoughts on weekends and their importance? Hello. I will be what are your thoughts on weekends and their importance? Yeah the week the weekend is the god giving. In the rest rest of human, okay. Yeah, because every everywhere everybody and everywhere walking in weekdays. They give only for one day's a holiday. Absolutely. Yes. Mmm Yeah that that the weekend the people take res and whatever they think they go for outing they go for they go and buy Foods. They eat the outside Foods. The baby could begin is the very important things. It is important. Absolutely. Well copy. Thank you for calling and thank you for connecting and it has been great talking to you. Yeah, okay. Thank you. Have a nice day. Bye bye. Thank you. Have a nice day. Hi guys, I would go and he was from Singapore and he does say that we can serve important people. Have fun have go out shopping and take rest and handles, like a god gift to working people and absolutely I agree with him and before we go, let's just take hello. Hello. Well, I'm really II really don't know what to say because while I have up to leave I have a few callers in line and let's just talk to winnow Sharma. Hello. Yeah. Hello. Hi Vinnie. How are you? How are you? I'm good. If you could please speak a little bit louder, please. Yeah, okay. Okay. No problem. Hello, so young. Can you hear me? Yeah a little bit. Oh, maybe Network issue. I think now I think you should keep your mic a little bit closer. Close Okay. Okay. No problem. Okay, we need him. I think a lot of this in your session. So you are good speaker in the in broadcast. And so Tell me where are you foam? But are you doing in your life? I think I'm sorry. What are you doing? Okay, you know I'm working with the it and I am from Bengaluru currently and yeah, I get some time off of and I come back to this app and I talk to people just like I'm talking to you right now. Okay, okay on topics, which I think are important to discuss and yeah today I'm here to discuss the topic of a weekend and why is it important? So yeah, that's how it works. Okay, okay. Your proper listen was on. Yes. Yes. I can hear you. Please be actually a little bit nervous. Hello. Yeah, I can use it. Yeah, please speak up. Yeah. Yeah, actually. My friend is called Mina. Hello should be gone. No, it's okay. You can talk I can hear you. Yeah, okay Selene. I'm from Himachal Pradesh. You know, yeah, I know him I'd sell Pradesh how Leeward Shimla City I doing job and electrical engineer, but today's holiday, you know, okay, but it's I don't know. Your topic is very good. We can send the importance thought every people every person I think you know, but I just will join to 10 or 15 minutes. Eat before sometime I just listening your broadcast. Yeah, so we need to tell me some suggestion for me and how can I improve the my communication skills some time. I how to overcome the shyness of my she first of all it is important that you keep these two personalities different. Okay communication. Is it fun thing and Feeling shy is a different thing. If you are a shy person always so that that that that has nothing to do with the communication, but you are shy particularly to speak English Lit. Yes, then then that's where it's about the confidence because in your mind you feel that you are not as good while speaking this language. Yeah. Yeah, you have to take that fear out. Okay, you have to take that film because it doesn't matter. So, how do you speak English? What matters is your message has to reach and while you are talking here. There are 265 people listening and I think you have given out your message to quite clear that whatever you have to say. You have said it clearly. Yeah, I right so it does absolutely you know, one thing that I could say is while you're talking maybe you're not. Talking as fast or you're thinking whether to talk or not. I don't think you should do that. Ok, just ya ya ya ya, silly shyness can truly hold people now. Yep bake my party I think because those who are and of avoid public situation and speaking up to party so because they experiences so much chronic anxiety, I think so that right now, So if that sometime I take comfort in knowing you are soup for foam alone for out and 10 people consider than then selfish. I okay. Okay. So see you might be facing a little bit of problem building up your sentences and stuff like that. Okay, so you can even work on it. You can talk to people you can follow podcast you can watch videos you can read. Books, you can yeah, please. Yeah. I also pull all those thing. Sometimes I just speak loudly front of camera found no major, I think all that but a pariah man is my arms, you know, but sometime I go to my condo people sometime I just shyness over. Okay, you you face a lack of confidence in there. Hello. Hello. Hello. Hello. Hello. Hi Hi. How are you? Thank you the happen. Let's talk over a couple of minutes and I've been new to this app and I wonder about that you're speaking. So I went I've been waiting a long way to get answered by you. I was just about to sign off and then I had a few callers. So yeah, I took the latest one. Yeah, yeah. Yeah, I've been living that time. You have been a telling like it is the last color and I'm going to siding of like that like that. So it's all right. I haven't like that so I don't have a I don't think that you might take the call. But so to understand you think ago thanks for that. I just didn't want to you know, it's like a few people waiting and you know, it's not So yeah. Yeah, I've been yeah, I've been I've been you know listening you stood to the people you talk to them. And how do you how do you talk to them? I've been listening back then. It was really want that. I heard that you basically from it and you are from Bank pool. The information I got from you all with I'm sorry. Yeah, I've been visiting your organization for a couple of minutes and that understood that over the call that you are working on an idea and you have been in bankroll like that. So how long you have been using this app? And what do you feel of this app? And I think the wonderful way to communicate with the yeah. I've been hello. Yeah. Hi, yeah, yeah. Yeah. Sure. I think I've been up on the tabs to the phone. That's why it might be some disturbance for the call. I think I've been disconnected touch and I think it would be with perfect right now do it wasn't my voice to you. Yeah, I've been using this app for more than I can say and Hey, I think I'm speaking like an the key. That's not true. But someone who's outgoing and talking to people I am just always very, you know into my work life, whatever work or my interest. But at the same time I like to connect to people who are like-minded and you know the where I feel the white key, okay, I can connect to this person. So yeah, that is a different story. That's a person lies how I live but on this app, I think I have had some wonderful experiences. I have spoken to a lot of people and shared some good experiences and a lot of knowledge exchange and learning. Goes on and while I speak to people on the podcast people usually say that we are here to learn English or we are here to improve our communication, but I think while I'm here I have learnt a lot from people and I every time I come home and I take it with me and some good thing with me. Like there was a person today not be planned. Yeah. I really encouraged that the look you have been don't know what this app because you know, a lot of people are coming. Over here to talk to you. How can I improve my language skills, how can I improve my communication? And you have been answering them as your best right? So I've been enjoying all the stoves but unfortunately people are very weak sometimes so they're coming over here to improve them improve their skills. So you should me. Yeah, I think we can do we can teach people. How can we speak English like that? It is the ability that we have H to our server while talking with people on me. We can not yeah, it is my perception about communication skill. It cannot be we can teach you can speak in such way. We can talk like in such a way. So whenever we talking to someone it will be as you automatically into a brain and we will be talking future that is sad. Actually happening. So making good communication skills making good communication is the better way to make, you know, become a good communicator in English. That is my perception about the language with my experience. I think because I think my language to be a little bit distant and I try not to be very what to say very sophisticated with the language. And I think when someone asks you some expect they ask you because they think you can help them out and I think I really appreciate that thing about people who listen to me. You know, they do think that I can help them. All even though I'm not sure or professional in teaching English, but I try to do what I think you have our professionalism while talking to people because you know, I've been just listening. I'm pretty excited. How about what are you making to speaking to people here? Do I? Exit that the way of your speaking at your attitudes, I really but really I tried to call you but I don't have a hope that you pick up my call and we'll talk to me for the people schedule another guy and I'm going to talk about examinations and how they are impacting our lives. So this is to have a last question to you. If I talking to this app, like a broadcaster are tried the stuff for the first time, but I don't get to be want to talk to how can I improve my Channel or my protocols to as better that way? I'm sorry. I didn't get what you're trying to say. Hello. Hello. Miguel the thing is I keep losing on and I cannot hear you and your sound your voice suddenly. Sounds like a I don't know what hello you getting. Yeah. Yeah, right. Hello. Yeah. I've been I've been trying to learn to be a broadcast over this are but I tried and I don't get any. Yeah, but I don't get any person to listen. And you start talking and eventually if the topic is interesting or eventually people are understanding they want to get in touch and they do comment and like and try to connect and if they liked the topic so yeah, you should start doing solos rather than requesting people to do a podcast with you because that's the easiest way and that's how I started. You know, there is nowhere like a subscribers or like That event when we start our new conversation will gradually come to us and and going going on stuff like that, right? I'm sorry. I'm you know, when you will want once you drop this car when you start when you start a new session, it would be like a single person. You know, it's like a solo for the first time right center of the app. It will give you a few options. There is the inbox there is great podcast. There is go solo. So I click on the go solo part and then I just enter the topic I choose the language and I just go live and I thought talking. Okay, let's see what will happen. But anyway, I don't like to talk into I don't supposed to waste your precious time and I thank you for talking to me. I think I might be worrying a lot to you. - but I do have to go guys and yeah, it's really sad, but I have to because I'm gonna be lies, but I'm gonna be in a different podcast and you guys can join me there and if you can see if you see through the schedule, you know, it's I'm doing a podcast on examinations with mr. Biman you saying I'm doing a collab at 6:30. So yeah come and get connected there. Give me your precious comments and likes on my podcast guys. Guys, hit the heart button if you like this podcast, so yeah. All right. They can thank you for calling connecting. I do have another quarter. Thank you. Have a great day. You guys so yeah. All right. So guys that was a date and let's wrap up this podcast right now and weekends guys. I wish you all amazing weekends and I make I just hope that you guys make the maximum out of it and enjoy it and guys who are commenting. I want to learn English. Yes, you guys you guys can learn English. Try talking no matter how broken you speak no matter how how How scared you are that you might mess up or how whether or not you have the confidence to speak. I'll just go speak it out. Speak it out learn make mistakes. Don't get embarrassed about it, you know making mistakes. It is good guys. And if you can learn from those mistakes nothing like it, right. So go ahead and just run them all yours, you know scarce fears and About your communication. So yeah, this is Vinny guys and it has always been great talking and coming to this app. And you know guys, it's always nice when I feel when I come here I get a topic and I talked to you guys you guys discuss and all the love that you Char on my podcast if you guys that is I'm really grateful for it. That is amazing. Right? And so if you have like this podcast just hit the heart button. And here I sign off for the day, and I'm immediately coming back alive with a beam on you sing and we are talking about examinations, and that will be quickly in at 6:30. So stay tuned and good evening. Have a great evening, and I have a great weekend guys. Bye.