Hello, everyone. Good evening. And this is Juanita and Pete are talking about motivation today. Different people think different about motivation and we already have a collar hero hurry that sorry. Okay. Yeah hurry. I'm gonna take your call. I have not just started with the introduction. But yes, okay. So welcome everybody who's listening? Okay. How are you? How are you? I'm good. How are you? Yeah, I'm really doing amazing and thank you very much for accepting my call. So your topic is really amazing with one nice topic. You came here. What what motivates you I mean what motivates you so can I know what motivates you first of all what I am the host. I'm supposed to ask you what motivates but yeah, how do you like I have always said and I'm going to say the same thing again. The nature motivates me. I have always been motivated by Nature. I have been following knowing the nature and it has like it is into my nerves you can say. Yeah, if I talk about me, so I'm talking about my own nature suppose. I am just fully focused to my destination actually like my goals and my intentions like suppose now, I am preparing I'm practicing my English and I improve my communication skills. So now here It's a lot while I am in active place. Like I need I need to go for that type of places. I will change my motivation there every time according to my perception suppose. I am in a practicing now. I am learning English and improve my communication. So in this way to be in the ad to place like in the group's also if suppose I made a group that place. Also I need to be active people then I feel more motivation. And I will try to elaborate myself a lot. So by this way, I will change by the time so your solution is situational Yeah by situationally, I will change it. I can't say directly like this will motivates me every time. Okay? Yeah like yeah being kind it is it will not do not gonna help us anything like being motivation is something different suppose. We are in their learning platform. So we need to be motivated by the people. I did the reason most of most important and in the different situations, there is something different it will change as by the time I think okay, right. So that's really nice. Yeah, so you find yeah, we need because I will tell you with me because I have such a sum certain goals. Actually not only English is not only my ultimate goal because I want to learn many. Things in my language. Also, I want to learn some more languages. So if I start if I stick to get one language, I can't elaborate myself to love many languages. There is the reason why I focus I just decided one thing if I could have one group also, otherwise if I join in any place also, but I want to be practice English. I am I want to be communicated with people more and more in English. Actually. I want a more complicated with Native paper disable this thing. And I want to be in that place who where there is a continuously some topics are something is going in act two way like that. I feel more motivated to impel about myself to improve my communication. That's really nice. Thank you very much. You find motivation in places where there are active Learners and stuff. When you come into a place, you know, when it is very subjective. Okay motivation is really subjective. But for me, it's not for different people. It's different. So yeah, you have had your motivation is very subjective that you know, whichever subject you're talking about me. Son, I'm going with the goals purpose then I will do this thing, but in Lon normally to become motivated, I don't know how to be more to it. Like I don't have any words, but I will be motivate myself always. I don't know how to explain it how I am motivating myself. That's so nice. That's because every time we can't explain my everything what we are doing actually what we something we don't know actually but by Nature we an elaborate we can be motivated directly. Yeah, exactly. So yeah, how do you so thank you for connecting with us and thank you for sharing your motivational what motivates you and start sharing your ideas with us. I have a few callers waiting which I have to take and stick by with us and if you like the topic, okay. So yeah sure. I really like the top. I'm the yeah. I'm really happy to talk with you and I'm glad to talk about this topic. Thank you very much for giving thank you. Thank you. Thank you good. Yeah, yeah, bye-bye. Hello. Hello. Hello. Hey Andy, how are you? I'm good. I'm good. How are you in it? I'm good. Yeah, so today's topic is what motivates you ice topic. Thank you. So what motivates you on him for me now? It is my source of motivation is you oh my God. The reason is the reason is why I was for some odd reason for me because I always try to learn things from you that how how you just always stay calm in any kind of situations second thing. Whatever people whatever seeing you did and never never think about it and you just do your work whatever. What are you doing and and being a celebrity here people are calling you. So love upon talk god of savageness. And so many so many people are following you you're the most followed person on Open Table Right still you are so polite so humble, so I just want to learn that thing. So for me, You are the source of motivation second thing. I remember you were on my interview and I ask you the same question. That's what's motivates you and you replied nature and then I asked and I asked you what's the reason so you explained it like nature never stop doing what they what is it is yeah, so that third also really hit me badly. So from that time. I'm by the by the interview I start following your rules. And so you're the kind of source of motivation for me. Thank you very much Anand. That is a very great thing to say, but you know, even I'm learning again and this is what I love. This is what I love most about you. You're so humble. You're so down to earth and you also saying that I'm also learning. So it's a long process if you got to keep learning what is then you can stay motivated. Otherwise, if you stay stagnant, then you'll start stinking so that will get yeah, if you keep strong that's the social thing for me. Thank you big thing to say. I'm really humbled. Okay. So yeah that it's like a talking and I have Ninja waiting in you know line for coil. So sorry. I just I just I just I just hope I can keep up that standard of, you know, different things that this limit. With people that that we you know, let me tell you just not me there. Are you gonna you going to found it and numbers of people in our front door? They are really found. That's really nice. I just hope that's in a good way in a good way because those on come on because yeah because you see it's always yeah. Good things from you people are getting better to good idea. That's the whole idea of doing like to share what I have and I want to learn like what experience people can share with me. It's a learning thing, you know, so it's more easier that way rather than you just pick up a book and you start mugging up stuff. That's not going to ask you when you when you like get through a Communications always talking to people And one more thing that I like most about you whenever you come with a good topic you always say your own experience. You just not saying the things which is already available on internet and you just say your own experience and the way you trying to help people. Especially the beginners. I really love about you. Yeah, I don't want the point of being here when you cannot be of help to anyone like see if you are at a level. Why would you come and ask him me search for you? Because even am not a perfect prefer professional and the other thing is, you know, there is huge information available online. Okay so much so much information available online people get this month. When they come to you for a specific reasons, you know that has to be justified. Like there are a lot of as they don't know where to start voice. Yes. I have somewhere I have certain knowledge about it. I think it's somebody weird. It's always nice to give her because and that might help them in a way like that much a little bit of fire in them. And which would just take it ahead. These are ya know, it's always easy that way. And yeah, so thank you for connecting a yeah. Yeah, this thing is so much for finding me. Yeah. No, there is there is a number of different you so we will be on thank you. Thank you. so hi ninja G welcome. I hammer a poor pay. Hello. Hi, you're not allowed to believe hi ninja G. Hello Gianluca show. mette Co-op Castle Arrietty d Hello. What motivates you yeah, what motivates you? Ich active group Japan log same you don't need two speakers were garage. I have a hotel have a communicative percentage of motivation motivation. I'll be quick all product many Queenie appeal but the year. Bonita itself is your motivation. Wow, great portfolio. I think that's a mani-pedi viruses when I kick is in high-need and that's it body all of dimension of both Podium though Nathan that they were it wasn't closed again. How you be here? Motivation need though, huh? Reason Organa the way motivational quotes the hobby of Japan for her motivation in khaki You know to keep going on need common agree. Don't need whole Hina malachite need now. They say we have number lucky passage of your life man. Basically he motivation. Jessica Jessica, they'll be learning process ogre to get this he'll be heading neighborhood looking to upgrade militia object could see can I really need to seek near as a motivator music music music Don't forget second vertical we can hand him his complete. The other need me or veto. I'm not hopeful begin to fear other. Cut them or even harder than as evil goal. Coordinates are you to YouTube? But I need care TJ. Oh, he don't move motivation our love I need badshah. Gee, I've got it in the Thirsty motivator to skirt make I explained, you know system like cycle it goes my perfect. Bianca there with my life my like and we have to retaliate we have to come back her Superstar Raju gonna hear her and her a bar Iguodala with I Ascend in Yankee Suraj codec a dilemma. Okay, we'll start cutting Perfection Edge as Asura loopty Loops, but then it is the source of energy Suraj codec Suraj Ka saath and everything is dependent on that and host art jota it happens quick Geiger burning process of opening up systems Etc. So her cheesecake system with a freak out. To reject a writer so her bundle as a network is super super super shiny. It's me again. Nature may have disabilities a motivator illuminates of the sleeves system Al que que que que hubo hot 0 and you know say Lily Jiang motivate kcpt silicic top one to tie a jacket really deck here. So these are the things that That I can relate to I don't know how others relate to them but merely a is Russia mooji BB. Yo BB o girl o feel like I feel the nature I take lessons from the nature qtr. They covid we Well, my natural calamities ho TA or ethernet disastrous OT is level the hotel again immediately now nature also revived Carper. So life mohombi bocce court are totally guilty secrets about what is important coming back up case the receiver pasado Zarina Jakob disease here. Process jota has slowly out step by step out. Oh do though is out here and uh, it will go go. I think that is how I motivate myself qk other they go up in San Jose motivator to in Santo insomnia. Hello will be Garcia Garcia was camouflaged or our cheese puffs. Now that so care. Yeh Mera motivation up key motivation need and that is that is a very nice little bit later. working with Misty Okay. Right. That's very nice. G2G ninja you to equal per lb GG Colbert go car. It was considerably Partners. Oh, I think they go bot simple seawater ninja chick out. I am not motivation only Unicode to get it level of motivation. I think choti Seto tikis Quorum the hans-erik observe Korean poem. I can learn We'll pull the more you get motivated setting up my curiosity hunger at the licking job life my as a palette and so happy you think happened. He got past the couch to double up with water and power booster Bolton. Who ryouta. Lincoln s example Bolton to put a push model, even though the cool thing is we have new blood cells key demotivate Carnival ocp motivation. I think that's a very nice thing qk Co-op. Konnichiwa rock is he was a say though is comfortable put PSI Corps annum innum very much lenita. God love them. Oh, thank you. Thank you up up mediconnect way happen. Billy Martin. Thank you so much. Bye bye. Take care. Thank you. God bless you and bye-bye. So guys that was Ninja and ninja Genie some amazing. Linda jie has put up some amazing points, which we will read ask us after I take this call. Hello, I will tell G. You have more durable. Yes. You are. We thank you. Game makes topic what motivates you come to straight to the street to the point. Okay? Okay, they hardly five minutes this difference between inspiration and motivation. Okay, maybe we can get inspired him anything but we can't get motivated by everything. Okay, we can get inspired by DJ we can get inspired by any athlete your parents. What inspired you okay, but only the thing which motivates you is yourself. Okay, you need to step out from your comfort zone. Maybe we're not putting inspiring me to be a great cricketer and following his work ethics and everything. But to continue that flow the full which is needed is yourself. You can motivate yourself apart from that and think on it motivates you maybe that can inspire you. Okay, I can get learned from following someone. Okay, but to maintain that o deviation for example, for instance. I'm watching some deep Mysteries video. Okay, I get motivated. Okay Kia. He is speaking very nice. Nice words coming up with nice words, but what if I change that channel? Yeah, exactly. Then then hear my rules Come. Okay, Camille could go motivate gonna be because you talk to yourself talk to yourself about the problem just in terms of depression. Which out there you see which is medium problem smoother. Do you have to accept of yes, ma'am, or be a problem how Mary and I if you want willingly if you want to step out of that then you need to motivate yourself. Right. Okay now our life may make you look tough week is a good motivator bag or you can get inspired by many thing agree nature of my spare got the Surah job to inspire gotta they can jump the Gap could see in each of our geeky make oh you're gonna with kebapi question. Could City Guru gur Ki whether I am capable of doing this one surname and that is exactly true to yourself is the you are the best motivator of your life. Exactly, very nice point. G2 as you thought could see what Joe could see bad. Get inspired up in spiral egusi of not thought process clearly could see this is what about shorter? Okay. It was the ricotta. Let's see newly born baby usage of bucolic the Rota. Okay, because he knows he have Clarity of thought Chris cookbook legiere Clarity of thought so taking me Colonel okay to work arose / disable QC quotes about negara, but which are toward karna then watch the videos get inspired by people often say what they go through once you put your cash over. But at the end of the day up to thought process clear energy chemical puts about cadmium a good motivator Bongo. That's that's a very nice Point Polo mangy the macroeconomic I take myself as a motivator for me where I could call you motivate her permission. I think the best example and I think people have to take this as an example and one opening up say but Canadian up knee up good motivation manager and in fact even I'll try because yeah, I see Josh and geney Mayhem. Hung up in a locomotive 8 curl at the bottom example put up negative. You know, how many mostly okay self-doubt is attack here. Mr. Caruso cross-check Carnage. I don't know what the others but that is why we start talking about taking expert advice and stuff. So exactly click I can share the Option key life is of the problems or the a midlife me both problem T. Nobody's life is like a cable smoothly nature with you. So that time I also bought some videos Louis a bodyguard now, but believe me that is not going to work at all Chuck maybe lucky make a barnacle now P that's done. I'll be both ago. But some people deny to the fact within ATK hotelier. That's all her excuses. Oh, sorry Barney. Okay, but once you start accepting the problem you will be motivated by yourself. effective that's a great way to put that. For Maria again. I think I think I agree. I think that's very nice. UK. They can just be a motivation Ki baat karta hum external force k-bar him about Curtis most of their time up. He manages you think speed. Yeah, like whenever people are talking about motivation. We start searching it out second not within us and I think you have created this, you know perception drop a foot. Does a charity begins at home? What do you mean inside home? A body under Jocko? I think you have given this message like very clearly outside poke a penny under Jocko you will get it there. So I think that is absolutely beautiful. Now Raul says do meditation. I think it ruled that is what he's saying when you when you say talk to yourself. So people have different ways to talk to yourself to practical dancer think meditation is the right way. Just go ahead and do it. So I think I agree with you on the theology because I think this kind of perception is the right way to put it so motivate a penny a poker that is the right here and do it. So if you guys are listening to this now, you know where to find motivation so so our qualis will get a legis. See bilkul. Yeah, we did. This is my point. Okay, and thank you so much for having me again great point and we Metro comment section which are okay. Some people are waiting their fabulous .28 of a principal said okay of needs you up each answer. Please come up on the call. I want to listen my monitor. I want to listen my monitor. How is like, how is learning processes going on? okay, if these and You know the situation which you can share Blinky which option down where you feel like, you're some sort of things your has been blocked now, there is no way some areas that I usually don't take things that much to my mind in Zulu situation. Kotani be difficult or like how they had. I gotta do I have that attitude. I don't know whether it's good. The motivation clicking. Yeah, I always do like a week delay per bottle. You would hear like it could be the worst situation in my life. And I'm like, well HIPAA, let's have tea and think about it. So I do that and I think or I just channelize so this is what I do. I might just take a cup of tea and somewhere and you know, think about it, so I don't think it's a blocking looking to buy Olga hike bharath Ajay, you know, that is very that is a very childish situational tell you made up a lie, Barb backlog the pirotta. So in the image like this is the end of the world for me that was the end of the world then because I was a rank student in school and then I'm like now worth. How am I going to go home? So I thought I would go and depression or something like that because merely a double bought but he's not ask about these are both healthy away after that. It's like eight backlog dope a clock for an iPod Touch Rog are so I think Bobby would wake phase Donna learning curve for half a minute coffee cheese or politely lay in a see clear. And after that I have it is like it has been different totally. We can we cut to cut situation I gr. Life-or-death situation. I could I I don't think about it in that way. I don't take it to my mind. I don't you can say key. I don't let things take over me. Mira control may have no control new sneakers e okay. That's so very good way to handle any situation of control lose go through the various of subsets time base corrector could go into where the other situation man. To talk about is the right exactly of course Solutions, which are the focus could not really be focused like a gorilla, you know, I might start panicking and do things that I shouldn't do. Exactly. I just try to go bot. Look is co quit. Karna Catholics in my squad car. It's like practicality up for jota handle up Korea to Whitaker of things will change. He has a good Guru the symbol of those are positive. There are two ways Capital Bogota. Yep course octo and there's one situation a puppet I trigger to it's like hope for the best do your hope for the best and be prepared for the worst. So I am mentally prepared like hija Buddha Jose Torres level tag project team. So that is how I handle most of the situations and last week. We had any situation. Most of the times come cars are their communicative. I just feel like sometimes you have to laugh it out. Okay, you cannot always think life is going to be you know, a our Behavior never lies a hoodie with a Cubby Cubby out of the loop user. There is a, you know something happens. Is totally unexpected. So life is all this all about unexpected things exactly. And so the beauty of Life. Yeah, I think if you were excited enough, you know to live rather than see the result of it. Okay, though, most of the time cow. The look result result oriented with the like you are thinking about the result and you're working towards something believe in the process. Then click again believe in the process. Hijo rise of Aura is K modulo. Abisco Figueroa just take whatever you can get out of it. Then at the end of the day if you're not getting what you came here for but at least you have collected so many things that is eventually going to help you in life. So that is why if you start saying there's no loss Jessica, he goes with Iranian exactly. The process gives you experience and experience matters most rather than the result. So it's a win-win situation and you Away, so to get that way we be happy. Okay, let's go exactly so I don't have much love me Nina exactly. There's only the punishment for topical together, huh? Come on, they give me situations that I start thinking at. I put myself into their shoes and I wonder okay, what would I do in this situation then if I Don't get an answer himself. Tell us something about HIV. I don't do that. I don't do that. But I definitely put myself into that situation and see if men who Tito Calcutta and if I whatever I get as an answer it alert person. So eager that is helpful. Very good not like here. There is a is a comment here lawful suggest to you seeing actually really do anyone want to get rid from any problem. Then the best way to Read scripture like Gita all stuffy. I agree. We're going to follow which is equal to that gives you something to learn posted once to write the Positive Vibes you get and that will definitely going to help you up on the street. Fresh feel go Takeuchi Whataburger. No do not worry about To be clear and why might be Twitter matter Goethe, isn't it? Like exactly good up with a cello? Kick company matcha henna up under the broader chains on you. You might be the greatest person who's got an immense talent and you've got a great attitude and everything, but what if you are living with a bunch of people who are like the most sad and depressed in the world and they are like, A medicine the yes here. So you even want you don't try to show like you are Michael's got sucked out Andy, you might just be so much affected with that kind of an environment. You are my you know in covid Alexandra exactly that that happens. Okay. So like I'll give you a situation this app classmate who you are group group of friends. Okay, and everybody is like dumb they don't want to study but you like you like that group and you're studying. I hear you're getting good grades. You've got good grades, but you cannot tell them he hir got the grades and everything sometimes what happens is like wake movie. Me what the concept of you know, whether there was this three idiots like these bunch of guys are hanging together. All of them are having fun too. Only one cracks create grades. So the others are like all sad and stuff. Okay. So those fellows are the verilog the verge of those came out some said they got a tubes are they were like that. So I think it is also it also connects us somewhere with the environment like if you want to be into a bunch of people you just try to deny your own ideas sometimes in he You know, he's such an a here. Okay, just be with that and some somewhere. It suppresses your inner thoughts. So our above Napa motivate bigger reveling in anymore gonna go Mega Arrow expected that happens when you count equally thick palpable thessalonica. ninja heike sabka saath hogi Irish the Irish TV thank you Christie thinks he wants to join I would like to go and make sure you sending all respect you should call me that okay bye how to control anger a beaker sectors go control I think breathe very a sound oh yeah control very deep career from Korea of the undergo severe panic attacks Cathy's value where the air goes both easier ones on answer my Lego Arena he was very informative interesting talk I would like to join whinnies amazing yes when he's amazing it's still power - I can't Buddy, you are ignoring. Mr. Power is saying that I think you recording me. Okay. Yeah, I'm going to take digital power next. Okay? Okay, so it is V. Thank you so much for having me such a great topic. I'd love to join you again. Definitely, please Givenchy. Bye. Bye. Bye. Bye. Take care. So yeah guys that was the theory and he just cut the crap too short and he said that only one thing can motivate you and that's you get inspired from Anything and everything but motivation he up. Kagama Skokie see or Panadol a digital Pavan. Hey Harvey. Hey Vic, how are you doing? Hi, Sadi Emma. Yes, you can join other few colors, and please be there. I will talk to you right after Vikram. Okay, so here but when how are you? Find any isil. Soon that the podcast stochastic book with a coin in Te Hira garages are evenly Cafe they got open talks, okay. Okay. orbit But when Adam motivation give a about her and that you want to keep going ahead and what motivates you to do this. Milko motivate from Asia to cellphone motivated We'll take a look at me or up and get engaged or like my like motivation were like Saruman tocharian is images, of course milta 15 minutes when a time management system when Erica completely really bored better engage its kiss at me. He can forgive me Rocky me review and I love graphic designing. I love so many things like with the like technology. So use a modular interest up music condemn a job. Okay. Nice egg monteux Chadwick Fame segment who travel? name manto together but G29 momento. I bet they all like me his motivation to explain garage over the Telly Nika hockey table could come motivate current here motivation. So it can see I'm against a price he are poor gadgets motivates our pay and which was a shocking more than I don't. Being weird, but could you explain that? Many Kiana like gadgets Mary Help Curtis, like use a name fame money in sub-20 me or like my Asus Rog the except the more we wanna way to reach that point woke up got a stove motivation to Lea Motivation Kelly Rowland gadgets. Covid Kirk a prostate exam. Motivation to be think we have cookie opposite expand in a way of the motivation here. We thought process of Apple in be same as the block a character. He made the soup. Aditi Feherty don't forget you have a bot. There are Testament all you do say You need to wake even quicker TV like a BB officer actually just brought home was my phone case are very very and see what I can change the music with me. Hello Peewee, public means what proven Vikram Jeep Dodge Ram? Vikram geek on tattoo if applicable Summers where is generally will be with him here. Okay. Thank you. Probably up give you share completely. Whereas our corporate Duty nor luggage and go more than a child and G. Thank you. Hello. Hello. Hello. Hi Vikram. Hi Whitney. How are you? Hi, how are you? Hello. I am I audible to you great. Thank you so much for asking your keeps breaking up. It's a little bit difficult for me to understand what you're saying because your voice keeps breaking up. Hello. Yeah. Could you please get to a place where you can get a proper Network, please? Vinnie hi. Somehow what happens is we could of you say one word and then he vanished it's kind of very difficult to understand. Would you mind checking your connection and reconnecting? Vikram are you there? guys this Vikram audible to you guys, of course, neither Vikram Kapoor and He is. All right. We're going to please reconnect reconnect. Yeah, it would be really nice if you reconnect. Hello. Hello. Hello. Mr. Mack. Yes, Winnie. How are you? I'm good. How are you? Can you hear me? Yes, I can hear you totally clear. Okay. Thank you. Your wife is also coming very clear. So, how are you and what's going on good and today I'm talking about motivation. So that's all that is going on. Your topic is very nice. I like your topic and I was a In your discussion forum sometimes so I really enjoyed it. That way is the nice topic and did that is very neat needful topic. Okay, that's really nice. I'm really happy. I could come up with a topic that could make you happy and get some real points where you like? Yes, sir. We need that the organ is that motivation is very necessary. For example, if you want to achieve some targets, then you must be motivated by someone. So that is the important part of your life. Without motivation you can't do anything. I this is my believe might be possible. It will be different idea for the different people. But I believe that the motivation is the so needful activity for you for your life for your a better planning. Right, right. Well that is true. You really need motivation, but it depends on where you take it actually did now let's come on the topic the topic is that what motivates you so there could be motivation. But for example, if I look at me, I'm noted with I'm motivated with those people who are going to serve the nation's. Going to serve the people over the needy who are the people who are the poor people. So I'm always motivated by these kind of the people from from many years when I was student. It was my target that I will got a good job and I will get some finance and I will prepare a big house for me and I will bought a car for me but with the passage of time at my mind, I have been betrayed but no, I have a just mind that just serve the people who deserve a who can't afford their basic necessities of The life so that kind of the people who are doing these kind of the activities and motivated. The people I'm always already inspired with these kind of the people. That's really nice. What are you doing? Ml for a living? And what do you do for your life? Actually weenie, I belong to Pakistan Punjab Pakistan. And the more thing is that I belong to Village and I belong to very simple people. You can imagine that we have Buffalos and the Gaza and you can listen the sound of the boots. The gods are the gods are available in my home. So we are living very simple life. But on this kind of the applications, I will mostly spend my time, but I'm just doing our job in my city. Okay, so you're perfect. Yeah good people who help others and ever. And you feel that you want to serve people of your country some of the other way. That's a very nice thing to do. Actually, I can even use this time every people have some dreams but believe me, I'm telling you what truth. I just want to run a medical complex where the people can get free treatment. I know that this time I'm not in a good position my financial professional not so strong. The reason is that I'm spotting a big family and I'm a big member in my family because you know that in Pakistan the energy crisis the unemployment is the so spreading our side. I did but still I have a dream in my heart and this is my objective and I pray to Allah Almighty our day will come when I will be a strong in amount sir. Then I want to run a hospital or medical bill the complexity where there is no need of the fees to the poor and the needy people. Oh, that's a very Noble part. That's a very nice. Thought. I think I just hope that life gives you enough that you can achieve this dream of yours, and I really wish that people. Ahead and help you to achieve this dream. So you guys can do it all collected. Actually, actually when I will look at my surroundings, even in my Village the the majority of the people are available in my Village believe me. They can't afford their daily basis food. Even this is the problem to making bread for the children in my in my hometown in my Village a and due to these Isis especially the covid-19 is creating a lot of the problems for the potent, but the but there are some people are available in my side were a helping to the people and I'm also with them. I'm not contributing the amounts because I'm not in a good position, but I'm just contributed. I just making campaign with them and providing things to the people of people are providing some foods and I be just Distributing through the door by door with the help of some strong people in my Village. That's very nice. But keep doing that you are doing an amazing job and I think you have to keep doing it. And I just hope that you get all the support from your friends family from the almighty and you achieve what you actually believe you want to we need to tell me something about yourself. What do you do? I don't do much. I am a graphic designer or I talk to you. People which I love effect means it means that you are one of the intelligent people and you are in a good position this timer. So you are also an end and most educated people know it's not necessary. You have to be very educated to talk to people. I think if you talk to people you will actually get educated that is like if you have a degree, I don't think just have actually an hour. The problem with that is I think you have to learn written. This is the problem with our side is that the majority of the people are available? But the Mind level is not so good people have their own field. They have a Heritage with the great Fields, but there is the find level thinking Some people are willing to help other but the some people just collecting the money for their own purposes. Even look at my Camp reposition. Our leaders are not sincere about Our countries the leaders are available on the big post and they are collecting their nominees. You know that the Lords of the people are all involved in their corruption a lots of the leaders are under some cases. So that is the issue in our side if people think that for example if I have a huge amount then I will take that this amount will be distributed on the people who deserve this then it would be a good for me. But even I will be just people are thinking for their own purpose. And they're collecting because they want one more and more that is the problem. And that is the drawback in my sights exactly. See it's not just with your side. There are politicians all over the world and there are politicians who are corrupt all over the world. Okay. So I think that is going to be there but people have to gear up. Okay, they have to stand up and take charge and change things in their life. That just doesn't happen once, you know at once it's a special things change. Create that change and I think simple Deeds can change and make a great change in life. So I think let me talking about those people whether they are changing or not. I think each one can do their little part and change the society in a very simple way and with those little Deeds things will change and that will happen some of the other day and I really hope things will change the way you want to see the brain of that. The see little Jumeirah idea madad, ya gotta pass. For example, it is obvious reverse a hack stop something like a mask survive car going to do deserve cartel help out. Knowledge important there should be a gamma rays. Are you ready for the challenge and my hope my associate Inspire? Hope next time Hoagie after discussion is platform p.m. Authority and worked and worked on the jab pajama online. After through discussion, we have sobotka botticella. Gotta celebrate Joe speaking a upload your attitude your attitude ever mean Jesus, and I really inspired with your way of speaking and with a way of your attitude. So again, thank thankful to you. Thank you very much. yes, thanks mer and he has some amazing God's about how he wants to change the life of people and I really hope he gets all the kind of support that he requires and creates a change and it's very necessary for people to have such positive thoughts to create a change in the society, and I just hope He succeeds in his dream. So we have a few callers and I'm really surprised to see someone here and there you go. So, I'm Angie. Hi, I'm Angie. Welcome to my part and I jumped in yo-yo. Good evening, ma'am. Good evening of Wednesday. How are you doing? That's really nice. Thank you for connecting. First of all. Hello to you. Yes, you are and I am I audible to you definitely definitely without that sounds great. So so I'm Angie this is the first time on you are connecting to someone on open talk. Yes. Yes. Absolutely. The first time I count I called but I refused them flatly as I said really apologetic but it will be even in sport. Well, I will first speak up on up. I really am but I'm really happy and right now I feel really lucky. So there is yay. Gravity was houses your days of the family home to some for Kia. So that's really nice that you connected. So I Munsey what do you think about motivation? What is now I heard Brilliant point and what you're doing? Also you're thinking to this next level and what I have to say about these things as that motivation and inspiration was the two different terms basically which are exactly if I could go to explain motivation is a premise truth. Right a source of inspiration is motivation. Dredging is basically a kind of thing and the way It was wonderfully telling that a person's own self is a he could be a motivator, but when he was referring that he should talk to one to talk to yourself that he meant that yes, you should consider that there is a third person in yourself and you're talking to that person that third person. Who are you so basically exact person will motivate you what I want to say is that motivation will always be external with that's my belief and my point of view external Force. Yeah motivation is concerned about people get motivated to different things. As far as I'm concerned as you question says what motivates you everything in the world motivates me and nothing in the world actually motivates me. Well if I could put it that way if you put it that way exactly actually the time frame at what thing you are looking at and what your circumstances behind that. What's the exactly? What is the time what you're thinking? What is your thought process going on? What are the external circumstances? What are your internal circumstances that depends on different factors in fact currents and then only one Brings out something that yes, this is the point where this thing is motivating. Your this person is motivating or for example, let me put it to you this way. That mini motivates me in a lot of men manage lot of manners the way you speak other template option is piqued. I will share an experience from cash box. If you allow me to add right? Yes, please go ahead. So we were having a discussion in our discussion. We were having some fun to do things and suddenly someone comes Up, and he says something about being human and he criticizes the religious beliefs of people and I got a variant agonized to that person and I just started bashing upon him and we were like into a very heated kind of an argument and then moment what I could have done if I would have been the host that time I would have just kick them out and the Matt. Mhm. Yeah, but thankfully other people's there and other the way he handled the situation. The way he talked that person down to things and the way he explained his point to that very person who was adamant on his point and five minutes later. He picking what it is. They wanted him to say. So in at that very particular moment or the triple option inspired, you're not the his patience and I'm known for my community. I'm known to be a very patient lawyer, but I I lost my cool that day and I was inspired I was motivated by other objects. So it depends it at a particular circumstance. You can be motivated by any person living with you. The motivation is right if I'm not wrong you are motivated by chai you are motivated by Nature. Right, right. I just want to highlight this point of yours for a for an instant when you said that time matters each and everything matters like you can be motivated by everything and you can be not you can just not get motivated by everything like or buy anything this point Hit me hard. Okay, like you can see things right in front of you and still not get motivated, right? So you know the way you put it was absolutely yeah wait though but I am obese kind of person now the obvious person I am so what I do I know everything means I know how to exercise I have been into basketball till National level in my college and I know things are things are in front of I have this all the gym equipments lying right in front of me right now also I I'll be your friends Rider but I don't exercise. Well, there are things but they don't move it. But right sometimes what happens with sometimes I'm sleeping in the night a three o'clock in the night and I suddenly get a same who we are. We have a patio and I are probably open. I just roam about in my room itself that okay of the second male that section so time delusion in a very crucial role and as a result, they were totally said that it comes from within so it has to come from within it definitely actually almost was You can have pieces like many people are motivated by many actors in Bollywood or I could see the person who was talking to you about gadgets. He was motivated by gadgets gadgets. Yeah, what time plays a very crucial role and it has to come from within that's what I does. Yeah, but there is just an external Force which triggers that you know, it triggers kiha you Colonel and then you start thinking about it. Okay, we should do it. Okay, so it is again a chain reaction again, but at the end of the day you are the master of your own body and mind so it's very obvious your mind has to do the game. So that's that's a very nice perspective that has been put up by the theory and now very well explained by you in another way. I like I have seen so many different dimensions today like hurry came up with something then other theology was there and then q and then woven so Truly, this is the best conversation. I have had today guys like all the amazing people. So I'm Angie. What? Yeah, what what inspires you and Life to go ahead this way. Like I have seen you. I have seen a very different side of yours. Okay, and every time I see you, it's like surprise. Well, I'm not seeing you literally, but every time I meet you, it's a surprise. Okay, like you're right. A sense of human at there's a has put that and comments. Okay. He has it like you have great sense of humor and your writing skills. And I must say your writing skills are great. Okay, and which is undeniable totally and so what keeps you going in your life, like other than the motivation that we are talking about. everything everything I could say the life itself since I believe that's a process so everything inspires me in everything keeps me going on for example I tell you as you've mentioned about my writing and all yeah I normally don't write kind of this love poetry or hit party or something like that I do write that also but major you majorly what I write is Solutions retires political satires just to my entire poetry you will find 75% of things which actually are are the reflection of what's happening in the society so so nothing inspires me for example or I'll tell you one incident you might have heard a girl was raped in Kashmir yeah yeah the small girl who was correct yeah Hello. Did I lose you? I'm Angie. Are you there? Hello. Hello. Yeah. Yeah, I'm Angie right now. You are audible. I was telling you that that rape case what happened that is that inspired me to write our wonderful piece of peyote. I simply wrote it down and I just published it on Facebook and I got a huge, you know, people were really after that. Yes, you have written something good. Then I find up another day. I get a motivation that yes, another there was a rape and then I use right? Yes. He anyone achieve only one thing worse than that and suddenly I know. here said n number of rape using the page they are dramatically the media has been hyping up Fuca exactly it's it's hype yes so that you know that gives me another kind of motivation and I wrote Kobe Channel jalaluhu speak it a pray pray pray pray pray pray my motivation changed entirely so everything every stage of life every day every minute you're finding something new something new something new can L tell you what's recently give you very very recent example right now other tip Pratap Singh was telling about motivation hmm he immediately use a word inspiration in between somewhere cat so immediately give me an idea what your inspiration motivation Tzatziki Gina geology I like that you inspired me I just Googled it and then I was like here if we can but then I saw he's got perspective yoga so another way that that very moment I was hearing you that triggered me that motivated key that inspired me I went to Google I started for you so it could be anything so as far as I'm concerned as you as ask me the every minute gives me something you do live as you have heard the Poetry on the cash box because I observed everybody on cash box for four five six days and then you know that inspired me what we got I doing I should write doubt I should turn it down so there is something on a daily basis even even fix this covert is inspired not will not many people if there was no Kuwait I would never have used any apps or saying this open talk or cash box or nothing it wouldn't have it that in my life so anyway so I take the life as it comes to me I'm not the kind of person I have I don't have huge dreams to achieve or I don't I already consider myself a successful person in my life Have already achieved a lot and I don't have I'm A Satisfied person with myself. So that that way whatever comes whatever life gives me I'm ready to accept it the way it is and that keeps me moving on every day's a new day for me. I'm exactly and I am a person who usually even who I still believe is that I have to drink life to the least. I'm quoting Ulysses does a poem by TS Eliot I suppose he said this line I will drink life to the least means I will drink life to the last drop, so whatever life brings. Me whatever like offering me. I'm going to accept it with Open Hearts and open hands and that that's why that's what keeps me moving on every day every day. Okay moreover. I'll tell you another thing. I'm a lawyer by profession. So I meet say five to ten lot of clients on a daily basis right basis and on an average, I could say that I talked to a thousand people thousand new people and a half to three months or something. So if I talk to thousand new people in three months or four months, so everybody has a different kind of story. like together everything else kind of different prescription everybody has a different thought process so everything inspires with whatever life is giving me I'm enjoying my life to the fullest and maximalist possible limit and that that's what each me on and I just doing this that's just amazing I think learning from life being curious being observant is a great thing and all these things I have found in you and I think see I have always thought okay a person who's ready to learn and who is observed can do anything in life and somehow I find both the things in you and that's really nice and I really look up to you and I'm not just saying this out of the blue but I really look up to you okay and other Teddy consumers but if there was I would definitely let you know and apart from that other that he has requested agar up soon as active So now do you were talking about the port? So here I'll just do like so I'll just say a couple couplet and not some more I'll just say that as you mentioned me that you've seen about four different perspective. I surprise you as you say so I have written I have written in my profile pic also glass box. So this is my coat. I say any sound so Madeira home because he's in the Guillain-Barre her quedarse milk. Fuck. So beautiful. I summed up in four lines. Thanks a lot. Thanks. A lot is a really nice talking to you Vinnie. And that's really you too. I think I should drop the corner. I'll leave you and your podcast running and I'll be in coming section. I will be listening. I'll be giving my notes and way that would be great, and I'm really happy. be I've heard from people I you one there on cash box I heard a lot about you that yes that is a girl when you does bring some really interesting talks in the and I've observed you during these four three four days since I've installed and you are doing a good work you are actually trying to make some changes in the society and that's what really people want and I really pray for you and I really congratulate you for doing this and I really appreciate your all your efforts and I say that you beat keep doing this good work at this all all I want to say to you and that thank you for having me on the call and I'll thank you very much I'm Angie thank you for being there thank you for being connected and I think that I should thank covert more of a that have been meeting amazing people you know I'm Angie I wouldn't have ever got on to this app because this app was suggested on the application where I actually right okay and they asked me to narrate my child is over here but I was never interested in narrating but somehow when the lockdown started Before the lockdown started I was so curious. I just got on this application. I started speaking to people. And then I realized people need someone who wants to listen to them and I eventually started doing that. Okay, the thing is yeah that is immense knowledge immense knowledge available everywhere. Like the things that I'm saying is something something not new. It's not from a Pandora's Box that I'm telling something or I'm giving out a secret or something. These are the same things that we see every day, but we don't give a thought to it. So when I come here. Yeah, yes, please. Go ahead five singing. It is actually true B. We know everything means knowledge is something which is not right now is not a point that you have to gain knowledge from somebody. There is some points you are learning but Abby this is common facts knowledge has become common facts eager gentlemen, if you get that is healthy for you. Come on the cow be healthy for you and they feels keep running that will be healthy for you. But but actually what we do, we don't we have we know everything. How do we control? How do How should we go ahead hard worker? Matcha, he could achieve technically goal. May you not see the magma Unity a a focus on everything but we don't do it. You are absolutely correct. That's why we need people like Vinny come up. Hahaha is and so that people get motivated and they Okay, that's that's a great way to put it into and I'm so happy guys. I'm really happy. I'm really very happy. I'm Angie. I cannot express it in words by dictionary is very limited, but I'm actually very happy. It's nice talking to you. See you some other time. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. It was great talking. So guys that was amun-re and well today has been a great day, you know some tremendous points from some amazing personalities some people some great people who came up on call and some amazing people who are there in the comment section 2 and mole of to you guys and I would love to listen and know what your thoughts are on this particular topic and a particular. They get you inspired me a lot. I'll tell you how you are. So spontaneous, and I just want to be that way forever. I just hope I could be that way forever some Ira you are so sweet. So I think you should come on call sometime. and talk to us and I'm Angie. Thank you. Again. I'm Angie. The pleasure is mine to be very honest, Krishna. Hey, Krishna, you should connect. Motivation comes from myself exactly you are Krishna. You are the one who motivated Arjuna. So come upon go so high and I are and I thank you for that amazing piece of comment that you wrote there and I'm really humbled right now. So guys who are listening right now the topic for today motivation motivates you I have been learning a lot of things from you guys, and I'm sure that it is going to help me in some or the other way. If it's not helping me right now, it has given me so much more to think about and to do in life. So hey Justin Jordan, please come up on call. You should come on call right now. So I'm I think I thank covid the situation of covid the lockdown and everything because I have been meeting amazing people and again the shutting I don't know if open talk. I think when open talk you just shut down and people just went crazy. Like what do we do with our lives now? We had to go and find different applications. We did a lot of research. I must say, okay, we went to different places and I don't know if that can be taught or taken as motivation the shutting down shutting down of on/off open talk. That was the trigger that we all, you know, get up and went on. To the Play Store and found so many things and try to understand if we could really get another app where we can stay connected to people but I think each each story has added great aspect of my life right from the open talk to the cast box and back to the open dog. So we have what we call is now let's take these calls and then talk about it very soon Justin. You gotta wait. I've got Melvin then I'm coming back to you and See mostly what happens is people use these applications and really think that it's a waste of time. But for me this application has been a great turning point in life, and I've learned so many things here and I just hope that I keep learning. So hey Melvin, how you doing? Yeah. I'm doing good weenie. So what about you? I'm doing good. So here the topic was very interesting that I feel like I need to join without commenting anything in the looks that's great I'm really happy you thought so really I'm very happy to be here and whinny oh I know your real name please that's my real name Vinnie okay that's great that's great - I thought that that would be any nickname of yours okay so here the topic is what motivates you that means what motivates me right okay can you please say your few thoughts about what made you come on uh you and then I will stop mine I think everything you know in life whatever triggers a need to do something in your life motivates if you see the for me I just got a clear concept about motivation and inspiration from a very dear friend right now so the nature inspires me I love to see the nature and learn from it and it's and use it as a way of life but not upon I'm not gitanjali that's not my real name But there are also other aspects Melvin Melvin. I look at people and the way they do things I learn I keep learning and that is all the motivation you made a very good point here. So from my perspective getting more is like get motivated each and every situation that's going in society. That might be good or bad see what we can get more motivated from that things which are happening in the society is what not. What not to do in the society we need to think that yeah, this should not be done so we can also get motivated from those things. Right, right. Will understand what you have to change is in it the need to create a change motivates. yes we can find motivation everywhere from there and some teachers from friends from good friendship from the past and from political leaders store we're not you can find motivation every way and the thing is to get motivated to get motivator once should not should see the reality of life as it is this is the as it is exactly he's a motivational speaker yeah he's a great personality of known yep Great for people who are being on open database so that the reason this area which you need if you go to the country completes my interviews. I'm sorry. Could you repeat that? I just miss that part. Hello, Melvin. I lost you. hello okay guys sounds like Melville Melvin has lost the network I'm still waiting if he is able to come back and speak up his voice is kind of really low but the things that he's saying I'm very loud yes Melvin so I'm inaudible now yeah you are audible clearly effect of time then living will living will be stupendous and the whole country will be stupendously super correct I mean the little changes in little areas will create big impacts which is absolutely true totally And believe in yourself go with a good confidence and don't try to correctly it inconvenience to at least and send others even the animals which can't even speak because they don't have mouths. Oh, okay. If we do some bad to people they can react in some TalkBack. Melvin I'm so happy to hear you. I think that is that is the most simplest way to say that just be human guys. Okay and change create change in yourself, everything will automatically change and which is true. It's true to it. Gor Melvin, I'm so happy that you connect it to me though. Your voice is really low right now. I can hear you from at the start. It was really low. I was trying to it was getting a little bit hard for me to understand but I managed to have all the reason we need when I was listening to you. I was like, oh my God verse number is girl speaking of oh my God, how far is she is thinking How Deeply she is thinking we're to the chance when I get to talk to you actually. Thank you so much for connecting me. Oh boy. I'm really happy you connected to me and I see that in your bio you have written. I am 20 but at 20 if you are so mature with your thoughts about life. I think that's the greatest thing that can be your you. Have you have sorted it out. Like you know what you're doing in life and what life is so if you have that idea right now, I think that is all that is Yes, yes, even yesterday when I was on another pot. I just commented this or see use your Liberty which are having see there are many points and many points in constitution written and there are many laws made but the thing is the word which which is the word which is used in Constitution Liberty make use of it in a proper way then were robbed of a so peaceful. We'll see you can't even imagine correct but in a proper way, that is the only key. For peace in the world. Yes, sir problem. If we use that Liberty, which is written in the Constitution. I just wanted to say absolutely absolutely and that's so nice to hear from you and I'm really happy you connected really and some amazing points given out by you. So guys, that's Melvin and Melvin. Yeah. no is this the first time that you have connected to me yeah this was the first time I and before two to three days I have been installed this okay okay I have seen your this is what motivates you and I just click the interesting about we can say waiting like no okay okay I was waiting for this but I just not found time to have to be on this part of okay okay that's that's really nice thank you for connecting yes I do have I do have a few colors to whom I would like to get back but I'm really happy that you connected keep connecting it's really nice to listening to you Thank you, Melvin. Have a great day. Okay, guys, that was Melvin and Melvin just summed up life in a few sentences. He just said that be human. Okay, look at yourself change yourself and the change will eventually reflect in your society. And if you can make little changes in the society, I think your country the world and everything will change. Okay, so it's not going to stop there. It's going to create ripples just like throwing a stone in the water creates Ripples and which go far far far. I think change that you create in your self will eventually reflect and people's lives they will look at you they will love you and they will immediately inculcate the beauty of you in themself and change will definitely happen so getting back to my very dear friend of Anna's here on call so I would like to talk to happen so hey tuppen you have connected to me finally on open dog I think you had connected to me somewhere at the start hello hey - hey I like that I'm good how are you I'm fine too yeah so we are talking about motivation and what's Gita who is Geeta no one you are getting silly no I'm not give you have decided to give you know stupid names get Anjali is very beautiful name though but decided to give people old typical Indian names torsion really is a nice I'm not rushing. You don't really is a very pretty name. Okay. It's like this is like listening to us weenies liking that name. So please do call her by that name. Yeah, I think gitanjali is the same name. You know, there was this movie are your and there was this actress? Okay. She was called you that okay? Okay, so I perform bed no give you that. I know that's a very nice name. So the pain what do you think about motivation? Motivation okay for me motivation is a different thing. So when I see some negative things it motivates me. I don't know why really? But yeah, so yeah- people do motivates me. So let's say I like to be in a crime solving. Okay law enforcement. Okay, when I see something like when I see criminals when I see like goons antisocial people's right? Yeah that motivates me like, okay I need to take All these people and then I read all the by seeing those peoples and those incidents. So yeah- people do motivates me. So it's opposite. I don't get easily motivated by positive things. But when I see some certain negative things right motivates me a lot. So opposite things trigger, you will so the negative negative aspects of the society trigger the positivity into you and you feel you have to increase your wife to that wow, definitely. Yeah you order from that's what I have. So whenever you like I'm feeling low and when I see something like in like TV channel news when I see something like wrong is happening. It motivates me to read. Yeah, so you can either you go more than enough. Yeah, see who and read and then you think okay. I have to do something to change man that no wonder you're reading and doing all the other heating on behalf of us. Yeah, that's absolutely great. And I think that's a very nice perspective. I think like I have heard so many people I have heard of the TRG. I've heard ninjas ninjas at that need motivates them and there was Hari Krishna. He said if you want to learn the environment motivates them, I'm Angie put up a perspective like you can never decide what motivates you everything and anything can you know motivate you and now you come up with something negative. triggers the positivity in your like the negative aspects that's absolutely great me all the time yeah I'll II like I love negative people in my life that's absolutely great no matter no wonder you've been so Savage with your buns and everything life yeah yeah I think yes thankful to negative people in your life because they motivate to they are making you something that you are not right right because they give they apply that Force to you like you cannot do this and you're like you know right this agreement is more good than agreement yeah I think constructive criticism is kind of so you a disagreement people disagree with you then you will come up with different ideas otherwise nobody's disagreeing you then you are doing the same thing again and again nobody will dare to oppose it yeah it's like you have to you have to bounce back so if somebody's trying to put you down so you that that itself is like the four and that could be anyone like some factors your yeah you yourself could be negative to yourself some time it happens to it definitely happens it happens a lot of society people even your relatives so anyone can be negative but you you should convert them into positivity and you should bounce back absolutely the pan that is such a wonderful thought so it's really nice knowing the side of you doesn't tell me one thing I think you were the first you you were here when I did my first word have you do you remember that Yeah, I did my first part like the right one like you know first it was something about women. It was a festival. But before that you were there you were there you were there because I remember this Photograph. Yeah, it works. Then you also send me requests. I don't know. No, I think you you never used to come on call used to come only in the comments. Okay like to comments. Yeah, but once you try to connect on call and then you went off so I remember this like there were two three people. I remember it's 1 is u 1 is mr. K and there is one guy named Suraj now, he's not on open talk. Okay, he's somewhere but he was there so I just saw this picture and remember that now like at the time like I was having some wrong notion about you. I don't know you might be rolling me there somewhere. No you are like moth strict and so I was you know maintaining my distance from you yeah I mean when I talk I think yeah you are you know dealing with very professionally and some serious atmosphere so I was like not my cup of tea you don't drink tea you drink coffee yeah yeah yeah you eat a coffee actually you're from Bengal so we me are you can take some other colors which I think you I don't know more time it's a few calls that are waiting and I'm really happy that you connect it to me Lee you have connected to me on Open final two podcasts like 50/50 podcast now you have connected to me but yeah yeah and I'm really happy to see this side of you like I have seen you like the funny and the Savage guy but you're the serious thinking and stuff is the first time so really happy okay thank you for connecting thank you thank you bye bye thank you for connecting so guys that was stoppin and Poppin has given as another way of motivation is that the negative aspects so he hasn't said what it is actually so which means it's not necessarily it's going to be a human or it's going to be a situation or a thought so any negative Force which makes you think that you cannot can be treated or converted as the source of motivation to counter that particular part so I think that got a little bit of out of the way but I think it's understandable I just hope it's an understandable and so we have I have because umm are here on call and Nick you're going to be the next caller so please stick by you know be there I'm going to take your next on call you've got a few minutes we've got 15 minutes in here so wrap it up quickly so hey we guys how are you and finally how are you I'm good how are you how are you I'm at the fine and I will everyone eyes well yeah yeah everybody else so yeah yeah big eyes so yeah so you are asking that what motivates me right so I want to I want to share My Views that earlier when I was doing my bachelor so till bachelor life was too much dependent on everything that the decision on our decision I was dependent on my brother elder brother my mother dad the thing but when I decided that yeah till from now here I will follow my decision and then it comes to motivation inside me earlier I I never felt that motivation inside because I was totally dependent on their their decision I was I was leading a passive life yeah when when the curve changes I face more difficulties but yes that difficulty I chose myself that difficulty I trapped myself I travel those earning and now I see I have no much friend I almost I leave an isolated isolated life though I am happy more than okay not I can't see much happier faces now around me but I'm happy inside and I leave you can say her midlife aesthetic life I don't go outside They leave happy I can do constructive. You know, sometimes I do singing I read as a student I do anything and I give something time on my site earlier. I used to spend all my friends every all the nonsense things. I used to do some some nonsense things. I used to irrigate to other also. I have been many mischiefs and I on something. I regret but on something I also laughs that was so deep. Like no I am right, but what changed you to this level? I mean why? yeah it's not obviously you know the pan has told that something wrong when something wrong happens then then people think what is inside mean you know I have I have changed a lot of hard decision I have to I have to take in like you know earlier I used to drink many many but now I totally all these things many things I have totally abundant people can't believe that I have changed this much of okay that's really it seems so if you're thinking this positive that's nice but what you know what is the real reason for your change if you wish to tell ya obviously yeah of course of course I have no any by that deal about this so in my college life many people got their placement well but unfortunately I was not selected and everyone everything will everything were fine but but later on I was not know I was very disappointed that what what is in me inside of me why I am doing now I am living a passive life I am I am happy but outside II make fun I do everything but that I feel that I am leaving an outside world I'm not learned living myself I'm not giving myself some time to improve myself okay I'm not holding my skill so it's time now that I should give myself time and I should learn something on all the time positive thing and yeah the result will come it will come it will take some time but yeah it was I'm sure about this yeah I think you should give him time and which is a very important and I think if you keep talking to people okay it will definitely help you bring out your thoughts which is very important and isolating yes for some time it's yeah okay but if you keep isolating maybe you know you might just know that's that's why I joined this app okay I want to talk someone but I want to express my feeling that's why at this thing and this thing also help me help me to improve my skills interpersonal skills or even miss you know sticking so this is a blessing for me mm anything at the same time and to give myself some fun time that's a very nice yesterday you know if you that yesterday I thing as yeah I met you yesterday I thank I sang a song and he was Andrea really beautifully you sank eyelashes are so long and I do remember you so the so not music also daily basis I give two or three as time on myself I don't want to give whether be rubbish I'm too such type of person which which I don't consider them important okay and I am confident and that's motivate me that I know that I am getting something and one day I will I will be a better man than what is good today just keep getting better I really hope you achieve your level of better like you might definitely have a perception in your mind of a better person then I think you should achieve it and I hope you achieve it yeah and now I want to go outside you know as the pants ain't that many people made here and many people listen you and I I I thank all of them that they be are you know virtually also we are together exactly that's we argue either way by a wire there together by a decimal which we listen in our is here and so that we and that was fine so thank you it's always nice talking David guys keep connecting it's really nice if this is an amazing person and I spoke to him for the first time yesterday and he sang a song of colossae and it which was really beautiful he sang very beautifully he is immensely talented and he says that he's here to talk to people and to improve communication and everything so if you guys have a chance to talk to him mmmmm Please no, he's an amazing singer asked him to sing Listen to his voice. It's absolutely beautiful. I would do that but I'm running short of time so I didn't do it but next time I will definitely ask him to do. So, I think this is Nick. Hello. Hello. Hi. Hi Whitney. How are you? How are you? I'm good. Do you remember we had a conversation yesterday? So yeah, your topic for today is what motivates you I don't know. I just don't like 20 minutes ago. I could hear the pants views. So he like negative people motivate him that's a negative aspects he is brought to broader sense negative aspects negative situations that's another perspective and then exactly so so if I have to talk about motivation so firstly I would like to say that first we should understand why do we need motivation okay hello yeah I'm here right can you hear me okay yes I can yeah so I was just kind of asking you like could you tell me like why do we need motivation in the first place I think we are doing things okay because want to do or some time out of interest but at times we need an external Force which can drive as a head like it gives us the push like you know you can do this yes so it's you're wired yeah you're right because we follow mostly people usually follow our same basic routine right they get bored and they are not supposed on what exactly need to do in their life right so for example if I have talked about any particular person like for example he or she is having a lot of actions in his or her life right and he's also having a goal to fulfill so the only problem would be the has distractions right so so what he does or he does is he or she goes to a motivational speaker there you go he would just type in and look for the motivational videos but I think that is a very short lived thing motivate just expires and again you will be demotivated in some time so what you did was you did not when you did not go for a solution rather you just went for a short-lived thing that would help you know in a short time so rather you should focus on how to eradicate your distractions so for example right now we are having this application this is I would say this is a positive distraction this this is going to help us if we can use it in the good manner for example people using Facebook Instagram and other applications Tick-Tock so I don't think they are really productive they're just feeding you data just to waste your time right right so so when people just are using that without even knowing consciously they are just using it and wasting their time then they feel that they have wasted their time and they are losing out on their goals so they need motivation then they go out to search the motivational videos so that is the thing so I hope you understand what's My Views I do understand like when you so again one thing that the people do not have a control on their lives right that's why they're having distractions and that's why they need motivation so for me if I say I do not have a lot of distractions I would say I don't use Facebook Instagram or anything except for WhatsApp and telegram so I will keep myself busy and I take my decisions very consciously like what have to do whether be valid we have shot shot goes short-term goals and long-term goals I know so where I'm headed but people do not people even if at even if they have goes so they are having lot of distractions they have to remove them and rather go for the positive distraction stuff any plot platform that would help them and make them more productive in any sense right so I think any platform that is given also can be used in the right exactly using it in the right way is important rather than exploit in Spain like for example people are using Instagram it's not bad but like you have a hobby like you like you like photography so you can also explore that thing right post the pictures and take your views take people's views of the people taking Spirit exactly you can check out other people profiles so that's how you can you know utilize the in Facebook also you have group but most of the people you know I Young Generation what they do is they just find something funny to you know entertain them and that thing is like becoming long-lasting so I think anything out of which is being used excess is eventually gonna drive us insane and gonna take us into a wrong direction do so and then you're going to need motivation yeah and then Isaac and that's when these motivational speakers come in and because I don't think they have a very good role to play unless you want to have a control on your life right so to put it in a nutshell gear up and take charge of your life that is what is important take conscious decisions of what you want and what you want to do in your life right so that is the most important thing so very nice talking first of all Nick and I'm really happy to hear your thoughts secondly like you are a musician okay so for people who like music and love music to share it on social media platform is again another absolute beautiful thing okay right so we can enjoy and we can enjoy exactly creating a positive environment giving something amazing spread it is why I like this right right is there are spreading their knowledge their words and positivity through music and through their knowledge right so it is very important yeah some really happy you connected Nick and because what I knew was like you don't usually use the app as much and unless it's a musical pod you don't have to come in there but I'm really happy not had I not join your party yesterday I wouldn't have come here today why is that I don't know I see I don't have a lot of time so I usually just do music so I usually go to Paris and kebabs you know part right and reading sometimes yeah so but then I saw your topic today and I thought yeah she's the same person I had conversation yesterday with so let's see what what's going on today that's because I am I also like talking layer like scooting things I can help people if they want not but I can tell why do they act like you can share your ideas yeah that's very nice did I that's what I love like I love observing people in general right people who are waiting in calls I'm sorry to say but then it's one are 56 minutes and I really have this tree to four minutes I may not be able to take your call because if I take your call the you know the conversation is not it won't be fruitful so it's not going to help you nor me so I really I really apologize for not taking your call but I do hope that you will definitely join me on my next pod so up till then Nick you know how many minutes are left I've got three minutes okay so how about we end this pot with a song that is about life I think that's the best thing can happen is okay so I will just play the songs in the key Cassie helped Haley I wow please go ahead I think it's a good song it is an amazing song yeah okay oh God I don't like I said in the game you'll see a lovely thought bubble okay that was really great Nick and thank you for connecting with me on this serious barbecue thank you for having me your interest but it was great yeah yeah thank you have a great day yeah you too bye-bye take care bye yo guys so that was Nick Nick is an amazing singer I just met him yesterday and we just connected mediately and music you guys know music and Vinny it's like a patch so we have some Myra with us on call and I hope he's there hi samira's oh Myra unmuted hello hi I'm Amy how are you good and we just have 20 seconds then I'm really happy for you but well thank you very much finally connector like I was like entering you to talk to me tomorrow but then I'm really happy that it happened today so all the great personalities today oh I'm so happy you've accepted my God nobody I don't see that it was showing awaiting confirmation from very long time okay so thank you we have six seconds and thank you for connecting to me on thank you everybody buh-bye