The forecast today. So today is Monday. It's the first week first day of the week and well since we have discussed pretty much yesterday and with other open talks, so I just thought that I could speak to people having difficulty in understanding and speaking English and here. Here my friend Sue that says hi. Hi so rich, how you doing? So I really apologize for being late on the podcast. Usually I start my podcasts at four o'clock. But then today I have been facing lot of connectivity issues in the app and I have mailed the technical team about it and I have asked them as to why I have been facing this problem and So before we get down to the actual topic, let's talk. Why is English scary? So I would like to just to give a brief here about the topic. We have a caller but I would ask him to wait for some time before I just clear my title the title is about why is English scary and we are going to talk why people find it difficult and why they do not get the confidence to speak. English right. So hello. This is mr. Hari, Krishna. Hello. Hi. Hi honey. How are you? I'm good. I'm doing great. Well hurry as the title suggests before we get to the title. Could you please tell me something about yourself? Yeah, my name is Hari Krishna. I am from Hyderabad. I have completed my btech from mechanical engineering and preparing for gate and IES as well as UPS. You're so you are targeting on wonderful exams, which would give you a high-paying and very secured future kind of jobs. Well, so hurry, what do you think about today's topic? Yeah before going to topic. Could you please tell me about yourself? Because it's okay. Yeah. Look, I'm Winnie and I'm from Bangalore and I'm actually a graphic designer by profession, but talk Talking to people is my passion and that's how I ended up on this application. And as I started talking to people I started realizing what they actually need and a few of my friends. I mean the people that I so spoke to through podcasts asked me to start and English podcast. So first before we get into English learning podcast, I just want to find out why people, you know have difficulty in talking. English or why does English scare them? So gentlemen, sorry for Interruption, of course not that's all what that's all about me. It's really short. And yeah, so you can tell me so I will definitely share it. Let's talk. Why is English Creole English scary actually people think about opposite positions opposite personal opinions. This is the main reason why the people are thinking scary about Not English, okay, because when we are done some mistakes in English, the people will think about the opposite position opposite person opinion only they don't think about his opinion are they it is the main fact made isn't first of all and second reason is they fear about the doubts they will be steaks. Right absolutely forget about their mistakes. Also one of the reason and targeting they dare not intersect to asking questions actually environment. There is situated to ask questions. So there is a resistance to ask question is iteration. They are hesitate hesitate and hesitation. All right, there is hesitation in Asking questions. All right. So, how do you how do you think we could just you know find some way out of this problem? Okay, my life who I am the best example of how to improve our English because before one big before when I am trying to this application, I don't know how to form a sentence now. I am able to speak little bit I think so. So I have implemented some 1.4 3/4 3/4 tips my life so that I get some benefits and now I am able to speak in English, so Really great and I would really like to know how you have helped yourself. Yeah. Can I say now one how I ruined it? Yes. Yes, please. Definitely. Go ahead. Absolutely. First of all with me, I believed myself a lot. Okay. So yeah believe I do I will think positive only positively only because when I enter into a layperson about for cash to I will send some message Like please give you some chance like that. I will first of all, I don't know how to speak English. So I want to ask the person so I will feel I will never feel like hesitation. I undo. There is some person is trying to something spoil my conversation. I don't think it is negative. Just I will feel like faster were already so my ways I want the improving this so I don't think I care about the Apple Falls in feedback. Second per second visit. Okay? Well, I'll just Up to in between right here. Okay. There are 18 people listening right now. And I really urge you guys to like the podcast so that it will affect my ratings as you know doing the podcast. So if you guys just hit the heart button, I think I would generate some likes and that will help people who would be searching for this particular subject or podcast. So I would really appreciate if you guys hit the like button or hit the heart button that would really help right hurry. So like you said to don't hesitate to ask in equation. This is my main thing. I had thought the one listen carefully what apple is person is trying to speak and how they are pronouncing the words. What is the asset asset Miss You Know Thee? Yes, I definitely know what you're trying to say. So guys who are listening to us here our friend. He says that before you start fearing the language, you start believing in yourself and think positive about how you how easily you will be learning this language and apart from that do not hesitate to ask question, which is a very very important aspect in learning any language or anything in your life. Okay, unless and until the fourth one man. Yeah. Sorry for Interruption. I will see this one. The fourth most important PPS practice a lot man. That is the only way to improve your English. These are carp apart from these three is the most important way read books practice English that son. Okay. Well hi apart from just reading books. I would suggest that talking to people and converging having a good communication with people will help a lot and because books when you read the books you might just understand it, theoretically but then when you talk to people you understand the voice pitch and the you know, all the problems that you might face because you might read it in your mind really well, but when you put it into words and talk to people it's totally different and while you talk every pitch of your voice or your pronunciation eaten everything matters, and for which I think communicate Eating with people no matter how bad you might be or how how slow learner you may be. Oh no matter what it may be talking to people will help you more than just getting into books because when you talk to people you might face criticism and through that you might know where you're going wrong and what you're actually missing. Yeah. Yeah, right. So hurry. Yeah, I really appreciate that you have called so if you have anything else to share because we actually I have these are the common things. I know why are given more some most important for reading is actually first of all. Hello. Hello. Yeah. Yeah, I keep losing you. Hello. Can you hear me? I can hear you, right? Okay. So what I'm saying actually why I given this more so much importance for reading means first of all, when I when we are entering into any field, we don't know what is the language first of all, you know about you first of all basic of basic formation is most important. Ask any question or anything right in that mother reading books is most important. Okay, and I have one and I follow some tips. So I will share it within two minutes. Okay, there are some people will try to make some giant eels help some people so first step is starve yourself. I'm sorry, I didn't get you talk yourself. Yeah, talk to yourself. Just talk to yourself. First thing don't judge yourself. First of all, this is the second thing do not judge yourself. Okay thought the make short sentences because this sort is this has really helped us in so many times suppose. Yeah, so I think you understood. What is the short sentences? Yes. Yes. I understand what it is. You're trying to say to finish sentences as soon as possible. Not you know continue them with conjunctions and stuff like that. Yeah, so forth one listed listening his motion these three after this evening is mmm. So after that all read Hello hurry. I keep losing you and Prem Kumar. Yes, you definitely can come in, but then I currently have mr. Hari talking to us. And as soon as I end his call I have I think another person waiting in line. So it's really nice you yeah, so I'll let me just talk to him and then I will definitely get back to you Joe. I will I will try to yeah, I will within two minutes I will come later so I right there is the one Tips are there Madam this will sells a lot. Actually this would observe when you are talking of when you are practicing anything first ever record The Voice. Okay, how do you are pronouncing? What is the difficulties then you can Implement argue over what you are doing the mistakes. This is a lot of tips them. I have followed these steps on the they not only how I think I'm able to speak something. Okay. Okay, hurry up. It's really been wonderful talking to you and thank you for sharing these amazing tips with us and the listeners in here and I'm sure they're going to use it in their life and help them out. I'm do please can you give some tips for me some tips for you? Like I like you already said that you have to talk to yourself one. Talk to yourself second when you do mistake. Don't get embarrassed about it. Okay, and every mistake every mistake that you make the moment you start getting embarrassed about it. You will start you know going aloof. Okay going away and in words of avoiding that mistake you might just lose interest in talking but so but if at all you make mistakes just laugh at your mistakes and learn like a kid and the things that you have said is one is Practice seconds is record recording is I think one fantastic thing that you have come up with because when you record your own voice, you know where you're going wrong and I would say at the most you can just talk people as much as you can and there is one person is asking a question ma'am you like how you get the star marker? Yes. I have a given the answer right down there. I have said that it means featured and I really don't know how I got that so. I am also not very familiar with this application. I've just been here for six days five to six days and whatever podcasts I have done. Its I have just gone solo. So at the most I really don't know much what happens? Thank you very much friend. Yeah. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you for calling. It's been a pleasure talking to you. Thank you, right. Thank you. Good day. Have a nice day. So guys we Spoke to mr. Hurry, and he's from Hyderabad and he has given us some wonderful tips as in how he has improved his English or how he has been practicing. So we've got a few people waiting in line and let us just go talk to mr. Jack. Hello. Hello. You guys in the comments? I just check a comment where someone says that this topic is nonsense. Well for me know who can speak good English and think learning is not a process. That is if you really what is his name and mr. Assad if you really find this topic uninteresting, so it's a matter of choice. You'd really do not have to listen. Unwillingly, and I really appreciate the people who are listening and also people who are helping us win a you got a little slow. Hello. Yeah, it's little bit better now. Yeah, it's perfect now. Hi Jack where you from? I'm from Pakistan. That was just I'm from Pakistan. I was just crawling through the page. So I got this topic and it seems to me. Very interesting. So I thought why not to join it by asking you that Y is English scary to you like with that do you mean that talking in English is a little scary to be very honest. I have been on this app for six days and in these six days every podcast I have gone through I have had people who kept asking about there should be a podcast for English and why Could one come come over the problem of having problem to speak in English and stuff like that. So basically I have had questions regarding they were all related to Communication in English. And one thing that I have come across as people do not give me confidence to speak English. So that's what scares them. You know so that we could actually try and find the root cause of Their Fear with English and then we could have them out. I think that you should feel secure it when you don't have a good command or English. It can like humiliate you if you don't have a good Commander English and you start talking in front of the people confidently, even that's not good like ice and you seems to me so perfect in English. Like you're not making a mistake you're good with the grammar you're good with the sentence structures. So you shouldn't be scared. Okay, but that's it's a platform. It's a platform where we can I make mistakes and that can be overcome that can be overcome by correcting like we can be corrected by some expert in for me. You could be expert and for me like someone else could be Jacob kind of did those kind of guys who are so good in English. So we always go there and try to have their podcast on so that I can learn something we ask them questions and that is helpful and guy who was talking to you. Logo or wait a second. I'm sorry. So I would absolutely disagree with all the things he was telling us to do because I think reading is not going to help that will make you a best reader. And if you want to be good with the conversation that needs practice that in practice in there a lot of ways for it and before practicing it with someone native. Give someone so good in English. You have to you got to go through some processes and that is like you can imitate you can go to the YouTube videos specially regarding English learning and you have to be imitating that you got to be repeating it after them - are doing really works okay with that what we get the exact perfect intonations and pronunciation and other than this we get the sentence structure from there and by practicing It again and again, at least if we get the timeout for more than 30 minutes or we do that for an R after a month. We can see a great difference in or sell because grammar and vocabulary all it is needed in English. And that's the first phase. If you have those the rest of anything you want is easy if you want to get better if you want to be fluent you can get that. What do you say about this? Okay, that's Partially it right in my case and partially not because I'm not very much into grammar. I don't really suggest people start by hearting grammars because you know, people start becoming very real strict followers of grammar, and that's how they try to mess up things because their sentences don't build up in their mind as easy as such and I would also suggest people not to you know, Chase accents, please guys, don't do that. All right, you are we are from a country where we have I mean so many languages. It's around 30 to 34 thousand languages with every, you know, 50 kilometers. Once you cross 50 kilometers, so the accent the dialect everything changes, so while being in such a country with so many languages while listening to so many languages day-to-day and if you really try not copy a regular accent because guys English is been spoken worldwide and with every different country with UK with the American accent. There is so much difference. So when people start chasing accents or specially focusing on the pronunciations, they actually miss out on other things. Okay. So English is really a funny language. It's just a word play. All right, so there is nothing strict about and how can you Even measure as to how fluent a person speaks. Is there any scale to it or is there a measure where you can say? Okay, there are so many full stops and commas in the questions and answers that he's the person is talking and can you make that out? You cannot be following all the intonations and things which are in literature. Okay when you write it, it's totally different. Aunt but when you say it things change drastically, so if people start going by a strictly by particular set of grammar, it's going to get difficult. But yes apart from that I think building confidence is really important. Okay. So like the other guy said you said, you know previously that unless and until you really believe you can talk you cannot and about being fluent. Talking without being fluent. So if you just say that do not talk if you're not fluent, so how is a person going to learn? You know, okay. He has to start somewhere, right and second part is following YouTube and learning through videos and stuff like that. Yes to a certain level. Yes that's going to help you but you cannot rely completely on that big is people make videos and you really don't know the intensity. You can just watch at the most but who I want to practice it with. Let me tell you first off. Let me clear myself about the fluency. It's not about the thing that okay before that. I would come to the grammar with grammar. I didn't mean that you should go so deep in the grammar. But at least you should know the basics that am I talking in the past tense. Am I talking the future or you can say the present tense, at least you should know that and there are some amazing. Because that will make you stuck that will make you stuck because they are for every sentence before speaking if you have to think for that whether it would be correct, which tense am I going to say it but that comes with the practice. First of all, first of all, you have to emphasize on the point on the thing that what do I what am I interested in learning? Am I do do I want to be a good reader do I want to be a good speaker or do you want to be a good like listener? Okay, so that depends if you want to be good in speaking so you shouldn't be chasing grammar, but don't say that YouTube is not going to help because it has been my personal experience that automatically it's a natural phenomenon. If you go after them, you got to you got to listen to the native speakers not the videos made by pakistanis Indian Indians and Bangladesh Bangladesh has I don't say that that's not correct. Correct, but most of the time I've seen that day just translate the sentences from their own language in their head and they are so good with that. They do it so fast and that makes us like most of the time we get so wrong about it we make mistakes, but we don't understand it. That's not the way to use it in a negative way and about the accent as you said that we should not go for the accent like in your case. It's okay, I would I would say that you have a neutral accent. It's not an Indian accent. You're good with that. So you are understandable to each and every one and English is a global language. What if someone comes up with a Tamil and you're like if someone comes up with a Punjabi or Tamil accent and they start speaking to someone who is a native if he gets a chance to talk and believe me, he's not gonna understand even 20% of that getting a point so you should go for at least Sorry, and that isn't our native accent. You cannot say that that isn't our native accent because that's what I'm saying. It's neutral neutral accent. Local accent I think at the end of the day what matters is the next person understanding what you're trying to communicate it to him. And now even if you're speaking in a Tamil accent, it doesn't matter. What matters is whatever you're speaking to you speak, right? Okay, you don't mess up with the things that you're speaking Yeah about any particular language. Okay, so because even if it's not just English any language you want to learn The whole idea of a language is communication. Not not it's decoration. Not the, you know, not the beauty of it or okay, you have to think about the beauty of it only if you are reciting a particular language on the stage, right guys, I'm sorry my perception about a particular language my thoughts about it is really different from what you are saying right now when it comes to Accents. All right, so because What why I'm saying people should not concentrate on accents is because in the verge of catching the right accent, they usually keep missing out on the right language, you know, so you guys can start for any yourself for a particular accent. Once you have the confidence that you have known the language really well that you can speak with confidence without getting stuck for sentences in your mind right and you can Start then or you know to learn any accent have to start at the start. Okay, like once you start learning ABCD, and now I have people who have started concentrating on English after a certain age after a certain time. All right getting back to our proper accent after a few years of talking the particular language in a local accent. What happens is eventually the person messes? Okay. So this is every experience this thing. Are you are a saying goodbye your own like it. These are your thoughts that it could might go wrong. If you do that, of course, not while I started my career. I was a trainer for IELTS and I used to not teach pronunciation. And stuff but ice to manage the technical part in there and I have seen people messing up, you know, trying to get the accent they have pride. They have messed up the actual language. So yes, this is an experience. I have seen a lot of people while they were learning English and that's how I get this experience and I have seen a lot of local speakers who have not known English other than their textbooks learn English well and Correct, their ideas and move ahead and without using these techniques what we have been discussing like YouTube and grammar and accent Etc. Look people whether you're in India whether you're in Asia whether you're in America, it really doesn't matter what accent you speak. What matters is what ever you are speaking the other person needs to understand. Okay, just tell me like a partner. Let us let us keep the flu. Let us keep the accented side. How would you suggest all the guys over here listening to us? Like they want to be fluent at least as as like you how can we skip the part like one talking? We should not make any pauses like saying a sentence and then again we make a pause with the this and something like that. See Oakley fellows and are you buy mostly everyone? In fact, I useful as a lot but what you could do is I have already suggested the same thing that start thinking in English Okay you what happens is what most of native speakers what happens is that we think in our native language or our mother tongue or whatever language and then we translate it while we are talking to people. Right, so that is when we mess up, you know, totally because in our mind we have thought a second sentence in a particular language and we are good. We are confident about it. But when we are delivering that message we fall short of words. Alright. So before you speak when you start thinking in English itself, but how broken it gets while you're thinking itself. Your sentence is been built already. You know, what words you really want to explain? That is how it's going to help you, right? Okay. Well, yeah Jack, is there anything else? I mean if you want to say about it? Yeah. I have a lot of things and they're they're the perfect and correcting the way I learned because The way you are speaking. I was like who you were far better than me, but the practicing but like the things which I'm telling you that you should taste this and you are opposing that that you shouldn't be I was forced like I was too much worse than you. I couldn't I'm not saying that I'm better than you right now. But the way I'm speaking I was too much worse than the I had to think for the sentences and I have to think I used to make gaps am used to make pauses and sometimes would make mistakes, but I came to know like from the Native teachers through YouTube and online classes like it were them it was their languages and they told me that you have to chase it like this. You have to follow these instructions and believe me. They're truly help me within a month. I got that change and I had a good command over this sentence structure still I'm saying that I'm here to learn I'm here to practice again, but You really deny that let me ask you a question before adding something to it. Like you were talking about accent is we should not go for the accent? Okay a guy before me who is talking to you. Do you think did he has the same accent as you have? What do you think that I understand it? Okay. So here's a question. You could understand that. I being a Pakistani. It was a kind of a new accent for me and I was unable to understand that easily. Like I could understand some of some of the part of it. But what do you think about a native speaker when he come across a native speaker when he starts speaking with him what's going on? What is going to be done with that? I think he's not going to get him even 10% his English then is better for the place where where he is living like it's a global certificate. You'll give me a chance if like he has to talk on the Skype. He has to practice somewhere else as well. He get when he gets a chance to talk to a native speaker. How is he going to be help? Believe me. I have seen like Skype on Skype. I've learned a lot on the sky because there are a lot of native guys. Over here you can see that some of the guys who talks in Hindi just like that in Skype and other apps there are kind of apps where the native speaker comes here and to have some good time. Let's spend some time together and this and that and they get the people from around the world and they would they would ask and most like mostly from India Pakistan and Bangladesh. They would say Stan what your concern is right now, but yeah, the people that I have been talking to are struggling to speak good English. The motive is not to speak to Native Americans or native English speakers. Their motive here is to understand this language well and be able to communicate in their own country first. All right that the point that you have kept ahead Israel real valid point that Native Americans only to English speakers wouldn't understand them. But not even a bit. No, listen, there have been people it has been my personal experience. That's why I'm telling you like they were the guys talking from Bangladesh and some of them or Tamil. Some of them were Punjabi accent. They were having kind of that accent. So when they would have the like they were having the chance when they had the chance to talk on the mic. So the native speaker or the admin would say sorry. Can you come again? Can you say that again? I Understand that a little bit to listen, of course the native. every day that because the sentence is now even As a native speaker at times they don't understand. Okay, so it's it is obvious that is way a lot of this difference between our accents and their accents and it's not just with English. Even if you were supposed to talk if you are from Pakistan, what is your local language? If I may know? Yeah, it sure do. It's like in let's just put that this way when you talk or 2 and when an Indian talks or do they is a lot of difference in between. Okay, but there isn't any perfect accent of Urdu, is it is there any perfect accent of old? Oh, okay while I say this, I don't mean to hurt anybody sentiments in here, but what my intention is, there is no perfect accent to any language guys. Right, but like you said while at the accent at that is important. Yes. It is important, but after a certain time when you have The language control. Yeah, then you're right. You are struggling to communicate and then you are concentrating on a particular action. Look guys if there are going to be a lot of English speakers in front of you. It's going to be from different countries. And if you see if You observe each country has a different accent if you speak to a native from the UK, their language is totally different and if you speak to an American You're in a medic in each state each state. Alright has a different accent. Yeah, okay. So now when you say a native speaker cannot understand the accent spoken by an Asian, right? So you really can't help that because people from different places are going to talk to you and definitely are gonna have some kind of difficulty in understanding. Okay. That shouldn't stop you from speaking a particular language. That shouldn't break you. All right, that should be motivate you for any reason now like you said Is Jacob and there have been people in here who are native speakers? Of course, they are because they have been speaking that language since the time they started speaking. Okay, and there is so much different people like us we are speaking three four different languages of our country and yet we are speaking their native language with gold accents isn't that amazing right and forgetting into the accents? What is more important is for? First of all to understand the language. Okay. So yes all the points that you have suggested are valid but there are times when they are valid there is a time span where since when that point will start being valid right here today when I say let's talk English and why is English scary? I am addressing people who have been fearing to talk. They have been scared to talk English just because people like you and me demotivate them saying your accent is bad and you have a local accent. Okay that you know what I want to say that that is totally a little there is a little difference in between that that if you can speak English, I'm okay with that. Will you have this accent but you should go for the good accent as well because believe me they will be time that I have. I have encountered this thing myself that When I when I came across some Foreigner and I think it was a it was an old lady. She was from England and I tried to make him understand. I repeated my sentence for more than three times. Okay, most of the guys like when they got there that Foreigner lady I was on my job so they called me that yeah, he's good in English call him, but I couldn't make her understand believe me. It made me write that sentence in front of her then she got that what I meant, but That made me think that I should go for the accent. What is my English like right now? If you're living in here India, you already have a language and that is Hindi. That is Hindi. Why do you need English them? Well, look, you have a valid point now while you are sharing your experience. You said the lady didn't understand you. Okay, you also not yours are not different from the people that we are talking about right now. You got into a profession. We're talking English in a Ocular accent was necessary. It was the bond of your job. It was the need of the Earth, but with people who are listening to us right now. It's not the need of the ER that they speak in a particular language their need of the are is that people need to understand them when they talk. All right. So yes, you know for people into BP BP owes or a places or jobs where they need to interact with people. Who speak English from countries Western countries to be in particular who have strong accents which are English or Latin or you know different kind of actions with are not Asian. Okay at that particular time. Yes, definitely at such accent plays an important role, but for people who want to communicate as a part of their profession, not as They're professional. Okay, so like for example someone in is an engineer here and he's working in an m and C but he is working with the local Indians. But just because he is not able to speak English. He's not been included into projects where he needs to understand English. I'm talking about such people right? But there are also people who speak English and they understand the accent. Okay, and bake it improve their accents to you know, go further and interact with the native team. That is a different question. Okay. So I hope you understand what I am trying to put in right now. Yes, I can but the exact if you let me speak for a second. There's a saying by English people. I would say that if you if you target the star you will learn. And a among the moon you got that. If you go for the at least you will you will have something good. Do you know the guy Run Deep who always there on a podcast more for most of the time I have okay, but he's so good in English in English. He doesn't get stuck. He does not use or he does not make any kind of pauses and he speak on speaks. On and on and on and very in a very good way and I got to talk with him as well and he gave me very big time and I added those things and you know, what was the topic? What was the topic of his podcast that was imitation English like imitating English is good or not is something it was something like that. Do you know what do you get out of that? You get the whole sentence structure. Even you are speaking. I can understand I can judging that you are so smart you are. A sharp minded person but still I can smell that you are translating you are translating a little bit not too much some of the sentence are already there in your mind. But sometime when you make a little pause that pause mean that you are translating or you're making up that sentence in your mind and then you say like Hindi like in the as you speak Hindi you don't have to think about that you wor your it could be any lag. Your first language could be anyone so do not think for the centrifuge. Reuter and you are correct about it that as I am speaking correctly. I'm not making mistake. So that imitation is going to help you with the sentence structure. And if you meditate after them that will give you an accent that that is a byproduct even if you want it or not. Not with the sentence. Yeah. That is something that you will not get stuck. Yes. Oh, right. I'm sorry that it takes so So less time it will not take more than a month or two and you will see the difference yourself. So try try to guide this these things joined the podcast of the guy whom you have been suggesting a run deep. I will definitely work on my English and I will definitely work on my accent and try to be a perfect English speaker then oh you are good. I didn't mean that but even Like I was saying, you know my whole question and whole idea about English is totally different from the idea of English that you have but it was really nice sharing this experience that because I the whole idea of me doing this podcast today was to understand how people look at English as a language and it's been really wonderful understanding your perspective because this is really gonna help me ahead. With my podcast. So thank you what I mean is that if you make a mistake, that's fine. But if you do not correct your mistake, that's not fine. It's not going to work. It's not going to work for Whole your whole of your life. Someone can say that you have been talking for 10 years and then look at your English. It could be you can hear it somewhere Can it have somewhere like over here? We are here to learn if you make mistake. I'll correct you if I make mistake you are here to correct me. There are guys who can Down that you bend you made I did see that whenever I make mistake someone he's even more expert than me. He writes it down you made this. Mr. Sesay. I say thank you man. Thank you. And yeah, I got that. I've got four callers waiting and then yeah, you can go ahead you can go ahead it was so nice talking to you winning even follow you so whenever you are join my podcast in the future, but right now I really need to look into the other colors. So, thank you very much. Thank you for calling. Right guys, so that was Jack and he was from Pakistan or and oh my God, my app is stuck guys. Can you hear me? Hello. Hello. Right Kuby, I will just take your call in five. Just let me let me just speak to wish for a few minutes and I will definitely get back to you Kuby and I'm so sorry to keep you guys waiting for the call. And yes, this is wish and I'm talking to a bush right now and like We have been discussing this topic since hello. Hi. Hi Welsh. How are you? Hello. Hello? Hello. Can you hear me? Hello Hi, how are you? Hello. How are you? I'm doing well. How are you? Winning? Right. Okay. So today's topic is like that stroke was English scary. Right? Right. Yeah. So yeah, it's like most of the people that are like art found I have for like a personal experience about that like most of the people want to imitate like American accent British accent would like Australian accent, right? Yeah because of you know people don't like our accent. It's like if you You go to different countries. For example, like a freakin Region's most of like Moroccan or like it's like algerians or you can say that Niger or something like that. I have like they're kind of experience because they think that uh, like our accent is bad and it's like not understandable. Hello. Yes. I'm listening to our me. Yeah, I'm listening. I'm listening to you. Yeah, which wish yeah a friend of mine. We Han wants to know where you are from. I'm from indoor City endure. Yeah. Hello. Yeah, so you're from Madrid. Yes. I'm from a deep dish really fantastic, which is how did you like to tell you that? I can hear my own voice if you don't have a speaker and then Okay, wait a minute, please while you do that. Let me just speak to people be at you can get back to me then sometime. Sorry right you could get back to me within some time while you connect your your help. Let me let me just talk to my friend. Okay, right guys, that was wish and he was from mother per day. - and he was sharing his experience with accents and let's talk to Kobe Kobe. Hi. Hello. Hello. Hey boy. How are you? I'm good. I'm good. I was terribly trying to connect here. Yes. I understand that. There was one call with mr. Jack which went on to be up to 30 minutes. And I'm I'm really sorry to keep you on the search first before discussing the idea what we're going to talk about first take a break. He was speaking like like so fast and you would distinguish like you was a pretty Down here. So yeah, I'm here speaking for a longer time. Exactly. Yeah, so let's talk about the accent. Now, you have to understand what audience you're targeting even if you speak in American accent in India may be few people avoid avoid you because they won't be able to understand you. So you have to understand one point that the whatever. Whatever the language is the main idea to any language is communication. So if you're not able to communicate with local people, what's the use of speaking English that doesn't matter that's in your speaking and that's absolutely my point through this podcast that has always been my point through this podcast. And another Point man. There is no perfect or good accent in America USA, right? They are the accent varies from South Coast to note Coast, so it doesn't matter. and it was terrible that he was having a rigid kind of mindset that acts and everybody should speak in the same way or have should have a standard accent if everybody is speaking English in the same way how will you differentiate there is no color there is no interest there's will be no fun and go ahead I really love the point that you said there wouldn't be fun in the language and in fact that is a real important thing and why do we talk to people unless and until if it's not fun what's the point of talking to cool beach about fun and I will discuss some funny things to of course cool beats always been fun talking to you I forgot the main point that I was I was willing to you know, like I was dying to come here. But now I forgot to point out. I want to remind the well, you can come back to me later when you remember the point and so that I could you know, the compass to get into line and talk to us. All right, you can talk to Ralph. I think he has the most followers here real somebody told me that he has Maybe. Wasn't in Thousand Instagram followers and then it out and it is really appreciate you commenting here red and thank you for listening to my podcast. I'm a newbie here and it's really nice, you know of you to take the time and listen to my podcast right Kobe. So what we'll be discussing. So what do you think? Why is English scary for me? My accent is scary. So I avoided speaking English and normal places or in real conversation in my real life. Yeah, I know it gets difficult people try and avoid you and might just know it's not about that. It's about being judged is my exact fear the accident right eye and I definitely understand I could relate to it a lot of times but my friends are okay when they speak English better, but I think a man even if they are not good eye. Pretend that I don't know English not and I can't speak like that like them. So I just think I just tell them no man with the Hindi was in there. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. That's that's a well that could be a more humble Spirit. But yeah, right could be thank you for calling and it's always been a pleasure talking to you. Okay, man. Take care. Oh, sorry. Okay, guys, that was oh be a dear friend who always takes time to comment on my podcast and listen to me and we have mr. Suresh Rama online and let's talk to him. Hello. Hi. Hi. Hi, this is Vinny. Hey, how are you? I'm doing good. How are you? Okay, so we have lots of rage and wish is back. Well a dear friend wish from mother British is back on the call with us and I hope this time why is this clear and we can have a good discussion about English is scary. Hey wish welcome back. Hello. Now you can hear me. Here you go. But yeah, it's like a maybe Network issue. I think I guess like eyes like a lot of Destruction. So that's why not. Yes. Yeah. Hello. Can you please tell me why English? Just like most of the times you know, it's like I feel not comfortable or to speak in English because of surrounding environment such kind of environment because here is like nobody can speak in English and if I if I try to speak in English, so I feel that I was like, I'm here guy was like, I'm crazy guy. You start feeling like out of the league and you start feeling it. It makes you appear differently. It makes me feel appears differently or like embracing some some kind of situation happened. I'll try to speak up, you know here is like now for I'm alone. So there's all I'll try to communicate with you but he is my friend is there it's like surrounding environment is there so like people showed Oh my God, he's speaking English and the thing is like a stupid or some kind of situation happen. You want to say that you don't speak much. Yes, exactly most of them to practice every day. No matter that has like whenever like if I feel like comfort. Zone, so I'll try to practice. That's great. Thank you. The main problem that I have been facing the medium, so I'm going to let you go right now. Thank you for calling. Yeah. It was my pleasure to talk with you. Thank you so much for the opportunity. Thank you so much for your opportunity. yeah, guys, that was Bush and I really feel sad that I have to let him go because of the boys disturbances and well, I he was actually pointing out a real good thing in here that most of us or most of the people who are in India hesitate to talk in English because of the environment because Pull around them don't speak English and they start finding it really weird when certain person or someone start speaking in English. Alright, so he what he does. Is he he practices it by himself or on such mediums and like I have always said that please do not be embarrassed to learn any language be it English or any other language people make fun of you. Of course, let them doesn't matter. It really doesn't matter Right, so we have another caller in here and let me talk to him right now. I have a few callers waiting in line. So I'm going to make it quick. So hey Warrior, how are you? Hello. Hey, can you hear me? Yeah, hello Whitney. How are you? Hi, I'm good. You are. I'm bored. What's your name? Hello. Hello. My name is Warrior. Hey Warrior. I keep missing out on my own. Okay, guys so clear. Hello. Hello guys, there is some kind of network issue and I keep losing colors right there again and again and I have just lost a warrior through the network and we have a next friend calling is here. Mr. Curran beer. so high current bead hello. Hello, Gordon. Guys, the disturbance in the medium is creating a lot of problems and hi. Hi Whitney. How are you? Good. How are you? I'm good. I'm good. Actually, I was out of town and I have joined you to just say you hi. Oh, that's really sweet of you. So carry on your conversation II couldn't talk now. Okay, but I am listening. Alright, that's not some things. Like in your conversation with the Jack and like every you know color that I spoke to here speaking to so so many new points are you know bar is come to light. The a lot of points have come to light right lot of points has come to light have come to light. So I'm listening those points and my friend was with me and I told him him that from now either it's wrong or right we are just going to speak in English only that's a very good resolution that you have taken. You know? Yeah, that's pretty nice and within one thing I would say that maybe Jacob was right, but the thing is that you don't have to speak like a This is you don't have to speak like a native. Yes. What speaker like you you you you made this point there? So this is right that you were telling him that speaking like a native speaker is not not the game important. It's not really important. What is important talk? The other person has to understand what you're trying to communicate and yes all of us like now I am stuck in And I'm speaking but you can understand but within few days, I would come India's yes, but in the coming day of days, you will hear my love. I can I will see the Improvement in your language. Okay? Okay within my right because I have I haven't joined the any other conversation and because hard over but yeah we to a carbonyl is or Ki an saan am an integer points taken aback by that to carry on. Thank you Karen. And yeah, I just checked your request for the podcast and you can just text me the time when you would like to have a conversation with the podcast so that we can have a few other friends join us and take a ticket. These legendary Miracle mapping in the middle syllable. They don't give him a fair say Drive carnival on a beautiful night who actually a turkey medical battalion. Okay, so Karen is always a pleasure talking to you and thank you for calling. Thank you for taking the time out of your traveling and calling me during my podcast and because while you call and speak to me like this while they are to 48 or the people listening, so they would really know how conversations go on and how our podcast are made really going to help the others to welcome. So, thank you. You for calling and I will definitely wait for the reefs schedule of new podcasts and let's let's get in touch again other side. Rohan Kapoor - be maybe Colonel will definitely I will definitely Yeah, okay, so that was current beer thing. And well we met during these podcasts like other friends like this who be there's a sewerage and there are two three other guys that usually follow my podcast and they are always there commenting and supporting and thank you guys that really means a lot so here there's money and I think he's new to my podcast so high money, how you doing? Hello. That's why we connect to money. I would like to say it's really appreciate that. You click on the like button and hit the hearts because that's going to give me a rating on this particular app through which I can come up with more podcast with your suggestions and help people listen and understand things. So it would I would really appreciate if you hit the like buttons right, too. 56 people listening right now. And when I go back and check if I see that number in the length, it's really good. So money. Are you there online right now? Hello. Hello. Hey hi. Hi money. Can you hear me? Yeah, okay. Hi. So are you from? Yeah. Oh, yeah, I'm from Chennai. Okay. What up in Tamil Nadu? Hello. Yeah, Mom. I can't hear you. Today's topic is let's talk why English is scary and have you been speaking English for a long time or have you learnt it lately and trying to improve it? What? Where are you at? Hello. Okay, guys, we have lost money right now and we have two other colors in our list and there's gaurav. I have actually spoken to gaurav previously in my previous podcast and I would like to talk to him again. So guys, here's gaurav. Hi gaurav. How you doing? Hello? Hello? Hi Vinny. How are you? Okay, guys, I keep losing people to the network. And can you hear me? I would like to say hello. Yes. Am I audible to you? Hello? Okay. I have a lost God of here. So guys I keep losing people to the network and that's really really sad right now and I'm definitely going to raise a request to the app technical team as to why this problem keeps arising again and again and Kobe. What is so funny man? Alright, so yeah. Hi. We have another caller here. Mr. Joseph Emma, then let's talk to him. Hello. Hello. Hello. Hi. Hi. Hey, how are you? I'm good. How are you? Yeah, I'm doing great. Thank you. Love you from I'm from Bangladesh. So we have speakers calling from India Pakistan and Bangladesh Soto Civ tell me your story you are from Bangladesh. What do you do? Basically I have completed my graduation. Like there's been almost six months. Okay. I'm trying to find to study abroad. So yeah. Great. Yeah. Yeah. So does of what got you interested in my podcast right now? Basically, I found that their stock why it was scary. Actually. I wanted to share a little of experience of mine while drinking this paper five months back then I remember I have to go to some researches and like what when I found like people dating like English isn't always right. Like like whenever you wanna want to be a native speaker or you want to use that language with fluently in that case, you're going to have to be expert grammar and you're going to do very focused. But that's what makes them very like that the limitation right like when I when if you think that is knowledge, so in that case you may suffer get like maybe I won't be able to talk like next native speaker to sound. That is weird thing I guess. So, yeah, well that I wanted to share this opinion. Like I found okay, that's a real nice opinion of so you would like you are trying to say that English should be treated as a part of knowledge and not to say another property. Like I have studied from a missionary college and missionary universities. So we're like the fathers and It's like like a big French and dangling at the same time. When I think the dangly is really a top link like right like whenever you go to the grammar like is the mixture of sanskritic and like and Hindi as well. Well somewhere Put it in. So yeah, it's very hard. But English it actually varies from like like it's grammar. Angry. Yeah. Okay. Yeah, exactly and the most thing is like people to fear about the pronunciation and accent. That's what it exactly. Yes. And I want to say like we bangladeshis are people like when we do talk we don't have any visitors well while When it comes to part of like pronunciation or accent like okay what they connect sent and some of would like to follow the British accent as well. Actually, I think the most beautiful thing to me like an Indian people they do have their own accent. Like I've read open tag application and I found a lot of people they say we use our own accent I is Indian accent so we don't have to you don't have to focus on the Like the power and the consonant sound like how how it sounds? Yeah, that's really great thing. I think that's that's a real sweet thing that to point out since we have been discussing and been on fire about accents today. So I'm saying this thing has really made me feel really good about it because for me a language is a medium of communication and that is what needs to be focused and like you have already said that we keep chasing a scents of UK and America and British and there are so many other accents of Western countries rather than focusing on that. We should start focusing on the communication part and just accept the accents as they are so yes to a certain extent. Yes, but apart from that sometimes the voice correction is important. Let us make sure that our local accents do not know. Nominate the language to this extent that the other person that we are talking to may not understand what we are speaking. But yes apart from that communication is again English is just for communication and let us start looking at English as a medium to communicate to people and not fancy it a lot, isn't it? Yeah, exactly and what I think that I Qui Asian people like are people from Sri Lanka. India Bangladesh Pakistan or Afghanistan like those people are capable of our pronounce more than 30% worse than like the British are like a native foreign speaker can do after the word for example that like we can work. But but when it comes to the Spanish people or Italian people they will say like I want to do or don't don't yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Point yeah, but about we have a better language proficiency because our language like Hindi or Bengali or Sanskrit, those are pretty tough like we have a presence of words like exactly. Yeah, so also has been a pleasure talking to you and the points that you have made you have highlighted right now are really really important for everyone to understand the people. All who have been learning English or struggling to learn and I've been planning to I just want to say I unnecessary think this is our mind and I began to learn Arabic and Spanish at the same time. So wish me a good luck. I really hope that you guys wish thoughts of good luck. He wants to learn to other different languages which are way apart right Spanish language and aerobic is a different. With so he's trying to learn this language. So let us congratulate process kossoff. Congratulations and all the best. Thank you very much. I really appreciate that. I really appreciate that. All right. Thank you for calling Joseph and has been pleasure talking to you. Yeah, it's really nice to meet you. Thank you very much. We were talking to God. from Bangladesh and And pointed out some important things. He has highlighted them and let me put that for you into double inverted commas with bold and capital letters accent. It does not matter. Like he said that have been Western speakers like Spanish speakers or Italian speakers, even they do not have the right English accent, but people do not look down on them for their accents, right even at times it gets difficult. Good for them to understand. Please do not take me wrong that I have been using a particular country that Spanish or Latin or because I you know, it's not that quick to remember all the other countries. So yeah, so I just for an example a Latin speaker or an Italian speaker all Spanish speaker, even they do have local accent effect on their language, but people do not look down on them. Saying that their accent is not good. So why should we look at ourselves that our accent is bad and the other person is gonna judge before someone else judges. You you guys are judging yourself or your accent and please stop doing that because that is a big Stone in the path of you learning your English. Yeah, we are near thank you for that. A we Hans just says there is also Russian. So yes, there are all other countries other than Asian countries, they have their own accents and That accent affects the way they communicate in English, but that doesn't mean they lose hope and they stop talking English or they chase a particular accent. No, they use their own accent and but what they focus on is communicating the right way and that is what we need to start thinking and we have two other callers to oh my God the a lot of colors again. So yeah, we have Abdullah. Let's talk to Abdullah. Hello. Guys, I would like to point out one other thing that my podcast I had remained a life from one hour 17 minutes and the maximum talking time is 2 hours, which is probably 120 minutes. And so all the callers who are calling. I would like to talk a little faster with I would like to or I would just request you guys to take the time to convey your message so that the other caller also gets a chance to Okay. So, where are you from? I'm from Bangladesh. They she speaker here. Okay. Yes Abdullah. How you doing? Hello, Ohio Abdullah. Have you and find and you? Yes, I'm fine. This is Benny. I'm like, what do you do? I am a graphic designer and I do podcasts like to talk to people. So yes, today's topic is let's talk why English is scary. Yeah, that's good. Hello, would you like to say something on this particular topic? I am still developing my English speaking. So I would like to my country about my country. So can I tell you about my country? About that in some other podcast, but for right now while you are developing your language, what are the challenges that you are facing? Or how how how does how do you find it difficult to learn this language or how are you practicing English I practicing in equity center you are practicing in. Sequencing Center, yeah. Yeah. I lost two months recently two months. I double-click my speaking but recently I am now. I'm Lana in English Okay, so guys our friend of us. Mr. Abdullah is learning English and he says that Learning English and of course I interests I interested in English. That's why I come into he is talking to you that you develop your English to this app and within some time who knew you would be talking to her no went lie and you know, this app will help I just Hope that this app helps you practice your language faster. I know because I know I have to hard work, but I have to hard work. I know and do not be embarrassed to make mistakes learn from them. All right and do not stop talking in English just because you're learning it. Okay, make mistakes and learn right? Yeah, yes. So that's Abdullah for you guys and he's from Bangladesh and he is and Sumit. Yes, you are not able to get his words. Even I have been facing a little bit of difficulty difficulty to understand. It's the due to the network error. I keep hearing disturbances in between so we have three more callers in line and there's mr. Muhammad Imran. So I yes This is Muhammad Imran. I'm taking this call next and high my head high Satish Kumar Rai and guys who are already listening to this podcast that there are three twenty two people right now who are online I would request you guys to hit the like button. So yeah, so if you could if you could hit the light like button, so that would really help me. Okay. So Muhammad we have just lost mom. But again, and there is Rocky online. Hello. Hello. Hello. Hello, how are you? Good Rocky. Yeah, my name is Rocky as you can see my profile and I am from West Bengal. You're from West Bengal. All right, that's that's fantastic. Okay. Yeah. So today's topic that we are talking is let's talk why English is scary. And what I would like to know is are you a learner or you are no I'm okay. And what do you do to overcome your fear to talk English or what are the problems that you have been focusing? Okay. See if you talking about English. So English is it is not a scary language people made made it it is a scary. Okay, because why when we are child, we learn Hindi language our native language by the people there are lots of people our surrounding these speak fluently Hindi. So by listening we are right so we need exactly yeah, so we need the proper platform to our learning. So this is the you what you can see like this Absalom. This is open talk, you know, open-top this type of platform. We need to express our opinion. So okay and many times people. Yeah, go ahead please Rocky. You're welcome. Anytime people passing if like this. I am also facing this kind of this kind of thing. Like I want some friends to speaking my I want to some claim to fame to see Kris. Michael English communication is cool. But that point of time I don't get out there and get people so this kind of thing was happening so we don't need to worry. About it. Just keep just keep in touch. Yeah, this is yeah. So that's a real nice Point made by you Rocky and guys, this is Rocky from West Bengal and he has made a really nice Point here where he says that we speak Hindi from childhood and we don't fear speaking Hindi because people around us speak Hindi and that gives us a confidence to speak that particular language but apart from that when it Comes to speaking English. Why do we fear because there is lack of speaking people around us. There is lack of communication. Yeah, this is right. So, yes, Rocky. Thank you for calling us and making this amazing point and helping our listeners understand and to some extent. I think the point that you have made that, you know, a particular language to be spoken should not be scared of yeah. Since of yeah, you know, it's very easy to learn any language with which is spoken. Yeah. Yeah everything everything possible, but we need to understand keep motivate ourselves on any time. If you do you go to learn any anything you get fall down in anytime until we you get within your destination. So don't worry about that type of things. I could say in my opinion. And I don't know I think like I totally agree with what you are saying that we could be weak in languages, but that doesn't mean we get demotivated. You know, it's just not you take the courage to stand up. You should always Make sure that whenever you make mistakes in your language, you take an effort to change it and then learn from it and that's really nice talking to you Rocky. And yeah, please keep following my podcast and keep yeah, definitely be able to have a brave very good English speaking communication. So I will follow you right? Thank you. I really appreciate your call because it has helped our listeners, you know with wonderful points, and thank you. You have a great day. Yeah. You to also thank you so much so much for calling. So guys that was key from West Bengal. And yeah, so 344 people listening guys. You are listening. Would it take much effort to click on that heart at the right side corner? Okay guys, so we were discussing English. Why is it scary and we have two more other colors money. I just spoke to you sometime. I try to get on to call with you and I face. Is network issues, so I will definitely take this call, but there is mr. Someone a virile here, so I'm not for sure if I'm pronouncing that name really correct, but let me Hello. Hello. Hi. You are weird a minute, please. Hello. Hello. Hello. Hello. Hello. Hi. Hi. Hello, my phone was okay. So a little of you just lost a virile true the call and it's because of the network and we have another caller on kid. Come on SO Alex. I don't understand your question why if you could please put that question again so that I understand what you are trying to say. I'm not here. Hi, I'm here. Yeah. I'm from Ranchi. Let's talk why English is carrying. Do you are a learner or you speak English? Well, I think I are big enough. Yes what white you are a beginner to learning this particular language. What are the kind of challenges that you face while you are learning this language or you're trying to communicate in my experience regarding English language? There is no environment regarding any English language. There is no comfortable. You can say environment there is no Comfortable any type of people the most common thing in ruler area. If you are very intellectual if you are very talented in in anything and you are logical but if unable to speak English, then you are nothing. This is the yeah. Yes, and that thing I am I have lots of times and recently I North of interview. Okay regarding teacher job, but there is English is a very very I mean you can say important. Yes. I totally agree with you on good Kumar that English is treated as some kind of luxury in India people look up upon people who speak English and start looking down on people who get you. No stuck in English. So that is a really bad that is real mode demotivating. We need to really understand that Talent is something higher than any particular language or any type of communication. And yes, there are places in India or other Asian countries where people are not do not entertain in English as a language and the in the surrounding areas people talking English. Less but that should not limit any one of us to learn this particular language and communicate right and current beer. Thank you very much for urging people to like this particular podcast that is really sweet of you and guys who are listening to this podcast, please like so it will definitely increase the value of my podcasts upon this app. All right, and somehow we have lost latest collar. And we have two other callers waiting in line. So yes moment on sorry. Hi. Hello. Yeah. Hi guys are guys who are listening. I would also request you guys. If you guys can comment your questions or topics, which I can question to the people who are already calling me right now. And if you guys have any doubt so that we could start discussing while we connect to the other callers. I have received the call of Muhammad and sorry, but somehow I'm not able to hear his voice right now. So I think we have discussed. With which two things which I have found is one not just in India in neighboring countries of India, like Pakistan and Bangladesh and Sri Lanka and other Asian countries. We have the same problem, hehe? Hi, Mama. Hello. Well, that's some sweet kid laughing in the background and that's a very pleasant sound but Muhammad, can you talk to us? So if not, we can just Skip and go to the next caller, please. Sumit I really don't understand what you're saying and Rocky thank you. I learned English in school. I studied in an English media and my I used to communicate in English in my school and apart from that. I am a reader I read things a lot. I used to read Comics because Comics always have conversations, right? So when you read you know, you're reading conversations and so yes, I was a very big fan of reading conversation and stories. So I think you should read stories stories really help you not novels and please don't I'm not really a fan of Chetan bhagat. People don't tell me that I want to learn English and I'm reading Chetan bhagat, please don't do that. No offense. You can reach it and bucket but not to learn English Okay, so yeah. Hi Suman. Hello. Hello. Hello. Hello. Yeah, I'm sure mama can we join this this class guys, when you call me or whenever you try to connect to my podcast, please make sure you are into a good Network so that there is no time to waste a lot of callers waiting in line who talk to us. I mean there has been times where there are four callers waiting in line and I keep ignoring that because I have received. All already and I'm vaiting for the other person to talk. So it's really important for us to make sure that we are into a good Network so that while we talk and discuss these important things we have a lot of people listening to us and if we keep the medium plank might just lose interest or they might just think that we are not continuing with the podcast and leave the podcast and miss out on things that we are discussing right? So hello showman Raj. Are you there? Yeah. I'm there. Smart zhenya. I am from Bangalore. Okay. Hi. Fantastic. I'm from Bangladesh to okay. So what so I'm doing for the master in MBA in Bangalore. Yeah. Okay. So you are in Bangla why of for your study and you are studying in Bangalore, you're studying MBA and Suman, you know, today's topic. Let's talk. Why is English scary? So what would you like to say about that? So you need to hear the clarity is care for the everybody because we have noted in native English, but you should be but we should be investing in Bangalore sizing everybody for speaking English. So that's not a problem. So but if you want to grab onto me improve my communication like you know that like UK US people is the very nature a different way because I haven't done any of the first year first semester. So I added so many seminars. I have an English is oh Okay, but I want to be good and effective communication like leadership skills and a part of the so many Mac company leadership with a speak like that. So that time too hot we have them. Well then for that is someone you are trying to ask me how to do the communication or you know, wherever things like there are meetings and wherever you want to talk where there are leadership leadership lectures and stuff like that. Right? Right. My understanding you right is this what you want to say? You're absolutely right and apart. I want to one thing for you man for That I have the handle for little bit for the UK and US clients. So I have nitwit problem for the like listing speaking. There's a not a problem some what I can't understand. So how to be improved this in well, if you do not understand the accents of us and UK people you really need to start listening more to that listen to English accents more wherein you know, there is something called the British Council. Do you know where people try to learn I LTS and TOEFL and stuff like that to crack English language for foreign tours. So these people have open source listening and audio and books were in they have the same script written and along with that. There is one audio that plays so they have that accent playing and with the at the same time. The script is highlighted. So you can listen as well as read so you understand what exactly that extent is one. Secondly, you can go ahead and take accent lessons so that you start understanding actions. Well for me personally learning to Accents at the same times is a difficult thing, but it can differ from P person to person if you are a fast learner you can catch actions easily then yes, you can go to understand. Understand actually first because we Indians concentrate more on British English because whatever literature we are using whatever studies that we are using in English is based on the British. It is not based I can say it is influenced by the British a lot lots because blah a longer time and that is how our language is more interrelated with a bitter their pronunciation their stay. I look talking and the words the way they say like I will give you a very simple example example use this word often oft and as often. We're in the teeth. Yeah and quite often. Okay? Okay. So that is the difference, you know, that is just an example of the difference, but there are a lot of differences. So if you really want to start catching up with accident you first either have a friend from that particular region 1 or you can approach a poisonous tree and when I say voice and action trainer, it shouldn't be the local Indian because yeah, so I can write I can slot for their advice can be a joy for the candidly a because I have the camera are we can be talked for the love for making a speaker. So we Repair 5K a one month, so it's really easy. If you if you join for this club camel EF is helpful, but I'm really not sure of that because I'm not aware of much apps and stuff like that because I'm on this app for very short time. I have started, you know making podcasts in here. So I my research on this particular topic is very limited so I cannot suggest anyone. Apps or places or websites where they can pay and learn but what I can do is I will take this up as a topic for my next podcast and I will do my research and if I can help you guys through that I will definitely do so you can just follow my podcast. So stay tuned. You're my Channel show that I will definitely try and help you out through that. Okay? Yeah Suman. Thank you for calling it has been great talking to you and apart from that like Said the leadership things where you want to learn fluency in English with some good quality of English. Then I think you should start picking up five words each day. Okay and start working on them and start using them in your day-to-day life, like start using idioms and things like that in your yeah communication start using words. Short words and usually it's now because their everyday start practicing five works. Okay, which I used in your particular field. Like if you are in a corporate sector the a particular set of words used if you are in a marketing sector, there are particular type set of words that are used more often. So you start researching on that and you will be able to you know, polish your language to the extent that you're looking for. Right under. Yes lachman, you can also listen to English songs and music and English movies. So that will also help you. Yes, because that is a very fun way of learning because you don't do it for learning you do it as a Leisure and indirectly it is going to still affect the way you communicate. So yes, that will also help right. So yeah. Thank you so much Mirage. Thank you for calling it has been a pleasure talking to you. Please follow me. Well, thank God. Thank you. Have a good day same bye-bye. Yeah, thank you so much. So yes guys, this has been a wonderful open talk and I feel really sad that the hello root of people waiting in line to talk and we are running really short short out of time and it's a one-hour 42 minutes and there are 43 people listening guys. Please like my Okay, so I urge you guys to like my podcast not for anything else, but the more likes the more weight age the podcast gets the more visibility it gets and you know, it could be helpful to people who miss out while I'm on life and even they could relax listen to it when it is on the record. So yes and We have another guy another caller in here and let's talk. So guys, please hit the hot buttons and which is in the right side lower corner of your phone screens. So it would really be appreciable if you give it more likes and I would really really be grateful. Yeah and Alex hi. Hello, Madam. Can you hear me? Yes, definitely. I can hear you. First of all, I am going to go to listen to you. Madam. You are doing the really very good job. Thank you. And it is very nice platform for learner to practice English Madam. It is a really very nice. Yes, Alex. Really? I'm really grateful. Thank you for your kind words. I'm Adam. Are you teacher learner? Well, I'm not a teacher but yes, I'm a learner always I'm not I do not belong to any particular teaching field. I am a graphic designer and just because I like talking to people I have ended up on this application and somehow while talking to people I have realized that they really require people to talk to. English and there are people who want to learn English and that's the reason I have started doing this kind of podcasts. So yes Alex, you can say I am trying to be a medium to help people who want to learn English, but I'm not a teacher. I'm not certified. So let me make that really clear doesn't matter Madam but you doing very nice job even listening in the your ways. It will be reactive any facial because you're Pro now is Fluency and connection. I'm in between words. It is very nice. And your voice is really very pleasant. So I think it will be very helpful Learners you doing really I really appreciate your call Alex. Thank you for calling and please follow my channel and please do like sure write your thank you very much. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you guys. We have a lot of callers waiting in line and there is mr. Happy saying, okay, so guys, I really to keep you guys waiting during the call, but I cannot take too many. At the same time because I think these this app does not let us do that right? So hello. Hello. Mr. Happy are you there? Okay, I think somebody just connected to us and forgot that the they really got connected. But yes, we have another call here. Mr.akash. Well that has just missed out. So guys this has been a real productive day. I think and yeah, we have Allah who is the last minute caller but yes. Hello. Hello. Hello. Hi Akash. Hi. So your name is Winnie Winnie? No, not the Winnie the Pooh one. Well, I'm not definitely we need the pool, but I'm as friendly as she is. Okay nice. So right that's really something which is so tell me something about you. Where are you from? I'm from India. I am from Bangalore. I'm a graphic designer. I don't think you're a cop over there. I'm sorry the paint job or your student of / graphic designer. No, no. No, I'm a walking up working professional. So how would it goes means he'll tell me sometimes on our life is going on. Well, I would definitely love to tell you how my life is going on, but right now this podcast Has lasted from for one hour 47 minutes and it could snap any moment and they stopped it that we have been talking is let's talk why English is scary. So if you could just give us some tips and we have callers waiting in line and you to connect to any follow and get connected to me so that whenever my next guest schedule that I can talk to you for a long time. Okay. So any any any point I would like to share about this topic is that you know, it's all about the confidence that you have in life because right microphones many of the ones don't feel right, you know, they have this sort of I would say that's she scary part is that you know, people how people gonna address that how people going to articulate what you're saying and I understand what you're saying and how you gonna to create you the people so I think that is the balance that one Should have even that mind and I think it's also important that you should have someone around you you who have you have a curse on them? Because you know, they will not make fun of you and I think and gradually you can able to you know, improve your English and vocabulary or whatever whatever it takes to, you know, have a good system system organized in English-speaking. So I think that's something which I would like to share on that part right? Thank you Akash for sharing your wonderful. Four views about learning English and practice English and I would definitely reconnect to you on any podcast. I would go ahead further with you connect with me and thank you again for sharing your thank you very much. Thank you. Have a great day. So guys you guys that was a cosmic learning and he shared important point that is that you have to be confident no matter what? All right, and the we have three other look at all those waiting in line. I really feel bad right now that we are running out of time and quickly. Let me take this call it fun. Hi. Okay, white and fun gets connected to us in the comments. I also want to connect with your called dharam. Yes. You can definitely connect to me on my call do connect to me in my profile and get in touch very soon because today's podcast is or hello snapping out. Hi - how are you? I'm fine. And I'm fine. What about you? I'm doing great. Where you from? Okay. I'm from Pakistan and I'm doing BS and Department of political science and I'm preparing myself for It's this. Oh, yeah, and my last event that much I understand this is okay. You have your ID your ideas test on 7th of March, right 7th of March. Yes. Yes, right guys. I have already got the prompt that maximum live broadcasting limiters to ours and 120 minutes and you're open talk will end in 10 minutes. Yes, it is going to end in 10 minutes. So yes it fun. So are you prepared for your IELTS? Yes. Yes. I'm preparing for my 80s and he definitely sounded like that you have prepared and how have well right now I really don't know what to say because how have you prepared for your IELTS very quickly. If you can just wrap it up in a very short time and tell me okay, and I'm coming. I'm coming from your topic. So let's talk why it's English is scary, right? You know English eat English need a moment if you are scared if you feeling scared to have Have you can speak in the front of audience? Exactly? That's that's the same point. That's our Point confidence is must and eye contact as much confidence. If you have no confidence, I have you can speak in the front of audience. How do you say it in front of your teachers your colleagues or classmates? So that's don't be don't be scared. Just be give you a wrong or right so welcome again and show you you will learn English come on this Is my pointer? Yes, and then you will provide involvement English involvement from yourself. It's depend on you don't depend on other right? Yes. That's my ideas. If you have a you have less time, so please thank you very much for correcting with me. It's got thank you. Please connect with me. It would be real pleasure to talk to you again in my next podcast. So that is yes every rule is back. And since we are at the end of this. Podcast all whoever is listening this podcast. Please hit on the hello. Hi everyone. Yeah, good evening. Good evening. And I really want to apologize apologize for saying your name wrong. Could you please it tell me how do I pronounce this particular name? It's a virile. It's a virile. Okay. Hi. Are we doing? How are you? I'm good. And what about You doing great and this podcast is about let's talk why English is scary. And if you can tell me how English affects your life. Actually, I don't know. Actually, I don't think that English is fear of year. Okay, you don't think English is scary and you don't need to figure English, right? Yeah. Okay your views on that because the because she this I have downloaded this app open Taco and it helps me to improve my English and that's why my I insist. That's why I my fear of English is government's I am talking about this but I am a little bit nervous. Okay, so you're nervous, but your fear of English is gone. Yeah, yeah. Yeah. Are you from Ganda? I mean a friend of mine here where a Raj Sharma is asking? No, I'm not from Wanda. I'm from uttar Pradesh and uttar Pradesh and guys. I would like to tell you something. I'm sorry for interrupting you this is the first time my podcast has crossed 502 people during a live session and that is amazing and I'm really happy about it. Thank you guys very much. And I'm really grateful. Okay? Yeah real please continue. I mean we have five more minutes and yes, we have two three other colors. Okay. So what do you want to ask from me? Yeah. It was the same question like a lot of people face problem in learning English and speaking English and they get scared and they are not confident enough. So I today's topic was as to why people feel scared and what is that tells them this particular language because they're dead because they are not practicing practicing about what is English and I have suggestion for them. Yes. What's your suggestion to? Listen English songs and watch English movies with no subtitles. Okay guys, great, and I'm sorry behind. I'm really sorry and if you could just connect to me at least for a minute or two. We can drop right? So like a virile is saying guys that Listening to English music and watching English movies without the subtitles is going to help you because that is the fun way of learning right a virile. Yeah, that's that and you have four more minutes. So let this conversation to be and Actually, you can join the more people also because yeah you're waiting in line, right? Yeah. Thank you. Have a nice day. Thank you for calling please do connect with me and please like the podcast and definitely when effort and squad cars, I would like you to call back again. All right. Thank you guys. Thank you very much. And next caller in line is Irfan Allah, we hon. Yes, you can definitely. Call the next time if you don't wish to call right now. So we have two other people there is mr. Ajit Singh and we have real less time right now and are fun is not able to connect right now. Hello? Hi. Okay. Yeah. Hi. Shut up Jake. Hi. Hi. Hello. Guys, meanwhile, I'm I would like to just thank you guys for taking out time and listening to me and this topic has been really interesting and all the people also far and disgust. I really really appreciate you guys for peace and just we have studied online. Hi. Hello Hi, how are you doing? I am fine. What were you? Yes, I'm doing good. Okay, great. Yes, it's empty today's topic. Let's talk. Why is English scary because the mostly people feel and nervous nervous talking. Yeah, when they speak English language actually in India because mostly people speak their native language, right? Yes. Okay. So what do you think? Oh, what would you do to overcome that fear? I think the best way to use this is to use this app. We have to spend more time with people to speak in English language. And also we should watch English movie. Okay guys at this point has been Repeated again and again today and I think it is really valid that you watch English movies not as fun of but to learn the particular language and it's and and also we should watch a documentary video on YouTube definitely is that would also help us to improve speaking. Yes. Well, thank you for calling and since we are running short of time. I would like to run you know, and this up with a few lines, but it's very short time. I want to talk more definitely sarabjit. I will definitely have another call tomorrow at four o'clock. Usually guys. I do a podcast at 4 p.m. Or 4:30 p.m. I start my podcast and my podcast mostly, you know, remain to up till two hours. So, yes, you guys can connect to me follow me and like this podcast so that I can again talk to you guys. All right Saturday that bad about letting you go right now. Then I won't have to last to conclude today's podcast, right? So thank you very much. Thank you for calling please do connect and good day. Okay, right. All the guys are all the listeners. I really really appreciate you guys listening to me and thank you very much. I didn't the heart button right now. And today is day has been a good day and apart from that all that we have. Disgust is definitely I have learned. I have learned personally a lot of things and I hope you guys who are listening have learnt things and have noted down. What would help you and how you know, it is going to change your way of looking at the English language. And yes, I have made a note of a few things which I will definitely you know, eight in my upcoming podcasts while I talk to you guys. And since it is one of 59 minutes and 51 seconds. So this life will check out or snap out any moment. So thank you guys very much and God bless.