Hey Ananya, how are you? I'm fine. Yes, so you are from manipal Institute of Technology, right? Yes. Okay. Tell us something about your college Ananya. So Manipal is in Karnataka and I'm doing b.tech from there. So it's really great College a lot of opportunities there. And you learn a lot of stuff over there related to your technical stuff or your passion for any anything like dance music you can do anything over there. It's really fun over there. All right and what about seniors? how our seniors in manipal? So they are really helpful like really helpful. Many of them have helped me in a lot of stuff the interest of having the guided me through a lot. Of a lot of things which I have like problem in doing and they have helped me to like to like they helped me and everything over there like they're really helpful. All right. So other than studies ananya what all things you talk about dance and all that are you yourselves part of some section some activities at manipal? So basically, I'm not part of any of the time I'm just part of the technical stuff over there. Not the non-academic. But yeah, I have friends over there who are participating and they are really good at dancing Dramatics painting and music. All right, so I understand you are doing computer science engineering right in case yes, so I think it's a great brunch and I myself Did my engineering in computer science and obviously you said you are focusing on academics, but I can tell you on a earlier that the these four years of your life at College are going to be the best years of your life and you must make sure that you have full fun and not seeing that studying is not fun. But these are life beyond academics and studies and you should definitely do things which are not just related to your branch, but other cooker other curricular activities and stuff like that. So yes. Yes, otherwise, like after I call it you're going to get into the corporate world and you will not might not find time to pursue your interests and hobbies. So sometimes people pursue their hobbies in college. Sometimes they actually develop one like lot of times. I like I did swimming in my college first time. I never did something before and it is understandable, right because you must be studying a lot to get into the college and this is like understandable that you might not have taken up in interest. Getting the college to college is the time when you should pick up interest and pick up like do things. You don't know that you would like it or not, but do a lot of things. Right. Yeah, so like playing sports for example, and you get so many friends over there and I can tell you that you will make the best of your friends in the college because you were going through the same set of cheerleading stuff like that. And after the college you really make French these are mostly contacts. But but the best of the friends you make are in the college. These are person called Rahul. He's asking that what do students pursue post undergraduate and many pounds it will generally go for jobs higher studies. What is the scenario in multiple? So placements are great and there are a lot of companies coming for placement over there and many people go for higher studies and like really good colleges. They go to it's it's it's gay the opportunity for gay Eating like placements many companies do come over there from Microsoft and all those companies do come over there and people do go for the higher studies opportunities will be there. You just have a gravity. Okay. Hmm. So how many students you have in your back? For example your second year right now? He asked to see a sea itself is 200 God and what is the total at site batch size? So basically it should be like eight hundred five hundred. So out of these people if we talk about let's say look at your fourth year or the seniors who have just passed right must inform the college. So how many of them would have gone for higher studies out of it--and rate roughly free talk about if you have any idea so basically the seniors I am directly in contact with all of them got placed and like having a good great job, but like many of them are planning to go for higher studies after doing the Jobs for two to three years and in mine own like few of like people are going but like I'm not specific like how many people went to higher studies, but you have many people do go there. All right. I think that's a good idea. You probably should take some experience in corporate world and that gives you idea about what you want to pursue you want to get into Ms. Or that to from India or outside or sometimes particularly. Be not just come to size. But in a particular field you want to do higher studies or MBA and or you want to do your startup? I think that that gives you a lot of perspective but it's not a bad idea either to go fresh from the college and pursue higher studies. If you are very clear that what you want to pursue but it's not a bad idea to take up a job and probably try to explore yourself little bit more because after this undergraduate you go for higher studies that is generally most of the time the last education for me. Education you receive which is Ms. Or MBA and that you cannot afford to go wrong. You have to be very sure about what you want to do. So, yeah, that's a good idea. So does like proximity to Bangalore manipal is closed is very close to Pandora. Probably 400 500 kilometers. Does it actually help you in terms of getting jobs does lot of company for Bangor come to the campus ya do ya companies come from Bangalore, I think so that is helpful. Because of the distance because manipal is actually it doesn't have any big cities rather than Bangla near it. So other than like really huge M&C only companies, which I don't I think so companies from Hyderabad and Bangalore do come. All right. All right. So yeah, cool. Anayia any any kind of advice to your Juniors you are like right and second year finish or three semesters. So you got up here but a bit of idea about the college and We'll have just come properly then the first year like right completed their first semester or the folks were going to come probably six months from now any advice for the juniors. So it's all about pursuing your passion and there are a lot of stuff going on in any field. It's either its technical or non-technical you have a lot of stuff going on do pursue it make academics priority. T as well just don't get indulge into your clubs or technical projects over there. You have to focus on your academics as well. But you you're going to have real fun either. You're part of technical projects technical clubs or non-technical clubs. You're going to make good friends over there. You're going to have fun over there and it's important to balance both of them. Create an E. I think that sounds like a somebody who is graduated already. I think you have got great set of maturity in only like I'm sure you have a long way to go and I wish you the best. It was great fun talking to an end. You have a great day. Okay. Thank you.