Hi Aditi, how are you? So, how's the weather in Mumbai? So what are you studying there? Is little misunderstanding. All right. Oh, I'm very sorry. I thought what's the College name? Oh, sorry. Sorry. Sorry. Sorry I missed it. Got it. . So basically let's talk about, You are in B.Tech Third year, right? Yes. Okay. So let's talk about your college. So what's like, what's a good thing about it Ali's and why do you like? It'd be like a conch? Yeah. I do like the initial because of the architecture. Yeah, there is a quite much variety and the cultural Exchange in the college. Oh, all right, cool. So when I went to the college the P like you would have gone with some expectations about the college and so was it like a pleasant surprise for you or are you actually finding? Kids who didn't expect in a negative or positive manner? basically, I was it's just for the first. Why some do colleges and some IP universities you may say and I was not attracted to the architecture of the buildings and I was not getting the vibe of college in those areas. But when I visited to this deemed University, it quite seem like the college to me because it had a lot of variety and different schools about every educational facility. Yeah. I was quite sorry. So, what's the branch you are sitting in? See you see like I'm person Vedic in CSE, but because I'm doing is collaborated with IBM. So it gives me a specification Edge in business in a little bit. All right, all right and our seniors in your college and interaction with your seniors. Look if we want to interact they are who can guide you in a positive way and in a better way, like what they have experienced you can share that but for that you have to take the initiative, there is no responsibility of college. People are the administrative to arrange some meetings with the Illuminati or the seniors so that you can get a good idea about how to proceed. So yeah, there are good people there for guidance. All right, that's cool. So any advice you would like to give to your Juniors you are in third year right now and be like I think fifth semester you just completed your fifths immature. Now, let's write string you actually feel passionate about because every stream has some scope to get an in future. So there is nothing like that looking from the future perspective will give you some benefit definitely it will but Very slight benefit go with the passion. I must say this. All right. That's this. I think very helpful. So great at the be great to have an open talk with you. So I be sure you have a great holidays and have fun. Yeah, you too.