Life at Sophia College for women, Mumbai Podcasts in English

Right now I'm in the bud. All right, cool. How you doing? Good. As I'm doing very good. So you are from Sophia college for women, right Mumbai? Yeah. All right. So do you like talking about the life at Sophia college? And what are what are you studying? Its of your college? I'm currently a student in FIBA and like my subjects are philosophy psychology and English literature. that's based and what made you choose the subjects in particular basically like Philosophy, I had some interest in philosophy and English Literature Like since I was a kid and psychology something that I want to develop my future in so, all right, and why did you choose this college in particular Sophia College Programs all over the world and like I think it's it's in top 10 over India for you know the ba. Program so that's why all right. So let's talk about more about the life at Sophia and you've seen ears and your culture and other activities. so basically, we have a lot of clubs like we have an age of flour we have skied of which is for drama and like we have road truck love which I'm a part of then there is a bsp and like a lot of clubs are there for, you know, every kind of people and basically these clubs always hold some event or something, you know, so even solve always keep going on in my college like that is not Me and something is not happening. So from that is and what about seniors housing interaction with seniors in your college. So basically being a part of Road Track has, you know made me interact with my seniors more than my batch mate. So actually I look for my seniors whenever I'm going, you know, whenever I want to sit in the Cantina first thing I look for is my seniors only because I'm okay. And like they are very cool and very welcoming and we have anti-bullying Council also to you know, help people who might face bullying but like so far. I have not seen any thing of that sort. So yeah, everyone is like really nice. Oh great. And you come from Ahmedabad, right? Right. Yeah. So how did you find Mumbai as a city? Mama has a city. I think it's you know, most people wouldn't agree but it it is actually very peaceful and calm if you are into work. So like I tend to involve myself in a lot of work when I'm in Mumbai like I lays around and I'm at home, but I don't know there is some kind of vibe or something which gives me a lot of energy. Look there. Yep. In fact this a light Mumbai City. They say write the movie is the city that never sleeps. Yeah. I hate school. So really great talking to you sick. Shh, and I wish you you have a great stay at your college and Mumbai and wish you all the best. Thank you.