Yeah, sure. How are you doing? I'm fine sir. How are you, sir? Okay, so yes. Yes, sir. Okay. So let's talk about and you are from Delhi. Yes, I am from Delhi. So let's talk about first how did the transition at a time when you came to this came from Delhi to Chennai. How do you like the city as genericity? So in first year, I face few problems like this food problem engine a the language problem is also there but now when time passes I get used to it now, I'm used to like Italy somewhere and Learning new languages also there I learnt Tamil Telugu little bit as I know this language also after coming here. I think that's been Lexi would have been in Delhi, you would not have understood this side of the country and this culture. Yes. Yes, you can understand the different culture language is very important for you to understand that culture so that you can understand the difference in cultures and start appreciating those differences. Yes, sir. Go ahead. Hello. Yeah, you were saying something I should go ahead. So here we are we get to interact from lots of people's from south from North. So he learnt many type of different diversity cultures the to learn about this all stops. Right, right. So let's talk about your college SRM. Music. How do you think it this college? So actually I'm from Main Campus is our main campus. It is basically in cotton cloth or in Chennai. And actually this college has actually seniors are supportive teachers are supportive this college provide more opportunities from placement wise and for culture Fest also many types of events going on. I always happening inside the college's like Irish. Is there Milan is there? Okay. Okay. I think we lost in between but yeah, I get it. So you're saying that because the call is being in Jenna and Chennai being one of the Metro CP. It really helps you to do festival at Large Scale. Get out of sponsors plus the placements are also pretty good. He I asked all right, so you get out of companies. Yes. Basically there are many companies it companies. Yeah, Jenny. So this company is visited SRM for placement and one biggest advantage in SRM that srms three or four campuses. I in the LA also there is a SRM campus. So it is has a centralized placement. So the it gives the opportunity to that student also recently will get placement here. So it is a major advantage for their that we are not discriminated among the basis of the campus all four placement scenario. We all are same. Very nice and do students also go for higher study. Yeah, yeah. Yeah, the student who are willing to join join companies will go through placement training actually after 30 and a college give you opportunity. If you want to take further studies then in SRM only there is a gate preparation cell. Also in that thing. They will teach about gate and every stuff like of higher education's So when is the gate which allows you to take admissions in mtech in India? And what about Ms. Yeah. Hello. Yeah, I'm thinking there's a gate allows you to take admission in M Tech education in India. Yeah allows you to rearrange email so or MBA or can get for that matter. So do students also take up these studies from the college. Yeah shouldn't prefer this type of thing. Also and further there is sap program introducing SRM, so I'm getting good see GPS get opportunity opportunity to study abroad colleges semester abroad programs are there are serious in your college. So basically it is a ragging free campus. There is no GI and seniors are really helpful in first year the they supported me in everything in academics. Purpose or any other activities they are supporting wonderful. So it was great talking to you and I wish you have a good day. Thank you, sir.