Hello. Hello, can you hear me? So there is a the topic we are we are going live with with the topic life lessons. so in this topic I wanted to be a question answer model sonal. If you have any questions, please ask me then. I will share my like there are a lot of lessons expiry. I believe experience is the best teacher experience is the best teacher and And you learn a lot from life rather than from the textbook. Hello. Hello nandalal. Can you hear me? You don't need to be sure before we went live so so And very thankful to you about the nerd in a chart of the nodes of time. Nicholas is so good evening and thank you for giving time and giving your kind words to All Peoples. Thank you. So my chunky Gigi how many question answer session? Okay. The best teacher of life it's always a live experience is always the best teacher. I had to remember your life listening to lyrics. Other the Appellate term against is station is at 2 mm. Mm a Pulaski civil with a pre-college. Let's give our mmm, but I keep seti people in the city. But or college maybe College maybe the man may actually not I'm doing theater for the last 15 years though, Mara Mara now tuck say or stage Sabre Hotel policy or writing writing where our schools is start were but we're gonna seriously nail AT&T or job. He married. Dukakis is a bath mother Kali son name is Kelly a the mainactivity Malik. Did he do it was my my baby of therapy or made Elliott therapy. Come here writing worked as a therapy for me when I could be being a social document leaky Cabana movie or book pop currently way to Lake. Amazon Kindle or Skip it's heavy. The there was no objective Kiki medical colleague has come. Muhammed Colonel came to dominate is Helios topic about a million Acres of chalky how the institution of marriage has evolved the war many people who marry barely get up to use Chabad mind came to many liquor. Whoo if Mother man. This week exam exam board exam across corporate logo looks aside commit or stress level those his hopes a problem. Materially kurta hoga emotional adoption awareness. Very cool logo. KO be Escobar's I'm a botanist mind game Kick It Up Lee ki-woo Hobby Lobby chicory have low gonna be like reviewsemail America, but keyboard tips your book. Well looky here. Won't you come by here? I've got objective Galaxy tablet naked picture after looking at a quick message. They not a hobo message can hear the water Clarity command mirror he to I think it is it is useful to become a good memory, you know when we are writing something so it would be any should be improved by another skills are their life communicational when kids in the game. Yo Kharma to see somebody leaked a cozy author jota Yeah panic. I remember usually click out then happening with Isis key objects. I think you'll be very, you know Telugu so Tony ACO England two or three headed monkey week. It'll be both at UT. So make every show so she gave me a passion. He has hidden my guitar study after study shows the key make make make a childish. But but only a Okey, they key but I karna college kids in surp student have copper. I cornica maksud. Yeah, coach app coach degree has a or board a vessel agree. Obviously a degree of tricky part is what he came for sot sot development capital. Yay, I have a person here of the kid up this minute Appleby to tourism. King up her student. Kilala Santa ho yeah TK, which good coach student as major product. They have own comatose. I got up I'll be I'll be lucky hot. What's up? Dude? It is not humanly possible. I've completed each rep Porter. Hey ducky up to remind refresh refresh. Henna. Please metres or so to really connect with Shelly COBOL engineering writing content rating period career hair technical writing here and all-round personality around employee. Laughs if putting he got some other anime rebirth, how about that? Bill confusion over there. They're so self-doubt to Tiger will be so we rest assured they can give Emily a pleasure. Thank you. T are they here? But I Carnegie be a luxury Quixote and a chaotic alcohol teaching teaching. Mechanism Bulgaria. Hi YouTube videos YouTube videos has a happy of absence engineering partner. I had the practical application of engineering Concepts Doha are opposed to care. Hey, come here. Engineering electrical in electrical to think electrical electrical map go physics tie a physics or math. So you gotta correct mix cause concept somebody been here or our time. I'm gonna go ahead put Concepts about minute exam exam can be confident in here. They can watch approach but they'll get the key. I've got a key concept related material hair you online. Ho yeah, you're going up your professor who also put a key concept here here because care. Hey, um look again. Yeah, get him a teaching methodology. Many kidney logo codec ahead. Your IIT is man join Kiya Hai, but no coaxial cable drop out. Listen attentively apartment. It was there with them because I have a big triple someday and some company party. Machine machine because I like to work. Before dinner yeah reported programming with a valid excuse. So what do you think he had a machine machine? Just thinking instead of just thinking yeah bus Miracle passing Mark. Lana has me. Yes. So janica, but um, yeah, so two key is subject to make a six at the heck. I'll pick. Okay. I've got attitude by the interest upon J Omega or a bar interest bunch. I gotta go Gotta be cut. Yes. This is made by attitude is everything we should change our attitude because finally of now appreciate a job not a prototype is complete from case parasitic day. Definitely. Global hot strong mentally strong gonna break icky. I'm opening up my mind who has been karna hoga Ki via they co-occur Mira exam though mahina met a very quick strict time schedule or disciplines are poorna padega up. The core of the cookie castle look is critically important. Rico curry curry botanist all hoga has software industry met Maggie but cookie industry my industry my job concept nahi Pata Hai kuch kehta be knowledge. Cocoa is Rodney Fletcher Purity, but but but practical application he up go cam Kawasaki head of his main office man could go bust concept of Kabul via gigantic machine design. A 3D design Kuro 3D printing corrupt about 3D printing karaage of core basic concept nahi Pata of cash machine cartoon machine come 3D model, but now they're difficult. May I interest you guys later? It's like magic or alive with the rumor is she's my interest Leilani Patti Wallace's body or would I would cut their placement tutorial sake? Son will definitely cut up in the newspaper article interview male snake Hatha. He died when she was studying Asana phone using hiki about thin mahina, then mahina your phone only I Jesus name. I think hum hum arepas. He solution rate they had. Come on Reba. I've got a girl could Barney internal self control voltage is called self-control and discipline other arm up navel up. Megiddo quality hair Toto Toto discipline of my self-control self-control develop if you think that you are getting distracted. To way too much distracted by external factors to you have to control yourself is kanishka daughter daughter tips Monica, maybe liquor heavy destruction can't avoid Carnahan egg to hang is to happily I'm gonna go lick low because just go take care of nizam Naraku gonna they cook in arose Deval Patrick kawka next. Next two months Voyage the last consciously or unconsciously up pick up come on Umi cars tiger or a bruising about msot created by a domain America, but I got numbers here are fed up. Nicole gave it up. Could the kogi obstructing anything I've said, but I don't show it boy voice mechanism defense mechanism voltages school and training training. So you have to train your mind. Yes, definitely. How good happening me? Yes, ma'am. Medical be dodo mahina, pericana examiner analyzed Cardiology consult subject or Oracle. It can hold exam exam kind of bland study plan is a very good method study plan McCarthy. Aapki other part subject engineering may bring a particular object Americans are subsets of subject help kill you. Substitute that some ID T. PK will skip what's up? What's up allocate time according to the difficulty level the toughest toughest subject. You have to give maximum time. I think we should start with very tough one so we can recover it is easily by the exam. Yes, the money they KJ say I got up coaches have nebula software. Of course Cheney liked each other he K. I've obviously a first of all interested. We at Carnegie Leah times IE plus concept grandstand Colonel Elliot. I am Che taken to a page at a time then a bodega. So Agora electrical kill you though. Mahina person who is Kelly HR mahina body. What up now or opener time divide Ki GA her subject Kelly her subject quick her subject could time the ga according to the difficulty level. So yeah. Farooqi, Omarosa Juna chahti. Hey, come on Jonathan. And LOL applying for heck. Yeah. Hello. Hi, Julia. Hi. Yes, so we are discussing about life lessons. Not LOL is a student. You have you might have heard a conversation. So what is your question? Yeah. I just join in a two or three months ago. I just think you're saying about lifeless and while you're discussing about exam when know he he was he was asked. Me he was asking me about how to deal with exams since he's a he's a student. So, how did I clear by exam this a listen buddy? If you are a student now if your current role is not a compulsory Yost Arena old a v you just take a book in a old a user study study study. I'll be nothing happened. If everyone not as be a Topper is the everyone has a different choice I have also different point is there I can say that if Sachin Tendulkar is be thankful, you know. That is the father of dollars a month. Everyone has a different thing here. Maybe is not if you are not good enough studies. Maybe you have something good else. Everyone have a different point different views are there so Noah and I can say that everyone good in studies. So don't we? Yeah, don't take no pressure. Yeah. Yeah. Because everyone is different by everything but I am just questioning that key how I how I feel confident now just I am going we're just it is a very good platform you how I confident because it is my beginning to do any new things nowadays and shimen gate Newton new things are coming to me by the media or by the any first time I am trying to yeah, I think what do you first of all? What is fantastic? I am doing as a student and I'm an engineer and by and I'm also coming accompanied my engineering. I'm also paedophile student. I completed my btech in CS. Okay, and updating is before th subject. Not a five or six object and okay week, you will be given a time of tape if you're anything if we take a beat egg and so many people think B Tech is very easy. It'll be hard there. We has very 248 subject. We have a separate practic. We have to project so many things. Yes butterfly clear that think nowadays. So many people's if you are being a college student, okay, if you are going to tell ya you are beloved student just deeply I just saw say that you just gave our all time in your studies. I just I just say that give me Every day just to our a more than two-and-a-half course and give just probably put it on table. Okay in this time. Sorry this thing this time you play this thing. You're the only this thing OK and it your reason also make your own lesson. Okay, if you know your first of all I say that if you read any language or if your school for a science also, please try to track yourself the less than how you are. finding a freelance graphic designer I just that's why I said that don't be enough fun, please. Do you have a different Talent also so many people say we're seeing in our army people also singing very well so many people want to defend so many people about to join a you are you Pacey after this exam. So many have a different Choice. Okay, so many good Natalie so many good Earnest games also, but the parents would not support some time. So I just say that word likes please Focus here. Okay, if you're really We are like engineering then only your focus in your engineering if you like something else you like it. You're more interested in kick it but not now for days. I just started the first go for a ticket before a match. Okay, dude, go waste your time in a btech. Don't waste your time in the studies then. Listen, listen, I just gave up an example. Okay? Okay, every time happened the topper will be top every time in a class has been used the failure. Okay the failed cuz we're doing something is the success that is weird news. That is beer total records. Okay. Yes. So many people had then the negativity will come your energy you get off more interest to storage food that things the people will be sick on Earth. You can't your Barber Shop the all world. Yeah, I can. Yes, obviously we should feel for the Dukes until we feel or until we show we are positive. How can we get a success for that positive for the gene ourselves? Yeah, no reason for us to be able to do every time. Okay, don't be negative. If you're going negative mostly in the studies also, well, as we're going negative negative is going for a depression if it has say that it's okay. If you feel it a thumbs up and you put in some subject try to food yard to for a bad negative. Try to focus. Yeah, I can do this thing. I can do this thing be positive thinking in your life then only your senses. commute Yeah. Yeah David is BB maybe his don't want to con? Hello. Pardon, what do they become? I am working for an IT company and I'm an author. Oh, wow. That's really good. Basically, they become his author and he has so many books as she wrought and hmm my questions to you. Do you remember? Yes. Yes. I thought so many things about my problems about life little so I'm very interested to be maintained. So many people so that's why we're always home is way too large the people after the people when is see that the people were the parents would be very old. He can't do anything then his be putting in. Oh Little that is very wrong thing. Yes. It had better be I think we should not concentrate about this topic is means so why we can talk about the VR go to hold it. And essentially what we should this age, but we do the best. We just don't do that thing and be bad give everything because spending over for life is the best suspending. His life is Warped very hard. So we also do that things and give every time to respect. It every time be youth what we do we visit mobile when we are parents of the saying we say that just give you that. I'm just give me be about the parents. Please dial but your parents please when he's asking anything something go ahead go with your bad time and give to everyone to time equally, especially your parents would be hard hard for you. Thank you for your we have another caller. So we have to disconnect your call and we To take another caller on line Thank you so are for sharing your views. Yeah, same here, bye-bye. Nice talking to you. So they say I have never put her in the ghee Zindagi Ki Paris Paris fashion week is in the unique hair. Everybody is unique. Some people are gonna hear unique are many problems unique solution me up number Daga but also many positivity Nietzsche a positive attitude Monica. Yeah. So a Cherokee why me Yahoo, Barlow negative attitude majority have why me? Why me? I only suffering but up but uh big big cheese Just A A Life Lesson such car topic Mah is full of junk or pain, which is you to become strong in the individual. We are what the hell up out, of course. With the help of playing update on money. You can't you can't understand your own potential bar. But Java Bob name, but look we body during Katrina who he is in the game a two-member that Matlab. Gator cleared my diploma. I had completed my diploma so as electrical engineer after I get admission in engineering so subsume engineering math. Amadeus is a magnetic key do knowledge with that knowledge is a different thing about job is a different thing Hemorrhage. Obey him have Allah, whatever you say click. Yeah subcell over time. You realize you're both important attack this he made us make our users are the maybe student. Oh, yeah, we measure will Teresa's ordinary life is nice or they may have kids. Okay. Take here in Sandman is a social human being is a social animal TK hum hum hum coupon says he can fulfill the expectations fulfilled. - Colonel Burton, kpk parents EHR they have parents hum hum sahil. Hello. So I'll be home early. Hello there mesh. Her mesh, can you hear me? Yes, good evening. Good evening. Yeah, I know the topic today is on the topic of today's life lessons and nonetheless. The organizer of the open-top wants to know that how do we balance our expectations like our expectations with other people's expectations. How do we balance it? NATO big actually, but this is the main topic through each other. We can balance. I want to know that how to balance that the most important Focus. Okay. I want to know that for sure we balance the expectation from people see so since cease so and so this is actually I have read a lot of raw lot of books on human behavior. This is called as burden of expectation. So we have to decide how much burden we have to take because sometimes we sometimes sometimes we also have over over expectations from ourselves suppose. Like we are we are like nonetheless a student suppose you come first you stand you come first in your exam or for five years continuously and suddenly if you if you if in the sixth year if you don't secure the First rank, you will think you are a failure, but that is not true. That is not true. So, sometimes we over there should be a reality check like have realistic expectations how much effort have you put in in order to in order to achieve the goal? Yeah. I definitely agree on his treatment. Actually this happens in the family. Also the family borders on the children's achieve. The children's will not get the proper Marks here. Their exams at the same time the Family Force on the children's new widened. Didn't you get the proper marks? Because father or the other I think see there but you need to balance you need to balance your parents expectations with your own expectation. First of all, like first of all, shoot next rotation. This is what I yeah, I am telling you, please please wait for my response. Yeah. So what happens is Still full you have to see where parents also have an expectation expectation because of because they don't they want to give a better life to the child. Yeah, that is why they are expecting something. But obviously you you also have to understand that they why they are expecting so much from you. Okay with the what is there? What is the background of the burden of expectation? So actually it's still treason if there is no no expectation. There is no life. What is he the see if they see me, but you should have your priorities clear. You should have your priorities of Life clear. I'm not saying you go against you go against your parents expectations or or don't fulfill your parents expectations. That is right, but the answer me one question. Is it right to take stress because of your parents expectations. Tell me. If as far as fuzzy as whatever the they have the calibers, they should attempt for getting the success. This is the first point if they have not tried forgetting their marks and what were the goals they have this is wrong the I think they should drive for getting the server and ferret not forth on this. Yes. Oh, so there is the somewhere that Where there is a lack of communication between parents and the child because of which this kind of a misunderstanding takes place because what happens is obviously you will you you are scared to tell your parents that okay. I tried my best. I tried my best but I could not score. Well, that is okay, but you have to talk to your parents. I think what happens is we don't talk to our parents. We are more scared that if we that if you don't I get if you don't fulfill their expectations, what will they say? We are we are under fear. Prashant hello Hello, are we can't hear you Prashant? I am from Hyderabad. Dad I'm looking I'm looking in an IT company and also an author What is your question? Actually, I don't have any question but as I can see you have a chosen a very specific topic which is about life lessons. So what what I mean, what do you accessing about this topic? Just want to know no, so it is basically none none the And I'll raise the question. He won't he had some doubts in in his mind which he wanted to discuss. So one of one of one one of the things that we are discussing now is burden of expectations. How do we deal with burden of expectations? So my arms so see as we as a child as we are growing up we are we are folk like forced into a Lot of expectations. We are forced on a lot of expectations are forced upon us maybe because of periodical nature or Society or any other external factor or sometimes. We also expect over expect from ourselves. So I think there is a there is a there is a thin line which difference differentiates realistic and unrealistic expectations. So, It is when we start understanding that something which we are doing is not of our interest. I think we should focus on how why we are not interested in the in the particular activity. What is a my interest am I interested in something else or or how should I generated interest? And what is the my priority in life? I think that is a question which we should ask as soon as As soon as we turn an adult turn into an adult. you're trying to say that we must fix our and we must educate our children. And about be realistic things so that 0x things out of you know out of you know out of anybody. So this is the only honest see unrealistic expectations unrealistic expectations will create stress will create I am I'm not example of a realistic expectations First phone for example, if you have seen many many people who have joined deities and they have dropped out within the first year because they could not they could not they did not have an interest in engineering but they joined IIT because their parents wanted why I think you have also heard a lot of cases like this. Well, first of all, I've been through But I'm a very good because that because you developed a positive mindset towards studying in IIT. Correct many people many people don't really go into the negative mindset and they ate and they they want to or they want to explore something else in their career. That is not the career they want so they at least they at least they at least drop out they at least drop out and take the take the step in the right moment. And hold so that it does not develop stress. Yes, you're right in so that is thing. That is what I'm saying. So when you realize that something is not going right in your life. I think you should analyze why it is not going right in your life. What can you do in order to make in order to make it right and take that step and and most most importantly is that we tend to blame. others for our failure This is an attitude which we this is an this is an attitude. We need to correct. Because that yes, that is what I'm saying. That isn't that is a tendency, but it can be rectified. If you become mindful of it that this this is not the right attitude. Like why should I blame my parents? Why should I blame my parents for whatever I am doing. Now. Look. Yes, you're right in. In so many ways. You're right and we don't have any right to blame anybody for something which we are not able to achieve. Yes, but you know, actually what is the problem that people need explanation we need reasons for failure. So that is why we did start blaming, you know, one of the you know one another and one more thing. Yeah, you know their failure and one more thing I Oh, I feel which we need to learn very early in life is dealing with failure and handling rejections in life because obviously because obviously life is not life is not smooth life is not smooth I go I go by the principle that even heart doesn't beat in a straight line. Okay, when the heartbeat is a state when the heartbeat is a straight line. That means you are a dead person. Okay. Okay, even when when the yeah. Yes, I'm angry. It's now your turn to speak. Yeah. Yeah, I'm not saying that you are seeing anything wrong. But yes, you you you want to say something you but when you are done, you must give time to the other person so that he can you know, he can respond because it's really so much. Thank you so much. I a I did not I did not complete my I did not complete my point. That's why I didn't stop. So now I have completed now you can speak. Yeah. Okay now now you're done. I know I'm not interrupting you and I'm not saying, you know, I was not right but actually it is important to give all this when you talk to, you know, when you talk it is really important to give pauses because they know only the other party can understand contest. Hmm. Hmm. Yeah, so now my turn is over. You can go you can continue. Thank you so much. We will be nandalal. Do you have any other questions? Angela is asking you something hissing. Nice talk with Julia. Life is not without expectation is the room actually in some way. You're right that there is no life without expectations, but they be Cara is not saying that we must live without expectations. But what she's trying to say that we must understand the difference between the let's take an unrealistic expectations. Yes, so it is quite obvious to have Expeditions, but you must understand the difference between unrealistic and Mystic expectations. So I think it is. It is already one are in this talk. So I will I will have to end it here. I will have to end it here. Thank you for participating. Yeah. You're welcome. Thank you. For this long? Thank you. I look at my license. I I think I won't be able to speak for this long because you know content really matters. Thank you. Thank you for Sean for your words kind words. Thank you. Not for this open toe. May you have a good night. Thank you.