Good morning. This is Siobhan yoga miles relationship and life skills coach and today. I have a question for you that how are you using your time during the lockdown period no doubt. This phase is a very challenging phase for us some for some it is emotional battle mental Distortion and some are facing Financial. Issues, so each one of us has been hit by this coronavirus race issue and lockdown face in different ways. However, some of us are whiling away time doing nothing or while some are learning new things waking up to new understanding. And some are choosing to just Netflix or forward stuff's on coronavirus while some are upgrading their skills in different ways. Maybe learning a new job skills new competency or just grooming themselves up. And while some of us might be just complaining and cribbing about what life has got us to feeling stuck and angry or anxious. But some of us are in the same phase are looking at things in a different way. They see there's a blessing in disguise as well. And now you want me cow. Well, yes, each one are affected with the similar situation in different ways. However, each of us deal with it differently. So winners have a different attitude an attitude to face challenges while losers lament and blame games. They play the blame games. So which one are you choosing for yourself? Are you choosing to use your time effectively in different ways or you just being one of the crowd for triggering things on coronavirus race, so just forwarding things unnecessarily flooding yourself and others with the same repeat message with nothing as an outcome. like question to you is Aya chosen your time effectively and are you doing something to wake yourself up to some new learnings? Well, I have lots to offer in case you are interested to join me. So I have designed a program called free Zoom Series where we are talking about different aspect of our emotional and mental battles. And it is free. So you are welcome to join us. And we're talking about breakup rejection abandonment. We're talking about in xiety grief sadness depression and how to deal with it. Okay. Next. We are also offering workshops on WhatsApp which are very normally priced and that is how to earn from home because many of us are also facing this challenge. What do we do now? How do we make our own learning? If this is going to be a long phase and we can't get back to job or our jobs are no more serving us then what do we do about it? Should we cry and lament or should we learn some new stuff that can enable us to get back on tracks Against All Odds. So life is not what happens to you life is as you see it. So own your self take responsibility utilize your time mindfully join me. If you wish to four different courses online all for free series on Zoom. Yeah. So if you are interested do drop in your name and number so that I can send you the link in invite. It will be also nice if you could drop in your name and the city age and your number That will also make me more aware where you from and what is it that I can help you best with? So I hope to hear from you do drop in a line or two. Let me know. What are you doing with your time? And how are you using it? Is it going against you or is it in favor of you? You always have a choice? With that I sign up for today. I hope to hear from you. Ciao.