Okay, I'm going live now. Hello. Yeah, yeah open the high listeners today. We have a very special guest on this talk show who is not a vet. Who's not the ordinary person but a person who is an entrepreneur who is a person is also a software engineer and as well as nowadays. He is working on health and fitness also, so let's meet mr. Ashutosh. How are you asked Josh? Yeah, thank you for being that and I'm really doing good and life is totally superband amazing. So our job cooking the introduce me currently. I'm working as a professional and along with that. I'm continuing my entrepreneurial life and which is very much exciting and challenging as well. So, but when I start my career after passing out from college So it's it's like normal as as usual like everyone starts their carrier. I blessed from my college and I start my Terrier on. Hello. Hello. Hello. Am I audible here now? I can listen to you. Before inaudible. Yes through our audible. Okay, so when I start my career after passing out from my college. I saw the same lifestyle like 9:00 to 6:00 job every day. Same life same work, and I don't want to leave with the same life for 45 years. Okay by doing the same thing up to 45 times. So I saw the lifestyle of people those were my colleagues those who are highly experienced and more than ten to twelve years of experience. They are having I object their lifestyle and that's all. Me like after that. I think I have to do something along with my job along with my career so that I will be leave this 9 to 5 job and I can continue with my patient with so then I think then I made a few people don't you are my mentor. I really thank you. Thank you for them those you guide me currently and because of them. Clay what I am having or what I'm going to have because of their guidance only because they played a great role in my life and I get the vision from them. I get the Dream from them to continue and they are guiding me. So this is a little bit background for me so we can continue and put in there will ask me a few questions what he want to know from my side then I will give my hundred percent. Exactly. I suppose you to use you sell you said very well actually if in our life we have good mentors if they have good amount of knowledge, then definitely no one can stop us to achieve the goal we have in our life. So as you said that you had good mentors in your life because of them you you could achieve so many things you learn in real life. exactly So I want to know ask you those. First of all like you you used to do the job from 9 to 5 job then like what made you to change your profession and to you know, enter in an intention enterpreneurship life. What was the reason? What was the spark behind that? Okay. It's really a good Christian above in the see what I believe every day. We are doing the same. Thing and we are expecting a different result in our I life. Okay, so which is not possible because if we are reaping a apple tree, we can't expect mango on there. OK button lightly what we expect Like We are continuing with the same stuff every day and we are expecting this would be something good in our life which can't be possible. So if we are putting the effort and we are paying the price then only we will We'll make it happen. So the question is how the spark behind it. The my my dream I belong to a middle class family and average family and the lifestyle I live it's mediocre. So I want to be in a come out from the mediocre life to make to take my family in a one level of and I want that. I want to help millions and millions of people all over the world what I believe Every person who came to this world with having some purpose in their life. So the God sent us to this earth to do something best and give our best to our society. So that make me so strong and I want to help millions and millions people in terms of their wealth and their health in both area. So that makes me so wrong and I think I can help out lots and lots of people those who are coming to me or I'm reaching out to them. So that that makes me so confident to put extra effort in my daily life. Okay, that was very amazing reason and the boost up you told me as it was because you know, when a people start to be a responsible, then he starts understanding that what he needs to do and what can he do for others when a people start feeling that he is responsible for the things because definitely we should have a purpose in our life to you know to live a good life. Exactly. So for you our Shooters like you started doing many, you know, multitasking multi work you started doing so I want to know that how how do you manage all the things like you are doing the fitness and physique thing and you are you are being an entrepreneur. You're also helping the others in that time also. So how do you manage all the all those things in very short time? Okay, so boob in there. It's all about the 24 hours game. Okay, so I'm bunny also having that 24 hours Modi has also harming the 24 hours and we also the ordinary people like we are also having the same time. Okay, never the world with differentiate. He will become the m&e or he will become more D or we will the normal we will stay as normal as normal exactly. That is so we have to figure it out. What's our priority in our life. So if we The priority what is comes first in our life, then we will figure it out the times and all that. So what I believe which is important to us, we will definitely make it happen. Like for example moving that we are having some priority work at our home and there is some challenges going on and without if we will not present over there then it's a very big mistake. Yes. Hello. Hello. Hello. Hello. I should do so I'm not able to listen to you due to some errors. So can you listen to me? Can you send me a message on that? pin the reader Hello, I think there's some Network issue with that. Okay. Okay. I should now see ya now. I can listen to you. It's audible, okay. You have a pin that tell me. Okay. So as you are doing so many things in your you know, whatever time Olaf we have get got in her life. So I suppose the question is what keeps you motivated all the time to keep doing many things. Okay. So what is the inspiration behind it? Okay, so moving that the past thing is in life. We have to find our life potholes and the thing is what life. We aren't we want to leave. This is the past thing fasting when I started my journey, I have decided this thing like what type of life I want to give to my family. Type of life. I want to leave. Okay, then I decided my goal and dream. Okay, what dream what what goal I have to set to achieve that? Okay, then that dream should be strong strong dessert. It's like if I will not get that thing then my life is not complete. Okay without that completion. I can't leave this world exactly that type of drink that type of drink and that type of strong. Desired should be there then only that's called as a dream means like a I remember apj Abdul Kalam one speech the dream is which will make you not make you sleep. Okay, it will totally strongly desired like without that life is incomplete. Okay, so so I have few dreams with which is helping me to make me a text. But stiff and complete all those thing and to reaching out lots of people and helping them and make them. Make to help them in their personal lives as well as their carriers. Okay. Definitely I suppose you said very well about it. Like if I can say you can tell me I am wrong or I could be right like if we are full with a stomach that we have already eaten something definitely. We will not go out to find food because already we have it. And so until we are with empty stomach we will not For the go out to find the food. So we have to be hungry for that success. We have to be hungry to achieve something until then. We are known we will not able to find the our goal. Hello. Hello group in the Ramona. Yeah, I can listen you. So were you able to listen to what I just said? Yeah, it's really good what you mentioned like if you are having pull stuff Mark then you will not go and not find anything. Okay outside the exactly it's really true. And you said very rightly correctly. Okay, so that's what I was adding to that exactly. We have to be hungry for that success. We have to be hungry for our goals. Whatever we have made for our future so I should ask the question. I want to ask now like, you know in our life we have some regrets and we have some the regret about our past that if we for example if I you ask you the this question if you get a chance. To go to the 18 years old or Sue Torres. So what advice would you give to him? Okay. Yeah, it's a very nice question between the so like so if I will go to 18 years old or so those so I want to add one thing over here like from the childhood. I'm so ambitious and I'm not so good in my studies. I was an average student at the time. Okay, just just normal Pastor student like average 60% Okay, but I was in DC has to do something to achieve something in my life. Okay, and I will Contribute my time to the extracurricular activities. Okay. Okay. So if I will go back to 18 years old or so so so so I will recommend that to read as many as possible self-help books because the book is one thing which make me understand that if we read make so many books then our life will be so bright. Why because the person who is writing a book by doing lots and lots of research of so many years like he's doing so he's putting so many effort and writing a book and the book is very small. So the crispy and Crystal things are there. So if we think we will do the mistake and we will learn from it that's impossible. That will be very less. Hello, like we will have very less time to do all this stuff. So the smart people is who listen who learn from others mistakes and he never repeat that mistake in his life and continue. So if I will go back to 18 years, then I will recommend that we need to read as many as books for as many as books we can read like one of Booth one of the best book or whatever. I reached till now. That is the Now that is a restart and poor Dot and then another one is Think and Grow Rich The Magic of thinking big. So is this all books are the life-changing books for me? So that's the that I will recommend a book in there. It was amazing shoot those that advice that you have given to the 18 years old of our shadows because definitely I strongly agree with you the self-help books which are available in our Market the people who are already successful or who are on the path of success. They are going through those books which are written by the people who have who had gone through a very long research and after going that long research. They just made that those books so that people can learn from it. You know, it was the output of many successful person after going through those old successful successful person and that those Books were written by the people so definitely the advice that you have given it is very totally worth and I will recommend to the listeners and to specially to the Youth of India and recently also Bill Gates the the be linear and the richest person of the world. He just said own internet. That books are the kind of treasure. We're even a thief can even if the thief tries to steal he will not able to steal all the Treasure from the books there is so so so much treasure is available on the book. Okay, I should those. So do you think is there any shortcut to achieve to success as you have gone through many ups and downs of life and you have achieved many things. So do you think is there any short cut to four goals? Yeah, so every dancer poop in there is very clear. That is no okay. So everything we need in our life for what we have in Glee like if I say, for example, let's take a materialistic example. So if we want to buy a small thing, let's take example 1 kg of rice. Okay, okay. Put that also we need to pay something. Okay without paying anything. We can't get it in our life as well. Okay? Okay, how do we are talking about achieving success? So we have to pay the price. Okay. So like paying the price is not the money is the if the effort we need to put dedication if the time effort with that the discipline, okay, so hold this stop we have to pay past then only Lee we will get the success. So what I will what I will answer to this question is it simply no there is no shortcut to achieve success. We have to put our effort we have to pay the price then only the sixth then only we will be able to achieve the success. Yes, exactly. Definitely. I should those 80s like we have to put efforts in order to achieve something like even that if something is in front of us that is edible. Definitely we have to put the effort to move our hand and to hold that food to eat that and we have to chew definitely the food is not going to be in our mouth and get digested itself. So okay, I suppose the the question I have for you is like The successful person has a mantra personal Mantra in his life for the obstacles. He has faced to tackle those obstacle. So do you have any kind of Mantra for your success? Yeah, it's it's good question about Bender. So what I what I will suggest or what I will tell in one track like the meaning of success is different to different arguments and every person have a different thing. Okay a different Mantra. Okay. Yes, like success is something it's not like getting lots of money. You or somewhat like that success something is like for a guy who is just pass out from a college getting a good job. That is successful him. Okay, the person who is not able to speak English when he start speaking English very well. So that is success for him. So for me success is like measured by how many lives are better off because I lived I let me repeat again for me success is measured. Measured by how many lives are better off because I am living in this area. So after so many bath God send us as a human to this earth. Okay, everyone has their purpose to fulfill in the whole life. Okay. So so we have to be stick. We have to be like very much comfortable with our mindset. That is the one most important thing. so so my goal is to help 10 million of people all over the world to improve their financial and physical wealth so that Its measured how many lives are better men like me motivated to put about a it was amazing. Ashutosh that you just said that sometime we have to you know, we have to do the something that can influence people. We have to take the responsibilities and it was the Mantra you just shared with us. Definitely if the people start applying to their lives definitely they will come See the changes in their life and also those yeah exactly. So as you have gone through a many ups and downs you have achieved many things in your life. So is there a like going through many phases of lives a phase comes when we start feeling like we will not able to do much more after this particular point. So what is for you the that boost thing that Or even when you are tired and you want to do something. So what is that inspiring thing for you that keeps you doing all the things all the time. Even we are you are tired. Okay, so see that there is two things within the tire means one is mentally tired. Another is physically tired. So when I am physically tired by doing G more by doing work out to buy some pressure. Okay, so I take rest. Okay, and the second thing is When we are mentally tired like we are not able to do something because we are mentally so much stressed out. Okay other time what I do as I mentioned we have to first thing we need to find out what the life we want to leave. So I have my dreams and I have my goals in my room where I spend more hours like my you can take my bedroom. Okay over there. I put the pictures of my dream picture of my Dreams what dream I want to achieve after five years or after 10 years. I have all these photos. I have a clear mind set what I want to achieve. So every time in my in every time from the initial of my talk till now what I am saying, we have to be clear in our mind that what we need in our life. So if you are clear on that foot, then you can put your effort. So on your point what there is there will be definitely option Downs in our life. The time if you need energy at the time, of course when you are totally stressed out, you need to pick good pictures of your dream in your bedroom. Where you spent more hours more time when you are straight out just look at the pictures just think the life what you imagine when you dream that okay. Once you will do this stop, you will definitely feel relaxed and the energy will definitely come up and you will start working for your gym. That's really really Only applicable for everyone because it's my personal experience and I'm currently also doing that when when I'm stressed out. I just look up look after my dreams. I think about it. I think like I'm in 10 years time what I am I won't go in to achieve. I think today's time like I already achieved that and that's in my mind. So that make me okay motivated. That was very beautiful answer by the way. I should those. I really appreciate that because for first of all we have to you know, we have to just see at the situation that are we physically tired or mentally tired. So if we are physically tired definitely we must take some rest in order to you know, relax our body and if we are mentally if you are mentally tired and also it's our responsibility to stay in the positive. In my environment and to keep motivating ourselves in in that way only we will able to achieve our goals. Okay, the last question for you eyeshadows I have so do you believe is there anything hard work or smart work? Okay, so I believe in both tough winter without there is no substitute of hard work. Okay, we have to put our hard work to the but this there is a hard work in mind that's called smart work. Okay, so okay effort to put that is hard work in the smart work is by learning the by learning new things. Okay and the learning from others mistake? Okay. That is the smart. smart thing so if we want The it if we want to do to experiment and to do experiment all the stuff and by learning from there, that is totally impossible. Okay, so, okay smart work and hard work both are needed in our life in different different phases. Okay. So when you are clear about your goals and you have your plans are the time you need your hard work. Okay when you need your smart work at the time of when you are thinking When you are planning planning for your goal at the time, you need smart you have to be smart and you have to learn new things and every day you have to read minimum of one hour and one hour of like exercise you have to do so, this is the to thing which I want to add in our life one hour of reading every day and one hour of exercise these two things will definitely change it. Change a person's mindset person's life and Son's Health exactly acidosis. You said very well like one we have to do for our body and the second we have to do for our mind because in this modern era which don't care about our health and our mental health, which are very very useful in order to achieve success. We're in in a good manner because if we keep our body healthy than death Italy our mind will start working in a good manner and very rapidly. We will start taking the decision the very nice you just said and I should use for long time. I have been in the touch with you and I have learned so many things but this time you have delivered a very amazing replies in the question that I asked you from and I hope the listener might have gained knowledge from you and in future if I get another Another chance to conduct a one more interview with you. Definitely I will not let the chance go away because people like you I really recommend to the everybody we should be in the touch of people like you so that we can have the Positive Vibes and motivation around us, so I should also thank you so much. It was very lovely talking with you. Thank you. Thank you Sami Abu Kinder. Thank you for your time and thank you for listeners of Are your views and I'm waiting for my feedback as well. Thanks a lot. Thank you so much again. Good night at Shooters and please. Take care. Yeah, same to you.